My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 511-520

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 511

However, Linus stayed silent the whole time. All of a sudden, the music playing around the banquet hall changed. With a microphone in hand, Joe excitedly walked to the middle of the stage and his loud voice was filled with extreme joy as he yelled, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Edwards family reunion banquet!”

At that moment, Joe wanted the banquet to end perfectly. As for Sophia’s fraud, he decided he would get revenge sooner or later. Then, he began a touching speech about how much he loved his daughter and told the story of how his daughter was separated from him and how he found her.

Joe even announced that he specially hosted this grand reunion banquet for his initially lost but now reunited daughter to let everyone know that he, Joe Edwards, had another daughter!

“And now, let me formally introduce my daughter—Sophia Edwards!”

The guests immediately looked up and saw a young lady slowly descending the marble staircase step by step from the second floor. She wore a white dress with blue diamonds, revealing her fair and slender arms. The dress exposed a large area of her front and her fair skin matched the blue diamonds.

The fitted dress hugged her skin and they could see glimpses of her skin beneath, the slightly see-through dress making her look extremely seductive. Her hand was placed gently on the railing and the white gloves on her hands covered her hands gracefully. Sophia put on a perfect and elegant smile as she slowly entered their sight and the entire hall went silent for a while.

Everyone glanced at Joe before they turned to look at Sophia again. Which beautiful woman did Joe sleep with to be able to have such a gorgeous daughter?

Joe took two steps forward and held Sophia’s hand. Sophia obediently twirled, the hem of her dress rising slightly, making it look like a blossoming flower. Many people were starstruck by her beauty. Hearing the sound of the peaceful background music, many people started to feel restless.

Natasha waited for a long time but she didn’t see Xyla come out to expose Sophia’s disgusting truth. Seeing that the dance was about to start, she decided she would lose her chance if they didn’t expose her now. However, Natasha couldn’t get a hold of Xyla at all. With Linus next to her, she would never embarrass herself to expose Sophia. That b*tch…

The dance officially started as Joe left the stage and elegant music started playing. Today, Sophia would perform the first dance. She danced gracefully and every move her flexible body made was extremely beautiful. Many men at the banquet were vying to take the first dance with Sophia and all of them volunteered.

Unfortunately for them, the beautiful dancing figure slid by in front of their eyes without the slightest hesitation. Countless pairs of eyes filled with strong desire focused on the beautiful figure.

Meanwhile, Stanley passionately volunteered. When he saw that Sophia had begun choosing a dance partner, he hurriedly whispered, “Me! Pick me!” However, Sophia never considered him because she knew that if she danced with Stanley, both of them would be badly beaten up.


Sophia saw Claude in the crowd. Claude is here too? Unfortunately, she couldn’t choose Claude either. If she chose Claude, her punishment wouldn’t be as simple as getting a beating.

There were many people she was close with who attended the banquet. Not long after, she locked gazes with Quinton and he bowed slightly at her. In the end, Sophia walked toward Sean.

All along, she had treated Sean as her gay best friend and Michael knew that they were biological siblings so he wouldn’t be upset. Furthermore, it was Sean who taught her how to dance so it wouldn’t be awkward to dance with him.

She reached out her hand toward Sean and he smiled as he reached out to grab her hand. As their hands were about to touch… All of a sudden, a strong, large hand grabbed Sophia and squeezed her hand tightly. Then, Sophia felt dizzy as the man twirled her around on the dance floor, his arm around her waist.

Sophia’s beautiful white dress twirled to the rhythm of the music as the both of them waltzed passionately. Their graceful steps managed to lead the first wave of cheers of the banquet. Sophia twirled so much that her head was dizzy. It was only after she composed herself did she take a good look at her dancing partner. It was none other than Joel!

“G-General?” She was so shocked that she accidentally stepped on Joel’s feet.

Joel held her hand with one hand and placed the other on her waist. They continued to dance as he whispered, “Dance seriously.”

The first dance of the banquet was important for Sophia. Countless people were watching them and some probably even noticed when she stepped on Joel’s feet just now. After hearing his warning, she quickly regained focus and danced seriously.

Sophia had a feeling that her hand that was held by Joel was burning hot, and the heat of his other big palm that was placed on her waist seeped through her thin dress and burned her skin. However, for some reason, she felt her bottom hurting.

The first dance had started and the atmosphere was getting lively. With that, the other guests each looked for a dance partner and started dancing as well.

Stanley wasn’t willing to give up and he kept circling Sophia, waiting for the chance to dance with her. As for Natasha, she was prepared to ask Linus for a dance. However, when she got close to him, Linus was pulled away by Faye. After all, at an occasion like this, women could reject men but men couldn’t reject women.

As the guests danced joyously, Sophia’s white dress was still the most dazzling in the court. After the first dance ended, the upbeat rhythm of the music slowed down.

Joel seemed to be exhausted from the dancing as he panted heavily. Then, he lowered his head and gently rested his forehead on Sophia’s, the two of them facing each other and their lips only a few centimeters apart.

His heavy breath brushed Sophia’s face and it smelled like the peculiar breath of a man mixed with the aroma from the cocktail. Sophia instantly blushed and it was as if there were butterflies in her stomach. Joel’s hand that was placed on her waist suddenly wrapped around her slender waist and he pulled her toward him, causing her to fall into his arms.

“General—” Sophia’s voice was trembling. This is not supposed to happen!

Joel’s breath fanned across her cheeks and it passed through her lips; it was as if Joel was admiring her beauty from a close distance. “Call me… Joel.”

Sophia naturally didn’t have the courage to call him by his name, so she silently tried to take a few steps back. However, Joel held her close, his grip tight. She quickly turned to glanced at the people surrounding her and looked at Sean, who was closest to her.

Meanwhile, Sean had been watching the two of them all along. When Joel suddenly appeared and robbed his role of being Sophia’s first dance’s dance partner, he already had a feeling that there was something wrong with Joel, which was why he hurriedly dragged his dance partner to dance near them.

Just when Sophia turned her head to the side to seek help, she felt a strange touch. Something warm and smelled like alcohol had touched the corner of her lips. She was instantly startled and tried her best to free herself from Joel.

“Can you please not reject me?”

Joel sounded a little drunk when he said that. She looked up at him and saw that he couldn’t focus his gaze. At that moment, she panicked and murmured, “General, you’re drunk.” As she spoke, her warm breath fell on Joel’s nose and it smelled nice, causing his heart to beat faster and faster…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 512

After the song ended, everyone changed dance partners. Seeing this, Sean seized the chance and rushed over to Sophia. At the same time, Joel loosened his grip on her so she quickly held onto Sean’s hand.

As the second song started playing, Sean led Sophia into the crowd. She subconsciously looked back and slowly watched Joel’s tall and slender figure disappear amidst the dancing crowd…

What happened just now is not a dream… Did Joel just confess his feelings for me? Is it because he wants to steal me away from Michael, just like what he did with Irene?

“Don’t be afraid. Joel’s just drunk.” Sophia heard Sean’s gentle whisper. He had seen everything that happened a moment ago. Sean had also heard rumors about what happened between Joel, Michael and Irene. Right now it seems that history is repeating… Sophia has become the prize of a contest between the two brothers. However, Sophia is not Irene! Even if she’s my sister, I have to do everything I can to protect her!

There were several others who were paying attention to Sophia, including Linus, who was watching from a close proximity. He seemed to be able to sense Sophia’s emotions at the moment. Her fear and horror…

At the same time, Michael was watching the banquet from the surveillance cameras and he clearly saw Joel kiss Sophia on the corner of her lips. He was instantly agitated and fiercely threw the thing in his hand.

“Three of a kind!” he yelled as he threw his cards on the table. Seeing this, Harry, who was sitting opposite him, suddenly got excited and he shouted, “Yes! I won! I won again! It’s time to pay up! Hurry up and pay up!”

Daniel, who was also sitting at the poker table, frowned and said, “Goodness, Michael. You’ve already lost more than three million. What are you doing? If you’re loaded with money, you can give some of it to me!”

Nathan, on the other hand, was so short he had to stand on a stool to play mahjong with the other three men. Every time they finished playing a round, he would pull out a small notebook and calculate their losses. Michael has lost a lot today. More than three million to be exact!

A lollipop hung from the corner of Michael’s lips. At that moment, he saw red as he shuffled the cards, his expression serious. Meanwhile, Gary stood at the side, busy transferring money to Daniel and Harry. As for Nathan, he waited for him to tell him the final amount after the end of the game.

