My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 31-40

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 31

Not to mention the boss! It was known to everyone that the owner behind Audistin was extremely mysterious. Even the truly powerful and influential individuals couldn’t meet their boss, let alone the Harper Family.

Richard was so furious that he nearly gave Kayla a tight slap. With a low voice, he fiercely admonished her, “Have you not humiliated yourself enough? Shut up!”

Kayla was stunned as she had never thought that her brother, who had always pampered her, would actually say such a thing to her. Instantly, she stared at him in disbelief. “Richard, how dare you scold me!”

His face was cold and dark when he continued scolding her, “This incident today was all because of you!” As he was the confirmed successor of the Harper Family, the whole family poured all their resources to prepare him and cultivate his skills, so they neglected Kayla’s education, which unexpectedly led to her current unruly and capricious nature.

He knew that it was only a matter of time before she would give him trouble, but it was out of his expectation that she would cause such a major problem.

Due to the fact that this was the first time Kayla was scolded by her brother, who had always pampered her, she felt aggrieved and disgruntled. All of a sudden, she spotted Sophia, who was watching the commotion among the crowd, and instantly, she was overwhelmed by rage.

Yes, everything that had happened today was all under Sophia’s instruction! That b*tch must have had some shady affair with the gym manager. This must be the reason they worked together to pull this on me.

“It was her. It was all because of her!” Kayla suddenly pointed at Sophia, who was among the crowd.

Sophia was dumbfounded. I’m only here to watch the commotion. What does this have to do with me?

Kayla pointed at Sophia and then at Mr. Wesley before wildly accusing, “Everything that’s happened today was all because of this woman. She must have made some shady deals with this manager, which was why he went all out to do that to us!”

Sophia shrugged her shoulders with an innocent expression. “I’m just here to work out and stumbled upon this commotion. So now it’s my fault?”

Richard was busy resolving the matter about the membership, so he hadn’t gotten the chance to notice Sophia among the crowd. It had been a few days since he last saw her. Though they went to the same university, he hardly ever bumped into her.

After not seeing her for a few days, Sophia seemed to have become even more beautiful than before, especially when she was currently wearing a sportswear with a crop top, which thoroughly revealed her slim waist.

Her attractive abs were incredibly eye-catching, and by just quietly standing among the crowd, she made an incomparably stunning view. “Sophia…” His lips moved, and his heart seemed to have floated toward her.

When Xyla, who was at one side, saw this scene, viciousness flashed across her eyes. She then tugged Richard resentfully. “Richard…”

Only then did he return to his senses. For a second just now, he felt that it was as if his soul had been taken away by her. What’s going on?

Upon seeing that Richard still hadn’t moved on from Sophia, Kayla was enraged, so she intentionally caused a ruckus by pointing at Sophia and cursing loudly, “It was that vixen! After seducing my brother, she came to this gym to hook up with other people.

It was her who deliberately caused trouble by conspiring with the manager to frame us today! Is this how Audistin serves their customers? How dare a manager randomly accuse their customer! I want to see your boss! Ask your boss to come out here now!”

Her high-pitched voice could be heard all over the gym. Not only the people in the lobby, but plenty of people came out from the private workout rooms to watch the ruckus. Ever since the rich kid from the other time was driven away, it had been quite a while since anyone had made a scene in Audistin!

Sophia, who was being pointed at by Kayla, wore an innocent expression. “I really came here just to work out. What does the cancelation of your membership have to do with me?”

Mrs. Harper, who had always disliked Sophia, strongly believed that her daughter was not such an untactful person who would do such an idiotic act. It turns out that Sophia is here. This b*tch must have done something that instigated my daughter to do such a foolish act!

Therefore, the woman joined in the war of words. She pointed at Sophia and started rebuking, “It turns out that it was you who pulled this on us, you vixen! Here I was, wondering why our family was having such bad luck. It turned out that it was all because of you!”

Sophia, who was dragged into the situation though being totally innocent, gave up on explaining herself; she just looked at them scolding her in silence, as if she was looking at two monkeys.

Thinking that she was in the right, Mrs. Harper barked at her louder, “You vixen, you must have conspired with this manager to pull this nasty trick on us! Don’t even think that you are going to succeed with this. We are going to meet your boss and tell him about those dirty moves you have made!”

Richard, however, kept quiet at that moment. He also thought that Kayla certainly wouldn’t make trouble at Audistin for no reason. It turns out that it was Sophia who was stirring up the trouble! Is she still mad at our family because of me?

I don’t know when she has started to become like a hedgehog that would prick anyone she meets. If she’s willing to put down all her quills and become gentle and adorable like how she used to be, we might even be able to get back to how we were before… Still, he kept his mouth shut. He couldn’t bring himself to blame her, but he couldn’t stop his mother placing the blame on her as well.

Mrs. Harper and Kayla were certain that Sophia colluded with the gym manager to frame them. Maybe Sophia managed to hook up with Mr. Wesley. Otherwise, if it weren’t for this manager, how would she have been able to enter Audistin with her identity?

They were determined to intensify the situation so that they could deal with the owner of the gym directly. A manager who makes a fuss using his position is just a nobody compared to his boss, and his boss will definitely side with us since we are such high-status customers. By then, we won’t let Sophia and Mr. Wesley off easily!

While the Harper Family was making a ruckus in the hall, scolding Sophia and the manager, Michael was comfortably sitting on the couch in a VIP gym room, watching the scene via the security cameras in the hall.

He saw his young wife being reprimanded by the mother and daughter of the Harper Family. If it weren’t for the employees who were pulling them back, they were probably even going to lay their hands on her!

Meanwhile, Richard, her ex-boyfriend, was standing at one side, keeping quiet. Looking at this scene, Michael could roughly imagine how tough her life must have been. It must have been disappointing for her to have such an ex-boyfriend!

At the same time, Daniel was reading the newspaper while Harry was searching online for gay novels which had him and Michael as the main characters. “Your little wife is now being scolded. Aren’t you going to step in?” Daniel put down the newspaper and asked.

Michael took a sip of tea calmly. “My wife is not someone who could be bullied easily by anybody.”

In the hall, the mother and daughter of the Harper Family were still making a commotion. Mr. Wesley was initially the one who was scolded, but now that the pair of mother and daughter of the Harper Family turned their attention at Sophia, he became an onlooker who was watching the show with pleasure. Tsk, they are now aiming at the boss’ wife!

Sophia felt utterly annoyed when all she could hear was the noisy yapping of the mother and daughter of the Harper Family. Meanwhile, Richard, that spineless fool, was playing dumb at one side, just as she expected. She suddenly remembered about the incident when she first visited the Harper residence to meet Mrs. Harper.

At that time, she was wearing clothes that were bought by Richard. She looked dark and skinny, and with the branded clothes on her, she looked like a monkey in a dress, looking funny and ridiculous.

She was extremely cautious with her every move for fear that she would break the Harper’s rules and displease them. Little did she know that her existence was the thing that displeased the Harper Family the most.

She could still remember that after Richard reached home, he asked her to get along well with his mother. Right after that, he left her behind—despite her feeling anxious—and entered the study to deal with his company issues.

She sat on the couch in the living room of the Harper residence anxiously. Opposite her was Mrs. Harper and Kayla, who disliked her a lot, and sitting next to her was Xyla, who looked like an angel in her white dress.

At that time, she was alone, without anyone to help her. She faced Mrs. Harper’s criticism and Kayla’s cold sarcasm alone, but she just kept her head down and spoke carefully.

Now, unable to continue to withstand their scolding, she announced loudly, “I’m going to say this again. I didn’t make any trouble. The cancelation of your memberships had nothing to do with me at all!”

Mrs. Harper gritted her teeth with a dark expression. She thought that Sophia was still the feeble young lady who went to their house two years ago like a lowly dog.

“It was you. It must have been you! You must have conspired with your lover to do this! Don’t think that you can do as you please after winning the court case! I’m telling you this now—no matter what you do, don’t even think that my son will cast a glance at you, and don’t you dare think that you can marry into the Harper Family!”

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Sophia shrugged her shoulders helplessly. “Since you are not going to believe anything I say, let’s just watch the security camera recordings.”

The onlookers were boisterous. “That’s right. Let’s watch the security recordings! It will be clear who was the one making trouble here!”

“Let’s watch the security recordings!”

It had been many years since someone caused a scene in Audistin. It wasn’t easy for them to bump into one, so they needed to get to the bottom of this!

Upon hearing his boss’ wife’s words, Mr. Wesley immediately instructed the employees to retrieve the security recordings. “Play the security recordings that were taken in the hall.”

