My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 211-220

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 211

Word soon got around that Sirius was now in possession of a godly weapon from Scary Phoenix. Countless players in the game came and asked Sophia to sell it to them, but she turned them down coldly.

Beast popped up as well. He kept sending her private messages which read, ‘F*ck, Daddy. You just got a stroke of luck—my dad simply gave his Hundred-Mile Streamers to you!’

Sirius233 replied haughtily, ‘Yeah, he lent it to me for a few days so that I can play with it.’

Sirius’s relationship with Beast had improved a little these days, and they often played together. Switching the conversation to another subject, Beast texted ingratiatingly, ‘Daddy, why don’t you lend the Hundred-Mile Streamers to me for a few days so that I can play with it as well?’

Sirius233 replied, ‘Don’t even think about it!’

Beast texted back, ‘You’re my Daddy—even my dad has said so. How could you do this to me?!’

Sirius replied, ‘This weapon is my master’s!’

Sophia had wanted to key in the word ‘hubby,’ but the damn character input software automatically changed it to ‘master’ due to its predictive text feature. She quickly corrected herself, ‘It’s a typo—I didn’t mean to write “master.” It’s “Master!”’

In the end, the message was sent with the word ‘master’ still being used.

Beast replied, ‘You’re so disgusting. I know that he’s your master, so you don’t have to repeat that to me so many times. If you don’t want to lend the weapon to me, just forget that I even asked!’

Sirius was silent this time.

Meanwhile, Michael managed to get Stanley to leave after pleading with him in every way he could. It wasn’t until he logged into the game and gave Stanley another godly weapon that was second only to the Hundred-Mile Streamers that the latter’s anger was finally appeased.

Stanley thought his uncle did so out of his care for him. Much to his dismay, he logged into the game to discover that everyone in the team had received a godly weapon from Scary Phoenix as well.

Their team was probably considered first-class in Cethos, but it was unknown how well they would fare on the international level. Cethos’s esports teams could not be compared with overseas ones since the country started relatively late on esports in the first place. Therefore, they had to strengthen themselves as quickly as possible to increase their likelihood of winning the championship.

The four professional players who joined the team wanted to win the championship to achieve a higher status in the field, whereas Snow Fox and the other two students wanted to win the championship to receive the five extra credits. As for Scary Phoenix, however… nobody knew why he joined the team.

Michael stealthily opened the door to Nathan’s study and watched through the cracks as Sophia played the game with pleasure. The sight of her happiness filled him with immense gratification.

Michael left home on the seventh day of the New Year to act in a film overseas. Sophia felt lost after he left, but she had no time to dwell on her sense of loss since the first round of selection trials was coming soon. Therefore, she began training herself night and day.

How embarrassing it would be if her team couldn’t even enter the selection trials!

Luckily, her team’s members were all expert players, so they passed the selection trials with their eyes closed and got themselves qualified to enter the championship without a hitch.

The new semester then started in the blink of an eye. Since Sophia had many courses in the second semester of her first year at university, she was as busy as a bee; whenever she had free time after her classes, Sophia either headed to a nearby Internet cafe or went home straight away to turn on her computer and play the online game.

Her team got through the preliminaries across all servers and entered the quarterfinals, the semifinals, then the finals until they finally made their way into the Cethosian division of the championship. After fighting their way up again, they narrowly won first place in that division to become one of the three teams representing their home country. They would compete against a few well-known teams from other countries in the Aseanos region since only the top three teams would be qualified to enter the global finals.

After winning the Cethosian finals of the championship, everyone in the team could finally get some rest.

Sophia also had her hands full these days since she had to take care of both her studies and her gaming endeavors; she even felt that she had lost quite some weight.

Going through all of this just for some extra credit! Sophia thought to herself.

Everyone else in the team had also worked hard for many days. After winning the Cethosian finals of the championship, Snow Fox—who was Stanley in real life—proposed having an offline gathering, but Sophia refused him without hesitation.

Stanley even made a call to Sirius233’s cell phone and said, “Hey, why the hell are you so scared of showing your face? Everyone in our team can be trusted, so your identity won’t be leaked. It’s just a gathering—we’re not going to devour you!”

Sophia had installed a voice-changing application on the cell phone so that her voice sounded like a male’s. She answered, “It’s not that I don’t want to come, but I would like to keep my reality and the gaming world separate from each other.”

Stanley stopped pressing her further. Had Michael not forbidden him from doing so, he would have found Sirius’s personal information and dropped in on him a long time ago. However, he could only hang up and call up everyone else in the team for the offline gathering.

There were eight people in the team, but since Scary Phoenix and Sirius would certainly not come to the gathering, only six of them would be present.

After hanging up the phone, Sophia packed up her stuff and left the library as she wanted to pick Nathan up at the School of Computer Science.

Besides having to learn some knowledge about other subjects, she had also begun reading academic books for her second year at university; she had been so busy these days that she had no time to play with Nathan at all. Now that the championship had come to an end for the time being, she had to go outdoors and play with Nathan no matter what.

A movie that Tay Tay had starred in would be premiering soon, so she could take the opportunity to watch it with Nathan!

However, when she arrived at the School of Computer Science, she learned that Gary had picked Nathan up a long time ago.

She turned back and walked alone while kicking the pebbles when she suddenly realized that Michael hadn’t been home in nearly two months; he hadn’t come home ever since he left during the New Year. Even though they video called each other every single day, she couldn’t help feeling like something was missing since he wasn’t by her side. Not only that, she felt even more uncomfortable upon seeing couples after couples walk past her hand-in-hand.

She also wanted to walk hand-in-hand with Michael on campus grounds and enjoy other people’s envious glances.

She had sneaked into Michael’s fan group in Bayside City. According to the information that spread out from the fan group, the filming of ‘Doctor Invincible,’ which had been in production for almost half a year, was nearing its end. Members of the fan group were planning to meet Michael at the airport when he came back.

Not only that, his fans were also going to book out an entire cinema to watch Tay Tay’s new movie when it premiered.

The new semester also came with all kinds of activities and competitions, including a debate contest and a cash-counting competition. Sophia was still pondering over which competition she would like to take part in; as a straight-A student, she would never miss any opportunity of earning extra credits.

As she was deep in thought by herself, she didn’t notice that a person was heading her way. The person stopped her in delight and said, “What a coincidence meeting you here, Sophia!”

Sophia looked up to see Richard’s smiling face. She wanted to pretend that she didn’t know him, but she couldn’t do so since he knew her in person.

Therefore, she put on a smile that was both polite and distant, asking, “Is there anything, Zane?”

Richard stared at the lady before him; he hadn’t seen her for nearly two months, and she seemed to have become prettier since.

He wished that he could have her to himself, but he couldn’t put the scene of her necking with Stanley in the stadium and the thing she had done with Joel in bed out of his mind.

He balled his fists in his sleeves before taking an invitation card out of his pocket. “This is the invitation card for me and Xyla’s engagement banquet. Please be sure to come,” he said.

Sophia frowned as the sight of the invitation card put her on the spot.

If she didn’t accept the invitation, the Harper Family might think that she couldn’t bring herself to attend the banquet because she still had feelings for Richard; nobody knew what they were going to say behind her back.

However, accepting the invitation would make her feel sick to the stomach. Furthermore, she already had apprehensions about attending all banquets hosted by the Harpers after the previous incident. Who knew what sort of wicked idea they would come up with to harm her at the banquet?

Richard couldn’t bear the sight of her hesitation deep down inside; he knew that it was very cruel of him to invite Sophia to this banquet. Nobody would be willing to see their loved one getting engaged to another woman, especially in front of her eyes.

Not only that, he even gave this invitation card himself!

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“Listen to me, Sophia—Kayla just came back from Africa. I hope you can come to our engagement banquet this time; there are lots of misunderstandings between you and Kayla. Perhaps both of you can take this opportunity to resolve your misunderstandings so that all of us can be family once more,” he said.

Family… A look of disgust crossed Sophia’s face, looking as though she had feces in her mouth. Did Kayla really go to Africa? She’ll definitely bully me if I go to the Harper Family’s engagement banquet!

Just as Sophia was about to reject the invitation, someone took the invitation card from Richard all of a sudden. Stanley had appeared behind Sophia at one point in time, and he even held her shoulders with one of his arms. Looking like a boyfriend who was protecting his girlfriend, he accepted the invitation card on her behalf.

“Alright, no problem. We’ll definitely be there!”

They were near the School of Computer Science, it wasn’t a surprise to see Stanley here. He had noticed Richard—that scumbag—pestering Sophia from afar. It wasn’t difficult for him to figure out that he was bothering her, so he walked closer toward them. As expected, Richard was indeed bothering Sophia. It was the Harper Family’s charity banquet last time, and now, it was his engagement banquet with Xyla. Hmph! How dare he bully my dear Sophia again!

Pretending that he didn’t notice the grim look which appeared on Richard’s face, Stanley said very seriously, “This time, I’ll definitely go to your party in a car with a rental fee of 10,000 per day.”

Richard’s face fell even more; he simply turned around and left after bidding Sophia goodbye. After he walked away, Stanley threw the invitation card into a garbage bin at the side. Pretending like nothing had happened, he said to Sophia, “Come on, Sophie! Follow me and let’s get something great to eat!”

