My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 51-60

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 51

In Bayside University, Sophia had lunch with Nathan after finishing her lectures in the morning. He only had two lectures, so he was playing alone for the rest of his spare time. When Sophia found him at the library, he didn’t seem to look happy. He was pouting and his entire face was puffed up.

She poked his puffy face and asked, “What’s wrong, darling? Tell me who bullied you.”

Nathan did not reply to her and turned to walk away. Apart from that, he even skipped lunch. It was quite apparent that something had made him upset.

After Sophia asked Gary, he replied helplessly, “He was defeated in the game and ran away by going offline. Now, he does not even dare to log into the game.”

She thought, Ah, so he was bullied in the game. In the afternoon, Sophia only had two lectures, so she skipped them immediately after the lecturer took her attendance. She went to Audistin and logged into the game after the computer was switched on.

After hearing from other people in her clan, she quickly got wind of what exactly happened. It turned out that Nathan had picked a fight with Beast and suffered a thorough defeat as a result. Then, he escaped by switching off the computer. At that moment, everyone in Beast’s clan sneered at NateHiro and his dad, Sirius233, who happened to be Sophia.

“Insolence!” No wonder Nate is so upset today. He did not speak to anyone and even skipped his meals. It turns out that he thought he had disappointed me and did not dare to look at me.

A furious Sophia immediately issued a final invitation to battle the Beast. ‘At 9 PM Cethos time tonight, everyone in my clan has to gather and kill everyone in the No. 1 Beast of the Server’s clan. We will fight to the death!’

After this piece of news was released, everyone on the game server was excited to watch a good show. Everyone had seen the previous battle where the Beast seemed to have changed into a completely different person.

They had no idea what other supplements he took that increased his fighting abilities to the point where he completely defeated Sirius’s son. It would be a good show tonight. Hence, many people set a reminder to watch the drama.

As Sophia was about to undergo army training soon, all of her electronic devices would be confiscated. At that time, she probably couldn’t play anymore, so her plan to exterminate Beast’s clan could no longer be delayed.

At half past eight that night, Nathan brought his laptop to sit next to her after he finished brushing his teeth. Sophia would give everything she had on that night.

After switching to her mechanical keyboard and her best equipment, she led her wives and her clan to the Beast’s base. The number of people involved had made the scene look grand and magnificent. A group of audience members had followed her from behind.

As Sirius233 was the most popular character on the server, everyone watched her actions closely. Her decision to exterminate Beast’s clan even attracted the pro players of the game, which made it look grander than the New Years.

Since the servers could not support such a huge load of traffic, the gaming company had instructed more employees to work overtime so that they could keep an eye on the game.

Apart from that, there were many game administrators who would maintain the order. Throughout the history of the entire game, Sirius was probably the only one who had ever received such a treatment.

On the other side of the globe, dawn had not even arrived. Since the sun had yet to rise, it was dark outside the window. Sleeping on the bed that was surrounded by scripts, Michael was looking exasperatedly at Harry, who relentlessly hugged his thighs.

“Daddy, please save me! I can’t make it without you! Please save me, Daddy! Will you let your son die this way? Daddy! Daddy!” Harry was not going to relinquish his hold on Michael’s thighs. “I’m going to die soon! Daddy, please have mercy and save me!”

“It’s merely a game. Why do you have to…” Michael was still groggy as he ruffled his messy hair. His handsome features looked like a montage at that point.

Harry was about to burst into tears. “Even though it’s merely a game, I have my reputation!”

Michael rubbed his hair and kicked him away. “Release my leg first.”

Harry did so obediently. While washing his face, Michael said, “You are already in your thirties. Can you be more mature?”

Harry was immensely grateful to him. “Thank you so much, Daddy!”

Michael quickly logged onto the game using his main account and entered the dual account mode. Then, he registered for a side account. Even though this game did not allow the dual account login, he was a god-tier player and enjoyed this privilege.

After he logged into his main account, the page had blocked his login for his side account. When Harry asked him about it, he replied with a cigarette in his mouth, “The smaller account is merely used to receive gifts from the system when I’m online.”

Under the testimony of many players, Sirius blocked the entrance of the Beast’s clan with his army of people. On the Beast’s side, many people also stood up. In total, there were hundreds of them.

Both of them immediately entered the group fight mode that only allowed hundreds of people to fight at once. ‘Swordsman Game’ was the only game company with such powerful servers to manage this.

The leaders of both clans stood on each side, leading the entire team. One of them was strong and powerful while the other was extremely arrogant. Their grudge toward each other had stemmed deeply as they stood at the intersection of fate to begin the battle of their lives.

Meanwhile, the audience members immensely enjoyed the battle.

Sirius233 wrote, ‘Beast, cut the crap and let’s settle this once and for all today! Either one of us will have to die here!’

The No. 1 Beast of the Server was as arrogant as usual. ‘Hahaha! Sirius, you are just a young, naive boy. Let me show you what true skills look like today!’ After that, the Beast showed off his new nickname that he had just given himself.

The players of this game could set their own nickname. After making payments, they could give themselves special nicknames to sound cooler in the game, like ‘DragonForce’ or ‘MightyTiger’. However, his nickname had shocked everyone—Son of Scary Phoenix!

Scary Phoenix! Upon seeing this name, everyone in the audience was excited. According to the legends, Scary Phoenix was the first player of the game and was also rumored to be one of the founders as well.

Hence, he had the only godly character that had been trained all the way from the bottom. When everyone was still fighting in the game, Scary Phoenix had already become a god and flew away.

It had been a few years since he showed up in the game, so not everyone knew about his existence. However, his name left a huge impact on older gamers.

Many people in Sirius’s clan were also asking about Scary Phoenix’s identity and even Nathan typed a question mark into his chat bubble.

Sophia knew about the character, so she was dumbfounded. No way! What is the background of the Beast? How did he find Scary Phoenix? And he claims that he is Scary Phoenix’s son? Don’t tell me that it’s true!

After the initial shock had worn off, someone immediately contradicted. ‘Hmph! If the Beast is really the Son of Scary Phoenix, he wouldn’t be so terribly defeated by Sirius the last time!’

‘He is merely scaring people off with this nickname. Give me a moment. I’ll immediately change my nickname to ‘Scary Phoenix’s daddy’!’

In real life, Nathan looked at the Beast’s nickname before glancing at Sophia, who was focused on the game. Then, he moved his mouse with his tiny hands and made a nickname for himself as well—Son of Sirius. With that, everyone would know that he was Sirius’s son.

Sophia did not seem to notice this tiny change. She was appraising the Beast’s equipment carefully, but she did not observe any changes. Son of Scary Phoenix? How could that be possible?

Scary Phoenix hasn’t even shown up in the game for years. If the Beast is really his son, when I killed his entire family in the last round, why didn’t his father stop this?

Sirius233: ‘I don’t believe that you are the Son of Scary Phoenix. If you are, then I’m his husband!’

Following that, the game screen suddenly began to move eerily like waves of water. Then, a character materialized in front of everyone.

The character wore a golden robe, holding a golden battleship in his hands. His shimmering golden wings were slightly spread out as he appeared in such a high profile manner that had never happened before.

Once he appeared, his shiny radiance shocked everyone. Even Sophia, who was in front of the computer screen, almost felt blinded by the light he radiated. After the glow faded, when she inched closer to the screen, she saw a character that materialized out of thin air between Sirius and the Beast—Scary Phoenix!

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Scary Phoenix? It’s him!

So, Scary Phoenix is a real player—not just a myth that has been spread among us!

He is the first player of ‘Swordsman Game’ with his account being the first one to be upgraded to god-tier player, surpassing everyone in this game!

He is the genuine Lord!

Sophia clicked on his ‘additional information’ column with trembling hands and discovered that for the last 10 years since the creation of his account, he had never lost in any battle. On top of that, all his skills and equipment were invincible!

At that moment, her mind turned blank. Oh God, I hope he doesn’t see the comment I made earlier!

However, she didn’t have to worry as her comment had been replaced by others that came flooding in—the entire comment panel was shocked to see it.

‘Oh God, I’ve seen the actual God!’

‘Lord, do you need to have a son?’

‘Let’s take a picture!’

With someone powerful behind him, Beast was delighted and arrogant as he stood behind Scary Phoenix and whined. ‘Daddy, Sirius233 has bullied me! Take him down!’

Sophia was dumbfounded upon seeing this. Is Beast really the son of Scary Phoenix, the most skilled player in this game?

The comments section suddenly froze as everyone seemed to wait for Scary Phoenix’s response, but only saw his one-word answer. ‘Okay.’

Even though it was only a word, it had carried a lot of weight that shocked the entire server.

Beast is actually the Son of Scary Phoenix!

In that case, Sirius233 will be…

Everyone looked at Sirius233 in horror. He’s doomed. He killed Scary Phoenix’s son and his entire clan. Apart from that, he even had the guts to claim that he was Scary Phoenix’s husband! I think he’s in trouble. From now onward, I’m afraid Sirius233 will disappear.

Sophia was so scared that her fingers started to tremble. Oh, God, I’m in trouble again!

However, the difference was that no one would stand up for her anymore. No matter how influential Michael was, there were places that he did not have control over—like the virtual world in online games.

She was so frightened that she did not dare to speak. At that same moment, she received continuous notifications that everyone in her clan was leaving. Her wives, children, and disciples also sent notifications to dissolve their relationship in the game.

