My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 271-280

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 271

Under the harmonious atmosphere, the charity banquet finally began, and the auction started.

Ethan felt helpless and desperate for being forced by Michael to hold this charity auction dinner.

But since he had organized it, he had to at least auction off a few items, even if it was done half-heartedly.

The first item was his personal watch, which was custom-made by a manufacturer a few years ago. The moment the auction of this item began, everyone competed to get it.

Then, a few items were auctioned off one by one, for instance, a gaming keyboard that he no longer used, his outfit that he wore when he won the Oscars Best Actor Award, the collar of a dog that went bold due to Michael’s jinx, and also the alarm clock that he resented for waking him up every day. All the miscellaneous items were auctioned off, as if he was selling scrap.

As long as it was something that he had used before—even if it was his underwear—there would be someone scrambling for it.

The auction went smoothly. The moment an item was opened for auction, it would be purchased with high price by some rich guest almost instantly.

Michael even wrote an impromptu piece of calligraphy to serve as an auction item today.

This was the first time Michael showed his skills of writing calligraphy. When the sharp and well-defined calligraphy piece was exposed in front of the public, everyone was astonished.

His calligraphy skills were unexpectedly great!

In the end, the calligraphy was auctioned off with the price of 1 million.

After the auction ended, the banquet began. Sophia held Nathan’s little hand and randomly found a seat.

The charity banquet tonight had managed to raise a large amount of funds, and all of it would be donated to programs under the Hope Educational Fund.

The banquet finally began. Stanley shamelessly insisted on sitting next to Sophia and kept putting food onto her plate. Joel couldn’t bear to continue watching and again reminded him, “Stanley, behave yourself!”

He’s like the reincarnation of a perverted ghost!

Nathan glared furiously at Stanley, attempting to stop him from getting closer to Sophia.

Meanwhile, Faye was excitedly heading to the direction of Xyla and Richard, as if she had just received great news. “Xyla, is it true that Sophia was born in the outskirts of Riverdale?”

Puzzled, Richard answered, “Yes. What’s up?”

Richard knew about Sophia’s background. She was born to a family named Edwards in the outskirts of Riverdale. Her family were farmers, and she had lost her parents since young. She was destitute.

But why would Faye ask this question now?

Faye uttered delightfully, “I just heard this from my father. Twenty years ago, when my mother was pregnant with me, a nanny at our house figured out a way to get pregnant with my father’s child in an attempt to blackmail him, but she was then driven away by my mother. After the woman returned to her hometown, she passed away after giving birth to a daughter, and the daughter was Sophia Edwards!”

Richard and Xyla were stunned. They had never expected that Sophia was Joe’s illegitimate daughter, which would make her Faye’s sister.

However, Faye then unexpectedly told them another piece of shocking news. “After the wild chick was driven out of Riverdale High School, she found her way to my house. My father then had her marry an ugly, disabled old man! And Daniel Levine was the middle man!”

This is really shocking news!

Hearing that, Xyla was overjoyed. No wonder she was nowhere to be found after she left Riverdale. It turns out that she went to look for her birth father, Joe. This explains why she has the money to attend Bayside University, and why she’s so arrogant! It turns out that she’s married to an old man! This is really karma!

Richard fell into a deep silence after listening.

Xyla, on the other hand, laughed ‘innocently’. “Hey, if that’s the case, she’d be my cousin. It turns out that we are family!”

An extremely wicked idea suddenly popped into her mind. She then held Richard’s arm. “It turns out that Sophia’s our relative. This is really unexpected. How about we go and greet her now?” She couldn’t wait for everyone to know that Sophia was married to an ugly old man!

Halfway through the banquet, Sophia stopped eating after having two bites because she intended to have dinner together with her idol when they returned home after the banquet. When she was holding a mirror to touch up her makeup, a loud voice of a middle-aged man was suddenly heard from behind her. “Sophia! My daughter! You are actually here. I’ve been looking for you!”

At that moment, Sophia’s expression was freezing cold. She calmly put down the makeup mirror in her hand, but her body remained still.

Stanley, who was eating, stood up in shock. “What? My father-in-law is here?” He turned around and saw a bald, fat middle-aged man standing behind Sophia. The flesh on the man squeezed his eyes into a fine line.

Stanley’s eyes were filled with disbelief. “You are Sophia’s father?” What kind of gorgeous beauty did this fat b*stard marry to be able to have such a beautiful daughter?

Joel turned toward the oversized man. This is Sophia’s father?

Joe rubbed his hand as he stood behind Sophia. He had never thought that the daughter he had sold would be so beautiful today!

At that time, he was really driven into a corner. All the fortune tellers said that the energy of his house and the horoscopes of his children were not pleasant, so he had people to check them out, but they couldn’t find any problem with them. In the end, he had the horoscopes of all his illegitimate children checked and finally found out that it was Sophia, this jinx, who ruined his birth chart!

After he got rid of her, his entire career completely changed, which confirmed that Sophia was the jinx.

However, he had never expected that the ugly, dark-complexioned illegitimate daughter from two years ago would become so beautiful!

Sophia finally stood up. She turned around and calmly looked at this fat man before a stiff word escaped her lips—“Father.”

It was ‘father’, not ‘daddy’. ‘Daddy’ was an endearment, but ‘father’ was merely a description of a relationship.

Joe was even more astonished when he looked at Sophia from a close distance. Rubbing his hands, he grinned so hard that his eyes squinted. “You really look like your mother!”

Sophia’s mother was still vivid in Joe’s memory. She was only 18 when she came to the Edwards residence to work as a nanny. She was stunning, looking just like a little fairy. It would be impossible for Joe to not have any intention toward her when such a beautiful nanny kept appearing before him. On top of that, his wife was pregnant at that time. He was sexually frustrated, so he kept coveting to have a taste of that young nanny.

The ungrateful young nanny pretended to be chaste and refused to give in to me. But in the end, I still managed to make her moan under me.

Unfortunately, Faye’s mother found out about it after that, and she was driven away after an intense beating.

Because of this, Joe couldn’t forget about her for quite some time.

And now, the Sophia before him looked exactly the same as her mother!

Upon seeing that Sophia had admitted, Faye impatiently walked up to her and held her hands warmly. “It turns out that you are really my sister! My daddy said that you are married. Where’s your husband? Why didn’t you bring him here?” She didn’t wait for Sophia to reply. “I know that your husband is an ugly and disabled old man, who is even older than my father; you must be embarrassed to take him out. But he’s still the man you share a bed with after all! Where’s your husband? Ask him to come out to let me have a look at him!”

Stanley was dumbfounded. “Sophia, you are actually married to an old man?”

Faye adamantly nodded. “I bet that you guys didn’t know about it too. She got married two years ago when she was just 18; she got married to an old man!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 272

In that instant, the way everyone looked at Sophia changed.

“It’s so unexpected that such a beautiful young woman is actually married to an old and ugly man!”

“That man must be quite rich!”

“Hmph! Look at girls nowadays!”

Xyla went to Sophia intimately. “Oh, so you are the daughter of Mr. Edwards. In that case, you are my younger cousin! At such an important occasion, you should bring your husband here! Where is he? Introduce him to us, quick!”

Joe didn’t seem to understand what his daughter felt about it. He just wanted to see his son-in-law, whom he had never met before.

My son-in-law must be very rich since he’s able to make Sophia a model of L/K. On top of that, she also got to wear this limited-edition evening gown! I can’t wait to meet him!

Perhaps he’ll even be helpful to my business!

Back then, when Daniel introduced him to me, he already mentioned that that man was old and a wife-jinxer, but he was rich—incredibly rich!

After my beautiful illegitimate daughter married him, she must have been well-loved!

Perhaps after he dies, he might even give half of his assets to her! Apart from myself, Sophia doesn’t have any other relatives. So wouldn’t this mean that all the money will belong to me?

Joe’s fantasies ran wilder the more he thought about this.

Sophia merely watched their performance quietly.

Stanley immediately asked her, “Sophia, are they telling the truth? Did you really marry an old and ugly man for money?”

Sophia did not avoid the topic at all and nodded. “Yes.”

Everyone was shocked.

It’s true after all!

Suddenly, Sophia felt someone hugging her legs tightly. Nathan looked at her with a pair of wide eyes. With just an order from her, he would call his dad here to refute all their criticisms.

Sophia caressed Nathan’s head and hid him behind her dress.

Joe, this old, fat man, is not fit to have such a perfect son-in-law like my idol husband!

As soon as Joe saw Nathan, he exclaimed happily, “Oh, my! So this is my son-in-law’s son, so that makes him my grandson! Come here, good boy! Let me have a look at you!”

