My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 191-200

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 191

The call was cut. Richard stood there stiffly with the phone for ages, despite no other sound coming from it, before finally putting it down.

“Perhaps it really isn’t Sophia who did it. She had just done a great deed for the Harpers. If she really wanted to do something to Kayla, she wouldn’t have helped out there,” Xyla said none too sincerely.

At that train of thought, Richard nodded in agreement. Kayla’s preconceptions of Sophia were already rooted deep into her. It wasn’t her first time lying about her. There was a high chance that things were actually like that this time. What if she had broken her own leg? Even when she caught a cold at home, Kayla still had to insist that Sophia put a curse on her. Besides, the police had come over to investigate earlier. They had checked the CCTVs nearby, and there was no proof that it was Sophia’s doing.

“Richard, relax. I’ll smooth things over with your mother. I won’t let her have the wrong idea about Sophia.”

Seeing how responsible Xyla was, Richard kissed her forehead with his emotions running high. “Xyla, your presence in my life is truly the best gift that the heavens have blessed me with.”

At number 8, The Imperial, Sophia hung up her call with Richard. A plate of braised eel with the most appetizing aroma was already placed before her. Everyone was leaping for the chance to try the dish; after all, a man that had the hearts of millions of girls in his hands had cooked his signature dish for her for the first time. The moment the dish hit the table, Sophia immediately reached out to take a piece. He was indeed an expert on eel! Even the eel dish he made was extraordinarily delicious!

At this moment, Michael Fletcher carried Nathan—who was still in the middle of eating—out of the dining room and closed the door. When he came back, he brought a bottle of red wine with him. He then lit some candles.

Nathan immediately became mutinous from being locked out of the room. When he sat down again, Michael gracefully spread his napkin. “What’s your schedule for the next few days like now that you’ve finished your exams?”

“The campus winter basketball tournament will be held these few days. I’m a member of the university’s women’s basketball team, even if I’m just a substitute. There’s still a good chance that I’ll need to step up to the field.” Sophia’s words were unclear as she ate. She had signed up for numerous clubs and societies in order to avoid Michael back then; in fact, she had forgotten exactly how many she had put her name down for. At any rate, the basketball club had come knocking on her door to get her to play.

Michael nodded. “I see. It’s better to work on all different aspects of yourself. Girls should exercise more too. You’ll only be able to become stronger if you do a bit of exercise or dabble in some sports.”

Sophia nodded fervently. Michael took a sip of wine and then wiped his mouth. “Do you want me to root for you during the tournament?”

Sophia hastily flapped her hands. “No, no need for that. Hubby, you’re even busier with work. There’s a good chance I won’t be needed on the court anyway!” If Michael came to the tournament to cheer her on personally, her identity would most likely be blown in a flash. It would be better to keep things low-key.

Due to her exams the past few days, Sophia hadn’t been eating or sleeping well. On this day, however, she was freed from her torment and was able to eat such delicious food. It was even her first time eating an Adonis’s cooking. This was most likely the only time she would get to do it in her lifetime. She loved the dish so much that she was close to licking the plate clean.

Michael, on the other hand, ate at a slower pace with graceful bites. As he ate, he openly studied his dainty wife sitting across him. She was soft and adorable, making everyone feel like they couldn’t help but shower her with affection, but she looked so tiny. She really looked rather child-like. A thought suddenly struck him. “Who phoned you just now?” he asked.

Sophia took a bite of the pork ribs that Michael had marinated with his signature sauce before answering. “I broke my ex’s sister’s leg, and he called me to ask if I was the one who did it. Of course I answered that I didn’t do it!”

Michael laughed. What a frank girl!

Kayla’s parents had caught wind of Kayla’s broken leg in the end, but Xyla’s silver tongue worked its magic to sway them. It was so effective that Mrs. Harper believed that Kayla was lying about Sophia. And now, none of the Harpers believed Kayla’s words. Ever since Madam Harper arranged a few medical workers to come care for her daughter, she hadn’t visited her once. Kayla was so mad that she went on a hunger strike, but even though she had stopped eating, none of the Harpers came to see her. One, the Harpers had a huge wreck to handle, and secondly, the Harpers had been gradually losing their trust in Kayla. They wanted to teach her a lesson so that she wouldn’t ever dare to brazenly do as she wanted while being lavished with the Harpers’ adoration.

Xyla was the only one who still came to see Kayla every day. “Kayla, I know that you’re upset now that no one believes you, but I do. Still, that wretched Sophia is really impressive for having tricked both Richard and your parents into turning their backs on you. I spoke up for you yesterday, but Richard snapped at me. They were even talking about letting that little shrew into the company as an intern…” Xyla wiped her tears as she spoke.

Kayla had been on her hunger strike for a day already, neither eating nor drinking. Having heard Xyla’s words, her eyes reddened out of sheer hatred. She couldn’t contain her tears as she gritted her teeth. “As long as I’m still here, that wretch had better not think about taking a step into the Harper Family!”

Xyla covertly watched Kayla’s expression as she continued to wipe her tears. “What else can we do now? The entire family’s dancing in her palm from her lies now. No matter what we say, no one’s going to listen,” she said with fake concern.

Kayla gave a cold chuckle. “I can’t move due to my broken leg, but when I can finally leave this place, I will kill that b*tch!”

“Huh?” Xyla seemed to have been shocked by this. She quickly advised Kayla against it. “Kayla, don’t do something stupid. Listen to me and rest well so that you can recover. When you’re better, let’s expose that wretch’s true face together!”

Kayla still stood her ground. “Don’t talk me out of this. I must find the most efficient assassin to slice that b*tch up into a million pieces!”

Hire an assassin? Shock and doubt alternated in Xyla’s eyes, as though two thoughts were battling with them. She hastily continued to advise Kayla, “Kayla, please don’t do such a stupid thing. That’s against the law!”

Now that things had come to this, Kayla didn’t care whether she was breaking the law or not. All she wanted was for Sophia Edwards to die, and she was willing to pay any price for that. Kayla really couldn’t take it anymore, irritated from having listened to Xyla trying to talk her out of her plans for ages. She pushed the mini folding table over. “Get out of my sight!”

Xyla seemed to have been deeply aggrieved by that as she got up to leave, but she quickly returned and closed the door. She was silent for a while, as though she had been mustering her courage, before she spoke up. “Kayla, since I cannot talk you out of this, then the only thing I can do is to help you!” Then, she fished out a name card from her bag. Printed on it was the name Lone Wolf Media Co. Ltd, and its general manager’s contact details. There was a QR code on the back of the card. She handed the card to Kayla and said in a hushed tone, “This is the name card for someone who’s part of an international terrorist group. They also take money for hits on people. They’re even willing to kill political guests and royalty, and they’ve never failed their missions. Have you heard of the Phantom Wolf?”

Kayla’s eyes lit up in an instant, and Xyla continued to say, “If you really want to kill Sophia, look for them. As long as they’re the ones doing it, they definitely won’t fail.” She paused, hesitating. “But Kayla, you’ve got to think things over carefully. Everyone in that organization is a seasoned, bloodthirsty killer. Their boss, the Phantom Wolf, is on the wanted lists of several dozen countries. If you decide to hire them, their fees will be exorbitant!”

At once, Kayla let out the most cold-blooded, harsh laugh. “Even if what they want is my life, I will give it to them!”

Xyla left shortly after she finished giving her advice to Kayla. When she reached the hospital’s entrance, she found Richard waiting for her. “Richard, I talked with Kayla for what seems like forever, and she’s finally agreed to eat!” Xyla zoomed toward Richard like a pure and innocent little pixie.

“Xyla, thank you!”

Meanwhile, Kayla scarfed down a large quantity of food in her room to bring her energy levels up. Once she was done, she logged into her Messenger account and scanned the QR code on the back of the calling card.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 192

Bayside University’s winter basketball tournament was about to begin. It was merely one of the many sports under Bayside University’s sports festival during the winter. It was held after final exams every year, and it would go on for a few days. All the students were free to join.

Sophia represented the School of Economics and Business Administration in the women’s basketball lineup, but since she was just a substitute player, it was unknown if she would even need to make an appearance at the court. Hardly anyone watched women’s basketball. After all, the guys looked hotter playing basketball.

With the cold and snow outside, the indoor basketball court was warm like a spring day. Sophia changed into her sports attire in the changing rooms and coiled her hair close to her head. She looked as though she was a capable player. The other players on the team had their boyfriends to whisk them here and there and to help carry their bags and such; only Sophia was alone. She watched as everyone had their boyfriends escort them while she was the only one left out. Her heart felt hollow.

