My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 421-430

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 421

When Sophia left home this time, she brought Maria and a chef from the kitchen along with her in addition to Hale, her bodyguard.

The food on film sets were generally poor in taste. By bringing a chef with her, she could allow Michael to eat something better. He usually ate whatever the rest of the film crew ate on set without voicing any requests, which made Sophia feel sorry for him.

After arriving at the airport, they were picked up by a young man wearing a brightly-colored shirt.

Michael had told her that Danny, his personal assistant, was the most showily-dressed and the most talkative out of his ten bodyguards.

Danny worked as Michael’s personal assistant when the latter was on a film set, so he would be on leave whenever Michael went home, which was why they had never had a chance to see him in person. Now that they saw him on this day, they were stunned at the sight of the person before them.

When Danny saw that Sophia was the fair lolita in her sweet youth standing over there, he thought to himself with a sigh, What an extreme taste Boss has for girls. How could he lay his hands on such a young lady?

On the other hand, Sophia saw that Danny was a showily-dressed young man who looked like a peacock.

Not only that, but Danny never seemed to stop talking from the moment she got off the plane until the moment they arrived at the hotel in the film studio.

“Hello, Madam. Ah, you’re so beautiful, Madam. Boss’s judgment has really become better. No wonder he keeps mentioning his chica on set…”

“Oh, Hale, it’s been a long time since we last met! You’re still dashing, handsome, tall, and sturdy as usual. I heard that you have been courting Gwen lately. Have you managed to hold hands with her and kiss her on the lips? Would you mind sharing with me how far your relationship with her has progressed?”

“This little beauty here must be Maria! Nice to meet you! I’m Danny, or you can call me by my nickname Dan. Why aren’t you speaking, little beauty? What is your zodiac sign? I’m a Sagittarius…”

It was quite a distance from the airport to the hotel in the film studio. While Sophia was in the car, she dreamed that she was back in the countryside of Riverdale.

She was opening the duck pen to let the ducks out for a while, but the instant the duck pen opened, the ducks came out in an endless stream and quacked nonstop. Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack…

The film studio was located on the hill; it was a well-known tourist attraction and a great summer resort. Also, the film studio covered most of the county area, so the county earned most of its profit from tourism and by leasing the film studio to film crews.

Sophia had dreamed of traveling back when she was poor. However, she was penniless at the time, so she had to save money for a long time just to get enough money for sightseeing around the ancient Imperial Palace at the center of Bayside City.

When she became rich afterward, however, she didn’t have the time to travel.

This was the first time she came to the film studio. Overwhelmed with curiosity, she kept looking around upon entering the studio.

Danny began talking on and on about the film studio. “This film studio is one of the earliest film studios built in Cethos. Being the largest film studio in Aseanos, it has three major areas with different historical settings: the Ancient Area, the Republican Area, and the Modern Area.

It also has an Outdoor Area, a Military Area, a Sci-Fi Area, and a Foreign Area. We’re now in the Ancient Area. Once we get inside later, we can no longer travel by car; we can only walk or ride on a carriage.”

Some of the residents here had even been working as walk-ons for generations. Ancient-looking pavilions were everywhere in the Ancient Area, and most of the tourists walking on the streets were dressed in historical costumes.

The street vendors were also dressed in historical costumes so that any film crew that was shooting at this area could clear the scene and start shooting as quickly as possible.

As soon as they entered the Ancient Area, Danny rented some historical costumes and took Sophia to a stylist to have her hair done in the olden style. After that, he took her for a walk around the Ancient Area.

Maria followed behind Sophia in high spirits while wearing a historical costume as well. Meanwhile, Hale was forced to dress in the embarrassing style of a house servant as he walked behind them, whereas Danny was still wearing his showy clothes.

Walking around the area with interest, Sophia kept taking pictures everywhere with the camera in her hand. Whenever she saw that a film crew was filming, she would immediately go near them to take a look.

Since all of this was very new to her, as she continued walking around and taking pictures, she eventually forgot her purpose in coming here.

Over ten film crews were filming in the Ancient Area. Extras were everywhere, and there were tourists dressed in historical costumes and in modern clothes, resulting in a strange scene.

Danny cooperatively took group pictures for them. When Sophia occasionally saw a good-looking extra, she would excitedly ask him or her to take a picture with her.

Dressed in embarrassing clothes, Hale followed Sophia around expressionlessly. He had an earpiece on, and he was on phone conversation all the time.

“Madam has passed through the Glory Gate.”

After a while, he would report something else. “She bought two lollipops and quite enjoyed eating them.”

A few moments later, he said, “She has come under the yellow lantern at the Pryley Gate. The tourists and walk-ons ahead are relatively few, and they are ugly. The atmosphere is just right, and the lighting is fine. You may make a dazzling appearance now…”

They got off the plane in the afternoon. Before they realized it, they had walked until the evening. There were fewer tourists in the area, but many film crews were still filming night scenes.

Lanterns were hung along the streets in the Ancient Area. They were just electric lights disguised as lanterns instead of the real ancient paper lanterns, but the colorful lampshades still looked splendid as the lanterns were lit up.

The entire street looked dreamlike, and those walking along the streets were all actors dressed in historical costumes. Also, there were now fewer tourists wearing modern clothes. As Sophia walked on the street, she felt like having time-traveled to the past. It was as if she had traveled back 1,000 years in time and was enjoying a dreamy night of the olden ages.

Suddenly, she saw a man dressed in a white historical costume walking ahead of her. He was probably an actor, for he had a prop sword with him. Moreover, the film crew of a martial arts blockbuster was filming night scenes nearby.

The man in the white historical costume walked in a hurry with his back to Sophia. She could tell from the aura he gave off that he must be a big name in the entertainment industry.

Thus, Sophia immediately stepped forward to ask the man to take a picture together with her. “Wait a minute, handsome! Can we take pictures together?”

Since there weren’t many people between them, Sophia immediately trotted past the crowd toward him.

The actor was walking in a hurry. However, upon hearing Sophia’s voice, he paused and looked back.

He was obviously playing the role of a knight. Dressed in a costume as white as snow, he even wore a hat with his face covered by a white veil.

Sophia didn’t care whether his face was handsome or not, for she just wanted to take a picture together with him before anything else. So, she said eagerly, “Hi, may I take a picture together with you?”

The hat moved slightly; the person seemed to have nodded.

Sophia immediately had Danny come over to take a picture for them. Posing for the camera with a victory sign, she had a typical tourist photo taken of herself. She seemed not to notice that Maria, who excitedly approached them to have a picture taken together as well, was quickly dragged away by Hale.

Sophia then looked at the photo, which looked awesome. Satisfied, she nodded continuously to the actor, saying, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

Then, a clear and attractive voice came from under the hat. “You’re welcome.”

Sophia was stunned upon hearing the voice. Her eyes widened at once, and the smile on her face was quickly replaced with a dumbfounded look. As she raised her head to look up at him, the gentle light shone on her face, adding a touch of softness to her facial features. This voice. Isn’t he…

The man in white before her slowly lifted the white veil between them with his long fingers, revealing a dazzlingly handsome face.

The man looked drop-dead gorgeous. His eyebrows were thick and smooth with an artificial beauty mark painted between them, while his eyes were unusually attractive and tender. Slightly raising the corners of his lips, he said with a smile, “You can take a couple more pictures of us together. I won’t charge you for it.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 422

Staring at the unimaginably handsome man in white before her, Sophia felt as if she had traveled 1,000 years back in time to see an exceedingly good-looking man in white standing under the lights of the paper lanterns on the brightly-illuminated street.

The beauty mark between his brows made him look especially dazzling, and any woman would fall hopelessly head over heels in the face of his otherworldly charm and peerless good-looks.

Sophia felt like that was a face she had searched for in the crowd hundreds and thousands of times, only to see him standing under the dim light when she suddenly turned around.

The man was so breathtakingly handsome that Sophia couldn’t breathe at all. Her mind went blank for what seemed like an eternity before she withdrew her gaze with great difficulty. Luckily, the blush on her face wasn’t that visible under the bright light.

Feeling deeply embarrassed, she went scarlet while saying, “Hubby…”

Michael lowered his head slightly to stare at the lady before him, who had excitedly dressed up as a lady of the ancient times upon arrival in the Ancient Area. With her beautiful face and the artificial beauty mark between her brows, she looked like a fairy that had come straight out of a Renaissance painting.

As a handsome knight and a beautiful lady met each other on the brightly-illuminated street, the man’s lowered eyes brimmed with tenderness, whereas the lady’s fluttering eyelashes gave her awe and shyness away. The scene was so beautiful and eye-catching that even the tourists around them couldn’t help but pause and turn to look at them.