Seeing Nathan’s good looks and the way he was immaculately dressed, Joe guessed that this must be his son-in-law’s child.

Oh, my son-in-law must have had this son when he’s rather old, so he must spoil this little guy. On top of that, Sophia is so close to him even though she is his step-mother!

Tsk! Seems like Sophia can get more than half of his assets!

When that old guy dies, all his assets will be given to this little guy. When the time arrives, he would be orphaned, and Sophia will be widowed. So all the money will go to me! Daniel said that this guy was a wife-jinxer, and he jinxed his entire family to death!

Nathan looked at him angrily and refused to walk to him.

At this moment, Faye exclaimed shrilly, “Gosh! So you are not Nathan’s nanny, but his stepmother!”

Sophia hid Nathan behind her dress quietly and smiled to everyone. “I’m sorry. Because of my husband’s identity, it’s not convenient to introduce him to everyone.”

Faye laughed mockingly. “Don’t worry. We’re family after all. We definitely won’t be looking down on your husband because he’s old and ugly. You can just ask him to come over!”

Everyone was more confirmed that Sophia’s husband was an old man.

Just at this moment, Joe saw Daniel coming out of the washroom and called him happily, “Daniel, you’re just the person we’re looking for!”

Daniel walked over in confusion after being called out by Joe.

Joe held his hand excitedly. “Master Levine, you came just at the right time. Back then, you were the one who pulled the strings for my daughter’s marriage, right? Tell me—who is my son-in-law? Is he here today?”

Daniel suddenly felt a murderous glance on himself. After turning around, he saw a fierce glare from a pair of eyes hidden behind Sophia’s dress. Scared, he quickly replied, “Uhm… about this… haha, your son-in-law is right here! If you ask him to appear in front of you, he might do so.”

Delighted to hear that, Joe turned around to look at everyone at the banquet and yelled, “My dear son-in-law, where are you? Show yourself to me!”

Faye also added, “Dear brother-in-law, come out! We won’t complain that you are old and ugly. Just come out and meet us!”

The said son-in-law, who was hidden among the crowd, was tempted to show himself.

As long as Sophia asked for him to show up, he would definitely appear immediately.

However, after a long time, he didn’t hear Sophia call him.

Stanley also clenched his fists tightly. He was curious to see which old man had defiled his goddess.

If he dares to appear, I’ll definitely kill that old guy!

Unfortunately, no one appeared after a long time.

Sophia merely remained silent looking at the circus show in front of her, watching them yelling out loud.

Xyla told her excitedly, “Sophia, it’s wrong for you to behave as such. No matter how bad your husband might look, he is your husband after all, so he will need to meet your father. Why don’t you guys meet today?”

Sophia repeated, “I’m sorry. I really can’t tell you my husband’s identity. I will never reveal him.”

She had never thought of using Michael’s identity for her own good.

On top of that, he is too good for them!

Joe strongly believed that his son-in-law was a big deal. This girl must be planning to get all his assets alone!

What an ungrateful daughter! If it weren’t for me, could she have gotten such a nice husband? His assets are what I deserve!

Angry, his face darkened. “Sophia Edwards, you are my daughter. As your father, can’t I see my son-in-law? Do you still have any respect for me?”

Sophia smiled. The corner of her lips were slightly curved as she replied sharply, “Let me ask you—don’t you even know who my husband is? Do you still see me as your daughter?”

Joe’s small eyes actually widened as he glared at her. “I-Is this how you speak to your father?”

Sophia walked closer to him as she raised her voice. “Back then, when you sold me off to another man for 80,000, you made it clear that we were not to contact each other for the rest of our lives! Are you regretting your decision, hmm? Mr. Edwards?”

Her clear voice had reached everyone’s ears.

“What? Mr. Edwards sold his daughter off? For 80,000?”

“My God…”

“How poor was he to have sold his daughter for 80,000?”

“Damn, his daughter is so nice! He should have sold her to me! I’d pay a million for her!”

Joe’s so-called son-in-law, who was hidden among the crowd, frowned.



I thought the starting price was 50 million? It only got reduced to 10 million after a fierce negotiation!

Since Nate liked her, I forked out 10 million for her even though it hurt my wallet!

Joe’s expression darkened after everyone commented on his action. After the story of how he sold his daughter off for 80,000 was revealed, his face blushed red as he defended himself vehemently, “What do you mean by selling my daughter? That was just my dowry! My daughter’s dowry has to be at least millions; what’s wrong with getting 80,000 for my youngest daughter? Sophia, you ungrateful scum! No matter what, you can’t deny that I’m your father! It’s an undeniable fact that my blood flows in you!”

Sophia retaliated, “But you already sold me off! Shall I ask Master Levine, the middle-man, to describe what happened back then?”

As soon as he heard his name, Daniel jumped forward and explained loudly, “Back then, Mr. Edwards was so poor that he asked me to introduce his daughter to one of my clients. Then, after I paid you the dowry of 80,000, we agreed not to contact ever again. You’d better not break the rules, Mr. Edwards!”

To paint it in nicer words, it was dowry, but to be blunt, it was Sophia’s price tag!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 273

Joe didn’t expect that Daniel would side Sophia, so he continued defending himself. “What do you mean by selling my daughter? She’s not some commodity to be sold! I remember that I asked you to introduce a suitable partner for my daughter to marry! You told me that you would find a good family for her; I didn’t expect that you sold her off!”


He is trying to slander me now!

Even so, Daniel was not angry at him. “Mr. Edwards, stop denying the fact that you sold your daughter off. Your son-in-law is actually here. Tsk-tsk, by the way, his wealth is on par with a nation.”

Joe’s brows shot up when he heard that.

My son-in-law is as rich as a country!

He did not have other relatives; he only had a son. On top of that, he doted on Sophia very much. In Joe’s eyes, the fact that his son-in-law’s wealth was on par with a nation was like a bottomless treasure pit for him.

Daniel deliberately pretended to be looking up to him, and he gave some good comments about Michael. “Although he’s old and ugly, your son-in-law is really rich. Joe, you’d better suck up to your daughter. Now, anything that she simply brings out from the house is enough for your lifetime expenditure. You’d better not ruin your relationship with her!”

Joe became greedier upon hearing that and changed his attitude entirely. He quickly asked Daniel obsequiously, “Who on earth is my son-in-law? Master Levine, please enlighten me.”

Daniel deliberately looked at the first floor of the venue, especially at the top-grade social circle.

Joe was delighted beyond belief upon seeing that.

My son-in-law is someone with an impressive background! I bet he’s either the CEO of a large company or the founder of the real estate business!

Unfortunately, Daniel refused to let him know. “I’m sorry. When you sold your daughter, we signed a contract. One of the terms was to cut off ties completely. Your daughter’s personal wealth and life has nothing to do with you, and based on the contract, your question goes against the terms and conditions.”

In the face of massive wealth, Joe did not care about the contract anymore. He merely wanted to know who his son-in-law was.

He put on a fake appearance as he said, “Oh, Master Levine, there’s something you don’t know—this daughter of mine had always been moving around on her own. Two years ago, after I married her off, I regretted it very much. I regret the fact that I’d not done a good job of being a father. Now that both of us have finally reunited, I will definitely be a good father to make up to her for all the sins I’ve done in the past. Right now, I just want to know who my son-in-law is. I want to ask him if he has been treating my daughter well all this while.”


Right after he finished his sentence, Sophia snorted mockingly and said loudly, “Father, if you want to know if I’m doing well or not, you can directly ask me.”

Joe looked stern, completely treating Sophia as if she was a lost belonging that he had just found.

“Don’t interrupt when adults are talking.”

He did not care at all if Sophia was doing well or not; all he cared about was how much his son-in-law was worth, when he would die, and how much he, the father-in-law, would get after that.

It’s fine if Sophia refuses to tell me, as long as Daniel spills the beans.

Seeing that Daniel still refused to tell the truth, Joe played the pity card. “Master Levine, I only have two daughters in my entire life. My eldest daughter, Faye, is always by my side. My youngest daughter, Sophia, is also very important to me. I just want to know if my son-in-law has been treating her well; that’s all.”

Daniel still refused to tell him the truth. If he really did so, the entire Edwards Family would definitely cling onto Michael. Hence, he replied arduously, “Mr. Edwards, I am someone who goes by the rules strictly. I will never break any contract I’ve made.”

Joe replied earnestly, “Come on! Is the contract more important than family? Isn’t it just a contract? How much does the penalty cost? I’ll pay it! Compared to my daughter’s happiness, any amount of money is nothing! I’m just worried that she’d be bullied by her in-laws. The reason for meeting him today is just to tell him that I’m still alive, in case he mistreats my daughter in the future, thinking that she’s all alone by herself.”

