My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 481-490

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 481

The news of Natasha’s kidnapping leaked anyway. Soon, some vague videos started circulating in certain perverted forums, hinting that Natasha had been kidnapped and raped.

The fans found the news exhilarating, and everyone celebrated and spread the news happily. ‘It’s true that anyone who throws themselves at Taylor Murray would get into trouble!’

The second day after returning to Bayside City, Sophia did not attend lectures because she wanted to take the chance to choose the wedding gown as soon as possible since Michael was at home.

According to Michael’s plans, they had to have two weddings; one would be a traditional wedding, whereas the other would be an outdoor one. The wedding gown and suit were necessary. Since a tailor-made wedding gown would take a very long time, it was vital for her to choose the wedding gown today.

Sophia was especially exhilarated, and she got ready early in the morning excitedly to leave with Michael. Nathan was standing among a pile of orange cats when he stared at the two of them leaving the house and going off in the car.

Hmph, they are not taking me out to have fun with them again.

Nathan carried the new puppy to play with it in the garden. Recently, Sophia had brought back a furry Samoyed puppy, and it was so fluffy it looked like cotton candy. At that moment, Nathan held onto the puppy while he played with mud in the garden.

Nevertheless, not long after the owner left the house, a group of unexpected guests arrived at The Imperial’s Villa No.8.

“Old madam, you can’t enter!” the security exclaimed while trying his best to stop Old Madam Murray, who had just barged into the residential area.

“Why? I am Taylor Murray’s grandmother! Elizabeth Murray was my daughter! What is wrong for me to visit my grandson!? Where is my grandson?”

After having her authority challenged consecutively, Old Madam Murray was already at her limit. Hence, she barged into Villa No.8 while disregarding the consequences.

In my world, parents come first, and so children and grandchildren have to obey the older generation’s wishes!

Since Taylor is my grandson, I have to sign off on important matters, such as his marriage. I have never given Taylor and Eddie my blessings! Therefore, that does not count! Taylor has to marry Natasha!

Natasha was supporting Old Madam Murray. “Grandma, take it easy; don’t exert yourself too much!”

Natasha might appear worried superficially, but she was secretly delighted.

Theoretically, I want Old Madam Murray to pressure Taylor. On the other hand, career-wise, the Mitchell Family will be obstructing him. Therefore, I am confident that he will give in! Taylor has worked hard to obtain his current status, and so I’m sure that he would treasure what he has now. He will lose his fame and riches if he doesn’t marry me. On the contrary, if he marries me, he will gain both fame and wealth.

Even a fool would know the right choice. He is most probably still hung up on the old housewife he has at home since he’s reluctant to get married with me now.

I’m sure Taylor’s old housewife is already about 30 years old. How could she possibly be as young and pretty as I am? He must already be bored with her, but he just didn’t have a reason to excuse himself.

I just have to nudge him in the right direction, and I’m sure he’d let go of her.

“Grandma, I don’t think it’s appropriate to barge into Taylor’s house…”

Despite saying that, Natasha was still very cooperative by leading the way for Old Madam Murray.

Without me, I’m sure that Old Madam Murray would never be able to locate Taylor’s house.

Old Madam Murray was so furious that her jowls were trembling. She walked quickly with the aid of her walking cane. “I am his grandma, so I should be able to come and go as I please.”

Olivia was following behind Old Madam Murray while regarding the legendary Imperial in awe. True enough, this is no doubt the best real estate in Bayside City. The location and property here are priceless, while the owners are all outstanding and exceptionally powerful figures in society. I would never have thought I’d have the chance to enter The Imperial! Since I’ve managed to gain entry, it will not be my last time.

The group of people marched to Villa No.8 boldly. Old Madam Murray was determined to meet Taylor today, and she wanted him to kneel before their ancestors. I want him to know the laws of the Murray Family! Disobeying the elders is equivalent to great treason!

Natasha’s bodyguard and the guards of The Imperial were entangled in a brawl. Old Madam Murray and her entourage followed closely from behind, and the group of people made their way to Villa No.8.

As the protagonist in ‘War Dragon’, Harry had to continue working a few more days after Michael was done with his part. Hence, after returning home, he slept for twelve hours straight, and he played online computer games for the next twelve hours to enjoy himself. He slept until late morning today, and he was now in his swimming trunks while sunbathing in his home’s swimming pool. Suddenly, he heard a commotion, and he instructed one of his security guards to check the situation. After learning what was happening outside, he immediately phoned Michael.

“Oh, damn! Bro, Natasha brought your grandmother to your home. You are done for. You’ll end up kneeling in the Murray Family’s ancestral hall today.”

Michael responded, “Ha!”

Then, he hung up on the phone call.

After that, Harry hung up on the call to continue sunbathing. Judging by Michael’s response, it seems that he doesn’t take Old Madam Murray seriously at all. However, she is his grandmother after all, and I’m sure he can’t offend her openly.

In any case, with the old madam’s situation, Michael can drag things on easily. She is easily worn out, and I’m sure she hasn’t got much time to pester him.

Besides, she’s not like Old Master Fletcher. Just look at Old Master Fletcher—he is almost 100 years old, but he’s still participating in marathons every year. He’s still up and running after the passing of a few wives. He’s unbeatable!

Natasha led Old Madam Murray to the entrance of Taylor’s house. The wall enclosing the courtyard seemed to stretch far into the distance. It looked like an ancient European-styled castle, and so it appeared especially extravagant.

Olivia was stunned in shock when she saw such a luxurious large house, and her mouth hung wide open.

This place is as grand as a palace! How much would such a large villa cost within the ring road?! I must find a way to live here!

The metal door was tightly shut, and it didn’t even budge with their arrival.

Natasha rang the doorbell several times, but nobody opened the door for her. It’s impossible that there’s nobody at home in such a large house. They must be playing dead by not answering the door.

Old Madam Murray was leaning against her walking cane angrily while staring at the door. “Taylor Murray! You are a horribly unfilial child! Open the door for me right now!”

I’ve noticed that Taylor has forgotten about respect for his elders, thanks to that woman named Eddie Fletcher. I must kick that woman out of the Murray Family.

Besides, there is a nanny here, named Sophia, who almost ended the Murray Family’s bloodline. I have to bring her to justice.

Old Madam Murray screamed her voice hoarse at the entrance for the longest time, and she attracted the whole neighborhood’s attention. Many workers and residents observed her in silence from afar.

Finally, someone answered her through the entrance. Mr. Morgan showed up, and he spoke to Old Madam Murray through the metal grill while smiling at her, “Ladies, may I know what you are doing here?”

Once she saw that someone was finally there, Old Madam Murray banged against the metal door while instructing fiercely, “Open the door right now! I want to enter!”

Mr. Morgan glanced at Old Madam Murray in confusion, asking, “And you are…”

Old Madam Murray answered proudly, “I am Elizabeth Murray’s mother, and so I am Taylor Murray’s grandmother! Open the door for me immediately!”

Mr. Morgan appeared awkward. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen you before. Currently, both the Young Master and Madam aren’t at home, and I am just an employee here. Hence, I can’t make any decisions, and I just can’t let you in for the time being.”

Old Madam Murray was so angry that she almost passed out. Her old and wrinkly face was trembling slightly. “Didn’t you watch the news? I am Taylor’s grandmother.”

I am Taylor’s grandmother, and so he should respect and obey me. He would be unfilial if he doesn’t obey me. As for this negligible butler, he is a nobody!

On the other hand, Mr. Morgan wasn’t bothered by her at all.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 482

Natasha added hastily, “Mr. Morgan, you should open the door first to let grandma in—she is truly Taylor’s grandmother! Even if you don’t recognize her, don’t you recognize me? I am Natasha!”

Mr. Morgan seemed embarrassed when he answered her, “I’m so sorry, Miss Natasha, but I’m just a servant. I’m not quite sure about the Young Master’s family matters. However, the Young Master isn’t around, and the rule is that we do not accept guests without him. I’m sorry.”

Old Madam Murray was fuming, and she started shaking the metal grill like a mad person. “You had better phone Taylor to come back. Tell him that his grandmother is here! I want him to come home to meet me immediately, and I demand that he brings along that woman of his!”

Mr. Morgan continued frowning. “Young Master has some important matters to attend to outside… Ah! Little Master is around. Let me ask him for advice!”

Little Master?

Natasha pricked up at that.

Taylor seemed to have mentioned that he had a son. Is this the son he was referring to?

Soon, Mr. Morgan showed up again with a 5 to 6 years old dirty little boy, who was carrying a dog.

“Are you Taylor and that woman’s son?”

Old Madam Murray glanced at Nathan, who was standing in front of her. He does resemble Taylor, but he isn’t a true Murray descendent. Besides, he is that woman’s son, and so I am just not fond of him. In fact, he emits an repulsive aura that I find disgusting.

“Where’s your father? Phone him and get him to get back!” Old Madam Murray instructed him with a demanding tone.

“My father is dead,” Nathan answered eerily. After playing with the puppy in the garden’s mud, he was covered with filth.

“What a brute! What kind of a child would curse their own parent?!” Old Madam Murray stomped her feet in anger, and she continued banging against the metal door. Her eyes were bloodshot when she shouted, “Open the door for me! Just you wait; I’ll teach you a lesson!”