All of a sudden, Michael yelled, “Let’s play another round! It’s not my money anyway!”

With that, they continued their game. At the same time at the Edwards Family banquet, Sophia’s phone that was in Gemma’s pocket kept vibrating non-stop.

‘100,000 has been transferred out of your bank account.’

‘500,000 has been transferred out of your bank account.’

‘200,000 has been transferred out of your bank account.’

“The Mitchell family has started an investigation on your mother. Right now, you’re the daughter of the Edwards Family and have nothing to do with the Mitchell family,” Sean whispered next to Sophia’s ear halfway through the dance.

Her hands were still shaking and she was extremely nervous as she softly replied, “Okay. I have already spoken to the Edwards Family. No matter what, they will only say that I was born in October.”

The banquet lasted until midnight and one after another, the guests bid farewell. Fearing that the Edwards Family would look for her for revenge, Sophia brought the cat with her and left before the banquet ended. She was still wearing the white dinner dress and only layered on another down jacket before going home.

After they arrived at the door of the house, Gemma turned to leave. It was really late at night so Sophia was embarrassed to call someone to open the door. Pulling out her keys, she turned the lock before bending over and sneaking into the house.

However, as soon as she passed through the main entrance and stepped on the floor of the house, it was as if her footsteps were so loud that it triggered a sound-controlled switch. With a click, a lamp in the living room was switched on.

The light from the lamp was very weak and only managed to light up a corner of the living room, while the rest of the house was still pitch dark. Under the weak light, Sophia heard a cold chuckle.

“You’re home?” It was like a dangerous question from the devil. The voice matched the eerie atmosphere and it echoed in the empty room. Sophia quickly turned toward the source of the voice and under the dim light, she saw Michael sitting on the sofa, wearing an orange striped cartoon pajamas with a row of orange cats sitting neatly beside him. It looked childish and scary at the same time as five gloomy eyes stared back at Sophia.

She felt her whole body turned numb and weak. This atmosphere, Michael’s expression, and the lighting… It’s obvious that he’s angry. It seems that I won’t be able to get any sleep tonight… She didn’t dare to move. With her head lowered, she weakly replied, “Yes, I’m back…”

However, Sophia didn’t hear any sound from the other end. She stood at the doorway, not daring to move a single inch. At that moment, the heating in the house was turned up so high that her body started sweating.

She lowered her head and noticed that Michael was sitting on the sofa with his hands and legs spread. He was twirling three pink things in his hands and when Sophia looked closely, she saw that they were three remote control vibrators!

There was also a series of sex toys neatly arranged on the coffee table in front of him. The whip and candles were the standard accessories. Besides those, there were mouth plugs, anal plugs and even two long cucumbers and a comb of bananas, as well as other long vegetables and two golf balls…

Sophia had a feeling that she wouldn’t be able to escape the torture she was about to suffer tonight, and she immediately felt a reflexive pain in her butt. I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have danced with Joel… I shouldn’t have tricked the Edwards Family into hosting this reunion banquet! Looks like my fate was set in stone since the moment I refused Michael’s request to attend the reunion banquet! Suddenly, the cat in her arms gave a soft meow that broke the silence.

The vibrating eggs in Michael’s hand collided against each other and made a thrilling sound. With a dark smile, he commented, “Wow! Who gave you that cat? It’s pretty cute!”

Sophia didn’t dare to lie so she truthfully replied, “Linus gave it to me.”

With a seemingly joking tone, Michael said, “It seems that you’re bored with the cats we have at home and have already started looking for new ones outside.”

Hearing this, the cats next to him meowed in unison, as if they were accusing Sophia for being unfaithful. Sophia felt like breaking down into tears. Michael’s tone was like a wife questioning her unfaithful husband for being so bored of his wife at home that he started to look for other women outside.

“No, I love orange cats!” she hurriedly reassured. “This cat is also orange! Look!” This Persian cat has orange fur too! Even though it came from a foreign country, it is still an orange cat!

However, Michael ignored the cat and stared at Sophia. Holding the whip, he pointed at her eye-catching red down jacket and said, “I’ve turned on the heater. Don’t you feel hot from wearing such a thick coat? Take it off.”

Sophia knew that no matter what she did, she would still get punished that night. She knew that it was too late for her to kneel and beg for mercy so she hurriedly took off the down jacket obediently. Seeing this, Michael said, “You’re sweating. Take off your dress. You’ll feel cooler.”

With that, Sophia took off her evening gown and stood in front of him with only her bra and underwear on. Then, Michael gently slapped her slender legs with the leather whip and asked, “Why aren’t you taking all of it off?”

Sophia quickly glanced around and replied, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. We’re in the living room. What if someone sees us?”

Michael had his back against the light so Sophia couldn’t see his face clearly. He was surrounded by a layer of darkness and she could only see his lips move grimly. “Don’t worry; there’s no one else.”

Tonight, I’m going to give her an experience that she’ll never forget and show her the power of being her husband!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 513
Sophia glanced at the cats in the corner and muttered. “The cats are here…”

Michael replied, “The cats are young and won’t know what we’re doing. You can be rest assured. Just take them off; you’ll feel much cooler.”

With that, Sophia took off her underwear and stood in front of Michael stark naked. She was so embarrassed, her cheeks were blushing red. After standing still for a few seconds, Michael said, “Turn around.”

Sophia turned around obediently and had her back against him. As soon as she steadied her body, she felt a fierce slap. Slap!

It was extremely painful but she held back grievously. Then, Michael carried her and placed her on the sofa. In a stance like a ruthless king, he stared down at her and asked, “Who do you love the most?”

Sophia whispered, “Michael Fletcher.”

Michael then asked, “Who is Michael Fletcher?”

Sophia quickly replied, “My husband!”

“Good! Fortunately, you still know who your husband is!”

The next morning, Joe and some members of the Johnson family entered the Imperial and went straight to villa no. 8 under Natasha’s guidance. At that moment, Joe was determined to find out Sophia’s identity.

Soon, the whole group stood in front of Villa No. 8 in the Imperial and Natasha pressed the doorbell. Not long after, they heard a voice say, “May I ask who this is?”

Natasha politely replied, “Hello, I’m Natasha Mitchell. Sophia’s father is looking for her.”

The person on the answering machine replied, “Please wait for a moment.”

Maria didn’t know what to do. Everyone in the house knew that Michael had given Sophia a big punishment last night. But it’s ten in the morning. Should I go and wake them up?

After thinking about it for a while, Maria mustered up the courage and knocked on the door of the master bedroom. The battlefield last night started from the living room to the master bedroom, and it was so fierce that the cats and Sophia screamed for the whole night.

After two knocks, Maria heard Michael’s voice. “What’s the matter?”

Maria boldly replied, “The Johnson family is here.”

Michael said, “Let them wait.”

Michael turned to look at the surveillance footage of the main entrance and saw Natasha and the Johnson family standing in front of the house, looking furious. Then, he got up and rubbed his sleepy eyes. However, he felt really energetic. Who said that I’m old and weak?

Even after having sex for the whole night, he didn’t feel tired at all. I feel like I could have gone on longer than that. On the other hand, Sophia is still asleep and looks like all her energy has been drained from her body. She was sleeping face down and her ass was swollen from all the beating.

“Meow…” The chubby Persian cat jumped onto the bed and cocked its head to the side as it stared at Michael. Michael got up, tucked the quilt, and went to the bathroom. A moment later, he came out wearing pajamas, then placed the Persian cat on his shoulder and knocked on the door of the second bedroom. After seeing that Nathan was playing games in the study, he went downstairs, handed the newly arrived cat to the nanny and told her to take good care of it. Next, he took some food from the kitchen and fed the cats, the tortoise, the dogs, and watched the eel for a moment before he said to Maria, “Let them in.”

During the period that Michael was feeding the animals, the group of people outside the house almost froze to death from the cold but the big iron door still didn’t open. After waiting for about twenty minutes, the iron door slowly opened.

Seeing this, Natasha took the lead and entered the house step by step on her stilettos. She had almost gone frozen from the cold weather. Joe, Faye, and the Johnson family followed behind Natasha and walked inside fearfully.

Michael’s house was definitely extraordinary. As soon as they passed the gate, they saw a small bridge, a river, a waterfall, and fake mountains in the garden. Everyone was shocked. Only the true wealthy families could afford to live like this in Bayside City.

When Joe walked past the gate and saw the big house, his eyes were filled with greed and shock. It would be great if I get to live in a house like this!

