My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 171-180

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 171

On the other side, Richard’s gaze was fixed on Sophia, seeing that she was beautiful as a goddess of the moonlight who sipped slowly from a blue cocktail glass. Her slender fingers were fair and tender whereas each fingernail was exquisitely decorated—with the red Eternal Love ring dazzling brightly on her finger.

Her melancholic expression seemed to be glowing in a strange light and he was absorbing every trace of it. It made his heart beat faster against his chest, as if he had found the sort of reckless love he once experienced when he was younger.

At that moment, Richard seemed to clearly recognize something in himself. I am mainly with Xyla due to the benefit of having both our families unite and collaborate with each other. The love I harbor for her is nowhere near that of Sophia!

He looked as if he had made a decision!

My father has many women on the side and even hired them as his capable assistants in the company, helping him to develop his career while mother has always turned a blind eye toward them.

Why can’t I have Sophia on the side just like how my father handles things? As long as I don’t have any illegitimate sons, it wouldn’t jeopardize Xyla’s status. Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

Sophia felt as though she was sitting on pins and needles, wanting nothing more than to hide in a crack on the ground. Hence, she took this opportunity to calm herself by drinking alcohol. After she finished her cocktail, she took out her cell phone from the purse that she had with her and pretended to use it.

She scrolled through the browser on her phone as her eyes distractedly scanned the pages and stumbled upon Bayside University’s forum by accident, seeing several posts pinned on the homepage. Those posts all discussed tonight’s banquet.

‘Sophia received the first place in the current year’s military camp for new students!’

‘Candid shot. Sophia Edwards vs. Xyla Huff in the same shot. The ex, Sophia, wins!’

‘Ah, I am here at the scene. I am fifty meters away from my idol!’

‘Sophia’s new boyfriend is quite handsome. He doesn’t look inferior at all, compared to the idols in the same shot!’

‘The Overbearing Soldier Fell for Me, Taylor Murray x Joel Fletcher. Chapter two thousand has been updated today.’

She clicked into the fanfiction ‘The Overbearing Soldier Fell for Me’ as she wanted to see what had been added to the homosexual fanfiction today.

Michael took a sip of water, turning to glance at his petite wife, who was focused on her phone and blushing for no apparent reason. She is so adorable! I want nothing more than to kiss her, hold her and lift her up!

However, his expression fell when he glanced at the content she was reading.

Sophia was oblivious to her surroundings. After reading the erotic novel on the forum, she checked her Messenger and observed that the app was active before suddenly noticing that he had sent a photograph to her. When she checked the time stamp, it indicated that the picture was sent a moment ago. Hence, out of curiosity, she clicked on the file to open the image.

After it had been loaded, a crude and erotic image came into sight!

I can’t believe Michael sent me an erotic image!! No, this is not merely an erotic image. On the contrary, it is a sexually explicit picture!

It was an uncensored HD quality GIF from a European and American action movie.

The characters were engaged in an intense entanglement with no doubt that it would have been extremely loud if there was audio!

She was shocked, glancing at Michael in disbelief. He was chatting about something irrelevant with Joel. In fact, Michael was shrouded in the light of an idol with an unmistakable elegance etched across his face. His action or a mere glance from him was sufficient to drive all the women around him mad and even make a straight man become gay. No, no, someone must have hacked into his account. Yup, that’s the only explanation. My Lord would never do such a wretched thing!

Sophia typed in the chat box: ‘Someone hacked into your account’.

She suddenly stiffened after sending the text. Her head shot up from looking down at her phone and she immediately sat upright with a horrified expression. She was so terrified that she almost dropped her phone.

There was a hand suddenly touching her bum, carelessly groping her bottom. However, everybody seemed oblivious to the fact that the owner of the hand appeared as calm as a millpond—he was sipping water from the cup in his other hand.

Stanley noticed the terrified expression across Sophia’s face, so he asked, “Sophie, are you alright?”

She forced a smile. “I-I’m fine. Haha, haha…”

The hand suddenly pinched her bottom—it was so painful that her body shook as a result. Her soul curled up in her frail body to quiver in fear.

Michael was hinting, You will end up like the erotic GIF!

Sophia felt like weeping, but there were no tears to cry. Why am I always the one getting hurt?!

He was as quick as lightning when he retrieved his hand while she bowed down to pick up her phone.

She felt a burning sensation against her bottom and her body felt hot, as if it was on fire. Her mind was filled with the action of the erotic GIF she had received earlier. This is such a terrible feeling. I feel like crying.

It was in that moment when Richard and Xyla walked over.

He broke the silence humbly, “It is the Harper Family’s honor that you are all able to attend our charity banquet. Here, I’ll like to propose a toast to everyone.”

Although the three idols did not show up at the event for the Harper Family’s sake, they were forced to respond anyway since the host had toasted them.

Richard and Xyla naturally took the opportunity to sit down beside them and worked hard by chatting with the big shots. “Taylor, Xyla is the second female lead in your next movie. She is a freshman in the Department of Performing Arts in Bayside University and this will be her first film. She will have a lot to learn from you by then.”

Michael responded with a warm smile, as expected from an idol. “Of course, sure.”

He was never short of contracts to sign. At the current moment, he was still filming ‘Doctor Invincible’ with the contract being until the year after next. After filming ‘Doctor Invincible’, his next film would be an action movie about military affairs—a story about conflicts between a retired special forces soldier and a foreign mercenary.

[T/N: Translated as year after next, as opposed to the year of monkey]

Naturally, Michael was not playing the role of a soldier. Harry would be playing the male protagonist—a soldier from the special forces—while Michael would play the antagonist, a vicious leader of a foreign mercenary.

This male-dominated movie mainly revolved around a patriotic theme, so the main female protagonist only had around 10 minutes of screen time, let alone the second female protagonist. It was rumored that the film was aiming to be the number one in Cethos’ box office. The main cast consists of experienced great actors while the minor and unimportant roles were given to certain well-connected individuals to gain more investments.

After the incident where fans arrived at the theater last time, Sophia snuck into Michael’s fans network. There were many extraordinarily powerful and resource people within the network—in fact, they were able to track the whereabouts of their idols clearly.

They even knew the venue and timing of his film location. They would also be informed of the project and could even find out the flight number of the plane that he boarded. All in all, they were even more reliable than Hale. She had been secretly following his schedule and everything associated with him because she understood that the only way to be victorious was to understand herself and her enemy well.

While playing the role of the mercenary, he would concurrently guest star in another urban drama as a playboy. He was also scheduled to guest star in a few other films at the same time and she was aware about all of them.

Unfortunately, there were times when plans could never keep up with changes in reality. Michael’s skills of coming and leaving like a shadow had exceeded the expectations of even the most resourceful person within the fans network.

Xyla wanted to take the opportunity to shake hands with both Michael and Harry and tell them, I’m still a newbie. When the time comes, I will still need help from the both of you, seniors.

Unfortunately, just when she was about to reach out, Joel broke the silence and disrupted the atmosphere that was gradually relaxing. “Taylor, I heard that your mother is Elizabeth Murray?”

Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense again. Her hand hung awkwardly mid-air, staying there motionlessly for about two seconds. Then, she hastily withdrew her hand while maintaining her smile, as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.

The two of them had been amiably chatting earlier, but now he spoke in a different tone, as if he was directing that piece of information to outsiders.

Currently, the outsiders here were naturally Richard and Xyla.

Besides, Joel had deliberately increased his voice, so those who were nearby heard them.

Elizabeth Murray was an icon of an era—she was the first diva from Cethos to make a name for herself internationally, but she was also the first generation of p*rn star there. Everyone had speculated that she was Taylor Murray’s mother, but no one had the guts to ask him directly in person.

Who would want to admit that their mother was a prn star in prnographic films?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 172

After Joel asked that question, everyone’s expression immediately changed. Richard, as the organizer, also felt quite awkward.

Of course everyone knew that the topic was off-limits for Taylor.

Stanley also had not expected that Joel would suddenly bring the topic up, so he quickly hinted at the latter with his expression. This has been Michael’s taboo all the while. Don’t you know who his mother is, Joel?

Back then, Michael’s father, William Fletcher, had ignored his family’s objections and left in order to marry Elizabeth. It was only until the birth of Michael and Celine that Old Master Fletcher softened his stance and allowed the siblings to return to the family. However, he never admitted Elizabeth as part of the family.

In order to ensure that his wife would be recognized by the Fletcher Family, William decided to take on the most dangerous mission but died as a result.

Upon hearing the news of his death, Elizabeth was unable to take the blow and asked Old Master Fletcher to take care of the young Michael and Celine. After that, she killed herself to die together with William.

The topics around Michael’s parents and sister were also a taboo for him!

