My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 301-310

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 301

The vice chancellor? The fair and impartial old guy with an indifferent face?

Sophia asked as she followed Quinton to the vice chancellor’s office, “Why does the vice chancellor want to see me?”

Quinton shook his head helplessly. “You should read the news.”

They had to take their university shuttle bus because the journey to the vice chancellor’s office was a little far. Sitting on the bus, she fished out her phone that she hadn’t touched for the whole day to read the news. Only then did she find out that the matter had become worse. For some reason, the slanderous post last night was spread all over the internet.

It rapidly became a hot topic because there was a handsome teenager, who looked almost identical to Taylor Murray, involved in the incident. As the defamatory news about Taylor was so widespread now, this incident gained momentum as well.

Hence, this had brought disrepute to Bayside University, and the internet was full of criticism and sarcasm toward the university. A bunch of weaker students who failed to enter the university had been eagerly waiting for scandals of Bayside University to feed their bitterness. Now that their wish had been fulfilled—Bayside University had a scandal—they enthusiastically reprimanded the university, like flies attracted to poop.

Quinton was worried. “The vice chancellor is concerned about the reputation of Bayside University. Also, Stanley’s parents are senior professors in the university. They are now furiously waiting in the vice chancellor’s office. Joe is there as well… Do you need me to help you to explain to them that the situation is not how they thought?”

She rejected him. “There’s no need for that. Thank you, Professor Clark. Let me deal with this myself.”

The shuttle bus stopped in front of the university’s multipurpose building, where the office of the vice chancellor was located. Quinton followed her upstairs anxiously. Though Sophia was really the innocent one for this incident, words could cause harm, so he was a little worried for her.

Meanwhile, in the Faculty of Film, Richard found Xyla and failed to hold back the urge to admonish her. “Xyla, why did you do this kind of thing?

Now that this happened, the news about Taylor can’t be made public since the public’s attention is now focused on Tyler.” He only learned today that Xyla actually had the public relation team of Glory Entertainment to intervene with Sophia’s issue, and the defamatory post was publicized by his company.

Glory Entertainment’s main task now was to defame Taylor Murray and snatch the main role of Mark Fletcher. The plan was initially going smoothly, but now that the issue about Sophia having kept men, who were students from her university, had broken out, everyone’s attention was attracted by ‘Tyler’, who was 99% similar to Taylor. Therefore, if the scandals about Taylor were to be publicized now, the effect of the spread of the news would be greatly reduced.

The public relation team and online promoters of Glory Entertainment were the most successful in the entire industry. They had succeeded in making the celebrities under Glory Entertainment become some of the most famous celebrities in the industry.

However, the payment for their services was expensive, so Richard had to make sure that their every operation realized the greatest value. And now, all his plans had been ruined because everyone found out about the existence of Tyler, who bore an uncanny resemblance to Taylor. Richard’s initial idea to turn him into Glory Entertainment’s secret weapon had fallen through.

In just one day, countless agency companies were eager to come to Bayside University to sign an agreement with this 18-year-old-version of Taylor Murray. Besides, the intimate photos of Sophia and Tyler were taken without their knowledge.

Those were his trump cards which he had prepared to keep until the most crucial moment to use it to threaten Sophia. But all those were unexpectedly publicized by Xyla. She’s ruined it! It’s ruined! Everything is now ruined!

Xyla pouted aggrievedly. “I have never thought that the situation would turn out this way. It was Faye who pleaded with me to do this. You know that we’re such good friends… I won’t do this again… Richard, please forgive me!”

At this point, what else could Richard do now? Though he inwardly blamed Xyla, he couldn’t say it out loud. Since the situation had come to this point, there was nothing he could do to retrieve the situation. But he was not reconciled to accept the unexpected fact that something he had strived hard to get had been given to Joe for free.

Now, Faye and Joe had made a big deal out of it. They were both sitting in the office of the vice chancellor, who would definitely ask Sophia to call her husband out to question him directly. Thus, Joe would achieve his goal!

After some consideration, Richard uttered, “I’m going there to check it out.” He couldn’t allow Joe to gain by himself; he was curious to know who Sophia’s husband was as well.

Xyla playfully stuck out her tongue and followed him to the multipurpose building. She might look aggrieved on the surface when in fact, she was feeling pleased inwardly. Having gone through Richard’s phone, she knew that he was still in contact with Sophia. It seems that Richard wants to use the fact that she has a boyfriend in the university to threaten her.

Sophia seemed to have never replied to him on Messenger, but based on her sixth sense, she knew that Sophia was just playing hard to get. She pretended to be reserved so that she could get Richard’s attention for a long time. After all, one would yearn for something they couldn’t get.

Sophia’s a b*tch! Since she is married, she should loyally serve that old man. How dare she continue to flirt around! She shouldn’t blame me for being rough on her, then! Not only is her reputation ruined now, if her husband finds out about what she did in the university, he may very well dump her!

Even if she won’t be driven away from their home, her husband will be pestered by Joe and his family. I’m clear what kind of scum Joe is! By then, Sophia will never have the chance to stand up again! Haha, it’d be so exhilarating!

Meanwhile, a few parties gathered in the office of the vice chancellor. Firstly, there was the vice chancellor, whose expression glum as he sat behind his office desk while coldly waiting for Sophia to appear.

A married couple was sitting on the couch. They seemed to be intellectuals as their outfits radiated bookish vibes, and both of them wore glasses. They were Stanley’s parents, who were furiously waiting for Sophia to appear. Stanley was sitting at one side, his eyes flicking from left to right. When he saw Joe and Faye, who were sitting on another couch, he let out an enigmatic smile.

When Sophia entered the room, the first thing she saw was Stanley’s parents, who looked like intellectuals, sitting next to Stanley. They must be Stanley’s parents! She had met Stanley’s grandfather, great-grandfather, and brother, but not his parents.

Stanley said that his parents were obsessed with scientific research, so he could only meet them once every 2 weeks. Even when he was nearly killed by Phantom Wolf in Time Square, it was his brother who showed up, while his parents continued with their research overseas.

Upon seeing Sophia entering the room, he winked at her while she glared at him. F*ck! This stupid Stanley, who always craves to stir up more trouble! If you have the nerve, don’t go home after the class ends!

When Stanley’s father saw that his son was winking at her even at this moment, he hit the table in fury. “Are you Sophia Edwards? Stay away from my son!”

The moment Stanley’s parents stepped out of the laboratory and found out that their son had an intimate relationship with a married woman, they were so enraged to the point they nearly fainted.

The Fletcher Family has always been gentlefolks. So, as a Fletcher, how could he have an intimate relationship with a married woman? This is a disgrace to the family!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 302

Stanley’s mother was enraged as she said to the vice chancellor, “As I have just said, this kind of student is not suitable to continue studying in this university. I suggest that you expel her!”

With his mouth shut, Stanley hid behind his parents while looking at Sophia with a grin. He enjoyed watching her in trouble.

Joe, on the other hand, wasn’t concerned with whether Sophia would be expelled; all he cared was to find out who her husband was. Pretending to be sad, he exclaimed in a seemingly sorrowful manner, “I’m unworthy to be her father. She had been separated from me since young, and I found her only recently… Sigh… A child’s mistake is the parents’ fault, so it was all my fault… all my fault…”

Faye uttered in a surly manner, “Heh, that’s not necessarily the case. Perhaps it was Stanley who seduced my sister! This is something that we can’t say for sure!”

Though they were clueless about the background of Stanley’s parents, they looked down on this pair of nerds with greasy, tousled hair. The reason they planned this show was just to flush out Sophia’s husband! The previous incident at the police station failed to lure him out, but they were sure that the old man would show up this time!

“What did you just say?!” Stanley’s father blew up on the spot while he hit the table hard and rose to his full height. Although they were intellectuals, deep within their bones, they still had the Fletchers’ passion and stubbornness. He, in fact, resembled Old Master Fletcher when he was furious.

Joe uttered, “Okay, okay, let’s cut to the chase. Vice chancellor, now that the matter has arisen, we have to figure out a way to solve this. Sophia, you should quickly ask your husband to come here. Everything will be resolved once he shows his face.”

Joe was only concerned about his rich son-in-law, so he had no intention at all to waste his time on other irrelevant matters.

Since the police failed to force him to show up, I bet the university can do so. If he refuses to turn up, she will definitely be expelled by the university!

If that old man refused to show up even under such circumstances, Joe would start to suspect whether Sophia was really married to a rich man.

Stanley’s mother was fuming. Raising her eyebrows in anger, she pointed at Sophia and reprimanded, “My son is only 20 years old, and there are rumors of him being someone else’s kept man, which would make him unable to find a girlfriend. This situation must be properly resolved. Otherwise, I won’t let you off!”

Sophia replied inwardly, Your son’s inability to find a girlfriend has nothing to do with me; it’s him who is destined to be single forever!

She had been quiet since she entered the room. Neither humbly or arrogantly, she looked at the vice chancellor, who was also looking at her with a surly expression amidst the quarrel of the two families.