Now that Sirius233 had offended Scary Phoenix, the most powerful character in the game, she would be the enemy of the entire game. Hence, in an instant, her massive group of supporters were all gone—they either left the clan and dissolved their relationship with her or found excuses to go offline.

Her title of being ‘The Most Handsome and Wealthiest’ in the game had immediately disintegrated.

Sophia thought, This is the reality of the world! How materialistic! The virtual world is even more materialistic than the actual world!

Even though she was so furious that she gritted her teeth in anger, she could not do anything about it. She thought about going offline and running away, but when she turned, she saw two people behind her—her loyal new son, NateHiro, and a wife whom she had just acquired, Call Me Taylor.

Anyone associated with her in the game had either left or went offline. Only those two people were online and stayed with her.

Sophia looked at Nate, who was also gazing at her in the silence with a look of support.

The incident had started with Beast, who had first attacked Nate. It was because of it that Sirius decided to join the fight as Nate’s parent in the game. Now that Beast’s dad had made his appearance, if Sirius decided to leave at that juncture, how could Nate continue to play the game?

Call Me Taylor ran to Sirius and tearfully hugged him. ‘Dear, let’s concede defeat and leave. I’m afraid that you are not on par with him. Look at the guy—he looks so terrifying and his equipment is so powerful!’

Sophia was beyond touched when she heard that—only both of them stood by her at that moment. It was only during hard times that she could tell who was loyal to her.

Sirius233 consoled: ‘Taylor, don’t worry about me. I already have everything that I want. Thank you for staying by my side. Even if I lose to Scary Phoenix today, I don’t regret anything because I still have you.’

Call Me Taylor replied, ‘Hubby… *sobs*’

Sirius bade farewell to Call Me Taylor and NateHiro before approaching Scary Phoenix and Beast without even turning back. His departing figure that took large strides resembled a warrior who was about to embark on a suicidal mission. Looking at Sirius’s figure, Nate felt that Sophia looked incredibly manly—if he was the one who faced such a situation, he would have already switched off his laptop and ran off.

Sirius233 replied: ‘Scary Phoenix, I’m the one who defeated your son. If you wish to attack now, please do as you see fit. If you’re my opponent, I’ll be satisfied even if I lose. However, I have no regrets in attacking your son!”

Beast chimed in: ‘Oh, this guy is pretty arrogant, isn’t he? Daddy, punch him!’

NateHiro said: ‘All the best, daddy!’

Call Me Taylor wrote: ‘Hubby, you are amazing!’

A lot of people in the crowd replied: ‘Oh, my, Sirius is pretty tough! He dares to speak to Scary Phoenix in this way. He is a true man!’

After a series of comments, everything came to a crashing halt as the crowd looked at Scary Phoenix, who was at the center of attention. They were curious as to how he would resolve this incident.

If he had really attacked Sirius, his prestigious status would fall a few levels because their equipment and attributes were not at the same level as each other. He was a Lord, who ignored the game’s established rules and was not subjected to any restrictions in the system.

In front of him, no matter how strong Sirius was, he was merely a normal person. It was simply impossible for an ordinary person to challenge a Lord in the game.

Shocking Phoenix slowly expressed his thoughts in front of everyone. ‘You guys have to settle your grudges among yourselves. I’m here just to watch the fight.’

“What?” In the hotel room, Harry glared at Michael incredulously with wide eyes. “I even called you ‘daddy’ yet you’re telling me that you are here just to watch the fight?”

Michael attentively looked at the computer screen with his main account being left aside. Instead, he was using his side account to run around in the game. “You’re asking me to fight with a newbie? If you don’t want your reputation, that’s fine, but I still want mine!”

What he additionally mentioned made Harry dumbfounded. “With me around, he does not dare to play any tricks. Both of you can have a fair fight.”

Harry almost threw his laptop away. “You—”

In the game, after Scary Phoenix said his piece, this immediately made everyone excited. Being a Lord is different after all! He is completely on a different level than ordinary people! This is the most correct way to settle this—letting them have a fair fight!

Outside the virtual world, Sophia was also impressed by the Lord’s realm. With a sudden reverence for him rising in her heart, she typed. ‘Thank you, Lord.’

Scary Phoenix slowly retreated without moving. He merely walked around sometimes or typed ‘1’ in the comments section to inform others that he was still paying attention to the battle.

Beast was shocked as he did not expect that his father would retreat easily. On the other hand, Sirius233 had already charged toward him with a huge knife in her hand.

What can I do? I can only continue fighting!

However, Harry knew that he was no match for Sirius because the latter was too skilled. I’m afraid no one on this server can match his skills.

As Sirius launched his attack with a big knife, Harry disconnected from the Internet and cowardly switched off his laptop.

Hence, in the game, the No. 1 Beast of the Server suddenly went offline and disappeared.

‘Haha, Scary Phoenix, your son ran off when the fight was about to begin. You are going to be the laughing stock of the entire server! Haha! Haha!’

In the end, Harry made that decision—one that would barely defeat his opponent and harm his own reputation—and made Michael, who decided not to help him, disgusted. Harry then returned to his room with his laptop to continue sleeping.

Sure enough, everyone booed and criticized him in the game.

‘So, this is Scary Phoenix’s son? Haha, it’s too hilarious! What good did Scary Phoenix see in him? Why did he adopt this person as his son?’

‘Beast’s skills in running away at the most crucial moment is unrivaled by anyone!’

‘I cannot believe that he dares to escape from such a huge event. Hats off to him!’

‘God, Scary Phoenix must be furious. It’s been so long since he last came online yet he has been fooled by his idotic son. This is terrifying! I think I better make a move now. If the Lord suddenly loses his temper, none of us here can escape!’

However, Scary Phoenix stayed still without even walking. Perhaps he was angered by his stupid son’s actions. After all, he was a respected and renowned Lord in the game, but his son fled an important fight! My reputation is gone now!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 53

He was the most skilled player throughout the entire server and was the first account to achieve the level of a Godly character. How could he have such a stubborn son?

Sophia immediately brought her wife and son to sneak away. If Scary Phoenix returned to his senses and flew into a rage before killing all of the bystanders, it would be interesting to watch.

What she did not expect was to see the public comment that he tagged her in when she was about to leave the game. ‘Sirius233, I heard that you want to be my husband?’ Oh, no!

Sophia and all the bystanders were petrified upon hearing that.

She thought, No way! There are so many people here yet he dares to crack a dirty joke in public. Be his husband, or father, or grandfather? Why did he see my comment?

Those present in the game fell eerily silent while the bystanders who were eagerly leaving the server returned. Oh my, are we witnessing something incredible here?

A system message had popped up under everyone’s attention: Sirius233 had gone offline.


There were irritated murmurs in the comments section, but everything seemed to be within their expectations—Sirius233 had damaged Scary Phoenix’s reputation by scaring his son off. Of course Scary Phoenix would hold a grudge against Sirius233.

Sirius233 is in trouble now. She probably will not dare to appear online anymore. After all, she has offended the first Godly character in this game!

After Sophia logged out of the game, she stomped her foot in annoyance. Damn it, I can’t play this game anymore. I am targeted by the most powerful player in the server who has a god-tier account. Indeed, one will have to pay for their sins once they have dirtied their hands.

As she had invested millions in this game, she felt incredibly resentful if she left just like that or trained another account from scratch.

Nathan was still in the game, so Sophia quickly walked over to switch off his laptop. “Darling, why are you still in the game? Quickly log out now!”

However, as soon as she looked closer at the screen, she was immediately shocked as his game interface was frozen, as if someone had controlled his laptop remotely. Nate could not do anything, including logging out of the game.

Scary Phoenix suddenly proposed to Sirius233 to marry him as his wife in the game.

There was no mistake about this—he wanted Sirius233 to be his wife.

For the first time in the history of the ‘Swordsman Game’, a gay marriage had taken place.

Scary Phoenix wanted to marry Sirius233—known as the most handsome, richest, and tallest man who fooled around with many women—as his wife.

A group of fujoshis rushed out. ‘This is so romantic! A god-tier level character as the dominant lover and a playboy as the receiving partner? Oh my God!’

‘I can’t help it anymore. My imagination is running wild. Argh! The scene is too beautiful for me to imagine!’

‘Oh my God! Quickly agree to his proposal!’

‘Sirius, you better appear now. If you don’t, I’m willing to take your place. Please marry me, Lord!’

Sophia’s jaw dropped as she looked at Scary Phoenix holding Nathan’s character hostage. She immediately turned off the Internet and logged out of the game before logging in again. However, she was notified by the system that the account in question could no longer be logged in.

How did this happen?

Is the ‘Swordsman Game’ going haywire?

Is the system hacked?

Scary Phoenix has kidnapped my son!

She quickly logged into her side account and rushed to the place where Scary Phoenix stood. Then, she saw that Nathan was still in Scary Phoenix’s arms when he announced. ‘Sirius233, your son, NateHiro, is in my hands. The day you marry me will be the day I shall return him to you.’

Sophia was shocked beyond belief when she saw that. What is this? Threatening me using my son? How can Scary Phoenix think that he can control me this way?

Although others might have thought that NateHiro was merely her virtual son and not her biological son, he actually was her son in reality! Out of all the sons that I have in the game, why did he kidnap the most special one?

Nathan, who was suddenly implicated without doing anything, tearfully looked at Sophia with his face puffed up again. Upon seeing this, she quickly consoled him. “Don’t cry, darling. I’ll definitely get your account back!”

