My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 341-350

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 341

Due to the fact that there were too many people downloading the app, Stanley’s company was being overloaded with the fear that the system would crash.

Compared to the employees, Sophia was way more stressed to have lost in the first round—and it became overwhelming for her, but she encouraged herself and made a mental note to catch up in the subsequent rounds.

She stopped checking her phone and concentrated on preparing for the third round. She must overtake Natasha in the third round!

While everyone prepared for the third round, Gemma suddenly entered backstage along with some police officers.

“Who called the police?” The police officers asked as soon as they made their entrance.

Sophia raised her hand, answering, “It was me. Someone made incisions on my gown, which is worth one hundred thousand. It was a huge financial loss for me and I’m requesting to inspect the CCTV footage.”

The third round of the contest was about to begin—by that point, most of the guests had left to catch some rest. The online audience was watching the live stream on the app whereas the physical audience voted via the app. The number of users had already reached its historical peak, but suddenly, there was an alert bearing the message, ‘The first scandal of the competition: the campus belle has maliciously destroyed another contestant’s dress and police has arrived on the scene to investigate!”

Upon clicking into the news, one could find the high resolution photos being attached—the first photo was a CCTV image. A well-dressed man and woman were sneaking in front of a lockbox. One was looking it out for the other and the other removed a dress from it.

The second photo was the girl looking out for the other while he was cutting the dress.

The third photo was the victim testifying and the police officers recording her testimony.

The police officers, the victim and the culprits were confronting one another in the fourth photo.

Finally, in the fifth photo, it seemed like the victim had decided to allow the culprits to finish the competition before they continued with the investigation.

All of their faces had been exposed in the photos. It was clear from the beginning that Sophia was the victim and the culprits were Richard and Xyla, who kept watch while he was the one who tore the dress.

The realization that Sophia was walking the catwalk in school uniform came as a shock. None of them had expected an episode like that backstage!

It was those shameless couple again!

Weren’t they ashamed for themselves to be competing in the contest?

In the midst of the hustle, the third round had begun—a talent show, the most important and decisive part out of all four rounds.

Once again, Natasha was the first to go onstage and had changed into a flowy fairy dress while preparing to play a piano with four hands.

It would still be Harry performing with her.

When the two appeared together, many were being captivated. He picked up the microphone, speaking, “I haven’t been playing the piano for more than ten years. Please bear with me if I make any mistake.”

His fans would not have cared whether he played the piano well or not. Even if he was merely spinning cotton, they would have still voted for him like crazy.

He had only showed up for a few seconds and it caused her votes to soar.

Amidst the screams and applause, they began their performance.

From a young age, Natasha had been taking piano lessons from internationally famous teachers and all the competitions she had participated in were of the international standard. The piano she used to perform was the antique piano once belonged to Chopin. The sound was excellent and her skills were at the pinnacle, making her like a princess when she was playing the piano.

The beautiful melody of the piano reverberated throughout the hall.

Effortlessly, Natasha had tickled the ivories and interpreted the famous piece to another level. The result was astonishing.

Her online votes steadily ranked in first place.

And finally, it was Harry’s turn—he had received his Grade 10 certificate at the age of nine. Once he placed his fingers on the ivory white piano keys, he started with his own performance.

A jumbled seesaw sound stretched out across the hall.

The audience went silent at once as students were dumbfounded and everyone was watching Harry shuffling between the piano keys.

Was he playing the piano? He was simply jabbing!

Was that the level of someone who received his Grade 10 certificate at the age of nine?

The disorganized sound of the piano not only messed up Harry’s own part, but it had also turned Natasha’s melodious piano sound into a rough and unmatched tune!

The once high and mighty figure of Natasha shuddered. She looked toward Harry in an unbelievable gaze, but all she saw was him playing the piano with his head low in a solemn manner. His impressive side profile was enchanting as if he was a prince.

But the sound of the piano coming from his fingertips…

Natasha had managed to get herself back on track, but was once again swayed away by Harry. It continuously happened and none of the tune was on point for the whole song.

After the song ended, the audience was in dead silence.

When she took a bow for the curtain call, she felt like she had taken a century to finish the song!

Her show was all ruined!

But still, she held her smile. She had managed to maintain an elegant and dignified expression. No one knew about the anger and embarrassment that were buried deep inside her.

After Harry was done playing with the piano, he let out a laugh and apologized, “Look at me! Didn’t I tell you that I haven’t been playing the piano for more than ten years now? I’m really sorry for ruining your show.”

The vexation inside Natasha immediately disappeared before she gently said, “It’s okay. The result doesn’t matter as long as we have participated.”

Unconsciously, she glanced toward Michael, who was at the panel, but he still smiled with admiration.

Natasha was secretly pleased—it seemed like her idol was still impressed by her performance today. The first place was still going to be hers!

Little did she know that all that Michael did today was place an appreciative grin for every participant but scoring all of them a zero.

She was still the first when she left the stage, leaving Sophia behind with a bunch of votes.

Just as Michael had thought, Harry’s fans would still appreciate it even if he went onstage to spin cotton, not to mention him jabbing on the piano.

Harry’s reputation was definitely damaged today—what happened was destined to accompany him as a dark moment in his life.

The next time, when fans talked about Ethan, there would also be a mention of today’s chaotic episode—in addition to the Academy Award for Best Actor winner.

All the more so because it was a live broadcast!

As if it was a death penalty in front of the public.

As Natasha’s votes went higher, Harry felt like his face was blushing.

Sophia, who was in the midst of preparing for the talent show backstage, had suddenly been notified that her turn had been pushed forward to No. 8, even though she was initially the last one to go onstage.

Although she had no idea on what actually happened, she immediately prepared herself due to the change of circumstances.

The following contestants appeared one after another behind Natasha—Faye’s classical dance and Molly’s freestyle basketball were one of the spectacular performances of the day. Even though their votes had increased, they still couldn’t keep up with Natasha and Sophia, who were ranked at the top.

After Molly’s performance, the host announced the total votes for the previous round of competition and concurrently disclosed the marks given to the public speaking. “Now,” she announced. “The first place of public speaking goes to—”

Pretending to be mysterious, the host took a glance around the audience. When the host was satisfied with the effect, she declared, “No. 23 Sophia Edwards!”

Sophia Edwards?

Backstage, the moment Natasha heard the name, something in her heart shattered as she was taken aback for a few seconds.

The garbage girl receives the first place?

I’ve lost to someone else?

How… How is this possible?

Since childhood, I have always been the number 1!

In the meanwhile, the host had started to announce the ranking, “The final score for first place, No. 23 Sophia Edwards is 9.92. Second place, No. 1 Natasha Mitchell’s final score is 9.82 and third place, Molly Lawson…”

Natasha fell into a state of confusion; the confidence she had been building up was cracked—she actually finished in second place!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 342

It was the first time that the imperious Natasha tasted anger and jealousy. She threw a brutal glance toward Sophia, who was preparing to get on stage.

I’ve just lost to a loser who was illiterate at the age of eight! How hilarious!

No way!

Natasha was sure that it was impossible she had lost! She was absolutely sure that something must have gone wrong!

The score must have been forged!

Natasha was confident that the judges were amazed by her performance today. There must have been a problem with the voting system!

Sophia was the one who designed the app; she could have manipulated the whole voting system!

Turns out that a loser is still a loser. The bullsh*t about great talent maturing late was just a lie she told herself!

Natasha never would have thought that she would be competing with someone like this on the same stage! It was an insult to herself.

Wait! There is still another round!

She still had the chance. There was no way she was going to lose to a loser who was still illiterate at eight!

Soon, it was Sophia’s turn, and the host reported, “Due to some reasons, student No. 23 has been pushed forward to the eighth place…”

At the same time, Sophia was moving the props she would be using onto stage along with Stanley. Because the lights were dimmed, no one knew what was being brought on stage.

The host then continued, “You guys have seen performances like classical dance, modern dance, freestyle basketball, and even magic. Now, the next contestant will be bringing us an unique performance. Let’s welcome contestant No. 23, Sophia Edwards. She’ll be showing us a freestyle rap with the title ‘Pi’!”



What Pi?

The audience was looking at one another in confusion; none of them knew what kind of performance Sophia was putting on.

Everyone in the backstage was also paying attention to Sophia’s performance.


Is it alright to perform such talent in this kind of competition?

After all, not everyone was into clubbing. Besides, this was the prestigious Bayside University’s Miss Misty Pageant. All of the programs prepared were requested to have good connotation so that they could impress the judges with an average age of 45.