Natasha knew that this was a good opportunity to find out about Eddie Fletcher’s identity. Therefore, she consoled Old Madam Murray while asking Nathan in a gentle tone, “Little boy, where is your mother? Tell me who and where your mother is; we have something to discuss with her.”

Nathan regarded her coldly, and he answered her with an icy tone, “My mom is dead as well; stop asking.”

It seems like it’s impossible to trick this child too.

Natasha continued luring him patiently, “Little boy, that joke isn’t funny at all. Quick, tell me where your father and mother is…”

Nathan was still wearing a cold and distant expression while ignoring Natasha’s question. After that, he spoke to Mr. Morgan, “Fire up the highest security system. Unrelated personnel are not allowed entry. Call the police if anybody has the audacity to barge in!”

Mr. Morgan nodded respectfully to Nathan in response.

When Madam is at home, Little Master is like an unfocused little boy who can’t be independent. However, whenever Madam isn’t around, he would immediately assume the role of a cold, cruel, and domineering young director.

I wonder if it’s my imagination, but I have a feeling that, after training for some time in the Fletcher Family, Little Master’s aura and temperament have become even more ruthless.

Nathan continued playing with the dog in the garden, whereas Mr. Morgan fired up the highest level of the security system. Suddenly, a metal door emerged from the ground and blocked behind the existing metal grill. Simultaneously, the courtyard walls around The Imperial’s Villa No.8 increased dozens of feet in height.

The entire house looked like a fortified stronghold now.

Natasha stared in disbelief at the villa with ironclad security.

Does Taylor actually have the courage to lock Old Madam Murray outside of his house? He is a celebrity and a public figure; he survives based on his reputation, and his actions are constantly being scrutinized. Isn’t he afraid that this incident might spread to the media, resulting in a backlash from his fans? Nevertheless, he has actually locked Old Madam Murray outside of his house right now.

Old Madam Murray was so furious that she was stunned to silence. I came rushing to Bayside City all the way from the film studio like a headless chicken. It took me a lot of effort, but I finally found Taylor’s home. I can’t believe that I’m being locked outside now!

Old Madam Murray kneeled on the ground while wailing loudly, “Oh, my God! Does justice still exist? Someone, help! Look! My unfilial grandson has had me, an old lady, locked outside of the house!”

For some reason, once she started wailing, the crowd around the entrance disappeared immediately. In fact, the neighbours, who came out to check out the situation earlier, all left.

The Imperial was full of important and powerful figures. Therefore, they wouldn’t pay much attention to such a pointless commotion, nor would they spread such rumors to the public. They wouldn’t gossip, nor would they allow their nannies or subordinates to spread news regarding this incident.

Anybody who leaks the news would directly offend Taylor!

Without an audience, Old Madam Murray just couldn’t bring herself to continue howling. Therefore, she stood up to start banging against the door, but nobody responded inside the house.

After keeping at that for ages, nobody opened the door for them, and so Old Madam Murray was fuming. Suddenly, she grabbed onto Natasha. “Nat, I’m sure you have your ways. Get some reporters for me right now! I want to gather some reporters! I want them to spread the news of what just happened today. I want to hold a press conference to let everybody know that Taylor Murray is an unfilial person!”

Natasha was caught between a rock and a hard place, but she agreed anyway.

I’m afraid that Taylor would just refuse to bow down to the Murray Family. It seems impossible for the old madam to force Taylor into divorcing his current wife just to marry a new one. However, Old Madam Murray is still Taylor’s elder; therefore, she’s still useful to me. Currently, I have no choice but to act ruthlessly!

On the other side, Michael had already been informed about the situation at home.

The Murray Family is a troublesome existence. Initially, I figured I should maintain each other’s dignity. Nevertheless, I should give that up since they don’t seem to appreciate my gesture. How dare they say they are my maternal family! Haha!

Mom has provided for the Murray Family her entire life, but they merely treated her like a cash cow. Later in life, she finally realized that the Murray Family was like a bottomless black hole, and that was especially true after she gave birth to my sister and me. In the end, she finally realized that she had her own family and children too. Therefore, she had to plan for her children and young family. She started consciously decreasing the amount of financial aid she provided for the Murray Family, and she kept her income a secret to save up for me. She hoped that the Murray Family and Larry Murray would become independent. However, her actions resulted in the Murray Family throwing insults at her. They called her an ungrateful child and a heartless person. They cursed and humiliated the person who had worked hard to provide for the Murray Family for more than a decade!

From then on, her affection and hope for the Murray Family had died completely.

It wasn’t until her death when the Murray Family realized that she had been keeping her income a secret from them. They finally learned that she had accumulated a large inheritance, but out of these riches, Elizabeth only used one tenth of it for Old Madam Murray’s financial needs. She left 80% of her inheritance for her descendants.

The Murray Family was hysterical, and they were still cursing her to suffer in death even years after her passing. On the other side, they were using her to make money…

“Dear, what do you think about this one?”

Sophia’s excited voice cut through Michael’s train of thoughts. He looked up at Sophia, who had just walked out of the changing room, and he caught sight of a beautiful and slender figure. His eyes shone brightly, and it dispelled the haze of his anger.

Sophia was trying on a fitted-bodice wedding gown, and it gave an indistinct appearance of her bosom. This particular wedding gown had a fitted cut, and it hugged her petite waist snugly. It showed off her figure well, accentuating her alluring and beautiful figure.

She’s just like a fairy, showing up just at the right time in my world…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 483

Michael commented in a professional tone, “Mm-hmm, not bad at all. However, I think the hollowed out skirt design doesn’t make much sense because it will shift attention away from what you’re trying to present. Besides, it makes the entire gown lose its focus point.”

“Huh?” Sophia seemed puzzled when she heard that. However, she agreed with Michael’s comment after looking down at the gown. Therefore, she went off in a hurry to try on another wedding gown.

When it involved choosing her wedding gown, Sophia seemed especially serious about it, and Michael seemed focused on keeping her company too.

Michael observed while Sophia tried on a new wedding gown, one after another. Suddenly, he stood up abruptly to say, “The Murrays are causing trouble at home. I should head home to check on Nate.”

After weighing his options, Michael decided that it was best to return to check on the situation.

Sophia replied hastily, “In that case, you should go home first. I’ll visit grandpa in the military compound after trying on the gowns.”

“Mm-hmm, I’ll send someone over to pick you up at night.”

Michael left in a hurry. Although he did not have to worry about the situation at home, the thought of Nathan being alone at home made him determined that the Murrays must never harm Nathan.

He rushed home in a hurry, and he noticed that the entire house was sealed shut. Therefore, Michael returned home through the basement and arrived at the garden to see Nathan playing with the cat, dog, and his robot in the garden.

“Nate, did someone drop by earlier?”

Nathan did not even bother looking up. “I told them that my parents were dead.”

Michael was rendered speechless when he heard that.

Sophia was still trying on wedding gowns in the bridal shop. Michael has picked out a suit long ago, and so I have to find a wedding gown that matches well with his suit.

Due to Taylor’s identity, the whole floor was specially sealed off just for the two of them.

The bridal shop was part of Ido’s flagship stores for marriage products. Not only did Ido make wedding rings, they even tailored premium wedding gowns.

Ido’s Flagship Bridal Shop was a huge store, and they took up a few floors as their operation space. The higher the floor, the more premium it was, and thanks to Michael, Sophia was currently on the highest floor in the shop.

Trying on wedding gowns was a physically demanding activity. After spending the whole day trying on countless wedding gowns, Sophia finally found one that she was happy with. After taking her measurements, she left to use the loo in a hurry. Unfortunately, it so happened that the washroom on that floor was under maintenance because the flush was faulty. In fact, the workers were trying their best to repair it as fast as they could.

The workers were extremely nervous because they did not expect the washroom to be out of order upon the arrival of such an important client. Hence, they were worried that she would lose her temper. Nevertheless, Sophia did not comment further; instead, she made her way downstairs to look for another washroom.

In the washroom, Sophia, who was seated on the toilet in one of the cubicles, was playing her phone in silence. The washroom had a very nice fragrance that smelled wonderful. Besides, the toilet had a massage and auto-flush function that was paired with… an auto bum-wipe function.

Sophia sat on the toilet for a bum massage to relax herself. Simultaneously, she was thinking of a way to explain to Old Master Fletcher that she had been sleeping with Michael for a very long time.

She was an important client after all, and so she couldn’t possibly stay in the washroom forever. Otherwise, the staff might misunderstand. Therefore, she placed a ‘Under Maintenance’ sign in a hurry at her cubicle door. After that, she shut the door in relief to mull over her choices in life.

After a moment, she heard some footsteps outside of the door. Soon, she heard a woman asking tentatively, “Is anyone in there?”

Sophia put her phone on silent mode in a hurry while keeping quiet.

There were only two cubicles in the washroom, and Sophia had already occupied one of them. Therefore, the other person could only take the remaining cubicle.

The woman entered the washroom to knock on both doors. After confirming that one of it was empty, whereas the other was under maintenance, she walked out.