From her expression, he failed to find any guilt nor remorse; all he could see was her frankness and fearlessness, which inadvertently reminded him of a similar expression she had when she was questioned about the rumors of her having gotten an abortion at the beginning of the semester.

In the end, she was proven to be innocent.

Could it be that there’s a hidden truth behind all these?

When the news broke out, he investigated the matter and discovered that it was really suspicious. For instance, there wasn’t anybody who looked 99% similar to Taylor Murray in Bayside University.

Besides, he was clear of Stanley’s background. It would be the greatest joke of the year that a member of the Fletcher Family was a kept man.

Nevertheless, he was certain that Sophia had something to do with this!

The vice chancellor threw a newly-released newspaper, which smelled of fresh ink, in front of her. “You’d better give me an explanation!”

In the newspaper, the three words, ‘Bayside University Scandal’, were very clear. When the news—a student of the reputable, high-class Bayside University became a kept man of another student from the same university—broke out, nobody could tell how many people would strike them when they were down, just like piranhas swarming toward blood.

This top educational institution was defamed due to this news; the netizens cursed and slandered them as they pleased. This was something that had never happened before to this educational institution, which was founded a century ago!

Sophia’s gaze turned away from the newspaper, and her clear eyes landed on the vice chancellor. “Vice chancellor, it’s true that I’m married, but I’ve never had any kept men who are students from this university. Though I have a couple of male friends, our relationship stays within the moderate distance between ordinary friends. As for the rumors that are circulating online, I will deal with them, and I will make sure that those rumors won’t ruin our university’s reputation.”

“Are you saying that you are going to solve this? How are you planning to do so?” Stanley’s mother was so worked up that she got on her feet. “It’s impossible that my son is someone else’s kept man! It’s impossible for him to have a relationship with a married woman! Since this gossip has broken out, how is he going to study in this university without being made fun of by others? How is he going to get a girlfriend?”

Upon seeing that his son was going to be in a situation where he couldn’t get any girlfriend, Stanley’s father was so anxious that his eyes reddened. “Yes, how is my son going to get a girlfriend after this? You need to give me a solution to this and clear my son’s name!”

Both of them had been hoping for Stanley, this silly boy, to find a girlfriend, who was blind and untactful enough to date him, in this university!

Sophia enunciated, “Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, I bet that your son won’t be able to get a girlfriend even without this issue!”

Joe suddenly piped up with an adamant attitude, “My daughter won’t be able to solve this issue, for she is still young. Let’s call her husband out to have a discussion!”

Faye chipped in, “Vice chancellor, it’s actually very simple to clarify this matter—just get my brother-in-law to make a public statement!”

Though someone spread the news about a student cheating in marriage and having kept men—regardless of whether the news was real—as long as Sophia’s husband appeared and made a statement, they would at least be able to save a little of the reputation of Bayside University.

After giving it some thought, the vice chancellor agreed. “Alright. Sophia, call your husband to come to the university. Both of you should make a statement so that he can clarify your situation to the public.”

When the vice chancellor said that, Sophia seemed to have lost her chance to refuse.

Joe and Faye exchanged glances, and they nearly gave each other a high-five as celebration. I’ve finally achieved my goal! The moment Sophia’s husband appears, I’ll immediately introduce myself to him as his father-in-law. Immeasurable wealth and real estates from The Imperial, here I come!

With that thought in mind, he immediately chimed in, “Yes, yes, yes! This is what we should do. She has had a tough life, and it wasn’t easy for her to get a husband who loves her, so we shouldn’t let this slanderous rumors affect their relationship!”

Stanley’s parents agreed as well. “This is all we can do for now. You need to clear my son’s name, and we will deal with the rest after this.”

However, Sophia interrupted everyone, “I don’t think that this is a good idea! This is just burying our heads in the sand!”

The vice chancellor frowned as he asked, “Do you have any better ideas?”

He himself was clear that asking her husband to make an appearance to the public was just a temporary measure.

Sophia enunciated her analysis, “Vice chancellor, it’s obvious that this incident is a scheme to defame Bayside University, and I’m merely their excuse. Even without me, they will make up other false information to defame our university. Therefore, our priority now is to make a police report to find out the person behind all the rumors!”

The moment her words were said, Joe and Faye’s expression changed. Joe immediately refuted, “This isn’t something so serious that we need to report to the police. We just need my son-in-law to make a statement, and everything will be clarified, then the rumors will naturally be scotched.”

Casting a look at the nervous Joe, Sophia slowly explained, “This can be both a serious and a trivial matter. If we take this as a small matter, this is just someone targeting me. However, if we take this as a serious matter, I suspect that there is someone behind this incident who has a purpose and plan against Bayside University. As everyone knows, our university is the best in Cethos. I suspect that these people who schemed to defame our university are not aiming at only our university; they might be purposefully and systematically defaming the entire education system of Cethos to make our education system collapse!”

Her words staggered everyone.

Bayside University was the top educational institute in Cethos, and it was known all over the world. If one of the universities of Cethos became disrepute, this would be internationally defaming the entire education system of Cethos.

The room fell into a silence before Joe hit the table and rose to his full height. “B*stard! This is just a trivial matter, so it’s impossible that it has such a heavy consequence! You should quickly call your husband out here, and by then, all the rumors would be gone.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 303

Faye felt even more guilty. If she really goes to the police, I will be exposed immediately.

She hurriedly said, “Sophia, stop putting it off anymore. Ask your husband to come here to discuss this quickly. Don’t tell me that you don’t dare to call your husband over because you’re feeling guilty…”

Sophia glanced at Faye before saying, “My husband is someone prominent, so of course he would appear in person. But this incident involves my reputation, as well as Bayside University’s reputation. It’s not just my personal matter anymore.

When I was on the way here, I already reported to the police. The internet police are already beginning to search through the IP addresses. I believe we will find out the culprit who is slandering the university soon enough.”

She’s already reported to the police?

Faye was so shocked that she lost her composure.

Richard and Xyla, who had been listening to their conversation outside, were also shocked.

They’ve really reported to the police?

Richard’s eyes gleamed. He was quite confident that Glory Entertainment’s public relations team had managed to hide their IP address so that no one could find them. Otherwise, they would have already been caught after writing vicious rumors for so many years. The most severe offence that they would receive was that the accounts spreading rumors would be banned.

So Sophia is still unwilling to reveal her husband?

Seems like she really wants to keep all his wealth and assets to herself!

In the office, Joe was so angry that he stomped his feet on the ground as he pointed at Sophia and yelled at the top of his lungs uncontrollably, “You unfilial daughter! Don’t you know that it’s wrong to air your dirty laundry? For this matter, it’s best to settle it on our own behind closed doors. Why did you report to the police? Why?”

Sophia smiled coldly as she looked at Joe, who was enraged.

“The entire Bayside City already knows about this family scandal. Shouldn’t I report to the police?”

Joe was quite angry at her, but he decided to let this pass resentful upon a second thought. “Fine. You should.”

No matter how everything turns out, my son-in-law will definitely appear. Now that everyone knows his wife cheated on him, he will definitely have to face us as a man.

If he decides to divorce Sophia, I will fight the divorce lawsuit against him. No matter what, I will have to gain something from him.

If he decides to defend Sophia, it would be even better; that would be more than asking him for a payment.

Stanley’s parents also felt that this matter was best if they reported to the police. No matter what, their son’s innocence had to be proven.

After thinking about it, the vice chancellor decided that everything should be tracked from its source. “Fine, I’ll give you a week, but you must settle this perfectly!”

Sophia nodded. “Of course!”

After the discussion was over, everyone in the office stood up to leave. Thinking that Sophia’s husband would finally reveal himself this time around, Joe left with Faye happily. Since Sophia had to discuss some details with the vice chancellor, she stayed back in the office, while Stanley and his family also stayed back as well.

Stanley felt that it would be best if he explained this matter clearly to his parents and the vice chancellor. Otherwise, Sophia would definitely complain to Michael, and once she did that, Stanley could not get away with it anymore.

Once Joe and Faye walked out, they saw a little kid running in their direction.

Joe immediately recognized that he was Sophia’s stepson, so he said happily, “Little guy, remember to ask your dad to pay me a visit soon!”

Nathan ignored him. After shooting a glance at Joe, Faye, Richard, and Xyla, who were leaving together, he pushed the door open and walked into the vice chancellor’s office.

“Nate, why are you here?”

Stanley’s parents saw Nathan immediately. Even though he seldom went back to the Fletcher Family, he had enrolled in Bayside University after all, so Stanley’s parents knew him.

As soon as the vice chancellor saw Nathan, his stern expression immediately relaxed. He waved and smiled as he said, “Nate, come here! Come to your god-grandfather!”

Nathan, however, pouted. “I’m not going there. My dad asked me to let you know that he’s now parking in the parking lot, and he will be discussing some matters with you later.”

