My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 151-160

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 151

Suddenly, Sophia became a little excited…

Nathan lifted his head and looked at her flushed face as he felt curious.

The family of three then reached the car park. After helping Sophia and Nathan into the car, Michael kissed her face and said, “Take good care of Nate.”

He closed the door afterward, but he didn’t enter the car. Sophia held her breath as she quickly lowered the car window and asked, “Aren’t you coming with us?”

He shook his head. “No. I have a plane to catch tonight. I need to get back to the film set. You stay at home and take good care of our son.”

As the car drove away, she gazed at Michael from afar through the lowered car window. Suddenly, she had an urge to jump out of the car and follow him.

What a shame. I’m already mentally-prepared…

After they were gone, Michael went into another car that had tinted windows. There were already several people in the car, including Harry, Daniel, and a man with a creepy mask dressed in black.

When he got into the car, he patted the shoulder of the masked man. “Nate is fine.”

The masked man had a pair of eyes without lashes, and he closed them, revealing the scars on his eyelids. The part of his face under the mask was completely damaged.

Then, he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Michael before nodding his head. “Thank you.”

The car drove away…

After Michael was gone, Sophia didn’t seem to be as enthusiastic as before. Instead, she couldn’t help but miss him at all times. Sometimes, his figure would mysteriously pop up in her mind.

She finished watching all of Michael’s movies using her iPad, and she even watched them repeatedly. Everytime she watched a movie with Michael in it, she would always think to herself, Oh, my God. This is my husband! Oh, my God. My husband is so handsome!

Even Nathan noticed that ever since Michael left, Sophia was often in a daze, and she wouldn’t answer him when he called her. Whenever this happened, he would shake his head and sigh.

Oh, women! There are a few things that a woman shouldn’t touch, such as drugs, cosmetic products, jewelries, cats, and Michael. Once she becomes addicted to any of these, it will lead to bankruptcy if she is lucky; if she is not, it will drive her insane.

Looking at Sophia’s actions, Nathan felt that he was about to have a little sister sooner or later, so he started taking notice of girl toys. He even hid some candies and clothes that girls liked in his little closet as welcome gifts for his sister.

However, a few days later, he was furious as he threw away all the candies and clothes that he had hidden for his sister.

This is too much!

Recently, Sophia hadn’t been playing games with him because she spent all her time on video calls with Michael.

Every night when she came home, she would turn on her laptop and start a video chat with Michael. At night when everyone was sleeping, she even snuck inside her blanket to call him secretly.

Whenever they weren’t calling, they would have a long chat through Messenger.

This is too much! She is starting to ignore me!

Since the first day Michael left, she had been acting this way.

The next day, it was still the same.

On the third day, nothing changed.

On the fourth day, she immediately went back to her room after getting home to have a naked video chat with Michael, completely forgetting Nathan.

When he stood behind her angrily, he could see through the video that Michael seemed to be in a hotel room in only his underwear as he walked around the room shirtless. Sophia’s face was burning while she chatted with him.

Daddy has crossed the line! He actually sacrificed his body to compete for attention with me!

At the moment, Sophia was completely addicted to a poison called ‘Michael’. It took a long time for her to notice Nathan’s troubled face, so she quickly comforted him, “Darling, what’s wrong? Who bullied you?”

Nathan crossed his arms as he looked at Michael’s annoying face on the screen. Michael even said to him on purpose, “Darling, call me daddy!”

He became so angry that he turned away and left, but before that, he reminded her, “There is a double experience point event today in the ‘Swordsman Game’!”

She knew that he was furious, so she quickly revealed a cute face to Michael and said to him, “Hubby, I need to end the call now. Nate wants me to play games with him!”

Michael gave her a gentleman’s smile. “Go, chica.”

As soon as she ended the video call, she cupped her tiny, blushed face.

Wow! That’s Tay Tay—the dream guy of billions of girls around the world!

She felt that she had completely fallen into his trap.

In the meantime, Nathan waited in the room next door for half a minute, but Sophia didn’t appear, so he came over again angrily. “Why aren’t you coming? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

Therefore, she hurriedly grabbed her laptop and went into his room before logging into the game with him.

There was another event today in the game that offered players double experience points, so the game was packed.

Call Me Taylor brought Sophia and Nathan to defeat some monsters as the family of three lived happily together. They even bought a house and owned two pets in the game, and their decorations were dope. Everyday, they fought monsters and upgraded themselves, living the perfect life.

The family of three made new parent-child outfits in the game again, and Call Me Taylor also changed her former flirtatious outfit to a more domestic one.

In the game, Nathan also called Call Me Taylor ‘mommy’ for the first time.

On the other side of the planet, in a hotel, Harry barged into Michael’s room with a laptop.

“Dad! Dad! I can’t believe that little brat, Stanley, actually hit me! I want you to hit him back! Look at that little brat. He thinks he owns the world now. I’ve heard that he has become the president of his school’s Esports Club, and he is now rallying everyone in his club to cause mischief!”

When he rushed to the front of Michael’s laptop, he could see him playing the game while wearing his green frog pajamas. However, he was training his new female character.

As Harry looked closer, he saw that Michael had found himself a good-looking husband in the game with his new character. He was now typing a few adorable emojis on the keyboard to flirt with the other male character. He kept on calling the male character in the game ‘hubby’, and it was so perfectly faked that Harry almost slapped him in the face just by looking at it.

“Old man, can you not be this disgusting? You are playing a female character, and you even found a husband! Eh, you even have a son! Is he calling you ‘mommy’? Don’t you know how to spell the word ‘shame’? Oh, my God! Old man, are you actually a pervert inside? Is this body actually holding a woman inside? Ew, what a pervert. Stay away from me! Stay away from me!”

Harry became even more dramatic as he clamored for a long time before approaching him. He saw that Michael, who was a big man, was using a female character to flirt with another man in the game.

Michael gave him his excuse. “Can’t you see that I’m exploring my character? I’m shooting a scene as a transgender dancer in two days. I’m now playing as a girl in the game to try it out.”

Even though it was a perfect excuse, Harry still felt that he was a pervert.

Then, he pulled over a chair and sat next to Michael as he watched him act as a woman for the rest of the day.

The Michael in the game was very flirtatious. Even though he had put on a more domestic outfit, it still didn’t change who he was—every word he typed was filled with a thick sense of flirtiness!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 152

In reality, Michael won the Best Actor Award, so it was no surprise that he was the best actor in the game. His portrayal of a woman as a man was flawless. If his husband and son in the game found out that their wife and mommy was a man, it would be so traumatic to them!

Finally, he was done playing a woman as he said his goodbyes to his husband and son. As soon as he went offline, he immediately logged into the game again with his main character. Instantly, he became the radiant God—Scary Phoenix.

The filming crew of ‘Doctor Invincible’ traveled around the world. The whole series required them to film in 7 to 8 eight countries, so Michael resumed to his usual style of not going back home for a month or two.

In the blink of an eye, two weeks had passed, and Michael wasn’t around. Therefore, Sophia went to the jewelry store herself to pick up the wedding ring they ordered.

It would usually take at least a month for the jewelry store to have a pair of rings ready, but probably because of Michael’s reputation, it only took two weeks to get them done.

While waiting in the VIP reception room, she received the rings, and she couldn’t help but take a peek at them. Inside the box, there were two identical rings lying next to each other silently, and they were made according to his and her finger size. The two rings were inlaid with two pink diamonds, forming a heart shape that was split into two halves. They sat there quietly, glowing like pink stars.

The staff explained to her, “Miss Edwards, these are your wedding rings with Mr. Fletcher. The diamond on top is a rare pink diamond that was extracted from the world’s biggest pink diamond, ‘My Lost Heart’. After 160 hours and 98 levels of polishing, this is the top grade among the wedding rings, and it is customized especially for you. This is the only pair in the world, which symbolizes the unique relationship between the both of you. Congratulations on your marriage.”

When Sophia saw the diamond ring, her face was full of shock as she quickly tried it on her hand.

The tiny diamond ring seemed to be designed according to her finger, so it was a perfect match for her.

She also had a look at Michael’s ring. It was also made of platinum and was inlaid with a pink diamond. The design was smooth and oozed a sense of handsomeness. If Michael wears it, he will definitely look stunning!

She then held the diamond ring and imagined Michael wearing it.

The jewelry store also gave them two platinum necklaces as a gift. They knew that Michael was the Academy Award for Best Actor, Taylor Murray, so it wasn’t convenient for him to travel around wearing a wedding ring. That was why they gave them necklaces so that they could wear the ring around their necks, but Sophia rejected their gift. Then, she took out a dark punk necklace that she bought from a roadside stall. It was almost the same kind of necklace that Stanley usually wore around his neck, and it had a skull pendant hanging from it. She removed the skull and replaced it with the diamond ring.