However, Joel didn’t seem to notice Stanley’s attempts. Instead, he smiled slightly. “I’m Elizabeth’s fan and have been watching her performance for a long time. It was only out of curiosity that I asked you that question. If you don’t feel like replying to me, forget it.”

Everyone wiped off the cold sweat that broke out on their foreheads. Oh, I see.

A bout of anxiousness swept over Sophia as she looked at Michael. However, he merely took a sip of water and answered in a clear voice after putting down the glass, “Thank you for liking my mother’s performance.”

Silence fell upon them again.

So, Taylor is admitting the fact that he is Elizabeth’s son? It’s true after all!

Since his debut, people had been speculating about his identity for decades and he finally gave a definite answer.

Elizabeth was someone with an existence of popularity and scandal. When Michael admitted that he was her son, he knew that he had to accept the dark parts of her life as well as her halo of popularity.

Sophia looked at him in worry as she could even tell that Joel was finding fault with him. It’s one thing for them to compete with each other, but why did Joel involve Michael’s mother?

Joel had never thought of letting Michael off the hook, so he said with a half-smirk, “It’s such a pity that Elizabeth has already retired for decades. I’ve been listening to her songs since I was young, but I’ve never heard her sing in real life. Since you are her son, you must have inherited her good techniques. Why don’t you sing for me?”

He’s asking Michael to perform for him?

Although Michael knows how to sing in operas, how is it possible for him to perform here?

Sophia thought, Even if Michael wants to perform, only the concert halls in Vienna is a suitable venue. It’s a waste for him to perform here at the Harper Family’s banquet! It’s even insulting!

Sure enough, Michael hesitated and went silent. Upon seeing this, Joel smiled. “Seems like it’s not convenient for you.”

However, Michael suddenly asked, “Which part would you like to listen to?”

Joel’s eyes flashed as he replied, “The tenor part from Don Giovanni.”

Michael stood up. “Since you would like to hear it, Joel, I shall sing a part for you.”

She looked at him in shock. Is he really singing?

He walked to the center of the banquet hall and announced in a clear voice, “Joel and I were able to hit it off when we met, so I dedicate this part of Don Giovanni to him. Hope you guys will enjoy it.”

Taylor Murray is going to sing Don Giovanni?

Taylor’s first debut was a movie that was related to opera. In fact, all the performances in the movie were actually performed by him without the use of any substitutes or voice overs. However, no one had seen him performing in real life. He is actually going to perform an opera in front of us?

The Harper Family had not only invited guests from the entertainment business, fashion industry, and the business circle, but the opera singers as well. At that moment, a few of them walked forward to hear the voice of Elizabeth Murray’s son, who had been widely promoted by the public. They wondered how much talent he had inherited from his mother.

As the organizer, the Harper Family was very proud of themselves while Richard immediately cleared the stage.

Numerous hands stretched out. Some were filming videos while others live-streamed. At such a digital era of high-end technology, Taylor’s performance spread around the Internet almost instantly.

Under numerous eyes and cameras, Michael began to sing.

After he adjusted his posture and turned his eyes to slip into the posture of an opera performance, he started singing Mozart’s Don Giovanni in Italian. “Notte e giorno faticar, per chi nulla sa gradir; piova e vento sopportar, mangiar male e mal dormir! Voglio far il gentiluomo, e non voglio più servir, no, no, no, no, no, no, non voglio più servir!”

Everyone in the hall remained silent as they heard his soft yet powerful voice fill the entire venue and transport itself into their ears. He’s singing Leporello’s part!

One would know the quality of the performer almost immediately after he opened his mouth. After he finished his performance, a few seniors in the opera circle clapped. “Bravo!”

Sophia felt that today’s events had started off on a wrong note—a pervert had pinched her bottom and he was now singing in a female voice while moving his fingers like a snake.

But Michael is so good at singing!

Subconsciously, she joined the crowd to clap.

Before the applause died down, a strong voice suddenly rang. “Questa furia disperata, mi vuol far precipitar! Sconsigliata! Taci, e trema! Questa furia disperata!”

Harry has actually appeared!

It was not too long ago that Harry had collaborated with Michael for a film, ‘The King’ and the former’s character was the king himself. Everyone initially thought that his performance in the movie was a voiceover by someone else, but it was actually sung by him in person!

Both of the Kings are going to revolt against the heavens!

Michael’s face was resentful, but he said softly, “Che tumulto!”

With an expression full of love and pity on Ethan’s face, he sang, “Taci, e trema al mio furore!”

With one acting as Leporello and the other as Don Giovanni, they had performed the most epic part of Mozart’s Don Giovanni. On top of that, it was sung live without any post-production and there were no voice-overs or stunt actors to assist them. It was quite obvious that Ethan’s performance was of an amateur level and Taylor was a professional who had been doing opera for years. Their performance received bouts of applause from time to time.

After they finished the part, Michael and Harry bowed to the audience. A few seniors in the opera rushed to Michael and surrounded him. “Young man, it’s such a pity that you’re not pursuing this professionally! We need talents like you in opera!”

“You are indeed Elizabeth’s son! Back then, I had collaborated with your mom on Don Giovanni as well. Even though it’s been so long, I feel like I can see her when I look at you!”

The comments in the livestream were exploding. ‘OMG, Taylor is the best!’

‘He is so professional—especially his posture and his body! I love you forever, Taylor! I also want to learn how to sing opera!”

‘Lord Winston is also amazing! Even though he has no experience in opera, he learned this song for an entire year! I can’t believe that he became so good after merely a year. OMG!’

Sophia looked at Michael, who was surrounded by a few experienced seniors in the opera field. He had a dazed look on his face, as if he had not returned to his senses from the song.

Not only can he fight well, but he can also sing. Is there anything in this world that Michael can’t do?

Throb! Throb! Throb!

Damn it! My heart can’t stop throbbing now!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 173

Stanley poked Sophia, who was dumbfounded. “Hehe! You must be stunned! I’m sure you didn’t expect my uncle to be talented, eh? Let me tell you this—my uncle’s stage name was given by his mother. Believe it or not, he also used to be in the special forces!

He was even the winner in the fighting competition organized by the army! How amazing is that! But after that, he switched to the army with literary pursuits and retired after that. Alas, for someone who is as talented as Uncle Michael, he will shine no matter which field he is in!”

Sophia was even more dumbfounded upon hearing that.

Winner in the army? Army with literary pursuits? Idol of the entire nation? A psychopath who sends dirty jokes to me?

Which one of them is my husband?

What the hell has Michael experienced in the past?

While looking at the man whom everyone idolized as he shone brightly in the spotlight, it was the first time that she felt the distance between them had been stretched beyond dimensions.

He was a mirage that one could see but could never hold and a reflection of the moon in the water that one could not obtain. Even though her name was next to his on the same marriage certificate, the distance between them could not be shortened and would only grow wider apart instead.

The performance of Don Giovanni had pushed the atmosphere of the banquet to the climax, making the Harper Family even more arrogant.

A look of joy flashed on Michael’s face as he looked at Joel and asked from afar, “Joel, how was the performance today?”

Joel smiled coldly at him while rising to his full height. “I’m quite busy with the military, so I’ll take my leave now.”

With that, he quickly walked out of the banquet with a few deputy officers behind him.

Richard quickly escorted him. “General, why are you leaving so early? The banquet is only about to begin. Why don’t you stay for a while longer?”

Even though he was trying to ask Joel to stay longer, his actions did not prove as such, so he quickly helped to press on the elevator button.

Joel did not have a friendly facial expression while he kept quiet, not speaking a word to Richard from the beginning to the end. His absence did not have an impact on the atmosphere of the banquet. A group of experienced opera singers gathered around Michael to have a discussion about singing, not allowing others to join the conversation.

Just like that, Kayla watched Joel, whom she yearned for, leave right in front of her eyes whereas the other two men were within sight but beyond reach.

On the other hand, Sophia was speaking to Stanley.

He was trying to console his son. “Ken, you don’t have to cry. Your daughter is alright. We will fix her tonight. Come, have some wine!”

Looking at his ‘daughter’, Kenny was still teary-eyed and wiped his tears while he drank.

When the banquet began, the guests took their seats accordingly. Sophia and Stanley sat next to each other. Michael and Harry had not been invited in the first place, so they were cordially invited by the experienced opera singers to their table.

Initially, the Harper Family had placed Sophia and the people from the media together so that they could humiliate her. However, those people were kicked out by Joel and his men, so they lacked the courage to enter the hall again. They knew that if they did so, Kenny would not let them off the hook.

Hence, their table was quite empty. It was able to accommodate eight people, but there were only Sophia, Stanley, Nathan, and a magazine reporter sitting there.