“Mike is here?” Upon hearing that, the vice chancellor was pleasantly surprised. It had been a while since Michael last visited him, and during the last visit, it was because of Nathan’s studies.

“Michael was one of the most successful alumni of Bayside University. On top of that, he was an Oscar-winning actor, and the son of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was actually the vice chancellor’s secret crush. On top of that, Michael donated 1.8 million to the university every year, so of course the vice chancellor liked Michael.

Unexpectedly, Nathan turned around and held Sophia’s hands as he lifted his head. “Mommy, let’s leave first. Daddy is going to discuss some matters with god-grandfather.”


“Mommy? Nate, what did you call her?” Stanley’s mother was surprised to hear that, and even the vice chancellor thought his ears were deceiving him.

Nathan, who had always been indifferent, did not reply to them. Instead, he walked away holding Sophia’s hands.

The few people in the office were genuinely shocked. The vice chancellor and Stanley’s parents exchanged awkward glances after hearing that.

Isn’t Nate’s father Michael?

When has Sophia become Nate’s mom? Doesn’t that mean…

Suddenly, the vice chancellor grabbed the newspaper on the table and looked at it carefully. An intimate picture of Sophia and a ‘fake’ Taylor Murray was printed on the cover page, but that man looked exactly the same as Michael Fletcher in the vice chancellor’s memories. I heard that he specifically did plastic surgeries to look like that…

At this moment, someone knocked on the door. After he raised his head, he saw Michael, who was well-dressed in a suit, standing outside the door. He knocked on the door politely once more as he asked, “May I enter?”

The vice chancellor looked at him before glancing back at the picture. They look exactly the same!

They are the same person!

Everyone in the office hadn’t come to terms with this piece of breaking news, but Stanley was the first to return to his senses as he walked to Michael brightly. “Hello, Uncle Michael!”

Michael replied, “Hey.”

Then, he walked to the vice chancellor and sat down on the couch. “My reasons for coming here today is because of my wife, Sophia…”

It was only now that the vice chancellor suddenly jolted awake. “I see! I see!”

Stanley’s parents were still dumbfounded at this.

They heard that Michael had gotten married, but they didn’t know who his wife was. Hence, they totally did not expect that she was the young woman they met just now.

After sitting in the vice chancellor’s office for another ten minutes, the vice chancellor walked Michael back to the parking lot personally with wide smiles on his face.

“Mike, do come back more often in the future. It took a lot of effort to convince the close-minded folks to have the Esports competition included under extra-curricular marks. You can’t delay the speech you promised this time anymore!”

Michael replied, “Of course, of course. It just so happened that I’m free recently. I’ll fix a time with you soon.”

The vice chancellor walked away happily. Leaning on the window of the car, Sophia felt quite guilty when she saw Michael walking to her.

I’ve troubled him with my menial tasks again. He helps me out each time I’m in trouble to the point that I’m embarrassed about it.

Right after Michael entered the car, she said, “Dear, you are already so busy. I can settle these matters on my own. Just let me settle it this time around.”

Sitting next to her, Michael had a moment of silence before he suddenly smiled and caressed her hair. “Alright. If you need help, just come to me anytime.”

Sophia snuggled in his embrace and raised her head to look at the man in front of her with sparkles in her eyes.

Suddenly, Stanley rushed to them and entered the car as soon as he opened the door. “Uncle Michael! Wait for me! I have an important thing to discuss with you!”

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As soon as he saw Stanley, Michael’s face immediately darkened. “Get lost.”

Stanley leaned closer with a wide smile on his face. “Uncle Michael, I have something to discuss with you. I’ve recently founded a company with my friends to develop a sniper game. Since you’re wealthy, why don’t you invest in us?”

So, he’s here for money. Michael responded, “I don’t have any money. Get lost!”

Stanley quickly switched on his laptop and pushed it over to Michael. “Just take a look at it, Uncle Michael! Just a glance! The user experience is outstanding!”

After glancing at Sophia, who was next to them, he deliberately said, “Uncle Michael, you have never invested in online games. Let me tell you that they will earn you a ton of money!”

I have invested in almost all of the most profitable online games in Cethos, so how could I not know about this? Michael gave him the side-eye, knowing that the latter was threatening him. But, if I don’t invest in him, he’s most probably going to reveal that I pretended to be a woman in the game. With that thought, he spoke arduously, “Get out of the car and leave your laptop behind. Ask your parents to keep their mouths shut.

Stanley respectfully bowed before heading out. “Uncle Michael, I’m so poor that I almost can’t afford to buy any food because of this game. Around 1.8 million would be enough. Don’t worry, my parents are always busy in their office and won’t simply talk nonsense!”

As soon as Stanley exited the car, Michael threw the laptop on Sophia. “Chica, why don’t you have a look? If you think it’s fun, I’ll invest in it.”

Did he think that he was dismissing a beggar earlier?

Right after they arrived home, she played the game that Stanley had made—a sniper game with smooth operations, making the experience fun. Without even being aware of it, she had already played for 3 hours. Standing behind her, Michael asked, “Is it fun?”

She nodded. “Yes, it’s fun!”

Hearing that, he turned and transferred 20 million to Stanley. It’s quite nice to develop a game for my wife to play.

It happened to be the weekend the next day. Sophia looked at the news the moment she woke up—Michael was furiously being canceled by everyone online, but he didn’t seem to care about it and was working out instead.

The topic of Sophia paying a male university student to be her gigolo was still a heated one, but everyone shifted their focus to the man who was 99% similar to Taylor Murray. It seems like the Harpers won’t give up until I die! Sophia sighed before getting out of bed and started to work on her own matters. Since the Harper Family is unforgiving, don’t blame me for being ruthless!

Right after waking up, she received a call from Stanley. “Sophia, why don’t you join me to have a look at my company?”

She immediately refused him. “I’m not going. Michael doesn’t like me speaking to you.”

Stanley replied, “Uncle Michael has transferred 20 million in your name to invest in my company. Are you coming? You are one of the investors now!”

What? He already gave 20 million? Isn’t it too careless? The game yesterday was quite fun, but it’ll be better if they can make it into 3D or virtual reality.

“Alright, I’ll be joining you in a while.”

After lunch, she went out with Nathan with Stanley already waiting for them at the door. It had been a long time she last left the house, thus it felt good to have a breather outside.

Stanley brought Sophia and Nathan to an office that he rented outside the university campus. It had a simple layout with few people. Most of his employees were still university students in their penultimate and final years as well as few seniors who had already graduated.

Sophia hadn’t expected to see Sean and Sarah again. “Sean, Sarah, why are you guys here?”

Sarah replied, “Oh, Sean dragged me over and insisted that I should be their graphics designer!”

Sean blushed and scratched his head. “I’m here to work for Stan, that’s all.”

Stanley slapped his shoulders happily. “Don’t look down on Sean! He is going to take a double degree and learn languages as well as game design. He is now my capable assistant.”

Sophia shook her head upon hearing that. Stanley, you are a fool! When will you understand Sean? He doesn’t like games or game design. He just likes you—who likes to play games!

After a tour around the office, Stanley said while sending her back, “Sophia, you know, developing games requires a lot of money. I’ve thrown all of my assets into this and I even borrowed a lot of money from my brother. Sean and Sarah have also invested, but it’s not enough. If you could give me some, it would be great!”

She immediately rejected him. “I don’t have any money.”

However, he did not believe her. “Sell your ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’ and ‘Greenery’ dresses to a collector. You’ll get a lot of money in return yet you have the cheek to say that you don’t have any money. I don’t care; either you invest some money or I’ll tell Uncle Michael that you cheated on him!”

After having a look at Stanley’s office, Sophia was about to bring Nathan for a good meal. However, she received a call from Richard after taking a few steps from the office. “Sophia, I know where you are. I’ve already noticed you the moment you left the building. I’m now in the cafe right across the street. Come here immediately. We need to have a chat.”

She hung up on the call and thoughtfully looked at her phone before breaking into a sudden smile. In a cafe booth, she and Richard sat opposite each other while Nathan sat right next to her, vigilantly observing him. Meanwhile, Gary, Hale, and Gemma sat at the table next to them while pretending to be customers.

Sophia perused the contract with concentration—it was drafted for ‘Tyler Murray’. Both Faye and Xyla had tried their best to ruin her reputation, but they never expected that it would have brought sudden fame to ‘Tyler Murray’.

It was a fact that Taylor Murray was a jerk who cheated in his marriage, which completely ruined his image. He was actually being canceled in real life by that point. No matter how many charity banquets he had organized, he was unable to change the public opinion—it would be a matter of time before someone replaced his role.

Since Taylor Murray’s career had failed, there could be a chance for a young actor who shared a similar resemblance to him to debut as the second Tyler Murray, if signed to Richard’s company. Then, Taylor Murray’s fans could also completely accept Tyler Murray.