However, the staff seemed a bit confused. Even though the platinum necklaces they gave them were free, they still weren’t some second-rated product as it was specially made just for this pair of wedding rings.

Sophia explained to the staff after seeing her confusion, “I want to lay low.”

The diamond was too expensive since its price consisted of so many zeroes. If it were to be snatched away by someone else, Sophia would drown in her tears, so she purposely used the necklace she bought from a roadside stall to hang the ring. Therefore, even if a thief saw the ring, he would only assume that it was bought from a stall.

She then wore the diamond ring around her neck, which added weight to her neck. After looking at the mirror several times, she hid the ring under her collar and left with a satisfied look.

The staff saw her off enthusiastically while quietly giving her a thorough look. Today, she came here riding her motorbike, so she wore a very cheap cotton shirt. Her tiny face was red due to the cold wind that blew on her, and she was even holding a motorbike helmet.

I can’t believe an insignificant little girl like her is the wife of Taylor Murray.

Of course, the staff was just curious. As the top saleswoman of the most prestigious jewelry shop in Bayside City, she specialized in serving some top clients, which included celebrities. Usually, hidden marriages of celebrities weren’t big news, but they still took good care of their client’s privacy and prevented them from getting exposed.

However, Sophia didn’t know that Richard and Xyla had come here to check on some wedding rings along with Mrs. Harper.

They planned to hold their engagement banquet after Kayla’s birthday party. The marriage between the Harper and Huff Family was a huge deal. Even though it was just an engagement ceremony, they also had to make it grand and glamorous. But the most important thing of all was the engagement rings.

The first thing they thought of when it came to choosing engagement rings was Ido. It was a globally-renowned jewelry brand, and the wedding rings they made were the best in the world. However, they only had one branch in Bayside City, so most of the elites in the city came here to order their rings.

Now, Xyla had completely become a member of the Harper Family, and Mrs. Harper was very satisfied with her. Richard held her hand, feeling extremely proud, and everyone praised them as a match made in heaven. Only a lady of a wealthy family, like Xyla, was able to match the aristocratic identity of Richard.

They parked their car in Ido’s VIP car park. Most of Ido’s clients were elites, so the car park was filled with luxurious cars. Suddenly, from the corner of her eye, Xyla saw a Yamaha bike parked in a parking lot.

It was the only motorbike in the entire car park, so it definitely drew some attention. Xyla could recognize from first glance that it belonged to Sophia.

What is she doing at Ido? Did she come here to deliver take outs? Wipe the windows? Clean the toilets?

She covered her mouth and chuckled as she came into the hall of Ido along with Richard and Mrs. Harper.

The decoration of Ido’s hall was bright and dazzling. Most of the people here were the elites of Bayside City, so when they came in the hall, many of the guests came to greet them along with the saleswoman, who came to welcome them enthusiastically.

“If it isn’t Young Master Harper. You also come here to choose a ring?”

“Are you two really engaged? Congratulations!”

“Mrs. Harper, you really are a lucky mother. Your daughter-in-law is such a brilliant woman. Congratulations!”

Mrs. Harper was pleased hearing everyone’s praise. The more she looked at Xyla, the more satisfied she felt.

My daughter-in-law should be someone from a wealthy family. Not all peasants can enter the Harper Family!

Meanwhile, Xyla held on to Richard’s arm as she nodded politely to greet some acquaintances. She was maintaining the posture of a lady from an elite family, but her eyes were looking for Sophia.

Sure enough, she immediately saw a person coming down the stairs while carrying a motorbike helmet.

The saleswoman was sending her away enthusiastically. After she sent her to the hall, she turned around to serve other clients. She didn’t need to serve the people on the first floor because she usually served big clients like Michael. Unexpectedly, as soon as she turned around, Sophia’s path was blocked by Xyla.

Xyla spoke with the utmost surprise, “Hey, Sophia. You are here too? What a coincidence!”

When Sophia saw the trio, she had a sense that something bad was about to happen. It was too late for her to pretend not to know them, so she could only greet them politely one by one. “Hello, Xyla. Hello, Richard. Hello, Mrs. Harper.”

As soon as Richard saw her, he felt a small thump in his heart as his pupils flickered slightly, but he immediately got back to his senses and nodded a little.

There were many elites around them, so he didn’t want others to know about his relationship with Sophia.

On the other hand, Mrs. Harper looked at her thoroughly with her squinted eyes before letting out a grunt.

Today, Sophia’s outfit really made her look a lot like a delivery girl—a cheap cotton shirt, a pair of leggings, a pair of thick canvas shoes, and a rascal-looking necklace around her neck. She was incomparable to the angel-like Xyla next to Richard.

This place is not for her. She must have showed up here today because she caught wind about our arrival in advance, so she came here to run into my son. A btch will always be a btch!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 153

Mrs. Harper’s attitude was rude as she spoke to Sophia harshly, “Let me tell you this. No matter how calculative you are, you won’t get my son’s attention. As long as I’m here, you will never enter the Harper Family!”

Sophia and the saleswoman behind her were dumbfounded.

After giving Sophia a thorough look, Mrs. Harper’s words became even more harsh. “Chance encounter is such an overused move. It will have no effect on my son, so I advise you to just give up. No matter how hard you try, you don’t deserve to be with my son. Why don’t you take a look at the difference between yourself and the Harper Family?”

The saleswoman was someone who had seen everything, but now, she didn’t know what to say.

They look like the Harper Family from Riverdale who specializes in real estates. Taylor Murray is in a totally different league than the Harper Family, so why would they assume that Taylor’s woman would lower herself to join them?

Richard felt bad after seeing Sophia being rendered speechless. He knew that she came here just to meet him, and she didn’t expect to encounter Mrs. Harper, so he felt sorry for her when his mother insulted her in public. He quickly spoke, “Mom, stop it.”

Xyla also chipped in at the right time, “Mom, maybe she came here to deliver some takeouts!”

When Mrs. Harper saw Xyla’s innocent face, she shook her head lovingly. “You are always this naive. Our Harper Family loves an innocent little girl like you. As for those manipulative peasants, we won’t even bat an eye on them.”

As she said her words, she glanced sideways to glare at Sophia.

However, Sophia wasn’t angry with them. “Have a look around. I’ll leave now.”

“Eh, Sophia, don’t go yet!” Xyla grabbed her. “Since you are here, let’s check out some rings together. Richard and I are about to be engaged, so we came here today to pick out our engagement rings! You have good taste; why don’t you tag along?”

After that, she dragged Sophia into the hall without asking if she wanted to follow her.

In her heart, Sophia had thousands of reasons why she didn’t want to tag along, but she couldn’t just give her a slap like what she did in the camp.

There are so many people watching. I don’t want to cause a scene here.

Moreover, the people in the store know that I’m Tay Tay’s new young wife. If I slap someone in public, it would severely damage his image!

Seeing how excited Xyla was, Mrs. Harper didn’t stop her from dragging Sophia along.

I can use this opportunity to teach this b*tch a lesson so that she knows her place!

Richard knew that Sophia was about to be humiliated, but he was helpless about it, so he followed silently from behind.

She could only blame herself for having come here.

On the other hand, the saleswoman couldn’t figure out what was happening.

I can’t seem to understand what their relationship is. Mrs. Harper seems to hate Sophia, but Xyla seems to have a great relationship with her.

Since she couldn’t make sense of it, she could only deal with the situation one step at a time. As a senior saleswoman, it was her job to take care of this situation herself.

“Hello, Mrs. Harper. I’m the senior saleswoman of Ido, Jasmine. What kind of ring are you looking for?”

The moment Mrs. Harper heard that she was the senior saleswoman of Ido, she felt very proud of herself. Ido was the largest jewelry industry in the world, so their salespeople were divided into several ranks according to their clients.

Big clients like us definitely deserve the most high-end salesperson in the store.

Then, Xyla grabbed Sophia’s hand enthusiastically and went into the store.

Ido wasn’t a store anyone could enter. The customers inside were extremely rich, and they were all well-dressed.

The wedding ring series were Ido’s most successful products. The couples who came here to choose their wedding rings treated this as the most important moment in their lives, so they were all definitely well-dressed. Even though not everyone was covered in accessories, at least they wouldn’t dress up casually like Sophia, who looked as if she came here to deliver takeouts. The pair of canvas shoes that she wore stood out strangely among the sea of high heels and leather shoes. She was like a little wild cat who broke into a world she didn’t belong in.