But obviously, the old people weren’t into clubbing either. Before the performance had even started, some of the judges were already knitting their brows.

Stanley had already placed the DJ turntable on stage; what was left now was for Sophia to get ready to start the show. At this moment, Michael, who was in the panel, suddenly grabbed the microphone.

“Isn’t this the turntable I auctioned off a few years ago?”

Everyone was surprised.

This is the turntable used by Taylor? The one he auctioned off?

Our idol had a turntable?

Suddenly, the older fans of Taylor’s remembered that years ago, their idol had formed a band and released an album as the leader of an idol group!

Taylor often auctioned off the things he had used on charity auctions, and it was actually possible that this turntable once belonged to him!

Stanley looked dumbfounded. This was the turntable he had been using during his teens. When he left the Fletchers, he did not bring it along with him. It was a coincidence that Sophia wanted to rap, and that was why he had got it back from the Fletchers.

Although Stanley didn’t know what trick Michael was trying to play, he knew that this actor was starting his performance again.

Without waiting for everyone to react, Michael darted up onto the stage excitedly. Touching the turntable here and there, his face was full of excitement, as if he had recovered something from the past. “This is really my turntable! There was a natural disaster a few years ago in the west, and I sold this turntable that had been with me for more than ten years to raise money for the children there! I didn’t expect to still be able to see it after so many years!”

With an embarrassing but polite smile, Stanley tried hard to go along with Michael’s acting. “Wow! So this is actually your turntable? We didn’t know about it; I rented it from a little store!”

Michael was thrilled. “That’s right. This is the turntable I used to play when I was in a band during my teens!”

Stanley continued, “Haha! What a coincidence…”

But silently in his heart, Stanley was scolding, Nonsense!

The fans were all cheering loudly.

This was destiny!

Even the live comment section had started to go crazy again.

‘Miss Taylor was a DJ when he was young? Oh, my god!’

‘Yeah, did you guys only find out about it now? I still have the video of him playing the turntable!’

‘Come on, Taylor. Show us something!’

The live comments on the big screen had worked up the atmosphere in the hall. Most of the students began to cheer, completely ignoring the fact that it was Sophia’s turn to perform. “Senior, show us something!”

“Play it! Play it!”

Instantly, Michael waved his hand. “No way. I haven’t touched this thing in ten years. If I were to do it now, I’m going to embarrass myself, like how Harry did!”

Upon hearing that, Harry thought to himself, Hah! So you know that that was embarrassing! It was your fault, okay?

But the fans didn’t care about it. “Play it! Play it! Show us something!”

At the request of the fans, Michael spoke reluctantly, “Okay, fine. It’s fate that I encountered this old belonging of mine today. Since this student will be performing a rap, I can make the beat for her.”

The fans began to hurrah enthusiastically.

Stanley switched his position with Michael while mumbling his complaints.

Heh, so he’s going to take my job away, huh?

Just take everything if you want!

What’s with the dramas?

What a drama king!

Before Stanley left the stage, Michael called out, “Excuse me; can you please take off your clothes for me?”

Twitching his lips, Stanley grumbled again as he took off the performance outfit. Both of them exchanged their clothes.

“Give me the ear stud and pendant too.”

Stanley did as he was told and left the stage in Michael’s suit and watch.

I’ll give you everything! Even your wife too! Just do everything by yourself!

After changing into Stanley’s outfit, Michael positioned himself. As the lights dimmed, he readied himself briskly and got into the performing state.

The lights on the stage were turned off. The audience couldn’t see what was going on on the stage, but they found themselves looking forward to what would be coming next.

However, there were also people who were bothered by this situation. After all, the live broadcast earlier of someone who hadn’t played a piano for ten years had left them extremely ashamed. All the performances were being live-streamed on the internet. Within such a short time span, it had already made its way up to the headlines. On Twitter, the keywords, ‘Harry jabbing the piano’, was being searched and discussed for over a thousand times.

If another person who hadn’t played the turntable made the beat for the next performer, this would be another public execution for the university.

The news of Taylor going live to play the turntable had been updated on the internet, resulting in the number of downloads of the app rising unprecedentedly.

Everyone was waiting patiently for Taylor’s performance; even the contestants in the backstage were paying close attention.

The idol, Ethan, had left the stage. Even though he messed around and ruined Natasha’s performance, his fame had also secured Natasha the first place.

Now that the second idol was coming on stage to play the turntable for real, everyone was wondering whether this would be the next failed performance.

Everyone seemed to be expecting Sophia’s show to be wrecked. But with Taylor’s popularity, she could still come in second. It might even be possible for her to compete with Natasha for the first place.

After the equipment was set up and tuned, Michael was fully prepared, and he made an ‘OK’ gesture to the sound and light control room. All lights were turned on, and the spotlight fell on Sophia at once.

It was Sophia’s time to shine!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 343

Because this was the first time she was performing on stage, Sophia was trembling slightly, and her back was covered with sweat. This was an important occasion, and there were thousands of people watching her now from the live broadcast. She took a glance at Michael, who blinked at her, telling her to relax.

Though her idol was here with her, Sophia was still frightened. After all, there was Harry in front of them, who had just turned Natasha’s supposed-to-be-spectacular performance into a primary-level student’s performance. Forget it. I should be content that I could perform with Taylor. I just have to do my best!

The spotlights hit the stage one after the other. It had first cast on Sophia, who was still in her school uniform. No one was surprised since they knew that her clothes had been sliced into pieces. The spotlight then fell onto Michael, who was in the DJ position. The moment the vision of the idol came into sight, the audience went crazy. Even the live comment section exploded.

Michael was wearing the punk rock leather jacket Stanley had taken off for him. It showed off the skull pendant dangling around Michael’s collarbone. His hair, which had been neatly styled, had suddenly turned into a crew cut. He also had an ear stud on one of his earlobes. Without the suit and the gold-framed glasses, the once-gentleman had turned into an energetic punk-style youth.

Taylor rarely appeared in front of the public. Though this year he had been more active—since he got married and might wanted to earn more money for a living—many photos of the live show had been uploaded onto the internet, and everyone was once again overawed by his beauty.

He had always been the gentleman with a prince-like glamorous style. With the cropped punk rock leather jacket, a crew cut, a skull pendant, and the ear stud, he was totally rocking the non-mainstream dark style look, making one wonder whether this was still the gentleman from earlier.

Even Sophia gulped. My idol’s new look is extremely hot! She really wanted him to conquer her against the wall. It would be better if he were to spank her in the a*s too! But these dirty thoughts had been frightened out from her mind by the screaming coming from the fans.

“Oh, my gosh! My idol! Taylor’s new look is out of this world!”

“I’m gonna love him forever!”

“This look is definitely worth a 101 marks. The extra one mark is for Miss Taylor—no, Mr. Taylor, to boast!”

Grabbing the microphone, Michael said, “I’ve cut my hair short for a shoot. This is how I actually look like. Do you guys like it?”

Together, the fans in the audience responded, “We love it!”

Before the performance even started, Sophia’s points were rising and had outperformed Natasha’s with tremendous speed. Within a short amount of time, Sophia was leading by a thousand votes.

Backstage, Natasha’s face turned pale as she checked the votes on her phone. However, she was still comforting herself, assuring herself that her performance was impeccable, and there was no way that Sophia would trump over her! It was useless for Sophia to rely on an idol’s fame. What she needed was to impress the judges in the panel!

Michael let go of the microphone and was ready to play the turntable. At this moment, the spotlight hit again, falling on the third person onstage.

It was a woman, who was extremely captivating with a tall and graceful figure. The woman did a catwalk as she waved at the audience. Her blonde hair was like a flash of gold, accentuating her powerful stage presence. Her long legs were slender, comparable to the figure of a supermodel.

Who is this? The audience was looking at each other confusingly. If there truly is such a beautiful girl on campus, she should be very famous. Look at those legs—she must be at least 180cm! Not to mention her pretty face! Nevertheless, no one in the room could tell who she was.

Finally, someone in the live comment section recognized her.

“Damn! Isn’t that the freshman Sean Mitchell? He is a boy! A boy!”

“So cool! A drag queen?”

“Are you kidding me? That’s a boy?”

“But look at the figure, the face, the vibe, and the super long legs! She’s so cute! How can she be a f*cking boy?”

The appearance of the drag queen, Sean, had astonished the audience in the room. He was a man, but he was even more glamorous and outstanding than the female contestants today; even the judges in the panel were in disbelief. Harry was also surprised by the drag queen. He looked way better than Michael in a lady’s outfit!

