My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 311-320

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 311

Coop’s image was depicted on the papers. In an era of economic hardship, a person who knew photography, could afford to purchase an advanced and pricey camera, and would often visit the high-end restaurant where Annabel worked—those signs illustrated that he was wealthy. Judging from his nice handwriting, he didn’t seem like the son of a nouveau riche, so he might have been born in a family of scholars.

It was obvious that he was a patient and gentle man. From Annabel’s diary, Sophia was able to tell that the former lived in happiness when she used simple words to describe every minute detail of her relationship with him.

Under his guidance, she had made fewer spelling errors while her handwriting became cleaner and sharper, becoming more similar to his. Although her handwriting didn’t seem as energetic as his, it gradually took the appearance of his handwriting. Therefore, it was obvious that she had been trying hard to improve.

It piqued Sophia’s curiosity about him.

Coop… That sounds like a middle-aged man. He was also a highly-intelligent middle-aged man who has two doctorate degrees. He was amazing! A rather wealthy and gentle middle-aged man should have been totally irresistible for Annabel at that time!

She then turned to another page and the words written on it was ‘Coop is 18 years old today!’ 18 years old? He received two doctorate degrees at the age of 18? Who on earth is this Coop? She scratched her head in disbelief.

Coop kept appearing in Annabel’s diary; it was obvious that she was living a happy life with him. Unfortunately, Sophia had already known about the ending—those two were unable to be together in the end. She felt a sudden sorrow and continued to flip to the next page with a heavy heart.

Sure enough, after a few pages, the diary stated, ‘Coop’s family came to look for me today. They said that I’m unworthy to be with him because his future wife must be a young lady from a good family. Coop, what should I do?’

There were a few spelling errors in the sentence, but the handwriting that would patiently amend her mistakes never appeared again.

There were quite a number of blank pages. Annabel might have been threatened by Coop’s family and was separated from him for various reasons. Feeling devastated, she had lost the mood to pen her thoughts in her diary—or perhaps it was because the person who urged her to do so never showed up again.

Sophia then turned a few more pages. Annabel seemed to have collected herself and started her new life, which was also the beginning of her nightmare. ‘It’s rather nice to stay in the Edwards residence and they pay well too. My brother needs the money to study, so I have to work hard to pay for his school fees.’

On the next page, Annabel’s handwriting started to tremble. ‘I was raped by Mr. Edwards today. Coop, what should I do? Coop, where are you? Can you quickly come and save me?’

Probably because it was her mother’s diary, Sophia was in grief and indignation.

As expected, my mother was never willingly in a relationship with Joe, that ugly and fat b*stard! She was actually raped! My mother had never been a slut who desired to become part of the rich and wealthy!

On the next page, Annabel wrote, ‘I spoke to my father on the phone today. He doesn’t allow me to head home because the wage here is exceptionally high. Coop, what should I do? Can you come to save me?’

The handwriting at the end contained her usual crooked style—the twisted handwriting and utterly illogical sentences strongly indicated that she might have written those in a sorrowful and indignant yet helpless state.

The truth of that incident years ago was finally revealed. Annabel left Coop because she was threatened by his family. To avoid them, she became a nanny in the Edwards residence where she was then raped by Joe! She was helpless and had no one to assist her. Coop had left her and Joe had even confined her. When she finally had the chance to call home to ask for help, not only did her family refuse to save her from the fire, but they even thought that she had received an opportunity to become rich by being a mistress to a wealthy businessman. Therefore, they asked her to continue to live at the Edwards residence!

The fingers on the notebook trembled and her nails tore a yellowish paper in extreme anger.

Sophia continued to flip to the next page. There was little content on the following pages—only Annabel’s scribbles, which repeated the old poem over and over again. If the city generals were present, the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains.

In the last entry on the diary, the handwriting was messy, revealing the writer’s collapsing emotional state of the writer. ‘My belly is becoming bigger. I’m really scared that madam would find out. Oh my God, what should I do? Coop, where are you? Coop, I really missed you.’

The diary came to an end after that entry. It might have been because Annabel’s pregnancy with Sophia started to show and was finally discovered by Joe’s lawful wife. The latter then drove Annabel out from the residence.

Annabel was helplessly driven out of the Edwards residence with a big belly. She couldn’t or dared not look for Coop, so she had to return home to Riverdale on her own.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine her life after she returned home. Rumors would have been spread like wildfire that an unmarried 18-year-old young lady was pregnant without a man by her side.

B*tch, whore, a loser… Haha.

Her family had planned to wait for her to deliver to the child and take the child to make a scene at the Edwards residence. However, the child had unexpectedly turned out to be a girl—Sophia Edwards.

Her uncle then brought her as an infant to the Edwards residence to find fault before returning home with a gloomy expression, which might have suggested that his plan had failed.

When Sophia closed the diary, she suddenly realized that tears were streaming down her cheeks. She cried for her mother’s tragic fate as well as for herself.

Nobody knew how helpless and desperate Annabel was.

Nobody understood the grief and indignation that she currently felt—she turned out to be a product of her mother and a rapist!

She was a child unwanted by the world; a child born without parents!

Her life had actually been given by a rapist. She was conceived in Annabel’s despair and helplessness and delivered from her death.

All of a sudden, Sophia had a delusional thought. My biological father might have been Coop!

Unfortunately, when she perused the diary once more, she noticed that Annabel had left in around December and delivered to her in mid-October the next year. Therefore, it would be impossible for Coop to be her biological father!

Sophia closed the notebook with a thud and kept it in the drawer.

When Nathan saw her having a dark expression after she finished reading the diary, he did not dare to say anything.

Michael returned home late, so she fell asleep alone.

It was 12AM when he finally returned home.

Hale had already informed him about what happened earlier in the day. Nathan, who was still awake, had waited for him to return home to report on today’s incident as well. For instance, how she cried after reading the diary and did not speak for a long time.

What exactly is written in the diary?

Michael entered the room and found that Sophia was sound asleep. Without disturbing her, he brought a glass of milk into her study before retrieving the yellowish diary from the drawers.

As he drank the milk, he flipped open the diary’s cover page before a passage entered his sight. If the city generals were present, the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains.

The handwriting was frightening, resembling a troop of army marching in a line while radiating a sharp and vicious aura…

He flipped open the diary with a frown and read it with all his concentration. After reading it, he was able to guess the reason why Sophia was furious.

e then read the whole diary again and stared at the handwriting in a daze.

This handwriting and this qualification… 20 years ago, an 18-year-old young man received two doctorate degrees and he’s from a reputable family from Bayside City… Any family with a child who manages to get two doctorate degrees at a young age of 18 would definitely announce it to the whole world…

Coop’s identity would be revealed in a matter of time!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 312

In the basement, Abel had been working continuously for yet another 18 hours, but his bloodshot eyes still revealed his high spirits.

At that moment, Michael suddenly went downstairs to the basement.

The moment he appeared, he asked, “What’s wrong? Any news about the Phantom Wolf?”

Abel rubbed his temple in exhaustion. “The lip prints and fingerprints that we lifted from Sophia matched the ones left by Phantom Wolf at the crime scene. We are 100% sure that the fingerprints belong to him, but we are unable to identify who he is. We can only wait for him to appear again.”

Michael handed the diary to Abel.

“Subconsciously, he read the verse, “If the city generals were present, the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains.” This verse and this handwriting…

He tightly furrowed his brows in such a way that a bug could be squashed in between. “Where did you get this from?”

Michael replied, “The handwriting must seem familiar to you. Scan it first to make sure that it is really his.”

Abel quickly turned and started to scan the verse adopted from the poem ‘War’ on the notebook.

Coop’s handwriting was registered into their database. Abel then retrieved the information about the images and handwriting belonging to the Mitchell Family. In less than a minute, the system found the person in Mitchell Family whose handwriting matched the ones on the diary—and the photo of a young man appeared on the display screen.

The man in the photo was a really young man, who looked like he was less than 30 years old. He was handsome with prominent mixed-race facial features. He had deep eyes, a sharp nose, and high cheekbones with a slight curl at the corner of his lips, which seemed like a king’s dominant smile.

Upon seeing that face, Michael was stunned and a name that made his body and soul tremble escaped his lips. “Cooper Mitchell!”

Cooper Mitchell was the genius from the Mitchell Family—he began his business empire when he was only 25 years old and became the youngest family head that the Mitchell Family ever had. However, he had passed away from an accident when he was 29 years old. He was unmarried and did not have any children in his lifetime.

There weren’t many people that Michael had admired throughout his life, but Cooper was one of them.

If Michael was the nightmare for members of the Fletcher Family, who were of the same generation as him, then Cooper was Michael’s nightmare as the legendary ‘other people’s child’. In fact, he would be a terror within another nightmare!