Xyla purposely brought her to the more expensive section of the jewelry store while happily introducing her to everything.

She knew that a poor student like her would never get the chance to even touch these jewelries, so she used some fancy words on purpose during the introduction.

Sophia also pretended that she didn’t know anything by agreeing to everything she said.

When Xyla saw a ring series, she exclaimed, “Sophia, look at that. That is Ido’s X Series wedding rings. They came from the hands of the international jewelry designer, Ivy Seker. They are global limited editions. Now, most of the elites in Bayside City own this series of rings. Every ring is customly made, so no two rings are the same. Whoa. They even used the latest laser-cutting technology. Not every rich person can own this!”

Sophia was uninterested as she took a look at the X Series wedding rings that Xyla was so excited about.

Two weeks ago, Ido gave Michael their best series of wedding rings to choose from. I’m sorry, but I didn’t seem to have seen this series in the list.

When Xyla saw another series of wedding rings, she exclaimed through the glass cabinet, “This is the Y Series wedding rings. It’s very popular globally. These are the wedding rings that my parents have! A pair of it costs at least a few million!”

Sophia replied to her, “Yeah.”

Mrs. Harper took the chance to say to Xyla proudly, “Xyla, my dear, if you like it, you can choose this one.”

While speaking, she deliberately squinted her eyes at Sophia.

This peasant must have never seen such a fancy ring!

She even pointed to another ring and said, “This one looks nice. It costs a few million, but don’t worry. Our family can afford it. If you like it, you can even buy a few more of it.”

Her words were filled with the superiority of a rich person.

Xyla pretended to be an innocent little girl as she spoke adorably, “Wow. This looks so pretty. I want both this and that. Saleswoman, hurry up and take these two out for me to see.”

The saleswoman glanced at the Harper Family because she didn’t know what they were trying to do.

They seem to be quite close with Sophia, but why is their tone so weird? It sounds as though they are bragging about something!

Although she didn’t know what they were bragging about, she knew that the ring around Sophia’s neck was one of the most expensive rings they had ever sold in the store.

The saleswoman quickly took out the two rings from the glass cabinet. One of them was a white diamond ring, and the other was a pink diamond ring.

She thought that it was Sophia who wanted to try it, so she brought them to her.

Xyla then purposely grabbed Sophia’s hand and moved it closer to the rings. “Sophia, have a try. You can see how pretty these two rings are!”

On the sidelines, Mrs. Harper spoke harshly, “Let her try it. Besides, she won’t be able to afford such an expensive ring in her lifetime. Let her cherish this one time.”

It was obvious that the two of them were humiliating Sophia. They knew that she could never afford such an expensive ring, so they purposely asked her to try them out. Not only was Xyla showing off her love with Richard, she was also trying to embarrass her.

Richard knew about their motives, but he chose not to stop them.

Serves Sophia right for coming into the lion’s den herself. Nobody told her to come meet me here! Even though she said that she had forgotten about me, I’m sure she still misses me. Today is the right moment to teach her a lesson so that she will know the difference between family status!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 154

When the saleswoman heard the conversation between Mrs. Harper and Xyla, she finally realized that they were trying to humiliate Sophia. All of a sudden, she could feel her nerves tingling as she was afraid that Sophia would cause a scene if she was enraged.

She knew that Taylor Murray was not only an internationally renowned Academy Award for Best Actor winner, but he also had a close connection with the Fletcher Family in Bayside City. That was why most people were scared of offending him.

Why does a small Harper Family have the courage to insult Michael’s wife?

However, she wasn’t able to clarify it on the spot. If she accidentally revealed Taylor’s hidden marriage, she would have no way to gain a foothold in this industry ever again.

She opened her mouth to try and stop the Harpers’ silly actions, but Sophia didn’t seem to be angry about it. Instead, she simply tried the ring on her finger before taking it off right after. She then gave it to Xyla and said, “This one is nice.”

Yesterday, when Michael and her were trying out the rings, she seemed to remember wearing this ring before, but it was taken off by Michael immediately.

Michael hated the ring for not being compelling enough.

These are the favorites of big bosses and upstarts.

After that, Xyla chose two rings for her and Richard to try. The rings seemed to be tailor-made for the two of them as they looked gaudy and bright.

When the two of them stood together to compare the rings, Xyla pulled Sophia purposely and chirped, “Sophia, look at this. Do you think this suits us for our engagement?”

Sophia’s face was calm and emotionless. It was as though she was looking at two dogs mating in front of her, and they did it purposely for her to watch. When she tried to turn her head away and leave, the dogs would bark and threaten to bite her if she dared to leave. Therefore, she was forced to stand and watch.

She nodded. “Yes. It suits you.”

When Richard and Xyla stood together, it really was a beautiful sight. The man was dashing and oozing a youthful feel while the girl was as flawless and adorable as a fairy. Both of them also came from families with similar status, so the customers around who were familiar with them started praising the couple while fawning over Mrs. Harper.

“Madam Harper, you are so lucky. Your son is a brilliant man, and your daughter-in-law is very pretty too!”

“What a perfect match!”

Mrs. Harper was so pleased with herself that she began gloating. “Of course they are. Only a good girl like Xyla deserves the hands of my Richard.”

At the moment, Xyla’s face was flushed as she buried herself inside Richard’s arms. The affectionate interaction between them was echoed by the happiness on their face.

Just like that, Sophia looked at them as though they were two dogs mating. Not only did they prevent her from leaving, their owner also looked around for other people to praise how majestic their mating posture was.

Therefore, Sophia picked up her bag and uttered, “Since you are done choosing, I’ll leave now.”

Seeing the ‘lonely’ and ‘fleeing’ Sophia, Xyla didn’t want to let her go just yet, so she took out her phone and gave it to her. “Sophia, can you help take a picture of me and Richard?”

Sophia received her phone and took a picture of both of them. After she was done, she prepared to return the phone, but Xyla stomped her foot and whined, “Sophia, help us take a few more.”

Sophia resisted the anger inside of her by comforting herself, They are just two dogs… They are just two dogs. Not only are they forcing me to watch them mate, but they are also asking me to take pictures of them.

Therefore, she reluctantly took a few more pictures. In the shots, the two of them were very affectionate as they kissed, hugged, pouted and stared at each other.

After a few pictures, Sophia returned the phone to Xyla and prepared to leave, but Xyla still wouldn’t let her go. She knew that Sophia was now crying her heart out inside!

“Sophia, I feel that you have good taste. Please continue helping me choose a ring!” Xyla dragged her inside deliberately.

Sophia really wanted to hit her right now, but suddenly, her eyes rolled around and landed on a popular counter on the side. She pointed at a series of rings and said, “Look at that. That looks nice!”

Richard furrowed his brows when he saw the series of rings she was pointing at.

The saleswoman immediately followed her direction and explained, “Miss Edwards, you really have good taste. This is Ido’s famous ‘The One’ series. Everyone can only buy one with their ID card for the rest of their life! It symbolizes eternal love between couples!”

Richard’s face darkened when he heard about ‘The One’ series.

If I buy this ring, I won’t be able to buy another one for the rest of my life!

It was always hard to predict the marriages of the elites, because to them, marriage served as a way to benefit both parties. Once the interest changed, the marriage would not sustain for too long.

If I buy this ring, how embarrassing will it be when we really have a divorce in the future…

This time, it was Sophia’s turn to be enthusiastic, so she dragged Xyla over to try on the rings. “Come. Let’s try some rings from ‘The One’ series.”

Meanwhile, Mrs. Harper shot Richard a glance, telling him that Xyla must not buy that ring.

She was now very satisfied with Xyla, but who could predict what would happen in the future?

Not to mention they were just getting engaged; even if they got married afterward, the future was still hard to predict.

The Harper Family is now growing steadily, and my son is such a brilliant man. What if, in the future, some lady from the Four Great Family grows fond of him?

However, the saleswoman was already displaying the series of rings to them enthusiastically. Sophia picked a ring excitedly for Xyla to try. “This looks nice. It really is pretty. It’s even prettier than the last one!”

Xyla was moved when she saw that series of rings.

There isn’t a woman in this world who doesn’t want a perfect love!

However, she knew that Richard would never buy it for her because the marriages of the elites were too unpredictable!

She sneered inside, Is this a way for Sophia to hit back on me? She is making fun of how fragile our love is. Does she really think that Richard won’t buy a ring from ‘The One’ series for me? I must have it!

When Richard came, Xyla acted adorably and shook his arm. “Richard, can you buy one for me? I really want one!”

Sure enough, he hesitated. He really wanted to give her a special ring for the rest of her life, but if he actually bought it, news about it would spread out the next day since many people were now watching them.