As for the Johnson family members, they were all dumbfounded. The only difference between Michael’s house and the palace was that Michael’s house was more new and modern. After they stepped into the house, a maid came and put on shoe covers for everyone before they were allowed to enter the house. A few steps in, they saw Micheal sitting in the wide and spacious living room. He was wearing casual clothes as if he had been waiting for them for a long time.

Seeing him, the father and daughter of the Edwards family and the Johnson family didn’t even dare to speak. They started to worry that they had come to the wrong house. This is Taylor Murray’s house! Sophia didn’t marry a rich, old man. She’s just Taylor’s nanny!

“Taylor!” Natasha happily walked up to Michael, as if the unpleasant things that happened between them were all hallucinations. Before she got close to Michael, Hale coldly stopped her. Michael looked up at the group of people and knowingly asked, “Why are you all here?”

Joe hurriedly bowed and respectfully replied, “Hello, Mr. Murray. I’m Sophia’s father, Joe. Is Sophia here?”

Michael frowned and he seemed really upset. He didn’t say anything so Natasha immediately said kindly, “Taylor, hurry and call out your nanny, Sophia! Sophia keeps telling everyone that she married a rich man. She ruined your reputation!” Sophia keeps boasting about her wealth everywhere she goes. Surely Taylor feels humiliated by her. I’m sure that Taylor will definitely kick that b*tch out of here this time! Natasha thought.

Hearing this, Michael instantly felt furious. He glared at everyone coldly and asked, “All of you are here to look for Sophia?”

The Edwards family and the Johnson family quickly nodded repeatedly in reply. Michael fell silent for a moment but his aura was so strong that the two families didn’t dare to make a single sound. Natasha knew that Michael was angry so she added oil to the fire and said, “Sophia told everyone that she married a rich man and boasts about her riches. I’ve warned her to stop multiple times but she ignored all of my warnings. Mr. Johnson is here to take her home and teach her a lesson…”

Joe hurriedly nodded and chimed in. “My unfilial daughter has caused you a lot of trouble. I’ll take her home and make sure she doesn’t continue to make mistakes anymore.”

After Michael heard this, he still didn’t say anything. In Joe’s eyes, Michael’s attitude implied that he had allowed them to take Sophia away. Sophia is really just a nanny! Joe was so furious, he was about to have a fit. I’ll definitely drag Sophia back to my house and make her give up 5% of the Edwards Group’s shares no matter what!

However, the Johnson family had other ideas. After seeing the glorious villa and its handsome owner, they suddenly thought of Sophia’s beautiful face that resembled her mother…

She might get beaten to death after Joe drags her back home anyway, and it would be a waste if she didn’t earn some money for the Johnson family before she dies. Her mother was also a nanny for Joe in the past!

Joe wanted to drag Sophia back home and force her to give up 5% of Edwards Group’s shares while the Johnson family wanted to use Sophia to earn some money. As for Natasha, she just wished that Michael would kick Sophia out immediately. Seeing that Michael wasn’t responding, she hurriedly said, “Taylor, since Sophia’s father is here, you should let the both of them reunite. Mr. Edwards will definitely pay you back the 80,000 you spent to buy Sophia.”

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Michael suddenly burst into laughter. Seeing this, Joe joined in and laughed happily because he thought that he would be getting his 5% of shares back. As for the Johnson family, they were waiting for Joe to get his shares back from Sophia so that they could drag her back and sell her to someone else again. Natasha also chuckled a little.

However, all of a sudden, Michael stopped laughing and instantly emitted a gloomy and murderous aura. Looking at the two families and Natasha, he roared, “I know how to handle my own people. I don’t need any of you to tell me what to do!”

Then, he got up without warning and said to Hale who was standing next to him, “Send off the guests.”

With that, Michael turned around and went upstairs. Several bodyguards instantly surrounded the Edwards and Johnson family and respectfully showed them the exit as they slowly led them out the house.

For some reason, Joe suddenly had the courage and he yelled, “Mr. Murray, spending 80,000 to buy my daughter and make her your nanny is illegal! Please return my unfilial daughter back to me!”

Even though he didn’t have the courage to speak harshly face-to-face to the best actor of the country, the thought about losing the 5% of shares made him angry.

Without turning back to look at Joe, Michael said, “I bought her with 80,000 so she’s mine now. No one else can lay a finger on her other than me.”

Hearing Michael’s tone, they knew that he wasn’t going to give Sophia up. Joe still wanted to rebuke him but Michael’s bodyguards had directly dragged him out of the house.

Natasha watched as Michael went up the spiral stairs and she felt frustrated. Just when she was about to go upstairs to meet the legendary Eddie, she suddenly felt a pinch on her arm. Then, two bodyguards stood on each side of her and directly carried her out of the house.


After they reached the doorway, Hale gave an order and the group of people were thrown out of Villa No. 8 and left on the ground in an embarrassing manner.

Natasha was completely dumbfounded. As she sat on the wet tarmac, it took her a while to come back to her senses.

I can’t believe I was thrown out of a building in broad daylight!

Standing at the entrance, Hale said to the guards outside the door, “Why are you standing there? Grab these nuisances and throw them out of here! If I see these people around The Imperial ever again, all of you will be fired!”

Joe was angry but he didn’t dare to say anything so he hurriedly walked away. As for the Johnson family, they directly got on their feet and ran while Natasha refused to give up. She sat on the ground, pointed at Hale’s face and furiously yelled, “My uncle is the owner of this place. You can never stop me from entering!”

Hale didn’t want to waste his time with her so he said, “Miss Natasha, you’ve repeatedly brought strangers into The Imperial multiple times. The boss is mad at you. In order to stop you from entering The Imperial ever again, the boss already asked your uncle to move away.”

Natasha couldn’t help but sneer, “People like you won’t be able to force my uncle to leave!”

However, as soon as she turned around, Natasha saw her uncle and his family carrying luggages out of Villa No. 2. She hurriedly ran up to them and asked, “Uncle, where are you going?”

Natasha’s uncle glared at her furiously before he threw the luggage bag onto the ground hard. “Where am I going? I’m moving!”

Natasha always used visiting her uncle as an excuse to enter The Imperial. Her previous visit with the Murrays already made Michael pissed, and her bringing another group of people to cause trouble again was the last straw.

At that moment, Natasha’s uncle didn’t want to say a single word to her anymore. The whole family was still sound asleep when they suddenly received a notice to move within the time limit. The reason they were requested to move was because Natasha brought a bunch of strangers into The Imperial again in the name of visiting her uncle, and this posed a security threat to the other residents of the community.

In order to prevent Natasha from entering the residential area again, they had no choice but to ask her uncle to move. Natasha’s uncle lived in The Imperial on rent because the houses here couldn’t be bought, and only people with great reputation could rent there. He had gone through great lengths to rent a house here and didn’t expect to be kicked out just after staying here for less than two years.

Watching her uncle and his family move out of The Imperial, Natasha was completely dumbfounded. Uncle is a person with a great reputation in Bayside City. How is it possible that he’s kicked out of his house so easily?

She immediately turned around and ran toward Villa No. 8 to figure out why she was being treated this way. Unfortunately, the gates of Villa No. 8 were closed. Standing outside the house, Natasha pressed the doorbell frantically and yelled, “Taylor, let me in! Taylor, you can’t do this to me! We made an agreement that night! You can’t treat me like this!”

Even though she yelled until her voice turned hoarse, nobody in the house gave a response. In the end, the guards had to forcefully drag her out and threw her out of the residential area. Joe had not gone far yet and saw the precious daughter of the Mitchell family being thrown out of the residential area, so he walked away even faster for fear of offending Taylor.

I can’t believe Taylor threw the daughter of the Mitchell family out of the area. He must have a powerful background! I’ve even heard rumors that he is related to the Fletcher family… I have to run away from here as soon as I can.

Sophia was awakened by Natasha’s loud knocks on the door and thought that only Michael can cause such a commotion. She opened her eyes, turned her body and felt sore all over. She felt as if her waist and ass didn’t belong to her, and every movement caused a surge of pain.


Sophia took a deep breath and used all her strength to get out of bed. Wrapping the blanket around her, she walked toward the windowside, pulled the curtain open and saw Natasha screaming and crying downstairs. Then, she watched as Natasha was dragged out of there and thrown out in the presence of Mitchell family’s bodyguard. She also noticed that the residents of Villa No. 2 seemed to be moving.

Just then, Michael walked over and he looked like he was about to leave the house as he went into the dressing room to put on some clothes. With hickies all over her neck, Sophia looked at him sleepily and asked, “What’s happening outside? Is someone moving?”

