My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 361-370

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 361

After getting beaten up by Michael, Stanley came over to Sophia crying.

“Aunt, can’t you watch after your husband? How could he beat people up without reason?! Look at how badly he hit me…”

Sophia petted Stanley’s dog as she ridiculed him. “You deserve it!”

All of a sudden, Stanley ran away again. It turned out that Michael was coming from behind him.

Sophia looked up at Michael, who was gradually approaching. He was only wearing a pair of swimming trunks, showing his distinct V line and six packs.

Under the sunlight by the beach, his skin was glowing a golden color, and Sophia thought he looked like a greasy roast chicken. She secretly swallowed and withdrew her hungry gaze. Then, Michael strode over and took a sip of juice that was next to Sophia, using the straw that she used.

When Stanley saw this, he yelled, “Ew! That’s disgusting!”

However, Michael ignored him and took a second sip. Then, he suddenly leaned close and kissed Sophia, feeding her the juice in his mouth.

Everyone was speechless. Once you start dating, no matter how elegant a person is, they will do disgusting things. Everyone else quickly stayed away from them.

After the two of them finished the glass of juice by feeding each other through kisses, they lay down on the beach mat to rest. After a while, everybody saw the two of them went into the water and swam around together. It was easy to tell that Michael was really happy. Joy was written all over his face, just like when he was twenty years old.

Michael tickled Sophia under the water and Sophia burst into laughter. However, she was still holding onto Michael’s neck, not letting go. She didn’t really know how to swim but Michael was really good at swimming, so he carried her on his back and swam around. Everyone on the beach could hear Sophia’s unrestrained laughter…

After playing for a whole day, Sophia felt happy but she was exhausted. She went back to Woody’s house to wash up and went to bed early. Nathan was arranged to sleep somewhere else that night so Sophia bravely lay on the bed naked as she waited for Michael. Meanwhile, Michael was still studying Cooper’s bookshelves tirelessly.

As soon as he looked up, he saw a seducing figure and was overwhelmed, so he quickly stopped what he was doing and got into bed. With his body pressing on Sophia’s, he bit her ear and whispered, “What are you looking at?”

While opening the book that Woody gave her, Sophia switched on the ultra-thin laptop that she had brought and said, “I’m sure there’s another reason why Woody gave me this book. I uploaded a picture of the book online and just found out that this book is about calculators.”


Woody would never give Sophia the book for no reason. He probably took the book out because he has a gut feeling that Cooper’s daughter has returned.

At that moment, Michael remembered the calculator on Cooper’s bookshelves a moment ago so he hurriedly took the calculator over. Cooper had used it years ago so it was pretty old. However, with people cleaning the place frequently, it didn’t accumulate dust.

Sophia took over the calculator. Then, pointing at the index of the book, she said to Michael, “Cooper made many notes on the index. Most of the markings are made with a red pen but he used a blue pen in this area. I’m sure that there’s something special about it. I turned to the page marked with a blue pen and found that it was a page introducing high-tech calculators.”

Even though Sophia was learning two languages, she didn’t know what language the book was written in. So, she took a picture, uploaded to the internet, and used the search engine’s image recognition function to decipher it bit by bit. Meanwhile, Michael stood by and watched as Sophia typed away on the laptop’s keyboard while marking the book with a pen.

He frowned a little. Hale was right. We have been searching around the globe for Cooper like headless chickens and forgotten that Cooper’s daughter and father are right next to us. Both of them are Cooper’s only existing family in the world.

Even if Sophia has never met Cooper, she is still his offspring after all. Sophia has his intelligence and she might be the closest person to Cooper in the world.

Michael caressed her ass as he watched her search for clues. “… The book says that in 1994, a European company that produces safes launched a mini safe in the shape of a calculator, which can hide some small important things.

However, after it was put on the market, the sales weren’t good so they stopped producing it. They only managed to sell 50 of them and the production codes are listed here.”

Sophia glanced at Cooper’s calculator that Michael brought over and looked at the back of it. Looking at the production code in arabic numerals, she said, “This calculator that belongs to Cooper is a miniature safe.”

Michael had toyed with it for a while just now and the battery was dead. “I’ll go look for tools to disassemble it.”

Hearing this, Sophia frowned and said, “That won’t do. According to the book, this miniature safe has a self-destructing device. Forcing it to open will trigger the self-destruction mechanism and whatever is inside will be destroyed.”

“Then what should we do?” Michael hurriedly asked Sophia. After Sophia finished reading the information online, she replied, “You must open it by entering a specific formula into the calculator. After that, it will bring you to the password input interface. Once you enter the correct password, the safe will open.”

Michael looked around and picked up the air conditioner remote control. He then removed its batteries and installed it into the calculator. It turned on after a while but it was no different from a normal calculator.

Then, Sophia said, “Look, there are more than ten consecutive pages with Cooper’s writings in this chapter. It seems as if he was using this book as a draft but only this formula is circled with a red pen. I think this formula is probably the formula to start the password input interface.”

As Sophia spoke, she entered the formula that Cooper left into the calculator. After entering a lot of formulas, only a number—1000, popped out.

Sophia frowned and said, “The book says that the number that pops up after entering the formula is the number of digits in the password.”

A thousand-digit password… It has the same number of digits as the password for the money in Kuwait. It might be the same password! Isn’t Cooper afraid that he might forget a thousand-digit password? However, Michael looked at Sophia expectantly. Maybe she has a way.

“The book says that there are only five chances to insert the password correctly. Once you get it wrong five times, the safe will self-destruct. Let me try…” As she spoke, her hands were already pressing on the numbers on the keypad.

Michael watched as she pressed the buttons. When she pressed a number, the number 1000 turned into 999. As she pressed more numbers, the amount on the calculator became smaller and smaller—it turned out to be a countdown.

When the password input interface showed the number 0, twenty minutes had passed. They had actually used 20 whole minutes to enter the password! When Sophia pressed on the last number and clicked the confirm button, the screen went black.

Then, with a click, a USB popped out from the side of the calculator.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 362

Michael stared at the USB that popped out of the calculator in disbelief. Isn’t this a little too easy? How did Sophia guess the thousand-digit password that the Mitchell family couldn’t get right even though they tried so hard? It’s a thousand-digit password. If she pressed a wrong number, all efforts before would be lost. Why was she so sure that the numbers were all correct?

Even though Michael had tons of questions, he decided to see what was in the USB first.

The USB was very old and the design looked antique. If this USB was really left by Cooper, it would have been hidden for over ten years. More than ten years ago, Mitchell Hi-Tech Group invented the world’s first generation of USB flash drives and even applied for a patent. Nowadays, any manufacturer in the world that produced USBs had to pay Mitchell Hi-Tech Group the patent fee. This USB was definitely the most advanced technology at that time.

It was also developed by Cooper and his team. With one high-tech gadget, he made the Mitchell family rise to the top. Even now, the Mitchell family was still living off of that money. The USB in Michael’s hand was probably one of the first generation USBs in the world but it could still function after being plugged into the laptop.

The laptop showed that the USB had 16 gigabytes of storage. When USBs were first produced, the largest storage space was only 100 megabytes. It was astonishing that Cooper had the foresight to make a 16 gigabytes USB more than a decade ago.

There was a folder in the drive but it was encrypted. Sophia clicked on the folder. Then, Michael watched as her small hands typed speedily on the keyboard. Not long after, Sophia managed to decrypt the folder and could finally see the treasured information inside.

Seeing this, Michael asked, “How did you decrypt the folder?”

Without turning her head, Sophia replied, “Gemma taught me.”

After hearing this, Michael was speechless.

Gemma was indeed a genius in computers. When Michael adopted Gemma when she was very young, he had discovered her talent in computers so he provided the best materials and conditions to train her.

However, how did she manage to teach Sophia to be an expert in computers under my watch?

Sophia was wearing a pair of big glasses as she looked at the laptop screen intently. “Fortunately, the encryption is an old technology that dates back to more than ten years ago.

There is a code cracking program written by Gemma in my laptop that barely managed to crack the encryption. If the encryption was a little more advanced than this, I’m afraid only Gemma would be able to crack it.”

Hearing this, Michael asked curiously, “How did you know what the thousand-digit password was?”