If anything happens to our marriage in the future, it will really be embarrassing.

Therefore, he could only try to find an excuse. “I don’t think the rings from ‘The One’ series are that pretty. It doesn’t look as nice as its reputation suggested. Why don’t we check out that Y Series just now?”

Mrs. Harper also quickly followed up his words. “‘The One’ series doesn’t look that expensive at all. It can’t represent your identity as the daughter-in-law of the Harper Family. Don’t worry. We have the money, so let’s look around and see what else they have.”

Xyla felt gloomy inside because the Harpers had already indirectly rejected her request.

Sophia knew that this would happen, so she suddenly exclaimed, “You’re right. The Harper Family is the richest family in Riverdale. Since you are the richest family in Riverdale, the wedding ring must be the largest and most expensive one! Why don’t you try out that one? That looks big!”

She pointed right at the middle of Ido’s hall. There was a showcase made of tempered glass, which couldn’t be penetrated even by high-caliber machine guns. Inside the showcase, there were lots of infrared rays that heavily protected the world’s most unique ring.

The saleswoman quickly introduced them to the ring passionately, “That ring is the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido—the ‘Eternal Love’!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 155

The saleswoman was very proud as she looked at the ring.

That was the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido—the ‘Eternal Love’! A legend of the jewelry world!

The ring was grinded from a huge rare high-quality red diamond, and the whole process took a year to finish. The whole ring was made of pure diamond with no other elements added. The ring was 150 carats, and all the materials were extracted from the heart of the diamond, which was the best part.

The grinding process of the ring required an extremely high level of technique, especially when making the circular part of the ring, which required the latest grinding technique. More than a dozen top grinding masters worked non-stop for a whole year for it to be made into this dazzling jewelry.

The saleswoman spoke, “This is the first ring in the world that is truly a diamond ring. It is the only ring in the world that used up to 150 carats of precious red diamond.”

Sophia patted the glass cabinet in front of her and spoke boldly, “That’s big enough for the Harper Family. Someone come and take it out for Miss Huff to try!”

Richard and Mrs. Harper’s expressions changed drastically.

The saleswoman also revealed a distressed look. “That ring is the only one in the world, so it’s very valuable. Do you really want to try it…”

She actually meant, Can you even afford it? That ring costs 70 million! If it were Michael, we might take it out for him to try, but the wealth of the Harper Family…

Sophia continued to pretend not knowing anything about jewelry as she uttered boldly, “What kind of an expression is that? Do you really think that the Harper Family can’t afford it? What kind of a shop is this? How can you look down on them? Just do what I told you to do!”

The saleswoman felt aggrieved inside because she finally noticed that Sophia was trying to humiliate the Harper Family on purpose, so she could only ask someone to take it out.

Xyla waved her hand hurriedly. “There’s no need for that. I don’t like it!”

Everyone who came in the store could see the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido, so everyone knew about its price. It had been sitting there for a few decades already, and there were only a few people who had tried it before. The last time someone tried it was two weeks ago, and the last person before that dated back a year.

The people who had the confidence to try the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido were described as the elites among the elites! Xyla didn’t have the confidence to try it!

Sophia didn’t seem to understand the reason she rejected trying it out. In their eyes, she was a poor student who knew nothing, so it was logical for her to not know the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido. To her, it was just a big ring. “A diamond ring for the rich should be as big as possible. That ring will suit you very well! Try it! Try it!”

When someone requested to try the ring, the whole Ido seemed as though they were facing an attack from enemies while they started preparing to take out their Imperial Diamond Ring for Xyla to try.

Richard could not keep quiet any longer, so he spoke quickly, “No need for that!”

If we shamelessly try that ring, we will actually look shameless!

But the store was in chaos, so no one could hear him.

In an instant, the store was noisy, and everyone came over to see which billionaire was here to try the ring.

After the infrared rays were turned off, the armed security guard carefully opened the layer of tempered glass. A soft anti-skid carpet was laid down on the marble floor as the saleswoman took out the Imperial Diamond Ring before carefully sending it to Xyla.

The staff were in high alert. There were more than a dozen armed security guards forming a human shield while the explosion-proof door at the entrance was lowered. The whole operation of Ido was shut down for the time being so that Xyla could try the ring.

The ring was Ido’s Imperial Diamond Ring, and it cost 70 million USD, so there couldn’t be any accidents!

Even though diamonds were the hardest material, they were still brittle. If it fell to the ground, gravity would shatter the diamond into millions of pieces right away.

Everyone in Ido, from the salespeople to the security guards, were holding their breath. Even the saleswoman had sweat rolling down her forehead.

Then, she looked at Xyla and said to her seriously, “Miss Huff, this ring is worth 70 million. Please be careful when you try it. Come here and wash your hands first.”

After all, this was the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido. In order to prevent any malicious intent, nobody could get a few meters near the ring when someone was trying it, so the fully-armed security guards formed a human shield to separate the ring from everyone else. These security guards were actually retired special forces who had gun licenses, so the firearms in their hands were real.

The atmosphere was extraordinary!

Everyone watched from afar as Xyla prepared to try on the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido.

At the moment, the Harpers became the center of attention. Both Mrs. Harper and Richard’s expressions darkened, but they had no choice other than to smile. Xyla bit her lower lip while looking at the ring placed in front of her, which was dazzling like a bright star.

70 million! Now that everyone is watching and the ring has been taken out, I have no choice but to try it!

She could only brace herself and reach out to try it.

When she wore it, the people beside started whispering among themselves.

“Where did the Harpers get their confidence to try that ring?”

“That ring is worth 70 million, and they can’t even afford it, so why try it? What are they thinking?”

“Maybe they are trying to impress others.”

As soon as Xyla heard the ugly whispers from the crowd, her hands trembled when trying on the ring. She lowered her head as she felt humiliated, and her lashes drooped to cover the hatred in her eyes.

It’s all Sophia’s fault! She’s doing this on purpose to humiliate me!

She revealed a hateful smile and said to Sophia, “Sophia, come and have a try yourself. It’s not easy for you to enter a high-end place like Ido once in your life. I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to come here again!”

Sophia smiled as she stood aside far away from the 70 million. She replied, “Even though I want it very much, I’m broke. I can’t afford this ring, so I’ll pass!”

She was right to openly admit that she was a poor student and she couldn’t afford the ring! However, the Harpers didn’t dare to do so because they were Riverdale’s most powerful family. Could they simply admit that they weren’t able to afford a little ring? No, they couldn’t!

It was even impossible for them to buy it because the ring cost 70 million USD. If the price was converted into Cethos’ currency, the number would be much higher than 70 million.

Xyla looked toward Richard pitifully. His face revealed his anger as he put all the blame on her again.

If she didn’t actively provoke Sophia, she wouldn’t have been humiliated by her this badly! She can only blame herself for this predicament!

Then, he spoke in a deep voice, “I don’t think this price suits you. Why don’t we just leave it?”

Xyla nodded her head.

The saleswoman still maintained her professional smile. “Since you don’t want to try it, I’ll just put it back!”

She carefully placed the ring back in the box. Under the protection of a dozen armed guards, the Eternal Love was put back inside the tempered glass. After several layers of tempered glass were locked, multiple infrared rays appeared to keep the ring under strict security.

The saleswoman was definitely mocking them in her heart, If you can’t afford it, don’t try it! Broke fellas!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 156

After the bodyguards who were well-loaded with guns retreated, Ido opened their store again. The customers who had been blocked outside walked into the store while discussing among themselves heatedly.

The news of someone trying out the Imperial Diamond Ring, the most valuable jewelry of the store, was quickly spread around and discussed behind their backs.

In Ido’s car park, just when Sophia mounted her motorbike, Mrs. Harper rushed over to her angrily and insulted her right to her face.

“You b*tch! You just can’t leave the Harpers alone, can you? Go ahead and flaunt yourself! No matter how hard you try to present yourself, don’t you dare wish that I will let you marry into the Harpers!”

Behind her, Richard had a dark expression on his face, looking obviously unhappy. Finally, Xyla entered her view with her head lowered as she wiped the tears off her face resentfully. It was beyond obvious that she just had a fight with Richard.

She was just utterly humiliated; of course she wouldn’t feel happy about that.

After Sophia put on her helmet, she pushed the visor of the helmet back and asked in confusion, “What did I do? Didn’t you guys ask me to tag along to pick a ring for you? You rich fellas are weird indeed. I was kind enough to provide useful suggestions for your ring, yet you said that I can’t leave you alone. Weirdos!”

With that, she slammed her foot down on the accelerator and sped away on her motorbike.

