My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 391-400

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 391

Meanwhile, Mark was happily playing a game of chess with Natasha. The reason he was happy was definitely not because he got to play chess with her. Instead, it was because Stanley was spending time with Sophia at that moment.

Cooper’s daughter will finally become part of the Fletchers! Woody was old and the Mitchell family was unreliable. If Sophia married into the Fletcher family, she would have a place to live in the future. Even after I die, at least Stanley and the Fletchers will be able to protect her.

He was already fond of Sophia in the first place and Stanley had already expressed his liking as well. Mark had intended to get the two of them together and now that he found out Sophia was Cooper’s daughter, it all seemed perfect! Besides, he felt rest assured to let Stanley take care of Sophia.

However, if Mark ever found out that Stanley was spending his time with Sophia by dragging her to his house and playing games, he would probably cough up blood in anger.

Truth be told, Mark didn’t like to play chess with Natasha. She went easy on him that day as usual so he wasn’t excited to play at all. After a short while, he easily won and Natasha pretended to exclaim in shock, “Old Master Fletcher, you won again! Your skills have not deteriorated with age. I can only wish I was as good as you.”

Mark chuckled insincerely and replied, “Yes, you’re right.”

At the end of the day, Natasha was too young and naïve. Even if she wanted to pretend, the look of admiration should be reflected in her eyes. Mark, who had been around for almost a hundred years, could tell she was acting at a glance. In short, he didn’t like Natasha.

As for Natasha, she patiently played a few games of chess with Mark and let him win easily every time, all the while thinking she was making him happy. After a few rounds, she started to reveal her cunning side.

As she played, she casually asked, “Old Master Fletcher, I heard that Uncle Cooper came to visit you ten years ago and gave you something. Do you remember what it was?”

Something from Cooper? Hmph! I knew that she had a purpose to her visit.

Mark thought about it for a while before he scratched his head and said, “Oh, how can an old man like me remember something that happened ten years ago? Didn’t Coop pass away twenty years back? How is it possible that he paid me a visit ten years ago?”

Useless old man! Natasha thought but she wasn’t willing to give up. Perhaps he’ll remember if I give him a hint. She hurriedly asked, “I’m talking about your godson, Cooper! I’m sure you remember the last time he came over to visit!”

Mark said straightforwardly, “Cooper? Who’s that? Doesn’t ring a bell at all!”

Hearing this, Natasha’s insides itched with hatred. She wouldn’t bother talking to these old men if she had a choice. These old people should’ve gone to hell a long time ago. They are stupid and silly but they just won’t die. His hands even tremble when he’s playing chess.

What’s the point to being alive? He’s just like that idiot, Woody. He can’t even tell the difference between a cat and a human and is even treating a cat as his son!

Woody was indeed holding the cat as if it was his son. Everything was going well and he didn’t realize that he had been holding a cat instead of a child for the whole day. However, when it was time for dinner, the cat got hungry so it jumped out of Woody’s arms and ran toward the house. “Coop, where are you going? Coop, wait for daddy!”

‘Cooper’ ran away and disappeared in a blink of an eye. Bursting into tears, Woody was so anxious and upset that he stomped his feet and banged his crutches on the ground. Mark reassured, “Oh, dear old man, your son went to have dinner. He’ll be back once he’s done.

Just wait for a moment.” He hurriedly called his bodyguards to help Woody stand. With tears and snot streaming down Woody’s face, he sobbed and said, “Coop left. He left. He’s not coming back.”

Mark hurriedly said, “Don’t worry; he’ll be back. Look, I’ll give him a call and he’ll be back soon.”

With that, Mark quickly made a call to Sean and asked him to pretend to be Cooper for a moment. Looking at the mess on Woody’s face, Natasha felt utterly embarrassed and couldn’t hide the disgust on her face as she frowned.

It wasn’t long before Sean arrived. He was still wearing the suit he put on for the business meeting and looked elegant. Sean walked over worriedly and quickly held onto Woody, who was still throwing a tantrum. “Dad, I’m back!”

Upon glancing at Sean, Woody waved his hand and continued wailing. “You’re not Coop! Coop, where are you? Please come back!” At that moment, Woody acted like a spoiled child and no matter what they did, they couldn’t stop him from crying. He kept crying and begging to see his son. Later, Stanley brought a fat orange cat over and said, “He’s here! Cooper is here!”

Woody took a look and denied, “That’s not my son! That is not my son! I want Coop! Where did you go, Coop?” Woody was having a full blown episode and he wouldn’t stop no matter who came over to comfort him. Mark went over to coax him but Woody unexpectedly pushed him away viciously. If it weren’t for his bodyguard who stopped him from falling, Mark would’ve fractured his bones from the fall.

Seeing this, Natasha was completely dumbfounded. She never thought Woody would have an episode at a time like this. If Mark fell and was severely wounded, the whole Mitchell family would be in danger!

She beckoned her bodyguard over to hold Woody still, albeit roughly. Then, she turned to Mark and apologetically said, “I’m sorry, Old Master Fletcher. My grandfather is having an episode today. I’ll take him home now.” However, Natasha couldn’t hide the disgust on her face.

Mark knew that if he allowed Natasha to take away Woody just like that, Woody might have to face some punishment after they got home so he hurriedly said, “I’m fine. I’m already used to your grandfather’s illness anyway!”

Sean silently took Woody from Natasha’s bodyguard and sat him down. He knew that Woody always had medicine in his bag at all times in order to prevent him from messing around when he was having an episode.

Thus, he pulled out Woody’s medicine while Stanley seemed to be used to these situations as he hurriedly brought a glass of water to give Woody his medicine.

Sean stroked Woody’s back to calm him down and tried to coax him, “Old Master Mitchell, your son will be back soon. Don’t be so anxious!” However, Woody was really emotional and he kept crying and babbling.

Then, he knocked over the glass of water that Stanley brought over. “I don’t want medicine. I want Coop! I want my son! Where did you send my son?”

Seeing this, Sean started to panic. Having no other choice, he decided to bring Woody home. “Old Master Mitchell, let’s go back home. Perhaps Uncle Cooper already went back home! Come, let’s head home!”

However, Woody was not willing to leave. He sobbed and muttered, “I want Coop! Coop, where did you go?” Everyone was anxious and Natasha just wanted to leave. Initially, she was planning to ask Mark for clues but Woody’s sudden episode ruined everything. Bringing this silly old man here was the worst decision ever.

Natasha took a step forward and was prepared to ask her bodyguard to forcefully drag Woody back home. All of a sudden, they heard a bubbly female voice from behind them. “Dad, what’s the matter?”

As soon as Woody heard this voice, the old man who was crying bitterly a moment ago instantly broke into a smile. “Son, where did you go? I was looking everywhere for you!”

Everybody turned around and saw that Sophia was rushing over. Then, she gently pulled out a tissue and wiped Woody’s face. It was Sean who didn’t allow Sophia to leave the house because he was afraid that she would have a conflict with Natasha.

However, when Sophia saw Woody have an episode and wouldn’t stop crying like a helpless child, she couldn’t bear to ignore him. After all, Woody was her grandfather!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 392

Sophia had never met her father, Cooper, but she had spent a lot of time with Woody. She didn’t know what kind of a person Cooper was but she knew her grandfather, Woody, pretty well. When Woody saw Sophia, he stopped throwing a tantrum and held her hands.

His eyes turned red from excitement as he yelled, “Coop, you’re back!” Sophia smiled and nodded. “Yes, Dad, I’m back. I’m not going anywhere.” Hearing this, Woody smiled happily and said, “It’s great that you’re here. Come, meet your godfather!” Then, Woody dragged Sophia toward Mark and said, “Mason, my son is back!”

At that instant, Mark finally realized why he felt Sophia was familiar since the first time he met her and he understood why Woody would think that Sophia was his son. It was because she was Cooper’s daughter all along! Pretending to be annoyed, he replied, “I know, I know. Your son’s back!

Are you happy now?” Woody grinned like a happy child and said, “Yes, I am! I’m happy whenever Coop is by my side!”

With that, he pulled Sophia and sat down in front of Mark before he said, “Come, my son. Write something to show your godfather.” Sophia obediently replied, “Okay, Father. I’ll write it right now.”

Sean already knew that Woody would definitely ask Sophia to demonstrate her writing so he had prepared pen and paper beforehand.

Sophia took the pen and began writing Cooper Mitchell’s name. In order to please the old man, she had deliberately studied Cooper’s writing. Her writing was really outstanding and it looked similar to Cooper’s writing.

