My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 251-260

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 251

“Nonsense.” Sophia tossed her phone aside, ignoring the text, but a few moments later, she knitted her brows and grabbed her phone again. Staring at the text, she spaced out. A short while later, her eyes flickered.

The next day, Sophia still went for class as usual. She left her house early in the morning and started her classes which lasted the entire day. When she finished class at night, she did not go and pick up Nathan. Instead, she left the school by herself and went to a hotel using a cab.

Richard had been very busy at the company, so he seldom went to classes.

After taking over Glory Entertainment, his first plan was to slander Taylor.

After slandering Taylor, his next plan was to build up his own artists. After getting Taylor out of the picture, he had to think of a way to snatch some of Asco International’s resources for his own artists. Putting aside Nicholas and Bethany who were already so famous, he still wanted to build a group of capable artists who could replace Taylor and Ethan.

Then, the next step would be to come up with a way to trap Ethan.

The ‘Tyler’ from that day was not bad. He was ready to build him up. With a little training, he could make his debut, so Richard had high expectations of him. At the same time, he could get Sophia for himself.

After leaving his company that afternoon, he told Xyla that he wanted to meet with a few Internet marketers to discuss the next step of their plan, but in actual fact, he had secretly come to the hotel. The room he reserved had a passcode which he had given to Sophia.

There was a lady’s handbag in the room when he went inside. A peculiar perfume could be scented in the room. A pair of high heels were in the room, and there was also a lady’s undergarments and blouse lying on the floor.

Richard immediately recognized that those were Sophia’s clothes.

A woman’s voice came from the bathroom. She seemed to be taking a shower while happily humming a song. He knew it was Sophia in an instant.

Richard was over the moon. Indeed, Sophia still belonged to him.

He knocked on the bathroom door, but the door was locked from the inside. Knocking on the door a few more times, he asked, “Are you in there, Sophia?”

The sound of water flowing in the bathroom stopped. Then, he heard Sophia’s voice. “Yes, Richard. I am taking a shower. Please wait for a moment.”

It’s Sophia indeed!

Richard then placed the condom which he had prepared on the bedside table. Taking off his clothes, he lay down in bed. He then listened to the sound of water flowing in the bathroom while imagining Sophia’s perfect body at this moment.

Although he was going to have her soon, he still couldn’t accept the fact that she had slept with so many men.

Joel, Stanley, Tyler… God knows how many other men had she slept with elsewhere?

The sound of water flowing in the bathroom stopped. Sophia’s voice was then heard. “I’m coming out, Richard. Can you switch off the lights? I’m shy!”

Richard let out a cold chuckle. This woman who had slept with so many men is shy?

To Sophia, Richard was despicable, but at the same time, she probably felt dissatisfied if she did not get her hands on him!

So, he switched off the lights and closed the curtains. It was dark outside too. Thus, the room was pitch-black and he could not see a thing.

A fully-naked woman then pushed the bathroom door open before walking out with her bare feet.

Looking at that wonderful, bare body, his eyes glistened with lust. He pounced on the woman who willingly presented herself to him onto the bed, dominating her with no mercy.

Indeed, he had conquered her, facing no resistance at all!

Richard suddenly felt some rage from within him. He then gave the woman beneath him a hard slap. “B*tch, tell me. How many men have you actually slept with? Three? Or four?”

The woman who was underneath him was in pain. Clenching her teeth, she did not make a sound, except for some intermittent panting.

The woman under him was extremely skilled. Her skills were not inferior to Richard’s at all.

Richard was not a virgin since ages ago. Besides Xyla, he also had other sex partners. Especially after taking over Glory Entertainment Company, he had been with women everywhere. Being young, handsome and influential, he was popular in those artists’ eyes. Countless women were begging to crawl onto his bed…

Even if he did not have that thought, those women would still come up with different ways to force him. So, he just went along with it.

The two of them then began the act…

“You’re indeed a slut! If you want your boyfriend to have a better future, then pleasure me! How bright of a future will your boyfriend have depends on your skills in bed, b*tch!”

As the couple tried out all kinds of positions and toys, the bed was making creaking noises…

Then, there was suddenly a loud bang. The door was opened before dozens of reporters swarmed in in an instant. After switching on the lights in the room, it was instantly as bright as day. Before Richard could come to his senses, dozens of DSLR cameras were stuffed right in his face. Then, he could hear the continuous camera shutters sound, capturing images of the couple who were sticking their bodies against each other at the moment.

Richard was still young, yet he had experienced this situation before. After his mind went blank for a moment, he quickly came back to his senses. He then used the blanket to cover his body and used his hands to cover his face so that photos of him would not be taken.

“Which news outlet are you guys from? Who gave you the permission to come in? Get out, now!”

The reporters’ camera lenses were in his face. “Mr. Harper, you are going to be engaged to Xyla next month. Now that you’re having an affair, may I ask if it’s going to affect the engagement between you two?”

“Is the person you’re sleeping with an artist from Glory Entertainment?”

“It’s rumored that after you took over Glory Entertainment, you’ve slept with all of the female artists in the company. May I know if this is true?”

“Get out! Get out!” Richard flailed his hands, chasing those reporters away.

The reporters then directed their microphones toward the woman beside him. “Miss, may I know if you’re an artist under Glory Entertainment?”

The woman poked her head out of the blanket, putting on a pitiful look. In a shaky voice, she replied, “I am an artist under Glory Entertainment. I’m Nicole Walker.”

It was an unfamiliar voice and name.

At that moment, Richard was dumbfounded. He then looked at the woman beside him with disbelief. She looked so similar to Sophia and they had the same hairstyle; even their disposition was so similar, but the fact remained that she wasn’t Sophia.

The voice he heard just now was clearly…

Nicole purposely exposed half of her shoulder which was covered with hickeys. Then, the reporters frantically took photos of it.

Nicole pitifully explained herself, “President Harper said that if I don’t obey him, he’ll blacklist me. I was forced to sleep with him. I was helpless…”

She started bawling her eyes out while putting on a discontented look.

“Richard?” An infuriated voice of a woman came from the crowd. Xyla furiously made her way through the crowd before giving Nicole a slap.

“You slut! How dare you seduce my fiancé?”

Nicole hid behind Richard, but she was still trying her best to reveal her elegant face. Then, like a helpless chick, she started wailing.

Xyla, who had lost her rationality, had rushed over the instant she heard this news. However, she did not expect that she would be witnessing such a scene.

This was what he meant when he said he was discussing work?

Xyla charged toward Nicole before giving her a beating. Nicole was crying her eyes out, and did not dare to fight back as Xyla beat up her bare body. The scene of the naked girl flailing around while getting beaten up was brutal, and the group of reporters swiftly took photos of the scene.

While the reporters’ attention had been diverted, Richard quickly put on his clothes and came out of the blanket before restraining Xyla, who had lost control of herself.

Of course, by now, Richard knew that he had been set up.

Very well, Sophia! The reporters, Xyla—they are all part of her trap!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 252

After putting on his clothes, he quickly restrained Xyla. Security also came in at the right time, keeping the scene under control. Nicole was still crying as she had a towel wrapped around her, still leaving her bare shoulders exposed. Her slender legs happened to be exposed as well. Her delicate face was filled with helplessness and terror as the media frantically continued taking pictures of her.

Xyla, who had been cheated on, was crying and yelling away. After shoving Richard’s hands away, she ran out of the room. Richard looked at Nicole before shifting his gaze back to Xyla who was running out of the room. In the end, he decided to go after Xyla.

The security guards then started chasing the reporters away before slamming the door shut.

Touching her face which had been scratched all over by Xyla, she let out a gasp out of pain.

Nonetheless, she looked extremely pleased.

She only played walk-on parts. Besides having good looks, she had a solid foundation in acting and dancing, but because she did not have any prominent background, she could only play walk-on parts even though she had signed with Glory Entertainment for a quite a number of years. Her juniors were starting to get famous one by one, while she could only play walk-on parts who carried drinks. All she felt was discontentment and fury at her unfair destiny.

Since she was born in an orphanage, she did not have anyone to back her up. The managers looked down on her for not having any resources. Meanwhile, those who had supporters behind them could instantly star in blockbuster films after making their debuts. Besides playing in scenes where they had to show their face, they would use their stunt doubles for all the other scenes.

Life was unfair to her. She wasn’t afraid that she couldn’t see her future. She was afraid that if she continued delaying a few more years, she would not be able to become famous even if she wanted to.

After this incident, she would surely become famous!

The room was finally silent since she was the only person left in there. After wiping her face, she found her clothes and put them on. The reporters had been chased away while Richard was running after Xyla. The bathroom door then opened, and out came a young girl who was wearing a cap and school uniform.

Then, she tossed a stack of cash toward Nicole.

“Take it. Your sister’s surgery cost and 80% of the donation to the orphanage has been credited to your account. When you’ve settled the rest of the matter, I will transfer the balance payment to you.”

