My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 201-210

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 201

‘Their grand prize is very attractive! Major teams have been recruiting members these days and all highly-skilled gamers have joined. So, how can you miss this?’

Sophia became tempted. Won’t it be great to join? There’s only one chance every year! Thus, she logged into her main account and went to the major teams’ selective trials.

Since the Esports World Championship was approaching, all major teams were now recruiting skilled gamers and each team would have eight members. There would be rounds of matches during the world championship.

Firstly, gamers from the same server would compete against each other in order to become one of the top teams. Then, gamers from all servers in Cethos would have a match to pick out the best team, and the winning team would join the Aseanos region elimination match. Lastly, the best team would have the last round of matches with gamers from other countries.

In the Bayside server, every major team had held tournaments to recruit skilled gamers so that they could join the preliminary round. For some famous teams, there were even dozens of interested gamers lining up to join. Hence, qualification trials were held to choose the best gamers.

At this moment, Sirius and Call Me Taylor were watching a few teams’ qualification trials. Undoubtedly, the most crowded arenas were the famous teams’ qualifications trials, for instance, Snow Fox’s team. Rumors had it that Snow Fox was in the army last year, so he missed the previous Esports World Championship. Hence, he participated this year and there were already six people in his team. All of them were listed on the server’s PvP ranking and they were famous gamers in real life too. Hence, they had a high chance winning and the remaining two places were deadly attractive to the other gamers.

Call Me Taylor dragged Sirius233 along to watch one of the trials. ‘Look at how fun this is, Hubby! Go and have a try too! You definitely have the qualifications to join Snow Fox’s team.’

Sophia became hesitant. It’s Stanley’s team… If she were joining the team, she would need to meet them in real life during the matches. Once Stanley knew that she was Sirius, he would know all her doings in the game. What if he told Michael about this?

‘Nah, it’s okay. I wish to keep a low profile.’ Sophia declined after considering for a while. Although she really wished to join the championship and was excited upon thinking about playing with other skilled gamers, she still thought that keeping her identity a secret was more important.

Call Me Taylor seemed to feel upset. ‘Hubby, can you just listen to me for one time? I’d really like to see you joining the championship, Hubby!”

At the same time, Sophia thought that she would appear awesome once she managed to join Snow Fox’s team. Other than that psycho, Scary Phoenix, she believed that she could defeat all the other gamers! After a while, Sophia finally said, ‘Okay.’ She agreed in the end, signing up for the Snow Fox’s team qualification trial.

Meanwhile, Stanley was busy with the Esports World Championship. As his aim was obviously to become the world champion, the gamers that he was looking for were outstanding and highly-skilled ones. After several days of choosing, he managed to find six gamers and he still lacked two. He could hardly find any suitable gamer anymore!

As there were more than 100 players signing up for his team, he felt dizzy by just looking at their biographies one by one. Firstly, he would reject those gamers with bad PvP rankings and bad equipment. If he found some gamers interesting, he would ask them to battle with his team members. Once the gamers could win two of his team members, they could join the team.

Although Harry had been wanting to join Stanley’s team, his skills were bad, and he had even been eliminated by others several times. Hence, how could Stanley accept him even though he was Harry’s fan? If his uncle were joining instead, he would probably accept him. However, he could not meet Michael anywhere recently. Since Michael had been ignoring his calls and messages, he certainly would not participate in such a boring esports championship as well.

Although Sophia had been playing well, her new account was not really suitable for joining the Esports World Championship. Stanley was becoming desperate because the remaining skilled gamers had been recruited by other teams. Even though he was only left with two empty spots, he still could not find any suitable gamers after so many days.

All of a sudden, he was surprised to find an ID among the participants. Sirius233 actually signed up! Isn’t this rascal Uncle Michael’s bottom? How dare he still sign up? Where has he found the courage to do so?

Since participants needed to show up during the championship, Sirius would undoubtedly attract the attention of all the people who he had offended to the arena once he appeared! Nevertheless, regardless of his bad reputation and misdoings, Sirius was really a skilled gamer with good equipment. Previously, Sirius and Stanley’s match had ended in a draw because Scary Phoenix had stopped them in the end. Otherwise, Stanley was not sure whether he could defeat Sirius or not. Currently, it seemed to be a good choice to add Sirius to his team.

Stanley clicked the accept button and Sirius233 appeared on his team’s arena. The name of Stanley’s team was Dragon Fox. This was because Snow Fox was the leader, whereas the co-leader’s ID was Dragon Belle Warrior. Although it was a female account, she was rather aggressive. Stanley then sent Dragon Belle Warrior to fight against Sirius233.

The audience was agitated. ‘Wow! Sirius showed up!’

‘How dare this jerk show up again?’

‘Isn’t he scared that his master, Scary Phoenix, would teach him a lesson if he lost?’

‘Haha, his dom top’s gonna screw him hard.’

Sitting before the screen, Sophia felt offended.

F*ck it! Sirius’s ‘dom top’, Scary Phoenix, had been offline for over a month. Since he was well known for appearing suddenly after prolonged absences, he probably would not show up during this period of time too.

Among the mocking audiences, Call Me Taylor was sending hearts to Sirius. For the sake of Taylor, Sophia needed to win this match!

It was a heated match between Sirius and Dragon Belle Warrior. Although Dragon Belle Warrior seemed to be a weak female character, she was a formidable opponent and was putting Sirius at a disadvantage. However, Sirius did not get flustered and started fighting back soon. After a while of fighting, both of them had gained advantages over the other from time to time, but no one emerged as the winner even after ten minutes had gone by.

Snow Fox showed up and stopped the duo. “Okay, you all can stop fighting.”

The duo kept their weapons and left the arena. Snow Fox then added Sirius to a private chat room. ‘From today onward, you’ll be my team member. So, let bygones be bygones.’

Sirius replied, ‘During the championship, I won’t show up physically. I will only play remotely.’

Snow Fox also knew that Sirius would be beaten to death upon showing up in real life. Hence, he replied, ‘No problem.’

Then, the system showed that Sirius had officially joined Dragon Fox. The audience became more hyped up than before. ‘What the hell? This rascal really joined the team! Although I’m not really interested in this championship in the first place, I must go there in person now to meet that rascal!’

‘Sirius just eliminated my team a few days ago. Just wait for it, Sirius! I’ll definitely go to the championship and break your legs!’

However, Sophia felt nothing upon reading the insults and negative comments. Anyway, I’m not going to appear at the venue. Just come here to where I am and beat me up if you have the capability!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 202

However, she spotted a particularly evil comment from the public chat room.

‘Disgusting gay people. Just go home and let your top f*ck you! Don’t embarrass yourself here!’

F*ck! As expected, this comment infuriated a lot of people. Sophia took out Sirius’ sword and dashed forward without hesitation, but someone was still faster than her. At this moment, Sophia could only see a sword flashing before her, then the evil comment’s owner was lying in a pool of blood.

When Sophia sheathed Sirius’ sword, she was shocked to find that the man who suddenly showed up and had a shining golden aura around him was actually Scary Phoenix! Why did the Lord show up suddenly?

Scary Phoenix killed a player without hesitation upon showing up. Then, he slowly kept his sword and remained unmoving. The audiences who had been making sarcastic remarks were quiet now. At this moment, they were thinking about whether they had made any rude comments earlier.

‘Hubby! Hubby!’ Call Me Taylor went to Sirius excitedly. ‘You’re awesome, Hubby!’

Sophia did not dare to speak a word as she felt weird with her ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ standing at each of her sides.

After a moment of silence, Dragon Fox sent an announcement to all servers. ‘Scary Phoenix has joined Dragon Fox.’

This news astounded the whole server and even the whole community of the game. Now that Scary Phoenix had joined Dragon Fox, who could possibly defeat them? No one could even hope to win now!

Sophia was shocked. When she was about to log out, Snow Fox informed her, ‘From tomorrow onward, be online everyday at 7 p.m. You aren’t allowed to be late unless you inform me in advance! Give me your contact number as soon as possible so that we can contact you through phone if there’s any emergency.’

After replying ‘okay’, Sophia hurriedly scrammed. She was scared to join the championship after seeing Scary Phoenix joining. However, she had no reason to quit now! This championship could be called the Olympics of the esports world! It was the world’s largest esports tournament!

On the next day, Sophia went to get herself a new phone and a new number. Then, she gave Snow Fox her new contact number. After a while, Stanley called and said fiercely, “I don’t care who you are in real life. Now that you’re a member of Dragon Fox, I’ve got countless ways to kill you if you dare to run away!”

Sophia regretted joining this championship, but she had no way to leave now. If she really ran away, Stanley would definitely not let her off. Since this guy has said about killing me, he must have the capability to do so. Even though he probably doesn’t mean this literally, it’ll still be awkward once he knows my real identity! Not daring to speak, she waited until Stanley hung up on her.