It wasn’t just similar—it was exactly the same! After she finished, Woody proudly showed her writing to Mark. “Mason, look at my son’s writing. Isn’t it beautiful?” Mark glared at him. When Woody was younger, he always brought his son over to boast about him even though he knew clearly that the Fletcher family was full of uncouth military men who didn’t really know how to read.

Furthermore, Cooper was outstanding and even though Mark thought that his children and grandchildren were amazing, none of them could compare with Cooper and he couldn’t help but envy Woody. However, he wasn’t that jealous anymore. Sooner or later, Sophie will be part of the Fletcher family!

Mark took the paper and said admiringly, “It’s beautiful.” Sophia continued to write, making the two old men chuckle happily. Just like that, the atmosphere was harmonious, but a certain someone couldn’t stand it and wanted to ruin it.

“Old Master Mitchell, this person is not Cooper. She has ulterior motives!” Natasha suddenly appeared behind Woody and pointed at Sophia. “Don’t be fooled by her!” she said rudely.

What a b*tch! I can’t believe that she has the ability to actually sneak into the military compound and cheer the two old men up. She even dared to pretend to be Cooper in front of Woody! If I didn’t come by today, she’ll probably fool them all!

This was what Sean feared the most. He could no longer pretend to be Cooper in front of Woody and if Woody couldn’t find his son, he might hurt himself whenever he had an episode. It wasn’t easy for them to calm Woody down. What if he gets provoked by Natasha and goes crazy again?

He hurriedly whispered to Natasha, “Natasha, stop talking. You know the old man’s condition. Having someone who is able to trick him is better than letting him think about his son every day at home until he goes crazy!”

However, Natasha didn’t understand Sean’s rationale and she coldly sneered, “How can this lowly born woman call herself Cooper? If news gets out, people would mock the Mitchell family!”

As she spoke, she gestured to her bodyguard to hold Woody down while she raised her voice to remind him, “Old Master Mitchell, she is not Cooper. He’s been dead for over a decade. She is just a liar with ulterior motives who is trying to get close to you with malicious intentions.

Don’t be fooled by her!” Hearing this, Woody looked at Natasha nervously and held Sophia’s hand tightly, as if he was afraid that someone might snatch his son away from him. He pulled her behind his back protectively and said, “No, my son is not dead. My son is standing in front of me right now. You are not allowed to curse him this way!”

Natasha seemed to be acting in earnest but in fact, she was jealous. Why is it that this b*tch can make the two old men happy? Why can she sit in front of the two old masters and chat happily?

The one sitting there should be me! “Old Master Mitchell, take a closer look. Cooper is dead! He has been dead for over ten years now! This woman is a liar!”

Woody waved his hands and said, “I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you! Coop is not dead! Coop is right next to me. Coop is not dead! He’s not dead…” Even though Woody said that he didn’t believe her, his hoarse voice choked as if he was about to cry.

Although he had dementia, deep down, he knew that his son had passed away long ago and Natasha’s words were slowly pulling him away from his fake happiness into the cruel reality.

Seeing that Woody was about to have a breakdown, a pair of hands suddenly reached over and held Woody’s hand. Then, a gentle voice patiently said to him, “Dad, I’m right here.

Don’t be afraid!” When Woody heard her voice, he burst into tears and sobbed. He held onto Sophia like a helpless child and he mumbled, “Coop, you’re not dead, you’re not dead…”

Sophia held Woody in her arms and stroked his back to calm him down as she said, “I’m not dead. I’m alive and well. Who said that I was dead…” Woody once again broke into a smile. “Everything is well as long as Coop is not dead.

My darling Coop is still alive…” While Sophia coaxed Woody, she looked at Natasha, who was standing a few meters away. At that moment, she glared coldly at Natasha, as if it was strong enough to pierce through her soul.

Seeing this, Natasha’s chest heaved in anger. If it weren’t for her last trace of sanity and outsiders around, she would’ve slapped Sophia in the face.

This disgusting, trashy b*tch! I can’t believe that she dares to claim to be Cooper and use his name to trick others. She is so shameless! Cooper is the pride of the Mitchell family. Not everyone can pretend to be him!

At this moment, Woody grasped Sophia tightly and accidentally grabbed onto the amulet that was hidden under her clothes.

Natasha immediately saw the black obsidian amulet as it was exposed. In an instant, she immediately knew what happened. No wonder we couldn’t find Cooper’s amulet. Turns out that this woman fooled Woody and stole it! That amulet belongs to the Mitchell family and it’s connected to Cooper’s huge fortune.

How dare she covet the Mitchell family’s belongings? Then, she glanced at Sean before looking at Sophia, who was wearing the amulet. Suddenly, she seemed to have figured it out.

It turns out that Sean and this woman deceived Woody and stole Cooper’s amulet! Sean’s bloodline belongs to Cooper’s old family and they have always been dissatisfied with my father and opposed us. This group of outsiders secretly hid the amulet! I figured it all out!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 393

As soon as the amulet was revealed, Sean was instantly annoyed. He had wanted to hide the amulet with Sophia so that the Mitchells wouldn’t discover it, but it wasn’t the case anymore! Earlier when he arrived, he had already reminded Sophia not to show up because he was afraid that Natasha would find out that she had the amulet.

“You…” Natasha muttered, her face pale from anger after she had seen through Sean’s conspiracy. Pointing a finger at him, she shouted fiercely, “Sean, you colluded with outsiders to steal the inheritance belonging to the Mitchells. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

Alex had used a duplicate of the amulet for verification in Kuwait, but it didn’t pass the test so he couldn’t retrieve that property at all. All this while, they always thought that it was because the bank had discovered that the amulet was a fake.

With the real amulet, that treasure could be retrieved! In order to find the real amulet, everyone from the Mitchells racked their brains trying to come up with ideas, but they never imagined that it was Sean who had colluded with others to take the real thing away from them!

Seeing how things had developed, Sean couldn’t care less about anything anymore. Fisting his hands, his usually sophisticated and gentle eyes were now red and his voice was fiercer than Natasha’s as he spoke, “Ashamed? Hmph! This is a personal item belonging to Uncle Cooper and not shared by the Mitchells. Why should I give it to you?

Also, it belongs to Grandpa and he can give it to whoever he likes! I know what you guys are planning with the amulet, but I’ll have you know right now that you can’t get Uncle Cooper’s properties with just this amulet, so you can give up on the idea! Have you deciphered the thousand-digit code?

After his death, his private properties were divided by the Mitchells, but you know fair well how much actually ended up in the public account!

When he was alive, Uncle Cooper dedicated his life to the Mitchells and now he can’t even keep any of his personal items after death! The Mitchells are the ones who should be ashamed!”

Hearing Sean’s speech, Natasha glared at him and couldn’t find the words to talk back. Finally, she straightened her neck and said in a weird tone, “No matter how the Mitchells are, it’s not up to a disgusting sissy like you to comment!”

“A sissy?” Stanley repeated, clearly unhappy with Sean being insulted. He came forward and placed his wide body in front of her, his thick eyebrows shooting upward. “How dare you call Sean a sissy! Believe it or not, I could get him to give you a punch to show you if he’s a sissy!”

Even though her eyes were turning red from all the glaring, there was nothing she could do. Things are turning from bad to worse, she thought. The Mitchells and Fletchers have been friends for decades, but if this goes on, it will definitely get awkward for both families.

At this moment, a voice interjected, “Alright, that’s enough!” It was Sophia who had spoken and she tried to make herself sound more like Cooper as she said, “This amulet belongs to me, Cooper. I’m the one who decides its fate!”

Besides pretending to be Woody’s son in front of him on purpose, she was also trying to act like Cooper in front of Natasha. However, Natasha chuckled and snorted. “You’re Cooper? That’s a joke! A cheap, uncivilized person like you can never be Cooper! My advice to you is to hand over the amulet immediately, otherwise I’ll make you regret it!”

Judging from the situation, it seemed like the Mitchells still didn’t know that the properties had already been taken away by another. To them, this amulet was akin to Cooper’s cosmic inheritance; the real estate from ten years ago must have risen so much more in its value now! Even if things turned ugly, she had to get that amulet today!

Sophia knew that she shouldn’t have turned up today and if she did, there would be tons of trouble after that. Now that they knew about the amulet, there would be more trouble coming up. Nevertheless, she didn’t regret it, but she didn’t dare to reveal her true identity.

Still, she had a question for the Mitchells on behalf of Cooper. “Did I owe the Mitchells anything? Is there a need to mobilize so many people over a small amulet? Didn’t I give the Mitchells enough?”

Looking at her in disbelief, Natasha fumed, How dare this swindler act so arrogant and speak to me in this manner on such an occasion!