Holding the money, Nicole lifted her head to look at that girl whom she noticed was wearing a punk-styled pendant. The glistening ring that was on the pendant glittered…

Too many incidents had occurred that night.

This was the good thing about the existence of the Internet. In the past, if there were any entertainment news, readers would have to wait for the editors to finish writing their articles and the publishers to publish it before they could read about it in magazines. With the Internet, a news article could be written within a few minutes before it was posted out. The news would then gain attraction within a night and the whole city would know about the news within a day.

The next day, the first thing Sophia did when she got out of bed was to read the news. The slanders surrounding Taylor had vanished, but the news that had replaced them was even more exciting. News with keywords such as ‘Young Master of the Harper Group, Richard’, ‘Nicole Walker’, ‘Daughter of the Huff Family Catches Adultery in the Act’, and ‘Busted’ were all over the place.

Richard and Nicole’s passionate video was circulating on all video platforms. The part where Xyla appeared and caught them in the act, especially the part where Nicole was beaten up while naked was even more popular. The clip was trending on the Internet. By the time the cyber police started diffusing the situation, the high-definition videos had already circulated everywhere. It was impossible to stop it.

This time round, Glory Entertainment Group and Richard had become famous. Nicole was even more famous now; countless pitiful photos of her circulated the Internet, each of those photos perfectly clear, taking the Internet by storm.

The media had always been interested in matters like this. They did a thorough research regarding Nicole and posted out all of the films which she had starred in.

They then realized that her acting was actually quite good, but it was just that she had been playing walk-on parts. It was such a waste of talent.

Her background and history were also disclosed. She was sent to an orphanage along with her younger sister when they were little, but because she was not willing to separate from her sister who was physically unwell, and no families were willing to adopt her sister who was ill, they never managed to find a family to adopt them. So, she stayed in the orphanage until she was 15 when she was somehow selected by Glory Entertainment Company to be an intern.

She made her debut when she was seventeen. It had been a decade since then, but she still played walk-on parts and support cast only.

She had good looks and good acting skills, but she just couldn’t become famous. It was really a waste of talent.

Richard, who was the protagonist in this scandalous act, was also thoroughly researched. Any information regarding him was disclosed.

Sophia then went to school like usual. When she arrived at school, she noticed that everyone was gathered around, watching the video from last night.

“Sophia, your ex-boyfriend was caught cheating. Quick, come and take a look. It’s in Ultra HD!”

“Quick, quick. If you don’t watch it now, it’s going to disappear soon!”

“So, this woman is Nicole Walker! I know she acted in many supporting roles, but I didn’t know her real name. Tsk, tsk. Such a pity. She has such good looks and acting skills.”

Richard and Xyla did not show up for class. If it wasn’t because Bayside University had a movement control, the couple’s class would have been surrounded by reporters.

That afternoon, Sophia received a call from Richard. The moment the call was connected, Richard started yelling manically before she could say a word.

“You b*tch! You think you can ruin my reputation just by hiring an unknown actress? Don’t worry! I won’t let you have your way, including that boyfriend of yours. I will make your lives miserable! Just you wait!”

The call was then hung up.

Unfazed, Sophia put down her phone.

Of course, she was the one behind the incident last night. Nevertheless, she could not have accomplished such a major achievement alone.

She was only the mastermind.

If she bribed an artist from Glory Entertainment, a group of reporters and the employees in that hotel, this task was basically done; she could easily find people to get the dirty job done.

Meanwhile, Hale was standing respectfully at the side. After seeing Sophia hanging up the phone, he heard her saying coldly, “Who asked you to set my idol up?”

Of course, Michael had known that Sophia was up to something.

When he found out that Sophia had created such a huge commotion because of him, he was extremely delighted. After all, she did all these for him.

The incident was still trending that afternoon. The Harper Family swiftly used their public relations to delete the posts and hired spammers to bring the attention away from the matter.

That afternoon, Richard and Xyla held a joint press conference.

Since he needed to address so many reporters in the conference, Richard was dressed quite smartly. With a sincere look, he said, “I apologize for the incident last night. My fiancée and I had initially reserved a hotel room, but I didn’t expect the hotel to disclose the information of my reservation. Nicole was hiding in the bathroom, pretending to be my fiancée. The room was too dark at that time, and she purposely put on a perfume which Xyla often used, so I didn’t notice anything. Not only did she pretend to be my fiancée, she even contacted the media to swarm the hotel beforehand. That was why there was such a drama last night. Everything had been planned by that woman. She wanted to gain the public’s support and boost her popularity! She’s utterly shameless!”

Xyla added in a huff, “Richard and I booked a hotel to celebrate our anniversary, but the woman got news of this and hid in the hotel’s bathroom. I arrived at the hotel late because I had to finish up something in school. I didn’t expect the woman to take advantage of that. I don’t blame Richard. I only blame that woman. Glory Entertainment will permanently blacklist morally degenerate women like her! Furthermore, we found out that this woman has been long involved in casting couch. She’s even involved in modelling and has undergone abortion multiple times. She has done plenty of unspeakable deals. It’s just absolutely disgusting.”

At the same time, the negative chatter on the Internet regarding Richard and Glory Entertainment had been suppressed by the public relations team. The media even dug up all of Nicole’s scandals, prostitution, modeling, abortion, blackmailing and couch casting. Within a day, they had turned her into a scheming b*tch who slept with other people’s husbands.

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As long as Nicole was labelled as a slut, everything that she did was wrong. With this comparison, the couple’s relationship became even more stable.


Looking at her phone, Sophia chuckled. She then looked for the day’s news. Probably because the public’s attention had been diverted to the cheating incident, the incident regarding Richard blackmailing Michael had been temporarily halted. Thus, the scandals regarding Taylor on the Internet slowly subsided.

The rankings of a few celebrities from Glory Entertainment dropped because of Richard’s incident. Taylor’s ranking then gradually rose, inching closer to the top ten.

After taking a look at the news, Sophia dialed a number and said, “Choose a suitable time to make a statement on the day after tomorrow.”

On the third day after Richard held the press conference, netizens were still talking about the incident. All of Nicole’s videos had been diffused and she was quickly blacklisted. All of her contracts were cancelled and her films were taken down. She was blacklisted by the entire industry.

Slowly, the incident got lesser attention. In this digital age, news came rather swiftly, but they disappeared quite fast too. Richard was starting to clean his reputation, and he was now on the verge of success, but unexpectedly, Nicole suddenly broadcasted her suicide live on a huge live broadcasting station at this moment!

Standing at the rooftop of a popular convention center in Bayside City, she was broadcasting everything live. She was bawling her eyes out, crying so badly that her veins protruded and her face reddened. Tears and snot were flowing out, but she did not care about her image at all. Her body kept shaking uncontrollably as she sobbingly said, “I really can’t hang in there anymore… I was forced to sleep with them. If I don’t sleep with them… I won’t be able to clear my debt that I owe the company. I have no choice… They want me dead… If I have a choice, I wouldn’t have chosen to sign with Glory Entertainment. It is like hell here… I was ordered around by them like an animal, enslaved by them… I have to keep socializing, casting couch… Sleeping with investors… Sleeping with those from the media… But in the end, it’s the other artists in the company that get the benefits… Hahaha, I’m such a fool…”

Looking into the camera, she alternated between sobs and laughter. Her speech was barely coherent, while her saliva, tears and snot dripped to the ground as she wept. It was a saddening scene.

This live broadcast caused a huge commotion on the Internet, garnering more than a million viewers. The netizens who were badmouthing Nicole on the previous day had a change in opinion too. All of them came to persuade her against suicide by sending her messages to her live session.

‘Don’t do this. You’re so pretty and you have such good acting skills. Your future is bright. Don’t end your life!’

‘Oh my! There are still so many untold stories. This lady doesn’t have anyone to support her. That’s why I was wondering how she managed to cause such a major incident.’

‘There is surely a mastermind behind this incident. I have a friend working in Glory. He told me that Richard only came to Glory a few months, yet he had slept with all of the female artists in their company. This matter is simple. It’s Richard who went behind his wife’s back. Now that his affair has been exposed, he’s pushing all the blame to this lady!’

‘I can’t believe there’s such a thing. They want these artists who play walk-on parts to sleep with other people in exchange for resources! Oh my! This is so evil!’

Richard immediately called his contacts when he saw the live broadcast. “Contact that broadcast station. Ask them to stop Nicole’s broadcast at this instant! If they refuse, ask them their price. I want to buy their company as soon as possible!”

The Harper Family purchased the broadcast station in the shortest time possible, instantly stopping Nicole’s broadcast.

The broadcast online stopped, but the matters that were offline were not settled yet. Nicole had chosen a busy place to jump off the building. Within a few moments, it was already crowded below; even the fire and rescue department were alerted.

Under the watchful eyes of tens and thousands of people, Nicole jumped off the building out of despair. Luckily, the fire and rescue department arrived in time. They had placed an air mattress a second before she jumped off the building. Slamming into the air mattress, she only sustained minor injuries. Then, she was sent to the hospital.