However, Daniel still refused to tell him and walked away. Joe could not stop him and continued asking Sophia, who would not reveal anything to him.

They definitely don’t let things go easily.

An idea suddenly occurred to Xyla, who spoke gently to Nathan, “Nate, is your dad here today? Grandpa wants to see him! Ask him to come here now!”

Nathan revealed his eyes from behind Sophia’s dress as he looked at the group of adults fearfully. Joe quickly inched his chubby cheeks close to him.

“My good grandson, where is your daddy? Can you show me to him?”

Even though the adults refuse to tell me, this might not be the case with little kids.

After taking a look at Joe, Nathan suddenly jumped out from behind Sophia and ran to the crowd quickly.

He must be going to his daddy!

Joe, Faye, and Xyla followed behind him happily while Sophia looked at them indifferently.

The change in events had reached a point where Stanley could no longer comprehend.

He grabbed Sophia’s shoulders and shook her vigorously. “Sophia! Tell me the truth! What the hell is going on? Who’s your husband? Did your dad really sell you off for 80,000? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Where’s that old guy? I’ll buy you back from him! If he doesn’t agree to that, I’ll kill him!”

Sophia did not reply to Stanley. Instead, her gaze merely followed Nathan, who ran to the core circle of the group. Joe was so happy that he could barely cover his mouth.

“My dear son-in-law, where are you? I’m Sophia’s dad! Come out! Let’s have a chat!”

Richard followed suit in delight.

If Sophia’s husband is really a bigshot, he might be of use to my career. Perhaps I can use this opportunity to squeeze into the upper-class society and have connections with them.

After all, I’m Sophia’s ex, whom she can’t forget!

Nathan rushed into the crowd. His eyes were darting around as he looked for his father while Joe looked at his demeanour expectantly.

What would be the background of my son-in-law?

Is he a foreign prince? Or the boss of a finance company?

No matter what, his background must be astonishing.

Michael thought that Nathan was going to him, so he was mentally prepared to hug him. However, Nathan did not even look at him. He merely circled Michael before running away.

After a while, Nathan finally found his ‘father’ and rushed over to hug his leg.

Joe was actively nudging people away as he followed Nathan with a wide smile on his fat face. “My good son-in-law, here I come!”

The three people behind him were also looking forward to this. However, when they saw the face of the man, their excited footsteps stopped immediately.

The man whom Nathan hugged was actually Joel!

Nathan Fletcher… Joel Fletcher… Is it possible that…

Richard’s face blanched immediately, while Faye also looked incredulous.

Did Sophia marry Joel? And Nathan’s father is actually Joel? In that case, what the hell is going on between Joel and Irene?


Even though Joe did not know Joel, he could recognize Joel’s title in the army based on his attire—Major General.

He’s a Major General, and a member of the Fletcher Family!

Joe was dumbfounded to find that his son-in-law was the third generation of the army family.

Delirious, he walked forward with his thick-skinned face as he rubbed his hands together. “My dear son-in-law, I’m—”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 274

“Mr. Edwards.” Joel caressed Nathan’s head as he looked at Joe in front of him coldly. “Do you think I’m that ‘dear son-in-law’ of yours who is old and ugly?”

He looked at Joe sharply with the expression of a fierce tiger.

Joe was taken aback by that.

He was the third generation of the army family with the title of Major General. On top of that, he was also extremely good-looking. No matter from which angle Joe looked, he was not the ‘dear son-in-law’ who was ugly, old, and a family-jinxer.

I was actually fooled by this little rascal!

After he bowed and apologized, he turned around to glare at Nathan. “You brat! You shouldn’t simply point at a man and say he’s your father!”

However, Nathan suddenly fled from Joel and ran past the crowd again.

Joe thought that Nathan was definitely looking for his own father after being threatened.

Hence, Joe and his family followed his lead once more.

This time around, Nathan hugged the thigh of a prince of a foreign country.

He has blue eyes, and his hair is blond. No matter what, he doesn’t look like the father of this brat at all!

Joe cursed, “F*ck you, brat! Are you fooling around with me? Show your dad to me immediately!”

Nathan jumped after being yelled at. He then shuttled amid the crowd and hugged the leg of a foreign president this time.

Joe stomped his feet on the ground. “You rascal, I’ll hit you right away!”

Nathan ran past the crowd nimbly once more, but this time, he was indeed going to his father.

Joe could completely tell that Nathan was just fooling around with him, so he chased after Nathan to catch him.

After I catch him, his father will definitely have to appear.

While cursing, Joe chased after him as he shoved people away. Then, he saw Nathan hugging Taylor Murray’s thigh. On top of that, he even yelled, “Daddy, there’s a bad guy trying to catch me!”

He simply hugged another person’s thigh again!

No matter what, Taylor Murray doesn’t look like his dad at all!

“F*ck you, brat! I’ll kill you!” Right after Joe reached Nathan, he immediately rolled his sleeves up to catch him.

Nathan was so scared that he hid behind his father.

Just when Michael was about to speak, Sophia suddenly approached them from behind. “Security! Security! Someone is fooling around here. Throw them out for me, please!”

As it was an important occasion, the security team was directly managed by the army. In no time, a few soldiers from the special forces surrounded Joe immediately.

Meanwhile, Stanley also rushed to them while complaining, “How dare you make a scene here! Someone, shoot this old fella right away!”

A few red laser points appeared on Joe’s body as the snipers took their place in the dark.

Joe was so shocked that his fat body trembled, while Xyla and Richard were also taken aback as they didn’t expect that there were snipers here. Richard quickly said, “Calm down. No one is making a scene here. We were just trying to help them reconcile with their family!”

Nathan pounced from Michael’s back and landed in Sophia’s embrace.

She snorted coldly. “It’s a charity banquet, not an occasion for your family matters.”

Seeing Sophia speaking back to him fluently, Joe retaliated, “Sophia, I’m your father! Is this the way you speak to me?”

However, Sophia did not look at him and spoke to Joel, who was next to her, “General, please chase them out. If they continue to make a scene here, just shoot them.”

Stanley continued to instigate the incident without knowing what was actually going on. “Shoot them! Shoot them! Shoot all of them!”

There were also many people from the Edwards Family who participated in this event. Joe was only able to enter the circle of Edwards Family after putting in a lot of effort, and some people from the family even knew him. At that moment, one of them walked to him and berated, “Can’t you tell what occasion is this? This isn’t a place where you can make a scene! Get lost!”

Facing the senior members of the Edwards Family, Joe immediately resigned and smiled awkwardly. “It’s just a misunderstanding! Just a misunderstanding! Hahaha! I’m just too happy seeing my daughter today!”

Hmph! If my son-in-law could stand up for me now, he might boost my position in the Edwards Family! Perhaps this senior member would even have to suck up to me!

Under the besiege of a few soldiers from the special forces, Joe relented immediately. “We’re leaving right now! We’re going soon!”

With that, Joe and Faye were chasen away mercilessly.

Xyla tugged on Richard so that he would clarify that they had nothing to do with the Edwards. He did this so that they could stay, but Stanley did not let them go.

“And the both of you! Get lost! Otherwise, I’ll shoot you myself!”

Richard and Xyla also went away in disappointment.

The world had finally quietened, and the banquet continued.

Compared to the busy banquet, what happened just now was just a minor incident.

Even though Joe was chasen out of the banquet, he was delighted. “Haha! I can’t believe that that girl has married into such a good family! I should’ve asked for more than 80,000!”

Both the father and daughter of the Edwards Family were delighted to find out about this, and they were determined to know Sophia’s husband so that they could get all of his assets and wealth.

On the other hand, Richard was silent as some ideas were forming in his mind.

Sophia has been longing for me all this while. She must feel very resentful that she’s married to an old man!

Since that’s the case, I might as well as take advantage of this!

Of course, Xyla also had her own thoughts.

I must never allow Sophia to be able to turn over a new leaf!

The most important matter right now is to find out who the hell Sophia has married!

At the same moment, Sophia and Nathan were resting in the hotel room. She caressed his head gently and asked, “Darling, were you shocked just now?”

Nathan shook his head and held her hands tightly, looking as if he was afraid that Joe might bring her away.

“He suddenly asked, “Will you go back with that man and break up with my daddy?”

Sophia hugged Nathan tightly. “Darling, what silly thoughts you’re having. I’ll always be your mom, and your home is my home too.”

With that, Nathan was finally relieved.

Suddenly, Stanley barged into the room with a loud bang. His left hand was in his pockets, but his right hand was holding a shotgun.

“Sophie, tell me where the old man is! There’s 80,000 here, and a gun. He either has to take the money and let you go, or I will shoot him!” He then held Sophia like he was holding a chick as he walked out. “Come on. Bring me to that old man!”