Generally, there would be a screen in the lobby of the gym, where the videos of Victoria’s Secret fashion show would be constantly playing to encourage their members to lose weight. Currently, on the few 50-inch plasma televisions in the lobby, the videos of the Victoria’s Secret fashion shows were temporarily replaced by the security recordings of the lobby two hours ago so that everyone in the lobby could watch them clearly.

Mrs. Harper still thought that she was in the right as she coldly snorted. “You vixen, your true colors will soon be revealed!”

The recordings started, and Sophia appeared on the screen. She jogged, did warm up, did some stretching using the equipment, and talked to a part-timer. Everything seemed perfectly normal.

Later, Kayla and Xyla appeared. They then had a disagreement with Sophia, and Kayla poured the juice on the floor, so both of them naturally had a quarrel. Their quarrel was clearly recorded by the security cameras.

“Sophia, didn’t you hear me? I want you to clean the floor!”

“I’m not cleaning it!”

“My apologies. Our service was not good enough. We will immediately clean up the water marks on the floor. However, Miss Edwards over here is also our member; she is not our part-timer.”

“If she still appears here after this, I’ll never come to Audistin ever again; even my friends and family won’t come here as well. You guys had better watch out.”

At this point, everything was clear.

As expected, it was Kayla who was seeking trouble by intentionally making things difficult for another member. After she was advised to not continue doing so, she even threatened the gym manager and stated that she would cancel the memberships of the entire Harper Family.

That’s impressive. There really is someone foolish enough to threaten Audistin by stating that they would cancel the memberships of their entire family.

It was common for wealthy customers to oppress a store, but it was usually the other way round for Audistin.

After the recordings ended, Mr. Wesley switched off the security recordings. There was a dead silence in the lobby.

It was obvious that the few people from the Harper Family were pulling a long face. Richard had never expected that this incident would turn out this way. Kayla had always been arrogant at home, but it was unexpected that she could be so immature and unthoughtful to have the courage to mess with Audistin.

Nevertheless, though the solid proof was right in front of her eyes, Kayla was still unembarrassed; she even shamelessly reprimanded Sophia before the crowd, “I merely spilled a bottle of juice by accident. It was obvious that it was this woman who was seeking trouble. I don’t care. It was all this woman’s fault!”

Mrs. Harper jeered as well, “This b*tch must have had some evil intentions. It’s impossible that Kayla is such an unreasonable person. It’s unknown where this woman came from, so she must be here to get herself a rich man. We, the Harpers, have been customers of Audistin for many years, and all our family members have premium memberships. If you are really going to give up on important customers like us for this b*tch, it would be a great loss for Audistin!”

Richard agreed to his mother’s words as well. The reason that this incident had happened was obviously because of Sophia, who was venting her anger on them due to the past incident. Anyway, an apology would suffice for the little mistake that Kayla did. For the sake of their business, Audistin should know that Sophia’s background was incomparable to a wealthy family like the Harpers, so they should know whom to side with.

However, Mr. Wesley seemed to not have any sense of business as he made it obvious that he was siding with Sophia. He continued to wear a calm expression and smile while saying, “I’m sorry. The cancellation of your memberships was under your request. Once they are cancelled, we really can’t help you to regain your memberships.”

Hearing that, Mrs. Harper blew up on the spot. She pointed at Mr. Wesley and scolded, “You really know nothing about business. Ask your boss to come out. We want to see your boss!”

This Mr. Wesley definitely has a relationship with Sophia; of course he would help her!

Mr. Wesley smiled. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Harper. Our boss is not around.”

It was a tactful explanation by saying that his boss was not around. To be frank, the Harper Family was not qualified to even meet their boss.

In fact, even Mr. Wesley himself was not qualified to meet the boss of Audistin. All he knew was that the boss of Audistin was a mysterious person, and nobody knew his real identity.

Mrs. Harper sneered, “Your boss is not around? I think you, an insignificant manager, are trying to hide this matter from your boss and fool us. Who gave an insignificant manager like you the authority to reject an important customer? We are talking about a business worth over 10 million! Do you have any say in this?”

Richard chimed in friendly as well, “Wesley, this is not something you can decide by yourself. It’s better that you ask your boss to come out.”

Just when Mr. Wesley was about to say something, a person appeared from behind the crowd, who was watching the commotion. “What’s going on?”

The person who came dressed up in a way which formed a stark contrast with the charming men and women in the lobby. He was wearing a bespoke fitting tunic suit, which was emanating an aura of the olden days. The suit accentuated the sense of chic and maturity with his 6-foot slender figure.

“Master Levine!” Upon seeing Daniel, Mrs. Harper and Richard’s spiteful expression instantly changed—they now looked intrigued.

Daniel’s reputation among the circle of wealthy people in the Bayside City was well-known to everyone. They would all invite him for ribbon-cutting ceremonies and to check out their feng shui when they had any new property for sale, opening of shopping malls, or commencement of constructions.

The rich people were obsessed with metaphysics. As the Bayside City’s Metaphysics Grandmaster, his existence was God-like to the rich and wealthy!

Daniel was also one of the shareholders of Audistin. Rumors had it that he owned quite a large portion of Audistin’s shares, so he could be found in the Audistin’s teahouse, which was right next to the gym, all year round. They didn’t expect that Daniel would appear instead of the owner.

Mrs. Harper instantly became respectful in front of Daniel. She greeted him in an overly polite and humble manner, “Master Levine, how are you doing? We happened to have gotten hold of a new piece of land. All the applications have been approved, and we’re just waiting for the commencement of construction next year. I wonder when you will be free to check out the feng shui—”

“I’m sorry. I’m fully booked.” He waved his hand and adamantly rejected her request.

Mrs. Harper’s smile was frozen on her face. Her lips parted, but she didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

Daniel asked Mr. Wesley directly, “What’s going on?”

Mr. Wesley briefly explained the whole situation.

Mrs. Harper and Kayla seemed to think that it would be a good idea to make a complaint at him since he had a greater authority than the manager.

Therefore, Mrs. Harper started complaining, “Master Levine, I heard that you are a shareholder of Audistin. You need to handle this incident. This b*tch and the manager teamed up to bully the members, and he even took the liberty to cancel all the memberships of the Harper Family!”

Kayla jeered as well while pretending to be pitiful, “There must be something fishy with this manager. Perhaps he is a spy of a competitor with the intention to ruin Audistin’s reputation!”

Daniel didn’t say anything at first; he seemed to have sunk into deep thoughts for a moment.

Everyone looked at him. As Audistin’s boss didn’t show up, Daniel was apparently the person-in-charge here.

He thought for about a minute, and the lobby fell into pin-drop silent for a minute too.

In the end, he looked at Sophia and asked, “Do you think that this was caused by the Harper Family making trouble, or Mr. Wesley making a rash decision and breaking the rules?”

He is actually asking the opinion of that young lady?

The Harper Family had never thought that Daniel would actually ask the opinion of a young lady about a matter that involved 10 million.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 33

Just when Sophia was about to say something, Richard subconsciously called out quietly, “Sophia…” He looked at her intently. “You know how important the membership of Audistin is to me, right?” he asked seriously.

She definitely will be taking this advantage to take her revenge on me for dating Xyla! Nevertheless, Sophia must still be deeply in love with me, and going against the Harper Family was merely an attempt to attract my attention. Since she knew the importance of Audistin to the Harper Family, she certainly wouldn’t be so cruel.

Under the impression that Sophia was still in love with her brother, Kayla threatened her viciously, “Just say it. Just tell the truth. Don’t you dare spew any nonsense; otherwise, my brother could tell with just a glance!

Mrs. Harper cast a threatening glance at her, warning her with her eyes that if she talked nonsense, she would make sure that her son wouldn’t see her again.

Xyla, on the other hand, bit on her lower lips and uttered pitifully, “Sophia, it was all my fault. Don’t make things even more difficult for Richard and Mrs. Harper on this matter.”

Sophia looked at everyone, including the Harper Family and Xyla’s expressions, before turning to Daniel and adamantly said, “It was the Harper Family who caused trouble here in the first place, and it was also the Harper Family who requested to cancel their membership. Wesley did nothing wrong. Master Levine, you mustn’t fire Wesley because of this incident.”

Mr. Wesley was nearly moved to tears. The lady boss is such a kind person!

The Harper Family didn’t expect that Sophia would tell a barefaced lie. Mrs. Harper lashed out on the spot. “You b*tch! What the heck are you talking about? Shut up!” She then turned to Daniel. “Master Levine, this person is holding a grudge against the Harper Family, so you shouldn’t believe anything she says!”