Everyone owned a camera phone nowadays, so Nicole’s suicide attempt out of hopelessness easily circulated on the Internet, swiftly making the headlines once again.

Everything she had said before she jumped off the building seemed like she was so hopeless that she had lost her rationality. Though her speech was incoherent, she exposed a major inside news. All of the important information was revealed too.

Nicole owed Glory Entertainment a lot of money. So, she was forced to sleep with other men. Glory Entertainment asked their artists who were less famous to sleep with other people in exchange for resources to make their artists become famous. Also, the Harper Family swiftly acquired the broadcast station which Nicole was broadcasting on before quickly cutting off her broadcast. These three points alone were enough to start a debate among the netizens.

No matter how influential the Harper Family was, his powers had limitations too. No matter how powerful their public relations team was, there were still matters which they could not touch. Nicole’s suicide attempt had become a hot topic of discussion in Bayside City and the even in the whole of Cethos.

Meanwhile, Sophia was still thinking about Michael’s ranking on the celebrities’ list.

He’s nearing the top ten! Hang in there, my idol!

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed since Nicole’s suicide attempt. The Harper Family tried their best to suppress the attention by quickly creating an article about Taylor who had slept with other male artists before and was trying to sweep this matter under the rug.

However, this incident wasn’t new anymore. Everyone had been reading about Taylor’s scandals for the past two weeks. He was even on the front page and they were sick of reading about him. No matter how mind-blowing the information was, it was hard to avert the public’s attention. On the contrary, Nicole’s suicide attempt was newer. Taylor’s scandals could not gain the attention needed.

Thus, Richard couldn’t clean his name anymore.

Meanwhile, Nicole and Sophia were having coffee in a café in Bayside City.

Sophia poured some sugar into her coffee before using a spoon to stir it. After putting the spoon down, she asked Nicole, “Where are you going to go after this?”

Ten days ago, Nicole had broadcasted herself jumping off a building. Although she fell onto an air mattress, she still sustained some minor injuries. So, her head was bound with gauze. She could only drink plain water to prevent her injuries from leaving a scar behind.

After drinking a glass of cold water, she put down the glass and stared at the empty glass. Putting on a smile, she said, “The money you gave me is enough for me to pay for the company’s training fee. I had been a trainee in Glory when I was fifteen. I made my debut when I was seventeen. But until now, I have only played walk-on parts. If it wasn’t for your money, I wouldn’t have been able to pay for the company’s training fee for the rest of my life. Besides acting, I’m not good at anything else. Now, my contract with Glory has also expired and I’ve provoked them, so I can’t stay in this country any longer.”

Sophia took a sip of her coffee as she looked at this 27-year-old woman. Although she was young, she had been through so much, and she had been to the gates of death. Without the spotlight from the cameras, she looked weak and fragile. Nonetheless, she had a sense of persistence in her which was supporting her, enabling her to stand up firm and strong.

Sophia had noticed Nicole a long time ago when she was watching Michael’s film. There were quite a number of films which Nicole was in, acting as a supporting cast. All her scenes were short, showing her face for only a second or two. Nevertheless, she left a deep impression on people’s minds, although nobody knew her name and her name was not even in the list of actors.

She even acted as a supporting cast in many romantic films. When Sophia was little, she would often see her in almost every channel on television at her uncle’s house.

Out of curiosity, Sophia searched for her information on the Internet. She wasn’t even on Wikipedia. Although there was only a handful of information about her, Sophia still knew quite a lot about her after gathering all the information.

After receiving Richard’s text that day, Sophia had planned a blockbuster. She was the writer and director of this blockbuster. She wanted to look for a woman who had great acting skills, could easily be bribed and was willing to make sacrifices to be the main actress. The first person that came to her mind was Nicole.

She then asked Hale to quickly investigate this person. That was when she discovered more interesting information. She was born in an orphanage and had a sick sister. She would send money over to the orphanage monthly, and she even owed Glory Entertainment a huge debt. She was even secretly selling her body to make a living, but she saved up the money which she earned for the sake of her sister and the orphanage which had already turned into a dilapidated building.

She met all the requirements—great acting skills, easily bribed, willing to make sacrifices.

Sophia initially wanted to simply fool around and mess with her disgusting ex-boyfriend. She could avert everyone’s attention at the same time too. Then, she could seize the opportunity to clear Michael’s name, for this was her honor as a true fan of his. However, she did not expect Nicole’s broadcast of her jumping off the building to have caused a bigger impact than she had imagined.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 254

Nicole worked together with her to put up a show since she was shut out from Glory Entertainment. Nonetheless, she had cleared the debt that she owed Glory Entertainment and had successfully left Glory Entertainment due to the expiry of her contract.

“I no longer stand a chance here. I can only head overseas. Fortunately, I’ve received invitations from a few management companies from overseas now. They’ve invited me over to shoot some sort of… literary films,” she said.

Sophia knew what she wanted to film—pornography.

Nicole forced out a smile. “What else can I do other than to take part in a film? Even though my sister’s medical bills have been assured, the orphanage still needs me to fund them. The previous director had passed away and most of the volunteers had left.

Now that I’m the new director, there are dozens of children waiting to be fed. Moreover, there were two newcomers last month. By only relying on the charity funds, it was barely enough to support them. If I’m unemployed or if I stop shooting films, all of them will have to starve… It’s good for me to film overseas where the people can accept it better over there. In fact, no one knows me there, and I can earn quick money.”

After a short conversation, Sophia left. Nicole stared at the empty coffee mug and spaced out. Until now, she still could not figure out Sophia’s background.

The air ticket was already in her bag, and she was ready to head overseas to film pornography. Even though it was not something to be proud of, it had a better pay thanks to the vigorous media hype.

No matter what kind of films she would film, it would be better than her dark days in Glory Entertainment, where she would need to sleep with men every day.

Nicole heaved a sigh before standing up. Her phone in her handbag then suddenly rang at this moment. It was a call from an unknown number.

She had received calls from a lot of unknown numbers recently as many foreign directors had contacted her and most of them were to invite her to film pornography.

As before, she had accepted the call. She had not decided which company to devote herself to, so she would work for whichever company that offered her better pay.

The speaker over the call didn’t sound foreign this time, and she heard the caller saying, “Is this Nicole Walker? I’m Gabriel Reid from Imperial Entertainment management company. I heard that the contract between you and Glory Entertainment has ended. Are you interested in coming over to Imperial Entertainment?”

At that moment, Nicole was in utter disbelief. Imperial Entertainment was the top entertainment company in the entire entertainment industry in Cethos!

Unlike Glory Entertainment, Imperial Entertainment was not as high-profiled as them. They kept it low-key. They did not have a lot of talents, but every single one of them were highly talented. Imperial Entertainment even brought up the two best actors in Cethos who had received the Academy Award as best actors.

Imperial Entertainment had a high threshold of entering the company and they would not accept any ordinary celebrities. Unlike Imperial Entertainment, Glory Entertainment would bring in young stars with high popularity who had little to none acting skills. In contrast, Imperial Entertainment would turn their nose up at them.

Am I hearing it right? Imperial Entertainment had actually taken the initiative to invite me over?

“That’s right, I’m Nicole Walker. I’ve haven’t signed any contracts yet!”

Sophia was feeling down as she walked out from the café.

What had happened to Nicole had made her feel depressed. If luck was not on her side for her to meet Michael, her current situation would not differ much from Nicole’s. She would be down and out and feeling hopeless.

Hale parked the car outside of the entrance while he waited for Sophia. He immediately opened up the car door the moment he saw Sophia coming. She could see Michael sitting inside the car while he worked with some documents on his laptop.

“Is everything settled?” Michael closed his laptop when he saw Sophia coming in.

Sophia nodded when she entered the car. “Everything’s well taken care of,” she then said.

Michael had known about all the troubles she had caused these few days, but he had never given her any reactions. He did not ask about it as well. He was fine with it as long as she was happy.

Michael pinched her cheek lovingly before he leaned in to give her a soft kiss. Silly chica.

Due to the incident that had happened to Nicole, Glory Entertainment’s act in ruining Taylor’s reputation was forced to stop. The shock caused to the public due to Nicole’s livestreamed suicide was way more immense compared to the dug-up dirt spread across the Internet. Nicole had continuously shown up on the news headline for quite some time.

About the few matters that were being mentioned when Nicole livestreaming her suicide, the public had shown major curiosity. Nonetheless, Nicole had never made an appearance to make things clear.

The public started to visualize the scene in their own heads by using their imagination after being unable to get a clear explanation from Nicole. Within a short while, dug-up dirt on Glory Entertainment had spread all over the Internet.

Some people had broken the news mentioning that Glory Entertainment had constantly let their celebrities sleep with different people in exchange for funds to support their A-list actors.

Some had even said that the female celebrities under Glory Entertainment would have stand-ins even though it was mentioned by the company that no stuntmen were recruited. Moreover, Nicole was the stand-in herself.