The music started as Michael turned on the turntable. A very upbeat song was played, and Sean began to dance along the music. Because Sean had been dancing since a very young age, his body was a lot softer than a girl’s. But at the same time, he still retained the strength of a boy in his moves.

The moment the dance began, the audience was in a dead silence. A man is now dancing in such an alluring manner! Is he trying to turn the guys here gay?

Although Michael had not played the turntable in more than ten years, he still had the skills. The mixes he made were very contagious; alongside the hot dance by the drag queen, the audience was already more worked up than what one would see in a nightclub—Sophia hadn’t even started her performance yet! Everyone seemed to have forgotten that this was the stage of the Miss Misty Pageant, and the contestant, Sophia, had not yet started her performance.

Michael had not rehearsed the performance with them, but he only needed to grasp on to the tempo. Following the tempo given by Stanley, he composed new music with his experienced technique. The professional aura surrounding him made him seem like an expert DJ.

After the intro, Sophia saw Stanley’s signal from the side of the stage and knew that she should start her performance now. Holding her breath, Sophia caught up with Michael’s tempo and started her rap. “Yo, yo! Today’s atmosphere is very exciting; everyone has their own liking, and guess what? I’m presenting a Pi for ya!”

The atmosphere was very enlivened, but Sophia’s rap was so unprofessional that the mood instantly fell. What’s with those lyrics? Some of the judges were shaking their heads in disappointment and had started to evaluate Sophia’s performance. This kind of performance shouldn’t have been on such a formal occasion, let alone such a bad one!

Backstage, Natasha was scoffing, “How disgraceful!”

Even Sophia was looking at Michael nervously. But all Michael did was nod at her with reassurance. Hence, Sophia took a deep breath and continued with her trembling voice.

Proceeding with the performance, she rapped, “What is that pie? It’s not an apple pie nor a strawberry pie, but Pi! Which Pi, you ask? That Pi is 3.1415926535 8979323846 264338327950288419716939937510…”

At the same time, the big screen on the stage began to put on a quick play of a series of numbers. Those who learned Mathematics instantly recognized the meaning of the string of numbers. It was the legendary Pythagoras Theorem—π! So the so-called “Pi” was actually “π”!

Out of nervousness, Sophia decided to shut her eyes and continued with the rap, “5820974944 5923078164 06286208998628034825 34211706798214808651…” She was reciting Pi in the form of a rap performance!

Every student in the audience was stunned; even the judges lifted their glasses upon realization. Natasha, who was watching from the backstage, strode two steps forward suddenly while looking at the girl who was reciting the Pi with her eyes closed in disbelief. She is actually… reciting the Pi?

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“3282306647 0938446095

5058223172 5359408128……”

“3282306647093844609550582231725359408128…” Sophia screwed her eyes closed and recited the Pi. Her main focus was on the Pi, not the rap. Back when she first proposed to perform on stage, she initially wanted to play the piano. However, piano was not her forte, and she then had the idea of giving a recitation of the Pi.

Knowing that it would be too boring to only spout numbers, Stanley had suggested for her to convert it into a rap performance since he had learned how to play a turntable from Michael when he was young. He could make use of the turntable which he still had at home.

Though the DJ had been switched to Michael, and Sophia missed the beats a couple of times, he still tried his best to match her rhythm. When she missed the tempo occasionally, Michael would quickly keep up with her, and even Sean would adjust his dance steps accordingly.

This was definitely physical labor!

Before Sophia could even reach the 100th decimal place, Michael was already drenched in sweat!

“4811174502 8410270193

8521105559 6446229489……”

“4811174502841027019385211055596446229489…” Sophia went on with her recitation. Closing her eyes, she ignored what others would think of her and struggled to keep up with Michael’s beat. During rehearsal, she was already finding it hard to catch up with Stanley’s speed, and so they had to go the other way round for Stanley to keep up with her. But Michael was obviously on another level because he could adjust with Sophia’s tempo, and the synchronization was perfect.

“Holy crap! This is the definitely best Miss Misty in history! So this is what it means to be smart!”

“She is so brilliant! Is she at the 300th decimal place already? I bet she hasn’t left out any one of the numbers!”

“My roommates have already taken out their notebook for reference; it’s true that she hasn’t left any of the numbers out!”

“5493038196 4428810975

6659334461 2847564823……”


The audience was going frantic with the idol playing the DJ turntable, a drag queen dancing sexily on stage, and the Pi recitation by an ace student! All of these were so stimulating!

There was no mistake made by Sophia even up to the 500th decimal place; when the song reached the 600th decimal place, Sophia choked a little. Nevertheless, Michael paused the rhythm for her before she proceeded with the recitation, and it was still perfect.

From the 700th to 800th decimal place… This continued until the 1000th decimal place before Sophia finally ended her performance.

“This is my Pi, and with this pie, I hope it makes you fly!”

The performance was finally over. It had merely taken about four to five minutes, but Michael felt like he had had sex with Sophia for the whole night—he was drenched in sweat. He was especially tired mentally because he needed to make sure that he kept up with Sophia’s tempo and, at the same time, make sure that she had not made any mistake.

After the show, the three of them took a curtain call while the audience gave them a thundering applause. All of the students were waving their hands, exclaiming, “Pi! Pi! Pi!”

Sophia was also covered in sweat. But when she saw the stimulated audience and the excited live comment section, she let out a chuckle and took a bow before leaving the stage.

In the meantime, Michael had also left to exchange outfits with Stanley. After putting on his wig and composing himself, he went back to the panel and immediately gave Sophia 10 points.

10 points was too little; it should be 100 points instead! The extra 90 points was for her to show off!

She had just surprised him again!

He never expected her to recite the Pi for this show!

And she even got Sean to dance in woman clothing for the show!

The visual and the connotation were all in place!

Taking a glance at the rest of the judges, he found that most of them had started to evaluate the performance. Those who had given marks earlier were also making some amendments.

When Sophia left the stage, her legs felt like jelly. Because she had been forcing herself too much on stage, she felt as if she was walking on clouds; even her entire mind was blank.

She was definitely built for talent shows!

Fortunately, Sean was there to help her to the backstage.

Nevertheless, even Sean was out of breath. Meanwhile, Stanley was holding a huge fan to cool them down.

“That was so marvellous! Sophia, you are so f*cking amazing! You too, Sean! Oh, no. Please don’t move; you’ve ruined your makeup! I’ll wipe them for you!” After drawing a wet tissue from the packaging, Stanley helped Sean to remove his makeup. He was dripping all over, and his eye makeup was ruined. Even though it was waterproof makeup, part of them had still worn out.

Google-eyed, Stanley removed the makeup at the corner of Sean’s eye and asked with concern, “Are you tired? I saw you were dancing in high heels! You must be exhausted!”

Letting out a laugh, Sean’s eyes were full of affection. “I’m not tired. Thanks a lot, Stan.”

But Stanley was a careless man, so he failed to notice the tenderness in Sean’s eyes and continued, “Tonight I’ll treat you to some barbeque!”

Upon hearing that, Sophia shook her head and thought, Stanley, you stupid boy; you’re going to stay single forever if you keep acting like this! Sigh, my idol is way better than you! He always knows what I want whenever I lift my bottom up!

Wiping off her sweat, Sophia took her phone out and snapped a photo of Stanley wiping Sean’s face. She then sent it to the user, Little Kitten, on Messenger and said, “Lil’ Kitten, here’s some new material for you!”

Immediately, Little Kitten replied to her with a nosebleed emoticon.

It seemed as if after Sophia’s performance, every show that came up later appeared dull and boring. Sophia was standing firmly on the throne, leading the votes by thousands in front of Natasha, and her votes were still rising like nuts.

Michael had deliberately adjusted Sophia’s turn to the front to allow the audience some time to react. He wanted to make sure that the audience had the time to vote before the competition ended, or he would have played for nothing.

At the backstage, Natasha was sitting in a corner, checking on the online voting. The expression on her face was extremely gloomy.

Did I just lose? By thousands of votes? This is not fair! This is so unfair! Someone must have been manipulating the online votes for Sophia secretly! My performance was flawless! Miss Misty belongs to me! So what if Sophia just recited the Pi? This is a talent show, not an academic conference! Her performance was nothing!

On the other side of the stage, it was finally Xyla’s turn to perform. But the moment she set her foot on the stage, the audience booed and hissed.