Richard anxiously chimed in as well, “Miss Edwards here is my ex-girlfriend. We broke up for certain reasons, so she’s holding a grudge against me. You shouldn’t believe anything she says!”

Daniel nodded, as if he believed in what the Harper Family had just said, before turning to Sophia and asked, “Since you are one of the people involved in this incident, how do you think we should handle this?”

“Let’s just go according to Audistin’s rules—drive away those who seek trouble here!” As she was speaking, her eyes were cold and expressionless.

Daniel nodded and instructed Mr. Wesley, “Just have someone to drive away those who seek trouble here.”

The Harper Family was dumbfounded, suspecting that they were hearing things.

Drive us away? Audistin really could bear to drive important customers like us away?

After he received Daniel’s instructions, Mr. Wesley led seven or eight buff men and surrounded the Harper Family. In a friendly tone, he uttered, “This way, please.”

He did a respectful gesture to invite them to leave. Upon seeing the few buff men surrounding them and also the intense eyes of the onlookers who were watching the commotion, Richard knew that they would only further humiliate themselves if they stayed there, so in the end, he dragged his family members and Xyla away.

Mrs. Harper was reluctant to leave. “Why are we leaving? It’s the b*tch who is supposed to leave!”

With a gloomy face, Richard dragged her out.

The Harper Family left with their tails between their legs. Not only they had failed to regain their memberships, they even lost face. It was beyond embarrassing.

After the Harper Family had left, the commotion finally ended, and everyone dispersed in groups of two or three.

Upon seeing that everyone had left, Daniel took two steps forward and spoke to Sophia, “Mrs. Fletcher…”

“Hmph!” Sophia arrogantly let out a cold snort, turned away, and left. She had no intention of talking to him.

It was probably because she still hadn’t let the incident about her value pass. Michael spent 10 million on her, and Daniel earned 9.2 million, but he refused to give her a share of the cake. The more she thought about it, the more unbearable she felt!

Seeing that she kept ignoring him, Daniel returned to his recreational teahouse.

Harry had intended to spend his whole day here, and Michael was still running on the treadmill though he was sweating profusely. While he was running, he kept watching the security recordings at the lobby of the gym until Sophia’s figure disappeared hurriedly at the door.

This little wife of mine is avoiding me, as if I’m a terrifying beast, without any consideration about my pride! Could it be that she subconsciously thinks that I’m a scumbag like her ex-boyfriend? Michael was baffled.

Daniel seemed to have noticed his puzzlement. As he was reading the newspaper, he advised him in a patronizing tone, “Listen to me—don’t rush it. You need to coax your wife slowly and patiently. After she’s familiarized herself with you, you can easily do what you want with her. How about I give you a suggestion?”

Michael didn’t reply to him.

“Don’t you have a secret weapon in your hands?” Daniel asked mysteriously.

A secret weapon?

Before Michael could get hold of his meaning, Harry managed to figure it out. “Haha! You have such a powerful weapon. If you use it, I’m sure that your wife will give in to you!”

After thinking for a moment, he suddenly smiled knowingly.

After Sophia found out that Michael was in the gym, it was only natural for her to lack the courage to continue sticking around. She took a stroll around outside, had a meal, did some shopping in the shopping mall, played some games, and slowly went home when it was dark outside.

Luckily, Michael wasn’t home, and Maria told her that he wouldn’t be coming home tonight; he had gone to his son’s place.

“Boss has a son?” When Sophia, the lawful wife, found out that her husband had an illegitimate son, she actually felt a little glad!

Maria nodded. “Yes. He’s five now! I just saw him two years ago!”

This is such excellent news! It’s impossible for a successful person like Michael to only have me as his woman! He must have a bunch of mistresses outside. His mistresses and a whole group of illegitimate sons could probably even form a long line! Maybe he will just forget about me in a day or two!

Upon having such thoughts, she suddenly found that life was full of surprises!

That night, she slept soundly and had a dream about Michael bringing home a bunch of mistresses and kids. Right in front of them, he coldly threw a check worth 200 million at her and said, “Let’s get a divorce, and this 200 million will be yours!”

She immediately stepped forward and grabbed the check while grinning. “Hubby, that’s too much. 100 million is enough. 100 million…”

After that, with the money in hand, she continued her studies, opened a company, became a domineering president, and had a young kept man. From that point onward, her life only got better…

“Hehehe…” Sophia chuckled in joy. Perhaps the dream was too sweet; she was so reluctant to let go of it that she slept in.

Only when Maria came to call her, she woke up with a start. She looked at the clock and found out that it was now 10.00AM. According to her schedule, she was supposed to attend horse-riding class in the morning.

She changed her clothes hurriedly. “Maria, why didn’t you wake me up?”

Maria felt innocent. “Madam, Boss who asked me not to do so.”

“Michael? He’s back?” Feeling astonished, she subconsciously looked at the two big eels in the aquarium—they were still alive and kicking.

She could feel a chill run down her spine. It’s over. The beast’s back!

Maria nodded. “Yeah. He came back with Little Master at daybreak. He said that you were tired, so he asked me not to wake you up. Don’t worry. I’ve asked Hale to give a call to the people at the horse-riding club.”

Michael actually brought his illegitimate son back here?

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Wait, he maybe didn’t only bring his illegitimate son; he might have brought a ‘sister’ back as well. Is he planning to introduce me to his other ‘sisters’? Or perhaps it’s a mistress bringing her child to show off in front of me? No, that’s not right.

If we go by the order, I’m the mistress in their relationship. But that’s not right as well—I’m the one who has signed the marriage certificate with Michael. The marriage certificate, which was personally signed by me, is now kept in the bedside table. I’m sure of it.

Sophia rubbed her head, without any idea of what Michael had in mind.

Since he has a bunch of mistresses and kids, why did he spend 10 million to buy me?

When she was brushing her teeth and washing her face, a lot of things went through her mind. She was thinking what kind of an expression she should have when she met Michael and the ‘sister’ later.

Should I accept the reality and give in to the situation? Or should I not accept the reality and make a scene by crying my eyes out? Should I humble myself and be his mistress?

Or should I show her my marriage certificate to declare my identity as his lawful wife? I really wish that he would just throw a 200-million check at me and ask me to get lost…

After washing her face and changing into her clothes, she walked down the stairs elegantly. Regardless of the situation, I need to save my face. I can’t lose face in front of Michael’s other woman! I’m his lawfully wedded wife! If I’m still here, the others could only be his mistresses!

As she walked down the spiral staircase, she cast a glance at the living room. Michael, his son, and also the so-called ‘sister’ were not there.

Instead, she saw that Mr. Morgan was giving instructions to some people who were going in and out, moving some boxes around. There were quite a number of strangers in the house.

“What’s going on, Mr. Morgan?”

When Mr. Morgan, who was instructing some men to move the boxes, heard Sophia’s question, he answered respectfully, “Little Master is moving in to live with you.”

Tsk! Michael has brought his illegitimate son and mistress home! That’s just great! If the ‘sister’ is around, she would definitely try her best to grab his attention so that she could become the lawful wife instead! I don’t need to be afraid of the eels anymore.

Feeling overjoyed, she skipped carefreely to the garden to look for him.

In the garden, the grass was green, and there were exotic plants and flowers blooming amidst the beautifully-maintained groves. Water was flowing in the man-made stream, which surrounded the garden, and there were fishes swimming freely in the crystal-clear water.

Michael was sitting on the deck chair in the garden, and in front of him stood a little boy, who was wearing a Doraemon-printed top, playing a remote-controlled race car.

He was probably 4 or 5 years old, just like how Maria had described. He looked exactly the same as Michael—he had a face with well-defined features and extraordinary temperament. It was obvious that he was his biological son.

She looked everywhere but failed to locate the ‘sister’.

Shouldn’t she be sitting on Michael’s lap now, provoking me by acting like a happy family of three?

Michael immediately spotted Sophia, who was peeking furtively at them, and he waved at her. “Come here, chica. Come and take a look at our son!”

Our son, my foot…

When she was walking over to him awkwardly, the little boy happened to turn around and face her. His delicate little face looked chubby and tender, which resembled a plump, juicy fruit. It was obvious from his looks that he was a lovely child!

Tsk, the mother of this little boy has such good genes. It’s only a matter of time before she replaces me as the legitimate wife.

Sophia and the little boy met face-to-face, and after three seconds of silence while they stared at each other, he dropped the remote control in his hands and dashed toward her with his arms spread. He hugged her leg, and a sweet smile appeared on his adorable little face while his little mouth parted. “Mommy!”

She was rendered speechless. Why is the situation different from what I’ve imagined? Feeling baffled, she didn’t reply to him for a while.