Then, she heard Michael’s voice coming from the dressing room. “Natasha brought your fake father over to cause trouble so I asked the guards to drag them out.”

Drag them out… A simple and clean solution. What a great idea. I guess Natasha, the princess of the Mitchell family, is going to cry from being kicked out for the first time.

Michael seemed to not be angry anymore. After all, Sophia and him never held grudges overnight. If they had a grudge, it would be resolved with some sex; if there was a big contradiction that couldn’t be reconciled… They would have sex all night until they resolved it.

After the busy night, the two of them spoke harmoniously that morning as if nothing had happened. Michael tried on his tie in the mirror as he said, “I’ve kicked out Natasha’s uncle who lives in Villa No. 2. That villa belongs to us too. Pay attention to whether anyone would like to rent or buy the place because it would be a waste to leave it empty.”

“Wait, Villa No. 2 belongs to us too?”

Sophia only knew that Villa No. 1 and No. 8 belonged to Michael and never thought he owned Villa No. 2 too.

Putting on his shoes, Michael replied, “Yes.” Then, he added, “I’ve given your fake father a scare. He won’t dare to pester you anymore.”

Michael had deliberately kicked Natasha out in front of Joe. I don’t think Joe will dare show his face here anymore!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 515

Sophia climbed back into bed and yawned, feeling sleepy. She then squinted her eyes and got ready to take a nap. Just then, Michael had already put on his clothes, so he walked over and gently caressed her swollen ass with his big hands.

“I’m going to the movie set and I have a night scene to shoot, so you and Nate don’t need to wait for me for dinner at home.”

“… Okay,” Sophia muttered before she went back to sleep. It was when she felt extremely hungry that she went downstairs and took a bite before heading back to the bedroom to continue her slumber. Later, as she laid on the bed, she yawned and pulled out her phone only to find that there were dozens of missed calls and messages from Joe, and he was cursing and scolding her in all of them.

She had tricked him and gained the name of being a daughter of the Edwards family, had a grand reunion banquet and even 5% of Edwards Group’s shares. Joe naturally wanted to skin her alive!

However, Sophia was too lazy to read the messages. Then, she signed in to her messenger and saw that there were many messages in her inbox. The first thing she saw was several message notifications from Joel.


Sophia was very wary of him. In order to prevent unnecessary misunderstanding, she didn’t even look at his messages and directly blocked him. Later, she saw that the people in the gaming group were chatting happily so she scrolled upward and read through the chat history.

Imported Young Man: ‘Sophia hasn’t spoken the whole day. Didn’t she promise that we’ll play together today?’

Stupid Dog: ‘Don’t wait for her. I’m pretty sure that her ass is swollen from all the beating. She’s probably recovering at home.’

Imported Young Man: ‘Who hit her? Why did that person hit her?’

Stupid Dog: ‘How would I know? Maybe she got hurt from falling.’

When Sophia saw that Linus was online, she suddenly recalled the empty Villa No. 2, so she hurriedly sent a message in the gaming group.

‘Linus, didn’t you say that you were looking for a place to stay? There’s an empty house in my residential area. You can come live here. The rent is pretty cheap.’

Not long after she sent the text, Stanley texted, ‘Isn’t your residential area fully occupied? Did somebody move?’

With that, Sophia simply described what happened that morning. ‘Natasha led a group of people here and caused a commotion in the community, so my husband kicked her and her uncle out. Natasha’s uncle used to live in Villa No. 2, which also happens to be my house.’

Stupid Dog: ‘Wow!!’

However, Linus didn’t reply but Sophia didn’t bother. Instead, she checked the rest of her messages and emptied her inbox. Near the end, she saw something that made her world crash down…

Meanwhile, Michael, who was on set, had just finished shooting a scene and was watching the replay when Danny rushed over. Scratching his ears, he said with a helpless expression, “Madam is looking for you. She seems to be angry.”

Michael raised an eyebrow as he took the phone from Danny. Before he had a chance to speak, he heard angry shouts from the other end of the phone. “Michael, where did the three million go?!”

I lost three million in one night! Three million! It would take me a long time to save that amount of money again! Other than Michael, I can’t think of anyone else who would spend my money!

Listening to the hysterical roar, Michael chuckled casually and said, “I lost all of that money from playing poker last night.”

The person on the other side of the phone was so furious, she couldn’t speak. Hearing this, Michael quickly grabbed the opportunity and said, “The rent from Villa No. 2 is all yours.”

After hearing her scream ‘bast*rd’, the call was hung up. At the same time at home, Sophia was so enraged, she was about to throw a fit.

He lost three million in one night. Are the poker cards they played with made out of gold?! It’s obvious that it’s Michael’s revenge because I won’t let him go to my reunion banquet.

She glanced at Villa No. 2 and saw the hustle and bustle. Even though Michael told Natasha’s uncle that he must move out of the house within two days, Natasha’s uncle knew that Michael was furious so they didn’t dare to fight back. They had almost finished moving out in less than half a day. Seeing this, Sophia hurriedly took a few pictures of the place and sent them to Linus.

“Oh, my millionaire friend, please rent my place. It’s the best house you can find in Bayside City. Hurry up and come over. I’ll give you a discount if you pay the annual rent. How does 5 million sound?”

Linus must find a place to live because he wants to get a degree from Bayside University. Other than The Imperial, what other place is a match with his identity? Hurry up and say that you’ll rent my place!

Sophia soon received a reply from Linus. “Send me the address and let’s schedule a time to meet.”

At that moment, all Sophia wanted was to get her money back so she quickly arranged a time and sent him the address. After she finished sending the address, she got up, put some clothes on and put on some anti-swelling medicine on her buttocks. Then, with her hand massaging her butt, she went over Villa No. 2 to watch Natasha’s uncle move out the house.

The whole family packed up and moved really quickly. Within the same day, they had moved everything out so Sophia hurriedly led the family nanny over to clean the house. After school the next night, Sophia enthusiastically brought Linus over to her residential area to check out the house.

“Our community is the best in Bayside City. Look, the ancient Imperial Palace is just next door. The transportation is convenient and there are many business districts nearby. Every inch of land in this area is the best choice for investment and living…”

Sophia brought Linus into the residential area and praised her community greatly. In fact, she didn’t need to praise it at all because this place was indeed the best. Every house in the area was expensive but not available on the market. Natasha’s uncle was friends with Elizabeth a few years ago so Michael had agreed to rent a house to him, but it was his own fault for ruining the opportunity. Now that he had moved out, he wouldn’t be able to move back forever.

Linus didn’t have any major requirements when choosing for a place to stay. However, when he entered The Imperial, he couldn’t help but feel surprised by the luxurious area.

No wonder they say Cethos is like heaven!

Later, they entered Villa No. 2 and walked around. Villa No. 2 was a typical western retro country style building and Michael had hired a famous designer to design the place. It was a three-story duplex with a garage and a garden. Linus fell in love with it at first sight.

“Not bad. I like this place very much.”

I’m used to living in ancient castles in Northern Europe and manor houses in Africa. It will be a great experience to live next to the Imperial palace. Moreover, this place is near the Michel Group office building in Bayside City. It’s the ideal place for me to live.

When Sophia heard that Linus was happy with the place, she hurriedly asked, “Have you decided to rent the place? We can sign the contract anytime and you can move in whenever you like.”

Linus looked up and glanced at the blooming flowers in the courtyard. He thought that the previous owner of the house was a person with character as the flowers were really well taken care of. Looking at Sophia, Linus smiled mysteriously and said, “But I don’t want to rent it.”

Sophia immediately felt upset. I was hoping that I could rent it out and get my money back…

Staring at Sophia’s disappointed expression, Linus said, “I want to buy it.”

Sophia was rendered speechless. Even Stanley and Sean, who were standing at the side, were shocked when they heard Linus casually say that he wanted to buy the place.

He really is the second in command of Michel Group! The market price of a villa here is over a hundred million, yet he just decided to buy it at a whim! He sure is rich and capricious!

Even Sophia didn’t know what to do so she hurriedly called Michael and told him about the situation. When Michael learned that Linus wanted to buy a house in his area, he attached great importance to it.

If Linus buys a house here, his relatives might come and visit occasionally. Fass Michel might even come. That way, I’ll be able to meet him effortlessly.

At that instant, Michael said, “Seeing that he’s a close friend of yours, you can sell it to him at a nine-figure price. If he doesn’t want it, lower the price. The lowest price I can accept is 70 million. If he agrees, sign the contract as soon as possible. I’m only giving him special treatment. If anyone else wants to buy the place, I’ll have to consider.”

