My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 411-420

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 411

Sophia had made a mistake; she shouldn’t have taken that selfie with Claude the other day. Claude must’ve misunderstood her because of that selfie, and Sophia swore to God that she had only wanted to annoy Michael. She really had no feelings for Claude at all.

“Uh… Haha… Thank you…” She was embarrassed, but Claude had already made the soup and brought it over. It wouldn’t do for her to just turn it down, so she laughed awkwardly as she took the soup in her hands.

That jerk of a boy, Nathan, didn’t even call her his mother anymore. Any time someone came over, he’d call her a distant cousin; he had even vanished without a trace, leaving only Stanley behind while he watched his drama and stroked the cat. However, Nathan wasn’t the reason why the atmosphere at the moment was so awkward.

“I don’t think it’s that convenient for you to move your hands—let me feed you.” In a gentle manner, Claude opened up the container of soup, scooped up a spoonful and blew on it slightly before bringing it up to Sophia’s mouth.

Claude was so gentle that he didn’t seem like a Fletcher. He was like gentle snowfall, and the condition of his skin was even better than a girl’s. Those slender fingers of his were flawless like a precious jewel, and he was overall a soft and gentle man.

If it hadn’t been for the military uniform he had on, Sophia wouldn’t have associated him with the Fletchers. He primarily did clerical work in the army, so when he reined in his dominating aura, he looked rather polite and soft.

“No, no… I can’t let you go all that extra mile for me. I’ll feed myself, yeah…” Sophia hastily took the spoon while carefully making sure that she didn’t make any physical contact with Claude.

Sophia had only eaten a few spoonfuls of soup when she felt her face burn; perhaps the soup was too hot. Between sips of soup, she would look up at Claude and see him smile at her. That smile was truly gentle and pretty.

What a beautiful man!

His lovely eyes gazed at Sophia while he smiled gently again. Sophia’s face reddened even more, and the air was unusually tense.

She looked at Stanley from the corner of her eyes. Hey there, stupid—why aren’t you bailing me out of here?

Stanley didn’t understand Sophia’s wishes at all. To him, Claude was practically a wimp. How could he possibly be a match against Michael? Michael already had his claws in Sophia; if Claude thought that he could worm his way in, then he was still years away from actually being able to do it! Sophia was fated to be with Michael forever! If Sophia wouldn’t even take a second look at Stanley, how would she take a shine to this wimp named Claude?

The large ginger cat seemed to have heard Sophia’s prayers as it wriggled out of Stanley’s arms and plodded its chubby body over into Claude’s arms.

“Hm? This cat is adorable. Is he yours?” Claude asked as he held the cat.

“Yep. He’s a present from my dad. His name is Chrysanthemum.”


Chrysanthemum was a large, ginger cat with yellow and white stripes; it had a body with rolls of fat. When one factored in his long fur, the cat looked rather like a puffy dandelion whenever he ran, so that was how the cat came to be called Chrysanthemum.

Claude held Chrysanthemum and stroked him before he made a remark everyone made whenever they met the cat.

“Wow, he’s heavy.”

Chrysanthemum stared right at Sophia, wanting to eat her soup.

Claude pulled out a small packet of cat food from his pocket. “I heard that you wanted to bring your cat over to stay with you at the hospital during my last visit, so I brought some cat food with me this time.”

He poured the kibble into his palm; Chrysanthemum reached over and began to eat.

Claude lowered his gaze, his eyes tender as his slender fingers stroked Chrysanthemum’s orange fur. “Easy now, Chrysanthemum. If you get any fatter, I won’t be able to carry you!”

Sophia secretly looked at him while she ate her soup.

Oh, what a gentle and beautiful man! He’s so tender toward cats! He’s so attentive as well! Claude even brought some cat food along with him when he heard that I was going to bring my cat over! Why are the Fletchers’ genes so damn fine? Ahh!

Even though she only had eyes for Michael, that didn’t stop her from fangirling over other gentlemen.

Just as she was lost in the moment, her phone rang at the most inopportune time. She peeked at it and realized that it was from ‘Jerk’.

Michael’s nickname in her contacts kept changing; he was ‘Pervert’ back when they were strangers; ‘Lord’ when they were at the bashful stage of their relationship; and ‘Darling’ when their relationship became more passionate. Now that their relationship had hit several rocks, he was ‘Jerk’. It was as though these names were bearing witness to the relationship stages of a married couple.

At the sight of that name, rage burned within Sophia!

This call has been a long time coming! He should have done so earlier! What a d*uchebag of a man!

Nonetheless, Sophia was rather eager to receive that call, but she couldn’t just pick it up like that. She deliberately let her phone ring for about ten seconds before answering it coolly.

“What is it? I’m busy.”

Michael cut right to the chase. “Get Maria to pack your things. I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

It was their first call in days, yet he already had an arrogant, kingly tone to his voice which made Sophia weak in the knees. He didn’t even utter anything else, simply hanging right up after he finished his words without an explanation.

Sophia stared at the phone in disbelief. After waiting in agony for several days, all she received was a phone call which did not even last ten seconds?

She hurled her phone angrily and continued to eat her soup.

“Who was that?” Claude asked curiously as he patted the cat.

Sophia deliberately made her smile as sunny as possible. “Some godforsaken salesman.”

The two of them continued to chat while Sophia drank her soup and Claude patted the cat. All of a sudden, Claude started a new topic. “You started a company with Sundae Cone and the others, didn’t you? It has something to do with online games, am I right?”

“Yep,” Sophia answered.

Claude wasn’t all that familiar with the online industry, but he had done his homework beforehand. Hence, he was still able to make conversation with her as the pair continued to engage in small talk.

Sophia had been eating the food sent over by Maria all this while; her meals were all cooked by the same chef, so it was inevitable that she was getting a little bored of it.

Getting takeout every now and then didn’t seem too bad, and she blissfully finished off the last of the soup before placing the container down. “Thank you.”

Once she was done, she took out her phone and said, “Let’s take a selfie, Claude.”

Naturally, Claude agreed to it. The sounds of a camera clicking away soon rang out in the room after that. After she had taken the photos, Sophia deliberately edited the photo to make Claude and her look even nicer before uploading it to her Instagram stories.

She was in the middle of editing with her head lowered when the door to her ward suddenly opened. A man in a black windbreaker then barged in brazenly and walked straight over to Sophia’s bed.

Without another word, he reached out and pressed Sophia down into her pillow and wrapped the thin hospital blanket around her, rolling her into a burrito before hoisting her over his shoulders and carting her away.

Stanley and Claude were at a loss for words. Did Sophia just… got carted off like that?

Sophia finally came back to her senses after they had traveled a fair distance. Realizing that Michael had suddenly appeared and carted her away after wrapping her up, she kicked at him and yelled, “Michael, you b*stard, put me down! Put me down!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 412

Tired from overworking himself, Michael had immediately rushed over as soon as he stepped off the plane. He had his sunglasses and mask on as he placidly carried Sophia over his shoulders down the hospital corridor under the strange looks of everyone there. As Sophia yelled at him from the ‘burrito’, he patted her butt and said, “Quiet down. It’s embarrassing.”

“So you do know that it’s embarrassing! If it’s embarrassing to you, then put me down right this instant! Now!” Sophia kicked her feet like an angry little critter, but she reined in her strength since she was worried about injuring Michael.

Michael strode down the corridor quickly. He was about to enter the elevator when Claude and Stanley finally came charging over from behind. “Who are you? Let her go!”

Michael looked back to glance at Claude. He seemed to be part of the Fletchers, and Michael had seen him before in one of Sophia’s Instagram stories. However, the Fletcher Family was huge; there were far too many Fletchers for him to remember. Coupled with the fact that he hadn’t visited home in over ten years, he couldn’t recognize many of them anymore. He gave a cold snort and carried Sophia into the elevator.

Claude chased after them, but unfortunately, the doors had already closed. He quickly legged it to the stairs, but Stanley stopped him just in time. “Geez, Claude—forget it. Just let him be!”

Claude nearly went mad. “Who was that? Why did he suddenly show up to take Sophia?”

Stanley had no idea how to answer that. He had promised Michael that he’d keep his lips sealed about his relationship with Sophia. Otherwise, Michael would pull his investments. Stanley steeled himself to answer. “Uh… That was Sophia’s father! You better not get on his bad side!”

It was only then did Claude stop his pursuit, but worry came over him instantly. “Sophia’s father? Does that mean he doesn’t approve of us being together?”

Of course he disapproves of you! Stanley knew that he would have to weave a bigger net of lies now that he had told one, so he quickly answered, “That’s right. Her dad’s an eccentric one, you know? Sophia’s still young and in university, so her dad doesn’t approve of her dating at this stage of her life. You shouldn’t see her after this.”

Claude remained silent before leaving in a hurry. How would Sophia still be around by the time he left the hospital?

Down in the parking lot, Hale immediately opened the door to the car when he saw Michael zooming over. Michael shoved Sophia roughly in the car, grumbling as he did so, “You’ve gotten fat, Chica!”