The little boy pouted. “Mommy, don’t you like me?”

“I-I-I…” she stuttered.

Michael bent over and stroked the little boy’s head while saying to her, “This is my son, Nathan Fletcher. You are his mother from now on.”

Eh? Is he announcing to me that I’ll be his only lawfully-wedded wife? This situation is just like in the novels where the children of the mistresses would be raised under the name of the lawful wife. Why do I feel touched somehow?

The little boy’s adorable face had a slightly-disgruntled expression. “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

Sophia forced herself to reply to him, “Hey, my dear son!”

I’m only 19 years old, but I’m now a mother?

Michael caressed the little boy’s little face, which was as smooth as silk, and declared, “From now on, he is moving in to stay with us. You guys need to get along well with each other.”

He’s even going to move over here?

Feeling totally lost about the world of the rich, she had no choice but to agree. “Sure!”

The little boy tugged at a corner of her skirt and swayed left and right. “Mommy, can you take me to my room to look around?”

“Sure.” Seeing that the little boy was so cute, she held his little hand and went inside the villa.

Along the way, the two of them, one was tall while the other was short, seemed to get along really well.

“Mommy, will you sing for me?”

“Of course. I love singing the most!”

“That’s great! Mommy, you are the best! I want to listen to ‘Mothers Are the Best in the World’!”

Looking at the tall and short figure holding each other’s hand while leaving, Michael smiled contently.

As expected, women can’t resist children. I bet that with Nathan here, our relationship will improve a little faster. Besides, Nathan lost his parents since he was little, and putting him under Sophia’s care will give him a complete family.

Perhaps she will fall in love with the kid and lead to the increase in her sense of belongingness in the family. She may even like me even more after this as I’m the child’s dad. It’s decided, then! I knew that if I used my secret weapon, I wouldn’t fail!

Meanwhile, Sophia was taking Nathan to the second floor. Mr. Morgan had prepared his room on the second floor. The room was spacious, with a separate playroom and study. The entire balcony on the second floor belonged to him, and Michael even had a few nannies ready for him. This showed how much he loved his son.

Sophia loved children as well, especially when he was such an adorable-looking child. Holding his delicate, little hands, she took him around to see his room.

His room was decorated childishly with Doraemon-printed curtains, with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck printed on his bedsheets and blanket. There was even a mini rocking horse, a mini car, and so on.

“Nate, look here. This will be your little bed. You will be sleeping here from now on.” She pointed at the colorful bed. “If you are not used to all this, I can come over to sleep together with you.”

She tried her best to sound more childish; she even hugged a large teddy bear excitedly. “Nate, look, there’s a teddy bear here. You’ll have a teddy bear and me to sleep with you, so you don’t need to worry about having nightmares. We will protect you!”

However, when she lowered her head, the adorable, innocent little boy just now had put on a cold, impassive face—though he still looked cute.

“Woman, I’m not a 4-year-old kid. Don’t talk to me using such a childish tone,” the little boy uttered in a freezing tone. The 5-year-old little figure raised his head to look at her, emanating a strong aura which didn’t match his age.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 35

“Eh?” Sophia let out a cry of surprise. Why is this little boy completely different from how he was just now?

The little boy’s childish voice and his cold, gloomy face formed a stark contrast that made him look even more adorable. “Listen here. I don’t have the intention to move here, but your husband insisted on having me move here. He asked me to make you happy by acting as your son.”

“Huh?” She was dumbfounded. Although she had no idea what was going on, she found that the little boy’s face seemed to look even cuter than before.

I really wish that I could poke this chubby little face.

The little boy put on a stern expression. “Woman, how about we make a deal?”

“Eh?” For a moment, she thought that she was looking at a future domineering president from twenty years in the future. For an inexplicable reason, she nodded. “What kind of deal?”

His expression was serious. “I’ll continue to act like a cute little boy in front of that old guy while you pretend to be happy. That’s all.”

“That’s all?” she asked.

He nodded, and his eyes were earnest. “Yeah.”

Sophia seemed a little lost. “Erm…”

The little boy pointed at the door. “Get out. Don’t enter my room without my permission.”

She walked toward the door, and then he went to close the door.

“Also, my name is Nathan Fletcher. N-A-T-H-A-N. Don’t call me Nate,” he warned.

“I—” Before she managed to say anything, the door was slammed in her face with a loud thud.

The corner of her lips twitched as she felt utterly speechless. The old one is a psycho, and the little one is worse. Everyone in this family is crazy. Nevertheless, I rather face this unusual little one; at least I don’t need to make love with eels.

At night, Michael had the maids make a dish from the two eels that he had reared for a few days. He asked them to get another two larger eels right after that.

While the family of three was having dinner in the dining room, Sophia tried her best to act like a loving wife and mother by placing some food on Nathan’s plate. “Nate, here, have some meat. You will grow taller and stronger after eating this.”

The little boy looked sweet, which was totally different from the cold expression that he had earlier. With his head lowered, he seemed to be focused on eating. “Thank you, mommy. I must grow taller and stronger.”

Looking at them getting along well with each other, Michael felt pleased and content. Women really can’t resist adorable children. After she becomes a qualified mother, she certainly will learn to be a qualified wife.

Sophia’s schedule for the day was completely messed up due to Nathan’s appearance as she was forced to keep him company.

He was indeed Michael’s son—he had extraordinary acting skills and an extremely uncommon character. He seemed like a sweet little boy in front of Michael, but he became icy cold when he wasn’t facing him. When he turned to Michael, he transformed back to the cute little boy again. His transformation was instant and flawless.

Nathan was exhausted after acting for the whole day. After having dinner, he went upstairs sleepily. Seeing this, Sophia’s eyes darted everywhere, and she hurriedly finished her meal before saying to Michael, “This is the first time Nate came to our house, so he must be feeling out of place. I’ll sleep with him tonight.”

Michael immediately agreed, “Sure, you guys should spend some time together. I’ve been raising Nate in another place, so he must be feeling uncomfortable at a new place. You should spend more time with him. He’s a poor child who grew up without a mother. From now on, you will be his mother.”

Only half a day had passed, but Michael was already used to his nickname—Nate.

Sophia instantly nodded. After having her meal and brushing her teeth, she hurried to the little boy’s room for fear that Michael would catch her. Luckily, the little boy didn’t lock his door, so she was able to enter his room. “Erm… Nate, your father asked me to sleep with you tonight.” She put on a loving, motherly smile.

As expected, the little boy didn’t even look at her in the eye; he was playing with a mini computer with a serious expression on his adorable, chubby face.

Everything in his room was customized according to his height. Currently, the little boy, who was wearing a frog hoodie pajama, was sitting in front of his tiny desk on a tiny stool using a tiny computer. The contrast was unusually cute.

“He’s not my father, and don’t ever think that you can sleep with me,” he coldly stated. The back of his head was facing her, which showed his utter displease toward her.

Sophia’s expression showed her slight reluctance as well. Who would want to sleep with a little brat? Having said that, since I need to make a choice between this little boy with an uncommon character and his psychotic father, of course I’m choosing this little psycho!

She put on an expression which made her seem as if she was caught in the middle. “Didn’t we make a deal? You act as a cute little boy, and I pretend to be happy. If you don’t allow me to sleep with you, your father will surely suspect that you dislike me.”

The little boy kept quiet. The atmosphere in the room was unusually heavy to the point where Sophia, who was hugging a pillow in her arms, felt a pressure coming from him.

After a while, he finally said something. “You sleep there.” He pointed at the tiny couch at the side.

With her pillow in her arms, she immediately walked to the couch. The couch was quite spacious for her to lie on after putting down the backrest. She quickly made the couch and comfortably lay on it.

I hardly have the chance to sleep so comfortably and at ease! It would be great if I get to sleep on the couch here every day! However, it seems kind of impossible, so I still need to think of a way to move to the university dormitory.

She then lay down and played with her phone to check out her friends’ IG stories.

She only followed a handful of people on Instagram, for instance Michael, Hale, Gwen, Maria, and a few mates she knew from her university.

She had cut ties with almost all her friends that she had before she went to the university. In their eyes, she had disappeared all of a sudden and then reappeared again.

When she was scrolling through her Instagram, she first spotted Michael’s post. It was a photo taken when they were having their dinner—a group photo of their ‘family of three’.

Nathan had a sweet expression and she was smiling stunningly, while Michael had his arm around the two of them. The caption was, ‘The first gathering of our family of three’.

Sophia tapped on the ‘like’ button on the post and added an extremely fake comment—‘The three of us must be happy together! Love you, Hubby.’