After hanging up the phone, Sophia gathered her thoughts and planned to sell the house at a higher price. However, Linus was a good friend so she couldn’t ask for a price that was too high.

She said tentatively, “This house belongs to my husband. You know that this is the best residential area in Bayside City, and if you want to buy this house, the price will be…”

“120 million. If it’s not enough, I can offer a higher price,” Linus replied.

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Linus directly gave his offer without any hesitation. Sophia was in shock but she quickly recovered and agreed. “Well then, we’ll sign the contract after my husband comes home.”

It’s so easy to do business with a wealthy tyrant like Linus…

After they came out of the house, they went straight to Sophia’s house and Linus had already called his men to head over with the money.

“Oh my god, Linus, it’s a lot of money. Shouldn’t you think about it a little longer? Once you sign the contract, it’ll be too late for you to regret.”

Linus smiled and said, “The houses here are expensive but it rarely is up for sale. Now that I have an opportunity to buy one, I have to try my best to buy it. The housing price will rise in the future so no matter how I think about it, it’s a bargain. Besides, I like this house.”

The Imperial was in the most expensive real estate of Bayside City, and every house in this residential area had its own special characteristics. For example, Michael’s house, which was Villa no. 8, had a European style. It was luxurious but low key, and it was a great contrast to Michael’s shining identity as the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor. Villa no. 1 that Michael used for vacation was a set of courtyards, resembling an ancient dynasty palace.

There was also Villa No. 4 where Harry lived. It had a postmodern, unique industrial style that was mysterious and charming.

Villa No. 7, where Daniel lived, was an antique garden villa. Every corner of the house was filled with a rich and strict aura, and every place could constitute a perfect landscape painting. As for Villa No. 2 that Linus was interested in buying, it had a mix of retro American country house style. It emitted a low-key and restrained aura that he liked. As long as he liked it, it didn’t matter if the price was high. Linus was a man of his word and right after he agreed to get it, he immediately went over to Sophia’s house and waited for Michael’s return to sign the contract.

“Linus, since you’re going to be living in the same area with Sophie soon, I’m going to tell you the truth. The person Sophia is married to is my uncle. You know who my uncle is, right? He’s the famous Taylor Murray!” They were about to live in the same community and Linus and Michael had a similar social status, so he would find out about this sooner or later. This was why Stanley didn’t intend to hide this from him and told him directly. After Linus learned about this, he seemed stunned. “I didn’t know that Taylor Murray is your uncle!”

Then, the few of them chatted happily as they walked toward Villa No. 8. Before they got to the house, Michael’s SUV had already driven in from outside.

When the car passed by the group of people walking by the road, the tinted car window was rolled down and revealed two handsome faces with big-framed sunglasses on. One of them had a buzz cut and one of them was blonde.

Seeing this, Sophia quickly rushed over and peeped her head into the car window. Almost half of her body was in the car.

Michael took off his sunglasses and showed his handsome face that aged like fine wine. It’s been less than a day since I last met my darling wife, but it seems that she has become more adorable. Holding Sophia’s small face, he gently gave her a kiss on the lips. Then, he suddenly realized Linus was there so he got out of the car. Surprised, he looked at Linus and asked, “Mr. Linus Michel?”

Linus took two steps forward and with a smile, he replied, “Mr. Murray, I never thought that we would meet again.” They then proceeded to shake hands politely for a while.

Harry got out of the car behind him. Then, he took off his sunglasses and looked at Linus with a complicated expression on his face.

“Mr. Michel, I know that you’re in Bayside City, but because of trivial matters that I have to deal with, I didn’t have the time to meet you. I never thought that there would be such a coincidence where you will be my neighbour. Perhaps it’s fate!”

When Michael heard that Linus was in Bayside City, he had thought of multiple ways to meet him, and he also didn’t expect to meet him under such circumstances.

Linus replied, “I just came not long ago. Mr. Murray, I hope that you’ll be able to look out for me in the future.”

They came up to Villa No. 8 and Michael invited Linus to dinner at home, where they could also discuss the transfer of the house. Still chatting, they walked ahead, and when Harry found out that delicious food was about to be served, he hurriedly followed behind them.

“Mr. Michel, how long are you planning to stay in Bayside City?” Michael asked tentatively.

Linus replied, “This time, I came here to study and I’m responsible for the company’s marketing development in Bayside City, so I’ll be here for a long time.”

As soon as they entered Villa No.8 of The Imperial, they were immediately pounced on by five orange cats, including the Persian cat that Linus gave Sophia. It was still chubby and cute. Seeing that Linus still recognized him, it quickly rushed over.

Michael went to his room to change into a set of clean clothes and when he went downstairs, he saw the group of people chatting happily in the living room. Nathan had appeared from a corner and he was wearing an orange cat cartoon one-piece pajamas. He sat next to Linus and looked up at him curiously.

Linus seemed to really like Nathan too. He kept talking to him and Nathan kept calling him ‘uncle’.

Even Michael had never been treated that way before.

It seems like Nathan likes to make friends.

Michael walked down the stairs in his comfortable house clothes and said to Linus in the living room, “The chefs in the kitchen are preparing a scrumptious dinner. You should have some rest and have dinner with us before you leave.”

While they waited, Michael took the chance to discuss the sale of the house with Linus. He wasn’t prepared to sell the house at first and thought that Linus was only renting the place, so he hadn’t prepared the contract yet.

However, Linus directly paid the deposit generously and with that, an agreement was reached.

On the other hand, Stanley was watching television while stroking the cat. Yet, he kept changing channels, as if he couldn’t find a channel that he liked. Stanley even complained, “Uncle, look at you. Why don’t you act in TV series, reality TV or game shows? The appearance fee is high and you’ll easily attract more fans. I keep switching channels but I don’t even see you! I only get to see you in movie channels.”

Stanley continued switching channels and stopped after a while on a show that had been trending recently. It was a singing competition and today was the finals, which barely managed to attract his attention. A few minutes into the show, Stanley heard the emcee enthusiastically announce, “Please welcome our next contestant, Chester!”

The name successfully attracted everyone’s attention. Soon, a person that looked exactly like Cooper came on stage amidst the cheers of the audience and began to sing. He sang a pop song and although his singing wasn’t amazing, his score was the highest.

Seeing this, Stanley angrily changed channels. “Tsk! Uncle Cooper will never make such a disgusting expression!”

Chester was the internet celebrity that really looked like Cooper. After he became famous, he started joining various variety and reality shows, and he even signed with an agency to start acting in movies. His popularity was extraordinary.

“Stupid dog, switch back to the previous channel. I want to see Chester!” Sophia grabbed Stanley’s arm and shook him vigorously. Soon, the channel with Chester was back on. He used to be a freelance photographer and became an internet celebrity by chance. After several months of vocal training, he started going on variety shows and joined a singing competition. He even won first place!

Popularity and looks really do matter!

Michael kept observing Linus’s reaction and saw that there wasn’t anything unusual. If Fass was Cooper, he should’ve looked surprised. Why isn’t he giving any reaction? There can only be two reasons. Either Fass is not Cooper at all, or he’s really good at hiding his emotions.

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After they finished watching the singing competition and found out that Chester was the champion, Stanley held onto Michael and anxiously asked, “Uncle, why don’t you get on reality shows? You know how to sing and dance. If you get on reality shows, you’ll definitely overshine them. You’ll even get to earn high appearance fees!”

Sophia also looked forward to seeing Michael on a reality or variety show. He made his debut as a leader of a young group more than ten years ago and he was the lead singer and the lead dancer. Unfortunately, many of the videos from that period couldn’t be found.

Michael hadn’t sang or danced in more than ten years. These days, in order to succeed in the entertainment industry, not only did the stars have to have beautiful looks, but they also had to look exquisite.

Stars with exquisite looks can get on big screens while stars with more ordinary looks can only appear in variety shows and have small roles in TV series. However, that shouldn’t stop Michael from getting on variety shows! Sophia was a huge fan of Michael’s and when she quarreled with other fan groups, the other fan groups usual replies were, ‘your idol doesn’t have any endorsements’, ‘your idol has never appeared on variety shows’, ‘your idol is bad at making friends and nobody talks to him on Twitter’.

Whenever she was faced with their insults, she didn’t know how to fight back because Michael indeed didn’t have endorsements and never got on variety shows. He didn’t have friends to talk with on Twitter either…

Unfortunately, Michael only acted in movies and wouldn’t accept any commercial endorsements or get on variety or reality shows. He only made a few public service advertisements. Michael waved his hand and replied, “No way. I’m getting old and can’t stand overworking anymore.”

