My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 321-330

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 321

Right at that moment, the robot’s alarm went off and it alerted her that something was approaching fast. She immediately switched the robot to sleep mode and it looked just like a normal robot.

Even if someone noticed it, they would only think that it was a toy robot that had accidentally fallen onto the floor. However, Xyla paled in shock when she saw that thing approaching.

Within seconds, the robot was brutally dragged, crashed and hit around while being bitten by something. Soon, the image disappeared and it was no longer connectable. It seemed like it was damaged. The last scene that transmitted was a ferocious dog head.

It seemed like the dog in Sophia’s house noticed the robot. Actually, it turned out to be better since it helped Xyla to destroy the evidence. Those pictures were sufficient!

Meanwhile in Villa No.8 at The Imperial, Sophia, who wore a pink bunny loungewear, was sitting beside Michael. She kept her head low and didn’t dare to make a sound. On the opposite sofa sat the vice chancellor of Bayside University, a serious expression on his face.

“—It’s a big issue that Sophia took the examination for somebody else. She was recorded by the surveillance camera and according to the university regulations, she must be given a demerit!”

Recently, some lecturers noticed that an academic underachiever, who had always struggled to pass had suddenly scored three full marks in a row and became the top of the class. Therefore, the lecturer had to look into it. After investigating, they found something fishy.

It turned out that the academic underachiever found someone to take the examination for him. It was the second year’s Physics midterm examination but the one who took the examination was a first-year from economic law. Most importantly, she was the top of the class!

Further investigation revealed that it was Sophia. They were shocked that she took the examination for someone else! In the past hundred years since Bayside University was founded, this was the first time something like that happened.

The course lecturer didn’t know how to settle this matter. If he were to punish her, he would lose such a genius student, who took the second year’s examination when she was just in her first year and was studying a different major! If they let her off, he would be violating the university’s regulations. If the higher levels investigated it, he would be the one suffering the consequence.

He didn’t breathe a word to anyone and just secretly reported it to the vice chancellor. After hearing about that, the vice chancellor checked on those who had achieved an unbelievable high score recently, especially those underachievers that suddenly passed with flying colors.

Upon checking, he realized that Sophia was involved in all those cases. Even more surprising, she worked part-time at the university by specifically taking examinations for the others! Therefore, the vice chancellor paid them a visit in person today.

Hearing that she was getting a demerit, Sophia instantly tugged anxiously on Michael’s matching pajamas. Michael held her hand and laughed. “It’s a small matter. She just took examinations for the others. You can just turn a blind eye to that!”

The vice chancellor hesitated. How could he turn a blind eye to that? Taking examinations for others was an extremely serious issue! However, the decision to give Sophia a disciplinary action had yet to be discussed.

Michael went to sit beside the vice chancellor and patted his shoulder. “My chica is such a high achiever in academics. Can you bear to give her a disciplinary action?”

The vice chancellor almost pulled his hair out in frustration. Sophia was indeed a rare genius, who scored the highest from South Bayside Highschool during the university entrance examination. Other than losing marks in subjective questions, she almost scored full marks in objective questions.

She had completed her grade examination during her first year and even passed two language grade examinations. She not only passed the grade examination for her major but also ‘helpfully’ passed a few examinations for others.

Lately, she had been attending classes at the School of Computer Science. According to the course lecturer, she was coping well. The last student that had such great talent was Cooper Mitchell…

However, the vice chancellor refused to give in. “Michael, you know it too. Although I’m your uncle, I’m also the vice chancellor of Bayside University. This is violating my principle…”

“I’ll donate a multipurpose building,” Michael said absentmindedly.

The vice chancellor’s will started to waver.

“With an addition of five million in student grants.”

Upon hearing that, the vice chancellor remained upright on the outside but his heart was roaring with excitement.

Michael continued, “Set a date and venue. I’ll even give a talk.”

“Alright. You can leave the rest to me!” The vice chancellor was waiting for that; he quickly patted his chest and agreed. Truth be told, he wasn’t planning to give Sophia a demerit since the start. He came here today just to ask Michael about the talk. Five years ago, Michael promised to give a talk at Bayside University but it wasn’t fulfilled even till now!

Only after the vice chancellor and Michael agreed on the time and venue for the talk did he leave gleefully. He not only fixed a time for the talk, he also gained a building! This was truly a rewarding trip.

Michael sent the vice chancellor off. When he came back, he saw Sophia sitting obediently on the sofa in the living room, seemingly waiting for his criticism. Since she was so adorable, how could he bear to criticize her? Gently, he pinched her cheeks and said, “Alright.

I’m not going to criticize you today. Go complete your homework now. After that, clean up and wait for me in the room.”

Blushing, Sophia bowed her head and dashed up the stairs. Watching as she rushed up the stairs, Michael looked satisfied. Gemma chose that moment to appear. “Boss, I intercepted a signal just now and found a sneak shot robot. However, it is already destroyed by Young Master Stan’s dog.”

Michael raised his eyebrows. “Did it take any photos?”

Gemma replied, “It captured a photo where the vice chancellor and madam held hands.”

Michael touched his chin and smiled. “Let it be for now. I want to see what they are up to.”

Meanwhile, Stanley was still in Sophia’s study. He had been here since this morning because he wanted to discuss some academic theories with Sophia. He already had his hands full studying while building a career. At the same time, he had to squeeze some time to tutor Sophia because he realized that she was indeed gifted in this respect. If he trained her now, she could work for him in the future.

Nathan sat to one side, staring at Stanley while he tutored Sophia. At that moment, Stanley’s huge Husky suddenly bumped open the door with its head, carrying a toy robot in his mouth. Nathan instantly spotted the toy in the dog’s mouth and he grabbed at it, playing with it curiously.

Stanley, who saw the toy, immediately recognized it upon closer inspection. “Nate, where did you get that toy from? That is a sneak shot robot!”

A sneak shot robot? Looking at the toy that Judge had bitten and damaged beyond recognition, Sophia was shocked. If she wasn’t mistaken, that robot was sent in along with the pile of gifts from Joe. Did it secretly take any photos? Judging from the current condition of the robot, it was probably damaged. It couldn’t take photos now, could it?

Stanley brought some tools and dismantled the robot within seconds. Upon checking the chip and internal installation, he said, “This model of sneak shot robot that is created by Huffs Technology can be turned into anything requested by the clients. It can be controlled remotely but it’s weak in distinguishing objects. Besides, it has an obvious weakness. It can’t withstand any knocks so Judge can crush it into pieces with a bite.” Judge replied with a bark.

After dismantling that robot, Stanley connected its storage chips to the computer. He then found some photos including the vice chancellor and a photo that showed the vice chancellor holding hands with Sophia.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 322

After checking the photos, Sophia was relieved that it didn’t capture any footage of Michael. As long as Michael wasn’t in the photo, she had nothing to be afraid of.

It was late at night when Stanley finally left with his dog whereas Sophia washed up and waited for Michael on the bed. Michael looked at the perfectly fair body that was laid in front of him like a delicacy on a white jade plate. Gently, he got on top of her and pinned her to the bed. After pondering, he took out a condom from the drawer.

He longed for a child and Nathan to have a sibling as well. However, Sophia was still young and she had yet to enjoy her life. Besides, she wasn’t prepared to be a mother. Therefore, he postponed his plan of having a child to two years later… Most importantly, she had a hard life when she was young and had always suffered from malnutrition.

After she came here, she had been taking traditional medicine to nurse her health. Currently, her menstruation cycle was still irregular so it would be difficult to become pregnant. Even if she got pregnant, it would be difficult to bring the child to term. Therefore, it would be better to nurse her health before having a child.

The next day was a weekend so Sophia didn’t have classes. However, she still woke up early as usual. After having her breakfast, she went to the study to work on her own matters. Meanwhile, Hale brought a few of the sneak shot robots that he found yesterday to Michael.

Night had descended and Michael didn’t see Sophia and Nathan come out for dinner. Even their lunch was sent upstairs by Maria. Curious, he opened the door to the study and peeked inside, only to see a floor full of parts while Sophia was welding something with an electric iron.

The study was filled with a pungent rubber odor. Among the parts stood a tall robot. Noticing Michael, Sophia immediately waved her hand, beckoning him over to look at the new item that she made. “Dear, look. I made a toy for Nate!”