The police officers were waiting under the stage. They would bring her back to the police station for further investigation as soon as she was finished with her performance.

They merely destroyed a dress which cost 100,000; it was only a small amount for the Huffs and Harpers, and they could easily pay for the damages to settle the matter.

But the point was that the victim didn’t want to reconcile with them and had insisted on making the police report; even the police officers couldn’t persuade her to give up.

Xyla was going to be brought to the police station, and her photo was being taken and uploaded onto the internet.

In the blast of hissing, Xyla and Richard appeared and bowed to the audience.

“Get lost, you shameless couple!”

“Mister Officer, please take them away! They are disgusting!”

“It’s such a humiliation for Bayside University to have students like them!”

The scene was filled with swears. The judges in the panel also looked upset. Before Xyla and Richard even started their show, half of the judges had already evaluated them.

Miss Misty was going to represent Bayside University on its official website and promotional videos; she would also be representing Cethos as the outstanding student to accompany the president when he made his visits abroad. If this girl were to win the Miss Misty Pageant, Bayside University would lose their prestige!

Shutting her eyes, Xyla didn’t dare to lock eyes with anyone in the audience. Lines of tears falling from her eyes, ruining up her makeup.

Meanwhile, Richard was seated on the piano bench. Though he had begun to play, it was obvious that he wasn’t in a good mood. His hands were trembling, and he even made mistakes during the intro.

It was only just now that Sophia had made a police report when she found out that her dress had been destroyed. She found the CCTV clips and testified that it was Xyla and Richard who had ruined her dress, which was worth 100,000.

100,000! This was enough to sentence them according to the criminal law!

Millions were nothing in the eyes of the Harpers; it was just a matter of compensation and reconciliation, but Sophia unexpectedly rejected the reconciliation! Why is she making everything such a big deal at this juncture?

That b*tch!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 345

After the two intros, Xyla began with her performance of the opera song, ‘Carmen’. But as soon as she sang, she saw the list of vicious comments that were attacking the live comment section.

‘I heard that Richard has a venereal disease! Is it true? Maybe Xyla contracted it too. A Miss Misty with a venereal disease—how startling!’

‘Mister Playboy, where can I get on the bus to Richard Harper-Ella Spencer’s stop?’

‘I have a fleet of buses to every station, except for that particular station!’

‘I want to get on the bus too!’

With a choking voice, Xyla could no longer make any sound. The microphone spread her trembling sobs throughout the hall.

Oh! How humiliating it is for me to still be standing on the stage now! Why is this happening to me?

Richard had also taken a glance at the comments. The rhythm flowing from his fingers stopped abruptly, and he stood up. After grabbing the microphone from Xyla, Richard shouted into the microphone with a croaking voice, “Sophia Edwards, is this what you wanted? What will you gain from ruining me like this? You evil woman, you will not die in peace!”

The situation was out of control. In order to avoid any further discomfort, the vice chancellor immediately informed the police officers to take Richard and Xyla away. Under the watchful eyes of thousands of people, the police officers dashed up on to the stage and brought both of them away.

The audience was in a turmoil. Xyla was looking desperate; even her figure was tremoring.

She was the daughter of the Huffs and was now being taken away by the police during a live broadcast!

On the other side, Richard was still grudging. Even though he was being held down by the police officers, he growled, “Sophia Edwards, you b*itch! Come on out! Why are you always going against me?”

Richard was infuriated. He had suddenly become so powerful that he shoved the two police officers away from him before darting like a mad dog toward Sophia, who was in the audience.

The contestants who had ended their performance had special viewing seats at one side of the stage. When Richard suddenly rushed over, the girls on the side were shocked and scattered away. The moment he came up to Sophia, he gave her two vicious slaps.

Half of her face was swollen, but she did not resist.

Sophia spat out a mouthful of blood and grinned, revealing her bloody teeth. “What are you doing? You have got nothing to lose now, huh? With the slap you just gave me, I can sue you to the gills!”

In response, Richard laughed maniacally. “I won’t let you go easily if you don’t give me a way out today!”

Raising his fist, Richard was about to drop the second punch, but Sophia had been calculating the best time to attack; she wanted to minimize her own injuries but also make sure that she would have a better claim when she filed a lawsuit. What she had not expected was the figure that had appeared behind Richard in a flash. The shadow’s palm dropped and grabbed onto Richard’s wrist, squeezing it aggressively.

“Ahhh!” Richard’s screams extended to the whole hall.

This huge change happened without any warning. No one had imagined that something like this would happen at the Miss Misty Pageant, so everyone was so shocked that they had forgotten how to speak for a while.

The figure had restrained Richard single-handedly. It reached out another hand and caught Richard’s other hand like lightning. With a beautiful over-shoulder throw, Richard was smashed onto the ground with a slam before a nice-looking black leather shoe stretched out and kicked him on his waist. After sliding several meters along the flat surface of the stage, Richard stopped right in front of the police officers.

The police officers held down the dizzy Richard in an instant.

He had made a serious offence by destroying a dress worth 100,000, assaulting police officers, and even hitting others in public!

Raising his head, the flustered Richard looked at the figure and saw the star-studded man in a fitted suit, wearing gold-framed glasses. Due to the fight just now, his suit was slightly messy. Shrugging his suit, the man turned around and walked away, leaving Richard with a striking back view.

Heh, so it’s Taylor, whose reputation has been ruined by me so many times but still manages to have so many fans supporting him!

Clenching his teeth, Richard had once again found the strength to set himself free from the police officers. As he raised his fist, he sprinted toward Michael.

The audience cried out.

When his fist reached Michael’s back, the latter suddenly turned around like a lightning bolt. He caught Richard’s fist with his palm and clung on to his arm. Then, with a hasty reverse cut, he kicked Richard on the back of his knees, forcing him to kneel down on the spot.

Richard was screaming so hard when Michael twisted him with all his might.

This time, the police officers rushed over immediately. Ignoring Richard’s dignity, the police officer handcuffed him right in front of thousands of people.

Michael spun and took out a white handkerchief from his pocket. He moved to the side of the stage and wiped off the blood that was dripping from the corner of Sophia’s mouth. There were lines of blood spewing out from her eyes and nostril.

Sophia had a fragile nose, so she always bled easily when hit by external forces. Her blood was flowing down like tap water, so she had to raise her head up to hold back the bleeding.

But as soon as she raised her head, her tears came down.

And it was not because of the punch Richard had given her earlier, but because she had suddenly discovered how nice it was to have someone to protect her.

Handing the handkerchief over to Sophia, Michael didn’t say anything. He patted her on the shoulder and made his way back to the judges’ panel.

“Sophia, are you alright?”

At this moment, everyone had gotten their senses back. Immediately, a bunch of people surrounded her, and Stanley quickly helped her to the backstage to deal with the wound.

Sophia had left a trace of blood on Michael’s black suit. Although he was relatively close to Sophia and had acted the fastest, he was still too late!

The university’s administration and the judges were not pleased with what had just happened. This was a live broadcast! If this was uploaded to the internet, Bayside University would be losing face!

Even the audience had just come back to their senses from the shocking scene, but they couldn’t get their mind off of the stunning kick Michael had given to Richard. The perfect over-shoulder throw and the sensational reverse cut were really impressive!

He was a professional!

A burst of cheers broke out at the scene. “Taylor! Taylor!”

But Taylor, who was in the panel, wasn’t looking thrilled. He was worried about his wife.

That punch on her face was like a strike on his heart.

Damn it. I wasn’t fast enough even though I rushed out the moment I saw Richard darting over.

The transition just now wasn’t mortifying at all; instead, it had triggered another climax when Michael did a perfect over-shoulder throw. In the past, Taylor’s roles were mostly unique and stressed on his aura. Even if it was a sci-fi action movie, it was based on the special effects. Hence, this was the first time they saw Taylor fighting in real life.

The atmosphere was too elevated. Harry got his hand on the microphone and said lazily, “Taylor used to be a special forces soldier. If he had increased his strength earlier, I’m afraid the student would have lost his life!”

The fans were excited once again.

Putting down the microphone, Harry patted Michael’s shoulder and said, “Your lil’ chica is very strong. She’ll be okay.”

After the hustle, the performance of the next contestant continued. But at the same time, someone had just posted the full video of Richard slicing down the dress on Stanley’s app.

Miss Misty Pageant had disqualified Xyla from the competition. As to whether the both of them could still continue to study on campus, it would be left to the school administration to decide once the competition was over.