Shocked, Sophia yelled shrilly, “Stanley, are you nuts?”

Stanley had gotten angry this time, and he snorted coldly. “Nuts? No! I definitely can’t allow you to marry an old man. No matter who he is, he will have to let you go today, or he dies!”

Sean rushed into the room to hold Stanley back together with Sophia.

Even though Stanley was a gamer, he was actually quite strong too. Both of them could hardly hold him back now.

With one hand holding the shotgun, he grabbed Sophia with his other hand to look for the man.

“I don’t f*cking bother with the money anymore. If the man doesn’t let you go, I’ll kill him immediately.”

Struggling to get out of his grip, Sophia realized that she was no match to Stanley when he went berserk.

“Stanley, let go of me now! Whom I marry is none of your business!”

“Of course it’s my business! I fcking fancy you; don’t you know? Even if you don’t marry me, I’ll give my blessings if you marry someone I approve of, as long as you are happy. But you fcking married an old man! How could I ever agree to this?”

“It’s my business who I marry! Let go!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 275

“Stan, calm down!”

“Nate, don’t come over! He’s got a gun!”

The four of them were fighting against each other in the corridor. Things were about to get out of control. If Stanley really lost control and rushed outside with the gun, there would be no turning back.

Amidst the chaos, Sophia saw three people standing in the corridor ahead of them—Daniel, Harry, and Michael.

Seeing Daniel, Stanley left Sophia immediately and rushed to him with a gun in his hand. Even his eyes had turned red. “Daniel, tell me who that old man is!”

Daniel was shocked as he had never seen Stanley acting this way, so he decided to push the blame onto someone else. “Ask your Uncle Michael.”

Stanley quickly looked at Michael. “Uncle Michael, tell me where that old man is!”

Michael did not immediately reply to him. Instead, he asked calmly, “Stanley, what are you going to do after you know that?”

Stanley was very agitated. “I’ll shoot him!”

Michael snorted. “Don’t you have to pay the price for killing him?”

Stanley clenched his fists tightly as he spoke through gritted teeth, “I can’t be bothered with that now!”

Sophia is actually defiled by an old man! I can’t accept that!

Michale patted his shoulders and said maturely, “Young man, you have to think of the consequences when you decide to take an action. Learn from an old man like me.”

Sophia also rushed to him. While struggling with Stanley just now, her clothes were disheveled, and her hair was in a mess after being grabbed by Stanley. The two flower hair clips were dangling beside her hair as exasperation and fear were shown on her petite, young face.

Michael stretched his hand to hug her, and he kissed her cheeks. After caressing her hair, he asked gently, “You must be scared just now. Why don’t we go home soon?”

After her idol husband caressed her head, the anger within Sophia immediately disintegrated as she replied lovingly, “Stan is so fierce!”

Hugging Sophia, Michael glared at Stanley, who had become a statue at this point. When he turned back to Sophia, his expression immediately changed from being fierce to being gentle. “I’ll punch him for you later!”

Immediately, everyone around felt that the couple was flaunting their love in front of them.

Daniel patted Stanley, who had been petrified. “Here you go. The old man you’ve been looking for is right here. Shoot him. Go on!”

Stanley was so shocked that the gun fell out from his hand.

Sophia’s husband, the old and ugly man who jinxed his entire family, is actually Michael!!!

When has the bar to analyze a man become so high?

Michael comforted his wife by patting on her shoulder. “Go back to the room to change into some comfortable clothes, then let’s go back home for dinner.”

Sophia nodded. Before she walked away, she glared at the middleman who earned the most between the difference in pricing.

Damn it! Now everyone in Bayside City knows that I’m only worth 80,000!

After Sophia entered the room, the corridor became a battlefield for the men.

Michael cracked his knuckles and walked to Stanley; the smile on his face grew wider as he got closer.

“I heard that you wanted to shoot me.”

Stanley was so scared that he quickly shook his hands with a fearful look on his face while smiling awkwardly. “Hahahahah! Uncle Michael, how would I dare to do so?”

Meanwhile, he took a few steps backward quietly.

Even if I drank the potion of courage, I wouldn’t dare to shoot Uncle Michael ever!

Goodness, Sophia actually married Uncle Michael!

Damn it, Daniel! How dare he sell Sophia to Uncle Michael!

80,000! I’m just a nobody, yet my expenditure for a month is more than 80,000! Why wasn’t I offered such a good deal?

Michael slowly walked to him.

“I thought you wanted to shoot me, an old man, just now. Go on, now!”

Stanley was about to burst into tears. “Uncle Michael, please forgive me! I won’t dare to say anything like that! Not anymore!”

If I had known that Sophia was Uncle Michael’s wife, I wouldn’t have dared to have any thoughts for her at all!

Now I finally know why Uncle Michael often punched me for no reason.

I guess he won’t let me off today.

“Stan, I’ve reminded you since a long time ago.”

“Oh, Uncle Michael! I won’t dare to do that anymore! I will never have any thoughts for Aunt Sophia! I’m sorry! I’m really sorry!”

Seeing that he was about to get beaten up, Joel suddenly appeared. Looking as if he had found his savior, Stanley rushed to Joel immediately and hugged his thighs.

“Uncle Joel, save me! Uncle Michael is going to beat me up!”

Joel helped Stanley up and pushed him aside. “Go away.”

Joel ran away hastily with his gun, and Sean chased after him.

Looking at Michael, Joel still looked indifferent. “Why do you take it so seriously with a kid?”

Michael smiled. “I have to stop a budding affair from the source.”

Joel narrowed his eyes, but he still remained silent.

Michael did not say another word after that. After Sophia finished changing, she walked out from the room wearing casual clothes and left with Michael while holding hands.

Looking at Sophia, who had gone away with Michael hand in hand, Stanley burst into tears.

My first love is over just like this.

After returning home, Sophia was still in a daze for the better half of the day.

This day has been too exciting.

I merely wanted to make a scene at the engagement party to destroy their peaceful atmosphere. No matter what, I couldn’t let my disgusting ex have a good life!

However, it was totally out of my expectation that Michael would stoop even lower than I did. I can’t believe that he actually organized a charity banquet right next door all of a sudden.

What a psychopath indeed.

No matter what, today was perfect. I felt like I was living in a dream, apart from Joe’s appearance.

Now that he knows I married an old man who dotes on me, he must be planning to do something to me. But I have nothing for them to take advantage of.

The person they want is Michael.

Is Tay Tay someone they are qualified to take advantage of?

Don’t those shameless people know where they actually stand?

The atmosphere back home seemed to be different from usual. Nathan obediently slept alone in his room and took his green froggy blanket and pillow from the huge flamingo bed in the master room.

He suddenly felt a sense of danger. Sophia’s dad has come looking for her. What if she leaves us to go back to her dad?

She can’t do that!

So I need to make sure she gives birth to a little sister for me so that she won’t leave.

In the master room, Sophia wore a sexy silk nightdress after she finished showering. Then, she waited for Michael on the bed.

It’s time to sleep with my idol husband.

I’m actually looking forward to it!

What position should we try later?

She lay on the bed as she fantasized about it. However, after a long time, Michael did not come into the bedroom.

He seems to be busy.

She was scrolling through her phone on the bed. In such a short time, the news of the banquet had already spread around the internet.

The Harper Family’s embarrassing engagement party, Taylor Murray’s sudden appearance, Ethan Winston’s auction, and Faye Edwards’ embarrassing streaking video were all over the internet.

Sophia even found her own picture on some news channel, where she stood in the crowd wearing the beautifully-designed dress, ‘Greenery’. She was definitely the most stunning person there, even surpassing most of the celebrities.

On the celebrity list, Michael and Harry dominated each of the boards. They had finally returned to their past glory.

The people who were spreading false rumors online had become the target for many insults online.

Suddenly, Sophia saw that Nicole sent a message to her.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 276

‘I’m already preparing to enter the team to carry out the final training. The orphans’ home has already received your donation, and I know that you’ve been helping me out all this while. Thanks for that.’

Sophia smiled. She even took time to visit Nicole’s orphans’ home. Although it was quite old and worn, the atmosphere was warm. A dozen children were supported by Nicole out of her own pocket.

Since Michael had his own fund, ‘Taylor Murray Charity Fund’, Sophia donated a sum of money to Nicole’s orphans’ home through that fund. With the donation she made to Nicole, it would be enough to last for a while.

On top of that, she would transfer some money from her account to the bank account of the orphans’ home. With Nicole taking the main female lead now, she would be getting payments from the films she acted in, so the orphans’ home would not have much of an issue for now.

