My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 431-440

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 431

The director was exasperated because a good shot was ruined just like this, so he snarled, “One more take!”

As the scene was reshot, Nicole also had to crawl and yell again.

“Sis, please leave immediately! Otherwise, I will kill you—Oops, sorry! I said it wrong!” It was Olivia who said the wrong line as she hurriedly apologized. However, there was a tinge of glee behind her gaze after her prank was successful.

Left without a choice, the scene had to be reshot.

Nicole lay down on the ground and repeated her part. Unfortunately, the supporting actresses kept making mistakes in the following takes.

After crawling and yelling for a few times, Nicole’s voice became hoarse, and her skin started bleeding. Nevertheless, she still did her best no matter how many times she had to repeat doing her part.

Watching on the side, Sophia’s eyebrows knitted together as she was anxious.

These people are obviously pulling a prank on Nicole. When will this scene ever be completed? Her voice is hoarse, and her limbs are bleeding. If this prank keeps going on, how are we going to move on to the next scene?

Since the shot was unsuccessful, the director told everyone to take a rest and continue later.

Sophia and the assistant quickly passed a bottle of water to Nicole and held out an umbrella for her.

Upon a closer look, Nicole was injured all over her body. Even when she was saying thanks to Sophia, her voice was gravelly.

Meanwhile, the supporting actresses were laughing at how laughable Nicole was now.

Sophia shot a stern look at the supporting actresses, who stared back at her fearlessly as they had never taken Sophia seriously.

Xyla was especially elated. Knowing that Nicole and Sophia were close to each other, she deliberately made life difficult for Nicole.

On the other hand, Sophia was powerless to deal with Xyla.

As one of the supporting actresses, Olivia was delighted that Nicole, the female lead who had come from nowhere, was targeted.

On the matter of dealing with Nicole, Xyla and Olivia were on the same side.

Meanwhile, the director had gone to another site to direct a more important scene, so only the deputy director remained there.

All of these supporting actresses were the relatives of the director and the investors, so the deputy director didn’t have the courage to offend them. Without a choice, he begged them to do their best.

However, Xyla wasn’t flustered at all because most of the female lead’s scenes were not hard to shoot. Even if she pulled a prank on Nicole for two days, it wouldn’t slow down the progress. I’m definitely going to do it again later.

Just when the supporting actresses were discussing how to mess with the female lead, Sophia appeared behind them and persuaded in a low voice, “Stop it. This isn’t a place where you should make a fuss. If you keep doing this, you will slow down the progress.”

Understanding what Sophia was trying to say, Xyla reapplied make-up on her face and replied lightly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ve been doing our best for the drama.”

Olivia chimed in, “I’ve been in this field for years, so I know what I’m doing. With so many people taking part in the same scene, there are bound to be mistakes. What’s wrong? Does the pampered female lead have a problem with it?”

With that, all of them shifted their attention to Nicole. During the break, most people were having drinks and chatting under umbrellas, but Nicole alone was pacing around and memorizing her lines seriously.

Without saying a word, Sophia turned to leave in a fury.

After that, one supporting actress said bitterly, “Who is that walk-on? She’s so arrogant. Will she make a complaint?”

Hearing that, Olivia put on a disdainful and arrogant expression. As the most experienced actress among the cast, even the director had to give in to her. Watching Sophia leave, she said to the other actresses in a loud voice, “I’ve found out about it. She’s just the housekeeper of my cousin, and she was lying to everyone that she’s Taylor’s cousin. Haha, Taylor exposed her lie on the spot. What a disgusting woman!”

“Hahaha, that’s so embarrassing for her!”

They all burst into laughter. Since Sophia was so arrogant, they thought that she was the director’s relative. To their surprise, she was just Taylor’s housekeeper, not even his assistant.

As Xyla listened to Olivia, a moment of realization shone within her eyes.

So she’s just Taylor’s housekeeper. It’s no wonder that Taylor is good to her and she can live in The Imperial, Villa No. 8. I didn’t expect that it was Taylor who bought her off to be his housekeeper for eighty thousand. It’s a lie that she’s married to the boss of a coal company! A slut will always remain a slut after all!

All of a sudden, Xyla smiled in a mysterious way.

After leaving the supporting actresses, Sophia returned to Nicole and consoled her by saying, “Just do your best for the scene later and don’t be influenced by anyone. I’ll talk to the director.”

Nicole knew that it was useless for Sophia to look for the director, but she still remained in a tip-top condition and was determined to complete the scene perfectly.

Then, Sophia went to another site, where a more important scene was taking place. The two male leads were in an intense standoff.

When the shot was over, Michael caught a glimpse of Sophia looking furious in one corner. After gesturing to him with a gaze, she sneaked into a tent.

Michael rehearsed with Harry for a while and told him that he needed to take a rest. Upon getting into the tent, he told Hale to keep guard outside so that no one could enter.

There was a simple bed in the tent. Sometimes, when Michael was tired, he would take a rest on it. Sophia was seated on the bed when Michael came in. Seeing him, she lay down and said, “Come here. I need your help.”

Gazing at his bold wife, Michael was surprised. However, since his wife needed him, he took off his clothes and walked over.

A while later, Hale heard a creaking sound coming from the tent. The bed is creaking. It’s time to buy a new one, he thought.

The tent was a mysterious place in the production site. Inside the tent, different stories happened and under-the-table deals were sealed every day.

Outside the tent, it was the hustling and bustling production site; inside the tent, however, two people were making love.

As the tent wasn’t soundproof at all, they could clearly hear the sounds of footsteps and the chatters outside the tent.

At that moment, these people had no idea that the upright-looking best actor and idol, Taylor Murray, was making love to a woman inside the tent. It seemed like there was only a fine line between the lovable best actor and the lechers who cajoled actresses for sex in exchange for better opportunities!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 432

Michael found it exciting. It’s no wonder they all love to have sex in the tent!

Meanwhile, Sophia was worried that a gust of wind would lift the canvas and expose their act.

As Michael’s sweat dripped on Sophia’s body, she clenched her hands at his sweaty shoulders as her slender fingers dug into the flesh on his shoulder blades.

Lacking the courage to moan, she kept an ear on the sounds outside. As soon as someone approached, she would tense up.

She’s so tight!

Michael pulled her petite figure into his embrace as their bodies pressed against each other tightly. He could clearly feel her every breath and heartbeat as well as all her anxiety.

At that moment, Michael’s muscular body was drenched in sweat. Since it was his first time having such an exciting sex, he was on the brink of losing control. However, he gritted his teeth and held it back, for he couldn’t disappoint his wife.

All of a sudden, the anxious voice of the director was heard outside. “Is Taylor done with his rest? It’s been thirty minutes. Everyone is waiting for him…”

Hale coughed and shouted loudly outside the tent, “Mr. Murray, are you done with your ‘rest’?”

Despite getting no reply, the director could hear a faintly discernible rhythm from the tent. Having been a director for years, he was of course familiar with the sound. At that instant, he was speechless. What the heck. Taylor is having sex in the tent! What a piece of shocking news!

Although the director appeared to be clueless and was busy filming the drama every day, he was clear about what was going on in the production site, from things like what happened in the tent to what Taylor ate for lunch.

Taylor’s parents had been strict to him since he was young, and he was part of the special forces in the past, so he took a military approach in his acting career. Unlike other actors, he was highly disciplined and upright, thus the director was surprised that Taylor would do such a thing. Who is that woman? Is it the female lead, the second female lead or any other supporting actress?

Curious, the director walked around the site to find out who was absent. To his surprise, all the actresses were around. Suddenly, he had an idea, so he took a look at the supporting actors, especially the handsome ones, but to his disappointment, all the actors were there as well.

