My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 141-150

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 141

A figure descended from the sky wrapped in a divine light.

When Sophia saw the name of the character appearing in front of her eyes, she hurriedly urged Nathan, “You need to run away now. This psycho is back again!”

Nathan quickly unplugged his network cable, but it was too late. The moment Scary Phoenix appeared, he caught NateKato, causing Nathan to lose control over his character, and his operating window was instantly locked. He could only watch as his character in the game was snatched away by Scary Phoenix.

Now, in his hands, he had two of Sirius’ sons—NateHiro and NateKato.

No.1 Beast of the Server was following closely behind him like a loyal dog while he laughed. ‘Haha, Sirius, just give up and be my dad’s b*tch!’

Scary Phoenix remained quiet as he snatched NateKato and stood in front of Sirius and Call Me Taylor, as if he was waiting for her reply.

Meanwhile, Nathan was about to cry while he looked at Sophia pitifully.

In reality, she was furious. “Scary Phoenix, you *sshole!”

In the game, Sirius was also furious, so she privately messaged him. ‘Sir, I beg you. Can you please let me go? Just name your price! Why are you using my son as a publicity stunt? All of us are famous characters in this game, so why do you need to be so cruel?’

Scary Phoenix replied to her coldly, ‘Then marry me.’

They were having a falling out anyway, so Sophia cursed him straight away. ‘Fck you! I would rather die than be insulted. You want me to marry you? In your dreams! Who do you think you are? Taylor Murray? Please don’t tell me that you are a bisexual. If you really are Taylor Murray, I might consider it. Let me tell you this—I have lots of money, so I can probably locate you at any time. By then, I will send a few strong men over to rpe you, believe it or not!’

After a long while, Scary Phoenix finally replied to her, ‘Oh.’

“Oh? What kind of a response is that?” Sophia cursed while comforting the sobbing Nathan with a soft voice. “Darling, don’t be afraid. I’ll help you train a new character.”

After that, she said her goodbyes to Call Me Taylor before going offline.

In less than two days, Sirius had a new son called LittleNate.

However, before they got to design his outfit, Scary Phoenix suddenly showed up less than two days later and snatched LittleNate away.

Sirius was left staring blankly at the air.

After two days, she had another son called CutieNate.

This time, he was snatched away by Scary Phoenix as soon as he came out.

Therefore, Sophia told Hale to make a complaint to the gaming company. After he made the call, the company replied to her, ‘This is a normal interaction between players, so there’s nothing we can do about it. We can’t even contact Scary Phoenix!’

Even if they could contact him, they still wouldn’t be able to do anything because the gaming company of the ‘Swordsman Game’ belonged to Asco International, and Scary Phoenix was the man who owned Asco International.

Of course, Hale wouldn’t say it out, so he silently registered a new character in the game and watched Sophia being bullied by Scary Phoenix everyday online and offline.

When Sophia got Hale’s reply, she felt that she was a useless mother who couldn’t even protect her own son.

I can’t play this game any longer!

At a critical moment, Hale reminded her, “The gaming company said that this is a normal interaction between players. Since Scary Phoenix kidnapped your son, why don’t you kidnap his?”

He’s right!

Hale’s words sparked an idea in her head. Therefore, the next day, No.1 Beast of the Server was kidnapped by Sirius233 the moment he went online.

She also heard that Snow Fox had a relationship with Scary Phoenix because he was his apprentice, so she also decided to kidnap him as well.

Snow Fox’s skills were a bit too powerful to handle, so Sirius hired some mercenaries to ensure her success.

Some people had been using the game to make a living. For example, they would open a workshop to help train their clients’ character or help them accomplish some difficult missions in the game. Some even acted as a substitute for players with low skills during battles. These people were called mercenaries in the game.

With money, there wasn’t anything the mercenaries wouldn’t do.

Therefore, Sirius spent a lot of money on a dozen mercenaries to kidnap Snow Fox.

However, the kidnapping of Snow Fox caused an uproar because Stanley’s Esports Club was hosting an offline meeting that day.

A few gaming nerds booked an internet cafe to host a party that gathered the players of the game. Stanley even put on a show for everyone by challenging the most powerful monster in the game by himself, but before the computer screen was projected on the big screen in the cafe, Snow Fox was kidnapped by someone.