Sophia replied, “Cooper once composed a piano piece using PI, which happened to have 1,000 notes. It can’t be a coincidence.”

The thousand-digit password turned out to be the number of PI!

Sophia then placed the laptop on the small table on the bed before she leaned against Michael’s chest and clicked on the files in the folder.

“It looks like Cooper’s work diary, which includes video recordings of some top-secret people he had met. Look, every video file has a date record.”

Michael got up, put on his pants, and called Abel. This was the first time he felt excited ever since his search for Cooper started. He had a feeling that a shocking secret was about to be revealed!

Soon, Sophia compressed the files together and sent them to Abel. Then, she curiously clicked open Cooper’s files to see what was recorded in his top-secret video files. As soon as she saw what they were, she was dumbfounded. He met with the president of Moscov… He also met with the leader of the world’s biggest mafia… And the leader of an extremist organization in the Middle East…

Sophia randomly clicked on a folder and it was filled with secret videos of Cooper meeting these people. Their conversation was about sensitive topics that would get someone killed.

Sophia was stunned when she found out that Cooper had also participated in the behind-the-scenes planning of big events that shocked the world.

What kind of business was Cooper in?

All of a sudden, she spotted a name among the dozen work diary records that sent a chill down her spine: 200x/06/03 – Meeting with the second generation Phantom Wolf.

Phantom Wolf! Turns out that Cooper even contacted members of Phantom Wolf! No one in the world has a video of the Phantom Wolf. I didn’t expect Cooper to have them here!

Michael was so nervous and excited that his hands trembled as he impatiently clicked on the video. The video started playing and something appeared on the screen. The venue of the meeting was Cooper’s study. Two people were sitting on both sides of the leather sofa in the center of the screen. A man with black hair that was dressed in an elegant tuxedo sat casually on the sofa, swirling the glass of red wine in his hand. That man was Cooper.

Looking at the time stamp, at that period, Cooper had already taken over the position of family head. He was no longer the joyful young man in the Bayside University promotional video. His unique brown eyes were glowing with an extraordinary brilliance and his sharp features made him look handsome and full of elegance.

The person that was sitting on the opposite end of the sofa was probably the Phantom Wolf leader. Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t placed at a good angle—the sunlight spilled in from the windows behind the man and they could only see a dark shadow. Behind the dark shadow stood another man, and he seemed young. Similarly, they couldn’t see his face. All of a sudden, Michael felt the blood in his body rush to his brain.

That man is the leader of Phantom Wolf! Phantom Wolf is a title passed down from one generation to the next. The person sitting on the chair is probably the second generation Phantom Wolf, and the current Phantom Wolf should be the third generation! The person that killed Celine six years ago is probably the third generation Phantom Wolf! The young man standing behind the second generation Phantom Wolf is probably who we’re looking for!

Michael squinted his eyes and carefully looked at the young man but unfortunately, he still couldn’t see what he looked like!


The video was only a few minutes long. In it, Cooper and the Phantom Wolf were speaking in a very low volume. Sophia listened carefully and could only make out that the Phantom Wolf was asking Cooper for a favor. It seemed that he wanted to use Cooper’s influence to achieve his goal but Cooper sonorously refused. “I’m sorry, Phantom Wolf. This land in Cethos belongs to me and I won’t allow you to cause trouble in my territory.”

Sophia heard this sentence clearly because when Cooper said this, his tone sounded determined and non-negotiable. In the end, the two of them didn’t reach an agreement, so the Phantom Wolf led the young man and got up to leave. Cooper too stood up to send them off.

All of a sudden, two figures rushed in from outside the door and chased around Cooper’s legs happily. The two figures were a boy and a girl. Cooper stretched out his hand and easily hugged one and took the other’s small hand. His sonorous voice suddenly became gentle, as if he was whispering something to them. After Sophia maximized the volume, she leaned her ear close to the speaker and heard a voice.

“… Stan, Sean, I’ll take you two out to play.”

Hearing this, Sophia was speechless.

Turns out that the pair of children was Stanley Fletcher and Sean Mitchell! They met the two generations of Phantom Wolf before!

Because of Sophia’s important discovery, Abel didn’t sleep all night. He rushed over from Bayside City and watched the videos in Cooper’s USB over and over again. Since the video was from over ten years ago, the second generation Phantom Wolf leader was already dead. The young man behind him was probably the third generation Phantom Wolf leader, the culprit that murdered Justin’s beloved wife!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 363

Naturally, they couldn’t tell Sean about the fact that they found Cooper’s videos. At that moment, they could only pin their hopes on Stanley. Stanley, who was hungover, had a bewildered look on his face when he was brought to their place and made to watch the video. After he finished watching it, Michael urgently asked, “Do you remember what this man looked like?”

Stanley looked half asleep when he replied, “Uncle Michael, what is this video? Where did you get this video from?”

Michael played the video again and applied pressure on Stanley’s shoulder. In a serious tone, he said, “Stan, do you remember how Nate’s parents died?”

Hearing this, Stanley squeezed his fists and replied, “They were killed by the Phantom Wolf!”

Over the years, many members of the Fletcher family had died at the hands of the Phantom Wolf, and the rows of new graves in the Memorial Garden was the eternal pain in the Fletcher family member’s hearts!

Michael pointed at the blur figure of the Phantom Wolf leader and said, “This is a video of Cooper’s secret meeting with the Phantom Wolf leader more than ten years ago. This man is the second generation Phantom Wolf leader. Back then, you and Sean ran into the room to play. Do you remember this?”

Stanley rubbed his eyes and it was filled with blood vessels as he widened them and carefully watched the video again, trying his best to recall what happened that day.

Without needing Michael to urge him, Stanley watched the video over and over. However, in the end, he said in frustration, “Uncle Michael, I’m sorry but I really can’t remember.”

Both Michael and Abel felt disappointed but it was understandable. After all, Stanley was really young back then. Even if he saw the Phantom Wolf leader, it was more than ten years ago, so it was normal not to remember. Then, Stanley suddenly said, “I’m sure Sean remembers what he looks like. I’ll go and bring him over.”

However, Michael stopped him. “Don’t tell Sean about it for the time being.”

After that, Michael got up to leave. Finding the leader of Phantom Wolf and Cooper was their top priority. Sooner or later, he would need to find Sean to ask for clues but once he asked Sean, Cooper’s videos would definitely be exposed. When that happens, he would need to explain the source of the videos to Sean and it might arouse suspicions from the Mitchell family. After all, this was connected to a huge asset of two billion. However, all of a sudden, Stanley grabbed Michael’s hand and looked at him with a determined and pleading expression while saying, “Uncle Michael, I know that you have never taken the Fletcher family seriously. Over the years, you have bore too heavy of a burden yourself. Tell me what really happened. I want to help you.”

Michael looked at him and his eyes glistened. Stanley was one of the people he didn’t hate in the Fletcher family.

When Michael and Celine were young, they were ostracized by the other members of the Fletcher family but Stanley’s brother, Caleb, often stood up for them. When Michael was a child, he liked to play computer games and the young Stanley would sit at the side and secretly learn from him. The two of them even often secretly played computer games together. Even though their ages were more than ten years apart, they were close.

Michael turned around and looked at the scenery outside the French window. He could see the horizon, and on the white sandy beach, two people were happily collecting seashells. Sophia’s long, black hair and the corners of her bright red beach dress danced wildly in the night breeze, and the two graceful figures entered Michael’s gaze as he stood behind the French windows. Sophia, who was collecting seashells with Nathan, seemed to have felt Michael’s gaze because she turned around and waved at him happily. Michael waved back at her as well.

After a moment of silence, Michael decided to tell Stanley the truth. “Stan, the Phantom Wolf has their eyes on your Aunt Sophia.”

The Phantom Wolf is eyeing Aunt Sophia?!

Stanley’s eyes instantly widened in shock and he stared at the figure running along the beach in disbelief.

Sophia is being targeted by the Phantom Wolf! Is it because they found out that she’s Michael’s wife?

He felt a sudden shiver down his spine.

Michael took out the old USB from his pocket and said, “Your Aunt Sophia found this USB in Cooper’s bedroom. Find an opportunity to reveal the video to Sean and ask him to recall the Phantom Wolf leader’s identity and appearance. Let me know when it’s done.”