At 3 years old, he was able to recite three hundred poems and wrote impressive calligraphy when he was 5 years old. He recited 100 digits of Pi when he was 8 years old and spoke 7 languages by the time he was 11 years old. He even performed on stage with an international pianist when he was 13 and inherited his family business at the age of 15 before obtaining double doctorate degrees at 18…

He was the strongest ‘other people’s child’ in history.

Cooper was practically Michael’s nightmare! No, not only him. The mere mention of Cooper’s name was enough to send all the children from the Four Great Families of similar ages trembling in fear.

When they were young, there was nothing scarier than to hear the phrase ‘Cooper Mitchell is here to visit!’

Whenever Cooper came to visit the Fletcher Family, the amount of homework that Michael and the children in the Fletcher Family had would increase by a few times.

Therefore, they had always hated him! Every time they saw that he was coming to visit, they wished that they could just take him down.

Unfortunately, he had been dead for more than ten years.

Yet, at the current moment, Michael was suddenly relieved. I think I might have made love to Cooper’s only daughter. What goes around comes around. This is karma!

After he pulled himself away from the reverie of his childhood nightmare, he put the photograph in his hand down and asked Abel, “Is there any way to obtain Cooper’s DNA?”

Abel was puzzled. “What are you planning to do?”

Michael was stern and serious. “I suspect that chica is Cooper’s daughter.”

Abel smiled. “It’s impossible. I know Cooper well. He never had any woman by his side and he had not been married. Besides, he’s been dead for so many years.”

Michael placed the notebook in front of him. “This is my mother-in-law’s notebook. She had dated Cooper before, but they were forced to break up. I’ve just checked the hospital records on chica’s birth twenty years ago. She was actually born in September, but she has been celebrating her birthday in October. Her date of birth, which is recorded on her household registry and identity card is also in October. There’s a one month gap there, which means that the Edwards Family had intentionally registered her date of birth a month later. Therefore, I suspect that chica’s mother had been pregnant before she went to the Edwards residence. The Johnson Family knew that Sophia isn’t a part of the Edwards Family. As a result, they deliberately changed her date of birth to a month later so that they could blackmail the Edwards Family!”

Abel briefly read through the diary and the more he perused it, the gloomier his expression was. When he closed the notebook, he was frightened and a little baffled. “Coop can’t be Cooper Mitchell, right…”

Judging by the person’s handwriting and the fact that he had obtained two doctorate degrees when he was 18 years old, ‘Coop’ was definitely Cooper Mitchell. Abel would never have mistaken the handwriting because he was extremely familiar with Cooper’s handwriting.

Cooper Mitchell was the only son of the Mitchell Family’s family head. The Mitchell Family’s pride would never be able to tolerate any ‘stain’ on their ‘other people’s child’. As such, they had taught him according to the standards attached to a future family head, but he fell in love with a restaurant waitress. Therefore, the Mitchell Family had been unable to tolerate it.

Hence, after the Mitchell Family had a word with Annabel in private, she rapidly left him and headed to the Edwards residence to work as a nanny. Unfortunately, she had been raped and made pregnant by Joe Edwards.

From the diary, she seemed suicidal, but in the end, she still delivered the child. Although it wasn’t written in her diary, she must have known that she was pregnant with Cooper’s child. She intended to keep the child of her dearly beloved, but unexpectedly died from amniotic fluid embolism.

Abel tried to recall the past. When Cooper was 17 or 18 years old, he was about 10 years old. As Cooper was the son of the family head, those in the Mitchell Family had showered him with extreme attention, which left a deep impression on Abel.

He remembered that there was once when Cooper seemed to have disappeared from sight for a short period of time. The answer given by the family head was that Cooper was preparing for an important examination.

That period of time coincided with the time when his relationship with Anabel was discovered. Maybe at that time, he fiercely resisted the Mitchell Family and his parents, but failed in the end.

Anyway, after that period of time, he seemed to have changed into a different person—he became more outstanding and behaved more like a successor to the family head.

At that time, Justin was rather close to him. When he was forced to go on a blind date with Celine Fletcher, he asked Justin to replace him, which resulted in his marriage to Celine.

Cooper never had anyone by his side and it was impossible for him to fall in love with any woman. No one could have imagined that he actually had an affair when he was young and might even have a child as a result.

After reading the diary, Abel had completed his analysis as well. However, he still couldn’t understand Michael’s intention. “But Cooper has passed away for more than 10 years. What can you do even if you manage to find out the truth? Are you planning to drag her into the Mitchell Family’s mess?”

Cooper was the legitimate heir of the Mitchell Family and the only son of the family head. He had taken over the position when he was still young, which meant that he took charge of the family’s power and controlled the business empire of the Mitchell Family. Therefore, there were numerous people who wanted him dead!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 313

After that, Cooper ‘died’, like how they had wished. He had no wife, no children, and no will after he died. It had caused his inheritance, which had a value comparable to a country’s wealth, to become intestate. The inheritance became the common property of the entire Mitchell Family and it was used in the family’s shared expenses.

The main power of the Mitchell Family then fell into the hands of another lineage, which allowed them to have direct control of the wealth. However, only the Mitchell Family would know if there was something fishy in that series of incidents.

It was also at that moment when Abel discovered the darkness of the Mitchell Family, so he chose a completely different path from his family and joined the military to avoid being involved in fights, which would lead to deaths whenever conflicts between his family members arose due to their respective benefits.

If Sophia was really Cooper’s only descendent, the large inheritance left behind by him would surely belong to her. It would be akin to taking something from right under their nose; the Mitchell Family would definitely swallow her alive!

Michael smiled. “I just want her to know that her father isn’t a rapist.”

Abel felt like he had witnessed Michael showing off his love life with his words.

Something suddenly crossed Michael’s mind, making him laugh out loud. “It was said that before Cooper was born, he had a few older brothers, but all of them had passed away. He was the only person who managed to survive until adulthood.

His father was old when he had Cooper, which made his seniority in the Mitchell Family rather high. His seniority was, in fact, similar to that of your father’s grandfather. If that’s the case, it would give me a seniority of someone similar to your grandfather.”

Abel was shocked and inwardly did the math. What the f*ck? That’s actually true!

That kind of embarrassing situation would usually happen in a large family—two children, who were playmates, could be of a similar age, but one of them could have a seniority of the other’s grandparent!

Once the joke was over, he returned to their serious topic. “This is going to be a little tough; it won’t be easy to find Cooper’s DNA. After all, he has been dead for over 10 years, so it’d be impossible to search for his belongings.”

“What can we do then?”

He cast a serious look at Michael before replying, “I’ll have to be disrespectful. I have to dig open your father-in-law’s grave and open his coffin to examine his remains.”

Michael was rendered speechless.

When Sophia awoke, she found her idol sleeping next to her naked, so she delightfully cuddled up in his arms. Sleeping with my idol is a blessing!

He had been busy till midnight yesterday and went to bed late, so he was still not awake yet. She quietly admired his looks with her head raised.

My idol is really good-looking. My idol is really handsome. I always wondered why I’m so lucky to become Michael’s woman.

I was born into a family with a lowly background, which is so different to Michael’s background. In fact, the gap between us is as far as heaven and earth. However, he’s willing to accept me. Whenever I think of the fact that I have a father with an insatiable greed, I feel that my body’s full of disgusting stench.

Sometimes, I really can’t accept the fact that I’m actually the daughter of a rapist, Joe Edwards! If I have a choice, I would rather have ‘Coop’, the man whom Annabel had been deeply in love with, to be my father.

However, the fact is that I’m Joe’s daughter. This is such a sick and disgusting bloodline! I would rather to be a b*stard whose father is unknown.

While she was deep in her thoughts with her brows furrowed, Michael, who had been sleeping, suddenly turned and pressed himself on top of her. His hand trailed her waist and reached under the blanket to remove the only piece of clothing she had on her.

I’ve made up my mind to take my revenge for all of Cooper’s calligraphy that I had copied back then. I’ll pay everything to his daughter—an alphabet for a night! Using this method, I wouldn’t be able to completely avenge myself even after sleeping with her for three lifetimes!

Sophia had no idea why Michael was energetic that morning. Her legs were jellified to the point that she almost rolled down the stairs when she walked down the steps.

The moment she appeared, Hale approached her and impassively reported, “Madam, there was a strong thunderstorm in Riverdale last night. A lot of buildings were struck by lightning, causing a fire to break out. The news is now on the Internet.”

She went down the stairs while yawning before sitting in the dining room. Maria had already prepared her breakfast. Since it was Saturday, Nathan, who did not have any classes, was playing in the garden with other kids. When he saw that Sophia was awake, he poked his head at the door to take a look before leaving the spot.

She switched on her phone to search for the local news in Bayside City and managed to stumble upon two posts with the most clicks.

‘A million-dollar mansion was burned down, causing the owner to pass out on the spot.’

‘A terrifying thunder had struck the roof of a 33-storey building, causing it to immediately catch fire with serious damage.’