The whole club was stirred up as they quickly logged into the game to save him, but sadly, it was too late. Just like that, Stanley watched while his character was taken away by Sirius.

In the game, Sirius233 was wearing armor with a pair of bunny ears on her head. Her whole outfit made her look like a mutant bunny that was running away with Snow Fox in his hands.

Stanley collapsed on the spot; he ran hurriedly into the washroom to make a phone call to Michael. “Uncle Michael, I’ve been kidnapped by Sirius. Come and save me quickly!”

When Stanley got back inside, he said to them, “Everyone, don’t worry. I’ve asked Scary Phoenix to come and save me. He is my uncle in the game!”

So the rumors are true. Scary Phoenix really has a relationship with Snow Fox.

All of a sudden, the news spread across the game.

‘Scary Phoenix is actually Snow Fox’s uncle! He will definitely come out and save Snow Fox! This is going to be interesting!’

When Sirius got hold of the news, she was delighted.

Looks like Scary Phoenix and Snow Fox have a good relationship offline. I even suspect that Beast is Scary Phoenix’s son; otherwise, why would a godly character like him accept such a stupid and embarrassing son? Maybe Beast is just a kindergartener!

In reality, Sophia laughed loudly while wearing her frog costume. She hugged Nathan in her arms and promised him confidently, “Wait and see how I’ll get you your character back!”

Meanwhile, Nathan’s eyes sparkled as he anticipated what was to come.

At the hotel in Xoskha, it was still early in the morning, but Michael was woken up by a phone call from Stanley. He then declined the call and went back to sleep. He rolled his body while wearing a pair of gloves that came with the frog pajama set. He lay face-down on the bed and awkwardly pulled his blanket over to cover his head.

Suddenly, Harry rushed into his room hurriedly and removed the blanket before grabbing the massive six-feet frog inside. “Dad, I’ve been kidnapped. Hurry up and save me! Stop sleeping!”

Regardless of Michael’s willingness, Harry picked him up and placed him right in front of his laptop. After that, Harry switched on the laptop and took off Michael’s gloves and hoodie before placing his hands on the keyboard.

Michael lazily entered his password while his eyes were barely open.

Meanwhile, Harry was very anxious. “Ah! Dad, you need to hurry up. Your son will be killed soon!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 142

Inside an internet cafe in Cethos, everyone was gathering in the center of the cafe to look at the big screen while waiting for Scary Phoenix to save Snow Fox.

In the game, Sirius kidnapped No.1 Beast of the Server and Snow Fox. She even hung the two of them on the gates of the Rocky Pinnacle as she sat under there with her 2-million sword. She then blatantly announced, ‘Scary Phoenix, if you don’t show up before 9PM, I will kill your son and nephew!’

The moment everyone was waiting for was finally here. Also, the meeting was during the peak hour of the game, so there were lots of people gathering below the Rocky Pinnacle, waiting for Scary Phoenix to show up.

Scary Phoenix really crossed the line this time. Why does he keep on taking away Sirius’ son? After abducting his son four to five times in a row, even a monk would be furious about it. I wonder how Scary Phoenix is going to deal with this.

Under the scrutiny of the public, Scary Phoenix showed up and stood on top of the Rocky Pinnacle silently while looking down at the crowd below, just like a God. Correction! He himself was the only God in the game.

He’s here, he’s here! The master is here!

Whether it was the two who were kidnapped, or Sirius standing aside, or the onlooking crowds, all of them gazed at Scary Phoenix above.

Snow Fox: ‘Uncle! Save me.’

No.1 Beast of the Server: ‘Haha, Sirius, my dad is here. You just wait for him to beat you up!’

Sirius pointed her sword straight at Scary Phoenix above and bellowed, ‘Today, I’ve kidnapped two of your people. I will return them to you if you agree to my two conditions. First, give me back my son! Second, withdraw your disgusting marriage proposal and put your son on a leash. From now on, we’ll keep out of each other’s affairs. Otherwise, I’ll kill your son and nephew, ending your line of succession!’

The first person in history who dared to threaten Scary Phoenix was born!

The whole server fell into complete silence as everyone unanimously looked toward Scary Phoenix, waiting for his response.