The reporter had been bribed by the Harper Family to dig any news possible from Sophia so that they could make a big deal out of it. By hook or by crook, he would have to write something so that he could report to the Harper Family with what he ploughed.

He could not write anything about Sophia’s attire as everything she wore was genuine and her accessories were of the limited edition. Since he could not find anything negative to write from there, he could only start digging for weak points on Stanley. “Miss Sophia, is the man next to you your new boyfriend?”

Sophia replied, “I can’t tell you that.” After all, my legal husband is sitting right at the next table.

He asked Stanley, “Sir, how long have you been dating Miss Sophia?”

Stanlay said in one go, “I’m a freshman in Bayside University and I met Miss Sophia Edwards at the military training. As her ex-boyfriend is an *sshole who humiliated her during the training, her being helpless has successfully ignited my protective instinct to protect her. So, we have started to date ever since!”

Both Sophia and Nathan rolled their eyes at the same time.

The reporter would not obviously write that down. Instead, he asked, “Miss Sophia’s ex-boyfriend is the managing director of the Harper Real Estates and the new star of the business field. In your opinion, what advantages do you have that could compete with the Young Master of the Harper Group?”

After taking a sip of the wine, Stanley frowned. The wine was worse than the French Cheval-Blanc that Michael stored in his cellar. “My advantages… I’m young and handsome with a height of 1.85m. My body fat is 15% and I have eight packs. Apart from that, I’m the most handsome guy in the School of Computer Science!”

The reporter was speechless upon hearing that.

Stanley added, “Richard Harper, on the other hand, is a jerk. Not only is he less handsome and shorter than me, but he concurrently dates two girls. He cheated on his girlfriend and humiliated his ex with his current one. With that comparison, I’m way better than him!”

After a short pause, the reporter cleared his throat. “Um, sir, I’m talking about your financial advantages.”

Stanley scratched his head and grinned. “Financially? I’m not that rich. I’m just an average university student. Both my parents are teachers, my brother is in the military, and I usually play online games to earn some side income.”

That was exactly what the reporter wanted—and he had already planned a draft in his mind. The latest title of the magazine title would be ‘Shocking News! The ex-girlfriend of the Young Master of Harper Group is now in love with a good-for-nothing otaku!’.

No matter what, he would have to paint Sophia in the worst angle possible. He would have to describe Sophia as a woman who dated Richard to become his wife and get all the wealth from his family. However, things didn’t turn out well for her as she was slandered and in the end, she could only settle with a punk, non-mainstream guy who only knew how to play online games.

The more cruel he wrote about her, the more money he would receive from the Harper Family.

After he received the source material that he wanted, the reporter stopped harassing them.

When the banquet started, the dishes were continuously served and the organizers had started their performance.

Kayla kicked off the event by tearfully apologizing in public, promising that she would never make the same mistakes again and auctioned some of her jewelry for charity. Of course, everyone forgave her graciously.

Then, her parents also apologized, saying that they did not do a good job of educating their daughter. They also promised that they would strictly discipline her from now onward as well as setting up an education fund in Kayla’s name to provide scholarships for others.

From the start of the banquet until the end, the Harper Family was in the spotlight, so Sophia was not mentioned at all. Everyone seemed to have forgotten that the Harper Family had almost completely destroyed Sophia’s reputation.

Looking at the few family members of the Harper Family, Sophia’s smile grew wider…

Finally, Richard appeared and announced lovingly, “Today, I have a huge surprise for my fiancée, Xyla.”

Everyone turned to look at her as they were curious about the surprise.

Before that, they thought that the Harper Family had bought the Eternal Love for Xyla. However, it was impossible since Sophia was wearing it today.

If it was not Eternal Love, then it must be something around the same level.

Xyla looked at him expectantly.

Richard walked to her while earnestly confessing his feelings to her, making her tear up in the process. Everything went smoothly as if they had already rehearsed it.

After a pause, Richard announced with passion “Today, I’m going to give Xyla a huge present.” With that, the screen behind him brightened before pictures of children with cute smiles were shown as they stood in front of a school named ‘Xyla’s School of Hope’.

Xyla was dumbfounded when she heard that.


School of Hope?!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 174

“I’ve built ten Schools of Hope under Xyla’s name so that more schooling opportunities are provided to the children living in the mountains. They don’t have to pay a single cent for rent or food. I hope Xyla will like this present from me!”

Thunderous applause exploded right there and even Sophia had joined in. Even though the Harper Family’s main reason for doing charity was to increase their popularity, they still had done it anyway.

However, Xyla did not like it at all. What she wanted was Eternal Love, not some poor Schools of Hope!

Nevertheless, her impeccable acting skills had completely masked her true feelings. She was so moved that she sobbed while saying something that was entirely untrue. “Richard, I love this present so much!”

They couldn’t help themselves but tightly hug each other.

Another thunderous applause boomed. Sophia had also fervently clapped her hands, but the stunning red glimmer shining from the Eternal Love on her finger almost reddened Xyla’s eyes as well.

With that, the charity banquet organized by the Harper Family came to an end and they did not try to bully Sophia anymore. Perhaps it was because she had ‘deliberately’ brought some powerful figures with her, which brought enough pride to the Harpers, so they were surprisingly satisfied with Sophia’s performance.

When the banquet began, Richard, who had just given a moving speech, went to take a short rest.

In the rest area, Mrs. Harper patted his shoulder and said in satisfaction, “I can’t believe that woman has this capability! I definitely have underestimated her! Son, it’s normal for a man to be in love with several women at once. Many of them have a woman at home who’s dutiful and a few capable ones outside. Did you think I didn’t know about the few witches in your dad’s company? Since they can help him with his business and never threaten our positions, I’m too lazy to deal with them. Sophia, on the other hand, is quite capable and might be able to assist you in your career in the future. Don’t worry, I’ll talk some sense into Xyla for you, so go ahead and be with her! Just don’t make a big deal out of it. However, I only have one condition for that—Xyla must be the one who gives birth to your heir. If Sophia really wants to be with you, you have to ask her to perform a tubectomy. This is my only request!”

Upon hearing that, he was beyond delighted. “Thanks, mom!”

Standing outside the door, Xyla had heard everything. Her face, which became even more beautiful with makeup, became extremely distorted because of her anger within.

Have a woman at home who’s dutiful and a few capable ones outside?

Hah, do you think you can enter the Harper Family because of this, Sophia? It’s impossible!

Halfway through the banquet, Kayla went to the lounge to take a rest, but she saw Xyla crying alone in the room until her makeup was soiled. Hence, Kayla quickly asked for the reason.

In between her tears, Xyla told her about the conversation that Richard and Mrs. Harper had today, which she overheard. After hearing that, Kayla became so angry that her entire body trembled.

“That b*tch has some good tactics indeed! Don’t worry, I will never let her marry into the Harper Family! I will ruin her reputation tonight!”

Upon seeing Kayla’s facial features distorting due to hatred, Xyla was relieved. If Sophia wants to marry into the Harper Family, she will have to bypass me and Kayla first!

Halfway through the banquet, Sophia seemed to have drank too much alcohol, so she went to the bathroom. Her face was flushed red and she felt dizzy when she exited with the cocktail that she drank now taking its effect on her. As she touched up on her makeup earlier, a sudden fragrance wafted into her nose, weakening her limbs as she slowly fainted while holding the sink.

Oh no!

She realized that something was wrong. However, her consciousness slowly sank as the world spun around her. She could not muster an ounce of strength within her.

Suddenly, she felt a stabbing pain in her neck. A cool liquid was then immediately injected into her and it seemed to flow through her entire body, penetrating every blood vessel instantly. In no time, she felt that her body was boiling.

She did not lose her consciousness. On the contrary, she was even more alert, but she felt as if she was floating in the air and even hallucinated that she was already in heaven.

Three bulky men who looked like waiters quickly carried Sophia into the guest room on the second floor and closed the door. The room number was 402.

The three of them harshly threw her on the bed. At that moment, her eyes were wide open, but lacked focus. While she was in a state of daze, they surrounded her and started to remove her clothes disrespectfully.

Unbeknownst to them, someone had opened the door and walked into the room, standing behind the three men in silence. As the lights were dim, his face could not be clearly seen, but his eyes were blazing with fury…

Ten minutes later, Kayla led a group of young ladies from rich families to the fourth floor that was full of guest rooms—a few of them were occupied by guests who were resting.

“Kayla, where is the present that your uncle gave you? Quickly show to us!”

While walking to room 402, she said, “I left it in the guest room. I’ll show it to you immediately! It’s an extremely rare gift!”

She winked mysteriously.

Xyla seemed to know what Kayla’s intentions were and matched her rhetoric as she said excitedly, “I promise you guys won’t be disappointed by it! As we are organizing a charity banquet tonight, it’s quite inconvenient to bring out stuff that’s too ostentatious. So you only get a chance of looking at this. Remember to take out your phones to take some nice pictures!”