The video of Taylor beating up Richard had also been uploaded onto the internet, causing a huge uproar. The topic of ‘Special Forces Soldier Taylor Murray’ had overshadowed ‘Harry jabbing the piano’.

Soon, the competition came to an end, and it was time to announce the final result that everyone cared the most about.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 346

The host announced the names of the top three winners. “The third runner up of the Miss Misty Pageant is No. 6, Molly Larson!”

In an excited manner, Molly went up to the stage to accept her award.

There was almost no doubt as to the names of the champion and the second runner up. Everyone was counting on getting the third place, but since Molly got it, the others were not looking forward to the prizes anymore.

However, Natasha was still listening to the host carefully.

“The second runner up for the Miss Misty Pageant is Natasha Mitchell!”

Upon hearing that, Natasha’s whole body quivered. The self-confidence she had always possessed had suddenly fallen to the ground and smashed into pieces. Her mind went blank for a moment.

There was thunderous applause coming from the crowd. Now that the second runner up had been disclosed, there was no surprise as to who would be the champion tonight.

“The champion of the Miss Misty Pageant is Sophia Edwards! Please come on stage, Misses Misty. Our guests will be presenting the awards!”

Molly and Sophia made their way up to the stage delightedly before standing in the middle of the stage and waving to the audience as a sign of appreciation. Natasha was the last one to come on stage. She put up an elegant smile, looking untarnished while the blazing spotlight concealed the darkness within her eyes.

The champion was standing in the center with the second and third runner up by her side. The guests were none other than the two idols and the chancellor of Bayside University.

Naturally, it was Michael who presented the champion’s trophy. Holding the hefty Miss Misty trophy, Michael moved toward Sophia and handed her the trophy with both hands. While doing so, he complimented gently, “Congratulations.”

When Sophia received the trophy from her idol, half of her face was still bulging. Not knowing whether it was because of the agony of the injury or the outrage of emotion, the moment Sophia raised her head, tears slid down from the corner of her eyes again, and she choked. “Thank you, senior.”

Michael felt his heart aching as he looked at Sophia’s pitiful appearance. Letting out a chuckle, he stretched out his arms and said, “Come on. Let me give you a hug.”

In the midst of the screams coming from the fans, Sophia and Michael held onto each other for a while.

Sophia was definitely the main attention of the audience right now. But Natasha, who had fallen into the background, was not pleased, and one could see it from her eyes. She clenched her delicate fingers in order to restrain herself while holding up her graceful smile nonetheless.

After Michael’s hug with Sophia, Harry was placed in an awkward position.

When it was his turn to pass Natasha the trophy for the second runner up, he would have to hug her too. Or else, the hug Michael had just given would seem suspicious in the eyes of the public.

Resisting the unwillingness in his heart, Harry gave Natasha a hug.

The chancellor also did the same thing and hugged Molly.

A deafening applause came from the audience. The school administration was finally able to sigh in relief. This was definitely the most thrilling Miss Misty Pageant Bayside University had ever organized in its 300 years of history.

The first thrilling event was the time when the competition was first established. Back then, the imperialists’ aircrafts were flying all over the venue, and they would be dropping bombs at any time. Risking the possibility of being bombed, the university carried on with the Miss Misty Pageant.

However, the performances this time had really left everyone in awe—the rap performance by Sophia was absolutely an interesting one.

Nevertheless, this was not the first time the university had come across such a sensational educational performance.

Twenty years ago, during the Mister Misty Pageant, a student had composed Pi into a symphony piece. He formed a huge orchestra team and performed for almost ten minutes. If it were not for the time requirement, he could have played it for three days and three nights.

That student was Cooper Mitchell.

After the award ceremony, the guests retired themselves from the stage, for it was about time for the Misses Misty to give their acceptance speech. The sequence followed the standing position, and so Molly was the one to go first.

After Molly, Sophia—who was standing in the center—was next.

The Sophia who was standing on stage today looked disheveled. Half of her face was swollen, and both of her nostrils were stuck with tissues to stop the flowing blood.

But no one felt that she was not qualified enough to be the champion.

After taking the microphone from Molly, Sophia began her speech in tears.

“I’m very honored to be your Miss Misty this year. I would like to thank those who have helped me; you’re the reason I’m standing here. Thank you for your generous support! I would also like to thank those who had hurt me in the past. Because of you, I’m now stronger than I have ever been! But the person I’m most grateful for is my husband.”

The students were in an uproar, eager to hear about Sophia’s husband.

She spoke, “Three years ago, I was framed by someone and got expelled from highschool. I had nowhere to go and was a homeless girl living under a bridge. In the past, I used to think that although I had nothing, I could still study. I believed that if I equipped myself with knowledge, I could still change my destiny. But I never thought that my only chance to change my fate would be taken away from me! During my most desperate and agonizing time in life, I met my husband. He gave me a home as well as love and warmth that I had never experienced in my lifetime. He sent me to the best school and gave me the opportunity to attend school with no worries while realizing my dream. When I was slandered, humiliated and discredited, he gave me the greatest trust I’ve ever known. I’m thankful for the support and love he’s given to me. He is the light of my life who’s given me warmth and has illuminated my future. And because of that, I’m no longer afraid and confused. Thank you, hubby.”

A round of applause came from the audience and judges. Michael, who was one of them, was also clapping his hands with all his might.

Wiping away her tears, Sophia proceeded, “I believe each and every one of you are curious about who my husband is and are wondering whether it’s true that he is an old and unattractive coal boss. Right now, I can tell you that my husband is a young and handsome man. He is also the kindest and best man I have ever met in my life! He is at the scene today, but I couldn’t announce his identity because I don’t think I deserve it!”

She doesn’t deserve him?

Everyone was puzzled. The champion of Bayside University’s Miss Misty Pageant, the most brilliant student in the whole campus, is not worthy?

Is her husband that powerful?

Upon hearing that, Michael knitted his brows.

But he heard Sophia continue to say, “My husband is a very outstanding person, so his partner should be someone as excellent as him. And that is why I’ll look up to him for my whole life. I’m trying to be someone as good as him, so that one day, I can become the woman who can stand beside him confidently! When the day comes, I will declare to the whole world that I am his woman—the woman that matches him the best in the whole world! Besides me, there can be no one who is as qualified as me standing beside him!”

Once again, another round of applause came from the crowd. Michael, who had been frowning in the panel, couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

Seems like my little chica has so much in her pretty little head!

But no matter what, I believe that the day is approaching!

She was Sophia Edwards—Cooper’s daughter and the best student. Her life goal shouldn’t be limited to only becoming Michael’s woman.

While Michael was clapping, he suddenly had an idea.

Following Sophia’s current development, he might be able to live on her salary about ten years from now!

How great would that be?

Everyone was in agreement with Sophia’s acceptance speech. Sophia then handed the microphone to Natasha, who was standing beside her.

Squeezing the microphone in one hand while holding the trophy in the other, Natasha faced the audience and spoke, “I’m not convinced.”

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The thunderous applause fell silent at once before everyone looked toward Natasha. She was holding her chin high, and in a straightforward manner, she said, “As the former Miss Misty, I think my performance was flawless. If there were no online voting session, I would’ve been the champion!”

The audience was in rumpus while the judges were glancing at each other in disbelief. No one had expected Natasha to make a scene at the very last moment. Even the host was embarrassed, not knowing what to say at that moment.

Looking at the audience and the judges, Natasha enunciated, “I request to forfeit both Sophia and my online votes. I want another round of voting!”

Instantly, the host turned to the judges in the panel, seeking help. Everything was about to lose control, and she just didn’t know what to do. Suddenly, Sophia took the microphone from her and replied, “As the Miss Misty of the year, I, too, think that my performance was impeccable. Even if there were no online voting, I would still be the champion!”

Upon hearing that, Natasha sneered coldly.

The Mitchells were very influential among Bayside University, and even Natasha was one of the best students in the university. The judges knew who they should be voting for; if there were no online voting session, which was manipulated by Sophia, she was nothing compared to Natasha!

After a brief discussion amongst the judges, the vice chancellor stood forward and agreed. “Since Natasha Mitchell is not convinced, we’ve decided to re-evaluate the score between the judges. Judges, please proceed with the re-score!”

The re-scoring began. The potential champions each stood at one side of the stage, and the host set off to collect the latest marks.

There were ten judges in total, and everytime they made an evaluation, they would remove the highest and lowest score before calculating the average to obtain the final mark of the contestant.