Using her side account, she began to change the direction of the topic. ‘Tsk! Scary Phoenix, are you crazy? NateHiro is obviously his side account. It’s merely Sirius233’s fake son, not his biological son. How is it possible that Sirius233 would marry Scary Phoenix for the sake of a fake son?’

The rest also agreed. After all, Sirius233 was a famous character in the game and probably a rich, handsome man in real life. If he was being humiliated by marrying another man, he would probably be disgusted that he might puke on the food that he ate yesterday night. On top of it, would he really marry a player of the same gender for the sake of a fake son in the game?

Hence, the crowd offered other solutions. ‘Lord Scary Phoenix, just throw in the towel. This account is merely a side account that Sirius233 has acknowledged for only a few days. He will not agree to your proposal because of this son!’

‘Lord, why don’t you marry me instead? I’m Sirius’s third wife. Back then, when Sirius wanted to marry me, he kneeled in front of the Temple of Love for half a month. If you marry me, it would be more humiliating to him!’

‘Or you can marry me as well! I’m Sirius’s 8th wife. Back then, everyone knew how he courted me too!’

‘Me! Me! Me! I am also Sirius’s son. Why don’t you kidnap me instead? Please!’

However, Scary Phoenix was not influenced by any of them and sent another message. ‘Sirius, my patience is limited.’

With that, he went offline with Nathan.

Sophia immediately tried to log into Nathan’s account, but to no avail. The account had been completely locked and its password seemed to have changed as well.

As she caressed his hair, she said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure we’ll be able to log in tomorrow. It’ll be alright.”

However, that was not the case. On the second day, when Sophia opened her eyes, she woke up and immediately switched on her laptop to try logging into his account again. However, the system still showed an error message—his account had been frozen without any reason.

When she asked Hale to call the gaming company to ask about it, he replied, “They said that this is the latest kidnapping functionality that they have introduced in the game, so Nate’s account has been legitimately frozen. They can’t activate it for you without any reason given.”

“What? There’s such a function?” Sophia was dumbfounded upon hearing that and prepared to resolve the matter with money. “Call them again and inform them that I’ll top up 100,000 coins in the game. Then, ask them to activate the account for me.”

Hale shrugged and shook his head. “This is the rules of the game. ‘Swordsman Game’ is a game that strongly follows their principles. According to the rules, your son has been kidnapped due to your incompetence. You can only take him back in the game.”


Upon hearing that, Nathan, who was next to them, dropped his little frog to the ground and almost burst into tears as a result.

Sophia’s heart hardened. “Can you investigate the true identity of Scary Phoenix in the game? I’ll deal with him in real life and see if he dares to hold my son hostage any longer.”

Hale continued to shake his head. “As I said earlier, ‘Swordsman Game’ strongly sticks to their principles. They will never reveal the players’ information.”

It made sense, seeing that she had offended numerous people in the game, who would like to kill her in the game and in reality. However, ‘Swordsman Game’ refused to leak her personal information to anyone. Otherwise, she would have received many death threats by now!

Even so, this probably would not have affected her as she had used Hale’s details when she registered her account.

Not having other ways to resolve the matter at hand, she questioned herself, Do I really have to marry Scary Phoenix? I am a man in the game! A man! The Most Handsome and Wealthiest in the game! If I really marry Scary Phoenix, how will I continue playing?

However, as soon as Sophia lowered her head, she saw Nathan, who was profusely crying. Then, her heart softened immediately.

She made up her mind and immediately logged into her main account, but she remained invisible online. Without another word, she immediately transferred 100,000 coins in the game to Scary Phoenix. ‘Lord, please take this small amount of money to buy some drinks. Hope it’ll appease you. Can you please release my son first? I’m sure we can talk everything out.’

However, not only did Scary Phoenix reject it, but he transferred a million coins to her in return. ‘Marry me or be banned from this game forever. You only have these two choices now.’

F*ck! “So what if you’re rich!”

Sophia logged out of the game with anger. However, when she lowered her head, she saw Nathan’s sad face and immediately felt conflicted as she could not resist his cute face!

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But what could she do now? Nathan’s account was frozen directly, plus her opponent’s skills were really too overwhelming!

The player enjoyed a godlike status; he was the one and only true god in the game’s community! Furthermore, he was able to hold her son’s account hostage at his whim with blatant disregard for all rules! Besides, she suddenly remembered something that sent chills down her spine as she reflected upon it.

Rumor had it that the player seemed to be one of the Swordsman Game’s developers and thus an employee of the development studio behind the game. In other words, he might have found out her real-life identity.

On second thought, however, she thought she had no reason to be afraid; the particulars she filled in during account registration were Hale’s. If the player really wanted to make trouble, he would pick on Hale instead.

Nevertheless, Nathan’s account was still in the player’s hands. Now that everyone in the game knew that Scary Phoenix was forcing Sirius into marrying him by taking hostage of the latter’s son, she was left with two choices—she must either marry Scary Phoenix and be a bottom for him, or boost a new account for Nate.

Scary Phoenix would no longer be able to catch Nate once the latter played under a different username. This was at least better than her marrying Scary Phoenix and becoming a bottom for him.

Having made up her mind, Sophia bought Nate lots of toys and presented all of them to him. She explained, “I’ll be going for military training provided by the university, Son. Cell phones and laptops will be confiscated in the military training camp, so I can no longer eat, sleep, and play online games with you.”

Nathan puffed his cheeks out with a mixed expression of sadness and displeasure.

Then, Sophia added, “You see, I offended Scary Phoenix for your sake. Besides, I don’t have time to retrieve your account since I’ll have military training soon. Why don’t you study hard and stop playing games for the time being?”

Seeing that Nathan’s face fell at her words, Sophia suggested, “How about this? You can play using a new account. If you don’t like using a new account, you can play using my account. The gears in my inventory are all yours.”

Nathan turned away and left in exasperation, leaving Sophia alone. Sophia sighed as she watched the boy storming off. She thought to herself, What else can I do?

I’m in despair as well! But Nate is just a kid, so he’ll surely calm down in a while; he’ll cool off after I soothe him tonight. I’ll be going for military training tomorrow, so Nate won’t, in any case, be angry with me at this time.

Taking comfort from the thought, Sophia packed up her stuff as she readied herself to go for military training with her university on the next day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Earth, Harry, who had done filming his part at the set of a film in North America, quickly made use of the short break to log in to the game. His online character, the ‘No. 1 Beast of the Server’, was getting whatever he wanted in the game right now.

Everything was different ever since Scary Phoenix took him as his son, for countless skilled players came to him every day to acknowledge him as their father or big brother.

Sirius233’s gang, which had thrived for a time, disbanded altogether. Sirius’s son had fallen into Scary Phoenix’s hands, whereas Sirius himself had been offline until now. He had finally gotten rid of this sworn enemy! Beast had never felt as pleased as he was right now.

He logged in to the game expressly to check on the latest progress. Sirius233 was still offline, and everyone in his sect had left except for a son and a wife. Not only had he lost all his apprentices, but his only son was also still in Scary Phoenix’s hands. Beast arrogantly took all Sirius’s wives, children, and followers over as his, so they had now become his people.

At this moment in the game, Beast was cuddling Sirius’s ex-wives and ex-children while enjoying the admiration of Sirius’s ex-apprentices. Just then, one of his concubines said in an affectedly sweet voice, “If Sirius really becomes Scary Phoenix’s wife, won’t he become your…”

Beast was suddenly aware of this problem as well. Scary Phoenix was his father, so if Scary Phoenix married Sirius, wouldn’t Sirius become his… second Dad? However, he had thought it through immediately afterward, so he said, “My dad did that just to humiliate him! Who does he think he is? How could he really be my dad’s spouse?”

Scary Phoenix was a Prince Charming revered by every player in the game, so much so that many people came to this server specifically to sneak a glance at him! Countless players wanted to pair up with him, yet he had always remained single. Therefore, how could he possibly fancy Sirius, who was a male and a douchebag?

Harry believed he knew Michael’s sexual orientation quite well. Michael had a thing for sassy young girls; if he was really gay, he would have turned Harry gay a long time ago, and Sophia wouldn’t even have a place in his love life.

As his younger sister came into his mind, Harry sighed subconsciously and stared off into space for a while. Suddenly, he saw one of his followers in the game rushing in frantically, saying, “Chief, Sirius has slaughtered his way to our hill!”

“What?!” Beast was shocked, and everyone at the scene also looked at each other in surprise.

The follower reported, “Sirius has killed many members of our gang!”

“This is outrageous! I shall go out and meet him!” said Beast.

Beast then dashed out of the hall at the head of everyone else, including his followers, wives, and children. Once they were outside, they indeed saw the battle cries at the foot of the hill and a red-robed war god who killed his way toward them with a sword.

Wearing an epic limited-edition Dragon-Riding Armor, the war god was wielding his great sword that cost two million, which was of Fire attribute and came with a 200% increase in critical hit rate.

Furthermore, he even summoned the strongest shikigami in the game, surrounding himself with seven or eight spirits that killed everyone in sight until the foot of the hill was covered with blood. Not only were the people killed, but so were the saddle horses, cats, dogs, and even the mascots Harry kept at the entrance!

Sirius233 had gone insane! If a player was killed in the game, they would come back to life as a new character with their level squished down to level one. Also, all their possessions would be taken away by the player who killed them.

Sirius was coming at them in full fury. Not only did he equip himself with top-level gear, but he also carried a lot of mass-killing weapons with him, slaughtering a good number of people with each attack. These weapons were all forbidden in Swordsman Game, for their effects were simply too overwhelming.