The new toy was a 1 meter tall robot and looked like it was made up of several small robots. He had no idea how she made it, allowing the new robot to be controlled by one remote control. It was extremely agile. Nathan was overjoyed as he controlled the robot to walk around the room.

Michael crouched and looked carefully at the robot. This was not a simple work that combined a few robots together. In fact, this robot had an extremely delicate and complicated internal structure. It required in-depth professional knowledge to be able to make it. He asked Sophia, “You made this?”

Sophia nodded happily. “Yeah. I memorized it when Stanley dismantled it yesterday.”

“You memorized it by just watching it once?” Michael wasn’t convinced.

Scratching her head, Sophia said, “I searched for some information on the internet and followed it.”

Michael was at a loss for words. He could only stroke her head and praise her, “You’re awesome. Keep it up. In the future, you’d be able to dismantle anything you like.” Years later, he felt that he was totally crushed by Cooper’s gene yet again. Never mind. This gene would be his in the future!

In the past, Sophia’s talents did not have the chance to be properly developed due to the restrictions of her environment. Now that the conditions were favorable, she could do anything she liked and all her talents were starting to surface.

In the past, Cooper was a genius in electronic technology. Mitchell Hi-Tech Group was among the best in the country and occupied a large market share in the world. During its heyday, more than half of the people in the world installed the company’s product in their computer.

Even to this day, the Mitchell Family could still stand firmly feeding on Cooper’s wealth. Being the son-in-law of such an impressive father-in-law was extremely stressful!

After working on it for two days, Sophia finally assembled the robot. Using the directions that she got from the internet and the knowledge that she learned, she assembled a few robots into one.

The final product stood at 1 meter tall. She then added Nathan’s remote-controlled robot into it and upgraded the robot. Now, the robot could even carry out simple instructions through remote control.

Nathan carried the 1-meter-tall robot and played with it excitedly in the garden, controlling the robot with the remote control. The robot could even play in the sand with them, which was more intelligent than those robots in the past.

Furthermore, surveillance cameras were installed all over the robot, which allowed it to give simple responses according to the surrounding situation.

Michael still couldn’t believe it. He repeatedly watched the surveillance footage in Sophia’s study. In the footage, she dismantled the robot that was created by Huffs Technology and worked on it using her tools as well as changing the circuit. She even told Hale to buy a few more of it and dismantled several robots before assembling them together.

When she met with a question, she would call Stanley or ask Gemma. If she couldn’t figure it out, she would look it up on the internet. In just two days, she managed to reinvent a robot. And now, Nathan couldn’t stop playing with it.

Scratching his head, Michael felt that he was looking at an upgraded Cooper.

At this time, a group of children were playing with the robot in the garden. They were laughing and the one with the loudest giggle was Nathan. Even Michael had never seen him laughing so happily in a long while. Right now, Nathan was so proud.

Once he showed his toys, everyone was green with envy at him. They envied that he had a talented mother. Nathan himself was extremely proud that he had an impressive mother too! This mother was truly worth every penny!

After playing with the robot for two days, Sophia had to return to university for classes. In the morning, she attended the classes for her major. In the afternoon, she attended classes at the School of Computer Science. When she arrived at the university today, she noticed people looking at her weirdly. Did something happen again?

In the afternoon, when she went to the class at School of Computer Science, someone came to enlighten her as soon as she stepped in the class. “Aunt Sundae Cone, look! Someone fabricated stories that you married the vice chancellor. There are even photos to prove it!”

In general, game design and development students were mostly boys and they were not interested in gossip. However, everyone in the class seemed excited today. Looks like this incident was causing quite a sensation.

Sophia turned on her phone and logged onto Bayside University’s forum. As soon as she logged in, she saw the top post, ‘Unbelievable! The vice chancellor married a student!’

This post was sent with a real name. The author of the post was a student who was expelled from Bayside University. Although he was expelled, Bayside University’s student forum didn’t update its information synchronously. Therefore, he could still log into the forum.

This news was even more shocking than the news of a student providing for another student. After all, the vice chancellor marrying a female student was unheard of! There were photos in the post and it looked like it was taken in a living room

. A girl in leisurewear was holding hands intimately with a man in his 50s. The photo wasn’t blurred out so everyone could easily recognize that it was Sophia and the vice chancellor.

“This must be the photo that is secretly taken by the robot that day,” Stanley suddenly appeared from behind and analyzed it while furrowing his eyebrows.

He had seen the photos in the robot’s memory chip and they were indeed identical to photos in the post. It turned out that this was their objective. The vice chancellor married a female student? The person who secretly took the photo truly had great imagination.

As soon as the post was published, it spread throughout the university like a wildfire. Even people who didn’t check the forum knew about it. After all, it was the first time they ever heard a vice chancellor marrying a female student. Most importantly, the vice chancellor bought his wife. The vice chancellor had actually spent 80 thousand to buy a female student as his wife?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 323

The comments below the post were extremely offensive.

‘No wonder she has great results. It turns out that she’s the wife of the vice chancellor!’

‘The girl in the post is Sophia Edwards, a first-year junior in School of Business Management and Law. Some time ago, I heard that she married an old man. It turns out that it’s the vice chancellor. Now it makes sense!’

‘Pfft. Our vice chancellor really is something.’

‘I heard that this girl is always absent for classes. I don’t believe that there’s nothing going on since she plays truant frequently and still ranks among the top in examinations.’

‘No wonder a five-year-old kid joined the junior class this year. So that’s the vice chancellor’s son. It makes sense now!’

Bayside University had the hardest entrance examination in all of Cethos. Those who successfully entered the university worked extremely hard for years. Others even paid a hefty sum of university construction fees. Now that they found out someone could easily enter the university by marrying the vice chancellor, everyone was in an uproar. Some even sarcastically told Nathan off. Many of them only managed to enter the university and became a first-year junior at the age of over 20. How could someone enter Bayside University at such a young age? However, there had been too much false information on the forum lately so many students were skeptical too.

‘It’s not really convincing. They’re just shaking hands. What does it prove? This is not the first time Sophia is framed. The person who secretly takes this photo harbors sinister intentions.’

‘Richard Harper, who previously fabricated stories that she was bought off by a male classmate, has been circulated a notice.’

‘A photo can tell a story which is fabricated. It’s all the same method and plot. Normally, there will be a twist after a few days.’

‘Even if they’re really married, what does it have anything to do with us? After all, she really is a high achiever in academics. So what if they are an old husband and young wife?’

Sophia briefly read through the comments. Then, she put down her phone and continued reading her books. On the contrary, Stanley felt anxious. “Aren’t you going to do anything about it?”

While flipping through her notebook, Sophia replied, “It’s just a rumor. I’m not affected by it at all. What can they do to me? I’m very busy and I don’t have the time for these things.” After experiencing life and death, she was completed unaffected by these insignificant rumors. What could they do to her? It’s not like they would eat her or break her leg. Would Bayside University expel her due to a rumor? All she needed to do now was study hard and piss off those haters that created trouble for her. Weren’t they trying to make things difficult for her in Bayside University? Well then, she would show them the exact opposite! She suddenly understood Michael’s attitude of remaining calm when he faced rumors that flooded the internet.

Stanley was speechless. Why was she acting the same way as his uncle? The main party wasn’t anxious but the surrounding people panicked for them. As their nephew, he was panicking like a cat on hot bricks.

While Sophia concentrated on the class and her studies, Stanley could no longer remain quiet. He started to discuss a solution with a few of his fellow classmates. Due to the highly disproportionate numbers of girls and boys in School of Computer Science, it was termed as ‘gay school’.

Girls had always been rare in the gay school so when Sophia came, everyone either intentionally or unintentionally paid attention to her. Although she didn’t spend long hours here, her character as an academic overachiever had been deeply engraved in their hearts. No one believed that rumor.

Everyone had been suppressing their anger, waiting to strike when the time is right. Yet, the vice chancellor was even more anxious than the gay school. Yesterday, Joe visited him for no reason and claimed that he came to visit as family. He even called him his son-in-law, saying that since he married Sophia, he was now his son-in-law.

The vice president felt so confused and chased Joe away in a huff. Unexpectedly, Joe went off his rocker and started to curse him in the office.

He threatened that he must recommend Faye for admission to a graduate school since he bought his daughter with 80 thousand. Otherwise, he would expose this incident to the public! Boiling with rage, the vice president called security to drag Joe out.