Among the eight team members, four of them were professional esports players and were online 24/7. Meanwhile, Sirius, Scary Phoenix and both team leaders were part time players. Hence, they could only show up daily after 7 p.m. Every day, Sophia logged into the game on time to train herself and communicate with the other team members, coming out with strategies and providing assistance. Hence, showing up at 7 p.m. and resting at 11 p.m. had been her routine for a long while.

During that period of time, she would either be in the gym or prepare for her courses for the next semester in daytime. At night, she would either go home or go to the cybercafe to play games. Luckily, Scary Phoenix did not frequently show up as his skills did not need further training anymore. However, he would still appear sometimes to provide guidance. In contrast, Beast always showed up and called Sirius ‘Daddy’ whenever he met Sophia’s character. This made everyone feel rather awkward.

As The Imperial did not have any cybercafe nearby, Sophia could only get to the cybercafe across two streets on her motorbike. She felt more comfortable to play games in a cybercafe. Recently, she heard that The Luxurious 16—a real estate that was an imitation of The Imperial—already had people moving in.

It was a new residential area built by the Harper Real Estates and was quite near to The Imperial. Despite being just a copycat real estate and not as valuable as the properties in The Imperial, a lot of wealthy families still bought properties there to be neighbors with those in The Imperial. This was because residents in The Imperial were not common people!

Whenever Sophia went out to play games, she needed to pass by the entrance to The Luxurious 16, so she would peek inside curiously. She was wondering who would stay here. When she passed by The Luxurious 16 on this day, she peeked inside again after being stopped by the traffic lights. Little did she know that she would run into someone whom she disliked.

“Hey! Isn’t this Sophia?” A BMW stopped before Sophia at this moment. When its window was rolled down, Sophia could see Richard in the driver seat, whereas Xyla was in the passenger seat.

Xyla deliberately rolled down the window to talk to her. Meanwhile, Richard seemed to be in a bad mood and he did not say anything.

Xyla seemed very interested in talking with Sophia. “Why haven’t you gone home, Sophia? It’s the winter break now! Are you working part time as a delivery man now?”

Sophia simply ignored her as she waited for the signal to change.

Seeing this, Xyla said on purpose, “Which restaurant are you working for? Richard has just moved into The Luxurious 16 and is staying in the best villa there, Villa No.8 now. We’ll definitely order food from you in the future.”

Sophia despised Xyla in her heart. So, the Harpers are staying in this copycat estate themselves to bask in the reflected glory of those of The Imperial huh? Where did they even find the courage to be so proud of themselves? Hmph!

The moment the traffic lights turned green, Sophia rode her motorbike away, while Richard drove into the garage of Villa No.8. After the car was parked, Richard and Xyla got out of the car and Kayla also got out from the backseat expressionlessly. Kayla was limping on her crutches before them and she refused Richard’s offer for help.

“Richard, just go and do your stuff. I’ll look after Kayla.” Xyla stuck her tongue out and helped Kayla to her new room.

Recently, Kayla had more mood swings than before and she would smash things frequently. The kind Xyla was the only one who could speak to her now. When Xyla closed Kayla’s new room door, she heard Kayla saying coldly, “Xyla, can you lend me 5 million?”

Xyla was startled and immediately asked, “Why do you need so much money?”

Kayla sneered and said, “I’ve contacted Phantom Wolf and his price for killing a person is 30 million. I still can’t get enough money after withdrawing all of my money and selling all my jewelries. 5 million is all I need now.”

Xyla was startled to find that Kayla didn’t care about the consequences anymore. Hence, she was influenced as well, and she nodded. “Sure. I can lend you 5 million.”

It was the New Year in the blink of an eye, and New Year shopping had been done as well. Michael also returned before New Year’s Eve and fetched Nathan from the Fletchers too.

During the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, Sophia and Nathan were asked not to enter the living room. When Sophia took a glance downstairs, she saw people being busy in the kitchen and the living room, and she could also smell incense burning.

In the living room, Michael had prepared a feast and respectfully put three black and white photos on the table. Then, he poured three cups of wine and kneeled down before each of the photos. The whole atmosphere was tense and serious.

Sophia could not hold back her curiosity, so she whispered to Nathan, “What’s your daddy doing now?”

Nathan had a serious expression too. “He’s worshipping the ancestors.”

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Sophia craned her neck and saw three photos showing two women and one man respectively. The man looked bright, gallant, and heroic in military uniform. One of the two ladies was also dressed in military uniform, whereas the other was gorgeously dressed. That woman happened to be Elizabeth, who was Michael’s mother and the only person Sophia could identify out of the three.

Sophia still knew nothing about Michael’s family background; she only knew that he was Nathan’s uncle and that Elizabeth was his mother, but she didn’t know who his father was. Michael probably had a sister who gave birth to Nathan, but Sophia didn’t know who she was as well.

Hale had once told her that she mustn’t ask about Michael and Nathan’s family background; it was an absolute taboo in this house. Therefore, Sophia had always refrained from asking questions regarding this subject.

If her guess was right, the three photos displayed on the table right now must be Michael’s parents and his sister.

Hale had disclosed a little bit of Michael’s personal information to her—Michael’s name was given by his father, whereas ‘Taylor’ was the name his mother had originally given him.

Sophia thought that Michael’s father must have loved his wife very, very deeply. After all, not every man was willing to let his spouse name their son after her maiden name.

Marrying a p*rnstar must have been very difficult at that time—let alone for a military family like the Fletchers…

Michael spent the entire afternoon drinking like a fish in the living room all by himself.

The family of three had their reunion dinner that evening before watching the snow from the enclosed balcony suspended from the rooftop. Fireworks were on display in the night sky, celebrating the countdown to the new year in Bayside City that night. Sophia had her binoculars ready to watch the fireworks while watching the New Year Dinner Gala on TV to relieve her boredom.

Watching the New Year Dinner Gala on TV was boring, but it had—like the reunion dinner—become a yearly tradition. The Dinner Gala’s program this year was still as uninteresting as always; if her Lord hadn’t been sitting by her side, Sophia would have fallen asleep a long time ago.

It was still hours before the countdown when Michael suddenly stood up and put on his clothes. He left home and said, “I’m going out to take care of something, but I’ll be back before the countdown.”

Shortly after that, Sophia heard the sound of a car starting up coming from downstairs; Michael had left in his SUV.

What could he have possibly planned during the New Year? Is he going to meet his lover? Sophia thought to herself. Yeah, now that he has so many lovers, he may not even come back tonight. If it weren’t for the fact that Nathan is still in this house, he probably wouldn’t even come home—let alone celebrate the New Year with me.

As she thought about it, Sophia felt as though all the fireworks in Bayside City had faded into insignificance. All the wonderful things in this world paled in comparison to the moment Michael looked back at her with a smile. However, she knew that she would never be the only person he smiled at.

Now that her Lord was gone, Sophia could no longer keep her spirits up. Feeling drowsy, she sank into the large, round sofa on the balcony while Nathan quietly dug up his Bitcoins at one side.

Suddenly, a voice brimming with passion came out of nowhere as it said, “Now, Taylor and Ethan will bring us a song named ‘Dilemma’!”

“Where is he? Where is he?” asked Sophia. Waking up with a start, she looked to her left and right but did not see Michael at all. As it turned out, the voice was coming from the television.

Moving closer to the TV screen, she was surprised to see Michael—who had been talking to her just an hour ago—appearing at the New Year Dinner Gala at that very moment. Not only that, he was also singing on stage with Ethan while dressed in stylish clothes!

As the music began, his heavenly singing voice flowed out of the ultra-thin TV. “Having written his name on my left hand and the word ‘Love’ on my right, I clasp my hands together as a vague sorrow overwhelms me. How is my decision going to hurt…”

Sophia had to rub her eyes twice before convincing herself that the person singing on stage was undoubtedly Michael.

Not only was Michael good at opera singing and acting in movies, he was also a first-class singer. He was familiar with different styles of singing such as classical and popular singing.

Moreover, he sang in a unique and deep voice; not only was it rich and attractive, it was also very intoxicating to the ears!

Sophia and Nathan moved even closer to the TV to take a closer look at Michael, who looked devastatingly handsome on the high-definition screen. She muttered to herself, “The New Year Dinner Gala is actually pre-recorded. Hmph! He’s been lying to me for so many years!”

Another hour had passed before Michael came home at last. The clock struck half-past eleven when he came back; Sophia and Nathan were snuggled together in a blanket, watching TV as they waited for him to come back for the countdown.

“You’re back, hubby,” said a pleasantly surprised Sophia upon seeing his return.

“Yeah, I’m back,” responded Michael as he took off his overcoat before walking by stark-naked in front of Sophia without the slightest care about his image as a celebrity. After a while, he came out dressed in a pair of Pikachu-themed family pajamas that matched the one Nathan wore.

Having changed into his pajamas, he came over and wrapped his arms around Sophia and Nathan. He then said, “I just sang a song at the New Year Dinner Gala, but it dragged on for a little while. I won’t be attending it next year.”