If a player overused these weapons, there was a certain probability that they would receive divine retribution, go back to square one, and start all over again! But now, Sirius had these forbidden weapons all over himself!

The onlooking crowd was astonished. “Oh my God, isn’t that the Artillery of Italy that came out only recently at the last event? There’s only a handful of it across all servers, and it kills everyone in the field every time it shows up!”

“Isn’t that the Pear Blossom Storm Needles? That’s a forbidden item that can kill a lot of people with proper usage!”

“I saw the Forbidden Puppet! Sirius even has puppets, and he has so many of them!”

“These are all rare disposable weapons. Is Sirius burning his bridges by showing everything he has?”

Regardless of what they said, Sirius didn’t utter a word. Wielding his sword, he led his puppets and shikigamis up the hill and—just as everyone was discussing—killed many of Beast’s followers, strewing the hilltop with corpses until the place was flowing with blood.

System notifications popped up every few seconds to inform that one or more players were knocked out, and the screen was blood-red all over. Sirius had really gone berserk!

Such was the scene Beast witnessed as soon as he came out. Seeing his followers lying dead all over the place, he flew into a rage as he roared, “Sirius, are you crazy?!”

Instead of answering him, Sirius burst through the crowd like a maniac and thrusted his sword at Beast!

His imposing manner frightened Beast so much that the latter took a few steps back. However, Sirius didn’t give Beast any chance to escape. With the momentum of a raging thunderstorm, he came charging at Beast at breakneck speed, appearing in front of the latter in a flash!

Beast was now certain that Sirius had really gone crazy. He also looked even more terrifying than when he stormed up the hill to kill off Beast’s entire sect last time!

Terrified, Beast went into hiding and had his followers, wives, and children help him ward off Sirius for a while. Meanwhile, Harry dashed into the filming set while carrying his laptop, shouting, “Help me, Daddy! Sirius has come to kill off my entire sect!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 55

Unfortunately, Michael happened to be filming a very important action scene, which required him to do some wire stunts. He was still visibly in good shape despite being covered with dust and dirt.

However, the few other actors who acted alongside him kept making mistakes, leading to them having filmed over ten takes of the same scene. As a result, the filming didn’t go smoothly, making him a little impatient.

Therefore, Harry could only leave in silence while carrying his laptop. If he went up to Michael right now, the latter would probably knock him out on the spot.

He returned his attention to the game, only to discover that Sirius had almost annihilated his entire sect; even over a hundred players were unable to stop Sirius.

He threw out all the gears in his inventory to arm his men. Furthermore, a continuous stream of players logged on and came to his rescue after learning about what happened. Even so, the system notifications still kept popping up, saying that more and more players were killed.

Sirius’s Health Points never seemed to drop; despite having slaughtered hundreds of players, he had hardly lost any Health Points, looking like a killing machine that would never wear itself down. He carried loads of precious pills with him and ate them like they were just candies, though it was excruciatingly hard for other players to get even one of these.

These pills’ effects were immediately apparent after he swallowed them down in handfuls. His Vitality kept increasing, his Combat Effectiveness kept going up, and his attributes went off the charts.

He also consumed lots of supplies in the game; even though he could slay over ten players with each major blow, he also lost half of his Strength in the process. However, he quickly took pills after that to make up for the loss.

He was literally burning up money by taking pills like that. These pills cost at least a few hundred each, yet he ate them by the handful!

Beast was frightened to death at the sight of the scene. This is the power of the rich! he thought to himself.

At the end of the battle, everyone else in Beast’s sect had either died or fled with their tails between their legs, leaving him the only person left in the sect.

Without wasting his breath, Sirius carried his great sword on his shoulder and charged toward Beast straight away. Then, with a single slash, he slashed Beast’s Health Points by one-tenth as the latter was fleeing, causing the latter’s Health Points to go down rapidly.

Beast threatened as he fled, “F*ck! I’m going to call my Dad over if you hit me again!”

However, Sirius simply responded to him by attacking him with one move after another, sending him flying until he couldn’t fight back at all.

Beast was beaten up so ferociously that he didn’t even have time to type. He desperately pressed the keyboard buttons to try to fight back, but he couldn’t stand a chance against Sirius since the latter’s skills were simply too brutal.

Moreover, he found that his skills and attributes were suppressed in Sirius’s presence. He didn’t know whether he had the wrong impression or was terrified by the beating he was taking, but he couldn’t help feeling that something was weird.

Plug-in! Sirius233 is cheating using a plug-in! No wonder he’s unusually fearsome today!

Unfortunately, Sirius didn’t give Beast time to talk. With a single swing of his sword, he slashed Beast on the spot to the point that the latter had only a wee bit of Health Points left.

Beast said in exasperation, “How could you cheat in the game using a plug-in?”

Sirius didn’t answer him though. As his stony-faced avatar’s hair danced in the wind, his face was concealed by some strands of hair, revealing only a pair of eyes that flashed a menacing scarlet color. Then, he put his sword back in its sheath and made a more savage move.

With that, another system notification popped up on Harry’s screen that read, ‘Sirius233 has unilaterally launched the Forced Dual Cultivation Mode against No. 1 Beast of the Server!’

Beep! ‘The Forced Dual Cultivation Mode is starting up!’

Beep! ‘All your gear and Experience Points have been taken away by your opponent!’

Beep! ‘You have died from exhaustion! Please go back to the Novice Village and start all over again!’

Harry was stupefied off-screen along with the other spectating players in the game…

Another two hours had passed when Michael finally finished filming his part for this day. When he came over in his costume, he saw Harry looking at the screen with an ashen face.

“I heard that you were looking for me?” asked Michael as he sat down. As the makeup artist seized the wee bit of time to fix his makeup, he looked at Harry’s laptop screen, which was still displaying the game’s interface. However, Harry’s online character had reincarnated from a widely-admired bigwig to a nameless character in the Novice Village.

He had lost all his Experience Points, gears, and weapons. Not only did Sirius wipe out his whole sect, but he also slaughtered him so thoroughly that he was forced to reincarnate as a Level 1 player. More infuriatingly, Sirius even raped and killed him in public!

He died a deeply humiliating death, for his cause of death was too indescribable!

Michael was unmoved deep down inside when he learned about what had happened; on the contrary, he even wanted to laugh. He said, “It’s good that your character has died. Go and concentrate on your acting.”

It would soon be Harry’s turn to film his part, so he went to film his scenes in deep dejection. Seizing the short break, Michael quickly turned on his cell phone and watched the surveillance video to check on Sophia.

To his surprise, he found that Sophia had not logged on to the game; she had been packing her bags and sorting the learning materials required in the military training just now.

With a flicker in his eyes, Michael switched to another surveillance video, which showed a little kid standing in front of the computer desk.

After logging into Sirius233’s account with ease, he equipped Sirius’s character with all the best gear and weapons in the inventory, including a batch of disposable gears that Sirius begrudged using. After that, he installed a plug-in and barged into Beast’s sect in the game.

The plug-in was very powerful. Not only was it undetectable by the game’s operating system, it also automatically captured and emulated the way Sirius233’s character was navigated in the past, so that the character barged in and began slaughtering in large numbers without Nathan having to navigate it himself.

Nathan spent most of the time navigating the plug-in to dodge the Swordsman Game’s plug-in detection system so that it wouldn’t discover the plug-in and suspend Sirius233’s account. Furthermore, he even made time to hack into Michael’s surveillance equipment…

Michael was rendered speechless by what Nathan had done.

On the other hand, Sophia hadn’t had the faintest idea of the bloodshed that was happening in the game at that moment; she fell asleep after having finished packing her bags.

Nathan didn’t come home from school until it was late at night. Even after he came home, he still refused to speak to Sophia, and his cheeks still puffed up in anger.

Sophia caressed his face before they went to sleep, saying, “Alright, be good and stop being angry. I’ll play with you again after I come back from my military training.”

He’ll probably put this episode out of his mind after a month, she thought to herself. Of course, that was just wishful thinking on her part.

The next day, all the freshmen at the university set out for the military training camp to start their military training.

Looking especially smart and energetic dressed in her military outfit, belt, and army cap, Sophia got ready to leave home early in the morning. To her surprise, Nathan caught up with her soon after she got dressed.

Also carrying an olive-drab knapsack on his back, he dressed in a tailor-made army uniform, with half of his small plastic frog’s head poking out of his pocket.

Amazed, Sophia said, “So you have an army uniform too, Nate? It’s alright to have fun wearing an army uniform, but you should hurry and change your clothes to go to school.”

Nathan haughtily turned his face away and replied, “Shut up.”

Gary said, “Nate is also a freshman at the university, so theoretically speaking, he has to go for military training too.”

“Nate is going for military training as well?” Sophia was shocked. “That can’t be! How could Nate have military training at such a young age?”

Gary replied with a smile, “He’s merely going to be a looker-on. All he has to do is find a place to sit down and eat watermelon while you guys undergo your training.”

Sophia was rendered speechless by his answer.

Gary then continued, “Don’t worry, Madam; I have found somebody to protect Little Master.”

Sophia was upset, for she still had to look after Nathan while having her military training.

Sophia and Nathan got down at the block near the campus entrance as before and entered the campus on foot. On this day, the campus was packed with people in military uniform, including students and the army officers who came to pick them up. There were even tens of olive-drab buses parked in serried ranks in every corner of the campus, creating a magnificent sight.

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Sophia could tell at first glance that Bayside University was dead serious.