The calculation team had started a new round of calculation, and in the meantime, the situation was awkward. Trying to impress the audience, Natasha suggested, “Since there’s still some time left, I’ll perform a piece from Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 17.”

Regardless of everyone’s reaction, Natasha marched toward the piano and took her seat before starting her performance.

Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 17 was a very difficult piano piece, so the audience was impressed by the performance by Natasha, who was only seventeen. Even the piano lecturers from the music faculty were astonished.

A splendid piano melody echoed in the hall. Without Harry causing trouble, Natasha was in her best condition. If one knew how to play a piano, they would understand how accomplished she was in this field.

She believed that with her capability, the champion of Miss Misty Pageant would be her!

On the other hand, Sophia had exited the stage. As she cleaned her blood, she flirted with her idol, who was sitting in the panel.

Natasha, no matter how marvelous you are, I have someone behind the scene to help me!

Natasha’s skills were as good as a professional’s; even an experienced pianist could not compete with her.

After the song ended, the audience was amazed by the melody, and the hall was completely silent.

Looking at the reaction, Natasha was extremely satisfied with the sensation her performance had brought to the crowd.

She was confident that her marks from the judges would surpass Sophia’s!

Locking her gaze on the shiny trophy that was being held by Sophia, Natasha’s eyes were dazzling with confidence.

The one who could compete with her had not yet been born!

Meanwhile, Sophia was holding onto the trophy as she was minimizing her swelling with a cold pack. She was afraid to look at Natasha as she played.

From Natasha’s point of view, she figured that Sophia was trying to divert her attention from the embarrassment she felt because she knew she could never measure up to Natasha.

After a while, the judges had come out with the new results. The host hurriedly took the result and went up the stage. Taking a glance at Sophia, who was treating her face with a cold pack, and Natasha, who was sitting on the piano bench, she announced the scores. “After the judges reevaluated the scores, I now present to you the new champion of Miss Misty Pageant.”

The tension in the hall had reached its peak. Thousands of eyes fell on Natasha, who had already straightened up her figure, ready to accept the glory that belonged to her.

“Sophia Edwards!” the host suddenly uttered.

Natasha’s back trembled as she looked toward the host in bewilderment.

Yet the host was proceeding with her declaration enthusiastically. “The champion of the Miss Misty Pageant is still Sophia Edwards!”

Again, Sophia went up the stage with her trophy, accepting the applause given to her by the audience.

Natasha looked at the panel in shock, but she couldn’t help noticing that they were avoiding her gaze.

She stood up immediately and grabbed the microphone. In a stern voice, she protested, “I’m still not convinced with the result. I request to disclose the marks given by the judges and to listen to their opinions.”

Natasha wanted to see who was the one who had given her a low score! She wanted to know where these people had found the courage to give Sophia higher scores than they did her!

The judges looked at each other.

Make public the scores?

Instantly, some of the judges panicked. The scores were all given anonymously. If Natasha knew that they were the one who gave her a low mark, they would definitely be targeted.

The Mitchells were very powerful in the university, and perhaps, they would no longer be able to gain a foothold in the university ever again.

Everyone was so nervous, except for the three who had given her a zero.

While Michael was flirting with his wife, he silently tugged at Harry, who was sitting next to him.

Harry clicked his tongue and was forced to quit the mobile games he was playing on.

Urgh, it seems like today I’m destined to be the bad guy, and Michael will continue to act innocent!

Harry sat up suddenly. With a microphone in his hand, he announced, “Then I’ll be the first to disclose my score. I gave Sophia a perfect ten score and a zero to Natasha.”

Unable to believe what she had just heard, Natasha’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Harry continued, “Natasha, you’re indeed very outstanding, but from how I see it, something is missing from you. You are too arrogant, and you cannot accept failure. All I can see from your face is that you can’t bear to lose this competition!”

Natasha was taken aback.

Even the vice chancellor reported the score he gave. “Natasha, I’m really sorry. Though your resume is very good, and you’ve always been the number one, I think it is necessary for you to experience failure for you to grow. And that was why I gave you a zero.”

Finally, it was Michael’s turn. Gently, he smiled and said, “Sorry, Natasha, but I have also given you a zero. Both you and Sophia have something very conflicting with each other. She has experienced many failures, and everytime she fails, she finds the cause in herself. But you’re different; you only find excuses from others.”

Bewildered, Natasha took a few steps back. She had not expected Taylor to give her a zero too!

Before losing control over the audience, the host quickly announced, “The contest has come to an end. Honorable guests, you are all invited to make your way to the exit. Fellow students should leave the venue in an orderly manner under the lead of the staff.”

The guests retired themselves, and then the lights on the stage went out. Students started to leave the hall, and none of them had noticed a crisp sound coming from the darkness.

It was Natasha, who had just smashed the trophy on the ground and left the scene with her blood boiling.

As Michael was watching Natasha taking her leave, ruthlessness flashed through his eyes.

Seems like Natasha won’t stop here!

But if she ever dares to act rashly, I will also make a move!

Everything Natasha owns as the little princess of the Mitchells belongs to Sophia, the daughter of Cooper Mitchell!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 348

Knowing that she had performed extremely well today, Sophia left backstage as soon as she finished packing up her belongings. Meanwhile, Stanley and Sean had gone out together to have some barbecue.

Sophia met up with Michael outside of campus and immediately went straight to the hospital. The punches she got from Richard were painful, and she needed a full body checkup to make sure everything was okay. Fortunately, the results showed that she only had a minor open wound and several loose teeth.

To make sure that they could win the lawsuit, Sophia had requested her doctor to make some amendments to her appraisal, saying that she would have died from the punch. After that, they went to the police station to make a transcript and contacted Calvin to file her claim. She was going to make sure that the Harpers would go bankrupt from the lawsuit.

On their way home, Sophia snuggled into Michael’s arms; she wanted some kisses from her idol to cheer herself up. Michael clung onto her and comforted, “I guess you were frightened today. Do you want to get freaky and shake off your fright?”

Clutching onto his waist, Sophia didn’t dare to look up at him. She was still feeling embarrassed from the confession she had just made in public. Trying to camouflage her lustful desire, she faked her voice in a cutesy manner and responded, “Okay.” She wanted him to do it in formal wear!

The moment Michael saw the way Sophia had been looking at him today, he instantly knew what she wanted. She wanted seduction in a suit! He decided to give her a one stop package in the car since Nathan had been sent home earlier; there was no one to disturb them now. Thoughtfully, Hale took the long way as he drove them home.

On the next day of the competition, the university had made a series of announcements on the bulletin board. While Sophia’s gorgeous photo was placed at the top of the board, there was also an official notice to expel Xyla and Richard as a disciplinary action.

Both of them had packed their belongings and left the university in humiliation. Richard never thought that he would leave the university he had worked so hard for in such a degrading manner. How ironic!

Once he left Bayside University, there was no place for him in domestic universities. If he were to apply for an overseas university, he wouldn’t be able to make it into a good university either; the only way for him was to retake the college entrance exam. He was the heir of the Harper Group; who would believe that he was a university drop out!

Since vehicles were not allowed to drive on the path from the university’s gate to the academic buildings, Xyla and Richard had to walk all the way to the gate. As they were walking out, they had no choice but to listen to the whispers from the passing students.

“It’s the shameless couple! Have they really been expelled?”

“They attacked the police in public! Do you know how serious this can be? How can Bayside University possibly allow them to stay?”

“Tsk! What a shameless couple! I wonder how many nasty things they’ve done behind-the-scenes? It’d be better for the university to expel them. Otherwise, the school’s reputation will be ruined by them one day!”

“We should stay away from them! They have venereal disease!”

As Xyla listened to the nasty comments, she felt like she was stuck in a frozen cave. She couldn’t believe that as the daughter of the Huff Family, she would be leaving Bayside University like this one day. Leaving Bayside University meant that she would not have any academic qualifications in the future.

Moreover, the one who had made her like this was being crowned as this year’s Miss Misty of Bayside University. That b*tch! How can a humble bloodline like her… How could she… Hatred had snapped the last bit of consciousness in her.

As they made their way toward the gate, Richard took a final glance at the university. No matter how reluctant he was, this was a place he would never be able to come back to! A voice came from behind suddenly when Richard was about to get into the car. “Huff! Harper! You forgot to bring your files.”

As soon as they spun around, they saw a bunch of people surrounding them mischievously. Many of them were holding their phones, looking as if they were about to capture something. Leading the way, Stanley had two stacks of documents in his hands. “You forgot your files,” he said.