Sophia replied, ‘You don’t have to thank me. Do well in filming, alright? I watched your films growing up. Cethos still lacks an Oscar-award winning actress. I have high hopes on you.’

She had never watched Michael’s films when she was young, but she watched every one of Nicole’s films when she was growing up. Back then, when she saw Nicole on the television, she would get extremely envious of her while thinking to herself, How good would it be if I could be like Nicole in the movies? However, the reality was completely different from her imagination…

Nicole replied with a love emoji. Sophia had never imagined that a kind deed she did just because she was bored had generated an enormous positive result years later.

The hands on the clock struck 12.00AM, but Michael was still not here. Lying on the bed, Sophia felt quite disappointed.

At the moment, three big shots gathered in Michael’s study. The atmosphere was quite serious. It was all because of a picture that was sent to Michael’s anonymous email. The picture was taken during the banquet that night, and it perfectly encapsulated Sophia’s most beautiful moment. Wearing ‘Greenery’, she looked like an angel that had descended from the heavens, looking extremely ethereal. Her exquisite facial features were out of the world.

Daniel thought regretfully, If I had known that she would become so pretty after she got a makeover, I would have asked for more money from Michael back then.

Two words were typed on the corner of the picture—‘my precious’.

These words again! The origin of the picture was clear without a doubt. It’s from Phantom Wolf! He just won’t go away!

This man was too sly—he had been hiding himself quite well over the past few days. They could not trace him at all, but judging from the current situation, he seemed to have attended the banquet this evening. The email was sent from an anonymous account that Gemma failed to track.

The picture was initially posted by the media, so they could not use the location of the photographer to track Phantom Wolf’s location.

Now, Sophia was also targeted by him, so Michael felt an unprecedented stress and anger. Phantom Wolf was the most powerful nemesis he had ever encountered in his life. Both his sister and brother-in-law were killed by him. And now, my woman is also being targeted by him. Is this the legendary karma?

After everyone understood the situation, their first task was to track Phantom Wolf down and annihilate him. However, it was easier said than done! The international CIA police officers had been tracking them down for decades, yet they still couldn’t completely annihilate them.

At this moment, Daniel broke the silence. “Let’s send Sophia abroad secretly. After the danger is over, we can bring her back.”

However, Michael refused immediately. “No, that won’t work. We only have influence in Bayside City. It would be even more dangerous to send her abroad.”

Harry also had an idea. “Why don’t we arrange for her to quit university and stay at home for a while? Home should be the safest place.” It was the best option as of now.

However, looking at Sophia, who was smiling brightly in the picture, Michael shook his head once more. “She is not a caged pet of mine.” She is my woman. I can’t possibly lock her up at home because of Phantom Wolf. On top of that, she definitely won’t be happy with quitting university.

After a discussion, the best way right now was to strengthen the security around her. Apart from Hale and Gemma, Michael also arranged for Ben and Toby to protect her. As soon as she went outside, she would be under their surveillance. If there were any emergencies, they would report to Michael immediately.

Sophia’s routine was also very predictable. She would usually go to the university, the gym at Audistin, back home, the military compound, and the shooting arena in the outskirts. She rarely went shopping, and she would only occasionally go to the cinema. Hence, she was relatively easy to be monitored.

Suddenly, the door of the study was opened, and a man dressed in black walked inside. He wore a pressed suit, but his face was hard to look at. It seemed like his facial features had been hastily reformed after they were completely broken by someone else. He did not look like a normal human at all.

Michael held this man in high regard as soon as he saw him. “Abel, you’re back.”

Abel was the most mysterious and most capable person around Michael. His techniques and skills were absolutely outstanding, and his background was very secretive. Apart from Michael, Daniel, and Harry, it was likely that no one else knew about his background.

Abel put down his office bag before saying, “I’ve settled the incidents abroad, so I’m back now.”

He obviously knew what had happened. Looking at Sophia’s picture, he thought the woman was breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder she is so important to Michael.

He also knew about Sophia and Phantom Wolf. “Phantom Wolf…” His rough voice was thick with hatred and pain, while his scarred face distorted with pain, as if he had recalled something terrible that he couldn’t bear. After a long while, he spoke, “I’ll handle this.”

Seeing the determined look in his eyes, Michael had to agree to it.

The night had fallen deeper. After both Harry and Daniel went back, Abel put his luggage in the guest room and told Michael, “I’ll stay the night and leave tomorrow morning.”

Michael patted his shoulder before saying his name, “Justin, you should take a break. You can’t hold on much longer like this.”

Five years ago, in the mission that they were confident to succeed, they completely fell into the trap that the enemy had meticulously planned. Michael’s sister, Celine Fletcher, and her husband, Justin Mitchell, died because of that. In the news, it was reported that both of them died in an explosion, and their bodies were completely disintegrated. In the Memorial Garden, only their belongings were buried at their graves. However, the only person who didn’t even have a corpse was just Celine, while Michael managed to save Justin.

The explosion had completely ruined Justin’s face, and it took three years for him to regain his health. Since then, only Abel existed in the world, while Justin, from the Mitchell Family, had disappeared. He lived anonymously for just one goal—to get revenge!

Justin did not reply to him, but he seemed to have remembered something, and his eyes softened immediately. “Is Nate asleep?”

Michael looked in the direction of Nathan’s room. “Go take a look at him.”

At this moment, in Nathan’s room, Sophia had already changed into the cartoon pyjamas. They resembled a huge frog hugging a tiny frog. Nathan seemed to be falling asleep, while Sophia was humming a lullaby in a low voice to put him to sleep. “Sleep, my baby. Sleep on…”

Nathan suddenly rubbed his eyes and asked Sophia, “Mommy, would you leave us one day and never return anymore?” During the day, he was indifferent. But when it was just the two of them at night, he would reveal his cute self painstakingly.

Sophia was enjoying the feeling of being his stepmother. She rubbed his head and said, “Where can I go? I’ll always be where you and your daddy are!”

Even though Nathan was young, he was very mature. He seemed to have a feeling that someone was about to take his stepmother away from him.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 277

She added, “Nate, you have to grow up quickly to protect me. That way, I won’t be taken away by the bad guys.”

Nathan yawned and slowly fell asleep. He seemed to be talking in his sleep.

“Mommy, I’ll protect you when I grow up.”

Looking at Nathan’s cute sleeping face, a stab of pain shot through Sophia. She also understood the feeling of not having parents since young. It was extremely lonely.

However, she was immensely lucky to have grandparents who loved her, the headmaster, and Michael.

From now on, I’ll be Nate’s mom. I’ll definitely try my best to be a good mother!

Justin opened a tiny slit with the door to look at them furtively. After he saw that both of them had fallen asleep while hugging in the room, he closed the door and left.

Michael was also looking at the security footage from the camera of the room. It was only through this could he see Nathan’s cute side. Usually, he was utterly cold and indifferent.

Looking at the pair of mother and son, Michael felt a surge of happiness on top of the responsibility he had.

When he saw Justin coming over, he exclaimed, “Look at how alike they look!”

Truth be told, Justin also felt that Sophia was quite similar to Nathan. The Mitchell Family was full of ambassadors, so they had produced many ambassadors and mixed-descent babies. Justin’s mother was of Irish descent, so he had many features that resembled an Irish—his skin was fair, and his eyes socket were more sunken. Nathan also inherited that from him.

However, after taking a closer look, one could see that Sophia also had some facial features that resembled a typical Irish woman as well. Her skin was fair, her nose pointy, and she seemed to have a tinge of blue in those hazel eyes of hers.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

When Michael showed the pictures to Nathan for him to choose his mother, he picked Sophia immediately.

Perhaps this is their destiny.

At the military compound at the break of dawn, Stanley bought a bottle of beer from the mini market and hid in the garden to drink with his dog.

“Here you go, Judge. Drink up!”

He poured the bottle of beer into his glass and a bowl. While he took a sip, his dog also licked in the bowl.

After taking a sip of the beer, Stanley cried while holding his cat in his arms.

“Sunset, why did she become my aunt? Sob…”

“Meow!” After the cat got drunk, it scratched him.

The more Stanley thought about it, the more resentful he felt.

He thought that he was the person who was best for Sophia. They were roughly the same age, and they had the same interests; even Old Master Fletcher liked her a lot. No matter from which perspective, both of them were the perfect match for each other.

Stanley even had the perfect plan. After he confirmed their romantic relationship this semester, they would be engaged in the next semester. Then, they would get married in the semester after that. When they reached their third year, Sophia could get ready to be pregnant. After she gave birth to the baby, she would return to the university. Perhaps Stanley could even guide her in her studies. Then, when they graduated in the fourth year, Stanley would be a father already.