After pretending to peruse the contract, Sophia took a sip of the coffee and spoke to Richard with honesty, “Richard, you are aware that Tyler is a gigolo whom I’ve hired. After he became famous, I’ve already received invitations from no less than five agencies to sign contracts with them. Without my approval, he will not sign with any one of them.”

Richard smiled. “Sophia, I want to apologize to you for the incident this time. As you know, Xyla is too kind, and Faye had instigated her to do something stupid. I can’t believe that she shared to the public about you and Tyler. She regretted her actions afterward and hopes that you can forgive her.”

First, we have the kind Xyla; the affectionate ex-boyfriend, Richard; and Michael, who is old and ugly—these three are the biggest jokes in Bayside City!

Upon seeing that Sophia was stoic, Richard quickly added, “On behalf of Xyla, I want to apologize to you. I hope you won’t make a fuss out of this. I also hope that you can withdraw the police report.”

She immediately offered a price without any pleasantries. “If you want me to withdraw the police report, fine, but you have to give me something in exchange. Why don’t you invest more money and effort to include Mark Fletcher’s character in the documentary? After you’ve done that, I’ll ask Tyler to sign a contract with you immediately. Based on his good looks, he has to star in a blockbuster for his debut!”

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She even added, “I’m the one who found Tyler first. He has great potential and is very suitable to expand his career in the entertainment industry. If you aren’t able to do that, I’ll see who will be able to provide the best offer with the most resources. Then, he will sign a contract with them.”

There was a tinge of threat in her tone, causing a look of anger to flash across Richard’s eyes, but he eventually compromised.

He was the one who discovered Tyler Murray and the Glory Public Relations Team made him popular. If Tyler had signed the contract with other companies, it was almost as if they were receiving a ready-made product without exercising much effort.

Anyway, the Glory Public Relations Team’s goal had always been the same—to sabotage Taylor Murray’s chances of securing the role of Mark Fletcher. Richard thought, Why don’t I first agree to lure Tyler over?

He immediately agreed. “Sure, no problem. I will invest more money in public relations to make the progress quicker. As long as we have money, we don’t have to worry about hiring ghostwriters online. Now that Taylor Murray can no longer turn the tides, the documentary filming crew has moved on. Apart from that, the ghostwriters I hired have taken over the filming crew. ‘War Dragon’ has also halted filming. If nothing out of the ordinary happens, there will be news about the change of characters being reported on the news.”

Sophia nodded. “Alright, I still trust that you are capable of handling matters like this, Richard.”

After they happily reached a ‘consensus’, they walked out of the cafe. Richard suddenly sighed. “Sophia, do you still remember when we—”

“No, I don’t.”

Sophia gave him a cold one-word answer and walked off in a haste after seeing Michael’s car at the parking spot in front of the entrance.

Michael’s face was revealed after he rolled down the car window. He wore a white shirt that contrasted with his red lips and white teeth, making him look like a young, handsome and attractive man.

Tyler Murray!

Richard immediately recognized the man in the car.

He wanted to bypass Sophia and directly sign a contract with Tyler, but he could not search for his whereabouts.

Hence, he only watched helplessly as she opened the car door and kissed the man in the car intimately before they drove away.

Richard resentfully watched the car disappear from his field of sight.

Sophia, one day, you will have to kneel before me to beg me like how you used to!

In the car, Michael was also playing the game that Stanley developed.

He had to admit that the shooting game designed by a sniper was indeed different from the average ones—it was more interesting and fun to play.

It also seemed that Stanley had inherited the mutated genes from the Fletcher Family since his talents were in game design. The game that he developed had good prospects—if he worked hard on it, he would be able to achieve huge success.

“Eh, are you into games as well, hubby?” Sophia asked curiously.

Michael replied, “I don’t really know; that’s why I’m having a go at it. It actually looks rather decent, though. I’m planning to transfer another 10 million to Stanley for him to play around with.”

Ten million… to play around with…

During the mid-term exams, Sophia stayed at home to ‘recover from her illness’ while Abel still investigated the whereabouts of Phantom Wolf. For the current moment, she hadn’t returned to university, but she sometimes visited Stanley’s office to take a look at the place. After Michael invested 30 million in the company, she had personally invested 10 million into it. In addition to Stanley’s personal wealth and a few other donations he received, the company was able to start its business.

As Sophia majored in finance and law, she had to deal with the company’s finance and legal matters on a part-time basis before they were able to engage an accountant. It just so happened that she had received her accountancy qualification.

Since it was also her first time in starting a business, she followed Stanley around for a few days out of curiosity.

In his office, Stanley bragged proudly. “Let me tell you this—you know Scary Phoenix, right? The Scary Phoenix in the ‘Swordsman Game’ is an incredible person!”

Sophia was in the midst of drafting an employment contract for him when she heard him mentioning the name of her master in the game. “I know about Scary Phoenix; he’s the top player in ‘Swordsman Game’. What’s up with him?”

He replied, “You can’t tell others what I’m about to tell you. Scary Phoenix is the secret boss of the entire ‘Swordsman Game’.”


So, the secret boss of the ‘Swordsman Game’ is actually Scary Phoenix! No wonder I can’t defeat him in the game!

Although Stanley had failed at competing for the same woman with Michael, it had not defeated his will. After all, he was well aware that he was not up to his uncle’s standard in competing for the same woman. Even though Uncle Michael may be a jerk sometimes, his power is way beyond what a human being has!

Speaking of Michael, Stanley’s eyes were filled with admiration.

“Back then, the ‘Swordsman Game’ was also founded by a few students from Bayside University—and they asked Scary Phoenix to be their angel investor. After playing the game for an entire night, he decided to invest 20 million. 20 million, Sophia! The value of 20 million a decade ago is different from now! At that time, cyber cafes and locally developed online games weren’t even popular. When Scary Phoenix immediately invested 20 million on a few immature students to develop an online game… Tsk, everyone said that it would be a waste. However, a few years after that, their profit has increased at least a hundred times!”

Upon hearing that, she suddenly felt an immense respect for Scary Phoenix, never expecting that her master would be such a visionary and firm person.

Stanley added, “Apart from ‘Swordsman Game’, Scary Phoenix has also invested in many other online games. Right now, he has invested in almost all of the popular locally developed online games. Based on this income itself, he could easily be on the country’s millionaires list.”

“I see.” Sophia stapled the contract together. “How did you know about this so clearly?”

He was vindictive. “Of course I’m clear about all of this! He is the God of E-games and my idol! He has also seen my game and given me a lot of advice. A game that Scary Phoenix approves will definitely be popular!”

She quickly caught the main point. “Have you seen Scary Phoenix in person? How does he look?”

He smiled mysteriously. “It’s a secret.”

She was suddenly interested in her master. Just as she was about to ask further questions, he picked up a phone call. After he hung up, he announced to everyone, “Buckle up, guys. Some rich investors are visiting us.”

He ran outside in excitement. Two people had entered not too long after that and he brought them around the company with an introduction. “Although this is a new company, we have slowly hired enough people—all of whom are highly skilled and top students from Bayside University.”

Sophia craned her neck to have a look, curious to see who the incoming rich investors were. However, she never expected to see Daniel and Harry the moment she stretched her neck. Fine, they are indeed rich investors.

After Stanley introduced the newly developed game and its most recent statistics, he behaved in a coquettish manner. “Mr. Harry, please invest some money on me. Even a little bit is enough. Uncle Michael has already invested 30 million in this. No matter what, you have to invest at least 8 to 10 million! Mr. Daniel, give me some as well!”

As they were wealthy investors, they could freely donate an amount of their choice. “Since your uncle has already invested in this, I’ll just finance 10 million.”

“I’m not that rich, but I’ll give you 5 million first.”

“Thanks to the both of you!”

After sending them out, Stanley led another two rich investors—a male and a female.

“Uncle Joel, Uncle Michael has already given me 30 million. Why don’t you invest some money too, Aunt Irene?”

He had successfully persuaded them to invest a few hundred millions on him once more.

After Sophia finished with the paperwork in his company, she went home and had dinner before watching the news.

Many netizes were still viciously attacking Taylor Murray, who seemed to be hated by the entire nation at that point. After they were done with Taylor, they continued to attack his agency, scold Harry, and even the filming crew of ‘War Dragon’.

Judging by how crazy the comments are, many ghostwriters must have been hired. It has only been a few days and it has already arrived at this stage. Richard must have spent a lot of money on this.

Campaigns for public relations were costly—some even estimated that 30% of a celebrity’s income was used to pay for public relations.

However, if the Harper Family was able to have their own celebrities star as the lead actor of ‘War Dragon’ as well as secure Mark Fletcher’s role from the documentary, it would still be profitable for them.

However, if they don’t…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 306

Two days later, Richard called Sophia. “Mark Fletcher’s character in the documentary has already been changed. There’s a vacant position available right now and the filming crew is starting to search for a replacement. In two days’ time, I’ll be having a meal with the director. If Tyler Murray signs with me before that, I’ll bring him along.”

Sophia replied, “Alright, I’ll discuss with Tyler.”