She is absolutely shameless! “You—” Crushed by Sophia’s imposing manner, Natasha’s face had splotches of red as she retreated a couple of steps and gritted her teeth while saying, “Cooper was a part of the Mitchells, so everything which belonged to him belongs to the Mitchells after his death!”

Sneering, Sophia dropped the amulet onto her chest calmly and covered it with her clothes. Trying her best to be Cooper for a moment, she asked Natasha in a tone which she imagined to be his, “Even if I’m dead, my properties should be inherited by my father. It has nothing to do with the Mitchells.”

Cooper was Woody’s only son and the both of them had accumulated a huge amount of wealth. Besides what belonged to the Mitchells, their personal accumulated wealth in the treasury could even be as much as a state. In spite of that, Woody had lost his mind and the ability to function civilly after Cooper’s death, so members of the Mitchells had encroached all their properties through legal means.

They couldn’t wait to squeeze both of them dry until their last penny, and they definitely wouldn’t let go of this amulet which was equivalent to that property!

Surprised that Sophia actually had the guts to talk back to her, Natasha scoffed, “You’re not Cooper, so you have no right to stick your nose into our family affairs!”

Lifting her chin, Sophia countered, “Are you Cooper?”

Rendered speechless again, Natasha’s eyes flashed with anger and she suddenly turned to her bodyguards. “Snatch that amulet for me!” she ordered. Even if she had to take it by force, she would get that amulet!

The military compound was the Fletchers’ turf, so Sophia was not worried about her safety at all. Just by taking a couple of steps back, someone would immediately jump out to stop Natasha’s bodyguards.

Sure enough, one of the bodyguards had only taken two steps when he felt a gust of cold wind and then a cold, black muzzle was pressed against his head. Horrified, he turned and saw that a uniformed man had appeared behind him silently with a pistol aimed at the back of his head. “Don’t move,” the man warned in a cold tone.

Seeing wheat ears and a star on the man’s epaulette, the bodyguard realized that this young man was actually a Major General!

As this was Bayside City’s military compound, it was unlikely that a person who was wearing his military rank on his shoulders would turn out to be an imposter. Thus, the bodyguard thought twice before raising his hands in surrender.

With that, Joel kept away his gun and ordered for the bodyguard to be taken away. When Natasha saw him, she was stunned and thought to herself, How on earth can this imposter have the guts to show up? Isn’t he afraid that he’ll be exposed?

After taking care of the bodyguard, Joel said to Mark respectfully, “Grandpa, there’s a cultural festival in the military region tonight. Please excuse me.”

Grandpa? Natasha thought in bewilderment as she stared at Joel. Can this man really be Joel Fletcher? No, that’s impossible. There’s no way that he will be carrying out his duties during this kind of event!

Mark seemed pleased that Joel had suddenly shown up as he was one of his favorite grandchildren. Too bad that he was a little older and was with Irene for the past few years, otherwise he would have matchmade him and Sophia.

“Alright, go ahead. And please see these two guests from the Mitchells on your way out!” he said.

As Joel acknowledged his instruction respectfully, he gestured with his palm toward the exit at Natasha, signaling for her to leave.

Knowing that she wouldn’t benefit from staying longer, Natasha tried to preserve the last shard of dignity she had as a socialite and said to Mark, “Old Master Fletcher, this is the Mitchells affairs. Are you sure it’s not going to be a problem if you poke your nose into it?”

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Dropping the pretense, Mark stood up and stared at Natasha with a fiery gaze in his eyes, a huge contrast to his old and haggard face. “I’m not meddling in the Mitchells’ affairs, but Cooper was my godson and my friendship with Woody has lasted for almost a lifetime. That amulet is the last memento left behind by Cooper, so I’m begging you humbly today to let him keep it!”

Stunned at his words, Natasha wasn’t expecting Mark, the old sly fox, to use this trick—taking one step back in order to take two steps forward.

He even made the Mitchells seem like such unreasonable people who wouldn’t even let go of a dead man’s item! In spite of that, that amulet held the key to Cooper’s huge properties, so she couldn’t let it slip through her hands! Now that she knew where it was, it made everything easier.

After coldly bidding her goodbye, Joel sent her out of the military compound. Turning back, she stared at the solemn place, a sneer flashing across her face. Sophia, what belongs to my family can never be taken away so easily!

After driving Natasha away, the atmosphere became harmonious in a split second. Holding Sophia’s hand, Woody praised her with a smile, “My son, everything you said earlier was right!”

Returning his smile, Sophia wondered if she was pretending to be Cooper in front of Woody or wanted to question the Mitchells on behalf of Cooper. But it didn’t matter anymore now…

Mark was sure that Woody would have to suffer for today after returning, but there was nothing much that he could do as he was an outsider. This was a matter which concerned their family internally, after all.

But as Woody’s good friend, he had to do something about it so he said to him, “Old man, just live in this military compound from now on. I’ll get you a permit and it will be easier for Cooper to visit you in the future. Staying at the beach by yourself is simply too far away!”

Sophia thought that this was a feasible idea as well. Although there were people looking after him at the beach, it was hard to tell whether Alex’s men would make things difficult for him after returning. He still had a large amount of savings left behind by Cooper and the Mitchells had their eyes fixed on it.

Thinking along the same lines, Sean persuaded Woody, “Old Master, just live in the military compound from now on; Uncle Cooper can even come and visit you often after work.” The Imperial, where Sophia was living, was only a few stations away from here and she could easily come to visit Woody.

That house by the beach was filled with memories of Cooper and even though Woody was a little reluctant to leave it behind, his ‘son’ had now returned alive and kicking, which was much better than those dead items. Thus, he agreed readily, “Alright then; I’ll live here.”

When he was younger, Woody had made many contributions to Cethos and the country had remembered all his acts. Adding on to the fact that it was Old Master Fletcher who had made the request, it didn’t take long for Woody to move into the military compound for his retirement.

Besides having other elderlies here and being a convenient location for Sophia to drop by, there was also a military hospital around which made living here much better than at the beach for Woody.

During this period, Sophia didn’t go anywhere else. Usually, she would be studying at home and going to the company occasionally. More often than not, she would be at the military compound visiting Mark and Woody.

Probably due to the return of his son, Woody’s condition stabilized a lot and he didn’t push people without reason anymore. Even his complexion was much better and with a group of elderly as companions, he seemed more energetic.

Every few days, Sophia would visit the Fletchers and Old Master Fletcher would treat her with as much enthusiasm as ever before. Guessing that he must know something, she silently accepted his kindness. For more than a decade, Mark had sealed away his enthusiasm for Cooper after his death, which he now poured all over Sophia.

On this day, Sophia paid another visit to Woody at the compound. Seeing how happy he was with the other elderlies made her equally delighted.

Out of the blue, Mark came over and told her in a secretive manner that he had something to show her and so she followed him into the study.

Mark didn’t come from a scholarly family and he was a soldier when he was young, so it did seem a little odd that he had such a huge study in his home. After instructing his security officers to bring out a chest, he sent everyone away, leaving only Sophia behind.

Taking out a key, he opened the chest, in which there were many things in it. “Here, take a look at this. These are all left behind by your father,” he explained.

Sophia was not surprised that he knew about her background and she stared at the things in the chest with joy and excitement. “Are all of these left behind by my father?”

“Yes, your father used to come here often and left behind many things! Ever since he was gone, I’ve locked away all these stuff.”

Every word Cooper had written when he was at the Fletchers’ was carefully stored and kept away by Mark, even if it was just a piece of waste paper used to practice calligraphy. The calligraphy pen and ink he had used, as well as some photographs, were also kept away carefully.

After Cooper’s death, Mark was afraid that he would be sad, so he locked away all of Cooper’s things. In the box were a huge amount of Cooper’s photographs and there were so many that it was a significant stack.

Taking out stacks of photographs, he said, “Cooper loved to come to my place ever since he was young, and he loved to play with the kids in my family besides taking pictures. Every time he came over, I got someone to take pictures of him! Look at this.”

Then, he showed Sophia the pictures one by one. Indeed, those were all pictures of Cooper from when he was a baby all the way till he became a man.

“He would spend a week here every summer break. Woody was too strict with his upbringing and was always sending him for various classes without leaving him any time for fun. So whenever he came over, I would secretly give him a break!” Pointing at a picture cheerfully, “Look!

This is the first time your father used a slingshot to hit a bird, which was something Woody would not allow him to do. He was so happy that day!”

In the picture, a small boy was holding a slingshot and was looking so overjoyed that his features were all crinkled up from his smile. Nevertheless, she could still tell that that boy was Cooper and his smile back then was so innocent and carefree.