Sophia was totally speechless. It is the New Year Dinner Gala that you’re talking about! Should you talk about it so nonchalantly? Alright, I guess the New Year Dinner Gala isn’t pre-recorded at all.

The family of three continued to stay up while watching the fireworks.

At last, the emcees could be heard counting down to the New Year on TV as they announced excitedly, “Five—four—three—two—one—Happy New Year!”

When the countdown ended, numerous dazzling fireworks suddenly shot up to the previously quiet night sky, illuminating the entire Bayside City.

Sophia stared up at the spectacular fireworks display. Bursts of lights in different colors exploded in her eyes, reflecting the fireworks’ brightness from time to time. This was the first time Sophia had ever seen such a beautiful display of fireworks; it was as though showers of neon were pouring over the earth, filling the entire winter with awe.

Sophia leaned her head against the shoulder of the man beside her, who then placed his large hand on her shoulder. The atmosphere between them was pleasant, sweet, and romantic as they cuddled together while watching the fireworks.

The fireworks kept going off one after another. It was a tradition for the people of Cethos to stay up late that night, so the fireworks display would probably go on until dawn.

Staring at the fireworks, Sophia felt like she had never been as happy as she was right now. She sincerely wished that this moment could stop forever so that the person she cherished the most would always stay by her side.

Glancing at the fireworks, she made her New Year’s wish before looking up to see Michael next to her. He seemed to have no idea that Sophia was peeping at him as he stared intently at the fireworks.

Sophia could see Michael’s perfectly-outlined jaw and loosely-closed thin lips from her angle; he seemed to exist for the sole purpose of seducing people. Despite wearing an awkward Pikachu-themed pajama piece, he still gave off the scent of a spring prairie, arousing libido—nay, passion—in everyone around him.

Staring at his tender and attractive lips, Sophia suddenly had a bold idea. She wanted to kiss her Lord on the lips, but how could she kiss him as she pleased? What if her Lord got angry after she kissed him?

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Staring wide-eyed at Michael, Sophia subconsciously licked her lips as she imagined two versions of herself fighting with each other in her head.

One of the two versions punched the other hard in the chest like a ferocious tiger before throwing itself on top of the latter. ‘Just kiss him! He is your hubby—it’s not illegal to kiss your own husband!’

However, before its words could fade, the other version of herself sprang to its feet with a kip-up and pinned it down, beating the hell out of its counterpart while cautioning her, ‘No, you must not kiss him! We’re talking about Michael, the Prince Charming of countless young men and ladies; you’ll be in trouble if you kiss him!

Sophia, you must hang in there and not let yourself be tempted by his handsome looks and attractive body! Charming handsomeness makes women fall hard, and your Lord is still a pervert no matter how handsome he is! Have you forgotten about the two large and long Asian swamp eels in his bedroom’s fish tank?’

Nonetheless, the first version of herself popped up again and urged, ‘Kiss him, kiss him, kiss him! How often does the opportunity to enjoy a night of loving come around in your life? Now that your Lord is right in front of you, why not take this opportunity and kiss him? It’s now or never!’

Sophia’s rational self soon gained the upper hand once again. It said, ‘No, you can’t kiss him; you have to think about the consequences of you kissing him! You’ll be done for if you do so—just think about the two cases of condoms! Even though women can’t become infertile from having too much sex, it’s still exhausting to do the business for tens of times in succession!’

Her two selves were locked in an intense fight, but neither of them gained the upper hand.

Sophia downed a glass of wine all of a sudden, pretending to make her rational self drunk so that her seduced self could emerge.

Having drunk a glass of wine, she felt a powerful surge of courage that instantly filled her with energy. Then, she quietly kissed Michael when he wasn’t noticing.

Since she was too nervous, she didn’t manage to kiss his lips. Her lips, which were still moistened with red wine, merely touched the corner of his lips lightly.

Startled by the sudden icy kiss, Michael subconsciously responded with a ‘Hmm?’ before lowering his head to look at his pretty, young wife next to him. He saw a sheepish-looking Sophia, who hung her head and avoided his gaze; her face as red as a carrot, and her eyes were wandering.

“Tsk!” Michael clicked his tongue in admiration. His pretty, young wife had finally learned to take liberties with him!

Since they were going to stay up that night, it would be boring to spend the entire night watching fireworks. Why not engage in some other forms of activity instead?

Sophia was still hanging her head with butterflies in her stomach when she suddenly felt her body being lifted from the sofa. Michael carried her in his arms as he walked toward his bedroom. He then said to Nathan, “Stay up by yourself, darling. Your Mom and I are going to make a younger sister for you.”

Nate looked speechless, whereas Sophia’s face turned scarlet as she buried her head in Michael’s shoulder with embarrassment.

Do you have to be so explicit? she thought to herself.

Once they were inside the bedroom, Michael turned off the lights, locked the door, and drew the curtains. While the fireworks were still going off one after another outside the window, he had also readied himself to get this New Year off to a good start.

With two Pikachu-themed one-piece pajamas thrown aside in a clutter, their bodies intertwined with one another in bed before a pair of slender arms wrapped themselves around Michael’s waist.

Michael ran his hand along Sophia’s naked body before grabbing her ankle. Her fair and tender feet were as delicate as a piece of porcelain, making him unable to tear himself away from them. Not being able to restrain himself, he caressed her foot several times again before feeling a rough spot on her soft and smooth skin.

Then, he saw something like a red birthmark on Sophia’s ankle.

Just then, Hale set off a large firework in the garden. The firework went off over the roof with a loud pop, producing lights that penetrated through the thick curtains which illuminated the ‘birthmark’ in an instant. The blurry image of a wolf’s head came into Michael’s sight, jolting him out of his passions at once.

That wolf’s head seemed very familiar!

Michael suddenly got out of bed and switched on the lights. Then, he raised Sophia’s ankle to examine the ‘birthmark’ carefully.

He couldn’t have been mistaken about it; the ‘birthmark’ looked like a wolf’s head. Michael always knew that Sophia had a birthmark on the inner side of her ankle, but now that he had taken a closer look at the ‘birthmark,’ he realized that it seemed to be more of a burn mark instead. Moreover, the burn mark didn’t seem to have been caused by an accident; instead, it was deliberately made into the shape of a wolf’s head. However, the wolf’s head had become a little blurry since the scar was fading.

“What’s wrong, hubby?” asked Sophia. Embarrassed, she tried to withdraw her foot, but she couldn’t do so because Michael had grabbed onto it in a vice-like grip.

Michael’s face suddenly turned serious. He then asked, “When did you get this scar?”

Looking at the scar, Sophia suddenly recalled that particular night; her rosy face turned deathly pale at once.

She said, “I got it before Joe found me.”

Michael had never looked so serious before. He suddenly tightened his grip on her ankle and asked, “Who left this scar on you?”

Sophia shook her head. “I-I don’t know. I lost consciousness back then; when I woke up the next morning, the person was already gone.”

Michael continued asking, “When and where did it happen?”

Afraid that he might have misunderstood something, Sophia hastily rephrased her words as she poured out the whole story. “It happened around March two years ago when Kayla had several hooligans attempt to bully and humiliate me. They broke my leg at the time, so I was forced to jump into the river to flee for my life. After being swept away by the river, I was washed ashore on a small island in the middle of the river. The person washed ashore too, and I begged him to save my life since I had drowned and broken my leg at the time. He put my broken leg back in place, but I passed out because it was too painful. When I woke up in the hospital the next day, the person was gone; not only was my leg back in place, but someone had also paid the medical bills for me…”

Having finished her explanation, she buried her face under her blanket, revealing only a pair of eyes that rolled about as she peered at Michael.

As the look in his brooding eyes changed, she immediately asked, “I thought the scar was made by the rocks on the island, so I didn’t care much about it. What’s wrong…”

Michael kept looking at her silently for what seemed like an eternity. In the end, his sharp gaze softened; he ruffled her hair and said, “Nothing. Just go to bed early.”

He took out his cell phone to take a photo of the scar. After that, he put on his clothes and left in a hurry.

What’s wrong? Sophia thought puzzledly.

She got dressed and got out of bed. When she opened the curtains, she saw Hale and Gary—who had been setting off fireworks downstairs a while ago—entering the villa with grave expressions on their faces. Michael had entered his study, and a constant stream of people then went in and out of his room; all of them looked straight-faced as though they were facing a formidable enemy.

She sat back on her bed and recalled that nightmarish night.

Drifting along with the river current, she washed up on a small island. Trembling all over as she lay face down on the dirty beach, Sophia coughed as hard as she could in an attempt to cough up the sand and smelly river water that she felt had filled her lungs.

With an excruciating pain in her broken leg, she struggled desperately in the mud like a wretched dog as she lay between life and death.