After hanging up on the call, she smiled coldly while reading the news. Then, she called someone at the Imperial Management Studios. “You guys can prepare to send a clarification letter and the lawyer’s letter.”

The Imperial Management Studios and Michael himself had given up on their pride by that point. Only Sophia, the diehard fan, worked hard while Imperial Studio lazed around. It was by sheer luck that the studio managed to groom Harry and Michael into Oscar-award winning actors.

Richard had already released the news that the actor portraying Mark Fletcher had been replaced. He even created an online poll named ‘The Best Actor for Mark Fletcher.’ Once the poll was released, Nicholas from Glory Entertainment had ranked the first.

In addition, news of ‘War Dragon’ halting their filming was also released, hinting that Taylor had been replaced. It made the public immensely happy and created an illusion that he had already been removed—to force the crew to really replace him with someone else.

The filming crew of ‘War Dragon’ insisted that they would not change Taylor’s character, even if they were threatened with the possibility of the investors withdrawing from the movie. Upon seeing that the public wanted Taylor to be replaced, Richard wanted to see whether the crew would concede if the public continued to firmly object to the idea.

Not only did they intended to remove Taylor Murray from the crew, but they also wanted the main female protagonist, Nicole, to be replaced by the second female protagonist, Bethany.

After Richard signed the contract with Tyler, he would immediately evaluate the latter. If Tyler was ready to make his debut, Richard would recommend him to be the male protagonist for the documentary. If not, Tyler would have to be trained for some time before making his debut.

Richard had the perfect plan up his sleeves.

That day, Sophia took the initiative to head to the military compound to play chess with Old Master Fletcher.

However, halfway through their match, she deliberately heaved a long sigh.

He asked, “What’s wrong, young lady?”

Sophia said, “Michael was supposed to portray you, but I heard that the filming crew has replaced him.”


The old man was shocked to hear that. After all, he had spent a lot of effort in convincing Michael to take his role in the film. Who is the bastard brave enough to change the character without telling me?

Hence, she overheard the succeeding conversation.

“Security, call the damn filming crew! Fck them! What, misconducts?! Tell me what the fck he has done! My grandson won’t do anything bad! Everyone’s speaking about it online? Do you think you can believe them? I know my grandson very well and I know even better if he has committed any misdemeanours! If my grandson is not the person who portrays me, I won’t allow you to shoot this film!”

On the other hand, Richard was establishing contact with the director of the documentary film for the first time. Since he had finally secured this opportunity, he quickly handed the list of actors from Glory Entertainment to him.

“Please have a look at this. It’s the first batch. In my opinion, these few actors matched Mark Fletcher’s image and had similar works in the past.”

Mark Fletcher was an important character in the documentary, so the director treated it with significance. Initially, Taylor would have been the perfect candidate, but could not retain the role due to his scandals. Hence, the crew had no choice but to choose another actor.

It was serious business to film a documentary film. Hence, every character needed to be well chosen. Even if it was an unimportant character that only had a few seconds of screen time, a popular celebrity was selected. It could be seen from there that the cast comprised a strong lineup.

Just as the director read through Richard’s list of recommended actors, he received a phone call. After having a conversation that Richard had no idea of, the director was immediately shocked, asking, “Why?”

The other party continued to explain while the corner of the director’s lips twitched in annoyance.

After hanging up, the director remained silent for a long time, looking as though he was in a daze. Upon seeing that something was amiss, Richard quickly asked, “What’s wrong?”

The director replied, “Nothing much. The higher-ups suddenly called to inform me that the actor portraying Mark Fletcher still remains the same—Taylor Murray will be the lead.”

“What?” Richard was also shocked to hear that. Didn’t he say that he is about to change the actor involved? Why is he turning back on his words?

Hence, he quickly asked, “What’s going on? This is a documentary film! Can an actor with a bad track record star in it?”

The director did not reply and merely waved. “Stop asking me. This is my boss’s instructions. I have to make a move now. See you.”

After putting down the documents that Richard combined for him, he took his briefcase and left hastily.

What his boss meant was that Mark Fletcher had personally appointed Taylor Murray to star in the film. When the director asked for the reason, his boss replied, “That’s his grandson!”

Richard was immensely taken aback by the news. After all, he had planned the huge ‘anti-Taylor’ movement that the entire nation had participated in. At this point, they are telling me that they are not going to change the lead actor?

On top of that, the planned movement had sparked discussions among many verified accounts and forums. He even hired ghostwriters and purchased the front page headlines. Those are money! All cold, hard cash!

After working hard for half a month, everything is back to square one—just like this?

After Richard returned to the company, he quickly asked around. As he had strong contacts within the industry, he soon received his answer—Mark Fletcher had specially appointed Taylor Murray to portray him.

“That old guy is still alive?” He was incredulous upon hearing the news.

The youngest of the Founding Generals would be over a hundred years old. Logically speaking, they were all probably dead. However, many of them were actually still alive; it was just that they stopped showing up at public events.

Like Mark, the rest of the Founding Generals basically no longer ventured out of the military compound—apart from quietly watching the annual military parade. Sophia herself even thought that he had been dead for a long time.


“This is something that Mark Fletcher has personally requested. He even said that Taylor Murray is the only actor who can play the role. Otherwise, we aren’t even allowed to start filming!” the person on the other end of the phone replied.

After hanging up on the phone, Richard dejectedly slumped in his chair at the office.

So many calculations later and I missed the fact that Mark Fletcher is still alive!

The money that I’ve spent is all for nothing!

It’s okay. Even if I can’t secure the role of the documentary film, I still have a chance on the male lead for ‘War Dragon’!

However, the filming crew of ‘War Dragon’ had unexpectedly announced that they would start to shoot scenes of the male protagonist, which was Taylor Murray himself, on that day itself. Everything seemed to have been perfectly arranged.

Meanwhile, the Imperial Management Studio’s official Twitter page had issued an announcement. In short, they had presented three concise points:

Taylor Murray was already happily married and hoped that fans would not disturb his life.

He was heterosexual, so it was untrue that he cheated on his marriage partner and used her as a surrogate mother. If there were more discussions about this, everything would be brought forward to court.

The bunch of accounts that gossiped for the entire month have been recorded and the lawyer, Calvin Fields, was already on the way to the office. Fake apologies are not needed, but a genuine compensation with cash was required.

As soon as the statement from the Imperial Management Studio was issued, everyone in the Glory Public Relations Team panicked and Richard was busy running around. Not only had he spent all the money for nothing, but many of his accounts would be suspended. The multiple gossip accounts that the entertainment industry owned were useful in promoting celebrities and it would be a nightmare if they were all frozen.

The Imperial Management Studio meant business at that stage—they had gathered the number of accounts who bad-mouthed Taylor Murray and directly sued them for compensation. Otherwise, the accounts would be suspended. The fanbase of the gossip accounts from Glory Public Relations Team was rather big—even if they did not promote their own celebrities, they would have earned a lot by placing advertisements for others and collecting advertisement fees.

If they really had to compensate, they had no idea what the amount would be, seeing that they had many accounts. If they didn’t and all their accounts were frozen, it would be another great loss for them.

At that moment, Richard suddenly received a phone call from the vice chancellor of the Bayside University.

“Richard Harper, I’m giving you half an hour to immediately come to my office now! I want to talk to you about the slandering posts!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 307

It turned out that earlier in the day, Sophia had handed a bunch of documents to the vice chancellor, who eventually learned that the post slandering Bayside University was done by Richard’s company. It had also been done by his team, who deliberately spread the rumor.

Richard knew that everything had been exposed the moment he received a phone call from the vice chancellor. Even if he tried to explain that Xyla was the one who posted it, there was no use to do so. He had to take the fall for everything.

Everything is ruined!

Everything that I’ve done is ruined!

After hanging up the phone, he lay on the couch in exhaustion and felt like he had aged by several years.

Why is this happening?

I’ve already tried my best to do everything well, but why did it backfire in the end?

After he messed up on many consecutive incidents, the Harper Family’s opinion of him had grown more negatively. In the end, he would most likely be expelled from managing the Harper Family.

On the other hand, Kayla was still in prison.

Because he had been busy with the company-related matters, he did not prepare for his mid-term exams, so he had failed three subjects out of four.

While monitoring the company affairs, he had no time to revise for his studies whatsoever. When he had some free time to do so, Xyla would pester him to accompany her instead.

Richard did not have the time to even complain. He rushed to the university and was lectured by the vice chancellor without having the courage to retaliate.

The vice chancellor had ordered him to quickly clear the university’s name; otherwise, he would be expelled like his sister.

Kayla was too courageous—she even had the nerve to maintain contact with the people from an international terrorist group. When the vice chancellor heard that news, he was shocked beyond belief and immediately expelled her when she was imprisoned.

The following day, there was a penalty notice listed on the bulletin board of Bayside University, criticizing Richard’s behavior. His hair had almost turned gray overnight—the blame from his company and disappointment from his family caused his position as a privileged kid to fall rock bottom.

