My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 531-540

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 531

Sophia’s enthusiasm was riled up as she said excitedly, “Let’s still go by the book. I want the big screen at Time Square, and you want the New Square. We should also buy a few ad displays at popular bus stops.”

When it came to celebrities, Sarah showed an enthusiastic and professional attitude. She even came up with a whole new plan to popularize Harry’s new movie.

She bought trendy keywords and headlines on the internet, booked advertisement slots, and purchased a large portion of tickets to promote the movie.

As soon as the film stills were released, Sarah made exquisite illustrations and webtoons of them which she shared on her IG Stories and it spread like wildfire.

She even personally created a wild ‘Ethan Fan Club’. They had a website, headquarters, and even a team uniform. Sarah had several cat cafés and maid cafés under her name in Bayside City, along with a few anime stores. Those were all their meeting points where Ethan’s fans got half off of everything.

She was an expert at being a fangirl.

The money that she made so far was almost all used on her idols.

Pulling out a pile of documents, she said, “We used to buy advertisements at the square, but I have to change it up this year. Do you know Elijah Forest from ‘Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice’? On his birthday, the fans bought a moving LED display screen on a building where they displayed birthday messages for him.

I’ve already looked into that. Take a look at the cost. For one day, it will be displayed between 180 to 540 seconds and the price is between 150,000 to 500,000. Let’s think through this. If we buy out several buildings to promote the new movie…”

The friendship the two of them shared grew with the time they spent as fangirls.

Sarah was timid in front of strangers but was very talkative around her friends. They spent the afternoon chatting and almost rubbed their cats’ fur off when they heard Maria announce, “Madam, Sir is home!” Upon seeing Sarah, she added, “Lord Winston is here too!”

Oh, sh*t!

Sarah was scared out of her wits. She quickly tossed the cat in her arms aside. Not even thinking about hanging around anymore, she grabbed her bag swiftly and left through the back door.

“Come to my store to pet some cats when you have time. It’s free if you say you’re Eddie Fletcher.”

On the way home, Michael also picked Nathan up. When Nathan came home, Stanley and Sean had also arrived.

Harry did not cook at home. If he did not order delivery, then he ate outside or went to Michael’s house to eat. Today, he showed up once again.

Michael headed upstairs as soon as he arrived home and rushed excitedly into the room where Sophia was recuperating.

They had purposely built a rehabilitation room inside of their house. Whenever they felt unwell, they could go in to recover. When he walked in, he saw Sophia cracking melon seeds while petting the cat on the bed. She was also binge-watching a show. She looked more alert than she did the past two days.

As soon as he walked through the door, he saw the adult book on the bedside table and knew that Sarah had stopped by.

The show that Sophia was watching was called ‘The Woman Who Married Tom Davis’.

It was a local production.

When Sophia saw him, she asked, “Have you finished filming?”

“Did you go online?”

Over the past few days, he kept stopping her from going on the internet to see the news. He was afraid that she would get hurt by some malicious articles. The television at home was not connected to the internet and she could only watch DVDs.

Sophia tilted her head to one side. “That’s what Little Kitten said.”

At the mention of Little Kitten, everything became clear to him. When the two fangirls were together, they would do nothing but fangirl all day. He took off his scarf and hung it up at the side. Sitting down on the bed next to Sophia, he said, “Yeah, it’s finished. My part is done.”

He cradled her small, cold hands.

“I won’t be working for the rest of the year. Where do you want to go? I’ll accompany you anywhere.”

Michael usually had a tremendous amount of work to do. As the anonymous owner of Asco International in Bayside City, and as a top actor on the surface, he was constantly buried in his work. Nonetheless, he still tried to spend time with his family.

After pondering for a moment, she said, “I want to go to the mansion in Riverdale to see the snow.”

Sophia had purchased the most luxurious villa, Garden Villa, in Riverdale. It had been empty this whole time, but it once belonged to the Harper Family. Now, it was the Edwards Residence—Sophia’s private property which she visited from time to time.

Because of the snow, the sight would be very pretty there.

He agreed instantly. “Okay.”

Stanley was ransacking the whole kitchen to pry on the food that he was going to eat at Michael’s place again that night. Then, he discovered that Michael had a lot of cured meat in the house.

“Holy sht! Uncle Michael, you have so many sausages at home! Look at all this cured meat! This is unbelievable. Wealthy households sure are different! Fck! You have so much cured meat! I don’t care; this piece is mine!

Michael’s house looked like a grand and luxurious European palace on the outside. Compared to the Imperial Palace next door, it was only slightly more modern. Going inside, the uniquely designed vault of the pavilion was filled with ornamental plants over which cured meat was hung.

There was meat everywhere—even at the main entrance. It was placed wherever there was space for it. The large pieces of bright red meat were lined up tightly together, making the whole place seem more festive. Every corner showed off the extravagance of a wealthy household.

While Stanley was busy expressing his amazement, he was also taking pictures to share on Twitter.

Along with the caption that read: ‘Cured meat hung at Taylor’s house. Wealthy households sure are different.’

Because he had a substantial following on Twitter, and the famous prince of esports had hundreds of thousands of fans, in a blink of an eye, Taylor and the cured meat in his house made headlines.

Sophia liked to eat cured meat. As a child, she was only ever able to eat a piece of cured meat during the New Year’s. Now, she would prepare cured meat, sausages, and some traditional goods to celebrate New Year’s Day.

Because she had spent this year recovering at home, she went to check out the freezer in the kitchen out of boredom and realized that they had stocked up on quite a bit of meat. Thus, she decided to prepare cured meat out of all of them.

It just so happened that Michael wanted to cook at home and celebrate the end of his filming that night. Stanley had come over at the right time. Michael also wanted to invite Linus since they lived in the same neighborhood.

When Linus came over and entered the front yard, he was greeted by the extravagant sight which startled him. He was still wary of locals. After he rushed home, he returned with two bodyguards behind him as if he had brought over something big.

Before the food was served, everyone went to view the cured meat and sausages.

Those were all made by Sophia and the kitchen help when she had nothing better to do at home.

“The meat is all fresh local pork with some bits and pieces from other sources.”

Under close observation, Harry seemed to be able to identify the lion meat that he had hunted in Africa a few days ago, and the rabbit meat that he caught on the grassland. He gifted some to Michael when he returned, but he did not expect that they would all be turned into cured meat.

Meanwhile, Linus opened the icebox that the bodyguards had brought over. Inside, there was a whole fully-skinned and cleaned-out fawn. “My relative from Eastern Europe mailed this over to me. I can’t finish it on my own, so I wanted to give some to you guys.”

Sophia gladly accepted the venison and prepared it as cured meat.

That night, everyone had an appetizing feast with cured meat. People said that those from overseas were particular about their food. They did not eat pork, internal organs, and many others, but it did not seem like Linus minded at all. Sausages, pork intestines, pork liver—he ate them all. Once dinner was over, Michael even gave him a large piece of cured meat.

When Linus returned home, he had someone prepare them into strips and hung them outside the villa. Since he could not finish it all on his own, he sent some home to Eastern Europe to share with his relatives. Another wealthy household was born in The Imperial.

Every time Michael passed by Villa No. 2, he looked pleased when he saw the festive rows of cured meat outside.

He’s such a down-to-earth brother-in-law!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 532

There were a lot of cats and dogs in the neighborhood—Sophia had six cats, Linus had four stray cats, and the other households also had cats. Hanging cured meat outside the house was risky. There were always several big orange cats sitting at the bottom of the shelf where the meat was hung, especially where the dried fish were. It would all disappear in an instant after being hung up.

Someone always had to keep watch outside Villa No. 8 to chase the animals away. Meanwhile, Linus had already designed an intelligent system to cure meat. He created an environment where there was constant temperature, adjustable wind direction, and humidity.

Moreover, he even made two intelligent robots that used infrasound to chase away the animals that were stealing the food. The dried fish he left outside his house was still in perfect condition after several days.

Indeed, science and technology were revolutionary.

Whenever Michael passed by Villa No. 2 and saw their automated set-up, he wanted to yell, “He’s breaking boundaries!”

Sophia had so much admiration for him, too. She gazed at Michael with a yearning look in her eyes. I really want a cured meat robot!

Michael decided to put his pride aside and ask Linus for a robot, but he still felt like it was too shameful.

This is so embarrassing!

Fortunately, Linus was sensible enough to give them a robot as a way of thanking them for teaching him how to cure meat.

Not only did he send it to their doorstep, he even wrapped it in protective packaging. The dried fish Sophia hung outside the house could be cured perfectly now.

Feeling delighted, she decided to give Linus a treasured, decade-old, pickling liquid to make pickled vegetables with.

