My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 261-270

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 261

Sophia was stunned as she faced a sudden concern; she did not expect Quinton to receive the invitation as well. However, the Clarks were a noble family in Bayside City, and Quinton himself was also a very prestigious teacher at the university. It made sense for him to receive the invitation, right?

Sophia tightened the clothes around her before she smiled at Quinton and said, “Thank you, teacher; I’m fine.”

Quinton had been lingering at the edge moments ago, so he did not clearly see what had happened. Nonetheless, he knew something was wrong when he saw Sophia coming out while covering her backside.

Meanwhile, the farce over at the other end had carried on. Faye went around pulling other girls’ clothes to cover her body; after grabbing their clothes, the scene had turned into a mess. A huge crowd of people swarmed in to watch and the situation was absolutely terrible.

In the end, it was the host family who came forward and asked the hotel waiters to give the girls some clothes. After covering themselves up, the girls went back to their hotel room one by one while weeping in tears. Finally, the scene was under control.

Sophia stood outside the crowd, watching as Faye and the group of girls entered their hotel rooms.

She knew that Xyla would never let her take part in this event peacefully; the latter had known that Faye was coming in the first place.

Moreover, Faye wouldn’t have let her off after she had knocked the girl’s nose crooked with her fist.

Recycling her old tricks, Xyla continued to use others who were fierce as her gunmen to get back at Sophia. As for herself, she would remain as pure as a white lotus.

Quinton also looked at the group of girls who were in tears as they vanished in sight. “Isn’t that Faye? When did she come back?” Quinton asked.

A brief interlude could not affect that day’s engagement ceremony. It had become a place for celebrities to socialize, and the place was very lively with everyone coming and leaving.

All of a sudden, a huge palm landed on Sophia’s shoulder. She turned around and saw Michael’s face immediately.

“What’s the matter?”

He had been sitting at the table just now, but he seemed to have an idea of what was going on. Nevertheless, he knew that Sophia did not get the short end of the stick just by looking at her.

Sophia shook her head.

“I’m fine,” she assured him.

She then said to Quinton, “I’ll return the clothes to you later, Professor Clark. Thank you very much.”

Quinton looked at Michael as he stood next to her, and Michael looked right at him.

“Professor Clark, this is my boyfriend, Michael.”

“Hubby, this is my professional course teacher, Professor Clark.”

The two of them briefly shook hands. “Nice to meet you,” they said.

After exchanging simple greetings with each other, Sophia went to the washroom to take off Quinton’s clothes.

After a short while, Michael came in as well. He took a silk scarf to wrap it over her backside, and the color of the silk scarf matched the skirt perfectly.

Michael squatted down to wrap the silk scarf around her backside and then went around the front before he tied a knot to fix it in place. The scarf seemed to have covered her backside like a skirt perfectly, and Michael even let Sophia put on his jacket on the outside.

“This is much better. Let’s keep it this way for the time being; Maria will bring over some clothes in a while.”

Sophia nodded. When she was wearing Quinton’s clothes just now, she felt nothing but gratitude. However, when she was wearing the Lord’s clothes, she felt warmth throughout her entire body.

The Lord was the best!

When the both of them had returned to the venue, the engagement ceremony was about to begin. Sophia took out her phone to find countless text messages from Stanley.

‘What happened, Sophia?’

‘Did someone hit you just now?’

‘Why didn’t you call me? I really wanted to see it go down.’

‘Were you the one who beat Faye up?’

Sophia was too lazy to reply to his texts.

At this moment, the artists around the table and various media outlets and celebrities all grouped together. They were all talking and laughing with endless common topics. Around that table, only two of them were left out.

Michael whipped out his phone and took a selfie, the beauty camera making him look like an eighteen-year-old teenager. He also deliberately wore a silver wig on purpose, making him look even more youthful.

Learning it from Sophia, Michael used a punk chain and tied a ring to it before wearing the chain around his neck.

As soon as he took out his cell phone, Sophia calmly moved her face over and secretly got into the frame. After a while, the both of them had begun taking selfies joyfully.

At that moment, Harry had just gotten dressed and was about to leave Villa No. 4.

The news he had learned about today was really shocking.

It was no wonder that the old fella had started cheating in games all of a sudden at the beginning of this year after not playing any games in the past few years. He had even participated in an international esports competition.

No wonder he was moved and had married a bottom.

No wonder he had started playing a female account and used it to marry a virtual husband.

What an old and cunning man!

Before leaving the villa, Harry glanced at his phone and saw Michael’s update on his IG Stories. He had posted a couple of selfies, looking extremely young and tender in the photos. He was wearing a very youthful suit and had worn a silver wig which took ten years off his appearance; he looked just like a 17 or 18-year-old holding a gorgeous lady in his arms. He had even pouted his lips, folded his arms, and stared in a lovely manner.

“Damn it! That’s disgusting!”

Sophia was toggling through her phone when she saw that the photos Michael had uploaded on his IG Stories moments ago and had already gotten several replies.

Daniel replied, ‘Stop the abuse.’

Harry replied, ‘What a pervert!’

On the other hand, Sophia joyfully saved the group of photos taken together into her phone.

At this moment in the hotel room, Faye came out from the washroom with a gloomy face.

Xyla immediately greeted her after seeing her come out. “How are you, Faye? Are you okay?”

Sophia had ruined her reputation just now. If the hotel attendants had not come quick enough, she would’ve run around in public stark-naked.

She put on a new outfit before she rushed out angrily. Xyla immediately stood up and stopped her. “What are you going to do, Faye?”

Faye sneered as she said, “I’m about to kill that b*tch!”

Xyla clearly knew who she was referring to. Faye was set to attend her engagement ceremony, and that was why Xyla had tried every way to get Sophia here—it was for Faye to deal with her.

However, it was her engagement ceremony after all; she could not mess it up herself. “Faye, listen to me. This is my engagement banquet, and you can’t just trouble her like this; it wouldn’t end well if you cause trouble in such a way.”

Faye raised her eyebrows slightly and was very upset. She just wanted revenge regardless of whoever’s engagement banquet it was.

The Edwards weren’t what they were before; they now looked down upon the Huffs. Even if their family got married to the Harpers, it would still remain the same.

Xyla said a few words beside her ears and Faye raised her brows all of a sudden. “Alright, let’s do that then!”

After the two of them had come up with a plan, they split up accordingly.

The engagement ceremony was about to begin. Faye had brought a glass of wine to Sophia all of a sudden.

She seemed warm-hearted as she handed over the glass of wine to Sophia. “Today is Xyla’s big day since it’s her engagement ceremony. The both of us have held grudges for quite some time now ever since the beginning. Why don’t I treat you to a glass of wine, and we’ll leave everything in the past?”

A glass of wine was then handed over to Sophia.

The red wine swiveled in the tall glass as the blood-red luster glistened. It was coquettish and charming as though it had dark magic mixed in it.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 262

Sophia looked at the red liquid before she stared straight at Faye, seeming as though she was looking at an idiot.

Was Faye really an idiot?

The both of them had just gotten into a catfight, yet here she was offering Sophia a drink? How could she not expect Sophia to smell something fishy in it?

Was Faye in an unclear state of mind after having too many doses of anesthetic on her face?

Sophia smiled in irony as she asked, “Why should I drink it?”

Faye raised the glass of wine and said with confidence, “Do you think you have any other choice?”

Faye leaned toward the side of Sophia’s ears before she started whispering to her. Although she seemed generous, her words were full of threat. “If you don’t drink it, you’ll no longer gain a foothold in Bayside University!”

“Didn’t you want to become a top student? Don’t you still want to apply for a scholarship?”

“If you don’t drink this glass of wine, not only will I make you fail your scholarship application, I’ll even make you score zero points for your end-of-semester examinations!”

Did Faye actually threaten Sophia with her scholarship?

Sophia would never believe that Faye could act so brazenly at Bayside University.

She smiled and asked, “What if I insist on not drinking it?”

Faye’s lips were blood-red as she said, “Are you afraid?”

Sophia pursed her lips and smiled.

Then, she abruptly reached out to grab the glass of wine and gobbled it down her throat right away.

Faye put on a satisfied smile when she saw that the red liquid had completely vanished through her mouth.

With a gaze, she gave Xyla a hint.

Everything was going according to plan!

Sophia placed the glass back onto the tray that Faye was holding onto; her flawless makeup did not leave any stains on the glass. She then looked at the other glass of wine on the tray and said, “You haven’t drank yours yet, senior.”

Since Sophia had drank hers, Faye would naturally drink the other glass of wine contentedly.

She was all smiles after she had taken the glass of wine. Her V-shaped face flushed red out of extraordinary excitement. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you say hi to your classmates and get them to vote for you,” she responded.

Every year’s scholarship applications would require the applicants’ classmates to cast their votes. Even though the votes did not have a heavy weightage, it still held a significant proportion.

After Sophia had finished the wine, Michael—who was standing beside her—patted her on the shoulder. “Are you alright? Can you still hold on?” Michael asked.