In the Huff Family, the moment Xyla woke up, she was informed about the shocking news—the office building of Huffs Technology was struck by lightning last night and was engulfed in flames!

She initially thought that it was a joke, but when she turned on her phone, she saw the notification in the news application—‘A terrifying thunder had struck the roof of a 33-storey building, causing it to immediately catch fire with serious damage.’

The photo attached in the news article was the office building of Huffs Technology.

The whole building of Huffs Technology was burned down as the fire was too large to contain. Luckily, it was a weekend night, so there weren’t many people. Although no one was injured, the Huff Family had suffered a huge loss.

The Huffs Technology’s base and the building, which were once as bright as day, were lost overnight. When she finally arrived at the scene, the whole building was only left with its frame and some charred remains; everything else was gone.

The investigation by the fire brigade revealed that as the building’s lighting protection system had aged, the thunderstorm last night had caused the lightning to strike the building, which then gave rise to the fire breaking out.

As it happened in the middle of the night, there weren’t many people in the building, so nobody knew what happened. By the time it was discovered, the whole building was in flames.

Xyla stared at the building’s empty black frames in disbelief and slumped to the ground.

Many things had happened over the night.

Richard was already busy cleaning his own mess when she constantly phoned him. He didn’t bother to pick up her calls because he was beyond frustrated. He had no intention to meet her at all, so he had no idea about the incident that befell the Huff Family.

Meanwhile, in The Imperial, Sophia watched the news and rewarded Hale and Gemma with a bonus.

The matter was beautifully done. By pushing the blame to God, nobody would know that she was the one who ordered someone to do it.

She then placed her phone down to have her breakfast. Then, Stanley gave her a call. “Sophia, why aren’t you here with Nate? Didn’t you say that you will bring him here to play? The old man has been anxiously waiting for the both of you.”

She yawned before dressing up and bringing Nathan with her to the military compound.

At that time, the Old Master might either be practicing Tai Chi or playing chess with his peers, so she headed straight to the park to look for him.

When she arrived, she expectedly saw a bunch of old men.

A new old man had arrived today—and he was in the midst of a chess game with Old Master Fletcher. The new old man had completely white hair and was bald on the top of his head. He looked skinny and feeble with a hunched back, looking seemingly older than Old Master Fletcher. He seemed weak and his hand trembled while holding the chess piece on top of speaking in an incoherent manner.

“Mason, you have lost!” The new old man panted as he spoke.

Sitting opposite him was Mark Fletcher, who was old but strong with a resounding voice. Although he was old in age, he still maintained a general’s demeanor as he patiently explained, “I’m Mark. Mason’s my brother. He died decades ago and has long been gone!”

The old man hummed with a long ‘oh’ before saying, “Mark, my son is coming shortly. I’ll ask him to show you his calligraphy skills.”

Old Master Fletcher snorted, “Your son, Cooper, is also dead as well. He died decades ago. He has long been gone too!”

The silly old man scratched his bald head, mumbling to himself, “My son is dead. My son is dead…”

After mumbling for some time, he seemed to have recalled the past and said sadly, “My son has passed away. He’s dead. He has been dead for over 10 years.”

He zoned out for a moment before suddenly grinning at Old Master Fletcher, saying, “Mason, let’s play chess!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 314

Old Master Fletcher smacked his thigh in anger. “Argh, how many times do I have to repeat myself? I am Mark Fletcher. Mason Fletcher is my older brother and he has been dead for decades!”

Sophia headed in that direction as she looked at Old Mater Fletcher playing chess with the silly old man. Old Master Fletcher had barely moved a chess piece for most of the day as he was busy boasting.

Stanley was bringing his dog for a walk while using his phone whereas Sean was standing among a group of old men while waving at her.

“Sophia, you’re here!”

She walked to Sean while asking, “Who is that newcomer?”

Sean answered helplessly, “That is the oldest person from my grandfather’s generation. He was deeply affected after the death of his only son. From then on, he has Alzheimer’s disease and treats everyone he meets as his son.”

He does seem like he has Alzheimer’s disease.

He explained, “He has been treating me as his son the whole day, but you shouldn’t correct him, though.”

Sophia glanced at the new old man while feeling helpless.

The most saddening thing on Earth is definitely when a parent experiences the death of their children.

While those two chatted, Mark and Old Master Mitchell had already played a few rounds with each other.

“Whoa, Mason, why are your chess skills so lousy? You are worse than my son!”

“Argh, I am Mark Fletcher! Mason is my brother and he’s dead!”

“Hey, Mark, my son’s calligraphy is great. When he arrives later, I’ll ask him to show you.”

“Your son is dead too!”

“Nonsense! Look, isn’t my son here now?”

Old Master Mitchell remarked while waving at Sean and stated lovingly, “Son, quickly come over here and show your calligraphy to Uncle Commander.”

Sean had no choice but to walk over to them with a helpless expression.

However, Old Master Mitchell seemed not to notice and still waved his hand. “Son, why aren’t you moving? Quickly come over!”

Sean answered, “Dad, I’m here.”

Old Master Mitchell glanced at him unhappily. “You are not my son. You are my younger brother’s grandson, Sean. My son is over there. I can see him!”

He was pointing in the direction where Sophia and Stanley stood and beckoned at them. “Son, come here quickly!”

She glanced at Stanley while nudging him. “Son, he’s calling you.”

He looked disgruntled, but since he was the old man in Sean’s family, he had no choice but to play along as Old Master Mitchell’s son. “Dad, I’m coming!”

Old Master Mitchell was even more upset. “Stanley Fletcher, I’m calling for my son. Why are you coming over?”

Stanley was dumbfounded when he heard that.

Old Master Mitchell continued to point at Sophia while smiling happily at her and beckoned her forward. “Son, come over!”

Huh? She glanced at her dress to make sure that she was in a normal attire today. Why would Old Master Mitchell think that I am his son? Did his son enjoy cross-dressing?

He seemed to have noticed something since he was also waving his hand at Sophia. “Cooper, why aren’t you coming over?”

Sophia looked at Old Master Fletcher before glancing at Sean. In the end, she gazed at Old Master Mitchell, who was staring at her in anticipation, and walked to him with a look of surprise.

Upon arriving in front of him, he regarded her with a tender look. His cloudy eyes seemed not to have noticed that his ‘son’ was indeed a girl.

The chess board had been pushed away and replaced with a piece of paper and a pen on the table. A lot of characters had been written there—it was probably the ones that Sean wrote earlier.

Old Master Mitchell glanced at her, asking, “Son, why aren’t you speaking?”

She did not dare to utter a word because she was afraid that she might expose herself as a woman. She glanced at Old Master Fletcher and Sean before staring hesitantly at Old Master Mitchell and greeted him tentatively, “Daddy?”

Nevertheless, Old Master Mitchell did not notice anything amiss. On the contrary, he answered with a chuckle, “Hey!”

She shook her head. Sigh, he is beyond saving! He can’t even differentiate between a man and a woman

He wanted her to write something. “Come here; write something to show your Uncle Commander.”

Sophia glanced at Old Master Fletcher before looking at Old Master Mitchell. Then, she picked up the fountain pen to write something on the lower case calligraphy book.

Old Master Mitchell made a request. “Write an ancient poem.”

Ancient poem…

She picked the pen up, writing a few neat rows of words with her narrow handwriting before placing the book in front of the two men once she was done.

Old Master Mitchell looked at it with satisfaction before handing the book over to Old Master Fletcher. He gloated, “Mason, quickly look at my son’s handwriting! Isn’t it beautiful?”

“I am Mark Fletcher! Mark Fletcher!” Old Master Fletcher insisted while accepting the book with Sophia’s handwriting. Four rows of poems came into view.

‘The border of the Qin Dynasty remains the same as that of the Han Dynasty. All those generals and soldiers, who are defending the border thousands of miles away from their homes, are unable to return. If there are ferocious generals stationed in the frontier areas, no enemies would dare to climb over Mount Barren.’

A trace of complex emotions flashed across Old Master Fletcher’s expression when he read it and Sophia noticed that his eyebags had trembled all the time.

She flinched involuntarily because she assumed that she had written it wrongly. Maybe Old Master Fletcher isn’t fond of this particular poem? That may be the reason. This poem describes the war and it might have reminded him of his sad past.

Therefore, she wrote another poem titled ‘Thoughts of a Quiet Night’ for him.

However, he was still staring at the poem, ‘Beyond the Border’. After staring at it, he regarded her with an odd gaze.

She was more frightened, but Old Master Mitchell was extremely happy. He then pulled her hand while patiently advising her, “Coop, you have to remember that Uncle Commander was the one who named you. ‘If there are ferocious generals stationed in the frontier areas, no enemies would dare to climb over Mount Barren.’ Cooper Mitchell is your name and you must never change it for the rest of your life. Do you understand?”

It turns out that Old Master Mitchell’s son is named Cooper Mitchell and Old Master Fletcher was the one who named him. He was named after this ancient poem.