Kayla flaunted her present like it was some extraordinary, unique item and dragged everyone to look at it. Even though the rest wanted to stay in the hall to admire their idols, they followed her out of courtesy. At that moment, all of them took out their phones to prepare to take pictures.

After Kayla and Xyla exchanged a vindictive look, the former took out a room card and swiped it at the door of room 402.

It beeped.

The electronic door lock was opened, but they could not open the door—someone had locked it from the inside.


Kayla was confused by it and looked at the number of the door again—it was the right room and she had even arranged a huge scene inside. According to her plans, the door should not have been locked. Immediately after she swiped the room card, the door should have opened and everyone would see the drama unfolding within.

She even ordered the people involved that they were not allowed to lock the door from the inside.

After a few unsuccessful attempts, the few young ladies whom she had dragged were not quite happy. “Did you get the wrong room?”

“It’s fine if you can’t open it. Let’s head back to look at the idols!”

Upon seeing that everyone was about to leave, Kayla definitely would not let them leave. After all, she had already prepared the spectacle, which would be nothing without an audience. “Come on, don’t be so impatient. Just give me some time. I promise you guys won’t regret it after seeing the gift!”

Hence, everyone patiently waited while she continued to knock on the door. Soon, it was opened by a man in a suit who looked at them impatiently. “What?”

Kayla looked in the room and specifically looked at the bed, but it was empty. Why is this happening?

Without waiting for her reaction, the man fiercely shut the door. “You’re crazy!”


Just like that, Kayla and the group of girls were locked outside. Upon seeing that, she quickly comforted the group, who were becoming impatient. “I must have gotten the wrong place. It’s my fault.”

Suddenly, a shrill scream came next door. “Aaaah!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 175

Even though the rooms were soundproof, everyone still heard the shrill scream.

“Who’s screaming?”

“Seems like it’s coming from room 403!”

Xyla and Kayla were immediately excited right after hearing that.

So, they changed the venue at the last minute!

Damn it, what a bunch of unreliable fellows!

Xyla pretended to be fearful after hearing that. “Oh no, what’s going on there? I seem to hear someone screaming!”

“It sounds like something horrible is going on. What the hell just happened? Call room service immediately!”

“Hello, room service, please open room 403 immediately!”

For tonight’s event, the Harper Family had made reservations for the entire hotel, so all the guests who stayed there were invited by the Harpers. Of course, the employees did not dare to delay any further after hearing the Young Lady of the Harper Family issuing her orders. Hence, someone came in that moment to open the door.

Once the door was opened, everyone flooded into the room. What they saw left them dumbfounded—three men and one woman were intimately entangled with each other on the bed, doing indescribable actions that even a porn director could not have imagined.

After seeing that so many people had barged in, the woman cried loudly for help, “Help me!”

Someone in the crowd had pointed with trembling hands at the woman in shock. “Oh God, isn’t the woman Director Jenkins’s daughter?”

“Ask someone to come here immediately!”

“Help! Someone help us! The daughter of Director Jenkins has been raped!”

Director Jenkins’s daughter?

When Kayla and Xyla saw the face of the woman who was pinned under the three men, both of them stood rooted to the ground as if they had been electrocuted.

How is it the daughter of Director Jenkins?

Shouldn’t Sophia be the victim here?

Kayla had spent her entire savings to hire a few gangsters to completely destroy Sophia’s reputation. Their plan was to inject her with a large amount of hallucinogenic drugs and drag her into the room. When Kayla and Xyla opened the door, they should have been greeted by the image of Sophia being mauled by the three men.

Director Jenkins’s daughter had tried to shake them off with all her might, but it was futile. The three bulky men seemed to be under the influence of some drugs and pressed her down forcefully. After she managed to escape for a short while they dragged her back to continue with their actions.

All the people who entered the room were unmarried young ladies—some of them were so shocked that they ran out while others were stunned to the point where they stood rooted to the ground. No one took any action to save Director Jenkins’s daughter.

It was only when the hotel security caught wind of the incident that a few burly guards rushed into the room to grab the three bulky men.

The loud yell of ‘The daughter of Director Jenkins has been raped’ had successfully attracted a group of audience.

In fact, Director Jenkins was not closely associated with the Harper Family at all. It was because Mr. Harper had invited him multiple times that he finally decided to attend the banquet. However, he never expected to suddenly receive the news that his daughter had been repeated halfway through the banquet.

After rushing into the room, he saw his daughter lying naked on the bed that was dyed red with her blood. As it was too much shock for him to handle, he immediately fainted on the spot.

When Richard heard about the news, he also rushed over in anxiousness. A chill immediately shot down his spine while his temples throbbed.

The banquet has been going on so well! How could this happen?

On top of that, the victim is Director Jenkins’s daughter!

Even though Director Jenkins was merely in charge of the Cultural Affairs, he was still a director of the government department and had a status that was much higher than the Harper Family.

After Mrs. Harper’s knees buckled, she sat on the ground helplessly. We’re doomed! We’re doomed! Our banquet is over now!

In no time, sirens reverberated throughout the entire hotel.

Hale opened the curtains of room 402 and noticed the police cars with their sirens sounding loudly downstairs. He quietly knocked on the bathroom door of room 402. “Boss, the police are here and I’ve already talked to them. The helicopter has also been arranged.”

In the bathroom, Michael’s face was pale, but his eyes were red as he looked at Sophia, who lay in the bathtub.

As she lay in the water, her clothes had been removed. Even though her face was pale, her entire body was flushed red. She wrapped her arms around her chest with her eyes wide open, but they were unable to focus.

A young woman squatted next to Sophia to assess her condition. After she saw the needle in Sophia’s neck, she reported coldly, “Boss, madam has been injected with large doses of hallucinogenic drugs. We must deal with this immediately!”

He took a towel to wrap Sophia’s body without speaking another word.

The police quickly arrived and blocked the entire crime scene. Apart from that, they also evacuated the crowd. Because of Taylor Murray and Ethan Winston’s special identities, the police even cleared the way for them to avoid a stampede from happening. Both of them left in a helicopter from the helipad at the top of the building.

The helicopter landed on The Imperial Villa No.8 directly. A team of personal medical professionals were already there and they immediately injected tranquilizers into Sophia.

The hallucinogenic drugs had made her emotions unstable—she kept crying and trembling.

Since it was the winter season, she had been in the warm water for a long time. Even so, she was not cold at all. On the contrary, her body was abnormally hot as she curled up in bed, speaking nonsense.

“What’s wrong with her?” Michael asked the doctor with reddened eyes.

“Madam has been injected with huge doses of hallucinogenic drugs, so she’s now having hallucinations. She’s completely under the effect of the hallucinogens, but she will become better once the tranquilizer has taken effect.”

As Michael looked at Sophia, he blamed herself and felt very sorry for her. He never expected that such an incident would happen with him right beside her.

If things could happen again, he would never have allowed her to join him for the banquet.

If Nathan, who had been hiding in a corner, didn’t notice and asked for help, Michael would have never known that she was in trouble.

He was wrong and terribly wrong at that—he thought that the Harper Family had loved their pride so much that they would not attempt to commit any evil deeds at the banquet that they organized to redeem themselves. However, he forgot that they were a bunch of idiots! He should not have used a normal person’s judgment to predict their behavior.

Upon seeing Sophia this way, Nathan was anxious. His face was all wrinkled up and he seemed to have cried. Michael caressed Nathan’s head and comforted him. Your mom is alright. She’ll be fine once she has taken a rest. Go and get some rest, son. I’ll look after her.”

Nathan did not trust Michael, so he pouted and continued to stay there.

Michael promised him again, “Don’t worry, I won’t take this opportunity to insert a little sister in your mommy’s stomach.”

Only with his pledge did Nathan leave.

When he walked out of the room and closed the door, Michael carefully dried Sophia’s hair with a hairdryer. After she had been injected with huge doses of hallucinogens that could induce hallucinations and make her forget her identity, he noticed that, like a helpless ostrich, she curled up into a ball when she suffered the aftermath of the drugs. Even at that moment, she maintained the same posture, looking like she had been deserted by the entire world and did not feel safe at all as she wept.

“Chica, chica!”

He softly called her nickname, but she still remained the same and crossed her arms at her chest as she trembled. Even though she was semi-conscious, her tears continued to flow. She was already in a state of coma, so maybe she had been reminded of some terrible memories.

He softly hugged her in his arms, singing a lullaby while waiting for the tranquilizer to take effect.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 176

He lowered his head to look at Sophia’s face contorted in pain and it made his heart ache. I wonder how much my chica has suffered in the past.