After posting the comment that nearly made her sick, she quickly scrolled downward for fear that she would see Michael’s perverted face again.

She then saw that Hale posted a photo of him riding a horse, looking handsome and charming. The caption was, ‘A half-day escape from my hectic life by replacing my boss, who ran late.’

F*ck! That’s my horse! My class! My burgundy little horsie! Now, the horse is contaminated by Hale! Sophia wailed inwardly.

She reared a horse in the horse-riding club and would go to the club to ride on it every week. She had missed her horse-riding class because of Nathan’s appearance today. Unexpectedly, Hale replaced her and attended the class.

Hugging her phone, Sophia felt bad for the horse.

After scrolling through the phone for a moment, she noticed a follower’s request. When she tapped it open, she saw an incredibly familiar profile picture and also a message that stated, ‘Sophia, I wish to talk to you.’

Her Instagram account was registered using her new number, so it would be easy for one to search for her account if they knew her phone number. On top of that, her phone number was printed in the school’s alumni album, and every class had a copy. Therefore, it wasn’t difficult for Richard to get her number.

Without even a moment of consideration, she rejected the request.

Ex-boyfriends are sh*t, and there’s nothing to talk about to a piece of sh*t.

After scrolling her phone for a while, she was prepared to sleep. She saw Nathan still typing on his mini computer, and the screen was full of black wordings. As she didn’t understand what he was doing, she casually asked, “What are you doing?”

Nathan, whose attention was focused on the screen, coldly replied, “Mining for Bitcoin.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 36

“Are you sure that you are mining for Bitcoin, not playing whac-a-mole?” Sophia asked.

Nathan didn’t reply and continued to focus on his task. Therefore, she rose to her full height, ran toward him, and stood behind him to peek at what he was doing.

Bitcoin was a cryptocurrency that was currently circulated globally. It had a high value, and the method to obtain it was special as well—it required a specialized computation method as well as a tremendous amount of manpower and money.

It was difficult to obtain Bitcoin, but the question was, how difficult exactly? Anyways, it was an extremely onerous task; most little brats wouldn’t even know what a bitcoin was.

She stared at Nathan, wondering what he was doing exactly.

However, after staring for some time, all she could see was his chubby little hands dancing across the keyboard, making some clattering sound. The words on the screen changed very rapidly, and the figures kept changing. She wouldn’t have any idea of what was happening even if her gaze had burned a hole through the screen.

The little boy finally rested his hands for a moment. He turned around and looked at Sophia, who was staring wide-eyed at the screen, with a disdainful look. “Can you understand what you are looking at?”

In fact, she couldn’t understand it at all. After all, she was a liberal arts student.

Her mouth parted. Just as she was about to say something, someone knocked on the door, and Michael’s voice was heard from outside. “Sophia, Nate, are you guys asleep?”

Sophia was shocked. Nathan had already calmly switched off his computer and jumped onto the ground from his chair. “Your husband is checking on us. Pretend to be asleep now.” He pointed at the bed.

Before she managed to think further, she cleared the couch, carried her pillow, and got on the bed. She covered herself with Nathan’s blanket, which had frogs prints, and pretended to sleep with her back facing the door.

Nathan went to open the door.

When the door was opened, Michael’s 6’2 figure was leaning against the door frame. He seemed to have just taken a shower as his hair was damp. With a cool-toned sleepwear on him, he looked like a sleepwear mannequin displayed behind windows in the shops—he looked immaculate.

From afar, he saw the bed at the other side of the room. Under the spread-out frog-print blanket was a little bump—Sophia was sleeping soundly underneath.

The wind chimes tinkled softly under the gentle breeze, making the small room a little cozier.

Michael looked content as his expression was warm and gentle.

The little boy remained in the position of opening the door, where he had one hand on the door knob, as if he was going to close the door at any time. He raised his head and coldly looked at Michael. “Have you seen enough? I’m closing the door.”

With a resigned expression, Michael squatted down to Nathan’s height before extending his hand to touch his nose. “Nate, call me ‘daddy’.”

Nathan rolled his eyes at him and muttered, “My name is not Nate, and you are not my father.”

Michael put on a stern face. “Says who? I’m your father.”

“Stop pretending. I know that you are my uncle.”

Michael ran out of means. This little boy was just exactly like his parents—he had the same dark expression. Looking at him, Michael felt as if he could see the cold face of his sister, who had passed away when she was still young. “We had a deal. Your mother has just arrived, so you need to act like a sweet little boy to make her happy.” He stroked Nathan’s head helplessly.

Nathan coldly replied, “Your wife is not my mommy too.”

Michael was rendered speechless. He had no choice but to raise his stakes. “Have you forgotten about our agreement? If you act sweetly and make your mommy happy, I’ll buy you a Bitcoin miner. If she is not happy, I’m not going to update your miner, and you won’t be able to use it without the updates.”

Bitcoin mining required a strong hardware, which was commonly known as a ‘miner’, to support the operation. It was a computing device with advanced hardware that wore out extremely quickly.

Although he had no idea why this little guy was so interested with this kind of cryptocurrency, as his uncle and also his father, he would surely try his best to satisfy his needs. He could also make use of the opportunity to have him act sweetly.

Ever since Nathan’s parents, who were also Michael’s only sister and brother-in-law, both passed away, Michael and Nathan only had each other.

Nathan had a mature expression on his face—an expression that he shouldn’t have at his age—for a few seconds before closing the door with a loud thud.

He merely closed the door; he didn’t directly reject his request, which probably was a sign that they had reached a consensus.

After Nathan had shut the door and returned to his bed, he looked at Sophia, who was lying on his bed, with a cold expression. “Your husband has left. Get down now,” he ordered without emotions.

Hugging her pillow, Sophia got off the bed while mumbling to herself inwardly, This little boy is so rude. Isn’t my husband also his father?

After she got off the bed, she put down the backrest of the couch and made a simple bed out of it before comfortably lying on it.

Nathan sat back in front of his computer again without saying anything. He switched on the computer, and his fingers started to dance across the keyboard, looking as if he was really mining for Bitcoins.

Sophia hugged Nathan’s frog-print pillow while watching him using the computer. The side view of him working seriously made him look like a mini version of Michael. He’s serious and smart; I’m sure that he will become a legend after he grows up!

She stared at him for quite some time, but there weren’t any changes in Nathan’s movement—he kept repeating the same action of typing on the keyboard. The soft clatter of the keyboard disturbed her, causing her to be unable to sleep, so she could only stare at him wide-eyed.

When it was almost 10.00PM, she finally voiced out, “Nate, it’s late. Sleep earlier.”

“Shut up,” he replied.

Sophia paused before she pressed on, “You are too noisy. I can’t sleep.”

“Shut up,” Nathan replied again.

“What time are you going to sleep?” she asked.

“Shut up.”

Sophia cocked her head to one side while looking at him. The more I look at him, the cuter I find him to be. He is way cuter than his father. He grew up without a mother? So Michael’s idea was to bring him back and have me take care of him? I’m just 19 years old, but I need to become a mother of a 5-year-old kid? He can actually bear to do that to me?

Finally, when it was almost 11.00PM, Michael’s voice was heard from outside the door. “I’m going to cut your power supply. If you keep playing with your computer, you are going to disturb your mother’s sleep.”

Upon hearing his words, the little boy instantly saved all his data. With his slippers still on his feet, he swiftly got on his bed, and after a moment, the sound of an even breathing could be heard.

The next day, Sophia woke up early. As a qualified ‘mother’, she needed to personally take Nathan to school. As she happened to have no class in the morning, she figured she wouldn’t be late for class even after taking Nathan to the kindergarten.

As an excellent actor, Nathan immediately put on a flawless act as a cute little boy when he was together with Michael and Sophia. He waved his little hand at Michael to say his goodbyes. “Daddy, goodbye!”

Michael waved at him from the second floor. “Goodbye, Nate.”

When he got in the car, the cute little boy was gone and was instantly replaced with a serious one. He even read in the car.

Sophia leaned over to him, and she was at a loss for words when she saw that the book title was ‘The Brief History of Time’.

Nathan initially stayed at a different place, so Michael had arranged quite a number of skillful people to protect him. Therefore, Sophia didn’t know any of the people who were sending Nathan to the kindergarten.

When she noticed the car was driving toward the direction of her university that she would go every day, she felt curious and couldn’t help herself but to ask one of Nathan’s bodyguards, “Which kindergarten is Nate studying at?”

The bodyguard, who was wearing a black suit and dark sunglasses, replied to her with a cold expression, “Bayside University.”

Sophia was speechless.

When they were near Bayside University, the little boy unhesitatingly instructed, “Stop the car.”