But Michael thought it was a shabby gift. After all, Linus was the second-in-command at Michel Group. Fass had brought him up to be his successor. If everything went smoothly, he would also become the head of the Michel Family in the future. Was a jar of pickling liquid worthy enough for a man like him?

When Linus received the pickling liquid, however, he was quite happy about it and had the cook in his house make a large amount of pickled vegetables.

Sophia had not gone to school lately and had just been resting at home. Because she had enough cured meat to last the whole year, and she had the robot that Linus sent to her, she was quite content. She would drop by Linus’ place every day. When she came back, she always bombarded Michael with endless compliments about Linus’ house.

“Linus has a 3D projector in his room! It’s so cool. You can even see the stars!”

“The window panes of Linus’ French windows link to the beach at his old place in Eastern Europe, so you can see the ocean when you look out of it!”

“Linus even has a robot that takes care of his cats. It can process a hundred different cat body languages and noises to distinguish what the cat is saying!”


Every time she started her sentence with ‘Linus’, she looked completely in awe as if she was just dying to live there. Whenever that happened, Michael felt like he was about to grow green with envy.

Nathan also spent all day at Linus’ place. Linus had upgraded that robot of his by using the world’s most sophisticated intelligent technology to create a new CPU that was able to simulate dozens of emotions and have an intelligent conversation with a person. The robot could check on the state of an injury; it had a program that detected emotions, and it also had a defense program. It was solar-powered and was able to charge itself. It followed Nathan to and from school every day. When it entered the house and saw Michael, it even knew to call him ‘Dad’.

Aside from Sophia and Nathan, the few big orange cats at the Fletchers also ran off to Villa No. 2.

Despite making the effort to go home and keep Sophia company, Michael was deserted. Sulking on the sofa, he was watching television while Sophia and Nathan had gone off to Linus’ place. They claimed that they wanted to try out the cat-petting robot at his house so they brought the cats along too.

Stealthily, the robot came over and stood in front of Michael. It asked politely, “Dad, I want a pat on the head.”

It had the cute voice of a little boy and was even leaning its head to one side as it acted coy.

A frown appeared on Michael’s forehead when he looked at the robot that was even more obedient than Nathan. He felt incredibly conflicted.

The robot was wearing Nathan’s clothes and was wearing a tiger hat on his head. He intentionally made a hole through the hat for his antenna to poke out.

Nate, this little brat. He ran off to Linus’ place and was worried that I would be left alone at home so he reluctantly sacrificed his robot to keep me company.

When Michael did not pat the robot’s head, it stretched out a robotic arm and took Michael’s hand to put on its head. Michael caressed his head lazily, and the robot let out a contented murmur.

As Michael watched television, he did not say a word. After the robot was content with the head pats, he went to sit next to Michael on the sofa and watched television seriously.

A moment later, it said, “Dad, I want to watch a cartoon!”

Michael pressed on the remote control and switched to a kids channel that was playing a cartoon.

A man and a robot were watching cartoons together. The robot was very happy and was even swaying his legs leisurely.

Nathan had given his own clothes, pants, hat, and shoes to the robot. He did it to make it seem like it was himself and to keep Michael, the old man with an empty nest, company.


Michael suddenly called the robot’s name.


“Call me ‘Dad’.”

“Dad! Dad!”

Michael was quite happy. Ever since Nathan was little, that unfilial brat had never really called him dad. Every time he did, he did it reluctantly. The robot was so much better at it!

Michael said, “Again.”


The robot could scan a person’s features to detect the emotion that person was feeling then come up with the most appropriate response. When Nicholas saw that Michael was happy, he continued to call him dad repeatedly, which sent Michael over the moon.

While Michael watched television, he had a conversation with the robot. “What’s your name?”

“Nicholas Fletcher!”

“Who is your father?”

“Michael Fletcher.”

“Your mother?”

“Sophia Edwards!”

Michael patted his head. “Good. Go and pour me some tea.”

The robot obediently got up and went to get some tea. “What tea would you like to have, Dad? You had Dragon Well last time and before that, you had oolong tea.”

“Oolong tea.”

A while later, Nicholas came back with the tea. He even cautioned, “It’s hot. Drink slowly, Dad.”

Agh! Look at him acting cute!

Michael felt aloof on the inside, but he still drank the tea. As he drank, he said, “Nicholas, find any news related to me and put it up on the screen.”

The robot got into action. It did a wireless connection to the television and started playing relevant news that it had found.

“The major film in the limelight at the moment, ‘Doctor Invincible’, is scheduled to premiere on the 21st of the month. Top actor Taylor Murray from Cethos plays the lead role…”

“With regard to this matter, dozens of celebrities from Taylor’s country have called on the suspect, Liam Johnson, to undergo chemical castration.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 533

All of a sudden, the robot said, “Dad, Mom and Nathan are home.”

Michael instructed, “Turn off the news.”

The channel switched back to the cartoons from before.

When Sophia came back with different bags of things, she saw Michael and the robot sitting together on the sofa watching cartoons. She put down what she was carrying and called, “Nicholas!”

“Mom, Nate!”

Michael watched the robot rush off happily and even gladly helped Sophia bring the things inside. That is one clever robot. Michael had goosebumps all over.

He remembered the time when Xyla placed a toy to spy on them in their house. The robot in front of him now was way more intelligent than that toy back then. If Linus implanted something inside this robot… But, this robot is very intelligent. It knows how to cheer Sophia up everyday. I can’t bear to throw it away. How frustrating!

Every time Sophia came back from Linus’ place, she would come home with all those bags as though she had inappropriately acquired them. For example, the window panes of the French windows she cherished so dearly. She finally got them from Linus’ place today. Not to mention, he also sent someone over to install it for her.

After the new windows were put in place and they went to look out of it, it was a completely different view. One moment it was the deep underwater world, then in the next moment, it was a windy desert. Next, it was a tropical rainforest. Those were not simply still shots but actual scenes. It was a high definition transmission of the scenery being captured in real-time. It was real and spectacular, making them feel as though they were physically there.

Moreover, she also took the 3D projector in his bedroom and installed it in her own room. She lay down on the bed excitedly as she could not wait to try it out. When it turned on, it started projecting various sights. The ceiling was not just a ceiling anymore; it was a starry night sky. There was also a moon. She could even hear the sound of crickets right by her ear. Warm air brushed across her face and brought with it the scent of fresh grass. The sound, temperature, and visuals were all unbelievably convincing.

If she reached out, it was as if she could actually feel the fireflies dancing around her fingertips.

Apart from the stars, there were grasslands, beaches, and many other simulations. It felt like she was actually out camping. This is so surreal.

“I want to see fireworks! Fireworks!”

As soon as she said that, the projector started to display fireworks. The splendid fireworks made her so happy that she started rolling around on the bed.

“Shooting stars!”

Very quickly, shooting stars also started to appear. It felt so real as though it was truly right before her eyes.

Michael was also on the bed, looking at the lifelike aurora. He was in awe. Linus is living the life! But something still did not feel right. He reminded, “These are all advanced technologies. I’m guessing it isn’t cheap. You shouldn’t ask Linus for so many things in the future. The cost is too high.”

Sophia changed the scene from the aurora to a desert night scene. She could even hear the sound of camels walking from her bedside. She retorted, “This is what I won from playing mahjong with Linus. It’s mine!”

She wanted to, but she did not think it was too courteous to tell Michael that Linus could not beat her in their game of mahjong, and these were all the things that they had bet on. He had lost many things over the past two days.

Michael was baffled. “Your bets are so high.”

“Linus upgraded all the robots in his house yesterday. They know how to play mahjong now!”

“Smart move.”

“I’ll take Nicholas with me tomorrow to get upgraded. Linus wants to teach him how to play mahjong.”

Michael was speechless now.

“Stop talking. There’s a shooting star. I’m going to make a wish.” Then, she closed her eyes and made a wish upon the shooting star.

Her thoughts were simple: to be happy every day and have Michael by her side.

The next day, Sophia went out early in the morning and took the robot with her. When she came home, Nicholas had already turned into a gambling expert—mahjong, poker, and blackjack—he was proficient in all of them.

When Harry and Daniel heard that the robot at Michael’s house knew how to play mahjong, they came without delay to test the robot out. The three of them played against Nicholas all night and lost miserably. They had probably lost as much as a three-bedroom house located around the central business district in Bayside City.

Since then, Nicholas beat everyone in the small neighborhood and had no opponents. Everyone in the small neighborhood, from proprietors to security guards to housekeepers, was defeated. Nicholas even knew how to be smart about it. He chose whether to win or lose depending on the person’s looks.