Stanley held the USB and suddenly felt touched. Michael is finally starting to trust me!

After Sophia collected many seashells and caught some fishes, she happily returned to Woody’s house. Woody was sitting on the shore, drinking his tea. However, most of the time, he was staring at the beach in a daze.

“Dad, look! Nate and I picked up a lot of shells.” Woody, who had a solemn expression a moment ago, immediately smiled when he saw Sophia. “Coop, when you were young, my favorite thing to do was to bring you to the beach!” Hearing this, Sophia chimed in and said, “Yes, my favorite thing to do is to swim in the ocean.”

Woody looked at Sophia’s face and suddenly burst into tears. Then, he grabbed Sophia’s wrists tightly and sobbed as he said, “Coop, I know that you hate me! I’ll never forget the look in your eyes when you saw that girl’s dead body. Coop, I’m terribly sorry.”

Sophia felt distressed. She patted Woody’s back and said softly, “Dad, don’t say that. I understand your actions and I don’t blame you. I really don’t.”

Woody often mumbled about the things that happened back then, so Sohpia had heard about the story of Cooper and his lover more than a dozen times from him. At that time, the elders of the Mitchell family found out about Cooper’s lover and wanted her to completely vanish from the earth. Woody couldn’t force his son to leave her and he couldn’t stop the elders from hurting the girl either, so he could only comprise and make a difficult decision. He had found her, asked her to go far away and faked her death. Doing so wouldn’t just make Cooper give up, it would also quell the elders’ anger and dissatisfaction.

Cooper was still young at that time so he thought that he would forget about the matter in a short time. However, unexpectedly, Cooper valued her so much that he didn’t forget her until the day he died. After comforting Woody for a while, he finally stopped crying and Sophia helped him into the house. As soon as she returned to her room, Stanley dragged her into a corner mysteriously. Then, with a distressed expression, he said, “Aunt Sophia, what should I do? Uncle Michael asked me to show this USB to Sean. I don’t know how to reveal it to him without raising any suspicion…”

Stanley had been worried ever since he received this task from Michael. He had never lied to Sean even once so he really didn’t know how to tell Sean about the USB.

Sophia never thought that Michael would reveal this matter to Stanley. Using her identity as his aunt, Sophia poked his forehead old-fashionably and said, “Why can’t you be brave? Come, I’ll show you how it’s done!”

She already betrayed Sean once so she wasn’t afraid to betray him a second time, but she felt less burdened because she knew she was doing this to help Sean find Cooper. She placed the USB in the safe that looked like a calculator and yelled toward the door, “Judge!”


Not long after, a dog’s head poked out of the doorway.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 364

Everyone came to the trip to play, but Sean couldn’t get his spirits up. Before Stanley, who probably had a hangover, woke up, he went to sit alone under the umbrella and stared at the long stretch of beach and sea in a daze.

Sean’s father had died when he was very young so he couldn’t remember what his father looked like. All he could recall was back then, before his mother left the Mitchell family and got remarried, she had held him in tears and said, “Sean, if only you were born a girl! If you were a girl, I could’ve taken you with me.”

If he was a girl, he could have left the Mitchell family with his mother.

However, he was a boy, and the Mitchell family would never let their bloodline leave the house. Furthermore, his mother didn’t have a powerful family like Celine and he didn’t have an uncle who would take him away at all costs, so he kept staying with the Mitchell family and was adopted by his uncle.

When he was young, he remembered clearly but didn’t understand what his mother’s words meant. If you were a girl, I could’ve taken you with me.

Naively, he thought that as long as he put on a skirt, his mother would be able to take him away. Unexpectedly, he wore girl’s clothes and waited until he was eighteen but his mother still never came back to take him away… The salty sea breeze ruffled his hair and he took a sip of his juice. As he watched Nathan, who was playing on the beach, his eyes were full of envy. All of a sudden, he saw Sophia and Stanley chasing after Judge.

“You stupid dog! Stop right there!”

Judge was holding something in his mouth. Perhaps he was frightened or excited, for he ran faster and faster. Seeing that Judge was running toward Sean, Sophia anxiously yelled, “Catch that dog! Catch him!”

With that, the few of them worked together and managed to catch Judge. Then, they pulled out the calculator that was full of saliva from its mouth. Seeing that the calculator was destroyed, Sophia apologetically said, “It’s all my fault for not closing the door properly and giving this dog a chance to run into the room and create a mess. It even broke Cooper’s calculator.”

Meanwhile, Stanley lowered his head and patted his innocent dog that took the blame. He didn’t dare to look at Sean or the dog in the eye.

Sean looked at the calculator distressed but he didn’t blame it on Sophia. “It’s okay. Uncle Cooper has been dead for so many years. These things have no meaning anymore. Besides, the Mitchell family comes to his study to search for things every year, and they secretly took a lot of things. It doesn’t matter if there’s one less calculator.”

Sophia looked apologetic as she said, “I will punish this naughty dog for you!”

Hearing this, Stanley hurriedly held his darling pet dog and yelled, “You’re not allowed to hit my son!” After he finished speaking, he slapped Judge’s butt and the dog ran away. Sophia and Stanley then chased after the dog. Meanwhile, Sean stared at the calculator and his sharp eyes noticed that this calculator was different from other calculators. He lightly pulled on it and easily disassembled the calculator. Then, he realized that this calculator was specially designed, and there was even a hidden compartment inside that had a USB!

A flicker of hope instantly appeared in Sean’s eyes. This calculator was found in Cooper’s room so it definitely belongs to him. Maybe there are some clues that he left behind here!

He quickly glanced around and saw that Sophia and Stanley were still chasing after Judge. Seeing that there was no one else around, he hurriedly plugged the USB into the laptop beside him. After plugging it in and waiting for it to scan, he realized the USB was filled with more than ten gigabytes of video recordings. Sean was extremely excited as he never thought that he would find files that Cooper secretly left behind. Later, he clicked on the first file and soon, Cooper appeared on the screen.

According to the time the video was recorded, Cooper was around 28 years old at that time, which was a year before his death and the third year he took over the position as family head. In the video, Cooper was utterly handsome. Being half a foreign descent, he had deep, dark eyes. At that time, he was at the peak of his career and appearance. Even though more than ten years had passed, this face was still profound to Sean.

“Uncle…” Sean couldn’t help but mumble.

This is probably Cooper’s video diary. As Cooper’s deep and scorching eyes stared into the camera, Sean could feel his strong demeanor even through the screen.

“I hate more than love the family that gave birth to me and raised me.” This was Cooper’s first sentence.

“I will never forget the day her body gradually turned cold in my arms. Even though it was a cold corpse, I didn’t manage to protect her and I had to watch as she was thrown into the incinerator. She turned into ashes and smoke in front of me and I couldn’t even get a handful of her ashes. At that moment, all my love for this family vanished, and all that’s left is hatred.”

Sean was startled as he didn’t know that Cooper had such a grudge with the Mitchell family. The video continued and Cooper was silent for more than a minute before he said, “I was too naive back then. I thought I was strong enough to protect her, but in the end, she still died in front of me. It was my innocence and the Mitchell family’s cold-heartedness that killed her. Since then, I’ve been eager to leave the Mitchell family every waking moment. That day is not far away now… Once I finish arranging my father and the Mitchell family’s future, I will completely disappear. In addition to my public assets, I left several fortunes for the Mitchell family. The biggest one is the 100 million that I left in Kuwait.”

Hearing this, Sean’s ears perked up and he subconsciously glanced at Sophia and Stanley who were still chasing after the dog not far away.

Unexpectedly, Cooper chuckled mockingly and said, “This 100 million is not in cash. It’s made up of land deeds of all the properties on a street in the wealthy district of the capital of Kuwait, as well as a batch of gold. I have an investment company in Kuwait that specializes in taking care of my investments. Even if I’m gone one day, the company will still continue to operate. If you want to get this fortune, you have to have my token and a password. The token is the amulet that my father gave me but this amulet comes in a pair. The two tokens must appear together to take effect. The other half of the amulet has gone to another world with the person I love.”