Just then, a man washed up on the beach as well, though it was visible that he looked much better than her. After being washed ashore, he coughed twice and sat on a rock while tearing his clothes into pieces to bandage his wounds.

The sky was covered with dark clouds that night, and the moon was nowhere to be seen. Since it was dark on the island, she couldn’t see his face clearly.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 205

Sensing someone’s presence over there, Sophia tremblingly stretched out her hand toward him and pleaded, “Save me, please!”

However, the person seemed to be unconcerned about her life or death situation. Tearing his clothes into pieces with his teeth, he seemed to let out a few mocking chuckles as he bandaged his wounds. “I’ll save you if you can crawl up to me,” he muttered.

Using all the strength she could muster, Sophia wormed her way through the mud and crawled toward the man with all her might. As her body ached all over, she suffered intense pain every time she moved. Then, as the pain penetrated deep into her soul, her breathing became increasingly shallow before she gradually lost her consciousness. Even so, she crawled toward the man with indomitable perseverance.

I must not die! I must take revenge! I must make those who hurt me pay the price! she thought to herself.

After treating his wounds, the man lowered his head and watched as she crawled little by little toward him. He then said with a sneer, “What’s the point of you struggling to stay alive after living such a miserable life? It would be better to just die!”

“I will not die!” uttered Sophia with a pause after each word. “Even if I’m a dog, I’ll live longer than the other dogs!”

All she wanted was to gain a foothold in this world through her own hard work; Sophia had never hurt nor damaged the interests of anyone, so why should she deserve to die?

Sophia’s fingers sank deep into the mud, leaving deep trails in the mud as she crawled. Since they treated her like a dog, she would live like one and outlive all of them!

Having heard her answer, the man laughed. He seemed young, and his eyes were attractive and charming.

Having crawled to his feet, Sophia clutched his ankle tightly, sinking her fingernails into his flesh.

He hissed in pain and said, “You’re really a dog. Not only do you live a wretched life, but you’ll also live a long life.”

Sophia kept grabbing his ankle with all her might without saying a word. Having run out of strength to resist, the man let her claw at his ankle until it bled. Then, without moving his ankle, he moved around to her feet and tapped her leg. “Did you get your leg broken by somebody else?” he asked.

Sophia clenched her teeth to keep her pain from showing.

The man said, “Hang in there—it’ll be painful.”

A pair of large and powerful hands rested on her broken leg as he finished his sentence. The next instant, a loud and clear crack could be heard from her broken bone. As the sound traveled all the way to her brain, the intense pain and feeling of suffocation flooded her consciousness, causing her to pass out instantly.

Sophia was already in the hospital by the time she had regained consciousness. Not only had her broken leg been forcibly put back in place, the person had even paid her medical bills.

However, she also had a badly mangled wound on her ankle at the same time. She used to think that she received the wound on the beach, but it seemed like the man was the actual culprit behind it. Furthermore, the scar’s position seemed to have perfectly matched the spot on his ankle where she had scratched him.

Did that man do it on purpose?

Meanwhile, Gary, Hale, Gemma, and the rest of the experts gathered around Michael back in his study. He then showed them the photo of Sophia’s ankle on his cell phone. The mangled scar looked like a dog—no, it looked more like a wolf with its rugged appearance.

Gemma quickly scanned the photo and searched it up on her database. Getting hundreds of matching results soon after that, she immediately concluded, “Boss, Madam’s scar wasn’t formed by nature. It was carved using a blunt weapon, and matching search results show that it is the Phantom Wolf’s symbol.”

With a serious look on her face, she projected her search results onto a large screen. Michael knitted his brows as he looked at Gemma’s findings; the Phantom Wolf was a mysterious organization, but some of its members had been shot dead by law enforcers in different countries. More importantly, all of them had a wolf’s head tattooed on their wrists.

The organization had a cruel practice of carving its symbol of death into its victims’ faces after killing them. However, since its members couldn’t afford to slowly carve a wolf’s head into their victims’ skins, they probably used some sort of portable tattoo machine to do so in a short time. Such a method was more brutal since it achieved the objective of forming the pattern by tearing off a part of the victim’s skin.

The wolf’s head was carved into the victim’s skin like a stamp. After that, the carved skin was torn off, leaving behind a scar in the shape of a wolf’s head.

100%The scar on Sophia’s ankle had become less visible because it had healed over the years. She had also undergone some treatment to reduce its appearance. However, data restoration left no doubt that the scar was indeed the Phantom Wolf’s symbol of death, for it was carved into the skin like a stamp.

Up until now, the Phantom Wolf’s symbol of death had appeared only on the bodies of dead people. The symbol indicated that the dead person was murdered by the organization’s members, and the organization could use this symbol as proof to demand final payments from its employers.

Therefore, why would the Phantom Wolf’s symbol of death appear on Sophia’s body?

Michael felt a chill running down his spine. He asked, “Tell me the exact date and location of the mission whereby we ambushed the Phantom Wolf two years ago.”

Hale, who had participated in the mission himself back then, still remembered it vividly. He answered, “As far as I can remember, the mission was conducted on the 15th of March at Riverdale. The weather was cloudy back then, and those who joined the mission were Abel, Blake, Gemma, Jack, and I. Since the Phantom Wolf’s leader was crafty and suspicious, we had planned the mission for a long time. We could have caught him at one fell swoop, but we didn’t expect that he would flee by jumping into the river.”

Michael pondered for a moment. He was certain that the Phantom Wolf’s leader must have been wounded that night, which was why he had fled by jumping into the river. In other words, the person whom Sophia met after washing up on the island must have been none other than the Phantom Wolf’s leader.

There was little information on the Phantom Wolf’s leader, but according to Michael’s investigations, this man was extremely dangerous. Not only was he the world’s most high-priced mercenary in the black market, he was also ranked top three in the list of the world’s most formidable assassins. Being an extremely terrifying killer, not only was he an expert on firearms and cold weapons, he also had quite a detailed understanding of human anatomy. He possessed one unique skill; he could silently snap his enemy’s spine in two, thus killing the person without anyone noticing at all.

Setting a broken bone was a piece of cake to such an expert, but why would he leave his symbol of death on Sophia’s ankle?

After some serious consideration, Michael decided to call Sophia over and asked her in detail about what had happened. Even though the matter was strictly between men and was none of her business, she had the right to be in the know since she had the Phantom Wolf’s symbol of death on her body.

After a while, Sophia came in wearing her Pikachu-themed pajamas. On the contrary, everyone else in the study looked formal and serious as they were dressed in standardized black suits.

She sat down on the study’s sofa, her eyes rolling about as she clutched her clothes nervously.

Then, Michael sat down next to her. Afraid that he would frighten Sophia, he said in a low and soft voice, “Don’t be nervous, chica—just tell me what happened that night.”

With that, Sophia repeated from start to finish what had gone down that night. “When I woke up, I was lying in a hospital named Lovely in Riverdale. The person had paid my medical bills and left before I woke up.”

Gemma immediately started hacking into the database of Riverdale’s Lovely Hospital. In the blink of an eye, she found the hospital’s surveillance footage over the past two years. Then, she quickly found the hospital’s surveillance footage on the 15th of March two years ago and projected it onto the large screen.

Everyone turned to look at the large screen and watched the surveillance footage on that day. It was during a night shift, and a drenched man entered the hospital carrying a drenched lady in his arms before registering for emergency treatment.

The man was highly vigilant as he had his back toward the surveillance cameras all the time. However, the lady’s looks were clearly visible in the footage; she was none other than Sophia herself!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 206

After Sophia was rushed into the emergency room, the drenched man walked into the corridor and made a call using the payphone with his back toward the surveillance camera.

Gemma immediately looked into the payphone’s call log based on the time of the phone call. After that, she managed to confirm the phone number he had dialed and its location.

Shortly after making that phone call, somebody came to pick the man up. The man entered Sophia’s ward and stayed inside for a few minutes. After that, he left the hospital without ever coming back.

The man had his back toward the surveillance camera the whole time.

Sophia, who also stared round-eyed at the screen, recognized the man from behind. She couldn’t be mistaken about it—the man was none other than the person who had saved her life!

Why would Michael investigate this incident all of a sudden?

The room was momentarily silent except for the sound of Gemma tapping her fingers on the keyboard as she searched for more information.

Michael frowned as he asked Sophia again, “Do you still remember how the man looked like?”

Sophia shook her head. “It was too dark that day, and there were no lights on the island; I really couldn’t see his face. I heard from a nurse in the hospital afterward that the man was strikingly handsome.”

When she regained consciousness back then, the nurse who had looked after her said, “Huh? Was the guy from yesterday your boyfriend? He is both very handsome and very tall! Not only does he have long legs and look handsome, he also has a pair of attractive eyes!”

However, she was too embarrassed to repeat what the nurse had said back then.

Michael asked after that, “Did he say something weird to you? Has he ever looked for you over these years?”

Sophia shook her head again. “He left before I regained consciousness,” she explained.