After someone told him to read the post in the forum only did he know what had happened. They thought that he married Sophia and that he was the old and ugly coal mine owner that bought Sophia with 80 thousand?

They even thought he was Nathan’s father? Sophia faked her high school results? And Nathan faked his university entrance qualification? The vice president almost exploded in anger!

He had spent several decades at Bayside University since his bachelor’s degree to doctorate, and stayed at the university to work as a lecturer. His wife was also a lecturer in Bayside University whereas his son was studying at the postgraduate department.

Every lecturer in the university knew about that except the students because they wanted to keep a low profile. He was greatly misunderstood.

Yesterday, the vice chancellor had just informed everyone that Sophia’s husband would be donating a multipurpose building and a few million in student grants. Yet today, someone fabricated stories about them.

The leader of the university attached great importance to this matter and immediately started to identify the person who spread the rumors by checking the IP address.

To their dismay, they found that the culprit was someone who had been expelled years ago and they had no way to find him since he had gone overseas. The post in the forum was deleted but it couldn’t stop the rumors from spreading like a virus. In this era of networking, nothing could remain concealed.

Right at that moment, Joe came to cause trouble again. Upon knowing that his son-in-law was the vice chancellor of Bayside University, Joe was over the moon. The vice chancellor was someone prominent too; he was one of the Fletchers!

All the information he had about his son-in-law, such as old and ugly, crazily wealthy, from the Fletcher Family, wasn’t married nor had a son, it all matched the vice president. Besides, he was also at Ethan’s charity banquet that day and coupled with Sophia’s attitude of concealing something, he was sure that the vice chancellor was his son-in-law!

Having the vice chancellor of Bayside University as his son-in-law meant that his daughter, Faye, was guaranteed an admission to a graduate university no matter how poor her results were!

The rumor had just spread two days ago and the Edwards had come to inquire about that. If he could establish a connection with the vice chancellor of Bayside University, he could decide the eligibility of all the younger generations in the Edwards Family to get into Bayside University!

Getting into Bayside University was beyond difficult. Those with poor results couldn’t get in no matter how much they offered to pay for the university construction fee. If he had this connection, his status in the Edwards Family would rise steadily!

Joe couldn’t wait to let everyone know that he was the father-in-law of Bayside University’s vice chancellor. After being chased out, he went to the university to throw his weight around again. This time, he sneaked in through the back door.

Once he barged into the vice chancellor’s office, he started to acknowledge his relationship with the vice chancellor. The vice chancellor was enraged and almost got into a fight with him which caused him to be quickly escorted out by security. Once again, Joe was thrown out of the university.

It was quite a distance from the vice chancellor’s office to the nearest university entrance. Therefore, the students along the way heard Joe as he shouted in his loud voice, “Fletcher, I’m your father-in-law. You will be punished by the gods sooner or later if you do this to me!

Take a good look, everyone! A son-in-law is hitting his father-in-law! My daughter is really unfortunate to marry you. Sophia, my daughter! Where are you? Your husband is beating me to death! Do any of you know Sophia, who’s in the first year? Call her over. I’m her father and her husband is hitting me!”

It was right when classes ended at noon. All the students along the way heard his shouts and thought of the post in the forum. Many that didn’t believe the rumor at first finally believed it now. So it was true that Sophia was married to the vice chancellor!

Everyone whispered excitedly as they watched Joe get carried away. Xyla stood among the crowd, feeling content. Sophia, your scandal is finally exposed! Let’s see whether you’d still be able to stay at Bayside University! Weren’t you dreaming of becoming famous using Bayside University as a springboard? I’ll have you know that a peasant will always be a peasant!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 324

The scandal of the vice chancellor marrying a female student would bring the reputation of Bayside University into disrepute if it was leaked to the public. By that time, it’d be much easier for the university to expel Sophia once she incited the students to protest.

When the vice chancellor was informed that Joe couldn’t stop cursing, the former chased him out of anger. “Shut up!”

Joe was a rascal who wouldn’t know what it meant to shut up, so he continued to shout, “How dare you ask me to shut the f*ck up? I’m your father-in-law and my daughter, Sophia, is your wife! Why didn’t you ask me to be silent when you slept with her?”

Upon hearing those obscene words, the vice chancellor almost vomited blood before instructing the security guard, “Carry him out!” The security guard then dragged Joe away.

The matter caused a great sensation. Upon receiving the news, Bayside University’s students had arrived in swarms and caused the road to be congested. Numerous phones were held out and even electric cars were blocked on the road. The issue grew like a snowball and not more than ten minutes later, the road was completely packed with people.

Richard saw the news on the IG Stories. When he rushed over, he had arrived in time to witness what was being unfolded. It turned out that Sophia had married the vice chancellor! She is truly impressive.

No wonder she was able to successfully enroll in Bayside University and even passed all the examinations even though she frequently skipped classes. It was all because the vice chancellor supported her! How disgusting! In order to enter the university, she was willing to marry an old man, who was over 50!


Joe resembled an animal being transported to the butcher, screaming shrilly, “Fletcher, I’ll sue you for abusing my daughter. I’ll make my daughter divorce you! Just wait and I’ll see you in court. I’ll make you lose all your money!”

The vice chancellor flushed with anger. Upon noticing that the students had swarmed in, he shouted, “Fat b*stard, listen up. I didn’t marry your daughter. I know who your son-in-law is, but I won’t tell you because you don’t deserve to know his name!”

“Pfft, old man, let me tell you. Don’t you ever think that you can abuse her as you wish since she’s alone. She has a family too. Sophia is my daughter! Do you hear that? If you dare to abuse her, I’ll take you down no matter what!”

“Shut up!”

“I won’t! What’s the matter? Are you ashamed now? Didn’t you feel ashamed when you married my daughter? You are a filthy old man who only wants young women!”

Both of them cursed at each other from a distance apart, and even the students enthusiastically joined the discussion. It had been a long time since Bayside University became lively!

The crowded students suddenly separated from each other in that moment. It turned out that Sophia had arrived. She wasn’t intending to poke her nose in the matter since there would be someone more anxious than her and would naturally settle it for her.

However, she saw the video of Joe blabbering on IG stories as well as the alumni group website. In the video, the vice chancellor, who was over 50, was being mocked and scolded, resulting in his face being flushed red. Not only that, but he lost his virtue in his old age and received criticisms for no reason. She decided to come over out of guilt.

Once she arrived, she just happened to witness the drama between the two old men. The crowd parted and took the initiative to create a path for her. She walked through the crowd and was escorted by a group of seniors and juniors from the gay school behind her.

Upon noticing her, Joe was overjoyed and shouted, “My daughter, you’re finally here. Please lecture your husband!” He pushed the two security guards aside and dashed toward Sophia. However, before he could, two seniors from the gay school walked out behind her and stopped him with two slaps.

Sophia glanced at the students around them, who enjoyed watching the commotion—Xyla, who watched smugly, was among them as well as Richard, who looked utterly disgusted.

Faye was also there, but pretended that she was not part of the Edwards. She saw everyone with her own eyes. Then, she raised her hand while Gemma placed a loudspeaker on her palm.

Upon lifting the loudspeaker and facing it at Joe, she enunciated each and every word. “Joe, I’m not your daughter!” Her voice was clearly transmitted into the ears of those who were present.

Joe clenched his teeth and flew into rage. “You unfilial daughter! How dare you deny our relationship? Aren’t you afraid that I—”

Sophia detested the fact that half of her bloodline had belonged to Joe. Looking at his disgusting face, she recalled that the helpless Annabel was molested and raped by the ugly monster 20 years ago.

How she wished that she could have slapped him several times on Annabel’s behalf. Although she knew that she should keep her family’s dirty laundry private, she could no longer hold back since he was only interested in money and disregarded her reputation.

Sophia said stoically, “Joe, speaking from your conscience, do you deserve to be my father?”

Joe stomped his feet in anger, causing his fat to jiggle. “I’m your father. Half of your life belongs to me, so I’m your father, no matter what!”

Clenching her teeth, she sneered. “I came today just to explain three matters. I’ve already explained the first point. Secondly, the vice chancellor is not my husband. My husband is someone else!”

Everyone burst into an uproar and they weren’t convinced. The vice chancellor was terrified. Initially, he didn’t want to alarm Sophia, afraid that Michael would become mad and go back on his word to donate a multipurpose building. However, it would be better if she could step in and explain the issues.