Michael was starting to regret letting Linus move into the neighborhood. It was bad enough that it was interfering with his routine. He planned to wait until Sophia was done with her exams before finding an auspicious day to take the three of them and their dog out on holiday.

During this time, it seemed like Sophia had gone to Linus’ place almost every day. She had disregarded her studies, but she was still self-studying. Linus had actually created Nicholas to keep Nathan company. Not only did Nicholas know how to play mahjong, he even knew how to give advice. If there was anything that Sophia did not know, he could give her an answer for it.

After that incident, Sophia had not gone to school once and spent her time at home self-studying.

Nonetheless, final exams crept up on her.

If she returned to school to take the exam, she figured she would have to face all the students at school. Even though two weeks had passed since it happened and the photos on the internet had almost completely been erased, everyone still remembered the incident.

With her grades, however, she did not have to take the exam. She could request to be exempted from the exam, but she still decided to go to school to complete her exams.

The morning that she was about to leave for school, Michael walked her to the car and asked, “Do you want me to take you to school?”

Sitting inside the car, she shook her head and said, “This is my problem. I should face it on my own.”

She always wanted to be strong.

She had to sit for two examinations. After taking the exam for her major, she had to take another one for a course at the School of Computer Science. The exams would stretch over four days. Fortunately, her exam times for both schools were staggered.

When Nathan and Nicholas got in the car, Nicholas reassured, “Don’t worry, Dad. Nate and I will protect Mom!”

Indeed, Nicholas had a way with words.

Michael bent down to pat his head as a reward. At the same time, he glanced over at Nathan with a stern expression.

Look at him and look at yourself!

On the way to school, Sophia had a conversation with the robot.


“Yes, Mom!”

“Nicholas Fletcher!”


The robot was like a chatterbox. He could come up with various amusing topics to discuss with Sophia. He was able to empathize as well as a person did. After putting on those kid’s clothes and the tiger hat that Nathan used to wear as a child, the robot looked just like a child—healthy and strong.

Talking to him made Sophia feel a lot better.

At Michel Group’s building, the person-in-charge of the branch in Cethos, Linus, was in his office. He was watching a video that was being recorded from Nicholas’ point of view. It showed Sophia smiling brightly.

Seeing that gentle and beautiful smiling face, he could not help but smile too.

Linus had designed Nicholas, so he made a concealed back-door that was not apparent to anyone. He could send everything that Nicholas saw to himself whenever he wanted to and even monitor Sophia’s emotional activity. The server automatically analyzed her mood whenever and wherever.

While he was working, he listened to the conversation Sophia had with Nicholas. Just then, the system automatically analyzed her emotional activity.

“Linus, Miss Edwards is feeling very nervous. Her pressure index is at 65. Depression level has gone down from average to low.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 534

Linus replied, “Got it.”

Even though Sophia was smiling, he knew that she was feeling very nervous and scared on the inside. Still, she put up a strong front to face what she had to.

When he put Nicholas in the Fletcher Residence, he did not do it to spy on them. He only wanted to know how she was doing.

His heart broke for the misfortune that she had encountered. Thus, he was trying to make her happy in his own way.

He did not know why he was so concerned over a stranger, either, but he felt a need to watch over her.

Just then, the robot had automatically analyzed the data that Nicholas sent over. “They are at the entrance of Bayside University. Miss Edwards’ pressure index has gone up again. Mr. Linus, do you need to go there?”

“Release the anti-depressant fragrance.”

Under Linus’ orders, Nicholas began silently releasing a calming fragrance while he was talking to Sophia.

When they arrived at the entrance of Bayside University, Sophia felt extremely nervous as she looked at the crowded school gate. This is my battle to fight, so I have to overcome it on my own.

Taking a deep breath, she suddenly detected a strange fragrance. Her emotions seemed to calm down significantly, and her heart was not racing as fast as it did before.

Nonetheless, she still felt the pressure and remained seated inside the car for a long time, not daring to step out.

Her emotions were detected by Nicholas and sent to Linus in real-time. Linus instructed, “Act cute, Nicholas.”

Nicholas took the lead and got out of the car first. He dragged Sophia out and headed toward the concession stand that was located inside the school. “Mom, let’s go. I want to eat some candy.”

Sophia was dragged into the school by the robot. When she stepped into Bayside University, however, she realized that it was not as bad as she had imagined. Hence, she started to feel more at ease.

Nicholas dragged her to the concession stand and pulled out a fiver from his own pocket. To the seller at the stand, he said, “Miss, can I have some chewing gum, please? The spicy kind that always remains at the cost of one-fifty!”

The innocent, intelligent robot made Sophia feel a lot more relaxed. On the other hand, the owner of the concession stand was already aware of robots like Nicholas at the school. She promptly gave him a pack of chewing gum and some change.

After Nicholas handed the chewing gum to Sophia, he put the remaining three-fifty back into his pocket. “Mom, chewing gum helps you relax. I used my own savings to buy that, so you can’t be mad at me for it!”

Not holding back a smile, she opened the chewing gum packaging and put it in her mouth. As she patted the tiger hat he was wearing, she said, “Sweet Nicholas.”

Nicholas let out a satisfied chuckle then proceeded to walk ahead. “Mom, the ground is slippery. You have to hold my hand!”

Sophia reached out to grab his robotic hand. Since he was wearing gloves, it felt very comforting.

He walked her all the way to the examination hall and added, “Mom, when your exams are over, let’s go see Daddy’s new movie. Two days ago, I saw Daddy secretly play a sample of the movie. It was really good!”


Sophia was in an excellent mood now. Even though she was walking on the main road on campus with numerous glances being thrown her way, she still felt at ease.

Everything that happened was already in the past. She had to be strong to face the future!

Outside the examination hall, Gary had driven Nathan to the School of Computer Science while Nicholas followed Sophia into the examination hall. As it had been a long time since everyone saw Sophia, they all came up to her to ask how she was doing and that was when they spotted Nicholas. It piqued their curiosity and people started to surround him to scrutinize him.

Not long after, it was time for the exam to start, so everyone went back to their seats. When the invigilator, Quinton Clark, came in, he discovered a robot inside the classroom. Nonetheless, he had already known about Nicholas’ existence. Putting on a serious and professional front, he said, “Please do not bring anything unrelated to the exam into the examination hall.”

Sophia nudged him. “Nicholas, go outside and wait for me.”

However, Nicholas did not want to leave. Taking out the three-fifty he received in change earlier out of his pocket, he gazed at Quinton pitifully and said, “Sir, I’ll give you all my savings. Can I stay here, please? I promise I’ll be good.”

That made the people in the room laugh, making the atmosphere more harmonious and relaxed. Even Quinton could not hold back a laugh and eventually allowed Nicholas to stay inside the classroom, but he was not allowed to disturb the examinees.

The robot obediently stood at the side and found a sunny spot to recharge. Then, the room started to quiet down and the exam began.

In Linus’ office, he had turned off the screen when he suddenly remembered something. Sitting back down in front of his laptop, he opened his laptop and started programming.

Because Sophia liked to play games, he wanted to program a gaming code in Nicholas.

She’s going to love it.

The news that Sophia had returned to school to take the exam did cause a great stir. Moreover, it quickly came to Faye Edwards’ knowledge.

“That b*tch still dares to show up at school? Where did she get the audacity to come to school after that scandal?”

When Faye heard the news, she felt sick to her stomach.

Whore! She stole our family’s shares and went into hiding. How dare she show up at school now?

At the thought of Sophia taking 5% of the Edwards Family’s shares, her resentment shot up in an instant. Here I thought she was trying to gain a fortune by devious means, but it turned out that she’s just a big fat liar!

Upon hearing the news, Faye immediately headed toward Sophia’s examination hall only to find that she had already left after finishing the exam. Hence, she went to inquire about the location of Sophia’s exam the following day and quickly made it there.

The next day, before the exam started, everyone had already arrived at the examination hall early. Some of them were cramming at the last minute while some were surrounding and touching Nicholas.

Nicholas was extremely intelligent. He allowed them to touch his head, but not his buttocks. In a stern tone, he warned, “Miss, I might be a young boy, but you still can’t touch a young boy’s butt!”

They were all amazed. “So clever! Where did you get him from? I want one too!”

Nicholas answered, “I’m the only one in the whole world. You can’t buy a robot like me!”

His remarks made them laugh. One student asked, “You’re such a good boy, Nicholas. What are some things that you can do?”

“I can sing, dance, and play mahjong!”

At this point, the entire class huddled over as they looked at Nicholas curiously. An intelligent robot like Nicholas already existed on the market, but they had yet to see one as intelligent as him.