“You’re the fat one!” Sophia rolled a little on the spacious backseat when she was shoved inside before sitting up and turning her back on Michael angrily.

A few seconds later, Gary came over with a reluctant Nathan. Nathan was unwilling to leave, so Gary had him secured with one arm under his armpit. Michael took Nathan and weighed him. “You’re even fatter!” With that, he tossed Nathan into the car as well.

Shortly after, Gemma hauled Chrysanthemum over with all her strength. Michael stood by the door after Gemma plopped the cat into his arms, weighing this heavy lump of fur. “You’re the fattest.” He then tossed Sophia’s cat into the car before getting in himself. Once the door was shut, Hale floored it and the car rocketed off immediately.

When they returned to The Imperial, Sophia got out of the car, still clad in her hospital gown. Michael followed her with the ginger cat in one arm, wrapping his free arm around her. “Are you angry? Why aren’t you talking now, hm? Is it because I said that you’re fat? Is that why you’re upset now?”

Sophia had already healed and could have actually gone home sooner, but Old Master Fletcher had gotten her to stay in the hospital longer because he wanted to match-make her with the Fletchers. She was seething as she entered the building.

“Why are you back anyway? Shouldn’t you be with Faye? Faye’s three months pregnant now. Do you have the heart to just leave her alone with your illegitimate kid?”

It had been ten days since Faye posted the picture with the soup, and the rumors going around had been switching up every day.

At first, they claimed that Michael and Faye were simply dating before it evolved into ones of marriage. Later on, they had supposedly been married in secret for some time now, and some of the rumors even claimed that their child was already a year-old.

“You two are now trending at the top as the ‘Golden Couple’! I heard that your kid with her is named Lucas Fletcher, and the both of you came up with that name for your one-year-old. You even bought a mansion in Europe that’s worth a million! It’s also said that the kid’s godfather is a member of the British Royal Family, and the kid’s practically nobility at birth! Why are you back here to see some fugly person like me? Go away! I want to meet my dear, handsome hunks!” Sophia broke down as she went on. She was on the brink of tears as she cried out, feeling wronged.

She didn’t blame the media; she blamed Michael for not even sending a word to her even though he knew she’d get sad, and for not calling her to explain himself! Even though he was busy, it wouldn’t have cost him anything to get someone to call her on his behalf! He just didn’t care about her feelings!

Michael swore he didn’t know that a container of soup would be the cause of everything. It was just some soup, yet the entertainment reporters managed to create enough material for a full-length trashy, cliched soap opera.

Ever since he found out about Old Master Fletcher’s schemes and Nathan’s betrayal, he had been furious. He had given up all his breaks to finish shooting his parts in Africa smoothly so that he could rush back; all he wanted to do was to see Sophia as soon as possible.

He had been so busy the past few days that he didn’t even have the time to take a breather. Every day, he would sleep for only two or three hours, and he lacked the time to keep up with news online. Besides, the cell phone reception wasn’t the best there.

There wasn’t any signal when he was outside, and he’d have to return to the hotel just to connect to a weak Wi-Fi signal; he truly had no idea about all those rumors. More importantly, he was truly terrified of losing her!

“Listen to me, Chica. I really didn’t know anything about it. If I did, I definitely wouldn’t have allowed them to run their mouths. Believe me, alright?”


Michael placed his hands on her shoulders and lowered his head to look at her. “You really won’t hear my explanation?”

Sophia turned her head and answered, “No.”

Michael gazed at her with his head lowered. She had been eating well and sleeping well during her time in the hospital. Now, she was glowing, and her little face had turned a tad rounder. She was a little chubby, so holding her felt even nicer.

Michael tossed the cat aside and hauled Sophia over his shoulders to carry her up to the master bedroom on the second floor. With that, everyone soon heard a weird sound coming from the second floor. “Michael, you jerk, let me go! If you don’t, I’m going to report you! No… No… Stop… Don’t stop…”

Nathan was defeated; Old Master Fletcher had him convinced at the hospital. The Fletchers were resolute when it came to how they did things, and if they chose to be with someone, they would be loyal to them forever. If they took a shine to anyone and were a match, they would register their marriage on the day itself. So, if anyone caught Sophia’s eye, they would be able to hold a wedding on the day itself!

Nathan and the old man had planned it out carefully; Old Master Fletcher would be in charge of supplying the ‘goods’, and Nathan would be in charge of brainwashing Sophia along with intercepting Michael’s calls. Both grandfather and grandson were attempting to get Sophia to marry one of the Fletchers within ten days.

Sophia was so close to falling for Claude, but no one expected Sophia to take a while to warm up to him. Furthermore, Michael had ended up rushing back even though his filming schedule was supposed to have him overseas for a few months.

Still, Nathan didn’t fear anything. What could Michael do to him? He’d just cut the boy’s pocket money off at most!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 413

Meanwhile, an unprecedented war took place in the master bedroom, from the bed, to the carpet, the balcony, the shower, the dressing room, the gym, the bathroom…

When Sophia woke up the next day, she felt that her body wasn’t her own. Her head hurt; her teeth hurt; her tongue hurt; even her hips, butt, chest, stomach, and legs hurt. It hurt even to go to the toilet.

She was like a robot that was seldom used, and the sudden exertion forced her rusty parts to screech against each other painfully, but she wasn’t allowed the time to get used to it.

Last night, Michael had practically been like a beast as he took her. So vicious he was in his conquest that they ended up going through quite a few condoms. Sitting up was painful, and standing up was painful, not to mention lying down on her back, her front, or even on her side.

Sophia wished she was dead as she pressed a pillow to her belly, sobbing quietly with her face buried in another pillow as she regretted her choice—she shouldn’t have challenged a beast and its nature.

Michael woke up at last. Turning over to lie on his side, he looked at her before asking in an amused way, “You going to ignore me?”

“Nope, nope.” Sophia’s weak voice made its way over from the pillow.

“Was last night a thrill?”

“Yes, yes! Couldn’t be any more thrilling!”

“I handed over half a month’s worth of seed in last night’s session. Are you moved by that?”

Sophia was currently as timid as a new bride. “Yes…”

Michael reached out and ruffled her sweaty and unkempt hair.

During the last month or so, she had been kept in the military hospital to recover and hadn’t been going to class. All she did was watch ‘Temptations Of Home’ or stuff like that. Her body had clearly grown, and she now had more meat on her bones, which made her look even cuter. Now that her little face was now a bit longer and mature, she had gained the look of a grown woman. The gap between her appearance in that photo he had first seen her in and her current looks was growing.

Back then, she was like an ugly duckling. Her looks weren’t anything to write home about, and she was shrimpy. Her skin was sickly pale as she sat at a desk piled high with books, dressed in her fading uniform, a pen in one hand and her other hand propping up her cheek while she looked out of the window.

What was she thinking then? Perhaps she was wondering what to eat for lunch, or maybe she was wondering what she would do if she got into Bayside University. Even so, there was still a hint of joy and carefreeness by her brows. She might have been plain, but her eyes still had a resolute determination to them.

Michael could already see this girl’s specialness just with that look in her eyes. It was the same look his mother had when his mother and father first met.

Theo Fletcher was already an officer then, and Elizabeth Murray had gone back to the spotlight that she had stepped away from a while back, becoming a globally renowned actress. She was just a step away from winning an Oscar.

Theo and Elizabeth had met during a charity gala one night. She was one of the performers invited, and she sang her heart out on the stage then. As he listened to her song, he immersed himself in her enthralling voice that was filled with a myriad emotions, as though she was telling a story with just her voice.

He heard her soul through her song; all the loneliness, her strength, and her elegance. When she finished her performance, he weaved through her crowd of admirers to stand before her and told her, “I like you.”

The Fletchers had always been loyal to whoever they set their eyes on. They would end up with whoever they first took a fancy to.

Michael and Irene had just probably gone along with things. Since they had grown up together, even Old Master Fletcher and the people around him said that they would be a pair. He also thought that he would end up with Irene, and so they naturally got together.

But even though they were dating each other, they constantly kept their distance while under Old Master Fletcher’s eyes. They never dared to cross that line. Always, he felt that there was something between him and Irene that was hindering their relationship from taking a step forward.

When that ‘accident’ occured, the so-called ‘love’ between them crumbled so easily. It was only then that he realized that their relationship had been the result of going along with what others thought. That wasn’t love at all.

He and Irene had gotten together only because Old Master Fletcher and the rest of the family hoped they would, but the moment he caught sight of Sophia in that photo, he wanted to protect her and hold up the sky for this fragile yet strong girl with his own warm hands, to build a space that was like a sacred land for her.

She had been like a tiny little seed, clad in a grey coat while lying in his palm. He nurtured her, giving her a space for her to grow healthily, allowing her to slowly sprout and eventually blossom under his warm gaze.

Sophia’s body now was covered with marks from Michael. There were even a few light imprints of a bite on her butt, so light that they could barely be seen. The man was in a good mood after a good night’s worth of love-making.