Sophia was completely engulfed by the excruciating pain of her memories in that moment.

First, I am witnessing the death of my grandparents, who loved me. Next, the village chief is taking me to my uncle’s house because I need somewhere to stay and depend on others like a lowly dog.

Not too long after, I am looking at my harsh uncle and aunt. There is a chipped bowl with some stale porridge in it. There are flies hovering above the dishes in front of me. I grit my teeth and eat it, but at least I have my dreams. As long as I am allowed to study, I will be able to change my fate.

I witness the scene where I am being chased out of Riverdale High School again and Richard’s mother is leading a large group of parents to protest in school. The principal is sighing helplessly when I’m on my knees, begging them. I just want to complete my senior year and take the college entrance exam in peace.

Nevertheless, I am expelled from the school in the end. I want to secretly return to school once the incident has blown over. However, I did not expect that they weren’t prepared to allow me to return at all. They had bribed the school’s security guard to hit me as a deterrence to prevent me from ever returning.

I find the Harper Family, hoping that Richard will at least help me. However, he has his arm around Xyla and they both look like a match made in heaven. He is staring at me with a blank expression and his eyes are void of pity and guilt.

“Break her leg!” a shrill girl’s voice screamed and I felt a sharp pain against my leg.

The Harpers threw me out of their house, but I stubbornly forced myself to stand up from the ground. I turn around to stare at the Harper’s Mansion. Then, I left with a limp while feeling utterly hopeless…

I have nowhere to go and I can’t find a school that is willing to take me in. I can’t enroll into any high school despite showing my report card—a guarantee that I’ll be able to enter Bayside University. I visit all the high schools in Riverdale including the worst one.

They are willing to spend more than 100,000 just for the sake of saving a repeat student’s reputation and that person can barely pass the exam, but they just aren’t willing to provide a seat for me—a student who is capable of securing a spot in Bayside University.

I can’t get into a school or look for a job. When I left the school, the principal secretly gave me a sum of money to help me to leave as far as possible. That was to allow me to leave Bayside City and enroll into a school in another province. However, someone snatched the money from me, not long after I left the school gates.

My dreams, my future, and everything associated with it came crashing down in that second.

There is a downpour that night; I can’t bring myself to stay in a hotel and instead seek shelter under the bridge. Suddenly, a group of disturbed youths suddenly showed up and robbed me before even trying to r*pe me.

I start to limp away in panic and run along the river to seek help where there are more people. The group of disturbed youths are following behind me nonchalantly while glaring at me with hunger. They look like they might catch up to me at any minute now and I’ll be eternally doomed by then.

There is no one by the riverbank in the middle of the night. No one is there to hear my cry for help. My phone is already broken, so no one will come to save me.

I run in despair with all the energy that I have. My future is an unknown darkness where I am trying to survive alone in the darkness without any knowledge on what will happen to me in the next moment.

I merely want to stay alive!

Why can’t I even realize such a small dream?

Those evil people cackled loudly nearby and are almost grabbing me. In despair, I jump into the rapid currents of the river, even though I can’t swim. The river washes away my petite frame instantly and my body disappears in the blink of an eye.

I am struggling in the water as the stinky river water rushes into my mouth and nostrils. I feel death approaching me step-by-step with its presence gradually engulfing me.

I do not want to die; I want to live! I struggle in the river, and I finally grab onto an abandoned child’s float. I grab onto it stubbornly without letting go. After several miles of being caught in the river’s current, the river finally washes me up onto the island in the middle of the river and I am stranded there.

The river water is icy-cold at night. After barely escaping the grasp of death, I’m now trembling as I crawl onto the deserted island and lie on the cold riverbank. The hard and rough stones on top of the sand underneath me scratches my skin.

I do not feel pain or hate at that moment—only cold and hopelessness.

I am choking on water and coughing continuously and it feels like I might be coughing up some blood. The air feels thin and I feel the onset of a fever. I hug my shoulders and curl up against a boulder to protect myself from the wind. I’m so cold that I can’t stop trembling.

I’m not even sure when someone will appear on this deserted island. I wonder when someone will realize that I am at the brink of death.

Just when I feel that I’m close to death, I hear a sweet lullaby from the horizon. It sounds similar to the one that grandmother sang to me when I was a child. I hold onto my arms tightly and curl up like a fetus, feeling that my consciousness is slipping away…

Michael noticed that Sophia was coughing aggressively as her breathing became more rapid while her face was flushed red. Therefore, he immediately started to pat her back to soothe her.

The sedative was finally working—Sophia regained her steady breathing while her flushed cheeks returned to their usual pink hue. She relaxed her limbs before she drifted into a peaceful sleep.

He covered her with a blanket before leaning across the side of her pillow and regarding her peaceful sleeping face.

The longer he looked at her, the more he found her adorable. However, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of heartache while staring at her endearing face.

He bent down to kiss her pink cheek and fell asleep while staring at her delicate sleeping face.

The next day, he woke up right on time at 7AM. After he woke up, he spotted that Sophia, who was lying in bed beside him, had her eyes wide open. However, her eyes were empty, as if she wasn’t fully awake.

Those hallucinogenic drugs would usually impact the brain. Not to mention, she had also been injected with large doses of sedative, so she would be quiet and unable to concentrate for the next few days.

Michael was already informed about this, so knew that it was an expected response. He got out of bed before checking her forehead. Her temperature is back to normal, but she just can’t seem to focus. She’s still zoning out. “What would you like for breakfast?” He kissed her lips tenderly before asking her.

Sophia’s mind was completely blank, as if she was still in a daze from what had happened yesterday and today. She mulled his question over for ages, looking as if she couldn’t understand what he meant or provide an answer for him. Hence, she remained motionless.

He scowled before getting up to wear some clothes. His personal doctor dropped by not too long after that to examine Sophia, explaining, “Boss, madam’s brain was traumatized, so she’ll need a few more days to recover. However, you don’t have to worry because this is merely a short term effect. It will not cause any permanent damage to her brain.”

However, Michael still wore a dark expression.

The entire medical team moved into The Imperial Villa No. 8, focusing on nothing apart from examining and treating her. They had to inject her with large doses of drugs for recovery, almost on a daily basis.

On the second day after her rescue, she was almost unconscious for the entire day and slept for a majority of the time. She would zone out when she woke up. If someone had called her, it would take a very long time before she realized that someone was addressing her.

However, her situation improved with her spirit recovering steadily. She was also starting to speak again.

Nathan took leave to return home to keep her company on a daily basis. Sophia gradually regained the ability of some basic responses, but she still barely spoke. It would take her ages to respond even when Michael was calling out for her.

She had an extreme overdose—if she hadn’t been sent to the hospital in time and if it weren’t for Michael’s powerful personal medical team, she would have spent the rest of her life as a vegetable.

Sophia was making a slow recovery, but the Harpers were like dying embers.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 177

Director Jenkins’s daughter had attended the Harper Family’s banquet, but was raped by three brawny men. Naturally, he blamed the Harpers.

On the other side, the police had investigated the three brawny men, which led them to Kayla. Hence, she was suddenly involved in a serious crime where she was a suspect in a rape case and also suspected of harboring drugs. Furthermore, she already had a criminal record, so the situation looked bad for her. Since she was charged with several criminal charges, she was immediately sent to the police station to assist in the investigation.

Although she vehemently denied that she hired the three brawny men, there was concrete proof of her doing so—she was the mastermind behind the violation of Director Jenkins’s daughter.

Richard was panicking since he was in a desperate situation. On one hand, he tried to console Director Jenkins while attempting to bribe the Harper Family elders to mediate this matter while on the other hand, he was trying his best to get Kayla out of the mess.

He changed the age on her ID card by a few months, so that she would be less than 18 years old. Then, he found a personal doctor to diagnose her as suffering from a mental disorder. Once she had two medical certificates to prove that she was a minor suffering from a mental disorder, things would be easier for her. After that, he hired a team of expensive lawyers and continued to pull strings through unconventional methods, doing everything possible to get her out of the mess.

Whenever Richard thought about his younger sister, who always acted like a retard, he could imagine gouging her heart out!

She had already previously caused a ruckus when she tried to harm Sophia. The Harpers had spent a fortune on ghostwriters on the Internet and public relations to clean the mess—all to create a positive image of her. After that banquet, we even built an elementary school in her name. Whenever she’s free, we’ll ask her to walk the mountainous areas to take some photographs and bring them back to write some articles. Once her articles are published, she can start from a clean slate.

Her future is bright and the Harpers has gained popularity along the way. I just can’t understand why she chose to commit such a horrendous thing at such a critical time.

Is she stupid? Does she have sh*t for brains?!