Right after he graduated, he had plans to form a company and start a business of his own. If not, he would apply for a job at his uncle’s company and worked while supporting his own Esports career. Then, he would ask his uncle to invest together to create a few more games like the ‘Swordsman Game’.

Then, he would be able to buy houses, cars, raise kids, and provide for his family.

However, everything is all gone right now. All gone!

At this moment, Irene suddenly appeared with her phone’s flashlight switched on as she pointed at Stanley in the garden. “Stan? What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Stanley looked at Irene and burst into tears immediately. “Miss Irene, I fell out of love! Sob!”

Irene asked curiously, “You broke up? With the girl named Sophia?”

There were no secrets in the military compound. Although Stanley had only brought Sophia here a few times, everyone in the military knew that he was ‘dating’.

As Irene had to leave early during the banquet that night, she missed the part where Joe reunited with his daughter.

Stanley nodded with tears in his eyes. “Yes, she’s with another man now.”

He wanted to roar the name of the jerk out loud, but after thinking about it, he decided against it.

I have to remain hopeful about this.

Even though they are already married, they could get a divorce!

If he told everyone about this now, the entire Fletcher Family would know that Sophia married Michael. If they divorced in the future and she were to marry Stanley, it would seem that he married his aunt. In that case, he would be beaten to death by Old Master Fletcher with his stick.

Hence, Stanley decided to keep that a secret. Instead, he told Irene, “Irene, I know you haven’t forgotten about Uncle Michael, right? You should know that he has been waiting for you all these years!”

Upon the mention of Michael, Irene’s expression seemed to change as she sighed. “Stan, you know very well that it’s been six years. I still can’t remember what happened back then, and I’m very happy now. Joel has been treating me very well, and we are even getting married soon.”

With that, Irene left.

Even though Stanley was drunk, his mind was still clear.

Back then, Michael and Irene were so intimate that they were about to get married. It’s impossible for Uncle Michael to fall in love with someone else in just six years.

Sophia is just a replacement. How pitiful! The woman whom Uncle Michael loves is Miss Irene!

So what if they are married!

Their marriage won’t prevent me from trying hard to make Sophia fall for me. I’m the only person who can make Sophia happy!

At least she doesn’t have to be someone else’s stepmother if she’s with me!

Nate—that brat—is always so cold and indifferent. With Sophia as his stepmother, she will definitely be bullied!

Uncle Michael is the idol of the entire country. He’s the fantasy of billions of girls worldwide. I wonder how many women he has outside. Perhaps he has already cheated on Sophia lots of times!

In conclusion, Sophia was bought by Michael to raise his kid.

She’s so pitiful, weak, and innocent. I have to save her!

I have to save her from this hell!

Having decided that, Stanley drank the remaining beer and threw the bottle away. Then, he brought his cat and dog back home.

Even though my enemy is strong, I’m not as weak as the legend goes!

In the morning, when Sophia woke up, Justin had already left.

Even though it was the weekend, Michael was nowhere to be seen.

Men always have unlimited work.

After finishing breakfast, she took out her phone to have a look. Subconsciously, she began to search for news related to Taylor Murray.

The news was already out today, and of course, they flattered her idol husband to the maximum.

Yes, that’s how it should be. My man is so excellent and talented. He should be praised everyday.

But this is not good either. We can’t be too ostentatious. We have to keep a low profile. It’s best if the incident this time could end soon.

However, there was a downside to this. The banquet last night was so outstanding that the incident at the Harper Family became less popular in comparison. Not many had their attention on them.

Her ultimate goal was to make the Harper Family notorious.

After finishing breakfast, Nathan did some homework with Sophia. In the afternoon, both of them logged in to their games. Sophia used her side account to log in.

Once she went online, she met Stanley immediately.

Snow Fox: ‘Sophia, you’ve hurt me, an innocent babe. I’m now depressed because I fell out of love. I can’t survive anymore. You have to compensate me with money!’

Sophia: ‘Since you still have the mood to play this game, it shows that you are alive and kicking.’

Snow Fox: ‘I don’t care. Give me money! If you don’t give me 10 million game coins, I will never forgive you!’

Sophia: ‘F*ck you! I don’t have any money!’

The exchange rate between the game coins and money in real life was at a ratio of 100 to 1. 10 million of game coins would cost 100,000 in real life. She would never give such a huge amount of money.

Snow Fox: ‘Ask for it from your husband! He has the most game coins!’

Sophia replied, ‘He doesn’t play games. Where would he get game coins? Get lost! I’m bringing Nate to play this game!’

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 278

The conversation ended.

Stanley, who was facing the laptop on the other side, stared at his laptop screen incredulously.

What? Did she claim that Michael doesn’t know how to play games? That is the joke of the century! Michael is the best player on earth when it comes to computer games!

Usually, the majority of people who play games are actually being played by the game. Michael is the only person who is truly playing the game.

Ten years ago, in an era where internet cafes were scarce, Michael invested in a few online games simultaneously. In fact, the ‘Swordsman Game’ is just one of them. He earned a lot from the games he invested in. If my guess is right, the amount of annual dividends Michael earns from the gaming companies alone already amount to a substantial sum; it’s more than his earnings from his acting career!

One of the mobile phone games he invested in made more than 40 billion in operating revenue. Even the cleaner in the gaming company received 20 months’ worth of salary as their year-end bonus!

His character in the ‘Swordsman Game’, Scary Phoenix, owns over a billion in game currency!

He was also Cethos’ first-generation National Esports Champion, who entered the International Esports Tournament, and won! He was the one who taught me my gaming skills! I can’t believe she is claiming that he doesn’t know how to play games!

Sophie, my dear Sophie. You fool—how can you, with your simple mind, possibly defeat my uncle?!

While lamenting, Stanley reprimanded Michael in his mind. Michael is such a playboy!

He married a b*tch in the game! Maybe he has even met the person offline! They have most probably slept together! Poor Sophie. I’m sure she doesn’t even know how many times he’s cheated on her!

The enemy’s Combat Effectiveness is too powerful. If I were to attack them directly, there is a 99% chance I’d be beaten into a pulp. Therefore, I have to take a different approach in secret. The first thing I have to do is to drive a wedge between them.

After playing the game for a while, Sophia logged into her main character to participate in a clan war with the members of her clan. The Global Finals is just around the corner. I have to be in the best state for that!

Nathan did not disturb her as well; instead, he went to the garden alone to play.

Since Nathan was enrolled straight into university, he did not have peers around his age to play with him. Therefore, Michael allowed the servants from Villa No. 8 to live-in with their children so that Nathan would always have kids his age to play with him.

Sophia was seated by the window. She would look out to check on the children in between playing games.

There were seven people in the clan today, but Scary Phoenix was not around. Sophia played the game while chatting with Sean using her new character.

‘Stan is not in a good mood today; maybe the incident yesterday affected him badly.’

Sophia already knew all about it, so she replied to him, ‘You should go ahead and talk him out of it.’

Sean: ‘Mm-hmm.’

Sophia, who was in the middle of playing the game, received a text through messenger from Stanley.

Stanley sent her lots of pictures.

There were many images, but Sophia merely went through them quickly. At a quick glance, there was a pair of tightly-swaddled adorable babies.

In the second picture, the toddler seemed to be older, and they were about 2 to 3 years old. They were holding hands; in fact, they looked like a match made in heaven.

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat, and she picked her phone up to look at the picture closely.

In the third photograph, the two children seemed to be attending elementary school. They each had a school bag, and they were wearing identical school uniforms while holding hands.

The rest of the pictures all featured this guy and girl. They both grew up gradually, and their faces were maturing as well.

In the end, Sophia stared at the boy, who was now all grown up and looked like Michael. He seemed to be about 17 to 18 years old; he appeared to be full of youth and vigor. Similarly, Irene, who was about his age, was standing just beside him. they looked suited while standing together.

Stanley sent over a message. ‘Sophie, let me remind you solemnly that Uncle Michael and Miss Irene grew up together. Miss Irene met with an accident six years ago, and she sustained brain injury. She forgot about Uncle Michael due to the hematoma in her brain. She will no doubt remember him one day. When the time comes, he will be together with her, regardless of his circumstances! My uncle doesn’t love you at all. He merely bought you to keep himself entertained! You should give up!’

Those icy-cold words were like daggers piercing through Sophia’s heart.

Sophia stared at Michael’s photo, where he was about 18 years old. He looked extremely handsome in the picture; in fact, he seemed completely different from now. The 18-year-old Michael looked like a carefree youth, like a piece of blank paper. His smile was warm and charming.

He doesn’t look too different from my imagination. He was wearing a white shirt, and he had a hairstyle that was trendy during that era. Michael didn’t have the unwavering steadiness he has now, but he looked youthful and almost ignorant of reality and society.