Joe scolded, “Stop pretending—”

“Thirdly…” The voice from the loudspeaker interrupted his words. Glancing at the students, who watched the commotion with their widened eyes, she continued to speak, “The vice chancellor has indeed visited my house a couple of days ago at night, but only to have a discussion with my husband about donating a building to the university.”

Donate a building? The students simmered with excitement.

Sophia’s voice amplified from the loudspeaker. “My husband has his own bursary and has provided a few million in student grants to Bayside University on a yearly basis. Other than that, he will donate a multipurpose building! That night, the vice chancellor and my husband were at home, discussing donating a building.

However, someone with ill intentions sneakily took photos and spread rumors. I hope that all of you will stop guessing. The vice chancellor has been contributing to Bayside University throughout his entire life. He’s not someone who can be slandered easily!”

Wow! Donate a building! Donating a building to Bayside University was an impressive contribution. The donor must be the wealthiest of the wealthiest. Therefore, who is Sophia’s husband exactly? Perhaps they would only know after the building was completed.

She continued to speak through the loudspeaker, “In addition, my husband and I had married on our own volition. We’re dating like a common couple. It’s my personal matter and I hope that no one will kick a ruckus about it again! Besides, my husband is also an alumnus who graduated from Bayside University.

He has always cared for his alma mater. Other than promising to donate a multipurpose building this time, he has anonymously donated a school building and even donated at least 50 million worth of teaching facilities! To the evil person behind the rumors, let me warn you that I won’t let this slide easily this time!”

While she said that, she deliberately glared at Richard, who was standing among the crowd, and even aimed the loudspeaker at him. In an instant, everyone turned their gaze toward him.

After all, he had a history for it—the previous rumor about Sophia hiring her male schoolmate was recently exposed in the limelight and a new rumor about her marrying the vice chancellor now had emerged instead. He obviously had a hand in it!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 325

Comparing her current husband, who donated building, money, and facilities, to her ex, Richard, who spread rumors and vilified her after he cheated on her, the former was obviously way better.

After everyone gazed at Richard, he blushed in embarrassment and shouted angrily, “I have nothing to do with what has happened this time. I didn’t write that hate post!”

He was indeed taking the fall for someone—he wasn’t the culprit for the previous incident and had been totally wrongly accused. However, he wouldn’t take the blame again!

“It has nothing to do with you?!”

Suddenly, Sophia walked toward Richard with the loudspeaker in his direction and questioned him in an overbearing manner, “Richard, may I ask how is the progress of resolving the previous incident where you instructed someone to vilify me on the forum by spreading rumors that I bought a male schoolmate?

The trick of this incident seems exactly the same as the one you used in the past to spread rumors about me. I have every reason to think that you posted this too. What do you think, Richard?”

Upon being stared at by the students, he felt extremely embarrassed. He was the eldest son of a notable family, which is the Harper Family, so pride was important to him. His face immediately became grave while he shouted, “I honestly didn’t do it this time, so I will not admit to it. If you think that I did it, please show me the evidence.”

After that, he wanted to calmly walk away.

Sophia gave a look at the male classmates from the gay school before they instantly surrounded Richard.

She decided to take the opportunity to settle accounts with him today.

“Fine. Since you claim that you didn’t do it this time, I trust that you’re telling the truth. However, I still remember what you previously did. The Harpers have spread rumors about me many times and I clearly remember each of them. Let me tell you upfront today, Richard.

I’ve never met such a shameless man like you. Since we’ve split up, please don’t disturb my life anymore. You’re the eldest son of the notable Harper Family—an eminent and reputable family.

Please act according to your family background! I’m married and my husband loves and trusts me. No matter how you vilify me, you won’t harm me in any way. However, please don’t involve Bayside University whenever you spread rumors about me!”

It was true—the rumor that he spread about the scandal that she hired a male schoolmate had caused a sensation. It was not only circulated in Bayside University, but also among the high-society, causing it to be emphasized and became a disgrace of Bayside University.

Up until that moment, the university’s reputation had not recovered. Those who didn’t know the truth mocked that it had an unrighteous and unethical study environment, so it didn’t deserve to be the best university in Cethos.

Now that a similar incident had occurred again, everyone would hear the rumor that the vice chancellor had married a female student in a couple more days’ time, tarnishing the reputation of Bayside University. The person who started the rumor was truly evil!

Due to Richard’s previous record, everyone unanimously believed that it was him, even though he had denied it.

In that instant, everyone pointed and discussed about him.

“It’s a pity that her husband, who donates building and money, is being slandered. What an unethical act!”

“He’s the one who cheated on her. Yet, he can’t stand seeing his ex living a good life. He must be the culprit. There’s no one who will do that except him!”

“He hasn’t learned his lesson after being sued and fined for spreading rumors that she aborted her baby and is promiscuous. What a shameless man!”

He wanted to leave since criticisms were being rained on him. However, right when he turned, he was scolded by Stanley, causing him to retreat. Stanley glared at him. “You’re leaving? Not before you explain everything! Tell us, did you do it this time?”

Richard immediately refuted, “I didn’t! It’s not me. I didn’t do it. I’ve never done it and will never ever do it!”

Stanley spoke loudly, “Are you still denying it? Other than you, who will do such a thing? If you don’t give us an explanation, I won’t let you leave!”

Glancing around, Richard saw that Sophia was glaring at him while the vice chancellor stared at him, waiting for his explanation. His classmates were concurrently showering him with gazes full of contempt. He was a grown man with repute and notability. How would he be able to withstand those gazes?

What about the main culprits?

Joe was ransacking his mind to establish a connection with the vice chancellor while Faye hid in the crowd, enjoying Richard’s misfortunes.

There was also Xyla…

Suddenly, Richard pointed at her. “It’s her. She did all of these!”

She was also the culprit for the blame that Richard previously received, but he wouldn’t take the blame for her again!

He immediately revealed everything. “Xyla is the daughter of Huffs Technology’s President. Huffs Technology produces many sneak shot robots, which was used to take all those photos onto the forum. Not only that, but she is also the one who instructed someone to post the rumor that Sophia hired a male classmate. Since Xyla is my fiancée, I took the blame for her!”

Looking at her, he finally found a reason to extricate himself out of the embarrassing situation. “In addition, she also instigated my sister to spread rumors that Sophia is pregnant. She’s behind all these. My sister has also been duped by her!”

Simultaneously, everyone averted their gazes to Xyla, who was among the crowd.

Her mind buzzed at once while it went completely blank. In disbelief, she stared at him as he pushed all the blame to her in public and thought that she misheard it. She was trembling as she walked out with tears instantly streaming down her cheeks. “Richard, what did you say?”

By that point, Richard had sufficient confidence. Huffs Technology’s vitality was sapped and continuing the relationship with her would only burden the Harper Family. Therefore, it was better for him to push all the blame to her.

Keeping a distance, he said to Xyla without any guilt in his eyes, “Xyla, I’ve always taken the blame for you whenever you have made a mistake because you’re my only love.

However, I hope that you can grow up one day. You made an outrageous mistake this time. I’m sorry, but I can no longer take the blame for you. I know that you hate Sophia and want to take revenge on her. However, your actions have severely damaged the reputation of Bayside University!”

She still had trouble believing what she had heard. With her face soiled in tears, she asked, “Richard, what did you say? Can you repeat your words?”

He had made up his mind in the blink of an eye. “Xyla, I’ll ask my parents to pay a visit and discuss calling off the engagement later. I’m sorry.”

Everyone was in an uproar—they were shocked that Xyla was the main culprit!

It had been him taking the blame for her all along?

It seemed that Richard was still a responsible man.

Xyla laughed when she suddenly understood how it felt when everyone started to flee after an influential person fell from power.

Since Huffs Technology was tied down in issues, not only could he defend his reputation by pushing all the blame onto her, but he could also find a suitable reason to break off the engagement with the Huffs.

What a wise step!

After stumbling upon a solution to leave from the embarrassing situation, he couldn’t wait to leave. However, Stanley blocked his way right after he turned.

Sophia also stopped Richard with her loudspeaker. “Richard, don’t you think that you’ll be out of trouble by pushing the blame to others and leaving like that!”

He pointed at Xyla in annoyance. “This woman is the one who did everything. Please deal with her. I have nothing to do with this at all!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 326

Sophia sneered. “Don’t you have any inkling as to why she keeps targeting me even though there’s no grudge with her? I’m sorry, but since she’s your fiancée, I’ll hold you accountable for whatever she does. Just wait for it!”