The car came to a complete halt, and Nathan carried his bag and got out from the car.

“Why aren’t we driving there?” she curiously asked the bodyguard.

The bodyguard replied, “It’s now peak hour for parking, so the entrance of Bayside University is now fully parked with cars. According to Little Master’s calculation, it would take 10 minutes for the car to enter the university with the current speed. However, if we stop the car here and walk across the street, he would only need 5 minutes to reach the university.”

Sophia was dumbstruck. Looking at the row of luxurious vehicles that were crowding at the entrance of Bayside University during the morning rush hour, as if they were participating in a car exhibition, she felt a sudden chill that ran down her spine, which caused her to have a sudden impulse—she wished she weren’t his mother.

After they got out from the car, Sophia attempted to hold Nathan’s little hand, but he firmly slapped away her hand. “I don’t like women touching my body.”

Hearing that, she was rendered speechless again.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 37

The training of being a domineering chairman indeed began when one was young.

Nathan brought a bodyguard with him to school, and Sophia was following behind them. She wanted to see the school Nathan was attending.

Since when is there a kindergarten in Bayside University?

Nathan carried a small backpack as he walked around Bayside University familiarly, and he finally arrived before the School of Computer Science after walking for around half an hour. He then walked right into the building.

“Little Master is the only freshman of Bayside University’s School of Computer Science for this year,” the bodyguard informed Sophia out of kindness as he saw her being so curious.

Sophia kept quiet.

She sneaked into a toilet, got changed, and removed her makeup after sending Nathan to his classroom. She then stepped on her new hoverboard and went to her own classroom chicly.

Military training was approaching, and the university was starting to hand out uniforms. It was a full set of clothes, including socks, shoes, and hats.

She walked back home with her set of uniform in the evening as she thought about telling Michael about her plan to move into the school dorms.

Nathan had fewer classes than Sophia, and so he came home earlier. When Sophia got home, Nathan was playing games with Michael in the living room. It was one of the simplest, most original fighting games. Michael’s huge hands and Nathan’s little chubby hands were holding the controllers, which were connected to the 100-inch television. The game characters were fighting intensely, and one of them was clearly losing.

The atmosphere was different before Sophia came back.

“F*ck! You rascal! I’m your uncle; can’t you be kind to me?”

“I have no sympathy toward the weak.”

“Damn you rascal! I’ll KO you until you call me dad!”


It was different when Sophia got home.

“Daddy, you are great!”

“Hehe, good boy.”

“Daddy, you are the best!”


Sophia saw Nathan and Michael putting on their act of being a pair of loving father and son again. She was disgusted.

Psychopaths. They are all psychopaths.

She had dressed up before she got home. She was wearing a dress while holding her limited-edition LV bag as she walked through the door in her 3-inch high heels. Nathan leaped into her arms when she was taking off her shoes. “Mommy, welcome home.”

Sophia took advantage of the situation and rubbed his face. “Thank you. Have you been a good boy?”

“I have been good.” Nathan nodded.

Michael was relieved to see them getting along.

Nathan was mean to him, but it was enough if he was nice to Sophia.

After all, children were the greatest weapons against women.

“Welcome home, honey.” Michael walked forward, grabbed Sophia’s hands, and tried to kiss her. His actions were dramatic. Although Sophia was unwilling and looked despised, she didn’t have a choice but to move forward and give him a peck on his lips.

That feeling was… indescribable.

Sophia looked disgusted, but she had to pretend to be happy.

She finally picked up her courage and told Michael about moving into the university’s dormitory during dinner time.

“Hubby, our university’s military training is starting soon. I’m thinking of moving into the university’s dormitory to prepare for the training…”

To her surprise, Michael agreed swiftly.

“Sure. I’m leaving tomorrow for work and won’t be around for the next few months anyway. No one will be home, and you might as well move into the university’s dormitory and try to make some friends.”

Sophia’s world was filled with brightness and hope at that instant.

Although she was overjoyed, she still had to pretend to be sad. “Hubby, you are leaving again? When will you be back, then? I will miss you.”

Michael hugged her and kissed her cheeks. “I will come back and visit you often.”

“Hubby… sob…”

Nathan, who was eating by the side, couldn’t take it anymore. He jumped down from his chair, walked to Sophia, and looked up at her adorably. “Mommy! Mommy! I’m tired. Can you bring me upstairs and tug me in?”


Sophia agreed immediately. Michael was leaving on the next day, and she would be free again after she survived tonight. “Hubby, Nate hasn’t gotten used to our new home, and so he hasn’t slept well and kept kicking away his blanket. I shall accompany him tonight,” she said.

Michael smiled like a charming prince as he looked at Sophia affectionately. “Thank you. Please take care of Nate when I’m not around. You two must get along.”

Sophia was a little startled. She thought she saw a completely different Michael than what she expected.

She brought Nathan upstairs. “Your husband is a psychopath,” Nathan complained the moment he got into the room and closed the door.

He couldn’t even bear with Sophia’s poor acting skills. She clearly disliked Michael, yet she pretended to be happy. Her acting skills were too poor! She might fool a three-year-old kid, but it was a little difficult to hide it from him. He was five years old after all.

Michael was a micro-facial expressions expert, a master of acting, and the youngest national level performance artist of Cethos. He could tell what Sophia was thinking just by a twitch of her brow.

Yet he played along with her poor acting skills.

How disgusting and crazy! Why did my mom have a brother like this?

Sophia nodded sincerely when she heard Nathan’s conclusion. “Your dad really is a psychopath.”

Michael’s creepiness had reached the level where his own son couldn’t bear with him too.

Although they had different understandings, their conclusion was the same.

At night, Sophia started lying on the sofa and looked at the stocks and housing markets. The stocks she invested in were performing well, and the properties and shops were generating income too.

Once the commercial center, Asco International, was introduced and the subway was built, the values of the shops she owned would increase in ten- or hundred-folds!

She had to work hard to earn money to make sure that she could make her own living. That way, if Michael got tired of her, she could still survive.

Sophia was hiding in Nathan’s room. Michael went back to his own room and watched the surveillance video Hale sent him. He didn’t have time during the day, so he could only watch it when he was free.

In the video, Sophia immediately got changed from the dress and high heels she wore from home as usual. She removed her lipsticks, foundation, and eyeshadow, and changed into a different outfit that made her look wild. She then stepped on her hoverboard and moved around like a bird freed from its cage.

“Hmm. Interesting.”

Michael took a sip of the red wine as he enjoyed watching the video. Sophia was wearing a white crop top that revealed her belly button and a pair of jeans. She looked fresh and natural, which was much better than the timid little kitten she looked like at home.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 38

He then checked on Nathan’s performance in school today.

Hale was originally there to protect Nathan, but now he had to keep an eye on Sophia too.

Nathan was the only student in the Junior Class of Bayside University’s School of Computer Science. There was only him in the class, and the university had arranged a tutor specially for him. Nevertheless, he would usually attend classes with other freshmen.

Nathan was listening attentively and sitting properly in the classroom. He was even sitting in the first row, raising his hand and answering questions enthusiastically.

However, a red light shone from his watch a few minutes later. He took his laptop out quietly, and his little chubby hands started typing quickly on the keyboard. Suddenly, the screen blacked out, and the surveillance video disappeared…

‘Boss, Little Master is too smart. He hacked into my surveillance system.’ Hale sent Michael a message.

“Heh, that rascal is good!” Michael exclaimed.

Hale and Mr. Morgan were packing Michael’s luggage for the shooting. They packed his laptop, clothes, skincare products, and other necessities.

A film collaboration between Cethos and Hollywood had appointed Michael as the male lead. He wouldn’t be around for the next few months, and Sophia would be free for a few months again.

On his last night, Michael let Sophia accompany Nathan instead of him.

According to Hale’s logic, Michael should have sex with Sophia and get her pregnant as soon as possible. She would definitely stay by his side once she was pregnant.

However, he couldn’t understand his boss’ thoughts, or he would have been the boss.

Michael continued watching the surveillance video.

This time, he was watching the surveillance video in Nathan’s room. There were videos and audios from all angles.

Sophia was lying on the sofa while playing on her phone. She saw an entertainment news article recommended to her on an app.

She usually wasn’t concerned about entertainment news, but the woman on the cover of the entertainment news article looked a little like Michael. Hence, she clicked into it for some reason.

The title of the news was, ‘The lead actor of the classic comic ‘Doctor Invincible’ has been confirmed to be Cethos actor, Taylor Murray (with leaked cast photos!)’.