Once something happens, people will post about it online. Hence, we didn’t even dare to publish an article to explain her innocence. The Harper Family has recently started afresh, but we now are covered in filth again. In fact, the Harpers’ real estate industry has just been listed on the stock market and its shares are already being affected.

Even if we exploit the legal loophole and get her to pretend that she is a minor who has a mental disorder, we will never be able to recover from the resulting image, not to mention being involved in the entertainment industry.

If it’s possible, I truly want to give up on Kayla!

However, I only have her as my younger sister and mother has decided to bail Kayla out, no matter what it takes to do so.

“Son, try to look for that girl with the last name of Edwards. She must be having a good relationship with Joel since she was able to invite him previously. Get her to exploit her relationship with him!” Mrs. Harper grabbed onto Richard when she said that, as if she was struck by the sudden thought.

Richard looked embarrassed when he heard that. Earlier, the banquet was in a mess after that incident. I wasn’t bothered with Sophia and I haven’t been in contact with her ever since.

How could she possibly be in a relationship with Joel? She received first place in the military training, so he did her a favor by attending the Harper Family’s banquet!

“Mom, what can she possibly do? She does not have any relationship with Joel. She does not have any family background to rely on, so she can’t help in this at all…”

Mrs. Harper smacked Richard’s head in frustration and viciously reprimanded him, “She looks like a vixen! She merely needs to sleep with Joel and suggest some things in bed when she’s with him. Will Joel reject her? Wouldn’t your sister be released if he helps?”

Sophia and Joel?!

I’ve never thought of that.

Mrs. Harper reprimanded him again. “Silly boy, didn’t you notice how Joel stared at her that day? If Joel is in love with her, you should get her to serve him well. In that case, we would be well-connected with the Fletchers in the future!’

Get Sophia to offer herself to Joel?!

Richard struggled internally when he considered that option.

If Sophia offers herself to Joel, our Harper Family will be able to reap the benefits of being acquainted to Joel through her in the future. However, how should I get Sophia to willingly offer herself to him?

He smoked and hesitated for the whole day, looking haggard by the end of the day.

After the incident with Kayla, my initial plans have been disrupted. Initially, I was planning to confess to Sophia after the banquet to mend the rift between us. From then onward, she will be my woman on the side and assist me with my career. I will make it up to her with all my life.

On the other hand, Xyla will be my legal wife who will deliver my heirs. I can’t abandon either one of them, so I will not mistreat them. However, at this point in time, I need Sophia to approach Joel and be closer to the Fletchers!

After he had made a decision, he dialed Sophia’s phone number…

In that instant, a few days had passed since the incident. Sophia’s spirits had significantly recovered even though she was mostly sleeping and zoning out throughout the day.

Michael should have been filming his movie abroad, but since his beloved wife had met with an accident, he couldn’t bring himself to leave. He had to make sure that Sophia was fully recovered before he left, so he made a selfless decision—he moved the entire film studio, which was initially based in Moscov, to Cethos.

He worked like a typical officer worker from 9AM to 5PM every day. He would leave home for his filming obligations and head straight home after work.

It was already mid-winter and the first snowfall had started, effectively covering the ground with a silvery-white layer of snow. A black SUV was parked in front of the entrance to Villa No. 8. Michael exited the vehicle and his leather shoes stepped on the ground while making two deep footsteps against the snow-covered ground.

The moment he opened the car door, he felt a gust of chilly wind against his face. He stood in the midst of the chilly wind and stared at the warm lights glowing from his house, feeling that his mood immediately lightened. I am finally experiencing the joys of coming home to a wife and a child. This is such a simple and good life.

Upon walking through the main entrance, Maria took his snow-covered coat. She shook the snow off before hanging it on the rack while updating him about Sophia’s condition for the day, “Boss, Madam is doing much better today and she seems to be speaking more. Today, Young Master Stan dropped by to keep her company for the whole afternoon and she even started to play games!”

True enough, Michael saw a pair of punk-styled sports shoes at the entrance.

However, he would not be calculative over such a small matter—if Sophia was able to play games, it meant that she was recovering well.

He walked to the sickroom.

He had specifically prepared a sickroom for her recovery, which was equipped with all kinds of equipment to help her recover faster. He had also been keeping her company by sleeping in the sickroom with her.

Before he could even enter the sickroom, he already heard Stanley’s loud voice from afar. “Sophia, I already told you to wear thicker clothes. Why did you wear a bareback dress to act cool? See, now you’re under the weather! I wish you were a penguin that day!”

“Hey, you seem to be really ill! Your operation and reaction are both slow. It’s best that you continue to recuperate. Why do you even bother to play games?”

“Just look at you—you are so sick that you can’t even defeat a monster! You used to be aggressive and only took three minutes to defeat a monster, but now, you need thirty minutes to do so! You even died twice in the process!”

“Forget it, you should stand aside. I will help you to defeat the monster! You should have more walnut milk to nourish your brain!”

Sophia could no longer endure Stanley’s taunts and mocks, so she roared, “Shut up!”

Her mind had been fuzzy and blurry for the past few days. Although she had been feeling slightly more alert for the last couple of days, her brain was still in a mushy state and she always felt sleepy.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 178

Sophia applied for sick leave and was absent from university for half a month, but Stanley was not aware of what transpired that day. He thought that she was under the weather as a result of being scantily clad. Hence, he had been frequently visiting her and brought along delicious food. When they played a round of games today, the way she operated her character was not up to her usual standards in the past. Hence, he kept taunting her.

Nathan did not comment; instead, he followed her closely behind in the game, making a mov whenever she was in danger.

When Michael entered the room, he saw the three of them sitting in a row with three laptops switched on—Sophia and Nathan wore their frog pajamas whereas Stanley was in his usual punk leather jacket that made him look like a rascal. He had even brought lots of fruits and nutritious supplements. The carton of walnut milk was already opened and the three of them were drinking it as they played the game.

Sophia’s character died again after yet another round, so she sipped the walnut milk in frustration. She couldn’t focus recently and her skills at playing games were no longer as perfect as before. Her mind seemed blank while her hands lacked coordination with her brain.

Stanley finished drinking a box of walnut milk. “Another round!”

A cold voice suddenly reverberated through the room. “It’s getting late. She needs to rest!”

The three of them, who were in the middle of the game, simultaneously turned at the source of the voice and noticed Michael, who had somehow returned home without them realizing. He was leaning against the doorframe and giving Stanley a cold stare.

Seeing this, Stanley choked on his milk, stammering, “Uncle, you’re back!”

Michael regarded him indifferently. “Get lost.”

Stanley immediately packed his bag while answering with a smile, “Hehe, I am leaving now. I’ll leave now.”

He thought that his uncle was mad at him because he was playing games with a patient. Hence, he did not have the courage to refute Michael. On the contrary, he swiftly packed his things and left.

After he left, Michael’s cold expression significantly relaxed as he made his way toward Sophia. She looked much better today than she was yesterday. In fact, she had rosy cheeks. He stepped forward to give her a long and lingering kiss.

Nathan regarded the two of them—who were glued to each other like magnets while being engaged in a French kiss—and was rendered speechless. Therefore, he turned and continued to play the game on his laptop.

While Nathan was playing computer games, the two people behind him gradually entered into a blissful state. They kissed at the computer table before shifting to the coffee table. Then, they shifted from the coffee table to the treadmill before finally ending up in bed.

For the past two days, Sophia’s mind had been slightly slow. Now that Michael had assertively kissed her, her mind completely went blank and she just couldn’t think as she reflexively responded to his kiss. Eventually, Sophia became tired from the kiss, so she lay on the bed while gasping for air. Her cheeks were blushing and flushing red since she was shy.

He gently leaned on top of her while kissing her chin softly, as if wanting more. What would I be able to give to have her here right now? However, she isn’t feeling well now, so my plan of bedding her has to be delayed once again.

Suddenly, Nathan, who was playing games, coldly reminded them, “There’s a phone call!”

The two people on the bed finally separated. Sophia took the phone, but she frowned deeply when she saw the display name across her phone. On the other hand, Michael chuckled when he saw that name and answered the phone while putting it on loudspeaker. Then, he placed it on the side of the pillow and bent down to continue carefully loving his petite wife.

Richard’s worried voice broke the silence from the other end of the line. “Hello, Sophia. How are you?”

Sophia, who was busy kissing Michael, took the chance to answer him, “I’m not dead.”

Richard asked her hastily, “W-What happened to you? Are you ill? I heard that you have been absent from university for quite a few days now?”

When he heard the squelching noise of lips together with the tapping sound of the keyboard, he thought that she was sucking on a lollipop while playing computer games. In reality, Nathan had deliberately increased the game volume with his tapping sounds against the keyboard drowning their kissing noises.

She grabbed the chance to answer Richard, “I’m busy. What is it?”