Sophia strode forward. “I’m not going,” she said curtly.

Stanley caught up with her. “Today’s the offline gathering of our esports team, so lots of gaming experts will be attending! You know about the Esports World Championship, right? It’s the most incredible competition of all time!

Our Dragon Fox Team is the champion of Cethos, which will represent the country to participate in the international competition soon! Basically, the greatest gaming experts in Cethos are in our team! Come on, I’ve already made reservations.

Those two scumbags will not be coming to the gathering, but I’ve already paid for the reservations. If we don’t go, my money will be wasted. Please, come on, come with me!”

Today… seemed to be the day of the offline gathering for the esports team. Although Sophia had rejected their invitation without any hesitation, perhaps she could go and have a look.

After all, they didn’t know who she was either; she could even take the opportunity to meet her other teammates. Besides, she wouldn’t feel awkward since her old, aggressive husband wouldn’t be coming to the gathering anyway. Therefore, Sophia reluctantly agreed to go with Stanley. “I’m hungry too, so I think I’ll just go with you then!”

With that, the duo left the campus together. They took the subway to the place where the offline gathering of the esports team was being held.

Since all members in the gaming team were highly-paid professional players, the venue for the offline gathering must definitely be a grand place. They had even reserved a huge suite for the gathering!

When they reached the place, they noticed that the rest of the team members had arrived. There were six of them in total. Including Sophia, who didn’t reveal her identity, there were seven of them. As she expected, Scary Phoenix was not there.

All members of the esports team were prominent figures indeed. Among the six members, four of them were professional gaming experts often featured in various gaming magazines. Sophia actually knew all of them—she even saw Sean in the team!

“What brings you here, Sean?” Sophia goggled at his face in shock, which was even prettier than a girl’s.

Sean looked like a 180-centimeter tall girl. A shy expression crossed his smooth, supple face as he scratched his head and grinned. Stanley introduced, “Sean might be a little girly in real life, but he’s really awesome in the game. Do you know the Dragon Belle Warrior character in our esports team? That’s him!”

Sophia felt that her entire perspective on life was altered completely. The Dragon Belle Warrior was so incredibly fierce in the game; it was actually Sean!

Just as she expected, there was not a single girl in the team. All of them were young boys and middle-aged uncles. They were surprised when they saw Sophia as they asked, “She is…”

Sirius? Scary Phoenix? She doesn’t look like Scary Phoenix at all. However, Sirius is a notorious jerk; how could he possibly be a beautiful girl like her?

Stanley introduced Sophia to the team members. “She’s my friend. She’s a gamer too, so I brought her here to have a look.”

“Oh, your friend…” A comprehensive smile crossed everyone’s face.

Everyone sat down, while Sophia was still in shock about the revelation of Sean being the Dragon Belle Warrior in the game. She watched as Stanley pulled out two pictures from his backpack and placed them at the side. “I brought these two here as well,” he uttered.

The two pictures were the character images of Sirius and Scary Phoenix in the game; Stanley had taken the liberty to print and frame their pictures for the gathering. He placed the two pictures on the positions he prepared for both Sirius and Scary Phoenix. The pictures were also monochrome.

Sophia was speechless upon seeing his actions. Naturally, a team of gamers mostly talked about gaming when they gathered. Sophia listened to them too even though the two pictures placed beside her looked somewhat weird.

After the gathering, everyone went back to their homes respectively. Stanley insisted on sending Sophia home, so they passed through Time Square in the middle of the city and took the subway home.

Time Square was one of the most bustling and luxurious commercial areas in Bayside City. It was most crowded at that time with many people strolling around the square.

Various commercials were played on large screens located at the most eye-catching spots in Time Square; celebrities who could be featured on these screens had to be A-list actors or actresses and top international brands in Cethos.

When Sophia passed by the square, she heard a familiar voice all of a sudden. She raised her head and saw the huge screen playing the trailer of Michael’s new movie. This time, Michael was acting in a period drama; he played the main role of a young master of a wealthy family eighty years ago, looking very handsome and charming in the movie.

His unique elegant charm was unparalleled. As his ever so handsome image appeared on the large screen over and over again coupled with his husky, pleasant voice, people walking on the square couldn’t help but stop and look at him on the screen.

Sophia raised her head and looked at the handsome man; she was mesmerized by his charm too. How can my idol look so handsome?

Stanley raised his head and looked at Michael too. From time to time, he turned and took a glance at the dreamy look in Sophia’s eyes, who was standing beside him. Yet another girl who’s been bewitched by my uncle. He couldn’t stop himself from advising her, “Sophie, you have to stop thinking about my uncle. There’s no way my uncle would like you!”

However, it seemed as though Sophia wasn’t listening to him at all. Stanley then continued, “You should look closer around you—maybe you’ll find a surprise around you somewhere!”

Stanley was rather confident with his looks. After all, he came from the same family as Michael. They looked somewhat alike, and he was the most attractive guy in the School of Computer Science! Unfortunately, Sophia was so mesmerized by his uncle’s charm that she didn’t even notice him at all!

As if trying to say something again, Stanley was about to open his mouth when he noticed an object moving from the corner of his eyes suddenly; he had caught a glimpse of a blinding, cold light. Upon looking closer, it was actually a blade!

The icy blade was about to stab into Sophia’s neck, who was raising her head and looking at Michael! Without any hesitation, Stanley kicked Sophia in her back; it sent her flying faraway outward. Thus, the blade missed its target.

Sophia, who was still oblivious of what was happening, turned around and saw the athletic Stanley lunging at a person. She was an unattractive girl, and she had already rolled over and got up after being pressed down on the floor by Stanley in just a few seconds.

A ray of icy light flashed through her hand and next moment, a small inch-long blade appeared from out of nowhere in her hand. The blade then extended to a few inches long in silence within seconds. It shone with a layer of dark tint on its surface as it stabbed directly into Stanley’s heart quickly!

A-An assassin?

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That was the first thing Sophia could think about; she was a well-trained assassin too!

Stanley was not an ordinary person either, for the Fletchers were not easy targets. Just as the blade was about to stab into his heart, he stretched out his foot and hooked the bag which he had been carrying on his back to the front, stopping the blade just in time. The two picture frames in his bag had saved his life.

“Quick, run!” As he struggled underneath the assassin, Stanley shouted at Sophia loudly at the same time.

However, as soon as he finished shouting, the body of the female assassin convulsed; the blade in her hand fell to the floor, and her eyes rolled back as she fell down beside Stanley.

He saw Sophia standing behind the assassin with a taser in her hand. He thought she would be so petrified that she would become disorientated, but to his surprise, Sophia didn’t seem to be afraid at all. Her eyes were icy cold as she kept her taser away. She took two steps forward and dragged Stanley from the floor. “Get up quickly.”

Stanley was still in shock; he didn’t expect Sophia to be so bold even though she was just a nanny. But then again, the nannies from his uncle’s household were very different from other nannies.

Suddenly, he was overwhelmed by a huge sense of danger. Almost immediately, he noticed a red spot on Sophia’s forehead. Snipers were still around!

Within 0.1 seconds, he hurled his bag into the air. Stanley, who was still laying on the floor, stretched out his leg and tripped her deliberately. Being caught off balance, Sophia staggered forward unsteadily and fell onto Stanley.

Bang! Following a loud bang, the bag that was hurled into the air burst open with a gunshot. A bullet, which was supposed to hit Sophia’s brain, deviated slightly upward away from its original path because of the sudden appearance of the bag. Moreover, Sophia had been tripped and coincidently fell forward. The bullet narrowly missed its target and barely brushed past her brain.

A person standing not far away behind Sophia became the unlucky person as he got shot instantly!

The shot was fired from a gun which had been modified with a silencer, making it completely silent when the bullet was fired. However, the unlucky person who got shot in the thigh lay down on the floor and wailed in pain.

“There’s a murderer on the loose!” he screamed.

The whole square was in a total chaos following the scream! The square was very crowded with people walking around in the first place; now that something had happened, people panicked and a stampede ensued at the square!

Stanley got Sophia on her feet and they started to run.

Sophia didn’t expect that there were snipers hiding in the dark too! Then, is their target… Stanley?

Stanley was a Fletcher indeed. He had served in the army before, so he knew the snipers were still hiding in the dark. Besides, there was probably more than one sniper around. He dragged Sophia along, carefully blending into the crowd as they ran.

The ground was full of things falling off from people on the run in panic, which included scarves, hats and so on. The swift and observant Stanley picked up two hats from the floor quickly—one for Sophia and another one for himself.

The snipers were watching them closely from above. Now that everyone was running around in panic, the only thing the snipers could differentiate them from other people were their heads.

Sophia put on the hat and removed her down jacket. The jacket was bright red in color, and it was too striking.

“Get inside the shop!”

Stanley took Sophia and dashed into a café beside the square. Since they didn’t know how many snipers were hiding in the dark, they would become the snipers’ target soon if they were exposed outside in the square for too long.

There were many people who had dashed into the building along with them. All of a sudden, the whole square became a chaotic mess.

