My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 401-410

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 401

Ten years ago, the Interpol surrounded and launched an attack on the second leader of Phantom Wolf. Finally, they managed to kill him in a village. Later, a huge explosion occurred there. All elite officers who were involved in that operation died in the explosion.

None of them survived and their corpses were blown up into pieces in the explosion too. The entire village was completely destroyed and burnt to the ground, causing lots of deaths and casualties. The center of explosion was the body of the second leader of Phantom Wolf.

He actually turned himself into a suicide bomber by implanting a bomb in his body, which would explode anytime. The bomb would go off as soon as he died, so no one could escape from the explosion. Even if he didn’t die, he could still detonate the bomb whenever he wanted. He was that ruthless and cruel!

Michael glared at him fiercely, wanting to blow up the leader of Phantom Wolf even if it meant sacrificing himself, but he couldn’t do so, for there were residential areas nearby. If the bomb had exploded, not just Phantom Wolf’s leader, but everyone here would die as well.

Phantom Wolf’s leader knew Michael had given in to his wish, so he grabbed Sophia’s arm and left, dragging her along with him.

He wanted Michael to feel the helplessness of having to see his enemy standing right in front of him but being unable to do anything about it. Besides, he wanted Michael to just watch him taking his wife away right before his eyes.

Indeed, Michael really couldn’t do anything at all now. He still underestimated Phantom Wolf’s leader’s savagery.

“You let her go and I’ll let you go.” Michael sounded humble as he put his pride aside.

Phantom Wolf’s leader smirked. “Do you think you’re still in a position to bargain with me now?”

Phantom Wolf’s leader was a demented psychopath who was not afraid of dying. The worst case scenario would be him dying while taking everyone with him.

Thus, Michael dared not provoke him too much. With just the slightest bit of mistake, everyone would die along with him.

Suddenly, the leader of Phantom Wolf froze in shock. It turned out that the cold muzzle of a gun was pressed against his waist. Without him noticing it, Sophia had somehow managed to obtain a gun.

“Let go of me.”

She released the safety catch effortlessly in an experienced way before poking the gun at his waist harshly. The gun belonged to one of the henchmen of the leader of Phantom Wolf just now. After the man was shot in the head, Sophia automatically snatched the gun away from him.

Phantom Wolf’s leader didn’t say a word as he released Sophia’s arm and raised his arms slowly, like he was surrendering.

Being freed from the control of Phantom Wolf’s leader, Sophia clenched the gun tightly as she used the last bit of energy left in her body to back away step by step, all the while keeping a close eye on Phantom Wolf’s leader, for fear that he might still do something else.

As for Phantom Wolf’s leader, while raising his arms and placing them behind his head, he fearlessly exposed his back in the direction where Sophia’s gun was pointing. Then, step by step, he left the place in a relaxed manner.

Sophia’s hand, which she used to hold the gun, trembled slightly. As she backed away step by step, she suddenly fell into a warm embrace.

Michael held Sophia, who was covered in blood. Kissing her gently on her injured delicate face, he held onto her hand with the gun in it, placing his finger over the trigger.

He could see the back of Phantom Wolf’s leader, still within shooting range right in front of the muzzle of the gun. With just a simple pull of the trigger, the man whom he despised very much would disappear from the world forever.

However, he couldn’t take the risk. If he pulled the trigger, Phantom Wolf’s leader was probably not the only one who would die here; all the people around here would die too!

In the end, Michael grabbed Sophia’s hand and persuaded her to put down the gun.

“Just let him go. We still have a chance to catch him in the future.”

Michael’s voice was very gentle. It sounded like an invisible hand caressing Sophia’s ears. As she glanced after Phantom Wolf’s leader, who disappeared into the dark night, everything in front of her then turned black completely. She collapsed, falling into a warm embrace…

At the same time, Phantom Wolf’s leader turned around and looked at Sophia, his expression unclear under that human skin mask of his.

Suddenly, a gunshot was heard, which caught everyone by surprise. A bullet pierced through the body of Phantom Wolf’s leader, causing his whole body to convulse uncontrollably.

Everyone was frightened out of their wits on the spot. All of them froze and nobody even thought of taking cover. Who’s the idiot who actually had the courage to shoot? If Phantom Wolf’s leader detonates the bomb, would the people around here still be alive?

However, to everyone’s surprise, Phantom Wolf’s leader didn’t say anything, nor did he detonate the bomb. He simply glared in the direction of the sniper before turning around and leaving with difficulty. As he went far away, he left a trail of blood behind him…

Everyone finally felt relieved by the time he left.

It seemed like the leader of Phantom Wolf cherished his own life very much too.

Soon, he was picked up by his other subordinates, leaving behind the bodies of his two dead henchmen lying motionlessly on the ground.

After disposing the corpses in a simple and hasty manner, everyone left the place quickly as soon as possible, because the huge explosion just now had attracted the police’s attention and they were on their way here now.

Michael ordered his men to carry Sophia into the car and it drove away at the fastest speed possible. Meanwhile, the final car simply remained parked there without any intention of leaving as the people in there waited for the sniper who did everyone a big favor just now.

Just now, the sniper hid himself in a higher location and fired a fatal shot at the two henchmen of the leader of Phantom Wolf. If the situation allowed him to fire a similar shot at Phantom Wolf’s leader, the man would have become a corpse by now.

Soon, a young man completely covered in blood appeared, carrying a sniper rifle with him. He got into the car with Harry sitting in it.

As an ace sniper, Stanley possessed extraordinary shooting skills that were well-known in the military. However, it was a shame that he had chosen to retire from the army back then without having much consideration for his own future.

Old Master Fletcher was so furious about it and he almost shot Stanley himself, for Stanley was one of the few elite snipers in Bayside City who could aim and shoot his targets within three seconds.

Stanley was very scared right at that moment. As he tugged at Harry’s arm, he asked, “Mr. Harry, Uncle Michael is mad at me, isn’t he?”

He fired that shot just now because he couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. It was impossible not to let Phantom Wolf’s leader pay a little price for what he did since he killed so many people this time.

Harry snorted. “Oh, so now you’re scared, huh? Why didn’t you think about the consequences when you shot him just now?”

Harry, too, was frightened out of his wits just now; he almost peed his pants.

Stanley simply kept quiet, not daring to say anything.

The car drove away, a dead silence within it. Harry’s heart was still pounding rapidly, but he was feeling relieved as he had just survived a catastrophe. Glancing at Stanley, who was sitting beside with his head lowered, Harry finally asked, “Where did you shoot him?”

Speaking of the shot just now, Stanley, who was sad and depressed moments ago, became so excited that his face turned red. “I shot him in the groin. He’s not going to get to become a father for the rest of his life!”

Harry complimented, “Uh… Well done.”

Stanley thought it was really worth it firing that shot too. Seeing the leader of Phantom Wolf reminded him of the row of new tombstones belonging to the Fletcher Family.

If it weren’t for the last shred of rationality that still hung on to him, he really would have killed Phantom Wolf’s leader on the spot. Now, he was absolutely certain that the shot he fired would leave Phantom Wolf’s leader infertile for his entire life, exactly like what he intended.

Sophia was rushed to the hospital immediately. When they reached, Michael stood motionlessly outside the operating room, not moving a muscle as he waited there.

Droplets of blood dotted his black trench coat; all of those were Sophia’s blood. She looked like a broken and seriously damaged ragdoll lying down beside him just now. As he watched her, he wanted to hug her, but when he held out his arms, he retracted them again, worried that his rough hands might accidentally hurt her.

From the video, even though Kayla’s sharp blade didn’t directly touch her body, it could still have caused great harm to her.

Harry led Stanley, who looked dejected with his head lowered, over to the hospital.

Stanley dared not say anything as he stood at the side, his head hanging, looking like a dog that knew it had made a mistake.

Michael didn’t have the time to bother with him as he kept standing at the door. On the other hand, Harry had tons of phone calls coming in.

The light above the operating room was still on even after midnight. That was when Abel dashed in hurriedly and reported to Michael, “He went missing in Hillwood.”

Abel wasn’t dejected for letting Phantom Wolf’s leader escape from his pursuit again, for he had discovered some of the man’s weaknesses during his last failed mission. Whereas this time, he got to know that there was a lethal bomb on the man’s body.

What he would do next was to begin his investigation on the man’s so-called suicide bomb device, which was implanted in his body. He needed to research its working principle and the ways to defuse it.

Michael nodded at Abel, looking slightly exhausted. “You go back first and take a rest.”

Abel took a glance at the operating room with the light still turned on and said, “Don’t forget to give me a call when Sophia wakes up later.”

Then, Abel left. The hospital personnel were still operating busily in the wee hours, with Harry’s voice echoing through the corridors as he talked on the phone.

Stanley kept his head lowered, not daring to say a word. Now, he was still covered in the blood splattered onto him when he saved Sean back then. Dried blood stains could still be seen on his face too.

There were nurses bustling around, going in and out of the wards, filling the corridors with activity as people walked around continuously.

This was Michael’s private hospital, which was well-equipped with reliable medical facilities and security systems.

There was a moment when the corridor became empty without anyone walking around. Suddenly, Michael’s voice echoed through the empty corridor as he asked, “How’s Sean?”

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Finally, Michael was talking to Stanley. Michael’s question startled him as he replied excitedly, “Sean is fine. His condition is not critical anymore now.”

A hush descended upon the corridor again.

After pondering for a long time about how to explain himself, Stanley said, “Uncle Michael, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have acted rashly and fired that shot.”

Michael didn’t respond to him after a long pause. Thus, Stanley could only stare at the back of his proud and firm figure, the thoughts of the man unfathomable. Michael had gone through too much hardship, so he already learned how to conceal all his feelings deep within him, preventing others from knowing what he was truly thinking.

After a long pause, Michael turned around. His feet that seemed to have been stuck to the ground were finally moved as he walked toward Stanley and sat down beside him.