She did not only have to take up minor roles, but she also had to become a substitute for fight scenes and also a voice actor. Most actors from Glory Entertainment would have their entire body replaced by the stand-in actors other than their face.

The others had even said that Richard had slept with nearly every female celebrity in Glory Entertainment. Before the incident had happened, he had asked Nicole to enter his office alone to discuss something.

In short, various sorts of news had spread throughout the public. Glory Entertainment was currently trying their best to cover up all the rumors. The rumors on Taylor had finally come to an end, but there was simply no news from Imperial Entertainment; they simply refused to respond. They even needed Taylor’s fans to repair his reputation.

After a few days from the day the incident had happened, the silent Imperial Entertainment had suddenly held a press conference. They had announced that Nicole had officially signed a contract with them and they would be responsible for everything regarding her show.

The public’s opinion was all over the place and various conspiracy theories started to get spread around. They were all suspecting whether it was Imperial Entertainment’s plan all along, with ruining Glory Entertainment’s reputation as their goal.

After Imperial Entertainment had held the press conference, they remained silent once more. They did not take any actions no matter how the outside world made their guesses and stated their remarks.

Another two days had passed. The first military action movie in Cethos, ‘War Dragon’, which was highly anticipated, had started their promotions. They started releasing posters of the actors who had taken part in the film.

This movie was produced by an extraordinary crew and it was a big production where vast investments had been put in, garnering tons of attention. After the previous disturbance had ended, a huge crowd of fans had requested to replace Taylor as the male leading role in the movie, but the official production team of ‘War Dragon’ had not made any responses until now.

Everyone paid close attention to the cast posters and they wanted to see whether Taylor had been replaced. However, little did they expect to see the first poster being the photos of Nicole Walker, who was acting as the female leading antagonist!

It was rumored that the role was supposed to be played by a female celebrity under Glory Entertainment, but why had it suddenly become Nicole’s role?

Although it was the role of an antagonist, the scenes of the character were important. How could they let an actor who had only played minor roles take up this task?

No one could understand what had happened, for the movie crew and Imperial Entertainment had remained silent once again.

Regarding the issue of Imperial Entertainment signing Nicole as an artist, Sophia was astounded. She thought that Imperial Entertainment would no longer recruit new celebrities. To her, Imperial Entertainment was a company that was about to go into bankruptcy; even Michael did not care about it.

When he was slandered by the netizens, Imperial Entertainment did not even make a single clarification. As for now, they had actually signed a contract with Nicole and had listed her as one of cast for the upcoming movie.

Nonetheless, Sophia was inexplicably excited.

She had planned all this drama with the intention to mess with Richard and rescue her idol who was being slandered by the netizens along the way. After the crisis, Taylor’s rumors had started to fade away itself. As long as it was given some time, the truth behind those unfounded rumors would be exposed. This was all done for the sake of her idol!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 255

On the celebrity leaderboard, Taylor’s name started to rise and had steadily made it into top ten. Although most celebrities on the top ten list were from Glory Entertainment, Taylor would just need a little more time to make it.

Stanley rang Sophia up while she was looking at the leaderboard on her mobile phone. It seemed like he had not learnt his lesson yet from getting beaten up last time.

“Sophia, it was because of you I got beaten up by my uncle. I’m in a bad mood right now. Come out now and have a coffee with me.”

Sophia rejected him immediately after hearing what Stanley had said through the phone. “I’m not into it.”

Stanley flew into rage. “You have to come over. Otherwise, I’ll wait for you until you show up at your house entrance!”

“Your uncle’s here.”

“Then I shall stay at the entrance of your classroom!”

Sophia was gaming at the moment as she practiced the strategies for the Esports World Championship this summer holiday. After hearing what Stanley had said, Sophia grabbed her phone properly before she replied in a serious manner, “Stan, all the stuff you’re doing are all in vain. I really am married now and I love my husband a lot.”

Stanley did not believe her. “Bah! Don’t try to lie to me. I know you’re just in a one-sided love with my uncle. I’m telling you this—there’s no future in that. It’s impossible for you to be together with my uncle. You’d be better off getting together with me.”

This time, it was Stanley who was teaching Sophia a lesson.

“My uncle likes men. He and Harry are a pair made in heaven. Just put that in your pipe and smoke it! Moreover, my uncle is married now. Stop thinking about him and just think about me instead!”

Sophia was speechless.

“Quickly come over. Sean and I are at the café by the ring road highway. If you don’t show up later, I’ll go disturb you at your house. Hmph!”

Stanley seemed like he was very angry.

After the call was hung up, Stanley had sent over his location to Sophia.

He was sitting in the café with a cup of hot coffee placed in front of him. On his opposite side, there was a blonde lady sitting down.

The girl had long blonde hair which was about waist-length. Her facial features were delicate, which were enhanced by her elegant makeup, and her blue pupils were as clear as the ocean. The lady was wearing a pair of high heels, while her slender legs were revealed under her laced skirt. The color of her skin could be seen through her light grey panty-hose, making the men in the surroundings constantly turn their heads around to have a peek. Nonetheless, whenever they saw Stanley, who was sitting in front of her, looking unfriendly, no one seemed to dare to hit on her.

The gorgeous lady said, “What did Sophia say?” Although she was pretty-looking, her voice was rather rough.

Stanley hung his head as he looked at his phone. He did not even look up when he said, “She’ll come over later.”

The lady pursed her vermillion lips while she was propping her chin up with one hand while twirling her blonde hair with the other. “Stan, how’s my look today?” she asked.

Stanley continued to lower his head when he answered, “You look good.” He then continued, “Once Sophia arrives later in a while, we’ll go according to plan. My happiness for the rest of my life depends on you now.”

The lady seemed dejected; even her blue eyes seemed to have darkened a notch. “Alright.”

After a short while, Sophia had indeed shown up. She felt she ought to make things clear with Stanley, but little did she expect to see a gorgeous-looking lady with blonde hair, sitting right by his side.

Sophia felt curious about her, so she walked over. Stanley wrapped his arm around the lady’s shoulders when he told Sophia, “Sophia, come here. Let me introduce you to my friend, Shirley.”

Sophia had gotten even more curious at this point. Geez, Stanley would actually have a female friend that‘s this gorgeous? That sure came as a surprise.

Shirley then reached out her slender pale hand toward Sophia. “Nice to meet you. I’m Shirley.”

Sophia shook hands with her. “Nice to meet you too. I’m Sophia.”

Sophia took a seat before she ordered a cup of hot coffee. She kept sneaking glances at Shirley, for the latter seemed somewhat familiar.

Right when Shirley had gone to the washroom to touch up her makeup, Stanley immediately leaned toward Sophia and asked her deliberately, “Sophia, isn’t Shirley beautiful?”

Sophia nodded. Shirley was truly beautiful!

Stanley then said with his nose in the air, “She has been pursuing me for years now. What do you think? Feeling threatened now?”

Sophia became speechless once again. “Why would I feel threatened?”

Sounding exasperated, Stanley said, “A brilliant and eligible bachelor like me would have girls coming after me. They would be lining up from the barrack compound to the graves of the Fletchers in the suburbs. Don’t miss the chance as I could leave with any one of them at any time. This is your last chance.”

Sophia was rather speechless. “Thanks for the advice. However, I really am married, and life with my husband is great.”

Stanley then tried to intimidate Sophia. “Sophia, do you believe that I’ll start dating Shirley right away?”

Sophia had only nodded. “Yes. I wish you two happiness.”

Stanley was on the verge of madness at Sophia’s words. Shirley happened to return at that moment, so he quickly made up an excuse to leave the place. “I’m going to the washroom to take a leak. Both of you should chat. Just don’t fight over me.”

He slipped away and there were only Sophia and Shirley left at the table.

The both of them were quiet until Sophia helplessly spoke up before Shirley could say anything. “Stop acting, Sean.”

Shirley covered her mouth and laughed while she blinked her wide eyes. “How did you even recognize me when I’m dressed up like this?”

Although he was wearing contact lenses and a wig, had his Adam’s apple covered up with a scarf and had spoken with a perfectly disguised voice, Sophia was still able to recognize him due to his ridiculously beautiful face. Sean was already good-looking as a man, and he would undoubtedly look even better dressed up as a woman.

“Stanley made me dressed up as a girl so that you’ll feel threatened. However, I know that you aren’t going to feel this way because you don’t have any feelings for him at all,” Sean confessed.

Sophia heaved a sigh of relief. “I really appreciate that time when he rescued me at the Time Square, and I cherish him as a friend. However, I’ve only treated him as an ordinary friend, and I’m married as well.”

Sean supported his chin on his hand, showing the grudging expression of a girl. “Nevertheless, once Stan firmly believes in something, it’s nearly impossible to change how he thinks about it.”

Sophia felt worried about the same matter as well. However, she only had feelings for her male idol, Michael.

The both of them kept silent for a while before Sophia abruptly glanced at Sean. He really looked as gorgeous as a movie star when he dressed up like a girl. Sitting by ‘her’ side made Sophia feel similar to when she was sitting by Michael’s side—everything felt surreal. It was as though she was filming for a movie.