She had barely finished her sentence when Michael literally took her breath away again with a deep kiss. He grabbed her hand and pinned it beside the pillow before kissing her passionately on her lips and down along her jawline.

He opened the collar of her frog pajamas to place a love bite, branding her with his scent and taste into her blood and soul.

Richard, who was on the other end of the line, started his heartfelt confession. “Sophia, thank you very much about the other day. You’ve brought honor to the Harper Family. I did not expect you to be able to invite Joel Fletcher and Taylor Murray. My mom is very satisfied with what you did and she is less prejudiced against you now. Sophia, if you are willing, I will like to use the rest of my life to make it up to you. Will you forgive me? You know that in reality, you are the only one in my heart.

I am only with Xyla because I have no other choice. The Huffs are very powerful and Xyla’s mother is from the Edwards Family. I have to accept her love for me. In all honesty, I have no feelings for her at all. You are the one whom I’ve been in love with since the beginning. However, I have to marry her. As a descendant of an aristocratic family, I have no say in my marriage since it has to be arranged with the right family.

I can’t possibly reject the Huff Family and my parents will never let me reject them. Nevertheless, my mom has already agreed for us to be together. I will go along with the engagement between the Harpers and the Huffs by getting married to Xyla. However, you and I can be together.

We can be together as long as we do not have children. No, we can have a daughter in the future. After you graduate, I will immediately arrange for you to join the Harper Group as an executive. Sophia, are you listening to me?”

Sophia was rendered weak and helpless by Michael’s kisses. Her arms were clinging softly onto his shoulders whereas her fingers had dug deep into his skin. Michael’s scorching breath was puffing against her and she was lost in the moment. She did not even hear what Richard said, but she answered, “Yes, I am.”

Nathan was focused on playing games because Michael had already promised him that he wouldn’t force himself onto Sophia by taking advantage of her being ill. Nathan would accept it as long as Michael kept his promise.

Michael had been listening to Richard speaking all along. If it weren’t for the fact that he was an extremely accomplished actor with an exceptional professionalism, he would have burst out laughing. Where did he get his confidence from? Did he truly assume that my, Michael Fletcher’s woman, would be yearning for him? Therefore, he stopped kissing Sophia’s lips to listen to Richard’s boasting.

The two of them took a break in the middle of their kissing and lay in bed while listening to Richard’s heartfelt confessions. Sophia was falling asleep as she listened to his monologue that went on for five minutes.

As she was slow in her reaction and having low spirits recently, the exhaustion was hitting her especially hard today since she had also played games the whole afternoon. She could barely keep her eyes open, so she mumbled in acknowledgement when he called her, “Okay.”

After five minutes, he paused for a while before finally voicing out the purpose for the phone call. “Sophia, the Harpers are in deep trouble this time. Are you close with Joel Fletcher? Can you help me to contact him? For the sake of our future, Sophia, will you be able to… sacrifice yourself by seducing Joel?

As long as he helps us this time, the Harper Family will be indebted to you! My mom will be fond of you in the future! This means that you will share the same status as Xyla. Don’t worry, I won’t ever despise you because you will forever be my most beloved woman!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 179

It was such a pity that Sophia was unable to stay awake to listen to Richard’s rambling and was fast asleep soon after. However, Michael was still listening to him over the phone.

Richard did not receive a response from her, but he was also aware that he placed her in a difficult situation. My girl is deeply in love with me, so how could she possibly get in bed with another man?

“Sophia, you should take a few days and mull over this. I’m not in a rush. You should rest well and I’ll drop by to visit you in a couple of days’ time when I’ve settled some loose ends.” He hung up on the call after saying that.

Michael observed his petite wife, who was fast asleep, after the phone call ended. He gently kissed her small face while staring at her phone out of curiosity. There seems to be some changes in the way that Sophia behaves lately. For example, the wallpaper on her phone used to be her selfie with Nate in the past, but there has been a recent change suddenly. Nate’s photo will show up on odd-numbered days whereas my portraits will show up on even-numbered days.

She even registered my number under the name of ‘Idol’.

Nathan knew that he had to stop playing games since Sophia was asleep, so he switched off the game and regarded Michael in silence.

Michael changed into his frog pajamas after his shower and summoned Nathan to the study, asking, “Did Mommy say anything to you today?”

Nathan answered with honesty, “Mommy mentioned today that the Harper Family is horrible. She wants to take revenge on them sooner or later!”

Michael’s eyes gleamed upon hearing that and mulled over the meaning of that sentence. After a short pause, he patted Nathan’s head while commenting, “Nate, it’s getting late. Go ahead and sleep.”

Nathan went ahead to sleep whereas Michael stayed in the study to continue processing what he had said.

Since this incident has happened, I certainly will like to destroy everything that the Harper Family has. However, reality will never work like novels. Crushing an entire family doesn’t happen overnight.

Although the Harpers aren’t on par as the rest of the powerful families like the Fletchers, the Mitchells, the Winstons, and the Edwards, they are still considered a well-respected family. It will definitely take more effort to crush them.

Furthermore, if I’m too obvious with my actions, they might notice something suspicious and find out with certain clues. Besides, Sophia would rather… take revenge in person.

After pondering for a long time, he summoned Hale into the study…

Richard felt guilty after his phone call to Sophia. How can I possibly ask Sophia to offer herself to Joel?

However, if she doesn’t offer herself, this matter will not be easily resolved. It’s all for the Harper Family’s sake and our future happiness. Sophia will understand where I’m coming from!

Once he was able to justify his actions, his guilt miraculously diminished.

The Huff Family had done a lot for the Harpers throughout the difficult period. Xyla even sought help from her uncle, Joe Edwards, and went everywhere to mediate, hoping that the matter could be resolved in a satisfactory manner.

She had accompanied Richard throughout the ordeal and he reaped the efforts that she and the Huffs exercised while waiting for Sophia’s reply.

Sophia never replied to him, but after a few days, the Harper Family had received an exciting piece of news—Director Jenkins was willing to resolve the matter under the table.

Although they were of the same race, he only had a daughter whom he loved deeply. Director Jenkins often made use of his power and influence to force Taylor to meet his daughter, knowing how much she fancied him.

His daughter was truly an oddball, considering that everyone in their social circle knew that she fancied Taylor Murray. There were even rumors claiming that Taylor’s portraits were printed on her underwear.

Now that his daughter had experienced such an ordeal, Director Jenkins announced that he would do everything within his power to ruin Kayla’s reputation. However, he suddenly came today, asking to bury the hatchet.

As long as he was the one who suggested settling things under the table, the subsequent procedures would be a breeze.

There was nothing on earth that money couldn’t solve. However, he was asking for a lot—he wanted 50 million and the Harper’s Mansion.

Although 50 million was quite a large sum for the Harper Family, they were ready to fork out that money—as long as it was in exchange for Kayla’s freedom. However, they were unwilling to surrender the Harper’s Mansion.

The Harper’s Mansion was most probably considered the best accommodation in Riverdale and the best asset that the Harper Family possessed. Two hundred years ago, the Harpers were already a well-respected family in Bayside City and started constructing the Harper’s Mansion at that time. Not only did they hire a famous architect, but even the construction materials were sourced internationally. After several generations of continual improvements and expansion, the mansion stood proud in its current appearance. Besides, it was located at the best spot in Riverdale with its luxury and extravagance comparable to Buckingham Palace.

The Harper Family was involved in the real estate business and since the mansion was for their own use, they went all out with its splendid and luxurious construction where every detail was completed to perfection. Hence, the market price for the Harper Mansion exceeded 100 million.

It was no longer as simple as a house because it represented the roots of the Harper Family and the pride of the Harpers. To a certain extent, the Harper’s Mansion could even be considered as a cultural relic.

Director Jenkins was adamant with his decision. He gave them three days to evacuate the mansion; otherwise, he would sue until Kayla was imprisoned!

Even if she had been diagnosed with a mental illness, she would never be able to escape!

The Harper Family was in a dilemma. Nevertheless, it was obvious that saving Kayla was more important!

In the end, Mr. and Mrs. Harper bit the bullet and agreed. The Harpers were lucky in the sense that they had an abundance of real estate, so they did not have any difficulties searching for a place to move into. In fact, they shifted everything from the mansion overnight.

Once news of the Harpers moving out spread to the public, the entire Harper Family had also caught wind of it too.

Richard’s family was not the only family living in the Harper’s Mansion. Some of his uncles and grandfather had also lived there. Hence, the Harpers had a massive fight over it, arguing that they should divide the family and its assets. Old Master Harper had been angered by his immature and useless granddaughter that he had to be sent to the hospital.

While they were busy shifting houses, Richard reassured the company shareholders. He had to hire some public relations to delete certain negative posts and suppress the news of Kayla instigating others to drug and harm other people.