After a while, Sophia heard the uniform footsteps of a pair of high heels and a pair of leather shoes walking into the washroom.

Thud! The main door of the washroom slammed shut with a dull thud.

Soon, the cubicle door adjacent to Sophia was closed as well. Then… she immediately heard the suggestive panting sounds of a man and woman being engaged in unspeakable acts. After that, there was a loud clunk of a belt buckle hitting the floor, followed by a series of intense slapping sounds.

Sophia was rendered speechless when she heard that.

The couple next door was lost in their intense activities while recklessly having a tryst. The woman was moaning sensually, and there were even sounds of leather slapping against flash intermittently.

“Btch! Say it! Do you like being fcked by your younger brother-in-law?”

“You are a brute! Your fiancée is trying on her wedding gown next door, but here you are, fooling around with your fiancée’s cousin… You are truly a brute!”

“Don’t you enjoy my brutal ways?”

“When are you planning to make things clear with that b*tch?”

“I have just received my marriage certificate. Don’t worry—once I’ve taken my share of money from the Huffs, I’ll ditch her immediately!”

Slap, slap, slap, slap!

Sophia was at a loss for words. I can’t believe it’s actually Faye and Richard!

A leopard never changes its spots, indeed. I can’t believe he’s actually doing this right in the washroom of a bridal shop!

The couple, who was lost in the heat of their passion, did not realize that a phone camera was extending from the next door cubicle in silence from the top…

At the counter on the second floor of Ido’s tailored bridal shop, Xyla and Faye had already waited for half an hour, but Richard was nowhere to be seen.

Earlier, Faye left to use the loo, whereas Richard had to excuse himself after receiving a business phone call. Currently, Faye was already back, but Richard had not returned.

Today was the day for Xyla and Richard to try on their wedding clothes in Ido. They even invited Faye for her opinion. After going through countless options, Xyla finally selected a wedding gown that she liked. Now, she was just waiting for Richard to return to pay the bill.

There were a lot of people trying on wedding gowns, and most of them were acquaintances of Xyla and Faye’s. The bunch of rich women gathered together to chat while boasting about their respective wedding gowns.

One of them claimed, “The accessories alone on my wedding gown are worth more than a million! They are all authentic, and it’s super heavy!”

Another woman exclaimed, “How heavy can your wedding gown be? It must be just about 20kg! Mine is more than 30kg! In fact, the veil itself is 5 meters!”

“My veil is 8 meters long! When the time comes, my husband’s children will all lift my veil during the ceremony!”

Their wedding gowns were just like their wedding rings and jewelry. The wedding gown was one of the more important items that the group of madams were comparing and boasting to each other.

After listening to everybody boasting about themselves, Xyla remained silent until they were done talking. Then, she dropped a bomb. “My wedding gown isn’t that expensive too; it only costs 7 million. Previously, the designer designed Princess Kate’s wedding gown.”

Upon hearing that, the bunch of rich women stared at her in jealousy and resentment.

As expected from the Harper Family’s Young Mistress. Those doing business in property are all rich! Other families can’t even compare to their extravagance!

The group were chatting away happily. Along the way, one of them would brush their hair distractedly while showing off the large diamond ring on her finger. Once in a while, another one of the women would lift her wrist to show off a priceless jade bangle…

Suddenly, Faye, who had always had a keen eye, noticed Sophia, who was dressed modestly, sitting in a corner.

This was a premium tailor bridal shop, and so commoners wouldn’t be able to afford shopping here. Hence, the client base here would either be rich or powerful. All the clients in the waiting room were either clad in jewelry or wearing designer brand clothes. Sophia was the only outlier because she was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, and sport shoes, paired with a baseball cap.

Sophia looked like an ugly duckling which had barged into the territory of a pride of peacocks by accident, while emitting an untimely stench and was reeking of poverty.

Why is she here?

Faye and Xyla exchanged a glance…

Sophia couldn’t be bothered to cut the queue with her VIP status, and so she made Gemma wait in line to pay the bill while she sat in the corner, sending Michael pictures of the wedding gown she had chosen.

Michael was playing sand with Nathan at home. He had been very busy lately, and Nathan had been distant toward him. Hence, it felt like the longest time since both father and son enjoyed some playtime together.

“I chose a wedding gown which I really like, and I’ve sent you a picture of it via Messenger. I’m getting someone to pay the bill now, and I’m paying for yours as well. My treat this time, and don’t worry about it.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 484

Sophia was afraid that her makeup and lipstick might stain the wedding gown since she had to try them on, and so she left home barefaced today. She only applied a thin layer of BB cream on her face. She had her earphones on while being on the phone with Michael.

“Hey, if it isn’t my sister, Sophia! Why are you here? I’m afraid you shouldn’t be somewhere like this!”

Sophia heard Faye’s voice, and she looked up from her phone while taking off her earphones. She saw Faye and Xyla leading a group of wealthy women standing in front of her in a nosy way.

One of the rich women asked Faye in confusion, “This is your younger sister? Why does she look different from you?”

Xyla explained in a pointed tone, “She is a child born out of wedlock from Faye’s family. She’s lost her mind trying to climb the social ladder by spreading word that she has married a coal owner! But it turns out she’s just a nanny in Taylor Murray’s house!”

“Hahaha!” Faye was the first to burst out laughing without holding back, and she exposed her fresh love bite on her neck by accident.

Sophia, that little b*tch, has truly lost her mind yearning to climb the social ladder. How dare she claim that she married a coal owner! She is obviously just working as a nanny in Taylor’s house, but she regarded herself as someone important! Putting aside the fact that the Edwards Family were excited over nothing, we even lost a villa, thanks to her! I want nothing more than to strangle Sophia to get her to cough up the villa we lost. Nevertheless, she’s just a wretched woman, and she wouldn’t be able to give us back the villa even if she were to work her whole life!

The group of wealthy women followed suit and laughed alongside Faye. The wealthy women network was separated into the wives’ social network and mistress’ social network. These two groups of women never interacted with each other, and the ones in the bridal shop currently were obviously from the wives’ social network. These people usually came together to discuss tips on entertaining their husbands while complaining about their husbands’ mistresses.

Therefore, these women had seen many women like Sophia, who took advantage of their youth and pretty face, to climb the social ladder. In the end, those women might not even end up as a mistress.

“Miss, I am experienced. Judging by your looks, you need much more to marry a coal owner. You might have to increase your cup size a fair bit before even thinking about it!”

“You look rather young; how old are you? Some men prefer young women like you. If you truly can’t find someone, I can introduce two clients to you.”

The group of rich women commented incessantly in Sophia’s face.

However, she merely looked up lazily to glance at Faye and Xyla before looking away.

Then, she continued using her phone to text Michael via Messenger. I wouldn’t stoop to this bunch of rich women’s level.

Stanley sent something to the group chat that included only the three of them. ‘Eddie, did you drown in the toilet bowl? Why aren’t you here yet? The Old Master got Uncle Joel to pick you up. The General is picking you up in person; that’s great honor to you!’

Eh? Joel is picking me up?

Sophia: ‘I’m coming now. I was picking my wedding gown, and I was just done with it. I’m queuing up to pay the bill.’

Sean: ‘Natasha brought Old Madam Murray to Uncle Michael’s home for trouble. Sophia, are you alright?’

Sophia: ‘I’m fine. Your Uncle Michael went home to handle the situation.’

Sean: ‘Old Madam Murray is coming over to the Mitchell Residence to discuss with Alex about Natasha and Uncle Michael’s wedding. Yesterday, Old Madam Murray was convinced that she could make Uncle Michael marry Natasha as soon as possible. In fact, she claimed that if he doesn’t agree to it, she would commit suicide in front of your house. Simultaneously, Alex is pressuring Uncle Michael with his network contacts too.’

Sophia read the message while chuckling mirthlessly.

The Murray Family is most probably in a rush to get Michael to marry into a wealthy family. By getting him to marry into the Mitchell Family, it means that the Murray Family would have their status lifted significantly. Therefore, they wouldn’t have to worry about money for the rest of their lives! Unfortunately, their actions were based solely on wishful thinking.

In the bridal shop, amidst the loud chattering, Richard finally returned from his phone call. Everybody threw him jealous and hateful stares when he approached them. Richard wrapped an arm around Xyla while kissing her gently on her cheek. After that, he asked her gently, “Have you picked a gown?”

Xyla’s cheeks were blushing slightly when she nodded. After that, she pouted when she uttered, “I’ve picked one that costs 5 million. Is that too pricey?”

Richard paid the bill while reassuring her, “5 million is nothing. You are the daughter-in-law of the Harpers, and you are my woman too. Only a 5-million wedding gown can match your worth.”

The wealthy women, who were observing them, had different expressions. Those who were here to pick out their wedding gowns were all young and beautiful. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for their respective husbands—some were undeniably young, handsome and successful in their careers, but those were the rare ones. Most of them were middle-aged men who were already balding. Therefore, the majority of the women were jealous of Xyla getting married to a young and handsome husband. Nevertheless, upon recalling about the gossip involving Richard, they felt much better about their situation.

Men are all jerks! They are fake! They are all fake, indeed!