Sophia looked at him before she shook her head indifferently and said, “I’m fine. It’s okay.”

It was only then did Faye notice Michael. Xyla just told her that Sophia had gotten herself a boyfriend who looked exactly like Taylor, but she did not believe it. After Michael had showed up, Faye was astonished as her eyes nearly popped out of its sockets.

They did look incredibly similar!

However, Taylor was already in his thirties this year; the handsome, young man in front of her looked like he was only in his twenties!

How could Sophia, this loose woman, get herself such a gorgeous-looking young man?

She did not deserve him at all!

Only Faye deserved such charming men!

Faye’s face was flushing red as she breathed out the aromatic scent of wine and acted like she could not hold much liquor. She then leaned against Michael’s shoulder right away; she had an aromatic scent on her paired with a flirty gaze as she looked at Michael and said, “Handsome young man, you look so gorgeous. Do you mind giving me your number?” said Faye in a whiny manner.

Michael smiled before he hid behind Sophia’s back, looking as though he was afraid.

How dare you flirt with my Prince Charming?

Sophia immediately stood in front of Faye and blocked her bare gaze. “Don’t even think about it—he’s mine.”

Faye looked confident as she continued to flirt with Michael. She then tidied up her clothing before she left while swaying her body deliberately.

Before she left, Faye had even left them with several words. “Nothing in this world is absolute! It all depends on your capabilities and whether you can hold on to what’s yours!” she preached.

Xyla had already taken Richard away from Sophia; what made her think that Faye was unable to snatch her current boyfriend away?

What was his name again?


What a good name!

He’ll be mine in no time!

Sophia put on a poker face as she watched them gradually vanish in sight.

Would she be able to hold on to Michael?

The answer was absolute; she had never gotten him in the first place, so there was nothing for her to lose.

Xyla stared dead at Sophia after seeing that Faye’s plan had prevailed.

There must be something in that glass of wine!

Sophia would soon have some sort of uncanny behavior after drinking that.

By then, a great show was about to go on!

Meanwhile, the most auspicious time had come and the engagement ceremony had begun.

The couple about to get married were dressed delicately as they showed up in everyone’s sight; the engagement ceremony had begun according to its procedures.

The host of the ceremony was the hottest television host of a variety show. With witty words, the host had driven the atmosphere of the entire event to its peak.

The newly-wed couple walked in hand-in-hand under the affectionate gazes of the crowd. The ring exchange ceremony was about to begin anytime soon.

Richard reached his hand into his chest pocket; at the same time, the media had taken out their cameras to take pictures of the moment. The 18-carat engagement ring that was rumored to have cost the Harpers over tens of millions was about to show up in sight!

Under the crowd’s envious gazes, Richard had taken out the 18-carat diamond ring which was the size of a pigeon egg. The ring was dazzling and glistening, and the luster that was reflected by the diamond seemed to have shone on the faces of everyone present.

Even Xyla herself was staring at the ring in utter disbelief. Little did she expect the Harpers to actually snap up this diamond ring!

At once, her eyes were filled with tears of excitement.

“Let me put on this ring for you, Xyla!”

Richard was being immensely affectionate.

Amidst countless sounds of camera shutters, Richard gently put the pigeon-egg-sized diamond ring on Xyla.

The atmosphere of the engagement ceremony had reached its climax as the host drove the crowd—who were all stunned by the pigeon-egg-sized diamond ring—to give rounds of applause. It was tremendous.

All of a sudden, a roar could be heard coming from the security standing at the door; it was then followed by the sound of a horse neighing. A silhouette of a girl had gotten through several security guards and quickly dashed toward Richard. She then fiercely pushed Xyla away before she anxiously grabbed hold of Richard.

“Richard, you said that you’d be responsible for me! Why didn’t you keep your words?”

The appearance of the girl had instantly caused an uproar throughout the crowd.

Who was this girl? Why was Richard responsible for her?

Camera flashes constantly brightened up the girl’s appearance, and the color had drained from her poor little face. She firmly held onto Richard and yelled, “I already have your child, Richard. You said you’d be responsible for me!”

The moment Richard caught sight of the girl, it seemed like he had been struck by lightning. He then exclaimed in a low voice, “E-Ella…”

He looked at her tummy and realized that it was protruding slightly. Richard’s face immediately turned sullen-looking.

However, Richard could not let everyone know that he had recognized her in front of the Harpers and celebrities of Bayside City. His expression changed before he started shouting at the security guards. “Guards! Guards! Get rid of this peasant!”

The security guards then dragged the girl away, wanting to remove her from the scene. The girl yelled in a hoarse voice that sounded like a pig being slaughtered; it was with great strength and impetus.

Richard immediately helped Xyla up, who had been pushed away moments ago. He then tried to prove his innocence as he said, “I don’t know this woman.”

Xyla doubted what he had said. Nonetheless, it was their engagement ceremony that day, and Xyla could not allow any mistakes to happen. She calmed herself down and chose to stand on Richard’s side as she started scolding the girl, “Where did this peasant come from? Drag her out! How can Richard possibly get to know a woman like you?”

As Xyla said that, she subconsciously stared at Sophia. Sophia was just standing far away from the crowd as she put a satisfied smile on her face. What was more, her gaze was filled with triumph as if her plan had succeeded.

It really was her plan!

This peasant had obviously wanted to get married to the Harpers, but she still pretended to be indifferent.

Was she trying to stop this engagement ceremony with such little tricks?

No way!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 263

More than a dozen security guards had swarmed into the scene, vigorously dragging the girl away as they left. Along with the girl who had come rushing in, there were several men and women dressed up in a rustic way. There was an old woman, a middle-aged woman and a middle-aged man.

The old woman and the middle-aged woman were full of arrogance. “The Young Master of the Harper Family has made my granddaughter pregnant, but he doesn’t want to admit it at all. You’re such a brat—trying to run away from your responsibilities after getting my granddaughter pregnant, huh? No way!”

Richard then yelled in a rage, “I don’t know you at all!”

The old woman sneered coldly. “Oh, you’d yell intimately on bed for pleasure, but now you can’t recognize her at all? My granddaughter’s name is Ella Spencer, and she’s the top scarlet woman at Paradise Club. Since the beginning of this year, you’ve been going to Paradise Club and sleeping with her every weekend. Don’t even try to deny it, for a lot of people have witnessed it!”

Paradise Club!

Richard and Xyla’s faces immediately turned stormy after hearing that term.

It was a well-known business club under the Audistin Group which offered inexplicable services!

A few of the male guests at the scene had already recognized the poor girl. Was she not Ella, the top streetwalker at the Paradise Club?

Did Richard really sleep with her and even got her pregnant?

“Shut up!” Richard became very annoyed, making his entire face flush red. A number of security guards were already dragging the old woman and the other two intruders out from the scene, and the old woman screamed like a pig which was being slaughtered.

“You’ve made my granddaughter pregnant, so you must marry her now! I won’t leave today unless you marry my granddaughter!”

The colors on the faces of the Harpers and the Huffs had turned sullen. With something like this happening, it would not look good whether or not Richard had really slept with that streetwalker. They wanted that family to vanish from the engagement ceremony right away!

At that critical moment, the old woman acted with an imposing manner as she played her master card, which was to take off her pants!

The three of them had taken off their pants as soon as they said it. Within a short while, they were all half-naked and had started rolling on the floor. This scene had even frightened the security guards, who were heavily trained. Even the guests had started running around the place in order to escape.

The old woman who had freed herself immediately stood up on her feet. She then showed an arrogant expression on her face before putting on a smug smile. She then swayed her shriveled hands as she rushed toward Richard like a gust of wind and grabbed him before she hit him.

“Tell me—will you marry my granddaughter?!”

The other woman had swiftly gotten through the crowd as well and dashed forward to beat Richard up. Two shriveled bodies were surrounding Richard as they dragged him around. Richard had never witnessed such a scene in his entire life and had forgotten how to resist. He would retract his hands in fright when he touched their shriveled hands every time he wanted to fight back. At this point, the old woman had grabbed hold of him before she gave Richard two slaps on the face.

“Hey, it’s not that easy for you to get away with it after sleeping with one of the women from the Spencers!”

The old woman was exhilarated; she had previously heard that the Harpers were a wealthy family. Nonetheless, she did not expect them to be this rich. With such a grandeur scene, she would soon have to rely on her great-grandson to enjoy her blessings in life!

Ella saw the opportunity as she rushed forward to hug Richard’s thigh. “Richard, you said you’d marry me and be responsible for me! Your child and I are still waiting for you!”

Xyla wanted to save Richard, but she did not expect a bald-headed old man to dash forward, stopping right in front of her. He then shrugged his old waist before a shriveled ugly thing showed up dangling in between his crotch. Xyla was so terrified that her face had turned pale and instantly retreated.

Whoever came forward to rescue Richard, the old man would sway his shriveled ugly thing at them. Needless to say, he had successfully chased away a crowd of people.

Richard was completely surrounded by the family.

“Richard, you have to be responsible for me and your child!”