If he was about 18 years old at the time, this picture must have been taken 15 years ago. What was I doing 15 years ago? I was just a 6-year-old child!

At that time, I must have been wearing an old shirt, which grandma picked from the trash to alter into a smaller shirt for me. It must have been ugly and ill-fitting. I must have been following the adults by walking along the streets in search of water bottles and aluminum cans from the trash cans to exchange for money.

Michael would have been 18 years old at the time, and he must have been getting ready to join the military service. We never would have imagined that we would end up under the same roof after 15 years.

Stanley started regretting his actions after sending out the messages. I might be ruthless, but it’s better to rip the Band-Aid off than to suffer longer in the future. Instead of waiting for Irene to regain her memory and suddenly recall who Michael is in the future, it’s best to let Sophia know about the truth now and let her leave Michael as soon as possible.

However, after a few minutes, Sophia replied to him unexpectedly, ‘Are you the naked kid your uncle was holding onto in the 7th photo? You have such a huge birthmark on your bum!’

Stanley was furious. ‘Is this what you got from the pictures? Do you understand that my uncle might dump you at any time? He might be a good uncle, but it’s undeniable that he is also a playboy! In fact, he is a seasoned playboy! Besides, he is already so old. He would be in his 50s by the time you are 30 years old!’

Sophia did not reply to him. She picked up her phone to gaze at the 18-year-old Michael while spacing out.

It’s such a pity that we hadn’t met at the time. If we had… would I catch his attention?

The next day, Sophia woke up early in the morning to head to university. The incident which happened during the charity banquet seemed to have spread across the whole university. Sophia’s 80,000 net worth got around fast. A group of classmates gathered round to speak to her once she walked into the classroom.

“Oh, my God, Sophia. I can’t believe you are Faye Edwards’ younger sister!”

“Is it true that your dad sold you off at a mere price of 80,000?!”

“Is your current husband extremely old?”

Sophia didn’t bother to hide the truth anymore since everybody had found out about it.

Therefore, she answered, “My husband is only around 10 years older than me, and he is not old nor ugly. We share a good relationship. Nevertheless, I am unsure about the 80,000. My husband and I have a normal relationship and marriage; in fact, I was already 18 years old when I got married.”

There were no rules in the university stopping students from getting married because they were all adults here. Anyone above 18 years old was eligible to obtain a marriage certificate. In fact, most children from wealthy families would get married once they were of age, especially marriage unions between two families. Aren’t Richard and Xyla engaged too?!

The crowd surrounded Sophia to talk to her, but a sharp and sarcastic voice rang loud from the classroom entrance. “My pitiful younger sister, you are still trying to salvage what little dignity you have left here despite marrying an old man!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 279

Sophia knew it was Faye once she heard her voice.

Clack, clack, clack…

Faye’s high heels clicked against the floor loudly while she made her way slowly to Sophia’s front. She burst into laughter while crossing her arms. She spoke to Sophia pretentiously, “Sophia, stop pretending. My father personally sent you off when you got married previously.

How could he not know what his son-in-law looks like? I know my brother-in-law might be slightly older and uglier, but he is your man after all. He is the man you go to bed with, and he’ll be the father of your children! Although he is slightly ugly and disabled, you are so pretty, so I am sure your children will turn out better than expected!”

Sophia’s classmates were in shock because they could not understand the mentality of a pretty young girl marrying an old, ugly and disabled man.

Was it truly for money?!

Sophia couldn’t be bothered to answer Faye, and so she put on her earphones. Then, she started revising her notes.

It was rare for Faye to have a chance to tease Sophia, and so she couldn’t possibly let the chance slide. Faye’s remarks were becoming harsher. “Sophia, in all honesty, my dad was against your being with my brother-in-law. He is so ugly and stingy; he was only willing to pay 80,000 as dowry.

However, you just got here from the village, Sophia, and you hadn’t seen the real world; that was most probably why you were so adamant on marrying that old man. That was why dad had no choice but to go along with your wishes. Now that you are living so happily with that old man, I am extremely happy for you.”

Her classmates were stunned to silence when they heard that.

I can’t believe she married that old man willingly. How desperate was she?

Faye added, “I know that you had two abortions during senior high due to your immaturity. Therefore, your body is no longer suited for giving birth. You know that any respectable man would never marry you; that was the reason you chose your current husband.

Sigh, it was our fault. You wouldn’t have made so many foolish mistakes if we had taken you in earlier. My poor sister, you must have suffered beyond imagination over the years.”

Sophia’s classmates started whispering at each other while shooting pointed looks at Sophia.

Nevertheless, Sophia was the only one who pretended as if she did not hear anything. She read through her notebook seriously, while her earphones played a song. It was an opera sung by Michael.

It turned out that Michael had already shown exceptional talents in performing arts ever since he was in high school, and he even debuted with a band. Later, he joined the army for a few years once he turned 18 years old. After leaving the army, he started his studies. He had been acting in movies for the past few years, and so he rarely sang again.

It was undeniable that Michael could sing very well. His voice was beautiful and sonorous, with a steady quality to it that made the song heartfelt.

She was enthralled by Michael’s voice when Faye yanked her earphones off suddenly. She screamed at Sophia angrily, “Sophia Edwards, were you listening to me?”

Sophia looked up in a daze. “Was someone speaking?”

I only saw a dog barking.

Faye’s expression contorted in fury; even her chin implant was visible now. She knocked against the table while demanding, “Dad requested me to inform you that there’s an Edwards Family banquet tonight. You have to attend the banquet with your husband.”

Sophie rejected her immediately. “Excuse me, but I am not a true Edwards, nor is my husband’s surname Edwards. Therefore, we will not be attending the Edwards Family banquet.”

“How dare you!” Faye slammed on the table. She threatened Sophia, “My dad is having this family banquet specifically for you and brother-in-law, and so you have to attend! You are a member of the Edwards Family. Even if you are married, you are still my dad’s daughter. You are not filial if you don’t show up!”

Joe deliberately organized a family banquet for Sophia and her husband. He was obviously not interested nor sincere in wanting to acknowledge Sophia as his daughter; instead, he merely wanted her assets. Hence, not only did he want to lure Sophia’s husband out, he wanted to announce to the world that Sophia was his daughter.

When my old son-in-law drops dead, I can justify taking in both Sophia and his son. With that, I’ll conveniently take over their inheritance too.

After all, Daniel’s client can’t be poor!

From what I’ve learned from Daniel, my old son-in-law is extremely wealthy. In fact, he is much wealthier than the Edwards. He is so wealthy that it’s beyond imagination.

Within a day, Joe used all his connections, but he just couldn’t find out whom Sophia got married to. Her personal information was tightly sealed, and even people within the Civil Affairs Bureau couldn’t find out anything.

It is clear that my son-in-law is rich and powerful!

If I am able to lure him out and acknowledge him as my son-in-law, I might be able to get the main Edwards Family to acknowledge my branch of the family. However, the main issue now is to lure my son-in-law out!

Sophia rejected decisively. “We aren’t free.”

However, Faye was dead-set on pestering Sophia today.

“Sophia, let me tell you—dad specially prepared a family banquet for you today. You and your husband have to show up. If you refuse to attend the banquet, I will report to the university about your non-filial actions that prove questionable conduct! You want the scholarship, don’t you? The conduct score plays an important role too!”

Sophia opened a specialized course textbook and fished a photo out to hand it to Faye. “Here, this is my husband. Feel free to go ahead and acknowledge him!”

Faye accepted the photo happily because she was expecting it to be Sophia’s true husband. She did not expect it to be Taylor’s portrait on the beach! In fact, it was a screenshot from a movie!

“You are making fun of me!” Faye threw away the photo vehemently. She slammed the table while warning Sophia, “Sophia, don’t assume that these are empty threats. For someone like you, who refuses to acknowledge their own father, I should truly get Bayside University to expel you!”

Sophia kept Michael’s photo carefully while explaining, “My husband is Taylor Murray. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not!”

I’m finally coming clean, but I think Faye doesn’t believe me.

“Your husband is Taylor Murray?” Faye giggled uncontrollably. “If your husband were Taylor Murray, I’d even go so far to claim that my fiancé is Ethan Winston!”

Seeing that it was almost time for class, Sophia couldn’t be bothered to chat with Faye. Therefore, she stated firmly, “Miss Edwards, I’d like to remind you. Firstly, I have never had a father-daughter relationship with your dad. You guys don’t even know which family my household registry is associated with, so what gives you the right to claim some sort of family connection with me?

Secondly, I understand what’s on your mind. Didn’t you say that he wants to acknowledge me as his daughter?” Sophia folded her arms while she cackled mockingly. “You didn’t do it before, yet you’re doing it now. Do you truly believe that I am oblivious to your motives?