Mrs. Harper was incredibly upset and annoyed. She didn’t expect that they would fail to pick a wedding ring successfully today. Apart from that, they were also insulted.

The Harper Family’s dignity and reputation is ruined!

After she blamed Sophia, she also vented her anger at Xyla.

This dumb woman! She obviously knew that Sophia is a lowly commoner who can’t even differentiate between diamonds and jades, yet she dragged her along to give opinions.

If she hadn’t done so, we wouldn’t have been humiliated to this extent!

However, when they insulted Sophia just now, Mrs. Harper was quite delighted indeed.

“Stop crying! Let’s go!” Mrs. Harper got into the car angrily, and Xyla followed suit sadly. Although she was sobbing on the surface, she was actually flaring up within.

It was my mistake this time! I can’t believe that Sophia has destroyed my entire reputation!

She is not the old Sophia anymore!

After Sophia took the wedding ring back home, she put Michael’s ring carefully in the safe while she put hers around her neck.

No one would have thought that the Royal Platinum Ring, which value was second to the Imperial Diamond Ring, was hung around such a rugged ball chain necklace around her neck.

She took the ring down and wore it on her hands while turning her hand around to look at it from different angles.

It’s simply stunning!

In fact, on that day they chose the rings, she obviously had her eye on the Imperial Diamond Ring, but it cost 70 million USD. She didn’t even have an idea how much it would cost after converting to their local currency. Although it was too ostentatious to bring that big chunk of rock outside, it was worth a lot of money.

If Michael and I have a huge fight and file for a divorce in the future, I can take the ring and rent it out to museums. With that as income, I wouldn’t have to worry about my livelihood anymore.

However, when she was about to make her decision, she still wavered. Even though the Imperial Diamond Ring was the best, it was lonely—it was not suited to be a wedding ring as it was the only ring in the world. There were no other rings that could match it. In the end, Sophia gave up on the idea and chose the ring that she could only have for the rest of the life—The One.

She was delighted wearing her ring, and she even looked at it in the mirror from various angles.

After Nathan reached home after school, he came to let Sophia know that it was time for lunch. Seeing that she was playing around with the ring, he was furious.


After hearing his dissatisfied snort, she immediately went over to hug him. “Nate, you are turning 6 soon. What gift do you want from me?”

Nathan turned around angrily and said, “Nothing.”

However, he was already thinking about the present that he wanted.

What about asking her to top up my game account?

This is a great idea!

Stanley lingered around Villa No.8 like a ghost. Right after he entered the mansion, he looked high and low for his uncle. “Where’s my uncle? Where is he? Where did he go?”

The butler was exasperated upon hearing that, so he told Stanley, who was searching in the closet with his buttocks high up in the air, “Mr. Stanley, no matter what, your uncle can’t possibly be hiding in the closet!”

“Heh, you are right.” Stanley scratched his head with an ugly smile on his face. After seeing Sophia, he quickly asked, “Sophia, when will my uncle be back?”

Sophia looked at him without any expression on her face. “Your uncle is filming in Xoskha. He’s not here now.”

Stanley rushed to her with a huge smile on his face as he grabbed hold of her. “Sophia, dear Sophia, since we are so close, why don’t you tell me more about my uncle’s wife?”

Sophia was immediately vigilant upon hearing that. If he finds out that I’m Michael’s wife, he will definitely kill me.

She pretended to be mysterious. “It’s a top secret.”

“Come on, tell me, Sophia! I promise not to tell anyone about it!”

However, Sophia remained silent. Then, Stanley switched his target to Nathan. “Nate, tell me who your mom is! Tell me now! If you do so, I’ll send you the god-tier equipment on the ‘Swordsman Game’, and I’ll bring you along to level up everyday.”

Nathan snorted disdainfully. “I don’t need that.”

Stanley is a huge blabber! If I tell him today, everyone—including the pets—in the Fletcher Family will know about it tomorrow!

After Stanley pestered him for a long time without much success, he left after having dinner with them.

Right after Stanley left, Hale returned with a black plastic bag full of chips, candy, and some snacks. He placed the big bag right in front of her and said, “Here you go. Boss asked me to buy these for you.”

Sophia looked at the bag of snacks in wonder before rummaging through it. After looking through it, she found an ordinary-looking little box. After she opened it, a bright sparkle shone through the entire room immediately as the rays cast on Sophia’s entire face, almost blinding her eyes.

She stared at the huge diamond ring in the grey box as the ruby-red sparkle reflected off her face.

“I-I-Isn’t this the Imperial Diamond Ring from Ido?”

This entire piece of diamond was perfectly sculptured with an elegant finish without any defects. The entire diamond exuded an imperial vibe. Of course it would, as it was sculpted by dozens of top-tier masters for an entire year! Sophia had just seen it in the morning, so it was difficult for her not to recognize it.

However, she didn’t expect that the Imperial Diamond Ring was placed among a bunch of snacks that was brought back by Hale.

Sophia asked him gingerly, “Did you rob Ido?”

Hale replied solemnly, “After hearing that you wanted the Imperial Diamond Ring, Boss asked me to buy it.”

Buy it?

Sophia almost bit her tongue accidentally.

This is something worth 70 million! In USD! Only a fool would spend 70 million USD on a ring! It’s better to spend this money to buy an entire apartment as investment!

She looked as if she had seen a ghost. “When have I ever said that I wanted it?”

Hale was confused upon hearing that. “Didn’t you say that?”

He took out his phone to play a video, which was one of the surveillance tapes at the hall of Ido. The security guards formed a human wall around the store, blocking everyone outside. Only Xyla, Richard, Mrs. Harper, and Sophia stood within it.

Xyla had a stony look on her face as she pushed the Imperial Diamond Ring to Sophia, who shook her head and said, “Even though I want it very much, I’m broke. I can’t afford this ring, so I’ll pass!”

Hale replayed this several times.

“Even though I want it very much, I’m broke. I can’t afford this ring.”

“Even though I want it very much.”

“I want it very much.”

“I want it.”

“Very much.”


Sophia was speechless upon hearing that.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 157

Obviously, this was just a pretentious comment she made. Sophia knew very well the value of the Imperial Diamond Ring. Even though the Harper Family could afford it, they wouldn’t splurge on such an item. Sophia just wanted to humiliate Xyla at that moment. I didn’t really want to buy it! Alright, I wanted it, but the thought of buying it has never crossed my mind!

Sophia was so shocked that she looked as if she was struck by lightning. After a pause, she asked, “So, when Boss saw this surveillance tape, he bought it for me thinking that I like it, but I can’t afford it?”

Hale nodded honestly. “Isn’t that the case?”

Sophia was speechless upon hearing that. Rich people are so wilful.

Hale even gave her a little lecture on this. “Boss said that money is not an issue for him. If you have anything that you can’t afford, you can just talk to him, or just buy it and claim the bill under his name.”

The corner of Sophia’s lips twitched when she heard that. Now that he had bought the Imperial Diamond Ring, it was impossible to return it. On top of that, it would be a waste to just leave it there. Although Sophia liked it, it was impossible to wear it out regularly. It was better to use it to earn more money. Hence, she told Hale, “Find a museum for me tomorrow and rent this out to them. Ask them to bank in the rent to my account, and I’ll give you 10% of it as your bonus.”

Hale looked at her without any expression on his face.

The next day, he started to check out different museums. This ring was made from one of the largest rubies on earth, and it was a whole diamond, so it was a rare item. It was not a problem to rent it out to any museums to exhibit it.

The story of Xyla’s arrogant attempt to try on the Imperial Diamond Ring had spread around the elite circle of Bayside University in no time. Sophia even heard about it from her classmates during a lecture.

“I heard that Xyla tried on the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido, the Eternal Love. Hah! I can’t believe she has no limits when it comes to showing off!”

“Doesn’t she know her worth? Huffs Technology is just mediocre in Riverdale. Even though the Harper Family were listed and brought some benefits to Huffs Technology, her net worth remains the same!”

During the military training, the story of Sophia retaliating against her ex and his current girlfriend had spread like wildfire. Everyone was sick of the couple who kept flaunting their love in public. On top of that, every time they tried to flaunt in front of Sophia, she would retaliate and leave them no mercy. Even so, they were willing to do the same thing over and over again in front of her, as if they wanted to be humiliated by her, including that instance.

During the gap between lectures, everyone was discussing this matter excitedly. After the military training, everyone had gotten closer to each other, so a few classmates went to Sophia to ask her about this.

“I heard that the expressions of the Harpers changed immediately, and Mrs. Harper even told Xyla off!”