“This b*stard, I order you to marry my granddaughter today! Otherwise, we’ll see about that!”

“My daughter has had a miserable life. How did she run into this goddamn man?”

The Harpers and the Huffs were both stunned. The guests were all petrified and dared not utter a word. Silence reigned throughout the entire banquet; only the sound of the media’s camera shutters repeatedly sounded while they captured the scene.

What was happening…

Among the crowd, only Sophia was laughing heartlessly. She had burst into laughter, holding her tummy while smashing onto the table as she stood outside the crowd.


In the silence, everyone had heard a series of laughter. The guests who did not know what expressions to put on moments ago seemed to have been tickled on their funny bone. Suppressed laughter then filled the entire scene.

Richard was going crazy. He stared at Sophia, the one person who was laughing the loudest in the crowd. He gritted his teeth and yelled, “Guards! Guards! Where did they all go?”

The security guards then came back to their senses as if they had woken up from a dream. All of them rushed in to drag the Spencer Family away, but little did they expect the old woman to have another trick up her sleeves. She immediately forced out a pile of dump in public before she rubbed it all over Richard. Whoever came forward would have gotten covered in a load of sh*t!

Although the bunch of security guards were covered in sh*t, they endured the stench while dragging the Spencers away and out from the scene. Ella was also punched and kicked while being dragged out.

After a series of screams coming from Ella, her white skirt was dyed red all of a sudden; even the carpet which Ella was being dragged on was drenched in red blood. The security guards were stunned and had let her go. Richard’s face turned even more sullen when he caught sight of the blood.

“Drag her out!” Richard ordered fiercely.

The security had no choice but to drag Ella out, who just had a miscarriage.

The world had finally quietened down, but the carpets were left with stains of blood and indescribable liquid on it. A stench mixed with the scent of blood wafted among the crowd, allowing all the guests to get a whiff of it. It was supposed to be an engagement party, but the banquet could no longer be carried on after such an ordeal.

Someone had immediately come forward to clean the carpet and freshened the air up, using the shortest time to cover up the stench.

The Harpers and the Huffs were all dumbfounded after what had happened. Only Richard’s father had come back to senses; he then pushed Richard, who was completely frightened up. Richard finally realized that he was stinking and immediately went back to his hotel room to get changed.

Before he left, he subconsciously looked toward Sophia to find her clinking glasses with Michael while smiling happily.

It was her!

It must’ve been her!

Under Richard’s mother’s instruction, the host managed to smooth things over. “What a thrilling moment. Fortunately, the engagement ceremony will not be affected by this. Let’s watch a short movie; don’t go away as there’s a surprise at the end of the film!”

The light in the grand hall had dimmed within an instant before the big screen was turned on. The short movie starred the couple, and it was deliberately produced for today’s engagement ceremony.

Xyla was a performing arts student, and Richard had quite the visuals. Together with the help from a professional team, the results of the film were very impressive.

The short movie told the story of them getting to know each other and falling in love.

The short movie was based on their real-life story, and they had even used their real names; the couple even borrowed one of the classrooms from Riverdale Highschool for the film. They had nailed everything down, including their uniforms and textbooks from back in the day.

The gist of the story was how the male and female protagonist had known each other since they were little. Ever since becoming playmates, the female protagonist secretly had feelings for the man. However, she was about to confess to him when the male protagonist was already in a relationship with a conniving little bitch.

The conniving girl would pretend to be pitiful and acted to be the female protagonist’s best friend in front of the male protagonist. However, she would start to sow discord among the protagonists behind their backs.

As the conniving girl had played them off one against another, the male protagonist started distancing himself from the female protagonist. Nevertheless, the conniving girl remained a conniving girl; she then hooked up with some other boy behind the back of the male protagonist, to which he found out about it in the end.

The love-lost male protagonist was very depressed. Just then, the female protagonist showed up at the right time to care for him and comforted him. The two of them naturally fell in love with each other and got together…

As Sophia finished watching the short movie from under the stage, she let out a smug smile.

The choice selection for the cast of the conniving girl was perfectly chosen. The talent looked just like Sophia, and her name in the film was blatantly called ‘Soph’.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 264

The ten minutes while the short film was being played was the right time for the host families to regain their reputation. The hotel cleaners also had more time to clean up the mess.

In the hotel room, Richard could still smell his entire body stinking although he had changed. In front of the Harpers and the Huffs, he knelt down to Xyla. “My dear, you must believe me; I really have nothing to do with that woman named Ella.”

Xyla was weeping in tears and did not believe him. The faces of the Huffs seemed sullen as well. Xyla’s uncle, Joe, stepped up to resolve the matter. “You say you have nothing to do with that girl named Ella, but what about the child?” Joe looked incredibly stern.

Richard was terrified of Joe as he said, “I’ve been to the Paradise Club, but it was only for business purposes. I promise that I’d never do anything to hurt Xyla; if you don’t believe me, I can swear to God. If I’ve ever touched any other women, I will be struck by lightning!”

“Xyla, just believe me once, alright? Can’t you see? All of these had been planned, and their purpose is to undermine the relationship between us! Their intention is to mess up our engagement ceremony!”

Xyla was shedding tears of sadness, but her mind was immediately filled with hatred.

Good job, Sophia. I did not expect you to pull off such a jerk-move!

Do you want to spoil this engagement ceremony?

Don’t even think about it!

Xyla choked twice before she helped Richard onto his feet and said, “I believe you, Richard. There are people who don’t want us to be together, and we must not let their plan prevail!”

Richard was so moved that he hugged Xyla tightly. He knew that Xyla would always stay so kind!

Damn you, Ella. Who the hell let her in here?!

It must’ve been Sophia!

That wh*re really wanted to get rid of him after not being able to with him!

The two of them had compromised with each other. As for the two families, they were too embarrassed to turn their faces against one another as well. Joe had come out to redress the situation as well. “It’s alright, it’s all over now. Don’t ruin today’s mood just because of this. Today is your big day!”

Who knew that right after those words had come from Joe, there was another uproar at the engagement banquet? A mixture of indescribable moaning sounds could be heard.

The sound seemed to be coming from the stereo!

Didn’t they just play the short movie moments ago?

The two families immediately dashed out to the scene and they were once again dumbfounded.

On the stage of the engagement banquet, the high-definition big screen that was used to play the short film just now was currently playing a series of age restricted videos which were indescribable. It seemed just like pornography shots in a hotel room, and the clips were constantly switching; it had gotten more exciting from frame to frame. There were popular celebrities in the film and also the top streetwalkers from clubs included in the short clips—even Ella from just now had shown up. The man in the video clips was none other than Richard.

The audio was tremendously loud, filling the entire engagement banquet with their moaning sounds.

Richard stood still right at the spot; it was as if he had really been struck by lightning when he saw the indescribable scene being played on the screen. He seemed like he had been electrocuted as he momentarily lost contact with his brains. All he heard in his ears were buzzing sounds.

What was that?

When did they secretly film this?!

How could it be?!

He had obviously done a perfect job without leaving any videos as evidence. How did the videos show up here?

Who was the one secretly filming them? Who was the one who had played it on the screen?

There was an uproar among the guests as they remained stunned once again.

What was all these…

Who had the Harpers offended?

This was such a ruthless way of dealing with it!

Playing these sort of videos on someone else’s engagement ceremony, if it was not video clips of fornicating other’s wives or daughters, it would be clips of killing an entire family!

When Xyla saw the face of the man in the tapes, her whole world had collapsed before her—she had even narrowly passed out. Fortunately, Xyla’s mother was there to help her up.

“Shut it off, security!” Richard’s father roared as the veins on his old face started to fill with blood.

They had purposely chosen this hotel because they had high requirements for the hotel’s facilities when it came to playing the short film. The facilities of the hotel were absolutely professional, and they even had a special control room. When the security guards rushed to the control room, they realized that the control room had been locked from the inside.

There were no windows in the control room. Even if one wanted to barge in through the main entrance, it would take half a day.

“Cut the power source! Cut the power source!” Richard’s father yelled.

Richard himself was completely dumbfounded. His father’s roar, Xyla’s crying and the guests’ exclamations had filled his ears. His mind blanked out, making him lose the ability to think.

The security dashed to the circuit control room, cutting off the electricity supply for the entire hotel. Much to their horror, the control room was powered independently and the inappropriate video continued to play on.

They could only carry on banging onto the door. When the door was finally opened and the video finally ended, all the good stuff of the short movie had been played. The person in charge of playing the film had been knocked out.

Soon after, the power supply in the grand hall was restored. The grand hall had turned bright again. The host of the event then bit the bullet as he showed up. “There was a problem with the equipment just now. Everyone, please remain calm. Our newly-wedded couples will soon come out to propose a toast to everyone.”

That was the end of the farce. The hall was currently filled with whispers. Although everyone had evaded the host initially, they had added him into their discussions after seeing the others discussing them.

Looking at the host families who were walking in and out as they hustled, everyone’s gaze inevitably carried a subtle touch.