Entering the café, Sophia turned around and took a glance at the female assassin whom she had electrocuted just now. She was still lying on the floor of the square, covered in footprints from head to toe. Needless to say, she had been stepped on countless times by people scampering around in the square. One couldn’t be sure whether she was still alive!

Once they were in the shop, Stanley spoke to Sophia and said, “Give me your phone!”

His cell phone was inside his backpack which had been shot earlier. Sophia unlocked her cell phone and passed it to him. Stanley quickly dialed a number and his call was answered soon. “Bro, we’re at Time Square; there are no less than 5 enemies here, and they have snipers. The place is in total chaos, so please send help right away.”

Sophia felt a bit more secure after Stanley had made the call. Nonetheless, they were unsure when the armed forces would arrive at the place.

Time Square was one of the most crowded and bustling squares in Bayside City. Although it wasn’t a special holiday today, there were still lots of people at the square. After the sudden accident just now, almost no one was at the square now. Several people, who had been injured due to stampedes, wailed in pain as they lay on the ground across the square.

Quite a number of people were hiding in the café too.

As Sophia hid behind the door, she asked Stanley quietly, “Aren’t there supposed to be armed police officers patrolling a crowded place like this?”

Stanley had served in the army before; he grabbed Sophia and they hid in the spot where the snipers couldn’t see them. He explained in a low voice, “Today is not a holiday, so they don’t have armed police officers around. At most, they just have two patrolling police officers who are no match for those assassins. Time Square is a place which is easier to defend rather than to attack. I’m afraid we’ll be dead long before the armed forces even arrive. Clearly, they had everything planned out perfectly from the place to the time, and they are waiting exclusively for me!”

Besides, one would only hire such a large group of elite assassins to assassinate the Fletchers.

Sophia was so terrified that she broke out in a cold sweat. She lowered her head and called Hale. To her surprise, the moment her call was answered, the largest screen in Time Square was shot by the assassins. Suddenly, there was a blackout in the entire area. Time Square, which had been brightly lit moments ago, plunged into darkness within a split second.

Just as Hale had answered her call, someone patted Sophia on her shoulder suddenly. “Miss Edwards!”

Sophia was startled. She turned around and looked behind. It was actually Quinton, their Financial Accounting professor. She was very surprised as she asked, “Professor Clark, what brings you here?”

Evidently, Quinton was out on a date today. He dressed up and looked very handsome indeed; he even wore a little cravat around his neck. However, he didn’t expect that he would run into something like that today—his white shirt even got wrinkled in the chaos.

However, just as they greeted each other, a ray of red laser light shone through the glass window of the café and focused exactly on her head. Stanley lunged toward Sophia immediately and pressed her firmly against the floor. Once again, a bullet brushed past her scalp quietly and hit a chair in the café. The shot sent the chair flying into the air, which frightened people in the café as they ran away to hide elsewhere.

“I’m the one they’re after. You should stay away from me lest you get hurt,” said Stanley as he pushed Sophia away toward Quinton.

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat when she heard this. It seemed like the assassins weren’t targeting Stanley—it was her who they were after! However, she couldn’t think of anyone she had offended before… No! The Harpers! If the Harpers could hire some assassins to assassinate her once, they could do it again! Damn those Harpers! If I survive this time, I’ll definitely make your entire family go bankrupt!

As Sophia cursed to herself quietly, she crawled around in panic using both her arms and legs, running for her life.

All the shops around the square had closed. Lights were switched off and doors were shut tight. Just now, lots of people had run and hid in the shops; screams and cries were everywhere. Sophia didn’t know when Hale and Stanley’s brother would come and save them.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps came closer and closer. Those footsteps sounded heavy but quick. The person had a very clear target, which was the café!

The footsteps became heavier with each step the person took, and it seemed like those footsteps were stepping on the hearts of everyone in the café. Someone’s coming! The footsteps sound like they belong to an assassin!

Sophia rummaged through her bag immediately. After the incident where she was almost killed by Phantom Wolf, she put a bunch of self-defense equipment in her bag like tasers and pepper spray; needless to say, her bag was bulging with everything inside of it.

Stanley pulled out a taser from Sophia’s bag, hid behind the door and waited for the person to come. As soon as he came, he would knock him out with the taser immediately.

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He was getting closer and closer! The assassin’s footsteps grew nearer by the minute.

Everyone in the café held their breaths and saw a figure stopping in front of the glass window of the café. The figure advanced toward the door step by step before pausing for a second at the doorway as a hand opened the café door.

The creak of the door sounded deafening in the now completely silent café. As everyone looked on in terror, the door was opened and an extremely tall figure stood at the doorway. The square was in total darkness without the slightest bit of light in it—not even the lights from the stars and moon shone into the building. Thus, all everyone could see was a dark yet menacing figure.

Stanley lunged at the figure stealthily and electrocuted the dark figure with the taser in his hand immediately. The body of the dark figure convulsed for a moment, but much to everyone’s surprise, he didn’t collapse at all. The sturdy tower-like figure of the assassin remained standing tall and firm on the ground; Stanley’s over 180-centimeter tall figure appeared really small compared to his height.

With a loud thump, Stanley was hurled fiercely onto the ground by the dark figure. He let out a groan and fainted on the spot.

The assassin advanced toward the crowd hiding in the café, and everyone there backed away in fear.

Even a strong man like Stanley was knocked out by the assassin with just a single strike, so they didn’t have the confidence to put up a fight against the man. Sophia kept moving toward the back as far as she could.

Suddenly, a palm pressed against her back and forcibly shoved her out toward the assassin.

“She’s the one you want to kill!”

Sophia rolled over to the front of the assassin like a defenseless little chick.

She was right under the feet of the dark figure. She raised her head and saw the dim light coming from an emergency light as it shone on the man’s heavily scarred face, which looked like a hideous demon. The over 200-centimeter tall man had dry and unruly yellow hair; his bulging well-toned muscles all over his body were fully covered in scars.

She actually recognized the man—it was Quill! He was an assassin from the Phantom Wolf, who was supposed to be dead in one of the International Joint Counter Terrorism Operations a year ago. He actually showed up here and even wanted to kill her!

The first thing that came to Sophia’s mind was that the Phantom Wolf had found her!

Just within that one second when she was still in shock, a blade chopped downward at her brain from above. If it hit her head precisely, she would be cut in half on the spot instantly.

Right at that crucial moment, a chair swung from above and struck Quill’s head fiercely from behind. Following a loud bang, the chair, which seemed very sturdy, shattered into pieces immediately.

Quill’s well-built, tower-like figure remained standing firm and tall on the ground; he grimaced and looked very furious. Upon turning around, he saw a miserable young man standing behind him.

“Professor Clark!” Sophia shouted in surprise. That man was actually Quinton.

She didn’t know where the usually weak Quinton got the courage to actually ambush Quill. The guy was a ruthless assassin, who wouldn’t even blink when he killed a person!

The moment he turned around, Quinton took a wine bottle and crashed it on his head fiercely.

However, Quill didn’t budge at all; it was as if his body was made of steel, making him invincible. He grabbed hold of Quinton—who ambushed him from behind—and held him in the air instead. Without much effort, he hurled Quinton away and the latter fell onto the floor heavily. Before Quinton hit the floor, he crashed into the wall harshly, forming a dent in it. Finally, he smashed against the floor and slumped next to Stanley.

After Quill hurled Quinton away, he felt a menacing aura behind him. A petite figure bumped into his waist suddenly and a sharp weapon stabbed into his waist harshly.

Sophia held a blade that was several inches long in her hand. It seemed to be the weapon previously used by the female assassin just now, and Sophia had picked up the blade on the way in here.

With the sharp blade in her hand, she shoved the blade in and out over and over again every time she blinked; it looked as though she was cutting a watermelon, stabbing Quill on his body multiple times. However, there wasn’t a slightest bit of blood on the surface of the blade at all; she stabbed him one more time with all her might. She felt like she was stabbing on some kind of metal piece. From the opening on his clothes which were torn apart by the stabs, she saw some kind of bullet-proof vest underneath his clothing. Supposedly, the vest could even act as an electricity insulator. No wonder the taser was useless against him!

Oh no!

There was no time for her to escape anymore even if she wanted to. Quill knocked her blade off with one of his hands and effortlessly clamped Sophia’s neck with his other.

Obviously, Quill was very angry. His eyes turned red as it burned with fury; the scars on his face seemed to become more frightening than before. Sophia kept thumping his arm with both of her hands with all her might but to no avail—his arm didn’t budge at all.

Assassins in real life didn’t babble much like those featured in the movies. He never uttered any nonsense since the beginning and didn’t waste any second of his time. He just wanted to get rid of Sophia as fast as he possibly could.

Sophia knew that there was only one way to stay alive now…

“D-Dylan… Lee!”

Hearing the disconnected stutter from the girl, who almost had her neck broken by his own hands, Quill loosened his grip around her neck for a moment.

Sophia was delighted as she shouted out the name with all her might. “Dylan Lee!”

Quill was startled; he was originally a Cethosian, and Quill Lee was just his code name. His real name was Dylan Lee! Few people knew about his real name, so how did the girl know about it?