Although the saying went along the lines of never airing one’s family laundry and having a row with the ex in public would be embarrassing, she didn’t have the time and energy to beat around the bush with them.

She hoped that she could settle it once and for all.

She gladfully put down the loudspeaker and decided to leave.

Xyla’s petite body trembled—she couldn’t believe that Richard would be so heartless.

Looking around her surroundings, she noticed that Joe and Faye enjoyed watching her misfortune.

She actually did those two incidents as a favor for Faye, but it would be in vain even if she tried to push the responsibility to others at that moment.

At last, Xyla finally revealed her true colors after feigning to be an obedient girl for a long time. “Yes, I’m the one. It’s all my fault whereas you’re completely innocent, Richard!”

She now resembled a deranged woman, wailing and screaming incoherently, “You’re right; everything is my fault! Do you think that I’m not aware that you secretly contacted that btch? Both of you secretly dated and kissed during the military training. You had sx with her without shame in the infirmary.

Did you think that I didn’t know about that? Your mother even wants you to keep her as a lover out of my sight and wants her to be treated equally as me! Once you know that she married an old man, who’s almost dead, all of you started to contrive a plot to seize her assets. I know all of your schemes!”

Considering that she was overcome with grief and indignation, she pointed at Joe and Richard. “Among the two of you, one claims to be her family and tries to go after that old man’s wealth while Richard, you are collaborating with Sophia to snatch all of her husband’s properties! I know it all.

Upon having his thoughts exposed, Richard shouted out of anger, “Shut up!”

“I’ll never!” Xyla wailed while yelling. “Aren’t you planning to reconcile with her and seize that old man’s property by pushing all the blame to me? It will never happen! I’m going to expose all of your schemes today.”

She had painstakingly schemed to be his girlfriend and was successfully engaged with him. Just when she thought that she could marry into the Harper family and become a wealthy married woman, she was gotten rid of as soon as she outlived her usefulness.

Turning her attention to Sophia and him by pointing at them, she raised her voice and told the students, “This disgusting couple has plotted it from the beginning to kill her husband. Then, they will take possession of the properties for themselves. I’ve heard all of it. This couple is ridiculously shameless!”

The students burst into an uproar as they were shocked to discover the despicable truth behind the incidents.

Rumors had it that Sophia’s husband was extremely wealthy and had already one foot in the grave. Besides, he had only one son, so upon his death, she would inherit his wealth.

It turned out that she collaborated with Richard and schemed to kill that old man before equally distributing the assets among themselves!

What a clever plot!

She initially had walked far ahead, but turned in anger and aimed the loudspeaker at him and Xyla.

“Let me explain this for the one last time. My husband is indeed extremely wealthy, but he’s not old. In fact, he’s only in his 30s. He’s also young, strong and handsome. We’ll have our kids after I graduate. It’s just your wishful thinking if you’re scheming for my husband’s property!

Besides, my husband is far better than Richard in all aspects. I must be blind to have made up with a b*stard, who has been through several nasty relationships! Richard, you should be more concerned about your sexual disease instead.”

Sexual disease?!

Everyone paled in shock and instantly moved a few meters away from Richard. At that moment, everyone suddenly recalled that he had plenty of s*x videos circulating around, considering that he had engaged in intimate relations with lots of prostitutes in nightclubs.

In an instant, his face darkened while glaring at Sophia with clenched teeth. On the other end, she had already put down the loudspeaker and left briskly.

His sexual disease was merely a nonsense that she cooked up. Making rumors is indeed fun!

Even though she was gone, the swarm of students were still staring at him and Xyla.

Joe, who was the one who first caused trouble, suddenly yelled in the tone of a dying pig screaming, “Richard, you b*stard! How dare you scheme for my son-in-law’s property?!”

B*stard, you were almost tricked by him!

After all, Richard was Sophia’s first love. If he collaborated with her, Joe wouldn’t get a penny of that old man’s property!

Richard shook his head and wanted to leave. However, the vice chancellor, who had been silent, startled everyone when he bellowed, “Richard, Xyla. I want both of you in my office now!”

No wonder Joe had passionately questioned Sophia about her husband’s whereabouts. It turned out that he plotted for such a disgusting plan! Trying to kill Michael and seize his property?!

Although Michael wasn’t recognized by the Fletcher Family, he was still Joe’s nephew. He was also undeniably the descendent of the Fletchers—Theo Fletcher’s son and Mark Fletcher’s grandson!

The Fletcher Family wasn’t dead!

With a gloomy face, Richard followed the vice chancellor. Xyla followed them as well after wiping her tears.

Although she was crying on the exterior, she was actually delighted in her heart.

After a row like that, it would be impossible for him to shamelessly talk to Sophia again.

If they had the guts to remain in touch, it would only prove that they were indeed a disgusting couple.

Sophia, you can’t have Richard anyway!

It was only then that the students slowly dispersed.

Meanwhile, the university’s forum and all alumni group websites blew up with videos of the huge row earlier in the day.

Therefore, everyone came up with a new topic, ‘Who exactly is Sophia’s husband?’

Some said that he was an old man but Sophia mentioned that he was only in his 30s.

Her husband could afford to donate buildings and it was said that it was more than one piece of it, which meant that he was someone influential and no longer young.

There were many graduates from Bayside University who now lived a successful life—and many had anonymously donated buildings. Since it was done anonymously, it meant that no information could be found.

The incident was therefore an outstanding case.

After a few days, the university had announced the punishment toward Richard and Xyla on the university’s bulletin board and official website.

“A serious demerit?!”

The students pointed at the bulletin board and discussed among themselves when they saw that those two had been punished with a serious demerit.

“Unbelievable! Isn’t it a simple mistake of spreading rumors? Why are they punished with a serious demerit? If it’s not removed before their graduation, won’t it affect their entire life? They can’t even graduate like that!”

“Getting a serious demerit is considered being lenient to them. The victim donates buildings to the university, but they try to scheme for his properties instead. They deserve it! I think that they should have been expelled!”

“Oh my God, look! Taylor is coming to the university for a talk.”

In addition to the usual good news and disciplinary notices, there were other kinds of event notices and posters on the bulletin board.

“What? Taylor is coming for a talk? When? Let me see!”

A brand new poster with Taylor’s handsome face on it was posted on the bulletin board. The poster announced that he would be giving a talk for the students of Bayside University on the 18th of the current month in Bayside University’s auditorium.

“Oh my God. Is it true that Taylor is coming to give a talk? Oh my, I’m registering for it!”

“Taylor is so impressive. He even donated one of the buildings in the university!”

“Huh, donate a building? Didn’t Taylor donate a building to the university before? He also donated facilities to the university. Besides, he’s also in his 30s. Could it be that…”

Sophia was coincidentally looking at the disciplinary notice as well. A student beside her quickly asked, “Sophia, who exactly is your husband?”

While she chewed on a gum, she pouted her lips. “Didn’t you already guess it? Yes, my husband is Taylor.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 327

Everyone laughed and didn’t force her to spill the beans since she was unwilling to do so.

As Sophia stared at Michael’s handsome face on the huge poster, it was as though he really agreed to give a lecture at Bayside University—and that would be his first time doing so on campus. How exciting!

After she shifted her gaze from that particular poster, she saw ones detailing other events on the bulletin board and searched for ones which she could participate in. Maybe she could bring a few trophies home too.

There were a number of competitions being held on campus.

Dancing competition? Forget it, I can’t dance.

Campus singing competition? Not a chance.

Miss Misty Pageant?

Miss Misty Pageant was a contest to select the belle of the campus and had derived its name from the famous lake within the campus grounds, Lake Misty—and it was also a university landmark.

The campus belle contest… I’m too shy for this. Forget it!

Furthermore, the deadline for registration had already passed and even the preliminaries were over. The finals would be held on the 19th of the current month.

Concurrently, there was also another contest being held—Mr. Misty Pageant, also known as the campus hunk contest.

Considered as significant competitions, the most talented and beautiful representatives would be selected as the campus belle and hunk to appear on the brochures and website of the university. In addition, they would represent the campus for school visits abroad and such.

At the back of the poster, there was a list containing the names of students who made it to the finals and she peered in curiosity.

The campus belle contest was held once a year and it was common knowledge that the competition was specially organized for the freshmen. Most of the finalists were freshmen with a few other girls from the sophomore and penultimate years.