The public knew that something big had happened during her banquet. News had spread sporadically about it, but the public relations hired by the Harpers swiftly solved that issue.

Money, money, money! Everything depended on money!

He felt that no matter how much the real estate market increased in value, and no matter how many real estate properties the Harper Family had, she would spend all of their money sooner or later!

A gloomy haze shrouded over the entire Harper Family—their internal turmoil had caused the company’s stock market to drop. They had splurged on the charity banquet to gain favor with the public, but after it had been ruined, even the favorable impression was gone. He could only try to keep things contained for damage control, hoping that the foolish things she did would not spread to the public!

Three days had passed since their argument. A group of mysterious-looking people arrived to take over the Harper’s Mansion—as the Harper Family was very large, they had a lot of belongings.

They had lived in the mansion for two hundred years, so they had put down their roots in that place. Hence, there were a lot of items that had not been shifted, despite the Harpers hiring a lot of people to help them out.

The group of men in black barged into the Harper’s Mansion and started to chase everyone out of the property. He was in the midst of packing the last of his documents in the study when they barged in and threw him out together with his documents without further explanation.

“Get lost. Everyone, get lost right now. If you don’t, I will sue you for trespassing on private property!” The men in black were acting like brutes, chasing everyone out in the blink of an eye.

According to the terms of the contract, Director Jenkins had expected to move into a fully furnished accommodation. Therefore, the Harpers were not allowed to take any large furniture with them.

Upon witnessing the Harper’s Mansion being occupied by others, Richard’s eyes were filled with dejection and anger, but he mostly felt helpless. What is happening this year? Why is the Harper Family experiencing such things on repeat? Is this truly our unlucky year?

Before entering the car, he shot one last, longing look at the place where he lived since he was a child. I will return here one fine day!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 180

The Harper Family wanted to move from Riverdale to Bayside City Center because that was the best location in the entire Bayside City.

Their new house was in the wealthy suburb of Bayside City and close to the ancient Imperial Palace.

The best real estate in Bayside City was The Imperial, which was developed by Asco International.

The Harper Family had developed a copycat real estate near The Imperial, which was called The Luxurious 16. No, from their point of view, it could not be considered as an imitation as they had merely used The Imperial’s name for reference.

The Imperial only had ten houses and the information of the owners were strictly confidential. Hence, nobody knew who the owners of those ten houses were. Many individuals had dreamed of owning one of the houses in The Imperial, but those were merely dreams since they just couldn’t afford to purchase it.

Everybody would do everything possible to search for a copycat version of The Imperial once the real deal was out of stock, which was when The Luxurious 16, developed by the Harper Family, arrived. It was a villa residential area, specifically developed for the wealthiest people in Bayside City with a total of sixteen properties and each property had a market value that exceeded 100 million.

Although it could not be compared to the original version, it was still extremely popular. Therefore, all of the properties were snapped up the moment they were offered for sale.

After all, the Harpers had been in the real estate industry for decades, so they were still competitive in the property market.

On the way to their new home, Mrs. Harper, who was sitting beside Richard, started to scold in a loud voice, “That b*tch is utterly useless. We told her to take the chance and advise Joel when they’re in bed. Just look at what she’s done now. We lost the Harpers’ ancestral home thanks to her! Pfft, she’s merely a loose woman! She will never be able to be a part of the Harper Family!”

She was obviously referring to Sophia.

Director Jenkins had claimed a day ago that he was ready to perish with the Harpers, even claiming that he would destroy them even if the emperor was on their side. However, he changed his mind the next day and explained that as long as the Harpers handed over their real estate with some money, he would be willing to settle the matter under the table. It was obvious that someone tried to mediate between both parties. From the way things looked, it seemed that Sophia had done something after all and it appeared that bedding Joel meant that she had his ear.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Harper was unsatisfied. In fact, she was furious beyond reason and acted as if the Harpers lost their house due to Sophia’s incompetence.

Richard was already feeling down and gloomy, so he couldn’t no longer endure Mrs. Harper’s complaints. “Mom, can you please drop it? Sophia did everything she could. She has tried her best!”

Mrs. Harper refuted him straight away. “We lost our ancestral home, but here you are taking the b*tch’s side? If she had been more reliable, we wouldn’t have lost our ancestral home!”

“If she had worked harder, your younger sister would have been released by now! Do you truly believe that rascal Jenkins would not listen to what Joel commands him to do? Bah! She’s nothing but a loose woman! You will not contact her again in the future!”

Richard was rendered speechless by his mother’s words, knowing in his heart that if Sophia had given it her all, nobody in Bayside City would refuse to release Kayla once Joel gave his order. Who has the courage to go against Young Master Fletcher’s command?

Right now, Sophia and Joel…

The successive blows made him look haggard, as if he was wasting away. He supported the weight of his head on his hand and stared out of the window at the passing scenery in a daze. Sophia, why didn’t you do your best? If you had done better or worked harder, we wouldn’t be in this situation now.

Suddenly, Mrs. Harper looked as if something struck her mind and she broke the silence, “No, you still need to control that girl!”

Her eyes dazzled when she grabbed Richard’s sleeve. “Your sister’s affairs were resolved quickly this time, so it proves that the girl has a certain influence on Joel.”

“You need to get her to continue staying by Joel’s side and have his ear. You have to think about Kayla and create more opportunities for her! Even if she can’t marry Joel, you need to find a way to get her married to one of the Fletchers. I heard that Joel has a younger brother and a nephew. You need to tell your girl to come up with a plan to make sure that your sister gets in touch with the Fletcher Family! Once your sister seals the deal with the Fletchers, you can toss away that loose woman! You are not a recycling center, so why would you want to take a woman who was with Joel?”

Mrs. Harper wouldn’t stop nagging, which eventually annoyed Richard. “I’ll see about that…”

She took out a compact mirror to fix her makeup, saying, “Once your sister’s affairs have been settled, I have to see Master Levine for some fortune-telling and to have a change of luck.”

“I believe you know Xyla’s uncle, who is that damn fatty Joe Edwards. Last year, the Edwards Family landed into trouble and were in debt for billions. Their stock market almost collapsed. After he sought guidance from Master Levine, everything seems to be suddenly improving for him this year! He consecutively destroyed several competitors in this year itself. Even the grand Edwards Family meeting specifically sent him an invite.”

Sophia had been recuperating at home for a period of time and would not leave the house every day. Instead, she slept, played games and read books at home. It was already snowing outside, but she was used to being pampered at home. Hence, she seemed to have entered into hibernation mode. It was clear that her body had made a full recovery, but she was unwilling to leave the house.

She had walked around the house in pajamas on a daily basis while looking unkempt with her head of messy hair. Michael had already left the house for his filming obligations and would not be home for a few days. I shall wear casual clothes since my idol isn’t around.

Whenever he was home, she would apply her mask more diligently than having her meals. However, now that he was not at home, she wasn’t even bothered to wash her hair.

Seeing that it was going to be the end of the school semester, Stanley often visited Sophia every two to three days to help her with Further Mathematics.

“Hey, Sophie, what is your identity? You said that you are a nanny, but now that you are ill, my uncle has specifically hired a personal doctor for you!”

He started to pester her about her identity after he gave her some remedial teaching.

No nanny would receive such good treatment!

Sophia gathered her textbooks while commenting, “I’m your aunt. Do you believe that?”

Stanley acted as if he had heard the joke of the century and doubled over with laughter. “Did you say that you are my aunt? Hahaha, hahaha, you are my aunt…”

He mocked her blatantly, “Do you truly believe you have what it takes to be my aunt? Sophie, you seem to be unclear of your status! It would be more believable if you had claimed that you are my uncle’s illegitimate daughter!”

Sophia did not expect him to believe her, so she chased him away gloomily. “I am your uncle’s illegitimate daughter. Are you happy now? Leave, leave, leave! Leave right now! Don’t even dream of having dinner here!”

“Bah! I’m not interested in having dinner here. The kitchen is full of eels and everything has a stench to it!”

Stanley left immediately after picking up his bag, but suddenly saw the servant opening the main doors—Michael was back after being away for several days.

He was recently abroad to film for several days and was finally home today for the weekend. He bumped into Stanley once he walked into the house.

Stanley patted Michael’s shoulder when he saw him. “Uncle, let me tell you the funniest joke!”

Michael removed his coat while shaking off the snow, responding, “Go ahead.”

Initially, Stanley wanted to suppress his laughter, but couldn’t help himself. “Pfft, Sophie claimed that she is my aunt. Haha, haha, why is she so comical?”

Michael was still wearing a blank expression. “Okay.” That’s right. She is your aunt!

Stanley was doubled over with laughter. “I think she must be your illegitimate daughter!”

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