After Sean finished watching the video, he was silent for a while. It seems that the Mitchell family will never get this money because Cooper doesn’t want them to get it. He already knew that the token had been destroyed but he still set it as the token to access the fortune. The reason he did this is to let the Mitchell family look at the unobtainable fortune in desperation!

Cooper, is this your way to retaliate against the Mitchell family after your death? However, the Mitchell family really is cruel. I can’t believe they killed somebody and even burned her in front of Cooper!

Sean watched the video several times more and suddenly noticed one of Cooper’s sentences. Once I finish arranging my father and the Mitchell family’s future, I will completely disappear.

He grew up listening to Cooper’s deeds. Even now, the Mitchell family was still living under Cooper’s brilliance. The business they had was founded by Cooper back then and before his death, he even signed a long-term large order for the family. With this order, the family would have no worries for the next ten years.

Upon closer inspection, all of this seems to have been pre-arranged…

A bold idea suddenly formed in Sean’s mind.

Cooper is not dead yet!

Sean was extremely excited. After sending the video to his most trusted uncle, which was his grandfather, he continued to view the other videos in hopes of finding clues. If they could find Cooper, they didn’t need gold or properties. After all, Cooper was the Mitchell family’s greatest treasure!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 365

While searching, Sean found a name that caught him off guard: Phantom Wolf. When he saw this, he subconsciously looked at Stanley, who was playing with his dog in the distance. Then, he clicked on the video and frowned hard as he watched it.

Although Sophia and Stanley looked like they were playing with the dog, they had been secretly paying attention to Sean, so they saw him find Cooper’s USB and watched the video inside that was decoded by Sophia.

Stanley was still trying to figure out how to pretend to have discovered the video and ask Sean to recall the Phantom Wolf’s appearance when he suddenly saw Sean stand up and wave at him. “Stan, Sophia, hurry over. I have something to show you…”

Stanley was startled by this. Even though he knew what Sean wanted to show him, and even though he knew that Sean would definitely show it to him when he found out, he felt touched when it really happened…

Unfortunately, even after Stanley and Sean watched the video for a long time, they still couldn’t recall what the person looked like.

At that time, they were only five or six years old. Sean liked to run over to the military compound to play with Stanley, and Stanley liked to go over to the Mitchell’s to play with Sean. Cooper had many guests so they didn’t really pay attention, and it was unlikely that they would remember a person they only saw once. With that, they found themselves at a dead end. Stanley watched the video once again and frowned in frustration.

Seeing this, Sean apologetically said, “I’m sorry, Stan. I’ll go and ask the others after I go back. Perhaps there might be someone who remembers him.”

That was all they could do for the time being.

This discovery changed everyone’s vacation plans. After three days of playing by the beach, they all went home one after another. Sean wanted to head back to ask about the Phantom Wolf leader’s whereabouts, and Michael was eager to return to Bayside City. He had watched Cooper’s video about the 100 million that he hid and heard that he gave the other half of his amulet to his lover, who was also Sophia’s mother, Annabel Johnson. Michael figured that he might find something among Annabel’s relics.

The driver drove them back home and Sophia was dozing all the way. When they reached the entrance of the residential area, the car stopped to allow the guards to scan their faces to confirm their identities. As soon as the windows were rolled down, the security captain at the entrance said to Michael, “Boss, people from the Edwards family have been waiting at the door for Miss Edwards for the past two days.”

Michael had his sunglasses on and he said impatiently, “Is it Joe Edwards again? Get them out of here.”

Hearing this, the security captain seemed to be uneasy and he said, “It’s not Joe Edwards, but an old nanny. She said that she was a friend of Miss Edwards’s mother back then and she has something to hand to Miss Edwards. She insisted on handing it to Miss Edwards herself and has been waiting for two days in a row. I suspect she’ll be coming by again in a while.”

Michael frowned and glanced at Sophia, who was still dozing, before he said, “If she drops by again today, call Miss Edwards and let her know.”

With that, the car drove into the residential area. After they got home, Sophia yawned and slumped against Michael, as if there were no bones in her body, acting like a spoiled child. “Hubby, I’m so tired that I can’t walk anymore.”

Michael immediately lifted her up and carried her in his arms. “I’ll carry you in.”

As Michael carried Sophia into the house, Nathan, who was behind them, got out of the car angrily.

Hmph! He taught me to do my things myself! Now I know how to shower, brush my teeth, wash my face, and wear my shoes by myself, but she won’t even walk on her own two feet!

Then, Nathan pulled his suitcase into the house with an angry expression. After they entered the house, Michael went to work on his own affairs. He was really interested in Cooper’s fortune; not only was he interested in his assets, but he was also curious about the token. If Cooper is still alive, he will definitely pay attention to the fortune’s whereabouts. If somebody finds the token and takes out the fortune at this time, Cooper will definitely show up! Now the question is, what is the token? There wasn’t anything among Annabel’s relics that looked like something Cooper left behind. Meanwhile, after Sophia got home, she took a nap before she started to read books lazily in the afternoon.

All of a sudden, Sophia received a call from the security booth at the entrance of the residential area. They said that there was someone waiting at the gate so she quickly rushed over. Then, she saw the old nanny of the Edwards family who was rescued from the fire at the Edwards family house previously. Sophia was vigilant the moment she saw her. Why is she here at a time like this? Was she instructed by Joe?

The old nanny was really happy to see Sophia. “Sophia, come here. I have something for you!”

Something for me? Sophia frowned.

The old nanny took out a linen handkerchief from her arms and opened it layer by layer. Then, Sophia saw a plastic file inside. After opening the plastic file, there was a yellowed envelope. “Anna gave this to me. She said she would come to me to get it after she gets home but unexpectedly, she hadn’t shown up once and I almost forgot about it. Fortunately, I went back to my hometown recently and found it.”

Something that belonged to my mother? Sophia took the yellowed envelope with a frown. ‘Citibank’ was written on the front of the envelope and the date on the back showed that it was from before Sophia’s birth. Inside the envelope was a business certificate from Citibank that showed that the user, Annabel, had rented a safe deposit box at Citibank twenty years ago. She would need a key to retrieve the item. Sure enough, there was a key in the envelope.

Then, the old nanny said to her mysteriously, “Anna told me that this thing is very important and that you must take it out. It has to be taken out.”

Sophia thanked the old nanny and sent her off. Then, she went home and studied the lease contract of the safe. According to the contract, if the renter of the safe dies, the heir must provide relevant documents before opening the safe. Michael also learned of this and was keenly aware of the extraordinary nature of this key. Cooper said that he had given the other half of the amulet to Annabel, but they couldn’t find any trace of the amulet among Annabel’s relics. It was possible that it was being kept in Annabel’s safe.

Later, Michael helped Sophia get Annabel’s death certificate and documents proving her identity as Annabel’s heir as quickly as possible. With the key and documents in hand, Sophia excitedly rushed to Citibank and asked to open the safe Annabel rented. Michael also accompanied Sophia to the bank and because of his special status as best actor, Taylor Murray, Citibank specially sent a VIP receptionist to serve them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, please wait for a moment. We need some time to verify the documents.” The receptionist was well-trained. Even though the popular best actor, Taylor Murray, was sitting opposite her, she wasn’t gaffed at all. Seeing the receptionist bring the documents for verification, Sophia was so excited that her hands that were on her knees were shaking slightly.

She stood up excitedly and paced back and forth the spacious VIP hall, unable to suppress the excitement she felt.

I wonder what mother left for me?

Sophia was extremely excited but Michael was in a bad mood and he kept frowning. He had visited Citibank with the documents and key before, hoping to open Annabel’s safe to see the contents in advance. Unfortunately, the bank had requested that the renter or her heir show up to open the safe, so Michael had no choice but to bring Sophia over. He wasn’t greedy for what was in the safe, but he was worried that there was something in it that Sophia shouldn’t find out…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 366

Unfortunately, Sophia didn’t seem to notice that Michael was worried. Amidst her endless expectations, the receptionist smiled as she walked out and said, “Mrs. Fletcher, your documents have been verified. Please come with us to open the safe.”

Hearing this, Sophia eagerly went over to open the safe while Michael followed behind with heavy steps. With great excitement, Sophia opened the safe that had been sealed for twenty years with the key. As soon as the safe was opened, Sophia saw a small box that looked like it was made many years ago. She took out the box and realized it was pretty light. However, it seemed to have some weight as she held it in her hands, as if it was weighted with time.