Inside the tent, Sophia was nervous because of the director’s appearance.

Michael understood that he should place emphasis on his work, and it was now working time. Therefore, he gnashed his teeth together and whispered in her ear, “I don’t have a condom with me. Is today alright?”

Hearing that, Sophia opened her eyes suddenly. It’s my ovulation period!

Gulping, she said anxiously, “There’s a risk of impregnation today… Why don’t you hold it back?”

Michael almost burst into laughter, for he was beyond the point of holding it back. “It’s too late.”

As soon as he finished his words, he convulsed and collapsed onto her body, panting heavily beside her neck. Gazing at the fair neck before his eyes, he found it deeply attractive. Her skin was translucent with faintly visible veins, looking like a delicate piece of porcelain. Unable to resist the temptation, he gently bit on her neck, leaving two rows of teeth marks on it.

Sophia was utterly embarrassed. With Michael’s seed inside her body, she was gripped by a strange feeling. Throughout the long time they had been together, Michael had never allowed her to take contraceptive pills as he always wore a condom. Thus, it was the first time he left his seed in her body. Sophia found it weird, but at the same time, she felt warm and happy.

“Go away. It’s so embarrassing. The sky isn’t even dark yet…”

If she didn’t need his help, she wouldn’t have been willing to do such a thing in the tent with him.

Content, Michael moved away and started putting on clothes. With his clothes on, he was once again the upstanding idol.

“Don’t worry. Since we’ve done it together, I’ll help you sort it out!” Facing away from her, Michael buckled his belt and said those words that sounded like it was a deal between them.

Blushing, Sophia felt like she had been taken advantage of. After putting on her bra, she lowered her head and stroked her abdomen. The idol’s seed is inside here…

When Michael was done with putting on his clothes, he walked out of the tent.

After looking around the production site, the director still couldn’t figure out who was absent. When he returned though, he saw Michael reading his script in a serious manner. Based on his years of experience, he knew that something must have happened moments ago.

Walking over, he flashed a meaningful smile at Michael and inquired, “Are you done with your ‘rest’?”

Michael nodded. “Yes, it was a good rest. Oh yes, there’s a problem with the female lead’s scene today. I have a suggestion…”

As the director spoke to Michael, he kept glancing at the tent in the corner. Eventually, a woman covered her head with her hands and fled the place.

Seeing her, the director was astounded. Isn’t that Taylor’s young housekeeper? So that’s the kind of woman he likes!

With his head lowered, Michael turned a new page and asked coldly, “Are you done with staring at her?”

The director laughed hollowly and praised, “You have a good taste in women. The first time I met her, I knew that she would achieve great things in life.” Otherwise, Taylor wouldn’t have his eye on her.

Retracting his gaze from the script, Michael nodded. “My wife is indeed beautiful and capable.”

Hearing that, the director was tongue-tied, for he didn’t expect that Taylor would marry such a young woman. Although she’s beautiful, she looks too young… Has she even come of age?

The director knew that the young woman was related to Michael. If Michael never told him about it, he would have thought that the young woman was Michael’s illegitimate daughter.

With Michael’s seed in her body, Sophia held her thighs together and walked carefully, for she was afraid that her husband’s seed might leak out of her body. It’s wasteful if his seed is leaked!

In the afternoon, two scenes were filmed at the same time. The male leads were in Team A, while the walk-ons were in Team B.

For Team B, they were supposed to continue where they left off in the morning. The female lead would break through the threats of the mercenaries and the fire shots before eventually finding her younger sister. Unfortunately, her sister was taken away from her, and she was powerless to do anything while she was on the brink of death.

Meanwhile, the supporting actresses were having a discussion that they would pull a prank on Nicole again to make life hard for her. Unexpectedly, when they returned, they were told that their parts were canceled.


This is an important part of the drama! The female lead was powerless to save her young sister, who was just before her eyes. This was the part that was supposed to bring tears to the audience’s eyes and make them tense up.

As walk-ons, their parts were already minimal. If this important scene was canceled, they might as well go home.

The supporting actresses, especially Xyla and Olivia, were discontent, so they questioned the director, “Director, why did you cancel our part?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 433

The director explained calmly, “I told the scriptwriter to make a change. We’ll do it in a different way.”

Nicole was already doing her part according to the new script. Originally, she was supposed to endure hardships and eventually find her sister. After having a word with her sister, she would be forced to retreat as the enemies had powerful arms.

However, due to the fact that the supporting actresses kept making mistakes, the director had no choice but to do it differently.

Just then, the female lead was rushing over from afar. Unfortunately, the bad guys caught her as her sister and the other girls were pushed into a truck before they were sent to another place.

Seeing that her sister, whom she had been searching for months, was taken away by the bad guys, she fell on her knees and bawled her heart out.

Despair, fury, helplessness and regret were what she had to express in a short period of time. She was doing a solo because her interactive scene with the other actresses was canceled. Other than a brief shot for Olivia, the other actresses only had their limbs shown.

To show how tragic the scene was, the girls, who were trying to flee, would be beaten up by the bad guys. This scene was played by male martial artists who wore female clothes. Therefore, the female walk-ons didn’t even get to take part in it.

“Our part is gone just like this?” Olivia stared at the director in disbelief. This is one of the most important scenes for me! Even one shot less will make me sad!

However, the director had all his attention on Nicole’s acting.

At that moment, the bad guys pressed Nicole against the ground and pointed a pistol at her head while she watched her sister being taken away in despair. The expression on her face clearly projected her thoughts. If she’s gone, I might not be able to find her again!

This part was a turning point for the female lead. Before this, she was a proud spy who had received an elite education. Upon learning that her sister was smuggled to Africa, she believed that she could save her sister alone and even rejected the male lead’s offer to help. Ignoring the male lead’s advice, she found out her sister’s whereabouts and immediately took action on her own.

She was confident that she could save her sister easily, but unexpectedly, not only did she fail to save her sister, but she was also caught by the enemies.

Feeling regretful, this would be the first time she came to the realization that she was weak and ignorant. At that instant, she was gripped by regret, resentment and sorrow.

Focusing on the act, Nicole growled, “Monsters! Let go of my sister! I will never let you off! Never! Sis, sorry. I’m sorry… I couldn’t save you…”

The director held his breath, for he was worried that Nicole might be unable to bring out the emotions of the character. To his surprise, Nicole’s acting was excellent and she struck the right balance. She didn’t bawl too hard, nor was she too lacking in intensity of her acting.

When the scene was over, everyone in the production site gave her a round of applause, except for the supporting actresses, whose voices of discontent were muted.

The director couldn’t help but rush over to give her a hug. “It’s so perfect! Keep up the good work!”

The script was tailor-made for the male leads when the director received it, so they had the most scenes. Moreover, the male leads gave off a powerful vibe, and almost no actress in the country was a match for them.

Therefore, when the director learned that the female lead was a newbie, he didn’t object to it because the character didn’t matter much in the drama. Even if all the female lead’s scenes were deleted, it wouldn’t affect the drama one bit.

However, the newbie’s performance was beyond the director’s expectation. Perfect! It’s simply perfect!

When interacting with the male leads, the female lead didn’t pale in comparison at all. Hence, the director decided to include more scenes for her.

Nicole wiped her tears off as she was extremely excited. Having been a walk-on for ten years, she was honored that the director, who was renowned internationally, acknowledged her hard work and praised her.

As Nicole celebrated with the others, she also hugged Sophia, who was equally excited. She’s my idol after all! I cried watching her play the part just now! Her acting skill is natural and powerful! Sophia exclaimed in her mind.

The scene was so well done that the male leads came over and clapped their hands for her.