She wondered what Michael was currently doing. He probably was filming something. He had been busy recently with filming Doctor Invincible on top of some cameo appearance in another show. He would need to be away for a few days. Marrying him meant that she was fated to never have a campus romance.

The tournament hadn’t started yet when the audience began to trickle into the stands. In the desolated stadium, the players’ family members far outnumbered the actual audience numbers. Sophia sat alone in a corner, fiddling with her phone.

She refreshed her social media feeds again and again before finally catching sight of the latest status that Michael posted. He even uploaded a selfie with it too. It was a picture of him during the filming of Doctor Invincible. He was dressed in a raggedy costume, with scraggly facial hair. After they were done with his special effects makeup, he looked like a middle-aged man who was down on his luck. If he were out by the streets, no one would have been able to recognize him as a dreamboat who was desired by millions of girls.

When Richard entered the stadium, he immediately caught sight of Sophia in the small crowd. While everyone had brought their family with them, she was alone. He quirked an eyebrow in joy. “Sophia.”

Sophia looked up to see that Richard had come with Xyla. They were even holding hands. Her brows knitted together. Why was this pair of clowns here?

Xyla’s heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment when she saw Sophia’s frown. She tightened her grip on Richard’s hand. “Sophia, we’re here to cheer you on!”

Sophia snorted. Rather than rooting for her, they were here just to rub their affection for each other in her face.

“Right, thanks,” she replied. She didn’t want to say another word to them so that she wouldn’t end up causing unnecessary misunderstandings. After all, the Harper Family were a bunch of skilled actors.

Richard raised a well-groomed eyebrow. He pumped his fist in Sophia’s direction before going off to find a seat with Xyla. Once they found their seats, they sat down and began to get their hands all over each other, as though they were deliberately playing it up for others to see.

Xyla was absolutely pleased. Regardless of how staunchly Sophia stood her ground, Sophia was still just an unwanted, meddling third wheel who wouldn’t be able to face the light of day. Now that things had come to this, Sophia had to be absolutely gutted, yet unable to express it outwardly.

Sophia bent over and re-tightened her shoelaces. She could be sent to the court at any moment. All of a sudden, she saw a line of people march out with a gigantic, ostentatious light-up board. There were two words blazing at a blinding brightness on it: Sophia Edwards.

Sophia wasn’t sure what to say.

Stanley Fletcher had brought the guys in her class as well as the e-sports club to bring that light-up board. Each of them had a little flag, and they made their entry with all the discipline and poise that they had gained from all the marching they did during their military training. As they marched, they yelled.

“Sophia, you can do it!”

“Sophia will win!”

“Sophia, Sophia, cut right through! Sophia, Sophia, you’re the best!”

Nathan walked at the rear of the line, waving a little flag with a whistle in his mouth. Each time he took a step, he would blow on it. Hale and Gary followed behind him, the two of them carting a brilliant red banner with the words ‘Sophia, You Can Do It!’ printed on it.

Everyone in the stadium froze.

Sophia facepalmed. How she wished she could change her name.

Stanley and the Sophia support squad sat down in the stands. The squad had around twenty to thirty people. When they were marching earlier, they seemed like a huge crowd due to the emptiness of the venue. Stanley led the squad by roaring valiantly at the top of his lungs. “Sophia, do your best!”

The rest of the squad followed his lead. “Do your best! Do your best!”

Hale had a mask on; only his eyes could be seen.

He didn’t have the guts to face others like this.

After a brief moment of silence, everyone began to smile in realization. While they had been pointing out Sophia’s solitary presence, they now suddenly remembered that she had a boyfriend.

Molly Lawson was one of the main players on the School of Economics’ women’s basketball team. She approached Sophia. “Sophia, you’re up next in a bit!”

Molly’s grandfather was a general, and her father was a famed national basketball player. She may not be a professional athlete, but the natural skill she possessed was terrifying. With her on the court, their school would have an extremely high chance of seizing victory.

Sophia was taken by surprise. “I thought I’m a substitute?”

“One of the sophomores couldn’t make it at the last minute, and the other substitute caught a cold today. She’s not in the best shape,” Molly answered. “Besides… your boyfriend and Nate are watching in the stands. If you don’t play, you’ll be wasting their support for you!”

Sophia didn’t dare to turn her head and look at Stanley and the rest of the support squad. She simply steeled herself and agreed to get on the court.

With a blow of the whistle, the match started. They were up against the School of Foreign Languages. Their women’s basketball team was strong, primarily because of their foreign students. They had two tall ones, both of them being close to 180 cm. It was evident that they had the physical advantage, but the School of Economics wasn’t to be underestimated. Just Molly alone was already enough to level the playing field, and the others were also strong players in their own rights. Sophia had come out on top during her military training, and the others weren’t ordinary athletes either.

Molly got the ball the moment the match started. She was immediately blocked off by the two foreign students.

“Sophia!” She passed the ball to Sophia, who caught the ball nimbly and surely before darting out like a rabbit to dribble. With a perfectly executed three-step travel, she shot the ball.



Sophia’s support squad was instantly whipped into a frenzy and they leaped up to whoop loudly, their whistles and cheers reverberating throughout the stadium.

Richard’s line of sight was obstructed by the wave of people who had suddenly stood up in front of him; the back of Stanley’s head had taken the place of Sophia’s figure from Richard’s point of view.

“You there in front, sit down!” he protested.

Stanley was cheering enthusiastically. He hadn’t heard Richard’s complaints at all.

Despite calling out to him a few more times, Richard’s words were futile. Anger surged up within him. In a few steps, he was in front of Stanley. “Hey you, you’re blocking my view!”

Stanley gave him a once-over. “I’m blocking your view? Sorry about that. You should change seats yourself!”

“You—” Richard was furious, but he didn’t want to get into a lengthy debate with Stanley.

Who did he think he was? He was just a fat gamer, a loser, a country bumpkin from a third-rate town!

Sophia was merely using him as a front by being together with Stanley. The one she loved was him, Richard Harper!

Richard changed his seat, but in an instant, Stanley brought the support squad to squeeze themselves in front of him. They even raised the light-up board high, deliberating obstructing his view.

Richard knew that Stanley was doing this on purpose. He was pursuing her, but Sophia only thought of him as a front.

What use was this little petty action?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 193

Regardless of how loudly he screamed for her, it wasn’t any more use than if he had just sat down and kept quiet. Sophia wouldn’t even look his way once anyway.

Sophia indeed wouldn’t give Stanley an extra look. It’s just way too embarrassing! Just what was that cheer?

Stanley waved his flag like a madman while yelling, “Sophia, Sophia, cut right through! Sophia, Sophia, you’re the best!”

Sophia gave Stanley a baleful glare as she went after the ball. Just that glare alone made Richard’s mind fill in many of the blanks.

As expected, all Stanley could draw to himself was Sophia’s ire no matter how hard he worked, for Sophia only loved Richard!

Richard and Xyla then left.

The match continued. Sophia performed extremely well on the court. She had been on the main team of her high school’s women’s basketball team. Right now, her skills were just as polished as ever as she dribbled and dunked with practiced ease. Her jumps were extraordinary, and even her three-pointers were executed easily.

The School of Economics’ points skyrocketed under these circumstances.

This match was more or less in the bag, so Sophia relaxed greatly. She sneaked a glance at the stands from time to time. The cold and distant Nathan was also waving his flag madly to root for her. Her friends Sarah and Sean had also come.

While the support squad that Stanley had formed was a little cringey, they were still here to cheer for her. She would have to treat everyone to a round of barbeque once the match was over.

A heated gaze inside the stadium landed on her. She swept her eyes over the stands and noticed a chubby, middle-aged man sitting in a corner. He had a dirty cap on his head and a grey scarf around his neck, beard white and face fleshy. He looked so average. Mixed in with the rest of the crowd, no one would notice him.

Sophia thought the man’s appearance familiar, but she couldn’t figure out where she had seen him before. She retracted her gaze and returned to play seriously.

The match ended with a blow of the whistle and the points were tallied up. The School of Economics won by 30:11.

Sophia’s support squad surged up to her, encircling her and handing her towels and water. Sophia wiped her sweat with a towel and chugged some water before patting Nathan on the head. She then looked up to look at where the middle-aged man had been sitting before, but his seat was empty now.

The man had left. All she could see was a departing figure.

That man’s figure and gaze were oh so familiar.

All of a sudden, a thought struck Sophia hard and she whipped her phone out to look for the selfie that Michael had posted earlier—wasn’t his get-up exactly the same as that middle-aged man’s outfit?

That was Michael Fletcher!

Sophia stood there stiffly with her phone in hand as though she had been struck by lightning. She thought back on that middle-aged man’s rotund face. There was a whole world of difference between that fleshy face and Michael’s gorgeous one.