So, he got up and drank some water before getting into the shower. As he washed himself, he even sang a song to express the delight he felt after a night’s romp. “You’re my lover, a lass like a rose. With your fiery lips, my soul was ensnared past midnight.”

Sophia sneaked a look at her phone and opened up the entertainment sites again. It was probably nine already, for Glory Entertainment’s PR staff were already at work snapping up front page space.

‘Taylor and Faye’ were back up on the front pages, their articles soon becoming the most clicked-on articles within a few hours. On this day, an entertainment reporter made the long journey to Africa to interview Faye, asking her whether she had married Taylor in secret.

In the video, Faye was shy and timid like a happy little woman. She kept whining, “Oh, how can I possibly come clean about that… Mr. Taylor’s always been someone I look up to… I can’t really say much about that!”

And so, ‘Faye Personally Admits Secret Marriage’ quickly made its way to the front pages. The entire Internet was shaken. Faye had finally personally admitted to her secret marriage to Taylor!

Sophia gave an ugly cackle as she read the news before logging into her alt account to post a vicious comment in the article’s comment section. ‘Anyone who spreads rumors about Taylor will be met with bad luck. Miss Edwards, you better watch your back!’ Soon, Faye’s toxic fans and Glory Entertainment’s paid commenters hurled hundreds of toxic comments back at her.

By the time Michael returned to the room after his shower, Sophia had fallen asleep again; receiving his seeds was a very exhausting thing to do after all. Michael gently closed the door and went downstairs to ask the chef to make something nourishing for Sophia. Then, he went to the living room to look for Nathan and immediately cut to the chase. “So, I heard that you’ve been trying to turn your father into your mom’s ex?”

“Nope.” Nathan looked cold and aloof.

“I also heard that you’re looking for a stepdad for yourself?”


“And I heard that you’ve been trying to frame me?”


Michael tilted his head to look at Nathan before bursting into laughter from frustration. As he patted Nathan’s head, he said, “Alright, you little brat. I’ll protect your mom properly in the future. I won’t allow her to get hurt anymore, okay?”

Nathan’s head slowly turned back to face him as he looked at Michael’s solemn expression. His dad didn’t seem to be lying, so Nathan contemplated it before saying, “Pinky swear.” He then stuck out his pinky finger, and Michael happily made a pinky swear with him. However, Nathan still felt that since he was the one who first noticed Sophia, he had the right to give her a better husband.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 414

After they made a pinky swear, Nathan still had his doubts about Michael. Still, Nate would observe him for a while, considering how sincere Michael had been.

Michael reined in the smile on his face after his talk with Nathan and called up the production team in Africa. Even though he had quickly wrapped up all his parts there to rush back home to make love to Sophia, the production team was still filming back in Africa.

“The production needs some promotion. It’s time to kick things up a notch.”

Michael went down to the basement. Since he had been so busy with last night’s romp, he hadn’t even gotten to greet Abel yet.

“How are things? Seen Fass Michel?” Abel immediately asked the moment Michael arrived.

Michael shook his head. “Just Linus Michel.”

Abel promptly searched up Linus in his database.

The Michels were a little on the mysterious side, but this Linus Michel was even more mysterious than the rest of his family. He was only about twenty this year, and he only made a public appearance at the age of sixteen. His history prior to that was a complete blank. There was nothing to be found at all. His grades the past years had been excellent, and while he seemed to be next in line to head the family, Fass Michel had already retreated to the shadows. So, Linus was practically the head of the Michel Group on the surface.

There was more information on him than Fass, at least when it came to photos of him. A simple search turned up plenty of photos of him at galas and such. He truly was a young prodigy for him to have stabilized the entire Michel Family at the tender age of twenty.

Now that he had mentioned Linus, Michael asked Abel, “How’s the search for chica’s older brother?”

At that, Abel smacked his own head hard. “I was about to call you down last night, but you were so busy getting it on with Sophia that I didn’t want to bother you. I’ve unearthed plenty of interesting things.”

Abel slowly went through the information that he had dug up. “I went to Europe and found the couple who adopted the boy. They were indeed an educated family, but they were unable to conceive. They viewed the boy like their own and gave him the best education they could.

The boy was three when he displayed astounding intellect. Thus, the media took notice of this, and he even got to be on TV then. If this were to happen now, he probably would have been an Internet celebrity. Unfortunately, the boy was kidnapped by a group of mysterious people when he was five.”

“Kidnapped?” Michael was greatly startled. “How did that happen?”

Abel shook his head and sighed. “The couple didn’t know who that group was. The group forcefully took the child after they left a million for the couple. Since that group had far too much power in their hands, it was no use even when the couple had reported this to the police.

They were simply too powerful. After they bought the kid, the group took away all photos of the boy, and they even took down all videos of the TV stations’ interviews with him. All photos online were deleted as well! I haven’t been able to so much as get my hands on one of the boy’s pictures.”

Michael’s expression turned stony. “Not even a single photo?”

However, Abel grinned mysteriously. “I wonder if you know about the blocks they put on the Internet here back then?”

Back when the nation’s Internet infrastructure was in its infancy, in order to help the development of national networks, the nation had limited its citizens’ access to websites out of the country, all so that the nation’s industry could grow.

“Years ago, some local websites compiled interesting articles about the world outside. Whoever was pulling the strings may have unprecedented power, but he forgot about the blocks on the Internet here. There are still a few holes in the Internet blocks,” Abel excitedly said. He then clicked on a photo in an article in excitement. “Read this. Don’t be surprised now.”

Now that he had clicked on the photo, Michael saw that it was actually a blurry photo of a newspaper article with the title ‘Child Prodigy Discovered Abroad—Four-Year-Old Boy Who Solves 3-Variable Linear Equation’.

The accompanying photo was a blurry one of a young boy. While it was blurry, Michael could still tell at one glance that the boy in the photo was that of a different ethnicity.

He couldn’t help but furrow his brows. How was it possible for Sophia’s brother to be of a different ethnicity? He was supposed to be her twin!

“I tracked down the nurse who took the boy. She said that she was rather close with Annabel, who had begged her to save her children, asking her to take the children once they were born and place them with kind families.

When Annabel gave birth to the first twin, the nurse took the boy and gave him to some distant relatives who were infertile. She then tricked Annabel’s family with the corpse of a stillborn from another delivery. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the time to move the other baby.”

Michael didn’t know what to say after listening to the story. The boy who had been taken away then was raised by a family that loved knowledge, but Sophia, who hadn’t been able to be moved in time was forced to suffer so much.

“The nurse confirmed that the boy had the appearance of a different ethnicity from his sister. She had been so shocked back then, but medical science has an explanation for that: these are mixed twins. Fraternal twins, basically. They don’t look alike at all.

Even their skin tone is different. There have been cases of other families with biracial twins who were born like this as well. Cooper Mitchell’s mother was from a different ethnicity from his father, and Cooper didn’t inherit her genes, but the boy did.”

Who would have thought there would be such a plot twist behind the scenes?

That mysterious person was so powerful that he could erase all proof of this boy’s existence from the world, leaving behind only this blurry photo that was barely recognizable. It would be an uphill task to track down the boy.

Truly, Sophia’s family was filled with secretly terrifying people!

A lightbulb lit up in Michael’s head as he compared the blurry picture of the child with Linus’ photo. Could it be?

Meanwhile, Sophia slept till one in the afternoon, only waking up once she was hungry. It just so happened that Michael had emerged from his study when she was heading downstairs. The two of them ate in the dining room. As they ate, Michael kept teasing her. “Still angry?”

“Of course!” Sophia didn’t even bother to look up. As she ate, she deleted all the trashy selfies she took with him that she had posted to social media.

All of a sudden, her browser recommended a trending article to her.

‘Shocking news: Female celeb carried away by lion while filming in Africa caught on video.’

Wow, this is one fascinating article.

She curiously clicked on that article. The video indeed showed there was a movie shoot at a savannah. The actress had been acting with her male co-star, a mosaic on her face.

The camera then shifted when suddenly, a huge lion charged out from the side, picking up the actress quickly before dashing off. Everyone there screamed while several bodyguards with rifles came in from off-screen to chase after the lion. The production was in chaos.

The video shook the entire Internet when it was released. Wasn’t the actress who had been carried away Faye Edwards? She had actually been carried away by a lion!

Sophia was completely stunned.

Michael’s destructive power had struck again! As expected, whoever spread rumors about him would be met with a bad fate.

Sophia browsed the news, revelling in Faye’s bad luck. The news said that Faye was rescued, but she had nearly been bitten in half. She was suffering from severe blood loss and a bad emotional breakdown, so she wrapped up filming ahead of schedule and went home.

Sophia scrolled through the news with one hand, delighting over Faye’s articles. She wondered if that little hussy would dare to use her husband for fame like that again. However, Sophia didn’t notice that Michael had grabbed her free hand and placed his own on top of it. His large hand encased hers, pressing their rings together.