Harry teased, “As a young actress, she surprised me. Look, the newbie you’re trying to support has more scenes than you now!”

It was Michael who lent a helping hand to Nicole. When the agent of Imperial Studio signed her up, she was recommended to be the female lead of ‘War Dragon’.

Michael agreed to it because he saw potential in her, and his wife was fond of her as well. Since the drama featured the two male leads, having her join probably wouldn’t affect the drama much, so he decided to let her have a try. However, he didn’t expect that she was so excellent that even his scenes were cut short to make space for her. Seeing that Sophia was hugging and kissing Nicole, Michael felt somewhat jealous.

The scenes for the day were done smoothly as the male leads completed most of the action shots, and the female lead successfully brought out her intense emotions. Therefore, everyone was overjoyed, except for the supporting actresses, who were completely ignored.

Seeing the elated Sophia, Xyla was unable to control her fury. She was so incensed that even the air around her seemed to be burning. This slut is relentless and disgusting!

Sophia got so thrilled that she jumped about while hugging Nicole, she accidentally rubbed away the band-aid on her neck that she used to cover Michael’s bite mark.

When the band-aid fell off, the bite marks on her neck fell into Xyla’s gaze. At that instant, she figured out what happened. What a slut! She had sex with the director! She must have told the director to cut off my part! Sophia, since you’re going against me, then don’t blame me for taking revenge!

Since the scenes were completed, and there was no filming at night, they decided to celebrate the success at a nearby hotel.

When they reached the hotel, they occupied a few tables as the leading actors, the walk-ons and the staff members were seated separately according to their roles.

The leading actors never ate much because they had to keep fit for the drama. Even when they were having a meal, they were still talking about the scenes for the next day.

Meanwhile, the staff members drank wine and enjoyed their food.

On the other hand, the atmosphere around the supporting actresses was gloomy as they fell into a bout of resentful silence.

When they were done with blaming the director and the female lead, they shifted their blame to Xyla and Olivia. If these two people didn’t keep making mistakes deliberately, perhaps the director wouldn’t have cut off their part.

Sophia, Hale, Maria and Danny were seated together. In the middle of the meal, Sophia went to the balcony to breathe in some fresh air. To her surprise, Nicole was there as well. The lights on the balcony were off while the lights below the balcony were dazzling. The night view at the film studio was simply beautiful.

As the glittering lights outlined Nicole’s profile in the dark, even her long eyelashes were made conspicuous.

She’s so beautiful! Her beauty is beyond skin-deep! Sophia was awed by her allure. Walking over, she inquired, “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

Seeing her, Nicole flashed a gentle smile at her and said calmly, “I’m thinking about someone special to me.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 434

“Someone special?” Sophia’s interest was piqued, so she leaned in toward Nicole and asked, “Is he on the set?”

At the mention of that special someone, Nicole’s expression was filled with love and admiration. Like a girl who fell in love for the first time, her gaze gleamed with adoration. Her face was red because she drank some wine a while ago.

“He’s not on the set.”

With only the two of them on the balcony, Nicole trusted Sophia as her friend and told her about the special someone.

At that time, she was still a walk-on who followed the filming crew to a foreign country. Since it was a new experience to her, she was excited.

Unfortunately, when they were waiting for the transit in a European country, their flight was delayed because of a torrential rain. Stranded for half a day, most of the travelers became grumpy at the waiting area.

Since it was uncertain when the flights would resume, some people left the airport, while some stayed there and kept complaining.

People would lose control easily in a state of anxiety. During the waiting time, the airport was filled with fury and discontent. As the travelers started making noises, some of them even beat up the staff members. The filming crew members were flustered as well, but they had no choice but to wait.

It was at that moment that Nicole came across the handsome Caucasian man.

Among the agitated crowd, he remained silent in one corner with a book in his hands. Engrossed in the book, he would sometimes take a look at his wristwatch and answer a phone call.

Clad in a black coat with a black travel hat on his head, he appeared to be a young man in his twenties. Ignoring the fury and anxiety that permeated across the waiting area, he sat by the window and was immersed in his own world.

The eyebrows on his handsome face furrowed and relaxed intermittently as his slender fingers tapped on the table. Sometimes, he would pick up a cup of steaming coffee and take a sip.

He was patient, tranquil and decent. It was the first time Nicole understood what a gentleman should look like.

Awed by his attractiveness, she fished out her phone and took a sneak shot of him. However, she was so engrossed in his charming face that she forgot to turn off the flashlight on her phone.

Noticing the flash, the man frowned and shifted his attention to her, looking a little annoyed. Caught in a panic, Nicole wasn’t even sure how to react.

Seeing that the man was approaching her, Nicole hurriedly looked away. Just then, the man said in a low and masculine voice, “Are you Cethosian?”

At that time, she was just a timid and inexperienced woman in her early twenties. Hearing the question, she subconsciously nodded.

Surprisingly, the Caucasian man suddenly spoke in a very standard Cethosian accent, “I stayed in Cethos for a short period of time before.”

Lowering her head, Nicole didn’t have the courage to speak to him or take a look at him.

Then, the man extended his hand. “Give me your phone.”

Embarrassed, Nicole passed him the phone. Since the phone was given to her by her agent, she was afraid that the man would take away her phone, so she stared at him anxiously.

After deleting his own photo in the phone’s photo gallery, he passed the phone back to her.

When Nicole took back the phone and accidentally touched the man’s fingers, she tensed up and froze on the spot. That was their only interaction.

After some time, the flights resumed and the planes started landing. As the travelers left the waiting area, the man disappeared into the crowd as well.

“Since then, I’ve never seen him again.”

The incident happened seven years ago, but Nicole still had a vivid memory of it. The man’s handsome face was implanted in her mind. Other than his good-looking appearance, she was also attracted to his unique temperament. The man looked just like an other-worldly Norse god.

Upon listening to the story, Sophia sighed. “You should have asked for his contact number or address.”

Nicole shook her head and replied with a smile, “I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to do.”

Knowing herself full well, she was sure that such a perfect man would never fall in love with her. She did, however, quite often ponder that when she became an internationally renowned actress, would the man notice her? If they ever met again, would he remember that she was the girl who had taken a sneak shot of him years ago?

But then, so what if she became famous and he remembered her? Would he be able to accept her past?

During her days at Glory Entertainment, she slept with some producers and investors. Even she found herself deplorable, so how was she going to ask the special someone to accept her?

Sophia found it regretful. “It’d be wonderful if that photo wasn’t deleted.”

Suddenly, Nicole flashed a wily smile and fished out her phone. When the screen lit up, Sophia saw the wallpaper.

“After coming back to the country, I realized that my phone had a function of backing up the photos automatically. Therefore, the photo was already saved in my mailbox!”

For the past seven years, she had always kept the photo. Whenever she felt that life was too hard on her, she would take a look at this photo because the man could always give her immense energy.

“What?! Let me have a look!”

Sophia hurriedly took away the phone, for she was curious how the man, whom her idol was fond of, looked like.

The quality of the photo taken seven years ago was bad, so the photo was a little blurry. However, the man was so handsome that he looked perfect from every angle, and Sophia was equally awed by how charming the man was.

His thick eyebrows were faintly visible under the fringe of his golden hair. With a deep gaze and a pair of blue eyes, he was the epitome of a young and perfectly handsome Caucasian man.

At the first glance, Sophia found the man strikingly alluring. At the second look, however, she found him familiar. When she looked at him again for the third time, she was dumbfounded.

Coming to her senses, she covered her mouth in disbelief and suddenly grabbed Nicole’s arm tightly, asking, “Are you sure this was taken seven years ago?”