Stanley and Sean who were in the crowd, were dumbfounded. It was their first time experiencing such a sinister scenario.

“Oh God, how ruthless!”

Stanley murmured in a low voice. It was the first time he had seen something so exciting; he had nearly lost it.

He knew that there would be a good show when he was with his uncle. Nonetheless, he did not expect it to be this exciting!

They should have considered that there might be children watching!

At this moment, Sophia and Michael were sitting on a sofa in the corner. They had witnessed the whole process and had snuggled up to watch pornography that lasted for a few minutes.

Sophi admitted that the first part of the show had been directed by her.

She had sent someone to follow Richard and got to know the existence of Ella. Ella was only 19 years old this year, but she had been doing sex trades ever since she was 14 years old. She was a really experienced prostitute.

Richard had run into such an experienced prostitute the first time he had entered the nightclub; he had gone all in for his first time doing a sex trade. Ella was aware of his background and had deliberately become pregnant with his child.

She did not even dare to think about marrying the Harpers. She knew that the Harpers were a wealthy family and wanted to blackmail them so that she could become Richard’s long-term mistress, never having to worry about her own life if she was able to give birth to his son.

Nonetheless, someone had paid her to cause trouble today.

Someone had purposely notified Ella’s family as well. A “kindhearted” person had told them that Ella had gotten pregnant with a tycoon’s child, but the tycoon did not want to be responsible for it. The person had even told Ella’s family that the tycoon was about to marry somebody else.

The entire Spencer Family was originally full of a bunch of scoundrels; their daughter had been sent to a nightclub to do sex trades when she was only 14. They were all shameless people; once they knew there was a chance for them to blackmail for money, they were already on it.

That was how the first part of the show had played out.

Nonetheless, she was not the person behind the second part of the show.

The second part of the show was obviously more laborious. It was not easy to get those video materials!

Michael hugged his slender wife in his arms and felt that his wife was interesting the more he looked at her.

She looked lovely but was callous and cruel; she was a person full of tricks. Moreover, she had an extraordinarily profound insight compared to other women.

She clearly understood that the person who had caused her tragic past was neither Kayla nor Xyla—it was actually Richard!

If he had been slightly tougher, would Kayla have bullied her?

If his mind had been more firmer, would he have even let Xyla take the opportunity?

Sophia admired Michael as well. She was still worried that what she had done was overly reckless and would affect her position in his heart; little did she expect him to be more ruthless than she was.

He was a complete psychopath!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 265

The lights came back on and the show just ended; everyone went back to where they were earlier. Sophia also walked out from Michael’s arms and returned to where she was moments before as the banquet continued. The engagement ceremony was only halfway through, yet all the guests were waiting to see how the Harpers would carry on this engagement ceremony.

At this moment, Xyla was at the verge of collapsing. The man who kneeled down and swore to her just now, had actually slept with so many other women…

Meanwhile, Richard kneeled before Xyla once again and kept on explaining, “You have to trust me, Xyla—all of these are just part of their plan! That man in those video clips isn’t me! Someone wants to frame me; I’ve always been by your side recently, don’t you know that?

Those videos are fake. They are all fake, Xyla! Don’t be fooled—I’d never do anything to hurt you! Technology is very advanced nowadays, and everything can be fake. You have to believe me! Kayla has already been put into prison by her. What should I do if you leave me? Xyla…”

Everything had come to this point and their engagement was no longer just a matter between them both. In fact, it was a matter between the two families. If they had chosen not to carry on with the ceremony, the reputation of both families would be ruined. Xyla had no choice in whether to trust him or not. She had to believe in Richard—the engagement ceremony must go on! She smiled as she wiped off the tears from her eyes, and looked at Richard like a pure and innocent child. “I believe you, Richard! There are people who want to stop us from being together! We must not let their plan prevail!”

“Xyla…” Richard was full of fluke. He swore that he would never hook up with any of those women again and never do anything to disappoint Xyla in the future, for she was someone who had trusted him. His little angel trusted him so much. What a lucky man he was! A man’s promise, however…

The engagement banquet then continued right when everyone had thought that the Harpers and the Huffs had been torn apart. Unexpectedly, it was only a while before the two main characters of today’s engagement ceremony showed up while being well-dressed.

Richard even took over the microphone outrageously to explain the situation onstage. “Something has just happened that’s made me very angry! It has been ascertained that it was the Harpers’ rival who had planned this incident. They had planned the disturbance caused by the ruffians and the video incident moments ago; the ruffians were actors recruited by them and the videos were also faked. I, Richard Harper, have never done anything to hurt my fiancée—everyone can certainly be a witness to that.”

Many female celebrities of Glory Entertainment had shown ridicule on their faces. Some of male guests, who were Richard’s business partners, were full of subtle appearances as well.

At this moment, Xyla took over the microphone and maintained a polite smile as she said, “I believe in my fiancé, and this is the man who will stay by my side for the rest of my life—I’ve always trusted him 100%. All the incidents that happened earlier were directed against both our families. Both our families will thoroughly investigate this matter!”

“Come on, let’s raise our glasses!”

The host families raised their glasses while being accompanied by the guests at the scene. The atmosphere had finally been smoothed over.

Soon enough, the performances had begun. Brilliant artists took the stage and the atmosphere began to gradually rise to its peak along with the singing and dancing. The newly-wedded couple proceeded to raise a toast to their guests by going around each table. Soon, they arrived at Sophia’s table, whereupon Xyla and Richard held their wine glasses toward her.

Xyla was a performing arts student. Therefore, she had hid her emotions well and made herself appear normal. On the other hand, Richard had a hideous and stiffened smile; the muscles on his face even started twitching slightly, showing his inner fury.

Smiling elegantly, Xyla said, “A lot has happened throughout my engagement ceremony with Richard. Nonetheless, these are just small matters; the more some people don’t want to see us together, the more I want to be with him.”

Sophia pretended like she did not know Xyla was referring to her. “You’re right. It isn’t easy for the both of you to be together,” she said.

Xyla and Richard both toasted Sophia a glass of wine. Xyla had deliberately revealed her pigeon-egg-sized diamond ring; the bright lights in the venue reflected on it and shone into Sophia’s eyes. Xyla sneered inwardly but smiled calmly in front of her. “This is for you, Sophia.

Thank you for accompanying Richard through his hardest days. With your immense help those days, Richard was able to enter Bayside University successfully.” What she had actually meant was, ‘Thank you for your effort in helping him get admitted to Bayside University before getting dumped by him willingly!’ She knew that Sophia must be mad with jealousy at this moment!

Sophia then raised her glass with a calm expression on her face. She did not look at the pigeon-egg-sized diamond ring and maintained the polite smile on her face. “Happy taking over!” said Sophia.

The edges of Xyla’s lips twitched slightly, but she soon recovered composure. Richard’s face was sullen, but it seemed like he was ashamed as well. If Sophia was really involved in these incidents, she might have more tricks up her sleeves…

The three of them—who each had their own hidden intentions—drunk their glasses of wine. After putting down the wine glass, Xyla calmly held her own hand. She then said to Richard in a whiny manner, “Richard, this ring is too hefty.”

Richard’s face twisted malevolently as he forced out a hideous look. “This is the most unique ring in the world; it fits just right on you since you’re the most unique person as well.”

Xyla put on a shy face and said, “Ugh, you’re such a cheeseball, Richard!” As she whined, she kept waving the ring she had in her hand. Nonetheless, no matter how she swayed it, the ring would still be perfectly presented in front of everyone’s sight. Female guests from near and far could not cover up their looks filled with envy and hatred; it couldn’t be disguised!

On the other hand, Richard felt extremely proud, for this engagement ring symbolized the reputation of the Harpers! As for Xyla, she naturally felt even prouder. The Harpers had spent a lavish fortune to purchase this ring; it was enough to show that they valued this marriage.

Meanwhile, some peasants who had tried to mess everything up could only stare as everything had taken its place… She wanted to see how long Sophia could persist! She’s obviously extremely sorrowful and envious. However, she has no choice but to show a look of indifference. It must be suffocating for her! Xyla thought to herself.

Unexpectedly, Sophia parted her lips slightly and commented, “Not bad. This ring does scream ‘mistress’; I think it suits you well!”

Xyla’s entire body trembled for a bit, and bursts of sparks were shooting out from her eyes. No, she’s just putting on an act! The wedding ring on Xyla’s hand had become her greatest motivation and support.

She vigorously showed her ring off and said, “This ring was designed and custom-made by a well-known designer. It’ll suit any outfit and it’s worth over fifty million!”

A white, glistening light sparkled before everyone’s eyes. All of a sudden, an even more dazzling red light blinded the crowd, instantly overshadowing the faint white light. It turned out that Sophia had reached out her hand to draw her hair together; the glistening light just so happened to come from her finger.

No one noticed when she had put on the diamond ring in her hand. The blood-red supreme gemstone exuded a mysterious luster. It was the same color as her lipstick, and the two looked dazzling as they complemented each other. Compared to the supreme diamond ring, Xyla’s engagement ring was suddenly inferior to it.