Sophia suddenly asked, “Sean, you have feelings for Stanley, am I right?”

Stanley, who was an insensitive and silly man, would never figure it out. However, Sophia was able to see through it right away. She initially thought Sean was in a relationship with Sarah, but apparently the both of them were just really good friends.

Whenever Stanley played a game, Sean would join in. When Stanley was injured, Sean was the one who had visited him every day. Anyhow, Sean would always be at Stanley’s house whenever Sophia visited Stanley in the military compound.

The both of them had even grown up together. They attended the same kindergarten, primary school and high school, until the both of them had completed the college entrance examination. Right after that, Stanley had served in the army while Sean had gone overseas.

Two years later, Stanley went back to his studies after he had left the army. Sean had come back from overseas as well.

All these beautiful coincidences could only have happened when someone had been taking deliberate actions. As a fujoshi herself, her instincts were often very accurate.

Sean’s cheeks were blushing red, but he did not refute at all. Instead, he had nodded honestly. “You’re right. I’ve liked him since I was little.”

Sophia felt sorry for Sean as he had been putting in efforts, which had all gone unnoticed by Stanley. He had even asked Sean to dress up as a girl to meet with Sophia.

Stanley, what an idiot you are!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 256

Sean gently sipped on his cup of coffee. His delicate manicures had crystals on them, which were glittering.

“I’ve always liked being a girl since I was at a young age, but my family wouldn’t let me. My father passed away when I was little and my mother has remarried. I never had a lot of friends back then, and only Stan was willing to play with me. He never disliked me.

I initially wanted to confess to Stan right after we’ve completed the college entrance examination, but I didn’t expect Stan to actually go serve in the army. My family has sent me overseas for psychotherapy, and that’s when I went abroad.”

Sean must have been in despair at that moment… Sophia patted Sean on the shoulder. “As a matter of fact, Stan likes men as well. It’s just that he has been charmed by his uncle recently. Wait until he sees the best in you, then he’ll surely accept you.”

Sean stared at Sophia, looking stunned. “Are you saying that Stan likes men as well?”

Sophia nodded. “Yup. I can assure you that he’s in love with his uncle, Michael.”

Sean could not hold back his laughter. “Sophia, stop joking around. I’m sure Stan is heterosexual and he only worships his uncle. Stop taking it wrongly.”

“Err…” Stanley is actually heterosexual? Is he not a little boy who was brought up by Michael? I had even seen them at home… Hmm, wait, have I mistaken them as gays because of my own prejudiced thoughts?

Sean was even more sensitive than girls. He had probably guessed the thought Sophia had in mind now, and he could no longer hold in his laughter. “Sophia, you really did misunderstand him. Although he has never been in a romantic relationship before, he has always liked girls since he was young.”

With that being said, Sophia felt like there was a need for herself to redefine the relationship between Michael and his bunch of homosexual friends. Could it be possible that my Tay Tay doesn’t like men??

“I’m sure Mr. Michael likes men, but as for Stanley, he’s definitely straight.”

It was Sophia’s turn to feel upset now. Alright then. So my Tay Tay does like men. I can match up to him in every single way, all except my gender. What a miserable thing!

Now, it seemed like both Sophia and Sean were in a similar position; they were both leading a miserable life!

Sean kept silent for a short while before he said, “I’ve grown up with Stan, and I have never seen him so deeply in love with someone. Sophia, you’re the first one. If it’s possible, I think you can…”

Sophia refused right away. “I’m emotionally unavailable.”

This topic had ended right at that point.

Sean and Sophia had remained silent right until Stanley returned.

After the three of them had finished dinner, they had gone back to their respective houses. Before they bid each other goodbye, Stanley had reminded Sophia once again. “Sophia, you’ve met Shirley earlier, and you really should feel threatened now. A man like me really is heavily sought-after!”

“No thanks.” Sophia then got into the car before Hale stepped on the gas pedal and drove off the scene.

As he watched Sophia gradually vanishing from his sight, Stanley was slightly disappointed. Nonetheless, his disappointment did not remain for long. He then held a cigarette between his lips and looped an arm around Sean’s shoulders as they headed toward the cybercafe.

“Let’s go play some games. When the day I become the international champion comes, she will definitely be deeply in love with me.”

Sophia would always return at night. The castle-like mansion was all lit up and warm light was seeping through the windows. Silhouettes of people could be seen passing by the corridors, and it seemed pretty lively in there.

Sophia pushed open the door to find two gilded invitation envelopes on the table placed in the living room. When she opened it, it was an invitation to Richard and Kayla’s engagement party.

She held the gilded invitation in her hands and kept silent.

After Richard had taken over Glory Entertainment, he had slept with nearly all the female celebrities. Moreover, Nicole’s issue had made a tremendous row. How could his engagement with Xyla not be affected by it? It was going to take place as scheduled, and they seemed to have purposely made it even grander.

Marriage of the wealthy families, huh? But how did he send these invitations here anyway? Surely Richard didn’t come here personally, right?

She brought the two invitations over to Michael, who said, “This? It’s the engagement invitations from the Harpers and the Huffs. They’ve sent me an invitation as well. Moreover, Richard has purposely called me up to take it from him.”

Sophia was shocked. “Are you going to attend the event?”

Michael smiled as he looked at her. “I’ve accepted their invitation, so for sure I’ll attend the event. I’m their new talent who they’re going to train this year, so how can I not attend?”

Sophia stared at Michael and had gone speechless.

She had just embarrassed Richard greatly, so he must have hated her. He had to be up to no good this time when he wanted her to attend their engagement ceremony. Michael and Richard did not hold grudges against each other. Instead, it was Sophia who held grudges against the Harpers.

Did Michael want to stand up for himself this time? Since Michael had decided to go, how could she not follow along?

It was the Harpers’ engagement banquet during the weekend. Michael had started preparing after he had finished his lunch. It seemed like he was really planning to head over to the event.

Sophia had started preparing her clothing as well. She would just dress up casually since it was her ex-boyfriend’s engagement.

However, she was torn between which shirt to wear.

If she had dressed up too casually, her ex-boyfriend would have achieved his purpose. They had only wanted to embarrass her. Nevertheless, if she had dressed up perfectly, it would seem like she was showing respect to them at their event.

Standing in the closet, Sophia was troubled as she looked at all the clothes she had. All her clothes seemed to be overly extravagant for the event.

She still was not able to decide on the suitable clothes to wear after choosing for a very long while. She then sat in the closet while scrolling about on her phone. After a while, she checked on the celebrity leaderboard again.

A few days had passed, and the fans had devoted themselves to voting, but Michael’s fans still were not as mad as compared to those popular celebrities. Michael could only barely hang on to the end of the top ten list. Most of the top few celebrities were all from Glory Entertainment.

How is this possible?

Nonetheless, fans could only vote once a day with one registered phone number. If they were caught voting through illegitimate methods, their votes would be canceled.

Sophia heaved a sigh after staring at it for a while. Even though inconsequential leaderboards like this would not affect Michael’s status in the entertainment industry, she still felt disappointed and mad seeing her male idol being pushed out of the rankings by those young boys.

The main point though, was that Michael did not even seem to care about it at all!

Sophia, who was looking at her phone in the closet, suddenly heard noises coming from next door.

Michael’s closet was just next door, and it was as extensive as a whole storeroom, considering his status as a celebrity.

Tons of men’s clothing, shoes and watches were piled up in his locker room. There were even a number of items of big brands that had yet to appear on the market.

To a celebrity, clothing was one of the most important things to them. The clothes they wore didn’t only have to be branded, but they also had to be of the newest arrival of the brand in order to prove their strong fashion resources, as well as to prove their status within the entertainment industry.

Even though Michael had owned a ton of clothing, he did not seem to wear much of them. He would wear his costumes at the filming studios, and when he was at home, he would wear onesies that had cartoon figures printed on them just like Nate’s, while he would just go straight commando when he was in the bedroom.

The two closets were separated, but there was a door in between them for them to walk over. Sophia silently poked her head into Michael’s closet to find him trying on shirts in front of the mirror.

He seemed very patient as he changed from one outfit to another. After trying on an outfit, he would take off all of them before he put on another set of outfit.

When Sophia was peeking at him, Michael was trying on a blue suit. Although it was an attractive blue color, he seemed to be exuding a sense of maturity when he had put that on, which was something that felt unfamiliar to Sophia.

He felt dissatisfied when he looked at the reflection of himself dressed in the blue suit in the mirror. However, he had unexpectedly caught sight of a pair of lecherous eyes gazing at him behind his back.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 257

He pursed his lips as though he was smiling, but he did not make any noises at all. After he had tried on an outfit, he would undress himself in front of the mirror until the underwear was what he had left on him. His muscular and graceful physique was perfectly reflected through the full-length mirror.

The eyes that were peeking at him from his back had instantly widened before they shyly dodged away. However, it was less than three seconds before they secretly showed up again. Sophia stared straight at the only piece of fabric left on his body, her eyes filled with expectations.