He noticed the young girl as she held out a trembling hand in front of him. She opened up her palm weakly and revealed an old, yellowish bill. He looked closely at it and realized that it was a bill from Riverdale’s Lovely Hospital dated on the 15th of March from three years ago.

Three years ago on the 15th of March at Riverdale’s Lovely Hospital!

As though remembering something, Quill bulged his eyes suddenly and stared at the young girl in front of him in surprise. After staring at her in shock and puzzlement for a while, he finally recognized her. “It’s you!”

The missing ‘dog’ which the Phantom Wolf had been looking for but couldn’t find all these years!

Unexpectedly, as he finished, a quick and acrobatic figure sneaked into the café from outside the door. It clung onto Quill’s tall body like a smart and nimble monkey. Quill let out a groan as soon as both of them had brief contact with each other; his whole body trembled uncontrollably as he loosened his grip around Sophia’s neck completely. Sophia, whose eyes almost rolled back, was finally saved.

Without the iron grip clamping around her neck, she could inhale lots of fresh air through her mouth and nose. Sophia felt as though she was alive again.

She took several deep breaths and breathed as much as she could while raising her head and glancing at Quill. Quill reached behind and firmly grabbed the figure which held onto his neck, yanking it off him before tossing it on the ground fiercely.

The figure was hurled away as it landed on the ground, but it rolled over twice and swiftly stabilized itself. The petite figure raised her head and looked at Quill. A smile crossed her delicate yet mischievous face. She stuck out her tongue and pulled a face as she squealed, “Haha!”

At the same time, Quill goggled at her in disbelief with his bulging eyes as he kneeled down; his huge tower-like body fell face downward on the floor. He fell right in front of Sophia and blood splattered everywhere over the floor. The old yellowish bill was soaked in his blood.

It was Sophia’s first time having a near-death experience like this; she was so petrified that her mind went blank for a moment. After snapping out of her shock for a while, she finally remembered to keep her bill.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 215

Sophia had always kept the bill; she was worried that she might not have any sort of token with her when she met the person who had saved her previously. Nonetheless, she did not change her old habit even after knowing that the person was the Phantom Wolf. Thanks to this habit, she was saved.

She could still feel the pain on her neck now. Sophia was almost certain that she was going to die just now!

Sophia glanced at the figure who had stormed into the café and killed Quill just now. It was Gemma! She was indeed a psychopath for killing Quill with just a single strike!

Gemma strode toward her with a cheerful grin on her face. A chillaxed smile crossed her delicate face with two dimples on her cheeks. She even complained, “Who asked you not to wait for me?”

Gemma had been going undercover in Bayside University the entire time. Both of them had initially promised to go home together after school, but in order to join the offline gathering of the esports team, Sophia sneaked out of the campus quietly along with Stanley.

Luckily, Gemma had followed them secretly after she found out about this, tailing behind them from a distance. During the gathering, she hid outside of the restaurant and played with her cell phone; she even followed them in secret when they walked through the square just now. However, she lost them in the crowd at the square, and had only managed to locate them after searching for quite some time. Moments ago, she had been hiding in the dark, and observing the number of assassins around the place; she was waiting for the right moment to strike at the same time.

It was difficult to deal with a powerful opponent like the Phantom Wolf—it would be hard to take him down if one couldn’t kill him with a single strike! One might even lose his life! However, Gemma came just in time!

At the same time, lights outside were switched on suddenly; the electric circuit was finally fixed. Once again, the entire Time Square was brightly lit. Several helicopters arrived at the building; steady and heavy clomps of military boots were soon heard. Counter terrorism police officers and military troops had arrived.

Everyone in the café felt greatly relieved. Stanley regained his consciousness too; he shook his head and could finally remember what had happened after a long while. To his surprise, he saw Lee’s grotesque appearance as he turned around. He was so frightened by the horrifying look that he took a step behind immediately.

Gemma helped Sophia to her feet; the latter had been hit rather badly. Her hair became disheveled and she could barely stand with her trembling legs, which went limp as a result of being frightened out of her wits because of the unexpected incident. It was impossible for her to not be frightened after encountering such an incident for the first time.

The counter terrorism police officers stormed into the café and surrounded the whole place. After evacuating the crowd from the café, the area where Quill died was cordoned off and an ambulance came to carry the injured away; the unconscious Quinton was carried away too.

Although Gemma was reluctant to make any contact with Joel’s men, she had to send Sophia to the hospital with their ambulance since the entire Time Square was locked down now; private vehicles from several neighborhoods around were not allowed to be near the square, and people who came to offer their assistance ended up being blocked outside.

Everything was finally under control; Joel marched toward the spot where Quill had died. He wasn’t supposed to meddle with this matter in the first place, but he heard that Stanley was here and thought that the assassins were targeting the Fletchers. So, he rushed here and had a look around.

Quill? Didn’t he die in a Joint Counter Terrorism Operation one year ago? Why is he here in Cethos? Why would he attack the Fletchers? We’ve been very low-profile and keeping our personal information confidential. Thus, very few people know about Stanley’s identity. Why did he become the target of the Phantom Wolf? The Phantom Wolf holds a huge grudge against the Fletchers. Is it some kind of a signal for the Phantom Wolf to attack the Fletchers all of a sudden?

Joel walked out of the café after inspecting Quill’s body. Unfortunately, the other assassins had managed to escape in the end. Besides Quill, another female assassin had failed to escape; she died more horribly compared to Quill upon being stampeded on.

This time, two assassins from the Phantom Wolf had died. This was considered a huge victory for Sophia and the others because the Phantom Wolf never missed before in their previous assassinations.

Joel walked toward the ambulance and saw that Stanley was being carried into the ambulance in a stretcher. He wasn’t seriously injured and only suffered from a broken leg; he just needed to rest for a period of time in order to recover. Stanley’s brother got into the ambulance with him.

Sophia wasn’t gravely injured too; there were a few scratch marks around her neck. Due to the vicious attack of the man, the skin around her neck had been scratched. Her neck would’ve been snapped if Gemma came a little later than she did. Besides the bruises around the corner of her mouth and scratch marks around her neck, there were no other injuries on the rest of her body.

Quinton lay down on a stretcher. He finally regained some of his consciousness but his head was bandaged to stop the bleeding. He opened his eyes and took a glance at Sophia weakly. He only managed to utter a few words after gazing at her for quite some time. “Are you alright, Miss Edwards?”

Sophia nodded and replied, “Yes, I’m fine.”

When she was in danger just now, someone had pushed her out to the side of the assassin’s feet whereas others had sacrificed their lives to save her; she remembered all of them clearly.

Quinton smiled weakly and closed his eyes in relief.

Sophia got into the ambulance and followed Quinton quickly to the hospital. After all, he was injured because he had tried to save her. She had to follow and check him out since they hadn’t contacted his family yet.

All the injured civilians were sent to a nearby military hospital for emergency treatment. Luckily, the incident didn’t cause too many casualties among the people this time; two people who died in the incident were the assassins. One of them was killed by Gemma with a single strike, while another one was stampeded alive by the people scampering around in panic after she was electrocuted by Sophia with a taser.

Sophia was admitted to the hospital for a night. In the middle of the night, Quinton’s family rushed to the hospital as soon as they received the news. His parents were so happy and glad that they broke out in tears of joy when they saw that their son was alright. Finally, Sophia could leave the hospital in relief.

Soon, the police officers took her to the station to make a statement.

The next morning, Sophia went to the VIP ward to visit Stanley. He was absolutely fine besides having his leg broken. He could even play video games in his ward.

Stanley grabbed Sophia as soon as he saw her coming. “Sophie, count how many times I’ve saved you last night!” Without waiting for Sophia to say anything, he started counting them himself. “Once at the square, another one in the café… anyway, I’ve saved you way too many times. Without me, you would’ve died there for sure last night even if you’re a cat with nine lives! I am your savior. What do you think you should do to thank me?”

Sophia was wearing a patient uniform too. She pondered seriously for a while. Finally, she said, “I don’t have any money if you want money. I can’t give you my life either even if you want it!”

Stanley’s reaction was rather exaggerated. “I almost died saving your life! I don’t care—you have to offer yourself to me as compensation!”

Sophia took out a large, freshly roasted Orleans chicken thigh from her bag and tossed it in front of him. “Here, have a taste of the chicken!”

Stanley looked as if he was going to say something again. However, hurried footsteps were heard all of a sudden as it stopped at the doorway of the ward. A clear deep voice was heard from behind her. “Chica!”

Sophia, who was sitting with her back facing the door, was startled. After being in shock for a short while, a surprised look of disbelief appeared on her face.

She turned around and glanced at the door. Just as she expected, she saw Michael. He looked as though he had rushed here in a hurry, and he was now standing at the doorway of the ward. Before she could say anything, a small chubby figure came dashing toward her quickly. The fast movement of the small figure brought a gust of wind with him as he dashed toward her.

Nathan threw himself into Sophia’s arms immediately and clenched tightly onto her clothes, afraid that she would disappear once again.

“Nate!” Sophia embraced the little boy.

While embracing Nathan, she raised her head and looked at Michael instead.

He looked like he had rushed here in a haste. Michale looked really tired with all the dirt on his disheveled face, coming from someplace far away.