Click. He snapped a picture of their hands together before editing Sophia’s hand to her liking. Once he was done airbrushing her blemishes, he posted the picture to his Twitter account that he hadn’t touched in forever along with a caption.

‘I finished my filming as fast as I could so that I can go home. At last, I managed to make it in time for our second anniversary. We shall face our third year together side by side.’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 415

Faye’s run-in with the lion was all captured by the filming crew’s high-definition cameras. Fortunately, the production team managed to get some local guards and saved her in time. While Faye was rescued, she still suffered a huge shock. When her emotions finally settled, the director slyly asked her if she wanted even more fame.

Faye obviously wanted to be even more famous, or else she wouldn’t have obstinately attached herself to Taylor Murray’s name to leech off his fame.

And so, the director posted the video of her being carried away by the lion online. That clip successfully brought plenty of free publicity for both Faye and ‘War Dragon’.

This shocking video immediately went viral the moment it was uploaded, and for a while, Faye dominated the front pages of the entertainment papers back home and over the globe. If she timed things properly and milk her misfortune, as well as post a daily Tweet about her recovery, she would be able to maintain her relevancy for a while.

No one else would be able to replicate this virality, that she was the first actress to be carried away by a lion during a film shoot.

It may have been the darkest minute of Faye’s life. She could clearly feel the lion’s fangs viciously digging into her flesh during that minute. If the doctor that the production team had on standby didn’t stop the bleeding in time and gave her an emergency blood transfusion, her life really would have just ended then and there.

Meanwhile, the nation was going nuts over the ‘Golden Couple’. They were the number one husband-wife actor combination in showbiz. So, what was Taylor doing while Faye had her accident?

The media noticed that Taylor had abruptly posted a Tweet in which he showed off his love not even half a day after Faye’s incident. This was the first time that Taylor allowed a window into his private love life.

Two hands were in the photo he posted, fingers interlaced with each other and wedding rings clearly displayed on both hands. The rings were very eye-catching. Someone immediately recognized them as rings from Ido’s ‘The One’ series of wedding rings. People could only buy a single ring, and they had to show their ID to buy it.

So, Taylor had actually rushed home to celebrate his wedding anniversary with his wife!

The fans who had been blindly fanning the flames finally understood; this whole series of events was simply a farcical relationship that Faye tried to play up. Taylor had been married to a different woman all this time.

And so, the ‘Golden Couple’ automatically dissolved, and Faye became the target of Taylor’s fans all over the web.

So you tried to sensationalize things and ride my husband’s coattails? So shameless! As expected, if you spread baseless rumors about Taylor, you’ll wind up with misfortune! That’s an iron-clad rule!

Sophia was relieved of her fury after scrolling through the entertainment news the whole day, all the while fully aware of who was behind this staged scene. The lion didn’t go after anyone but Faye. That clearly showed that something was fishy here. Also, the production team had plenty of guards on hand who had cleared out the perimeter earlier. They wouldn’t have allowed a lion to suddenly pop up and bite one of the cast members.

No matter how she looked at it, the lion in the video looked like the lion that Harry was raising at his mansion abroad.

Due to the rough lovemaking last night, Sophia remained at home. She didn’t want to move the entire day, simply scrolling through Twitter and the news with her cat in her arms. Just like that, she spent the day lazing around. Meanwhile, Michael was down in the basement looking up something or other.

Old Master Fletcher only got to know that Sophia had been snatched away by Michael that morning, so he hastily called up Michael to blast him. “You impudent brat, are you trying to make me angry? Sophie was about to consider Claude as a fiance, so why did you have to pull that stunt?”

Michael still didn’t want to reveal his relationship with Sophia to the old man. Currently, all Old Master Fletcher knew was that Sophia was Cooper Mitchell’s daughter, so he was still receptive toward her. If the old man were to know that Michael and Sophia were married, he would blow a gasket. Also, if Old Master Fletcher found out that Michael had slept with Cooper’s twenty-year-old daughter at the grand ‘old’ age of 34, he probably would have made himself go senile from fury.

The old geezer was still rather hale and hearty. Despite being nearly a hundred years-old, he was still very energetic.

“Grandfather, she’s still young. She’s only twenty, so she’s still literally a child. I know that you like her, but let’s leave the matchmaking for when she’s a little older,” Michael replied.

Old Master Fletcher was angry, but Michael did have a point. Twenty was a little on the young side, so he was indeed being impatient. All of a sudden, the old man changed the topic. “I heard that you claimed you’re Sophie’s father when you came to pick her up. Did you adopt her as your daughter?”

Adopt… A vein throbbed in Michael’s forehead.

He looked very young, so how on earth did he look like he could be Sophia’s father? He also didn’t have the guts to take Cooper’s place. All he wanted was just to be her husband!

Thus, he declined to answer. “You’ll know in the future.”

Old Master Fletcher then took the opportunity to ask Michael about his work, so he simply answered him.

“The parts to be filmed in Africa have all been done. The rest of the movie shooting will take place back here. ‘Doctor Invincible’ is still in post-editing. Faye Edwards is simply a colleague from work. She has nothing to do with me, and she certainly isn’t my wife. Rest assured, lions won’t be able to carry me off.”

Once he asked Michael about work, Old Master Fletcher fell silent for a while before letting out a sigh. “Mikey, you haven’t been back in ten years.”

Even when Michael went to the hospital to take Sophia the previous day, he hadn’t been willing to go back and see the old man.

Ever since Michael left the Fletcher home at eighteen, he hadn’t gone back once. The last time Mark Fletcher saw Michael was years ago when his elder sister passed away.

“These old bones can’t last much longer. I’ll gladly take the chance to be able to see you again.”

Michael wanted to see the old man, but he didn’t want to face the Fletcher Family. As long as the Fletchers refused to acknowledge Elizabeth Murray, he would not go back.

Old Master Fletcher’s word wouldn’t be enough for the family to accept her. It would be difficult for a family like the Fletchers to willingly acknowledge a former C-list celebrity.

Even someone as open-minded as Old Master Fletcher had been unable to accept that his son would marry such a celebrity, despite the fact that Elizabeth had already made her name known all over the world.

Back then, Theo Fletcher wanted to marry Elizabeth, but their application was never approved. It was a military marriage, and Theo himself was special, so the marriage would have to go through strict checks.

Not only was Elizabeth a public figure, she also had complicated ties to other countries with her multi-citizenship. She had ties with diplomats and royalty from across the world, so she didn’t pass any of the checks. Even when she died, Theo wasn’t able to officially marry Elizabeth.

Prior to Theo and Elizabeth’s death, Michael and his sister Celine were raised apart from the Fletchers. Theo would often come to see them, but Young Michael hadn’t known anything then, and he couldn’t understand why his father was almost never home. Until one day, Theo never made another appearance again.

Theo’s body was sent back from the border and he was given a hero’s burial. His body had been wrapped in a flag then.

All the men in the Fletcher Family had come to send him off and carry his coffin. Just like that, he was lowered into a grave at a heroes’ graveyard with much fanfare.

However, Michael and his small family never got to see Theo’s body. They didn’t even get the chance to attend Theo’s funeral, nor were they able to visit him at his grave. It took years for Michael to have the right to enter the Memorial Garden to see his own father’s tombstone.

After Theo’s death, Elizabeth brought the twins over to the Fletchers for the first time. It was also the first time the children saw Old Master Fletcher, but after Elizabeth brought the children to the Fletchers, she never showed up again.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 416

She was a strong woman who had constantly been disparaged for only starring in R-rated movies, but she had never lost her will.

Also, she was a woman who had pulled herself up by her bootstrap at a young age, but despite all the things she was, she turned into the world’s most fragile woman when she met with the nicest man in the world.

In order to marry him, she gave up her citizenships and cut ties with the foreign diplomats and royalty that she was on good terms with. Despite giving up so much, she still never got to fulfill her wish.

It took a long time for Michael to understand everything. His father had died, but his strong mother withstood her sadness and pain to arrange everything for her children.

After she had settled all matters related to her assets, she calmly bade farewell to her own family and friends. Once her affairs were in order, she left.

She had chosen her own grave, one that was across the Memorial Garden. Also, she wanted a statue erected by her tombstone, one that would face her own husband’s grave, so that they would look at each other forever.

They hadn’t been able to be together when they were alive, and yet even in death, they couldn’t be reunited. And so, she would just settle for being able to look at him from a distance.

She then picked a place. Dressed in a wedding gown that she would never be able to wear, she quietly killed herself with her wedding photo with Theo in her arms while listening to a recording that Theo had left her before his departure. After her death, her corneas and other organs were donated.

Michael constantly wondered whether Theo Fletcher would have automatically accepted that herculean task in order to marry Elizabeth Murray if the Fletchers had accepted them from the get-go. Perhaps he wouldn’t have died, and neither would Elizabeth as well; their lives would most likely have been different.

Unfortunately, there were no ‘what-ifs’ in this world.

Old Master Fletcher knew that this topic had touched on things that Michael didn’t want to hear, so he hastily changed the topic. “I’ve introduced a few potential fiances to Sophia. I told them to get to know Sophia, so help me vet them.”