After that, however, she produced a stack of neatly-folded receipts from her Pikachu-themed pajamas’ pocket and added, “These are the bills that he signed back then.”

She had been keeping these receipts over the years in case she met the man again. After all, the man had saved her life.

Gemma immediately took the bills from her and saw the name ‘Dylan Lee’ written on them in an illegible and distorted manner.

She quickly found the person who had signed this name by comparing the handwriting. Soon after that, the large screen showed the photo of a person whose face looked as vicious as a demon as he held up a bleeding human head.

Gemma introduced, “He is Quill Lee, one of the top assassins working under the Phantom Wolf’s leader. He had been wanted in eight countries, but he was killed in a joint counter-terrorism operation conducted by Interpol. The phone number just now should have belonged to him, but it is already out of service.”

After another round of searching, Gemma continued, “Two doctors and three nurses were on duty in Lovely Hospital’s duty room on the late night of 15th of March. All the five people have died from different kinds of accidents within a year, which includes drowning, road accidents, and fires.”

Sophia’s eyes widened in an instant. The guy who had paid her bills was a terrorist, and all five doctors and nurses who had saved her life back then were dead? What on earth had happened?

Everyone else gasped in horror as well. Their next step was to find out who had been on duty in the hospital’s duty room back then. Since the Phantom Wolf’s leader was strikingly handsome, he must have made quite an impression on these people; they might’ve had a breakthrough in their investigations. However, little did they expect the Phantom Wolf’s leader to have murdered all the five people!

What a cruel man he was!

Michael walked up and patted Gemma on the shoulder before saying, “Please work hard tonight and look through all the surveillance footage near the scenes where the five people were killed to search for possible clues.”

Gemma nodded as she began her work without any complaints or regrets.

Then, Michael led a dazed and confused Sophia out of his study by holding her hand.

They went back to the bedroom, but the previously romantic atmosphere had disappeared without a trace; the sight of the shackle-like scar on Sophia’s ankle gave him a headache.

Why on earth would the Phantom Wolf’s leader leave his symbol of death on her ankle?

Feeling uneasy, Sophia asked him, “What’s wrong, hubby?”

Michael let out a sigh before he sat down and explained the whole story to Sophia.

After listening to his explanation, Sophia felt as though her world had been turned upside down.

The scar on her ankle was actually left by the leader of a terrorist organization, and the Good Samaritan who had set her broken bone back then was actually a ruthless killer who could snap a person’s spine in two with his bare hands!

He wouldn’t have left this mark on her ankle for no reason—he might track her down using this mark someday!

Suddenly, a strange conversation came into her mind, and she remembered having heard the conversation back when she was lying in a comatose state in Lovely Hospital. The Phantom Wolf’s leader was talking to the person named Quill at the side of her bed.

“Why did you save her life, Chief?”

“I want to keep a pet dog.”

“But the situation is tense right now; you’ll arouse suspicions if you bring a person along with you.”

“There is no need to hurry yet; I’ll come for her in the future.”

She thought that the conversation was merely a dream. However, now that she thought about it, the conversation might have actually happened in real life.

Seeing that Sophia’s face went increasingly pale, Michael immediately comforted her and said, “It’s alright. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.”

He then added, “I have told Hale to make a reservation for laser scar removal. We’ll have your scar removed within the next two days.”

Sophia clutched onto Michael’s clothes the whole time since she was too afraid to speak. Suddenly, she felt a chill running down her spine; it was as if a pair of hands were behind her back and could snap her spine into two anytime.

Michael spent the entire night soothing her, saying, “It’s alright; it’s over now. The Phantom Wolf hasn’t popped up over the past two years, so he had probably put this incident out of his mind.”

He spent a long time soothing Sophia’s nerves before she relaxed a little at long last. The instant she relaxed, tiredness overcame her and she fell asleep soon after that.

Although she was asleep, Michael couldn’t sleep at all. He could nearly squash a fly to death with the deep furrows in his brow when it occurred to him that his wife had been made a target by the perverted Phantom Wolf.

He crept out of the bedroom only to bump into Gary. Gary was hesitant at first, but he mustered up his courage and suggested, “Boss, actually… the Phantom Wolf wouldn’t leave this mark for no reason… so why don’t we…”

“No,” Michael refused him flatly.

He understood what Gary meant by that. If the Phantom Wolf saw this mark, he might reveal himself on his own initiative. By then, they could just stand by and wait for…

However, Michael would never risk putting Sophia in danger. He ordered, “Have the laser scar removal done tomorrow. Also, tell Gemma to delete all potentially troublesome photos of Madam from all over the Internet, including the university’s alumni group website and official message board.”

While taking part in the women’s basketball competition earlier, Sophia had worn a pair of short sweatpants that revealed the scar on her ankle; many people had taken photos and videos of her and uploaded them to their faculty’s message board. These photos and videos must be deleted.

Sh*t! Why didn’t I realize that earlier? Michael thought to himself.

With that, Gary left in silence.

Hale suddenly felt that a heavier responsibility had been placed on his shoulders. When Michael previously told him to keep watch on Sophia, he had so much time on his hands that he lazed around all day. However, after learning that the Phantom Wolf had his eyes on Sophia, he immediately reverted back to his old self—the self who had spent his days shedding blood while associating with people from different ranks of the society back then.

8Daniel and Harry—who lived in the same neighborhood as Michael and Sophia—soon learned of what had happened as well. They came to Villa No. 8 to discuss the countermeasures with Michael as well.

The night passed under enormous tension. The next day, Sophia was sent to the cosmetic hospital as soon as she got out of bed.

It wasn’t until the scar removal surgery was done that she sighed with relief when she saw that the mark on her ankle had disappeared. At the same time, photos of her on the Internet had been completely wiped out.

The Phantom Wolf would never be able to find her.

The Phantom Wolf was a very handsome man, whereas she looked especially ugly with her dark-skinned and unstylish appearance back then after being beaten black and blue. How was the Phantom Wolf going to track her down?

I’m broke, unattractive, and too plain to be kept as a pet dog. Yeah, that must be the case; that must be the case, Sophia thought to herself.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 207

After a day of self-hypnosis, Sophia finally convinced herself to continue living a life of ease and leisure.

Stanley paid a New Year’s call to them early in the morning of the third day of the New Year. Festively dressed in a red hat and a red scarf, he searched all over the place for Michael—who would stay home over these two days—as soon as he stepped through the door. After extending New Year greetings to Michael as per their family’s custom, he stood up and demanded a present from Michael. “Where is my New Year’s present, uncle?” he asked.

At last, Michael wasn’t clad in Pikachu-themed or frog-patterned pajamas that day. However, he was dressed in a pair of pink coral fleece pajamas, which was an unbearable sight to behold even with his striking good looks. It was a mystery as to who had chosen such a horrible-looking color combination for him.

Upon hearing Stanley’s words, he took out a big, bright red packet out of his coral pajamas. Stanley promptly took the packet from him before bowing and scraping with delight, “Thank you, Uncle! Thank you! Hehe, hehe!”

However, he still seemed unsatisfied after getting the red packet. He kept on pestering Michael and asked, “Is that all, Uncle? Is there anything else?”

Michael answered, “There’s nothing else.”

Having finished his sentence, he turned around and went upstairs to his study expressionlessly. Stanley went after him and blabbered on and on along the way as he said, “Please give it to me, Uncle. Can’t you give me that as a present? You’re the best person in the world, Uncle. I’m begging you, please!”

It was early in the morning, and Sophia had just helped Nathan to wash up, brush his teeth, and leave home when she saw Stanley following Michael into the study like a wagging little tail.

Jeez, he’s here so early in the morning! He really clings to Michael a lot, she thought to herself.

This New Year was quite stressful for Michael. After all, no man could celebrate the New Year happily when his wife was targeted by a pervert.

However, Stanley seemed to have no idea about his unhappiness right now. He pestered Michael like a pet dog and said, “Uncle, please give your god-tier weapon—the Hundred-Mile Streamers—to me! Since you don’t play the game anymore, why don’t you give it to me as a present? Just give it to me, please!”

He then added, “If you’re not willing to give it to me as a present, can’t you lend it to me for a few days? I’ll give it back to you once this time’s Esports World Championship is over, alright? Uncle, uncle! Please say something!”

The Hundred-Mile Streamers was a god-tier weapon Michael made in the game using materials he had bought himself. Despite being forged many years ago, this weapon had never been revealed to the public; this was probably because Michael had never encountered any equally-matched opponent that required him to use this weapon. After all, he was the most formidable player across all of the game’s servers, so it no longer mattered whether he used the Hundred-Mile Streamers or not.

A couple of days ago, Harry had borrowed the Hundred-Mile Streamers from him with the purpose of showing off. Having spotted the weapon, Stanley kept messaging Michael via Messenger since then; he wanted to persuade Michael to give it to him, but Michael wouldn’t budge at all.