Only then did the simple-minded Maria realize that this was another one of those ‘chance encounters’ that her boss had deliberately set up.

Danny, on the other hand, kept taking pictures with the camera. It didn’t take long before he had taken dozens of photos.

“Oh my lord, look at this composition, this lighting, this positioning, the angle, makeup, and hairstyle… Don’t move! Keep them while I take a couple more pictures! Goodness gracious. This is so beautiful! What a perfect picture this is! This can even be used as a film still. Let’s strike another pose and have another picture taken. One, two, three! Okay! Perfect!”

Back when Danny was assigned to work as Michael’s personal assistant on the film set, he thought he would also be responsible for taking gorgeous pictures of his boss and posting them on social media for publicity purposes. Therefore, he had made a special effort to study photography and learn using Photoshop.

However, after taking up his post, he realized that Michael had no habit of taking selfies and posting them on Twitter and other social media, so he never had a chance to put these skills to use.

Now, these skills of his finally came in handy!

After her feelings of excitement and surprise had subsided, Sophia realized that her face had gone a little numb with overexcitement. She was quite a loss for what to do, for she couldn’t even speak properly with her numb lips.

Holding Sophia’s slightly cold hand, Michael said, “Let’s go to the film set with me.”

Since her hand was icy to the touch, he squeezed it and warmed it up with his warmth.

The two of them then walked hand-in-hand. Michael put down his white veil again to conceal his face; moreover, nobody could see his looks at night, so they weren’t afraid of being seen while walking on the street.

It wasn’t until Sophia had walked some distance that she suddenly came to her senses. Why is Michael here? Isn’t he acting in a war film? Why is he dressed in a historical costume?

It wasn’t until they arrived at the film set that Sophia learned that the ‘War Dragon’ crew had finished filming for the day that night. Therefore, Michael took this opportunity to do a cameo on the set of a historical film.

There were many actors on the set of the historical film. Since the film crew was filming night scenes, Sophia’s sudden appearance didn’t seem abrupt at all. Michael let her find a place to play with her cell phone while he filmed his scenes.

The film’s director was Elizabeth’s friend, and he was also the one who had guided Michael when the latter entered the entertainment industry. Since his film crew happened to be filming nearby, Michael decided to come over to do a cameo in the film and stage a chance encounter with Sophia while he was at it.

Of course, Michael’s real purpose in joining the set was to stage the chance encounter with Sophia, for he could play a walk-on role anytime he wanted.

Having decided to do a cameo on a whim, he only volunteered himself that afternoon, telling the film director and the screenwriter to think up some lines for him.

The screenwriter could only force himself to think up a plot based on when Michael would appear and the scenes the latter was filming right now.

Since Sophia didn’t know the plot’s specifics, she could only watch as Michael came down from above in an awe-inspiring and impressive manner while being suspended from a wire. After exchanging a few lines with the film’s male lead, he made several choreographed fighting moves. Then, he hurriedly had some fake blood put on him and filmed the scene where he died due to his injuries.

Having finished filming his scenes, Michael took Sophia to the hotel.

They were staying in a hotel in the Ancient Area. The hotel was built in the traditional style on the outside, and its interior furnishings also had an old quaint charm about them. Not only that, but the services it provided were also better than the average star-rated hotels.

The instant they entered the room, Sophia noticed the suggestive colors that the room was decorated in.

On the red quilt were a whip, some candles, and other sex toys, whereas several pieces of sexy uniforms were placed on the TV cabinet. Furthermore, a loveseat and a love swing were placed at the side of the bed.

Michael frowned, whereas Sophia was stupefied.

Hale and Maria, who helped them with the baggage, were speechless.

Poking his head from outside, Danny asked, “Did I choose the wrong place?”

Later that night, Stanley was sleeping when he suddenly received a text message from Sophia. It read, ‘Hurry up and like the photo that I have just posted.’

What makes this photo so important that she specially sent me a text message in the middle of the night to tell me to give it a ‘like’?

Bleary-eyed, Stanley opened Sophia’s social media account and saw the picture she had posted. The image of a handsome man and a gorgeously beautiful lady staring affectionately into each other’s eyes in a dreamlike atmosphere greeted him…

“F*ck! I’ll never give it a ‘like’!”

D*mn it! Not only did you publicly display your affection for your man, but you even shoved it down my throat in such a forceful way!

Angrily tossing his cell phone aside, Stanley went back to sleep and decided not to give the picture a ‘like’ no matter what.

On the next day of her arrival, Sophia spent the day at the film studio walking around other places and having fun to her heart’s content. She only went to the set of ‘War Dragon’ on the third day.

As it so happened, one of the crew’s walk-ons accidentally broke her leg during a fall, so Sophia could substitute for her.

On the first day of joining the film set, Sophia’s eyes brightened as she searched everywhere for Natasha, who seemed to be absent on this day.

Sophia understood what Natasha was thinking. As the daughter of a wealthy family, Natasha had to assume an air of superiority even while courting someone. It would be degrading for her to visit the crew on set every day.

It was said that Natasha had made a special trip here to avoid the summer heat and was now staying right in the film studio. Therefore, she would show up sooner or later.

Sophia played a walk-on part in the film as one of the trafficked Cethosian ladies.

The story was about the male protagonist getting out of his country to rescue these ladies. However, these ladies had been reserved by their buyer, who sent the most powerful group of mercenaries to escort them.

The male protagonist’s journey to rescue these ladies was beset with difficulties; not only did he encounter many dangers along the way, but he even stumbled across a war in a foreign country.

The male protagonist, who looked righteous with his thick eyebrows and big eyes, was played by Harry, whereas Taylor played the cruel and merciless villain who trafficked humans for profit.

The ladies would have many scenes to film, so only those with a behind-the-scenes backer could join the set. Therefore, when they saw Sophia joining the set, they exchanged knowing looks with each other, for it went without saying that she must have a backer as well.

When it wasn’t the ladies’ turn to film their scenes, they would put on their makeup and chat away while eating some snacks.

“My dad is one of this film’s investors.”

“My brother is the screenwriter.”

“My godfather is the director’s brother.”

Having introduced their respective backgrounds, they asked Sophia, “Are you related to anyone in this film crew?”

Looking high-spirited in her costume, Sophia said, “The lead actor of this film is a distant cousin of mine.”

As expected, she also has a connection in the film crew! the ladies thought to themselves. Since Sophia had a connection in the film crew like them, they decided to take her as one of their own.

Because of that, they began to gossip even in her presence.

“That Natasha woman seems to be absent today!”

“Tsk, what a good thing it is to have a rich dad. Look. She sent flower baskets over again.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 423

The film crew received a lot of flower baskets again on this day. It wasn’t rare for the film crew to receive flowers because it was a common occurrence.

Many nouveau riche often bombarded the film sets with flowers to flatter the female celebrities they liked, and some rich women also did this to flatter their favorite young idols. However, the flower baskets this time were quite different, for they were sent to Taylor by Natasha.

Everyone on the film set knew that Natasha was in love with Taylor. She was eager to please him; not only did she visit the film set in person every now and then these days, but she also had flower baskets delivered to the set from time to time. Looking at the flowers placed on the set, the walk-on ladies and the staff on the film set began whispering among themselves.

“Tsk, tsk. Natasha seems serious, but her feelings don’t seem to be reciprocated!”

“That’s difficult to say. Our Prince Charming here may seem aloof and distant on the outside, but who knows what he’s thinking deep down inside? Perhaps he is inwardly bursting with impatience to marry into the Mitchell Family, but is now simply putting on an act!”

“That’s right. Even though he is flourishing in show business, he’s still just an artist after all. Marrying into the Mitchells would be a very good choice!”

All of them sounded jealous as they spoke. Their eyes were filled with jealousy. How they wished they were born into prominent families, or possessed the same cleverness and academic qualifications as Natasha!

On this day, they were filming a scene where the male lead courageously rescued the trafficked ladies, who all looked travel-worn, weary, and wretched after being hidden in a car. The film director forbade them to wear makeup; instead, he told everyone to apply some dirt on their faces and roll on the ground.

Sophia obediently applied some dirt on her face and rolled on the floor. However, after she had done so, she discovered that everyone else simply put a little dirt on their faces after having applied their usual exquisite base makeup, and they didn’t roll on the floor at all.