After paying the bill, Richard noticed Sophia, who was sitting all alone in the corner. He smiled gleefully while having an arm around his well-dressed wife to approach the barefaced Sophia.

“Sophia, what a coincidence to run into you here! Xyla and I are having our wedding next month. I’ll send you an invitation to your class if you are available to attend the event.” Richard acted as if he had just noticed Sophia, but in reality, he had already spotted her the moment he entered the room.

Currently, I am just like a prince because I have my successful career, but she is still stuck in poverty!

Xyla lifted her chin up triumphantly like a proud swan when she added, “Richard and I have received our marriage certificate yesterday. Our wedding will be held in November. Sophia, you have to show up!”

In the end, I am the one to become the Harper Family’s Young Mistress! Whereas Sophia is still just an ugly duckling!

Sophia had been chatting with Stanley all along using the phone, and so she answered without even looking up, “Forget it. There’s no reason for me to go. It would just be a waste of cash gift.”

Xyla taunted, “I understand that you wouldn’t be able to afford the cash gift. Don’t worry, because we wouldn’t expect a cash gift from you. How much could you afford anyway? A few hundred? Or 1,000? We don’t need that bit of money anyway! Our wedding ceremony will be held at Bayside City’s most luxurious Westin Hotel. I suppose this would most probably be your only chance in this life to attend such an expensive and premium wedding! It would be such a shame if you can’t attend it!”

Sophia wasn’t even bothered to look up at Xyla. However, suddenly, Gemma brought along two to three Ido shop assistants to her.

One of the shop assistants looked extremely terrified and nervous when she apologized to Sophia profusely. “I’m so sorry, madam. Initially, we have already prepared a VIP payment channel just for you. Nevertheless, due to our carelessness, you had to spend time queueing up. This was our mistake, and I would like to apologize for our oversight. I am truly sorry.”

An important client like Taylor Murray’s wife doesn’t even need to queue up. Nevertheless, who would have expected her to disappear when we were done with preparing her bill? We just couldn’t seem to find her after looking all over the building.

Earlier, when Sophia was mulling over her life choices in the toilet cubicle while listening to the intense lovemaking session next door, the Ido shop assistants were running around in search of her in fear.

At that moment, Sophia stood up and kept her earphones. Then, she smiled warmly at the shop assistant. “No worries. I was using the washroom just now. Sorry that I have alarmed you. We are leaving now if the bill has been settled.”

The other madams seemed unsatisfied when they saw how fearful and respectful the shop assistant was toward Sophia. We are all here to tailor our wedding gowns. Why do some people not have to queue up to pay?

We are all equally wealthy, so how can other people receive special treatment?

However, the shop assistant’s next statement effectively shut everyone up.

“The bill has been settled, and this is the receipt and invoice. The total is 13.143344 million. The order has been sent to Europe. Later, Ido’s chief wedding gown designer, Dave, who is from Europe, will come over to discuss the wedding gown details with you.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 485

The rich ladies were all dumbfounded.

It costs 13.143344 million? Isn’t that even more expensive than the bridal gown of the Harper Family… No, it’s more expensive than the gown of any of our families’! And it’s a door-to-door service provided by the… lead bridal gown designer, Dave?

Sophia reached out her hand and took the receipt before keeping it into her handbag, which she bought for 50 from a street stall.

The rich ladies immediately spotted the unnoticeable ring on her finger—it was actually a wedding ring from ‘The One’ series by Ido. The Ido Company previously officially announced that they had sold a pair of rings with a sky-high price, but they didn’t reveal the purchaser’s identity. It turned out that the buyer was actually this low-profile young lady before their eyes!

Which rich guy is she married to?

Sophia kept the receipt and spoke to the salesperson in a calm tone, “Alright. My husband is usually busy with his work, and he is not at home most of the time. Please inform us in advance when the designer will be visiting so that my husband can make early arrangements for his schedule.”

The salesperson immediately nodded. “Sure. There won’t be any problem from our side with Dave; you can make an appointment with him at any time. It mainly depends on the schedule of you and your husband.”

Sophia replied. “Okay. No worries. We will select a day that’s convenient for everyone.”

The rich ladies, who were watching them, were pissed off. As a renowned bridal gown designer, it was extremely difficult to make an appointment with Dave—even paying him a hefty amount of money couldn’t pull that off. There were rumors that he was fully booked until next year. Therefore, who was that young lady to be able to make an appointment with him at any time?

Nonetheless, everyone was clear of the reason she was able to do that—the diamond ring and the receipt of the bridal gown that cost millions in her hands proved everything!

At that moment, Xyla was stupefied, unable to believe everything she had seen until now.

Isn’t she merely a nanny? Where did she get the money to buy such an expensive diamond ring and bridal gown? No… no! She must have conspired with Ido’s salesperson and deliberately put on a show! A pathetic and poor b*tch like her should just live among the thrash!

All of a sudden, a group of people arrived hurriedly outside the door. A heroic-looking man in military uniform entered the store in large strides.

“Madam, General Fletcher has come to pick you up in person,” Gemma whispered by Sophia’s ear.

Sophia raised her head and looked at Joel and the group of soldiers behind him.

Is there a need for him to make such a grand pomp? Old Master Fletcher actually asked Joel to come and pick me up!

Joel directly uttered, “Come with me. The old man had been talking about you since morning.”

She nodded and politely thanked him. “Thank you, General.”

Joel replied, “We are a family. You can save the courtesy.”

He then turned to leave. His tall figure gradually disappeared from the eyes of the bunch of rich women, and Sophia followed behind him while her bodyguards slowly dispersed as well.

Some time after they had left, one of the rich women had a sudden realization. “Oh, my! Wasn’t the man just now Major General Joel? The Joel from the Fletcher Family, who is the biological grandson of Mark Fletcher!”

The rich women instantly burst into an uproar. Those who knew Joel found the scene earlier unbelievable. A big shot like him actually came in person to pick someone up?

Xyla, who was standing in the middle of the hall, was astounded. She suddenly felt as if she had been given a tight slap on her face; the pain was so intense that it numbed her, and she could feel as if every single cell of her body was throbbing in pain.

Faye and Richard, on the other hand, were contemplating the matter.

Who is she married to? They had initially thought that Sophia was married to an old man, who was an insignificant member of the Fletcher Family. However, her appearance in the film set as Taylor’s nanny had disproved all their speculations, yet the scene today caused her identity to become even more mysterious. Which coal owner is she actually married to?

Faye immediately called home. It turns out that Sophia is really married to a nouveau riche. He must be somebody with a great background to be able to have the General to personally come to pick her up!

Soon, Sophia arrived at the military compound. She was nervous, without any idea on what to say to Old Master Fletcher.

As soon as she arrived, Woody excitedly ran out. “Coop, you are back! You’ve worked hard, haven’t you?”

Seeing that, Mark sighed. Why is Michael able to marry such a young lady? This doesn’t make sense at all! They have an age difference of over ten years! My most perfect plan had been to have Michael’s sister, Celine, marry Cooper, but who could have guessed that she didn’t get to marry Cooper, while Michael ended up marrying Cooper’s daughter! The familial ties are now a huge mess! However, there was nothing he could say when things had reached this point.

“You need to tell me if he doesn’t treat you well! When I’m gone, you can tell my son instead. The entire Fletcher Family will protect you!”

Sophia shrank back and nodded. I wonder who actually is my natal family.

She stayed at the military compound until the evening. After dinnertime, Michael sent someone to pick her up.

Looking at Sophia leaving from Old Master Fletcher’s place, Joel’s deep eyes became dark.

I wonder why that little girl’s face keeps appearing in my mind from time to time. Only God knows how glad I was when I suddenly received the old man’s order to go and pick her up! Why is this happening to me?

“Joel, Old Master Fletcher seems to like this young lady a lot. Who is she?” Irene curiously asked after standing next to Joel for some time. Even she noticed that Old Master Fletcher seemed to treat Sophia differently.

The news that the Old Master had set up a blind date for Sophia with great fanfare had been spread all over within the Fletcher Family, causing everyone to guess her identity.

Could it be that she’s the child of one of Old Master Fletcher’s old friends?

“She’s Michael’s wife,” he replied before turning to leave.

Michael’s… wife? Irene stood there in a daze, thinking about Joel’s answer. That young lady is actually Michael’s wife? The Eddie Fletcher that everyone has been talking about? That’s her? She was suddenly consumed by rage! She’s unworthy to be Michael’s wife! The only person who will make a good match to Michael in this world is me!

As a matter of a fact, Irene had not lost her memories. That was just a tactic she came up with in order to leave Michael!

Years ago, when Michael was still part of the Special Operation Squadron, Old Master Fletcher had high hopes for him. As he was also very talented and had made a lot of remarkable achievements, he was promoted rapidly and had a bright future. If nothing had gone wrong, he would have become the youngest Major General in the history of Cethos. However, after that, he actually left the army in order to give the opportunity to his sister. He intentionally made a mistake that was so huge that even Old Master Fletcher couldn’t help keep him in the army. After he had been discharged, he started acting while studying.