“Uncle, I’ll be entering the competition very soon. With our team’s invincibility, we can definitely make our way out of Cethos—perhaps even Asia. By then, we will be competing against teams from all over the world, so we’ll be at a great disadvantage without a powerful weapon!” said Stanley. Then, he continued, “You have no idea how savage the teams from other countries are. We’ll be at a great disadvantage without a powerful weapon!”

Without saying a word, Michael switched on his computer and checked the current progress of the Esports World Championship’s ‘Swordsman Game’ division. Selective trials had begun in other countries, resulting in fierce competition among the teams. On the other hand, Cethos was to host this year’s championship, so its progress was a little slower. Furthermore, everyone in Cethos was busy celebrating the New Year right now, so selective trials in this country would only begin after the New Year celebrations had ended.

The ‘Swordsman Game’ was one of the earliest online games that emerged in Cethos. Not only had it been on sale for ten years, it was also the first online game to make its way out of Cethos and create a huge impact worldwide. At the moment, the game produced an annual net income of more than one billion with several billion players worldwide.

However, the game was only a small part of Michael’s properties; he merely invested in online games as a hobby.

Stanley piped up behind him in an unnecessarily exaggerated manner, “Wow, Uncle! Look at how powerful this team is! This player is said to the first overseas player of the ‘Swordsman Game’, and he is super formidable! Uncle, you’re probably the only person in the world who can be a match for him!”

Then, he continued, “Their vice-captain is super formidable too! What should we do, Uncle? You can only fight against one player at a time, and I’m afraid I can’t beat the vice-captain if I were to fight against him. Just look at how powerful his weapon is! Things will be different if I have the Hundred-Mile Streamers, though…”

In the end, he still wanted to have the Hundred-Mile Streamers for himself.

Michael shut down the computer and said bluntly, “I have given it to somebody else.”

“What?!” Stanley’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Who have you given it to?”

Michael didn’t have many friends in the game mainly because he was too formidable; no ordinary person was qualified enough to be friends with him.

He couldn’t have given the Hundred-Mile Streamers to Beast—it would be a sheer waste of resources if that brat got his hands on the weapon!

However, Michael wouldn’t spill who he had given the weapon to. Stanley could only leave in a sulk as he said, “Uncle, don’t forget to come online at 7 p.m. sharp today. The selection trials begin on the eighth day of the New Year, and one game will be held each day!”

Having seen Stanley off, Michael left the study to see Nathan standing at the door. Also dressed in bright red pajamas, he had his hood up with a pair of fox ears on it. These pajamas were called something like ‘Foxy.’

The father and son stared into each other’s eyes for over one minute without saying a word as they skipped talking to each other altogether. Instead, they began communicating with each other via telepathy.

Nathan stared at him intently without moving his round eyes at all.

In the end, Michael was the first to lose the battle. He took a red packet out of his pocket and put it in front of Nate before saying, “Come, call me Daddy.”

Naturally, Nathan did not want to call Michael ‘Daddy’—he simply took the red packet and ran away.

Michael shook his head in resignation. He thought to himself, This brat is so aloof even when demanding a New Year’s present!

Going back to his room, Nathan opened the red packet and took the glistening red banknotes out of it before counting them one by one. He wasn’t short of money to spend, but New Year presents seemed to carry a different meaning from the ordinary ones.

He wouldn’t bat an eyelid even if Michael transferred a million into his bank account. On the contrary, if Michael gave him a thousand as a New Year present, he would feel very pleased as he held on to it dearly.

Sophia had no idea about New Year presents until she saw Nathan counting the cash.

Seeing the stacks of cash in Nate’s hand, she was consumed with envy.

She had little memory of receiving New Year presents. Many relatives would drop in on her family every year to extend New Year greetings during the New Year celebrations, but they had always seemed to deliberately ignore her when it was time to give New Year presents to the children.

Giving New Year presents took a lot of learning; people would only be willing to give New Year presents when they could expect to get something in return.

Nobody in her family could give New Year presents to children from other families in return when someone from these families gave her a New Year present. Nobody would have gone along with this, so nobody was willing to give her a New Year present as well.

The only New Year present she had memory of receiving was given to her by her grandmother many years ago. Even though it was a worn red packet with only five bucks in used banknotes, she was overjoyed upon receiving it.

Five bucks was an enormous sum of money to her back then. Her grandmother had no income, so she often took her to town to collect recyclable garbage and drinking bottles in exchange for money. She must have collected tons of drinking bottles to accumulate that five bucks!

Sophia lived a miserable life back then, staying on the city’s outskirts while relying on her grandparents for survival. Since her two uncles never cared about them, they farmed crops when times were busy and collected garbage in exchange for money when they were free. Five bucks was a huge sum of money that she had never dared to imagine.

She almost felt like she had the whole world in her hands when she opened up the red packet and saw five bucks inside.

Unfortunately, she could no longer receive New Year presents. According to her hometown’s custom, one could no longer receive New Year presents upon his or her marriage. Now that she was a married woman, she probably wouldn’t see something like a New Year present until her next life. Moreover, she didn’t have anyone who could give her a New Year present…

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 208

Sophia ate her lunch in low spirits that afternoon. Furthermore, the wound left on her ankle by the laser scar removal had been aching a little, which was accompanied by some redness and swelling.

Having no appetite, she stopped eating after having only two mouthfuls of food. She then said sullenly, “I’m full already.”

Since this morning, Michael had noticed that his pretty, young wife seemed quite unhappy. Was it because of the matter about the Phantom Wolf? No, his instincts told him that it wasn’t the case.

He turned to look at Nathan, who looked at him in return. Staring at each other in silence, the father and son seemed to be communicating via telepathy once again.

Sophia went back to Nathan’s room after having her lunch. She had been staying in Nathan’s room these days, so she had moved her computer and mechanical keyboard over there.

She turned on her computer sullenly and stared at the game’s interface. Suddenly, she recalled something and went downstairs to the storeroom located in the basement.

The entire basement was filled with all kinds of miscellaneous items. There were many things in the storeroom, including Michael’s two cases of condoms, a great pile of cosmetics that Sophia had bought earlier, and toy cars that Nathan no longer played with.

Sophia searched the storeroom for a while and found the suitcase she had brought with her when she first came. The suitcase was worn, and it couldn’t be locked with a passcode. Her grandmother had brought it back home while collecting recyclable garbage back then. It was old but solid, and it worked well.

This small suitcase had accompanied her for many years. Sophia had brought it with her when she attended junior high and high school; when she was expelled from Riverdale High School in the end, she also took it with her. She had lived in Duckburgs with this suitcase, and she brought it with her when she came to live with Michael.

She opened the suitcase to see several pieces of clothing lying quietly inside. These were the clothes she had brought with her back then; she had worn them for several years, and many of them were gifts from her classmates. Lying quietly among these clothes was a set of neatly-folded Riverdale High School’s uniform. Inside the ziplock bag was a pair of used sneakers which she had worn for three years. They were old and worn out, but they were impeccably clean.

This old leather suitcase had been dumped here ever since she came to live with Michael. She never used its contents again, for her past seemed to have been buried along with this well-worn suitcase; the suitcase’s disuse represented her farewell to her former self.

Sophia then found an old wallet in the leather suitcase. The wallet was kept in a plastic bag, and she opened it to see a small stack of banknotes inside. These banknotes were old and tattered since they had been used several years ago; such a version of banknotes was probably impossible to find nowadays.

She sat on an old sofa while counting the stack of banknotes earnestly. The stack contained over ten banknotes in denominations of one cent, five cents, ten cents, twenty cents, one buck, and two bucks. They totaled five bucks no matter how she counted them.

She could still remember the prices back then—a drink bottle could be exchanged for five cents, whereas a ring-pull can could be exchanged for ten. She had no idea how much garbage her grandmother had collected just to save these five bucks; her grandmother had saved the money little by little just to make her happy during the New Year celebrations.

Since they were too impoverished back then, most of the banknotes they had come into contact with back then were of one cent, two cents, ten cents, twenty cents, one buck, and two bucks. Now that Sophia saw these banknotes once again, each of them looked so familiar to her.

She had been keeping these five bucks like they were a rare treasure; it was the first time she had ever received such a huge sum of money in her life, and she kept them since she had no idea how to spend them.

When she attended high school afterward, she had boarded at school with her tuition fees fully waived and was given an allowance, so she had no reason to spend these five bucks. She probably couldn’t use them anymore right now.

Sophia reminisced about the old times while counting the banknotes again and again. Each time she counted the banknotes, an inexplicable feeling of contentment surged up within her. She felt as though she was still her former self—the self whom she thought had gotten the whole world in her hands back then.

Sophia counted the banknotes for more than half an hour before leaving the storeroom in satisfaction. After that, she went back to her room to play online games.