While other ladies looked delicate and charming with feigned pitifulness, Sophia looked a real sorry sight. Covered in dirt, she huddled in a corner while eating some snacks. As she listened to everyone’s discussion, she couldn’t help saying with a touch of jealousy, “That’s not necessarily so, for Taylor is a married man! It’ll be difficult for Natasha to get married to him!” However, her words were instantly met with unanimous ridicule from everyone else.

“We can tell at first glance that you’re new in show business. Nothing is absolute in the field, for it is normal for celebrities to get married or divorced, and cheat on their spouses for the sake of publicity!”

“It’s silly to talk about love in show business; there is no true love to speak of here. Everyone in the circle is vain. Can Taylor really stay faithful to that wife of his when different ladies want to have sex with him every other day?”

“Romance in show business is the most worthless; it’s not as practical as money and fame!”

“Haven’t you heard it? There’s an unspoken rule on the set whereby all the supporting actresses are supposed to sleep with the lead actors. Who do you think out of so many supporting actresses here stand the best chance to sleep with Miss Taylor?”

“Miss Taylor can sleep with whoever he wants, of course! The way I see it, he’ll most likely sleep with Natasha!”

“I bet Miss Taylor doesn’t dare to touch Natasha, though. If he really sleeps with her, he’ll be bound to the Mitchell Family for the rest of his life, and he’ll no longer be able to play around as he pleases. I wouldn’t be willing to end up like that if I were him!”

Sophia was quite at a loss for a reply, for she found herself unable to join their conversation at all. My idol won’t be as deplorable as they imagined! He has always been chaste! she thought to herself.

Still, Sophia was a bit worried. In general, men were animals that easily succumbed to lust. Now that so many beauties were offering themselves to Michael, what if he really gave in to their seduction one day? What if there really were supporting actresses who wanted to sleep with him? With that thought in mind, she decided to keep a closer eye on Michael.

Michael was playing the male main antagonist this time. Since there wasn’t any romantic subplot for his character, he never had to worry about having to film intimate scenes. Therefore, he was totally unperturbed even with his wife watching him on set.

The ladies waited on the film set for a long time just to film a scene that might last for only a minute or two. Even so, they scrambled to have their faces featured in the scene despite it lasting such a short time.

Sophia was unable to fight against them, so she was pushed to the back of the crowd every single time. Thus, she could only have her limbs featured in the shots at most since she couldn’t have her face featured at all.

However, she wasn’t here to steal the show from other actresses. She was here specifically to keep an eye on her husband! Therefore, she sat silently among the crowd while watching Michael closely.

Michael was a very professional actor; not only was he good at acting, but he was also very charismatic, and he rarely broke into laughter during filming. However, he frequently broke into laughter during filming on this day.

Whenever he was drawn into his character only to see the dirt-covered Sophia staring round-eyed at him nearby, he couldn’t help but give her an affectionate smile. In the end, he only managed to finish filming his scenes with great difficulty by forcing himself not to look at her.

The morning passed in a flash. Aside from the fact that Michael often unexpectedly broke into laughter during filming, the filming went relatively smoothly, for the scenes were filmed according to schedule. When the film crew handed out the lunchboxes at noon, the walk-ons lined up to get their own, whereas Sophia went to eat in Michael’s SUV.

Michael had put on quite a show this time since he had even brought a food truck and some chefs with him. The dishes were ready when Michael, Sophia, and the others arrived, so they sat at two separate tables to eat.

Michael sat with Harry at a table, whereas Sophia sat with Hale, Danny, and Maria to avoid suspicions. Since this was the first time Sophia played as a walk-on, she was both a little excited and physically exhausted, and it took only a little while before she wolfed down two bowls of rice.

When she put down her fork and spoon, she saw the director coming to scrounge a free meal and discuss the scenes that would be filmed that afternoon with the two lead actors. However, the lead actress was nowhere to be seen. She seemed to be filming other scenes on a separate set.

Looking at the flowers Natasha had sent to Michael on the film set, she quietly nudged Hale and shot a glance at the flowers. Then, she shot another glance at Michael and jutted out her chin toward Hale, signaling for him to approach Michael.

Instantly understanding what she meant, Hale finished his meal and went up to Michael, asking, “Mr. Murray, what should we do with the flowers?”

Sophia pricked up her ears and listened attentively as she was desperate to know what Michael would do with the flowers. Michael ate while sneaking a glance at Sophia, who had her ears pricked up while eavesdropping on their conversation. Thus, he said with a smile, “What else can we do? We can’t waste them. Just bring them back to the hotel.”

Before long, everyone on the film set learned that Taylor had accepted the flower baskets Natasha sent and even brought them back to the hotel. In an instant, the film set was abuzz with gossips, and it took only a while before the story was distorted.

“Have you heard it? Taylor accepted Natasha’s flowers! They’re seeing each other now!”

“That’s right! I heard that Taylor moved out from the hotel where the film crew is staying two days ago to the mountain resort where Natasha is staying! They must have been sleeping together for several days!”

Natasha had also sent many flower baskets over last time, but Michael gave them to the film crew so that they could be used as props. However, he readily accepted her flower baskets this time, which was an obvious sign that something was going on.

Natasha, who was staying at the mountain resort, was exuberant when she learned of this. As expected, my perseverance works! Taylor will fall for me one day!

Angry that Michael had accepted Natasha’s flowers, Sophia sneaked off to another film set that afternoon to play a walk-on part.

For time-saving purposes, the film crew was split into two groups to allow multiple scenes to be filmed simultaneously. Michael and Harry were in a group, whereas the lead actress was in the other. Currently, the lead actress was filming other scenes on a seperate set.

The lead actress of the film ‘War Dragon’ was Nicole Walker, who landed herself the role despite her obscurity as the lead actress in a local TV drama.

Having played as walk-ons in many dramas, she was the favorite of middle-aged and old countrywomen, until a highly-publicized tabloid scandal landed her on the A-list and made her a true celebrity. After that, she signed up with Imperial Management Studio and became the lead actress of the film ‘War Dragon’.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 424

This was the first time Nicole played as the female lead of a film, but the film director was very satisfied with her performance. Besides being experienced and skilled in acting, she filmed her role with dedicated professionalism, allowing the filming of the female lead’s scenes to go smoothly all the time.

However, the filming this day wasn’t going well, for it was fraught with multiple retakes of the same scenes. This was first because everyone was out of shape due to the hot weather, and secondly, because the supporting actress playing alongside Nicole kept making mistakes.

Standing aside while watching as they filmed, Sophia found that the problem wasn’t with Nicole, who did a perfect job as the lead actress and was in shape the whole time. However, the supporting actress kept making mistakes during filming, and she had quite a temper.

Also, she seemed to have quite some backing, because even the film director didn’t dare to lash out at her. As a result, the scenes that could have been completed that morning were still unfinished by noon.

After thinking about it for a while, Sophia turned around and left.

Michael was still eating when he saw Sophia coming back. Delighted, he said, “Hey, you’re back?”

Sophia didn’t answer him though. After packing some food, she washed her hands, took two pieces of bread, and left while carrying a flower basket.

Meanwhile, Nicole could finally take some rest after completing her scenes with much difficulty. Even so, the supporting actress who kept holding her back was still very unhappy, and she kept swearing all the time.

Even though Nicole was the lead actress of this film, she was practically new in the film industry. Since this was the first time she played the female lead of a blockbuster, she was tense the whole time; she didn’t dare to relax as she strived to do her best in every detail.

While everyone else was having lunch, she watched the playback of her scenes over and over again to search for possible flaws. Her talent agency had assigned a personal assistant to her, but the personal assistant attended to her half-heartedly and left sooner than she did after mealtime.

Nicole took a piece of bread from her backpack and ate it while watching the playback. To her surprise, she saw Sophia coming toward her.

Nicole didn’t know Sophia’s real identity, but she remembered the latter’s face even after all these while. Pleasantly surprised, she asked, “Why are you here?”

Sophia answered, “I’m playing as a walk-on on the set next door, so I decided to drop by.”

Then, she brought the food and the flower basket over, saying, “This flower basket is for you. Make a good film.”

She removed the signed card from the flower basket she had taken from the film set next door before giving it to Nicole.

This was the first time Nicole received a flower basket, and it filled her heart with warmth. Feeling especially happy, she said, “Thank you! I’ll do my best in the film.”

Nicole then ate her lunch while chatting with Sophia about the film crew and the orphanage.

She had signed one or two endorsement deals previously. They didn’t pay much, but the money was enough for her to spend. Her pay for the film ‘War Dragon’ was pathetically low despite her being the film’s lead actress, and she had sent the money back to the orphanage.

Nevertheless, she would no longer have to worry about not being offered film roles as long as she did a good job in this film.