“Stanley, you did very well. I don’t blame you at all.”

The situation was very dangerous back then. If it weren’t for Stanley, who fired the two shots, Michael couldn’t even be sure whether he could bring Sophia back safely, even though the last shot he fired was very risky. If Phantom Wolf’s leader lost control and detonated the bomb, everyone would die with him.

Despite the fact that Phantom Wolf’s leader’s level of sadism was beyond an ordinary person’s imagination, Michael could still see he treasured his own life dearly.

Furthermore, Stanley did something he always wanted to do either, which was to emasculate the leader of Phantom Wolf!

Michael never doubted Stanley’s extraordinary gift in sniping. Since it was him who fired that shot, Michael was pretty certain that the leader of Phantom Wolf had become sterile by now.

When it was almost dawn, Harry, who had been on the phone all night long, came over suddenly and whispered something into Michael’s ear.

Michael frowned, seeming a bit uncertain. “Really?”

Harry replied seriously, “Yes.”

A serious and complicated expression crossed Michael’s face. No one knew what he was feeling, but he then patted Harry on the shoulder. “Let’s keep this a secret first.”

Harry nodded.

Then, Stanley came over quickly and asked, “Uncle Michael, what happened?”

However, Michael didn’t say anything. This time, he was determined to keep it a secret; he would not simply let the cat out of the bag again.

The operation continued until early in the morning the next day. Finally, the light above the door to the operating theater was switched off. The doctor, who was covered in blood, came out and told Michael about Sophia’s condition. He was relieved after hearing the doctor.

Luckily, she suffered only flesh wounds. The most serious injuries sustained were perhaps those caused by the wooden splinters that pierced into her body.

Although she seemed to be in a critical state when she was rushed to the hospital earlier, the medical checkup showed that Sophia just had some broken bones and suffered a slight concussion in the brain. Soon, she was transferred into a normal ward for her to rest there.

Michael had been staying in the ward by Sophia’s bedside, but he was still very busy. Since the incident caused so many deaths among the Mitchells this time, they were busy investigating the incident too. Besides, the explosion caused terror among the residents living nearby the place.

Thus, they had to keep an eye on the police too. Moreover, he needed to pay attention to the new finding Harry told him just now. So, he was busy settling all these stuff while sitting by Sophia’s bedside.

Stanley went next door to visit Sean after he noticed that Sophia was fine, leaving Michael and Sophia alone in the ward now.

While working on the matter, Michael would raise his head once in a while to glance at Sophia on the bed. She was still being treated with intravenous infusion, her face as white as a sheet. The traces of blood on her hair had dried out and hardened. Having both of her eyes shut tightly, her brows were heavily furrowed, making her seem to be really uncomfortable even in her sleep.

Gazing at her pale and delicate face, Michael suddenly felt like all his tiredness had disappeared completely. He felt very content just by gazing at her like that.

Back then, when he first set eyes on Sophia, he thought she looked very familiar, as though he had seen her before somewhere. He chose her not just because Nathan liked her, but because he liked her too.

In the morning, the door of the ward sprung open and a little figure dashed into the room, giving those in the room the illusion of a gust of wind that had blown past them. The little figure first took a look at Sophia on the bed.

Michael put down the work in his hands and caressed Nathan’s head as he reminded the kid, “Keep it down. Your mommy is still asleep.”

Although Nathan wasn’t aware of what happened the previous day, he was very worried when Sophia and Michael hadn’t come home for the whole night. So, he rushed here as soon as morning arrived.

Nathan was furious after he took a glance at Sophia. Glaring at Michael, he said angrily, “This is the second time already.”

This was the second time that Sophia didn’t come home for the whole night and when Nathan next saw her, she was in a hospital ward on the next day.

ichael didn’t reply to him. Indeed, it was his fault for failing to do his job properly. He held out his hands and massaged his temple, his eyes turning red with all the broken veins.

It had really been a long night. If he had made a single mistake, he would probably regret it for the rest of his life.

He took a sip of coffee, its bitter taste stimulating him and making him feel wide awake all of a sudden.

“Alright. Daddy was wrong. I promise that this won’t happen again next time, okay?”

He wasn’t afraid of the enemy’s attack. In contrast, it was this constant fear about the probability that his enemy might strike back anytime which worried him the most.

Stanley’s shot this time was enough to make the leader of Phantom Wolf lose his mind. Since it wouldn’t do to restrict Sophia’s freedom, it would be really difficult for him to protect her from any harm, especially when they had such a demented enemy around!

Nathan was still very upset. Refusing to listen to Michael, he ran out of the ward to dial a number in secret.

Sophia only woke up around noon. Meanwhile, Michael, who had been working on his stuff seriously, heard groans coming from the ward. When he got in, he saw the girl on the bed squirming about a little. Then, the girl moved her arms that were still heavily bandaged to stop the bleeding.


Michael poured her some isotonic drink immediately. Since Sophia had lost too much blood, it was natural that she felt very thirsty. She held the glass and drank from it in a hurried manner. Soon, she finished the whole glass of water.

After finishing the water, she raised her head and looked at Michael.

She had nightmares right after she was carried into the hospital last night. For a moment, she dreamed of that abandoned classroom with lights flickering in it.

The next moment, she saw Michael disappear in the blazing fire as a huge explosion blew him up into pieces within a split second. Right at that moment, she felt as if she had fallen into an endless pit of darkness, surrounding her with icy despair, freezing her bones and blood.

Now, when she actually saw Michael standing in front of her, alive and kicking, she felt as if she was living in a beautiful and unrealistic world that was the result of her hallucinations. If it weren’t for the wounds on her body, which still hurt now, she wouldn’t have believed that all of these were real.

After she was certain that Michael was still alive, she wailed and threw herself into his arms, wrapping her arms around his waist tightly. She could really feel the warmth on his body and his pounding heart. It felt as if they had not seen each other for such a long time.

Even though it had been just one night, she felt as if a century had passed, and within that short eternity, she had been wandering at the border of life and death for a long time, hovering between heaven and hell; with just the slightest mistake, death would do them apart forever.

Michael comforted her immediately. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Everything’s fine now. It’s all in the past now.”

Sophia only managed to stop her crying after some time. Tears kept rolling down her cheeks when she looked at Michael’s tired face. She grasped his hand tightly, fearing that once she let go of his hand, he would turn into an apparition and disappear right in front of her.

She sobbed and asked, “How did you escape? He said you died!”

Since the leader of Phantom Wolf was confident enough to say that, he must have watched Michael go into the place clearly. He would detonate the bomb and blow up the school only after confirming that it was Michael.

Michael kissed her on the forehead. Currently, Sophia looked really miserable with all the bruises on her face. Furthermore, she even had some bones broken and a concussion, but he still smiled mysteriously as he replied, “You have been idolizing movie stars for such a long time now, so haven’t you heard of silicone masks in the entertainment industry before?”

Silicone masks?

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Sophia was surprised. Back then, Glory Entertainment kept slandering Michael to the point where there were so many dark secrets revealed about him. As Michael’s fan, Sophia hated every single artist under Glory Entertainment.

Nonetheless, what went around came around; someone actually defamed Glory Entertainment recently, revealing that the artists under its management often used substitutes while filming. The main cast members would only put their pride aside and take a few shots when they needed close-ups.

The whole filming only took place in one set, and they used substitutes for both action sequences and normal dialogue scenes. The actors and actresses did not need to memorize their scripts at all, and they even used film masks which were made out of special material.

It could be made to look exactly like the face of the actor, and all the details on the face could be mimicked accurately. It was exactly like the human skin mask in ancient times.

An online gossip account spread the scandals on the Internet, describing it in such a realistic way; it sounded like the film mask could be made to resemble a real person. It could even mimic all the expressions on a person’s face.

In the future, actors no longer needed to show their faces during filming anymore; they simply had to sign a contract with the entertainment company, and they would hire substitutes who would wear human skin masks and stand in for them during the entire filming process. These actors only had to sit and wait for their pay to be transferred into their accounts.

Even though Sophia hated Glory Entertainment, she still had some doubts over the truth about film masks; she felt that human skin masks were simply too outrageous to believe. If an actor used film masks while filming, it would also be an insult to the acting profession as well as their fans!

“Uh… is the film mask thing real?”

Michael nodded. “Yeah, I’ve been feeling quite lazy as of late, so I asked the production crew to create several film masks as standby; they found a substitute to wear the mask and take my place during filming for the past few days.”

Sophia was speechless; she didn’t know that her idol could be unprofessional sometimes. She decided to retract the statement she posted on Twitter a few days ago which read, ‘The entire family of all actors who use film masks must die.’

While peeling a fruit for her, Michael explained, “Glory Entertainment was the one who created film masks. I’ve used it before, and it can really mimic the exact details on an actor’s face; you can’t virtually see any difference in wide shots.

For close-up shots, just avoid moving too much—after some post-production editing, it will look exactly like the actor himself, and the audience wouldn’t be able to see the difference at all.” Although Michael looked down upon such cheating tricks, he had to admit that a film mask was quite the invention!

“Last night, did you find a person to die on your behalf using the human skin mask?” Sophia was utterly bewildered.

Michael didn’t respond immediately. After peeling the fruit, cutting it slowly into several slices and taking out the seed inside, he finally answered, “It was a drug addict. It’s impossible for him to stop taking drugs anymore; he was willing to die on my behalf as long as I gave his family 1,000,000.”

1,000,000 in exchange for a life!

Michael looked calm and unflustered when he mentioned the drug addict; he didn’t feel a least bit sorry for the loss of a human life at all. To him, it wasn’t worth spending 1,000,000 to buy a lowlife like the drug addict! However, he had ran out of time back then; it wasn’t easy finding a person with the same build and face as him in such a short time. Since the drug addict had volunteered himself, Michael reluctantly agreed to his request.