Picking out another photo, Mark said, “When he was seven and came over for a summer break, I sent him for a camping trip with my kids. This was his first time catching a fish in the river. Look how handsome he was with his smile!”

Sophia took the picture from him in surprise and saw Cooper fishing in the river with his trousers rolled up, revealing his fair calves. His smile was as joyful as ever and even a little unrefined. As a scholarly and rich family, the Mitchells had strict requirements for members of its family and they had to always carry themselves in a superior manner.

The photos she saw of Cooper in Woody’s place were all aristocratic looking, a contrast to the pictures here, where a different side of him was portrayed—his true side.

Back then, Mark let Cooper join his children for fishing, bird-shooting and practice, and it seemed like he was happier than ever during this period compared to any other. There were also photos of Cooper with the Fletchers kids—Joel, Michael and even Stanley and Caleb.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 395

From the stack of photos, Mark picked out another one and told her, “Your father loved cats the most and this was one of his.” In the photo, Cooper seemed to be about fifteen or sixteen, and he was holding a fat ginger cat with a brilliant smile on his face, eyes full of adoration as he gazed at the cat.

Sophia learned from Woody that Cooper was outstanding and the pride of the Mitchells, as well as for Woody himself. As the future head of the family, he had to be exceptional! On the other hand, she learned about the true Cooper from Mark.

Pointing at a picture, Mark said, “Your father was very caring and this was one of the stray cats he rescued from the streets. Since it had a blind eye, he didn’t dare to bring it home because his family would despise it, so he kept it here secretly.

Every week, he would come to visit me, but he was actually here to visit his cat! That rascal!” As he stared at the old photo, Mark shook his head and chuckled with his eyes full of affection.

“Is the cat still around?” Sophia asked while looking at the photo.

Shaking his head, Mark answered, “No. It died of old age the second year after your father did, and I buried it under a tree in the garden.”

Sophia couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Tears stung her eyes as she gazed at Cooper in the photo. My father must have been a very gentle and kind person. What a pity…

Since Mark had watched Cooper growing up, he had endless interesting tales when he talked about him.

“The Mitchells have a strict upbringing with many family rules, and your father was the eldest son of the head of the family. Therefore, he had to set an example for his family peers in everything he did. His happiest days were during summer break when he would spend his days here, playing with my children. Here, this cat is for you.

It’s the offspring of that big ginger cat your dad kept! He really loved small animals and kept all of them here since his family wouldn’t allow him to keep any. There’s also a tortoise, which is kind of old now, but your father loved it to bits. Take it and keep it with you! I’ll also give you your father’s slingshot!”

Even though more than thirty years had passed, Mark still remembered every detail when it came to Cooper. As he flipped through Cooper’s old belongings in the big chest, he gave them all to Sophia in a heat of the moment.

Holding the large ginger cat in her arms, Sophia happily played with it. For memory’s sake, Mark had kept Cooper’s cat this whole time and even found another ginger cat with a similar appearance to breed with it. In the end, it gave birth to several litters and they all looked like the one Cooper used to have. Now, the house was filled with ginger cats.

As he stared at Sophia’s delighted face, Mark felt as though he was looking at the young Cooper who used to smile as innocently as this. Both of them look so alike! With that poise and eyes, she looks just like the old Cooper!

So many years had passed and it didn’t occur to Mark that Cooper’s daughter would appear. Perhaps it was destiny that he was able to meet her at this age, and it left him with no more regrets in life.

Looking at her, he said in earnest, “Child, I have no idea what happened between your parents back then, but Cooper was a good kid and he would have been a good father. He may have been forced to leave you and your mother behind, so you shouldn’t hold a grudge against him, alright?”

There was a period when Sophia blamed him, wondering why he didn’t appear if he was still alive. By the looks of it now, it seemed like they could only meet each other a hundred years later in another lifetime.

She took out another photo from the chest where Cooper was smiling and holding a baby Stanley in his arms. In the photograph, Cooper was still a kid himself and was only eighteen as he held a newborn Stanley, a gentle smile on his face. Little did he know that his own child would soon be arriving into this world as well…

She could tell that Cooper was a really gentle person; be it from Annabel’s diary or Mark’s memories, she could easily say that he was a genuinely kind person. Maybe things were out of his control.

As she looked through the pictures, tears welled up in her eyes and she lifted her head, saying to Mark with a smile, “Grandpa, I won’t blame him because he’s my father, the one who gave me life.”

That day, Sophia left the military compound with many things, including Cooper’s cat and tortoise as well as a bunch of his photos and toys. Holding the big ginger cat, Stanley exclaimed in surprise, “Hey, what’s up with the Old Master today?

He actually gave you this orange pig which he loves so much? Usually, he won’t even let me touch it!” In fact, Mark spoiled that ginger cat so much and kept it so well-fed that it had swelled up like a balloon!

Sophia then told Hale to keep everything in the car boot. Stanley heard that there would be a feast at Michael’s tonight and might even open wine from the cellar, so he offered, “Here, Aunt Sophia. Let me carry this cat for you. The Old Master said that it’s so heavy that you won’t be able to carry it, so he sent me to help you.”

Using the cat as a ticket, Stanley followed Sophia and made his way to Villa No.8 at The Imperial, even inviting Sean on the way. He wouldn’t forget his good friend when there was a free meal!

However, he seemed to have forgotten that Mark wanted him to send Sophia back so that he could nurture his relationship with her because it was Cooper’s genes which he was thinking about. Truth was, he wished that Stanley would make her his woman right now.

Unfortunately, Stanley knew himself too well and it was close to impossible to make Sophia his with a competitor as strong as Michael around. Therefore, he might as well just give up but it still seemed alright if he just went over to their place and had a free meal or to hangout.

At home, Michael had originally prepared a candlelight dinner for two, but Stanley had showed up unexpectedly like a leech and even brought Sean with him. “Why are you here again?” he asked, annoyed.

“Uncle Michael, the Old Master gave Aunt Sophia a cat and said that it was too heavy for her to carry by herself, so he sent me to help her carry it,” Stanley explained and passed the cat on his shoulder to him.

Wow, it is heavy! Michael thought as he carried the cat. As far as he could remember, Mark did have several ginger cats and each one was chunkier than the other.

All of them were his treasures and he wouldn’t allow anyone to touch it because they were all Cooper’s cat. Every roll of fat on the cat represented Mark’s love for it and unexpectedly, he had given one to Sophia today.

Pacing into the living room with the ginger cat in his arms, Michael then passed it to Maria to keep it away in a cage. He even saw the old tortoise Mark had kept for almost thirty years, and he remembered that it belonged to Cooper as well, but Mark had always kept it.

Surprisingly, Mark even gave it to Sophia. It seemed like he had shifted all his affection for Cooper onto her. Well, that’s not a bad thing since he now has someone to dote on, at least, Michael thought.

The candlelight dinner Michael carefully prepared had now turned into a testosterone-filled gathering of friends; not only did Stanley come by himself, he brought company. As if that wasn’t enough, he even brought a dog along.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 396

Upon hearing that there would be a feast, Harry turned up as well, and with him, Daniel came along. The house which had been quiet for a few days suddenly turned livelier than ever.

After dinner and while it was still bright, Sophia said that she wanted to buy some pet food for the cat and tortoise. Thus, she left for the supermarket together with Stanley and Sean.

On their way out, Stanley complained, “Why is the Old Master so kind to you? He was even so generous as to give you the cat which he won’t even let me touch! Did you tell him that you’re married to Uncle Michael?

But that doesn’t seem right because he just told me today to court you as soon as possible and even got me such a dumb excuse to send you home.” It was clear as day to Stanley that Mark was especially enthusiastic to Sophia and it even made him a little jealous.

Dressed in casual sportswear and carrying a small backpack, Sophia chose not to answer him. Since they were the treasures given to her by Mark, she wanted to buy some pet food from the supermarket. After all, they were now in her care and she should at least make sure that they didn’t lose weight.

After they left the area, Stanley and Sean went in the direction of the military compound, taking the dog out for a walk after dinner to aid their digestion, while Sophia went the opposite direction where the supermarket was. Before parting ways, Sean couldn’t help but assure her, “Don’t be stressed out because of the amulet. I’ll try to persuade the Mitchells to give up on it.”

Nodding her head, she watched as they left, their arms on each other’s shoulders. Smiling, she realized why she had always felt close with Sean; it was because he was her cousin.

Sean’s grandfather was Woody’s youngest brother and his descendants had always followed Woody and Cooper around, making them one of the pillars of strength in the Mitchells. Unfortunately, after Cooper’s death, Alex came into power and the influence from Sean’s branch of the family gradually weakened, but it still carried a certain authority within the family.