“Let me.” Michael took over the box from her hands. Then, Sophia happily held onto Michael’s big palm before they held hands and left. After they walked out of the bank, Sophia couldn’t wait another minute and was eager to see what was inside Annabel’s box. She and Michael entered a cafe nearby and sat at a relatively quiet table. Before the coffee was served, Sophia happily opened Annabel’s box.

After she opened the box, she saw there weren’t many things kept in it. There was only an old passbook, a red jewelry box and a photo album.

Sophia opened the passbook and saw that Annabel’s name was written on it. The passbook was processed twenty years ago, and there was a full 500,000 in it! The value of 500,000 from twenty years ago was incomparable with the value of 500,000 today. It was a huge fortune! When Sophia saw the figure, she was dumbfounded and even thought she had read it wrong.

It’s impossible for Annabel to have such a large sum of money. If she had this amount of money at the beginning, why would she be a nanny for the Edwards family? Can this be the bargaining chip Coop’s family gave her to get her to leave him? It’s possible.

Meanwhile, Michael’s attention was on the tacky red jewelry box, which he eagerly opened to find a black obsidian Goddess amulet. He quickly turned to look at the amulet that belonged to Cooper that was on Sophia’s chest. Traditionally, men wore a token of God while women wore a token of Goddess. This black obsidian Goddess amulet was the other half of the amulet that Cooper mentioned.

It was a pair of amulets that Woody obtained to protect his two children but his daughter died in childhood. The two amulets were then passed onto Cooper, and Cooper gave one of them to his daughter, Sophia and the other to his lover, Annabel.

At that moment, the tokens and password they needed for Cooper’s fortune in Kuwait were complete and ready to be withdrawn.

When Sophia saw the Goddess amulet, she quickly glanced at the amulet on her chest and gasped, “These two amulets look alike!”

She accepted her mother’s relics as she should and now the Goddess amulet belonged to her too.

The only thing left of Annabel’s remains was the photo album. Sophia reached out to grab the photo album and realized that it was covered in dust, so she lightly wiped away the layer of dust with a tissue. All of a sudden, she noticed Michael’s gaze was focused on the photo album, as if he was fascinated by it.

“Hubby, what’s the matter?” she asked curiously as she flipped through the photo album. Michael kept his glazed eyes glued to the photo album. He seemed to have guessed what was inside and his soul seemed to have been sucked out by a small photo album.

“Let’s open the album and take a look.”

Michael’s voice sounded a little heavy. Even though he knew that Sophia would find out about the truth sooner or later, he wasn’t sure whether it was right to let her know about it at such an early stage… Sophia didn’t know why Michael was so solemn. She already opened the photo album and when she saw the first photo, her body stiffened and she seemed to be frozen.

Her hands that opened the photo album hung in the air. She seemed to have seen something that she couldn’t believe and her eyes widened in shock. She pulled out that photo with trembling hands and eagerly turned it to the other side. The photo was protected with a plastic shell so the marks by a ballpoint pen on the back was as new as ever even though twenty years had passed.

There were a few lines of fine print on the back.

‘Cooper Mitchell and Annabel Johnson. Photographed in the People’s Park at Bayside City. May 199X.’

In the photo, a man and a woman were holding hands and looking at each other. Happiness was written on both of their faces.

Seeing this, Sophia started to panic. She flipped through the photo album roughly, which was full of photos of the young man alone and of Annabel and the young man together. The young man in the photo had an unusually handsome face and he looked like he was mixed-race.

He had deep eyes and his pupils were in a special color. The slight smile at the corner of his mouth looked innocent and domineering at the same time. There was a God amulet hanging on his neck that looked exactly like the one Sophia was wearing at that instant.

It was a face that Sophia had seen in the promotional video of Bayside University twenty years ago and in pictures around Woody’s house. It was Cooper in his youth! Sophia’s mind went blank and she quickly turned to look at Michael and said in panic, “Hubby, Cooper… Cooper is…”

The thing that Michael was worried about had happened. He took the photo of Annabel and Cooper and sighed before he said to Sophia in a serious tone, “Chica, you have the most powerful father in the world. I checked the records at the hospital that you were born. You were born in September.”

“I was born in September?” Sophia mumbled to herself as she stared at Cooper’s photo. It took her a long time to figure it out. “Coop is Cooper, my mother’s boyfriend back then… Cooper Mitchell is my father…”

At that moment, she didn’t know whether to feel happy or sad. Tears immediately welled up in her eyes and her sight turned blurry before tears streamed down her face and dripped onto Cooper and Annabel’s bright smiles.

Then, Sophia repeatedly muttered, “My father is Cooper Mitchell… I’m not Joe Edwards’s daughter… I-I am Cooper Mitchell’s daughter… I… I have a father now! I have a father!”

So, the woman whom Cooper loved deeply, the woman that almost got killed by the Mitchell family but was secretly set free by Woody, is my mother, Annabel? Cooper hated the Mitchell family all his life because of my mother’s death?

Sophia looked at Michael and couldn’t stop sobbing and crying. “So I’m not the offspring of a rapist, am I?”

Michael wiped her tears away worriedly as he smiled and nodded. “You’re not. You are the fruit of your parents’ love. Your mother loves you. She secretly hid 500,000 so that she could give it to you. Cooper still doesn’t know about you yet. If he finds out about you, he’ll definitely love you dearly.”

Hearing this, Sophia couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore. She buried her face into Michael’s chest and wailed uncontrollably, as if she was letting go of the grievances she had suffered over the past twenty years.

It turns out that I’m not the daughter of a mistress. I’m not the daughter of a rapist! After being ridiculed for twenty years, it turns out that I’m Cooper Mitchell’s daughter! I have a father now!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 367

I was supposed to be a little princess who is cherished and loved by my parents, but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned…

Michael lightly patted her trembling shoulders and whispered, “I’m sorry. I found out you’re Cooper’s daughter when I saw my mother’s notebook. However, I kept it from you because I was planning to give you a big surprise, the best father in the world… We’ll go to Kuwait to take the money out tomorrow. Once your father finds out that somebody took the money, he’ll definitely show up.”

Sophia lay in Michael’s arms and nodded. As she held the amulet that Cooper gave Annabel in her hand, she suddenly felt like she was the happiest person in the world because not only did she have Michael, but she was also going to have the best dad in the world…

The next day, Michael arranged the flight to Kuwait. On the way there, Sophia was extremely excited and she occasionally looked out the window.

I’m going to have a dad soon! Cooper, who I have always admired, turned out to be my father! Ever since I was young, I’ve been a child with an unknown father and I’ve never had a father or mother to take care of me. Nobody will understand my desire to meet my parents. At that moment, Sophia wanted to tell the whole world that she was the happiest person in the world because she had found her father who had been lost for twenty years!

Along the way, Sophia kept asking questions. “Do you think my father will like me? Do you think my father will come running as soon as he finds out that he has a daughter? What kind of person is my dad? Is he stern? Is he hard to talk to? Will he be strict with me? He got a double Phd at the age of 18. I’m 20 years old this year but I don’t even have a single degree. Will he be really disappointed in me? Hubby, have you spoken to him before? Will he agree to let us be together? You’re only a few years younger than him. Will he dislike your age? I heard that your sister went on a blind date with him. Will it be awkward for us to be together?”

Michael smiled and looked at her as he dotingly said, “You can be rest assured. He is a very nice person and he’ll love you very much.” He could tell how much Sophia was looking forward to meeting her father. If somebody told me that Theo isn’t dead and is alive somewhere in this world, I’m sure that I’ll be as excited and fascinated as she is!

However, deep down, his worry grew stronger. If he had guessed wrongly and Cooper really did die back then, or he had remarried and built a new family elsewhere… He even left his demented father ruthlessly, let alone a daughter he has never met… For people like Cooper, domineering business is his life goal. Family affection is probably something he won’t care for. Or perhaps, his feelings for Annabel are not particularly deep…

The plane landed in Kuwait in time. Kuwait was an oil-rich country that could only be described as ‘fabulously rich’. The cabs that whizzed around the streets were all luxury cars and it was obvious the country was exceptionally wealthy. After they got off the plane, the people that Michael arranged beforehand came to pick them up. Later, they directly went to the biggest bank in Kuwait to ask for the fortune. All they needed were the tokens and the password to retrieve the fortune, and they didn’t need to prove their identities. Michael showed them the pair of amulets and Sophia spent 20 to 30 minutes to recite the thousand-digit password. After reciting the password, they retrieved the fortune without any problems.