He was already a worthless scumbag when he was still alive. Besides hitting his wife and kids every day, the only thing he did was to steal money from the house, go out and get high on drugs.

His wife had to take up three different jobs at the same time to raise their children. Yet, he stole his children’s tuition fee too. In the end, he spent all the money on drugs. He was willing to die if his death could bring some benefits for his family.

Sophia didn’t ask Michael about this anymore. Suddenly, she remembered that Michael’s father, Theo, died in a war around the Southwest border of Cethos back then; the main cause which triggered the war was drugs.

A drug lord in Cethos had established his own large drug empire around the border, which was a no man’s land not governed by laws; the place soon became the largest drug manufacturing base in the world.

Theo was ordered to go and exterminate those bunch of ruthless drug criminals. Even though he had managed to successfully capture several of the most wanted criminals in the end, Theo died due to serious injuries sustained during the bust.

Elizabeth couldn’t take the blow after Theo died. So, she chose to commit suicide and died along with her husband. Therefore, Michael had always despised drug addicts very much. Once a person got involved in drugs, his entire life would be ruined for good!

The couple became silent for a while after the question. Michael fed Sophia several pieces of fruit one by one. He purposely cut them in small pieces as there were cuts around the corner of her mouth, and she couldn’t open her mouth too wide while eating.

She took each bite carefully, worried that the cuts around her mouth might hurt. She asked again curiously, “How did you guys find me?”

The Phantom Wolf’s leader had kidnapped and taken Sophia to Golden Drive Elementary School. However, he told Michael that Sophia was in Mount View Elementary School instead. He did that on purpose to lure Michael there, planning to blow him up into pieces.

Michael took the other half of the fruit where Sophia had taken a bite from and shoved it into his mouth directly to finish it. He answered, “A few years ago, I went on a mission near that place with the army. Coincidently, we came across a fire accident at Golden Drive Elementary School. I joined the army to extinguish the fire, so I’m quite familiar with the place.”

The Phantom Wolf’s leader thought he was clever enough to trick Michael by sending him a video showing the brutal fight between Sophia and Kayla. His initial plan was to provoke Michael, making him lose his calm and clouding his judgment.

However, he hadn’t expected Michael to pick up so much information from the short video clip which was only ten seconds long. For example, the layout of that classroom, the direction the wind blew that night and the light swaying in the classroom helped him determine the exact position Sophia was located at. Soon, Sophia fell asleep again after having something to eat.

Michael closed the door quietly. He asked Nathan to keep Sophia company in the hospital while he went home first. After all, there were still a ton of things waiting to be settled. Upon returning home, he went down to the basement first and saw Abel dissecting Kayla’s body.

A while ago, a fire had broken out in prison and caused the death of several prisoners. Coincidently, Kayla was one of the prisoners who died in the incident. They didn’t expect that she would appear in the hands of the Phantom Wolf’s leader.

Performing autopsies was one of the main skills Abel focused on practicing throughout the years. Having performed a last-minute autopsy on Kayla’s body, he discovered that her hands were covered in scabs; it seemed like she had gone through intense and harsh training under the Phantom Wolf before she died.

She was injected with a high dose of stimulant while she was still alive; the drug could greatly enhance a person’s strength within a short period of time. However, its after-effects were horrible. Based on the amount injected into Kayla’s body, even if she had survived, she would spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Her body was implanted with a type of high-tech electrocuting device equipped with a remote control switch. Once the device was switched on, it could cause numbness to the muscles for three to five seconds, making the person feel weak; it felt like they had lost all energy.

It was clear that the Phantom Wolf had no intention of letting Kayla kill Sophia. Every time Kayla was about to deal a fatal blow to Sophia, someone would secretly switch on the device remotely and temporarily numbed Kayla.

Such a special kind of high dosage stimulant and the implanted device would definitely leave a clue for investigation. In addition to the clue in which Kayla had been trafficked out of prison, Abel was certain he could find out more about the Phantom Wolf’s leader if he was to look into the three clues together.

Besides, defusing the bomb implanted in the body of the Phantom Wolf was one of the most important things Abel had to figure out and research too.

Michael observed Abel quietly while the latter examined the body. He continued to frown; his perspective on the world would change every time he investigated the Phantom Wolf’s leader. The phrase ‘With hell being empty, all the devils are here’ can be used to describe the Phantom Wolf.

Why would such a ruthless and savage person like him exist in this world? He might as well die if he thinks the world isn’t as wonderful as he thought it would be!

Abel had his own workroom where he carried out autopsies, and it was completely surrounded by plexiglass. He examined the body while talking to Michael through the glass at the same time.

“Didn’t Harry receive some information today?”

Through the glass, Michael looked at Abel. The latter was wearing a white lab coat and a surgical mask while dissecting the body.

“It’s information about your Mitchell Family.”

Abel was curious. “Oh, let’s hear about it.”

Michael didn’t know what kind of expression he was supposed to put on his face. “Chica has a twin brother.”

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“What?” Abel goggled at him in shock. Sophia actually has a twin brother? It means that Cooper actually has a son! His daughter is already such an incredible person with unusual talent; his son might even be better to the point of amazing the whole world!

Michael explained calmly, “I sent some men over to investigate my mother-in-law’s life before she died, thinking that we’d be able to find some clues about Cooper. I noticed that she was very close with a nurse in the hospital where she stayed while waiting to deliver her baby before she died.

Later on, I found out that my mother-in-law was pregnant with fraternal twins back then. There was another boy who had been taken away by that nurse after he was born. The nurse gave the boy to her distant relatives who were infertile. After that, the couple went overseas and cut all contact with the nurse.”

It wasn’t clear whether the nurse did that because she felt sorry for the boy since she knew he would probably be used as a pawn by the Johnson Family to blackmail Joe after he was born or if she did that for her own personal gain.

According to Michael’s investigation, the couple were highly educated but they were unable to have children on their own. After they got the boy twenty years ago, they immigrated in a hurry and severed all connections with their previous contacts to avoid any trouble when they found out the boy they got was from an unknown, illegal source. Even Michael didn’t know where exactly the couple were now!

Abel stopped what he was doing too.

The Coopers’ genes were simply incredible; it was amazing enough to have one Sophia around. Supposedly, that boy grew up in a rather wealthy environment complete with the basic necessities since he had been adopted by a highly educated family.

He must’ve been well-educated and nurtured in a sophisticated way by his adoptive parents since young. In that case, he would definitely be a lot more incredible than Sophia! If Cooper didn’t appear, the Mitchell Family would probably have another two Coopers!

“Have you told Sophia?”

“No, I haven’t. I want to wait until I find him first before I tell her; I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I did last time.”

After busying himself the entire day and night, Michael went back to his room to take a nap. He still needed to visit Sophia at the hospital in the afternoon.

Abel volunteered himself bravely to accept the mission of finding Cooper’s missing son.

Michael woke up in the afternoon after a refreshing nap. After settling several other matters, he went out again and headed toward the hospital.

Much to his surprise, his wife had disappeared only after a short while. The hospital staff informed him that Sophia had been taken away by a bunch of troops.

Before Michael could ask the staff what kind of troops they were, Old Master Fletcher called him. The old man immediately scolded him furiously as soon as he answered the call.

“I’m confiscating the young girl. From now on, she’ll stay with me! Look at what you’ve done!” Click! Old Master Fletcher hung up the phone directly without considering Michael’s feelings—he didn’t even listen to Michael’s explanation.

Michael shook his head. As he expected, Old Master Fletcher still liked Cooper the best!

However, the nursing home in the military compound was rather a great place to stay. The medical facilities there were well-equipped and safe. Hence, Michael thought it would be good to let her stay in the nursing home for a while.

However, nobody even told him about it when such a big matter like his wife being taken away had happened. It seemed like there were some betrayers around him—Nathan, to be exact.

Michael had been quite busy recently, so he used film masks whenever he could while filming on set; he didn’t even have the time to visit Sophia at the hospital.

He initially thought that it would be very safe for Sophia to stay in Old Master Fletcher’s place, but he never expected that Old Master Fletcher would do something which caused him to blow his top.

Sophia had been taken away by Old Master Fletcher to the nursing home in the military compound; the old man and Woody came to visit her when they passed by daily, and Nathan had also been staying at Old Master Fletcher’s place too. He went to the hospital in the morning and left at night every day.

The nursing home was located within the military compound. Ever since Michael left the Fletcher Family, he never went into the military compound again.

So, it was certain that he would not come to visit her at the hospital. After taking a few days of rest in the nursing home, Sophia video-called Michael.

It seemed like Michael was abroad at the moment; he appeared tan with a visible sunburn. He wore heavily-torn clothes which appeared to be his costume, and his face was covered in traces of blood and some dirt. His entire face looked really miserable with all the blood, dirt and sweat blended together. Evidently, his makeup looked extremely realistic.

“Where are you?” Sophia studied the background in the video curiously.

Michael replied, “I’m filming in Africa.”

Wow, my Lord is really professional. It must not be easy filming at a place like Africa! His costume and makeup look very realistic too!

Sophia felt a bit sorry for Michael. “You have to be careful then.”

Michael nodded. Before he could say anything else, a few gunshots were heard from his back followed by some dialogue laced with heavy accents of a local language, making it odd and difficult to understand. The voice sounded very scared.

There were a few lines of dialogue in the Cethosian language that were heard in the voice. “I’ll blow your brains out if you don’t tell me! Hurry up, tell me!”

The background sounded quite noisy, and Sophia became excited instantly. “Are you guys in the middle of filming? Quick, let me see it! Let me see it!”

Michael turned the camera around and filmed the acting scene obediently. Soon, Sophia saw some kind of ghetto-like place as it appeared in the video. Several black actors were forced to kneel down on the floor. Harry held a gun and pressed it against an actor’s brain. He was threatening the actor with something fiercely, looking very furious.