Due to the fact that his mother was a porn star, Michael and his sister’s identities in the Fletcher Family had been extremely sensitive—in fact, a lot of their family members had been clueless about their presence, and they had been ostracized by the elders of the family since young. Therefore, when he had intentionally made a mistake so that he could be discharged from the military, he had lost the qualification to return to the Fletcher main residence. He dared not to even use his real name when he was braving the outside world.

His sister ended up better than he did—her heroic sacrifice brought her honor and the Fletcher Family’s acknowledgement. As for Michael, he was still in college when he was 23! He even debuted in a movie as a newbie and adopted Nathen, who was a burden, after his sister had passed away!

Irene couldn’t see any hope in Michael, and at the same time, Joel, who had a bright future, started to intensely pursue her! Even an idiot would know who would be a better choice!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 486

After an accident, Irene ‘lost her memory’ and forgot about Michael. She then went with the current and finally became Joel’s woman.

After so many years had passed, Joel indeed had a promising future, but she couldn’t feel any love from him, and he had never talked to her about getting married! He had never given her any promise about marriage as well.

To her surprise, Michael was now no longer how he used to be. He had become so successful in the entertainment industry and became someone she looked up to!

I’m now almost 35 years old! I can’t bear to wait any longer! I know that Michael is still in love with me. It’s impossible that he would marry a young lady in her twenties! It must have been because I didn’t answer his feelings for so long, and that woman happened to have used some tricks to get him to marry her!

A bold idea had been lingering in her mind for a very long time…

After Sophia returned home, she was informed about a dumbfounding news the next morning she woke up—Old Madam Murray and Joe had a fight at the door!

She accidentally revealed her wealth at Ido’s custom bridal gown store yesterday, so Faye quickly went home and told Joe about it, causing Joe, who had been quiet for a long time, to come to the housing area of The Imperial, yelling and cursing.

Sophia watched the security footage that was taken at the door.

In the footage, Joe and Old Madam Murray arrived at the door almost simultaneously.

Joe brought Faye and a few buff men, while Old Madam Murray brought Olivia and a few bodyguards; a precious young lady like Natasha definitely would not come to such a disgraceful occasion.

Old Madam Murray scolded, “Taylor Murray, you ingrate b*stard! Come out now! Come out!”

Joe cursed, “Sophia Edwards, you damned girl who disowned your family! Come out now! Come out!”

The roars made the two of them immediately find something both of them had in common.

Old Madam Murray looked at Joe. “Who are you?”

Joe glared at her. “My daughter is the Madam from Villa No.8 in The Imperial. My son-in-law is the owner of the property here!”

She had a sinister smile. “You are talking nonsense. The owner of Villa No.8 is my grandson, Taylor Murray!”

He blew up at the spot. “You are the one talking nonsense! My son-in-law is living in Villa No.8 !”

She asked, “What’s your son-in-law’s name?”

He replied, “My son-in-law’s surname is Fletcher! The same Fletcher as our country’s Founding Father—Mark Fletcher!”

Without the intention to continue quarrelling with him, she hit her walking cane on the ground and coldly uttered, “Sophia Edwards is your daughter? The b*tch who is the cause that no one will inherit the surname of the Murray Family in the future? Since you are her father, you must give an explanation to the Murray Family today!”

“Who knows who you are? Get lost! Don’t interrupt me from trying to get to know my son-in-law!”

“I’m going to tear your mouth!”

Therefore, the two groups of people exchanged a few blows with each other, and in the end, they could only back down.

After making a scene at the door for two days, Michael refused to even meet Old Madam Murray, and the bodyguards refused to let her in. Finally, she decided not to go to his door anymore but to hold a press conference instead.

During the press conference, she sobbed and wept while saying how difficult it had been for her to raise her daughter, how difficult Elizabeth’s life had been, and how heartbroken she was when Elizabeth passed away. In the end, she indignantly accused that Taylor was unfilial to her and neglected the Murray Family; he even stopped her from entering his housing area!

Meanwhile, the Mitchell Family began to slander Taylor on the Internet. All previous slanderous news about him had been groundless accusations, but the news now were all actual facts.

An actual weakness could easily destroy anyone in the entertainment industry, even if it was merely a weakness which would give no effect to people with ordinary lives.

There had once been an incredibly famous female celebrity, who had been well-known all over South-East Asia, but her mother was a drug addict, who kept asking money from her to buy drugs. It had become so unbearable for her that she announced to cut ties with her mother.

Regardless of the reasons she had decided to cut ties with her mother, it was unfilial of her to do so. Hence, she was condemned by everyone and was forced to leave the industry. Although she had decided to return to the industry, the past incident had given such a devastating blow to her career to the point that no one could recognize her even if she stood in the streets.

The ending of said diva was Taylor’s future fate!

However, the Mitchell Family didn’t burn their bridges; they left him some leeway to clean up his image. They were planning to wait for Taylor to give in to them before immediately making preparation to save his reputation.

At the same time, The Imperial Management Studio kept receiving bad news.

“There’s a problem with the review of ‘Doctor Invincible’, and it can’t be released on time. Besides, the director of the documentary film wishes to make an appointment with you to discuss something. I think that he wants to talk to you about changing the actor.

Also, someone from the film set of ‘War Dragon’ accused that you used a lot of stuntmen and lifecasting. You had over 30 stuntmen for a movie. The voices of resistance online are very loud, and all of them are forcing you to retire from the entertainment industry,” Hale reported.

Michael had been resting at home for these few days. He had been working out, sleeping, reading, and working in his study.

He had also read the news in the past few days. He knew that the Mitchell Family was forcing him to give in to them—they had had Old Madam Murray ruin his reputation, while the Mitchell Family tried to oppress him in many ways, attempting to destroy his career as an actor.

He was condemned by the public within only two days, and the accusation of him being unfilial almost ended his career as an actor—unless he gave in to the Mitchell Family.

Unfortunately, Taylor seemed to be at a loss for words. He didn’t reply to the comments and pretended to not know about it. He merely silently watched on as the Mitchells and Murrays took their actions. Meanwhile, there were people even more anxious than he was.

After handling some business in the study, he went downstairs to the dining room to have a meal. Nathan was the only person in the dining room, together with a bunch of chubby ginger cats that were scrambling for cat food.

“Where’s your mother? Shouldn’t she have gone to school with you?”

Nathan was eating as he answered, “She has gone to the office to work overtime.”

After having some food, Michael asked Maria to pack up some food in a thermal food container before personally taking it to Sophia.

At the same time, it was as bright as day in Stanley’s office.

The few experienced employees from the company’s advertising and marketing department were still working overtime.

Sweating profusely, Sophia tied up her hair and revealed her oily forehead. She paced up and down in the office while giving out orders.

“Taylor is our company’s sponsor, so we need to help him when he is in trouble. This is the time we prove ourselves useful! Little Kitten, I’ve sent you videos of Taylor when he was on the film set. Those were videos personally taken by me. Edit the video and extract a few scenes that are able to prove that he didn’t use any stuntmen and make them into short clips in GIF format before sending them to Sean.

Stan, I’ve sent you the documents regarding James taking drugs and Olivia smoking marijuana to lose weight. Organize them into a long picture and send it to Sean.

Sean, after you receive the documents, distribute them to different ghostwriters according to their groups—send the GIF documents to Group 1 and 2, and they will be responsible of the slanderous news about Taylor using stuntmen and lifecasting, and then send the embarrassing news about the Murray Family to Group 3 and 4.

Put out some unimportant rumors first as a warm-up, and we will go in full swing once the police start to take actions. Zach, write a post that summarizes all the criminal records of the Murray Family to remind the netizens that Taylor is still the anti-drug ambassador.

This will lead everyone to believe that the Murray Family held a press conference to reprimand Taylor because they were furious and embarrassed that their outrageous requests were rejected by Taylor. Max, I’ve submitted all the criminal records and evidence to the police.

Remember to keep in touch with the police so that you can get the latest news. Logan, you will be in-charge of contacting Taylor’s fan group and sending them the relevant information in time.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 487

As soon as Michael stepped in with food in his hand, that was the first thing he saw. He couldn’t help but feel pleased and gratified to see Sophia bustling around for his sake. At the same time, guilt flooded his heart because it wasn’t a big deal for him, but it was a massive deal for Sophia.

According to their years of experience dealing with Glory Entertainment’s team, Sophia and the others drew up a comprehensive public relation plan in no time. Suddenly, Stanley asked, “Should we mention my granduncle’s sacrifice?”

Back then, Michael’s father was sacrificed during a mission to seize drugs. If this was revealed to the public, coupled with the news that James and Olivia took drugs, the Murray Family would be seen as extremely guilty. By that time, no matter what Taylor did to them, it wouldn’t seem outrageous.

Sophia rejected without hesitation. “No, we cannot mention it regardless of what happens.”

Theo’s sacrifice was glorious but it was Michael’s pain too. Therefore, Sophia would avoid bringing this up no matter what.

“Still working overtime?” Suddenly, Michael burst in, startling everyone in the office. He appeared in a casual attire with a cap, looking extremely laid-back and amiable.

Despite knowing that Michael was their investor, only a handful of people in the company had met him so everyone was stunned at that moment. Perhaps they were too shocked that a huge celebrity suddenly paid them a visit.