After they parted ways, Stanley was still happily reminiscing about the bottle of wine from the cellar on the way back to the military camp. It was so good that just a sip of it was enough to satisfy him for half a lifetime! How wonderful it would be if Michael opens a bottle of his wine from his cellar collection every day!

On the other hand, Sean was in much deeper thought. After today, he would have to face Alex’s wrath when he returned to the Mitchells, where Alex might make things difficult for his grandfather and uncles.

The last time after he obtained Cooper’s USB drive, he brought it home to show it to his grandfather and uncles, who all agreed that the information on it should be destroyed after going through it.

The information which it held was simply too shocking and involved some sensitive incidents which could possibly destroy the Mitchells or place them in serious trouble if it was leaked. Besides the part where Cooper made a confession, the rest of the information was destroyed immediately to eliminate any future problems.

In the aftermath of Cooper’s confession, Alex’s branch of the family didn’t believe it and suspected it was Sean’s branch of the family who had secretly kept the token to Cooper’s inheritance.

Nevertheless, it had been more than two decades and Cooper never intended for the Mitchells to receive that property because there was no way to put the tokens together. In addition, nobody could decipher the thousand-digit code and the Mitchells couldn’t bring forward the tokens required by the bank in Kuwait.

All the Mitchells knew about was that Woody got the amulet for Cooper, which he had worn since young, but they didn’t know that there was actually another half to it. As Woody was old with dementia, they couldn’t find out anything from him while the priest whom he went to for the amulet had passed away years ago.

As for Cooper’s beloved woman, there was no way to start searching for her at all. Since he was the front of the Mitchells and their pride, anything which tainted his name would not be published and the situation back then was handled in secrecy.

Twenty years had passed, and the people involved were either dead or demented, so there was no way anyone could find out where that woman was buried. With all of their leads coming to a dead end, the Mitchells could only watch in vain as such an enormous treasure dangled before their eyes but they couldn’t reach it at all!

Equally concerned about what happened to Sophia today, Stanley couldn’t hold back anymore and asked Sean while they were walking the dog, “Your family won’t do anything to Sophia, will they?”

Even Sean was deeply worried. “If needed, I have no choice but to bring the amulet back home and see what happens. At the end of the day, there’s nothing they can do even if they have the amulet.

It’s impossible for them to retrieve the money because Cooper never intended it to go to them. I’m guessing that this is his final revenge toward the Mitchells! Once they’re done trying, I’ll think of a way to return the amulet to Sophia.”

Stanley snorted, not wanting Sophia to be involved in the Mitchells’ mess. “What do you think your family did to Uncle Cooper? Why did he hate you guys so much that he even had such an evil plot in mind for you guys after his death?”

As part of the Mitchells, Sean never denied that their family had done Cooper wrong. Letting out a deep sigh, he muttered, “If I was Uncle Cooper, I… might be even more ruthless.” Following the finding of Cooper’s recording, Sean had discreetly investigated with the elders in his family.

Despite the fact that many people had passed away, there were still traces of information available and at the end of his investigations, he could totally understand Cooper’s fury.

“Why do you say that?” Stanley asked. It might be the Mitchell’s family affairs, but he was still extremely curious about it.

Smiling bitterly, Sean answered, “Stan, can you imagine the helplessness when you see your beloved woman being poisoned right before your eyes?”

Stanley tried to imagine it; if Sophia was poisoned right in front of his eyes, he would definitely shoot everyone with a gun. Meanwhile, Sean’s expression was immensely sad. He had experienced enough of the Mitchells’ iciness ever since he was a child.

Back then after the death of his father, his mother went down on her knees and pleaded with his grandfather to allow her to bring Sean away. However, she was ruthlessly rejected by him and he didn’t even allow her to step into the family home or meet Sean after she remarried.

It was also his own grandfather who sent him aboard for treatment and used all sorts of cruel methods to lead him back on the right path.

In spite of that, Sean knew that he was not sick but was simply waiting for his mother. He wished that he was a girl, so that he could leave that cold household along with his mother. Sadly, the Mitchells saw his anticipation as a form of intolerable illness!

Electric shocks, hunger, beatings, confinement and all sorts of torture—those were the darkest two years of his life. He thought about dying and even cut his wrists countless times, only to be saved and go through another round of torture after that.

The so-called treatments were just torture methods to force him to let go of his obsession so that he would lead the so-called correct path and become what they assumed to be normal. For two years, Sean felt as though he had lived through two centuries. Finally, he caved in and obediently became what they deemed to be normal.

Even though he felt that he was a walking dead, he still thought that he was much luckier compared to Cooper because his punishment from the Mitchells was more than torment!

Suddenly, Sean stopped in his tracks and turned to Stanley. In a low and cold tone, he said, “As Cooper’s punishment and to make him give up everything back then, the Mitchells poisoned his beloved woman right before his eyes. But they didn’t stop at that.”

He paused as his eyes clouded over and he fisted his hands tightly. “While that girl was still breathing her last breaths, they burned her body and made Uncle Cooper watch the whole process.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 397

“Uncle Cooper watched as the woman he loved struggled in the fire until she was reduced to nothing but ashes. And the person who planned all this was none other than Woody, his father whom he respected the most.”

As a soldier, Stanley had been on missions on the border and even to the real warzone. Having seen what death looked like, he couldn’t help but shudder when he heard that story. If he had been Cooper, he would have killed the entire family…

Curling his lips after the shiver passed through his body, Stanley mocked, “Your family is really sick!”

As they continued walking forward, the setting sun cast long silhouettes of two men and a dog. Despite being so close together on the ground, their shadows could never overlap, just like the gap separating them that was simply too big.

“The Mitchells had always been heartless,” Sean muttered.

Just as he reached the military compound, Stanley received a call from Michael. “Stan, bring your aunt back within twenty minutes or I’ll break your legs.”

Puzzled, he asked, “Aunt Sophia is still not back yet? I watched her enter the supermarket to buy cat food with Gemma. Maybe she went to an Internet café to play online games. Don’t blame this on me.”

On the other end, Michael paused and then hung up suddenly, leaving Stanley to stare at his phone for a long time before he suddenly panicked. Anxious, he tried to call Sophia but no one picked up the phone, so he rushed to The Imperial only to find out that Sophia had disappeared together with Gemma.

Michael was shrouded in an icy darkness and the whole of The Imperial was enveloped in a suffocating environment, pushing in from all sides and making people breathless. While Michael sent his men to investigate, Stanley anxiously gave Sean a call.

Just earlier today, Sophia had revealed the amulet and she had disappeared by evening; nobody would believe it had nothing to do with the Mitchells. However, even before he could make the call, Sean had beat him to it and called him as though having a telepathic connection with him.

“Stan, Natasha has abducted Sophia and brought her to an abandoned warehouse. I’ll send the location to you. I’m making my way there now, so let Uncle Michael know about this immediately!”

Turned out it was indeed the Mitchells! Michael thought as he strode out of the house quickly and went to the location sent by Sean. I can’t believe the Mitchells! They actually have the guts to take her right under my watch. Well done!

As Michael left the house, he had also brought the amulet along. After dinner, Sophia had changed to go to the supermarket and took off the amulet.

Since that property had already been taken out, there was not much use to keep this amulet anymore; the Mitchells could keep it if they wanted it so badly!

Meanwhile in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in Bayside City, the black hood covering Sophia’s head was finally removed and she saw her kidnappers.

Without any windows around, she guessed that she was underground and the blinding light above lit up every corner of the room. She was bound to the chair while Gemma was lying on the floor. As Sophia wondered if Gemma was still alive, she saw that she was still breathing and that probably meant that she was alright.

Standing in front of her, a few bodyguards dressed in black fixed their eyes on her. At that moment, Natasha emerged from behind them, giving her a cold stare.

Sophia lifted her head to meet her gaze, but Natasha didn’t want to waste any time speaking with her so she gave her a phone. “Make a call and tell your family to send the amulet over. Or else, I’ll end your cheap life immediately.”

The cold muzzle pointed at her temple and she could hear the click of the safety being released, shaking her to the core. Under such circumstances, it was impossible for anyone to remain calm.

Natasha had probably brought the elites from the Mitchells and she even had the guts to kidnap her in public. In addition, they even managed to knock out Gemma, so she had to be cautious. Knowing that Natasha had the upper hand because she was outnumbered, she was now on the losing end.

The amulet was merely a momento to her and the property was already hers for a while now. If the Mitchells want it, then they can have it! As her hands were bound to the chair, she had to make the call by telling Natasha’s men the number.

Looking at her with a warily, Natasha warned, “I’m warning you, don’t play any tricks. Before your people even arrive, I have enough time to kill you!”