The stony-faced drill instructors marched in step as they lined up in teams. One could tell at first glance that they were no ordinary soldiers, for they were identically tough and muscular in build, and their identically expressionless faces carried a seemingly replicated air of intimidation and sternness.

Contrary to the military training in high schools, which usually had ordinary two-year conscripts or military school students as their drill instructors, Bayside University’s drill instructors were all special forces.

Bayside University’s military training was notorious for its uncompromising strictness, for many students of the university failed their military training every year. If a freshman failed the military training, he or she would lose a lot of credit and end up having to redouble efforts over the next four years to make up for it.

Intimidated by the oppressive atmosphere in the military training, the freshmen trembled with fear, whereas the sophomores threw them gloating looks as they passed by.

Even though a year had passed since their military training, the sophomores still had a terrified look in their eyes when they saw the campus being covered in olive-drab, for the scene conjured up their fear of being dominated by the color.

All freshmen of the university must go for military training except for students of Junior Class. However, Nathan volunteered to attend the military training.

Since the campus was in complete chaos, Sophia kept the little Nathan by her side lest he wandered off. Gary had told Michael’s men in the military training camp beforehand about Nathan, so they would pay him special attention.

The military power of Bayside City was in the hands of the Fletcher Family, which was also the family who was in direct charge of this military training. Sophia had long been suspecting that Michael was related to the Fletcher Family, so she believed she didn’t have to worry much about Nathan, who would be on his home turf by joining the military training camp.

As Sophia led Nathan in search of their troop, they saw Richard and the few others. Xyla, who was wearing an army uniform that failed to conceal the diamond watch on her wrist and the partly visible diamond necklace on her chest, seemed extremely reluctant to part with Richard as she threw herself into his arms while sobbing. Kayla stood aside with her hands full of bags as if she wanted to go camping in the woods.

Contrary to Sophia’s expectations, Kayla was also dressed in army uniform.

The university would send some lecturers and sophomore students to chaperone the freshmen at every military training. These lecturers and sophomore students were responsible for dealing with the unforeseen circumstances involving students of their own faculties, such as buying drinks after the end of training sessions and sending collapsed girls to the infirmary.

Richard saw Sophia at a glance as the latter walked past them with Nathan. He called in a friendly voice, “Sophia!”

Sophia paused in her tracks and asked in reply, “Is there something, Richard?”

Richard’s eyes brightened at the sight of Sophia in army uniform. “The military training is harsh. Did you bring enough things with you? I have a lot of medications for heatstroke here…”

“Thank you, but I have no need for that,” replied Sophia before leaving with Nathan.

Richard had a wistful look in his eyes as he stared at her back.

After Sophia and Nathan had walked away, Nathan, who had been silent, suddenly said, “He’s disgusting…”

Sophia nodded. “Yeah, he’s quite disgusting.”

All the freshmen assembled in the several playing fields of the campus. After they lined up according to their classes, they were divided into groups.

The number of students in most of Bayside University’s classes was limited to forty. Each class was a company, and over ten companies constituted a battalion, whereas several battalions formed a regiment.

The students undergoing military training were divided into several regiments headed by their respective company commanders, battalion commanders, and regimental commanders, whereas the regimental commanders were subordinate to the commanding general.

It was said that the commanding general held the military rank of Senior Colonel, and he was a Fletcher, as in the Fletchers of Bayside City’s Four Great Families.

Sophia learned these from Hale in advance so that she wouldn’t cause trouble during her military training.

Sophia took Nathan with her as she stood in line with her classmates. The entire field was occupied by her faculty, which had a few hundred students of several different majors. When the time came for the speeches, the faculty’s leaders lectured the students to mobilize them and explain some must-knows about the military training.

After the speeches ended, the leaders began assigning the drill instructors to the groups.

Everyone watched in both fear and awe as a full team of drill instructors entered the field. Countless students craned their necks to peek at them with their eyes full of fear and wonder.

Those selected as the students’ drill instructors at Bayside University’s military training were all military elites. Not only were they taller than the average person, but they were also burly, and all of them appeared smart and attractive. As expected, most of the good-looking and masculine men had devoted themselves to the country.

Sophia’s class was designated as Company 49 of the Second Battalion of the Third Regiment, and the drill instructor assigned to them had the surname Ford. Having a standard height of 180 centimeters, he had chiseled features and a flinty, grave expression.

He wasn’t old, but the look in his eyes was as fierce as wolves and tigers. One could tell at first glance that he wasn’t an ordinary two-year conscript, for he had an unusually loud voice and tremendous inner strength.

Students in Sophia’s class were mostly ladies; out of 41 people in the class, only four were male, including Nathan. Company Commander Ford looked unusually tall and robust as he stood in front of a group of ladies, and he held the military rank of Second Lieutenant.

Sophia had done her homework before she came, so she knew that the military training had stringent scoring criteria. Since she always sought after good scores, she would, of course, strive for good scores without ever letting her guard down. Therefore, she stood at attention in the standard military posture from the very beginning.

Commander Ford’s eyes were filled with nothing but disdain as his frosty gaze swept over the company of 41 people.

Some of these students didn’t wear their uniforms properly; some wore their belts loose, and some didn’t straighten up while standing. Furthermore, a few students even had makeup and wore high-heeled sandals without having their army caps on.

Finally, he saw a lady who stood decently and was dressed up to standard, but she had a kid with her!

Commander Ford couldn’t care less about the fact that these students were a bunch of delicate ladies. He scolded right away, “Just take a look at yourselves. What the heck are you all wearing? The one who has a piece of sh*t on her head—fall out!”

Everyone exchanged glances with each other before turning to look at the only lady among them who didn’t wear an army cap. She couldn’t wear her army cap at all since she wore her hair in a bun.

The lady seemed to have powerful backing, for she didn’t give a d*mn about the Second Lieutenant. She stepped out of the ranks and said haughtily, “That’s not a piece of sh*t, but a bun on my head!”

Commander Ford neither looked at nor responded to her; instead, he called out several other people. “Those who wear makeup—fall out! Those who wear heels—fall out! Those who changed their belts to Anima—fall out! The one who has a kid with her—fall out!”

The few ladies moved out of line at Commander Ford’s command, including Sophia, who sighed in resignation as she stepped forward with Nathan.

As soon as she stepped forward, a young man wearing a spotless white shirt and a pair of sports shoes immediately emerged from the side.

Wearing a pair of glasses on his refined and handsome face, he hurriedly said, “This kid is a new student of the Junior Class, and his sister is in the class, so he came with her. You don’t have to pay attention to him, Commander Ford.”

Commander Ford’s eyes flickered as he seemed to have remembered something. Then, he pointed at Sophia and Nathan, saying, “Fall in, both of you.”

Sophia promptly got back in line with Nathan as she couldn’t help casting her eyes upon the man who spoke up just now.

The man seemed to be less than 30 years old, and he looked unreasonably good-looking with his sharp and artistic facial features, including the pair of thin lips and a pair of attractive eyes. His skin was as creamy-white as milk, and his casually combed hair hung loosely above the tip of his brows.

The female students’ eyes sparkled with infatuation when they saw him coming out.

The man was Quinton Clark, a lecturer in intermediate-level financial accounting who could have sold his breathtakingly handsome face for a living but instead chose to teach at university.

For this reason, not only did nobody ever skip his classes, but so many students attended his classes that no classroom could seat so many of them. The students had to save seats in advance whenever they attended his class, for they would have to stand in class if they were late.

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Quinton greeted the crowd as he said, “I’m the lecturer in charge of looking after our faculty’s students this time, and I’ll join you in the army. Everyone, please do your best in your training, obey your instructors’ commands, and tell me in time if something happens.”

The ladies were elated, and one of them asked, “Does that mean we’re going to see you every day, Mr. Clark?”

“Oh my god, I’m so happy!” said another.

However, before the ladies could get carried away with their infatuation, they were interrupted by Commander Ford, who snapped, “Silence!”

Everyone at the scene fell silent at once. Glancing frostily at everyone, Commander Ford said, “From now on, you’re my soldiers, and I’m your superior. Tell me, what is a soldier’s bound duty?”

Intimidated by their company commander’s imposing manner, the group of ladies didn’t dare to speak. Sophia was the only person who answered in a sonorous voice, “To obey orders, Sir!”

“That’s right—to obey orders!” said Commander Ford as he glanced in exasperation at the few ladies who stepped out of the ranks. “Right now, I’m ordering you to put down the sh*t on your head, put on your army caps, take off your heels, and remove your makeup! Put your Chanel, Dior, and Hermès away; these things aren’t needed in military camps!”

Some of the ladies tremblingly did as they were told and got back in line after that. However, the ladies with powerful backing rebelled.

A lady who had exquisite makeup and wore a pair of heels noticed that Quinton was still over there, and she sneaked glances around her for a moment. Then, she suddenly cried out, “Ah!”

After that, she collapsed in a graceful fashion.

“Someone fainted from a heatstroke!” cried the students.

“Hurry and send her to the infirmary!” said a shocked Quinton, who quickly dashed forward and bent down under the envious eye of the ladies. However, as he was about to carry the seemingly unconscious lady to the infirmary, Commander Ford suddenly snapped, “Step back!”

Quinton didn’t know why Commander Ford said so, but now that the military training had started, it was inappropriate for him to step in. Therefore, he could only step aside.

Commander Ford then called two big and burly soldiers over. He ordered coldly, “Drag her away.”

With that, the two soldiers pulled the lady’s feet, dragging her away as if they were dragging a dead dog. The lady wasn’t unconscious, of course; she faked a blackout to bluff herself out of the training and have Quinton carry her in his arms while she was at it. However, little did she expect Commander Ford to have her dragged away like a dead dog!