No wonder Old Master Fletcher has been staring fixedly at the poem. Sophia was still dumbfounded as she had been brainwashed by Annabel’s diary for the last couple of days, recalling the poem each time she closed her eyes. Therefore, she automatically wrote that poem when Old Master Mitchell had requested for one.

She quickly explained, “Our university’s elective course is teaching the history of the Tyron Dynasty. It so happened that I came across this poem, so I wrote it out!”

Old Master Fletcher put down the pen and paper, but he was still wearing a grave expression.

After writing the words, Old Master Mitchell asked her to play chess with Old Master Fletcher. “Son, you should play chess with him. Uncle Commander enjoys playing chess with you.”

Uncle Commander… I am not worthy of it. That’s Michael’s grandfather!

She forced herself to play chess with Old Master Fletcher. However, I’m not sure how to play chess with Old Master Fletcher because I have no clue how Cooper plays. What if I expose myself?

Old Master Fletcher commented, “Cooper, just play in the way that you are used to.”

After saying that, he even hinted at her by blinking a few times.

Sophia understood what he meant, so she followed the method from the past to play chess with Old Master Fletcher. She was familiar with his chess skills, but she couldn’t appear too skillful, or defeat him in a go. What she did was to continuously lose on purpose. I have to take it easy while slowly killing Old Master Fletcher’s chess pieces. However, I can’t kill them off in one go. I have to play for a while before going for a ‘checkmate’. I should make him feel slightly nervous while experiencing the illusion of ‘fighting for a long time before finally losing and accepting a glorious defeat’.

While playing chess, her eyes darted left and right to check on her surroundings. One moment, she’d be looking at Old Master Fletcher whereas in the next, she would be glancing at Stanley and Sean. Sometimes, she would also gaze at Old Master Mitchell.

Somehow, he did not realize that his son was a woman; in fact, he even praised her, “Son, you’ve done very well. Your skills have not deteriorated at all! Keep up the good work!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 315

After their current game of chess had ended, it was time for lunchtime. Old Masters Mitchell and Fletcher went ahead to have their lunch. Along the way, Sophia tried her best to behave as his son. After lunch, she hung around for a bit, but Sean reminded Old Master Mitchell, “Grandpa, it’s time to go home!”

Old Master Mitchell answered, “Sure, alright. Come, let’s go. Son, let’s go together!”

He held her by her hand, which gave her a fright as she tried to hastily yank her hand back.

Sean added hastily, “Grandpa, Uncle Cooper is currently attending school at Bayside University. He needs to return to university soon!”

Old Master Mitchell responded with a start. “Oh, I just recalled that Coop is attending university now. Son, quickly head back so that you’re not late!”

He was seated on the wheelchair, so Sean pushed him away. Old Master Mitchell seemed to have realized Nathan in that moment and clapped his hands in delight. “Nate? Is that you, Nate? You are Justin’s son! Nate, come here. Let me hug you!”

Nathan looked reluctant, but he reluctantly went to Old Master Mitchell for a hug anyway.

Sophia thought, He recognized Nate, so, why is he mistaking me for his son? I am at a loss.

After Old Master Mitchell and Nathan greeted each other, the former pointed at Sophia while explaining, “This is my son, Cooper Mitchell. He is your Great-Grandpa. Quickly call him Great-Grandpa!”

Nathan looked up at his mother and reluctantly greeted her, “Great-Grandpa.”

In her mind, she was doing mental calculations with regards to the seniority in the Mitchell Family. These two old masters are from the same generation. Nate is Old Master Fletcher’s great-grandson, which makes him in the same generation as Old Master Mitchell. Why would Old Master Mitchell ask Nate to call his son, Cooper Mitchell, as his Great-Grandpa?

Maybe the old man is trying to take advantage of Old Master Fletcher!

Old Master Mitchell commented, “Once upon a time, I wanted to introduce your Great-Grandpa to your mom. However, your useless Great-Grandpa asked your father, Justin Mitchell, to attend the blind date instead of him, which drove me mad! Initially, you two should have been father and son. Why don’t you acknowledge your Great-Grandpa as your godfather?!”

Nathan looked at him before glancing at his mother, greeting her, “Godfather.”

Suddenly, they returned to their original seniority!

Sophia frowned because she couldn’t understand their seniority.

After sending off Old Master Mitchell, she also bid farewell to Old Master Fletcher and took Nathan home where she ended her extraordinary day.

Once she left, he took her writing home to compare it with the one across the wall at home.

More than ten years ago, Cooper had dropped by before his accident to visit him. Cooper had been in the mood, so he wrote an impromptu poem titled ‘Beyond the Border’ with a fountain pen.

Not long after that, he died in a car crash. He wasn’t even 30 years old when he passed away. After Old Master Fletcher learned of the news, he was sad for a very long time.

Upon comparing those two sets of writing, he lamented in confusion, “Coop, are you back?”

When she arrived home, she started to play the game and logged onto two characters—her main character, Sirius, was battling in a PvP match with her clan members. Scary Phoenix had showed up for once today. Now that she had a deeper understanding of her master, she admired him even more. Therefore, she kept training with him.

She had also logged onto her new character as well and used it to chat with Sean.

Sean replied after playing the game. ‘Old Master Mitchell’s name is Woody Mitchell. He is the older brother of my grandpa and the former family head of the Mitchells. His only heir was Cooper Mitchell, who had died in a car crash more than ten years ago. Old Master Mitchell has been reduced to his current state ever since Uncle Cooper passed away.’

Sophia sighed in response. “That’s so pitiful.”

“That’s right! Uncle Cooper was a legend in the Mitchell Family. He received his double degree at the tender age of 18 years old and took on the role of family head at the age of 25. Unfortunately, he died in a car crash before he turned 30.”

He received his double degree at the tender age of 18 years old… This story is very familiar and it feels as if I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Just when she was deep in thought, Michael suddenly called her from behind “Chica, what are you doing?”

She lost her train of thoughts just when she felt that she was onto something. She turned and noticed that he was walking in naked—apart from his underpants.

She lowered her head in shyness, but secretly kept her eyes fixed on that meager bit of garment covering his body. “I’m playing computer games,” she answered.

“Oh.” Michael walked in while staring at the game that Sophia was playing. “Go ahead and play. I’m just here to have a look.”

She hadn’t been attending classes in the university recently and spent most of her time self-studying in her study instead. Thus, the room was always in a mess, no matter how much she tidied up the place.

Currently, she had two laptops switched on—one was for the game whereas the one was playing a live broadcast. It seems that there is a teacher giving a lecture in the live broadcast, but the topic seems to be… on game design?

There was a notebook filled with compact notes in front of the laptop. She seemed to be serious about taking the topic.

On her bookshelf, there seemed to be many books on game design and computers.

“Huh? Isn’t this Nate’s specialized course book? Why is it here? Where is Nate? Did he run off to fool around in the middle of a lecture?” He thought that Nathan was the one attending the lecture.

She shook her head. “Stan was the one who gave me this. I’m preparing for my third major, which is in game development. I am listening to the lecture while playing games. This lecturer on live broadcast is his specialized course lecturer. I had spent a lot of money to convince him to start his live broadcast.”

She is listening to the lecture while playing games…

Sophia was afraid that he would not believe her, so she explained hastily, “Stan mentioned that his company is understaffed and has asked me to learn game design. He’d save a lot of money if he can hire less people…”

Michael stared at her in disbelief.

A third major? When did she take her second major? Does it mean that the Piano Grade 10 Certificate, specialized subjects in two minority languages, and other certificates that she has in the drawer are all genuine? Did she not buy them? I’ve barely seen her play the piano. How could she possibly pass the Piano Grade 10 exams?

However, it is reasonable if she is Cooper Mitchell’s daughter. Damn it, Cooper. You can’t let the living have a peaceful life even after your death!

Nevertheless, he was happy for her. When I was a child, I used to live in a nightmare where I’m constantly being compared to someone else’s child. Right now, I want the rest of the world to be intimidated by my wife being the best at everything she does.

Upon noticing Michael holding onto the specialized course book on game development while looking unsettled, Sophia was slightly afraid since he remained silent for a long time. She thought that he was angry because the book had belonged to Stanley, after all.

Previously, he had tried to pursue her, but it was undeniable that he had toned things down. She took the book back from Michael in silence before quietly commenting, “Well, I won’t take up game development…”

He was not angry; instead, he patted her head while encouraging her lovingly, “You should learn whatever you want. Let me know if you need money. Don’t keep it a secret and sneak around when you are taking an exam.”

She felt a sense of warmth spread across her chest and nodded in response. “Okay.”

She had only been enrolled in Bayside University for one years. Only two semesters had passed, but she had already procured a pile of certificates, for example, professional qualification certificates, grading certificates, and many others that were irrelevant to her specialized course.

She was afraid that he might assume she’d neglect her main course by being a Jill of all trades and a master of none. Therefore, she had lied by claiming that she used money to buy those certificates and qualifications.