Being able to play mahjong was breaking boundaries!

All of a sudden, a sarcastic tone came from outside the examination hall. “Wow. Has our big star arrived?”

The smile on Sophia’s face stiffened in an instant when she heard that voice. Looking in the direction where the voice came from, she saw Faye standing at the entrance, seemingly looking for trouble.

Faye was pleased to see her expression go cold. In a loud voice, she said, “After such a humiliating incident, I heard you tried to cut your wrists. I assumed you weren’t coming anymore!”

At that moment, the atmosphere in the room changed. This whole time, whenever they saw Sophia, they had tried to avoid talking about the news of the harassment she suffered as a child.

Meanwhile, Sophia did not say anything and simply lowered her eyes. Her expression did not look good and her rosy cheeks had turned deathly pale.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 535

Faye happily added fuel to fire as she walked over in an overbearing manner. “You’ve brought shame to our family. You better return that 5% you’re holding in your name now back to me at once! You’re a disgrace even to the ancestors of the Edwards Family!” When Sophia did not answer her, she warned in a harsher tone, “Don’t come to school anymore after an incident like that. It’s humiliating!”

Sophia’s classmates started to get worked up. Someone immediately criticized, “What kind of sister are you?”

Faye glared at that person and retorted, “This is a family matter. It has nothing to do with you!”

That person had more to say but a hand suddenly reached out to stop that person.

Sophia, who had remained silent this whole time, stood up and walked in silence toward Faye. When she was standing less than a meter away from Faye, she looked up and met her eyes with an unexpected smirk on her face.

After letting out a scoff, Sophia said, “If I’m such a disgrace, then what about you, Miss Faye? After you exposed those explicit stills of yourself just to rise to fame, you must have been so ashamed that you would willingly throw yourself into a river.”

“What are you—”

Faye started to speak but could not find the right words to say.

At that moment, everyone remembered the incident that happened in the entertainment industry not too long ago. It was said that while Faye was filming for an explicit movie, the male actor had actually stripped her clothes off and she was exposed on site. The images were then spread all over the internet and her fame slowly grew.

After that, Faye and the male actor held a press conference where they claimed that it was completely false, the photos were photoshopped, and they had been friendly with each other throughout the production.

But Sophia knew that it was just the usual publicity stunt. Within the entertainment circle, many celebrities would expose intimate photos of themselves for publicity, then clarify later that it was not them in the photos. Once they were popular, they would clean everything up. It was their go-to method.

Faye stood her ground and spoke calmly, “Those were all misunderstandings. I’m warning you. If you slander me again, I’ll sue you!”

While looking at her, Sophia suddenly thought, What can I do about getting molested? What can I do about the photos of me as a child being exposed?

She did not do anything wrong, but she still blamed herself. The ones who actually did wrong were living just fine. They even had fame and fortune!

With a righteous smile on her face, she said, “Miss Faye, you can keep up with your innocent act in front of others, but why are you pretending in front of me?”

She relentlessly tore her disgusting exterior away. “You’ve been going to clubs since you were thirteen. Is your womb still intact after getting an induced abortion four times? You’re known as the ‘Abortion Queen’ within the sadomasochist circle. Abortion is just a game to you. Don’t you think you’re a disgrace to yourself?”

Faye had grown pale while the other students there were also stunned and speechless.

Who knew that beneath that lovely face was someone like that?

This time, it was Sophia who strode up to her in an overbearing manner. Taking two steps forward, she said loudly, “If I’m that big of an embarrassment, then what about you, Miss Faye? Who in your circle doesn’t have at least a few of your little videos? Is there anything you wouldn’t do?”

Everyone was gaping at them.

Faye was even more shaken up.

On the streets, she was known for being audacious. There was nothing that she was not bold enough to do.

However, all of that information was top-secret. Everyone involved had to sign a letter of guarantee which stated that they were not allowed to keep any videos or pictures, and they were not allowed to tell a third party.

How did Sophia know all this?

When Sophia took another step forward, Faye subconsciously took a step back. “Are you thinking about asking me how I know all this? You’re a well-known btch among our circles. Do you really not know? If you choose to be a btch, you should have the instincts of a btch too. Don’t assume that the people you slept with will keep your secret for you! Not only did he record a video, but he also shared it on a specific forum. You have no idea how popular it is! Who do you think you are? You’re like an automatic toilet. It’s convenient to use you, but once people are done, you just become disgusting! Even though you’re wealthy, that merely makes you a gold toilet. A btch with a gold collar!”

Faye had broken into a cold sweat and her voice was weak. “T-That’s nonsense! I’ve never done that!”

Unfazed, Sophia pointed at the door of the examination hall and said, “Get out of here right now. If you don’t, you can be prepared to see the video of the night you slept with five men at the age of sixteen on the news headlines tomorrow. I even have videos of the disgraceful things you did. Depending on my mood, I can send them out whenever I want. As for the shares, don’t even bother!”

Faye was completely dumbfounded now. She never knew that there were people who knew about the things she did at clubs.

She had concealed her abortions so well that even Joe Edwards had no idea.

How did Sophia find out? How does she know all the details?

She felt like she was about to collapse. Without saying anything else, she leaned against the wall for support with her quivering body as she walked out.

Watching Faye leave, Sophia returned to her seat in silence. The atmosphere inside the examination hall was very silent.

A minute or two later, everyone shuffled back to their seats quietly.

The news that was revealed to them today was, indeed, shocking.

After Sophia returned to her seat, she looked down at her phone with a cold expression.

When the Edwards Family hosted a welcome ceremony for her last time, she saved Faye’s phone number and added her on Messenger.

Faye was walking out of the building in a limp state. It was only when she reached the door that she came to herself.

No, the people in our circle definitely keep their word. The people involved all had strong backing and trustworthy identities. After signing the letter of guarantee, it was certain that they would not leak anything and there would not be a video either. She had lived that way for years now and Joe still had no idea. How could a shabby housekeeper like Sophia know?

She’s just trying to scare me!

The more she talked, the more apparent the loopholes became. There was no way she had a video.

Suddenly, her phone buzzed. Taking it out to look at it, she saw that Sophia had sent her a video on Messenger.

In the video, five guys and one girl were going at it. A 16-year-old Faye looked like a b*tch being toyed by them.

Her eyes rolled back and she almost passed out.

Inside the examination hall, Sophia kept her phone and took out a pen to do the exam.

Just then, Nicholas came over and murmured in an innocent tone, “Mom, I want a pat on the head.”

That was when she realized that she had a hostile and sullen presence. Reaching out to pat his head, Nicholas let out a content sound again and seemed to have released that same comforting fragrance.

Her emotions started to settle down and her rapid heart rate was also slowly going back to normal. As she caressed his head, she said, “Nicholas, go and rest over there. We’ll go home once I’m done with this.’

But he shook his head, unwilling to leave. “The temperature in here is a bit low, Mom. I will give you warmth.”

Perhaps the heater had broken down because the temperature inside the room was indeed a bit low. Despite wearing a down coat, she still felt cold. Her hands were also about to freeze. Nicholas walked to a power outlet at the side and plugged himself in to warm the room up.

When the exam was over, Nicholas made circles around the examination hall excitedly. “It’s over! It’s over! Time for mahjong!”

Sophia could not hold back a laugh. With him around, life felt more lively and colorful.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 536

After sitting for exams four days in a row, Sophia still did quite well. It might have been due to her illness that she was not able to get first place, but she had no problem in making it into the top ten.

Once exams were over, it was the start of winter break so she headed home to enjoy her holidays. That day, Michael had prepared a feast for her at home. Stanley also brought Sean along to join in.

When Michael came out of the study, he found the three of them—Sophia, Stanley, and Sean—playing a game in the living room.

He watched them for a bit and took a look at their group in the game. They were a group of four with one unknown player called ‘Baby Hero’.

Even though the name sounded unfamiliar, he was a skilled player. He easily beat Stanley and the rest. Even when the three of them teamed up, they were still unable to beat him. Useless.

Michael could not contain his curiosity. “Where does this Baby Hero come from? Why haven’t we seen him before?”

Before Sophia could answer, a child chirped from the corner, “Dad, it’s me, Nicholas! I can play games now too!”

Michael walked up to take a closer look and noticed that his robotic arm was connected to the USB port of the computer. In the game, Baby Hero was having a three-on-one match with them.

While Sophia was playing, she said, “Linus upgraded Nicholas. He can play games now. You can add him on Messenger too and message him about anything; he will reply to you.”

That is just unheard of!