After he came in, a few more men followed closely behind and they were carrying bags of takeaway crawfish. All at once, the office table was piled up with food.

“All of you must be exhausted from working overtime. Grab some food before continuing your work. Dinner is on me!” Michael said as he walked in and patted Stanley’s shoulder.

Only then did everyone regain their senses from the shock of meeting the legendary idol. With a cheer, they gathered around to grab some crawfish. While everyone was devouring the crawfish, no one realized that a food container appeared in Sophia’s hand. It was brought by Lord Michael himself!

Feeling as excited as the rest, Sophia was overwhelmed with gratitude so she swore that she wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her man! After everyone demolished the food, they continued to work enthusiastically. Even Michael took his laptop and worked in the office.

Since Sophia worked so hard for his sake, he felt that he couldn’t stand idly anymore so he informed the relevant department from Imperial Management Studio to cooperate with Sophia. Then, he indolently made a few calls and dredged the way that the Mitchell Family tried to block.

Since ‘Doctor Invincible’ failed to pass the review, he resubmitted it for another review. Besides, the Murrays denounced him as an unfilial son so he might as well be the informer and send them to prison.

After all, Larry evaded taxes and utilized illegal measures to suppress his competitors, while James was a drug addict and was even involved in a few intentional injury cases and a murder case.

Even Olivia took marijuana in an attempt to lose weight but she unfortunately got addicted and became a drug dealer. All of them had to reap what they sowed.

Even after everything was settled, no one went home. Instead, they sat together to play a few rounds of ‘Swordsman Game’. Since it was a gaming company, the employees were experienced gamers; naturally, they were experts in ‘Swordsman Game’. With Scary Phoenix as their leader, they passed every stage with glory and played through the night.

The next day, Michael personally brought the relevant information to the police station in order to report the Murray Family. He even informed the reporters to cover the news.

Meanwhile at Mitchell Residence, Natasha was waiting for Taylor to yield. After all, he was driven into a corner and there was no way out. Therefore, his only option was to give in to the Mitchell Family.

In the living room of Mitchell Residence, Old Madam Murray arrived with Larry in tow. He had just been discharged from the hospital, and was hoping to discuss the date for Natasha and Taylor’s wedding.

“My dear in-laws, Taylor and Natasha’s wedding should be held as soon as possible. I think the first day of the next month is an auspicious date, so let’s hold it then!” Larry suggested cheerfully.

“The first it is! First is a great date and if we miss this date, we’ll have to wait for the next year. I’m sure both of our families can’t wait for another year!” Old Madam Murray quickly chimed in. They couldn’t wait for Taylor to marry into the Mitchell Family.

Natasha stood to one side, seeming extremely shy. She didn’t expect that she would marry Taylor so soon. On the other hand, Alex wasn’t so fond of the Murray Family. For him, families like the Murrays didn’t deserve to be his in-laws.

However, Natasha loved Taylor and everyone knew that she had already slept with him. Therefore, Alex had no choice but to agree unwillingly, “Alright then. It’ll be on the first.”

After the wedding date was fixed, everyone was overjoyed and all that was left to do now was wait for Taylor’s concession, which they believed would happen soon. After all, Taylor had no other choice now.

He finally got to where he was today after so many years of painstaking effort but the Mitchell Family could destroy all his achievements with just a snap of their fingers. Therefore, he had no other option but to give in.

Currently, Sean and the other Mitchells were present as well. Upon fixing the wedding date, many of them felt unhappy but this was the only speedy resolution to redeem the Mitchell Family’s reputation. Only Sean was smiling, not uttering a word.

Suddenly, someone from the concierge reported, “Old Master, Old General Fletcher from the Fletcher Family is here!”

Upon hearing that, Alex immediately asked, “Which Old General Fletcher?” Even the Mitchells cast the concierge a sideways glance.

“The Founding Father, Mark Fletcher!” the concierge replied.

Mark Fletcher! Upon hearing that name, everyone in the Mitchell Family was stupefied. Why did that old man come here? Although the Mitchell Family and the Fletcher Family were on friendly terms, their relationship was way back in the past.

As the saying went, ‘the first generation might be as close as a family but with each new generation, they might not even recognise each other even if they met face-to-face.’ Especially after Cooper passed away, they completely stopped contacting each other. So why did Old Master Fletcher come?

Despite feeling suspicious, Alex told everyone, “Old Master Fletcher has always liked Natasha. Perhaps he came personally to congratulate her after he heard that her wedding will be happening soon.”

Everyone was elated, especially the Murray Family, who were feeling smug. The Mitchell Family is a distinguished family after all. Even the Founding Father came personally to congratulate us. How honorable and flattering! Marrying into the Mitchell Family is such an honorable deed. Why can’t Taylor, that b*stard, understand? When he finally realizes, he will definitely feel grateful to me! thought Old Madam Murray.

At the same time, Natasha was overflowing with happiness too. She was surprised that Old Master Fletcher would pay them a visit for her marriage, which showed that he sincerely liked her! She had never expected to receive such benefits from sending Woody to the military compound to live his life in retirement.

It wasn’t long before Mark arrived. He walked in briskly and as someone who was close to one hundred, he didn’t look old or frail at all. He even participated in marathons every year and walked with springy and light steps.

Old Master Fletcher wasn’t here alone. Following closely behind was a group of people, including Joel who was in military uniform and standing to Old Master Fletcher’s left, while Stanley stood on his right in army uniform. Not to mention Sophia, and a large troop of soldiers in uniforms, came with Old Master Fletcher too.

As one of the founding generals, Mark was once the marshal of the ground forces. Even if he was retired now, he was still a well-respected figure in the military.

He never liked to appear in ostentation or extravagance and would always disguise himself as a retired worker when signing up for the marathon every year. But today, he intentionally displayed his marshal’s magnificent appearance. Immediately, Alex and Natasha went to greet him.

Old Master Fletcher sat down without a word while glaring maliciously at Alex. On both of his sides, troops of soldiers stood in an imposing manner. All at once, the atmosphere was overcast.

Olivia spotted Sophia immediately and whispered to Old Madam Murray, “She’s the b*tch who wounded James!”

So she was the culprit! For a traditional family like the Murray Family, having offspring was everyone’s most important duty and stopping that would be equivalent to killing them!

Anger seared through Old Madam Murray’s heart, causing her wrinkled face to tremble but she suppressed it because there was a significant figure at the scene. She would just wait for him to leave before dealing with Sophia. However, why would Sophia come such a significant figure?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 488

The arrival of Old Master Fletcher changed the whole atmosphere. With a troop of soldiers inside and an even larger troop of soldiers outside, the Mitchell Residence was completely surrounded. Meanwhile, Old Madam Murray, who was discussing the wedding date with Alex earlier, was asked to step to the side.

Old Master Fletcher sat on a sofa while a row of men and women in military uniforms stood at attention behind him as they stared fiercely at the Mitchells, rendering Alex and the others too afraid to even speak. Although Old Master Fletcher was almost a hundred years old, he was healthy and strong. Sitting upright, his aura was intimidating. In order to exhibit her status, Natasha sat beside him, acting obedient and meek.

Finally, Alex broke the silence and asked reverently, “Old Master Fletcher, we’re truly honored that you came to our humble abode. May I know the purpose of your visit?”

Looking at Alex, Old Master Fletcher asked in a cold tone, “It seems like the Mitchell Residence is bustling with activity today. What are all of you busy doing?”

Before Alex could answer, Natasha had replied shyly, “Old Master Fletcher, my father and the elders are discussing my wedding to Taylor.”

Upon hearing that, Old Master Fletcher snorted. “Really? Taylor? Which Taylor?”

Tilting her head, Natasha smiled innocently as she murmured, “Taylor Murray! He’s an actor. Although he isn’t quite worthy of the Mitchell Family judging from his qualifications, I love him and that’s what matters the most. Therefore, my father agreed to our marriage in the end.”

Upon hearing that, Mark laughed, and so did Sophia. Even a faint smirk appeared on Joel’s aloof face. Sophia commented, “True. Taylor isn’t worthy of the Mitchell Family and it’s a pity that you have to marry him. Since you’re not happy with the marriage, why would you even want to marry him?” As Sophia said that, the atmosphere became even stiffer.

Anger started to spike in Alex as he saw that an unrefined girl had the audacity to talk rudely in front of the Mitchells. Just as Alex was about to speak, Mark forestalled him, “Since it’s a discussion on their wedding, why isn’t the groom or the groom’s family here?”

Natasha discreetly shot daggers at Sophia before replying to Mark, “Old Master Fletcher, Taylor can’t make it because of his busy schedule, but his grandmother and uncle are here.”

Immediately, Old Madam Murray, Larry and Olivia stepped forward, bowing and scraping to Mark. “Old General Fletcher, this is Taylor’s grandmother and uncle.” Natasha introduced them to Mark before continuing, “Taylor’s parents passed away when he was young so his grandmother will be in charge of his marriage.”

Snorting, Mark glanced at Old Madam Murray before he sneered, “It’s certainly news to me that my grandson has a grandmother and an uncle!”