After a while, the staff on the film set returned from lunch and resumed shooting right away.

Sophia stood aside and watched carefully as the film crew raced against the clock to film the scenes. Nicole was truly made for films; besides having a pretty face and a beautiful physique, she was a skilled actress with a solid mastery of the basic acting skills. Not only that, but she didn’t even require stunt doubles while filming fighting scenes.

This film would certainly become a box-office hit with her as the lead actress!

As she watched Nicole filming her scenes, she played with her cell phone and estimated the time left before she had to go back for dinner.

Suddenly, she heard a strange conversation next to her.

A voice full of arrogance was heard. “Whose flower basket is this?”

“This is given to Nicole by somebody else, Miss Olivia,” said the other voice in an extremely groveling tone.

“What? A little-known b*tch who rose to fame by selling her body also has flowers sent to her?”

Sophia looked over and saw three ladies surrounding the flower basket she had given to Nicole while ridiculing Nicole.

Out of the three ladies, two looked like personal assistants, whereas the lady standing in the middle looked extremely seductive. Looking lofty and arrogant, she was none other than the supporting actress who had held the entire film crew back that morning.

The scenes filmed in the morning were about the female lead overcoming numerous dangerous obstacles to rescue her trapped younger sister. The supporting actress played the part of the younger sister, so there were many scenes between her and the lead actress.

The supporting actress looked at the flower basket before her. As the flower basket’s bright colors were reflected in her pupils, her eyes reddened, and she ordered the two assistants next to her, “Smash it!”

The two assistants didn’t hesitate at her words. One knocked over the flower basket, whereas the other plucked the flowers out of it and crushed them with her feet.

“What are you doing?” Seeing the flowers she had given to somebody else as a present being smashed like that, Sophia furiously stood up and walked toward them. “Do you even have a basic sense of morality? How could you smash other people’s flower baskets as you please?”

The three ladies looked back simultaneously at Sophia. Upon seeing that the person talking to them was a dirtily-dressed walk-on, they ignored her and continued stepping on the flowers.

Sophia took two steps forward and was about to continue speaking, but Nicole quickly emerged from one side, telling her, “Never mind. Just let them be; it’s just a flower basket anyway.”

As the supporting actress seemed to have a powerful backing, Nicole didn’t dare to offend her.

Sophia understood Nicole’s feelings. Now that Nicole was offered the role of the female lead despite having no backing, God knew how many people were jealous of her. Therefore, she had to be very circumspect on set to avoid offending these people.

Suppressing the anger within her, Sophia reluctantly sat back down.

Unexpectedly, her conceding gesture made the supporting actress even more arrogant. Looking at Nicole and Sophia, she mocked sarcastically, “Wow, where is this walk-on from? What a bad temper you have! So what if I want to smash your flower basket?”

Sophia’s eyes widened in anger, but she didn’t say anything. Never mind, I’m not going to bother myself arguing with the likes of these nameless actresses!

Thus, she sat back in her seat and continued playing with her cell phone.

However, the supporting actress and her two assistants seemed unwilling to let Nicole and Sophia off. They came over and surrounded Sophia, asking, “Who are you? Why have I never seen you before? Are you a walk-on who just joined the set?”

Sophia didn’t even bother to speak, whereas Nicole humbled herself to please the actress as she told them, “Miss Olivia, she’s a new walk-on, so she doesn’t know much about the rules here. There’s no need to fuss with her.”

Sophia was fuming deep down inside as she watched Nicole, who played the female lead, speaking humbly to a supporting actress. However, she didn’t know much about the entertainment industry, nor did she know what made Miss Olivia so influential on the set. Therefore, she couldn’t say anything rashly, or else it would be bad if she caused trouble for Michael.

Miss Olivia was very pleased with Nicole’s humble attitude. Still, she said overbearingly, “New? Ha! Can a newcomer turn up her nose while talking to people? These newcomers need to be taught a lesson!”

Then, she pointed at Sophia as she demanded, “I’m upset. Kneel down before me!”

Sophia stared at her incredulously before looking at the staff around them. They seemed to know what was happening over here, but they consciously averted their eyes, turning a blind eye to such open bullying.

It seems that this Miss Olivia has quite some backing, she thought to herself.

Nicole seemed to be accustomed to this. After gritting her teeth, she knelt down with a broad smile, saying, “Miss Olivia, you may take this opportunity to rehearse the scenes with me. I didn’t do well in that scene in the morning.”

That particular scene was about the female lead risking death to save her younger sister, and many shots in the scene required Nicole to crawl and kneel. However, Miss Olivia kept making mistakes during filming, causing Nicole’s knees to bleed as she had kneeled multiple times in vain.

Knowing that the supporting actress was deliberately giving her a hard time, Nicole kneeled down without the slightest hesitation. As long as she could do a good job in this film, she would be able to make a turnaround. The humiliation she was suffering right now didn’t matter as long as she could gain a firm foothold.

However, before her knees could touch the ground, an arm suddenly dragged her to her feet.

“Why should you kneel before her?!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 425

Sophia dragged Nicole back to her feet while saying sarcastically, “I wonder who was the one who kept making mistakes during filming this morning. Even if someone has to kneel, the person should be the one who wasted everyone’s time by making bloopers all the time!”

It seemed like Miss Olivia did have some influence in the film crew. The instant Sophia, who was obviously a walk-on, confronted her, everyone on set subconsciously glanced in their direction.

Then, they were shocked to see the new walk-on standing in front of Nicole and confronting Miss Olivia without knowing where she stood.

Tilting her head to one side, Sophia uttered word by word with ridicule and sarcasm written all over her face, “You used doubles in seven of your eight scenes. With such a bad personality and poor acting skills, it’s no wonder that you can only play a supporting role for a few minutes in the film!”

She spared Miss Olivia no mercy with her straightforward criticism.

Sophia’s words touched Miss Olivia’s sore spot. Initially, she had expected that the role of the female lead in ‘War Dragon’ would be hers. However, she was told a few days before signing the contract that the role had gone to a b*tch named Nicole Walker instead.

Because of that, she hated Nicole and often found fault with the latter on set. Even though she didn’t dare to make a big scene in the film director’s presence, she never stopped bullying Nicole behind the scenes.

Other people on set turned a blind eye to this, for they also hated Nicole, who landed herself the role despite having no backing at all. However, all of them wondered, Where did this d*mn ignorant walk-on come from?

Olivia glared at Sophia fiercely. However, the thought of her husband—who played as one of the male leads and was the biggest investor in this film—and the few billions in her bank account filled Sophia with confidence. Thus, she jutted out her chin and added, “What’s wrong with that? Ain’t I right?”

Nicole secretly tugged at Sophia’s clothes from behind as if wanting to remind Sophia to stop. However, Sophia was so furious right now that she couldn’t hold back her anger at all.

She was looking for an outlet to vent her anger. Michael—that douchebag—hooked up with women again, and he didn’t reject Natasha-the-b*tch’s advances, which made her blood boil.

Since she was in a bad mood, she wanted to pick a fight with someone to make herself feel better.

Miss Olivia stomped her foot and screamed hysterically, “Director!”

The director trotted over and wiped his sweat away before asking with a helpless expression, “What’s the matter again, my lady?”

Olivia’s tone of voice suddenly turned kittenish as she pointed at Sophia and said, “Where did this miserable walk-on come from? Throw her out of the set for me!”

The director glanced at the little walk-on before him, who looked young and unfamiliar. He knew all the well-connected cast members by heart, but since Sophia had been here for only a day, he had no impression of her. Therefore, he said casually, “She’s hired at 150 per day. Since you don’t like her, I’ll just chase her away.”

Then, trying to send her away, he stuffed cash worth 100 in Sophia’s hands without giving her the chance to speak as he told her in a good-natured way, “Just go and join other sets.”

It seemed that Miss Olivia was really quite influential since even the director was at her mercy. However, Sophia wondered whether she was as influential as Michael.

Sophia returned the money to the director, saying, “I’m not leaving. My cousin plays the male lead and is an investor of this film, so you guys have to ask for his permission before chasing me away!”

Before the director could speak, Miss Olivia eyed Sophia up and down with a strange look in her eyes. Then, she asked doubtfully, “Which of the lead actors is your cousin?”

Sophia jutted out her chin again with the pride of a well-connected person as she declared, “Listen to me, y’all. My cousin is Taylor Murray!”

The entire scene suddenly fell into silence…

“Taylor Murray is your brother? Are you sure that this is not just your wishful thinking? You aren’t worthy of being Taylor Murray’s cousin at all!” said Miss Olivia tauntingly as if she had heard some outrageous joke. Forcibly suppressing her laugh, she stared suspiciously at the boastful walk-on in front of her.