When Michael took out his phone and logged in to Messenger, he noticed that there were two more people in their seven-member gaming group. One was Daniel, and the other was the newcomer Baby Hero. He even left his own message: ‘I love Mommy, Daddy, and Nate!’

His display picture was a group photo of him and Nathan.

Baby Hero automatically added Michael as a friend.

Baby Hero: ‘Dad!’

Michael was baffled. He is a real robot. He can chat in the gaming group while still battling Sophia in the game.

Baby Hero: ‘Uncle Harry, Mr. Eighty Thousand. Come and play a game of mahjong!’

Harry: ‘You have my respect! I’m scared of you. I’m not going. I’m going to lose my underwear as well at this point.’

Daniel: ‘Can you stop bringing up that eighty thousand? Are you all hoping to use this against me for the rest of my life? Call me Daniel or Uncle Daniel.’

Baby Hero: ‘Okay, Mr. Eighty Thousand. No problem, Mr. Eighty Thousand.’

Daniel: ‘Linus, teach your robot properly, will you?’

Linus: ‘Haha. Sorry, Mr. Eighty Thousand. I may have written the program, but some of the data was keyed in by Sophia. Not my problem.’

With the phone in his hand, Michael switched between sneaking glances at the robot and at Sophia who was gaming.

This technology irks me!

His Messenger notification went off. It was a message from Baby Hero, ‘Daddy, what are you stealing glances at me for?’

Oh my god!

When the blissful winter break started, the family of three made their way to Riverdale to spend the holidays. Their car stopped at the entrance of what once was Harper’s Mansion but now was the Edwards Residence. Stepping out of the car with the dog behind him, Nicholas cried, “Wow! Such a big house! I’m going to live in a big house now! I’m so happy!”

Michael could not shake off the feeling that the robot was a spy and felt slightly apprehensive around it. Hence, he subconsciously tried to keep some distance between them.

Wrapped up in her fur coat, Sophia entered the Edwards Residence and was greeted by a patch of red as all the plum blossoms had bloomed. The big blossoms had fallen and piled up on the ground, contrasting with the white snow. It was a picturesque sight.

Ever since they took over this place, Michael did not make any big changes to it. Once in a while, he sent someone over to clean. It was normally left empty or rented out, to film crews that he was familiar with, to use.

Some of the shots in the documentary film were taken here.

Since the plum blossoms were in bloom now, they were able to admire the snow and flowers.

Taking Sophia’s hand, Michael entered the plum blossom forest with her. The flowers were falling endlessly. Nicholas had run off into the distance with the dog, leaving behind a string of paw prints and wheel imprints in the ground.

Standing under the falling flowers, Sophia caught one and took a sniff of it. The fragrance rushed up to her nose and she looked up to take in the intoxicating scent.

From behind her, Michael watched the plum blossoms fall onto her face and lips. It seemed like she was exuding a divine radiance around her and her soul was drenched in the fragrance of falling plum blossoms.

The family of three had planned to stay there for a few days. There were many helpers both inside and outside of the residence.

Today, someone had hesitated and lingered around at the entrance of the Edwards Residence. His messy footprints were left all over the snow.

Richard Harper had come alone. But looking at the piece of property that was once his, he no longer had the courage to move forward.

That property once belonged to the Harper Family. That piece of property had witnessed a hundred glorious years under the Harper Family. The house was still the same as before, and even the bus stop nearby was still named after Harper’s Mansion. However, the owners of the place had changed a long time ago. It felt as though the Harper Family’s era was now over.

Gazing at the house, Richard thought he could see the past glorious days of the Harper Family, but it was now gone forever.

A while later, he mustered up the courage to walk up and knock on the big, red door. He wanted to visit the new owners of the place. If they had the chance to get close, he would make that place his again.

After just a couple of knocks, a response came from inside.

“Who is it?”

The person who opened the door was dressed in black and was wearing black sunglasses—he looked very unusual.

Richard presented a friendly smile and said, “I’m Richard Harper, the son of the previous owner of this place. I wanted to visit the new owners here.”

The man in black eyed him a few times, then let him in. “Please, come in.”

As Richard followed the man in black inside, he walked past the familiar landscape and still felt the same atmosphere the place used to have. It still had the same magnificence, but it did not have the same owners anymore. Feelings of desolation grew within him.

When they made it to the previous Harper’s Mansion and entered the previous Harper Family’s living room, Richard sat in there as a guest.

“One moment, please, Mr. Harper. Madam will be here shortly.”

The housekeeper left after bringing him a cup of hot tea. Sitting on the soft cushion, he realized that the interior and furniture did not change one bit. It still had the classic and quaint style to it. The red wooden furniture with gold lining still looked the same as before

He got up and started walking around. Looking outside the window, he could see the plum blossom garden and the small lake not too far away. There was also a stone bridge over the lake. The white snow along with the red flowers gave the place a picturesque view. He used to roam in that plum blossom forest, but today, that was all history.

While he was deep in thought, he spotted something moving in the snow. It was a Samoyed playing in the snow.

The robot had an umbrella in one hand and a leash in the other as he walked the dog in the snow.

Richard thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. Focusing once more, however, he still saw a robot walking a dog.

The weather was freezing, but the dog wanted to go out for a walk. If the owner did not want to budge, then it was up to the robot to walk the dog.

At that moment, Richard broke into a cold sweat and re-evaluated his perception of the fortune and power this new owner had.

A robot walking the dog. This isn’t something just any wealthy family can do.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 537

A chuckle came from behind. “What brings you here today, Mr. Harper?”

Upon hearing that voice, Richard reacted as if his soul had jumped out of his body, and his body shuddered slightly too. Then, he turned his head stiffly and saw a face that he hated to his bones. “Sophia, why are you here?”

Sophia was wearing a thin sweater. Walking over slowly, she hugged her arms and sighed softly. “Sigh. It looks like your news is a little outdated, Mr. Harper. This place is now the Edwards Residence, and I am its owner.”

He recalled seeing the words ‘Edwards Residence’ written on the entrance. Nonetheless, he had not dared to associate those two words with Sophia. He had fantasized about the owner’s new identity—perhaps they were a politician, an underworld overlord, or a movie star.

However, not even in his wildest dreams had he imagined that it would turn out to be Sophia! In that instant, all the clues in his head jumbled together like a tangled mess of string. Even so, he quickly found the answer. It was her all along! The fall of the Harper Family was her doing!

“It’s you! You did this to the Harper Family! I can’t believe it was you all along, you b*tch!” Rushing over, he was tempted to rip her to shreds. Unfortunately, she had two big and burly bodyguards with her. Even if he wanted to harm her in any way, he had to take his abilities into account.

“Yes, it was me.” She strolled over and sat on the sofa. The look she gave him was as if she was looking at a wretched dog. “Why? Are you surprised? Are you amazed?”

Restrained by her bodyguards, he was forced to sit in front of her. Glancing at her incredulously, he could not begin to understand. Where did she get her hands on the capital to corner the Harper Family so badly? Didn’t Joe confirm that she was just an assistant at Taylor Murray’s house? But, from what I can see, she doesn’t look like an assistant at all!

Meanwhile, she calmly made a pot of tea. She was in a good mood after observing the exasperation and fury radiating from her ex-boyfriend. Sipping some tea, she placed the teacup down leisurely and said, “Let’s talk about business since you came here uninvited, Mr. Harper.”

Richard glared at her viciously. He was unable to accept the reality that Sophia was living a better life than he was currently. “What kind of business do you want to talk about?”

Then, Sophia crossed her arms in front of her and said, “As you can see, the Huff Family will fall soon.”

The Huff Family dabbled in technology. Although they could not be regarded as a major player in electronics, they managed to survive for so long through the gaps of the Mitchell Family. However, ever since the global electronics giant, Michel Group, successfully entered Bayside City’s market, many electronics companies were forced into a precarious situation.

Similarly, the Huff Family did not have the ability to protect itself from the advances of the Michel Group. Therefore, it was no secret that Huffs Technology was going to collapse sooner or later. Despite that, Richard and Xyla were married for over a month now. Thus, the Huff Family naturally held great affection toward the Harper Family; they were blissfully unaware that the Harper Family was planning to devour them. The Harper Family planned to obtain as much value out of Huffs Technology as possible before it collapsed.

When she mentioned Huffs Technology, his ears perked up suddenly. “What do you want?”

She bluntly stated her terms, “A 50/50 split.”

In response, he sneered, “In your dreams!”

He was walking a tightrope by cooperating with Huffs Technology right now. It was unknown when the company would collapse. Therefore, he had taken a huge risk to obtain this asset, not knowing if he could extricate himself from the company in time. Why should I split it 50/50 with her?!