After all, he is a man. He most probably doesn’t like his wife to be a show off.

He returned her specialized course book on game development to the bookshelf, asking, “Have you met the Mitchells today?”

Sophia nodded at him. “Yes, I met a person who is Woody Mitchell and apparently, he is the older brother of Sean’s grandfather. However, he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, so he’s treating me as if I’m his son.”

Michael knew about the incident a long while ago and even specifically reminded her, “It’s best not to be close with the Mitchells.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 316

Sophia nodded while watching Michael leave the room and stared at his shapely bum.

After he left and closed the door behind him, she continued to play her game while listening to the lecturer’s live broadcast.

Michael returned to his study to continue with his game and logged into his two characters as well. Both the main and new characters were active in the game. The main character was defeating his wife whereas she was attacking his new character. While that transpired, he was distracted as he was reading the script of the documentary film.

Just when he was having fun attacking her character, he turned with a start and noticed that Nathan lurked in the silence behind him in an eerie manner, staring at his laptop screen.

Michael was shocked, but he regained his composure almost instantly.

It seems like the boy knew about this long ago. However, what can he do despite knowing this?

He calmly beckoned for Nathan. “Darling, come here.”

Nathan walked to him and stood beside him. He stared at the screen while Michael opened the back-end warehouse of Scary Phoenix’s account. The warehouse was filled with equipment and large amounts of game currency—assets that he had been accumulating over the years.

Michael cut straight to the chase. “Go ahead, tell me how much you want from me to keep your lips sealed.”

Nathan’s heart ached for his mother, who had high scores and low abilities, because she had been played like a fool. Then, he went closer to the screen to point at Michael’s warehouse.

“I want this, this, and this one…”

My dad is the one lying to her after all. For the sake of money, I suppose I’ll temporarily take Michael’s side and I wouldn’t expose him for now.

Michael had been blackmailed by Nathan and lost one-third of his property, but he seemed unfazed.

After he finished playing the game, he swung by Sophia’s study. She had already logged out of the game and brushed her teeth. She was reading the specialized course book on game development in the study while solving questions in the book.

She was working out on the formula while spinning her pen. It had dropped on the floor while she was twirling it, so she bent down to look for it.

However, just when she bent down to pick her pen up, someone smacked her upturned petite bum.


Michael loudly smacked her bum. He flipped her nightdress up and pushed her underwear aside before smacking her bum again, leaving a pair of matching red marks across her bottom. He grabbed onto her small bum firmly when she was about to escape.

Sophia seemed to know what he was trying to do and exclaimed, “No! I want to do my homework!”

She was blushing furiously. We are in the study. It’ll be inappropriate if Maria sees us in such a compromising position when she serves milk later!

He placed a box of condoms on the side while removing his underpants. He reassured her, “Don’t worry, continue with your work and I’ll go ahead with mine.”

While switching his phone on with one hand, he held her in another.

He went to have a look at the basement earlier. Abel would be digging Cooper’s graveyard tonight to steal his bone for a DNA test.

Michael was watching Abel digging the graveyard live on his phone.

More than ten years ago, when Cooper came to my home to boast, he most probably wouldn’t have guessed that as the forgettable kid, I would bed his daughter while sending someone to dig up his grave after more than ten years down the line!

She was forced to raise her bum while playing along with Michael in such an embarrassing act in the study.

What do you mean by continuing with my work…

She was blushing when she remarked, “In that case, you need to be gentler.”

Michael whispered at her ear, “I promise I’ll be gentler.”

Sophia’s cheeks were flushed red. Her bum was upturned while she lay over the table to continue reading her book.

He stood behind her, watching Abel robbing Cooper’s grave while bedding his daughter.

They were both busy with their own tasks.

Abel was extremely capable, but it was his first time robbing a grave. Not to mention, he was robbing his own old master’s grave, so he couldn’t help but feel slightly nervous about it. He fumbled at the entrance for the longest time.

Fortunately, it was in the middle of the night, so the tomb keeper of the Mitchell Family’s ancestral grave had left. Therefore, Abel and the rest of the group were able to enter without any hindrance.

Michael had a headset over his ear for him to contact Abel, who was on the frontline, at any time.

Judging from Abel’s video, Cooper’s grave was extremely simple. There had been no accompanying burial in the tomb whereas he wore a black suit in his coffin. The body had been there for decades and it had already decayed, leaving only a pile of bones.

“Mission accomplished,” Abel’s voice spoke over the headset. “I’m taking away Cooper’s entire coffin.”

“Okay,” Michael answered as he was also done with his business too. He was in the midst of gathering paper towels to tidy up.

Abel added, “I am preparing for the second round and digging up my own grave while I’m at it.”

“Got it,” Michael responded as his breathing was erratic. In fact, he was gasping louder than Abel, who was breaking into a coffin.

He asked, “What are you doing? Why are you gasping for air?”

Michael answered, “I am working out.”

After that, he switched off the live video broadcast while preparing for the second round. He kissed Sophia’s cheek gently while asking her, “How is it? How are your studies coming by?”

Sophia was blushing while there were sweat beads on her forehead. Her face, which was shiny with sweat, seemed furious when she answered him angrily, “It’s fine!”

He deliberately disturbs me when I’m in the middle of studying. Besides, he is doing it so enthusiastically! I can’t believe he’s actually asking how my studies are going. How else could it be? I didn’t even manage to read anything with him knocking against me while making me dizzy!

Michael lightly drew circles on Sophia’s shoulders with his tongue while planting feathery kisses across her shoulders. She had a rose tattoo to cover the Phantom Wolf’s mark. The tattoo almost looked like it was blossoming with charm while exuding an alluring fragrance.

He whispered by her ear, “Stop studying if you can’t concentrate. Why don’t we focus on my thing…”

It was late at night when Abel arrived at the Fletcher Family’s ancestral grave to dig his tomb.

His wife and his clothes were buried underneath the combined tomb.

As a result of the accident all those years ago, Celine’s body had been completely destroyed and he himself was at the brink of death. He could have been saved initially, but his parents were waiting for him to die so that they could apply for the title of a fallen hero upon his death to bring glory to their ancestors.

At that time, Justin, who had been hanging by a thread, stated his last wish—he wanted to be buried with Celine and did not want to be in the Mitchell Family’s ancestral grave!

Coincidentally, Old Master Fletcher wouldn’t allow his granddaughter to join another family’s tomb, so their combined tomb landed in the Fletcher Family’s ancestral grave.

There was only one body in the coffin—a substitute that Michael used for Justin. However, the objects in there had belonged to Justin himself.

It had been so many years and he could finally retrieve his belongings.

He carefully removed his wedding ring from the corpse.

While Abel was on his way to Bayside City, Sophia was barely hanging in there.

She was already exhausted from studying and working hard during the day and figured that she could sleep after making love in the study; never did she expect to fool around with him in the gym room and in the bathroom while wearing a school uniform.

The next day, Hale had woken up early to prepare the car while getting ready to send her to university. However, when he did not see her out of bed by 8.00AM, he looked up to check the master bedroom’s window on the second floor—it had remained tightly shut.

Boss seems to be casually consuming Viagra lately, so I suppose the lady boss might as well forget about attending classes in the university.

He happily drove the car away to hang out with her female fitness coach.

During that period of time, Michael had been filming during the day. When he arrived home at night, he would defeat Sophia in the game. Once he was done, he would deliberately seduce her when it was time for her to revise.

I’d like to see whether Cooper’s daughter is more capable or I am! Reality proves that I am much more awesome!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 317

Sophia had been waiting and looking forward to her menstruation. It finally arrived, so Michael took the chance to allow his manhood to have some rest. Finally, she returned to classes in the university as planned.

She had basically taught herself through books from her course up until her sophomore year during her self-study period. Lately, she learned things associated with game development and design. Therefore, she would follow Stanley to his class upon arriving on campus.

She worked hard to try to catch up to their level. After noon, when the rest of them had headed off, she would stay back in the library. She studied liberal arts in senior high, but since Richard was in the science stream, she did some self-study to help him with some questions. She had already passed the C programming and other basic tests last term. Therefore, it was not especially difficult for her to learn about computers from its basics.

Different groups of people arrived and departed the library’s self-study room, but Sophia, who was seated in the corner, remained motionless. She wore a pair of large glasses and had a notebook in front of her with a big pile of specialized course books beside her, making her look extremely serious while she studied. She had no idea when, but as someone placed a book opposite her, a voice suddenly broke the silence. “Sophia.”

She looked up from her pile of books with surprise when she saw Quinton’s face. “Professor, you’re here too!”

Quinton seemed even more astonished than she was. “I heard that you sustained severe burns and you were sent abroad for treatment. Why are you here?”

“Huh? Severe burns?!” Sophia was confused, pushing her glasses slightly upward.