Mimicking Miss Olivia’s tone of voice, Sophia crossed her arms as she countered, “Taylor Murray is my cousin. If you don’t believe me, I can show you our picture!”

Nicole was bullied so badly on set that she could no longer stand the sight of it. The way she looked at it, Nicole would probably be chased out of the film set within a few days if this were to go on!

Since Sophia had stirred up trouble now, she would have to deal with the aftermath of it to avoid giving Nicole trouble. Therefore, she threatened, “I’d advise you to behave yourself a little in the future because my cousin is very fond of me. One word from me is all it takes—”

“Hahahahaha!” Olivia suddenly burst out laughing with her hand clapped over her belly. The instant she laughed, her two assistants laughed too, and all the staff on the film set had strange and derisive smiles on their faces.

Miss Olivia laughed so hard that she couldn’t help covering her stomach with her hand. Pointing at Sophia, she mocked, “Haha! I don’t know where you come from, goofball, but please stop using my cousin to make yourself look good. I don’t know you at all!”

Sophia was puzzled. Miss Olivia’s cousin…

The personal assistant next to Miss Olivia said proudly, “Missy, this is Olivia Murray, Lord Taylor Murray’s only cousin sister. May I know what makes you a cousin of Mr. Murray?”

Sophia’s face turned ghastly in an instant. Michael’s cousin sister? Olivia… Murray?

She began searching her memory. Ever since she married Michael, she seemed to have never heard of him mentioning that he had a female cousin, nor had she seen such a person in his photo album.

Since Olivia’s surname was Murray, she was probably a cousin on Elizabeth’s side.

There were photos of the Fletchers in Michael’s photo album, yet she really had never seen any photos of a Murray in it.

Since Sophia claimed to be Taylor’s cousin in front of his real cousin sister, she instantly became the object of ridicule by the staff on the film set.

Looking Sophia up and down, Olivia said smugly, “My aunt Elizabeth has only one younger brother, who is my father, and Taylor is my biological cousin. I never heard about him having other cousins on my aunt’s side, so may I know what makes you a cousin of his exactly?”

Sophia frowned as she didn’t know how to answer Olivia’s question for the time being. With that, Olivia went even more overboard by taking a step forward and said overbearingly, “Make it clear, or I won’t let you go today!”

Her two assistants also closed in on Sophia aggressively. “That’s right! Make it clear or kneel down!”

Glaring fiercely at Olivia, Sophia suddenly thought of an answer. Thus, she answered with a sly smile, “No wonder I have never seen you in my cousin’s home. So you’re a relative of Aunt Elizabeth.”

“Aunt Elizabeth?” Olivia frowned.

Having found a way to get herself out of this embarrassing situation, Sophia said, “That’s right. Taylor is my mother’s brother’s son, so he’s my cousin.”

Olivia felt a little suspicious as she stared at Sophia.

Elizabeth didn’t tell her family about her marriage back then. They knew that Elizabeth had a son, but they didn’t know where he was, nor had they ever seen him.

After Elizabeth passed away, her enormous wealth was inherited by her son, but the Murrays couldn’t find out where he was despite having searched for a long time. It wasn’t until Taylor publicly admitted being Elizabeth’s son last year that they learned that Taylor was her son.

They knew nothing about Taylor’s father, but when Elizabeth came back to meet her parents one last time back then, she had disclosed that her lover died on the battlefield.

Sounds like he’s just a poor soldier instead of someone from a wealthy noble family.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 426

Olivia was still wary. What if this walk-on is really close to Taylor? However, she wasn’t willing to back down either.

Seeing that the two ‘cousins’ of Taylor were in a standoff, the director hurriedly came forward to help resolve the dispute. “Alright, both of you are a family, so please don’t be hostile to each other. Olivia, please get ready for the next scene.”

It was until then that Olivia mumbled and left the place. Watching Olivia leave, Nicole was still reeling from shock. Sophia consoled her by telling her, “Just do your best to act in the drama and don’t be influenced by other people. If you become famous thanks to this drama, your future will be bright.”

Nicole nodded. She had been getting ready for years for such a chance. Now that she had gotten the chance, she would never let it slip through her fingers. Hesitantly, she asked, “Are you really Taylor’s cousin?”

Sophia said in denial, “No, but I’ve invested some money in this drama, so they won’t dare create trouble for me. Don’t worry.”

Nicole didn’t believe her totally, but Olivia indeed stopped bothering them. It wasn’t certain whether it was because the director had tried to mediate the conflict, or Olivia was wary of Sophia’s identity. After Nicole was done with her scene in the afternoon, Sophia went to another filming site, where Michael and other staff members were busy shooting their drama.

Finding Hale, Sophia said, “Help me invest 10 million in the production team using my name. The only condition is that they can’t get anyone to replace Nicole as the female lead.”

Despite not knowing what happened to Sophia, Hale still nodded in agreement. In fact, she didn’t need to invest any money, because the production team was under the protection of Michael and Harry, therefore they had the final say in everything. Moreover, no one would dare replace Nicole with anyone else because she was the favorite actress of Sophia.

When the sky was about to turn dark, the cooks had prepared the dishes. However, no one came to have dinner because they were still busy shooting the drama, except for Sophia, who was devouring the food. When Michael was done with his scene and ready to have dinner, he saw Sophia sitting in the corner alone and watching a movie on her tablet without chatting with anymore.

Although he knew that Sophia was still angry, he didn’t go over to coax her because there were too many people around. While he was having dinner, someone approached him and called out in a sweet voice, “Taylor!”

Hearing that voice, Michael frowned and turned around, whereupon he saw Olivia approaching him in a delighted manner. If the director never told him that his cousin was one of the actresses, he wouldn’t have known that he had such a cousin. It was because the director was a fan of Elizabeth that he gave a supporting role to Elizabeth’s niece.

Since the time he started to form memories as a child, Michael had never seen Elizabeth’s family members before because she never talked about her family. Therefore, he knew nothing about his mother’s family.


Under the jealous gazes of others, Olivia walked over in a joyful manner, held Michael’s arm and shook it. “Taylor, why don’t we have supper together after work?”

Without any emotion, Michael replied, “I have a scene to shoot tonight.”

On the other side, Sophia eavesdropped on their conversation and noted their sweet interaction. She’s really Michael’s cousin! Pfft, Michael and his cousin. Such a made-in-heaven couple! At that instant, Sophia was extremely jealous.

Totally different from her arrogant self moments ago, Olivia was now trying to get closer to Michael by speaking in a coquettish tone.

Pfft, if her acting skill was as good as her ability to act coquettishly, Nicole wouldn’t have been held back by her this morning.

Catching a glimpse of Sophia, who was facing away from them, Olivia thought of something and questioned, “Is she your cousin as well?”

Michael shook his head. “No.” That’s my wife. However, since he wasn’t close to Olivia, he wouldn’t expose Sophia’s identity.

Olivia was overjoyed and snorted secretly. So she’s just a shameless woman who’s pretending to be Taylor’s cousin.

Then, Olivia wanted to talk to Michael further, but he was busy reading the script, so he ignored her. When night fell, he continued working on the next scene. Seeing that, Olivia walked away in a haughty way. I’m the cousin of Taylor, who was the winner of the Academy Award for Best Actor, so all the staff members have to respect me!

Just when she was leaving, she passed by Sophia and smiled wickedly. Thanks to her relationship with Taylor, all the staff members never dared disobey her orders. Since this walk-on dared to offend me, she’ll have to be taught a lesson!

Hale had wanted to tell Michael about the conflict between Sophia and Olivia, but since Michael was busy working on his scene, he thought he should wait. However, after Gwen called him to check up on him, he forgot about it.

When the night scene was over, everyone started leaving the production site. Michael had his own van with all the necessary equipment. Upon opening the door, he beckoned to Sophia. “Chica, let’s get in. We’re going back to the hotel.”

Sophia had a dispute with Olivia in the day, and Michael was in a suspicious relationship with Natasha. Therefore, she was displeased and replied coldly, “My clothes are dirty, so I won’t get in your car.”

Upon getting into another van, she closed the door and fell into silence. Shaking his head, Michael smirked and told someone to send all the flower bouquets to the hotel.

The vans reached the hotel consecutively. Upon entering the room, Sophia directly went into the bathroom and locked the door so that Michael couldn’t get in. Having returned to the room, Michael remained silent and fell into his thoughts.