Without answering her, Sophie made a call to Hale.

In another part of the city, Hale’s cell phone suddenly rang and it was a call from an unknown number. His lady boss had just been kidnapped and he was now receiving a call from an unknown number? This must have something to do with her!

In fact, Hale and Michael were on the way to the location sent by Sean. Michael, who had also heard the ringing, said solemnly after glancing at the caller, “Answer it.”

Picking up the call, Hale put it on loudspeaker mode and Michael heard someone speaking. “Bring the amulet over. The address is—ah!”

The call was suddenly interrupted as it seemed like an unexpected situation had happened on the other end. The voice was cut off, followed by the deafening sounds of gunshots.

On the other end of the line, it sounded like complete chaos with sounds of gunshots, footsteps, women screaming and cries of pain all mingled together, as though something dreadful was going on.

Then, a series of loud gunshots came from the speaker before their car was plunged into silence. As everyone in the car had a certain knowledge of firearms, they could tell from the gunshots that it was a large machine gun!

They even used a machine gun! Michael thought as his insides shivered and he almost passed out from the overwhelming fear that engulfed him.

Abel, who was with them, managed to find out their location very quickly and said, “They’re at the place Sean sent to us! Hurry, we don’t have much time left!”

Fully aware of the power of a machine gun and from the sounds of each shot earlier which were extremely close to one another, Michael could even hear the crisp sounds of the bullet shells hitting the floor. The scene now must be incredibly horrible with such strong firearms at work. If one party wasn’t equal in weaponry power, it wouldn’t be too far off from a massacre! Judging from the situation now, no matter what had happened, the ones being massacred must be Sophia’s side!

Rushing to the scene as fast as he could, Michael and his men found themselves in an abandoned factory which was awaiting demolishment. There weren’t many people around usually but it seemed particularly busy today. After a summer rain shower, the visitors left traces on the muddy roadside.

On the filthy doorway, there were many prints, including the tire tracks of heavy vehicles and footprints. From the looks of it, there were at least four groups of people. What the hell happened here? everyone wondered.

After getting out of the car, they dashed in as quickly as possible. It was already dark and in the small abandoned factory, the stench of blood was overwhelming. A few steps into the factory and about a few feet ahead of him, Stanley could see a few men lying on the ground, their blood pooling into a river.

It was as though an intense war had broken out and the two cars which were parked here were ridden with bullet holes; some as big as the size of a fist, which went to show how brutal the enemy was! But that was only on the outside.

The people who were lying flat on their stomachs were also ridden with holes, their blood and flesh splattered all over and human parts strewn everywhere. Just taking a step would cause one’s feet to be drenched in sticky blood.

Looking at the scene, Michael’s face turned even more grim and his hands began to shake uncontrollably. No. This cannot be happening. She must be alive! She has to be!

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Frantically, Stanley went through the dead bodies spread out all over the floor. Seeing the bullet shells scattered around, he tried his best to suppress his urge to throw up while he tried to find someone who was still alive.

From the broken parts of the bodies, he found the emblem of the Mitchells on them and he reckoned that the people who were dead were all from the Mitchells.

Men from the Mitchells! Stanley began flipping through the dead bodies like a mad man and from the dismembered parts, he finally found one which was complete and covered in blood. When he saw that person, he felt that the sky had collapsed and was speechless for a long while from the shock.

Still dressed in the white shirt from earlier when they parted ways, Sean’s shirt was now drenched red, just as his face, and his eyes were shut tightly as he lay among the pile of dead bodies, not moving an inch.

Holding his broken body in his arms, Stanley froze and stared wide-eyed at Sean who was now dead, his mind drawing a complete blank. Sean… is dead.

Frowning, Abel stepped into the sea of dismembered bodies, finding this scene to be highly familiar. Six years ago, his team of well-equipped elites were ready to attack with a comprehensive plan to capture the Phantom Wolf and get rid of the remaining forces.

Initially, they thought that they could crush them with one blow; little did they know that what awaited them was a massacre.

The craftiness and brutality of the other party was beyond their imagination. With his own eyes, he witnessed his comrades falling one after another. People who were alive just a second ago became lifeless on the ground in a blink of an eye, including his beloved wife.

Although he didn’t know if the people on the ground were Natasha’s or Sean’s, Abel knew that they were all from the Mitchells.

They faced their savage enemy without even thinking of surrendering, using their bodies as shields in what looked like an attempt to protect someone. As he walked in the blood-soaked mud, he was fully aware that he was stepping on the blood of his family with every step he took.

Despite the fact that he had left the Mitchells by faking his death, it was undeniable that the blood of the Mitchells still flowed in his veins. In that moment, he could feel the blood in him boiling as he saw red, a brutal look in his eyes. Reaching the middle of the bodies, he saw who the men were protecting—Sean and Natasha.

Still holding Sean in his arms, Stanley could now speak as Abel lowered himself to feel Sean’s pulse. Then, he patted Stanley on the shoulder and assured, “It’s alright, he’s still alive. Send him to the hospital quickly.”

It was then that Stanley snapped out of his daze and got men to carry Sean out so they could open up his shirt to check on his wounds.

Fortunately, Sean was fine and he regained consciousness after some rescue efforts. On the other hand, Natasha seemed to have been shot and was carried away.

Opening his eyes, Sean saw the bodies strewn all over the ground. Not only the men he brought with him were dead, even Natasha’s men had lost their lives. Furthermore, they all died without their bodies intact.

Just a little more than ten minutes ago, they were all alive and kicking. In order to protect himself and Natasha, they had used their bodies as shields to block the enemy’s bullets so that they could buy them time to escape. Sadly…

Sean shut his eyes with immense sorrow, two streams of tears flowing from the corners of his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, they had turned bloodshot. Gripping Stanley’s hand firmly, he was breathless when he spoke because he was also wounded.

However, his delicate face, which was prettier than a woman’s, was filled with unprecedented heroism and resoluteness. “Stan, I’m sorry that I was not able to save Sophia.”

Choking a couple of times, Stanley yelled at him, “How can you say such silly things at a time like this! It’s already a miracle that you’re alive!” Just a couple of minutes ago, he had thought that Sean was dead!

Sean struggled as he described what happened, “Earlier… I brought some men with me to negotiate with Natasha, so that she would release Sophia if I brought her the amulet. Originally, she had agreed that she wouldn’t hurt Sophia as long as I gave up the amulet to her.

However, a group of men suddenly barged in… Their weapons were beyond our expectations and they even wanted to kill all of us after taking Sophia away… Stan, I saw that man. He was the same man in Uncle Cooper’s study! It’s him—Phantom Wolf!”

After hearing Sean’s story, Abel hurried down to the basement and saw that Michael was already there. Upon rushing out of the car, Michael had gone straight for the basement where Sophia was held.

When he arrived, there was nobody alive and bodies were everywhere. The enemy had used machine guns and the bullet shells piled up like little mountains on the ground.

The attackers were acting like a bunch of mad men; with such strong weapons, they could easily turn everyone into mincemeat! As he stepped on the floor littered with bullet shells, blood and shredded flesh, Michael was shrouded by patches of red and the nauseating stench of blood.

Feeling as though he had seen this before, it reminded him of a scene buried deeply into the back of his mind which he didn’t wish to remember.

That year, he was also walking through a massacred battlefield and was looking for his sister, Celine, within a pile of bodies. He never imagined that years later, this same situation happened again, but this time, he was looking for his woman.

The firearms carried by the enemy were simply too strong. He didn’t think that they would actually use firearms with such shocking strength against these few people; even the walls in the basement were pierced through! Their aim was not only to kill, but to massacre! The modus operandi was very similar to the unforgettable person in his mind.

Scanning the room, he didn’t find Sophia’s clothing and he breathed a sigh of relief. At least she’s still alive…

In the chaos, he saw a few bags of cat food scattered around, Sophia’s cell phone, which was trampled to pieces, and her wallet. Opening the wallet, he found a picture of himself, which was soaked in blood. Looks like they were kidnapped after coming out of the supermarket, he concluded.

The scene was too tragic. Except for Gemma who escaped as he was left in a corner after being knocked out and wasn’t in the enemy’s shooting range, there was nobody left alive and even the dead couldn’t be pieced back completely.

Rushing in, Abel scanned the bodies and saw that they were all men from the Mitchells from their clothing. “It’s Phantom Wolf,” he informed Michael.

Hearing that, Michael stopped wondering because he knew that only Phantom Wolf could do such a brutal thing. Only him!

He wished more than ever that he was the one who had joined the operation to wipe out Phantom Wolf and also the one who had accompanied Sophia out to buy pet food. Unfortunately, there was no way to reverse the time.