Sophia was never interested in entertainment news and didn’t know any celebrities, so she had no impression of Taylor Murray. Taylor seemed like a woman from the photo, but ‘she’ looked like Michael.

She looked up ‘Doctor Invincible’. It seemed to be a recreation of a classic comic. The male lead was an ill-lucked physicist, who was framed and became a drag stripper. He made a living mainly through striptease. He then got superpowers, took revenge, and joined a superpower group, ‘Justice League’.

The comic had been published for over seventy years and was well-known globally. They had a huge amount of fans. Huge investments were put into the movie production, and famous celebrities were cast as well. The minor characters were also played by famous actors, and it was expected to be a hit in the box office.

Besides, the performance of the male lead was quite shocking. He transformed from a successful and gentlemanly physicist to a drag queen that had to make a living through stripping, but he then evolved into a tough superhuman after getting superpowers. The three stages he went through were completely different, and it would be a great challenge for his acting skills. It was said that many auditioned, but only Taylor made it.

So Taylor Murray is a woman?

Everyone had high hopes for Taylor when they saw the picture.

‘Wow, Doctor Invincible is indeed our dear Taylor!’

‘For obvious reasons, I’m confident that Taylor can play this character well, hehe!’

‘The world has finally realised Taylor’s beauty. I don’t care. Taylor is my wifey!’

Taylor Murray is a woman? But the news said the actor was a male!

Sophia observed the photo for a while. The actor is clearly a woman from his looks and his figure!

How is he a man? And he even looks a little like Michael…

Could it be Michael’s sister?

But that doesn’t make sense. Michael is rich. Why would his sister become an actress?

Sophia was just curious and looked at it for a while, but she wasn’t concerned about it. She put her phone down after scrolling for a while and tossed and turned on the sofa. She couldn’t sleep.

She was excited!

The tiger won’t be around for a while, and I will be free again! I’ll be able to wear whatever I like!

She couldn’t sleep even after some time, so she subconsciously turned around to look at Nathan, who was still typing on his laptop quietly. He seemed to be mining Bitcoin.

Sophia was intrigued. She took a stool and sat next to Nathan, watching him mine Bitcoin. “Nathan, will you teach me how to mine Bitcoin?”

“Shut up.”

“Wow, you look intelligent! You are just six years old; how do you know all these? Can you teach me?”

“Shut up.”

“Nathan, don’t be so cold. Talk to me.”



“Shut up.”

After disturbing Nathan for a while, Sophia lay back down on her sofa. It was only 8.00PM, and she couldn’t sleep. She didn’t have any other places to go either. She would be caught by Michael once she left Nathan’s room, and she couldn’t imagine the consequences.

She took her laptop out, sat before Nathan’s study desk designed for children, and played video games.

She had always liked to play video games, but she didn’t have the time and money in the past. She didn’t even have her own laptop, and she could only use Richard’s laptop.

Now that she had the time, money, and her own laptop, she would play games whenever she had time.

The game she was playing was called ‘Swordsman Game’. It was a 3D game with a Chinese martial arts background. The game setting was in a martial art world, where there were different clans and careers. Players could level up through killing monsters and creating new clans. The image quality of the game was high, and the operation was smooth. It was a popular game.

Sophia logged into her account, ‘Sirius233’. Her profession in the game was a high-class swordsman, and she had the title of ‘The handsomest and wealthiest of all’. She was also the clan leader of the Highvale Swords Clan.

She logged in successfully, and a young, handsome man appeared. Sophia had spent lots of game coins in order to get this character and her customized looks. She created this character completely according to her preferences. The character wore a long robe, had long hair reaching her waist, and was extremely handsome with her sharp brows and gorgeous eyes. There were even halos when she appeared. It was extremely cool.

When Sirius233, with the title ‘The Handsomest and Wealthiest’, appeared in the game, the system notified the entire server—‘The Handsomest and Wealthiest Sirius233 appeared at Bayside Village No. 23. Go find him now if you want to meet him!’

A group of players instantly rushed to Village No. 23.


‘Clan Leader!’



Sirius233 was known for her generosity, top equipment, and smooth operation. She was popular in the game. She not only had a large group of friends, but also twenty over wives and over two dozen kids.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 39

Sirius233, who was surrounded by lots of players, was overjoyed. After greeting her friends and disciples, she then led her wives and childrens to kill monsters in instance zones.

Sophia had always picked the most difficult characters to battle with, as she could earn the most and get the best equipment. Besides, the operation was smooth. Sirius233 would be the only one fighting all the monsters in the instance zones everytime the group entered.

The group of wives and children just had to cheer for her.

“Hubby, you are great! You have to notice me tonight!”

“Daddy, you are great!”

“Come on, daddy!”

Sophia was focusing on killing the monsters, and the keyboard specially made for gaming was making noises as she hit on it. Her fingers were fast, and the game character was agile. Every attack she made on the monsters was tutorial-worthy, and her smooth operations kept Sirius233 on the list of the top ten players. However, this was only a game account she had created a year ago.

Nathan had been standing behind Sophia for some time, and he was shocked to see her smooth operations. His eyes widened and he seemed to be amazed.

Sophia was fighting with a Boss-level monster. The Boss’ attack was strong and agile. Any skillful players would lose half their blood if they were hit once. Besides, it had a high blood level, and no one had the courage to go against it by themself; even a group of players with full blood would lose.

Sirius233 was holding the Dragon Slaying Saber, which was shining in golden light as it slayed the monster. Her series of attacks was continuous and perfect. The monster was taking multiple hits and couldn’t even release its toughest attack.

Sirius233’s attack was the top in the server, and her continuous attacks were brilliant. She could use several techniques continuously. After a few attacks, the huge monster fell, and Sirius233 still had half its blood left.

The monster collapsed, and a legendary sword appeared. She took the sword and led her wives and kids out from the instance zone. They went back into town.

The system announced in red words on the server—‘The clan leader of Highvale Swords Clan, Sirius233, beat the epic Spider King and won the Legendary Red Dragon Sword!’

All players were surprised. They rushed toward Sirius233 and surrounded her. Sophia received many private messages from players trying to know her. There were way too many, and Sophia couldn’t read them all. “Dear wives and children, I’ll take a cigarette break and come back online in a while.”

Sophia left after saying that. She left the game and was planning to come back after a facial mask session. However, she saw Nathan, who was standing quietly behind her, and she jumped in surprise.

“Nate, since when have you been standing there? Why didn’t you speak? You scared me!”

Nathan looked at her coldly, and his little eyes moved around. He seemed to have something to say, and his cool face was tense. Nevertheless, he couldn’t say it out, and he just ran away with his face tensed.

Sophia looked at him and sighed. “Psycho,” she whispered quietly. She then went to Nathan’s little kitchen and opened his refrigerator. There were many children’s milk there. She put on her facial mask, took a bottle of milk, and went back to Nathan’s desk. She then continued playing her game.

More and more people were surrounding her, and her wives and children were asking for her Instagram and Facebook IDs.

She rejected all of them.

Revealing her Instagram and Facebook IDs would be equivalent as exposing her in real life, and she couldn’t let that happen. Keeping it fictitious was perfect. No one in the game knew how she looked, and she never participated in any offline competition organized by the server for the top players.

She just wanted to stay cool and be a handsome, wealthy man in the game.

Sirius233 was famous for being a playboy. She had many wives and kept flirting around in the game. Although people had been criticizing it, there were still lots of female players who would come to her.

After slaying the monster, Sirius233 figured that it was time for her to get lucky again, so Sophia said goodbye to her children and wives and changed her mode to privacy mode. The system wouldn’t announce her coordinates whenever she was in privacy mode, and her fans wouldn’t come after her.

She walked into a rare location alone. It was a quiet place, and she just walked around randomly in the town.

Suddenly, a swordsman, who was still a child, followed by her side quietly. He followed her wherever she went. He kept following her, but he didn’t speak a word. He just kept sending her a grouping request, wanting to slay monsters with her.

The gamer’s ID was NateHiro.

Sophia was curious and clicked into his information. His level was low, and his equipment seemed to be fine, but his PK statistics was a disaster. He had lost 80 out of 100 games.


Sophia instinctively turned around to look at Nathan. He had stopped mining Bitcoin and was playing a game. It was the game she was playing, Swordsman Game. He was using an ID called ‘NateHiro’ and was running around Sirius233, who looked very cool.

Fine. It’s this brat. He should just tell me if he wants me to help him. Why does he have to be so cool?

Sophia added NateHiro as a friend and immediately requested to be his father in the game.

But he didn’t respond after some time.

‘Son, call me dad, and I will slay monsters with you and help you level up!’ Sophia typed.