Mark’s grandson? All at once, everyone’s expression changed. Why did Mark mention his grandson all of a sudden? Surprised and bewildered, Alex asked, “Old Master Fletcher, your grandson is…”

“My grandson is Michael Fletcher!” Old Master Fletcher looked rather proud when he said that name.

Michael Fletcher? The Mitchells looked at each other. Then and there, they recalled a young collateral relative of the Mitchell Family, Justin Mitchell, who married Mark’s most beloved granddaughter, Celine Fletcher, a few years ago. Sadly, both of them passed away later on. Celine had a twin brother Michael Fletcher, and he was Mark’s grandson. Unfortunately, no one had ever met him. Even Celine’s wedding was a lowkey affair so no one had ever seen her brother. But why did Old Master Fletcher suddenly bring him up?

Looking at the crowd, Old Master Fletcher proudly announced, “My grandson, Michael Fletcher, is the winner for the Academy Award for Best Actor, and his stage name is Taylor Murray.”

All at once, there was an uproar. It turned out that Taylor was Mark’s grandson, Celine’s brother, and the one who adopted Justin’s child?

Mark didn’t spare a second for the crowd to calm down before displaying his dignity of a Founding Father as he said in an irrefutable tone, “I object to this marriage!” His tone was powerful and resounding, leaving no leeway of discussion for the Mitchell Family.

Alex and Natasha’s face turned pale at once. They had no idea that Taylor was actually Michael Fletcher, Mark’s grandson! It was evident that Mark loved his grandson deeply since he, who was almost a hundred years old, was willing to pay them a visit in person! And they… tried to force the Fletcher Family into a marriage!

In just a blink of an eye, Alex was drenched in sweat. Not to mention Natasha, whose face turned ghastly pale in an instant. But soon, her expression softened as she smiled and said, “Old Master Fletcher, I didn’t know that Taylor is your grandson. Nevertheless, you came just right in time because Taylor and I have decided to get married.”

Unexpectedly, Mark didn’t even bother to listen to their explanation and stood up to leave without hesitation. With a strong, healthy body and in steady steps, he strode off. As soon as he left, the large troops of soldiers that he brought here went away like the receding tide, leaving behind the dumbfounded Mitchells.

Natasha was stunned and stood rooted to the spot, not to mention Alex, who didn’t even dare to make a sound. Meanwhile, Mark seemed extremely angry. Even so, there was one who wasn’t afraid for their life and ran after him.

“Oh, my dear in-law!” Old Madam Murray must have been the happiest among everyone else. Only now did she learn that Elizabeth was married into the Fletcher Family back then. In that case, they didn’t even have to establish any relationship with the Fletchers because they were already a family!

Her steps staggering, Old Madam Murray chased after Mark but before she got any nearer to him, she was stopped by Joel and Stanley. Then, Mark turned back to look at Old Madam Murray and said bluntly, “We, the Murrays, are unworthy of a family who sold their own daughter to that dirty business!”

Old Madam Murray stopped all at once. Her face pale, she squeezed out a smile and said, “We’re in-laws after all, so we should just let the past be the past.”

Unexpectedly, Mark ignored her and left Mitchell Residence without a second glance. For Mark, this was his first meeting with Elizabeth’s family but he could understand why she’d rather abandon her children and leave this world back then.

In the past when Theo brough Elizabeth to meet Mark for the first time, Mark was actually fond of her because she was a polite, dauntless girl, who was worthy of Theo. However, the Fletcher Family couldn’t accept the blot on her. If she was from a better family and was a common girl, things would be different. Therefore, Mark wouldn’t show a hint of kindness or politeness to the Murray Family.

Naturally, Old Madam Murray wouldn’t give up on this marriage after finding out that Michael had such a strong background so she persistently called out to Mark. Unfortunately, he didn’t even spare her a glance.

Once Mark left, two police cars immediately stopped in front of the door. Then, a few policemen got down from the car and barged into Mitchell Residence, showing their credentials to Olivia. “Are you Olivia Murray? Someone reported that you gathered crowds to take drugs and are involved in drug trafficking. You even take in the other drug abusers. Please come with us to the police station.”

“Larry Murray, someone reported your tax evasion, so please come with us too.”

Upon hearing that, Olivia and Larry shuddered uncontrollably. Old Master Fletcher came and left hurriedly but even after he left, his dignity that was emitted from deep within his soul lingered around, leaving everyone in the Mitchell Residence’s living room suffocating under the tremendous pressure.

Suddenly, Alex lost all his strength and plopped onto the chair, his eyes glazed. At the same time, Natasha looked ghastly pale as the scene where Mark walked past her without showing any mercy kept replaying in her mind. It was evident that Mark had found out everything they did to Taylor and he was enraged.

With sounds of police sirens, the Mitchells were brought away, leaving behind a room of silence. For a long time, Alex and the elders couldn’t even say a word.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 489

n the end, their plan fell through. Suddenly, Sean’s sarcastic remark broke the silence. “I’ve told you since the beginning that you’ll only bring misfortune to the Mitchell Family if you do this.”

All the Mitchells sank into a long silence. Judging from Mark’s earlier tone, it was obvious that he was genuinely enraged. Indeed, Sean had reminded them from the very beginning but the Mitchells were too full of themselves.

They thought that Taylor was just a mere actor, but it turned out that he was Mark’s grandson. Wouldn’t that mean…

“Dismissed!” Alex shouted.

At once, everyone left in dejection. Even Natasha had to be supported by others as she left. When she walked away, she couldn’t even straighten her body since all her energy was drained. How did this happen? How could the perfect plan end up this way when it was already at its final step?

After that incident, the Mitchell Family’s reputation was tarnished, especially Alex’s personal reputation, which dropped to rock-bottom. Because of that, all the Mitchells started to search for Cooper with everything they had. Right now, Alex had completely put aside Natasha’s issue because a bigger threat of his would soon return.

Initially, Michael wasn’t planning to expose the news that Cooper was still alive. However, what Natasha did completely annoyed Sophia so she had to leak out that news. In that case, Alex and Natasha would be busy fending themselves. Naturally, it was easier for the Mitchells to locate Cooper than an outsider like Michael. As Cooper’s ex-subordinate, Sean and his uncles were the main force who were searching for him.

At the same time, Sean took the opportunity to enter the Mitchell’s confidential vault and found classified information about Cooper, including the identity of Cooper’s mother. The origin of Cooper’s mother was a mystery. Throughout Woody’s life, he had two wives and his first wife stayed by him from his youth until he reached his middle age. She passed away due to illness when Woody was fifty.

Since then, Woody sank into despondency for a few years before he married a girl of a different race from overseas. No one knew who she was and Woody had never revealed her identity.

Since Woody was already in his fifties, his family didn’t poke their nose into his marriage. Later on, that girl gave birth to a pair of twins but unfortunately, the daughter died prematurely whereas the son was Cooper. Cooper’s mother was Sean’s main focus in his investigation.

After Sophia came back from Mitchell Residence, she spent most of her time working and intensively devising a series of plans to clear Michael’s vilification. The first step was to expose the news that Michael personally went to the public security bureau to report the Murrays, in hopes of stirring up a discussion. After the public security bureau completed their investigation, they would need to issue a notice immediately.

In the past, Taylor rarely became an ambassador but he had filmed a few public service announcements. On top of that, he was the anti-drug ambassador of Cethos and had publicly stated his detestation toward all kinds of drugs on several occasions.

Therefore, it was only natural for him to report the Murray siblings because they committed drug abuse and trafficking. It not only seemed reasonable, he also gained a lofty image of placing righteousness above family loyalty as well, putting him under the halo of an anti-drug ambassador.

On the contrary, Old Madam Murray’s humiliation during the press conference was deliberately fabricated as an action done out of her anger because Taylor insisted to report the Murray siblings for drug abuse. Once this was revealed, Michael’s personal reputation was redeemed in no time and it even rose to its peak.

‘Sending love to our idol for the grievance he received this time.’

‘As expected, what you see on the surface might be fake. Every time our idol feels aggrieved, he’ll never say anything.’

‘In the future, I won’t trust any negative news about Taylor!’

‘Did all of you forget that our idol donated a national treasure not long ago?’

Browsing through the comments on the internet, Sophia was overjoyed. Finally, she saved her idol again and she couldn’t be prouder. Not only did her sense of achievement grow, the wedding ring on her finger seemed to shine even brighter as well. Right now, Taylor’s popularity had risen to its peak and all kinds of news about him almost overtook the Internet.

‘Scary Phoenix has arrived: Taylor confirmed to act in ‘Swordsman’, the adapted film with the same title!’

‘Taylor’s team held a press conference today and announced the launching of the film ‘Imperial Seal’!’

‘‘Doctor Invincible’ has officially confirmed its release date and pre-sale is highly sought-after.’

This time, the Mitchell Family no longer dared to stir up any trouble. Not only that, they spent a large amount of money on public relations to boost news about Taylor, trying to avert the public’s attention from Natasha so that her issue could be soon glossed over.

The internet was bombarded with news and the public loved reading fragmented information. Therefore, they would readily accept all kinds of news and similarly, they could easily forget them.

A person could become a popular internet celebrity within twelve hours and could fade from the public’s mind within the same amount of time. All news about Natasha had been deleted from the internet when the public’s attention was all on Taylor and gradually, Natasha was forgotten by the people.