Not long after, dinner was served and Michael generously picked out some fine wine from his cellar to treat his guest of the day, Linus.

Tonight’s dinner was roast mutton and Stanley was overjoyed. Stuffing food into his mouth, he said, “Wow, uncle! Did you specially prepare a whole roasted lamb because you knew that I was coming today?”

Michael replied, “Don’t flatter yourself. Today is my 800-day marriage anniversary with your aunt.”

Hearing this, Stanley was rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, Sophia silently counted with her fingers and realized that they really had been married for 800 days. She saw a large lamb being kept in the backyard of the kitchen two days ago and didn’t expect that it was part of Michael’s preparation for the celebration.

The roasted mutton was burnt and fragrant, and it was great enjoyment to eat some roasted lamb in the winter. Before Sophia reached for the lamb, a pile of torn mutton appeared in her bowl. Michael had torn off pieces of mutton with gloves on and carefully tore it into small pieces before placing them in Sophia’s bowl as he chatted with Linus.

“Mr. Michel, since you’re good friends with my wife, can I call you Linus instead?” Michael said courteously. He had maintained a formulaic tone as he spoke to Linus all this while.

Hearing this, Linus replied, “Mr. Murray, there is no need to be so formal. Just call me Linus.”

When Linus and Michael ate together, it was obvious that they were maintaining their posture and every move they made were the exact movements of a gentleman. Michael wiped his mouth with a napkin before he said, “Well then, you don’t have to call me Mr. Murray either. Taylor Murray is just my stage name. My surname is Fletcher and my first name is Michael. If you’re willing, you can call me by my first name.”

Linus gave it some thought before he replied, “Okay, Michael.”

After Michael heard this, he grinned in satisfaction.

Linus was Sophia’s twin brother. Sooner or later, this truth would be exposed but Michael hadn’t found the right opportunity to tell Linus yet. He always had the idea to find the appropriate timing to tell Linus his relationship with Sophia. When that happened, Linus would definitely investigate Sophia’s background and he would spread some rumors to guide Linus to find out about Annabel’s relationship with Cooper.

However, it was too risky. After all, he didn’t know about Linus’s background or character, and he had no clue of the Michel family’s attitude toward Linus. He didn’t know Linus’s position in the Michel family either. If he took the risk and told Linus, he might put Sophia and Linus himself in danger, which was why he decided to give up on the thought.

The matter of Sophia’s reunion with her family must be seriously considered.

After hearing Linus and Michael call each other by their first names, Stanley was the first to show his dissatisfaction. “Uncle, how can you do that? Doesn’t that make me the youngest?”

Sean chuckled as he teased him. “Stan, you’ve always been the youngest among them!”

With a cheerful person like Stanley, the atmosphere around the table was lively.

Linus sat on Michael’s left side while Sophia sat on his right. Michael looked to the left for a while before he turned to the right to compare the looks of the two siblings.

What a huge difference! They even look like they are from different races! Sophia is simply a replica of Annabel and she has inherited some of her father’s characteristics such as having fair skin, straight nose, and her eyes are big like a European. However, her hair and eyes are black. As for Linus, he looks entirely like a European. He has blond hair and blue eyes. Although he looks a little mixed, it isn’t really obvious. If I didn’t see the DNA results myself, no one would suspect that they are both twin brother and sister! It’s amazing!

As the atmosphere became more lively, Michael started probing Linus. “Linus, I heard that you were born on the same year, month and day with my wife.”

Linus replied, “That’s right.”

In a surprised tone, Michael said, “What a coincidence. In which time zone were you born? Let me see whether you or my wife is older.”

After thinking about it for a while, Linus replied, “I was born in Eastern Europe and Cethos is only three hours ahead of Europe. We’re in the same time zone with Cethos so we can’t really tell who’s older.”

Michael continued to ask. “My wife was born at 6:15 pm, Cethos time. What about you, Linus?”

6:15 pm?

It was the first time Sophia heard about the exact time she was born. I didn’t even know when I was born. I didn’t expect Michael to find out…

Linus counted for a while and replied, “If I calculate my birth time according to Cethos time, I was born around 6:00 pm.”

Hearing this, Michael cheerfully toasted with Linus before he said, “I must learn more about you when we have the time. This really is fate!”

According to the information that Michael found, Sophia’s brother was indeed born at 6:00pm, 15 minutes earlier than Sophia. He didn’t cry when he was born and the nurse who delivered him had secretly taken him away. 15 minutes later, Sophia was born. Even though they were from the same mother and born on the same day, their lives were completely different.

Michael sneakily asked Linus about information about his family. The Michel family was so mysterious that he couldn’t plant any of his men inside, and neither could he find any inside information about this family either, which was why Linus was his only breakthrough point. Instead of asking Abel to go to Africa and squatting outside Fass’s castle, it was better to start from Linus.

Speaking of his father, Linus pursed his lips and said, “My father has been enjoying his retirement in his hometown in Eastern Europe. If I have the chance, I’ll definitely ask him to come and visit Bayside City.”

After taking a few bites of his meal, Michael directed the topic to Fass again. “By the way, I didn’t get to meet Mr. Fass during my previous visit to Africa. What a shame. I wonder if Mr. Fass has any plans to come to Bayside City. I’ve heard many things about him and if I get to meet him, it would be an honor!”

As soon as he finished speaking, everybody immediately started paying attention and anticipated to hear the answer.

If they could meet Fass in person, all their questions could be answered.

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Feeling regrettable, Linus shook his head and said, “I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. He’s been traveling around the world in recent times—even I don’t know which country he’s in at the moment. It’s up to fate whether or not we’ll see each other again.”

Michael knew what was on Fass’ mind when he started traveling around the world. F*ck! He’s so spontaneous!

“I guess we’ll leave it to fate then,” Harry remarked casually, ending the conversation about Fass.

While they were halfway through enjoying the barbequed lamb, Michael asked the cook to slice the meat for them and make it into a pot of lamb broth. After it was ready, Michael helped scoop a bowl of piping hot lamb broth for Sophia.

Before this, Linus was very much disgusted with hotpot because everyone would dip their chopsticks into the shared pot in order to get food. However, for reasons unbeknownst to him, he had slowly grown used to it after having it a few times. As they were enjoying the hotpot, they chatted and joked around. The atmosphere was pleasant.

While Sophia and Michael intimately helped each other to the food, Harry took out his phone and took pictures of everything on the table before uploading it on Twitter. Meanwhile, Sean and Stanley were talking business while Nathan, sitting next to Linus, turned around and curiously looked at Linus from time to time.

Linus felt surprised because, for the first time, he was able to have such a pleasant and enjoyable time eating with others. In the Michel Family’s mansion in Northern Europe, even though the entire family would come together to eat often, the atmosphere was never this pleasant.

Halfway through their meal, Daniel decided to join them after seeing Harry’s Twitter post and finding out that they were having a good meal. After the meal, Daniel held Linus’ hand as he wanted to read his palm.

“You have a good life blessed with riches. You’ll die peacefully,” Daniel commented firmly before the others made fun of it.

“Aren’t you just stating the obvious? If Linus isn’t wealthy, who else is?” Sophia jumped in acerbically—she was still bitter about the eighty thousand.

Ignoring Sophia’s sarcasm, Daniel continued to say to Linus rather earnestly, “You lack the water element in your birth chart, so I suggest that you give yourself a Cethosian name and include a water element.”

Linus responded, “Master Levine, why don’t you give me a Cethosian name? I believe my tutor also wanted me to come up with one for myself.”

Daniel looked at Linus before turning to Sophia, commenting, “You were born on the same day as Sophia; that should be considered fate. Why don’t you have the same last name ‘Edwards’, and perhaps call yourself ‘Sophus Edwards’?”

Daniel wrote the characters out and seeing that, Linus was pleased. “Thanks a lot, Master Levine.”

Meanwhile, Harry was secretly observing them. This is freaky. They’re really twins, and they have the same smile. They look extremely alike.

At this moment, one of the Persian cats jumped on Linus’ lap and started meowing. As all four of the large orange cats were outside the house, each of the people there carried one of the cats and happily played with them. Eventually, after they exchanged Twitter profiles, Linus went home. A few days later, Linus got the keys to Villa No. 2 and moved in.

In the meantime, Stanley tried to persuade him to throw a housewarming party. Alas, Linus surprised himself by putting together a housewarming banquet, inviting some of the prominent figures in Bayside City.