Nicole answered, “Yes. Look, the date is shown in the photo.”

The man was sitting by the window. The screen on the wall showed that the date was the 9th of October seven years ago.

It’s really seven years ago. Staring at the photo, tears suddenly streamed down Sophia’s face.

On the other side, Michael was discussing the script with the director when he received a photo on his phone sent by Sophia. Upon taking a look, his expression darkened instantly.

“What’s wrong?”

Harry thought something serious had happened, so he leaned in closer to take a look at his phone. The moment he figured out who the man in the photo was, he sprayed the water out from his mouth in shock.

Meanwhile, Michael rose from the chair with a stern expression and told Hale and Danny to follow him.

“Hale, tell someone to go to the international airport in Xoskha in Europe and get the surveillance footage on 9 October seven years ago.”

Then, he told Danny, “Contact Abel.”

Seeing how serious Michael looked, Hale hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

With a never-before-seen somber expression, Michael turned around and stared at Hale, Danny and Harry, saying, “On 9 October seven years ago, Cooper Mitchell appeared.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 435

Cooper was supposed to have passed away more than ten years ago. If the person who appeared at the airport seven years ago was really Cooper Mitchell, it meant that he was still alive. Michael was absolutely certain that the person was Cooper. There’s no way I’m mistaken. Cooper is still alive!

Meanwhile, Abel had received the photo and started scanning it on his computer. Although it was a photo taken seven years ago, the resolution was still pretty high as the man’s face was clearly visible. Upon a closer look, the man in the photo resembled the Cooper that Abel remembered.

Taking Sophia’s descriptions of the man into consideration, Abel was a hundred percent sure that it was Cooper Mitchell. However, he still decided to scan the photo to make sure he wasn’t mistaken.

When the dinner was over, all of them returned to their respective hotel rooms. Inside the room, Sophia was clad in pajamas with animal patterns as she paced around anxiously and waited for the outcome.

Using the laptop on the table, Michael was having a video chat with Abel, who was scanning the photo in the basement of The Imperial, Villa No. 8. A while later, the result was ready.

“It’s a ninety-nine percent match.” Abel revealed the result.

Hearing that, Sophia became teary out of excitement. That’s really Cooper! He’s still alive!

When Abel was done with the scan, he started searching for the flight information of the airport where Cooper appeared before. According to the date shown in the photo, and the time when the flight delay happened, they figured out the accurate time of Cooper’s appearance.

Having found out the time and location, they managed to get the surveillance footage quickly. Since it was a small airport with only a few surveillance cameras, Abel soon found the part with Cooper in it.

The torrential rain caused all the flights to be canceled and countless travelers to be stranded. Facing away from the camera, a man in a black coat was walking toward the cafe in the airport. As though he was isolated from the outside world, he faced away from the crowd and didn’t look as grumpy as the others.

The cafe was full of people. Then, the man put down his luggage and ordered a cup of coffee. Following that, he took a seat in a quiet corner as he enjoyed his book and his drink. When the man’s face was shown to the camera, it was none other than Cooper Mitchell!

The anxious and uptight atmosphere in the airport didn’t seem to have affected him at all, for he retained his patient, elegant and regal-look. Cooper looked a little different from the photo Sophia saw at the Mitchell Residence. With those blue eyes, he looked like a Caucasian rather than a biracial person. However, in this footage, he appeared to have lost his charisma and aggressiveness as the head of the Mitchell Family. In the footage, he was just a handsome yet ordinary man.

When he discovered that Nicole had taken a sneak shot of him, he simply put on a smile and told her to delete the photo. Perchance due to him being relieved of the burden as the head of the Mitchell Family, he seemed to have aged backward. In this footage, he appeared to be overly young to the point where he looked like a teenage boy.

Sophia trembled in excitement as her tears rolled down her face. “It’s him. My dad is still alive!”

Perhaps it was destiny. Just when she had given up on looking for Cooper, the picture of her father was shown to her unexpectedly. Nevertheless, Sophia tried her best to compose herself and calm down. Now that she had proof that Cooper was still alive, she would have to look for him.

Conducting his research based on the information Nicole provided, Abel found the flight information as well as Cooper’s personal information. It was stated that he was a freelance photographer from a small European country.

In reality, the person didn’t exist. Cooper had booked the flight with false information. This was within their expectation. Now that they had stumbled upon this lead, Abel decided to go to the city where Cooper appeared to look for more clues.

Upon going through Cooper’s information, a realization dawned upon Sophia as she came up with a bold idea. “The Cooper I learned from Old Master Fletcher was a man who seeks a peaceful life. Maybe he wasn’t willing to be a business tycoon at all. Therefore, unlike our speculations, after the faked death, he might have become an ordinary man.”

It turned out that their investigation approach was wrong. They thought that Cooper would still be a big shot after his faked death, but they didn’t understand what he was really after.

He just wanted to be an ordinary man who could raise his children with a woman he loved, while making a living with a normal job. That was the kind of life he pursued. Perhaps he was already living the life of his dream!

However, Michael disagreed with Sophia. From a man’s perspective, he didn’t think Cooper was content with being an ordinary man. Even if Cooper wanted to be one, there was no way he could hide his capabilities.

Having lost his loved one due to his inability in the past, he had to be craving absolute power and strength. Nevertheless, seeing how excited Sophia was, Michael decided not to refute her.

As for Sophia, she finally found a reason that Cooper never appeared after such a long time. Now, he was just an ordinary man who had bid farewell to his past. Perhaps he didn’t even know that the chunk of money in Kuwait was missing, and that his daughter was still alive.

Knowing that her father wasn’t dead, Sophia was elated and couldn’t sleep at all as she forced Michael to tell her more about Cooper. Left with no choice, Michael tried to recall his interactions with Cooper when he was younger.

Before Cooper turned eighteen, he was a playful and happy boy. Every week, he would visit his own cats and tortoises at the Fletcher Residence. In the summer, he would go camping with the Fletcher kids in the suburbs.

Michael remembered that every summer, he and his sister would go camping with Cooper for a few days. There, they watched the birds fly and caught some fish. At that time, Michael and his sister were just about five years old, while Cooper was already ten years old.

As the older boy, Cooper would take good care of the Fletcher siblings. Afraid that they might injure themselves in the river, he would always prepare band-aids and water bottles in his backpack.

At night, he would tell them stories from ‘Anderson’s Fairy Tales’ and ‘Aesop’s Fables’. During the few days of their camping, they would come out of the tents and look up at the stars at night. Then, Cooper would start telling them stories. Apart from being a prodigy, he was also a kind and gentle person.

When did the change in him begin? It was when he hit eighteen that he became a totally different person. He stopped playing with the Fletcher kids and stayed away from them.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 436

Before eighteen, Cooper was a tender and kind-hearted man who was polite to others and loved Annabel as well as his cats and tortoises.

However, after witnessing the woman he loved being burned to death right before his eyes while he was powerless to save her, he transformed into an indifferent and ruthless man. Since then, he was no longer the young man who would take care of the Fletcher kids.

It was late into the night when Michael was done telling the tales of his time catching fish and crabs with Cooper.

The next morning, Sophia was energetic as she followed Michael to the production site.

She remained a walk-on who would occasionally show her body parts in the drama. When she came across Nicole again, she didn’t even know how to thank her.

Certainly, Cooper never expected that there was a woman called Nicole who still admired him secretly. With so many secret admirers, he probably didn’t even remember Nicole. Perhaps, he might even be married with children of his own, then Nicole’s love for him would turn out to be a disappointment in that case.

The day before, Sophia did the deed with Michael and managed to get the supporting actresses’ part in the drama removed. Therefore, they didn’t dare make a fuss now. However, they had figured out the culprit who made them lose their part.