Don’t worry. My husband is still young and healthy, whereas my son has a bright future. I am sure that they will both live longer lives than all of you. Are you trying to claim your family connection with me so that you could take over my husband’s inheritance when he dies? Nothing so easy exists in this world!”

After being exposed, Faye’s eyes darted around her classmates, and she noticed the disdain and contempt gleaming in their eyes.

Everyone realized the truth with a start. No wonder her father didn’t care when he sold her for 80,000, but he is now trying to associate himself with her all of a sudden!

It turns out that this is the reason behind it all!

He let his daughter marry an old man, who had one foot in the grave, because he was waiting for the old man to kick the bucket just to snatch their inheritance. The Edwards Family is so cunning!

Faye flushed red in anger. “I don’t care. You were born an Edwards, and you will die an Edwards. If you don’t show up at the family banquet tonight, I will make sure you won’t survive in Bayside University!”

Sophia burst out laughing. “As the saying goes, a daughter who has gotten married is equivalent to water that has been splashed out, and thus it cannot be retrieved. I have never been on your Edwards Family’s household registry.

From a legal and moral point of view, I am not related to the Edwards at all. Your life and death have nothing to do with me, and my assets have nothing to do with you!”

“How dare you—”

Sophia suggested casually, “Why don’t you sue me in court if you have the ability?”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 280


The bell rang, and the teacher entered the classroom with some books and teaching materials. Faye had no choice but to retreat, whereas Sophia got to continue with class.

After class, as the class representative for the Economics Cohort, Sophia had to submit the class’ economics assignments to Quinton’s office.

After arriving at the office and handing in the assignments, she took the chance to ask Quinton some difficult questions she had regarding the subject.

He cleared her doubt patiently as well.

After they discussed the questions, Sophia started packing her things to leave. However, Quinton asked her suddenly, “Sophia, do you need me to help you apply for legal aid? I know a few well-known people in the legal profession in Bayside City.”

Sophia gazed at him in puzzlement.

Why would I apply for legal aid out of the blue?

Quinton hesitated before explaining, “I heard your father sold you off to an old and ugly man for 80,000… This is not legal in the eyes of the law. If you are ready, I can get someone to help you with your divorce.”

Ah, he’s referring to this matter.

Sophia had the urge to burst out laughing.

She answered him, “Thank you, professor, but I have a good relationship with my husband. He is not old, nor ugly. In fact, he is quite handsome!”

Sophia blushed contentedly when she thought of Michael.

The office door cracked open at that moment. A nimble and small head peeked through the crack, and his eyes darted around the room. He immediately caught sight of Sophia.

When Sophia saw the small head peeking through the crack, she giggled while commenting, “Besides, I have an adorable and handsome son! Just look at how happy I am!”

Nathan dashed into the office straight away. He seemed to have heard some rumors in university today, and so he held onto Sophia’s leg tightly, as if afraid that she might leave him anytime.

Quinton did not comment further upon witnessing this scene.

Nathan took Sophia’s hand on the way to the cafeteria for lunch. He did not loosen his grip along the way.

Today, I heard my classmates claiming my dad was involved in the trading of women. It is against the law, and if someone lodged a police report, the policemen would arrest my dad, whereas my mom would be sent back to her original family.

If that were to happen, I would immediately become an orphan!

Michael specifically prepared a private canteen for them just so that they could take a nap in the hostel after their meal in the private canteen. However, Sophia still preferred to eat in the student cafeteria. I still have lots of money in my meal card!

On their way to the cafeteria, Stanley came barging at them ferociously and unexpectedly while blocking their way.

“Sophie, did you read the messages I sent you yesterday?! My uncle is truly not a good husband. You will be chased out of the house sooner or later if you stay together with him! Besides, my uncle has been in love with someone else from the very beginning. You are just his mistress if you stay with him. Is this what you want?”

Sophia acted as if she did not grasp what he meant. Instead, she walked around him while continuing moving forward. Nevertheless, Nathan understood him, and he glared at Stanley viciously.

He entered revenge mode in silence. Once I am grown, and Stanley becomes old, I will beat him into a pulp!

Stanley caught up to Sophia while elaborating, “My uncle is a playboy; in fact, he is the biggest playboy on earth. I’m telling you—you will regret it in the future if you stay together with him. It’s best for you to leave him as soon as possible! Don’t worry; if you are scared of my uncle, you can just tell me. I will help you get a divorce safely. If my uncle refuses to divorce you, I’ll get Old Master Fletcher involved, and I’ll expose Uncle Michael for being involved in trading women. I’m sure Old Master Fletcher will teach him a lesson!”

Sophia was still unmoved.


The thought crossed my mind once upon a time, but later on, I stopped thinking about it. Even if there’s no love between Michael and me, I believe we can stay together with the support of other factors, for example money, and now, Nate. Nate is still so young; he cannot not have a mom!

I have suffered through poverty, where I was starving and cold. Even if Michael doesn’t love me, at least he is able to provide a comfortable life for me. He provides the materialistic foundation for me to pursue my dreams. What else can I possibly complain about? As long as Michael doesn’t bring it up, I will never get a divorce.

Stanley was so anxious that he pointed Sophia in the face while reprimanding her, “Sophia, are you such a cheap person? You clearly know that my uncle loves another woman, but you are still willing to be with him blindly. What is the point of doing that? Can’t you grow a backbone and stand up for yourself? It seems that I have misjudged you!”

Stanley left in a hurry, whereas Sophia held Nathan’s hand, and they both walked to the cafeteria in silence.

Backbone? Haha, what is that?

I lost my backbone when I was forced into a dead-end. I just want to live well. I am in love with Michael, and he is able to provide a comfortable life for me. These two factors are more than enough to make me happy. What else could I ask for? Should I expect him to love me? Why would I ask for it if I know that I would never receive it?

Nathan noticed Sophia’s upset expression, and so he tugged against her hand while asking, “Are you planning to divorce dad?”

Sophia burst out laughing. “What a silly thing to say. Why would I divorce your dad? Your dad is so handsome. Where would I find another husband who is as handsome as your dad?”

Nathan mulled over her answer. That’s true. My dad may be a psychopath, but his good looks and wealth are unparalleled. Sophia wouldn’t be able to find a better husband even if she were to divorce him. In that case, I am relieved.

Many people witnessed this interlude; Richard was one of them.

It feels like I don’t understand Sophia anymore.

She seems quite close with Stanley Fletcher, but Stanley already has an official girlfriend, whereas Joel has Irene, and so Sophia seems to be the mistress. However, based on what just happened, Stanley and Sophia just broke up. Furthermore, there is Tyler. Is he a boy toy she keeps on the side? It is possible, since Joe sold her off to an ugly old man. It’s reasonable for her to have a boy toy on the side to ease her emotional instability.

Richard dropped by the university to sort out some courses, and he wasn’t expecting to witness a quarrel between Stanley and Sophia. He observed them from afar, and so he did not hear the actual conversation. However, he saw Stanley pointing at Sophia right in the face furiously, so he was positive they broke up.

Now that Sophia has broken her ties with the Fletchers, it may very well be my chance now…

I would truly like to know who is the person supporting Sophia from behind. The signs indicate that the person is beyond rich.

Joe merely supplied a sperm twenty years ago; twenty years later, he sold Sophia off in a rush for money. There is no family connection nor affection between the two of them, so what gives him the right to take over that asset?

If I were to take over that large amount of assets…

Unbeknownst to everybody, apart from Richard, Michael was also observing the scene.

Gemma’s pinhole robot was broadcasting the scene live for him. Upon listening to Stanley spouting nonsense, Michael wanted nothing more than to crawl into the screen and rip him apart!

How did Stanley conclude that I am still hung up on Irene? What makes me seem like a playboy? Did he forget who gave him his pocket money? Did he forget who took him in all those years ago when he was penalized in the army for entering the internet café during his military training, and was later beat up and kicked out of the house by Old Master Fletcher? Was it Irene Weber? Heh.

There are all sorts of factors and unknown threats outside, but I have Stanley trying to drive a wedge between us from within. Michael felt a suffocating pressure against his shoulders.

After class in the afternoon, it was time for Sophia to return home, whereas Nathan constantly kept close to her because he was afraid she might change her mind any second. They arrived at the entrance of the university when a Cayenne showed up suddenly. The next thing they knew, Joe got out of the car.

He flashed Sophia a scary grin when he saw her. “My obedient daughter and grandson, I have waited for the both of you for a very long time. Let’s go. Follow me home!”

I’m sure my son-in-law will show up if his wife and son are in my hands!

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