On the other hand, Michael finally found out that Mark paid a visit to the Mitchell Family that day, even though everyone tried to conceal it from him.

“Grandpa, you don’t have to concern yourself over my issues. I can take care of myself,” Michael said over a phone call to Mark. Although he said that, he was extremely touched in his heart. Finally, Mark personally acknowledged Michael’s identity.

Although it was only in front of the Mitchells, he undeniably admitted it. It was quite a miracle for Mark to openly admit that his son married Elizabeth and even had a child together.

As Mark thought about what happened that day, he was still angry. “If they aren’t from that stupid old man’s family, I would’ve… Ah—forget it. What an annoying incident!”

Meanwhile, Woody was sitting off to one side, watching the television. That extremely popular internet celebrity that looked like Cooper, who rose to fame due to Sophia and Sean’s support, was now signed with a talent agency. It seemed like he would be debuting soon.

Looking at that fake Cooper, Woody tilted his head to observe him closely. Then, he tugged hard at Mark’s sleeve. “Look, that person looks so much like Coop!”

While speaking on the phone, Mark glanced at television and realized that the person indeed resembled Cooper. At least, he looked much more like Cooper than Sophia did. But when Woody saw Sophia, he recognized her right away whereas that person was just someone who looked alike. Perhaps that was the power of blood relationship.

Looking at Woody, Mark couldn’t help but think of the Mitchell Family. The Mitchell Family could enjoy what they had today all because Woody built them a solid foundation and Cooper developed it, which at last grew and prospered. However, Alex and that bunch of people ruined it!

Sighing, Mark said to Michael, “They are your father-in-law’s family after all, so we should avoid clashing with them.”

Michael didn’t elaborate on the topic regarding the Mitchell Family. Similar to Mark, he didn’t want to clash with the Mitchell Family either. Instead, he was planning to take over the Mitchell Family!

After hanging up the call, Michael walked into the room with his phone, only to realise that Sophia hadn’t returned and was currently chatting enthusiastically with Linus through a video call in the study.

Silently, Michael peeped through the slit by the door. In the video call, Linus looked as tender as a child. From his perspective, his face was too young, almost like a child.

Meanwhile, Nathan was sitting on Sophia’s lap and Linus spotted him when he popped his head in front of the screen.

“Who’s that?” Linus asked curiously, to which Sophia answered, “He’s my—”

“She’s my cousin!”

Since Michael doesn’t like western cuisine, perhaps Sophia likes it, thought Nathan while he looked at the handsome and angelic-looking Linus on the screen.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 490

Upon hearing that, Michael felt like punching something. It hadn’t been two days since Nathan’s living cost was increased to 1,000 per month, but his ego had started to grow yet again. How wonderful.

Sophia burst out laughing while pinching Nathan’s tender cheeks and rolling them back and forth like dough, her eyes full of affection. This kid must have been itching for a spanking again! “He’s just joking! He’s my son and I’m his stepmother.”

Linus was astonished. “You’ve gotten married at such a young age?”

Sophia nodded. “Yeah. I’ve been married for two years. Other than being old, my husband is the best. I even got a free son.”

Michael was speechless. Not long after, Sophia had unleashed her fun side in the game. She logged onto Michael’s game account ‘Scary Phoenix’ and started to show off in front of Linus.

“Linus, let me lead you in the game. This is my man’s game account and I’ve borrowed it from him.”

Michael went to his study as well and in just a few minutes, ‘Call Me Taylor’ logged onto ‘Swordsman Game’. Without saying a word, he requested to join Sophia’s team.

On the other end, Sophia knew why he had come. What a petty man, she thought. He just had to be on his guard although she was purely chatting with Linus to train her language skills. And so, Sophia, Linus, Michael and Nathan teamed up to start the game.

Meanwhile, ‘Swordsman’ was confirmed to be released as a film with the same title. In the past, many fans of games absolutely abhorred the idea of adapting a game into a film, because the film would normally be ruined and none of the actors could satisfy the fan’s expectations. However, when news that Taylor Murray would be acting in ‘Swordsman’ spread, the gamers rejoiced. With an ever popular actor of the film industry portraying the heroic character which everyone admired in ‘Swordsman Game’, it was bound to be a perfect production!

‘Swordsman Game’ was the top-notch game in Cethos and it inevitably followed the trend and was adapted into a film. Even so, the game’s fans fervently anticipated for it. In their eyes, no one in this world other than Taylor could meet their expectations for the character. Hence today, as soon as Scary Phoenix appeared, the game burst into an uproar.

There was a function in the game that allowed the gamers to like and send flowers to the other gamers. Therefore, wherever Scary Phoenix went, he was showered in flowers. Every time Scary Phoenix went online, the whole server would be shaken. Within seconds, No. 1 Beast of the Server, Snow Fox and Dragon Belle Warrior came to ride on his coattails.

When everyone had formed a team, Stanley realized that there was a stranger present.

Snow Fox: ‘Hello newcomer. Who are you?’

Scary Phoenix: ‘This is my friend, Linus. He’s a young man imported from the African grasslands and he’s extremely handsome, but you’re not allowed to swing the other way!’

Outside the game, Sean and Harry gasped, “What?”

Could it be Linus Michel? How did the two of them know each other? When they noticed that ‘Call Me Taylor’ hadn’t spoken a word since the beginning, everyone decided to shut their mouth and started to clear the monsters as a team.

Since Michael hadn’t involved Stanley in locating Cooper, Stanley didn’t know much about Linus. He was just curious about the person who had suddenly appeared so he asked, “Where did you come from and who are you to play games with Sophia?”

Sophia seemed to be unaware of everyone’s strange looks. She even set up a Messenger gaming group and added Stanley, Sean, Michael, Sarah, Linus and Harry. Herself included, there were seven of them. Instinctively, Michael tapped into Linus’s profile from the list and found that he was indeed Linus Michel! What a strange fate that both of them got to know each other!

Unexpectedly, before the game started, a stranger suddenly requested to join the team. The player’s account name was Nat. Looking at that account, the look on everyone’s face became odd. Despite remaining silent, Scary Phoenix accepted her into the team.

After Natasha joined the team, she appeared in front of everyone. This time, she had changed into an expensive game outfit again and was dressed up like an angel. Pitifully, she walked over to them and they could sense the coquettishness from her even from behind the screen.

Nat: ‘Taylor, I’m sorry but I didn’t expect that things would turn out this way…’ After Natasha snuck out that day, she was kidnapped and the Mitchell Family had to pay an exorbitant ransom to get her back. Now, she was grounded at home. She even tried to call Michael but he didn’t answer her call. Fortunately, she knew that he would log into the game so she waited for him in the game. As expected, she saw Michael turn up.

It was only now that she knew his true identity. He was Michael Fletcher, not Taylor Murray, and she realized how childish she had acted previously.

‘Taylor…’ Natasha typed.

But he replied, ‘Sorry, but I’m his wife.’

His wife again? Upon seeing that, Natasha felt annoyed but it wasn’t long before a malicious smile appeared on her face. She had always thought that Eddie had a powerful backing, hence why Michael had hesitated and refused to be with her.

Now, it seemed like Eddie wasn’t the one with a powerful backing but Michael. Currently, the Mitchell Family was displeased with what she and her father did. For the very first time, she felt pressured and it intensified when they found that Cooper was still alive. However, she had other solutions and her target remained the same—she wanted Michael!

The Mitchells were extremely displeased back then when Celine married Justin. They weren’t unhappy about Celine, but they were mad because Justin didn’t deserve her. After all, she was Mark’s most beloved granddaughter but she married an outsider from the collateral family of the Mitchells. According to Celine’s status, Cooper, who was the head of the family back then, should be the one that matched well with her.

Even Old Master Fletcher was extremely unsatisfied. Initially, he planned for Celine to marry Cooper but unexpectedly, she insisted on marrying Justin. That just showed how much Mark favored that pair of siblings. Later on, Cooper was the one who stepped out and helped to bring the marriage to fruition. Therefore, if Natasha managed to marry Michael in the end, the Mitchell Family would finally establish a connection with the Fletcher Family! By that time, who from the Mitchell Family would dare to question her father and her?

Besides, Natasha still had a trump card up her sleeve. Giving up halfway was never an option in her world and after all the effort that she spent, she definitely would not give up. She must marry Michael—it was her long-cherished dream as well as her only solution now!

Smiling, she typed on the keyboard and Sophia soon saw a wordy message from Natasha.

‘I’m sorry, Mrs. Murray. What happened that night was all my fault. I accidentally fell into the Murray Family’s trap, causing the misunderstanding to happen between me and Taylor… I know that you’re not on friendly terms with the Murrays and I initially planned to mediate things between you and the Murray Family. Unexpectedly, the Murrays forced Taylor to divorce you and even vilified him. To protect his reputation, I had no choice but to hold a press conference. I am truly guilty for that, but I only see Taylor as my brother.’

After sending the lengthy text, Natasha waited for Sophia’s reply. That night, the fact that she slept with Michael was undoubtedly true. As long as that incident existed, a bomb would always be ticking between Michael and this b*tch.

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