The next day, Sophia got out of bed and pushed the bedroom door open to see Michael standing outside. He seemed to have just gotten out of bed as well, for his hair was still a little unkempt. Dressed in pink Foxy pajamas with his hood on, he pressed his lips together with his hands behind his back as if trying hard to suppress a smile. Then, he looked down at her and said, “Happy New Year, my chica.”

Sophia was puzzled. It was already the fourth day of the New Year, so wasn’t it a little too late to say ‘Happy New Year’ to her right now?

Much to her surprise, the instant Michael finished his sentence, he pulled his hand from behind his back to show a bulging red packet in it. He said, “Come—this is your New Year present from your hubby!”

Sophia was overjoyed. Was she getting a New Year’s present as well? Weren’t New Year presents given to members of the younger generation by their elders? Why would Michael give her a New Year present?

However, it would be a shame if she turned down the red packet gifted by her Lord. She took the red packet from him and said happily, “Thank you, my Lord!”

The instant she said the words out loud, she was overwhelmed with regret—how could she reveal her inner fangirl? She immediately corrected herself, saying, “Thank you, hubby!”

Michael gave her a secretive smile before turning around to enter his bedroom. Feeling content, he proceeded to brush his teeth.

On the other hand, Sophia was left confused; she couldn’t figure out why Michael had suddenly given her a red packet on the fourth day of the New Year. She went downstairs to have breakfast with the heavy red packet in her pocket, and she didn’t open it until she had finished eating her meal.

Much to her surprise, she opened the red packet not to find glistening red banknotes of a hundred bucks as she had expected, but a stack of old banknotes in small denominations instead.

Not only were there banknotes of one cent, two cents, ten cents, and twenty cents, there were coins too! No wonder the red packet was bulging—the values of the banknotes inside never exceeded two bucks!

At once, Sophia was pleasantly surprised as a kid who had gotten his New Year present for the first time.

She counted the money in her New Year present with satisfaction, and the money totaled exactly a hundred bucks no matter how she counted them. A large sum of a hundred bucks! At that instant, she felt as though she had gotten the whole world in her hands once again.

When she counted the money for the second time, she felt like she had in her hands not only the whole world but the entire solar system. When she counted the money for the third time, she felt like she had become the master of the entire Galactic System!

Nathan, who was standing aside as he looked on, simply couldn’t understand why Sophia was so excited upon seeing a pile of worn and tattered banknotes. These banknotes were old versions that had been obsolete before his birth, and they were no longer in circulation nowadays.

Hale suddenly came home carrying a pocketful of old banknotes and coins last night. These old versions of banknotes were no longer circulating in the market, and the banks had stopped issuing them. Even the currency collectors were unwilling to collect them since they had little collection value.

Michael had ordered Hale to either gather enough old banknotes and coins by that night or apologize by killing himself. Nobody knew how Hale had managed to gather so many old banknotes and coins within such a short amount of time.

Last night, Nathan secretly saw Michael counting the money alone in his study. He searched the old banknotes Hale had collected for small changes, gathering them one by one until he managed to gather enough money for a red packet after midnight.

These banknotes and coins filled Nathan with disgust. To him, they were both unusable and dirty, so he couldn’t understand why Sophia was so happy when she saw them.

However, this dirty stack of old banknotes would look adorable if it was Sophia who liked them.

Sigh, I can never understand what is going on in the adults’ minds, Nathan thought to himself.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 209

Satisfied, Michael watched through the surveillance camera as Sophia counted the money in a way that looked very adorable.

His pretty, young wife seemed very greedy for money. Even on the rare occasion where they went outdoors to have some fun, she wouldn’t play anything other than ring toss. Not only that, she even did everything she possibly could to rent out the ring he had bought for her in exchange for money.

However, he knew that her greed for money stemmed from her feelings of insecurity. Behind her avaricious facade, she was actually a little girl who was very easy to please…

Sophia had wanted to take a stroll in her holiday estate after having breakfast. She wanted to watch the snow and the plum blossoms or even ask Michael to dinner or movies with perfect composure. Since it was the New Year celebrations, they did not have much to do; Michael was at home as well.

Still, it seemed a little too embarrassing for her to ask her Lord out for a date.

However, as soon as she finished her breakfast, the cell phone she had prepared expressly for the championship rang before she could even change out of her pajamas.

When the cell phone rang, Sophia knew that Stanley must be the one calling to get her online and play games. Just as she expected, she heard Stanley’s exasperated voice as soon as she answered the phone. “Where the hell have you been, Sirius? Time to get online and play games! The selection trials will begin in a few days; do you want our team to be excluded from the selection trials?”

She curled her lips and hung up the phone. Then, she went upstairs into Nate’s room to play some games with a fruit platter in hand.

Nathan knew that she would be competing in the esports championship these days. Not only did he stop bothering her, he even let her use his study so that she could concentrate on playing games.

Having upgraded her computer, keyboard, and even the internet speed expressly for the championship, Sophia quickly immersed herself in the online game at home.

Soon after she had logged into the game, Michael entered the study and reached behind her. He asked curiously, “I heard that you’re going to compete in an online gaming competition, my chica?”

Afraid that he might have misunderstood something, Sophia immediately answered, “Yeah, I joined the strongest team on our server. The selection trials will begin in two days. Once we pass the selection trials, I’ll be able to enter the Esports World Championship’s finals. By then, I’ll be winning glory for our home country!”

Still afraid that Michael might think she was fiddling around, she began boasting, “The Esports World Championship is equivalent to the Olympics of the esports arena, and teams from every country in the world are going to compete in it. Since it is a global championship, I’ll be awarded credits if I can enter the finals.”

Michael frowned slightly. It’s a good idea to award credits to those competing in the esports competition! he thought to himself.

As the idea flashed across his mind, he hurried out of the room upon thinking that it was a good idea.

When he came back a while later, Sophia was already absorbed in the game.

It was one thing to play alone at other times, but it was quite another to play together as a team of eight right now. She also had to understand her teammates’ strengths and weaknesses and learn to work as a team.

At last, their team was quite presentable after working together all this time.

All eight team members were present on this day. Not only were Stanley and Dragon Belle Warrior present, Scary Phoenix was online too. However, he merely stood aside and watched them play as if he was solely here to monitor their practice.

Their team had Clubhouse, which was a voice chat software, turned on during their practice so that Stanley could give orders directly by speaking in the chat room. Sophia was also in the chat room, but she kept quiet the entire time and was too scared to even install a microphone.

Michael came over and lifted Sophia up while she was still playing. With him on the chair, he let her sit on his lap before resting his chin on her shoulder. As he watched her play, he pointed at Sirius233’s avatar—who was running around on the screen—and asked in very unprofessional terms, “Are you this little guy with a bare belly, chica?”

Sophia was distracted from playing as she felt light-headed while sitting on her Lord’s lap. Seeing Sirius233’s avatar baring his abs in the game, she immediately answered, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m the little guy who has bared his belly.”

At the end of the day, he’s still much older than me; it’s only natural that he doesn’t understand the way the younger generation thinks, she thought to herself.

At this very moment, Sophia suddenly felt that the difference in Michael’s and her own age had created a generation gap between them.

However, Scary Phoenix’s presence made her feel a little guilty; she feared that Michael might find out about her having a ‘master’ in the game.

What did this mean? Was she cuckolding Michael online?

Fortunately, Michael knew nothing about it. He even pointed at the few other avatars that were running around in the game interface and asked cluelessly, “What is this little guy doing? Why are there flowers blooming all around him?”

Sophia explained patiently, “This little guy is a monk in the game. A monk will have golden lotuses blooming all around him as a special effect when he unleashes a major blow.”

“Oh, I see…” Michael responded with a prolonged pronunciation of each word. At last, he pointed at Scary Phoenix’s avatar and asked, “Why does this little guy stay still all the time, and why is his body glowing all over?”

Sophia glanced at Scary Phoenix, who stood in silence the whole time while looking as dignified as a Buddha—even his body glowed all over. Luckily, this guy had been quiet all the time. She answered, “This guy is the most formidable player in the game, so his body glows all over; he’s here to monitor our practice.”

Sophia could no longer concentrate on the game as her Lord breathed into her ear while she sat on his lap. As a result, Sirius began playing carelessly and had great difficulty maintaining his performance in the game. It didn’t take long before Stanley’s furious voice could be heard barking in the Clubhouse chat room, “Are you menstruating, Sirius? Take this seriously or get lost as soon as possible if you don’t want to compete in the championship! Don’t be a f*cking dog in the manger!”

Michael was startled upon hearing Stanley’s voice. He asked, “Isn’t that Stan’s voice?”

Sophia immediately said, “This little guy named Snow Fox is Stan. He’s playing this game too; I beat him up in the game before, but he doesn’t know that it was me. Don’t ever tell him about that, hubby!”

Michael responded with a nod, “Okay, I promise you not to tell him.”

Perhaps because he was bored, Michael left after watching Sophia play for a short while; she then continued playing the game with her utmost attention.