Isn’t he supposed to be away from the country now? Why is he back all of a sudden? It would have taken him at least ten hours to fly back from overseas, right? Did he fly back immediately after hearing about last night’s incident?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 216

Warmth poured into Sophia’s heart in an instant. All of a sudden, her heart raced at an unusual speed.

There were many others with Michael—Hale and Gemma were there, as well as Joel and Stanley’s older brother, Caleb Fletcher.

Stanley, who had been heckling Sophia to get some compensation from the latter, turned incredibly meek and docile when he saw his two uncles looking at him. He looked like he was on the brink of death.

“Hey there, Uncle Michael and Uncle Joel; I would’ve been dead if you guys had come any later! I was this close to never seeing you again!”

Michael’s heart only fell back into place from his throat once he saw that his dainty little wife was alright. Although he desperately wanted to give her a nice, long kiss, there were too many people around; it wouldn’t be a good place to kiss her.

He had brought a bag of fruits as he walked in and placed it by Stanley’s bedside. When he passed by Sophia, he stretched out a big hand to stroke her hair as a comforting gesture after her scare.

Sophia looked absolutely pitiful, but her terrified little heart seemingly mended itself in an instant when Michael stroked her hair.

Stanley was moved to the verge of tears when Michael placed the bag of fruits next to his bed. He grabbed onto Michael’s hand and said, “I want a pat on the head too, Uncle!”

Gemma had already explained last night’s situation to Michael in detail, so he already knew all about Stanley’s heroic deed. He hadn’t expected this kid to be so trustworthy when push came to shove. Giving a warm smile to Stanley as a sign of gratitude, the smile was as warm as a kind deity’s; Michael even obliged and patted Stanley’s head.

“You’ve always been a good boy in my eyes, Sundae Cone. You’re the pride of the Fletcher Family!” Michael complimented as he patted the younger man’s head.

Stanley was so moved that tears nearly escaped his eyes when he saw that the aloof uncle of his—whom he had worshipped since young—revealed an appreciative smile.

All his life, he had seen Michael and Joel as goals for him to work toward. Just like his uncles, Stanley worked hard to carve a place for himself without relying on his family.

However, he truly had no intention of joining the army. After two years of mandatory service, he gave up the chance of being promoted to an officer so that he could go to university and continue his love for esports.

His family hadn’t understood his decision and felt like he was an irresponsible person; there was even a point in time when tensions ran high between the family because of their arguments. The only ones who truly supported him were probably Michael and Joel.

Even Stanley’s own brother by blood thought of him as someone who wasn’t upholding his duty even though Stanley had already gotten into the national esports team. Stanley had also been the champion of several world esports championships, and was already the most valuable esports player in the nation.

He had fought for all of his achievements by himself, never once asking for the smallest scrap of help from the Fletchers.

Yet, the Fletchers still refused to support or understand him!

“Why aren’t you complimenting me, Caleb? I was so brave back there!” Stanley couldn’t stop himself from asking his brother, Caleb, after receiving that delightfully gratifying pat on the head.

Stanley and Caleb were blood brothers. Born from the same parents, it was no surprise that they looked like they were from the same mold. They both had sharp and defined facial features, cropped hair, and bronzed skin tones.

Caleb always believed that his younger brother was irresponsible for pursuing gaming, but Stanley had successfully made a name for himself through gaming in the past few years. Moreover, his act of bravery last night didn’t seem like him at all.

He finally put down all his prejudices and opened his mouth to praise his younger brother, “You did well there, Sundae Cone. You’ve always been a source of pride to me.”

Stanley grinned before turning to look at Joel with pitiful eyes, waiting for the other man’s praise.

Joel was exasperated as he forced himself to give Stanley a compliment. “I’ll apply a certificate of bravery for you, Sundae Cone.”

Although Michael was a Fletcher, it had been years since he last returned to the family. Joel, Caleb, and Michael were born to different generations in the family tree, but they were still close in age and had grown up together; the last time they had gathered like this was over ten years ago.

Who would have thought that they would reunite and gather again today because of Stanley’s injuries? Inevitably, all of them took the opportunity to catch up with each other.

They had to take the opportunity to chat with each other.

Meanwhile, Stanley would occasionally pipe up from his bed.

Sophia sat to the side with Nate in her arms, a slight look of dejection on her face. She had no right to speak up while the Fletchers were talking among themselves. She seemed to understand it now; Michael hadn’t rushed back because of her, but because of Stanley instead.

In truth, she already had a vague understanding how much she meant to Michael; she would never be able to match up to Stanley Fletcher.

After the Fletchers chatted for half the day, Michael got up to excuse himself. How interesting could it be to talk with a bunch of men? All he wanted was to go home and console his little wife.

Sophia followed him when he left, silently tailing Michael from behind as she got into the car. As soon as the door was shut, the car left the place.

Joel stood by the window of the ward and watched as the car left the hospital. He then turned around to see Stanley sitting up in bed with his arms wrapped around his brother’s body, rubbing his face madly into the man’s belly.

It seemed as though Stanley had something he couldn’t say; his face was already rubbed raw, yet he continued doing it while he said, “I’d feel embarrassed telling that to Uncle Michael, Caleb. Please help me with this! Please!”

Caleb fell silent for a moment before he answered, “Okay.”

He then walked out of the ward with his cell phone.

Meanwhile, Michael was currently holding his wife in his arms and consoling her in his car. “It’s okay, chica. Everything’s fine now!”

Fortunately, she had all her limbs intact and was still in one piece. Michael had initially wanted to give her a long kiss, but decided against it when he saw the bruised corner of her lips. He then kissed her on the uninjured corner of her lips most tenderly.

“It’s certain that the Phantom Wolf didn’t come knocking because he knew about what had happened three years ago,” he said in a low voice. The Phantom Wolf had no intention of killing Sophia back then; the reason why he left that mark was so he could recognize Sophie once things had smoothed over.

Years ago, the Phantom Wolf attempted to enter the country only to be faced with strong retaliation from several anonymous people. He then became a dog with no master as he escaped to the winds; he certainly hadn’t the energy to look for Sophia at that time.

There was no reason for him to come back now and kill her.

It was most likely that they weren’t aware about the history between Sophia and the Phantom Wolf; this time, the Phantom Wolf had come to kill her in exchange for money.

The only ones in Bayside City who had celebrated the new year with Sophia and dearly wished for her to be dead were the Harpers.

While the Harpers may be shameless, they didn’t have the courage to make contact with someone like the Phantom Wolf, who was a terrorist that was wanted by dozens of nations.

As soon as news of this got out, the Harper Family and its centuries’ worth of history would be completely wiped out from Bayside City’s consciousness. Obviously, they couldn’t brave such a huge risk.

Still, there was no one else other than them.

The Harpers may not try this, but that didn’t mean some brainless idiot the Harpers were harboring wouldn’t.

“Gary, look into the Harpers’ recent finances—especially that halfwit woman’s.”

Gary acknowledged the order and immediately placed a call to carry it out. The hiring fee for the Phantom Wolf was eye-wateringly expensive; if he really had been hired as an assassin by one of the Harpers, there would be a noticeable shift in their finances. Not only that, a trail would definitely be left behind with such a huge amount of money flowing out.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 217

Sophia leaned on Michael’s shoulder as her eyes fluttered open and shut. Soon, she fell asleep.

She was still shaken up after yesterday’s incident. She hadn’t dared to sleep for the entire night, and Sophia had to give her testimony while taking care of Quinton at the same time; she only left once his family had arrived. In the morning, she went to visit Stanley. There was no way for her to sleep with her entire body aching all over.

Sophia’s heart was still tightly wound up after experiencing her first bloodshed. Still, an inexplicable sense of safety cocooned her when she leaned on Michael’s shoulder. A wave of exhaustion then crashed over her, and she fell asleep shortly after leaning against him.

Michael’s head was a jumble of emotions as he watched her sleep soundly. While she managed to save her life by brandishing her true identity, there were so many people in the cafe yesterday; there was no guarantee that there weren’t any Phantom Wolf associates among them at that time.

If the Phantom Wolf knew about her existence…

Ugh, what a headache! What happened to not getting attached after buying her?

Despite it all, Sophia was still his woman regardless of all the trouble! Since he had already bought her, he had to take responsibility for her until the end!

Now that the Phantom Wolf had landed in the country, it would be a matter of time before Michael crossed paths with the latter once again—it didn’t matter whether Sophia was in the picture at all.

Michael wasn’t sure why he cared so much about Sophia; he had lived for so long, yet no other woman had been able to worm herself into his heart like she did.

That little wife of his had somehow ended up wriggling into his heart by accident.

He pulled Sophia closer and eyed Nathan, who was nodding off at the side.

Michael had been keeping Sophia’s brush with danger from Nathan, but he couldn’t hide why Sophia did not come back home that night; Nathan even threw a tantrum the entire night when Gary wouldn’t let him go out to look for Sophia. He had only been allowed to see Sophia at the hospital once things had calmed down and Michael came home to take him along.

Nathan sure was a heartless boy—Michael had never seen him this worked up over his own father’s life!

All of a sudden, Michael’s phone rang. He had received plenty of phone calls since the incident, but this one was from Caleb. Hadn’t they just met up? Was there something else?