To him, such a mild criticism no longer mattered.

He saw many studies crowding in front of the bulletin board, criticizing him as they pointed at the notice. Standing behind him, Xyla felt wronged for him as tears flowed down her cheeks. “Richard, I’m sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have been impulsive and listened to Faye’s advice. It’s all my fault!”

However, he did not want to speak to him anymore.

Useless woman! Apart from crying and apologizing, what does she know? She only knows how to drag me down with her.

If she’s not the daughter of the Huff Family, I would have given a few nice kicks!

Suddenly, a series of laughter entered his ears.

“Sophia, your ex is on the notice board. Come and have a look! Come on!”

“Oh my, look at this! Tsk, tsk, how embarrassing!”

Since it was already May, it signaled the change of weather. Wearing a set of light clothes, Sophia had joined the crowd and glanced at a picture of her ex-boyfriend on the bulletin board.

During the current semester, Richard had failed three subjects—all of which heavily contributed to his degree. At that point, it would be rather difficult for him to receive his graduation certificate as well as his degree certificate. It would be even more arduous for him to study for his postgraduate entrance exam in the future. With the penalty notice being issued, he was almost past the point of no return.

Those brought massive impacts to him. In the event that he was unable to graduate from Bayside University, it meant that as the managing director of the Harper Group, he would be a high school graduate with any university degree. She wondered what he could do with his privileged position.

But what could he do?

After taking a sip of her bubble milk tea, her red lips curved slightly upward as she seemed to be in a good mood.

“But he wrote malicious rumors about you. Now, everyone is saying that you have paid for some of the guys in university to spend time with you!” Sarah said worriedly.

After Sophia finished her bubble milk tea, she threw the cup into a trash bin in a curved trajectory. “I’ve already proven my innocence to the vice chancellor. As to how this will be clarified to the public, it’s no longer my business.” That’s Richard’s business.

The students also pointed at the bulletin board as they gossiped around.

“Tsk, Richard Harper has decided to bully his ex until the end. I wonder what grudge he holds against her! In the beginning, he spread some rumor, saying that she had an abortion after falling pregnant. Now, he slanders her by insisting that she paid some guys in the university to spend time with her. How disgusting!”

“Perhaps his ex broke into his mom’s grave!”

“Haha! Haha! Perhaps it’s because his ex has found another man, who is richer than him, so he can’t get over it.”

Unable to hold himself back any longer, Richard pushed the crowd aside before patting Sophia’s shoulder, saying her name through gritted teeth. It was a name that he would never forget. “Sophia Edwards!”

She turned and looked at him with a pair of innocent eyes before she smiled. “Yes, Richard? What’s up?”

He couldn’t wait to tear her face into pieces. No longer caring about his reputation, he roared, “Sophia, you’ve personally promised me that you will not pursue the matter about the malicious posts! What the hell have you done?”

Sophia tilted her head. “Yes, I’ve promised you that. I didn’t pursue the matter any further and even withdrew my report from the police station. I’m not going to sue you as well!”

“You—” Richard was suddenly at a loss of words to deal with her feigned innocence.

Yes, she has stopped pursuing the matter indeed!

But this doesn’t mean that the vice chancellor will let it slide!

Looks like I’m being pranked by her!

After hearing his loud roar, the rest of the students immediately knew what went on.

Not only did he create malicious rumors about her, leading to her calling the police, but he also threatened her not to pursue this matter. Tsk, tsk, this ex-boyfriend is really something!

“Haha! Haha!”

He suddenly laughed like a madman before he looked at her with a cruel and desolate look on his face. “Sophia, I didn’t expect you to become such an evil woman! I really regret being with you!”

Looking at his eyes with dark circles around them, she had no idea on what to reply, so she merely shook her head and smiled.

However, Stanley did not like that. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and deliberately told the surrounding students, “This guy posted malicious rumors about Sophia, saying that she paid some gigolos to spend time with her. When she reports it to police, he immediately weakens his stance and threatens her in private to withdraw the case from the police station. Now, he even says that Sophia is an evil woman. You know what? You are right! Yes, everyone else in this world is evil and the Harper Family is the most innocent! You guys are the purest and the most innocent cutiepies around, but are being by the entire world. Fine, we are all wrong here. We should kneel before you and ask for your forgiveness!”

When it came to quarreling with someone, he was a professional. He had even picked up the skill of insulting while arguing with them online. At the recent International E-sports Tournament, he had cursed all of the international players.

“You—” Richard almost fainted in anger, viciously glaring at him and pointing at both Sophia and Stanley. “You scums! Both of you are so intimate in broad daylight—”

Stanley rushed forward in two steps. “Who are you calling scums? Let me tell you that Sophia is also now my investor! She is also my uncle’s wife, which makes her my aunt! If you bully my aunt, it’s equivalent to bullying me!”

Sophia nodded. “That’s right. You’re an obedient nephew. I’ll ask your uncle to send you another 2 million worth of investments.”

It was only in that moment that Richard finally understood that she had been tricking him. He quietly clenched his fists as he looked at her with a reddened face.

Thinking that he was about to punch her, Stanley rolled his sleeves up and showed his biceps. “What, are you going to whack her?”

However, Richard merely roared at her again. “Sophia, if you can’t be with me, are you going to ruin me? No matter what, I don’t love you anymore! Please give up! Just leave me alone!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 308

There was a ten-second silence among the crowd.

Amid the silence, Sophia snorted derisively. Then, she turned around and left without saying another word.

The silence was broken by Stanley’s loud guffaw, leading other students to laugh as they discussed among themselves.

“Hahahaha! This is the joke of the day!”

“Who do you think you are?”

“Ask yourself—which part of you deserves her longing?”

“Don’t you know how much your worth is?”

“She has married well—her husband dotes on her, and she has an intelligent son. Richard, on the other hand, has tons of lovers elsewhere, and his sex tape is spread around. I wonder where his confidence came from that he thought she wanted to marry him!”

“Apart from that, Xyla is so pitiful! Tsk-tsk! I wonder how many times she has been cheated on!”

Stanley was also too lazy to be bothered with explaining. He followed after Sophia as he bent over laughing.

Looking at the few people who left, Richard’s clenched fist slowly loosened.

Sophia, is it true that how much you loved me back then equals to how much you hate me now?

The crowd slowly dispersed, but the drama just now was still lingering in their minds.

Richard continued to look at the notice board. On the left side, there was a penalty report about him. If he could not settle this incident well, he would definitely be punished, and this meant that this case would be entered into his profile. With that, it would be impossible for him to further his postgraduate studies. Even if he applied for universities overseas, with his record of facing a penalty from the most prestigious university in Cethos, he had no chances of getting into a good university.

However, on the right side of the notice board was some good news about the midterms—names of the top students were displayed there, and on the top of the School of Economics and Business Administration was Sophia’s name.

The comparison between Sophia and Richard’s name being put next to each other was certainly very mocking!

Looking at Richard, who was trembling all over, Xyla hugged him. Feeling sorry for him, she said gently, “Richard, don’t worry. Everything will pass. You are still young, so it’s normal to face some setbacks.”

After Sophia married that old man, it’s impossible for her to be together with Richard anymore. Is this why she wants to ruin his life?

She can dream on!

Don’t think that after marrying a rich and powerful old man, she could do anything she wants! She is still a nobody!

In fact, it wasn’t easy for Richard to enter Bayside University. In order to keep his position at the university, he had to put in a lot of money to settle the scandal at Bayside University this time.

Many people were already unhappy with Richard for taking over the business of the Harper Family at such a young age. After the series of scandals and mistakes he had made, his reputation in the Harper Family was steadily declining. In fact, there had been an emergency meeting in the family to strip Richard off all responsibilities he had been holding.

After Richard was fired from the office by the stakeholders, he had to return to the university. Mr. Harper was also very disappointed in him, and he asked Richard to finish his studies first before getting involved in the company any further.

Apart from that, Richard also asked Xyla to give him 10 million as the compensation fee for his losses.

With that, the entire fiasco came to an end.

During the weekend, Richard went to Bayside Prison to visit Kayla.

Kayla had worked with the international terrorist group, Phantom Wolf, to plan a terrorist attack. According to rumors, they almost killed someone from the Fletcher Family. After the trial, she was sentenced to 10 years of prison, and the Harper Family did not even dare to counter-sue. By now, she had been behind bars for a few months.

After a few months of not seeing her, Kayla seemed to have changed into a completely different person. In the past, she was a spoiled young lady of a rich family. Even the mineral drinks she took must be of high-quality, branded material. However, she had become a pale prisoner with messy hair and a lost look in her eyes.

She had completely become different from the image of the usual young lady Richard remembered.

Upon seeing Richard’s arrival, Kayla cried her heart out. “Richard, you have to save me! I’ll die here!”

Richard also felt extremely sorry for her, and he wanted to save her as well. She’s only 19! It’s the best time of her life, after all. How can she spend it in the prison? She has to serve a 10-year sentence! By the time she comes out, she’ll already be 30!