There were quite a number of staff in the production crew; all the costumes, props and settings looked very realistic too. The movie looked like a high-budget production indeed!

Noticing that Michael was filming him, Harry waved at the phone camera and said, “Hi, Daddy!”

The screen swept through quickly. Soon, Michael switched back into selfie mode; Sophia could only see his suntanned face instead.

“There’s a scene I need to shoot right away. I’ll be hanging up first.”

“Oh, okay. Stay focused on your filming; everything’s fine around here. I have people coming to visit me every day. Look, there are so many presents and flowers here!”

Sophia turned her phone camera around too. Michael saw a bunch of flowers, tonics and fruits piled up around one corner of the single VIP ward. Nathan was sitting beside the pile of fruits, choosing one to eat.

Sophia hung up the video call before Michael had the time to look closely at the presents.

After he put away his cell phone, Abel walked toward him with a serious face.

“The man confessed; they are the ones who manufactured the batch of stimulant injected by Kayla. I’ve got the sales record. As expected, the Phantom Wolf was one of their buyers. Besides, they are long-term business partners of the Phantom Wolf, and they’ve been supplying different types of drugs to the Phantom Wolf in a long-term manner.”

The type of stimulant injected into Kayla’s body by the Phantom Wolf had been manufactured in a drug-producing location hidden here; it was a ghetto area in a village of Africa.

After an aggressive bust by the Cethosian government, all the drug syndicates who used to gather around the Southwest border of Cethos had moved their base elsewhere; one of them was hidden here in a village in Africa, and this place produced the most effective and purest stimulant in the world.

Michael read through their sales record. Apart from the Phantom Wolf, the buyers included governments of several countries that excelled in sports.

Unfortunately, the Phantom Wolf’s leader was very good at hiding; it would be rather difficult to track him down. He was very cautious even when he was purchasing the drugs, and had disappeared without a trace ever since that incident last time.

After going through those records, Michael raised his gun and shot the leader’s head. Blood splattered all over the floor.

If the information was correct, the man was one of the descendants of a drug lord who escaped from the Southwest border of Cethos.

“Get rid of them completely.” Michael went into the car and left after giving out the order.

Abel looked at those people involved in the drug manufacturing process as they kneeled on the floor, not having the slightest bit of compassion in his eyes. If he let them go today, they would definitely find another place to establish their new drug-manufacturing location within a month. With no one there to govern them, their ‘products’ would be sold everywhere all over the world; countless families would be destroyed because of the drugs they produced…

After busting the drug-manufacturing base, Harry and Michael left together in one car.

On the way, Harry said suddenly, “Fass, the man you guys suspected to be Cooper before this, has a mining business in Africa. It seems like his castle is not very far away from here; he’s the uncrowned king of Africa. Perhaps we should pay him a visit?”

Putting down the sales record in his hands, Michael raised his eyebrow. Indeed, they should pay him a visit.

When they returned to the set, the director was almost worried sick about them.

“Oh, both of you daddies—you guys are part of the main cast. Could you please stop running around in your costumes like that? I beg of you!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 405

The production crew was estimated to be filming in Africa for a month, so Michael could take the opportunity to track down the Phantom Wolf’s leader here. After all, he had been hiding here in Africa all these years.

Besides, he wanted to investigate the Michel Family too.

The Michel Family was an ancient and mysterious family residing in Eastern Europe. They had been established over several hundred years ago, and Michael had heard of them when he was younger; there was a time where he even thought that they were the legendary vampires described in fictions.

The Michel Group was involved in various businesses such as electronics, mining, crude oil and so on. They were very influential in Africa, controlling numerous large metal mining factories in the country.

The family was like a de facto emperor in Africa as they established their mining businesses there. Most of the minerals they mined were precious metals, and their businesses were rather large and extensive.

Michael and Harry had made an earlier request to meet the person in charge of the Michel Family. They arrived at the place punctually according to the agreed time.

Unfortunately, they came at a wrong time; it just so happened that Fass wasn’t around at the moment. The one who was responsible for meeting them was the second-in-command of the Michel Group and Fass’ younger brother, Linus Michel.

Upon arriving at the place, Michael saw a magnificent castle as soon as he got out of the car. It wasn’t just a castle—it was a city. Surrounded by high walls, the place was heavily guarded; it couldn’t even be destroyed by the mere power of a legion of army.

Michael had seen the castle once before in a photo which had been provided by Abel along with some other information. However, he was amazed by its grandeur when he actually saw it with his own eyes now.

Harry was in awe when he saw the castle as he said, “This castle is quite interesting; it’s quite auspicious in terms of geomancy. Look, there’s a moat over here. According to Daniel, the moat is exactly in the shape of a terrain, which looks like a dragon in accordance to our Cethosian geomancy concept.

With the building on top of the origin of the dragon-like terrain, it looks like a dragon flying high up straight into the sky following the terrain, indicating that the master of the house will prosper greatly with this geomancy formation.”

A stream of river with the width of more than ten meters was constructed around the castle. There were a total of four drawbridges constructed at four sides of the castle, which were located on the east, south, north, and west side respectively. They acted as the castle’s entrance and exit routes.

The castle was heavily guarded, which appeared rather unusual. Although it was reasonable for such a heavily guarded castle to be built in Africa, which was a chaotic place full of wars, the castle seemed a little too overly guarded…

Harry and Michael entered the castle through the drawbridge under the protection of several bodyguards. Upon entering the castle, they noticed the inside looked completely different from the outside; the decorations inside the castle were extremely lavish and splendid!

In the castle, there was a lake and a field surrounded by woods. They saw a magnificent yet ancient manor after driving into the castle for quite a while. As they entered the manor, Michael stood in the middle of the large and spacious lobby which looked just as majestic as Buckingham Palace.

He saw a number of classical paintings from all over the world hanging on the walls along the corridor; with just a glance, one could immediately tell that those were authentic pieces.

The attractive images of the duo were reflected on the smooth, shiny surface of the lobby floor. Since they were here to visit the local prominent family—the Michels—as part of the movie production crew, they dressed up considerably.

They soon caught sight of Linus; he was a tall, Caucasian young man with a height of about 1.9 meters. His ocean blue eyes looked strikingly beautiful. In his elegant tuxedo, he strode across the smooth and shiny mirror-like floor toward Michael and Harry slowly. His blond hair appeared very eye-catching as he stood in front of the duo.

“Mr. Murray, Mr. Winston, it’s a pleasure to meet both of you; I’ve heard a great deal about you.” Linus greeted them in precise and fluent Cethosian language without any Eastern European accent at all. His pronunciations of each word were very accurate as well.

Nonetheless, Michael and Harry were not surprised by that since they had done a background check on Linus prior to visiting him.

The young man must’ve possessed his own extraordinary skills since he managed to become the second-in-command of the Michel Family before he was twenty years old. According to rumors, he could speak ten different languages.

When Fass was not around to represent the Michel Family, he would be the one traveling to different countries and representing both the family and company during business meetings. This led many to think that he was the actual person who controlled the Michel Group.

Several overseas magazines who were highly influential had published a volume on ‘The Most Popular Bachelors in the World’ this year, and Linus ranked first on the list.

The second person was a prince from a petroleum-exporting country, while Ethan barely made it into the top ten. As for Michael, he had been on the list last year, but was now excluded since he had gotten married.

After the three exchanged brief greetings, they sat down.

“It’s a pity that our schedules aren’t aligned. My brother went back to his hometown to settle some family business, and I think he will only be back after three months. If both of you are still here by then, my brother will definitely visit you in person.”

The Michel Family was the oldest family in Eastern Europe; they were also an influential and noble family as well. One could see the unusual level of sophistication and education it offered to its family members from the way Linus presented himself. Linus was a humble, courteous and charming gentleman.

Michael smiled and said, “It’s a bit too much visiting us in person himself. I’m sure there’ll be other opportunities for us to meet in the future if we can’t make it this time.”

He glanced around the surrounding casually without drawing too much attention to himself. The spacious living room looked really grand and sophisticated with exquisite paintings gracing the walls.

The beautifully-drawn paintings depicted the history of the Michel Family, but not a single portrait of Fass could be found in the living room. Supposedly, shouldn’t there be a portrait of the master hanging in the living room?

Michael asked, “When would Mr. Fass normally stay here? Perhaps we can fix a date and visit again next time.”

Linus smiled politely; he showed just the right amount of courtesy on his handsome face, and his smile wasn’t too arrogant nor too humble. “My brother has been quite busy managing family business as well as company business all these years.

He’s obsessed with his research and will work on it even during his leisure time. He’s also a low-profile person who usually stays in the castle and rarely goes out. Within the year, he’ll definitely go back to Eastern Europe and join the family meeting among the elders of the Michel Family for three months.”

After the three chatted happily with each other in a friendly manner, Michael and Harry left the castle together.

Exiting the castle, Michael turned around and stared at the large entrance of the castle as it closed heavily on them. The view inside wasn’t visible anymore, leaving behind a dark, cold wall.

“It’s quite impossible for Fass to be Cooper, don’t you think so? The Michel Family has existed for over a few hundred years now; how could they allow an outsider to be the head of the family?

Such ancient families are very sensitive and intolerant when it comes to outsiders controlling their families.” Harry was still mumbling when he got into the car.

Michael began to have some doubts over the matter too. Fass didn’t seem to be Cooper at all! However, Michael was still slightly suspicious about the possibility of it. “Let’s talk about it later after we meet Fass.”

Harry pursed his lips when Michael mentioned this. “The man hid his identity really well, even better than the Phantom Wolf’s leader. It’s not going to be very easy finding out his true identity!”

Although Fass was the one controlling the Michel Family, he remained hidden in the dark without revealing his true identity at all. His younger brother had begun to take over the Michel Family a few years ago, and it would be impossible for him to reveal himself anymore once he retired from his position.

Wearing the exact same suits, the both of them left the grand castle in their own car.