Since this was the first time Linus was in Bayside City, he reckoned that he would need to hold a banquet for people to know that he was in town. Since Linus was the host, the attendees would definitely be prominent figures, and naturally, Michael also received an invitation.

Besides him, the Fletcher Family, the Edwards Family, the Winston Family, the Mitchell Family, and the West Family also received invitations. Watching those security guards tirelessly moving Linus’ personal belongings into Villa No. 2 made Harry slightly worried. “Hey man, even though that guy is your brother-in-law, he’s nonetheless Linus Michel. Please, be careful!” He reckoned that Linus would not be any less complicated than Cooper.

Even though Linus had the same birth mother as Sophia, they grew up in radically different environments. One could not judge a book by its cover. Who could really know what kind of person Linus was? Having someone influential on his doorstep, Harry was not sure if that was a blessing or a curse.

Surprisingly, Linus did not have many maids with him, but there was still an increase of new faces in the neighborhood. Also, as Linus had also been receiving different visitors at his place, this had greatly increased the traffic in this residential area.

Having only moved into The Imperial recently, Linus decided to throw a private party, and Sophia was also invited. After finding out about it, Michael decided to tag along. It was a small party. There were the seven of them from their gaming group, Daniel, and a few foreigners—Daniel had not made too many friends in Bayside City.

Linus was extremely pleased by this place, and he moved in without remodeling it too much. All he did was hire someone to clean the place for him since the previous tenant, Natasha’s uncle, who was a scholar and an artist, maintained the place really well. This villa was an incredibly luxurious and sophisticated three-story duplex that had a greenhouse and a garage.

They were all having a good time chatting, playing mahjong, and occasionally bantering with each other at the party. While Harry was endeavoring to fit in with the youngsters, Michael and Daniel sat by the fire. At some point, they felt thirsty, but they could only find either alcohol or soda.

Holding up a bottle of wine, Michael frowned as it was not good for his health and his future baby girl. He then held up a can of Coke and shook his head. After all, drinking it would cause male infertility, thus, it was also not good for his future baby girl. Next, he took up a bottle of water, though it was too tasteless for his liking.

All of a sudden, Linus showed up and was dressed rather casually—the white lounge set that he was in completely outlined his tall and lean figure. Michael felt pressured every time he had to stand next to Linus as Linus was a few centimeters taller than him.

Every time this happened, Michael would sigh. Since Linus and Sophia were twins, why would they look so different? Having a twin sister himself, Michael’s height and his old sister’s was very different. He was around 185 centimeters tall while his older sister was around 178 centimeters tall. Be it appearance, temperament, or height, they were quite similar.

However, when it came to Linus and Sophia, Sophia was not even 160 centimeters tall, while Linus was around 190 centimeters tall. They were also of different ethnicity. While he was at this, Michael suddenly pondered something else: since they both had twin siblings, how probable would it be that they could have twins? Michael felt that this was an incredibly serious topic that was worth looking into.

Meanwhile, Linus came up to Michael with a pot of an unknown beverage that was still piping hot. He then put three bowls down on the table and helped serve Daniel and Michael, saying, “I recently hired a nutritionist to prepare a medicinal broth for me.

This is freshly prepared and contains seventeen types of herbs. It smells and looks good, and can help rejuvenate your skin. It’s also good even if you’re trying to have babies… And, it can help delay hair loss.”

Michael proceeded to thank Linus, who then left to attend to other guests. After seeing him walk away, Daniel looked at the pot of medicinal broth and subconsciously touched his hairline that had been receding.

“Old man, your brother-in-law is a naughty man.”

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Linus had high EQ—even though today was just a small party among close friends, knowing that Michael and Sophia were trying to conceive, he put in the effort in preparing some special snacks and drinks for him.

Not only so, but the three bowls that he brought over were all different: two of them were of blue-and-white porcelain, and the other had some pink bubble designs.

As such, Linus reckoned that Michael and Daniel would definitely go for the porcelain ones as the other one seemed feminine; it even had a spoon of a different shape.

Of course, that was the one Linus prepared for Sophia, who was having such a good time and had forgotten about drinking anything. Since Michael was here, Linus thought it would not be culturally appropriate for him to bring her a bowl of herbal soup that would aid with her pregnancy.

As such, Linus used a different spoon to hint at Michael for him to save it for Sophia.

Michael was still deep in thought when he was slowly drinking the soup with a spoon. Not long after he sat down, two big orange cats jumped into his arms.

He looked at the two orange cats, which reminded him of the cats that he had at home. He then realized that those were indeed his as all four of his orange cats were here—two of them were in his arms while the other two were circling Linus as if they were dogs.

At this point, Linus was conversing with a foreigner, and the moment he sat down, one of the cats jumped onto his lap. Following that, Nathan showed up with the Persian cat in his arms; he walked up to Linus before sitting next to him.

While Michael was drinking the herbal soup, he sensed a scorching gaze on him. So, he looked up and saw that Stanley’s husky was attentively staring at him and the bowl in his hands.

Feeling somewhat nervous, Michael quickly waved the husky off. “Go away. Stupid dog. Go away!”

Even though the husky left, not long after that, Michael saw Linus come out of his kitchen with two dog bowls with freshly prepared dog meals in them. The moment the husky saw that, it ran toward Linus.

Simultaneously, Nathan’s Samoyed puppy and Linus’ dog also joined in. It was quite a sight to see those three dogs eating together.

Linus’ dog was a mutt that did not quite match its owner. Word had it that it used to be a stray dog, and according to Sophia, Linus adopted him through some posts on Twitter.

At this moment, Nathan knelt in front of the dogs and watched them eat, occasionally licking his lips. Upon seeing that, Judge waved his tail and scooted over, leaving a spot in front of the dog bowl for Nathan.

Linus patted Judge and knelt to almost the same height as Nathan. While he was patting Judge, he even explained to Nathan about the different breeds of dogs.

The sight of this made Michael feel extremely uneasy. Linus had only appeared in their lives not long ago, but he had already come to know Sophia, Nathan, Michael, and even every single cat and dog that they had. On the flipside, Michael knew nothing about him.

To Michael, Linus was a private person who would never tell anyone about his family and background. No matter how much Michael tried to elicit that information from him, his efforts were never fruitful.

This person was eerily private, and it did not help that Michael liked to think the worst of everything.

The reason Michael sold this place to Linus was so that he could try and make him talk about Fass, but he regretted that decision now as not only was he unable to extract any information on Fass, he was also getting more involved in Linus’ life.

At this moment, Sophia happily came up to Michael and said, “Linus told me he has prepared something for me!”

Right away, she saw the bowl of herbal soup on the coffee table that was still piping hot. She then carried the cat that was in Michael’s arms and began drinking the herbal soup. After finishing it, she even helped herself with a second bowl.

This whole time, Michael was still deep in thought about the question earlier.

After the orange cat left Michael, it yawned before stretching its body while strutting around in the living room as if it lived here. It even habitually went to the cat bowl to get food.

It had only been a couple of days, but since when did Michael’s cat become so familiar with Linus’ place?

So many things that were taking place now made Michael feel uneasy.

All of a sudden, he heard a beautiful piano sound from the living room. It was Linus.

Linus’ piano skills were much better than Natasha’s, and he was playing and singing a song that he composed.

After finishing the herbal soup, Sophia’s tummy felt a lot better. At this point, she pulled Michael’s arm over and placed it around her waist. She then quietly sat there in his embrace while listening to Linus’s performance.

Meanwhile, Michael was still deep in thought when Sophia’s fingers were restlessly tapping his back.

Then, Michael tilted his head to look at her dancing fingers—they were almost on the same beat as the notes that Linus played.

This was perhaps the mysterious telepathy between twins. Ever since Linus showed up, Sophia’s daily routine had changed slightly.

For example, she had been up at 6 AM for the past two days, telling Michael that she was too thirsty to continue sleeping. In the past, she would not be up until at least half-past six. Michael accidentally heard from Stanley that Linus would get up at 6 AM every morning to drink water, without fail.

Another example was that Sophia used to be able to stay up until midnight, but recently, she could not stay up past 11 PM and would get extremely sleepy by then. Based on Michael’s observation lately, the lights at Linus’ place would go off on time at 11 PM every night.

Twins positively affected each other, and the closer they were with each other, the bigger the effect was. In the same way, Sophia had also influenced Linus’ habits recently. For instance, Linus would never eat anything spicy before this, but right now, he had found his love for spicy food. Also, lately, Linus had been sharing news about Taylor Murray in his IG stories.