“Kayla, don’t worry. I’ll try my best to save you!”

However, even though he had thought of all the possible methods, he still could not figure out a way to do so. In order to save Kayla, the Harper Family had already spent tens of millions!

Kayla’s case was exposed by the Fletcher Family themselves. Phantom Wolf had killed countless members of the Fletcher Family, yet Kayla still hooked up with them. She’s really… an idiot!

After the short meeting, Richard left, leaving Kayla walking back to her prison cell in disappointment. Looking at the small, cramped space, she recalled her lavish lifestyle back then.

Why has everything turned to this?

Leaning against the wall, Kayla silently cried.

Suddenly, someone knocked on her door. After the door opened, she saw an unfamiliar face.

“Are you Kayla? Let me bring you out of here!”

While Richard was visiting Kayla in prison, Faye and Xyla were having coffee together.

Xyla pretended to ask innocently, “Have you found out who Sophia’s husband is?”

Faye replied grudgingly, “That b*tch refuses to bring us to her home no matter what. I bet she wants to claim all the money as hers. How ungrateful! Without the Edwards Family, she wouldn’t even be here today!”

Xyla’s mind spun quickly as she gave Faye some ideas. “Are you a fool? Why do you have to take the initiative to look for her? You should find ways to lure her to your house!”

Feeling defeated, Faye explained, “I also thought of that. I was planning to kidnap her stepson back to our place, but that bastard has many bodyguards surrounding him. There’s no opportunity to lay my hands on him!”

After thinking about it, Xyla suggested, “It doesn’t have to be another person. Since Sophia’s mom had stayed with the Edwards Family for a period of time, you can check whether there are still her belongings around. Then you can use that to lure her in!”

Faye’s eyes lit up immediately. She had not thought about this indeed. However, she soon lowered her head dejectedly again. “It’s been 20 years. How is it possible that her mom’s belongings are still at my house?”

Xyla said grudgingly, “Are you a fool? Let’s not care about the authenticity of the belongings! Lure her in first! If her husband finds out about it, he will definitely come!”

Faye suddenly understood everything. Sure enough, Xyla has more ideas.

After deciding on that, Faye went back to the Edwards’ ancestral home.

The Edwards Family had been living here for around three decades. Sophia’s mother, Annabel, had stayed here for a while when she was pregnant with Sophia. Perhaps Faye could really find something there; even if she didn’t, she would pretend that she did to lure Sophia over.

Recently, after the Edwards Family moved to the copycat real estate built by the Harper Family, many of their belongings in the old mansion were moved over. They even left a few people behind to clear the remaining stuff, and there were a few old possessions in the warehouse that hadn’t been organized, so she might find something there.

Xyla followed Faye to the Edwards residence. Right after they arrived, they immediately gathered the older servants who had served the Edwards Family for more than two decades. They might know something about Annabel.

“20 years ago, when my mom was pregnant with me, we had a temporary nanny called Annabel. Do any of you still remember her?”

20 years ago, Annabel only worked in the Edwards Family for around 3 to 4 months, so not many remembered her. However, an old servant raised her hand. “I remember her! Annabel was from the same hometown as me, and I was the one who introduced her to work here. Back then, because she left hastily, she still had some stuff left behind at my place!

Faye’s eyes lit up immediately.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 309

Sophia went back to university to attend the lectures recently, but the places she could visit had decreased even further. She either studied at the university, stayed at home, or went to Stanley’s company to have a look.

After Stanley’s company had acquired enough capital and workforce, they started working on starting it aggressively. As one of the investors, Sophia put quite a lot of effort in it. She walked around the company every day to check up on them.

This day, right after Sophia had finished looking around and was prepared to go home, she received a message from Xyla on Messenger. ‘Sophia, Faye found some of your mom’s stuff back home. When you are free, remember to come over to retrieve them. The address is xxxxx.’

She even sent a few pictures over. One of them was a picture of a simple box with some clothes that had turned yellow. It was obvious that they were outdated, and the fashion was popular back then. Apart from that, there was a picture of a hardcover notebook that was popular decades ago. There were a few stickers of popular rock stars of that era on the cover of the notebook, and on the first page, a few words were written in pen with strong strokes—‘Anna’s Notebook’.

There were also a few lines of poems on the first page:


The moon shone brightly at midnight,

but the man who had gone to war had yet to return.

If the generals of the city were present,

the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains.

Sophia snorted as she did not feel like entertaining her. From the style of the notebook and the pages that had turned yellow, it seemed to be dated back 20 years. However, Xyla and Faye seemed to have forgotten that Annabel’s education level only reached primary level as she had quit school when she was in primary 5. During her teenage years, she was already sent into the city to work so that she could provide for her brothers to study. How could she have known ‘If the generals of the city were present, the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains’?

On top of that, the handwriting was graceful yet full of power. It was obvious that it was not written by Sophia’s mother, who only studied until primary school level. However, the last picture sent by Xyla caught her attention. It was an old photograph, but it was well-kept. The girl in the photograph was quite pretty. Even though she didn’t have any makeup on, her small face was clean and clear. Her wide eyes seemed to be hiding something, making others unable to see through her.

The girl seemed to be around 17 or 18, so she still had the naivety and innocence of a young girl, and she looked exactly like Sophia. On the back of the photograph that Xyla sent, some words were written using a ball-point pen—‘Annabel, age 17, taken in July 199x’.

Annabel died when she was 19 due to amniotic fluid embolism. The time she died was around the same time Sophia was born. Back then, because of the limited resources, girls weren’t regarded as important by the family, so there were no photographs of Annabel left behind. Sophia had only seen a few official photographs of her mother, and this was the first time she saw a colored photograph of Annabel.

It was probably taken after she started working in the city, as it was a fashion shoot on the streets, to Sophia’s surprise. In the photograph, Annabel wore a long dress that was in fashion back then. Walking on the streets of Bayside City, her pose revealed half of her slender legs. From the picture composition and the color settings, it was a great photo even in the modern era. Her mother’s attire was fashionable indeed.

Is this my mom? After looking at the picture for a long time, Sophia ordered Hale, who was driving, “Go to the Edwards’ ancestral home.”

After driving for around an hour, they finally reached there. When Sophia got out of the car, she saw an exquisite three-storey mansion in front of her that looked ancient. So this was where my mom used to stay…

Sophia did not have much feelings for Annabel as she had never experienced any love from her mother before. Hence, her impression of her mother only comprised the derogatory, hateful insults her relatives and neighbors hurled at her.

“Your mom is a b*tch who did that sort of thing in the city!”

“How did the Johnson Family raise such a disgraceful daughter like your mom? She came back to our village pregnant with a baby! On top of that, she didn’t even know who the father was! Such a disgrace! She brought shame upon the family!”

Back then, in the traditional village, an 18-year-old unmarried pregnant girl who returned to the village without knowing who the father was was regarded as a prostitute to the villagers. No matter what she had done, they would accuse her of prostitution.

Since young, Sophia had been hearing insults such as how she was birthed by a b*tch, so she was already immune to that.

“Hey, Sophia, you’re back! Welcome! Do come in!” As soon as Joe, who was standing by the door, saw Sophia, he acted as if he was welcoming a cash cow. He rubbed his hands together, almost at the verge of drooling.

Sophia only brought two bodyguards, one of whom was a woman.

When the three of them stood by the door, Sophia spoke without any expression, “Cut the crap. I’m just here to take my mother’s belongings. Where are they?”

Joe smiled cheekily. “Just in there. They’re all in there.”

After Sophia followed Joe into the mansion, she saw Xyla and Faye in the living room. Faye cast her a warm smile. “Sophia, you’re finally back. I’ve already put together all your mom’s belongings upstairs. Why don’t you take it yourself?”

Sophia followed the servant upstairs. The servant was rather old. When she saw Sophia, she was shocked. While leading Sophia up the stairs, she said, “So alike. You guys are so alike. You look exactly like Annabel. Exactly like her…”

Sophia smiled. “Madam, did you know my mom?”

The servant smiled so widely that the lines at the corner of her eyes were clumped together. “I’ve been working with the Edwards Family for decades now. I was the one who raised Mr. Joe personally. Your mom, Annabel, was my distant relative back home, and I was the one who asked her to come work here back then.”

Right after Sophia and her two bodyguards entered the room, a few strong men suddenly barged in and pulled the servant out before closing the door shut with a loud bang. Then, the sound of chains and locks were heard.

Joe stood outside the door and said vindictively, “Hahaha! My good daughter, stay for dinner tonight, and remember to ask your husband to come over too! He will have to meet his father-in-law one day, no matter how ugly he looks.” Looking at the door that had been locked, Joe turned around and ordered the servants, “Inform my son-in-law back at The Imperial immediately!”

Sophia ignored the locked door and looked around the room. Sure enough, there was an old suitcase placed on the table in the middle of the room. The suitcase was filled with many things indeed.