He sat across her and told her about the news he received. After the Edwards’ ancestral home had caught fire, Joe mentioned that Sophia had been in the room and did not manage to escape. The counselor had called her home to check what happened, but someone had explained that she was recuperating at home and she needed some time before returning to the university.

When Joe’s story was combined with the news announced by the counselor, it sounded as if she had sustained severe burns from the fire. Thus, news spread that Sophia was severely disabled from the fire and as a result, she was forced to discontinue her studies to recuperate at home. After listening to Professor Clark’s explanation, she was rendered speechless.

When I was at home, I heard Maria mentioning that someone from the school had phoned the landline, asking why I wasn’t attending classes in university. Due to the incident with Phantom Wolf, Michael had applied for a long sick leave on my behalf.

That was why I told Maria to play along with the story about my sick leave. I never expected that things would take such an unexpected turn. I’ve been back in the university for about four to five days now; it’s just that I’ve been attending classes at the School of Computer Science. How on earth did news about my severe burns and me requiring treatment abroad come about?

Sophia chuckled while explaining, “Thank you for your concern, Professor. I’ve applied for my second major. I will be in the School of Computer Science during this time.” In reality, I’m not sure how many majors I’ve taken on.

Quinton seemed relieved and accompanied her for a while with his book before leaving alone. Although she was back in university, she had adopted a low profile. She arrived at school early in the morning to study in the library and she wouldn’t leave until late at night.

That was because Bayside University had an abundance of book collection, especially in subjects and academic courses.

Half a month had passed since the fire in Huffs Technology and Xyla was finally back in university. The fire had caused a huge impact for Huffs Technology. Apart from the office building, the biggest loss was the facilities within. The Huff Family was involved in electronics, so the most important and valuable aspect they had were their equipment and facilities.

All the facilities, production line, and paper materials were destroyed overnight. The warehouse was reduced to ashes, so all the semi-manufactured goods and finished products inside were ruined! There was no way for them to fulfill their order since they couldn’t deliver the goods. Therefore, their clients all came forward to request for a refund.

Huffs Technology was badly affected overnight. They were heavily in debt and their stock market crashed. Unable to take the blow, Mrs. Huff collapsed and was admitted to the hospital. Huffs Technology was in deep trouble this time!

After the accident, Xyla hid at home since she didn’t dare to head out. Now that the Huffs are in trouble, those people who used to be jealous of me might be gloating over my misfortune!

To her dismay, when she was feeling the most helpless in her life, the love of her life hadn’t even bothered to give her a phone call. It was only Mrs. Harper who phoned to check on her for a short while from the beginning to the end. However, before Mr. Huff could ask for a loan, she had already hung up on them.

I know that Richard is busy because he has to handle the issues of the Harpers Family. Nevertheless, doesn’t he have the time to make a phone call, no matter how busy he is? How could he possibly not have the time for a phone call if he has the time to post on stories on Instagram?

More than ten days had passed before Xyla gained the courage to return to university. She didn’t know how to face Richard because she was afraid of being rejected by him. However, she needed his help and the Huffs also needed the Harper Family’s help. Judging by the current situation, it was all down to her efforts as to whether the Harper Family would be willing to lend the Huff Family a helping hand. She recalled withdrawing tens of millions from Huffs Technology to help Richard during an emergency. Therefore, it only made sense for him to return the favor when she was in need!

She knew that he would be in the university today, so she had waited for a long time at a spot where she knew he would show up. Finally, he made an appearance.

He was wearing the university’s uniform, taking away the sense of maturity and experience he had from the business world. He looked just like any other university student. After handling the awful mess, he was temporarily relieved of his administrative powers in the company.

Therefore, he was back on campus to continue with studies. If he refused to improve his results and studies, he would end up as the first director in Harper Group’s history to have an educational background in senior high.

“Richard!” She approached him timidly upon seeing him.

He was shocked when he saw her. Feeling guilty within, he had the urge to escape. After the horrible incident at Huffs Technology, the Harper Group seemed to behave in a manner that suggested that they wanted to call off the marriage.

However, if the Harpers were to do that immediately after the Huffs were in trouble, it would definitely tarnish the Harper Family’s reputation. Nevertheless, Mrs. Harper had other plans in mind. She heard that Sophia was married to an extremely wealthy old man, so they planned to have Richard take over the old man’s assets once the latter had kicked the bucket. He would dump Sophia once he had received the large inheritance.

Initially, he was hesitant about the plan. After all, Sophia had been ruthless and decisive in her decisions. However, Mrs. Harper reminded him as an experienced woman, “That’s because she loves you, which is why she’s doing so many things to hurt you! If you give up everything here to return to her, she would naturally forget about the grudge she had against you. Women are all the same!”

However, he heard that Sophia sustained some severe injuries, so she was sent abroad for treatment and her wounds might have ruined her beauty. Therefore, he was in a dilemma at that point. However, he did not know how to explain the situation to Xyla. He felt even guiltier upon seeing her, but approached her anyway and spoke, “Xyla, are you back now? How is your family?”

When she saw that the love of her life was still concerned about her, she felt so sorry for herself that tears started to stream down her cheeks. She then threw herself into his arms. “Thank you, Richard! I am good.”

He explained with regret, “Please don’t blame my parents for their unwillingness to lend you money. We can hardly stay afloat.” Subsequently, Richard tried to give excuses. “Previously, I had messed up Glory Entertainment, resulting in the company losing a large sum of money.

The company’s Board of Directors, Board of Supervisors and shareholders had a lot to say about it. I’ve been stripped of my administrative powers within the company. Therefore, we don’t even dare to use the money within the company.”

“I know. I’m aware of all of that…” Xyla sobbed. The accident that befell Huffs Technology is merely a small bump along the journey. The hardship will pass soon enough. Richard and my wedding will go on as planned!

All the obstacles in our way are gone now. The fire might not have killed Sophia, but it is severe enough to ruin her beauty. Hence, she can no longer dream of coming in between me and Richard!

Upon recalling Sophia, Xyla wiped her tears away while deliberately suggesting, “I heard that Sophia has sustained severe burns. Let’s visit her in the hospital!” I am sure Sophia looks as ugly as a scarecrow now. Once Richard sees her without her former good looks, I’m sure she can’t seduce him anymore! I want Richard to see her ruined face!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 318

Richard hesitated when his mother suggested that he should make use of this chance to visit Sophia because she might instantly be touched by his gesture when she was at her most vulnerable. Even so, he was held back by the worry that he might not be able to look her in the eye. Still, he relented in the end.

“Okay.” For the sake of her immense wealth, now was probably the best time for him to visit her. Hand in hand, he and Xyla headed out of the campus. Xyla leaned her head on his shoulder as the two took a stroll along the boulevard in the campus. Richard, no one is going to separate us ever again! she thought.

To their surprise, they bumped into a bunch of students from the School of Computer Science. After taking a closer look at them, they saw a girl surrounded by around seven to eight guys.

“Aunt Sundae Cone, please feel free to ask us any questions. All of us are at your service!”

“Aunt Sundae Cone, why are you married at such a young age?”

“Stan, please don’t worry because we’ll try our best to train your aunt into a professional game designer!”

The School of Computer Science was thrilled to welcome the arrival of a new student, not to mention a beautiful girl at that. All of them started addressing her as ‘Aunt Sundae Cone’ because she was Stanley’s aunt.

Sophia was starting to look more and more like a programmer with a backpack, a laptop in her hands and a pair of large spectacles perched on the bridge of her nose.

Xyla thought that her eyes were failing her. How could that girl be Sophia? Shouldn’t she have suffered some serious burns in the fire? How could she possibly be in Bayside University right now? She must just be someone who looks like Sophia!

However, it was hard for her to convince herself otherwise because she knew deep down that the girl was Sophia, albeit dressed differently. She seemed to be walking from the direction of the School of Computer Science. Rumor was that she had not been attending lectures lately; why was she here now?

Richard, on the other hand, recognized Sophia with just one glance. Judging from how she dressed more tomboyish, it was obvious that Sophia had completely assimilated into the bunch of nerds. Truth be told, the large spectacles she wore on her tiny face was actually quite charming. “Sophia, a-are you alright?”

Sophia was discussing with her peers about the lecture they just had when she spotted her ex. It was not a welcoming sight. However, seeing that he was in quite a bad state himself, she forced herself to put on a polite smile and answered, “Yes, I’m alright now.”

Richard continued to look at her speculatively. There seems to be no scar on her face but what about her body? He needed to be sure of that because he did want to see a body full of scars when he finally got her naked. As such, he pressed on, “I heard that you got burned in the fire. Were you injured badly?”

In a bookish manner, Sophia pushed her spectacles upward and replied, “Thanks for your concern. I didn’t get injured because I ran out the back door when the fire started.”

Xyla started at her unflinchingly and bit her lower lip so hard that it started to bleed. Her face turned extremely pale and she started feeling cold as if there wasn’t a trace of warmth left in her body. Never had she thought that Sophia would actually manage to flee the scene. Not only did she not perish in the fire, she wasn’t even injured!