Trying to keep his composure, he said, “She’s still safe for now. Gather everyone and check the major highways going in and out of Bayside City. Find her as quickly as possible.”

With that said, he bent down and picked up Sophia’s wallet and broken cell phone before turning to leave the basement which was stinking with blood and flesh. Abel took a long, hard look at the bodies strewn all over the place.

When he got out of the basement, Michael’s cell phone vibrated suddenly. He saw that he had received an email in his private mailbox which was a video that was less than a minute.

Opening the video, the scream of a woman immediately reached his ears and he saw a poorly-lit old room filled with dusty and old furniture. A lamp hung in the air and swung with the wind as weak light danced around the room, floating in and out of the video frame.

Two women were engaged in a battle to death in that room. One of the women was dressed in black with a shaved head and had pin pricks all over her body.

She seemed really strong and made a shrilling scream which was unlike any cries a human could make. While holding a rusty sword in her hand, she kicked the other woman to the ground with one foot. Lifting her sword, she pierced it through the woman’s heart ruthlessly.

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The person on the ground got one of her hands stepped on, so she used her other hand to grab an old broken wooden block at the side, which once formed the leg of a desk, and swung it fiercely at the bald girl, knocking the sword off the girl’s hand with the impact.

Then, the person took the opportunity to roll over and get on her feet. She grabbed the wooden block again and hit the bald girl fiercely multiple times.

Blood splattered all over her face as the bald girl let out a wail of agony. However, in the next second, the bald girl charged toward the other girl suddenly, as if she couldn’t feel the pain at all. Both of the girls struggled and fought with each other on the ground violently, with one of them on top of the other as they fought fiercely like they were trying to kill each other…

The girl who retaliated was Sophia, whereas the bald girl was actually Kayla Harper, Richard’s younger sister! Michael’s hand, which he used to hold his cell phone, trembled uncontrollably.

The video ended and a sentence flashed across at the end. It read, ‘The old address of Mount View Elementary School. She doesn’t have much time left. Come alone.’ The meaning of the message was clear enough.

Kayla, who was supposed to spend the rest of her life in prison, suddenly appeared in the operation base of the Phantom Wolf. Judging from the drastic change in her personality, it was obvious that she had undergone Phantom Wolf’s ruthless and inhumane combat training; she might have even been injected with drugs.

Now, she was just like a killing machine with no emotions, one that was extremely powerful and had become immune to pain. This was a trick normally adopted by Phantom Wolf.

They often brought desperate and fearless people under their wing, turning them into fanatic suicide bombers and launching massive terrorist attacks. Sophia could probably die at the hands of Kayla at any time!

Michael got into the car without any hesitation. Seeing that, Abel knew what he wanted to do. “Michael, you’re his target. You’ll die if you go. I’ll go instead.”

However, Michael didn’t reply. Since Abel knew he had already made up his mind and wouldn’t change his decision, he had no choice but to go with him.

Suddenly, Stanley, who was covered in blood, caught up with them. “Uncle Michael, let me come with you guys too!”

“No.” Michael rejected him directly without any hesitation. The opponent they were about to face now was the fiercest and cruelest person ever in the history of mankind.

He couldn’t even be sure whether he could come back alive himself, let alone the young and inexperienced Stanley. Anyhow, he did not wish for another new tombstone to be erected in the Memorial Garden.

Even so, Stanley insisted on going with them, and he threatened Michael fiercely, “I want to go! I’ll lie down in the middle of the road if you won’t let me go!”

The car engine had revved up, but Stanley stood in front of the car, preventing the car from moving forward. Michael’s eyes flickered with complicated feelings.

Within a split second, a lot of different thoughts had flashed across his mind. Finally, he gave in to Stanley’s wish. “Hale, give him a handy gun.” Stanley then got into the car and it sped away quickly.

Mount View Elementary School was an abandoned site in the rural area. For various reasons, the school had not been demolished even after the location was marked as a demolition site. Therefore, it was left abandoned since then. Soon, a car that carried a passenger in it sped right into the area without regard for anything else…

At the same time, an intense life-and-death battle occurred somewhere else. The harrowing sound of a sharp tool piercing through human flesh was heard as a hair pin had been stabbed into the transformed Kayla’s thigh.

Pushing it deeper into Kayla’s thigh, Sophia had a vicious expression on her face. She wore her hair in a casual bun using a wooden hair pin when she went out this morning, but she didn’t expect it would actually become so handy now.

Crimson blood gushed out from the stab wound, but Kayla, who seemed as though she couldn’t feel any pain at all, grabbed Sophia’s hair and pounded her head heavily on the ground twice. “B*tch, I want you dead! Just die!”

Kayla was covered in wounds. Her black tight-fitting garment was completely drenched in blood. Despite that, she seemed as if she couldn’t feel any pain and was still unusually strong even though blood flowed profusely from her leg with every step she took.

Sophia got her head pounded on the ground so hard that she felt really dizzy, so she automatically folded her arms to shield her head from the destructive impact.

After all, her arms were softer than the ground, so Kayla’s immense strength still made her feel very dizzy when she had her head hitting the ground. By the time she opened her eyes, everything around her seemed to be spinning like crazy.

Kayla yanked Sophia’s unruly hair and pounded her head on the ground once again with all her might, but suddenly, Sophia noticed that Kayla’s body convulsed for a moment before she kneeled down on the ground weakly.

It happens again! Sophia had already noticed that earlier. It seemed as though there was some kind of remotely controlled device installed in Kayla’s body. Every time Sophia’s life was in serious danger, someone would activate the remotely controlled device within Kayla’s body, causing temporary numbness to her body.

However, after a few seconds, Kayla would become really strong again, like a senseless beast that came lunging at Sophia for her life. She had completely lost her sanity, for she was now nothing but a beast that only wanted to kill! However, after the remotely controlled device was activated, Sophia had a few seconds of time to catch her breath.

At that moment, she saw Kayla go limp and lie down on the ground. Sophia knew she had another few seconds of time to save herself, so she got up as fast as lightning and snatched the sword, which Kayla brought along with her initially.

Deciding to strike first, Sophia charged toward Kayla fiercely, swaying the blade frantically at the bald girl, looking like she was about to chop off an animal’s leg. She didn’t know what exactly happened to Kayla after not seeing her for several months. Now, she was rendered a ferocious killing machine with superhuman strength.

Nevertheless, ever since that incident with Phantom Wolf last time, Sophia never once slacked off on her hand-to-hand combat training. Since the person behind all these misfortunes wasn’t actually intending on killing her, she could still hold on. Now, it all depended on whether she would lose her stamina, or Kayla would lose all her blood first!

The current Kayla had lost her mind completely. What was only left in her was utter hatred and her natural killer’s instinct. Nothing could stop her from killing now, except for the complete loss of blood.

The person behind all these misfortunes never wished for Sophia to die at all. She could even notice the moving surveillance camera on the wall, as if purposely showing someone the video of her fighting with Kayla.

This, of course, wasn’t to fulfill some peculiar desires of some psychopaths, but to lure someone over here to save her. Nobody would do such an outrageous thing, except Phantom Wolf’s leader, and the one that Phantom Wolf’s leader wanted to lure here was probably Michael.

Kayla lunged at Sophia violently again like a savage and senseless beast. Going bonkers, Sophia carried the rusty sword before charging forward at Kayla. She thrusted the sword into Kayla’s body, piercing right through it.

Then, she pushed Kayla and pressed her tightly against the wall with all her might. Since she had thrusted the rusty sword really hard through Kayla’s body, it stuck right into the wall, pinning Kayla onto it in the process. However, Kayla, who was completely immune to pain, held out her hand and grabbed the hilt. She actually still had the strength to draw the sword out from the wall.

The battle was so intense that it made Sophia lose her sanity too. She was completely oblivious of how far she had gone.

The only thing she knew was if she went the slightest bit easier on her opponent, she would probably be the one to die next. So, she turned around, grabbed a broken wooden stool and whacked Kayla’s head with it. Using up the last bit of energy in her, Sophia kept on hitting Kayla until she couldn’t move anymore.

In the end, Sophia was completely drenched in blood. She was relieved finally when she noticed that Kayla, who was still being pinned on the wall, was dead for good. All of a sudden, she went limp as all energy had left her body, making her slump onto the floor weakly as she lowered her head while gasping for air.

Streams of blood dripped down her hair onto the floor. She couldn’t even be sure whether those were hers or Kayla’s blood. With a few droplets of blood still hanging on her long eyelashes, everything seemed to be dyed red in her vision.