Sophia was still angry with Michael, but the bath made her cheer up a little. Lying in the bathtub, she was trying to come up with an excuse to forgive Michael. Sighing, she thought, I shouldn’t have argued with Michael’s cousin. Although she’s annoying, she’s his cousin after all. Maybe he accepted Natasha’s flower bouquet because it would be embarrassing for her if he rejected it. Perhaps he would send it back secretly later. Yes, my husband isn’t that kind of person. With such thoughts in her mind, her fury slowly subsided and she forgave Michael.

After taking a bath for a long time, she put on a towel and a pair of red slippers. Then, she walked out of the misty bathroom and stepped on something. Lowering her head, she realized that it was a flower petal. Raising her head, she saw that the red carpet in the room was covered with all sorts of flower petals, and the lights had dimmed. Michael had formed a love sign with roses on the floor. What the…

Facing away from Sophia, Michael was picking the petals from the flowers and scattering them on the table and the bed. At that instant, the room was filled with the aroma of flowers.

“Oh, chica. You’re done with the bath,” he said as he picked a rose and smelled it.

Sophia walked over and stood in the middle of the love sign that was formed using roses. “What are you doing?”

Then, Michael played romantic music, which made the atmosphere in the room intimate. “It’s our second anniversary. I’m sorry that I didn’t have time in the day. Please make do with it.”

Second anniversary… Sophia suddenly recalled the tweet Michael posted some time ago. Today is our second year of marriage.

On the same day two years ago, she was still a thin lady who was brought to Michael by Daniel.

Two years have passed just like this…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 427

In the summer two years ago, Sophia lost everything and was in despair. Fortunately, for the following two summers, she had Michael with her.

At that moment, she felt that she was the happiest person in the world.

In fact, Michael was a romantic man as he would utilize his resources and give her surprises from time to time, which made her feel happy that she had such a husband. However, he felt that it would be somewhat pretentious to create surprises deliberately, just like the flower petals now as it was just his improvisation.

After receiving the flower bouquets from Natasha, he had wanted to pass them to the production team as props. Nevertheless, he suddenly recalled that it was their second anniversary, so he made use of the flowers to decorate the room.

I swear to God that I’ve accepted Natasha’s flowers just to give you a surprise!

Stepping on the petals, they cuddled with each other and danced to the waltz music in the background.

Resting her head on Michael’s shoulder, she felt that she had never been so happy before. Therefore, she had to apologize to Michael for making a fuss earlier. My Lord is the best man in the world!

Running his fingers through Sophia’s hair, Michael suddenly thought of something and reminded, “Try not to get into conflict with Olivia.”

Sophia nodded. “Alright.”

Since Elizabeth is dead, her family members are important to Michael. If I get into a dispute with Olivia, he’ll be in a difficult situation. Therefore, I can’t be so wilful and always let him clean up the mess for me.

After dancing for a while, Michael fished out a pornographic book, titled ‘100 Positions for Married Couples’.

“We have no time. Let’s choose two positions first. Don’t worry. I’ll make it up to you in the future.” Michael appeared to be in a rush.

Sophia was rendered speechless.

This morning, Michael had to wake up early and rushed to the production site for work. Thus, he was exhausted and didn’t have much energy left to make love with Sophia. However, he promised that he would give her a quality intimate session next time.

The film studio was quiet at night, but the lights outside the window never dimmed. Having followed Michael around for the entire day, even though she was on her phone most of the time, she was still pretty tired. Hence, Michael, who had worked all day, must be even more exhausted.

As Sophia snuggled up to Michael on the bed, she felt safe and became sleepy.

“Chica… When we’re done with this drama, we’ll go home and have a child. What do you think?”

Sophia wasn’t certain whether it was a dream or reality. Hearing what Michael said, she answered in a daze, “Okay.”

The next morning, Sophia woke up and realized that Michael was gone. Michael had turned off the alarm for her so that she could have a good sleep, while he left the room at 5 a.m.

Shooting a drama was a taxing job. As the male lead, he was under a lot of pressure, because without him, the film production would come to a halt. Therefore, he was very disciplined by arriving at the site earliest and going off work last.

All of his dramas were well-made because he had high standards for himself and would reshoot a scene until it was perfect. Sometimes, if a scene didn’t feel right, he would reshoot it countless times even if he had to sacrifice his rest time. He wouldn’t feel bored or tired doing so.

Despite the fact that he was already rich, he went on acting for dramas simply because he really loved his job.

Sophia had never had difficulties sleeping in a bed other than her own since young. Although she was in a hotel, she slept well and awakened at eight in the morning. After having breakfast in the hotel dining hall, she walked along the street of the film studio with Maria and Hale to the production site.

Everyone had started work early in the morning. As they were on a mountain, the temperature wasn’t high. However, the weather would be sultry in the afternoon. Hence, they normally started work before the break of dawn so that the actors could feel more comfortable in the morning breeze.

However, there was a subtle change in the atmosphere at the production site because Xyla had arrived.

Xyla was just a supporting actress, so there were not many scenes for her. Since there were a few scenes she had to take part in on this day, she decided to come to the site early.

The moment Xyla appeared, all the walk-ons and C-list actresses surrounded her and greeted her because she was the fiancee of the Young Master of the Harper Group.

The Harper Group was the biggest shareholder of Glory Entertainment, so they had a say in the business. If these C-list actresses could strike up a relationship with Xyla, they stood a chance to become the next female lead.

Although what happened at the campus belle contest was broadcast live and that incident made Xyla feel embarrassed, the cooperation between the Harper Group and Huffs Technology was a force to be reckoned with.

Despite the fire that engulfed Huffs Technology some time ago, they were never defeated. Even though they weren’t as powerful as before, with their resources at hand, they were able to rise again.

In spite of the fact that Xyla had been expelled from Bayside University, she made a name for herself in showbiz and was now a rising young actress. With a beautiful face, great talent, and a strong background, she had become a popular person at the production site.

When the audience saw Xyla’s performance in ‘War Dragon’ in the future, Glory Entertainment would spend more time posting on social media to change her undesirable image. With money, her scandal would be erased from everyone’s memory in no time.

In fact, a scandal was the best way to make someone famous. After that, all the person had to do was to reverse her image so that she could obtain both fame and money.

Xyla was welcomed in the production site in an exuberant manner. Recently, her schedule was filled with appointments for entertainment shows and endorsements with attractive remunerations. When she was done with ‘War Dragon’, she would star in other dramas, which were all top productions.

She appeared at the production site with three assistants and exclusive bodyguards. As soon as she was done with the first scene, the C-list actresses surrounded her and fawned over her.

“Xyla, you did a great job!”

“Xyla, you’re so popular recently!”

Being the center of attention, Xyla felt like she was the winner in life.

Meanwhile, Nicole was rehearsing with the male lead, Taylor.

It was an intensive fight scene with no substitutes for them, so as to ensure the best viewing experience for the audience.

Hung on wires, Nicole was sweating as she kept practicing her moves.

The director wanted to take a long shot, which was demanding for both the actors. Expectedly, they had to keep reshooting the scene.

Staring at Nicole, who was acting in the scene seriously and kept injuring herself, the walk-ons started gossiping.

“Pfft. Look at this slut. She must be crazy about becoming famous at all costs. She doesn’t want a substitute and keeps throwing herself at Miss Taylor!”

“Look how slutty she is. She is trying to seduce Miss Taylor by throwing coquettish glances at him!”

“Look at her wandering hand on Miss Taylor. Instead of working on the scene, her real intention is to seduce Miss Taylor! How can she be so shameless and throw herself at him when he’s a married man?”

The fact that Xyla hated Nicole was an open secret among the crew as they remembered how Nicole got the leading role by partnering with Imperial Entertainment and framing Richard.

It was Nicole who seduced Richard to make love to her and told the journalists to catch them in the act. She devised the plot and even exposed the s*x video to make herself famous.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 428

Although it wasn’t certain whether Imperial Entertainment was involved in this plot, it wasn’t a mere rumor that Nicole had tried to seduce Richard to become famous, for the sex video was still availabe online.

To these people, Nicole was a slut who wanted to snatch the leading role at all costs.

As the walk-ons kept deriding Nicole, Xyla was gleeful.

This b*tch, Nicole, framed Richard and made love to him. She even got the leading role of ‘War Dragon’! This role was supposed to be mine!

The drama featured male characters, so it didn’t matter who the female lead was. In this case, why should Nicole be the female lead instead of Xyla?

When they were done with the scene, Nicole was thirsty, but her assistant was nowhere to be seen. Reaching for her own bag, she took out a flask to drink some water. Since she was on her period, she could only drink warm water. However, there was a strong salty taste in the water.