Michael insisted not to take it off and continued trying on the other outfits. Sophia’s eyes nearly started to water as she constantly stared at Michael’s wonderful physique. She then thought to herself, Take off your shirt! Take off your undies!

Michael still had not taken it off yet, making Sophia starting to feel anxious about it. She wished that she could just throw herself on him and take it off for him.

After Michael was done trying on his outfits, he had left the checkroom in satisfaction. He then walked into Sophia’s closet from the other main entrance. At this moment, Sophia had started trying on her outfits obediently.

“Chica, why are you so slow? You aren’t done trying on your outfits yet?”

Sophia’s cheeks were scarlet as she hung her head. “N-Not yet,” she said. A thought then popped up her mind, so she added, “All the clothes I have at home aren’t suitable for the event. I want to head out to get a new one.”

Michael nodded. “Alright. I’ll wait for you at the doorway.” He then left the room first, leaving Sophia who rapidly tidied up the place before she jogged downstairs.

Nathan, who was wearing a set of gray pajamas, had then walked over. He had gotten mad when he saw the two of them gradually leaving his sight from the doorway. They had sneaked out to go on a date without him once again!

Later on, Hale drove them to a boutique and stopped the car by the entrance. While Sophia had headed in to try on her new outfit, Michael sat in the car and waited for her. All of a sudden, Sophia’s phone which was left in the car had started ringing. Upon answering the call, Michael instantly heard Stanley’s voice.

“Sophia, where are you? Are you still attending the Harpers’ engagement banquet? Don’t be afraid, I’ll protect you. If the Harpers dare to bully you, I’ll snipe them right away! Back then when I served in the army, I was known as one of the best sharpshooters! I’m a crack shot who can hit any target that you want me to hit!”

Stanley felt highly pleased when both him and Sean had received the invitation. Although he did not want to honor the Harpers with his presence, he had immediately bought a new outfit with Sean after he knew that Sophia was going, so that he could mess up Richard’s engagement banquet. However, he heard an unexpected voice from the other end of the call. “You don’t have to come. I’ll accompany her.”

“Uncle!” Stanley cried out in alarm, but Michael had already hung up on the other end of the call. Stanley was flabbergasted. Why would his uncle attend the Harpers’ engagement banquet? The Harpers were able to invite someone as influential as his uncle to their engagement banquet? Furthermore, his uncle was willing to attend? Nevertheless, as long as his uncle would make an appearance, something wild would happen.

Stanley felt even more excited as he made his way to the Harpers to attend the banquet. This day was the engagement day for Richard and Xyla. These two were said to be a match made in heaven; one of them being a young talent who rose up to be a star in the finance and economy sector, while the other being the precious daughter of the Huff Family, or in other words, the only daughter of the president of Riverdale’s Huff Technology.

Xyla had signed a contract with Glory Entertainment and had become one of their celebrities. As a matter of fact, it was announced that she would take part in a major action movie with Taylor Murray being the leading role.

Additionally, with the both of them being students from Bayside University, it was a marriage between families of equal social rank. The guests at the banquet showered the couple with compliments as they were an ideal couple. Although Richard had had some scandals previously and the publicity team had tried their best to clarify the matter by sculpting his image as Mr. Perfect, the scandals still remained as scandals.

In order to let the scandals dissipate as soon as possible, Richard and Xyla had held a grand and high-profiled engagement ceremony. It was rumored that they had spent lavishly on a diamond ring the size of a pigeon egg which was said to cost over tens of millions.

This engagement banquet was said to be the Harpers’ pride. They had invited nearly half of the nobles in the entire Bayside City and had even invited half of people from the entertainment circles. Other than that, they had even invited people from the business sector, politics, the military, the field of literature and art, and all sorts of figures from various sectors.

This engagement banquet had been hyped up on the Internet for a couple of days now. Its hype had even surpassed Richard’s scandals and also the gossip on Taylor. All of a sudden, the Harper Family seemed so glorious.

At this time, Sophia and Michael’s car had reached the hotel where the Harpers’ engagement banquet was held. They could only park their vehicle somewhere near to the hotel and walk over as it really was difficult to find an available parking space.

Michael dressed up quite normally, or rather, normal when put in comparison with the others at the event. As for Sophia, she was wearing the gown that she had just bought. The air during early summer was moist and there was a cool breeze. Sophia found herself shivering, so she snuggled into Michael’s arms. Michael held her in his embrace as the both of them arrived at the entrance hand in hand.

No one knew how Michael had done his skin care for the recent years. His skin was so smooth and moist, seemingly filled with collagen, giving him the appearance of a young teenager; no one would have known he was in his thirties at first glance.

Sophia could see from afar that Stanley and a beautiful blonde lady were standing together when they approached the hotel entrance. The both of them seemed like an ideal couple and Sophia was able to recognize that it was Sean dressed up as a girl at first sight.

Sean was in a flamboyant red dress on this day, looking extremely gorgeous when coupled with his vermillion lips. Sophia had to admit that the dressed up Sean looked like a perfect match with the handsome Stanley when they stood next to each other.

Even though Michael knew that it was Sean under that female appearance, he didn’t seem to be surprised at all, for this was the actual Sean that he was familiar with. He looks so cute; he’s obviously a boy.

Stanley approached Michael excitedly when he saw him. “Uncle, you’re here!”

Michael nodded. All the while, Sophia did not let go of her hands that were tightly wrapped around Michael’s arm; the both of them looked lovely. The insensitive Stanley thought that Michael had only wanted to act it out with Sophia so that she could attend her ex-boyfriend’s engagement banquet. “Wow, Uncle. You’re so busy right now, and you’re about to join the filming crew, so you really don’t have to attend events like this personally. I’ll just bring Sophia in and I assure you that no one will dare to bully her!”

Michael only replied with a poker face, “Just keep your distance from us later on.”

Stanley could only accept the orders. “Alright, alright.” He then held onto Sean’s arm and said, “I’ll head inside with Sean first. I promise not to disturb you later on.”

Stanley and Sean then headed into the hall. Sean was really gorgeous indeed in his red high heels and his model-like height, looking absolutely dazzling. They gradually walked toward the entrance, and Sean was watching his own steps carefully. Stanley seemed to be rather nervous as he supported Sean, so he slowed down his pace. “Hey, just walk slowly. You’re wearing such high heels. What if you topple over?”

“Come here. Slow down. Just hold on to me!”

Michael had only spoken to Sophia after seeing them entering the main entrance. “Sean is one of the Mitchells. However, he has liked to dress up as a girl since he was younger, and he had been forcefully sent abroad for psychotherapy.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 258

Talking about Sean, Michael expressed his regrets. “His father died at a young age and his mother remarried to another man. Since he was a boy, the Mitchells did not allow his mother to bring him away with her. Hence, he was forced to part ways with his mother. I guess that was when he started having a grudge.”

Sophia also let out a sigh. The couple then went down the stairs as they headed into the hotel.

Meanwhile, Nathan, who had been left behind at home, was holding onto a laptop as he walked to Villa Number 4 across the road in his pajamas.

Harry lived there, and he was playing video games at home at this moment. He still had some business to attend to later, but he was free at the moment. So, he decided to play a few rounds of games in the meantime.

With an upset look, Nathan keyed in the passcode before entering the house. When Harry saw him, he curiously asked, “Why are you here, Nate?”

Ever since Michael got married, he would return home to look after his wife and kid when he had some spare time, neglecting his bunch of good friends.

Nathan pouted. “Do you know how to play ‘Swordsman Game’?”

Feeling confused, Harry replied, “Yes.”

Nathan then switched on his laptop in Harry’s living room before starting the video game with a furious expression. “Come and play the game with me.”

Harry was baffled. He then went upstairs to take his own laptop while making his guesses. Nathan’s parents must have gone out for a date, leaving him alone at home.

He must be angry at being left alone. Nevertheless, this little kid knows how to play games? And the Swordsman Game to boot? Could he be one of those legendary ‘elementary student players’?

He was rather curious too, and he wanted to see for himself just how brilliant was this ‘elementary student player’.

The two of them then started playing the video game in the living room. Sitting across each other, they were surrounded by junk food. After they had logged into the game, the duo put on their earphones.

“Nate, I’ll wait for you at the entrance of Stressfree Village on the Bayside server. Do you know the way?”

Putting on an expressionless face, Nathan answered, “Yes.”

Nathan headed to the entrance of Stressfree Village. The moment he arrived there, he stumbled across a character whom he despised—No. 1 Beast of the Server.

This character had been stirring up trouble in the game and had even bullied him, but his ‘father’, Sirius, told him that the competition was coming up, so he couldn’t fight the Beast for the time being. Thus, Nathan had been holding back against this scum.

On this day, Beast was here to mock him again. ‘Hey, isn’t this NateHiro? Where’s Daddy? Why isn’t Daddy here?’

NateHiro remained silent as he waited for his godfather to come and play the game with him.