With just a glance, Sophia saw the notebook and the photographs right away. She walked there and picked up the photograph. When she looked at it in person, she was even more shocked by the vivid colors of the woman in the photograph. This was her mother—the mother whom she had never met since she was born.

Even though the people in her village said that her mother was a prostitute, she had never believed that. When she was younger, her grandmother often held her as she cried. “Anna was a good kid. She was not a prostitute; she had never done anything shameful, and she had never thought of being a mistress…”

There was nothing much left in the suitcase—only a few clothes, a toothbrush, and a comb. There was also the notebook and a small photo album. Sophia picked up the notebook and flipped to a page. Sure enough, a few words were written on the frontpage—‘Anna’s Notebook’. The poem, ‘War’, was written using a fountain pen. Sophia touched the handwriting that was clearly written on the paper with such power that it seeped through the paper. It looked neat, as if it was printed. No matter what, it didn’t seem like Sophia’s mother had actually written it.

The photographs in the photo album, however, actually belonged to Annabel. There was a layer of gel on each of the photographs, so they were well-preserved. The photo album had around 30 photographs that showed Annabel alone.

There was a picture showing Annabel standing on the streets in pretty clothes, and there was also a picture of her dressed up as a waitress welcoming guests at the hall of the restaurant. Each and every picture was filmed beautifully—the composition, angle, and colors were impeccable. It was obvious that the photographs were taken by a professional photographer with high-end equipment. There were dates on every photograph, ranging a year, when Annabel was around 17 to 18 years old.

While Sophia was in a daze looking at the photos, Hale observed the structure of the room. The door was locked, and the windows were all sealed. It seemed that the Edwards Family planned to lock them in here to lure Michael out.

After looking through everything in the suitcase, Sophia closed the suitcase and took it. “Let’s go.”

Gemma took out a silenced gun while opening the door. Unexpectedly, smoke traveled from behind the door through the slits.

“Fire! Fire!” someone screamed in a shrill voice.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 310


While Joe was happily waiting for his son-in-law to visit, he suddenly saw billows of smoke rising from the second floor. Then, Faye and Xyla ran outside anxiously from Faye’s room.

“Dad, the second floor is on fire!”

Joe glanced at the second floor. A trail of fire traveled down the staircase.

There was a lot of solid wood furniture at the Edwards’ ancestral home, which had been around for around 30 years already. On top of that, the hot and humid weather quickened the spread of the fire. In no time, the fire had spread to the first floor down the staircase. Joe was so shocked that he jumped out of the couch. “Let’s go! Let’s go now!”

Since most of their belongings were already moved out, there were only a few old magazines and furniture left—nothing to be missed.

In no time, Joe, Faye, Xyla, and their servants had all run out of the mansion. They stood in the garden, looking helplessly at the smoke coming out of the room.

Suddenly, Joe slapped his thighs. “Oh, God. My youngest daughter is still inside!”

They had locked Sophia and her two bodyguards in the room on the third floor! The door and windows were both tightly shut. How would they be able to escape?

When everyone ran out of the mansion that was on fire just now, they had completely forgotten about the three people in the room.

Everyone raised their head subconsciously to look at the third floor. Smoke had started escaping from the locked window.

“Save them!” Joe quickly pushed people to save the fire.

She’s my cash cow!

If my son-in-law arrives and sees a burnt corpse, there’d be nothing we could do anymore!

What if he flares up and vents his anger at me?

A few bodyguards quickly rushed to open the door. However, once they opened the door of the mansion, fire burst out from within with a whoosh. It burned the bodyguards until they retreated immediately.

“Mr. Edwards, the fire is too strong! We can’t enter!”

“Call the fire brigade to put out the fire!” Joe was so scared that he almost peed his pants.

Everyone anxiously tried to douse the fire with water from the garden. However, it was not enough. The fire quickly gobbled up the entire mansion. Just like that, the Edwards’ ancestral home was destroyed.

Standing far away, Xyla was finally relieved after she saw fire breaking out completely in the room with locked windows on the third floor.

Sophia, you are not my match!

While everyone in the Edwards Family were frantically trying to douse the fire, nobody noticed that the car Sophia arrived in had slowly driven away.

Hale had a silenced gun with him, so the locks could not hold them in at all.

Before they entered the mansion, Gemma’s mini-drone had already finished examining the entire surroundings. Before the fire got out of control, they had already escaped from the backdoor used by the servants daily, which was connected to the garage.

On the way, they even saved the servant, who had fainted.

Firstly, they drove to the hospital as Sophia wanted to send the servant to the hospital. Before they left, the servant grabbed Sophia’s hand. “Your mom was a good person, just like you. I really regret bringing her to the Edwards Family…”

After paying for her medical bills, Sophia went home.

When they reached home, Michael had not returned yet. Recently, he went back to the filming crew to film some movies, so he would return late every night.

After Sophia finished her dinner, she sat in the study looking at her mother’s photo album. She flipped through each photograph in the album again and again.

Every photograph in the album was exquisite, like a modern photoshoot on the streets. Based on Annabel’s financial situation back then, she shouldn’t have had the money to hire a professional photographer with high-end equipment to take these photos.

So who took these pictures?

Sophia was suddenly curious about this.

As there were some bugs in the album, Sophia took all the photographs out and wiped them one by one before putting them into a new album.

Upon seeing that, Nathan asked curiously, “Who is this person?”

Sophia replied, “This is your grandma.”

After she was done with the album, she saw some lightning outside the window once she raised her head. The skies near here were clear, but it seemed cloudy in Riverdale. Occasionally, streaks of light could be seen in the clouds. After a while, thunder grumbled in a low voice from Riverdale’s direction.

Sophia called Hale after she saw that. “Is there a thunderstorm in Riverdale tonight?”

After hanging up the phone, Sophia continued to unpack her mother’s belongings. Apart from the photographs and notebook, there wasn’t really anything notable. Even so, she kept them away orderly. When I’m free, I’ll burn all of these in front of her grave.

Finally, she saw the notebook.

After she put the diary on her study, she looked at the poem on the first page. The fountain pen handwriting was quite nice indeed. It could almost be passed as calligraphy. Subconsciously, Sophia thought that it was written by a man, and she couldn’t help reading out loud.

“If the generals of the city were present, the barbarians’ horses would never have crossed the mountains.”

Curious, she opened the first page and saw two lines of fountain pen writings on the paper that had turned yellow.

‘Day X, Month X, 199X, Sunny. My first deary entry.’

At this point, the writing style suddenly changed. The handwritings looked soft and wriggly, as if it was written by someone who had not written for a long time. Apart from that, there were spelling errors. It was completely different from the handwriting on the first page. Obviously, it was written by a different person.

Was this really Annabel’s diary? She was not a cultured person. Why did she suddenly keep a diary?

The misspelled word, ‘deary’, was circled and crossed out by another person with a different handwriting. Then, the correct word, ‘diary’, was written next to it in a powerful handwriting, followed by a wriggly handwriting that repeated the corrected word ten times next to it. It looked like a primary student being punished for making a spelling mistake after being discovered by the teacher.

Sophia looked further down the notebook attentively.

The person who wrote the diary had limited education. There were many misspelled words, and the grammar was all over the place. There were only a couple lines of diary entries everyday.

On the second day, it was written in the notebook—‘Coop took some photografs of me today. I’m so happy.’

The handwriting was still wriggly, as if a primary student had written it. Sophia guessed that the writer meant to write ‘photographs’ instead. Sure enough, the powerful handwriting appeared and drew a large cross on the word, ‘photografs’. Then, ‘photographs’ was written in a huge font underneath it in a neat and tidy way.

Sophia flipped back to the first page to compare the handwritings. They were very similar, so it was probably written by the same person.

Next to the gracefully handwritten ‘photograph’, the same word was written again in wriggly handwriting. Even though the handwriting was not very neat, every alphabet was written seriously.

Sophia’s interest was piqued. She looked through a few pages again—the person with the wriggly handwriting wrote a few more diary entries, but the content was quite simple.

‘The business of the restaurant is very good today. I’m so tried. But Coop came to eat here. I’m happy.’

‘Went to take some pictures with Coop at a gardin in South Bayside.’

‘Coop said that I’m the most biutiful woman on earth.’

‘Coop got his second docterate.’

Everytime she made a spelling mistake, the powerful handwriting would appear and cross it out. Apart from that, he even singled out the punctuation errors and wrote the corrected version. Then, the person with the wriggly handwriting could be seen correcting the mistakes ten times, and she even tried her best to imitate the powerful handwriting.

Sophia seemed to understand that this was indeed her mother’s notebook, and that she didn’t have the habit of keeping a diary. This might be something Coop had asked her to do.

After reading through a few pages, Sophia could vaguely guess what had happened. When Annabel was working as a waitress in a restaurant, Coop was probably one of the customers. They met and fell in love there, and the photographs of her were taken by Coop.

Before she dated Joe, Annabel actually had another boyfriend!

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