That man truly had no qualms about throwing off his lordly image.

“Sophia, come on. Let’s all go out for some food,” Stanley suggested due to their victory.

Sophia thought about it for a bit before declining. “Sorry, no thanks. It’s getting dark. I should be going home for dinner.”

Stanley stopped her. “Hey, Sophia, I’ll be on the field the day after tomorrow at 3 p.m. The match between the School of Computer Science and the School of Financial Management. Remember to swing by!”

“We’ll see.”

Everyone went back home. After changing out of her clothes, Sophia and Nathan charged for the university gates to the old parking spot. Just as expected, she saw a car parked in a small alley. Gary and Hale were already there waiting for her.

“Missus, Little Master, please get in.”

Sophia caught sight of the middle-aged man from earlier when she opened the door. He was sitting inside the car. Nathan was clearly frightened by this and he looked at Sophia in confusion. Did a thief get inside the car?

Sophia brought Nathan into the vehicle.

The middle-aged man began to take off his makeup when the car started. He plucked his cap off, and when he put a hand to his face, it was clear that it was synthetic wax for makeup use. It was all over his hand once he swiped at his face. When he was done, a handsome face was revealed to Sophia’s eyes. It truly was Michael.

Nathan was dumbstruck, fear all over his face. Michael patted the boy’s head and smiled. “What? Don’t you recognize your dad?”

Even Sophia couldn’t recognize him, never mind Nathan. Who would have thought that Michael would have been able to distance himself this greatly from his usual princely image?

She really hadn’t thought that Michael would show up on campus. Did he rush over from his film shoot to watch her match? Even if he did, it would take time for him to get to campus from the film site.

Sophia’s mind began to pull itself in different directions.

Dinner was already on the dining table when they returned. Michael stepped into the dining room after he had completely removed his makeup. He was still as jaw-droppingly handsome as ever.

When Michael finished his makeup removal, Nathan was the only one sitting quietly at the dining table, waiting for dinner to start. Sophia’s entire body was covered in a layer of smelly sweat from all her exercise earlier; she was still in the middle of blow-drying her hair after her shower. Nathan was gaming on her phone. He raised his head to look in Michael’s direction, that earlier fear during their trip home still in his eyes. He most likely still hadn’t recovered from Michael’s earlier get-up.

Michael lowered his head to look at Nathan, who was dressed in a frog onesie. With his hood up, only his face was exposed to the air, a little face that was seemingly carved from marble with a pair of big eyes decorating it. Michael thought the boy an angel, and he couldn’t stop himself from ruffling Nathan’s hair.

“Son, were you a good boy today?”

Nathan snorted and ignored him, continuing to play his game with his head lowered.

All of a sudden, Sophia’s phone rang. It was a phone call from someone marked as ‘Ex’. Michael seated himself after picking it up. As he waited for Sophia to come to the dining room, he pricked up his ears to listen to what this piece of work had to say.

“Sophia, I heard that your school’s women’s basketball team won their match. Congratulations, you did very well today. What was Stanley’s deal? I know that he’s always clinging to you. If you find it inconvenient to get rid of him, then allow me to do so. I certainly will not let him get in the way of our feelings for each other. That’s right, Sophia. My school will be up against the School of Computer Science at 3 p.m. the day after tomorrow in Basketball Court 3. I’m one of the players on our school’s main basketball team. I’ll be on the court then. You have to come see me. How I miss those days from years past. Those days when we’d play basketball, go jogging, and circle the lake on campus while memorizing terms and phrases for classes. I’d even send you to the library on the back of my bicycle to…”

Richard went on for a while before he eventually said, “Sophia, I miss you.”

Michael did not say a word throughout the one-sided conversation while the phone was on speaker mode. Before he could finish listening to the other man’s rambling, the phone automatically switched itself off from its lack of battery.

Sophia soon came down. Both father and son had already changed into their pajamas, which were a matching set of frog onesies—a large one and a small one. Sophia, however, wore a rabbit onesie that was pink, with a pair of ears stitched onto the hoodie.

After plugging in Sophia’s phone to recharge, Nathan bolted upstairs with pattering steps. He soon came downstairs again, having changed into a pink rabbit onesie that matched Sophia’s. He sat next to her and tilted his head to look at her, as though he was seeking her approval.

“Good boy!” Sophia patted his head. Nathan basked in the touch, but he didn’t forget to shoot a condescending look at Michael in his bright green clothes.

“Heh.” Michael gave a cold chuckle.

You sneaky kid, my methods for stealing Sophia’s affections will definitely scare the wits out of you!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 194

The family of three began their dinner. As they ate, Michael couldn’t resist asking her about the match earlier. “You liked basketball in high school?”

Sophia scratched her head sheepishly. “I was point guard on the girls’ basketball team then.”

The girls’ basketball team at Riverdale High School had never been strong during her time there. They would always get trounced in inter-school competitions. It wasn’t until Sophia joined the team that they began to seem less pathetic. At the very least, they weren’t the bottom of the barrel anymore.

Michael didn’t ask her who she played with back then. Who hadn’t accidentally fed a delusional person in their youth? Who could guarantee that they hadn’t fallen for a jerk or two when they were younger?

Michael sneakily glanced at his tiny wife eating heartily before smiling mysteriously.

Two days later, the basketball match between the School of Computer Science and the School of Financial Management was officially held. Compared to the women’s basketball match that no one cared about, the audience numbers here were clearly greater. Although the match would start at three in the afternoon, the audience had filled all the seats by two. To top it off, it was the final round of the men’s basketball tournament in the winter sports festival on this day. The teams that would be stepping to the court later were the strongest out of over ten elimination matches. These were the strongest teams other than the School of Athletics anyway.

Other than students from both schools, scores of fangirls filled the stands.

The School of Financial Management’s team had Richard Harper. With his status as a top student and the scion of the Harper Family, he was truly a man out of fantasy. Despite being engaged, that didn’t dampen his fangirls’ passionate support toward him. His fans were a wall that took up around a quarter of the stands. The School of Financial Management was filled with lots of good-looking and rich guys, so they had especially many female fans.

At any rate, the School of Computer Science had a paltry number of fans; true indeed, the rich would go for luxury while the losers would go for computers. The School of Financial Management had scores of hot guys, while the School of Computer Science was filled with gamer geeks and losers. The number of girls in their school wasn’t enough to even form a bare-bones cheerleading team.

Fortunately for them, they had Stanley Fletcher in their ranks and was able to draw some fangirls over. They modified the light-up board that they had used for Sophia a few days ago by swapping the name out, and it was now a board for Stanley.

The competitors did their warm-ups on the court prior to the start of the match. These attractive basketball players shuttled back and forth across the court, their youthfulness shining through the spray of their sweat. Just these warm-up exercises alone was enough to make one’s blood heat up, especially when Richard Harper on the School of Financial Management’s main basketball team. He was immediately showered with enthusiastic cheers from the fangirls.

Richard found Xyla in the stands with a casual scan of the crowd. Xyla wasn’t screaming madly or cheering like the rest of the fangirls. She simply sat there sweetly, but she was even prettier than anyone else.

Richard sent a flying kiss to Xyla and she shyly accepted it. The crowd of girls were jealous and mutinous, but there was nothing they could do about it.

Richard’s gaze continued to rove over the crowd. However, he couldn’t find Sophia. Had she been delayed by something?

Meanwhile, Sophia had been about to take Nathan home to sit by the heater and eat ice cream when Stanley stopped them by the classroom door.

“Sophia, didn’t you say that you’re going to watch my match today? How could you go back on your word?”

Sophia took Nathan’s hand and side-stepped Stanley in his athletic wear. “I’m not going to watch you duke it out with a piece of crap.”

Anger surged up in Stanley, and he grabbed Nathan before making a break for it with the boy in his arms. “I’ll make you come to the match!”

Sophia was forced to chase after him in fury. Stanley only returned Nathan once she had entered the basketball stadium. “You’re not allowed to leave. If you do, I’ll get my uncle to fire you!” he threatened.

Sophia looked for seats while she carried Nathan, but the stands were filled, and she had no idea where all these people came from.

“Sophia, here! Over here!”

The members of the e-sports club waved at Sophia. As Stanley’s loyal fans, they had come way earlier to the stands to snag the best seats.

Sophia took Nathan’s hand in hers and sat down. These were indeed the best seats.

Richard spotted Sophia in an instant. Knowing that she had come to cheer for him, he smiled at her knowingly.

Sophia had only casually looked at the court when she caught sight of Richard making eyes at her. She was so disgusted that she wanted to leave, but Nathan seemed to be very interested in this; he was watching seriously while draped over the bars by the front of their seats.