“Oh. Erm… Right, yes I will. I’ll help you to vet them properly!”

Michael’s heart still sat heavy in his chest after he hung up the call, even though he knew that no one was responsible for the situation they were in now; Theo and Elizabeth weren’t at fault, and neither were the Fletchers for standing by their opinion. Old Master Fletcher had done a lot for Michael and his sister as well, so he wasn’t at fault either. If someone had to be blamed, then perhaps it should be god.

He could forgive Old Master Fletcher, but he couldn’t forgive the Fletcher Family!

Most importantly, the old man had actually found many potential fiances for Sophia, so he would definitely help the old man to properly ‘vet’ them.

When night fell, Stanley came over again. He had seen Michael’s Tweet. Since Michael had just come back from Africa, his home was sure to have a feast.

He wasn’t the only one who came either, for he had also brought Sean and his dog along.

“Uncle, I really hadn’t hidden Sophia’s matchmaking from you on purpose. I just thought that those wimpy guys were no match for you, and Sophia’s resolute with her stance. You definitely won’t be kicked out of the picture! I’ve been helping you to watch her during all those matchmaking attempts!

See how loyal I am! Uncle, look how hard it is to run a business. I’ve gotten thinner because of it. Please consider doing a bit of charity and pop open that 82 year-old bottle of Château Lafite-Rothschild for me.”

Stanley immediately kissed up to Michael the moment he showed up. Also, he had expressed his loyalty, fearing that Michael would shift his anger onto him because of Sophia’s matchmaking.

Michael was angry when he found out about Sophia’s matchmaking, but he was still confident in his own charms. How could that gaggle of prissy men match up to him? Still, he was furious that no one bothered to tell him about something as important as this.

However, Stanley’s heroic deed from last time managed to rein in Michael’s anger a little.

Ever since Phantom Wolf’s leader fled, they checked all the hospitals nearby, and indeed, there was a patient who had been warded for a gunshot wound to his groin.

Although all videos and photos had been lost by the time they rushed over, and the doctor who had been treating the patient died in a sudden car accident, they found out through a medical report that that patient would be unable to procreate for the rest of his life.

Stanley had put a stop to a bloodline of terror all with a single bullet.

So, Michael decided to pop open that old bottle of Chateau in order to reward Stanley.

Dinner was sumptuous to celebrate Michael and Sophia’s second wedding anniversary. Even Harry had rushed back after filming his scenes in Africa, along with Daniel, who had also rushed over after finishing up work for the day.

Everyone talked merrily as the wine flowed. The atmosphere was joyous, but Nathan then exited the room due to a phone call. Almost immediately after that, he returned with someone else.

“Nice to meet you, I am Claude Fletcher. I’m a friend of your daughter. I didn’t get to greet you yesterday, so I’ve come to do so today.”

Claude was dressed in a very proper manner, his arms filled with bundles of gifts.

The entire atmosphere tensed when everyone saw Claude; everyone had fallen silent.

Nathan enthusiastically gave his seat to Claude. “Here, take a seat.”

Claude sat next to Sophia. Then, Nathan brought over a stool and forced himself in between Sophia and Michael, separating them so that he could squeeze Sophia closer to Claude.

The silence continued.

Now that Claude had taken a seat at the table, the atmosphere became even more awkward. Nathan glanced at everyone and began to introduce them to Claude. First, he pointed at a stony-faced Michael before launching an introduction. “That’s my Uncle Taylor. He’s Sophia’s dad.”

Then, he pointed at Harry. “A relative of my uncle’s.”

Nathan pointed at Daniel next. “Another relative of my uncle’s.”

He hadn’t needed to introduce Sean and Stanley; Claude already knew who they were.

The Fletchers were a huge family, and with how many Fletchers there were, it was impossible for them to actually know all of the other Fletchers. Claude didn’t know of Michael.

To him, Michael was only the famous movie star Taylor Murray, so of course, he didn’t know about Nathan’s family background. He only knew that Nathan frequently came over to the Fletcher home and also bore the Fletcher name; perhaps Nathan was part of a branch family. And so, Claude politely greeted everyone.

“Hello everyone, my name is Claude Fletcher. I currently work as a clerk in the military performance troop, so I suppose I’m in the same industry as you all.” He could recognize the two megastars Michael and Harry with a glance as he greeted everyone.

The frostiness in the atmosphere was enough to send a chill down everyone’s spine as they eyed each other before turning their eyes on a shrinking Sophia, a stony-faced Michael, and Nathan, who had just poked a tiger in the eye. Thus, they hastily gobbled their food and chugged their wine, fearing that they wouldn’t be able to do so soon.

Stanley hastily gulped down the Chateau that he had wished for.

Meanwhile, Claude didn’t seem to express any surprise that Sophia’s father was the acclaimed movie star Taylor Murray, but he was internally taken aback that his future father-in-law looked so youthful.

As a movie star, one could hide his or her actual age and name. Taylor could be in his forties, but as long as he took care of his looks, people would believe him if he said that he was in his twenties, so long as people would fall for it.

As he gazed at Michael’s stony face, Claude raised a glass and toasted Michael sincerely. “Sir, I know that you still do not approve of my potential courtship with Sophia, but I am a patient man. I will prove myself so that you will agree to our marriage.

I know that she’s still young, and it may not be an appropriate time for her to pursue a relationship, but I can wait. We can start off as just friends.”

Sophia didn’t dare to speak, instead lowering her head, leaving Claude and Michael to engage in a staring match.

Michael clinked his glass gently with Claude’s, his tone icy. “Since you know my stance on this, you should know that it is delusional of you to think of pursuing her.”

Claude was confident. “Sir, you cannot say such a thing this early. I am sufficiently confident that you will accept me. I will prove my determination to you with my actions.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 417

The meal went by awkwardly. Sophia kept her head down as she ate, all the while fully aware of every single one of her hairs standing on end as she thought that she should find some time to clarify things with Claude.

Everyone hastily gobbled their food, leaving Claude and Michael to talk to each other.

“How old are you?”

“I’m 27 this year, Sir.”

“An older man trying to snap up a younger woman. No go. What’s your zodiac sign?”

“I’m a Pisces, Sir.”

“Your signs aren’t compatible with each other. I don’t approve of this. What do you work as?”

“I’m part of the performance branch in the military…”

“That doesn’t bring in the money. You’re not getting my seal of approval! How tall are you?”

“1.81 meters.”

“Too short. No thank you.”

Claude’s head was beaded with sweat due to his anxiety. It was the first time he was eating with this strict potential future father-in-law.

Michael’s face was as frosty as a primordial glacier, making Claude look as though he was about to ravish the former’s girl.

Then, Claude gave Sophia some food. “Here, Sophia, eat this. You’ll be able to recover faster if you eat more.”

Michael smacked Claude’s fork away with his own fork. “She doesn’t like that.”

After that, Claude poured some juice for Sophia. “Here, have some.”

Again, Michael smacked Claude’s hand away. “She doesn’t like that juice.”

Even when faced with Michael’s deliberate sabotage, Claude remained even-tempered. He simply accepted things graciously. Even Harry was so moved by this ‘future son-in-law’ of Michael’s that he couldn’t resist putting in a word for him. “Hey old chap, this is Claude’s first visit here. Quit heckling him.”

Michael shut up at last, but he still glared hard at Claude.

Claude did his best to adjust to Michael’s murderous stare. After all, he was about to take the girl that Michael had painstakingly raised all this while away. It was expected that Michael would antagonize him. When Claude thought about how Michael’s twenty year-old precious daughter was about to marry himself, he suddenly understood the older man’s mindset.

After the meal, Claude still did not leave. Instead, he wanted to stay behind to spend time with Michael. The whole party sat in the living room, unsure what to do. They either watched TV, patted the cat, or played with the dog; no one dared to be the first to speak up.

Michael sat wordlessly on the couch, his demeanor as cold as an iceberg. At the same time, Sophia didn’t dare to speak as she sat next to him, her eyes darting to look anywhere but him.

Claude was doing his best to find a mutual topic with Michael, but unfortunately, Michael was having none of it. He would simply grunt here and there at best, making the atmosphere extraordinarily awkward.

When Claude noticed that the Fletchers had a karaoke machine, he decided to say something bold. “Why don’t I sing something for everyone?”

Nathan toddled over to ask Maria to get everything ready. Soon, the machine was up and running, so Claude picked up a microphone and began to pour his heart into his song.

“When the mornings are warm, and the valleys are green, I’ll come back from wherever I’ve been,

Oh the longer the waiting, the sweeter the kiss,

It’s better my darlin’, I promise you this,

The next time I hold you, I’m not letting go,

I will give up the ocean forever I know,

Forever I know.”

As he sang, his gaze fell upon Sophia. It was as though he put all his feelings into the lyrics, pouring all the love deep in his heart into the song that he was singing for Sophia.

Sophia had an awkward look on her face as she shuffled closer toward Michael.