She saw a few familiar names on the list—Molly from her class, Faye, Xyla and… Sophia Edwards?!

Why is my name on the list?” She gasped. Thinking that it was merely another person with exactly the same name, she realized in the end that it was really her because the class and major matched hers!

That is me on the list!

Why am I unable to remember that I signed up for the competition at all? Not to mention, I’ve already passed the preliminaries?!

In a state of confusion, she called the organizer on the poster to ask for clarification. The organizer replied instead, “Miss Edwards, you’ve successfully entered the finals. Please attend the finals and do you best! Good luck!”

The phone call had only left her in a state of more confusion where she was left scratching her head, thinking that there had been an understanding. She would ask about it another day.

After they left, many people came and noticed the poster for the campus belle contest.

Xyla had also turned up for school today. Not only that, but she even came together with Richard.

It was beyond Sophia’s imagination that just yesterday, the Huffs had received an unexpected payment. Therefore, they shook hands with the Harpers and made peace with them after sitting down for a discussion.

Due to various considerations for the Harper Family, it was impossible for the Huffs to have a complete fallout with them at that moment. Despite the fact that they were struggling, the Harpers still had the Edwards to back them—a connection that the Huffs wanted to use. Thus, the engagement between Richard and Xyla could not be called off.

After taking a few days to calm down and under the pressure from both sets of parents on top of their own interests, they had no other way but to reconcile. Even if they were divided at heart, they had to pretend that they were united outwardly and maintain the pretense—or they would appear like a joke to the public.

A few days had passed since the incident that day and as a result, the enthusiasm from the students had also diminished. The Harpers and Huffs both donated buildings and bursaries. After all, money was needed to build up and maintain a reputation.

On the other hand, Richard had completely fallen out with Sophia, deleting each other from their respective Messenger now that he had reconciled with Xyla.

As for the incident where he slandered her and the vice chancellor, it ended with a statement that it had been a misunderstanding.

“Look, Richard! That woman entered this pageant as well!” Xyla had finally dropped her innocent act and directly addressed Sophia as ‘that woman’.

They had summarized it among themselves and discovered that Sophia was the one who sowed discord. The Harpers had also learned of her vile nature. From now onward, the two families—the Harpers and the Huffs—would be on the same stand and assist Joe in punishing the unfilial daughter who brought shame to the family.

He sneered, “Isn’t she merely humiliating herself by participating in this contest?”

The campus belle contest requires a talent show. What kind of talent could that boring, old bookworm possibly have? He thought silently, knowing her all too well. What can she bring to the stage? Answering exam questions on the spot?

“I’m also shortlisted, Richard,” Xyla exclaimed innocently. “Don’t forget to come and watch me perform!”

The campus belle contest was a good opportunity for her to reestablish her reputation, so there was no way she would allow the chance to slip past her.

A short while after they flirted with each other, Faye came and saw the list of nominees as well. When she saw Sophia’s name, a thought came into her mind.

In such a large contest, the participant’s friends and family would show up, based on previous years. Perhaps Sophia’s husband would turn up!

Joe had recently and secretly sent some people to be by her side to try and learn who her husband was—both directly and indirectly.

Who would have thought that the shameless woman actually said that her husband was Taylor?

There was no way that she would believe that her husband was only thirty years old. On the contrary, he must have been a man who had been so ugly and old that she was ashamed to introduce—and no one would announce something like this publicly. So, she would rather say that her husband was Taylor Murray.

Once school had ended, she left with Nathan hand-in-hand while Hale was already waiting outside in the car.

However, the moment she stepped out of the gates, she heard an elderly voice from behind her. “Cooper, are you done with school?”

The voice sounded familiar and she spun to see that it was Woody emerging from the security office. His hair was thoroughly white and he trembled, holding his walking stick in one hand while the security officer supported him on the other hand at the campus gates.

“Woo… Dad, what are you doing here?” Sophia was surprised, but still decided to pretend as his son and called out to him.

However, the security officer was a little upset and chided her, “He’s your father? He’s been waiting for you here the whole day and didn’t even know your phone number. When we tried to look for your class through your name, nothing turned up. Take him and go now since he hasn’t eaten anything the whole day. Don’t let him wander around at this age!”

While apologizing, she helped Woody from the security officer and left.

Seeing her had made Woody so excited that he tightly clutched onto her arm and said, “Cooper, I’ve been waiting the whole day for you. How was school today? Are the classes tiring? You must be hungry. Let’s go, we’re going home for lunch!”

With a wry face, she was at a loss for words and could only play along with him, saying, “Dad, I’m doing fine in school. Why… did you come alone?”

Who lets a person with dementia roam alone by himself? Also, how did he find his way to the university?

Happiness was written all over Woody’s wrinkled face as he said, “Cooper, everyone said that you’re dead, but I know you’re not. You’re even in school!”

While nodding her head, she replied, “Dad, why don’t you take a seat with Nate and wait for me? We’ll grab a bite after I make a call, okay?”

“Okay,” he agreed before sitting on a chair that she borrowed from the security officer.

Woody was still able to recognize Nathan and stroked his head with his large, shriveled hand, asking, “Nate, you’re already six years old. Are you attending school together with Cooper?”

After glancing at Sophia on the phone, Nathan replied, “Grandpa, I’m already in elementary school!”

She had made a quick call to Sean with the intent of asking him to pick Woody up. However, since the security officer mentioned that the old man wouldn’t eat or drink until his son had showed up, she thought that he must be famished and told Sean to come directly to the university cafeteria instead.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 328

After hanging up on the call, Sophia turned to Woody and asked, “Dad, are you hungry? Do you want to grab a bite at the cafeteria? The meals prepared by the cafeteria of our university are delicious!”

“Alright, let’s go,” Woody replied with a trembling body.

While she assisted him on the way to the nearest cafeteria, he was rather chatty and didn’t stop talking. As he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, his consciousness and logic were completely messed up and he never got to any point of his topic.

He had gripped Nathan once and asked, “Nate, are you studying the same major as Uncle Cooper? He has double doctorate degrees in economics and law. You should learn from him!”

Then, he would turn and speak to her again. “Son, I know you still hate me over what happened with the girl, but I had no other choice. How could I bear to see you heartbroken? However, besides being my son, you’re the future family head for the Mitchell Family and you need to lead by example for the whole family!”

“Yes, of course,” she replied and nodded.

So, Woody and Cooper are not on the best of terms.

With a sigh, he said in a hushed voice, “Let me tell you a secret. Back then, I know I told you that I killed that girl, but she’s actually still alive!”


Sophia pricked her ears and subconsciously asked, “She didn’t die?”

Woody whispered, “Back then, I found her and wanted her to leave your side. I know that you fancied her, so how could I bring myself to kill her, knowing that she’s the girl whom you love? So, I paid her off and asked her to leave! Don’t blame me, Cooper.

I’m the family head, after all, and had to consider the interests of the family in everything that I do. I lied to you that she’s dead because you’re the pride of our family and no one in the family wants you to make a mistake! One day, I hope you can understand my difficulties, Cooper.”

From his words, she could guess that Cooper was a person with a high status within the family and the future family head. Unfortunately, he fell in love with a girl below his status and was forced to break up with her by his family.

Woody had found her and was able to make her leave. Then, he turned around and told Cooper that he had killed her. Once Cooper heard the news, he threw in the towel, which was how his hatred for his father started.

Sigh… That’s the problem with big families! The family head of the prominent Mitchell Family in Bayside City is also helpless! She silently thought. Hang on, could Cooper and Coop be…

However, Sophia quickly shot down her bold idea—it was impossible to have such coincidences.

“Dad, I’ve never blamed you and now that I’m an adult, I see how childish I was back then as well as your difficulties,” she comforted Woody.

He appeared at ease, bobbing his head nonstop. “Cooper, it’s wonderful that you can understand my difficulties. Back then, I also wanted the girl to stay, but your wife must be someone who is of equal status. I told her that she could still stay by your side even if you’re married, but she refused.”

As Bayside University had a huge campus, there were eight or nine cafeterias within the compounds, so they were built as close as possible to the teaching facilities as well as the dorms.

They arrived at the nearest cafeteria to them, which was in the vicinity of the School of Foreign Languages, School of Music and School of Film. Taking a look around, she didn’t see anyone whom she knew as they were all in different schools as hers.