The match was about to start. The two teams were about to face each other. Both Stanley and Richard stood across each other as players on the main teams, with the mid-court line separating them. Stanley spun the ball in his hand as he eyed Richard across him.

This guy reeked through his wealth. Stanley truly had no idea how Sophia fell for him back then.

Richard also absolutely couldn’t stand the sight of Stanley. He sized the other man up with a condescending gaze. Noting the sportswear and shoes that were from some third-rate manufacturer that he wore and the air that a fat nerd would have oozing from him, Richard wondered how did such a loser have the courage to cling to Sophia?

Richard finally declared, “If I win today, you will leave her.” He said that with absolute seriousness as he looked at Stanley.

Stanley acted as though he had heard the joke of the century. “Fine, but if I win, you will not show yourself in front of her again.”

The verbal duel between Sophia’s ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend was clearly drawing attention.

They locked eyes the moment they finished their speeches. With their showdown done, they looked at Sophia in the stands at the same time for some reason.

Sophia met their gazes as well as the surrounding audience’s gazes. For a moment, she was uncomfortable. No words came to her, and the atmosphere was a little tense.

Sophia was suddenly worried for Stanley. She wasn’t sure whether this gamer nerd knew his way around a basketball, but she knew about Richard’s basketball skills. After all, they had played together for two years starting from her first year in high school.

The match began at last. With a blow of his whistle, the referee tossed the ball.

The School of Financial Management immediately gained control of the ball the moment the ball left the referee’s hands. A few long passes later, the ball was in Richard’s hands. He did a three-step, his strong and tall figure charging up to the basket and shooting the ball with a clean shot. The whistle blew again, signalling that the School of Financial Management had gained two points.

Applause resounded throughout the stadium. Richard high-fived his teammates in delight and raised an eyebrow at Stanley on purpose. He was extremely pleased.

The match continued. Stanley immediately snatched the ball after the ball was tossed a second time. A few long passes later, he did a beautiful clean shot that scored three points. The School of Computer Science now had three points to their name.

Stanley gave Richard the finger.

The audience cheered. Nathan also blew on his whistle with all that he could give.

Sophia wasn’t worked up at all, for she didn’t know that she was the main object of these two men’s spat. She had no idea where her ‘current’ boyfriend’s immense hatred for her ex came from. Did he hold a huge grudge because the Harpers had thrown money at magazines on purpose and had him portrayed as a loser whose only skill was playing video games?

She had to admit that the match was absolutely a treat to watch. Never mind those two players who were currently duking it out like their life was depending on it; the two basketball teams represented the cream of the crop of Bayside University’s non-career sports teams. Their members had been carefully selected. The match was intense, with the lead in points flip-flopping; neither team would give up.

The entire stadium was filled to the brim. The stands were filled, and even the seats at the back as well as the corridors were filled with people. They had all come to witness the duel between Bayside University’s top two basketball teams.

Sophia’s heart kept racing. She just had the feeling that something big was about to happen. The last time her heart had pounded like this was when Michael descended and caught that groper at the cinema.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 195

The announcer was very professional as he rattled off his commentary. “Number 5 of the School of Financial Management, Richard Harper, has taken the ball. Oh, it’s in! A perfect dunk with a three-step! Number 5’s jumping skills are jaw-dropping!

The School of Computer Science is now behind by two points. We can see that they’ve begun upping the ante. Look at Number 7 now. Number 7, Stanley Fletcher has gotten the ball and shot a five-pointer! And the ball’s in! The School of Computer Science has taken the lead by a point for now!”

The commentator got even more excited. “Number 5 has possession of the ball. Number 7 is dogging him relentlessly. Oh, he nearly got it. The ball is still with Number 5. Keep it up, number 5! And Number 5 got rudely cut off by Number 7 while he’s about to dunk. That’s truly tragic!”

Sophia watched the tense tug-of-war between both teams, her heart slowly lightening as she did. Who would have thought that Stanley really had it in him? He was going toe-to-toe with Richard!

The half-time break began with a blow of the referee’s whistle. Both teams retreated from the court. The score was currently 23:20, with the School of Computer Science behind by three points. However, they would soon be able to make up for it later after the break.

Stanley had only just stepped off the court when Nathan came zooming down to him with some water. The boy’s usual aloofness was nowhere to be seen. Right now, he was rather warm and receptive.

“Hey, Nate!” Stanley’s hands were dirty, so he didn’t move to pat the boy. He simply took the bottle from Nathan and took a few sips before calling over his teammates to discuss strategy. All of a sudden, one of the players came hobbling over.

“Captain, sorry about this, but my leg’s injured. I’ll need to go to the infirmary.”

Stanley eyed the player’s red and throbbing ankle. “Go ahead.”

The player hobbled off with someone helping him. Stanley’s bag suddenly vibrated in his bag, indicating he had been Venmo-ed a huge sum of money.

Now that they were down a player, Stanley needed to hurry up and find a replacement. When he checked, however, he found out that none of the three substitutes were there for some reason. After some asking around, Stanley found out that the substitute players had left earlier due to emergencies. One of them had stated that his girlfriend was throwing another fit, while another said that his father was in an accident. The last one had a sudden case of appendicitis and was currently undergoing surgery in hospital.

Seeing how his own team only had four players, Stanley hastily phoned everywhere looking for replacements. “Hi, where are you, Sandy? What? You’re back in your hometown and are currently lying on your bed?”

He tried his luck with another person. “Rooster, where you at? Wait, what? Why are you at a motel during the day? And in some rural area too?”

“Hey, Mitch…”

He still wasn’t able to find anyone after a round of phone calls. If they hadn’t returned to their hometowns, they were out having fun during their vacation. Stanley had no other choice left. He had to go to the audience stands and just grab someone. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to play with just the four of them.

“Stanley, what’s up?” Sophia asked when she realized that something was off.

Stanley explained the situation briefly as he went hunting for potential players. Sophia reflexively glanced at Richard to see that he was resting off to the side, slender fingers wrapped around his phone as he flashed a smile that screamed that victory was in his hands.

Something seemed to click for her.

Right then, Stanley’s phone rang. He pulled it out to see that it was a name that he never expected to see. He accepted the call and left with a frown on his face.

Meanwhile, Richard put down his phone after he had transferred the money. Now that Stanley’s team had too few players, Richard was going to watch just how they would be able to continue. The School of Computer Science was lacking in everything except for their abundance in losers, especially those who lacked money. The School of Financial Management, on the other hand, still wouldn’t be lacking in hot guys and money even if everything else was taken away.

Richard took a sip of water and looked at Xyla in the stands before flicking his gaze over to Sophia, who was currently looking in the entrance’s direction.

Oh no. Her heart was racing again. She just had the feeling that something was about to happen!

The match was about to resume when Stanley quickly returned. He seemed to have found replacements, for trailing behind him were two men clad in down jackets. Stanley was grinning as he called those two in.

Sophia looked at the men before him in curiosity. She couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when she caught a good look at their faces. Wait, isn’t that Michael and his gay friend, Harry Winston? she thought.

Why were they here? Where did they get the guts to come sauntering to this place? Weren’t they megastars? Weren’t they celebrities? Weren’t they supposed to have an entourage of bodyguards wherever they go? Weren’t they worried about the number of people here? What if the fans couldn’t control themselves from charging down and exposing them?

Still, those two megastars were just that gutsy. Not only had they sauntered in, they even hurried over to the changing rooms to change into the School of Computer Science’s basketball uniforms. Michael was Number 8 while Harry was Number 6. With Stanley being number 7, they formed a perfect trio.

Michael looked completely like a university student now that he was dressed in the sports uniform. He exuded a sunny and approachable aura, like a boy next door. There was no trace to be found of the majestic and blinding handsomeness that he had when the spotlights were trained on him. His bare face was bared to the world with no other adornments. There was even some scruff on his chin, as though it was the effect of makeup. With his unclean face, dirty sports uniform and the lack of spotlights around, he appeared to be simply a normal university student.

To top it off, his hair was currently a bright unnatural color. He looked absolutely the part of a young man who didn’t conform to mainstream trends.

Harry was also dressed in a sports uniform, dirt all over his face.

From the looks of things, these two megastars intended to step up to the court and play.

Sophia’s heart had hammered itself all the way up to her throat. Suddenly, she heard people begin to talk. “Hey look. Don’t those two look kinda like Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston?”

“Yeah, they look eerily alike!”

“But it seems that their auras can’t compare to the actual Taylor’s. Look how dirty his face looks. How would Taylor actually go around looking like that?”