In the castle, Linus remained seated in the same living room where he had greeted his guests just now. He held a glass of red wine with his left hand and two stacks of information with his right hand.

On the documents, it wrote:

Taylor Murray; real name – Michael Fletcher; served in the Special Operations Squadron of Cethos from 201x to 201x; ventured into the entertainment business after retiring from the army; grandfather – Mark Fletcher; father – Theo Fletcher; mother – Elizabeth Murray.

Ethan Winston; real name – Harry Winston; killed his father when he was twenty years old and took over Winston International Corporation…

“This is interesting.” As he read the two stacks of information, Linus’ ocean blue eyes glittered with unusual excitement. “It seems like they are people from the Fletcher and Winston Families in Bayside City of Cethos. Why are they so interested in my brother?” Linus mumbled to himself. His mumble echoed through the spacious and empty living room.

Since Michael had gone overseas to film, he would only be back after about two weeks. Hence, he made sure to give Sophia a video call every day.

As time flew by quickly, Sophia had been hospitalized for several days already. Nathan moved into the military compound along with her too; he was taken by Old Master Fletcher to join marching practice with the army early in the morning every day.

After marching practice, he would bring his tiny bag to Sophia’s ward while he did his homework and studied.

Recently, Sophia’s ward was bustling with people going in and out every day; lots of people came to visit her. Apart from Sarah, Sean, and Stanley whom she already knew, there were people who she didn’t know at all coming to visit her as well. Besides, two to three people came to visit her every day; all of them said it was Old Master Fletcher who had sent them to visit her.

Was it really necessary for Old Master Fletcher to send someone else to visit when he himself had come to visit Sophia every day?

Besides, those people who came to visit Sophia possessed certain obvious traits too. All of them were men and from the Fletcher Family, aged between 20 to 30. They were high-ranking military officers—even higher than field officers. All of them were tall, handsome and single…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 406

It was absolutely unnecessary for Sophia to make any guesses about all these men who came to visit her; it was rather obvious from the way they introduced themselves.

“How are you, Sophie? My name is Claude Fletcher and I’m twenty-six years old. I graduated from the Military Academy, an affiliated college of Bayside University. I serve in the army as a Lieutenant. I’m single and don’t have a girlfriend at the moment. I heard that you’re not feeling well, so I’ve come to visit you specially today.”

Early in the morning, another man from the Fletcher Family came to visit Sophia. He even brought her fruits and flowers.

Maria, who came to look after Sophia, took the fruits brought by Claude and placed them on a table at the side. The fruits on the table were piling up like a huge mountain; some of them were being kept in the fridge in the kitchen as well. Meanwhile, Nathan did his homework seriously on the table piled with fruits. He looked as if he wasn’t aware of Sophia’s visitor at all.

“Uh… thank you. I’m feeling much better now.” Sophia, who was sitting on the bed, felt much better. Her hands, which stayed hidden underneath the blanket, clenched tightly and nervously onto a corner of her patient uniform. The expression on her face was really awkward.

In front of her bed, a handsome man cladded in a military uniform sat upright in a proper manner and stared at her attentively.

It was obvious that Claude was the type of person who had experienced lots of great things; he looked calm and serious as he sat there properly in an upright position. While standing, he stood up straight, looking like a tall pine tree. His eyes were so sharp; when he stared at Sophia, they looked like a sharp sword. Although it was temporarily sheathed, menacing energy still emitted from the sword. It kept pricking Sophia as she sat on the bed, making her shiver uncontrollably. She could even feel pain in her bones when he stared at her like that.

The men from the Fletcher Family weren’t very good at chatting. After they introduced themselves, they would just stare at Sophia closely, waiting for her to come up with a subject and start the conversation.

Likewise, Claude sat there in an upright position today. He looked really serious and the atmosphere in the room was really awkward.

Sophia chuckled twice awkwardly as she tried to come up with a conversation starter. “Uh… today’s weather is really good, huh? Haha…”

“What are you having for lunch later…”

“Since the glaciers in Antarctica have been melting pretty quickly, it’s become imminent for them to save the habitat of polar bears there…”

After conversing in an awkward manner for a while, they exchanged contact numbers and befriended each other on Messenger before Claude finally left.

Glancing at him as Claude left the room and closed the door politely on his way out, Sophia was extremely relieved. She lay down on the bed and stared at the ceiling while thinking to herself, What exactly is going on here?

As soon as Claude left, Nathan scuttled over and asked curiously, “What do you think of Claude?”

Sophia answered, “He seems nice, just nice…”

Nathan pushed the door open and went out as he munched on some fruits.

After a while, Claude added Sophia to his list of friends on Messenger.

She left a mark on his ID. Upon checking her Messenger friends list, she noticed that she had added over a dozen of guys from the Fletcher Family within the last few days.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, she combed her hair and smoothened out her clothes. After washing her face and making herself look more presentable, she sat on the bed.

If things went according to plan, there would be another man from the Fletcher Family coming to visit her later. Recently, things had been like this every day, and she had gotten used to it by now. There would be one who came around ten o’clock in the morning and another around three o’clock in the afternoon. It was the same every day—nothing changed at all.

Soon, Maria came to announce the arrival of a Fletcher. “Madam, there’s another man from the Fletcher Family who has come to visit.”

After a while, heavy footsteps could be heard coming nearer and nearer. The ward door sprung open and a man in a military uniform came in while carrying a large bouquet in one hand and a box of fruits in another. The man’s face was covered by the large bouquet.

“Are you Sophia? I’ve come to visit you on someone’s orders.”

This Fletcher guy said it in an even more straightforward way—on someone’s orders…

As usual, the man who came possessed standard traits belonging exclusively to the Fletcher Family. He was tall, well-built, handsome, and was a high-ranking military officer. He held a bouquet of flowers in his left hand and a box of fruits or tonic in his right.

However, Sophia actually knew the man who had come today. It surprised her so much that she goggled at him with her bulging eyes. “Uh… Caleb, what brings you here?”

Indeed, the man who came was Caleb, Stanley’s older brother!

Caleb looked a bit ill at ease. Still, he sat down and explained, “It’s Old Master Fletcher who has asked me to come and visit you.”

Sophia was speechless.

Then, it was silent, endless of silence descended upon the room. It was so quiet in the ward that even Nathan, who was doing his homework at the corner, felt tingly all over his body. He felt awkward for the both of them.

Caleb was a quiet person who didn’t like to talk much. Since Sophia had used the same topic to chat awkwardly with over ten people before, she felt a bit embarrassed if she were to use the same topics to engage in conversation with Caleb. Besides, she had already seen Caleb twice before, so he could be considered as a friend. Nonetheless, even if a friend came to visit her, she had no idea what she should talk about either. In the end, she went straight to the point and asked him about it.

“Caleb, be honest with me—why did Old Master Fletcher ask you to come here?”

Caleb replied to her resolutely without thinking much about it. “I’m sorry, but this is confidential. I’m not in the position to reveal this to you.”

Sophia was once again speechless with Caleb’s reply.

After staring at each other for a long time, Caleb finally stood up and took out his cell phone. “Let’s exchange our contact numbers and add each other on Messenger.”

Very well… It seems like this is standard procedure for everyone’s mission. First, they will introduce themselves when they come in—they will definitely bring presents along. Then, after chatting awkwardly for a while, they will ask for my phone number and Messenger ID.

Therefore, Sophia had no choice but to comply with the requirements of their mission and exchanged phone numbers with Caleb after adding him on Messenger.

Caleb kept his cell phone and bid Sophia goodbye.

Upon leaving Sophia’s ward, Caleb took several turns around the hospital and went into Sean’s ward.

Sean had been sent to the military hospital when he was injured the last time.

Besides Sean, Stanley, Old Master Fletcher and Woody were in the ward too.

Caleb pushed the door open and entered the room. After giving a salute to Mark, he reported to the old man in a serious way; it seemed like he was reporting the progress of his mission. “Commanding General, mission completed.”

Mark asked, “Did you send the flowers?”

Caleb reported, “I did, sir.”

“Did you give her the fruits?”

“I did, sir.”

“Have you gotten her phone number and befriended her on Messenger?”

“Yes, sir. I got her number and befriended her on Messenger.”

Mark looked very pleased. “Mission completed. Go and carry on with your duty.”

With that, Caleb left instantly.

Mark pulled out a form joyously, took out a pen, put on his reading glasses and marked several ticks on the form.

He checked all the boxes in the form, making sure that the flowers were delivered, fruits were given, and phone numbers were exchanged. Each step in the procedure was completed; the rest was up to them on how to develop their feelings.

In the form, the names of every man in the Fletcher Family were written in rows. Each and every one of them were his outstanding descendants; they were born in a prominent, well-to-do military family and nurtured in a good environment since they were young. All of them were single, tall, handsome and successful.

Mark couldn’t wait to call all the outstanding men in the Fletcher Family to come over and get to know Sophia. If one of them could be with Sophia and produced him a baby, he would be laughing in his dreams.

As he checked all the boxes, Mark passed the form to a guard and ordered, “Call Simon and Eric; remind them of their mission tomorrow and tell them to not be late!”

The guard took the form and went out.

Mark was in his nineties, and he was almost reaching a hundred years old now; he was at the age where he had been through highs and lows in his life. Before this, his biggest wish was to see Michael get married and have his own children before he died. Now, his biggest wish was to watch Cooper’s daughter get married to Fletcher before he died. They would have a little baby which would amaze everyone in the world; the baby must be strong and brave like the Fletchers besides having Cooper’s intelligence. In that case, the baby would become an outstanding person who excelled academically and athletically.

Woody studied the ‘busy’ Mark with a puzzled face. “Hey old partner, what are you doing?”

Mark answered, “I’m introducing potential life partners to your son!”

Woody asked, “Isn’t Coop married to your granddaughter? Who are you introducing potential life partners to?”