Listening to his answer, she couldn’t be bothered to talk to him anymore. “See the guest out.”

In the first place, she had no plans to cooperate with him. She had simply been teasing him—what she actually wanted was to make him realize just how well she was doing these days.

Standing up coldly, he walked out of the door. Then, he suddenly stopped at the entrance, looked back, and sarcastically said, “It looks like you did marry an old man. Let me guess how old is he… 80? Or 70?” Afterward, he seemed to find some peace within himself and continued mocking her in a contemptuous voice, “Sophia, you might be living a good life right now, but in return, you have to service an old man who is going to die soon. Don’t you find it disgusting when you sleep at night?” Seeming to think of something else, he smilingly added, “Also, it’s best not to let that old man learn about what you did when you were younger, lest you get kicked out of the house!”

She smiled slightly. Right now, he was nothing but a weak little puppy—there was nothing else he could do except bark. Therefore, she only needed to smile.

However, it seemed to him like she was forcing herself to smile. So what if she is living in the lap of luxury? So what if she lives in Harper’s Mansion? Just thinking about how she has to service a doddering old man every night soothes my anger! Hence, he was in a good mood. Even his steps seemed more confident as he walked out in a rush, acting as if the stench surrounding her body would contaminate him if he stayed any longer.

To his surprise, he saw somebody walking toward him before he could walk out the door. The person stood tall and straight; his handsome face was enhanced with the years and the mature aura surrounding him put Richard to shame. No matter where that man went, his outstandingly gorgeous facial features seemed to attract all the light to them, making everybody else seem dull and colorless—it was Taylor Murray!

Richard had defamed Taylor countless times. Even so, he still felt inferior when he stood before Taylor. It felt like Taylor stood at the top of all the men in the world—he was famous, powerful, and handsome. Therefore, Richard was acutely aware of his inferiority and insignificance whenever he crossed paths with Taylor. At this moment, he couldn’t help stopping and asking curiously, “Mr. Murray? Why are you here?”

Michael looked back at him and smilingly replied, “Oh, it’s you, Mr. Harper. What a coincidence.” After saying that, he walked toward Sophia, lowered his gaze to stare at her warmly, and said a little resentfully, “How can you bring your ex into the house? Aren’t you worried that your current husband might feel jealous?”

Current… husband?! Richard reeled from the shock. He couldn’t comprehend it for the longest time. Sophia’s husband is Taylor Murray?! Isn’t her husband an ugly but wealthy old man?! How did it become Taylor Murray?! Frozen to the spot as if struck by lightning, he couldn’t move for a long time.

Meanwhile, Sophia was acting coy with Michael. The tone of her voice was as different as night and day, becoming considerably girly and soft. “I promise I won’t do it again! Lord, please don’t be angry… Didn’t we agree to go and watch the premiere of your movie? Let’s go!”

Michael lowered his head to kiss her. “Alright, I’ll forgive you. Let’s go; it’s getting late. I’ve reserved the nearest cinema for just the two of us.”

However, she pouted. “No! I like watching it at the largest cinema! It’ll be more meaningful to watch it at the largest cinema. Besides, I want to listen to everybody applauding your movie!”

“Sure, sure. We’ll do as you say.”

Acting as if Richard didn’t exist, they left, hand in hand. It wasn’t until then that Richard came back to his senses. I can’t believe it! Sophia is Eddie Fletcher, the wife of Taylor Murray! The wife he kept hidden for two years! What on earth happened?! How did Sophia end up marrying Taylor Murray?!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 538

All of a sudden, a thick and solid hand fell on Richard’s shoulder whilst he was still frozen in shock. That palm landed on his shoulder heavily, shocking him out of his daze. Then, Taylor’s icy voice sounded by his ear. “Mr. Harper, I hope you keep what you saw today to yourself. After all, the fact that your ex-girlfriend got herself a husband leagues better than you is an extremely embarrassing thing for you as a man…”

Taylor made a living based on his looks. He was an artist on the level of a national treasure. Just going by appearances, Richard was no match for him. Moreover, he was the largest shareholder of Asco International. Therefore, the only aspect Richard could confidently win against him was his age.

For a while, Richard’s mind went blank again. He didn’t even know how he left the Harpers’ mansion. By the time he came back to his senses again, he had been unceremoniously thrown out of the house. Sitting in the snow outside the door, he looked back and saw a small robot wearing a tiger hat closing the door. The robot even fiercely said to him, “Don’t come back again! If you return, I’ll set the dog on you!” The Samoyed barked in agreement.

After the door closed, all sounds from the inside were cut off. Getting up from the ground, he walked away alone. Suddenly, he received a call from Mrs. Harper. “Hurry up and come back! Huffs Technology is going under! Moreover, Xyla’s parents tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building and are hospitalized right now. If Huffs Technology collapses, their debt will amount to several billion! This debt will fall on your shoulders if Xyla’s parents pass away because you are husband and wife!”

Upon receiving this news, he felt his mind going blank. He knew Huffs Technology was about to go under. He also knew he should have washed his hands of it earlier. However, his greed had made him hesitate. He wanted to siphon off as much as he could before the company went under. Unfortunately, the speed of the company’s collapse came much earlier than he had anticipated…

Inside the Edwards Residence, Michael was watching the news. The news of Huffs Technology’s chairman and his wife committing suicide by jumping off a building had already spread throughout the entire Bayside City. Furthermore, the daughter of the Huffs Family and popular debut actress, Xyla Huff, was inundated with a debt of several billion in an instant. As thousands of shareholders lost their money, they blocked the gates of Huffs Technology, demanding to be reimbursed. Regrettably, the place was completely deserted. Knowing that the Harper Group had a long-standing cooperative relationship with Huffs Technology, they then rallied at the gates of the Harper Group to collect their dues.

Asco International had been suppressing Huffs Technology recently. However, the former was not very involved in electronics, so it did not have enough strength to pressure the latter. Coincidentally, the Michel Group, which was just the right counterpart against Huffs Technology, entered the market aggressively and cornered Huffs Technology so badly that it couldn’t withstand the pressure. Therefore, the speed of Huffs Technology’s collapse was staggering. With the fall of the Huff Family, the entire Bayside City fell with it. Even the giant Mitchell Family was steadily being pushed back. The Michel Group is way too powerful!

Michael had been suppressing the Mitchell Family too. With both Asco International and the Michel Group looming down from two sides, the Mitchell Family was struggling. However, Michael was beginning to worry that the Michel Group might monopolize the electronics industry in Bayside City of Cethos… After all, it was a foreign investor! Besides, he also suspected that Linus was taking advantage of his anger and making use of him to jointly take down the Mitchell Family. Once the Mitchell Family collapsed, the entire electronics industry within Bayside City would be dominated by the Michel Group, an outsider. Even so, I won’t be able to contain my anger if I don’t bring down the Mitchell Family…

On the other hand, Sophia didn’t have as many worries as Michael did. She was preparing the clothes she would be wearing to the premiere. As a crazy fan, going to watch the premiere of her idol’s new movie was a huge affair. Therefore, she needed to have a sense of ritual and a set of cute clothes to wear there. After getting dressed, she came out and stood in front of Michael, proudly saying, “Look, dear!”

Looking up from his phone, he glanced over, and his mouth twitched…

The premiere was held at 8 that night. Hence, Sophia and Michael headed to the nearest cinema. Sophia had reserved the entire cinema in the name of Taylor Murray’s Top Fan, Sirius, and invited the nearby fans to watch the premiere for free. By 7:40 PM, the cinema was filled with Taylor’s fans—she had reserved several cinema halls, including Riverdale’s one and only giant screen.

She appeared very quickly, wearing a hooded sweater. The front was printed with Taylor’s cartoon image while the back was printed with his name. Everybody was dressed in the same outfits, feeling extremely jubilant. When they saw Sophia, they came over and greeted her, “Sirius, you’re here!”

“Sirius, who is this? Is this your sister?” Beside Sirius stood a tall lady with blonde hair and a touch of light makeup. She looked very glamorous wearing a down jacket, a thick scarf, and a face mask. Also, she remained silent without saying anything.

Instead, Sophia answered, “Yeah, this is my sister! She’s a model! She came here tonight to watch the movie with me!”

Upon hearing those words, everybody was amazed. As expected, she’s a model! With her height, she’s at least 1.85 meters without high heels!

Seeing that the movie was about to start, everybody hurried into the cinema hall to wait for the movie to start. Thus, the large hall was filled with hundreds of people. Meanwhile, Sophia and her ‘sister’ chose the best seats in the hall and sat down. Soon, the movie started.