“Sophia, did you know about the value of the Imperial Diamond Ring before this and deliberately did this to humiliate Xyla?”

While revising the lectures, Sophia heard someone talking to her and took off her headphones with a blank look on her face. “What Imperial Diamond Ring? I have no idea about that. I was just sending food delivery in that area, and they deliberately dragged me over to look at engagement rings, so I helped them out kindheartedly. Unexpectedly, they scolded me even though I helped them to pick out a suitable one.”

Everyone covered their mouth, trying not to laugh. This time around, Sophia had accidentally humiliated Xyla. Hence, someone explained to Sophia about the backstory of this ring kindly. Since Ido had gotten the Imperial Diamond Ring, they placed it in their main hall as the crown jewel, and no one dared to buy it. However, there were many who had tried it on.

The people who tried it on came from impressive backgrounds. The Young Lady of the Winston Family, the fiancée of the Fletcher Family, the daughter of the president, some princesses abroad… In a nutshell, each and every one who tried it had powerful backgrounds. Hence, everyone wondered how Xyla had the audacity to try the Imperial Diamond Ring of Ido.

Upon hearing their explanation, Sophia nodded, as if it was the first time she heard of this. Everyone was chattering away happily until someone changed the topic. “Sophia, where’s your boyfriend?”

Right after that question was asked, everyone was immediately interested. “Your boyfriend is so handsome! Can you ask if he has any siblings? If so, remember to introduce them to me!”

“He’s Stanley Fletcher from the School of Computer Science! Gosh, he’s really good-looking! I heard that after he retired from the military, he came back to university. Not only does he have a pair of long legs and good looks, he also obtained 99 marks for his military training! Sophia, where did you find him? Give me a hint—I also want someone like that!”

Sophia was speechless after hearing that, but she would not admit that Stanley was her boyfriend. However, having a boyfriend was better than being single, lest Richard would think that she was staying single for him.

While everyone was discussing Sophia’s boyfriend excitedly, Stanley appeared. “Sophie, let’s go out to have fun! The Winter Solstice event of the ‘Swordsman Game’ is here again! You can get double the experience you gain during that period, and the probability of encountering god-tier weapons is also much higher!” Wearing a shirt that was quite flamboyant with alphabets printed on top, Stanley stood at the door of Sophia’s lecture hall.

Sophia cowered in a corner as she replied, “No, thanks. I have to take this lecture. The lecturer is taking our attendance.”

Suddenly, everyone fell silent at the same time. They covered their mouths while chuckling furtively as they pushed Sophia out. “Sophia, don’t worry about that and just go! The next lecture will be given by Professor Clark, so there’ll be many people here. Don’t worry about it—I will ask someone to take attendance for you!”

“Go, go! We will help you with the attendance!”

Seeing that she had been staying at the same spot for a while, Stanley directly walked into the lecture hall himself. The number of male students in their cohort was quite few to begin with, and most of them were quite feminine. Once Stanley walked in, his 1.8-meter figure immediately made him stand out from the rest while he looked at them from his impressive height. Apart from that, his shiny shaved head also stood out immediately.

“You are a genius! There’s nothing to be worried about by just missing a lecture. Come on!” Stanley took Sophia’s bag and walked away, forcing her to chase after him.

“Stanley, I’m warning you—stop coming to my classes! If your uncle finds out about this, he would break your leg!”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of! He dotes on me the most!”

Then, both of them walked away while bickering with each other. Right after they left, a little head poked into the lecture hall and looked inside curiously, as if he was looking for someone. Seeing the fair, pinkish face, all the girls in the hall surrounded him immediately and caressed his hair and face. “Nate, are you looking for your mommy? She’s out to the cyber cafe!”

“Yeah, she went out with her boyfriend, Stanley!”

“Hey, Nate, your mom needs to have a dating life! You can’t be so clingy forever!”

As soon as he heard that Sophia went to play computer games without bringing him along—and more importantly, she went with Stanley—his face puffed up in annoyance as he left unhappily.

He did not go home, nor did he go to look for Sophia. Instead, he merely went back to the computer room of the School of Computer Science. The computers in the School of Computer Science of Bayside University were quite advanced. The hardwares was top-notch, and the internet speed was quite fast as well.

Once Nathan entered the room, he switched on the computer and stuck his pen drive with plug-ins into the ports. After that, he activated the plug-in and logged on to the game without any errors. Gary, who was standing behind him, knew that he must be up to something after seeing his angry look. The last time he got this angry was when he encountered a snake in the military camp. Worried about him, Michael forcefully brought him back to Bayside City. For the few days he was stuck at home, Nathan logged on to Sophia’s account and killed people mercilessly in the game.

Is he going to kill everyone again? Why is this kid so violent?

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On the other hand, Sophia and Stanley raced out of the university campus in their bikes next to each other to the cyber cafe to play some games.

Once they reached the cyber cafe, everyone from the Egame Club of Bayside University was already here. As there was a special event on the ‘Swordsman Game’ today, everyone had already logged on to the game, preparing to form a team to attack one of the dungeons.

Right after Stanley arrived, everyone greeted him. “Stan’s here!”

“Stan, is this… your girlfriend?”

Stanley patted Sophia’s shoulder and introduced her to everyone.

“Guys, you can just call her Sophia.”

Everyone understood him and exchanged meaningful looks with each other.

Sophia did not make any unnecessary small talks with them. Instead, she found a computer and logged on to the game. The entire gaming area in the cyber cafe was booked by them so that everyone would have fun playing the ‘Swordsman Game’.

Stanley deliberately popped over and looked at Sophia’s account to check out her character. Luckily, Sophia merely logged on to her side account. Though it was a side account, it had leveled up a lot for the past few days, and she had slowly accumulated all the necessary equipment so that she would not be too weak among the Egame Club.

Initially, Stanley thought Sophia was just playing the game for fun; he did not expect that she was a pretty good-looking swordsman in the game with decent equipment and high experience level. He deliberately took a bench and sat next to her. “Come on, Sophia. Attack a monster to show me your skills.”

Sophia was proud of herself. “No problem!”

I was the Handsomest and Wealthiest in the entire server!

Even though it was in the past!

There had never been a girl member in the Egame Club, so everyone was curious when a girl, who seemed to know how to play online games, joined them. Hence, they surrounded her and said, “Sophia, show us your attacks!”

“We want to have a look at your level!”

After putting on her headphones, Sophia found the most powerful monster of her level and started attacking solo.

“Sophie, this monster is quite powerful. Don’t kill yourself trying to show off!” Stanley teased her.

Without another word, Sophia barged into the monster’s area and started maneuvering her character to attack the monster. Her fingers were like a machine that hit on the mechanical keyboard continuously. Once she started attacking, her attacks were impressive, and she managed to connect them seamlessly. It was obvious that she was a skilled player.

A sudden silence fell in the gaming area until someone said impressively, “Damn, Sophia. You are amazing!”

“I can’t believe that such a pretty girl is so powerful in the game!”

“Take me as your disciple, Sophia!”

Even Stanley’s expression changed from being mildly interested to being serious.

Gosh, I never expected that Sophia is so skilled!

After Sophia finished that round, everyone was impressed by her, and they clapped simultaneously.

“Sophia, you are so powerful! Come join our club!”

“There isn’t a single girl in our club! If only you can join us!”

Seeing that Sophia was so skilled in the game, Stanley’s interest was piqued. He came to the computer next to her and logged on to his account in the game. While looking at the screen, he spoke, “Sophie, don’t move. I’ll look for you and add you as a friend.”

After killing the monster, Sophia stood outside the dungeon to take a breather while drinking Coke as she waited for Stanley to add her.

Suddenly, a familiar character walked to her—Snow Fox.

F*ck! Isn’t this the Snow Fox I’ve once kidnapped?

Luckily I’m just using my side account. He shouldn’t be able to recognize me.

However, Snow Fox walked right to her and spoke, ‘Sophia, add me.’

“Pfft. Cough!”

Shocked, Sophia looked at Stanley, who was sitting right next to her, as if she had seen a ghost. Then, she eyed his account.

Stanley Fletcher is Snow Fox!!!

Seeing Sophia’s shocked and fearful expression, Stanley was proud of himself. “What’s wrong? You didn’t expect that I’m one of the most famous characters in the game, did you? I’m the top player of the entire server, and the clan master of the game. Once, I even had an even match with Sirius the Monster!”

Sophia was silent upon hearing that.

“You know Sirius233, right? That is the No.1 most savage monster of the Bayside server! He raped and killed countless innocents. He had done so much harm to mankind in the game. Back then, in order to eliminate the evil, I fought Sirius alone. The fight was a magnificent one!”