Nathan didn’t speak, but his game ID, NateHiro, replied. ‘I’ll tell your husband if you don’t help me!’

Sophia was speechless.

In the end, NateHiro still became Sirius233’s 28th son. It was fortunate that Sirius233 was on privacy mode, or the entire server would have gotten the news.

They continued strolling around in the game, and Sophia brought Nathan into instance zones to slay monsters and level up.

The game had a Beauty and Hero system. When some players were in danger in instance zones and couldn’t complete their tasks, they could send out SOS on the town’s noticeboard outside the instance zones. Heroes outside the zones could voluntarily go in and save those players when they received the news.

They were slaying monsters in the town when Sirius233 saw that a female player sent a SOS message. ‘Heroes, please help me. I’m willing to use my body to repay you.’

Sophia looked at that person’s avatar.


Most characters wore a lot and covered themselves, but this character wore a revealing robe that was exposing her fair legs. However, her face looked innocent, and the combination made her look even more slutty.

The gamer’s ID was—Call Me Taylor.

She suited Sophia’s preferences. She immediately accepted the Beauty and Hero task and successfully appeared in the instance zone. She brought Nathan along to slay the monsters.

Nathan followed when she entered the instance zone as they were paired up.

A woman was being chased by a huge monster in the instance zone. Call Me Taylor’s blood level was low, and she was running around.

Suddenly, there was a holy light, and a handsome young man came from the sky. He was in long robes, which were moving without wind. He automatically had a strong aura.

The young hero was tall as she was holding a legendary sword. Wearing a blood-red tabard, she was ridiculously handsome. She came with the title ‘The Most Handsome and Wealthiest’.

The moment she appeared, her strong aura filled the entire world. The monster, which was extremely arrogant just now, seemed to have sensed danger and started shaking.

Sophia felt that Call Me Taylor must be so impressed by her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 40

The monster she was facing was just a low-level monster, but it could attack a wide range. She typed as she spoke, “Nate, go away. Don’t stand in my way!”

‘Girl, hide! Leave the rest to me!’ Sirius233 spoke affectionately at the same time.

‘Thank you.’ Call Me Taylor thanked her.

The two of them hid, and Sirius233 went into battling mode. Her eyes turned red as she dashed toward the huge monster with the legendary sword. After a series of attacks, the monster fell.

Sirius233 kept her sword in her sheath, looking cool and handsome. Nathan and Call Me Taylor managed to earn experiences and equipment just by standing there.

The instance zone’s session wasn’t over yet. Sirius233 walked to her future 25th wife, Call Me Taylor. ‘Girl, it’s dangerous here. Follow tight, and I’ll guide you to unlock the entire map.’

Call Me Taylor appeared before her. She looked much more lively and sluttier than her 2D image in her profile.

‘Thank you. You are the best.’ Call Me Taylor answered shyly.

‘Follow tight and don’t get lost.’ Sirius233 wrote.

“Nate, let’s go. Follow me!” Sophia yelled loudly in the room.

Nathan followed her without a word, and Sophia managed to guide them through the entire instance zone within ten minutes. Their experience level kept rising. When they left the instance zone, they had both leveled up. The combination of a handsome hero, a cute boy, and a beauty, who was both holy and gorgeous, was extremely attractive in town.

Sirius233: ‘Where are you from? This instance zone is the most dangerous, and a pretty girl like you shouldn’t go in here by yourself. It’s way too dangerous!’

Call Me Taylor typed a bunch of colorful words. ‘I just joined, and I didn’t know about the potential dangers. Thanks a lot for rescuing me. I have nothing to offer you in return other than myself…’

Call Me Taylor’s equipment was poor, and she was broke, but she had good looks that could attract rich warriors like Sirius233.

Sophia, who had a face mask on, was typing in lightning speed. ‘I see that you’re all alone, and I can’t bear to see you like this. I’ve fallen for you at first sight, and I feel so sorry for you. Shall we get married at the Cupid’s Temple? I can take care of you.’

Call Me Taylor: ‘Sure, hubby.’

Therefore, Sirius233 got her 25th wife. Sirius233 then switched off her privacy mode and brought Call Me Taylor and NateHiro to the Cupid Temple.

The system started announcing to the entire server automatically—‘Player ‘Sirius233’ and Player ‘Call Me Taylor’ fell in love, and they got married as a couple in the Cupid Temple. Congratulations!’

The world was shook when the announcement was made. There were praises and criticisms. The Cupid Temple was filled with people, both inside and outside.

‘Damn, Sirius233, that playboy, is going at it again. If I’m not wrong, this is his 25th or 26th wife.’

‘You are just jealous! What’s wrong with having 25 wives? He can afford it! Didn’t you see? He could give out a legendary weapon as a wedding gift! Can you? Dumb*ss!”

‘I have nothing to say to gold diggers like you!’

“Ha! The Handsomest and Wealthiest? He is probably just a smelly peasant hiding in a cybercafe in reality!’

No matter how people were judging, they couldn’t stop Sirius233 from marrying her 25th wife. She simply started her wedding with the world witnessing it. She bought the wedding set from the store; in fact, she was a regular customer.

The ‘Deluxe Wedding’ set she bought had a pegasus with flowing red silk pulling the wedding cart as it descended from the sky. It stopped before the Cupid Temple. Sirius233, who was in her wedding suit, looked at the cart excitedly as her bride, who was gorgeous and holy, walked out from the cart. She felt accomplished.

Meanwhile, NateHiro just stood quietly by the side. He seemed to be trying to get used to a new world he just learned about and just remained still. After the wedding ceremony, Call Me Taylor met Sirius233’s 24 other wives. She greeted them gently and called them ‘sisters’ sweetly.

Sirius233 was relieved to see them getting along. It was soon their nuptial night in the bride’s chamber. In the game, the newlyweds would stay in the bride’s chamber for an hour on their nuptial night. They would go into dual cultivation mode in that hour and get a specific amount of each other’s experience points and power.

Sirius233 always created a scene whenever she got married. She gave out a lot of top equipment and a new house this time. The new house was actually just a top-quality warehouse that could fit unlimited things. It was worth 1,000 units of game currency, but it was nothing for Sophia.

The dual cultivation mode started. Sophia put on her moisturizer as she said to Nathan, “Nate, your dad and your new mom is starting our dual cultivation mode. Go away and have fun with your siblings. I’ll bring you around and continue slaying monsters tomorrow.”

Nathan didn’t speak. He just went into other instance zones and started slaying monsters. His profession was the same as Sirius233’s, and he managed to learn his skills. He thought about the techniques Sirius233 used and tried them out. He had lots of fun playing by himself. As he was Sirius233’s son, he could gain experience from his ‘dad’, and his experience points kept rising.

Meanwhile, Sophia was busy cultivating with her new wife. She drank the milk as she hugged Nathan’s little frog soft toy and watched the two players entangled in the bride’s chamber.

Call Me Taylor: ‘Hubby, I’m yours from now on. You have to treat me well.’

Sirius233: ‘Don’t worry, wifey. You have a special place in my heart even though I have lots of wives. I swear to God that I will never betray you in this life.’

Call Me Taylor: ‘I don’t care how many women you have. I’m happy enough as long as you have me on your mind.’

Sirius233: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not a cold-hearted man, and I keep my words!’

Call Me Taylor: ‘I trust your words. I will get along with your other wives, and I will treat your children like my own.’

Sirius233: ‘Taylor…’

Call Me Taylor: ‘Hubby…’

Their lips touched, and the scene was filled with love bubbles. They went into dual cultivation mode, and the game’s screen was red after the red gauze was let down. In reality, Sophia left the game on as she stretched. She saw that Nathan was still playing the game and was challenging another player. However, he was not skillful enough and kept getting beaten up. He was either being stepped on the ground or was attacked by his enemy, unable to retaliate.

In fact, the other player knew that he was Sirius233’s son, yet he kept humiliating him. He didn’t use his best attack to kill him right away. Instead, he used techniques with minimal effect and kept bullying him. Nathan was attacked continuously. He kept getting up again and again, but he was beaten up every time. It was clear that the player was venting out his anger on him. Besides, that player seemed to be quite strong, and he had strong techniques and equipment. ‘Hahaha. So you’re Sirius233’ son? Boy, call me ‘master’, and I’ll let you go!’ He ordered.

Nathan didn’t say a word and just kept attacking, but his little chubby hands couldn’t do much. He couldn’t beat that guy. He could only see the system reminding him that he was losing blood, and he was losing miserably in the game. His cool face looked desperate for the first time.

Sophia was outraged. How dare you bully my son on my nuptial night! Don’t you know who his dad is?

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