Meanwhile, someone else had recognized the ring and exclaimed, “It’s the representative piece of the collection from Ido, ‘the Eternal Love’!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 266

“Oh, my. Wasn’t that ring already bought by Taylor?”

“Taylor rented it to Bayside City Museum. I went there to look at it two days ago!”

“Why is it here?”

The crowd was only enviously looking at Xyla’s ring earlier, but now, they were completely obsessed! The mysterious crimson jewel resembled a bleeding rose. It was way too enticing! Rumors had it that it was worth 7 billion!

Xyla and Richard’s expression changed upon hearing this.

Sophia tidied her hair, as if she had just heard the crowd’s discussion, and said, “Yes. This is Taylor’s ring. I specially borrowed it from him.”

There were two rings—one resembled a pure lily, while the other resembled a noble, cold, yet stunning rose. The ‘Eternal Heart’ radiated a queen-like vibe, looking just like a queen in an alluring red dress, thoroughly showing off her beauty. In comparison with that, Xyla’s pigeon-egg-shaped diamond ring looked insignificant.

Shocked by the turn of events, Xyla retracted her arms stiffly and continued to force a smile as she uttered to Richard, “Richard, there are still plenty of tables. Let’s go to another table.” The two of them then left with their tails between their legs.

Sophia watched on as they left and sneered. She then turned around just to see that Michael was peering her enthusiastically, and it made her blush. She stuck out her tongue, and an adorable expression was back on her face.

In fact, Michael stayed quiet just now because he was giving her a chance for a solo performance. It was extremely exciting, which made him nearly applaud for her! Sophia had an air of a queen just now!

After toasting, the performance on stage was incredibly exciting, while Sophia and Michael were playing around with each other.

Meanwhile, Faye’s eyes were burning from afar; her gaze was focused on the ring on Sophia’s finger. The ‘Eternal Heart’’! That b*tch doesn’t deserve that ring! I have to find a way to get hold of it!

Joe was also looking at the girl not far away from him. The more he looked at her, the more familiar he found her to be. I think I might have seen her somewhere…

Halfway through the banquet, Faye kept staring at Sophia, who kept her composure without any strange behavior! What’s going on? Is the wine earlier not taking any effect? I have a grand show waiting for her to become the main character!

After having some wine, Sophia got up to go to the washroom. However, to her surprise, when she got out from the washroom, there was nobody around other than Richard, who was coldly staring at her. Immediately, he dashed up to her. “Sophia, what’s the purpose for doing this? It’s impossible for us to be together! Don’t dream of becoming Mrs. Harper. To me, you are no match to Xyla at all! You are a b*tch! I feel disgusted at the sight of you!”

Sophia coldly peered at him before smiling. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Richard gripped on her shoulder, furious. “How dare you say that you don’t know about this? The thing with Ella and also the messed-up videos earlier. Aren’t all those your doings?”

Sophia frowned and slapped his hand away. “Mr. Harper, I’m afraid that you have been mistaken. If I had the ability to come up with such a magnificent plan, I wouldn’t have been driven to a corner by the Harper Family back then.”

Hearing that, Richard was momentarily stunned. He stared at her face, and his gaze seemed to burn a hole in her. She had dressed up today, looking stunning. Though it was merely an ordinary outfit, she still looked outstanding in it. After a while, he put on a deranged smile. “Your reason for doing all this is to have sex with me, isn’t it? I’ll fulfill your wish now!” He then pounced onto her, but he was unexpectedly greeted by her slap.

Slap! Half of his face instantly went numb.

Cocking her head to one side, she looked at him. “Please. If everyone finds out that you, the Young Master of the Harper Family, raped a female guest in the washroom, I wonder what kind of an expression your fiancée would have.”

Half of Richard’s face had become swollen. He glared at her with his crimson eyes, and after a while, he viciously snarled, “I won’t let you get away with it!” With that, he dashed out in fury.

Sophia then touched up her lipsticks and returned to the engagement banquet. When she got back to her seat, Michael was gone. It was said that he was called away by Richard. Why did Richard call him away? All in all, nothing bad is going to happen to him. If something were to happen, it would only be Richard who would get into trouble. After all, Tay Tay is as strong and powerful as a giant!

Sophia sat on her spot and played with her phone. Faye stared at her for some time, but she failed to notice any strange reaction from her. How could this be possible? Could it be that the drug is ineffective? It’s impossible. The drug was given to me by Xyla. How could it go wrong? But why is she not having any reaction?

Under Faye’s instruction, a girl walked toward Sophia. “Sophia, you seemed to not be feeling well. Do you need me to help you to go to the room to take a rest?” the girl tentatively asked.

Sophia, who had rosy cheeks, raised her head and looked at the girl who had malicious intention. She seemed to be a student from Bayside University. Sophia smiled. “How can you tell that I’m not feeling well?”

The girl’s face paled. Her eyes darted around before she spoke, “Oh, looks like I’m mistaken. I’m having a slight headache.” She then gently patted on her face, which looked exhausted. “Sophia, can you accompany me to sit for a while in the room? I’m feeling a little dizzy. Maybe I’ve had too much wine.”

Sophia raised her eyes from her phone and scoffed, “Who are you?”

The girl was rendered speechless, but she forced herself to reply, “I’m your course mate from the other class. Have you forgotten about me? There are plenty of students from our faculty here, and they are having fun in the room. You should join them too.”

However, Sophia lowered her head and continued playing her phone, pretending to not hear her. As such, the girl stood there awkwardly, glancing at Faye, then back at Sophia. Just when she was about to leave, Sophia suddenly raised her head and smiled. “Where’s that? I shall go and take a look.”

The girl was surprised and answered, “In the hotel room. Let’s go. I’ll lead you there.” She then led Sophia toward a room on the second floor.

Upon seeing that her plan had succeeded, Faye followed behind them in delight.

“It’s just right there. The incident that happened earlier gave a lot of students a fright, so they are resting in the room now!” The girl led Sophia to the guest room.

When they arrived at the room, the girl opened the door to the room. However, she didn’t enter the room; she forcefully pushed Sophia into the room instead. “Here it is. Everyone’s waiting for you inside!” The girl sounded excited.

Sophia remained silent, as if she didn’t realize anything strange, and she walked into the room. The girl reached out her hand to Sophia’s back in exhilaration, preparing to give her a hard push before quickly closing and locking the door.

Nevertheless, to her surprise, Sophia, who already had one foot inside the room, rapidly turned around. With a calm yet accurate and strong movement, she snatched the hotel room card from the girl’s hand and kicked her into the room. She then threw something into the room. When the thing landed on the floor, it exploded and exuded a scent that would make one’s heart race, rapidly arousing the natural instinct and desire of humans. It was a strong aphrodisiac, also known as the gas-type philtre!

Before the scent spread, Sophia instantly closed the door and locked it.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 267

The sound of someone intensely pounding on the door was heard. “Open the door. Let me out! Let me out!”

Sophia glanced at the door before coldly turning around and left.

If I’m not mistaken, there are a few muscular gigolos personally chosen by Faye for me in the room.

The girl’s phone was dropped on the floor. Sophia kicked the phone away; it fell down the stairs and broke. After that, she flashed an ‘okay’ gesture in the air.

A buzzing sound of a mosquito was then heard in front. However, it wasn’t an ordinary mosquito; it was Gemma’s mini spy camera robot.

Advanced technology is the best. With it, I can clearly see all their dirty tricks. I’ve ordered someone to swap the wine earlier.

She then left through the back door, feeling content.

In the hall, Xyla was drinking with Faye and a few girls from the nobility. Just now, they saw Sophia following the girl to the hotel room.

If everything went well, the show on the other side should have begun, and the girl should be guarding the door now, waiting for them to come and watch the show.

At the same time, in one of the hotel rooms, Richard, who was wearing a surly expression, placed a contract before Michael.

Michael immediately enthusiastically reached out to pick out the document. However, before he managed to do so, Richard suddenly slammed his hand on the document. When Richard saw the greed on ‘Tyler’s’ face, he let out a vicious snigger. “This is a contract between you and Glory Entertainment. If you sign this, you will become an artist working under Glory Entertainment. Glory Entertainment has one of the best resources in the industry, so it’s just a matter of time before we make you the second Taylor Murray.”

Michael faked a surprised expression that revealed his greed. “Thank you, President Harper!”

“But I have my conditions!” Richard let out a sinister laugh.

Michael seemed adamant. “President Harper, please tell me whatever conditions you have!”

Upon seeing the greed in ‘Tyler’s’ eyes, Richard sneered. As expected, the moment he heard that he can become a celebrity, he’s willing to give up on anything.

Richard knocked on the table while briefly explaining, “You don’t need to doubt Glory Entertainment’s ability in creating a celebrity. There are only people that we refuse to make famous, but no people we can’t make famous. As long as I have the intention, I can make sure that you will be able to surpass Taylor and become the third actor in Cethos to win the Oscars Best Actor Award.”