That taste nearly made her retch. Shocked, she spat out the water and realized that someone had poured a large amount of salt into her flask.


The supporting actresses, who surrounded Xyla, burst into laughter as they were gleeful that Nicole was resentful but couldn’t do anything.

So what if she’s the female lead? We can bully her as we please!

Hearing the laughter, Nicole knew who did it, but she never pointed out the person. Her thirst was made worse by the salty water as the taste lingered in her mouth. Without her assistant and agent around, she was helpless. Left with no choice, she could only go to a kiosk to buy a bottle of water.

Too much water would affect her performance, but insufficient water made her throat feel dry. For the entire morning, she wasn’t in tip-top condition, but she managed to finish her part with perseverance.

Seeing how Nicole was discomfited, Xyla smiled joyfully.

As long as I’m here, I won’t make life easy for her! Sooner or later, I’ll replace her!

Everyone was laughing at how Nicole was thirsty but was forced to continue taking part in the filming.

As a supporting actress herself, Olivia was jealous that Xyla was so popular among the other actresses; even her breath smelled of jealousy.

Well, she’s the daughter of the Huff Family and the fiancee of the Young Master of Harper Group after all!

Despite always strutting around the production site as Taylor’s cousin, she knew that she wasn’t comparable to Xyla.

All of a sudden, Xyla’s assistant rushed over and informed everyone, “Mr. Harper is here!”

Hearing that, they pushed Xyla forward excitedly.

“Your fiance is here again!”

“Xyla, go get him quickly!”

They all urged her to fetch that Mr. Harper here, who was none other than Richard Harper.

Although he had suffered a setback and had dropped out of Bayside University some time ago, he was still the Young Master of the Harper Family. Now, he focused his time on his work and used all sorts of dirty tricks to take back control of the Harper Group. After expelling all his opponents from the board of directors, he had once again reached the top of his career.

In fact, he now had a bigger ambition as he wanted to grow Harper Group into a company as large as Asco International.

As the golden Maybach pulled up in the car park outside the production site, everyone saw that the backseat of the roadster was stuffed with flowers of various colors.

“Wow, it’s a car full of flowers!”

“So romantic. It’d be fantastic if I had such a fiance!”

Surrounded by voices of praise and amazement, Xyla walked out of the crowd like a princess and reached for Richard.

Having suffered from those setbacks, Richard was no longer the reckless playboy in the past as he was now a decisive businessman.

No matter how much he has changed, he is the Richard I remember. Our love and marriage will never change! I’m still the prestigious daughter of the Huff Family as well as the future wife of Richard Harper!

“Richard,” Xyla called out in a sweet yet shy voice.

“Xyla,” Richard replied in a low voice. Upon taking off his sunglasses, he bent over as his handsome face magnified before Xyla’s eyes. Then, he planted a hot yet gentle kiss on her cheek.

Seeing that, the crowd started praising them.

“They are a couple made in heaven!”

“They are a perfect match!”

“He is handsome, while she is beautiful!”

At that moment, Xyla’s vanity was satisfied, for she felt as though she was the most prestigious woman in the world.

With a bouquet of flowers in her hands, she held hands with Richard as they walked into the production site. Unfortunately, the first person they came across was Nicole.

Nicole Walker! Seeing her, Richard was so furious that his facial features started creasing together. It’s this woman who ruined my reputation! She has even become the female lead of ‘War Dragon’! However, it’s apparent that she isn’t doing well on the production site. It seems that her financial backer has dumped her!

To Richard, Nicole was just a nobody he could destroy at any moment, so he wouldn’t let her off.

Nicole knew that Richard had arrived, and he was staring at her with a ruthless gaze, but she couldn’t shrink back. Now, she had to make use of her limited resources to protect herself. I can’t back down!

Richard retracted his vicious gaze and said to the supporting actresses around Xyla, “All of you must be exhausted. I will treat you to a meal. You can order whatever you want!”

The actresses cheered. He’s handsome, rich and generous. Such a perfect boyfriend! they thought.

Despite the harmonious atmosphere, someone came forward to make a scene.

A cold voice suddenly pierced through the warm atmosphere and reached Richard’s ears. Like a sharp knife, it slashed across his fragile and hypocritical soul. “Oh, Richard, you’re already bailed out so quickly? It must have cost you a lot of money.”

At that instant, Richard felt cold all over his body and soul as though a basin of cold water had been splashed at him. He felt like the veins in his body were frozen, but the blood in the veins started boiling strangely as the hair on his skin rose.

Stiffening, he turned around and saw a woman, who was clad in casual clothes with an umbrella in her hand and a pair of sunglasses on her face, standing not far away.

As the breeze came at her, the hem of her dress rose and exposed her fair legs.

Sophia seemed to be excited to meet Richard as she took off her sunglasses and tilted her head with a smile. Despite the seemingly harmless smile, what she was about to say was extremely vicious. “I thought you’d be imprisoned for a few years. After all, you assaulted the police and partnered with gangsters to kidnap someone. These are all serious crimes.”

Richard’s smile was wiped off as his expression was now mixed with coldness, fury, contempt, and even a tinge of fear.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 429

This nightmarish woman is here again! At the same time, Xyla’s expression was dark, for she couldn’t believe that Sophia was this relentless and had even reappeared. It’s apparent that she’s here for Richard!

Sneering, Xyla clenched Richard’s hand as though she was trying to claim that this was her man.

Seeing through them, Sophia smiled helplessly. Then, she said in an even more malicious way, “Oh, I remember it! You were bailed for medical treatments because you suffered from a sexually transmitted disease!”

A sexually transmitted disease?!

The actresses, who were envious of the couple a moment ago, stayed away from them and stared at Richard in disbelief. It’s unexpected that such an upright-looking man has a sexually transmitted disease! Then, they recalled the rumors of Richard’s wild sexual life.

“Stop it, Sophia! What a b*tch you are! What on earth are you trying to do?” Richard snarled as the veins on his clenched fists on the sides protruded.

With her hands tucked in the pockets, Sophia smiled sweetly and asked caringly, “It seems that your disease has been cured as you can sleep with young models again now. I heard that two days ago, you went to a hotel with two newly recruited models of your company. It’s rumored that someone managed to take the photos, and the person was about to sell the photos to an entertainment magazine. Are you alright with that?”

He went to a hotel two days ago? Xyla was stunned upon hearing that. Didn’t he tell me that he was meeting his client two days ago? No, I have to stay calm! It’s impossible that he lied to me!

“Sophia, stop making things up. You’re just trying to destroy my love for Richard and snatch him away from me. Well, no matter what happens, I trust him completely. He will never betray me!”

Despite her seeming confidence, she stopped holding Richard’s arm as her body stiffened, and her forehead was beaded with sweat.

With her hands still tucked in the pockets, Sophia stared coldly at the couple who appeared to have faith in each other.

“Hmph. I’m just giving you a reminder, but you’re blaming me instead. Alright, these are the photos of Richard making out with the young models. Destroy these photos yourself and don’t let them fall in the hands of the journalists!”

With that, she took out a pile of photos from within her clothes and hurled them into the air, whereupon the photos scattered around the crowd and even hit Richard’s stiffened face.

“How could you expect a playboy to become a good man? He will never stop cheating on his spouse. Richard, if you want to make out with other young women next time, be careful with the location and don’t let other people have the chance of taking your photos…”

Xyla caught one photo and saw that it was taken from a high position. Under the night sky, a man and two women were making love on a roadster in the countryside.

The two ladies were the twin sisters that Glory Entertainment was trying to promote. With identical faces, they were packaged to be sweet and innocent. However, in the photos, they were unbelievably sexy as they made love to the man like two seductresses.

These two women and the man had sex in all sorts of positions in a reckless and intoxicated manner.

The man was none other than Richard Harper! In fact, the man’s face could hardly be seen as the light was dim, but Xyla could recognize the car.

The car, in which they made love, was Richard’s Maybach that was stuffed with flowers on this day!

Other than the photos with the twins, there were also photos of Richard making love to different models in hotel rooms in increasingly shameless and intimate positions.

The time printed on the photos suggested that Richard had been cheating on Xyla during her work trip in Africa. There were also photos that were taken as recently as two days ago.

She had never expected that while she was busy making a film in Africa, Richard had slept with different women every night.

Seeing these photos, the other actresses were embarrassed and they dared not utter a word.

Richard was shaken to the core when he saw these photos. How could there be photos of it? I was in the countryside! Judging from the angle, these photos seem to be taken using a drone.

At that instant, cold sweat streamed down from Richard’s forehead.