With a stony expression on his face, Richard marched forward to grab it. But before he could take them from Stanley, Stanley loosened his grip and the hot summer breeze blasted the documents into the air.

Richard’s outstretched hand paused in the air, and the veins on his displeased face burst. Somewhat taller than Richard, Stanley looked down on him and snapped, “Stop looking at me and pick those things up! Do you still want your files?”

After saying that, Stanley stepped onto the files as if it was an accident. Instantly, there was a big footprint on the ivory white paper.

Richard looked at Stanley coldly, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Stanley was one of the young masters of the Fletchers, so Richard didn’t have the courage to resist him. Bending his own arrogant figure, Richard picked up his documents.

“Hahaha!” There was a burst of gleeful laughter. The spectators were pointing at Richard as they took out their phones to take photos of him. This disgraceful scene was immediately uploaded onto the app developed by Stanley.

Everyone was finding this scene somewhat familiar; once, there had been a girl just like Richard. She knelt at the gate of the university, begging the university to keep her. She had used up every humble word one could find from this world, but they had failed to impress the parents.

In the end, she was still driven away by them in a cruel manner. The girl turned around as she wiped her tears; carrying her shabby luggage, she left the place which carried her hopes and dreams amidst the insult from the bystanders.

Stanley’s app had reached an unprecedented point of downloads and installation. Hence, the company held a meeting to celebrate its success. Stanley grabbed hold of Sophia’s hand and shook it vigorously while saying, “Sophia, we need you to go and mess around more in the future! The future of our app now depends on you!”

There were too many hot topics that came out on the day of the competition. Within a day, the number of app installations had broken the historical record and became the must-have app for the students at Bayside University. This was all thanks to Sophia!

Indeed, if this was an ordinary campus belle competition, there would not have been so many downloads. However, thanks to all the fuss created by Sophia, the fight with Natasha and her ex, as well as the topics created by the two idols, the downloads were impressive.

Not only had Sophia sent Xyla and Richard into the police station, she had also won the championship of the Miss Misty Pageant. At the same time, she also offended Natasha and got herself beaten up; even Harry had been publicly chastened in front of the crowd and on social media.

Looking at it as a whole, Stanley seemed to be the final champion. He had successfully put forward his app without spending much on promotion and endorsement costs.

Luckily, Stanley was very watchful; he had gotten his hands on exclusive live broadcast rights. With the high resolution recorded clips of Michael playing the turntable and Harry messing up, fans of both idols were attracted to download the app just to watch these video clips.

With that, the company became very busy over the next few days. They were afraid that the app would crash suddenly due to the enormous numbers of pageviews.

Everyone was particularly happy today; the seniors of the company had all come together. Stanley, Sophia, Sean and Sarah all gathered in a food stall to have some barbecue together. Stanley was so happy to the point of getting drunk on two glasses of wine, making his face flush incredibly red.

He patted Sophia’s shoulder and teased, “Sophia! It was a stroke of luck that you had slept with my uncle! I’m pretty sure that you saved the universe in another lifetime!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 349

“Look at you—you have small boobs, thick legs, and a big pie face. Even Sean looks better than you in women’s clothing! Why did my uncle even choose you? You are definitely not worthy of my uncle!”

Feeling unwell, Sophia took a sip of the beer. She had been malnourished when she was younger, so Sophia had been taking medicine to regulate her body for the past two years. She didn’t dare to drink too much alcohol after her recovery.

“Take a look at yourself, Stanley—how can you compare yourself to your uncle? He is so handsome. He is richer than you, way more mature than you, and treats people better than you!” Sophie retorted.

“It is what it is; there’s no changing the fact that I’ve already slept with your uncle! I’ve left my mark on your cherished uncle, and he is now mine! Please accept this!” added Sophia.

Stanley gulped down another two glasses of wine before he bellowed, “Come on, Sophie—let me tell you something! I have never seen a woman like you before. Even if all the women in the world die and you are the only one left, I still wouldn’t choose you at all!”

Then, he put his arms around Sean’s shoulders and said, “Sean and I won’t choose you even if our world falls apart! Hmph!”

Meanwhile, Sean was blushing on the other side.

Sophie shook her head and yelled, “You fool! Mind your own business!”

Stanley had drunk too much and started speaking nonsense to Sean.

“Hmph, let me tell you—I’m a good shooter. When my company makes money, I will be an overbearing president just like my uncle. You might ignore me today, but you won’t be able to reach my level in the future!”

Sophie patted him on the shoulder and said, “No matter what, I’d still be your aunt, Sundae Cone!”

Sitting on the other side, Sarah was speechless and stunned while looking at the two men hugging each other.

Sophia devoured two lamb skewers and took out her cell phone to take a look at the app.

At that moment, the app had boosted traffic on the Bayside University forum; the number of users on the app were extremely large. Moreover, the app was also available to high schools and was slowly being integrated into the city’s official app as well. Naturally, making such an app was not Stanley’s ultimate goal. He wanted to create mobile games and large-scale computer-server online games.

As she scrolled through the app, Sophia took a look at the forum for Bayside University. It was very lively, and all the students from the university had to register themselves with their student ID to enter this forum area.

The forum was also divided into categories such as daily exchanges, study topics, and so on. Sophia clicked on the entertainment tab and saw a post on the homepage that read, ‘Self-advanced Enclosure by Sarah’.

Sarah was someone popular on Bayside University’s forum, and everyone believed that she was from the Academy of Fine Arts. She would regularly post her own drawings in the forum, specializing in male to male sketches. Any two males could be drawn into dirty, indescribable figures with her own two hands.

Sophia realized that Sarah had posted a new picture, so she scrolled further down to have a look. The new picture depicted two beautiful teenagers; one of them had a buzz cut with a dark, grunge outfit while the other person was wearing a women’s dress with beautiful, blond hair. Based on both of their Adam’s apples, the pair seemed like boys.

The nakedness of the two boys was beyond description. It attracted a group of rotten girls to howl wildly.

Sophie looked at the picture and felt that she was about to have a nosebleed. All of a sudden, Stanley suddenly came over and laughed as he saw the picture, “Hey, isn’t this me and Sean? Hahahaha…” With that, he immediately snatched Sophie’s phone and shared the picture with Sean as he giggled.

“Look at the both of us… Why aren’t we dressed yet!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, who drew this? They made me look quite dashing!”

Sean looked at the unsightly yellow picture and his face turned red in anger. Sophie and Sarah, who had noticed this from the side, were afraid to speak.

Stanley was probably drunk and hadn’t realized what it exactly insinuated, but Sean wasn’t drunk; he could immediately tell what it was.

“Give me back my phone.” Sophia tried to snatch her phone back, but Stanley didn’t want to return it. Holding it up high, he made sure that Sophia wasn’t tall enough to reach it. He then laughed, “Nope, I’m not going to return it. Hehehe…”

Suddenly, a hand reached out from behind Sophia and snatched the phone away. A clear and sexy subwoofer came from behind as he said, “You guys are drinking!”

Sophie shrank in fright upon hearing that voice. When she turned around, she saw Michael. She hadn’t realized that he was there at all.

He was wearing casual sportswear and a peaked cap, keeping one hand in his pocket casually while the other hand held Sophia’s phone.

Sophie looked at the food stall she was sitting at, as well as the messy beer cans and skewers on the table. Afraid that Michael would get angry, she did not speak at all.

He’s such a classy person; he’s probably never eaten at such a roadside stall. He might even hate this kind of setting!

When Stanley saw Michael coming, he probably felt the same fear as Sophie as he was drunk. He immediately pointed at Sophie and said, “Uncle, it was my aunt who wanted to make her way here. I didn’t bring her here. How could I possibly eat at this kind of roadside stall!? Right, aunt…”

Sophie glared at him fiercely. You silly dog, you were the one who insisted on coming here!

She quickly clarified, “Sundae Cone said that he wanted to get skewers, and he even poured me a drink. I have the Messenger records to prove it!”

Much to their surprise, Michael was not angry at all. Instead, he grabbed a stool, sat down, and ordered some food for himself, “Boss, I’d like eight meat skewers, two grilled fish, two charcoal-grilled eels, and five shrimps.”

Sophie was stunned. Was her Lord here to have some skewers as well? Did her pristine and classy Lord love having skewers too?

Feeling as though she was in a dream, she took the opportunity to complain about Stanley and said, “Stanley is so stingy—he doesn’t even want to order crayfish for us!”

Micahel looked at Stanley and ordered loudly, “Boss, give us one big pot of crayfish!”