Richard, who was still keen to know whether Sophia had been burnt, phrased his question as if he was genuinely worried about her, “But, I heard that you’ve been skipping lectures lately…”

“Oh, please!” Stanley’s impatient voice cut Richard off. “It’s none of your business whether she attends lectures or not! Who do you think you are? Get your nose out of her affairs!” He beckoned Nathan over and said, “Let’s go.”

Sophia pushed her spectacles up and left with Stanley, a wide grin on her face. They were about to make their way to the office to check out on things.

Meanwhile, Richard watched them leave resentfully. Stanley Fletcher, it’s too early for you to gloat!

While he was staring contemplatively in the direction where Sophia walked away, he did not notice that Xyla’s body was trembling with jealousy behind him. Nothing bad actually befell Sophia while the Edwards had lost a mansion worth several million and Huffs Technology had suffered a great crisis.

How could she survive everything and come out unscathed when she was the one who deserved punishment the most? You shameless b*tch, how dare you appear in Bayside University and seduce my fiancé? Sophia Edwards, do you think I’ll let this go? Never!

Sophia went back home after spending a short time at the office. By the time she reached home, Nathan was already there, courtesy of Gary. The moment she stepped inside the house, she saw Nathan playing a game where he was trying to complete a very challenging mission. To her surprise, Scary Phoenix was in the game too.

Horrified, Sophie asked, “Nate, how can you ask Scary Phoenix to lead you in the game? He’s a very busy man who has a lot of work to do.”

Hearing that, Nathan scoffed.

“Give me a minute; I’ll take over from Scary Phoenix later.”

Nathan only scoffed again. Not only did he demand Scary Phoenix to lead him in the game, he even constantly blackmailed him for coins in the game. If Scary Phoenix failed to satisfy his needs, he would tell everyone how Scary Phoenix crossdressed as a woman!

Michael spent some time in the game to help his son kill some bosses. After Sophia took over, he logged out of the game and turned his computer off before going to the basement. Abel had brought Cooper’s coffin over to the basement, thereupon Michael had spent the past few days studying the body and he expected to come to some sort of a conclusion soon.

As soon as he reached the basement, he immediately caught sight of his father-in-law’s dead body, which was a sight that still brought him psychological stress up until now.

“It’s good that you’re here; I was just about to go looking for you.” Abel was carrying a huge stack of documents in his arms as he beckoned Michael over. He started placing the documents on the table one by one. “The DNA I extracted from Cooper’s body doesn’t match with your wife’s DNA at all.”

They don’t match? Michael was slightly shocked to hear that, considering that Sophia was really similar to Cooper in terms of her brilliant mind, talent and some other aspects. Otherwise, Woody wouldn’t have been so sure that Sophia was his granddaughter the first time they met each other.

Abel flashed him a mysterious grin before continuing, “The body as well as fingerprints were completely ruined by the explosion. Judging from the DNA of the body, not only does this person have no relation to your wife, he isn’t even related to Old Master Mitchell or anyone from the Mitchell Family or me. In other words, the body inside the coffin isn’t Cooper at all!”

Michael ran his fingers over his hair which was shaven into a buzz cut. With that piece of new information, he was able to have a better understanding of his father-in-law whom he had admired since he was little.

Indeed, Cooper did not let him down. For a man who was appointed to be the patriarch of the Mitchell Family at the age of twenty five, it went without saying that Cooper was a daring and far-sighted man.

Everyone was surprised when an extremely talented man like him ended up dying a tragic death in the car accident. Now that more and more clues were coming to light, it seemed increasingly likely that there was something fishy with the car accident that happened years ago.

Abel picked up another DNA report and concluded, “We can be 100% sure that the body isn’t Cooper but everything else inside the coffin is indeed his, from which I found traces of his DNA. I ran a test and the report shows that he is 99.99% your wife’s biological father.”

Everything turned out exactly as Michael had expected. What a shrewd and brilliant man his father-in-law was!

Michael took the DNA report and scrutinized it. Before this, Abel had sneaked into Woody’s residence to take his blood sample so that he could run a DNA test with Sophia’s DNA. Combining the DNA tests of Sophia and Cooper as well as Woody, it was 99.99% sure that Sophia was the descendant of the Mitchell Family.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 319

Abel found it amusing to know that Sophia was actually one of the Mitchell Family. No wonder he had always had this familiar feeling every time he saw her. That must have been the reason why Nathan thought she stood out from many others back then.

Abel had also gathered some information and videos on Cooper’s car accident. Back when Cooper was appointed as the patriarch of the family, an internal strife within the family started brewing. In the end, Cooper managed to subdue the conflict by adopting a hardball tactic.

Still, many secretly held grudges against him. After all, the Mitchell Family was a prestigious family that had survived for more than a century. How could they have allowed a young lad in his twenties to become their patriarch?

Although Cooper was way more talented and competent than anyone else in the family and despite the multiple occasions he had saved them, there were some who were still eager to get rid of him. That must have been the reason that brought about the family’s downfall!

Not long after that, Cooper died in a car crash. The car he traveled in was nearly flattened due to a collision with a construction vehicle, causing the car to explode. His body was in pieces and people only knew it was him according to a DNA test.

Many were saddened to hear of the demise of a talent of the Mitchell Family. Ever since Woody learnt about his death, he had become a shadow of his old self.

It was only now that they found out the body inside the coffin was not Cooper. There were two possible explanations—the first was that he might already be dead but his body was taken away by somebody. The second was that he might still be alive and everything was just part of his runaway plan. Abel and Michael thought the second scenario was more likely.

After studying the information on Cooper’s death thoroughly, Micheal learnt that Cooper had decided to leave all his wealth in the family’s public fund and also to provide for his father’s living expenses. It was puzzling that he did not take even a dime of his wealth which he had fought so hard for.

When the car accident took place, Woody was already over eighty years old. At that age, he was supposed to lead a carefree and relaxed life but Cooper’s car accident came as a huge blow to him. Because of that, the old man was later diagnosed with dementia and he had no choice but surrender his power in the family to others.

What could have convinced Cooper to give up his immense wealth and leave his aging father behind? What made him become so cold-hearted? Where had he been over the past decades? Was he still alive? Did he know he had a daughter? Michael’s head was filled with questions.

Cooper was not the only one in the family that had pulled off something like this. Justin also became so disheartened with his family that he decided to stage a fake death.

However, what made him different from Cooper was that he left without having to worry about anything—his departure would not affect his family too much because he was not the only son. Also, Nathan had Michael to take care of him.

As for Cooper, he was Woody’s only son, so why did he do something so cruel? Would he still continue to hide even after knowing that his father had suffered from dementia because of him?

After studying the materials, Abel sighed. “After Cooper faked his death, he had severed all his ties with the Mitchell Family completely and his plan was airtight. He really needed to be extremely cruel and heartless to be able to pull off something like that. Did he not care about anything?”

Although Justin had done the same thing, he was not without worries because he had left his son, Nathan, behind.

There was no secret that couldn’t be revealed. As the patriarch of the Mitchell Family, his fake death would be something very significant and its consequence would implicate many. How did he actually ensure his plan to be so infallible that no one had ever found out there was something fishy with his death even after so many years? No one would ever find out his secret if it wasn’t for his daughter, Sophia, and his helpful son-in-law, Michael.

“I’m sure a man like Cooper would remain an outstanding man even though he might have adopted a new identity.” Reading the materials in his hands, Michael spotted a photo of Cooper taken when he was twenty-eight.

At that time, he was at the peak of his career and all the girls in Bayside City were crazy over him because of his good looks. However, he was widely known to be a man who abstained from pleasure. He did not have a long-term partner up until his death and was not involved in any scandal with any woman.

At that time, Justin was quite close with Cooper. To Justin, Cooper was in a whole other league. Back then, Old Master Fletcher tried to fix his most beloved granddaughter, Celine Fletcher, up with Cooper and the two families thought they would make a perfect couple.

But to everyone’s surprise, Cooper later asked Justin for his help to sabotage their plan by letting him attend the blind date with Celine on his behalf. Justin did the job well by showering the girl with insults and rude remarks as soon as he met her, resulting in him being beaten up. Although they got off to a bad start, the King of Soldiers later got along well with the army belle ever since.

The two soon fell head over heels for each other. When they told everyone about their relationship, the Fletchers were pleased to see them dating, especially Old Master Fletcher, who admired Justin a great deal because he was the King of Soldiers. However, the Mitchell Family did not embrace their relationship as positively.

As Justin was neither a descendant from the main family nor the most talented member, logically speaking he was not supposed to get engaged with Celine. Many of the family were against their relationship but Cooper exercised his rights as the patriarch of the family to subdue the opposing voices, approving their marriage. If it wasn’t for him, Nathan wouldn’t have existed.