Sophia hurriedly added herself to the discussion. “How can that guy be my bias? He just looks like him, that’s all. Both Taylor and Ethan are abroad filming anyway! I even saw him post on Twitter this morning that he was in Moscov having dinner.”

Everyone was drawn in and believed her words. How could those two megastars possibly be here?

It had to be some really strong lookalikes! They should hurry up and snap some pics to show off to all their social media followers!

Countless phones were whipped out as everyone aimed them at these two megastar ‘lookalikes’.

The two megastars swaggered onto the court just like that.

They were actors, and Oscar-winning ones to boot. They were the best when it came to acting and putting on a front. If they just stood a particular way and brushed on a little makeup, no one would suspect their true identities.

Richard was threatened by the sudden appearance of the School of Computer Science’s replacements. His instincts told him that these two replacements weren’t ordinary people. There was a high chance that they had been poached from the School of Athletics.

It wasn’t surprising to look for players outside of their own schools. Some of the players on the School of Financial Management’s team were from the School of Athletics.

Just where did those from the School of Computer Science find their extra players though? And why did they resemble two certain celebrities so much…

The match resumed with the whistle.

The battle in the second half was way more intense than it was in the first half. Both teams pulled out all the stops, entering a fierce battle right from the start. Sophia kept a hand on her thumping heart in the stands. She was so worked up that she nearly jumped from her seat like everyone else.

A star would never show all his cards. This was the true showdown between her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend! No, it was more precise to say that it was a showdown between her ex and her husband!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 196

Now that the School of Computer Science had another two players, they seemed very imposing when both teams took to the court. The commentator could barely keep up with the changing situations on the court. “And the newcomer to the School of Computer Science’s team, Number 8, has gone straight for the ball right from the get-go. He passed it to Number 7. Number 7 has passed it to Number 6. Number 6 has passed it back to Number 8 now. Number 8’s going straight for a slam dunk, and what a beautiful one it is!”

A minute hadn’t even gone by when Michael took the lead in offense and executed a perfect slam dunk and shocked the entire stadium; even the commentator was startled by this. “Looks like the School of Computer Science has been hiding their true colors all this while! They had been saving such strong players until the last moment!”

The match continued. The commentator was about to give himself a crick in the jaw. “We can now see that both teams are at a tie now. The financial management students have started an aggressive offense. Number 5 has snatched the ball. Whoa, Number 8 has the ball now. Number 8 passed it to Number 6. Number 6 is now going to shoot—and it’s in! The School of Computer Science has gotten another two points!”

“Number 5 has once again gained the ball. The ball is now with Number 8 and he’s passing it to Number 7. Number 7 has passed it to Number 8. A three-pointer now—and it’s in! It’s in! It’s actually in! What kind of monster is number 8?”

“Everyone, we can now see that there’s a growing gap in points. The School of Financial Management is now behind by eleven, no, thirteen points. Number 8 has gained another point!”

“There are only five minutes left till it’s the end. We can now see that the financial management students are behind by over a dozen points!”

Sophia watched slack-jawed at each beautiful three-point shoot, dunk and so on. Her eyes were filled with a light that they never had before. She never thought that he would also be so skilled at basketball on top of being a good actor. Was there anything else in this world that Michael Fletcher couldn’t do?

Sophia’s heart was racing in her chest again. She covered her chest with a hand but realized she had no way of calming it.

The moment the mysterious Number 8 took to the court, he instantly drew everyone’s attention with his uncanny resemblance to Taylor Murray. The crowd would burst into cheers each time he scored. Even Richard’s legion of fangirls had started batting for him.

Another wave of cheers sounded as Number 8 dunked with ferocity and scored another 2 points. Nathan applauded madly while he blew on his whistle. Sophia seemed to be dazed as she followed in the clapping, her eyes glued to Number 8’s figure.

All of a sudden, Number 8 turned his head back and glanced at Sophia. Crackling waves of energy seemingly shot out of his eyes. Sophia took it all in with her own widened ones. The moment they locked eyes, that intense energy seemingly traveled to her heart, and it began to beat even faster as though it had just gotten a shot of adrenaline to it. Her breathing had begun to quicken. The influx of blood had made her entire face and even her ears redden. She felt as though her eyes were about to become literal hearts. All she could see was a figure with boundless energy, and all her heart could accommodate was him.

Richard suddenly rushed up to block Michael, his hands scrabbling at him. Richard reached out to grab at Michael’s clothes and yanked his top up to reveal a flawless eight-pack. He hadn’t even managed to snatch the ball from Michael. Instantly, the screams of fangirls flooded the stadium.

Michael, meanwhile, had already dribbled the ball over to the three-point field goal and executed yet another flawless three-pointer.

Ah, her beautiful man was simply so hot! She couldn’t hold herself back at all! Sophia felt as though she was about to have a nosebleed.

While Sophia was still in her infatuated haze, the match ended. The points were tallied up after the whistle had been blown. In the end, with a score of 42:27, the School of Computer Science was crowned the champion of Bayside University’s men’s basketball tournament.

Stanley had no reservations as he showed Richard the finger.

Richard was so angry that his face turned purple. Without another word, he silently headed to the changing rooms to get out of his uniform.

Stanley joyously trotted off to receive the prize while Michael and Harry went straight for the changing rooms. The audience was still excitedly talking about the match after they left the stands.

Sophia and Nathan waited outside the changing rooms for ages before they saw Harry exit. Sophia was still extra awkward with Harry, but he was still Michael’s good friend, so it wouldn’t do for her to avoid greeting him after they had met. Thus, she smiled dumbly at him. It could be considered her greeting to him.

Harry left first. It took another long while before Michael emerged from the changing room.

He had had a wig on during the basketball match earlier, but he had now taken the wig off to reveal his actual hair. Sophia had no idea when he had shaved his head. He was dressed in a coat that was similar to Stanley’s, while a pair of clean, white sneakers were on his feet. He was so clean and spotless that every pore was seemingly glowing, just like a boy next door. He probably resembled the handsome boy that every girl had a soft spot for back in their student days.

“Hubby.” Sophia shyly trotted over and looked up at him.

Michael touched his closely cropped hair. “I shaved my head for the shoot. Does it look good on me?” he asked.

Sophia pressed her lips together and nodded. A handsome man would look good regardless of anything. He looked good while walking down the red carpet dressed in a tuxedo, and he also looked good while dressed in standard university student garb. At any rate, he was handsome!

Michael gazed at Sophia’s blushing little face and couldn’t resist from kissing her, sealing his lips against hers. They had only been apart for half a day, but he felt as if they had been separated for days on end. He pushed her toward the wall as he kissed her, and the two of them began a passionate and intense dance of tongues.

Sophia felt that she was close to being unable to breathe. All of her consciousness and ability to feel had been sucked away by Michael. She couldn’t last long at all with Michael in front of her; just a few rounds in, and she had already thrown in the towel and begged for mercy.

Her husband was just irresistible. She couldn’t stop herself at all! He managed to ensnare the hearts of millions of girls so easily, never mind Sophia’s own heart.

Nathan clutched the cleaned basketball while staring blankly at the two adults currently nibbling on each others’ lips by the wall.

The rest of the team had gone to pick up the prize. Only a few students from the School of Financial Management were still in the changing room or showering. However, there were still players filing out of the changing room, and they could immediately see the kissing couple. Since Michael’s back was turned toward them, all they could see was a hulking figure with a cropped haircut.

Michael and Stanley were uncle and nephew. They naturally would bear some familial resemblance. When paired with a similar haircut and general aura, everyone immediately thought that they were seeing Stanley smooching in the corner with Sophia as though there was no one around.

They instinctively decided against disturbing the pair.

Richard and Xyla soon made their appearances. Xyla was still soothing Richard, who looked glum. “Okay now, Richard. It was just a basketball match. It’s nothing to get upset over. It’s going to be the new year soon. Cheer up a bit!”

Richard’s heart warmed as he gazed at the girl who had been at his side all this while. Xyla had always been with him, in contrast to Sophia. It didn’t matter now that Sophia wasn’t with him anymore. She had been clapping along with everyone whenever the School of Computer Science scored a point earlier.

Richard’s eyes exuded anger at that thought, but then he caught sight of an unforgettable pair kissing each other when he turned around.

Isn’t that Sophia? And the man with the cropped hair is unmistakably Stanley! Fury crashed over Richard in an instant and he charged over like a spurned man.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 197

Curse it all! Even I had never gotten to kiss Sophia. How dare this loser touch my girl! Richard thought.

Much to his surprise, Xyla stopped him in the middle of his charge. “Richard, don’t! Don’t do it! Sophia is now dating Stanley. It’s not the time for us to tear her apart!”