The next day, Sophia spent the entire morning having fun outdoors with Michael and Nathan. Michael would be going overseas on the eighth day of the New Year to act in a film, and this was the first time she found it a little hard to part with him. However, her Lord had to go out to work, or else he wouldn’t be able to feed his whole family.

After having lunch at home, Sophia spent some time reading and taking a nap. After that, she logged into the game and gathered with her team to practice.

Everyone in the team was also present this time, including Scary Phoenix.

Seeing Scary Phoenix’s presence, Stanley immediately asked in private, “Are you my uncle or my idol?”

Scary Phoenix’s celebrity status prevented him from going online every day. However, since he was one of the team members, his frequent absence from the game would surely arouse misgivings from other team members, which would lower the team’s morale. Therefore, Stanley often cheered up the team by asking Harry to log into Scary Phoenix’s account and stand aside while he watched everyone.

The Scary Phoenix who had appeared in the game in the past few days was actually Harry.

This time, Scary Phoenix spoke. He said, “I’m your uncle.”

Stanley was elated, but he immediately said pitifully, “Uncle, can’t you lend me the Hundred-Mile Streamers for a few days? I’ll promise to give it back to you after I finish using it.”

However, Scary Phoenix still gave him the same answer and replied, “I’ve given it to someone else already.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 210

Stanley was enraged. “You’re lying! If you’ve really given it to someone else, that person would be itching to carry it with him 24/7 just to show off! I have never seen anyone using the Hundred-Mile Streamers over the past few days!”

Nonetheless Scary Phoenix did not answer him.

Everyone in the team continued their practice as usual, but Scary Phoenix no longer stood aside and monitored everyone as he had done in the past few days. This time, he took to the field and fought against everyone else in person. Because of that, the team played with unusually great spirit on this day, for Scary Phoenix still outclassed them by several orders of magnitude even without his gear.

With Scary Phoenix being a member of their team, they could get into the finals with little to no pressure.

After several rounds of gameplay today, Scary Phoenix suddenly asked the team, ‘Are any of you currently attending university in Bayside City?’

Everyone else was dumbfounded. Then, he continued, ‘The Esports World Championship has teamed up with Bayside City’s University Alliance. Contestants who are currently attending university in Bayside City will be awarded credits if their teams manage to make it to the top eight globally. The teams who win first, second, and third place will be awarded five, three, and two credits respectively, whereas teams that finish fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth will be awarded one credit.’

Everyone else was stunned. Could they be awarded credits just by playing games? On second thought, the Esports World Championship was equivalent to the Olympics of the esports arena. Since it was a world-class championship, it shouldn’t be surprising for those who excelled in the championship to be awarded credits.

Some members of the team spoke up on the spot. Snow Fox said, ‘Belle Warrior and I are students of Bayside University. Who else is attending university in Bayside City? Tell me your name so that I can put it on record for credit-awarding purposes.’

Out of eight team members, four were professional video game players who were no longer attending university. Scary Phoenix couldn’t possibly be a student himself since he had started playing online games ten years ago, whereas Dragon Belle Warrior and Snow Fox were both students. Therefore, everyone turned to look at Sirius immediately, who had been silent the entire time.

Sirius233 then said sheepishly, ‘I’m a student of Bayside University too.’

As a straight-A student, it was only natural for Sophia to strive after credits. She would work hard for it even if she got only one credit in the end.

At Bayside University—a place filled with high achievers—one could never know how many people they could leave behind by receiving one extra credit!

Snow Fox said fiercely in the game, ‘Little did I expect you scumbag to be one of my schoolmates, Sirius.’

‘Hehe,’ Sirius233 responded.

As the game continued, Sophia took two bites of fruit and continued playing intensely. Since she could be awarded credits, she had to work even harder and strive to get into the top three to receive at least two credits.

She could leave God-knew-how-many people behind her by receiving the two extra credits!

Just as she was fighting hard for the credits, she suddenly saw a package being sent to her in-game by Scary Phoenix. When she clicked on the package, bright lights suddenly filled the screen followed by a system notification that read, ‘You have obtained the Hundred-Mile Streamers, a first-class godly weapon!’

The Hundred-Mile Streamers! Sophia gaped at the screen; she was so surprised that the piece of watermelon in her hand fell to the ground. Isn’t that the Hundred-Mile Streamers, the No. 1 weapon of the ‘Swordsman Game’ that is said to be forged by Scary Phoenix himself?

The sword was forged by Scary Phoenix himself many years ago, but he had never used it again after using it for the first time. He was still the No. 1 player of the game whether he used the Hundred-Mile Streamers or not, so the sword had been kept in storage and had not appeared for many years. The sword had filled players across all the game’s servers with awe when Beast borrowed it to show off some days ago.

The most expensive gear in online games ever known in the world had been sold for nearly ten million, but this record would probably be broken very soon if the Hundred-Mile Streamers was to be sold.

Countless ‘Swordsman Game’ players wanted to buy this godly weapon from Scary Phoenix, but he had never sold or given it to anyone. However, judging from the current situation, it seemed that he was giving this weapon to her!

Sophia could hardly tear herself away from the weapon as she stared at it. Now that she had gotten the weapon, being awarded five credits would be a piece of cake!

However, after the feelings of pleasant surprise had subsided, it immediately occurred to her that this weapon wasn’t hers; Scary Phoenix had no reason for giving her such first-class gear since he was neither a relative nor a friend of hers. Therefore, she texted Scary Phoenix back, ‘Did you send it to the wrong person, Lord? Isn’t this weapon intended for your son? I’ll return it to you right now.’

She immediately returned it to him after that. However, Scary Phoenix sent the godly weapon back to her after a short while and added, ‘Give it back to me after the championship ends.’

Lord is lending this weapon to me expressly for the championship! Sophia thought to herself.

Tempted by the five credits, she really couldn’t bring herself to return the weapon. Therefore, she accepted it and replied, ‘Thank you, Lord.’

Scary Phoenix replied some time later and said, ‘Call me Master.’

Sophia was disgusted. She was using a male character in-game, and Scary Phoenix was probably a man too.

Being flirted by a man many years her senior in such a queer manner filled her with disgust, but she replied unhesitatingly for the sake of the godly weapon, ‘Thank you, Master.’

After sending this message to Scary Phoenix, she had a feeling that she had made Michael even more like a cuckold.

Nonetheless, it was merely a game; none of this was happening in real life. Nobody knew each other outside the gaming world.

She would always love Tay Tay and no one else!

Therefore, she equipped herself with her Master’s Hundred-Mile Streamers with peace of mind while telling herself that she was merely sharing the godly weapon with her Master.

She would win glory for her home country if her team won the championship. Sophia threw aside her sense of shame as the idea came into her mind and conviction grew within her. After all, she would return the weapon to him after the championship ended.

Stanley practiced tactical coordination with his teammates while finding time to bombard Scary Phoenix with a stream of messages. He wrote, ‘Just give it to me, Uncle. I promise you that I won’t damage it. You’re not using it anyway, so why don’t you let me use it for a few days? I promise I’ll give it back to you after the championship.’

He then continued, ‘I’ll use it for just a little while, okay? Just a little while. I’ll just have a look at it; I promise I won’t equip myself with it.’

However, Scary Phoenix was too lazy to reply to his messages.

Determined to get his hands on the Hundred-Mile Streamers, Stanley rested for a while and was about to bombard Scary Phoenix with another round of messages when he suddenly saw dazzling, bright lights on his screen. As it turned out, Sirius233 suddenly brought a dazzling new weapon with him in the game, and when Stanley looked at it, he realized that the weapon was the godly Hundred-Mile Streamers that he had been dreaming about!

No, no, no! How could my uncle give the Hundred-Mile Streamers to Sirius, that jerk? That must be a coincidence! he thought to himself.

But now that such a godly weapon was unleashed, the resulting effect was completely different. Sirius nearly overpowered everyone else in the server with it, filling every player in the server with shock as they couldn’t help but ask what godly weapon it was.

That is the Hundred-Mile Streamers! Stanley broke down as he questioned Scary Phoenix, ‘Uncle, did you give your Hundred-Mile Streamers to Sirius?’

Scary Phoenix replied, ‘Yeah.’

Snow Fox suddenly went offline, whereas Stanley rushed to Villa No. 8 of The Imperial as quickly as possible. As soon as he barged into the villa, he hugged Michael’s thigh as the latter was brushing his teeth and asked, “How could you do this, Uncle? How could you give the Hundred-Mile Streamers to Sirius? Am I really your biological son?”

Michael responded, “No, you’re not.”

Stanley began throwing a tantrum as he said, “I don’t care. I’m not leaving if you don’t give the Hundred-Mile Streamers to me!”

Sophia, who was happily gaming in the study, had no idea that Stanley was here again. She used the godly weapon with great pleasure. Now that I have this godly weapon, the entire world is in my hands! Credits, here I come! she thought to herself.

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