Mark said impatiently, “This happened a really long time ago. My granddaughter, Celine, got married to Justin!”

Woody scratched his head and mumbled, “But, I saw your granddaughter the other day. She said she divorced Justin and got married to my son…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 407

Mark simply chalked his words up as gibberish, so he didn’t think much about it.

Stanley had been gaming, but he went over to visit Sophia and Sean the next day since he knew very well about that old man’s scheming.

“Hmph!” Stanley let out a disdainful snort.

Old Master Fletcher banged his cane onto the ground. “No snorting!” At the sight of Stanley’s tightly scrunched up expression, Old Master Fletcher became so angered that he didn’t bother with niceties. “Tell me—how many chances have I created for you? Who else can you blame if you aren’t capable of utilizing any of them?”

Stanley’s eyes widened; he nearly retorted right there and then. With that husbandly Michael around, Sophia was firmly out of Stanley’s grasp. What chance did he stand? Still, he bit his tongue and didn’t voice his thoughts. He should just let the old codger worry his head over it!

Upon Stanley’s silence, Mark pointed at his face to admonish him, “If you can’t do it, I’ll let somebody else who’s more capable take over. Sophia will become part of the Fletchers—if not your wife, then as your sister-in-law!”

Mark had initially looked favorably upon Stanley and Sophia, but Stanley was such a moron that his idiocy was enough to make one blow a gasket. Mark had gotten Stanley to spend more time with Sophia in order to get close to her, yet the boy had merely taken her to play video games? When he asked Stanley to give Sophia a cat in order to get close to her, the boy deliberately brought a third-wheeler along.

Mark was truly frustrated over this stupid boy! Stanley was so foolish that there was no hope for him; it served the boy right that he still remained single!

The more Mark thought about it, the more furious he became. “The way I see it, you’re going to spend the rest of your life with your computer in your arms! I won’t concern myself with you any longer!”

Stanley’s mood dissipated from the scolding that he received. He watched on helplessly as Mark sent the young Fletcher men over to Sophia in droves to fill her friend lists.

As he gamed on, Stanley grumbled and swore.

Sean chuckled from his bed. “Don’t blame Sundae Cone, Old Master Fletcher. He should be busying himself with work at this stage of his life.”

Mark let out a sigh and said, “If only he had even half of your smarts.” As he took out another sheet of paper from his pocket, Stanley hastily went over to look at it. True enough, it was another list of young men from the Fletcher Family. However, this name list didn’t contain any of the Fletchers who had served in the military.

The old man was intent on making Sophia marry into the Fletcher Family to the point that he didn’t care whether the men he was sending over had served in the army or not. Once he had exhausted the pool of Fletchers who had served, he would march the ones who hadn’t served in the army over to Sophia.

Stanley scanned the list and asked in surprise, “You should be getting Uncle Michael for something like this! Uncle Michael’s a famed star, and he’s a dreamboat to millions of girls. I’m sure Sophia will like him! Why isn’t his name on your list?”

Old Master Fletcher put on his glasses and said to Stanley as he surveyed the list thoroughly, “Nonsense! How can your Uncle Michael possibly be a potential match for Sophia? He’s a tad bit too old for her!”

Stanley had no words for that.

Old Master Fletcher had high standards when it came to his selection criteria; the men he picked had to hold a military rank, be unmarried and single, be handsome with distinguished features, and be under thirty years-old.

Stanley found this unbelievable since Old Master Fletcher was typically fond of Michael Fletcher. In the old man’s eyes, Michael had always been his adorable, precious grandson. Hence, why did the old man do a one-eighty ever since Sophia came over a few days ago?

This didn’t add up!

Nathan quietly slunk over, and Mark hurriedly got Nathan to go through his selection. “Have a look at it, Nate. I’ve compiled another list of potential suitors for Sophia—come and vet them.”

Nathan was also very invested in Sophia’s match-making. With Michael’s absence, Nathan had quickly curried favor with the old man. He would need to quickly find a young Fletcher who was easy on the eyes for Sophia so that she could leave that greasy old fart called Michael as soon as possible!

Sophia’s recent incident made him realize that Michael was a walking piece of trouble. This was already the second time it happened, and Sophia couldn’t continue to get into close calls because of Michael!

Stanley was enraged on Michael’s behalf when he saw that both the elder and younger had reached a mutual understanding. He was willing to bet that Nathan would not even be getting an allowance of 500 per month when Michael finally came back!

Meanwhile, inside her ward, Sophia video called Michael again. She had switched on the television to watch some dramas. ‘Romance in a Tiny Village’ was currently on air; it was a series that Nicole had starred in as the lead actress a few years ago. The plot was long and cliched, detailing the love story of the female protagonist, Florina Gardner, and the village butcher called Victor Sweeney. The two of them were deeply in love, but the village chief—who was also the head of a fertilizer factory—had a son named Edmund Steele; he had fallen in love with Florina at first sight. However, Florina’s family accepted a dowry of 50,000 from an old bachelor named Andy Simple, and they tried to marry her off to him. Florina’s first love, Norman Armstrong, had also returned to Florina’s village to open a barbershop after he had amassed a sum of money from his time working in the city. With that, a storm began to brew in the once happy little village…

Somehow, the series had over a hundred episodes despite its plot, and it was divided into multiple arcs. It was a series beloved by both rural women and Sophia.

“When are you coming back, Honey?” Sophia asked Michael as she watched her show. In a blink of an eye, half a month had passed since he flew over to Africa. She missed him somewhat.

Michael’s skin was tanned an unflattering shade from the sun, and he could be seen with fake blood on his face through the screen. He was also clad in ragged clothes with a prop rifle in his hands.

“Soon—I still have a few days of shooting left. There aren’t a lot of parts to be filmed in Africa.” He saw that Sophia had a large pile of fruits and flowers stacked behind her; the table where the presents were on had close to no space left. Maria was currently sorting through them by plucking the flowers from their bouquets and placing them into vases. “Have you been getting a lot of visitors?”

“Old Master Fletcher has been getting the young men in the Fletcher Family to visit me recently. I’m not sure what he has in mind, ” Sophia replied honestly.

It was always the Fletcher men visiting her…

Michael’s eyes narrowed into an extremely dangerous expression, looking as though he had figured out something. After he ended the video call, Michael picked up his phone and scrolled through it. Meanwhile, the film team was shooting the female lead’s parts.

Nicole was dressed in a black tank top that showed off the beautiful lines of her body. The sun had caused sweat to drip all over her body, and the little droplets drenched her bronze skin. She was currently filming an important scene; Nicole had been a stuntwoman and body double for several years in the limelight, so both her physique and acting skills were remarkable. Many of her scenes were done in very few takes—there were even scenes which only required one single take. With Harry and Michael giving it their all in the acting department as well, their filming progress was going along smoothly.

Michael was about to film with Nicole soon, so he quickly flicked through his Instagram stories; he hadn’t been going through them recently. He soon saw Sophia’s recently posted status about her hospital stay, and comments from the Fletcher men flooded it.

Sophia would sometimes post a few statuses on social media, but she never revealed her relationship with Michael. Similarly, Michael barely interacted with her online either.

Since when were Sophia and all these Fletcher men online friends?!

Michael had a bad feeling about this, so he called Maria to ask about the general situation. Smoke figuratively emitted from his ears once he was done listening to Maria’s story.

The old codger had practically written his intentions on his face; he couldn’t be more blatant if he had tattooed ‘I want to steal Cooper’s offspring’ on his face. It looked like he would have to make a move.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 408

When afternoon came, the filming team of ‘War Dragon’ suddenly received a notice from the director; he felt that their progress was lagging behind. In order to speed up the timeline, it was decided that all their afternoon breaks would be canceled, and filming would stretch up to sixteen hours or more per day.

Upon catching wind of this news, the entire filming team grumbled and complained. They were already tired, yet they had to rush their filming schedule. Wasn’t the director running them into the ground with exhaustion?!

Nicole didn’t say anything about it; she had always been a workaholic, and would have liked nothing better than to film 24 hours a day. It would be good for her to wrap up this show quickly since she still had many contracts to fulfill. Once she was done filming ‘War Dragon’, she would still need to report for another show’s filming.

However, the supporting ladies were whining about it. Not only that, among the supporting cast were names that Michael was familiar with.

Joe had invested several billion into the Huffs as a form of repayment, so the Huffs managed to secure a supporting female role in ‘War Dragon’ for Faye, which was originally meant for Kayla. While the role was pegged as a supporting character, it was akin to an extra with more screen time than usual.

The general plot of ‘War Dragon’ described a former military man who changed his identity and ran a business in Africa after he was discharged from the army. By chance, he found out that a local human trafficking ring was smuggling a group of foreign girls as they crossed the African continent. They were being escorted by a band of mercenaries to the Middle East so that they could be sold off to several Middle Eastern moguls.

The sister of the male lead’s dead comrade was among this group of trafficked girls. In order to save this group of girls, the male lead waded into danger alone and ran into the female lead, who had followed the trafficking ring’s trail all the way to Africa from her home country in order to save her younger sister. The two of them joined forces to locate the girls, but they never expected a war to break out in the nation. Meanwhile, some of the girls were being escorted by the most elite of mercenaries…

Harry played the role of the male lead, while Michael was cast as the leader of the mercenaries who were hired by the trafficking ring to escort the girls. Nicole played the female lead, while Faye and Xyla played two of the kidnapped girls, Kidnapped Girl A and Kidnapped Girl B.

Faye was most displeased by this. “Why are we working such long hours? I’m quitting!”

The director glowered at them. Why did they have so many complaints even though they were just extras?

“If you’re quitting, you can book a ticket back home tomorrow. Your parts will be cut.”

If their parts were cut out from the movie, their earlier efforts would’ve been for naught; they had managed to wrangle a role in a movie with international collaboration so that they could spread their names after much difficulty. If their parts were truly cut, that would be a complete waste!