“Aaaaah! Get your hands off me!” screamed the lady in an ear-piercing voice as she was dragged away in a deeply embarrassing manner until her hair was in a mess. In an instant, she became the laughing stock of the entire field.

The air suddenly became tense; all that remained was the lady’s hysterical screams ringing in everyone’s ears. “Do you know who my Dad and Grandpa are? My Grandpa is…”

Commander Ford ordered, “Pull her heels out while you’re at it!”

The two soldiers obediently stripped the lady of her heels at Commander Ford’s command. Then, they continued dragging her away, ignoring not only her struggles and screeches but also the raised eyebrows of the entire regiment, battalion, and company.

Everyone got quite a scare, for the lady who had been dragged away just now seemed to have strong backing; even Commander Ford’s military rank of Second Lieutenant would pale in comparison with her family background.

The lady with a bun, who had stepped out of the ranks together with the other ladies, flushed angrily as she pointed her finger at Commander Ford in disbelief. “How dare you! You’re merely a Second Lieutenant, whereas her maternal grandfather is Major General Leicester! Who gave you the nerve and authority to touch her?”

Sophia shook her head as well. So she’s Major General Leicester’s granddaughter. It seems that this Second Lieutenant is finished, she thought to herself.

However, when she sneaked a glance at Quinton, she found that he seemed content with being an onlooker despite the kindliness that filled his eyes. Moreover, the faculty leaders seemed to be accustomed to such an incident; they also noticed what was happening here, but no one came to diffuse the situation.

Suddenly, a voice answered from the side, “I did.”

A figure dressed in a well-ironed olive-drab military uniform approached them from a distance. Looking enigmatic and mysterious, the man exuded an air of boundless menace and authority with his youthful and distant-looking yet elegant face. He took every step with firmness and solidity as if he wanted to leave deep footprints in the grass, and the military insignia on his shoulders indicated his identity—he was a Senior Colonel!

The Senior Colonel stood still while looking coldly at the farce before his eyes. Despite his expressionless face, he had a murderous look in his eyes.

Upon seeing the man, the girl with ‘the piece of sh*t on her head’ who had been speaking harshly just a moment ago suddenly turned as white as a sheet. She held her tongue in fright, and her widened almond-shaped eyes were filled with immense fear.

Seizing the opportunity, Sophia stood on tiptoe to take a peek at the man. Since there was only one Senior Colonel among the military training commanders, he must have been the Chief Commander of this military training!

He was a Senior Colonel, whereas the maternal grandfather of the lady just now held the higher military rank of Major General. However, it was apparent that this Senior Colonel was even more powerful than the Major General. He was Joel Fletcher, a member of the Fletcher Family!

The Fletcher Family was the number one military family not only in Bayside City but also throughout Cethos. One should never mess with a Fletcher if he or she came across one in the army!

As the youngest Senior Colonel in Cethos, Joel Fletcher, the son of the head of the Fletcher Family of Bayside City, was only a step away from becoming a Major General. Only an event like Bayside University’s military training was major enough to be graced with the presence of such an important character like him.

Even the fiercest and most unreasonable lot of the prestigious families didn’t dare to make a sound in his presence. Therefore, Major General Leicester’s granddaughter—who had been screaming like a tortured hen just now—held her tongue as well.

Joel Fletcher looked frostily at everyone before withdrawing his gaze. Then, he gave Commander Ford a slight nod of approval and left.

For some reason, Sophia had a feeling that Joel Fletcher had just taken a glance in her direction. Was Michael actually related to the Fletcher Family of Bayside City? Also, did Joel know her in person?

She had dug for information about the Fletcher Family before, but there was pathetically little information about them on the Internet. All she could find were names, and there weren’t even photos of them available. According to the information Hale had obtained, there really wasn’t a person named Michael in the Fletcher Family, and nor was Nathan’s name listed among the Fletchers.

The lady with a bun trembled all over with fright. Commander Ford stared coldly at the several defiant ladies from rich families as he said, “I’m giving you two choices right now: either get out of my troops or do as I say!”

Expulsion from the troops would mean that they failed to complete their military training. Not only would their academic results over the next four years at university be affected directly, but they might even be unable to obtain their degrees.

The lady with a bun glanced at Major General Leicester’s granddaughter, who was being dragged away. Then, with great reluctance, she untied her bun while shedding tears of grievance.

Commander Ford didn’t take pity on her at all though. He ordered, “Get back in line in a minute!”

The lady wore her untied hair in a ponytail with a pout before putting on her military training cap and getting back in the line. Soon after that, the lady who had been dragged away was released back into the ranks while sobbing. With that, the bunch of rich ladies was finally silenced; they did as they should since they didn’t dare to stir up troubles again.

The students numbered off before they were repositioned according to their heights. Since Sophia was taller among the ladies, she was positioned at the head of the row. Nathan, on the other hand, was positioned at the end.

Commander Ford pointed at Sophia, saying, “You—the one who brought a kid with you—fall out. You’ll be the pacesetter from now, and you’ll be in charge of gathering the troops on time for training every day.”

“Yes, Commander!” Sophia was very pleased; little did she expect that she would become the pacesetter on the first day of her training.

After the troops were put in order, everyone lined up and boarded the bus one after another to head to the military camp. Nathan kept dozing off as he sat next to Sophia, who kept her eyes open to stare at the scenery outside the bus window since she actually looked forward to the military training.

The buses passed through Bayside City’s main street in a grandeur akin to the procession of a royal princess making an inspection tour as somebody even cleared the way for them. After about three hours, they finally reached the suburbs. Sophia, who was feeling sleepy, was startled as soon as she opened her eyes. Is there still such a desolate place in the suburbs of Bayside City?

All she could see outside the bus window was a continuous stretch of barren mountains and untamed rivers. Not a sign of human habitation was in sight, and there weren’t any modern things available other than the asphalt road under their feet.

The students on the bus were stunned. They felt as if they were trafficked deep into the mountains, for it wasn’t quite possible for them to sneak out of this place!

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The buses rode deep into the mountains for about another hour before they finally saw signs of human presence. A majestic olive-drab gate that stood concealed among the mountains opened before their eyes, revealing rows after rows of simple yet neatly arranged barracks inside.

This place was where they would spend a month.

As Sophia looked at the surrounding mountains and rivers, she suddenly recognized this place. This place was Audistin’s hunting ground!

This hunting ground was the only actual hunting ground in Bayside City, and many beasts were raised inside for the hunting pleasure of the scions of noble families. In other words, there were lots of wild animals nearby.

Quinton was the lecturer in charge of accompanying the students on their military training. He had probably chaperoned the students many times, for he knew a lot about the military training camp. He kindly reminded everyone, “The military training camp is just next to the hunting ground, so please be careful and don’t wander around. Some students were bitten to death by tigers a few years ago when they sneaked out by climbing over the wall.”

Sh*t, this is going to be serious! thought Sophia to herself. She had thought of climbing over the wall at midnight to wander nearby, but who would dare to sneak out under such circumstances?

Luckily, the military camp was situated next to Audistin’s ground, which was her home turf.

Sophia led Nathan into the military training camp in the best of spirits. Everything seemed very new to her, including the spacious training ground, the rows of barracks, and the olive-drab color that came and went around them. However, Nathan seemed to be unhappy; perhaps it was because he had not gotten enough sleep on the bus, for he kept pouting his lips.

Sophia soon found her barracks, which accommodated twenty people. Inside the barracks were bunk beds and two rows of desks with a desk for each person. On each desk was a tooth mug with toothpaste inside, whereas below each desk was a thermos bottle. Instead of being air-conditioned, the barracks had only a few large fans.

The ladies were still complaining about the barracks’ poor living conditions. Even the civilian students, who mostly came from well-to-do middle-class families, had never borne such hardships, let alone children of wealthy families.

Nathan should have been staying in a male dormitory, but for some reason, he was assigned to the same barracks as Sophia’s; he took the bunk above hers.

As Sophia put her stuff in their proper places, she muttered to herself, “Does Michael really have no qualms about putting his son in here?”

After putting her stuff in place, Sophia went out to have a look. There were many barracks here, for every barracks could accommodate twenty people, and there were at least four thousand new students in this batch. Therefore, the barracks covered an extensive area.

They had half a day to rest, recuperate, and get used to the place. Wearing a pair of slippers, Sophia took Nathan for a leisurely stroll around the military training camp.

However, she didn’t expect the military shoes she placed under her desk in the barracks to have a few nails put into them after she left.

Nathan seemed to be very familiar with the military training camp as he guided Sophia around the place with ease and introduced every place they came to.

“That’s the infirmary. Your husband’s men are inside, so you can have them do me a favor by writing a sick note for you to skip military training.”

“Don’t lose your way. This place is big, so follow me closely.”

They strolled around for a while before arriving at the back door of the military training camp. This military training camp was heavily guarded and strongly fortified, so it was almost impossible to climb over the wall. Besides, this place was easily guarded but difficult to attack; people could only get in and out through the front gate and the back door.

One must swipe his or her ID card in order to enter or leave the military training camp. Nathan took a card off his neck and swiped it.

With that, the wicket gate opened with a beeping sound, and Nathan went out through the gate calmly while still holding Sophia’s hand.

The group of special forces guarding the gate with live ammunition stayed perfectly still as though they didn’t know that a kid was swiping his card to leave the camp.