It happened to be mealtime, which meant that there were more people in the cafeteria. After securing a table, she settled him down, asking, “Dad, what would you like to eat? I’ll go and get it.”

Still thinking that he was staring at his own son, his face brightened with delight as he said kindly, “Whatever is your favorite food will be mine as well.”

She left and took a couple of steps before turning back to see that Woody was starting at her with a look of longingness. She took a couple more steps and turned again; there he was, still maintaining his vision on her. Every look he gave seemed to be the last time that he was looking at her.

Sigh, it can’t be helped since he’s getting on in his years.

The wealthiest school on campus was none other than the School of Arts. Thus, the cafeteria, which was basically part of it, came with better decor and food quality as compared to the one which she usually went to. The dishes looked better as well and she brought them over with Gemma after placing her order.

However, just as they were making their return, they saw from afar that Woody was surrounded by a group of people who looked as though they knew him, but their attitude toward him was horrible.

“Old Master, what are you doing here in the university? Where’s Madam Lewis? Why did she let you come out alone?” The girl, who was the group leader, looked very elegant, but seemed rather cold and upset as her brows were tightly knitted together.

He smiled at her, grabbing her with his aged hand, “Ah, you’re Natasha. Are you in kindergarten now, Natasha?”

Woody’s grip on her arm had turned many heads before an impatient look flashed across the face of a girl named Natasha. Violently jerking her head away, she ordered the people next to her. “Take him home. This is embarrassing!”

Two tall and well-built men roughly grabbed him on each side and wanted to drag him away with an annoyed and embarrassed look on their faces.

Gary grabbed Nathan to the side as Woody struggled with the few youngsters, unwilling to leave. “I’m not leaving. I want to wait for Cooper. Where are you, Cooper?”

Subconsciously, Sophia wanted to rush forward but Hale stopped her. “Madam, that’s Natasha, the daughter of the current family head for the Mitchell Family. This is their family issue and it’s best that you don’t get involved.”

Upon heeding his words and remembering about Michael’s warning not to be involved with the Mitchells, Sophia stopped in her tracks. It was their family affair and she had no right to interfere, so she watched in vain as he was roughly dragged away by a few men.

Tears streamed down his face like a helpless child as he cried, “Where are you taking me? I’m not leaving; I want to wait for Cooper. He said we’ll be eating together!”

“Cooper had been dead for more than a decade and won’t appear anymore! Don’t bring him up again!” Natasha chided loudly.

Refusing to believe her, he argued, “He was speaking with me earlier! You’re lying to me! Cooper’s not dead! He was still here earlier!”

Wearing a cold look, she said impatiently, “Take him away and send two more people to look after him from now onward, so he won’t slip out and embarrass us!”

Even Nathan had a tough time watching as a group of youngsters picked on an old man—it was nothing to be proud of!

Woody caught sight of Sophia, who was returning with the meals, and broke into tears of joy as he stared at her. He even breathed out a couple of snot bubbles. “Cooper, you’re back!”

She had completely forgotten about Michael’s warning and dropped the plates in her hand on a table and dashed forward. “Are you guys even human? How can you do this to an elderly man? Do you even have any ethics?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 329

Upon seeing that their madam had already made a move, Hale and Gary had no other choice but to immediately rush forward and take Woody from Natasha’s men.

When she saw Sophia suddenly dashing out, she recognized her and sneered. “So, you’re a freshman!”

Sophia’s fight with the Harpers would make it to the headlines of the university’s tabloid every now and then, so it was only expected that Natasha would recognize her.

Although Natasha knew about Sophia’s incident, she didn’t know about the latter’s exact details or Nathan, so she brought up her family name. “This is an affair of the Mitchells. An outsider like you has no right to interfere,” she said smugly.

Even after knowing that she was one of the Mitchells, Sophia seemed unwavered by the former’s family influence and instead said, “I know the Old Master is from your family and I’ve contacted his family to pick him up, so you don’t have to do anything.”

It just so happened that Sean arrived in a hurry with Stanley tagging along to help out after learning of the news.

Sean was surprised to see Natasha, but he immediately rushed over with a smirk and said casually, “So, it’s Natasha! I’ll bring the Old Master home and you can save yourself the trouble.”

She looked from him to Sophia and Woody before finally turning to leave in a huff. It was only when she was gone that they sat down to continue with their meal.

Woody sat next to Sophia the whole time and completely regarded her as his son, muttering, “You’re finally back, Cooper.”

With a piece of tissue from her pocket, she carefully wiped away the tears, snot and saliva from his face and answered him with patience, “I merely went off to buy a meal, Dad. Don’t worry, I’ll send you home in a while.”

He continued to gaze at her; his cloudy eyes convinced that she was his son, Cooper, and repeated his words from earlier. “You’re finally back, Cooper.”

Despite the fact that he was old and had dementia, she did not find him a bother and had specially bought him a bowl of congee, which was easy for his body to digest. She said, “Dad, I’m right here. I won’t be going anywhere. Here, take a bite.”

It was then that Woody finally ate, but he would lift his head to look at her after every mouthful, fearful that she would leave.

She was seated next to him and started to eat while speaking with Sean. “Who’s that girl named Natasha earlier?”

“She’s the daughter of the Mitchells’ family head. Natasha Mitchell is her name,” Sean replied with a frown.

Upon hearing the name, Stanley reacted in shock. “She is Natasha Mitchell?!”

“What’s wrong?” she asked, thinking that he already knew who Natasha was.

With an annoyed and disgusted look, he explained, “After I returned from my military service, my family wanted me to go on a blind date with her and even praised her to the skies, saying that she’s a high achiever in the School of Foreign Languages. She was also known as the second Cooper Mitchell and even wanted to overtake him! Fortunately, I hid in an Internet cafe and missed the date. However, I later received a beating from my father because of this.”

After seeing her earlier today, he knew that he made the right choice by giving the blind date a miss.

If she could have that sort of attitude toward an elderly, what sort of quality would she have?

Sophia was still better than anyone else, but too bad his uncle had beaten him to it!

Dumplings may be delicious, but it’s not as tempting as the aunt!

She ate with solemn eyes and her thoughts were unreadable. After he stole a glance at Nathan, who was eating in front of Woody, he whispered, “Nate’s father is from the Mitchell Family. Back then, the Mitchells wanted to adopt him after his parents were involved in an accident, but my uncle took him instead. Don’t ever let the Mitchells learn about Nate’s background.”

While nodding her head, she suddenly asked, “Who exactly is the Cooper whom you guys are speaking about? He sounds really awesome.”

The mention of Cooper’s name brought admiration into Stanley’s eyes as he had a deep impression of the former. “He was an awesome man; otherwise the Mitchells wouldn’t have used him as a comparison for others.”

However, it was Sean, who knew about him best since they were from the same family background. “Uncle Cooper is the pride of our family! At the age of 10, he enrolled into Bayside University and took over the family business at 13. While he was managing the business, he also went to school.

The Mitchells in the past were constantly having internal conflicts, causing the business to be in danger. Uncle Cooper single-handedly turned the tides and returned the Mitchells to its former glory within a few years’ time. In the meanwhile, he even earned himself two doctorate degrees.”

“He’s that incredible?” Sophia gushed in surprise.

He was a teenage president! Taking over such a big business at the age of thirteen makes him more than a child prodigy; it makes him a prodigy, through and through!

He sounded envious when he spoke about Cooper and even though the latter was still young when he died, stories about him were shared within the family over the years. All the kids of the Mitchell Family strove to achieve what Cooper had done.

However, his tone of voice changed before he continued with regret. “It’s such a shame that Uncle Cooper passed away in a car accident even before he hit 30. He was the Old Master’s only child when the latter was close to 60, so he couldn’t take the blow, which led to him becoming how he is now.”

Sophia sighed and continued to eat. “Gods always love geniuses!”

Woody continued to add more dishes into her bowl, saying, “Cooper, you should eat more. You shouldn’t exhaust yourself with the pressures of the business and school!”

She replied with a forced smile, ”Yes, Dad. You should eat more as well.”

Since the old man hadn’t eaten anything for the entire day and coupled with the fact that he was overjoyed at the sight of his son, his appetite was especially good and he ate a lot.

It was already dark by the time they finished eating. Despite that, Sean was there to send Woody home. However, Woody had insisted for Sophia to come along, which left her with no choice but to oblige.