Hearing that, Michael’s eyes brightened up, and he nodded. “I have never doubted the ability of Glory Entertainment. President Harper, if you agree to take me in, I’ll give it my all to become a celebrity and become the third winner of the Oscars Best Actor Award in Cethos as soon as possible.”

“But…” Richard paused with a long ending tone, and on his spiteful face was a smile with a hint of superiority. “We have over hundreds of celebrities under Glory Entertainment, and we can make anyone famous, so why should we choose you?”

Michael frowned. After a while, he had a sudden realization. “President Harper, I understand!” He then flushed red, revealing a trace of shyness. “To be honest… President Harper, I am bisexual… I like handsome, talented young men like you the most, President Harper.”

Richard understood what he meant in a second and felt disgusted. “I like women!” He had always been clear about his own sex preference.

Michael had a shy expression. “I can act as a woman. After the lights are switched off, you won’t be able to see, anyway…”

Richard hit the table hard and stopped beating around the bush with this athletic but simple-minded national martial arts champion. “I’m being frank with you now. I want your girlfriend, Sophia Edwards. If you want to become a celebrity, just send your girlfriend to my bed!”

Michael seemed troubled, but Richard refused to give him more time to consider and knocked on the contract. “I’m giving you one minute to think about it. Sign this after you have made up your mind!”

Time went by, and Michael stared unblinkingly at the agreement. His expression revealed his struggle, pain, hesitation, and confusion. He seemed to have made up his mind, but the next instant, he regretted it, and a new round of hesitation and confusion began.

Within a short amount of time, dozens of expressions flashed across his face. Even Richard could see his struggle; he could tell that ‘Tyler’ was hesitating. Sophia’s insignificant compared to his future. Sophia, my dear Sophia, you have thought of all possible outcomes, but I bet that you’ve never thought that you would appear on my bed in such a mortifying manner!

A long, long time seemed to have passed, but in fact, only 30 seconds had gone by.

Not even a minute had passed when a person suddenly barged into the room. He whispered in Richard’s ear and made the latter’s expression tremendously change.

“For real?” After saying that, he hastily rushed out. After he had left, Michael got up and left as well. While he was leaving, he made a call. “Are you ready on your end? Okay. Good. I’ll be right there.”

Richard hastily arrived at the hall of the engagement banquet just to find that most of the guests and reporters had left, and the remaining guests were leaving as well.

“Mr. Harper, I have something I need to deal with. I shall take my leave first.”

“President Huff, I have something to do in my company. I need to leave now. Let me treat you to a meal on some other day.”

Xyla and Faye were celebrating their victory when they unexpectedly saw that the guests were leaving one after another. Upon seeing Richard, Xyla immediately walked up to him. “Richard, what’s going on?”

Richard was clueless as well. The two families looked at each other in puzzlement and quickly ordered someone to find out what was going on.

The engagement banquet hadn’t ended, but most of the guests had left—this was such an embarrassing scene!

Xyla’s expression was dark throughout the banquet. Who’s the person who keeps ruining my engagement banquet? Is it Sophia? No. She has been pushed to her doom by me, so it’s impossible for her to stir up any trouble anymore.

Soon, Joe got the news. “Ethan Winston, the Best Actor, is holding a charity auction banquet at the neighboring hotel! All the gains from the auction will be donated to Hope Educational Charity! It’s said that many politicians and wealthy people are attending the event! You can enter as long as you donate some money to the programs under the Hope Educational Charity, so many people went over there.”

When the Harper and Huff Family heard the news, they looked at each other blankly.

Ethan Winston is holding a charity auction dinner? Why aren’t we aware of this? Ethan is usually low-profile, just like Taylor Murray, and he seldom attends any public events. Why did he suddenly organize a charity auction banquet? And on top of that, why did he choose to hold it today? At the neighboring hotel, no less? Could it be that he did it on purpose? No. It would be impossible for someone as high-status as Ethan to do something like this! Ethan has no reason to do this to us too. Only those who hold a deep grudge against us would do something like this—organizing an auction in the hotel next to our engagement banquet and attract all our guests there! Could it be that this is just a coincidence?

Though it was Richard and Xyla’s engagement banquet, not only more than half of all their guests had left, the remaining guests were even discussing the charity auction banquet next door. Those who stayed behind were the business partners or relatives of the Harper and Huff Families. They couldn’t leave, so they had no choice but to remain seated.

“What? Taylor Murray’s coming? And also a few internationally-renowned directors? And there are 5 or 6 Oscar-winning actors and actresses?”

Therefore, most of Glory Entertainment’s celebrities and business partners from the entertainment industry secretly left.

“The Fletchers, Winstons, Edwards, and Mitchells are all going? And also a few princes from foreign countries?”

With that, most of Xyla’s best friends left. Even Faye couldn’t resist the urge and sneaked out.

When Joe heard that the Edwards Family were coming, he instantly took his leave.

The most important thing now is to build a strong connection with the Edwards Family!

Regardless of the industry—finance, fashion, or entertainment—the event next door was obviously more high-class than the engagement banquet over here. In a short time, more than half of the guests had left the initially lively and merry engagement banquet, and the few people who remained seated at the few tables were considering leaving as well.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 268

Mr. Huff and Mr. Harper looked at each other blankly. Finally, the latter said, “Dear in-laws, it looks like we’ve chosen a wrong date, so let’s not force it. We can go next door to take a look.”

Mr. Huff nodded. The two of them put down their glasses, changed their clothes, and went next door.

Upon seeing the engagement banquet that was instantaneously deserted, Richard let out a resigned sign before packing his stuff and preparing to go next door.

Richard and the parents of the two families went next door. When the guests saw that the host had left, the remaining guests all left as well. Everyone who could leave had all left, and the initially merry engagement banquet was left with only a few hotel janitors to clean up the mess.

Xyla initially thought that she was living her dream. In her dream, she was experiencing the most important day of her life; she was envied by all as she held the arm of the man she loved, wearing a 18-carat diamond ring on her finger, and made a lifetime vow under everyone’s blessings and envy.

However, now that she was awakened from her dreams, the cold and harsh reality gave her a slap on her face.

No! She stood up at once, a glimmer of light still remaining in her eyes. The Sophia, whom I resent the most, has gotten what she deserves! Haha!

She went upstairs to the room on the second floor. Upon reaching the front of the room, she could vaguely hear the moaning of a man and woman. A twisted sense of pleasure overfilled her eyes.

Sophia, you are now no match to me!

She had Faye drug Sophia’s wine. After Sophia drank the wine, she would feel uncomfortable. She then had Richard call Tyler away and had another two girls to lead Sophia to the hotel room, where she would be greeted by a few gigolos, whom she had personally chosen for her.

She initially planned to get everyone to watch the show, but the guests had all left unexpectedly. However, this wouldn’t affect her plan at all because the video of the show would be emailed to her later.

And tomorrow, the video of Sophia having sex with a few men would be circulated throughout the Internet!

Sophia had been pushed to her doom!

Currently, Sophia was leaving the hall of the hotel, waiting for Michael to pick her up. After a while, she saw Michael’s SUV driving toward her.

Michael’s SUV was comparable to an RV. Though it was small, it had all the facilities required. It was equipped with a bed, a toilet, even a shower, and also a movable closet and a dressing table.

The SUV, along with two other cars, stopped in front of her. Hale, Gemma, and a bunch of people she didn’t know got out of the car.

Michael suddenly walked out from the hotel behind her. While he was walking, he threw away the wig he had been wearing earlier, revealing his induction cut.

He walked up behind Sophia, pressed on her shoulder, and pushed her toward the SUV. “I have no time to explain. Get in the car.”

Sophia was pushed into the car, baffled. A few people followed behind them into the car, and Hale gave her a gown.

“You guys have only one task today, which is to give all you have to make my woman beautiful. She must become the most stunning person in the entire hall! If she is not beautiful, you’ll have to redo and keep trying.”

The charity auction banquet next door hadn’t begun, but the guests had started entering the hall. The charity banquet today was held by Ethan, and this was also his first time organizing such a grand banquet.

The aim of tonight’s banquet was to raise funds for the left-behind children from poverty-stricken mountainous areas and out-of-school children. Ethan was going to auction off some of his personal items.

Only those truly from the nobility would receive the invitation card of the banquet.

But interestingly, all the guests who had attended the Harper Family’s engagement banquet next door could enter the hall using the engagement’s invitation card and a donation of a few ten thousand.

Therefore, Ethan received all the guests from the Harper Family engagement banquet next door.

Even the star of the engagement banquet—Richard and Xyla—abandoned their engagement banquet and came over.

They managed to enter the venue by donating 300,000 as a married couple.

Richard’s expression was dark, filled with solemn and anger, as if he was here to seek trouble. What else can I do? Go back to continue my engagement banquet without any guests? Or go in to question Ethan the reason he ruined my engagement banquet?

Before he actually entered the hall, he knew that he didn’t have the right to question Ethan—there were plenty of distinguished guests, whom he didn’t manage to invite, here at this charity banquet.