Sophia continued to remain silent.

Looking at Sophia’s shocked expression, everyone started commending Stanley, “Stan is the most powerful character in our club!”

“The battle between Stan and Sirius233 the Monster was incredible! You must have seen that too, Sophia!”

“I wonder where Sirius the Monster is right now. Last time around, he killed everyone in our club. If I find out who he is in real life, we will definitely ask Stan to rape him before killing him!”

Sophia laughed weakly. “Hahahah… hah…”

Luckily, I logged on to my side account! If I had used my main account, I would have been dead by now!

Remember to keep a low profile… Remember to keep a low profile…

Stanley must never know that I’m Sirius233.

Well, I have to admit that when Call Me Taylor died, I did kill many people uncontrollably. However, raping and killing innocents is something that I took the blame for in the place of someone else.

The bunch of gaming nerds started attacking monsters together once they entered the game. Everyone in the Egame Club was in the same clan, with Stanley being the clan master. Although the clan was relatively new, there were many powerful characters within. With the addition of Sophia, their combat power had increased to another level.

Since Stanley wanted to have a duel with Sophia, she accepted his invite while the rest just watched them.

When their battle was getting more interesting, someone beside them suddenly exclaimed, “Help! Sirius233 the Monster has appeared!”

Sophia was shocked to hear that. Didn’t my account get hijacked by Scary Phoenix? I can’t log on to that at all! Did Scary Phoenix use my account to join the game?

What the f*ck is going on?

Someone beside them was yelling, “Stan, come here! Sirius is on a killing spree again!”

Stanley immediately became serious. “I’ll be right there.”

What’s wrong with Uncle Michael? Why did he release Sirius?

After he rushed to where the action was, he reminded everyone, “Switch on bystander mode immediately. Don’t join the fight recklessly.”

Sophia also walked to Sirius233 anxiously. She was curious to see the person maneuvering Sirius behind the screen.

After they rushed to the spot, they first saw many corpses on the ground. Sure enough, Sirius was on a killing mode again, and he killed everyone he saw. Once he got online, he already killed dozens of players.

No one had any idea what drug Sirius had was on. He looked like the reincarnation of the Underworld God, with fumes of black smoke trailing from his head and red eyes, killing anyone he met immediately. Even if one had switched the bystander mode on, he would also kill them. The number of players who died in the game were so overwhelming that the game was laggy.

Staying silent, a chill ran down Sophia’s spine. In reality, there was a flurry of movements as Stanley designed some tactics to surround Sirius quietly so that they could destroy him this time around.

Many shrieks could be heard from the game as the system notification kept notifying everyone that certain players were killed by Sirius. Looking at Sirius in the game, Sophia noticed that he was using the exact same killing tactics as her. If she weren’t the real Sirius, she would not have suspected that this Sirius was controlled by someone else.

What the holy f*ck is going on? Has my account been hacked?

Suddenly, someone else exclaimed, “Gosh, Scary Phoenix is here!”

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Scary Phoenix appeared in the game with rays of light around him. Seeing the corpses lying on the ground, he resurrected all the innocent players that had been killed by Sirius without saying another word and without triggering any attacks.

He was the only God in the game, so he was the only person who could revive all of them.

Everyone cheered upon seeing that.

After Scary Phoenix revived everyone there, he still did not speak. Instead, he merely stood there without moving. Meanwhile, Sirius had also stopped killing people and stood there quietly. Both of the great characters looked at each other wordlessly.

One rediated light while the other radiated darkness; one was a God that brought light and hope, and the other was a monster who had just returned from hell.

Everyone was whispering among themselves, “What are they doing?”

“Are they chatting with each other privately?”

Sophia was also guessing the content of their chat.

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

Why are my muscles trembling?

The last time she had such feelings was the time she was caught by Michael when she was watching a movie with Stanley in the cinema.

Oh, no!

Suddenly, goosebumps appeared on Sophia’s body when she saw the system notification in the game.

‘Sirius233 and Scary Phoenix have successfully married each other with deep love for each other. A grand wedding will be held at Temple of Love shortly. All heroes, you are welcome to join the celebration.’

Meanwhile, Scary Phoenix released Sirius and a few sons of his.

Everyone else cheered, ‘Bravo! Bravo!’

However, Sophia was wailing internally.


After a few seconds of silence in the cyber cafe, someone suddenly broke the silence with a loud exclaim. “Fck! This is too shocking! I can’t believe that Sirius has become Scary Phoenix’s btch!’

“Damn, I want to join the celebration!”

“Let’s go!”

Shocked, Stanley was confused by the world of adults. However, this is the first time his uncle was marrying someone in the game, so he had to have a look no matter what.

Everyone, including both the bridegrooms, rushed to the wedding venue. Scary Phoenix promised to hold a grand wedding for Sirius, and every bystander would have to send them gifts.

All of a sudden, everyone was rushing to the Temple of Love.

Beast also appeared.

‘Hahahhahaha! Sirius, you became my dad’s b*tch after all! Hahahahah!’

Scary Phoenix ordered, ‘Call him stepdaddy.”

Beast dutifully replied, “Stepdaddy, nice to meet you. Hahahahahah!”

Sirius, however, remained silent.

In reality, Sophia suddenly quit the game and left after taking her bag. “Stanley, I’m picking Nate off school.”

Still in shock, Stanley stared at the monitor with a blank look. He did not even realize that Sophia had left.

Right after Sophia exited the cyber cafe, she immediately called Gary. “Gary, where’s Nate?”

Still with Nathan in the computer room of the university, Gary glanced at Nathan, who was about to get married in the game.

“Little Master said that you are not allowed to know.”

Sophia was so furious that she felt like punching the walls.

Damn it. I knew the little monster was behind all of this!

Apart from Nate, I can’t think of anyone who is such a psychopath!

Where is he now?

Sophia called the house number, but he was not there. Then, she called his university homeroom teacher, but he was not in university as well. Even after calling Hale, he did not know Nathan’s whereabouts.


Sophia howled to the sky, clueless of how she had offended that little monster.

She rushed back into the cyber cafe and saw the entire Egame Club watching Sirius and Scary Phoenix’s wedding in the game. Both of the men bowed to the skies and their ancestors before bowing to each other. Apart from that, there were even flower carriages that roamed around the game, and red packets were given to everyone.

Outside the game, Sophia almost broke into tears, feeling that she was the one who had just been shown around to the public in a flower carriage.

Once the dust settled, it had become a fact that Sirius was married to Scary Phoenix, and the couple was the first gay couple in the game.

Everyone on the server was stunned to hear that. Even the system gave a notification.

‘Congratulations to Scary Phoenix for marrying such a handsome lad.’

After the wedding, Scary Phoenix said to Sirius, ‘My dear wife.’

Sirius233 replied, ‘Dear hubby.’

A dead silence fell in the cyber cafe as everyone looked as though they suffered from constipation. Stanley even rubbed on the goosebumps on his arms.

Does Uncle Michael really like men?

I know what being gay is all about, but why did he choose Sirius?

Meanwhile, Sophia felt like banging her head into the walls.

Scary Phoenix bought the most luxurious room in the entire game, then they went into the room to consummate.

After a busy day of dealing with Sirius and Scary Phoenix’s wedding, it was already evening when Nathan returned home. Right after he reached home, he was caught by Sophia immediately.

“Nathan Fletcher, where have you been?” Sophia asked with a dark look on her face.

Nathan was indignant. “You still have the guts to ask me? You didn’t ask me to join you when you went to the cyber cafe with Stanley! I’m furious!”

Sophia grabbed his shoulders and howled. “So you got Sirius to marry Scary Phoenix in the game?”

Nathan straightened his back as he spoke indignantly, “Yes, I did! What can you do about that?”

Sophia glared at him wordlessly.

What can I do apart from forgiving him?

Even though Sophia was furious at Nathan, she could do nothing to him because he was too adorable.

For the next few days, Sophia was quite restless in university, and she could not pay attention during the lectures. On top of that, she didn’t dare to log into the game.

After a few days, during a lecture, she overheard her classmates’ conversation and listened attentively. “Have you guys heard that the Imperial Diamond Ring—the one that cost 70 million USD—has been bought by someone?”

“No way! Who’s that rich?”

“No idea! Ido has always been very protective of their customers’ information!”

“Don’t tell me it’s the Harper Family! That might be possible, you know. A few days ago, Xyla tried on Eternal Love, and she was mocked by everyone. Perhaps the Harper Family forcefully bought it to regain their reputation.”

“That’s possible. A few days ago, I heard that the Harpers and the Huffs got into a feud because of the ring. However, it seems that the dispute is already settled now.”