After he was done playing, everyone there gave him a round of applause. Then, some of them started a new game.

“Uncle Michael, come join us for ‘Truth or Dare’…”

Stanley was waving at Michael in the crowd. Even though Michael was reluctant to go over, Sophia did not give him a choice and dragged him all the way there.

Seeing that Linus was also there, Michael decided to go, thinking that perhaps he might be able to elicit something from Linus through this game.

After everyone came, all ten of them sat around the table, and the game started.

Stanley’s company had recently made many game apps, and one of them was this game called ‘Truth or Dare’. He then proceeded to assign a code name to everyone before taking out his tablet and placing it in the center of the table.

Opening the ‘Truth or Dare’ app, he then put in the number of participants and hit the ‘Start’ button. Right away, the indicator on the screen began to spin. After a few seconds, it stopped and pointed at one of the code names.

“Number 3!” Stanley shouted.

Sarah timidly raised her hand, looking worried. She knew well about the app that her company designed and the crazy questions that were in there.

Seeing the terrified look on her face, Harry was annoyed.

She’s so bold and violent on the Internet, but look at her right now—what a hypocrite!

Every time he saw Sarah he would always mess with her bangs, and this explained her unkempt hair today.

Stanley proceeded to tap on the app, and a question was picked by the system: “Please kneel in front of No. 9, hug their leg, stick your face on their leg, and call them ‘Daddy’.”


Linus burst into laughter right away.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 520

Being No. 9, Harry was overjoyed and he started patting his thigh. “My dear, come and call me ‘daddy’!”

Sarah stood up angrily, knelt rather reluctantly, then hugged his leg and laid her head on his thigh. “Daddy.”

Right after she finished, she stormed back to the seat next to Sophia while her face was flushed.

Meanwhile, Harry began laughing so loudly before everyone else followed suit.

Then, the game carried on. Now, it was No. 5’s turn. “Player No. 5, please give the third player to your left a romantic kiss.”

The moment the system stopped speaking, a good few minutes of romantic music sounded out.

Being No. 5, Sophia turned to her left and counted; the third person was Daniel.

All of a sudden, Daniel felt a fierce look coming from the person next to Sophia: Michael stood up and calmly exchanged seats with Daniel.

Everyone was speechless.

Then, Sophia blushed and leaned up to passionately kiss him on the lips in front of everyone.

Everyone was startled.

It was supposed to be a game, but when did it become a showcase for their love?

In the next round, the player who was picked would have to throw a cat out and shout ‘Run, doggie!’.

Another player who was picked was required to take a picture with someone of the same sex while they looked each other in the eye and then upload the picture on their IG Stories, telling everyone they were coming out.

The next player had to imitate a scene in one of Taylor Murray’s films where one drama actress sang an opera.

“Player No. 4, please tell us the name of your first love,” the app read out the next question.

With hands over his face, as player No. 4, Linus let out a helpless look and said, “Amos Metcalfe.”

It was followed by pin-drop silence.

Last year, Amos Metcalfe was voted as the third sexiest man in the world by one of the most influential magazines.

He was tall, wealthy, and gorgeous. He was only about thirty years old, but the company that was under his management was as influential as Michel Group. Word had it that he was a playboy; he could sleep with two different people per night.

But it was a guy! A guy! Linus’ first love was a guy!

Sophia was slow. After a good second of silence, she finally came back to her senses and screamed, “Linus, you’re gay?”

Still covering his face with his hands, Linus did not respond.

At this moment, Sophia could not help but curse quietly. Fck. A prince charming falling for another prince charming! Fck. My gorgeous husband is in danger now. F*ck. Is my husband going to cheat on me with him? No wonder Linus has been sharing stories about Taylor Murray on his Twitter account!

All of a sudden, everything clicked in Sophia’s head.

Everyone had a good time that night while discovering many secrets about each other. For example, they found out that Linus was gay. Furthermore, Harry and Sean forgot to remove the intimate picture on their IG Stories as well as their coming out announcement. Alas, someone had screenshot the picture and sent it to an entertainment magazine, which announced it on their Twitter account that night. Needless to say, it attracted a lot of attention.

It was already past midnight when Michael carried Nathan and Sophia who were both sound asleep in his arms and went home.

As Nathan was sleeping drowsily in Michael’s arms, the moment he opened his eyes and saw Michael, he immediately put his hands around Michael’s neck and stated softly, “Daddy…”

This word melted Michael, who responded gently, “Nathan, are you cold?”

Then, Nathan fell back asleep again.

Even though it was merely a word, it was enough to warm Michael’s heart.

Meanwhile, Hale and Maria followed behind with the fat orange cats in their arms.

That night, those who lived nearby went home while the others spent the night at Linus’ place.

They had such a good time and had also consumed a good amount of alcohol. That night, a number of them spent the night in Linus’ living room.

At 7 AM, Harry’s phone turned on automatically. Right after that, his phone rang. Still feeling drowsy, he nonetheless answered it.

His agent shouted, sounding devastated, “My goodness! Goodness, gracious! Holy crap! Your ‘Truth or Dare’ session last night has made the headlines on Twitter! Now, every Twitter user in this country is talking about your sexual orientation. Why are you keeping quiet? Say something!”

Feeling slightly hungover, he muddily turned around and said, “F*ck that! I like women!”

The agent responded, “Then post something on your Twitter account to clarify that!”

Hanging up his phone, Harry seemingly saw that there was a woman next to him. As his phone was still in his hand, he proceeded to snap a picture of her before posting it on his Twitter account with the caption: ‘I like women.’

Right after that, he put his phone away, took out its battery, and fell back to sleep. At the same time, he subconsciously put his arms around the woman next to him.

Meanwhile, Twitter’s computer engineers spent the entire night trying to fix the server that was overloaded. Just two hours after they fixed it, another breaking news rolled out, and once again, the app was down.

Around 11 AM, Sophia finally got up. After freshening up, she came downstairs for lunch, realizing that Michael was already gone. She reckoned that he probably went to the set to join the filming crew.

While she was eating, she scrolled through the news on Twitter. The moment she opened the app, Harry’s news about his new lover was all over the place.


After clicking into it, she realized that their game last night was trending.

However, Harry posted a tweet again at 7 AM this morning telling everyone that he liked women.

In that picture, that woman’s back was facing the camera; half of her back was exposed. Her hair was disheveled, but her face was not visible. It was obviously a picture in bed.

This seemed to be an official announcement from Harry that he had a girlfriend.

But, since when did he have a girlfriend?

To Sophia, the back of that lady looked familiar.

Right away, Sophia gave Sarah a call as she knew that she spent the night at Linus’ place because she was too drunk to go home. Just after a few rings, Sarah answered it.

“Sarah, where… are you?”

Sarah tried to catch her breath and responded, “Ah… I’m home.”

Feeling somewhat skeptical, Sophia followed up, “Really? Why do you sound out of breath?”

Sarah responded, “Well, I was walking my old wolf-dog, who ran and pulled me through three streets. I couldn’t even hold him tight. Listen…”

Then, Sophia heard a dog barking from Sarah’s end. It did sound like a strong and vigorous wolf-dog.

After hanging up the phone, Sophia was suspicious and sat there thinking to herself that something did not feel right. So, she decided to go over to Linus’ place to take a look.

After finishing her meal, she took her Samoyed and went to Linus’ place.

Inside Villa No. 2, after hanging up the phone, Sarah was still feeling drowsy.

She then turned over, feeling dazed and incredulous. Harry, the ‘Old Wolf’, got picked on last night to bark like a dog, but he refused to do it. So, in the end, he had to down three shots. Much to her surprise, he was willing to bark today.

When he got up this morning, he had no idea why he and Sarah would be naked and under the same blanket. It also puzzled him as to why the two would make this mistake again. However, sleeping together the second time did not make much of a difference.

“Call me Daddy.” Being the dominant one, he looked her in the eye.

Meanwhile, Sarah began to blush while trying to cover her face. “Not a chance!”

Harry felt that her act of covering her face was incredibly adorable. Feeling aroused, he pinned her down on the bed with both of her hands on two sides of the pillow.

It was already midday, but the two still felt horny. At this moment, Sarah was blushing, and her round face, round eyes, and tiny lips made her look like an underaged girl. It somehow reminded Harry of the lead female character in the Second Element Anime—the one who had bangs.

At this point, Harry could roughly understand how Michael felt when he addressed Sophia as ‘cutie-pie’ while she was in his arms.

Sarah is so f*cking cute!

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