Meanwhile, Michael’s expression had visibly darkened a few notches. The air in the living room had turned chilly as if a cold wind had blown over everyone. Even though they could feel the chill running down their skin, everyone’s hearts felt even colder as a figurative frostiness wrapped itself around their hearts. They all instinctively stepped further away from the trio.

Claude was in the military’s performance troop, and he had once been a singer in the military band. However, he had retired from the band and now worked behind the scenes handling paperwork. Occasionally, he would compose a song or write some lyrics, but his singing still remained top-notch. His voice was clear and powerful, and he had a flair to his singing.

After Claude ended his song, Michael stood up. “I want to sing as well.”

A soulful melody resounded around the living room after Michael selected his song, resulting in more goosebumps on everyone’s bodies.

Michael picked up a microphone and began to sing.

“The winter wind blows, stinging my face,

Oh how it reminds me, of my son’s betrayal,

His words were like a pickaxe, hacking away at daddy’s frozen heart.”

Everyone was at a loss for words.

As he sang, Michael’s hawk-like eyes remained locked on Nathan’s tiny figure.

Nathan remained flippant, but his tightly-clenched hands betrayed him in the end; he felt that he wouldn’t be able to escape his fate later that night.

It was nine when they finished their karaoke session. Claude prepared to leave, but Sophia felt that she should clear things up with him properly, so she spoke up unprompted. “I’ll see you off.”

She glanced at Michael, but since he didn’t seem to be unwilling to let her do so, she simply slipped away with Claude.

Michael stalked after them like a wolf tracking its prey to watch them from a distance.

There weren’t many residents at The Imperial, so the walkways in the residential area were quiet. Sophia walked with Claude to send him off, an expression of pain on her face, for she had no idea how to break it to Claude.

After all, Claude was a good person, so she didn’t want to hurt him.

Meanwhile, Claude’s attention was on Michael, who was stalking them closely. He may be involved with clerical work, but he still had the instincts of an active duty soldier. Since the man following behind them had steady footsteps and even breaths, he could tell that the other man was a trained soldier with a glance.

He had heard that Taylor Murray had once been part of the special forces, so this potential father-in-law ranked even higher than he thought.

Claude could see that Michael’s adoration for his daughter exceeded his expectations. Even though the path leading out of the area was only a few hundred meters long, Michael still insisted on following them personally.

If guns were legal, Michael would most likely have an AK-47 in his arms already.

Still, the harsher the girl’s father, the more determined Claude was. Michael may not approve of Claude now, but that didn’t mean he would continue to object to him in the future. The Fletchers were always set on their prospective partners. Since he had feelings for Sophia, he would do all he could to win her love.

Claude had actually figured out Michael’s thoughts to a tee, such as the thing about the gun. If Claude so much as displayed a modicum of impropriety, Michael would definitely shoot him dead, for he did indeed have a pistol nestled in his pocket. Fortunately, the two of them kept their distance throughout the walk.

The Fletchers’ men were all disciplined strictly at home, so Claude would most likely not do anything improper.

At last, they reached the entrance to the residential district. Sophia reflexively turned back to glance at Michael, who was observing them in the dark. Taking a deep breath, she then told Claude, “Claude, there’s something I have to tell you.”

Claude looked at her, his smile as pleasant as ever. “What is it?”

Sophia had thought of a few different excuses, but in the end, she still said, “I actually… already have someone I love.”

Claude’s smile stiffened for a moment, but he soon returned to smiling as usual. “I understand. You don’t have to beat yourself up over it.”

In truth, Claude could already tell that Sophia didn’t seem to like him romantically, but he still wanted to attempt to woo her.

“If there ever comes a day when you’re no longer happy, tell me. I will come to you at once.”

Sophia froze before raising her head to look at Claude to see that there was still an unbridled smile on his face, tinged with sadness.

He really was a good man, but unfortunately, her heart was too small and cramped for anyone else. After squeezing Michael in forcefully, she was already close to breathless; her heart couldn’t accommodate Claude.

Claude stood by the entrance for a moment. Then, he took a look at his watch and said, “I shall leave now. It’s late, so you should go to bed soon.”

Claude may just be a clerk, but he never was one to drag things out. So, he did what he said and left.

Sophia watched him depart through the bars of the gate. When she looked back, she noticed that Michael had walked over to stand behind her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 418

“Honey, actually I didn’t want to go through all that matchmaking either…”

Michael cut Sophia off before she could finish, his voice hushed. “I know.”

He already knew all about Old Master Fletcher’s meddling; every detail of it.

Old Master Fletcher should have gone doing some other geriatric activity since he was now old, so why did he still insist on pulling something like this?

The air this night was somewhat muggy. The Imperial’s management were a little too efficient in ensuring that the place had sufficient greenery to liven things up, for hordes of mosquitoes circled the streetlights.

Sophia had only been walking for a few minutes, but her face was already covered with a thin sheen of sweat. Several red bumps riddled her face, thanks to the mosquitoes.

The two of them continued onward, silent.

Michael didn’t blame Sophia for deliberately posting weird photos to her Instagram stories, and neither did Sophia remain angry about those scandalous rumors of Michael. The pair simply continued to walk quietly.

Sophia reached out to wrap an arm around Michael’s torso, but then she unwittingly felt a hard item in his trouser’s pocket. “What is this?”

Michael did not miss a beat as he answered, “The MP3 player I normally use for my nightly jogs.”

What era are we in? Who would still carry such a huge music player around? That’s very obviously a gun! Sophia mentally grumbled about that, but she didn’t expose his lies. Michael gripped her hand tightly, and the pair walked back together hand in hand, sweat dripping from their bodies.

Gary was busy tossing bags of various sizes into the trunk of the car by the garage when they reached the gate of No. 8. When he saw them approach the house, he called out to them. “Boss, Madam, Young Master Nate said that he wants to stay with Old Master Fletcher until the semester starts. He won’t be coming back until then.”

Nathan should really leave. If he stayed behind, he would most likely end up on the receiving end of a beating. What he did couldn’t be described as taunting a tiger anymore; he had practically poked the tiger in the eye!

Michael strode forward with large steps and swung open the car door to see Nathan sitting inside, a blank look on his face. Chrysanthemum the cat was in his arms, and in his hand was a tiny book with the title ‘How to Protect Yourself as a Minor’.

Sophia was unamused.

Seeing Nathan wielding the law to protect himself, Michael let out a laugh and reached a hand out.

Nathan brandished the book while backing away, his expression nonchalant as he calmly and forcefully stated, “It’s illegal to smack a child!”

Michael still reached over mercilessly to haul the ginger cat away. Then, he shut the door and said to Gary, “Go. Call me once you arrive at your destination.”

With that, Michael carried the ginger cat into the house without looking back at the car once.

Nathan immediately hid himself away when he reached the Fletcher Residence. Actually, he didn’t exactly like being at the Fletcher Residence. He typically would just stay a day or two whenever he had to stay over. Even his longest stay was only a few days long, and that was during the new year holidays.

Usually, there wouldn’t be any morning drills during the new year celebrations, but Old Master Fletcher would drag the boy out to run through some drills with the rest of the troops in the morning. So, Nathan wasn’t much better off hiding away at the Fletcher Residence.

Nathan Fletcher had really hurt Michael this time, considering how much Michael loved him. Even though Nathan was Michael’s adoptive son, Michael had thought of the boy as his own flesh and blood all these years, so the latter had truly never anticipated that.

The next day since Nathan left, Hale suddenly returned with a box of items in tow.

Seeing how busy Michael was in the living room since the morning started, Sophia looked for some wrapping paper to do the wrapping herself.

Then, she carefully wrapped up the box that Hale had brought back, adding a large pink bow as a finishing touch. She did this all by herself without allowing anyone to help her before sending Hale off with the newly-wrapped box.

She didn’t hear him utter a word throughout the entire process. Even though Sophia didn’t know what the box contained, Michael’s gaze was a little scary from the coldness that was radiating from it, his expression as sharp as a knife. It was only after Hale left with the box that she finally asked, “What was inside that box?”

Michael’s expression remained frosty as he answered, “The deep love I feel for my son.”

Soon, Nathan received the large box that Hale had sent over to the Fletcher Residence, where he was hiding. Nathan opened it to find that it was filled with workbooks that spanned a variety of subjects, including foreign language, advanced mathematics, calculus and the like, along with several years’ worth of mock test questions. It totaled up to a hundred books.

That was the ‘deep fatherly love’ that Michael spoke of earlier.

“Young Master, the boss said that you’re not allowed to come home until you finish everything,” Hale said to him.

Nathan remained silent.

“I’ve already called up the school. You won’t need to go to school when the semester starts. From now on, you’ll be running drills with the rest of the troops! Once you’re done, it should be time for Bayside University’s military training to start again. You’ll officially start your military training this year. If you don’t score at least 60% in your training, you’ll have to go through it again.”

Nathan continued to stay silent.

“Don’t think about gaming either. All of your game accounts have been permanently banned.”