“Oh Cooper… Where are you now?” Michael sighed. “Do research on all the big shots globally who managed to make a name for themselves in the recent ten years. I believe we’ll be able to find some clues.”

Abel was not too keen to blow Cooper’s disguise, thinking that he must have been determined to sever all ties with his family by staging a fake accident back then. However, Michael was very eager to track him down because he was Sophia’s father.

Michael was not after Cooper’s wealth nor his power. He understood that if Cooper knew he had a daughter and a son-in-law, he would be even more burdened. However, he just wanted Sophia to know that she had a very talented and prominent father.

After a lengthy deliberation, he decided not to reveal the truth to Sophia for the time being. He would only decide what to do when they found Cooper. Since the man had lived under such a perfect cover over the years, it wouldn’t be easy to locate him.

Having verified this piece of information with Abel, Michael then headed to Sophia’s study, his excitement palpable. She was no longer playing games. At that moment, she was going over a book with her laptop switched on, an online lecture playing on its screen.

Michael decided not to disturb her. Instead, he opened the door to a slit so that he could peek in on her. That was Cooper Mitchell’s daughter! He had actually slept with his daughter! He was so proud of himself. Soon, he would locate Cooper and give her a huge surprise. He wanted her to know that her father was the greatest man in the world.

Meanwhile, Sophia was reading a pornographic book intently. She had always known that Sarah’s passion was drawing and she worked as a concept designer at Stanley’s company. However, she had no clue that Sarah drew illustrations for pornographic books too.

Sarah had gathered all the drawings she had done for gay pornographic books and made it into a collection, which she then published and released to a small circle of people. The book was full of X-rated graphics of gay couples.

Drawings of her favorite gay couples were depicted in the book as well as some other imaginary gay couples. She could turn anything into a drawing!

If Michael found out about the book, Sophia was sure that he would teach Sarah a harsh lesson. Therefore, she only dared to read it secretly at home. In fact, she had secretly stashed some away too. The drawings were so lewd and exciting that she thought she was on the verge of getting a nosebleed.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 320

Huffs Technology was so badly undermined because of the loss incurred during the fire that it was on the verge of bankruptcy. It was only with the funds from their in-laws, the Edwards and Harpers, did they manage to barely scrape through. However, the Huff Family were now only a shadow of their old selves.

Therefore, it was Xyla’s priority to marry Richard as soon as possible to ensure his family would continue providing them with financial assistance. As long as her family managed to pull through this time, everything else would turn out fine.

She had a gut feeling who the culprit was for the predicament of Huffs Technology. Although she had no solid proof because the culprit’s plan had been airtight, she knew she couldn’t be far off.

Right now, she had to take her revenge on Sophia but her family had no means to help her with that. She wouldn’t pin any hope of getting help from the Harpers either, who weren’t likely to help her deal with Sophia. They were still encouraging Richard to get back together with Sophia so that they could get their hands on the immense wealth she had.

The Edwards Family was the only one who could possibly be of any help. She was sure that Joe Edwards, as greedy as he was, would crack his brain trying to come up with means to rob Sophia’s wealth. By the time Sophia was left with nothing, she would no longer be able to vie with Xyla for Richard. After making up her mind, she went to visit the Edwards.

“What? Not only is that b*tch still alive, she didn’t even suffer any injuries?” Faye looked surprised to learn how Sophia had managed to make the narrow escape. “She’s really one hell of a lucky girl,” Faye remarked, her eyes lingering on Xyla.

Putting on a harmless and innocent look, Xyla asked, “Faye, Sophia is your sister. Shouldn’t you be happy to know that she’s still alive?”

Faye snorted in response without saying anything. She had registered to take part in a campus beauty contest which was going to be held soon. To make sure she would shine during the contest, she hired several dancing teachers to give her some last-minute, intensive lessons.

Massaging her thighs, Faye remarked in a crafty tone, “Do you think I have no idea who would be the happiest if that b*tch was to die in that fire? Xyla, do I look stupid to you?”

On the fateful day the fire took place, they tricked Sophia into visiting them. All they wanted was to keep her there as a bait to lure her husband over; they had no intention of getting her killed. The house catching fire all of a sudden was totally unplanned.

Panic-stricken, they managed to get out of the house but they forgot about Sophia’s existence. After an investigation, it was revealed that someone had deliberately set the store room on fire with the intention to kill Sophia, who was stuck in one of the rooms on the third floor.

Just two days after Sophia escaped the fire at Edwards Residence, the entire tower of Huffs Technology was devoured in a blaze too. The two incidents couldn’t be mere coincidence. Before this, Faye kept her mouth shut as Xyla’s family was the owner of Huffs Technology and had offered tremendous help to her family when their company was facing a huge crisis.

However, things had been different now and the Edwards Family were no longer their old selves. Right now, they were a branch of the prestigious Edwards Family in Bayside City and they were blessed with a son-in-law who was a tycoon. Meanwhile, Huffs Technology had suffered a fatal blow because of the fire. Therefore, Faye did not see the need to respect Xyla, who was nothing without her family business.

Xyla held her head low, a flash of resentment in her eyes as Faye mocked her. This girl is such an ungrateful b*tch! Has she forgotten who funded her family when they were down?

Pretending that she did not understand what Faye meant, Xyla steered the conversation away by saying, “Faye, I have a way to find out who Sophia’s husband is.”

Faye, who was still massaging her legs, asked in a lackadaisical manner, “Oh, tell me all about it then.”

Xyla walked over and said warmly, “Since Sophia is your sister, we have to do something to show we’re friendly if we want to get closer to her rich husband.

Although she wasn’t injured in the fire last time, we should still do something to show that we care about her. Let’s see… Why don’t you and Uncle Joe visit her with some gifts? I bet she won’t reject such a kind gesture from the two of you…”

Faye thought it was a rather good idea. Although Xyla was a scheming girl, Faye had to admit that she was really smart. Thus, she started preparing for the visit right away.

In the afternoon, Joe and Faye made their way to The Imperial with several bags of gifts. To no one’s surprise, they were denied access to the residential area by the security officer.

“I heard that my daughter has fallen sick and has been resting at home for the past few days. I’m really worried about her; I just need to check on her condition. Please let us in!”

The security officer refused them with a stoic expression, “No.”

Having no other choice, Joe decided to put down the bags of gifts in front of the security booth.

“I’ve brought some gifts for my daughter and my grandson. Since I can’t go in, can you bring the gifts to them?”

The security officer glanced at the bags on the floor and relented, “You may leave them here.”

Joe put down the bags and stormed off. Afterward, the security officer went through the contents inside the bags and found they consisted of some fruits, health supplements and toys. Thinking that nothing wrong could possibly arise from those things, he then brought them to Villa No.

8 where Maria took them in. She left the pile of gifts in the living room, knowing that Sophia would not be interested in them.

Then, she walked away to take care of the housework, not noticing a little toy robot amidst the pile. The robot seemed to be searching for something with its eyes lit up and its head turning around in all directions.

Meanwhile at the Edwards Residence, Joe was talking to Xyla anxiously. “Pay attention! I want to see what my son-in-law looks like!”

A video was playing on the screen of Xyla’s computer, showing the inside of Villa No. 8 in The Emperial. The footage was taken by cameras hidden inside the little toy robot. As Xyla’s family was in the business of producing high-end technology products, the little robot was their newest invention. Its main function was to take sneak shots and it was capable of camouflaging to avoid being discovered.

Xyla made the robot move around to scout the area because there was no one in the footage right now. With the three cameras inside, the robot was able to take in its surroundings in a panoramic view and any movement would immediately trigger its camouflage mode.

The little robot took a few steps out of the room in the direction of the living room. It wasn’t long before a middle-aged man appeared in the footage.

“It’s him!” Joe was so excited to see the man’s face that he smacked the table hard.

Both Faye and Xyla were flabbergasted because that man was the vice chancellor of Bayside University! Since the vice chancellor appeared at Sophia’s place at such an hour, did it mean he was her husband? At that time, they suddenly remembered that the vice chancellor was a man with the last name Fletcher.

Everything that had happened to Stanley, Joel and Nathan so far seemed to make sense all at once. No wonder Nathan was made an exception to the university rules to be admitted into the university at such a young age! It was simply because he was the vice chancellor’s son!

All three of them were thrilled to learn the truth, especially so for Joe who smacked his thigh in elation. “That old man is Sophie’s husband! No wonder that little scumbag could get into a university at such a tender age! It’s because his father is the vice chancellor of the university!”

To their astonishment, the vice chancellor had actually paid to make Sophia his wife. If the fact became widespread among the students of the university, it would certainly bring great embarrassment to that old man. How exciting was that?

Elated, Xyla started controlling the robot to snap more photos of the vice chancellor. Before long, Sophia appeared in the living room in a nightgown; her hands were held by the vice chancellor intimately.

Xyla’s face was glowing with exhilaration when she was taking the photos. She knew that these photos could put Sophia into huge trouble!

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