Beast then purposely walked up to him. ‘Hey, you have quite an attitude, don’t you? Come, call me your brother! We’re considered a family!’

His in-game father was Scary Phoenix, while NateHiro’s in-game father was Sirius. Their fathers were married, so they were really considered as a family, or rather, a reconstituted family.

NateHiro suddenly pounced toward him without uttering a word and started giving Beast a beating.

Beast was forced to fight back too, but NateHiro seemed to be more powerful than him as it took him a lot of energy to fight back. While they were fighting, Harry said to Nathan who was sitting across him. “Son, I met a rival. Don’t come over first for the time being. Go to Rocky Pinnacle and wait for me there. I’ll be there in a second.”

If his godson found out that he was being beaten up so badly by his rival, he would be so embarrassed!

Without making a sound, Nathan beat Beast up swiftly until he was barely alive; this kid really seemed to be angry for being left alone at home.

After a bout of fighting, Beast, who was clearly not NateHiro’s match, left in a dejected manner. ‘Just you wait. I’ll ask my father to look for your father and seek revenge.’

Beast then fled to Rocky Pinnacle, but he must not let Nathan know that he had been beaten up. Otherwise, it would be so embarrassing for him as his godfather.

However, when he arrived at Rocky Pinnacle, Nathan was nowhere in sight. Instead, he saw NateHiro standing below Rocky Pinnacle, giving Beast a huge fright. Why won’t this guy just go away?

There were many people, so luckily, NateHiro did not see him. Keeping a low profile, Beast passed by the area as Harry told Nathan in real life, “Son, let’s meet at the small lake beside Rocky Pinnacle.”

Nathan was still silent, but he was heading toward the small lake.

When Beast reached the edge of the lake, he caught sight of NateHiro who was standing beside the lake again.

D*mn it! He really won’t go away!

Harry asked Nathan, “What’s your ID, Nate? I don’t see you. I’ll go and look for you!”

Still remaining expressionless, Nathan looked at the frustrated Harry as he slowly replied, “NateHiro.”

Harry abruptly lifted his head, looking as if he had seen a ghost.

The two of them exchanged glances and there was a heavy silence for a few seconds.

Why have I never realized that NateHiro is actually Nathan? This young kid knew how to play video games as well? Are all the elementary student players this remarkable now? He even found himself a father in the game? Wait, his father?? Could his father in the game possibly be…

As he thought about all the possibilities, Harry’s lips twitched.

Nathan finally knew that Harry was Beast too. The smart boy was immediately reminded of Harry’s in-game father who was mighty and domineering. Although he was reluctant to admit it, Scary Phoenix was indeed powerful, and he had even secretly wished that Scary Phoenix was his own in-game father, but without Sophia knowing it, of course.

Scary Phoenix, Taylor, Call Me Taylor… All those alternate names! The world of the adults is so complicated!

The engagement banquet on this night was so lively. Guests were arriving consecutively at the entrance, and famous celebrities also continuously showed up. A red carpet had also been specially prepared. There was even a signature wall where arriving guests had to leave a signature after walking the red carpet.

Sophia even seemed to have caught sight of those who had openly slandered Taylor recently, for example, Bethany and Nicholas. A film which the both of them had collaborated in was premiering on television stations, so the duo was now the nation’s favorite couple. The moment the couple made their appearance, countless fans shouted at the top of their lungs. The media also quickly took photos of them.

The two main stars of the engagement banquet were standing at the entrance, welcoming their guests. The two of them wore quite a matching attire, making them quite worthy of the praises that the others had been showering them.

Stanley and Sean also showed up at the red carpet.

Richard still doubted his eyes when he saw Stanley. He thought that Stanley wouldn’t come, but unexpectedly, he came and even brought a beautiful, blonde lady with him; it wasn’t Sophia.

Richard was more certain this time that Sophia and Stanley had really broken up. She did not have protection from the Fletchers anymore. Also, Stanley didn’t waste any time looking for a new girlfriend. Richard still did not believe it when he first heard that Stanley often brought a girl to cybercafes to play video games, but as he looked at Sean now, he finally believed it.

Haha! Sophia, you’re nothing without the protection from the Fletchers now. Richard was eager to see the look on Sophia’s face when she begged him to love her one more time.

Stanley and Sean then walked past the red carpet. The media didn’t know who they were, but the guests who had been invited to the engagement banquet by the Harpers were surely not any ordinary people. Thus, they started frantically taking photos of them.

Stanley put on a smug smile as he stood on the red carpet for a few seconds. He purposely posed for the cameras while Sean held his hand, posing with him as well.

The two of them then went to the signature wall and wrote down their names.

When Richard saw Sean writing his own family name, he was immediately filled with respect.

Mitchell. He’s from the Mitchell Family! Since she’s together with Stanley, she’s surely not just an ordinary member of the Mitchell Family. Indeed, Sophia had been brutally ditched. This Mitchell must now be Stanley’s official girlfriend.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 259

After exchanging several glances with Xyla, he went up and greeted her passionately, “Welcome, welcome. What an honor this is to have the two of you here at our engagement dinner!”

Looking at Richard as he nodded and bowed, Stanley simply smiled without saying anything else. He then let the servers lead them into the engagement banquet.

Afraid that nobody knew about it, Richard purposely informed the media that the Young Master of the Fletcher Family and Young Lady of the Mitchell Family had come to his engagement dinner.

In an instant, all the guests got wind of this; seeing that family members of the Fletcher and Mitchell families were here, the Harpers were surely distinguished figures.

The Fletchers and Mitchells tended to keep a low profile, so nobody knew who those two people were. They went up to Richard in an attempt to ask him, but he dodged their questions as well.

All of a sudden, Richard saw a couple making their way over on the red carpet from afar. It was Sophia and ‘Tyler’.

Michael dressed in a plain suit, so there was nothing striking about his clothes. However, he had stumbled across two or three people who were wearing the same outfit as him.

Sophia was wearing a modest, medium-end dress. It was from a previous autumn collection, making it seem outdated. Although it looked pretty, it was considered old-fashioned in the eyes of fashionistas.

When the media saw Michael, they exchanged glances and were dumbfounded. Wasn’t this Taylor?

However, it seemed impossible. When the Harpers made the announcement, they did not mention that they had invited Taylor; he was an artist under Imperial Entertainment, which was Glory Entertainment’s rival. Why was he here at the Harpers’ engagement dinner?

Furthermore, Taylor was a person who kept a low profile, seldom appearing in public. Why would he show up here of all places?

Many people had never met Taylor in real life. Michael seemed so tender, and he was completely different from the perverted, girly and murderous roles that he played in films. They were surely not the same person.

Regardless of who he was, the media wanted to take photos of him before anything else.

Michael calmly stood on the red carpet for a few seconds as he waited for everyone to take photos of him.

As she smiled faintly, Sophia stood beside him and got their pictures taken together.

After their photos were taken, Michael and Sophia held hands as they made their way toward the signature wall to write down their names.

Sophia signed her own name while Michael signed the name which Richard had given to him.

Hence, there was another name on the signature wall—Tyler.

The media frantically took photos of that name.

He wasn’t actually Taylor, but Tyler? Was this Anna and Ana?

Was Glory preparing to debut a newbie who looked like Taylor?

Regardless, Tyler’s emergence had caused a huge commotion. The media were feeling uneasy as all of them wanted to know about Tyler’s background. The Harpers wanted this kind of reaction; the moment the right time came, they were going to promote Tyler to the fullest.

Then, Richard and Xyla walked up to greet them. As she held Sophia’s hands hospitably, Xyla said, “I’m so glad that you could make it to our engagement dinner, Sophia.”

She seemed so naïve and innocent when she was talking, yet she felt so pleased with herself on the inside. She knew that Sophia and Nicole would work hand-in-hand to create a blockbuster and ruin her engagement with Richard.

Nevertheless, she did not think that her engagement would be fazed by it. Instead, their relationship became even more stable.

Her relationship with Richard lasted for so long, while Sophia would forever only be a pest around Richard.

When Richard saw Sophia, a hint of evil flashed through his eyes; he was infuriated.

He had almost fallen into her trap.

She was no longer satisfied being his mistress; she had even wanted to collaborate with an outsider to ruin his engagement with Xyla.

A woman like her was really scary. She had resorted to all kinds of measures just to become the Young Madam of the Harper Family!

Did she seriously think that she could disturb his engagement with Xyla by collaborating with Nicole and causing a bit of trouble?

Dream on!

She was really a pathetic and naïve woman!

Nonetheless, she had managed to recommend a talent like Tyler to him. Hence, he decided to temporarily forgive her for the past incidents.

Michael and Richard then greeted each other in a friendly manner while Sophia kept quiet.

She knew that Richard and Xyla had always felt good about themselves. By simply telling them something, they would start to overthink things.

After briefly greeting each other, Sophia and Michael entered the engagement hall while holding hands.

The hall was already crowded; the venue had been separated into different areas according to the guests’ territory. Stanley and Sean sat with a group of noble women, and it was apparent that the Harpers had treated the both of them as their distinguished guests.