Finally knowing Sophia’s name, Olivia and the other supporting actresses surrounded Sophia, who was buying two bottles of water from a kiosk.

With the bottles in her hands, Sophia understood that they had found out that it was her doing. “Hi. What’s the matter?”

Confronted by Michael’s cousin, Sophia was acting all reserved, for she didn’t want Michael to feel troubled should things turn ugly.

Olivia directly slapped away her bottles of water and snarled, “You slept with the director and told him to cut our part in the drama, right?”

Elizabeth was the director’s favorite actress, and Olivia was Elizabeth’s niece, so the director was in favor of Olivia. After helping her get into the industry, he directly gave her the supporting role in such a blockbuster drama.

Unexpectedly, the director, who was biased toward her, would remove her part in the drama. Upon Xyla’s reminder, she believed that Sophia must have slept with the director.

Sophia took a look at the elated Xyla behind Olivia and the other supporting actresses. Xyla remains the same. She would incite others to make a scene while she stays on the side and tries to gain benefits for herself secretly.

Seeing that Sophia was remaining silent, one actress angrily pulled away the scarf on Sophia’s neck. It’s so suspicious that she’s wearing a scarf on such a hot day! As expected, the kiss marks on Sophia’s neck were exposed right before their eyes. She didn’t have these kiss marks two days ago. She must have slept with the director!

Seeing the kiss marks, Olivia gasped. I have underestimated this slut! Then, she pointed at Sophia and growled, “What a slut! Do you think you can do whatever you want and replace me after sleeping with the director? Dream on! Wait right here. I’ll kick you out of the set soon!” I, Olivia, totally can do that!

With that, she turned to leave in a fury while the other actresses were gleeful.

Nobody on the set had the guts to offend Olivia because she was Elizabeth’s niece as well as Taylor’s cousin.

After the actresses left with Olivia joyfully, Xyla remained on the spot and stared at Sophia with an exhilarated expression. “Well, I didn’t expect that Taylor bought you off to be his housekeeper.” Xyla’s voice was filled with coldness and extreme disdain. I can’t believe that I have lost to a housekeeper like her!

Without responding to her, Sophia picked up the bottles of water from the ground and returned to the production site. Xyla followed her and mocked her coldly, “You thought you could be successful with the help of Taylor, but you didn’t understand that you’re just a nobody! You’re just a slut with little to no importance!”

However, Sophia totally ignored her vicious words as she looked anxiously in the direction where Olivia left. She’s going to make a complaint to Michael! The idea made Sophia nervous, for she wasn’t sure who Michael would side with.

She slept with Michael in exchange for the removal of Olivia’s part. What if he denied it after the sex? Well, if he really denies it, I’ll just sleep with him one more time to settle the issue…

As Sophia paced around outside the production site in anxiety, she watched Olivia approaching Michael.

Xyla knew that Sophia would be flustered, and she believed that she had seen through the latter’s true colors. She’s just a slut who’s managed to move into Taylor’s house as the housekeeper. Behind Taylor’s back, she’s taken advantage of his fame and fooled everyone that she’s also a prestigious woman herself.

She’s told lies like she has married a rich man, and her husband has donated money to a school. I’m sure she has never expected that Olivia has found out her secret and is going to expose her lies! Taylor, who is the real prestigious man, is going to kick this slut out of here! I must watch her be expelled from the set!

Meanwhile, Olivia reached Taylor and started making a complaint in anger. Sophia, on the other hand, didn’t dare go near them as she paced around in anxiety.

Xyla deliberately shouted, “I’ve told Richard to come over to watch your lies being exposed and you getting kicked out of the set. Go back to your gutter!”

Ignoring her, Sophia stared fixedly at Michael as she waited for his response in uneasiness.

“Taylor, you have to stand up for me… Your haughty housekeeper is bullying others on the set using her relationship with you. You have to do something, Taylor!” Olivia feigned a sob as she spoke. “She’s lying and bullying others behind your back. Such a housekeeper will bring trouble to you one day!”

Michael was reading his script with a frown and didn’t pay attention to Olivia. Obviously, he had guessed she was trying to get him to kick Sophia out of the set because she had bullied her.

However, her request put him in a difficult situation, for he had always wanted Sophia to show off their relationship. This way, at least it could prove that he was useful. Moreover, he didn’t think it was appropriate to kick his wife out of the set.

This surprised him quite a lot, for he never expected Sophia to be this lively when he wasn’t paying attention to her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 437

Considering the fact that Olivia’s father was one of the few relatives of Elizabeth, Michael didn’t want to have a fall out with Olivia. However, he wouldn’t chase Sophia away because of her. Sophia is having fun on the set. Why would I chase her away?

Therefore, he waved his hand impatiently and gave an ambiguous answer, saying, “Alright, she’ll leave in a few days. Just focus on your work.”

The university would reopen in a few days. Hence, Sophia would have to leave even if she wanted to stay. Moreover, she had founded a gaming company with Stanley, so she would have to take care of the company as well. As a responsible woman, she would go back when she had had enough fun.

However, Olivia interpreted his words as that he would kick Sophia out of the set in a few days. Wiping off her tears, Olivia walked toward Sophia as the other actresses followed her in glee to watch the show.

With a haughty expression, Olivia crossed her arms and lifted her chin. “Taylor told you to pack up your stuff and leave his house! Well, he’s a good man who doesn’t say mean words. He’s given you a few days to get ready to move out. You know what to do!”

Without uttering a word, Sophia pressed her lips together and walked away. Fine, I won’t argue with them. I’m leaving the set in a few days anyway. These walk-ons only have a few scenes to play. Maybe they will be the ones who will leave first!

Watching her leave, the walk-ons cheered for their falsely-assumed victory. For the following days, they anticipated that Sophia be kicked out of the set.

In the afternoon, Richard arrived at the production site. Upon learning that Sophia’s lies were exposed and that she had to move out of Taylor’s house, he was looking forward to that day as well.

To make up for his wrongdoing of sleeping with the twin sisters, he would come to the set to accompany Xyla every day.

Meanwhile, he was waiting patiently for the day when Sophia would lose Taylor’s protection and her expulsion from the set. Thereafter, he would lock her up in a remote place and torture her to get revenge for the humilation she had brought upon him.

It seemed that everyone knew that Sophia would leave soon. Even Nicole, who focused on her work and rarely paid attention to gossip, found out about it, so she came over and asked, “They all say that you’re leaving soon. Are you alright?”

Sophia was reading the news feed on her phone when Nicole came to look for her. Nonchalantly, she replied, “It’s no big deal. The university will reopen in a few days, so I’ll have to go back anyway.”

Nicole knew that Sophia had a powerful background, so Olivia was unable to harm her. In spite of that, she was still worried. When she heard what Sophia said, she was finally relieved. “You’re still a student?”

“Yes. I’m a student of Bayside University.”

Soon, it was the fourth day since Sophia came to the set, as well as the second day after Taylor said that she would leave. In the morning, when she appeared at the production site in a walk-on costume, the other actresses surrounded her and derided her.

“Why are you still here? Do you want me to kick you out personally?” Olivia didn’t want to see her at all.

Since the drama was set in the modern era, the crew members never gave the walk-ons any costumes. Therefore, they had to bring their own clothes. Sophia bought a one-piece dress worth fifty from a stall near the film studio to be her costume and dirtied it so that she would look poor.

“This is none of your business. I’ll leave whenever I want to.” With confidence written all over her face, Sophia walked across the supporting actresses and reached for Nicole.

While she was still in sight, the supporting actresses started saying vicious words about her.

“What a shameless slut. How does she have the guts to stay at this place?”