After they exited the camp, a Second Lieutenant came riding a military tricycle and took them for a ride.

The tricycle rode on the deserted road for about more than ten minutes before it arrived at a stretch of open land, which seemed to be a large vegetable farm equipped with polytunnels.

Is this the military training camp’s vegetable farm? Sophia thought to herself.

The military camp was too far away from residential areas since it was situated in a barren mountain. Therefore, it was only natural that the troops cleared out a plot of land to plant some vegetable crops for daily consumption.

As she had expected, there were soldiers growing vegetables on the farm while dressed in olive-drab.

Nathan brought Sophia into one of the polytunnels without saying a word. Sophia was puzzled as to why he did so, but on second thought, she realized it wouldn’t be possible for her to be kidnapped and sold by a little brat. Therefore, she entered the polytunnel after him.

As she entered the polytunnel, she was suddenly overwhelmed by the sight of countless big watermelons before her eyes. As it turned out, this place was used to grow watermelons.

The ground inside the polytunnel was covered in sandy soil, and heat lamps were used to resemble the environment best-suited for growing watermelons. As a result, the watermelons here were especially huge in size.

As it turned out, they were here to pick watermelons.

Nathan entered the watermelon field and looked around before picking a small watermelon that he could carry just fine. Sophia picked a few big watermelons as well. She was quite an expert at picking watermelons, for her maternal grandfather’s family used to grow watermelons in their hometown village.

After they finished picking watermelons, somebody helped them load the watermelons into the car and even drove them back to the military training camp.

Sophia was now even more certain that Nathan was related to the Fletcher Family of Bayside City.

The car drove straight into the military training camp when it arrived and dropped them off at the camp’s cookhouse. After the cooks cut all the watermelons into halves, Sophia and Nathan ate one half of a watermelon each, whereas the remaining watermelons were wrapped in cling film and stored in the refrigerator.

Sophia, who had been thirsty, felt refreshed all over after eating the watermelon. She wiped her mouth and asked Nathan, “Tell me, kid, how did you know there’s a vegetable farm over there? Also, who gave you that card?”

Sophia had thought that the card was an amulet since Nathan wore it around his neck all the time; little did she expect that it was actually a card.

Nathan nibbled at his watermelon as he replied coldly, “Shut up and eat your watermelon.”

Since he didn’t answer her question, Sophia didn’t ask him again. After finishing off her watermelon, she committed this place to memory lest she couldn’t find it when they came to eat watermelons next time.

Nathan finished off his watermelon and wiped his hands. After that, he said, “Be careful; someone put nails in your shoes.”

“Huh?” Sophia asked, “How did you know that?”

“Somebody told me about that, of course!” answered Nathan.

Someone actually put nails in her shoes? It seemed that those people would never stop until she was dead!

If she unknowingly stepped on the nails, she would be unable to undergo her military training. Not only would she lose her credits for military training, but she might also end up being crippled!

Sophia felt refreshed all over after eating her watermelon. Suddenly, an idea came into her mind, and she said, “I have a plan.”

She rushed to the infirmary with Nathan after leaving the cookhouse. On their way to the infirmary, she saw a military vehicle passing by in front of them. She immediately moved back to make way for the vehicle; to her surprise, however, the vehicle stopped in front of them.

The military vehicle’s door opened, and a pair of polished military boots came into her sight. Then, the wearer of the boots also walked straight up to them.

Sophia looked at the man who shone with a glaring olive-drab brilliance.

He was Joel Fletcher, the eldest son of the Fletcher Family of Bayside City. It could be said that he was the wealthiest of the wealthy and the most powerful among the princelings in Bayside City. Moreover, his whole body exuded an intimidating aura, causing Sophia to have difficulty breathing in his overwhelming presence.

As Joel walked straight up to them, Nathan suddenly hid behind Sophia; he seemed to be very afraid of Joel.

However, Joel suddenly crouched down to be on a similar level with Nathan. In contrast to the stern look he adopted during the admonitory speeches just now, he had a smile on his face as he extended his hand to Nathan at this moment. He asked, “Do you still remember your uncle, Nathan? I’m your mother’s brother. I even cuddled you before!”

Sophia was startled by his words. Uncle? So is Joel Nathan’s uncle? Doesn’t that mean Nathan’s mother is a Fletcher? Isn’t Michael his Dad?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 59

Sophia was perplexed, but Nathan seemed to be scared of this man, for he kept hiding behind her without speaking.

Joel stretched out his hand to pat Nathan’s head, asking, “I heard that you went picking some watermelons in the vegetable farm just now?”

Nathan didn’t answer Joel though, for he seemed to be truly terrified of the latter. Despite his commanding presence at home, he looked like a dog with its tail between its legs in front of Joel on this day.

Joel was indeed very intimidating, for all ladies in the military training camp probably admired and feared him at the same time.

They wanted to get noticed by the person who was both the Fletcher Family’s eldest son and the youngest Senior Colonel of Cethos; at the same time, however, they were afraid of the suffocating and intimidating aura that emanated from him. Only those who had steeled themselves in actual battlefields would have such an imposing manner.

Sophia quickly shielded Nathan with her body as she eased the tension in the air by saying, “Hello, General. This kid is a little shy, and he doesn’t like to speak.”

Joel stopped embarrassing Nathan further; he slowly rose to his feet, standing before her and looking like an immeasurably high mountain with his height of 190 centimeters. Then, as a probing look flickered in his eyes, Sophia felt like she was treading on thin ice. She was so frightened that her back was covered in sweat.

Joel looked her up and down with a stern face before he suddenly broke into a smile. “You must be Sophia, right? I’m Michael’s cousin, Joel.”

Oh my god, so Michael really is a direct descendant of the Fletcher Family! I never expected him to come from such an influential background as he seems so inconspicuous and unassuming. Besides, why would Joel know my name?

Why is Nate so terrified of him? Since Michael is a Fletcher, why couldn’t his name be found among the Fletchers? Things are so complicated in an influential family! Sophia thought to herself.

Having decided to speak less, she answered reverently, “I’m Sophia Edwards, General.”

Joel nodded as he said in a relaxed tone, “I never expected Michael to marry earlier than I do. It’s too bad that he didn’t tell me about his wedding, or I would have given you two a great present.”

Sophia complained in her mind, There wasn’t a f*cking wedding at all, for we merely registered for marriage!

She answered simple-mindedly, “I’ll make sure to tell you next time!”

Joel was dumbstruck for a moment before he laughed. “You two should go back quickly, for the military training will start officially in an hour. We’re a family, so let me know if you have any difficulties.”

Sophia replied with a nod, “Thank you, General.”

With that, Joel got back into the military vehicle and left, whereas Sophia headed off in the infirmary’s direction with Nathan.

As she was on her way, she recalled and pondered over the conversation she had with Joel just now. It’s so miraculous that the cool and distant commanding general spoke to me in such a mild manner, she thought to herself.

“Hmph!” Nathan, who had clung to her thigh while huddling up in fright a while ago, was aloof again as usual. He warned Sophia with a snort, “Joel is not an easy person to deal with. Stay away from him in the future, but if you meet him by chance, just play the fool like what you did just now.”

“Huh? Did I look like a fool just now?”

“Yeah, you looked so silly that I can’t even bring myself to look at you.”

“You looked even sillier than I did!”

The two of them argued with each other without a pause as they headed for the infirmary…

Sophia went back to her dorm in her slippers and sat down before changing into her military shoes. As soon as she set her feet on the ground, she screamed, “Aaah!”

Startled, the ladies in the barracks looked in her direction, only to see her lying on the floor and clinging to her foot as she screamed. Her olive-drab socks were stained red with blood, and the shoes she had just worn had a few nails and broken bits of glass in them. Not only that, but the shoes were also soaked in blood all over!

Everyone turned pale with fright at the sight of the scene. Who would have been so cruel as to put such vicious things in her shoes?

She might have her leg crippled from such severe bleeding!

The ladies discussed it among themselves as they carried her to the infirmary, whereas Nathan followed closely behind them all the way.

As she was carried away, her blood-stained shoes were left in their place. The ladies discussed the incident with each other, but no one knew who the person that did this to Sophia was. Since everyone had either been discussing the military training or catching up on sleep in their beds just now, no one actually noticed what had happened.

The incident soon startled Commander Ford, who came over and checked out the scene of the incident before going to the infirmary to check on Sophia.

Sophia’s entire foot was bandaged with gauze. She lay on the infirmary bed with a look of agony, whereas Nathan sat silently at her bedside.

The medical officer said that the injury in her foot was too severe. Even though her bones weren’t affected by the injury, she would likely be unable to undergo training as normal.

If she couldn’t join the training, she would get zero credit for military training, which would widen the gap between her and everybody else. If she wanted to graduate from university smoothly, she had to redouble her efforts. Furthermore, she would have to win national awards every year to make up for her zero credit for military training.

Commander Ford’s face was as black as thunder, for he didn’t expect such an incident to happen within the ranks of his company on the first day of military training.

Just as he was getting all distressed, Sophia struggled out of her sickbed with her face as pale as a sheet. She pleaded, “Please let me carry on with the training, Commander. I can do it!”

Commander Ford immediately refused her insistence, saying, “No. Your injury is too severe, so you can’t go on with the training!”

The medical officer chimed in, “It’s only a flesh wound, so she can carry on with her training. It’s just that she’ll be in agony.”

Sophia immediately said, “I’m not afraid of pain! Commander, please let me carry on with the training!”