He picked up the call.

Since Caleb was part of the military, he never beat around the bush when it was time to talk. He went straight to the point and said, “Uncle Michael, Stanley has his eyes on the pretty babysitter of yours. You’ve seen it as well; he nearly lost his life last night in order to protect her. Think about it—perhaps it is time for him to officially pursue her…”

Michael’s expression turned stormy in an instant.

Stanley waited nervously in his ward. With his brother being the one speaking on his behalf, ‘borrowing’ Sophia should be something with a high chance of success. Stanley was looking forward to it, but much to his surprise, Caleb delivered a piece of news that was beyond disappointing.

“Uncle Michael shot it down. He said that if you want to gamble your life away, he’ll personally come and take that worthless life of yours himself.”

“Geez…” Stanley sighed deeply. He had already anticipated Michael’s refusal.

Still, he wasn’t dejected by this.

“One day, Uncle Michael will allow me to court Sophia!”

The attack at Time Square was quickly reported in the news, but many authorities were deliberately obfuscating details. If the masses were to know that the culprits behind the Time Square attack were part of an international terrorist group filled with malevolence, there was a high chance that public disorder would happen. They had already revealed whatever they could and hid as much information as possible.

This wasn’t the first time the Phantom Wolf had struck the nation, which was why major authorities were immediately thrown into high alert; political, military, and underground organizations kept a close eye on this matter.

The incident ended with the culprits dying on-site amidst the major breach in public security. Nonetheless, Bayside City continued to chug along as usual. It didn’t change just because of that incident; Time Square was soon reopened for business, and foot traffic was still as heavy as before.

It had been a few days since Kayla returned to the Harper Residence after coming back from Africa. There was no way she could continue studying at Bayside University, so the Harpers were prepared to send her to an art school abroad. She would debut in an overseas industry and film a few movies before coming back to her home country in another few years. By then, she would have amassed a good amount of popularity abroad, and her countrymen would have forgotten all about what she had done. She would be able to make a comeback with a clean slate.

Her time in Africa had been the darkest period of her life. The poor living conditions, the neverending stream of snakes and insects, and the myriad of diseases seemed like a living hell for her.

Even though she was a volunteer, it was all just for show. She would go to a village and pose for a few minutes every day, but even just posing was unbearable for her. It was an endless nightmare for her; Kayla was stuck in a bad dream during the day, but even when night came, she frequently startled awake from her nightmares.

She had thought about ending her life countless times, but she wasn’t able to go through with it at the thought of the person responsible for her pain still living perfectly fine out there. She must live well and return to get her vengeance!

After forking out over thirty million, she waited eagerly for the Phantom Wolf to send a picture of Sophia’s corpse.

The Phantom Wolf had never failed in any of his assassinations!

However, she didn’t receive proof of Sophia’s death after waiting a few days. On the contrary, the Phantom Wolf sent her a refund notice; the thirty million was returned to her without missing a single penny!

What was going on?

She hastily phoned the point of contact, but the number was already disconnected.

What happened?

All of a sudden, a ruckus came from downstairs. The door to the Harper Residence had been kicked in with a loud bang, and a group of people dressed in black came charging in. The Harpers’ security force couldn’t contain them as they ran into the Harper Residence.

Mr. and Mrs. Harper weren’t at home, but Richard Harper was in. He instantly paled when he caught sight of the people in black rushing in, but he immediately spoke up sternly and asked, “Who are you people?”

The intruders simply ignored him as they ran up to the second floor in a neat line and successfully located Kayla’s room. They kicked open her door like a hurricane and pulled Kayla out from under her covers before pressing her onto the carpet. With the handcuffs secured around her wrists, they took her away. Her phone was put into an evidence bag and carefully sealed.

Meanwhile, Richard was unable to stop the stream of people downstairs; he had only exchanged a few words with them when he saw them coming down with a handcuffed Kayla.

“Who are you? Why are you taking me? I’m going to sue you for trespassing on personal property!” Kayla screamed like a pig to slaughter while still dressed in her pajamas.

However, this group of chilly people were unfazed by her words. They escorted the kicking Kayla downstairs and out the door before hauling her into their vehicle. Once the door was shut, their work was seemingly done. They left as quickly as they came, for their car was ready to leave after they had revved the engine up. Richard came dashing over to stop the car as he asked panickedly, “Who are you? Why are you taking my sister?”

Screaming, Kayla’s pitiful cries came from the car. “Help me, Richard!”

She finally knew what fear was as she screamed and cried inside the car, but the car was already moving once the door was shut. Although Richard stood in the car’s path, the driver didn’t seem to care at all; it looked as though he would just run Richard over if he didn’t step out of the way.

Frightened by this, Richard backed away immediately. Panic washed over him as he watched the car drive into the distance.

By then, the rest of the people in black had finished searching Kayla’s room. They then left in an orderly manner as well.

Richard was frantic from seeing his own sister being captured by others. He grabbed a man who seemed to be the leader of them all and said, “I don’t care who you are, but I want you to release my sister. Do you know who I am? I am…”

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“Mr. Harper, I am the commissioner of the National Security Bureau. Here is proof of my identity,” the leader cut him off frostily as he pulled out multiple documents under his arms. “Here is a search warrant for the Harper Residence and an arrest warrant.

Your sister has been tied to a terrorist attack, endangering our national security. We will be taking her away. Please bring your lawyer along if you have any questions, Mr. Harper.”

With that, the group of people filed out.

Richard watched as the line of cars disappeared from his sight; it took forever for him to snap out of it.

How could this be? Richard knew how his sister’s mind worked, so how could she possibly endanger national security?!

Xyla, who had been silent all this time while standing next to him, knew exactly why.

It seemed that Kayla’s hiring of the Phantom Wolf had been exposed. She hadn’t thought that the wretched Sophia would be this blessed; even the Phantom Wolf was unable to kill her off!

Sophia lolled around at home for two days after her attack before returning to her daily studies at Bayside University. After the attack, Michael began drowning himself in work; he was out of the country not even two days later.

Men were always inundated with a never-ending stream of things to do.

Nonetheless, Michael couldn’t bear to be separated from his dainty wife. He was beyond uneasy leaving Sophia at home; apart from the Phantom Wolf, Stanley also had his eyes on her. Evidently, there were many things that he had to personally see to it.

All major authorities were keeping an eye on Phantom Wolf after such an attack. Hence, they were sure to not show themselves again—not until things had calmed down at least. Sophia would be safe during this time.

Meanwhile, dozens of people with different builds and backgrounds gathered in a nondescript farmyard on the outskirts of Bayside City. One might think that this was just a normal farm, but they had no idea it was actually Phantom Wolf’s base.

After causing waves in other countries all this while, they finally decided to touchdown here at last. Much to their surprise, their first hit in this nation ended with the loss of two assassins.

Phantom Wolf was filled with unflinching killers who did not blink an eye as they slaughtered their mark. In fact, fresh blood intensified their lust for killing. The members were currently talking about how they should execute a larger scale attack that would spread Phantom Wolf’s name across the nation and make the citizens talk about them in a different light!

The farmyard was a hub of activity when silence fell upon it all of a sudden; the killers who had been talking so loudly and animatedly before this shut their mouths. They lowered their heads, looking as though they were common peasants paying their respects to their king.

The leader of Phantom Wolf—its namesake—had arrived!

The Phantom Wolf was a name that stimulated fear in over half of the world’s nations. He had already caused countless tragedies in the US and Europe that shook the world. No one knew where he came from and what his motives were; his only goal was to kill without any logic and reason behind it.

It was a name that had so much blood behind it—a name that was filled with violence and the stench of killing.

The Phantom Wolf himself strode in. With each step he took, it was as though his subordinates could see death itself walking beside him. His name symbolized death; he was the killer among killers and the leader of them all.

His appearance made many of the assassins present shiver in fear.

The Phantom Wolf had never shown his true face to anyone; even when he made an appearance before his own subordinates like today, he would wear a stiff mask made of actual human skin to obscure his actual appearance.

The Phantom Wolf walked in and sat on a ratty, old couch. He looked at the crowd like he was a king, and the voice changer he had transformed his voice into one that was rough yet boomingly deep as he said, “Who was the one who took the request for Time Square?”

A curvaceous woman clad in a mini dress stepped out of the crowd of assassins. Her brightly colored red lips parted as she slowly announced herself and said, “It was me.”

She was one of the Phantom Wolf’s women, which also meant that she was one of the very few people who had seen his actual face. She held an extremely important position within the organization, and she was also the one who had personally arranged the hit on Sophia when she took the request.

The Phantom Wolf eyed the woman, his cold eyes devoid of any visible emotion.

The woman made her way over to the Phantom Wolf, her hips swaying as she did so. “What’s wrong? Alright, this was my mistake. I won’t accept this kind of request in the future,” she said in a sultry tone.

“We’ll just write off Quill and Lacey’s deaths this time. I’ll admit that I wasn’t thorough enough when gathering information for the kill; I didn’t expect that girl to have quite the background. Next time…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, the woman fell over all of a sudden; a small dagger had pierced her forehead at some point. As she fell to the floor, blood sprayed everywhere.