The place was an old abandoned multipurpose classroom; there was still a broken loudspeaker hanging at the corner of the wall. A deafening static sound could actually be heard coming from the loudspeaker. After the static, a cold snicker was heard.

“Haha, it looks like you’re not as important as I think you are to him after all. I told him to rush here in ten minutes, or else I’m going to kill you, but too bad, for half an hour has passed by now, yet he’s still not here.”

The voice was deep and gruff. Despite the fact that it was altered with a voice changer, Sophia knew the one talking was the leader of Phantom Wolf. She felt glad rather than disappointed when she heard that Michael didn’t come.

It’s better if he doesn’t come. His life should be left unharmed as he waits for the girl who loves him to cherish him with all her heart. As for my life… You can just take it in exchange for his!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 400

Since the classroom door was welded up tightly and could no longer be opened, she couldn’t get out at all. Thus, she decided not to escape anymore. Instead, she just leaned against the wall of this old, blood-splattered and abandoned classroom, panting heavily.

She stared at the camera, knowing that person was watching her closely now. Lowering her head, she uttered a voice as cold as ice, “Hahaha, your plan failed. I bet you’re very disappointed now, aren’t you? You f*cking psychopath!”

However, Phantom Wolf’s leader sounded very relaxed when his voice was heard from the loudspeaker. “I have two plans here. The first one is to kill him, and the second one is to take you away. At the very least, one of them worked now. With that, my plan still hasn’t failed.”

Sophia supported herself against the wall. Then, she raised her head and held her chin up high with the back of her head leaning against the shabby wall, panting heavily before spitting out a mouthful of bloody saliva. “I won’t let you have your way easily even if I die! Since I owe you my life, I’ll give it back to you now!”

She wanted to get up, but she felt weak and powerless, having used up all her energy while fighting with Kayla in a brutal brawl just now.

With her being injured and having lost so much blood, she didn’t even have the energy to move her fingers, let alone the excruciating pain she felt while moving a muscle.

Once again, the voice of Phantom Wolf’s leader was heard.

“This place is called Golden Drive Elementary School. You know this place? Many years ago, there was a great fire here and a dozen young students were burned to death in the fire.

Ever since then, this place has become haunted. No one dares to take over the building anymore. So eventually, it was abandoned and forgotten.”

Sophia struggled to get on her feet by holding onto the wall. Walking to the side of the tightly welded up window, she noticed there seemed to be someone guarding downstairs as well as outside the classroom. With her current condition, she was certain she couldn’t escape here. Even if she died, she didn’t want to fall into the hands of Phantom Wolf’s leader.

It was too bad that she couldn’t be in the wedding which Michael promised to give her anymore… Also, she couldn’t keep her promise of keeping Nathan company and watching him grow up happily either.

Sophia wiped the tears off her cheeks. While struggling to look for a way out, she retorted, “I’m not even afraid of you, so do you think I’ll be afraid of ghosts?”

The leader of Phantom Wolf let out a sinister chuckle, which echoed through the dark and creepy place. It reminded Sophia of a quote in a novel that went along the lines of ‘Human nature is something more terrifying than ghosts’.

“Let me tell you a secret. I told him that you were locked up in Mount View Elementary School. That school isn’t very far away from here.

You can see it from the window. He’s in the school now. Three seconds later, I’ll blow up the entire Mount View Elementary School.”

With a buzz in her ear, Sophia’s mind went blank immediately. She raised her head stiffly and through the dusty mottled window, she saw there was indeed a dark building not far away from here.

As for Phantom Wolf’s leader, he began his countdown.

“Three. Two. One.”

Boom! A loud explosion was heard and the nearby Mount View Elementary School was turned into piles of ashes. After a few seconds, the huge impact from the explosion reached here and Sophia was knocked down onto the ground immediately.

Upon falling on the ground, her mind stopped working and she couldn’t think for a moment. Her entire brain seemed to have stopped operating for several seconds along with her heart. Within that few seconds of time, she felt as if she was dead, but her mind was still aware.

In a half-conscious state, she vaguely saw a man march bravely into the treacherous hellscape in order to save her. Within a split second, his body was blown up into pieces by the huge impact of the explosion. Then, he turned into ashes, which vanished gradually into the void…

He’s dead. He’s dead… Sophia fell on the ground with her palm brushing against the wall, leaving behind trails of bloody fingerprints. Feeling her eyelids becoming heavy, they closed down over her eyes, shutting her view of the whole world outside.

She was still alive, but she wished she were dead. “We shall meet again soon…”

Some time later, she had regained consciousness. The metallic tang of blood, her weakened legs, numbed shoulders that resulted from the immense pain and the sight of a world veiled in blurriness were the first things that assaulted her senses when she came to.

She opened her eyes weakly and noticed that her shoulders were being grabbed by two people, one on each side. Then, they carried her and stood on an abandoned field.

A black car halted in front of her as a man got out of the car and strode toward her slowly.

Raising her head, she felt her brain spinning like crazy, the world in her eyes swaying from left to right with a buzzing noise in her ears, as though her head was filled with water. She could barely see the man’s face. No, he didn’t have a face; he wore a mask instead. She knew who he was.

Phantom Wolf’s leader took two steps forward, held out his hand and tried to take Sophia from his henchmen.

Suddenly, Sophia heard a groan coming from her left side and the grip on her left shoulder loosened as warm liquid splattered on her face. She turned her head to the left side and saw the man, who grabbed her just now, falling down onto the ground quietly, for he was actually shot in the head. There were snipers around!

Phantom Wolf’s leader took two steps forward and lunged at Sophia. Even though both him and the guy on the right hand side were quick enough in their reaction, but unfortunately for the latter, as soon as he picked up his gun, a groan was heard and a bullet was embedded in between his eyebrows. The man was shot in the head as well, right in between his eyebrows!

Only less than three seconds had elapsed between the first person and the second person being killed!

The leader of Phantom Wolf was astounded. The sniper is an expert!

The sniper managed to aim and fire accurately at the two consecutive targets within three seconds, ignoring wind resistance and velocity. It was really extraordinary and one in a million for a sniper to have such an incredible shooting skill!

Phantom Wolf’s leader was quick in his reaction too, for he had managed to find the sniper’s location from the direction the bullet travelled. So, he quickly grasped Sophia and used her to shield himself from that direction.

Three seconds had passed, but the sniper had yet to strike.

At the same time, footsteps were heard everywhere from the surrounding. There were a few dozen people, judging from the footsteps. Several cars had even blocked the entrance to the place.

A car stopped in front of Phantom Wolf’s leader and Sophia. The car door was opened and a man in a black trench coat got out from the car, standing in front of Phantom Wolf’s leader and Sophia.

Sophia’s eyes widened with joyful surprise when she saw the man, for the sight that met her eyes was none other than Michael’s attractive and serious-looking face.

A furious and murderous look flickered in his eyes. As he stared at the man whom he loathed so much, he could feel the hatred within him being amplified greatly.

He remembered those awful nights where he was stirred from his sleep for having nightmares over and over again. Those new tombstones in the Memorial Garden and that hellish battlefield covered in streams of blood haunted his dreams.

Even after a total of six years had passed, those nightmares still plagued him like maggots adhering to rotting corpses, all because of the man in front of him!

Tightening his grip on Sophia, the leader of Phantom Wolf glanced around at his surroundings and the sniper that hid in the dark. It seemed like it would be impossible for him to escape easily now. However, he didn’t seem to be afraid or worried at all, because he still had a hostage in his hands.

Indeed, with Sophia in his hands, Michael dared not come closer toward him. He stood a few meters away from Phantom Wolf’s leader. Both of them looked at each other for a long time.

“It’s impossible for you to escape today. Stop your useless resistance and surrender, Phantom Wolf.”

The leader of Phantom Wolf snorted coldly. Carrying Sophia with one of his hands, he slowly pulled his shirt upward with his other hand, revealing a blue metal device around his waist. It seemed to adhere closely onto his skin, but it did seem to be implanted in his body at the same time.

In his usual relaxed tone, Phantom Wolf’s leader said, “You see this? I can tell you that this is a bomb. It is powerful enough to blow up everything within a ten miles perimeter. The bomb has been implanted into my body and it is directly connected to my brain.

Once I die, the bomb will blow up on its own automatically. I believe you know how destructive it can be, right? Maybe you are thinking about beating the living sh*t out of me while taking the opportunity to defuse the bomb.

Well, you’re wrong again. The detonator is in my mouth. If I bite and crush the detonator in my mouth, the bomb will still blow up anyway.”

The expression on Michael’s face changed abruptly, for he never expected Phantom Wolf’s leader would be so demented as to implant such a diabolical stuff into his own body!

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