Hale drove a car with her and Woody inside toward the suburbs while Stanley followed behind with Nathan in another car.

As the old man was tired, he fell asleep the moment he entered the car. Sean then searched Woody’s pockets and realized that they were all empty; he didn’t have a cellphone, wallet or even a public transport card.

“Ever since Uncle Cooper’s accident, the Old Master had moved to the house by the beach for his retirement. How did he get to Bayside University alone without any money?” he pointed out while being puzzled.

Sophia was taken aback when she saw the shabby soles on Woody’s shoes. Did he walk all the way here?

After a commute of nearly 50 minutes by car, they finally arrived at the suburb where Woody lived. It was a 3-story villa by the beach surrounded by a fishing village, which was serene and suitable for retirement.

Sean had already made a call ahead of time, so by the time they arrived, the nanny and caretakers inside the house came out to greet them.

Woody seemed refreshed after the car ride and walked briskly with his walking stick while exclaiming, “Madam Lewis, Cooper is back. Hurry, bring out his favorite snacks and brew the top-grade Darjeeling tea that we have!”

Since Madam Lewis was already used to Woody mistaking Sean as his son, she greeted them and replied, “Alright!”

For two generations, the father and son, Woody and Cooper, had exhausted themselves for the sake of the Mitchell Family, saving the family from crisis many times. However, since Cooper had already passed away and Woody suffered from dementia, the family’s authority had fallen to another branch of the Mitchells—where there were very few family members who remembered who the old man was, even though he had contributed greatly to the family. The people who came to visit were even lesser.

Only a few old friends of his would come over for a visit whereas the younger ones would shy away. As a result, Madam Lewis could remember the few youngsters who frequently visited by name, but Sean was the one who visited the most often while the others only came for show. He was the only sincere one who came over—once or twice a month—to bring Woody out to meet his old friends.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 330

Everyone became sick with worry when Woody was lost earlier in the day. Later, Sean discovered that Woody had gone out to look for him alone after the former had made a call.

However, Madam Lewis saw today that Woody held a young lady’s hand and addressed her as his son instead. “Cooper, stay for the night since you’re rarely home.”

Sean interjected, “Old Master, Uncle Cooper has an important meeting to attend to in the evening and has classes as well tomorrow. I’m afraid he won’t be free to stay overnight since he’s really busy.”

Although Woody’s face was crestfallen, he still dragged Sophia into the house. “Then, just have a seat for a while!”

Upon entering the house, she scanned the interior of the living room and saw that the decor was dated but well-kept and cozy. It was obvious that he was in good hands.

Many photographs stood on a table in the living room and all appeared to be of the same person.

She thought, That’s probably Cooper!

It seemed that his mother was a foreigner, which made it obvious that he was a mixed race child from his features—save for his ebony black hair, all his other facial features had resembled more of hers.

Sophia picked up a picture and stared at it curiously. Cooper seemed to be rather young in the picture—at around eighteen or nineteen years old—with a bright and innocent face. As he leaned against a door frame, he looked buoyantly into the camera with a black rosary hanging on his chest.

At that time when the photo was taken, he most probably had already obtained two doctorate degrees and was the person in charge of the Mitchell Family’s businesses!

There’s no way to tell that at all! He’s also pretty good-looking and can totally be a model!

With that thought in mind, she picked up another picture in which he wore a black suit with a black top hot. On his nose bridge was a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, making his eyes appear wise and deep. Some of his youth had already faded and he now looked a little more like a shrewd and experienced businessman. He looks exactly like a domineering president from a textbook!

The photo frame was transparent, so the words written on the back of the photo could be easily read. ‘Cooper, taken in the year 200x at age 25.’

Huh? This handwriting looks very familiar. I think I’ve seen it somewhere before…

Stanley picked up one of Cooper’s pictures as well and compared it to Sophia’s face, saying, “Look at this; there are similarities at the nose bridge, the eyebrows, and the look in the eyes. No wonder the Old Master mistook you for his son!”

Sophia had unwittingly knitted brows while being engrossed with the writing behind the picture. He exclaimed, “Even the way that they knit their brows are similar.”

Madam Lewis brought out some hot tea and snacks for everyone with enthusiasm. She took the opportunity to thank them when Woody went to search for something in his bedroom. “Old Master is always pulling this ruse. Thank you very much for bringing him home today.”

She was familiar with Sean and Stanley, considering that the latter was always around every time the former came to visit. Sophia and Nathan were the only ones whom she hadn’t met before, so she asked in curiosity, “May I ask who they are?”

Sean answered, “This is Nate from Justin’s family and that’s Sophia, his aunt. Nate’s now living with his uncle.”

At the mention of Justin’s name, Madam Lewis immediately understood and didn’t ask any more questions.

They all sat down and enjoyed the snacks and tea until it was time for them to leave. Woody finally emerged from his room with a black necklace in his hand. “Cooper, this is your amulet. Don’t lose it and remember to wear it daily!”

It was a black amulet with the cross carved in obsidian—an obvious sign that it was meant for a man. Cooper’s name was carved at the back and it was the same rosary that he had worn in the first picture Sophia saw.

As Woody gazed at the charm, he said to Sophia, “Cooper, I got this amulet from a high priest before you were born. It will keep you safe and bless you in all your undertakings. Don’t lose it again and wear it at all times, alright?”

Feeling the cross with her fingers, she wanted to return it, but when she saw the look Sean gave her, she decided to accept it for the time being.

In the blink of an eye, it was already 9.00PM and she was ready to return home. When she entered the car, she passed the rosary to him. “Find a chance to return this to its place.”

He kept it away and secretly returned it when Woody wasn’t in his room before leaving the place.

Unexpectedly, Sophia received a call from Sean the next afternoon. “Sophia, Old Master is missing again. Call me as soon as possible if he comes to look for you again!”

The old master is missing again?!

She anxiously called Hale and asked him to check at the security office where they found Woody yesterday. Sure enough, Hale had found him sitting at the security post, staring at the university doors while waiting for his son. No matter who came to persuade him, he wouldn’t leave until his son came.

While trying to contact Sean, she rushed to the gates and Woody broke into a smile when he saw her from afar.

“Cooper, how’s school today?”

“Dad, why are you here again?” Sophia asked as she hurriedly supported his frail and trembling body.

The beach is so far away. Why did he come here? The roads are very busy along the way. What would I do if an accident happens?

With a grin, Woody fished out Cooper’s amulet from yesterday, saying, “Cooper, you left your amulet at home. You can forget everything else but not the amulet, alright?”

Her heart sank when she realized that he had made the long trip, especially to send the amulet to her. Her eyes stung, as though tears were about to stream down, as she took the amulet from him and replied, “Okay, Dad.”

Soon, Sean arrived to pick him up. As Woody walked away, he still held onto her hand and nagged, “Don’t forget your amulet, Cooper! It will keep you safe and bless you in all your undertakings!”

“Yes, Dad. I won’t forget it this time,” she answered with a nod.

After Sean had Madam Lewis take Woody home, he wouldn’t accept the rosary from Sophia, even though she tried to return it again.

“This rosary belonged to Cooper and he had never removed it, ever since he started to wear it as a young man. More than a decade ago, it was said that he took it off and forgot to bring it with him. Then, shortly after he left home, he met with an accident, leaving a mark on Old Master’s heart as he kept thinking that Cooper only met with the accident because he forgot the rosary.

So, you should keep it for now!” Feeling the rosary between his fingers, he continued, “It’s said that this rosary has a spiritual power and everything was going well for Cooper when he was wearing it. So, many people wanted to get their hands on it after his death! Still, Old Master wouldn’t give it to anyone and someone actually sneakily swapped it a few years ago.

The Old Master immediately realized it and demanded it from the doorstep of the thief with his walking stick in his hand! I’ve been his ‘son’ for so many years, but he has never shown any intent on giving this rosary to me. The moment you appeared, he instantly gave it to you instead. This only illustrates that the rosary is fated to be yours, so, you should just keep it!”

As she held the amulet in her palm, she could feel the warmth from her hand heating it up. She thought that it wouldn’t be a problem to keep it since it wasn’t anything valuable. If she didn’t Woody would walk dozens of miles yet again to give it to her—and that would be bad! So, she figured that she would temporarily keep it.

Cooper, you’re the ultimate form of a score wrecker! Maybe this will bring me some of the prodigy’s luck if I wear it. However, I don’t think Michael will be very happy about this.

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