The assassins stepped back in fear. That was the Phantom Wolf’s doing without a doubt, but no one had seen how he had killed her, nor did they know where the dagger had come from; his speed was simply beyond anyone’s knowledge.

Only the Phantom Wolf would be able to follow up on his words and kill a woman that he had been in a relationship with for years.

However, the silence that enveloped the place was an unnatural one; no one dared to say so much as a word for the dead woman. That woman had simply toppled over in front of everyone’s eyes just like that.

The Phantom Wolf surveyed the place quietly before he spoke in a soft voice, “A mistake is no different from your life. You only have a single chance.”

With that, he got up and exited the farmyard, leaving his subordinates with one last word. “Do not make a stir for the time being, and do not go knocking on that girl’s door.”

No one dared to disobey the Phantom Wolf at all.

As for the woman who had just been killed, no one spared her the smallest bit of pity; she acted like the organization’s boss when she was still alive. When she first took on Kayla’s request, no one had dared to voice out their opinion despite their reservations.

The world’s number one assassin organization killing a university student? Even the Phantom Wolf members would think it was disgraceful.

Needless to say, Phantom Wolf wanted to cause a wave in this nation; the bigger the splash, the better. Accepting Kayla Harper’s request was against Phantom Wolf’s code of ethics, yet that woman was eager to spread the organization’s name across the country.

Not only did she accept the request, she even chose the hit to be done at Time Square. Carrying out an assasination in such a busy place would stir up the news, announcing to the world that Phantom Wolf had arrived here!

Unexpectedly, the request had been a flop. Not only had they failed to spread their name, Phantom Wolf also lost two of their top assassins.

It was no wonder that the Phantom Wolf himself was furious!

On the other hand, Sophia began classes again. Gemma transferred into her class as a student, beginning her duties as a full-time bodyguard.

Sophia only got to know about the Harpers when she returned to campus. Kayla had been arrested by the police for some crime that no one knew, and it was said to be a serious one. Even when the Harpers tried to bail her out, they weren’t able to do so.

Naturally, Sophia knew exactly why Kayla had been arrested; she smiled at the thought of it.

Quinton had also called in sick and was absent from class.

One afternoon, the class representative approached Sophia and said, “Sophia, Mr. Clark is ill. We’re going to visit him tomorrow. Are you coming?”

The incident at Time Square was covered up; in order to protect the victims from being hunted down again, their identities had been kept under close wraps. Everyone thought that Mr. Clark was merely on sick leave, and all the girls from Sophia’s school had been going to his home to pay him a visit.

Quinton taught many classes, so everyone agreed to take turns visiting him. If all the students squeezed themselves in his home at the same time, Quinton’s house would implode from the number of people there.

Sophia knew that Quinton wasn’t sick; he had actually been injured when he fought with the terrorists to save her life. As such, she should visit him.

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There were far too many people who wanted to see Quinton, so Sophia’s class still had to line up when they visited him. The class representatives had all settled on a timetable, and Sophia’s class would have to wait until tomorrow to visit Quinton. Since it happened to be a Saturday, they needn’t attend class. Everyone agreed to meet Quinton in the afternoon.

Sophia felt that she couldn’t visit him without bringing a gift at the very least. When she got home, she took a look at the pantry and found that they had pretty much everything in there. In particular, they had a ton of eel along with a lot of exotic meats.

Michael had a particular palate and was fond of unusual meats; frogs, eel, and the likes were all his favorites. Sophia was traumatized by her time in the kitchen, so she usually did not dare to step into it. Today, she made a sudden foray into the kitchen but didn’t find anything that she wanted, so she got the butler to call up the farm outside of the city to send two free-range chickens over.

Michael had his own farm out of the city with a huge variety of crops planted there. There were plenty of fish ponds and pig pens, and he even had many other types of livestock living there.

The butler placed the order, and two free-range chickens were delivered the next day. The chickens were then penned up in the kitchen.

When Saturday came around, Sophia stepped into the kitchen after breakfast.

At long last, she had stepped into the kitchen!

Michael would always be informed of every single thing while he was abroad, even the most mundane matters like Sophia getting her period. Maria would have to immediately report it all.

Michael opened the CCTV feed in his house while abroad. Just as Maria had reported, he saw Sophia entering the kitchen as she began to prep the chickens by boiling some water before she slaughtered them solemnly. She then got around to plucking them and washing the poultry.

Was she going to cook them? Who was she cooking for? Why did she suddenly think of cooking some chicken today?

Michael never saw her enter the kitchen while they were home; yet, here she was today!

Feeling immensely threatened by this thousands of miles away, Michael phoned Nathan in a haste.

“Your mom is cooking something for another kid!”

Nathan, who was in the midst of gaming, felt immensely threatened by this piece of information. Rushing into the kitchen to check on Sophia, he saw that she had already cleaned the chickens after slaughtering them, tossing the meat into a clay pot along with a bunch of other ingredients. She set it to a high boil before turning it down to a low simmer.

Sophia couldn’t be bothered to make instant noodles on a regular day; why was she stewing chicken now?

Nathan frowned. He thought that things weren’t as simple as it seemed on the surface, so he would have to continue observing the situation.

Sophia sat off to the side and read as she watched the stove. After reading for a while, she picked up her tablet and logged into Skype. Taylor’s fan group had been very active today; fans in the group had come crawling out of the woodworks to discuss something intensely. After scrolling through, she realized that they had been talking about Taylor’s birthday.

The administrator typed, ‘It’s going to be Taylor’s birthday in a few more days. Shouldn’t we celebrate it?’

Another one of the moderators posted, ‘Let’s not get ahead of ourselves when it comes to celebrities; we should only give as much as we’re able to. Whatever you give is a mark of sincerity, and the most important thing here is the feelings you put into it.’

The fan group began discussing among themselves. Wealthier fans wanted to give Taylor jewelry, clothing, shoes, and even a month’s worth of advertisements at public transport spaces; fans who weren’t as well-off wanted to give him handmade crafts instead.

Was it going to be Michael’s birthday soon? It seemed like there were a few more days to go.

Should I get him a present too?

Nonetheless, Sophia didn’t know what to get him.

Even if she did, she didn’t know whether he would like it anyway!

Sophia never spoke up in the fan group ever since she joined, but she would actively leap at any fan activity. She contributed monetarily most of the time, such as the time she donated some money to help change the small wings on the fan t-shirts to bigger ones.

At that moment, she immediately looked up recent movie screenings in the cinemas. Michael’s films were still in theaters, so she booked out ten venues and posted the receipts in the group.

‘I don’t have much to give, so I booked out ten showings. I’ve handed the tickets over to the moderators; please ask them if you want a ticket.’

The fans in the group were whipped into a frenzy, their heads spinning from the gesture.

This wasn’t an official fanclub—it was just a group set up by fans. The moderators were hardcore Taylor fans who had been following him for years now; they were all willing and eager to organize events for him without getting paid. Even though it was highly likely that Taylor didn’t even know they existed, they still did everything for him without complaining at all.

Sophia felt incredibly pleased after sending those tickets to the moderators. While she knew that she and the fans were doing this, Michael would never see their efforts.

The other fans who didn’t have money to spare had no choice but to get him something else.

‘I made a watercolor painting for Taylor. It’s a scene from one of his movies!’

‘I made a fan video!’

‘I sang something for Taylor!’

Sophia watched as everyone showed off the gifts they had prepared for Taylor. She sat there blankly for a while before rushing upstairs, taking out a fountain pen and a stack of writing paper. Then, she spread the items on the table and whipped out a bottle of blue ink that smelled of sandalwood. After some deep thought, she put her pen to the paper.

As someone who took her studies seriously, Sophia’s penmanship was great. Elegant cursive letters looped themselves neatly on the paper in a straight line; as neat as her writing was, it could be mistaken for a machine printed letter.

The pen made soft scratching noises as it zipped across the paper. Soon, she filled out an entire page.

As she wrote, Sophia mulled things over with a hand to her cheek. She looked at the purple wisteria creeping up outside the window and suddenly giggled to herself. Her face flushed a gentle pink as she continued to write with a smile on her lips.

Nathan sneakily stood behind her as he watched her write, and an ominous sense of foreboding welled up within him. He immediately caught sight of one of the neatly written lines which wrote, ‘You are a light in my life.’

Nathan bolted out of the room in fear and quickly typed up a message to Michael.

‘Mom’s writing a love letter!’

Michael stared blankly at the message, dumbfounded.

His chica was writing a love letter! Who was it for?

Joel? Stanley? Could it even be Richard?

How could he possibly let this slide?!

He quickly phoned Hale and Gemma to keep a close eye on her!

Michael really wanted to see which twerp Sophia was writing and cooking for! If he found out who it was, he would absolutely castrate that guy!

Sophia read through her letter sentence by sentence after she was done with it.

‘You are a light in my life. Not only have you chased away the darkness hovering over my days, you’ve thinned out the fleeting fear and anxiety that I had. Warmth blooms through the light that you exude. It has seeped into me, your tenderness circulating throughout my body with my blood. It spreads throughout me from my limbs to my essence. Your invisible hands caress me—my being, my flesh.’