Meanwhile, these photos made Xyla realize that the happiness she thought she had was nothing but an illusion. Her illusional pride and happiness were easily destroyed by these photos. What was presented to her was hard, cold reality!

No matter how hard she tried to suppress her tears, she failed in her attempt to do so as anger rose in her and made her feel dizzy.

“Xyla, listen to me. These are all fake photos. She’s trying to frame me. Some of these photos were released by our company simply to promote our new models. It isn’t real…” Richard hurriedly explained.

Unlike the timid and diffident man he was in the past, he was now giving an explanation in a calm and clear manner.

Despondent, Xyla closed her eyes and squeezed out the last drops of tears. Wiping off her tears, she smirked and held Richard’s hands, saying, “These are obviously fake photos. I don’t believe her!”

Seeing that Xyla still trusted him, Richard was relieved. Phew! I have to be more careful in the future!

Then, Xyla told her assistant to pick up the photos and shred them. She had surrendered to fate and stopped trying to fight for anything.

If she could snatch Richard from Sophia so easily in the past, other women could do the same. However, these women could only be his mistresses because they weren’t as powerful as Xyla. I can’t lose Richard! The Huff Family still needs this political marriage! Even if there’s no love between us, I will still be the Young Mistress of the Harper Family!

After that, they made up and never mentioned the sex photos again.

When Richard saw Sophia on the production site moments ago, he was flustered. Why is she here? She’s like a lunatic who would attack anyone randomly. If I stay here any longer, I will be targeted.

After staying in the production site for a while, he quickly ran away, for he honestly didn’t have the courage to face Sophia. She’s like a demon and a lunatic who will take revenge on me at all costs! I have a bright future ahead of me, so I shouldn’t try to deal with a mad woman who is left with nothing but hatred!

Meanwhile, Xyla had a different thought from Richard. She hated Sophia even without Richard. A slut like her has no right to be so successful! I must utilize all means and destroy her!

Unexpectedly, Michael took in the good show. Tut-tut, she’s indeed Cooper’s daughter! Such a vengeful woman!

Back then, the Mitchells burned Cooper’s woman to death in front of him. Therefore, he did all he could to take revenge even if he had to die. Now, the Mitchells were scrambling to look for the money that was supposed to be stored in Kuwait.

The grudge remained with Cooper forever. Even when Woody was old and frail, he never paid him a visit.

Now, Sophia also wouldn’t let Richard and Xyla off, and she did all she could to destroy them. Well, this production team is under my protection. She must be bored having to supervise me all the time, so I’ll just let her deal with these two jerks. Will Sophia ever forgive Richard and Xyla? Never!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 430

Because of the arrival of Richard and Xyla, the atmosphere on the production site seemed to have a subtle change.

Certainly, that was just the feeling of the walk-ons. Although the leading actors were unaffected, they heard about it.

The leading actors and the walk-ons normally didn’t mingle with each other. Apart from the scenes which they had to work on together, the two indifferent protagonists never got into contact with the walk-ons.

After an important scene was done, the two male leads took a rest. Harry drank some water and started gossiping. “Old man, your wife’s ex boyfriend and her ex boyfriend’s current girlfriend are here. Are you nervous?”

Michael focused on reading the script and drew some circles on the important lines. In order to play his role as the mercenary, he even went to the marketplace where mercenaries were hired to observe the way they acted. Hearing what Harry said, he replied, “Oh, right. I’m a little nervous.”

Harry giggled without uttering a word.

As the male leads were having a chat, the female walk-ons wanted to approach them to get their contact numbers or take photos with them. Before they could do that, they were blocked out by the bodyguards in black. Left with no choice, they could only watch the male leads from afar.

With the script in her hands, Nicole paced around for a long time. Eventually, she mustered enough courage and walked toward the male leads to discuss the next scene with them. The bodyguards, who blocked out those walk-ons moments ago, let her pass.

“What the heck. How can she approach my idols?”

“She’s the female lead. Are you? Pfft.”

“That’s right. Not everyone can be the female lead. Do you have the same tricks that she possesses?”

The supporting actresses talked loudly in jealousy.

Because of her access to the male leads, Nicole became the common enemy of the females on the production site. Despite knowing what others talked about her, she had no choice but to go on with what she had to do as she was the female lead.

Since she would have direct interactions with the male leads in the drama, she would have to discuss the scenes with them. If she didn’t look for them now, should she knock on the male leads’ doors at night when everyone was taking a rest?

In the drama, she was the bright and brave protagonist, but in reality, she was just a humble and timid newbie to the industry in front of the male leads.

Taylor and Harry were seated on chairs. With the script in her hands, it was inappropriate for Nicole to stand or squat, but there was no extra chair. Left without a choice, she decided to take a seat on the ground since her clothes were already dirty, and the next scene required her to roll on the ground anyway.

Michael had high hopes for Nicole after he was forced to watch Nicole’s dramas at home. Moreover, they worked together in some dramas before. Although she didn’t graduate from an acting academy, she was bright and talented in acting. Not only was she willing to learn, but she was also very responsible in her work. Since she came to discuss the scenes, Michael was willing to rehearse with her.

However, he felt pressured that Nicole was seated on the ground in front of him because she was his wife’s idol.

Before he could say anything else, Nicole’s loyal fan, Sophia, came over with a chair. “Nicole, don’t sit on the ground. Come on, this chair is for you!”

Embarrassed, Nicole said, “I’m okay with sitting on the ground. You can take a seat on the chair instead.”

Sophia replied, “It’s fine. Please have a seat. I’ll just get one more chair.”

It was only then did Nicole take her seat on the chair. After bringing over another chair, Sophia helped fan Nicole, passed a bottle of water to her, and held out an umbrella for her.

Sophia learned that Xyla had made life difficult for Nicole, and she understood the reason behind that as it was all because of her. Because of her close relationship with Sophia, Xyla and Richard hated Nicole. Therefore, Sophia felt obliged to protect Nicole.

However, Nicole was nervous and she kept saying thanks to her.

As they were discussing the scenes, Sophia watched them on the side.

Having stayed in the production site for two days, she had learned a thing or two. An actor’s dedication to their work was manifested in their script. Some actor’s scripts were totally clean, while some actor’s scripts were dog-eared, torn, and full of markings and notes. Normally, the leading actors would write many notes on their scripts, while the walk-ons would barely write anything.

Nicole’s script was dirty because she always picked up her script with dirty hands after filming a scene. Also, her script was full of notes with rarely any blank space.

It was the same for the scripts of Michael and Harry.

Facing his wife’s idol, Michael took it seriously and spoke in a gentle manner. Catching a glimpse of Sophia, who was supervising him seriously, his lips curved into a loving smile.

Seeing that Nicole and the male leads were having a discussion, the other actresses were jealous, especially when Michael kept smiling in a loving way. These actresses, who couldn’t even approach the male leads, were so resentful that their eyes reddened.

The scene in the morning was completed smoothly. In the afternoon, Sophia invited Nicole to have lunch with her.

Nicole had finally fired her lazy assistant, and the new assistant was smart and passionate. After Nicole was done with a scene, the assistant would pass her a bottle of water and hold out an umbrella for her.

However, there was a problem with the scene in the afternoon.

It was about the female protagonist saving her young sister and other kidnapped girls amid the fire shots. She was injured and bloodied while the male leads were caught up somewhere else. Without any help, she still had to do her best to save the girls.

It was a torturing scene for Nicole because she had to keep rolling on the ground until the male leads came to save her.

The scene wasn’t long with only a few lines for her. When the injured female lead found the location where the girls were confined, she tried her best to save them. However, the bad guys were about to reach her. With injuries all over her body, she was powerless to save the girls.

“Sis, please leave immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be killed!” The younger sister in the drama, Olivia, cried. The teary and pitiful expression on her face somewhat resembled Elizabeth.

“No, I will never give up! Follow me quickly!” the female lead shouted with determination written all over her face. Despite the fact that she was bloodied all over, and there were no more bullets in her gun, she crawled toward her younger sister to save her.

This crawling scene was the most touching part that should elicit tears from the audience. The female lead would soon witness her sister being taken away, but she was powerless to do anything.

To make the scene look even more tragic, she crawled on the coarse ground slowly with difficulty as her elbows and knees rubbed against the ground. The scene looked real and powerful.

As the girls watched the female lead, who was trying to save them, they were all wailing. At that moment, the female lead was the ‘older sister’ for all of them. The sight was moving as Nicole’s yell was recorded on the spot. Her performance was excellent and convincing.

Unexpectedly, a ‘pfft’ sound was heard suddenly from one of the girls. It was Xyla who had burst into laughter.


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