“Xyla even told everyone happily that Richard is going to give her a huge surprise on Kayla’s birthday party. Apart from the ring, what else could it be?”

Sophia suddenly realized that it was already Thursday. Kayla’s charity birthday party would start on Saturday, but she had not prepared anything.


I was so shocked by everything that happened in the game for the past few days that I forgot entirely about the birthday party!

After her lectures had ended, Sophia rushed home immediately and went to her closet to check if she had any decent evening gowns.

She had so many clothes that she was not sure if she had any evening gowns…

It was soon Saturday, and the charity dinner party that the Harper Family promised the public to hold was finally happening.

Kayla’s incident had finally blown over. With the completion of the charity dinner party, the Harper Family had finally redeemed themselves with the public and regained their popularity.

Hence, they put together a grand charity dinner party. Apart from the pioneers of the business field, they also invited many celebrities and powerful media representatives. They also booked a six-star hotel. The venue was well decorated with fancy lighting and was attended by well-dressed prominent people. Even though it was already late autumn, the atmosphere within the venue was warm and bustling.

Today was the most important day for Kayla and the Harper Family. They could not afford any unplanned accidents to happen!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 160

Stanley never imagined that he would receive an invitation from the Harper Family. On top of that, the formal invitation card was stamped in gold.

Once he saw the invitation card, he knew that the Harper Family wanted to humiliate him because they thought he was Sophia’s boyfriend. On top of that, they knew him as the punk young man who worked in construction. The reason for them sending out the invitation letter was merely to insult both him and Sophia. After all, they would need to wear tuxedos and evening gowns to the occasion. Based on his ‘job’ as a construction worker, they thought that there was no way he could afford a tuxedo.

In a mansion that was located in a huge courtyard of a military base in Bayside City, Stanley looked at himself in the mirror while shaving as he muttered to himself, “Tsk! How dare they try to humiliate me and Sophia! They have no idea who they’re dealing with!”

Usually, he would not dress himself up, but he looked good after he did so.

He took off the punk leather jacket that he usually wore and put on a fitting formal suit that was made of top-quality material. On top of that, he even wore a bow tie. After he petted his cat and dog, he went out. Moreover, he didn’t ride his usual motorbike. Instead, he prepared a black Cayenne.

He stirred up a small commotion in their army base after everyone saw that he dressed himself up to go out.

“Oooh, Stan, are you going for a date?”

“Stan, are you dating someone now?”

Joel was here to discuss some matters with Stanley’s brother. When he saw a well-dressed Stanley getting in the car, he asked, “Going for a date, Stan?”

Stanley caressed his induction-cut head gracefully while saying, “Sophia’s jerk of an ex-boyfriend organized some huge-scale banquet and invited her to humiliate her. I’m just going there to back her up. By the way, Uncle Joel, do I look handsome today? Is it going to be a huge blow to them if I pretend to be Sophia’s fiancé?”

Joel seemed like he wanted to say something, but he decided against that right when the words were about to come out from his mouth. Instead, he asked, “Where’s Michael? Isn’t he back yet?”

Stanley shook his head. “Uncle Michael is still filming abroad. I saw a few pictures from the filming set that he posted yesterday.”

Even if he were back, he probably wouldn’t back Sophia up! After all, she is just Nate’s nanny!

A wild idea suddenly popped up in Stanley’s mind. He grabbed Joel’s arm as he said, “Uncle Joel, let’s go there together to support Sophia!”

It would definitely be a huge blow to him if Joel is there!

Expectedly, Joel released his grip coldly. “Sounds boring.”

Stanley shrugged and drove his car to fetch Sophia at The Imperial.

“Sophia, let’s go!” he stopped the car at the front door and yelled up the stairs. Upon hearing that, Sophia quickly opened the door to walk outside. She had already dolled herself up with beautiful makeup on her face, and her hair was tied up into an elegant bun. However, she wore a big red jacket that wrapped her from head to toe, making her look like a swollen, giant penguin.

“Hmph! Look at your ugly attire!” While speaking, Stanley got out of the car to open the door for her. Sophia entered the car clumsily, like an overweight penguin.

Nathan also wore a small tuxedo with a neat bow tie around his neck. His hair was combed backward sleekly; it glimmered under the light. After he got into the car with Sophia, they drove away from the mansion.

After they left in the car, Hale called a number without any expression on his face.

“Boss, madam has left for the banquet held by the Harper Family with Stanley. Yeah. Yes… the location is at Seanne Hotel.”

Meanwhile, after Michael had completed his work, he suddenly instructed his deputy officer, “Find out the location of the charity dinner banquet held by the Harper Real Estates in Bayside City today…”

On the way to the dinner banquet, Sophia looked at the car that Stanley was driving curiously.

Sure, it’s fancy, but…

“Stanley, can you take off the advertisement on the windscreen?”

On the windscreen in front of the co-driver seat of the shiny Cayenne was a glaringly-visible A4 paper with the words, ‘Luxury car for rent. Price starting from 3,000 per day. Phone number: xxxx’.

Stanley replied while driving, “Do you think I wanted that? The car rental company did not allow me to tear it off! Every other car in my family is military-based. Do you want me to drive a tanker while wearing a tuxedo? It sounds stupid if you think about it! Apart from that, I’m too lazy to borrow a car from others, so I just rented it from the car rental company! Also, stop looking at it condescendingly! I spent 5,000 renting this car! 5,000! Do you know how many packs of instant noodles that I had to endure to save up that much? That’s all the money I’ve scrimped and saved! I wanted to borrow a car from Uncle Michael, but his cars are either limited-edition or specially built. It’s too much to drive them to the banquet held by the Harper Family. They don’t deserve his car at all!”

Sophia rolled her eyes at him. Since it’s just a banquet held by the Harper Family, it’s enough to just drop by and have a look. Renting a car that’s worth 5,000 a day fits their status.

“Stop talking about me. Look at you! What were you thinking, dressed up like a ball for a banquet?”

“Do you think I wanted that? The weather is so cold! Do you want me to reveal my skin?”

In the backseat of the car, Nathan sat up straight as he listened to their bickering. He felt that it was highly probable that he would be insulted by others if he stayed with these two idiots.

But since dad is not here, I’ll protect mom!

At this moment, Kayla’s charity birthday banquet had already begun. The entire hotel had been booked by the Harper Family, and there were many luxury cars stopping by at the entrance as the prestigious guests gracefully walked on the soft red carpet one by one before entering the hotel.

The employees working for the parking service were walking around busily, while a large number of reporters flocked together at the entrance, snapping countless pictures of the guests. The atmosphere was quite busy indeed.

As the organizer, the Harper Family reached the hotel long ago, and they stood at the entrance to welcome the guests. Mrs. Harper wore an elegant and fancy traditional outfit, looking youthful; it seemed that her daily skincare routine had paid off. She looked like Richard’s elder sister when she stood next to him. Meanwhile, Kayla, who had not appeared in public for a while, also showed up.

She could only start walking now since her leg was broken in the military base. Wearing a pink evening gown with exquisite makeup on her face, she exuded youthfulness and bubblyness while she smiled at everyone she saw. She was quite friendly as she tried to keep up with the public relations tactics of the Harper Family.

After the banquet, the media will release a few articles that will put us in a good light. With my kind smile, the Harper Family will escape from the scandals.

While entertaining the guests personally, Kayla kept staring at the door, wanting to see when Sophia would arrive.

I’m definitely going to show Sophia what I’m capable of today!

I’m going to take revenge for all the past humiliations I’ve suffered!

Another car stopped at the entrance—the CEO of Huffs Technology had brought his daughter, Xyla, here. She had been wanting to launch her career in the entertainment industry, so it was a good opportunity to show up tonight. The Harper Family deliberately invited many people from the entertainment industry—famous directors, well-reputed script writers, and a few notable celebrities, so that Xyla and Kayla could brush shoulders with them.

After Xyla got out of the car, she walked gracefully on the red carpet as she posed willingly for the reporters to take good photographs. Even the drafts for the articles were already finished; they only needed pictures to complete it.

“Richard!” Right after she saw Richard, she pounced on him like a bird.

Looking at Xyla, who had dressed up exquisitely today, Richard was moved.

“I’ve prepared a special surprise for you today!” he said in a low voice.

Xyla blushed in happiness.

She knew that Richard had already bought the Imperial Diamond Ring, which was going to be the surprise tonight. However, she pretended to be unaware of it.

At this moment, a Cayenne arrived at the entrance of the hotel. A paper with the words, ‘Luxury car for rent. Price starting from 3,000 per day’, was stuck to the window of the car.

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