After they entered the charity banquet, as they expected, the place was incredibly lively, and most of Harper Family’s guests were here.

This was the place that truly portrayed the disparities and ranks of the upper-society class.

Ethan, who was decently dressed, stood among the crowd while speaking to someone from the elite society with a glass in his hand. His daring golden hair was shining brightly. As the star of the day, all the guests were here for him, and he was undoubtedly the most dazzling person in the hall.

With Ethan in the center, he was surrounded by the nobilities, such as the members of the Four Great Families, politicians, foreign royal families, and many more. This was the top-grade social circle.

The second-grade social circle was formed by the bunch of guests that came from the Harper Family’s banquet.

In their eyes, the top-grade social circle was an existence they could only look up to. Knowing their own places, they dared not approach them, for doing so would only embarrass themselves.

More and more distinguished guests stepped on the red carpet and entered through the door.

Those that attended the banquet were truly from the upper-class society, which was obviously a few grades higher than the Harper Family’s banquet. The group of reporters kept pressing on the shutter as they seldom had the chance to meet so many big shots at one time. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them.

“The winner of the Oscars Best Actor Award, Rocco, is here!”

“Beth, the winner of the Oscars Best Director Award with a box office of more than ten billion, is here!”

Distinguished guests arrived one after another. The celebrities of Glory Entertainment, who were not known by anyone outside of their country, revealed an expression that was filled with envy and jealousy. Those were some top-notch resources unattainable by both them and Glory Entertainment!

The group of celebrities under Glory Entertainment eagerly attempted to greet them, but they were completely ignored. Instead, the guests walked toward Ethan directly.

“Prince of Moscov is here?”

“The son of the wealthiest man in the world is here!”

“The President of Xoskha has arrived!”

Looking at the dazzling figures appearing one after another, Harper was dumbfounded.

He’s really able to invite all the powerful and influential people from the whole world! Poverty has restricted my imagination.

He had never thought that those high-ranking presidents and princes would actually attend this kind of banquet. Ethan’s connections were really unbelievably strong!

Suddenly, a commotion occurred within the crowd. “Irene Weber is here! Irene Weber is here!”

An incomparably-gorgeous woman appeared on the red carpet, wearing a sky-blue haute couture gown, and she stirred up a commotion among the reporters.

Richard was again staggered. Even Irene Weber, a top-notch celebrity who was eligible to attend the state banquet, was invited to the event.

Ethan Winston’s influence had actually reached such an astonishing stage!

After Irene Weber had arrived, Joel Fletcher arrived as well. He was here on business today—donating in the name of the military force. Therefore, he wore military wear, which made him stand out among the crowd.

Besides, as there were many politicians from other countries attending the banquet tonight, he was also in charge of the security of the place.

However, due to the reason that his relationship with Irene hadn’t been announced, they didn’t come together.

Joe and Faye relied on their relationship with the Edwards Family and managed to join the top-grade social circle, while Xyla and Richard relied on their relationship with Joe and managed to squeeze themselves into the top-grade social circle as well. Although they were ignored by most people here, it was already a great success to them by just being able to be part of the social circle.

Richard attempted to get closer to the few internationally-renowned directors to promote the celebrities of his company, but he was ignored. However, he refused to give up on this chance. He kept using his unskilled foreign language skills to chat with the directors awkwardly. He even attempted to use a generous amount of money to persuade the directors to accept the celebrities under his company into their crew.

Nevertheless, it was out of his expectations that the directors rejected him bluntly!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 269

The directors didn’t lack investment at all. They were the guarantee of box office, so the investors of their movies would be confirmed to make a profit. Their only requirement of the actors was their acting skills. Therefore, upon hearing that the actors recommended by Richard were a bunch of unpopular actors with box office of less than 500 million, they waved their hands to decline his offer.

Before the charity banquet officially began, all parties had started with their ‘performances’.

Stanley and Sean, who were sitting at a corner, had some food and beverages while taking care of Nathan. They even called Joel over to them.

Stanley gleefully shared the incident that happened next door earlier. “Uncle Joel, you didn’t watch the ‘show’ next door just now. But oh, my! It was exciting! Hahaha! You’ve missed an interesting show!”

Joel kept quiet with an impassive expression.

Nathan, who was in exquisite suit, sat in a corner with an indifferent expression as well.

Just now, his perception about life and value had been turned upside down. He was still a child, so he needed more time to digest it.

Suddenly, there was another commotion among the reporters.

“Taylor Murray is here!”

Taylor would definitely appear at wherever Ethan made an appearance. Taylor was usually low-profile, but he kept making the headlines recently due to all sorts of scandals, such as being out on the streets, molesting new actors, and bullying his juniors. These news were eye-catching, causing his image as an idol to almost collapse. However, his company and him were like corpses, totally unfazed by the incidents.

It was a rare occasion for him to appear here today, and the people involved in the few scandals were all here today as well. If I get to interview the star of the hot news directly…

The bunch of reporters eagerly waited for their chance to get the major news.

Under everyone’s attention, Michael finally appeared.

He was in his usual white shirt and black suit, looking immaculate. The black-and-white monotone formed his whole world, accentuating his cold temperament and good-looking features. The buzz cut, which the public had never seen on him, brought his dashing looks to another level. He appeared in front of the media and public with this demeanor and looks that were unprecedented to him.

Daniel Levine appeared together with him.

The appearance of Taylor stirred an uproar!

Everyone was watching the news recently because Taylor’s scandals had reached a point where he became the center of the public’s attention. His daily updates were comparable to those cliché dramas.

Wasn’t he out on the street without any jobs or movies to film? Wasn’t he driven out of the industry because he raped the daughter of an official? Didn’t he offend half of the entertainment industry? How about his beer belly? And the wrinkles and age spots? But this person before everyone is so dazzling that he is blinding, looking totally incomparable with the shabby person the gossips said he was!

The two people walked on the red carpet. They hurried into the hall without pausing. Countless cameras and mics were shoved toward them but were stopped at both sides by the security guards and bodyguards.

“Mr. Taylor Murray, what are your thoughts about the incident where you bullied a junior, Gracie?”

“Taylor, what are your thoughts about Bethany being harassed?”

“Mr. Taylor Murray, what are your opinions about the recent rumors about you? Mr. Murray, Mr. Murray…”

He was like a wind that brushed past the reporters; he didn’t bother to answer those inappropriate questions.

His appearance itself was the best answer to them.

Michael walked up to Ethan and patted his shoulder, and the group of powerful and famous people around the latter surrounded them and warmly greeted them.

What did it take to be an idol? Only now did everyone know that an idol would be someone like Taylor Murray!

He, who had ‘offended the officials’, was currently carefreely chatting with a bunch of important politicians, and the arrogant princesses became his fangirls in front of him, queuing up for a chance to take a photo together with him. He, who had ‘offended half of the entertainment industry and was driven out of the industry’, was surrounded by the most well-known directors in the world. As a ‘washed-up middle-aged male actor’, he became the center of attention the moment he made an appearance.

Only now did everyone know how ridiculous and immature the widely-spread and seemingly-real scandals were.

It turned out that he didn’t reply to the press because he didn’t bother to.

When Richard saw the dazzling Taylor among the crowd, an unfathomable viciousness lurked deep within his eyes.

I believe that as long as I give myself some time, I’m definitely able to make another celebrity so famous that he can even surpass Taylor!

At the corner, Nathan looked around the hall, as if he was waiting for someone; Stanley was doing the same. “Nate, your nanny isn’t here yet!”

Nathan looked around over and over again, and his eyes glanced at the door anxiously. He almost became a rock from eagerly waiting for his mother.

Stanley took out his phone and gave Sophia a call. “Hello, Sophia, where are you? Why aren’t you here yet? Could it be that you are still next door?”

Sophia replied, “I’m with your ‘son’.”

Hearing that, Nathan blew up. She’s actually together with someone else’s son! I feel so aggrieved and helpless… Mommy doesn’t want me anymore! She wants someone else’s son!

All of a sudden, the sound of the reporters wildly pressing on the shutters of their cameras was heard. There seemed to be a big shot arriving at the hall.

Everyone looked in the direction of the door and found a handsome man and a beautiful lady there. Stepping on the red carpet, they strolled into the hall, and they even intentionally stopped for a few seconds at the door.

The sound of hitting the shutters was heard, and the flashes from the camera kept landing on the two of them.

The man was L/K’s person-in-charge for Cethos—Kenny Blair. He wore a fitting suit, looking pleased as he held the arm of the girl next to him. He seemed to be full of pride.

The girl beside him instantly became the center of attention of the entire hall. She was wearing an elegant white gown that seemed a little pinkish. The long hem of her skirt dragged along the floor, and the skirt was dotted with some floral pattern.

The garment, which was light and thin, wrapped around the girl’s exquisite body, accentuating her slim waist. The light tulle resembled a layer of hazy mist, revealing the long, slender curvature of her legs when she was walking.