It was a fortune of 100 million that was valued over 10 years ago! Kuwait’s economy had been booming in the past few years and the housing prices had been rising. Furthermore, the properties that Cooper bought were in prime locations in the city center, let alone the price of gold now. The investment company that Cooper left in Kuwait had also been running.

Michael brought his own men to search around Kuwait and it took them several days for them to count the property that Cooper had left here. After doing some calculations, they found out that the fortune that Cooper left was no longer only 100 million. Cooper was intelligent—the investments he made had the fastest appreciation rate and estates that he bought were the most value-preserving. Furthermore, Kuwait’s currency exchange rate was relatively valuable. Combined with inflation over the years and the operations of the investment company, he had made a dozen times more profit from his initial capital! After calculating for a few days, Michael transferred all the money and assets to Sophia. As for the real estates, they decided to not sell them for the time being, and Michael’s people joined the management of the investment company. Sophia, who had worked hard but didn’t manage to save much, suddenly became a billionaire. It was just like a dream.

Sophia and Michael stayed in Kuwait for a week to wait for news about Cooper. Unfortunately, even though Michael purposely spread the news that he took out the 100 million through some channels, they never heard any news about Cooper. Cooper was confident that nobody could take away that fortune because the other half of the amulet had disappeared following Annabel’s death. If the other half of the amulet showed up, it must be because Annabel had appeared.

After waiting for a week, Michael really couldn’t stay and wait any longer. The crew had urged for his return several times so they had no choice but to return. Before they left, Sophia seemed reluctant to part with this country, hoping that Cooper would knock on her door. Michael held her slightly cold small hand and saw the anxiety and disappointment in her eyes. Distressed, he said softly, “Let’s go back first. Once Cooper hears the news, he’ll certainly come looking for you.”

With that, Sophia reluctantly got on the private plane and followed Michael back home. After they returned to Cethos, Sophia kept waiting for Cooper’s news. She asked Hale all the time and every day when Michael returned home, the first thing she asked was about Cooper.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find Cooper even after two weeks of their return to Cethos from Kuwait. The news that the fortunat was taken away was quickly spread through all sorts of channels. After all, there were several powerful forces eyeing the huge fortune. Many forces even secretly started investigating. Michael checked out these people one by one but he still couldn’t find Cooper’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Abel’s fingerprint scanning didn’t have any progress either. It was as if Cooper had vanished from this world… When they first returned from Kuwait, Sophia asked about Cooper over ten times a day but after a while, she gradually asked about him less. Until one day, when Michael returned home, Sophia didn’t run to him excitedly to ask him about Cooper. With a bitter expression, Maria asked, “Boss, Madam kept herself in her room today and didn’t even eat lunch. I have no idea what happened to her.”

Hearing this, Michael’s heart sank and felt a deep regret.

The thing that he worried about the most had happened. If only he was a little tougher back then and stopped her from seeing the items in Annabel’s safe, she would only be a happy chica who made a fortune…

Michael gently pushed open the door of the master bedroom and saw a figure sitting in front of the French windows. Sophia was still in her pajamas, and she was curled into a ball with her knees to her chest. She was staring ahead blankly, as if she was abandoned by the whole world. She was holding one of Annabel’s photos in her hand and on the back of the photo was a line of scribbles: Coop, where are you?

How desperate could Annabel be when she wrote this sentence? It was exactly how Sophia was feeling at that moment as she too wanted to ask the same question. Cooper, where are you?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 368

Annabel had found out about her pregnancy at an early stage and she had the money Woody gave her, but she knew that if she took out that money, she wouldn’t be able to keep it safe. Instead, she might even put the child in her stomach in danger. Annabel had wanted to leave the Edwards family, but she couldn’t.

Even if she left the Edwards family and returned to her hometown in Riverdale, she would have to face another family that was greedy for money. In a family that believed that women should do everything to benefit the family, if she took out the 500,000, she knew that not a single penny of it would be spent on her and her child.

There was even a possibility that the Johnson family would start blackmailing the Mitchell family. She must have loved the child in her belly and Cooper very much. Annabel was a good person and she’ll definitely be a great mother…

Just a few days ago, Sophia thought that she was about to have the best father in the whole world, but reality dealt her with a heavy blow. In just a few days time, her dreams and hopes were completely crushed. Cooper hasn’t shown up yet. Perhaps, he has really been dead for over ten years. Or maybe, he knows that he has a daughter but he doesn’t care and is not willing to meet me at all.

Her high expectations had turned to endless disappointment and loss, and she felt as if she was a child that was abandoned by everyone. Reality had ruthlessly tore her heart apart. Sophia rested her head on her knees and looked down at the photo of Cooper and Annabel.

Her tears rolled down her cheeks one by one and they quickly gathered into a small stream of tears. When she heard the noise behind her, she turned around and saw Michael standing not far from her. She looked up and in a hoarse voice like a pitiful puppy, she muttered, “Hubby…”

As she spoke, two streams of tears rolled down her face. She didn’t dare to ask about Cooper because she had a hunch that he would never show up, let alone find out that he had a daughter in this world. Seeing this, Michael felt as if his heart was cut by a thousand knives. He quickly strode over and knelt next to her. As he wiped away her tears, he whispered, “You still have me.”

He held her pale face and kissed her, tasting her salty tears that were filled with bitterness. Sophia gritted her teeth to stop her crying. Then, she looked at Michael and suddenly leaned in to kiss his lips…

The next day, Sophia suddenly asked to see Woody so Michael asked Hale to take her to the beach. Sooner or later, the Mitchell family would find out that the money was taken. If Sean had brought the video back to the Mitchell family and told Alex about it, they might even investigate Annabel and find out about Sophia. Michael was already prepared for the worst.

More than half a month had passed since Sophia last visited Woody. When she got out of the car, she saw Woody sitting alone under the palm tree next to his house, staring blankly at the distant sea with his hair messed up by the sea breeze.

This man who had devoted his life to the Mitchell family was now in his dying years, and he was like a lone wolf that was abandoned because of old age. The moisture in the wind had soaked his hair and the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes hid the hard work he did over his lifetime as well as his anxiety.

This time, Sophia’s heart felt heavier than ever. As soon as she got out of the car and saw Woody, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. She finally found the source of the inexplicable intimacy she felt toward Woody. It was because he was her grandfather! As if by telepathy, Woody suddenly turned around. When he saw Sophia, he was so delighted, a bright smile immediately appeared on his face. “Coop, welcome home!”

Sophia hurriedly wiped away her tears and ran up to him. “Dad, I’m home!”

Woody was ecstatic to hear this. He quickly walked over on his cane and held Sophia’s arm as he looked at her with concern. “Have you been busy with the company’s affairs lately?”

Sophia shook her head and replied, “No, everything’s fine.”

However, as soon as she looked down, there were tears in her eyes.

If Woody hadn’t secretly set Annabel free back then, she wouldn’t be standing here. “Dad, let me sit with you.” With that, Sophia and Woody sat under the umbrella by the beach. Later, Madam Lewis brought them some tea, and the two of them just sat there and enjoyed their tea. After finishing two cups of tea, Sophia had calmed down a lot. She already accepted the fact that Cooper may not show up.

I’m sure that the reason Cooper hasn’t shown up is because he’s dead! And the people who killed him are the Mitchell family!

Cooper and Woody had dedicated their lives to the Mitchell family for two generations. Woody laid the foundation for the Mitchell family’s current glory and Cooper led the Mitchell family to the top, but all of them wanted to kill Cooper so that they could succeed the position as family head and take away their wealth!

Huh! The Mitchell family is downright ruthless! Whoever benefited the most after Cooper’s death back then is definitely the killer. It is evident that the killer is Natasha’s father, Alex, and his bloodline! Sooner or later, I will avenge Cooper!