With that, she slowly stood up as Juliette Sanders helped her by the arm. As she set her foot on the ground, she hissed in pain with her face looking deathly pale, yet she gritted her teeth and managed to hang in there. After she managed to keep her feet, she gave Commander Ford a weak, pale smile as she said, “Look! Didn’t I manage to stand up?”

Commander Ford looked at her face—which was covered in beads of sweat because of the pain—before shifting his gaze to her bleeding foot. In the end, however, he agreed to let her carry on with the training.

He knew how important the credits for military training were to a student. If she couldn’t get credits for military training, she would most likely be unable to graduate. As the number one university of Cethos, Bayside University imposed harsh requirements on its students. Batches of students couldn’t graduate from the university every year as they failed to obtain enough credits.

I’ll let her carry on with the training as long as she can endure the pain! Commander Ford thought to himself.

With that, Sophia hobbled out of the infirmary. Not only did she attend the military training’s opening ceremony on time in the afternoon, but she also stood more upright than everyone else.

Commander Ford kept complimenting her since she had risen very much in his opinion.

The next day after they arrived at the military training camp, the training officially started under the scorching hot sun.

The military training went on in the morning as usual despite the temperature approaching 35 degrees Celsius. The group of delicate ladies sweated profusely as even the best sunscreen couldn’t prevent the sun from making their skins go sallow.

Many ladies fainted on the first day of training. All the fainted ladies received the same treatment in the military training camp—they got dragged away and must rejoin their units immediately after regaining consciousness.

The students complained incessantly in the face of such harsh military training. However, all they could do was complain, for they didn’t dare to stand up to Commander Ford at all. If he told them to head east, no one would dare to head west.

As the training was in full swing at the training field, the lecturers and sophomore students in charge of chaperoning the freshmen stayed out of the sun in a shady spot at a side.

The actual role of these lecturers and sophomore students was to prepare iced drinking water along with other things that served to relieve the summer heat. Moreover, they had to act promptly upon noticing someone suffering from heatstroke lest he or she was dragged away by the officers of the military training camp in an utterly embarrassing manner. After all, these students had a sense of shame; it would be bad if they had psychological scars after being dragged away so embarrassingly.

Since it was officially the first day of their military training, all the students learned were the most basic drill commands, such as standing at attention, standing at ease, and crouching down.

It took only a morning before the students began feeling indescribably miserable. The case was especially true when they stood at attention, which required them to stand for nearly an hour with their bodies tensed up all over. Under the hot weather and high temperature, many ladies fainted as they stood. Furthermore, Commander Ford was behind them, literally kicking those who didn’t stand up to standard out of the ranks. However, no one dared to speak up against him.

As they were standing at attention under the sun, Nathan ate iced watermelon at a shady spot at a side.

At this very moment, Sophia finally realized what a cruel thing it was when Gary said lightly back then that Nathan would be eating watermelon at one side while they had military training.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 60

Nathan somehow found a floor mat as he came over and sat on it, holding a slice of watermelon in each hand. Next to him was half a watermelon wrapped in a plastic wrap that Sophia had selected herself on the previous day.

The watermelon looked fresh and sweet, and she could imagine it being as cold as a smoothie, melting right in her mouth when she bit into it; just the mere imagination of it had Sophia almost drooling as she looked at him.

A company was doing laps and when they passed by Nathan, everyone looked over as the drill instructor waved his belt and said, “Look at you. You look as if you’re as hungry as a bear!”

Although Sophia’s leg was injured, she performed really well. She was a quick learner and excelled in every formation, so halfway through the training, Commander Ford gave her a break.

Sophia ran toward Nathan speedily and she snatched over a piece of watermelon before she started eating like a horse.

All eyes on the training field were on her and her watermelon, and the watermelon had never looked so appealing and delicious.

It was ten thirty in the morning and the students who had trained all morning finally got a twenty minutes break. All of them flocked to the huge umbrella that was set up by their respective seniors and teachers to hide from the sun, and drank water.

Company 45 to Company 50 belonged to the Second Battalion, and the students from the Second Battalion were all from the School of Economics and Business Administration, which was led by Quinton Clark.

The troop ran toward Quinton for water, as he had prepared a large container of ice water in advance. In that moment, every single one of them—regardless of whether they came from rich or poor families—downed the water; they never realized that a small bottle of water could taste so nice.

Everyone was resting under the shade, drinking water and fanning themselves. After quenching their thirst, they looked at Sophia and Nathan eagerly who was eating the watermelon; they really wanted the watermelon themselves, but they were afraid to ask because they were shy, and they felt their relationship with Sophia wasn’t that close.

The look of the two eating watermelons attracted a lot of attention.

Finally, someone built up the courage to ask Sophia for a piece of watermelon.

Richard was in his military uniform just like everyone else as he walked over slowly. He majored in financial management, and he was the leader of the School of Financial Management. However, he was always in the School of Cinematography because Kayla and Xyla were from there.

At that moment, Richard brought along Xyla and Kayla to ask Sophia if they could have some watermelon.

“Sophia, can you share some of your watermelon with us?” Richard sounded sincere, but the words seemed to carry a hint of arrogance, as if he was doing Sophia a charity.

Not only had he trained with everyone for the entire morning, but he also had to look after the two ‘princesses’. Hence, the expression on his handsome face was replaced with sullenness, and the edges of his sharp jawline were covered with a layer of sweat droplets.

He felt extremely uncomfortable at the moment. He was too embarrassed to ask, but he really wanted to have a piece of the watermelon.

Sophia would definitely be willing to share it with him.

At that moment, everyone was watching them from the side, guessing if Sophia would give him a piece of her watermelon.

After all, they thought Sophia loved Richard deeply. Someone probably spread the rumor intentionally, so the love triangle between Sophia, Richard and Xyla had become everyone’s gossip in school.

The most widely circulated version of the story was no more than something along the lines of the commoner Cinderella who fell in love with the noble Prince, but they were forced to be separated because of her status. Although the Prince had already found his Princess, his love toward Cinderella remained. However, Cinderella, who was abandoned, began to take revenge angrily, and she had thought of everything to get her sweet vengeance on the Prince. Nevertheless, she couldn’t let go of her love toward the Prince, so she constantly wanted to draw his attention.

This was the perfect timing for Cinderella to impress the Prince! Would Cinderella grab the chance?

Nathan thought Sophia would agree, so he grabbed hold of his watermelon tightly, as he was determined to not let Sophia give it to the others.

Sophia elegantly revealed a smile in front of everyone, and said, “I’m sorry. This is not my watermelon. You may ask the handsome boy here. It’s all his.”

Richard felt the kindness in Sophia’s smile and his heart softened. He knew she was his girl; no matter how far he went, she would always wait for him and she wouldn’t let him suffer.

Xyla felt greatly irritated when she looked at the way Richard spoke to Sophia, but she wanted to eat the watermelon more than anything. Sophia is so much in love with Richard, so she will definitely share a piece of watermelon with us. A piece of watermelon doesn’t mean anything!

Kayla thought the same too. Although she thought asking a piece of watermelon from Sophia was very embarrassing, she was extremely thirsty at that moment. She no longer wanted any ice water; she just wanted to eat the watermelon.

Richard was already bending over and asking Nathan sincerely, “Hi, I wanted to…”

“What do you want? Don’t even think about it!” Nathan ‘protected’ the watermelon in his arms cautiously and rejected him with a glare.

Richard cracked a smile, licking his chapped lips and feeling impatient, but he remained elegant and polite on the outside.

Somehow, the boy was able to get hold of the watermelon. Their personal belongings were all confiscated when they entered the barracks, and it was even more impossible to send something in. It was probably because this boy was the youngest student in that year to join the military, so the barracks gave him special care. The piece of watermelon in his hands had become the centre of attention, and in order to get a piece of it, Richard had to pretend to smile. “Boy, I have many fun things to play with. Why don’t we trade?”

He presented a watch, which was a Vacheron Constantin limited edition men’s watch that was worth a house in a third-tier city. “Look, with this watch, I can trade a lot of watermelons. How about I use it to trade with yours?”

The others thought this kid would definitely agree if he could recognize the goods.

This kid probably came from an ordinary family. Bayside University occasionally would take in geniuses to join the Junior Class. If this kid was a member of the aristocracy, his name would be known among the aristocrats by now, but Richard had never heard of him, so he was probably only a genius kid with an ordinary background, and he would definitely trade for his watch.

However, Nathan glanced at the watch and he was unaffected as he gave a sharp and decisive reply. “Not trading.”

In order to express his determination for not trading his watermelon, he tore off the plastic wrap from the last piece of watermelon and took a giant bite. His face was all covered in watermelon juice.

Sophia laughed as she helped him to wipe off the watermelon juice from his face. “Don’t eat too much. You will get diarrhea.”

Richard’s facial muscles twitched as he smiled awkwardly, then he walked back dejectedly. Although he still walked like a gentleman as usual, there was obvious embarrassment written on his face.

Kayla, who was not far away, was so annoyed that she almost stomped her feet. “That d*mn little kid! He couldn’t even recognize Vacheron Constantin! Which village did he come from?!”

Xyla glared at Sophia and left.

I actually let Richard and Sophia talk to each other over a piece of watermelon?! What a massive joke! Those commoners who don’t even know chalk from cheese!

Richard was forced to give in and he was extremely humiliated as he walked away from everyone’s gaze with a sullen face.

Unexpectedly, he suddenly heard someone screaming excitedly from behind when he had only taken a few steps. “Students from the Second Battalion, Sophia from Company 49 is giving everyone free watermelon!”

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