As he sat down, Stanley said with a smile, “Uncle, all those dishes are aphrodisiac and strong. Can you eat that many?”

Michael looked down at Sophie’s phone and said, “As long as your aunt can withstand it.”

Sophie was stunned for two seconds before she understood the meaning behind Michael’s words and blushed wildly.

Stanley scratched his head and thought for a long time before he actually understood the meaning. His thick eyebrows were erect and his eyes stared straight at them, but there was nothing he could do.

Michael lowered his head and looked at Sophia’s cell phone. As soon as he unlocked it, he read through the entire post seriously and took in every single photo.

Meanwhile, Sophia’s eyes rounded with fright. Sarah was Henry’s diehard fan. While she typically drew Henry only, she occasionally included other idols as well, including Harry and Taylor!

She quickly snatched her phone in a twinkle of an eye and changed the subject with a silly smile, “I want to have some boubouche, Dear!”

Michael did not say anything, nor did he comment on the little dirty picture he saw; he simply ordered a serving of boubouche.

Shortly later, all their dishes were served. Sophia dug into the crayfish happily while Stanley and Michael talked to each other.

“Uncle, why do you have such good luck? You bought such a good aunt for 80,000!”

He then added, “My aunt can program, handle the finances, deal with the business-side of things, and even act as the company spokesperson by dressing up. She’s super talented! I want one as well!”

Michael peeled two shrimps carefully, eating one himself before putting the other into Sophia’s bowl. He then returned Stanley’s words, “Although I am an actor on the outside, Sundae Cone, I am actually a businessman. I bought your aunt at a low price, so if I were to sell her off, I’d ask for a high price. If you like her, I can give you a family discount.”

Stanley was exhilarated, “How much is it, Uncle? Can I pay you in installments?”

Michael looked at him as he raised his eyebrows and smiled sullenly, “You can have her in exchange for your life.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 350

As soon as Michael uttered those words, Stanley did not dare to talk anymore and avoided him in a desperate manner.

After polishing off their skewers, Sophia and Michael went home together while a drunken Stanley held onto Sean for support as they walked off. Meanwhile, the ever-so-silent Sarah followed Sean closely behind since her family lived next door to him.

Their houses were just a stone’s throw away, and Sophia seemed quite happy as she walked along the way. One wouldn’t know if her good mood was due to the company’s performance or the fact that she just had some roadside skewers with her Lord.

She didn’t know that her Lord could also be so grounded and knew how to enjoy a good roadside skewer!

Michael wore some casual sports attire with a baseball cap. The brim of the cap shaded his face, so no one could recognize him as the shadow concealed his facial features.

The night under the neon lights of Bayside City was very subtle. Both of them walked in the faint halo of the street lights on the side of the road; their shadows entangled with each other as they went along, making it indistinguishable.

City management personnel had gone off work by then and all the vendor stalls were out. With a glance, Sophia caught sight of a ring tossing booth in front of her. She wanted to have a go at it, but she restrained herself since her Lord was there. Although her Lord had accompanied her for skewers, he would not necessarily associate himself with such lowly carnival games meant for the lower class.

Much to her surprise, Michael’s footsteps stopped right in front of the stall. He then invited her in a low voice, “Come on—should we play a game before going home?”

Sophia nodded excitedly upon hearing that.

Michael felt for his wallet, paid the fee and received 10 rings. As he held the rings in one hand, he asked Sophia, “Which prize do you want?”

Sophia glanced at the tiny booth and pointed to a pink piggy bank in the shape of a cat, “That pink cat!”

Michael’s eyes locked in on the cat and threw the ring in his hand lightly. The bamboo ring glided through the air, trapping the piggy bank which Sophia had chosen earlier. Both Sophia and the stall owner were shocked. Wow, he’s so accurate!

All of a sudden, Sophia suddenly remembered that Michael was a retired special force!

The stall owner took out the piggy bank dejectedly and gave it to Sophia. On the contrary, Sophia took it happily.

Michael picked up another ring and asked, “Which one do you want?”

Since her Lord rarely did this kind of stuff, Sophia quickly replied before he could change his mind and said, “I’d like that cup!”

Michael concentrated on the cup, and those sharp facial features of his came into Sophia’s view; the sight of him was deeply imprinted in her heart…

With a flick of the wrist, Michael tossed the ring slightly once again and managed to secure it. Sophia was so happy that she took the cup from the stall owner and rubbed it excitedly.

Much to the stall owner’s horror, Michael used up all 10 rings and acquired five to six prizes from it. Michael deliberately missed the last two targets, or else he would have definitely gone home with 10 prizes that night.

Sophia took the prizes home happily; the piggy bank, small ornaments, and delicate cups looked simply lovely.

Michael held the piggy bank in one had and several other prizes in his pocket. Naturally, he had to free up a hand to hold Sophia’s. As he hid under his baseball cap, he looked at her happy face; there was a smile of contentment on his as well.

He could feel that she was removing all her defenses and sensitivity little by little; Sophia was slowly opening up her heart to him…

It was the weekend the next day. Since Michael had eaten such aphrodisiac skewers, he had quite a bit of strength in him. The one who suffered was Sophia, and she did not get up until noon the next day. During lunch, she caught sight of Harry and Daniel arriving at the house. They seemed to be discussing something in the living room, so she went back into her study and did some revision after finishing up her meal.

In just one night, Sophia obtained many cute little ornaments on her desk. The little gifts given by her Lord motivated her immensely.

Michael was in the living room discussing something important with Harry and Daniel. Suddenly, he saw a dog’s head as it smashed into the door and opened it. The dog’s paw rubbed dust on the entrance carpet and swaggered into the room. “Hey, you silly dog!” Catching sight of it as well, Harry reached out and gently caressed the dog’s head. The dog was a Husky, and it belonged to Stanley. Stanley often brought his dog along when he visited, but as time passed, Stanley’s visits became less frequent; nonetheless, the Husky knew how to make its way over. After coming in and getting a rub from Harry, the Husky sneaked into the kitchen to find something to eat. After a good meal in the kitchen, it slipped upstairs and entered Sophia’s study.

“You naughty puppy—you’re here again!” exclaimed Sophia. When she saw the dog coming in, she opened her snack drawer and took out some treats for him. Sophia kept a drawer of snacks in her study since she liked to nibble on something while she studied. There was beef jerky, pork chop, as well as a little yellow book hidden in her collection. Michael occasionally dropped by to watch over her as she studied; if he were to find out about this book, she would be doomed! However, he did not usually open her snack drawer, so she put the little yellow book in it with confidence.

After feeding some beef jerky to the dog, she continued to watch her live lecture with headphones on.

After eating some beef jerky, the Husky sneaked into the snack box and quietly left with the small yellow book in its mouth.

Unfortunately, the book was caught by Harry. “Hey, you’re quite the silly dog, aren’t you? You eat and drink for nothing, yet you take other people’s belongings as well! Come on—show me what you’ve got there!” Harry took the book from the puppy’s mouth and turned over a page. It was horrifying, and it tainted his eyes so much that it hurt. He threw the book in front of Michael and asked, “Your wife reads this kind of pornography. Are you even aware of it?”

Michael watched the TV earnestly. Without moving his eyes, he answered, “Doesn’t matter.”

“Tsk, why are these young girls’ minds so impure?!” he shrieked.

Michael replied indifferently, “It is quite normal for girls in their teens and 20s to read stuff like this. She’s usually under great pressure from studying, so it’s not a bad thing to read something erotic once in a while to relieve the stress.”

In fact, Michael had secretly looked into Sophia’s snack drawer to survey the kind of snacks she usually ate. He was concerned if these snacks were beneficial to her production, development, nourishment and beauty. Naturally, he was already aware about her ‘secret stash’ too.

“Can this be considered a hobby?! Is this how someone relieves their pressure from studying?!” Harry patted the little yellow book and pointed to one of the indescribable little yellow pictures of Taylor and Joel.

The first page was a drawing of Ethan and Taylor, followed by another picture of Ethan and Daniel. There were even sketches of Ethan and Joel, Ethan and Michael, Ethan and Sean, and even Ethan and a puppy!

“Is this what you call a hobby? Tell me this isn’t a hobby at all! Did you read such materials to relieve your stress back when you were studying?!”

Without opening his eyes, Michael frowned slightly and said, “Don’t show it to me—it’ll only hurt my eyes.”

“So you do know that it taints the eyes!” yelled Harry.

His eyes were about to go blind!

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