Faye shut up immediately.

All Michael could think about right then was rushing back home; he was worried that if he delayed his return any longer, one of the random Fletcher men would actually steal his wife away.

When night came, Michael returned to his hotel after a day’s filming work. He and Harry were the last actors to return; all the other actors had already gone back to the hotel earlier to rest. To their surprise, they saw someone standing in an empty spot in the gardens at the back of Nicole’s hotel. That person had a full-length mirror placed under a street lamp and was rehearsing her lines and actions.

They already had very little time to rest, but Nicole was still using whatever limited break time she had to practice her craft. It was something to commend, and it was fortunate that such a hard-working actress was cast for the lead role; that was the only reason why their filming progress was making a bit more headway than scheduled. If it weren’t for those idiotic supporting actresses dragging things out, they would have been able to make even more progress.

Seeing that Michael had returned, Nicole said to him, “Mr. Fletcher, someone was looking for you in the hotel lobby.”

Michael nodded and patted Harry’s shoulder. “You two have a major scene tomorrow, so you should practice together.”

Harry seemed a little reluctant to do so. Michael immediately said, “Come on now, Lord Winston—you’re a senior actor now. You should be guiding the newbies more.”

Harry had no choice but to practice with Nicole. Even though he had been acting for over a decade, there weren’t many people with the drive Nicole had; if he nurtured her properly, she would blossom into her own in the future.

Nicole was extremely nervous about practicing with Harry. She hastily gathered her wits and put all her sincerity into her rehearsal. This was her first time playing the female lead in a major movie, so she viewed it importantly. She knew how she ended up getting the role as the female lead—it was because that one person liked her. Even though she didn’t know who it was, the orphanage still received a monthly donation from that person.

While she may have accepted this role, Nicole still hadn’t received her paycheck yet. Hence, she had pretty much no money on her right now, and was relying on that person to support the orphanage’s finances. That person even helped the orphanage find a new permanent location to move to; they no longer had to worry about being forced to move anymore. That was why she had to complete the filming well!

Right before Michael entered the hotel, he glanced at Nicole’s serious and hard-working figure. A sense of deep understanding flitted across his eyes; after all, she was his wife’s idol. He was rather saddened by that. Only one actor could be Sophia’s absolute favorite, and it was Nicole—Taylor could only be second.

Nicole’s lead roles in the past were mostly shows set in rural villages. Sophia would often grill some lobsters and whip out a bottle of red wine out of the blue, munching on her food as she watched Nicole’s drama in her home theater. Although Michael was reluctant to watch Nicole’s shows, he was forced to do so. Naturally, he already knew of Nicole before they met each other.

Michael had worked with Nicole before, but she had been cast as an extra in their works together. Nonetheless, he had to admit that Nicole was quite a spirited woman. After working with her for a while, he thought that she wasn’t bad at all. It was incredible that he would think this way of an actress who had just gotten her first leading role in a major film after she had been type-casted as an actress for countryside dramas. He hoped that Nicole would be able to make her shift from roles successfully, blooming from a country bumpkin actress to an acclaimed one on the silver screen.

After all, dramas set in the countryside were freaking painful to watch!

He never wanted to see any of Nicole’s countryside dramas in his own living room ever again!

Michael pushed open the door to the hotel and entered. This hotel was the poshest hotel in town, and it had been fully booked by the filming team. The rooms were awful, but it beat sleeping on the streets.

A woman dressed in military attire was seated in the lobby. When she saw Michael come in, she walked over instantly; her graceful figure entered his sight.

“Hi, do you still remember me? I’m Irene, Joel’s girlfriend.”

Michael looked at Irene. It took a few seconds for him to respond as he said, “Hello there.”

“Our performance troupe just so happened to be performing for the peacekeeping forces here at the moment; I heard that you were filming nearby, so I just dropped by to see you,” said Irene.

Michael didn’t have any other expression on his face as he smiled placidly. “Thank you for coming.”

The two of them chatted for a while before Irene handed over a thermal container to him and said, “Please take care of your health while you’re away from home; here’s some soup made with some stuff I managed to scrounge up from the grounds. If you don’t mind, have a taste of it.”

Michael smiled as he took the container. “Thank you, Irene.”

Irene grinned, her eyes crinkling up. She looked exactly the same as the dazzling girl in Michael’s memories; her smile seemingly brought Michael back to those days of his youth when he had been a clueless person. They had played together without worries and with untainted feelings.

“We’re not strangers—you don’t have to be so polite. Take care of yourself then. I’ll be heading off now.”

After exchanging a few more words, Irene took a taxi home. Michael walked back to his room, the container of soup in his hands weighing him down. When was the last time such a gorgeous woman made soup out of concern for him? Irene may have given him the soup, but she was no longer the same person as before; everything had changed with the flow of time.

He went up to the second floor and placed the container of soup on the lid of the bin by the elevator.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 409

The elevator doors opened with a ding. Faye stood inside the elevator with her hair dripping wet. She only realized that her hairdryer had broken after she washed her hair, so she was rushing downstairs to ask the reception for a new one.

Much to her surprise, she witnessed Michael placing a container of soup on the lid of a bin the moment the elevator doors opened. It seemed like he was about to discard it.

Faye’s eyes lit up when she saw the soup; she hadn’t had a good meal since she touched down in Africa, and the town they were in had no restaurants with cuisine from her home country.

It was impossible for her to get a taste of home, and it wasn’t like the production team could bring a chef over. After eating over half a month’s worth of pilaf and McDonald’s, they were close to being sick from the food.

When she saw Michael entering the elevator after discarding the soup which he didn’t seem to want, she swallowed. “Mr. Murray, you’ve left your soup behind,” she said.

Michael had already entered the elevator by then. As he selected his floor, he said, “You can have it. Eat it while it’s still hot. It’s chicken soup.”

He’s giving it to me?

Faye was ecstatic. Taylor actually gave her some soup! Wait a minute, this wasn’t just a container of soup—she could leverage this to create some huge news!

This container of soup had been given to her by the Adonis known as Taylor!

Faye had been constantly trying to get a chance to get into a scandal with either Taylor or Harry during their filming here, but both men and the director stayed on the VIP floor of the hotel; one would need a key card to enter. She couldn’t get access with her status as an extra, so she never got the chance to stir up trouble. This container of soup was practically an opportunity that had fallen from the heavens!

Faye brought the soup back to her room; an aromatic scent wafted from the container when she opened it. Indeed, the container was filled with delicious-smelling chicken soup. She was so hungry that she was drooling, but she still tamped down on that voracious desire of hers.

She quickly blow-dried her hair and carefully put her makeup on before taking a nice selfie of herself while holding the container of soup, making sure that her face and the soup were clearly shown in the photo.

She then used a photo editing app to airbrush her blemishes and edited the photo. After half an hour of editing, she even managed to nearly remove all traces of texture on the chunks of chicken floating in the soup. With that, she uploaded the heavily-edited photo onto her Twitter and Instagram stories.

As she sipped on the soup, she typed out a caption.

‘Thank you so much for the chicken soup, Taylor. Everyone, please take good care of yourself while filming! Sending hearts to you guys!’

She then tagged every major account that was related to the ‘War Dragon’ movie, including but not limited to Taylor’s official account, Harry’s, the official account for ‘War Dragon’ promotions, Nicole’s, Richard’s, and the official fanclub account for Taylor.

She wished for nothing more than to let the world know that Taylor had given her some soup; she wanted to shock all the staff and actors in the production team as well!

That night, the entire ‘War Dragon’ production team in Africa, as well as the Harpers, Edwards, and Taylor’s fans found out that Taylor had somehow given a young, untrained model some soup.

Was there a mistake? Did this iconic man have a stroke or something?!

When Faye woke up the next day, she saw that she had made the headlines. As expected, getting on the front pages was a matter of time by tying herself to a handsome, acclaimed man.

Taylor’s fans were frothing. Why did their idol give some soup to a young bimbo in the middle of the night?!

Due to the time difference between Africa and their home country, the photo seemed suggestive since it was posted at night. However, it was daytime in their home country, so it kept getting onto the trending searches.

Michael had been so busy shooting his parts that he didn’t notice Faye leeching off him for fame. The production team was on full throttle; even their bathroom breaks were timed down to the second as they squeezed every bit of time they could to rush through filming so that they could fly home earlier. He really couldn’t afford to be distracted.

Back home at the military compound, Sophia was in her ward watching yet another one of Nicole’s countryside shows, ‘Temptations Of Home’. It was a show about a village woman’s tragic life. The only brother of the female protagonist, Jane Miller, was about to marry Martha Bellstone from the same village.

However, the dowry that the Bellstones had asked for was too high and the Millers couldn’t afford it, so they ‘handed over’ Jane to the Bellstones’ good-for-nothing of a bachelor son, Jake Bellstone. She was to be his wife in ‘exchange’ for Martha.

However, Jane was secretly in love with the son of the village scribe, John Richter, and she was forced to leave her crush to marry Jake.

Sophia had watched until the part where Jane and John were tearily breaking up before Jane’s arranged marriage. Sophia cried until snot was running freely from her nose while watching this particular scene, and the bin next to her was piled high with tissues.

“Oh, why is this so tragic…” Sophia sobbed as she watched the show.

Nathan had a look of horror on his face as he looked at the screen; Stanley, a look of disgust; Sean, a twisted expression on his face.

Sophia had messaged Stanley and Sean out of the blue, inviting them over to watch a movie together. Initially thinking that Sophia had gotten her hands on some unreleased movie of Michael’s, they joyously trotted over. To their shock, they saw the words ‘Temptations of Home’ on the screen the moment they sat down.

Stanley could already guess what kind of life his uncle was living at home.