Richard did his best to clamp down on the rage boiling inside. He felt as though his life was crumbling apart. He never expected his own woman would kiss another man in front of him! He felt absolutely betrayed in that instant.

Xyla eyed the furious Richard and Sophia, who had been ‘caught in the act’. Schadenfreude danced in her eyes.

Sophia, let’s just see how you’re going to seduce Richard in the future!

Sophia’s heart jumped in surprise when she caught sight of Richard glaring mutinously at her as she was kissing Michael passionately.

Oh, that look in his eyes! While she didn’t mind it, she had no interest in acting out a kiss in front of her ex-boyfriend. Besides, she was kissing Michael; it was better for this to be done at home behind closed doors.

She pushed Michael lightly. “Hubby, I’m hungry. Let’s go home.”

Michael pecked her on her lips lovingly. “Sure.”

That moment he lowered his head was practically a moment when he oozed pure handsomeness with nothing else; such perfectly defined lines with an extraordinary beauty and mysteriousness!

Sophia’s face burned. She then took Nathan’s hand and headed outside with Michael.

Richard followed them in displeasure. He watched on helplessly as Sophia and that loser ‘Stanley’ smiled and chatted before leaving right from his sight. ‘Stanley’ even had an arm wrapped around Sophia’s shoulders. The two of them were no different from any couple on campus. The only thing that differed was the little third wheel walking next to them.

Richard’s face turned purple from anger as he watched this ‘family of three’. The sense of betrayal he felt grew even more.

Xyla was revelling in all of this. She pulled on Richard’s arm and consoled him. “Richard, don’t be mad. Let’s all get along now. It’s lucky that you found out about her tendency to shift targets in time. It would have been a disaster if she had gotten into the Harper Family otherwise!”

“Heh.” Richard chuckled coldly and retracted his bone-chilling gaze. “I won’t tear her to pieces for now. Once we’ve made some inroads into the Fletchers…”

He would kick her ruthlessly to the side by then!

Sophia and Michael got into their car and returned home. She couldn’t resist pulling out her phone to see if her ex had sent some weird message to her again, for example, ‘Sophia, I never thought that you’re that kind of person.’ Or maybe it could be something like, ‘You’ve betrayed our love for each other!’

Unfortunately, there was nothing. On the contrary, Richard had sent this instead. ‘Sophia, I had miscalculated during today’s match. I hadn’t expected Stanley to be able to find some substitutes from outside his school. I won’t let you down next time.’

Huh? He actually isn’t interrogating me or ripping into me? Sophia had a vague idea of Richard’s scheming. They were probably waiting for her, ‘Joel’s mistress’, to whisper in Joel’s ear and figure out a way to marry Kayla Harper into the Fletchers.

When that happened, the Harpers and the Fletchers would be united. The Harpers would probably be sharpening their knives to slaughter the goose then.

It wasn’t like Richard hadn’t done anything like that before. In the past, she had stayed up overnight helping him with the homework that he hadn’t gotten right. She had then sacrificed her rest to help tutor him, but he ended up hooking up with Xyla the moment he got into university.

She knew exactly what her ex had in mind when he sent that!

She tossed her phone to the side and began to focus on Michael’s dashing good looks. Sometimes, the difference between people was even greater than the difference between a person and a piece of crap.

When they returned, Sophia hastily logged into the Bayside University forums. Just as she thought, others had posted pictures from the basketball match earlier. Michael had been the subject in all of the shots. There were a good number of high quality shots on the forums, which Sophia hastily saved.

Tch, just how did Michael maintain his good looks all these years? He was already in his thirties, yet that skin of his was exactly the same as a young lad in his late teens. It was so dewy that one could practically squeeze the moisture right out of it!

If only she could be like him when she got to her thirties; that would be great!

Sophia put on her glasses and drooled all over her husband’s otherworldly looks through her computer screen. Michael deliberately walked in front of her, clad in just a pair of boxers. She then immediately switched off her computer and pretended to study seriously. Her eyes followed that sturdy body for a long while until the bathroom door interrupted her line of sight. It was only then that she retracted her gaze, but her mind kept conjuring up weird thoughts, such as musings about what her future child with Michael would be named, and which kindergarten would the kid go to.

But at the thought that Michael had many gay friends, she felt that her existence was quite insignificant. She was a little deflated.

She was just a regular person. She wasn’t exactly rich, and it wasn’t like her face was absurdly beautiful or anything. There were many more ladies who were prettier and wealthier than she was, and Michael had been showbiz for years. The number of gorgeous women he had met had to outnumber all the meals she had eaten throughout her life. He was the crush of millions of girls worldwide, and the number of beautiful women throwing themselves at Michael could probably form a line that wrapped around the world several times over. What advantage did Sophia have to come up on top of all these millions of girls?

Perhaps Michael had married her for some other reason. At any rate, he hadn’t done it because he loved her.

She continued to be all wrapped up in her head. One moment she would be thinking of which kindergarten that their child would be sent to, and the next moment she would be wondering the type of men that Michael liked. All of this was done as she browsed the threads on the forums of course.

Many people were asking about Michael’s origins.

Hmph, if even I can’t get my hands on him, you guys can forget about it!

Sophia kept pasting the same reply on the posts. ‘This is my boyfriend. We’ve been in a steady relationship for five years. We’ll be marrying once I graduate.’

Meanwhile, Michael was bathing with Nathan in the bathroom. There were three bathtubs in there, with each person getting their own tub. Nathan’s tub was green, with two little toy frogs floating in the water in it.

Michael luxuriated in the bathwater; taking a bath after a basketball match was a great feeling. As he soaked in the bath, he said, “Son, you’re already five. Once it’s the new year, you’ll be six. If you round that up, you’ll be ten this coming year. Ten years old is already old enough to be a man. Don’t sleep with my wife from now on.”

“Find me a wife then. I’ll let you sleep with my wife,” Nathan said dully in his bath.

Michael laughed. “Son, you’ll have to sleep by yourself next year. Mom will be sleeping with me.”

Nathan didn’t speak up again. His dad must be thinking of taking the opportunity to shove a little sister into Sophia’s belly.

If Sophia really gave birth to a little sister, then he wouldn’t be the only baby of the family anymore. Nathan was a little saddened by the thought.

Sophia went to campus again the next day. Her school still had one more basketball match to go.

It had stopped snowing at last. The sun was finally out too. However, snow was still piled by the sides of the road. Sophia stepped into campus with her pink coat, a pink Santa hat perched on her head as well. When paired with her pink cheeks, she looked strikingly beautiful.

Nathan was also dressed in a pink coat with a pink hat on his side. He looked like a girl in his outfit. His face was freezing, and he didn’t know why Sophia thought that he would like this eye-watering pink; he was clearly a boy!

Still, he put up with it for the time being since Sophia liked the outfit. He’d embarrass himself with her for now. He was a little kid at any rate; the others wouldn’t make fun of a little kid.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 198

When Sophia reached the campus, she saw Sarah and Sean walking toward her. Almost every day, the duo came to the campus together because they seemed to be neighbors.

“Sofie, come and take a look at the latest magazine! There’s a surprise inside!”

Sarah brought Sophia to the campus’s most crowded newspaper stand. There, the magazines that defamed Stanley had been removed and were replaced by a new edition of esports magazines. Coincidentally, Stanley was on the covers too.

This time, the magazines were full of Stanley’s well-groomed photos instead of candid shots. As usual, Stanley was in his punk style. He looked attractive in the professionally shot and slightly edited photos.

When Sophia read the magazine while walking, she found that the whole magazine was talking about esports and Stanley’s interview even took up a lot of pages.

Oh dear. This guy is actually so capable, Sophia thought. Not only was he the worthiest esports player in Cethos, but he was also very famous in the international esports industry. Previously, he even led a team of Cethonian online gamers and defeated every foreign team in an international esports tournament, winning themselves the first place.

The British prince has asked for his guidance; the Swedish princess has tried courting him; the President has brought him on a state visit because he’s the most outstanding teen in Cethos…

“I’ve never thought that Stan is so talented!” Sarah exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Sophia also seemed to be impressed by Stanley because she had been regarding him as a nerd. It seemed like all the Fletchers were indeed extraordinary.

They walked to the basketball court while chatting.

After reaching the place and changing her clothes, Sophia began warming up and focused on the competition later.

The match was between the School of Economics and Business Administration and the School of Financial Management.

Since the School of Financial Management was full of rich, good-looking people, they had more fans in comparison to the School of Economics and Business Administration.

Richard was here too. When he reached the court, he walked to Sophia while smiling politely. “Sophia, I’m here to support you.”

He thought he was treating Sophia generously and kindly since he purposely didn’t bring Xyla along with him. In response, Sophia smiled, but she was cut short from her speech because somebody suddenly put his hand on her shoulder, and a deep voice could be heard behind her.