The girl had delicate makeup on, which complemented her floral-patterned gown, and it made her look as stunning as a bouquet. Her black hair was worn in an exquisite bun and embellished with two elegant, stary hair pins. She looked like a flower fairy.

She had a tall figure with an outstanding beauty. She was holding a handbag in her hand and wearing a ring embedded with a red jewel. Any person who knew about jewelry could tell the origin of the ring with just a glance. It was the legendary Royal Platinum Ring—the ‘Eternal Heart’.

Everyone looked at the girl as she managed to grab everyone’s attention the moment she made an appearance.

Kenny Blair proudly introduced, “Everyone, this is the L/K limited-edition gown that will be released during this coming spring—‘Greenery’! There is only one piece in the whole world. Hahaha…”

Only one piece!

Everyone looked at the girl while burning in envy and jealousy, and at the same time, admiring her beauty.

Richard stared at the girl who captured everyone’s attention as well, so astonished by her looks that he couldn’t come to his senses.

Isn’t that Sophia?

Before he could figure out how she became L/K’s model, all his thoughts were absorbed by her beauty.

She was absolutely breathtaking today! Her beauty was enchanting, and he really felt that his soul was taken away from him by her.

Similarly, when Faye and Xyla lay their eyes on Sophia, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

Why is she here?

Upon seeing Richard’s gaze, which was full of his obsession toward Sophia, Xyla gripped on her gown so tightly with one hand that she pulled out the jewels on it.

I can’t believe that this wild chick could actually become L/K’s model. And she even dressed up so flirtatiously! Does she think that she would be able to snatch Richard away this way? In her dreams!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 270

The person who is engaged to Richard is me, Xyla Huff!

She held Richard’s arm, as if she had become the top winner in life, as if Sophia had lost the light in her life when she lost Richard, and her toughness was merely a pretense.

However, little did she know that the current Sophia didn’t bother to notice their existence.

Upon entering the door, Sophia located the tallest and most good-looking guest in the hall, and her delicate face slightly flushed red.

My idol is always the most handsome!

Kenny proudly flaunted his best work. This time, it was Kenny himself who brought Sophia in, so nobody suspected that it was a high-quality replica.

After standing on the red carpet for a few seconds, slowly and elegantly, she trod into the hall.

Everyone who was present was guessing her identity.

Which family is this lady from? Judging from her temperament and outfit, she must be from the nobility. She couldn’t be a model because there isn’t anyone like her in the modelling industry!

When Faye saw Sophia, she knew that her plans had failed. She glared at her resentfully while listening to the girls around her discussing her background. She pouted and begrudgingly muttered, “Supermodel? A young lady from a wealthy family? Her name is Sophia Edwards, a student from Bayside University. She’s at most a freelance model!”

A freelance model?

The news was spread out in a short period of time.

The new product of L/K is actually debuted by a freelance model?

A lot of supermodels present at the scene were displeased.

As an international brand, there were countless models scrambling to work for L/K, but they actually used a freelance model instead.

When Kenny heard the news, he was pissed off. A freelance model? This flower fairy is the owner of ‘Greenery’! However, since she wished to keep a low profile, he couldn’t tell everyone the truth. He had no choice but to keep his mouth shut and focus on showing off his new product.

Faye exaggerated about Sophia in the crowd. “She attended the same high school as my cousin, and everyone in the school knew that she had an abortion when she was studying. She then pretended to be pure and innocent after she managed to enter Bayside University!”

When Joe saw Sophia from one side, he was shocked, thinking that he might have seen wrongly. However, after listening to Faye’s words, he realized that her name, school, and all the facts about her matched the person he had in mind.

It turns out that she was actually his illegitimate daughter whom he had sold for 80,000—Sophia Edwards!

Ever since he sold off this root of all his misfortune, his career began to flourish. Not only was his company listed with him as one of the largest shareholders, which caused him to become part of the nobility in Bayside City, he was even able to build connections with the Edwards Family and bring his business to a whole new level.

Of course, he didn’t tell anybody about this. Therefore, his family didn’t know that he had an illegitimate daughter.

Sophia knew that Faye was spreading rumors about her, but she didn’t even bother to deal with it, since they were not from the same social circle.

Suddenly, the crowd parted, and a little figure ran toward her with loud footsteps. The little guy charged into her arms and hugged her leg.

“Nate, you’re here too!”

Nathan held her hand and pulled her to a corner. Along the way, there were plenty of people who kept handing her their name cards in an attempt to get to know her. “Young lady, are you interested to shoot for an advertisement?”

“We are short of a female lead actress for our drama.”

“Miss, can I get to know you?”

A lot of people wanted to know Sophia, but all of them backed off at Nathan’s cold glare.

I’ll glare at anybody who looks at my mother!

Nathan grabbed Sophia and seated her on a couch at the corner. Attentively, he got her some cakes and beverages, as if he was afraid that she would prefer someone else’s son over him.

I won’t allow it even if it is Stanley’s son!

Stanley, who was again awestruck by Sophia, approached her and grinned. “Fifi, you look gorgeous today!”

Sophia took a sip of water. She dared not drink much because this gown showed her figure more visibly than the ‘Moonlight in an Ancient Well’, so even drinking a little water might affect her figure.

However, she was really thirsty after she had gone through a tough time that felt like half a day together with Michael’s styling team. She was dressed up flamboyantly before being sent in here for Michael to admire. It was like a battle.

I find myself really pretty today too. My idol must have looked at me just now!

Sophia didn’t bother to reply to Stanley, but the latter leaned closer to her and asked, “Fifi, can we have dinner together tonight?”

Stanley’s yearning for her was so obvious on his face that Joel couldn’t bear to continue looking at it, so he pushed away his perverted face. “Behave yourself!”

Only then did Stanley control his behaviors, but he kept leaning close to Sophia.

At that moment, Sophia spoke to Joel, “Hello, General.”

Joel’s cold expression slightly eased. “Hmm. Have fun today.”

He was wearing earphones as he had to give commands at any time. His aim today was not only to attend the banquet; he was in charge of the security of the venue as well.

His pair of eyes resembled an eagle’s, sharply scanning through the hall. There were plenty of police in plain clothes and snipers hidden in the hall, prepared to take action at any time the moment something unusual happened.

Nevertheless, his mind kept drifting to the dazzling girl at the side. He couldn’t control it, nor he could stop it. Deep within his calm eyes, a hint of fierce competitive desire of a wolf was spreading.

In comparison to his calm and contained desire, Stanley’s desire for her was obvious on his face.

“Fifi, are you free tonight? Nate is a big boy now, so he doesn’t need a nanny. How about you take a rest from taking care of this child tonight and watch a movie with me? You actually walked on the red carpet together with my ‘son’, but you didn’t walk with me. I’m sad… sob…”

If it weren’t for Joel watching them from the side and Nathan blocking him in the middle, he would have glued himself to Sophia.

Sophia peeked at Sean, who was at one side, and noticed the helpless look on his face.

She felt helpless as well. Stanley is so untactful and slow-witted! I only have my idol in my eyes and heart!

As she now had a little free time, she quickly took out her phone. As expected, the internet was hyped up.

In just a short time, the discussion on the internet had changed. Those who had eloquently talked about Taylor’s scandals were badly reprimanded. Only now did everyone realize that all the scandals were ill-intentioned slander!

Taylor’s fans left thousands of comments on Bethany’s Twitter, and all of the comments were urging her to apologize.

And just now, Bethany posted a photo of her and Taylor together. In the photo, Taylor was incredibly good-looking, causing Bethany to look like a maid beside him. The caption of the photo was, ‘I had been shooting for a while, so I had no time to go online. When I checked my phone during the banquet tonight, I have never thought that I would find the rumors spreading around like wildfire online. Everyone has been mistaken—the person I was talking about was definitely not Mr. Taylor Murray! He is forever my idol, and I’ll support him forever!’

When this post was posted, the discussion online swerved in a completely different direction.

Seeing that, Sophia sneered, F*ck off! Your vague post caused everyone to curse him so badly. Do you think that you can escape the blame with just a simple denial that you weren’t talking about him? What a great tactic!

Taylor was normally indifferent, and he refused to take photos with anyone, but today, he actually agreed to take photos with a lot of celebrities of Glory Entertainment.

The group of celebrities were extremely excited. They posted the photos on their Twitter, feeling more exhilarated than their fans.

All rumors and scandals were scotched.

The effect was immediate. On the ranking of the Light of Cethos, Taylor and Ethan’s votes shot up like a fountain. In just a brief moment, they escalated from being the top 10 to the top 5, and judging from this speed, they would be able to become the champion tonight!

Looking at the list, Sophia was pleased, and her pinkish little face was glowing, making her look adorable.

Michael was standing at the center of the social circle of the rich and wealthy, but his gaze kept wandering toward a certain corner. As if he saw something, he smiled in pleasure.

If it weren’t because I noticed that Sophia was so worried about my scandals and the dropping ranking to the point where she couldn’t eat or sleep, I wouldn’t have bothered to hold this troublesome charity banquet!

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