However, the Mitchell family was a huge and powerful family and she was alone. Sophia needed to plan her revenge for the long run and she couldn’t drag Michael into this matter. After all, this was her fight against the Mitchell family. At that moment, all she had was the fortune Cooper had left behind. Michael had already liquidated everything he could and transferred them to her account.

There were some potential real estate and properties that they hadn’t liquidated yet and they were run by Michael, but he gave all the profits to Sophia. He had done enough so she couldn’t involve Michael in her own fight.

Sophia spent half a day at the beach and drank a few rounds of tea with Woody. Seeing that his son had returned home to visit him, Woody was joyful. He kept talking about the memories of Cooper’s childhood in excitement, but all of a sudden, he sighed and said, “Coop, the girl that you dated back then, Anna, was a nice girl. I really like her. If you can still find her, bring her home. You’re strong enough now and there’s no need for you to worry about the Mitchell family anymore.”

Sophia smiled bitterly and replied, “Dad, you don’t have to worry about these matters anymore. I’ll find Anna.” She wanted to tell Woody about her identity but she gave up after giving it some thought. Woody already had dementia. If he accidentally revealed about her existence to Alex, it would immediately put her in danger.

Even though Woody had dementia, he still remembered some things so Sophia asked tentatively, “Dad, how many members of the Mitchell family knew about Anna back then?”

Woody thought about it for a while before he replied, “Your relationship with that girl is considered top secret in the Mitchell family. They would never allow anyone to find out about this so only a few elders knew.”

Hearing this, Sophia quickly pulled out a notebook from her bag and said, “Dad, try your best to recall those elders’ names and write it down. I’m prepared to bring Anna back but I have to be careful that these people don’t find out.”

Woody replied, “Okay.”

It was only when the sky turned dark that Sophia left. After she left, she couldn’t help but hug Woody and say, “Dad, I’ll be leaving now but I’ll be back in a few days.”

Woody replied, “Okay, son. Even though work is important, you have to take care of yourself. Don’t tire yourself too much!”

With that, Sophia got in the car and Hale started the engines. From the rearview mirror, she saw Woody standing next to the garage, his gaze following Sophia’s car until it was out of his sight. Seeing the aging figure gradually disappear, Sophia couldn’t help but cry again.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 369

Sophia took out the notebook and saw the list made by Woody which consisted of the names of the people who knew about what had happened to her mother, Annabel.

Knowing that the Mitchell Family would learn that the money had already been taken away sooner or later, she had to get the latest updates on the people in the list because they might have started investigating Annabel after watching Cooper’s video.

It was only a matter of time before they linked the matter to her and hence, she had to know their next move so that she could do some preparation in advance.

Back at The Imperial, Sophia went to the basement with her notebook and started running some searches in the database created by Abel. She keyed in the names of the people included in Woody’s list into the database in order to get more information about their identities.

There were eight people in total on Woody’s list and all of them were Elders at the time everything happened. As it had been twenty years since then, the youngest of them was already sixty years old and most of them had passed away.

Two of them who had retired were suffering from dementia just like Woody. After completing her search, she noticed that Abel was still trying to track down Cooper. He had listed around a hundred suspects in the database and he was now trying to inspect them one by one. Anyone who had some similarities with Cooper would make that list.

Suddenly, she walked to the back and said to Abel, “You should stop searching for Cooper because our priority now is to look for the Phantom Wolf’s leader.”

Abel was puzzled. “Don’t you want to look for him since he’s your father?”

“There are only two possiblities which can explain why he didn’t reappear up until now: firstly, he really died in that accident and secondly, he is still alive but he really doesn’t want to appear in public again. No matter which one of the two is the truth, I don’t see the point in carrying on the search,” Sophia said.

Right now, Sophia had already deemed Cooper as a dead man. However, Abel didn’t share the same sentiment.

Cooper was someone very important to him and he had to track him down because he knew there was no way he could have died. Also, Cooper was one of the very few people who had seen Phantom Wolf’s leader in person before and he had even met him in two different phases.

Therefore, Abel was of the opinion that as long as they managed to locate Cooper, they would be able to locate Phantom Wolf’s leader too! That was the reason why he couldn’t give up searching for Cooper!

“I’m merely carrying out Boss’s instruction and he wanted me to get to him regardless of whether he is alive or dead. Also, he’s a very crucial clue that can lead us to Phantom Wolf’s leader.”

Abel then continued his investigation on the list of suspects. Meanwhile, his men were carrying out field investigations everywhere in the world and they had been constantly uploading all the information they managed to glean to the database. So, Abel’s task was to analyze the plethora of information to see whether there was anything useful.

Standing behind Abel, Sophia watched him as he analyzed the identity of a pianist named William according to the information provided in the database. He was a pianist from a very influential background who was an enthusiast of calligraphy and was well-versed in Cethosian culture. Clues like these were important in deciding whether he was likely to be Cooper.

A video of William performing at a piano concert was transferred to the database. Judging from the timestamp, the video was taken yesterday and it was clear enough for them to look at his most up-to-date condition.

Abel scrutinized the video, careful not to miss out any detail so that he could spot the similarities William might share with Cooper. William’s latest handwritings, contour and thumbprint later appeared in the database so that a comparison could be then done between his information and Cooper’s.

At that juncture came Sophia’s uninterested voice, “This man isn’t Cooper.”

Abel turned round and queried, “How can you be sure of that?”

Staring at William in the video, Sophia commented, “I observed how Cooper played piano in videos very carefully before but the man in this video doesn’t have the same vibe. So, he can’t be Cooper.”

Abel decided to eliminate William from the list of suspects since Sophia had said so. For the next few guys he analyzed, Sophia was able to give him the answer.

“This man can’t be him because his eyes are very different from Cooper’s and he doesn’t exude his aura.”

“This is not him too because Cooper couldn’t be a man like this.”

In fact, Sophia was taken aback by how good her judgment was too. Back when she first learnt about Cooper, she had instinctively made him his role model and she had gathered his information and his performance videos in order to learn from him.

She had never expected she would be so intrigued by him and never in her wildest dreams did she think that he could be her father.

At the moment, she was forming her judgement purely based on her memory of how Cooper looked in those videos as well as on Woody’s facial features.

Despite his old age and his mental condition, he was still Cooper’s father after all, so the two must share some similarities. It took her only half an hour to eliminate around thirty men from the list because she was able to dismiss some of them by just one glance.

Suddenly, a photo caught her attention. In the very blurry photo was a young man who seemed to be in his thirties. He looked suave but the photo only revealed the side of his body in a suit but not his facial features. While all other men in the list had their latest videos taken, the only information about the man was that photo.

According to the information provided in the database, his name was Fass Michel and he was the person who was managing the Michel Group behind the scenes and the family head of the Michel Family in Eastern Europe. Staring at the name for a long time, Sophia asked, “Who’s this guy? Why are you investigating him?”

“This man is the family head of a very ancient family in Eastern Europe. Although he doesn’t fit in terms of his age and race, he’s just too similar with Cooper in terms of his talent in doing business,” Abel answered.

“He was born in Eastern Europe and he has always been very mysterious. He started his business in North America and the information indicates that he’s doing some mining business in Africa at the moment. Also, Michel Group is now one of the top ten electronic technology companies in the world.

As this man has never attended any public event, no one has ever captured his photo. It took one of our men quite some effort to snap this one but he was nearly caught by his bodyguards for doing that.”

Sophia kept on staring at the man’s name with a frown on her head for a long time, which puzzled Abel. After some time, Sophia explained, “Focus your effort on studying this guy because I have a feeling that he is Cooper!”

“His first name, ‘Fass’ means barrel in German, which is very similar to ‘Cooper’ which has the meaning of barrel maker. Besides, his surname ‘Michel’ is the French spelling for Mitchell.”

It was to everyone’s utter surprise that the man’s name actually carried a secret meaning. However, the man looked so young and he might only be in his late twenties. How could he be Cooper, who was a man in his forties? On top of that, he was the family head of the Michel Family in Eastern Europe, and he was born there. There was no way he could be Cooper!

Perhaps, the man’s name was just a mere coincidence. Also, the investigation on him would not be any less challenging than the one on Phantom Wolf’s leader. However, Abel decided to trust Sophia’s judgment by making Fass Michel the target of their thorough investigation next round.