They finally finished suffering through the teary breakup scene. Sophia had finished crying her heart out and took a few sips of water in preparation for the next episode. Stanley was about to take Sean and escape under the pretense of a toilet break, but Sean unexpectedly said, “Look, Sophia. Uncle Michael made it to the front pages.”

My Lord has made it to the headlines?

All Sophia cared about that day was watching ‘Temptations of Home’, so she hadn’t been reading or watching the news. She hastily unlocked her phone and logged into Twitter to see the term ‘Taylor Faye’ trending.

What? Did Michael really give Faye some soup, not to mention late at night? He had been perfectly fine up until now, so why did he give her the soup? With so many others in the production team, why her specifically?

Faye’s Twitter post had immediately gotten her onto Twitter’s latest trends. She was one of the entertainers that Glory Entertainment had wanted to promote, and the Edwards also held shares in Glory Entertainment. The moment this got out, Glory Entertainment’s PR machine began to furiously milk Taylor’s name and published articles like no tomorrow.

One article stated that the two of them were dating each other, while another claimed that someone had witnessed Faye entering Taylor’s room; another report said that the two were spotted holding hands all the time. There was even an article saying that Taylor had a change of heart with his marriage and had already been living apart from his original spouse for a while.

What sort of bullsh*t was this?!

Sophia blew her top. While she didn’t believe that those two were together or that Faye had gone to Taylor’s room, Michael had to explain himself when it came to the soup.

She didn’t bother with her show anymore, instead spending the entire afternoon staring at her phone and waiting for Michael to call her and explain!

The atmosphere was unusually tense. Stanley suddenly felt a bone-deep chill hit him, making his entire body tremble from the cold; he was so fearful that he couldn’t stop trembling. Regardless, he still stood on his uncle’s side and said, “Sophia, there’s a time difference. It’s still night for him now! Uncle’s got to be asleep!”

Sophia continued to stare at her phone.

“Uh, why don’t we watch another two episodes of ‘Temptations of Home’?” Stanley asked weakly.

Sophia didn’t speak as she stared at her phone.

After staring at her phone the entire afternoon, Michael still hadn’t called her to explain himself. By the time night came, rumors and gossip were flying everywhere. Faye and Taylor’s supposed affair had rooted itself in reality to the point that some people had ‘personally’ witnessed them register for marriage at the local bureau.

No one, not even Michael, his entertainment company, or the production team had stepped up to clarify things!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 410

Sophia ignored her show for the rest of the day and simply put all her effort into waiting for Michael’s explanation. Unfortunately, she did not receive a single phone call despite waiting the entire day; he didn’t even send her a text message.

If he wouldn’t call her, he shouldn’t expect her to be the first one to call him either!

Sophia was seething with anger as she waited.

The next day, there was still nothing from Michael’s end; Sophia did not receive any phone calls or explanations whatsoever.

Rumors were flying like mad on the Internet as they reached new heights. For instance, there were reports of Faye showing up for filming while being heavily pregnant.

The tabloids had dug up everything about Faye’s background. There were articles about how she was the precious daughter of a distinguished family and acting was just a hobby of hers; some nonsense about how she was noble and pure-hearted; more nonsense about how she and Taylor were a match made in heaven; and even more nonsense about how Taylor had single-handedly brought her into the entertainment industry.

In addition to that, Glory Entertainment’s PR machine also figured out how to cause even bigger waves.

Faye had been praised to no end during the first two days of her post, but on the third day, the articles began to take on a new direction. The tabloids reoriented themselves and slammed Faye for being a home-wrecker who dated a married man. They also slammed Taylor for being a trashy man who cheated on his partner.

Taylor’s name continued to trend; any article that so much as mentioned him would gain tons of clicks and receive a lot of attention.

When the fourth day came, things took a 180 degree turn. A tabloid exposed that Faye was actually Taylor’s proper wife; apparently, the two of them had been married for a few years already. With Taylor’s wife making her debut with him, they were now a husband-wife actor couple in the industry. Since they were currently working on the same production together, Taylor and Faye’s marriage immediately became common knowledge in showbiz.

Faye had become famous overnight with just a single photo, and her fame exceeded even A-list celebrities. As expected, anyone would be able to become famous if they glued themselves to Taylor!

Meanwhile, Irene scrolled through the news at the military compound after coming back from Africa.

There was no mistaking it—the soup in Faye’s post was the soup she had made. Irene recognized the container; she had given it to Michael, so how did it make its way to Faye’s hands? Was Taylor married to Faye? Was Faye that wife of his which Michael had not revealed to the public? How could he possibly fall for some online influencer?!

Nonetheless, the soup she had made was indeed with Faye, and the background was that of a hotel room. Not only that, it had been posted during night time in Africa. Why would Michael’s things show up in another woman’s room in the middle of the night…

Irene’s face turned stony.

However, Sophia’s face was far more stony than Irene’s.

She had completely lost interest in watching TV during her hospital stay. Instead, she glued herself to her phone as she read the news; her home pages were all filled with headlines such as ‘Taylor and Faye’ and ‘Taylor Is Married to Faye’.

Yet, Michael still hadn’t called her in five days!

Meanwhile, the official ‘War Dragon’ Twitter account kept posting photos of the filming site, proving that he was well and alive.

Irate and uneasy, furious and helpless, Sophia kept pacing around in her room like an irritated little beast.

On the other hand, Stanley was curled up in front of the TV with a box of tissues as he watched ‘Temptations of Home’, sobbing as he did so. “Oh, Jane’s life is so tragic!”

He had initially thought of distracting Sophia with the show, but he never expected himself to be addicted to it.

Sophia paced around angrily with her phone in hand.

Faye, huh? I’ll fck your sht up!

Sophia logged into her alternate account that she had made because of Michael and rushed over to Twitter and other forums to spread a high-definition picture of a bare-faced Faye pre-surgery. She then submitted a few posts to some tabloids, exposing Faye’s promiscuous past and photos of Faye when she streaked during Xyla and Richard’s wedding. The photos weren’t even censored.

I’ll let you drink the soup that my Lord gave you!

I’ll even let you spread rumors about him!

Faye had only been famous for a hot second when the wave of accusatory articles threatened to cut her steam. Once again, Glory Entertainment’s PR machine got to work.

Taylor’s fans had already seen through all their tricks. How could Faye possibly be their idol’s actual wife? She was clearly just a b*tch who wanted her moment of fame in the spotlight! Taylor’s fans and Faye’s fans tore each other to shreds online.

However, Michael still hadn’t called to explain himself!

“You’re not going to explain yourself, aren’t you? Well then, just wait and see!” Sophia spat out viciously.

That afternoon, yet another Fletcher came to see her. It was Claude, someone she had met not all that long ago.

Claude was tall and handsome, and he looked very fresh-faced.

Since they last met each other, they had talked a few times on Messenger. Claude thought that she was pleasant, so he came to see her again today.

Sophia was rather receptive to him this time; they had been chatting for a while when she pulled him over for a photo and said, “Let’s take a selfie together!”

Soon, Sean saw a photo of Sophia and Claude together on his Instagram Stories with the caption, ‘Thanks for the flowers and fruit you sent me, Claude. Gotta stay upbeat even when you’re stuck in the hospital!’

The shade was strong in that post!

After waiting for half a day, Michael still did not respond. Furious, Sophia posted pictures of her with different men every day onto her Instagram stories.

Meanwhile, Michael finally finished shooting all of his parts in Africa after toiling day in and day out; he could finally pack his things and go home. Having not touched his phone the entire time, the first thing Michael did was to whip it out and see what his wife had been up to all this while. Of course, he did it by pulling up her most recent Instagram stories.

The moment he saw it, he broke down instantly…

When Old Master Fletcher caught wind that Sophia had posed with some of the young Fletcher men and even posted the pictures to her Instagram stories, he nearly died from joy; it was as if he could see Cooper’s flesh and blood falling into the Fletchers’ hands already. He hurriedly got the young Fletcher men to increase their charm to snare Sophia. He had already talked with each one of them; if any of them took a fancy to Sophia, they should pursue her with all that they got!

The Fletcher men were all rather similar in terms of personality with their straightforwardness. If they liked someone, they would make it obvious; a few of the Fletchers had expressed their interest in Sophia and wanted to take things a step further.

The old man was overjoyed.

Among the Fletchers who took a shine to Sophia was Claude. Claude was one of Old Master Fletcher’s favorite grandchildren, and he was only 26 or 27 this year. His age was a good match for Sophia, and he was accomplished in his career on top of having handsome, good looks; he also seemed like a hardworking person.

Claude’s mother was from a family of scholars. Ever since he was a child, he had received the best education. When he was in uniform, he had the passion of a man defending his homeland; when he was out of uniform, he oozed class.

Sophia had seen Claude a few times during her stay at the hospital for nearly a month. Every time he came to see her, he would bring different presents for Sophia.

Today, Claude brought another present for the latter. Apart from the standard bouquet of flowers, he had also brought a container of soup.

Nathan had been quietly tapping away at his laptop when Claude came in, and he immediately skedaddled upon Claude’s arrival. Naturally, he didn’t want to third-wheel on this. Nathan shot Stanley several glances as he hinted the latter to get out, but Stanley didn’t pick up on this; he continued to hold Sophia’s large orange cat while he watched ‘Temptations of Home’.

‘Oh, it’s so terribly tragic! Why does it have to be so sad? Get that screenwriter out here! I’ve got a bone to pick with you!” Stanley was bawling his eyes out at the scene of the female lead being verbally abused by her husband’s family.

Claude was not surprised to see Stanley here; it was said that Sophia was a cousin through Stanley’s mother anyway.

“Sophia, here’s some chicken soup I made last night by following a recipe. It’s my first time cooking, so I’m a little worried. I hope you like it.

Sophia’s face scrunched up as her brows furrowed. Claude had repeatedly come to see her, and he also kept giving her flowers and food. When coupled with that scorching gaze of his, she knew what was going on.

However, she was already a married woman!

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