“I think she’s looking for a chance to flip over the situation.”

Olivia flashed a victorious smile at them. “Girls, don’t worry. The director and my cousin have promised that they won’t allow her to take part in the drama again. Also, she’s leaving soon!”

Since Olivia has said so, Sophia must be doomed then, they thought. At that moment, they were anticipating the day when Taylor would chase Sophia out of his house.

Following that, Olivia suddenly asked in a mysterious way, “Do you remember what I told you all to do before? Have you gotten it ready?”

At the mention of it, their gazes beamed with energy.

“Olivia, don’t worry. There won’t be a problem. You can rest assured!”

“We have gotten it ready. There won’t be any mistakes!”

One day had passed just like that as the filming ended. Since there were no scenes that had to be shot at night, everyone was ready to return to the hotel.

Having had fun on the set for the entire day, Sophia was exhausted. At that moment, she just wanted to take a hot bath.

The atmosphere at the production site was different on this day. It seemed that something exciting was about to happen, but they all hid it from Sophia. Therefore, Sophia was clueless about it.

As expected, the surprise came when they got off work.

The sky was dark when all the lights on the set were suddenly turned off at the same time, including the street lamps. At that instant, the site was in absolute darkness. Such a surprise made Sophia, who was beside the cooks, scream.

In the dark, a firework shot into the sky and exploded. Bang!

As the firework exploded and glowed at the site, everyone saw that there was an empty space in front of them. All of a sudden, lights of various colors lit up as the bulbs were decorated beautifully around the site. Once switched on, dreamy colors permeated across the set.

It seemed that other than Sophia, most people knew of such a surprise.

Following that, the crew members held out sparklers in their hands, which added a tinge of romance to the site.

With upbeat music rising in the background, everyone was amazed when a group of young ladies in beautiful clothes were dancing their way into the site.

All of these young ladies were beautiful with fair skin and curvy figures. In fact, they were the walk-ons, who came from rich families and had practiced dancing since young. Dancing in short pants, they gave off an enthusiastic vibe as the crew members danced to the beat.

Staring at them with a cold gaze, Sophia wondered what they were up to.

The lead dancer, Olivia, danced her way to Michael and held his arm before pulling him to the center.

Michael frowned at her action, but seeing the ardent atmosphere at the moment, he had no choice but to follow her to the center. Then, the people around him took a few steps back to leave a huge space around him.

Olivia and the other actresses left the place. With a sudden change of the music, a woman in colorful clothes appeared.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 438

The dance at the start was only an opener. What happened next was the true surprise of the night.

The music slowly transformed into a mysterious and alluring tune as the girl started her solo performance. She twisted her limbs agilely like a serpent and danced around Michael, her flowing sleeves brushing against him now and then, wrapping him in a scent of lily and musk.

The girl had a translucent veil on her, making her look mysterious and attractive, while the way she moved and the way her sleeves fluttered were breathtakingly beautiful. She emanated a gentle and sweet scent.

Her eyes had been on Michael all the time, looking at him with a gaze that would melt any stone-hearted person. On the other hand, Michael simply had a courteous smile on his face.

After the dance, she tucked away her sleeves, sweating all over and panting slightly as she purred at him, “Taylor, happy birthday.”

The mystery was revealed—it was Michael’s birthday! The lights came back and the production staff wheeled a huge cake in, yelling in unison, “Taylor, happy birthday!”

The solo dancer took off her veil to reveal her delicate face, with her crystalline eyes set on Michael’s countenance. With some shyness and excitement, she announced, “Taylor, I have adopted a panda under your name. I named it ‘Taysha’. Just think of it as my birthday gift for you. I hope you’ll like it!”

Taysha? She had indeed shown off her love to him by giving it that name, Sophia thought.

A thunderous applause exploded at the scene. The couple in the middle of the spotlight were a match made in heaven!

It was a known secret that Natasha was in love with Taylor. The fact that Taylor had accepted Natasha’s flower basket two days ago showed that he was interested in her as well. Indeed, no man, not even Taylor, could turn down a lovely and talented girl like Natasha.

Olivia started a chant. “Kiss! Kiss!” She had gleefully planned out the birthday surprise for Taylor. If Natasha and Taylor ended up as a couple, she would be their matchmaker! If that happened, she could forge a closer relationship with Natasha, the daughter of the Mitchell Family. Not only that, her cousin would be grateful to her as well!

Michael remained unmoved, but he had a smile on his face; a polite and gentlemanly smile. At the filming set, everyone quickly caught up and chanted, “Kiss! Kiss!”

The atmosphere was getting heated. Natasha lowered her head and shyly pursed her lips, waiting for Taylor’s kiss. Little did she know that the director, Harry, Hale and Danny were frozen on the spot. What the f*ck? This is utterly ridiculous…

Hale broke into cold sweat with goosebumps all over him. He instinctively took a look at Sophia beside him, who was probably expressionless out of anger. That made him feel as if he had explosives beside him.

“Hale, hand me the loudspeaker.”

Sophia sounded very calm, which made her seem scary. Then, Hale shuddered in fear and rushed to grab a loudspeaker. With lightning speed, he had managed to retrieve the loudspeaker and handed it to Sophia, but unexpectedly, she returned the loudspeaker to him. “Settle this.”

“How?” Hale could sense the rage coming from the daughter of Cooper Mitchell, which made him tremble. Flashing an icy smile, Sophia said, “Come closer. I’ll teach you how!”

“Kiss! Kiss!” At the filming set, everyone was still chanting. When Olivia saw that Michael was still not kissing Natasha after such a long time, she hurriedly went up to give him a push.

She pretended to unintentionally wander behind him and gave him an ‘accidental’ hard shove on his back, thinking that he’d naturally fall forward to Natasha, after which the two would hug, creating a fairytale ending. In that scenario, the Murrays would successfully befriend the ultra-rich Mitchells, but to her surprise, Michael stood still on his spot even after being shoved by her.

Like a statue that was rooted to the ground, he stood where he was, as steady as a rock. Not giving up, Olivia gave him another hard push, only to see him remaining steady on his spot.

Around them, the atmosphere was heated. Blushing, Natasha was waiting for Taylor’s kiss. No matter what, Olivia was determined to make the couple kiss on this day, for that was her confident promise to Natasha as Taylor’s cousin!

As the scene was reaching its climax, when everyone was waiting for the final kiss that would send them over the moon, a jarring interference noise from a loudspeaker suddenly forced everyone to cover their ears, bringing a stop to the noisy chanting. A high-pitched male voice was heard from the loudspeaker. “Mr. Murray, Mr. Murray, where are you now?”

Everyone turned around and stared angrily at Hale, who was holding the loudspeaker. What a party pooper! How could he jump out and dampen the atmosphere right when Natasha and Taylor were about to kiss? they thought.

The next moment, Hale said something shocking. “Mr. Taylor Murray, your wife is calling.”

At that moment, everyone fell into a deafening silence. A second ago, those who had been chanting ‘Kiss! Kiss!’ were now quiet.

Olivia’s lips twitched. I totally forgot about that!

The most embarrassed person was Natasha. Her blushing cheeks lost their rosy color and were now painted a solid red hue out of shame.

She looked on as Sophia made her way through the crowd toward Michael, the center of everyone’s attention. Before this, Michael and Natasha, the expected couple, were standing at the same spot; now, Sophia had made herself part of the scene with her forceful entrance.

Looking emotionlessly, she reached out and handed Michael a phone, intentionally announcing loudly, “Mr. Murray, it’s a call from your wife.”

Michael nodded at Sophia and took the phone, placing it against his ear. His forced smile finally softened into a genuine and sweet smile. The first sentence out of his mouth shocked everyone. “Hello? My dear, what’s the matter?”