“Thank you!” Stanley showed up and held Sophia’s shoulder as he said mockingly, “Sophia has enough cheerleaders for today, so I don’t think she’ll need her ex. You’re an eyesore.”

His words made Sophia roll her eyes because she had no idea why Stanley kept treating her ex meanly.

For her, she had always chosen to ignore the Harpers to prevent them from having the idea that she wanted to rely on them.

In contrast to Richard, who was alone, there were a lot of men standing behind Stanley now. Aside from Nathan, Gary, and Hale, there were also a few men whom Sophia did not recognize, and even a few Caucasians.

“Sophia, come here! Let me introduce them to you.” Deliberately, Stanley started introducing his friends before Richard.

“Here’s my eldest disciple, Kevin. He’s the youngest prince of the British monarchy and the eighth in line to the throne.”

Then, he turned to another guy. “This is my second disciple, Wilhelm. He’s from the Swedish royal family.”

Pointing to yet another guy, he said, “He’s my friend, Shiloh, and he’s the heir of the largest tribe in Africa.”

As the humiliated Stanley was provoked, he asked his friends to come here to put Richard to shame.

Bayside University was never lacking international students because a lot of politicians and successful entrepreneurs sent their children here. Although Richard had thought about gaining their support, he had no ways to approach them.

Little did he know that Stanley could casually ask so many of them out.

It was also out of his expectation that Stanley was really famous by being an esports player. Esports did not only make him become famous worldwide and the worthiest gamer in Cethos, it also gave him the opportunity to know a lot of royalty and politicians.

Nonetheless, he was still a gamer no matter how arrogant he was!

Richard was quiet and his expression darkened.

Meanwhile, Stanley was glaring at him disdainfully.

Even though Nathan was in the gang, the average of their height was still around 180 cm. Hence, if they really went into a fight with Richard, they would undoubtedly be the winner because Richard was only by himself.

Sophia was the one who broke the tension. “Okay. Just go and find yourselves seats.”

Richard turned around and left with a foul expression. Then, Stanley was finally willing to bring his friends to look for seats.

During the match between the School of Computer Science and the School of Financial Management last time, they would have lost due to Richard’s tricks if Michael had not come to their rescue. Hence, Stanley brought his gang of friends over on this day to prevent the School of Economics and Business Administration from being fooled as well.

Aside from giving Sophia support, they were also here to stop those from the School of Financial Management from playing dirty tricks.

As giving out money had been the most common trick used by those from the School of Financial Management, the female basketball team had indeed used this trick on the School of Economics and Business Management before the match.

One day before the match, Sophia received an anonymous text message about giving her 100 thousand if she would quit the match. She just laughed it off.

On this day, the players from the School of Economics and Business Administration were in their best state and they were gaining points effortlessly. As their points kept going up, people from the School of Financial Management became anxious and kept sending out messages to them, offering them more money than before.

However, Stanley, who was in the spectators’ seat, suddenly shouted, “To the beautiful ladies in the School of Economics and Business Administration’s basketball team, let’s go for a meal once you all win! Just order anything you want because my friend will pay for the bill!”

At once, every girl around became excited, especially the girls from the School of Economics and Business Administration’s basketball team.

They did not care about what they would be eating; the key issue here was who they would be having dinner with.

As long as they could have dinner with their prince, money would not be an issue for them.

Hence, no matter how hard the School of Financial Management tried now, no people would accept their offer anymore.

The winner of the match was obvious now.

As Sophia’s opponents were too weak, she was running around and putting in goals without putting in much effort. She even wanted to yawn because her opponents simply couldn’t compare to her skills without the support of money they were given. Hence, she just let her other team members show off their skills, as a few princes were looking at them now.

When she looked at the spectators lazily, she suddenly found a man in a black down coat sitting in a corner. With a huge scarf around his neck, he was looking at Sophia smilingly.

Although he was wearing a black cap and had put his hair down to cover half of his face, Sophia still recognized him at a glance—Michael was here!

Hence, Sophia suddenly became competitive once again. She ran in front of her team and started snatching the ball and putting in goals. In the end, she even managed to make two consecutive three-pointers.

The match ended after the blow of a whistle. The School of Financial Management was totally defeated, making them go to the restroom in distress.

Nathan happily brought a bottle of water to Sophia after she had left the court. When Sophia was drinking the water, she kept sneaking glances at Michael’s direction and realized that he had disappeared.

Did he leave?

At once, Sophia became sad, and she even found the mineral water that she was drinking bitter.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 199

“Sophia!” Stanley suddenly called her. At this moment, he and his friends had already changed into sports attire and Stanley had a basketball in his hand. “We’re going to another place for a round of matches. Are you coming?”

As Sophia was still disappointed about Michael’s early departure, she was upset and was going to decline. However, little did she expect that a voice would suddenly ring behind her. “Of course. She’s going.”

In an instant, Sophia found that her world had become lively again. Hence, when she turned her head and looked at the man who had showed up, her eyes were literally sparkling.

She did not know when Michael went and changed into sports attire. He looked just like a student in the Bayside University in his recently done buzz cut. It was hard to accept that this lively and handsome guy was actually a 32-year-old man.

Stanley rubbed his own head that was in a buzz cut as well, then he looked at Michael’s as he mumbled, “Hmm, don’t we have the same hairstyle? Why does he look more handsome than me?”

Since Sophia’s idol was going, she would certainly go too!

Happily, she followed them to a rather deserted basketball court and started playing.

Although the court was full of young, energetic Bayside University students, the 32-year-old Michael did not stand out among them at all.

While they were playing, Sophia peeked at Michael and could not help but exclaim in her mind, How can his skin be so flawless? He looks so young and he doesn’t look his age at all! His performance also doesn’t make him look like a man in his thirties, let alone his skin condition. No wonder he was chosen to act as a handsome high school student in the movie. The role suits him perfectly! Ah! My idol!

Meanwhile, Gary and Hale quietly stood aside and watched them play. Nathan was sitting and waiting for them too.

During the interval, Sophia took a rest to drink some water. In the meantime, she did not forget to keep her eyes on her idol who was scoring goals too.

The more I look at him, the more handsome I find him to be!

“Hey! Sophia!” Stanley, who had left the court for some water, patted on Sophia’s shoulders forcefully. Then, he said with a disdainful look, “Is this your first time meeting men? You look so obsessed that you’re almost drooling! Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

Hurriedly, Sophia regained her calm composure.

Did I show my admiration so obviously just now? Somebody please tell me that I didn’t! If I really had shown it, wouldn’t Tay Tay have seen it too? It’s so embarrassing!

When Stanley finished drinking water and took out his phone to check the time, he saw an unknown number calling him.

Turning around, he picked up the call. “Hello? May I know who this is?”

On the other end of the phone, the man’s voice echoed as though he was in some enclosed space. “I’m Richard.”

Stanley laughed. “What’s up, Harps?”

Richard only said after snorting, “Stanley, I know that you’re in a relationship with Sophia now. However, I really pity you. Do you even know your girlfriend’s true colors?”

This piqued Stanley’s interests and he asked, “Oh? I don’t know. Can you tell me about it?”

Being merciless, Richard exposed Sophia’s most embarrassing side without hesitation. “I’m afraid that you don’t know about this, but I’m the only man in Sophia’s heart because she’s even willing to get into Joel’s bed for me! How can you still accept such a woman?”

After a few seconds of silence, Stanley just laughed out loud. “Harps, I’m dying of laughter now. Hahahahaha!”

On the other end of the phone, Richard shook his head and felt amused. Stanley is really just a foolish man who only knows gaming.

“During the charity banquet at the Harpers, did you know why Joel showed up? He was only there because Sophia had asked him to! Then, why did you think that Joel would listen to her? It’s because they’re having an affair now!”

Stanley was highly amused at Michael’s delusion now, and he could not suppress his laughter. “Hahaha! Continue, please.”

Richard continued saying, “Even though she’s Joel’s mistress now, she still only thinks of me. The only reason she’s with Joel is because of me. I’ve promised to offer her a position in the Harper Group once I’ve gained enough power! What can you offer her then? You’re incomparable to me! Do you understand?!”

Richard was literally yelling now. Sophia could only belong to him!

Whenever he thought about her kissing Stanley, he could not hold back his fury; it was as though his precious treasure had been stolen.

That precious treasure of his was Sophia. Although he could leave her hanging when he was bored and only talked to her whenever he remembered her, he could not bear seeing other people casting their eyes on her! She only belonged to him!

Most importantly, he felt humiliated upon seeing other people cherishing his girlfriend whom he had abandoned. He felt as though his pride and dignity were trampled.