Stanley pretended to not know who Michael and Sophia were, but his eyes were always glancing in their direction.

There was going to be a good show today!

Stanley was getting excited.

Meanwhile, Michael and Sophia were sitting together with Glory’s artists.

Glory had nurtured many stars over the years. Although they were all idol-like artists, their fame did not last long. Nevertheless, they were a topic of discussion. They had a huge influence over the youths, but they were only famous in Cethos; nobody knew who they were outside of Cethos.

Glory’s next step was to cultivate international megastars like Taylor and Ethan.

Those who managed to get an invitation were Glory’s popular actors like Nicholas and Bethany.

Eight people were seated at the same table. Besides Michael and Sophia, the others were Glory’s artists. All of them chatted among themselves at that moment, completely ignoring Michael and Sophia.

Being sidelined, the two of them must’ve felt awkward. However, Sophia didn’t think so. As long as her idol was with her, she felt like every day was her wedding day.

Michael’s appearance had posed a great threat to the artists.

All of them had become famous within the past two years. Apart from Bethany who had worked with Taylor a few years ago, the rest of them had never met him in real life before—even Bethany did not recognize him at that moment.

They had heard that Richard was getting ready to welcome two hardcore martial arts stars. One of them was a ‘Tyler’ who looked very similar to Taylor. Hence, they assumed the guy in front of them was ‘Tyler’.

Nobody expected the old man whom the media described as depressed to show up here in an arrogant manner while keeping his identity a mystery—no one even recognized him at all.

Even those who were curious did not dare to greet him; Tyler just seemed to be a different person than Taylor.

However, they were certain that Tyler was going to be their biggest rival. He was also Richard’s favorite, and there were only so many resources in which Glory could acquire. If another person came to compete for it, the resources each celebrity would get would certainly lessen.

They were celebrities; even though they were envious of him, they would not show it in their expressions. They continued chatting joyfully, ignoring the two of them. They formed their own circle, showing the newbie some dominance.

Sophia was bored, so she rested her chin on her hands and started imagining things.

If only the stars at this table knew that Taylor was sitting in front of them…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 260

While the couple was seated at that table, they had been neglected during the whole event; the atmosphere around that table was extremely awkward. Feeling quite bored, Sophia took a glance to see if the dinner had started. She then stood up to grab something to eat.

Michael’s gaze followed her. She was wearing a blouse that covered her knees, but her cute calves were exposed. They were tender, fair, and incredibly adorable. After doing laser scar treatment on her ankle, the mark had completely healed. Since there weren’t any scars in sight, Sophia dared to reveal her ankle too.

When Sophia went to grab some food to eat, Stanley came to join her too. He hung his head low as he took a drumstick, pretending not to recognize her. He made some noises to attract her attention. “Psst…”

“What sort of exciting programs have you planned with my uncle for tonight? Quick, tell me please!”

Sophia tasted the mousse and said, “Go and eat your chicken!”

They surely had their own plans.

Stanley then cheerfully walked away with the drumstick in his hand. He took his seat and waited for Sophia’s program to come on scene.

Carrying a plate which had two small pieces of cake on it, Sophia went back to her seat. However, she had only walked halfway back when she suddenly smelled a powerful scent of perfume. Needless to say, her path was being blocked.

A group of girls who were wearing vibrant outfits came out of nowhere. The leader of the group looked slightly familiar, but Sophia could not recall where she had met her before.

The girl was staring at her; her beautiful face was concealing a great sense of evil. Raising the corners of her lips, she asked, “Don’t you recognize me? S-o-p-h-i-a?”

Hearing that voice and taking another glance at her facial features, Sophia suddenly came to her senses. “How have you been, Faye?’

Faye had broken her nose during military camp after being punched by Sophia; she was then forced to go overseas in an effort to undergo plastic surgery. At the same time, she created a whole new look for herself.

Faye lifted her face in arrogance; her face was indeed elegant. Compared to her previous appearance, her current face looked so much better. Mesmerized by her own good looks, she put on an unnatural smile. The excessive plastic surgeries had ruined the nerves on her face, and Faye could not make any natural expressions anymore.

Looking at her unnatural face filled with evil and her heart that was cold, all Sophia wanted to do was to avoid her.

Just as she was about to dodge her, Faye suddenly reached out a hand and stopped her.

Unexpectedly, Faye did not cause any trouble to her. Instead, she was admiring her dress with a surprised look on her face. “Your dress is so beautiful. Where did you buy it from? What brand is it?”

The group of girls whom Faye led were also rather curious. They commented about her skirt and even tugged at her skirt to feel it.

This was only an ordinary dress that cost a few hundred which could easily be found in-stores. It was surely not something that would spark so much interest in this group of girls. Sophia suddenly became alert as she said, “There’s nothing to see. It’s an ordinary skirt which cost a few hundred. You can see this in retail stores everywhere; there are plenty of them on the Internet as well.”

She then took the opportunity to leave the scene. But the moment she stepped away, she felt a cold sensation on her buttocks. Sophia reached behind to touch her dress, but she instantly felt the safety pants which she was wearing inside.

Her skirt had been cut open from behind!

She had no idea who was the one who had cut her skirt from the edge all the way to her waist. Her skirt was completely open, revealing her curvy buttocks.

Looking at her in a condescending manner, Faye’s eyes were filled with satisfaction. She then placed her lips beside her ears and said, “This is your ex-boyfriend’s engagement dinner. If you walk in like this, you’ll instantly attract more attention than the bride!”

Not only did the Harper Family’s engagement have famous celebrities, the media was also present. They couldn’t wait to turn the engagement party into a huge party. Of course, the media was looking everywhere for any incidents to make the headlines.

Sophia was currently in the middle of the group of girls. The guests outside were still unaware of this incident, but as soon as this group of girls dispersed, everyone would catch a glimpse of the embarrassing state she was in.

It was apparent that this had been planned beforehand as there were already reporters who were holding their cameras, ready for any sort of action.

Sophia did not utter a word. She just stared at Faye, unfazed.

A contemptuous smile finally emerged on Faye’s unnatural face, looking incredibly cunning.

The girls who had Sophia surrounded were waiting for Faye’s orders. The moment they dispersed, she would be brought to shame.

Streaking would be such a huge news; she would really become the laughing stock of Bayside University after this!

Mockery and ridicule were everywhere. To a girl, it was unacceptable!

This was only Faye’s display of dominance after making her return. There were going to be more interesting events happening next!

“How dare you fight me? Who do you think you are? Let me tell you this; I am back. You will have no place in Bayside University—not even in this city anymore!”

It was a pity that Faye did not see the expressions on Sophia’s face she had been anticipating. There was no sign of fear, horror, or helplessness on the girl’s face, and she was completely expressionless.

Sophia finally replied in a calm manner, “Oh, is that so?”

The moment she finished talking, Sophia pressed the cakes which she had been carrying against Faye’s chest.

She wanted to give those cakes to Michael; thick layers of icing formed a colorful flower, but at this moment, all of that was smashed against Faye’s chest. She was wearing a tailor-made dress that was cream in color, revealing her snow-white complexion on the chest. Her cleavage was subtle, but after being smeared by the icing, her entire chest was now an array of colors.

Staring at her own chest, Faye was dumbfounded.

A pair of cold hands then extended toward her bosom before violently tearing her dress apart!

The crisp sound of the dress being torn could be heard. Faye’s dress had been brutally torn apart by Sophia.

She was extremely powerful; the thin dress could not withstand her strength at all as she ripped it apart. After the dress had been ripped apart from the chest all the way down to her breasts, Sophia stopped!

At this moment, Sophia’s breasts were exposed as her dress was torn apart. Since it was a strapless dress, the entire piece of clothing slid down after being violently ripped apart. In an instant, Faye was naked in front of everyone.

She was only wearing nipple patches and underwear; she did not even have any safety pants on.

Then, Sophia violently ripped her nipple patches away too!

Faye’s shriek broke the silence in the hall. Everyone shifted their gaze toward her and all they saw was a naked girl standing among the crowd.

This was huge news!

Reacting to the scene, the media and guests looked toward her.

The group of girls obviously did not expect Sophia to do such a thing!

She had ripped Faye’s dress apart in front of the crowd. Before they could react to the situation, the crowd had swarmed over, drowning them in an instant.

Sophia then made use of the crowd to sneak away.

It was plain to see that Faye’s voluminous 36D breasts—which were made from hyaluronic acid—were the main attraction. Everyone’s gaze was fixed on her breasts, no longer paying attention to Sophia’s buttocks.

She then walked toward Michael. He happened to be walking in her direction too, clearly unaware of what had transpired.

Sophia covered her buttocks, trying her best not to embarrass herself. Suddenly, a coat fell from the sky. The long coat draped over her, covering her dress which had been cut open. She turned around and saw an unexpected face.

“Professor Clark?”

Quinton was here too.

Quinton had a look of worry on his face. “Are you alright, Miss Sophia?”

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