Everyone’s jaw almost dropped to the floor. They had never thought it possible for such an adoring smile to appear on the cold Michael’s face.

Clutching the phone, Michael engaged in the call in front of the crew in an abnormally loud voice, as if he intended for someone to overhear the conversation. “Birthday? It’s the same every year. How would I be happy without you around?”

Natasha’s expression immediately soured as she stared blankly at Michael, who was on the phone, feeling as if she had fallen into the depths of an ice cellar. ‘How would I be happy without you around?’ So does that mean that all the surprise that I have carefully prepared for him meant nothing at all to him?

He continued saying, “Likewise. If it makes you happy, I can even turn everyday into a birthday celebration.”

The public display of affection made it even more awkward at the scene, especially for Natasha, who had performed a solo dance and was left dumbfounded. Every word coming out from Taylor’s mouth was akin to a slap on her face.

As she looked at the pair acting lovey-dovey, she realized that she was nothing more than a mistress who intended to ruin a family; a mistress who bared her breasts around without shame!

The atmosphere cooled down and a chilly wind traveled across. Dressed in a thin layer of dancer dress made of toile, Natasha got goosebumps from the cold. However, her heart was colder than her body right now.

The entire crew was extremely embarrassed and silent. The only sound was Michael’s phone conversation. He stood alone at the center, immersed in the call. At that time, the lights had come back on and the scene was brightly illuminated once again. Standing beside him, Natasha looked like a clown in a colorful outfit.

Still on the phone, Michael was smiling ear-to-ear. “My dear, hand the phone to our son… Son, do you miss me? I will be back in two days. When I’m back, I’ll bring you to the zoo! It’s a very fun place; there are huge tigers, big lions, teeny monkeys and round pandas!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 439

While talking over the phone, Michael waved goodbye at everyone and silently left. The filming set was still quiet. Everyone could only hear Michael’s voice slowly vanishing as he walked further away. “Oh, right, son, my fan gave me a big panda as a birthday gift. Next time, I’ll bring you and Mommy to visit the panda. What do you think?”

Still engaged in the phone call, he entered his own SUV. A few seconds later, the SUV’s engine revved and it rolled away, disappearing from everyone’s vision.

Sophia remained at the same spot. After she poked Danny beside her, he flashed an embarrassed smile at the rest of the crew. “Thank you everyone for putting in the effort to organize the birthday party for Taylor. He’s really happy and very touched.

Enjoy the food!” Then, to Natasha, he said, “By the way, Miss Mitchell, thank you for the big round panda. Uh, I mean the panda. I thank you and your family on behalf of Taylor’s family of three and his ancestors.”

Thank you and your family… Hearing Danny’s remark, Natasha’s expression further darkened. What did he mean by ‘thanking on behalf of Taylor’s family of three’? Is he reminding me not to be a homewrecker?

Danny and Sophia went into the car and left as well, leaving behind an awkward birthday party and equally awkward crew. The theme of the night’s party was ‘Natasha celebrating Taylor’s birthday’.

Thinking that other gifts were too commonplace, she specifically splurged two million to adopt a panda as a gift for Taylor, going as far as to incorporate her love for Taylor in the naming of the animal.

She had thought that everything was perfect, but now, she was practically slapped in the face by that one phone call. In that instant, she was turned into a clown who was being watched by judgemental eyes.

They were all secretly laughing at her. A young lady of the Mitchell Family has chosen to be a mistress! And she confessed her love to a married man in front of everyone. How shameless! How insolent!

Under everyone’s awkward and meaningful glances, Natasha suddenly covered her face in her hands and dashed away, vanishing before their eyes in her dancer outfit. Olivia felt her scalp crawling as she stared at the direction that Michael had left and looked toward the other direction where Natasha had fled. After coming to a difficult decision, she ran after Natasha.

A carefully-planned birthday party ended just like that. Only a group of confused extras and filming crew was left at the filming site with a huge cake.

The director was sullen when he threatened, “You guys must be too bored! Since you had the time to prepare a confession party for a married man, I think you must have the capacity for overtime. Tonight, let’s all work overtime!”

No one dared to talk back and they all scurried away to work overtime. Just now, the atmosphere was fired up with Olivia’s enthusiasm and Natasha’s talent, but still, Taylor kept too much of a low profile. There was too little time and too much work, causing everyone to momentarily forget that Taylor Murray was married!

Two days ago, he’d showed off his wedding ring. How could they urge a married man to kiss a young woman? They deserved the overtime dished out by the director!

After getting into the car, Michael tucked the phone that had never rang away into his bag. Just now, there was no incoming call at all. He had delivered an impromptu speech! When he was now finally away from the scene, he wiped away his sweat and let out a sigh of relief.

Whew! If it weren’t for his wittiness, thinking up a clever script on his feet and saving the situation, he could not imagine how furious Sophia would be. Thus, he felt thankful for his own quick wit.

Back at the hotel, Sophia didn’t look angry. Like usual, she was gaming when Michael was studying his script. After that, she went for a shower like what she normally did.

The night deepened and the couple went to bed, during which Sophia finally brought up the debacle earlier. “Why is your birthday today?”

In her memory, his birthday should fall in spring. His fanclub even prepared an event, through which they’d deliver birthday gifts to Michael’s managing agency. He replied, “My actual birthday is today. The one before is agreed upon by the fans.”

He had never announced his actual birthday, so the fans decided upon his debut date as his birthday. Instead, his real birthday was actually on this day, so he wondered how Olivia had gotten hold of his birthday.

Anyway, Michael thought that it didn’t matter if he celebrated his birthday or not. Since Celine’s death, he never celebrated his birthday anymore. Every time the date came around, it seemed to remind him that the other person whom he shared the same birthday with was no longer alive…

Sophia sank into silence and recalled the contents of Michael’s photo album at the Fletchers’. There was only one photo of Michael’s eighteenth birthday celebration. The twins looked jolly in the photo, and based on their outfits, the date must have been sometime in spring.

She was silent for a while, but Michael brought up another topic. “Last time, you wrote me a love letter on my birthday…”

That made her instantly blush, because she didn’t expect her embarrassing behavior would be exposed. She hurriedly covered herself with the blanket. “No, I didn’t. I don’t know anything about the love letter!”

Michael couldn’t be bothered to press on. Back then, he had replied to her with another letter, but that letter was torn into shreds by her during a drunk episode. He wondered if she had read it before.

“What do you plan to give me for my next birthday?”

She remained covered under the blanket. “I’ll adopt a big round panda under your name too.”

He stared at the woman hiding away under the blanket before commenting in all seriousness, “I’d prefer a child.”

Under the blanket, Sophia went silent for a moment before pulling it down for a bit. “I guess you can get in…”

That night, Sophia granted Michael’s wish and had unprotected sex with him. Ever since their intimacy in the logistics tent, Michael had completely let go of himself and didn’t have protected sex. They both thought that it was time for a child.

Sophia also thought that it was ideal to have a child now. It was better to give birth early. After the birth, she could spend her future focusing on her business and Nathan would be less lonely. However, Michael’s intention was sneakier than Sophia’s.

He felt that he had gotten a hold of the elusive Cooper Mitchell. One day, he would finally see Cooper in person if he followed the clues. Then, Cooper would be back sooner or later.

If he could have a few kids with Sophia, when Cooper returned, he would have to acknowledge Michael somehow, for Michael was the father of his grandchildren!

The next day, the news of last night’s awkward birthday dinner had spread on the Internet, causing an uproar.