In fact, they only needed to inform the man of the news that the money in Kuwait had been taken out to know whether he was Cooper. If he was Cooper, he would certainly make a move.

After leaving the basement, Sophia first took a deep breath before returning to her room to read a book. At the moment, there was nothing she could do except trying her best to develop, enrich and strengthen herself.

Later at night when Michael just came back home from the set, the doorbell rang. As soon as Maria opened the door, a little boy made a dash in and wrapped his arms around Michael’s thigh.

“Uncle Michael, you can’t sabotage me in this way! You didn’t pick up any of my calls and I couldn’t even find you on set! Do you still remember that the final round of the Esports World Championship will be held the day after tomorrow?

Now that Sirius is nowhere to be found, I can’t handle it on my own without you! Uncle Michael, you have to log on tonight and you have to be there the day after tomorrow or I’ll kill myself in front of you! Sob, sob…”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 370

Staring at Stanley who was hugging his thigh with a teary face, Michael clapped his forehead and exclaimed, “I’ve been too busy attending to your Aunt Sophia’s matter that I totally forgot about your stuff.”

Stanley wept miserably, “Do you even remember that I’m your nephew?! Bah…”

“Hubby, are you back?”

As Sophia’s voice came from the second floor, Michael immediately nudged Stanley away with his leg. “Get away from me.”

Stanley refused to leave him alone and tightened his grip on his thigh. “If you don’t join the tournament with me, I’ll tell Aunt Sophia how you play as a female character in the game in order to flirt with guys! I’m sure she’ll divorce you!”

At that moment, Sophia reached the living room and was confused to see Stanley crying while hugging Michael’s thigh. “What’s going on?”

Stanley wailed, “Aunt Sophia, the tournament will be held on the day after tomorrow but two out of eight players of my team can’t be reached at all! My team is going to be defeated! Boohoo…”

The tournament!

Sophia felt as if something just exploded in her head.

She had totally forgotten about the Esports World Championship as she had been too busy tracking down her father over the past fortnight.

Feeling a numbing sensation creeping over her scalp when she looked at Stanley’s teary face, she quickly proposed, “Stanley, you should stay for dinner tonight.”

With that, she quickly turned around and went to the study.

Watching her leave, Stanley still glued himself to Michael’s thigh and he was dragged along with each step he took.

“You have to be there the day after tomorrow or I will kill myself here!”

Michael gave him a kick and relented, “Fine, I promise I’ll be there.”

Stanley was acting all melodramatic. “Also, make sure your bottom is there too and I know you have his contact number! If anyone of you is to be absent the day after tomorrow, I’ll hang myself to death at the entrance of the National Stadium! I’ll also leave a suicide note saying that I was forced to my death by the two of you!”

Impatiently, Michael tried to yank him away. “Fine, fine. I’ll be there, okay?”

“You have to make a pledge!”

“What sort of pledge do you want me to make?”

“If you are absent the day after tomorrow, your wife will get more and more hideous day by day!”

What a vicious pledge was that.

Reluctantly, Michael vowed, “I, Michael Fletcher, hereby swear to God that if I’m absent at the Esports World Championship, my wife will get more and more hideous day by day!”

It was only then did Stanley let go of him and rose to his feet to wipe away the tears on his face.

“Uncle Michael, I should get going then. Please remember to go online at eight sharp tonight and we’ll be having a training session tomorrow since you haven’t played for two weeks already.”

After getting rid of Stanley, Michael shook his head in frustration.

So annoying!

Meanwhile, Sophia rushed back to her room in order to take out her phone used specifically for gaming. As she had left the phone at home and forgot about it, the battery was flat. She found she had hundreds of messages once the battery of the phone was fully charged.

‘Sirius, where the f*ck have you gone?! You’d better get online now!’

‘If you don’t appear soon, I’ll hang myself to death at the door of your house!’

‘You’d better wait for me at home because after the tournament, I’ll shoot you with a gun!’

Without further ado, she logged into her account and found that she had received hundreds of messages from her teammates in the game just to curse her.

At night, the team finally reunited because Scary Phoenix as well as Sirius233, who had both gone missing in action for a long time, finally made their appearances.

Inside the game, Snow Fox nearly wanted every player in the team to kneel down in front of Sirius.

Snow Fox: ‘Oh, my darling, my fair lady, could you please never do this to me ever again? We’ll be playing the final round tomorrow! It’s the final round of the Esports World Championship held between our team and the champion team from North America, and it’ll be held at the National Stadium!

Do you have any idea how grand it will be? The ticket cost five thousand each and all tickets have already been sold! While teams from other countries were all defeated, we’re the last man standing and we’re going to represent Cethos in the world of esports! If we screw up, we’ll bring disgrace to our country! So, you have to be there tomorrow or I’ll kill myself in front of you.’

Sirius233 sent him a reply which sounded extremely guilty: ‘So sorry about that. I’ve been very busy lately as my son’s pet dog just gave birth and I had to handle the delivery.’

Snow Fox: ‘I don’t want to listen to any of your bullshit. Anyway, you have to stay online for the whole day tomorrow or I’ll hang myself to death at the door of your house!’

The team of eight finally appeared in full and they went on to train for the entire night.

Michael stayed in his study for the night busy doing something unknown while Sophia continued playing the game in her study. She rested there at midnight and continued gaming in the morning; she was so absorbed for the entire morning that she had to ask Maria to send her lunch to her room.

At first, she assumed the Esports World Championship was not a big deal, but to her amazement, the event was actually a very grand one.

As Cethos was hosting the tournament, the venue of the final round was fixed at Bayside National Stadium.

‘Swordsman Game’ was the first game created in Cethos which became popular worldwide, and it was also the first game from Cethos that was made a sports event in the Esports World Championship. Although this game had been included in the championship for years, the Cethos team had only been crowned the champion twice so far and they usually suffered severe drubbings in the hands of teams from other countries.

It was especially embarrassing because the game was an invention of Cethos.

This year, the Cethos team finally made it to the final round and they actually stood a high chance of winning because the team came with very impressive combat power.

Thus, it became a sensational topic in the world of esports in the country, but the other reason was because this year, one of the players of the Dragon Fox Team of Cethos was Scary Phoenix—a legendary player.

Several years ago when the Swordsman Game was first included in the Esports World Championship, it was Scary Phoenix who led the Cethos team to victory.

The event was already a hit even before it began and the tickets were resold at more than ten times the original price. The price of the best seats even reached twenty thousand per ticket but despite the exorbitant price, it was still hard to get a ticket.

Worried that Michael would give her a surprise visit to inspect her work, Sophia decided to sneak off to a cybercafe just outside the residential area and she got a private room there to start gaming.

It was only at night did she leave the cybercafe and went back home in darkness.

As she had played the game for most of the day as well as the previous night, obvious dark circles had formed under her eyes and they had become puffy.

Her skin was so oily that even her bangs were stuck together. She found a pin to pin her bangs up but then her oily forehead as well as her untrimmed eyebrows were revealed. In other words, she looked unkempt and haggard.

Since the Lord wouldn’t get to see her in this state, she didn’t mind.

Feeling her stomach rumbling on her way back, she stopped by a kiosk at the entrance of the residential area and bought bread and a bottle of coke. Munching on the snacks, she started heading to her house.

Unexpectedly, she bumped into Natasha who happened to be walking out of the residential area at that time.

Natasha was a girl who looked as elegant as a princess at all times. At this hour, she was still wearing a princess-style short skirt which revealed her fair thighs matched with a pair of limited edition customized high heels.

In comparison to her, Sophia, who was wearing a casual attire and a pair of slippers with one hand holding bread and another holding a bottle of coke, looked just like a middle-aged married woman.

Natasha spotted her too and she purposefully strutted over, making crisp sounds with her high heels. However, the elegant and graceful footsteps of hers sounded annoying to Sophia.

“You’re back! I’ll be having my piano concert tomorrow and I just sent the invitation card to Michael. I wanted to give you one too but you weren’t at home, so I asked Michael to pass it to you.”

Obviously, she was harboring some secret agenda by sending things to a man in the middle of the night while dressing in such an alluring way.

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