Nathan’s silence dragged on.

“All of your Bitcoins have been transferred, while your computer and phone have been confiscated. Be punctual for your drills. You’re not allowed to be late. Joel will be monitoring you. In short, if you don’t finish those workbooks—all one hundred of them—then Michael won’t acknowledge you as his son.”

On Sophia’s end, now that her life had returned to a time of peace, she began to study hard on her own so that she could sit for the entrance tests as soon as possible.

Just like that, that heart-stopping moment from that night went by. Phantom Wolf’s leader had been crippled. Later, Abel had found out that he had run to a different country, just not his precise location, and Kayla Harper was dead. Even if Sophia hadn’t killed her, Kayla would have become a complete vegetable due to her muscles failing, paralyzing her when the effects of the drug wore off.

Natasha Mitchell had also gotten hurt that day and was sent back to the Mitchell residence to recuperate. However, Sophia’s heart would race each time she thought of that earth-shattering explosion. During those ten or so minutes that day, she really thought that he had died.

Over ten minutes had passed between the explosion and when she was carried down to Michael. During those ten minutes or so, she experienced the most painful feeling of despair. It was as though her soul had died, but her body was still alive. That still-beating heart of hers had spread her pain throughout her entire body.

That feeling had made her wish to be dead instead.

Michael stayed home for a few days after his return from Africa before hopping on another plane to film elsewhere.

His destination this time was a little on the far side. It was a studio to the south, so he took his private jet to the filming site. Typically, he would need to finish shooting all his parts before he would be allowed to go home when he was on the clock.

Before he left, Michael expressly instructed Sophia, “Do not allow that little traitorous rascal Nate to so much as step into The Imperial.”

Sophia nodded. “Yep, yep. Got it.”

However, Sophia immediately rang up Gary the moment Michael left and asked him to bring Nathan back. Gary was still hesitant when she brought up her request. “Madam, this… isn’t exactly a good idea. What if the boss finds out…”

Sophia giggled. “He won’t know if you don’t bring that up. He’s out on a movie shoot, so he won’t know about it.”

In the end, Gary still brought Nathan back home to play for a while. It really was just a while; two hours at most.

Gary drove over to Old Master Fletcher’s place and fetched Nathan back. The moment he got out of the car, Nathan whirled over to the living room like a hurricane, grabbing Sophia’s leg and bursting into tears.

Sophia hastily wiped the tears on Nathan’s face when she saw how awful he looked from all his crying. Nathan had been pale and somewhat chubby prior to his stay at Old Master Fletcher’s, but now, his skin was tanned from all the drills he did out in the sun. He was significantly darker than before.

“Okay, okay, good boy. Please don’t cry. Come on now—”

Nathan cried even harder when he heard Sophia consoling him gently. “Mommy!”

A child without a mother was often considered nothing. At the military compound, he had been trampled like he was just a simple blade of grass.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 419

Michael had told Old Master Fletcher beforehand that he wanted to put Nathan through the mill, to which Old Master Fletcher gladly agreed.

So, Nathan was dragged out of bed at 6 a.m. every morning to undergo military training these days. After the military training was over, he would start doing homework; he wasn’t allowed to go home until he had finished doing 100 volumes of those workbooks.

Not only that, but Gary and Joel were supervising him.

While the Fletcher Family’s other children were still playing with toys, he was forced into doing homework and undergoing military training together with the troops.

Thus, Sophia comforted him, saying, “Alright, good boy. I’m home. Your dad is still in a fit of anger. Just undergo your training in the military compound. Your Dad will definitely pick you home right away once he cools off.”

Nathan was still crying as he was unable to speak, looking teary-eyed like a poor and innocent child abandoned by the world, but only he knew whether he was truly innocent.

Suddenly, Sophia’s cell phone rang. She looked at her phone screen and was surprised to see that the call was from ‘Jerk.’

In other words, this call was from Michael.

So Michael called her right after Nathan came back? This couldn’t have been a coincidence!

Sophia braced herself and answered the phone. The instant the call was put through, Michael’s threatening voice could be heard over the phone, saying, “I have told the chefs in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal. Tell that unfilial son to finish eating within an hour and get lost.”

After that, he hung up the phone.

Sophia felt chills running down her spine, whereas Nathan, who had also heard Michael’s voice, burst out crying again.

Not even the worst father would treat his son like this. But on second thought, I’m not even his biological son! he thought to himself.

Resigning himself to his fate, Nathan immediately gobbled down his food as soon as they were served on the dining table. He could hardly enjoy a delicious meal in the military compound, where the only food available was quick and simple meals prepared by the canteen.

Not only that, but the daily schedule of life in the military compound was also in complete accordance with that of the army, which was utterly inhumane!

While Nathan was gobbling his meal, Old Master Fletcher called Sophia again.

He had called Sophia many times these days, almost always with the same purpose.

This time, for instance, he came up with another creative way to pump her for details.

He said, “Sophia, Nate has arrived home, hasn’t he? Why don’t you come over with Nate and have fun at my place later? The weather is good today, and I made a pot of good tea.

The problem is, I made a little too much of it, so your grandfather and I can’t finish it ourselves. Why don’t you bring that little boyfriend of yours over to have tea with us…”

As expected, after going back to the Fletcher Residence last time, Claude told Old Master Fletcher that Sophia was in love with someone else.

Overjoyed at the news, Old Master Fletcher called Sophia from time to time to urge her to take her boyfriend to his place so that he could have a look.

This time, Sophia turned him down as usual, saying, “He’s been busy with work recently, so he can’t come with me. I’ll send Nate over and drop in on you and my Grandpa in a while.”

Seizing upon the clue in her words, Old Master Fletcher asked, “What’s his occupation? Why is he always so busy?”

Sophia, of course, wouldn’t tell him the answer, so she replied, “He’s been overseas on a business trip these days, so he’s very busy.”

Knowing that Sophia was unwilling to talk about the man, Old Master Fletcher stopped questioning her this time. He then hung up after saying something else.

Having finished his meal, Nathan looked tearful as Sophia held his hand and led him out of the house.

“Alright, I’m sending you back. Stop crying, good boy,” said Sophia as she tried to comfort him. Then, seeing the orange cat sleeping lazily on the sofa while keeping itself cool with the air-conditioning, she hurriedly added, “I’ll let Chrysanthemum keep you company.”

As she spoke, she went to pick up the cat.

To Sophia’s surprise, the lazy Chrysanthemum instantly sprang into life upon hearing her words. Its big and fleshy body kept struggling in her arms with surprisingly enormous strength until it smacked her face twice with its paws. Then, it ran away and dashed upstairs.

Now that it had finally escaped from the cat-devouring hell, it would never go back, of course. It had been eating well and having a good time in this comfortable place. Not only that, but it was also given a massage every day!

Therefore, it ran away without the slightest hesitation.

Sophia had embarrassment written all over her face as she watched Chrysanthemum disappearing from her sight.

Seeing that even Chrysanthemum was unwilling to keep him company, Nathan burst out crying again.

Sophia quickly comforted him by telling him, “Good boy, since Chrysanthemum is unwilling to keep you company, I’ll keep you company instead. I’ll go to the military compound every day to keep you company, okay?”

Only then did Nathan reluctantly stop crying.

With that, Sophia accompanied Nathan to the military compound. As soon as they arrived, Nathan was taken to somewhere else to do his homework; he couldn’t leave until he finished doing the 100 volumes of workbooks.

Sophia spent the entire afternoon drinking tea with Mark and Woody.

Mark had many orange cats here, and all of them were the offsprings of the orange cat Cooper had back then. Meanwhile, Stanley’s ragdoll cat stood out among the bunch of orange cats like a noble and elegant prince sitting on top of a pile of chicken drumsticks.

They drank tea till afternoon before Old Master Fletcher chose a handsome-looking orange cat and gave it to Sophia. He said, “Come. I’ll be giving this cat to you as a present. That cat of yours is female, and this one is male. Even cats have to form pairs.”

Sophia accepted the cat while feeling deeply embarrassed. Well, it’s good to have Chrysanthemum mated. I’m rich, so I can afford to raise a bunch of kittens.

Then, Old Master Fletcher added, “Now that the cats have formed pairs, it’s time for the owner to get paired up too.”

Even while he was giving her a cat as a present, he would take the opportunity to remind her to bring her little boyfriend over next time.

Sophia gave him a silly smile before leaving immediately with the orange cat in her hands.

Before she left, she went to take a look at Nathan, who was weighed down by the 100 workbooks as he sat in the study Michael had used.

She said, “Just be at ease while you train yourself here, darling. I’ll visit you every day, I promise.”

Nodding pitifully with tears on his face, Nathan reluctantly said goodbye to Sophia.

Having said goodbye to the pitiful Nathan, Sophia went home with the cat.

The new orange cat was very active after it arrived home; it explored every corner of the house and even fought with Chrysanthemum. Since the two cats could be considered siblings, they couldn’t be mated with each other. Therefore, Sophia went to the pet shop to pick two more orange cats of different sexes to keep the two cats company.