Firstly, it was a dumb girl at the party who had uploaded the video of the party onto her own blog. The video recorded the moment Natasha showed up all the way until the time when everyone was chanting ‘Kiss! Kiss!’. Since the video was cut before the scene where Taylor took a call from his wife, everyone believed that someone in the cast confessed her love to Taylor and that the filming crew was chanting for him to kiss the girl. What a shameless crew these people were to do that!

Due to a security loophole, ‘War Dragon’ had gotten into a scandal when their actress was taken away by the lion at the filming site. This time, the crew joined hands to urge a young woman to confess her love to a married star. They must have wanted badly to go viral!

The crew of ‘War Dragon’ once again dominated the headlines, but they were heavily criticized by the public; even Taylor was being harshly reprimanded by his anti-fans. Even though the dumb girl eventually took down the video, the clips of Natasha dancing erotically for Taylor spread across the Internet, causing her name to appear on the headlines along with his.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 440

Of course, Taylor’s fans all criticized Natasha for interfering with his marriage. This was especially obvious after some members of the crew shared the complete video where Taylor picked up his wife’s call. After that, Taylor’s reputation was restored and Natasha’s image as the homewrecker was planted in the public’s mind.

Natasha couldn’t allow the hate to spread, so her agency immediately used public relations tactics to save her reputation.

The message that her PR team released as essentially something along the lines of ‘She is only a richer fan of Taylor’s. What’s wrong with adopting a panda for her idol? If she is deemed a homewrecker just for doing this, aren’t those fans, who call themselves ‘Taylor’s wife’, all homewreckers as well?’

As a result, the scandal of Natasha’s embarrassing confession finally passed and the criticisms online died down. There was indeed no issue that could not be solved by throwing money at it.

After the incident, Natasha did not visit the filming site at all, likely out of shame. However, judging from the PR statement that restored her reputation, she’d likely return in a few days and behave like nothing had happened as she would attempt again at seducing a married man.

As an extra at the filming site, Sophia slowly stopped working and tagged along to the site on the meal cart, finding a spot somewhere to play mobile games. When she got hungry, she’d feed herself at the meal cart. If she was tired of playing the game, she’d go have a chat with Nicole.

Stanley Fletcher’s company had launched a simple mobile game. Despite being simple, it was a lot of fun and Sophia would play it during her free time. Every time when Michael was done filming his scenes and checked on her, he would find her burying her head in the game. In comparison to the game, he appeared less important to her even when he was her husband, which made him a little jealous.

The phone signal at the filming site was weak, so in order to help his beloved wife play her favorite game on the fastest Internet connection, Michael carried a portable wifi device in his pocket. She could only receive a strong wifi signal by staying within ten meters of him.

Therefore, Sophia could only stick closely to Michael in order to use the Internet. If he didn’t let her connect to his wifi, she would vanish very soon from his side. However, at the umpteenth time of seeing his cutie-pie burying herself in the mobile game after he finished shooting, his jealousy finally erupted.

“Chica, come over and give me a massage!” His voice was tinged with rage, but she seemed to still be upset at him over the Natasha incident. So, she reluctantly shoved her phone back into her pocket and dragged her feet over to give him a massage.

Michael lay on the armchair and indulged in Sophia’s service. Her soft hands were massaging and sliding around his body, providing him a comforting sensation.

Although Michael had nothing to do with the scandalous ‘big round panda adoption’, the thought of a woman daringly seducing her husband in front of her made her upset. She remained silent while massaging him.

After shooting his scenes, Michael was resting and took a sip of the water that Danny handed him. Then, he picked up Sophia’s tablet; it was the tablet he let go of when he was undergoing military training at Bayside University, which was in turn taken by Nathan and brought home. Since then, Sophia was the only user of the tablet.

He touched the tablet screen and was greeted by a wallpaper of his handsome looks. Clicking in, he connected to the Internet and opened the browser to search for panda photos.

“What are you looking at?” Sophia inched closer to him to take a look.

He answered, “I’m going to adopt two panda cubs too.”

“Huh?” It was easy to adopt panda cubs as long as one had the money. Anyway, this adoption was only nominal. After all, panda cubs were not for sale. For the adoption, the adopter would transfer a sum of money to the Panda Foundation to nominally adopt the panda. The adopter only had the right to have his or her name on the panda. As for the animals themselves, they would still be under the care of the Panda Foundation.

Michael had contacted the staff from the Panda Foundation earlier and they sent him some photos. This year, a lot of panda cubs were born at the Panda Foundation, and the staff were looking for adopters. They hoped that the adopter could be a star like Taylor because they wanted to make use of the adopter’s fame to spread awareness and to sustain their work. Secondly, the adopter would transfer a sum of money which would contribute to the Panda Foundation’s research and protection.

From last year up until now, the Panda Foundation had overseen the birth of twenty cubs, all of them cute. A cute animal like the panda was easily likeable.

Michael wanted to choose two cubs for adoption. For each panda, the adoption fee was around a few million, which was an insignificant sum for him. At that moment, he was focused on choosing the panda cubs when a delicate hand suddenly shot past his shoulder and pointed at a cub. “Adopt this one. No, this one’s better. Uhm… This one is cute too. No, how about this one? Let’s go with this one. Oh no, I can’t choose…”

Sophia seemed more excited than him and her indecisiveness was on full force again. In her eyes, each cub looked adorable and she wanted every one of them. Michael smiled and handed her the tablet. “You choose.”

Joyful, she took the tablet and started picking the cubs. They’re such adorable creatures that could elicit tears of joy! she thought. Every cub was fluffy and round, drowning her in their excessive cuteness. It was no wonder they were considered to be national treasures! She had no idea which one to choose. Ahh! It’s so hard!

As Michael was resting in the tent he brought on his own where Hale stood guard at the entrance so that no one would dare to enter, Sophia felt comfortable enough to sit on his thighs to choose the cubs. Finally, she decided on one. “I want this!”

The cub she finally picked was a frail and tiny one which didn’t really move around much. From what they were told, this weak cub had some health issues and was the weaker one between the twins. At its birth, it was only half the size of normal newborn cubs.

Sophia was determined. “I want this cub! I’m not going to change my decision!”

The little cutie was an absolute sweetheart. It would be nice to adopt it. They’d donate more money to the foundation, which would go to the betterment of its life.

After Sophia was done, Michael picked her cub’s older twin as his second adopted cub.

“When are we going to see the pandas?”

“After this shoot.”

Some time later, Sophia’s guess turned out to be right. Two days after the scandal died down, Natasha appeared at the filming set again. When Sophia saw Natasha and Olivia walking in Michael’s direction, she hurriedly warned him, “Ollie the Clown and Natasha are coming over. Quick, pretend to be asleep. I’ll handle them for you.”

Amused, he lifted a brow and covered his face with his script on the armchair and started to pretend he was sleeping. ‘Ollie the Clown’, or Olivia, walked up with Natasha and found him lying down fast asleep with his script covering his face.

“Taylor, about the incident two days ago, it was my fault for not being thoughtful enough. I had wanted to cheer you up on your birthday, but it landed you in trouble instead. I’m sorry.” Natasha sounded very pitiful with remorse written all over her face.

Olivia was helping Natasha out as well. “Taylor, just forgive Nat. She’s your loyal fan and everything she did was out of admiration for you. She’s young and it’s understandable that she might sometimes act rashly.”

Michael remained ‘sleeping’ silently and Sophia finally spoke up while massaging his legs. “Alright, alright, Taylor has forgiven you. You two should leave now. Don’t interrupt his resting time.”

Olivia and Natasha immediately glared at Sophia’s dismissing remark, but they also noticed that Michael didn’t attempt to stop Sophia from talking, as if he had truly fallen asleep.

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