Meanwhile, Stanley was seemingly frightened by Richard’s words because he had been being silent on the other end of the phone. When Richard thought that Stanley was convinced, Stanley began howling in laughter. “Hahahaha! Are you trying to kill me with jokes so that you can get my game account?”

This made Richard feel helpless. Since he had revealed Sophia’s ugliest side, he had nothing else to tell Richard anymore. Hence, he reminded Stanley for the last time, “Similar to Joel, you’re also just a tool to Sophia. I’m the only man in her heart.”

This time, Stanley finally stopped laughing and asked seriously after taking a deep breath, “I’m just a nerd who only knows gaming. May I know which part of me that you think she can use, Mr. Harper?”

This made Richard become lost for words. In the end, he made up a perfect excuse. “Sophia is a girl who doesn’t like showing her weak side to people. That’s why she’s shy from letting people know that I’m the only man in her heart. No matter what, you’re just her tool and you can’t stop us from getting together!”

While holding back his laughter, Stanley continued asking, “Since Sophia has already slept with Joel, what advantages do you think you have in comparison to Joel? What is it that makes Sophia remain loyal to you?”

Again, Richard was lost for words because he had thought about this question too.

As Joel was going to be the youngest general in Cethos, what would happen if Sophia really chose Joel over him in the end?

Not willing to admit defeat, Richard roared, “She only loves me!”

All of a sudden, someone’s faint voice could be heard from the other end of the phone. “Where are you, Richard? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Richard hurriedly ended the call.

After being hung up, Stanley finally understood why Sophia did not want to speak another word with this ex of hers—it was because she would die of laughter!

Sophia only has Richard in her heart? What nonsense! She’s totally charmed by Uncle Michael now!

After keeping his phone away, Stanley suddenly thought of Michael’s words. He said that Sophia is married, right? How is this possible? He must be lying to me. How could she possibly be married at such a young age? The reason he has told me this must be that he doesn’t wish to see me flirting with his son’s nanny.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 200

After resting for a while, Sophia continued playing basketball with Michael energetically.

When Michael did a perfect slam dunk, everyone in the court gasped and clapped.

Sophia was looking at Michael enviously because she wished to do a slam dunk too. Unfortunately, she was too short, and her hands could not even reach the hoop.

Suddenly, Michael walked to her as though he had read her mind. “Do you wish to do a slam dunk too?”

Sophia widened her eyes and nodded. Then, Michael passed her the basketball and walked forward, bending down to hold her up while holding her legs.

At once, Sophia felt herself leaving the ground and she could see the hoop right before her. However, when she lowered her gaze and saw Michael holding her, she blushed.

All the while keeping a hold on her, Michael said, “Go on.”

With a thumping heart, Sophia turned scarlet and did her ‘slam dunk’.

When the basketball hit the ground, Michael put Sophia down too.

Although Sophia was standing on the ground now, her mind was still a complete blank because her idol had been too charming. She could not think of anything else other than him now.

When Michael picked up the basketball and saw Nathan looking at him eagerly, he waved at him. In response, Nathan ran over and took the basketball without a word. Then, Michael held him up and let him do a slam dunk happily.

When Stanley looked at the happy trio, he suddenly had mixed feelings.

Can it be that Sophia is Uncle Michael’s wife? In the next instant, he dismissed this thought. How possibly would my wise Uncle Michael marry the silly Sophia? Tsk, tsk. Look at that girl. She’s almost drooling!

After playing a round of basketball, the group of people took their respective showers and changed back into their clothes, preparing to leave.

Stanley said, “Uncle Michael, I’m going to play games now. Bye!”

Then, he brought all his lackeys with him to play games whereas Sophia followed Michael home.

Michael somehow got a bicycle and stopped it before Sophia. “Hop on, chica.”

Looking at the bicycle, Sophia felt shy despite wanting to hop on. Nevertheless, how could she let her idol give her a ride in such cold weather?

Michael stopped the bicycle and smiled at her with his head tilted. “Just hop on. It’ll take you 30 minutes if you choose to walk out of the campus.”

With her head lowered, Sophia blushed and sat on the bicycle’s backseat quietly.

Then, Michael put his feet on the pedals and held the handlebar with his hands that were in a pair of warm gloves now. Turning his head, he told his young bride who was on the backseat, “Hold me tightly.”

Shyly, Sophia put her arms around his waist.

Oh gosh! I’m holding my idol’s waist now! He’s so strong and muscular. I can even feel his abs under his down coat!

They traveled across Bayside University on the bike. Sitting on a side, Sophia was leaning her head on Michael’s back to shield herself from the strong, cold wind. While listening to Michael’s even breathing, she really wished that time could stop at this moment.

Occasionally, there were other couples overtaking them on their bicycles, displaying their affection publicly too.


Michael rang the bicycle bell. When the students on the road heard the sound, they made way for the bicycle, smiling when they saw the nice-looking couple.

At that moment, Sophia felt as if flowers were blossoming everywhere and the warm, spring breeze was surrounding her.

However, she seemed to have forgotten something.

Sophia only recalled what she had forgotten when Michael rode the bicycle to the campus entrance. “Oh no! We’ve forgotten Nate!”

Michael finally seemed to have remembered his son too. Hence, he hurriedly rode back and met Nathan and Gary halfway.

With a darkened expression, Nathan just ignored the couple and walked away.

This time, they really angered Nathan because he just shut himself in his own room upon reaching home. No matter how the couple coaxed him, he did not want to come out.

Standing at Nathan’s room door, Sophia was anxious. “What should we do? Nate seems to be very furious.”

However, Michael did not take this to heart and just smiled. “Don’t worry, he’ll return to his usual self tomorrow. Just let him be alone now.” On the inside however, he was thinking, It’s good that he’s angry, because he won’t interrupt me anymore!

Michael took out the box of condoms that he had long prepared from the storeroom. He planned to use them later this night.

Happily, he brought the condoms back to the bedroom while thinking about the busy night that they would have later.

Upon opening the bedroom, he saw Sophia, who was just out from a bath, lying on the bed.

When Sophia peeked from the covers and saw the box of condoms, she felt her scalp tingling and she pulled the covers up again.

At first, Michael thought that Sophia was being shy, but little did he know that a boy would suddenly pop his head out from the covers!

With a pair of widened eyes, Nathan stared at Michael, who returned the stare. The both of them remained that way for some time.

Michael was irritated. Didn’t he just shut himself in the room? Why is he here now?!

As both of them did not speak a word after a while, Sophia hurriedly broke the tension by saying, “Hubby, Nate only wants to sleep with us because he says that it’s too cold to sleep alone.”

What nonsense! He’s just here to mess around!

Feeling helpless, Michael could only put that box of condoms back to its original place. When he returned, Nathan and Sophia had already fallen asleep.

Shaking his head, he walked toward them.

After looking at them closely, he found both of them really adorable.

Never mind. I won’t blame him for the sake of his cuteness.

Although the wonderful winter break had started, Sophia didn’t seem to be planning to take a break. Every day, she would either be preparing for her next semester’s courses, or she would be going to the gym, or playing games; all of her time was occupied.

Michael was also busy filming his part in the crew so that he could go home before New Year’s Eve.

Meanwhile, the Fletchers brought Nathan home with them. As Old Master Fletcher was really fond of Nathan, they would bring Nathan home for a few days every winter break.

This gave Sophia more free time because she did not need to take care of Nathan. Hence, she went to play games in the cybercafe every day after studying.

Recently, she had been logging in with her alternate account and she had not logged into her main account for a long time.

Ever since Nathan logged into her main account last time and messed everything up, she felt embarrassed to play with that account. This was because everyone in the same server was laughing at Sirius becoming Scary Phoenix’s ‘wife’.

Just when she was going to play with her alternate account, her ‘wife’, Call Me Taylor, told her happily, ‘Hubby, now that the Esports World Championship is approaching, a lot of skilled players in our server have formed teams to join. Are you participating too?’

The Esports World Championship? Sophia seemed to have heard of this championship before. Basically, it was an annual carnival for the worldwide nerds and it had been held for decades. Every year, more than a dozen of the famous online games could be found in the competition, including the ‘Swordsman Game’. Most importantly, it was the only Cethonian game that could be found in the competition.

Unfortunately, a foreign team won first place in the ‘Swordsman Game’ last year and the Cethonian team only got second place.

Hence, to erase this humiliation, highly-skilled Cethonian gamers had been recruited since the competition started this year.

Despite Sophia being not interested in this, Call Me Taylor kept prompting her to join. ‘Just join it, Hubby! Hurry up and sign up! I’d like to see my hubby become famous in the Aseanos region and the world!’

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