There was already another Felix cat that caught mice in the kitchen. Now that there were five cats in the house at once, the house became a little crowded.

Sophia was quite busy as she spent her days playing happily with the cats and studying by herself at home while delivering meals to Nathan every noon.

On the other hand, Nathan’s life in the Fletcher Residence was a living hell with his unfinishable homework and the never-ending morning drills. He was as busy as a bee every single day, and his skin was weathered by the sun. Nevertheless, he took a little comfort from the thought that Sophia would deliver meals to him, visit him, and have a little chat with him every noon.

Even though he had lost his dad and uncle overnight, his mom was there to keep him company.

Much to his dismay, though, Sophia stopped coming after delivering meals for him in high spirits for three days. Instead, his meals were delivered by an old woman working at his home.

When Nathan asked about it, the old lady answered cheerfully, “Madam will be going out of town to visit your Dad on the film set. She’ll set out tonight, so she won’t be coming from now on.”

Nathan burst out crying upon hearing that.

Initially, Sophia never intended to visit Michael on the film set.

After all, as an actor who played the male lead, it was inevitable for him to do things like staring affectionately at the leading actress and whispering sweet nothings to the latter. Not only that, but he would hold hands with her, kiss her on the lips, and even film sex scenes with her.

If Sophia went to visit Michael on set, she would be upset at the sight of these scenes, and Michael wouldn’t be able to concentrate on his acting.

Therefore, Sophia would never go to the film set and disturb Michael while the latter was working, even if the film crew he was joining was right in Bayside City.

However, she had to go this time, for Michael was involved in a love scandal again!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 420

‘As Gorgeous as a Supermodel! Taylor Murray’s Secretly-Wedded Wife Exposed?’

‘Taylor Murray’s Wife Visits the ‘War Dragon’ Crew on Set!’

‘Taylor Murray Has an Intimate Chat With a Mysterious Rich Lady!’

‘Taylor Murray’s Wife’s Identity Revealed: The Genius Heiress of Mitchell Group!’

It took only half a day before Michael occupied the headlines again. The photos attached to the news reports showed Michael in his costume as he talked and joked on set with a lady dressed in a white one-piece dress in a seemingly friendly manner.

Not only that, but the photos even showed them meeting each other in secret at a cafe.

The face of the lady in a white dress was also photographed, and she was none other than Natasha Mitchell.

So Natasha visited the ‘War Dragon’ crew on set and was photographed by the media in such a coincidence?

This matter was about Natasha, so these entertainment media wouldn’t have covered the news like this without her permission. After all, this was the Young Lady of the Mitchell Family that they were talking about! These entertainment media would never dare write up news reports about Natasha without permission from the Mitchell Family and Natasha herself.

The previous tragic incident whereby Faye got herself carried away by a lion after recklessly playing up her relationship with Taylor was still fresh in everyone’s mind. Therefore, what gave Natasha the nerve to get Taylor involved in a scandal with her?

After reading the news reports, Sophia immediately booked a plane ticket to the city where the film crew was.

She didn’t want to make trouble for Michael, but now that Natasha—the b*tch—had gone to visit the film crew on set, how could she, who was Michael’s legally-wedded wife, not go to the film set as well?

However, she couldn’t go there just like that. What if she caused unnecessary troubles for Michael by doing so?

She had Maria help her pack her clothes while calling Michael.

Michael was sitting at one side to take a rest after filming a set of important scenes as he took out his cell phone to watch the surveillance footage of the Fletcher Residence. Seeing that Nathan was wiping his tears while doing his homework, he was very satisfied.

You rascal, the tears you’re shedding right now are the result of you introducing a boyfriend to your Mom back then!

Suddenly, he received a phone call from Sophia.

Sophia normally wouldn’t call Michael while he was on a film set. Usually, she would only call him when he was free to avoid interrupting his filming.

When he answered the phone, Sophia hemmed and hawed a little as she said, “Are you busy, Hubby?”

Lying on the deck chair, Michael smiled mysteriously as he replied, “Not really. I have just finished filming a set of scenes and I am now taking a rest.”

Michael was aware of the love scandal, but he didn’t care much about that. After all, the media had too much free time on their hands, and they loved making up nonsensical stories.

They happened to be filming an indoor scene at the cafe when Natasha came to visit them on set, but the media misrepresented it and reported that he and Natasha were meeting in secret.

Luckily, he had no sex scenes in this film, or else, nobody could know what stories the media were going to make up.

However, he thought that it was good to get involved in a scandal occasionally. After all, a marriage had to be spiced up from time to time to make it remain pleasurable, fresh, and also to keep their passion for each other burning.

He couldn’t have a heart-rending relationship involving misunderstandings, miscarriages, and infidelity with his pretty young bride every day like the domineering chairmen in romance novels. All he wanted was just to eat and sleep well together with Sophia. When they were free, they would binge on drama shows, play with the cats, and sleep together.

Since he was getting old, he could no longer stand having a tumultuous relationship that was full of ups and down; a peaceful love was all he could wish for. Nevertheless, an occasional ‘accident’ would be welcomed once in a while.

He had to make Sophia feel sufficiently threatened to keep the feelings between them fresh.

As he had expected, Sophia was alarmed, but she didn’t do something foolish like the previous time. She blamed herself a lot after knowing that Michael didn’t sleep on a bed for ten days in a row and even skipped meals for entire days in order to finish his filming in Africa so that he could come back to her as early as possible.

This time, she didn’t dare to do anything foolish after learning of the matter about Natasha.

After beating around the bush with Michael for a very long time, she finally gave her real intention away by saying hesitantly, “Nicole is on the film set recently, isn’t she? I’d like to go to ask her for an autograph.”

Michael patiently said to Sophia, “There’s no need for that since you’re too far away from here. Once the filming is over and she returns to Bayside City, I’ll take you to the talent agency to ask her for an autograph.”

Sophia fell silent for a moment. Then, Michael heard Maria’s voice coming from afar, saying, “Madam, your baggage has been packed. The film studio is located on a hill, and it’s a bit cold over there, so I have put a few more jackets in your baggage.”

Michael suppressed his laughter while pretending not to hear it.

Sophia seemed to have quickly entered the bathroom. Then, she continued, “Actually… I’m quite bored at home, so I’d like to take on a summer job at the place where you’re filming. Your film crew probably needs a lot of personal assistants, continuity supervisors, and extras, I guess…”

Michael interrupted her by asking, “The summer break is almost over, so what summer job could you take up?”

Sophia was tongue-tied. After a while, she thought up another excuse and said, “The new semester will start soon, so I’d like to travel somewhere before that…”

“It’s 40 degrees Celsius everywhere. Why would you travel in such hot weather?”

With that, Sophia completely ran out of excuses, rendering the atmosphere awkward.

She just wanted to visit Michael on the film set to keep an eye on some ill-intentioned b*tch while she was at it, but how could she say such an embarrassing reason out loud?

She would miss the plane if she didn’t leave home right now, yet she couldn’t even think of an excuse to convince Michael.

Just as she was racking her brain for an excuse, Michael suddenly said, “But my film crew is filming in the mountains right now, so it is cooler over here. One of the crew’s walk-ons had her leg broken, so you may come to give it a try if you have nothing to do at home. You can also widen your knowledge and gain some life experience while you are at it.”

Then, he added, “Your semester will begin late. Since there’s still more than half a month left before the new semester starts, you may come over and stay for a few more days to avoid the summer heat.”

Sophia was overjoyed at once. As expected, her Lord was attuned to her feelings.

However, what Michael said next was indescribably sweet to her. “More than anything, I miss you.”

Michael called his personal assistant over after hanging up the phone.

The instant Sophia booked the plane ticket, he had already gotten news about it. So, he immediately had his personal assistant book a hotel room for her.

Originally, Michael stayed in the same hotel with the film crew, but that would be inconvenient when Sophia came. After all, more people meant more chances for both of them to be seen together. Therefore, he immediately had his assistant book another hotel.

Danny, his personal assistant, quickly trotted up to him and asked, “What is it, Boss? Has Madam arrived? I’m so looking forward to seeing her! Be rest assured. I have gotten everything prepared. Is there anything else you need? Just let me know!”

Michael had ten mysterious and skillful bodyguards, and the one before him right now was Danny, who worked as his personal assistant while he was on set.

Then, Michael cast an eye over the film set and noticed the group of female walk-ons who had come with the film crew.

Since the movie ‘War Dragon’ was about the male protagonist crossing the country to save a group of Cethosian ladies who were trafficked overseas, many female walk-ons had joined the film crew.

These roles were not indispensable, and they didn’t require superb acting skills. Therefore, they were mostly taken up by the investors’ mistresses, goddaughters, and even their own biological daughters.

Michael ran his eyes over the group of female walk-ons. In an instant, five or six of them brazenly made eyes at him.

Tilting his head to one side, Michael said quietly to Danny, “Pick a random female walk-on in the crew and break her leg.”

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