The more she looked at it, the more embarrassed she became. Sophia couldn’t bring herself to read it anymore, blushing wildly as she put away three pages full of writing. She stacked them into a large envelope and sealed it carefully. Once she wrote down the receiver’s name, address and postcode, she wrapped it up with a few layers of newspaper and put it into her backpack.

Soon, the chicken soup was ready. Sophia called Nathan for lunch only to realize that the boy had a dirty look on his face.

Of course, she was already used to Nathan’s unpredictable yet baleful expressions.

Fortunately, Sophia had called Nathan to have some soup once it was done cooking; it showed that she still thought of him. The sense of danger Nathan had as her stepson instantly dissipated, but Nathan still had a sense of foreboding for Michael; he would have to watch out for that sense of danger on behalf of Michael for now.

After having two nice bowls of soup, Sophia poured the rest of the chicken soup into two tall thermal containers and kept them in her bag before heading out.

Nathan promptly chased after her and asked, “Where are you going?”

“Nate, be good and play by yourself at home. Mom’s going to visit Mr. Clark now.”

Oh, she was going to visit Mr. Clark because of what had happened! She wasn’t actually cooking for another kid!

Still, Nathan’s sense of danger did not fully subside. “What were you writing just now?”

Sophia batted her eyes and said meaningfully, “That’s Mom’s little secret!”

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What kind of little secret was it that couldn’t see the light of day? Were there any other little secrets that he wasn’t allowed to know?!

Nathan followed her hastily and said, “I want to come along as well!”

In truth, Nathan just wanted to see who Sophia was going to show that ‘little secret’ to!

Ever since the Phantom Wolf incident, Sophia had become far more alert. Today, she deliberately got Hale to drive her over while Gemma tagged along.

Hale heaved the heavy containers of soup into the car. Sophia and Nathan were seated in the back while Gemma sat in the passenger seat. Hale watched Sophia’s bag closely; he was going to see who that love letter was for, and who she was giving the chicken soup to.

“Hale, please stop by the post office for a bit.”

Hale stopped outside of the post office. Sophia got out of the car and bought some stamps before pasting them onto the envelope and mailing it.

Nathan watched and silently memorized the address on the envelope. It was an address in their city, but she hadn’t put down her own address as the sender.

Once she mailed the letter off, Sophia blissfully trotted back to the car and continued her journey.

She kept looking out of the window throughout the drive, her thoughts constantly on the love letter from earlier. She wondered if Michael would end up seeing it. However, she knew that he wouldn’t get to read that letter; it would probably be headed straight for the bin instead. Sophia had prepared for the letter to not be read, so she did not leave any identifying personal details in it.

The letter was posted directly to the administrator of the fan group she was in. The administrator would pack up all the gifts the fans had sent in and hand them over to Imperial Entertainment, which was Taylor’s managing company; whether he would actually see it depended on his luck right now.

Even though she knew it wasn’t possible for him to read it, Sophia still felt that she hadn’t written the letter for nothing. She had at least written it, and it even took up three sheets of paper for a total of three full pages.

She was so lost in the romanticness of her love letter that she didn’t notice the alert looks everyone else in the car was giving her.

Defcon! Major alert! Code red!

When Michael got to know about this from across the ocean, he was working by the beach. He was so panicked by it that he nearly leaped into the water and swam straight home.

“Find out who that person is for me; not only that, castrate him immediately!”

Sophia and Nathan finally arrived at the gate of the residential area Quinton lived in. Sophia’s classmates were already waiting there, and all of them had bags of various sizes in their hands filled with everything from supplements to fruits. Sophia laughed and chatted with everyone as she entered the residential area with her chicken soup in hand.

“Hey, Sophia! You’ve made some soup too. I brought some borscht.”

“I made vegetable soup instead.”

Just her class alone had about four to five students who decided to bring soup—and fancier soup at that. There was borscht, beef and wine soup, and vegetable soup. Sophia’s chicken soup seemed very plain in comparison to other offerings.

Quinton was a highly intelligent academic who returned after his studies abroad. He had a doctorate from a famous university overseas, and he was also the second son of Bayside City’s esteemed Clark Family. Hence, it was no surprise that he lived in a fancy residential district.

While his home wasn’t as extravagant as The Imperial, it was a three-storey house with a garage, a spacious basement, and a garden. It was fortunate that his home was as spacious as it was, or else he wouldn’t be able to fit all the gifts inside. Another class had come by earlier this morning, and the housekeeper already placed the gifts neatly in the living room. The living room was filled with so many letters, flowers, supplements, and other presents that it was close to being overrun.

Sophia followed her classmates in and placed her soup to the side; the table was already stacked with containers of soup, and there had to be at least a dozen containers. They then filed into Quinton’s room.

Apart from being a handsome man, Quinton also had a pleasant personality to match. He had only been teaching at Bayside University for less than two years, but his popularity was extraordinary.

Quinton hadn’t fully recovered yet, his face still as sickly pale as before; those beautiful eyes of his were lethargic as he continued to recuperate in bed. Everyone knew that he had to rest, so they left after only staying for a while. When they left, Nathan eyed Sophia’s container of soup pitifully. Lost among all the other containers, her grey thermal container looked absolutely nondescript.

Quinton would never be able to finish all that soup even if he ran a bath with it. Wouldn’t it be a waste for Sophia to leave that soup here?!

Nathan was really displeased, still thinking about the chicken soup even after they had long left Quinton’s house. Throughout the journey, he remained unhappy.

Quinton’s home was filled with another wave of presents now that Sophia and her classmates had left. Quinton got up from his bed, his frail body clad in a plain set of white pajamas. He made his way to the table filled with containers of soup, reaching out a pale hand to grab a grey container. The delicious aroma of chicken soup greeted him when he twisted the lid open, and Quinton’s pale face perked up in an instant at the smell of it.

Meanwhile, Nathan maintained a mutinous expression since leaving Quinton’s home. He was still thinking about that chicken soup.

Sophia returned to the car after visiting Quinton. “Where do you want to go next, Miss Edwards?” asked Hale.

Before Sophia could answer, her phone rang in her bag. She took a look at the caller ID and realized that it was Stanley. His weak voice drifted out of the speakers as soon as she answered the call. “Oh, you and your frozen heart, Sophia. I nearly lost my life protecting you out there… and now, I’m left with just a little life in me. You still won’t see me even when I’m at death’s door,” he said.

Sophia was unamused. He had only hurt his leg; who was he putting on this act for?!

“Fine, I’m coming over. Are you still in the hospital?”

Stanley was beyond elated, but his tone was still as weak as a whisper. “I’m home already. Come to the military compound, and I’ll get someone to pick you up.”

Sophia wasn’t willing to do so, but Stanley did injure his leg because of her. She had no choice but to answer, “I just visited Mr. Clark; I’ll be over in a bit.”

After hanging up the call, Sophia instructed Hale, “Drive us to Stanley’s home at the military compound.”

Hale began driving in that direction.

Sophia had only just hung up on Stanley when her second phone rang. This phone was reserved for contacting her clan members, but Stanley was the only one who knew that number. As expected, the caller ID flashing on the screen was Snow Fox.

She had barely picked up the call when Stanley’s voice burst through the receiver brightly. It was a contrast to his limp and lethargic tone earlier as he said, “Sirius! Where have you been all this time? The semi-finals in Asia are coming up soon! Hurry up and get yourself online!”

Wasn’t he about to die? Didn’t he say that he barely had any life left in him?

Sophia was unamused as she said, “My son is sick, so I’m on the way to see him now; I’ll come online once I’ve visited him.”

“Aren’t you still in school? Why do you have a son?”

“He’s my in-game son.”

Stanley’s tone immediately took a turn and became one that was a little cajoling. “Sirius, I’ve treated you well all this time, yeah?”

Sophia felt that his tone was weird. “Out with it, Captain.”

Stanley hemmed and hawed for a while before he spoke up again, “Here’s the thing… Recently, I’ve been pursuing this girl. She’s a gamer too; when she comes online later, you’re going to pretend to be a jerk by flirting and bullying her. Then, I’ll swoop in like a hero and… You get the idea.”

Sophia was even more unamused now.

“Boring.” With that, Sophia hung up the call balefully.

On the other end of the phone, Stanley was gaming with a cigarette stuck between his lips, supposedly on death’s door. His leg was still in a plaster cast, but that didn’t affect his ability to game. He continued to tap away madly at his keyboard.

Sean was there to game with Stanley today. He blinked his glistening eyes and asked, “Is Sirius going to do it, Sundae Cone?”

Stanley took a drag of his cigarette, a look of mournfulness in his face. “Just as I thought, that loser is not going to do it. However, where am I supposed to look for someone who’s just as much of a loser as he is?”

If he wanted someone to go along with his plan of being the hero swooping in to save the damsel in distress, he had to find a loser. It would be best if he could find someone who was notorious for being a jack*ss in-game—a player who made a name by griefing boys and being awful to girls—so that he could serve as a contrast. That way, Stanley could be seen as a paragon of virtue.

Sean grinned after he scrolled through his buddy list. “Hah, your lord is online now!”

Stanley took a glance and realized that Beast had come online after being absent for a few days.

When it came to the Bayside server, no one could beat Beast in terms of being a douch*bag!

Stanley promptly dialed Harry’s number.

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