The movie was very exciting from the beginning. When the climax came, every scene was dramatic. It was so engrossing that Sophia didn’t even have time to eat her popcorn. Throughout the entire movie, she looked amazed and nervous; it was as if she were part of the movie. In particular, when the male lead appeared on the screen, he was so handsome that it was beyond description. Thus, the entire cinema was filled with shrieks and screams whenever the male lead appeared on the screen. From the high-spirited beginning, to the middle where the male lead was captured and forced to become a drag queen, to the end where he became a superhero—Taylor Murray captured every scene perfectly and flawlessly portrayed the ill-fated male lead. His acting was realistic and contagious. The movie lasted for two hours, and the fiery atmosphere in the cinema lasted for two hours. When the screening was over, the cinema was filled with thunderous applause.

The fans were stoked from the beginning to the end. The atmosphere was very intense—it was as lively as a concert. Meanwhile, only one person remained calm, and that was the 1.85-meter tall ‘sister’ sitting next to Sophia. ‘She’ was so calm that it was almost as if she had starred in the movie.

After the movie, Sophia came out of the movie hall still wanting more. Getting into the car, she sat in the passenger seat and carefully took a picture of the movie stub. Then, she wrote a review intently before posting it on Twitter. Recently, she had created a new account on Twitter under the name ‘Eddie Fletcher’. She intended to make her debut as the official wife of Taylor Murray on Twitter. Therefore, Michael had given her a real-name verification ‘V’ and confirmed that she was ‘Taylor Murray’s wife, Eddie Fletcher’. Besides, her Twitter was used for her fangirling activities. If it wasn’t about Taylor Murray, then it was about his movies.

On the other hand, in the driver’s seat sat her ‘sister’. The lady took off her wig and removed the makeup on her face with some makeup remover. After that, Michael’s face was revealed under the makeup. Starting up the engine, he drove them home. None of the fans could have imagined that their idol had cross-dressed and watched a two-hour movie with them. Unfortunately, he had been forced into it. How great would it have been to watch the movie from our home theater?! Why did we have to watch it at the cinema?!

When they got home, Sophia seemed to be very occupied. She faced the computer and was busy doing something. The next day, he woke up to see that she had used her Twitter account to create a lucky-draw contest through retweeting.

‘Retweet this post and include a picture of your movie stub as well as the hashtags #Doctor Invincible and #movie. Once the movie stops showing in cinemas, 10 people will be chosen! The 10 winners will receive a gift package of cured meat personally autographed by our idol!’

Michael was rendered speechless. Did you even ask for my opinion before putting my cured meat up as the prize?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 539

Sophia had learned this trick from Little Kitten. After the release of a movie, one had to create a sensation and find ways to increase the movie’s popularity. That was why many celebrities would suffer breakups or get involved in quarrels after the release of their movies—it was to make themselves more popular.

Two days ago, Stanley had posted pictures of the cured meat at Taylor’s home. It immediately became a viral topic across the internet, indirectly leading to the increased popularity of Taylor’s new movie. Therefore, they had to do something, so that perhaps even those who had no interest in the movie would end up watching it. Besides, cured meat cooked by the idol himself would surely be exceptionally delicious.

As soon as the Twitter post came out, the interest in his movie went up by leaps and bounds. Thus, Taylor and his cured meat once again made headlines. With the gimmick in place, they had to fervently create more enthusiasm by spending money to get the media to report about it to keep the news trending.

Michael was very cooperative in playing along with Sophia’s fangirl activities. Whenever she asked him to post on Twitter, he would post accordingly even though he was extremely unwilling to give away his cured meat. Those are mine! Mine! I don’t even have enough for myself! Why do I have to give it away?! How maddening! Even more maddening was that, since the movie’s release, Sophia insisted on watching the movie at least once every morning. This happened once, twice, thrice, four times… Sometimes, she felt that she could watch it again after watching it once in the morning. Thus, she would hurriedly purchase tickets for the second screening of the day.

Therefore, Michael would accompany her to the nearest cinema to watch the movie every single morning. Although he enjoyed watching what he acted in, he was growing sick of it after watching it repeatedly every single day.

However, Sophia didn’t seem to tire of it. Rather, she insisted on watching it every single morning, then having lunch outside before returning to the Edwards Residence. She wanted to use her own way to support her idol’s new movie. Not only did she go and watch it every day, but she also brought people along with her to watch it together.

Hence, Nathan and Nicholas were forced to watch it with her every single day. She even went so far as to specially buy a ticket for Nicholas so that it had a seat too. An extra person meant an extra movie ticket, which would, in turn, increase her idol’s box office earnings!

Because of this, Michael felt utterly embarrassed. Particularly since he had to cross-dress whenever he went out with Sophia, for fear of being recognized.

By now, all the ticket sellers at the cinema knew of Sophia. After all, she was the only one to brave the winter, arriving on time every morning to watch ‘Doctor Invincible’ without fail. Furthermore, she was also the only one to bring a robot with her and even went so far as to buy a ticket for the robot.

One of the staff members had taken and posted a photo of Nicholas sitting properly in his seat watching the movie, which led to another wave of enthusiasm for the movie.

On the other hand, Michael was no longer ashamed about going around in female clothing. Still, he was very tempted to tell Sophia that she did not need to work so hard. After all, his movies were never lacking in box office earnings. Even if she worked earnestly to increase the popularity of the movie, the box office earnings would still hit 5 billion. Similarly, even if she didn’t do anything, the box office earnings would still hit 5 billion. Therefore, it didn’t make a difference.

As this movie was based on a comic, it was portrayed in a fictional world. More than ten movies had been filmed based on the same premise previously, and those movies had been well received in the box office. This time around, the movie starred two mega-celebrities—Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston.

With first-class acting skills, top-quality production, sincere and mature production technology, as well as backing from a whole series, its box office earnings hit 400 million on the first day of its release. After that, it continued to maintain between 200-300 million every single day.

During this time, Sophia would check the box office earnings of the day before as soon as she woke up every morning. Then, she would check to see if the number of screenings for the day and the attendance of these screenings were high. It was as if she was obsessed with her fangirling activities. After that, she would hurriedly book her tickets. It reached a point where she was tempted to bring her cats along just so that her cats could occupy seats too. With that, she would be able to contribute to the box office earnings by another four or five tickets.

Michael honestly did not wish to be dragged out every morning to watch the movie. Hence, he quickly suggested, “The snow and the plum blossoms are so beautiful here. Why don’t you invite Stan and Sean over to admire this?”

That’s a good idea! Hence, she quickly called up Stanley and invited him over for two days. As soon as Stanley received her phone call, he immediately brought along his pets. Naturally, Sean came along too. It happened to be the weekend, so it was just right for them to spend the weekend.

Linus joined them too. His arrival was just in time for him to examine Nicholas. Recently, its server responses seemed to be slowing down and nobody could figure out what was wrong with it. Furthermore, he brought his pets along too, and it turned into a pet conference.

Then, Sophia called Sarah. “Little Kitten, come over to play! Sean will be coming over too! Why don’t you come together with him?”

Sarah hesitantly asked, “Will Harry be there?”

Sophia patted her chest confidently and assured Sarah, “He won’t be there. He has gone to the beach to escape winter.”

With that, Sarah finally agreed to join them without fear and brought her cat along too.

When everybody arrived at the mansion, Sophia brought out the new batch of cured meat she made as refreshments for everyone. After lunch, the servants started a bonfire near the plum orchard. Crowding around the bonfire, they chatted and exchanged ideas on pet-raising methods.

“To be honest, I’ve been wanting to come here ever since I heard that you’re living here. But, I was afraid of getting scolded by Uncle Michael,” Stanley said. There was a Ragdoll snuggled in his lap. Meanwhile, his husky had run off to play in the snow. Looking at Sophia’s fat orange cats, he scornfully remarked, “Say; you and Uncle Michael are so slim. So, why are your cats so fat?”

It snowed heavily today. Thus, they were warming themselves around the fire at the pavilion. However, it was freezing as soon as they left the fire. For that reason, even the pets were crowding around the bonfire and refusing to move away, except for the two sled dogs.

Sophia hugged one of her cats to warm her hands as she said, “They just have a thick coat of fur.” Scratching Chrysanthemum’s face, she said to the cat, “You just have thick fur, don’t you, Chrysanthemum?”

The orange cat purred in reply.

Then, he shifted his attention to Linus and his pets. He looked at them disdainfully as he said, “Why are you raising local breeds for pets? It doesn’t match with your status at all.”

How could the future patriarch of the dignified Michel Family and the world’s most eligible bachelor raise a bunch of local breeds? If word got out about this, it would be so embarrassing!

In response, Linus held his Dragon Li cat and smiled. “Stan, you don’t understand. The Dragon Li is very expensive overseas. I heard it’s worth over 300 US dollars! Besides, aren’t the pets you’re raising nothing but a bunch of local breeds from where I come from?”

Upon hearing those words, Stanley had no comeback. After all, a Ragdoll and a husky were indeed the local breeds at Linus’ hometown!

Then, Sarah suddenly piped up, “Stanley, Sunset is gorgeous. If you’re free, you can bring her to my cat café and let her work there. I’ll pay you by the hour!”

Stanley couldn’t bear to send his cat out to ‘work’. Thus, he quickly changed the subject. “Where’s Uncle Michael? Where did he go?”

After they finished lunch, they had not seen Michael anywhere, and nobody knew where he went. Snuggling against the cat, Sophia said, “He said he is going to give me a surprise later. So, he is in the middle of preparing it now!”

Upon hearing those words, Stanley had a chilly expression. Every time they get together, they just have to show off how loving they are. I wonder what kind of earth-shattering performance we’ll be getting this time. It’s fine; come at me! I’ve gone through many battles! I can take it!

In front of their bonfire was a stage. As Harper’s Mansion was built and passed down from a hundred years ago, it retained the stage that all big families in the past used to have in their houses. Besides, the stage seemed to be prepared for some sort of activity. Thus, Stanley loudly made a guess. “Uncle Michael must have hired a theater troupe to entertain us today!”

Linus was looking forward to it. I wonder what kind of show I’ll get to watch today.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 540

Soon, the play started and the music played. A group of female warriors came on stage and began showing their moves. Just a few actions at the beginning of the play were enough to elicit loud applause from everybody. “Bravo!”

Linus, who had an interest in opera, immediately recognized the play. “It’s ‘Lady General Mu Takes Command’!”

Soon, the main character, Lady General Mu, appeared on the stage. It was another female warrior with a strong posture and excellent professionalism. One glance was enough to tell that she was no ordinary person—her actions were so tricky that it was amazing. Even Sophia, who had not much interest in opera, couldn’t help being sucked in by the superb choreography.

Thus, she directed her full concentration to the show. Although nobody knew where Michael had hired these actors, they were extremely professional, and everybody in the audience was very satisfied with the performance. Applause rained down for these actors, and everybody forgot about the fact that Michael still had yet to make his appearance.

Sophia was in a great mood as she watched the show while she ate some snacks and played with her cat. Suddenly, the leading female warrior got off the stage and walked over to a spot of snow-covered ground close to Sophia.

Stepping across the snowy ground, she showed off her flashy moves with a short spear while singing. Her voice was elegant and playful. One could tell with a glance that she was a star—she had brought Lady General Mu to life through her voice, style, and actions.

“Bravo!” Sophia couldn’t help applauding the wonderful performance in front of her. After finishing a set of dance moves, Lady General Mu placed the short spear down and walked over to Sophia. Then, she started singing again. The combination of that body and that voice was extremely rare.

If one were to say the actor was male, the corresponding figure and voice were not something that could be imitated by ordinary men. On the other hand, if one were to say the actor was female, the intensity and aura of the spearmanship displayed just now were not something a woman could pull off.

Meanwhile, Stanley clapped enthusiastically even as his eyes darted about. The show is reaching its climax, so why hasn’t the main character appeared yet? “Where’s Uncle Michael? Where’s Uncle Michael?” He looked around as he searched for Michael.

Next to him, Sean was tapping his hand against his lap in time to the rhythm as he listened to the music. His eyes were shining with amusement as he watched Lady General Mu singing and spinning around Sophia. Then, he said, “There! Isn’t that your Uncle Michael?”

“Where? Where?” Stanley looked around but couldn’t find his uncle. All of a sudden, he stared straight at the dancing and singing female warrior. After a moment, his eyes widened. F*ck! It’s another serving of lovey-doveyness! This pair of lovebirds are trying to kill off all the single people in the world!

Lady General Mu sang and danced around Sophia, who was engrossed in listening to the music. Suddenly, the female warrior did a little twist. As soon as she turned around, she took out a rose from her clothes like a magician and presented it to Sophia.

Thus, Sophia was stunned. However, she suddenly noticed the passionate gaze belonging to Lady General Mu behind the thick layers of greasepaint. Coming back to her senses, she covered her mouth in surprise—it was Michael! Is this the surprise he prepared for me? Did he specially prepare this opera for me? This is the first time I’ve ever seen Michael acting and singing so seriously!

She appeared to be extremely flattered and reached out to take the rose. To her surprise, Michael twisted slightly, avoiding her and preventing her from taking the flower. However, when he turned back, more roses appeared in his hand. The bright red roses were like a ball of fire in his hands, entering her field of vision again. This time, he didn’t avoid her when she reached out again and allowed her to take the roses from him.

After finishing the song, Lady General Mu retreated and another opera began. Unfortunately, the other stars were unable to sing as well as Michael. Thus, everybody was still immersed in the surprise from before and couldn’t pay attention to the present performance. Meanwhile, Sophia was hugging the roses Michael had given to her and sniffed them eagerly.

Finally, Linus realized that the female warrior just now was actually a male. Moreover, it was Michael himself. For a long time, he was stunned. Then, he suddenly shook his head and smiled. That’s impossible to imitate—

Sophia was blushing like a young lady in love. Holding the roses in her hand, she smiled foolishly.

On the other hand, Stanley curled his lips. He was tempted to leave. It looked like Michael had prepared a large dose of public display of affection for him. Therefore, he was uninterested in watching and wanted to leave. However, he was also curious whether Michael still had other activities lined up for them. In the end, he busied himself by bringing out a plate of honeydew. Happily eating his honeydew, he waited for the show to start.

When the song ended, music played again. This time around, it was a popular pop song. Then, Michael appeared in glamorous attire. He had removed all his makeup and was wearing a fashionable hat. Dancing in time to the music, he danced toward Sophia with youthful and dynamic dance moves, jazzing up the modern song with his energy. His dance was powerful and breathtaking. Moreover, his dance skills were comparable to leading dancers of popular dance troupes.

Michael was very similar to his mother, Elizabeth Murray. Since he was young, he had an acute artistic instinct flowing in his blood. Be it jazz dancing or breakdancing, he could dance them decently. At 10 years old, he debuted as the lead singer and dancer of a youth band. Unfortunately, he could not gain the support of the Fletcher Family and entered the army when he was 18. Hence, it had been a long time since he last danced, especially after debuting as an actor. Now, he relearned the dance moves he used to do just to elicit a smile from his beloved wife, as he wanted to make her happy.

It was snowing heavily outside. Despite that, it felt as warm as spring, and the air burned with passion. In this situation, everybody else was simply playing the third wheel among those two. Tired from dancing, Michael picked up a guitar, walked over to Sophia, and sat down opposite her. “What song do you want to hear? I’ll sing it to you.”

Upon hearing those words, Stanley lost his cool. During his birthday, he had knelt in front of Michael and begged him to sing a birthday song. Even so, Michael had adamantly refused. Yet today, he was offering to sing for Sophia so readily! This is unfair! Despite his anger, he perked up his ears to listen to the song Sophia picked.

Meanwhile, Sophia looked like a young, unmarried girl who had just fallen in love. Clutching at her flushing face, she said, “Let’s start with ‘Cause I Love You’.” It’s the first popular song I came across. I wonder if Michael knows the song…

Again, Stanley felt upset. Uncle Michael finally agreed to sing, but he has to sing ‘Cause I Love You’?! What a waste! She should have asked for a difficult song with pitches as high as dolphin voices! That would have been more worthy!

In the meantime, the clean strumming of a guitar rang out. Michael cleared his throat slightly and stared at Sophia with a smile in his eyes as he started singing, “I couldn’t understand; you were looking straight at me. Did you think I couldn’t see? That was yesterday and you’re all I thought of since…” His singing voice was clean, sexy, and mixed with a vaguely ethereal feeling. As he sang, the two of them accidentally fell into their own little world.

Sophia was enraptured as she listened to the song. Tilting her head to the side, a blissful smile hung from the corner of her lips, and her small hands tapped in time to the rhythm. This is a concert my idol is holding especially for me!

The others were also listening intently. The emotions in the song were very powerful; it carried a love so strong and deep that it could almost condense into dew drops. One man and one woman; one singing and one listening—it was a perfect match. They were a dazzling couple; a match made in heaven. They were so loving that it made the others envy them.

When the song was over, Michael asked again, “What else do you want to listen to?”

Sophia mulled over it slightly before saying, “‘Pretty Young Thing’.”

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