At the moment, whether it was Stanley in the internet cafe, or Sophia in Villa No.8, The Imperial, or Harry in Michael’s president suite in Xoskha—everyone was waiting for Scary Phoenix to speak. Only a black warrior in the corner seemed to have seen through everything while remaining silent.

Hale was operating his new character as he squeezed into the crowd of onlookers. He wanted to see how Sirius would die later on.

The server was silent while everyone waited for Scary Phoenix to speak.

Ever since he showed up, he remained motionless and quiet.

Is he made dumb by the occasion?

A minute of silence later, he finally spoke, ‘Oh.’

There was nothing after that.

Sirius was shocked inside. Is the relationship between Scary Phoenix, Beast, and Snow Fox not as good as expected?

She then repeated, ‘Scary Phoenix, if you don’t make a decision soon, I will kill your son first!’

In reality, Harry pulled Michael’s frog hoodie. “Dad, hit him now!”

Therefore, Michael lazily moved his fingers on the keyboard and started operating his character.

Harry thought that he was preparing to make his move, so he was a bit excited inside. However, Scary Phoenix only made a move before retreating. The system showed: ‘The player, Sirius233, has been kidnapped by Scary Phoenix.’

The server fell into dead silence as everyone remained speechless.

Meanwhile, Hale was looking at his computer screen with his mouth gaping because he didn’t know what to say.

Boss is always ruthless and accurate with his moves!

After Scary Phoenix took Sirius233, he announced to the whole server, ‘Sirius, I will only give you two choices. Marry me, or leave the game forever.’

Hale was still in a daze while he looked at his screen. All of a sudden, he received a phone call from Sophia. On the other end, she roared hysterically, “Find Scary Phoenix’s true identity within three days. I want to kill him.”

Hale felt distressed.

Even if I located him, she doesn’t have the capabilities to kill him!

He quickly comforted her, “Madam, calm down.”

Sophia roared again, “I can’t calm down. Now, I really want to r*pe him!”

Hale felt a thump in his heart. This is great. This is great! I’m pretty sure that Scary Phoenix will enjoy this very much!

After hanging up the phone, Sophia started walking around the room furiously. She couldn’t believe there was such a function where one could hijack her game character straight away. Now, she was still logged into the game, and she could also speak, but other than that, all of the other functions were locked.

If I go offline, I will never be able to log into this account again! It was so hard to get my character to this stage that I can simply sell it for a few million! But it’s taken away just like that by someone else!

She really wanted to smash something as she walked around in her frog pajama, frustrated.

Meanwhile, Nathan was looking at her helplessly, but he was still sensible enough to console her, “It’s alright. Let’s just start over with a new character.”

Sophia grabbed her hair. “You don’t get it. This is about my reputation. My reputation!”

Not only did Scary Phoenix kidnap all my son’s characters, he even hijacked my own character. My reputation is now completely destroyed! If I take it on the chin, I am not a man! No! In reality, I’m a woman, but in the game, I’m a man! And he still want me to be his b*tch! He’s a psychopath!

After kidnapping Sirius233, Scary Phoenix released Snow Fox and No.1 Beast of the Server.

When Michael was done saving them, he exited the game.

In reality, he shut off the game and drove Harry away. Then, he put on his frog hoodie and frog gloves before lying back on his bed.

He stretched his fingers out of his gloves and turned on his phone. He had a look at his phone wallpaper, which he downloaded from Sophia’s IG Stories yesterday.

In the picture, Sophia and Nathan were wearing parent-child one-piece pajamas. The mother frog lifted the baby frog high with her hands while her eyes were filled with love. The tiny face of the baby frog was also full of smiles.

Michael had never seen that smile on Nathan’s face before. When Nathan was just a baby, both his parents passed away, so he became an orphan before he could talk.

Even though Michael provided him with a great materialistic life and specifically gathered many kids to grow up with him, he still lacked a lot of happiness that he could only get from his parents. Coincidentally, Michael needed a wife, and Nathan needed a mother, so he found Sophia.

By the looks of it now, I’ve made the right choice.

After putting down his phone, the daddy frog started to sleep.

In an internet cafe near Bayside University, the Esports Club of Bayside University cheered as they congratulated Stanley. Immediately, someone asked him, “Stan, who is Scary Phoenix? He’s amazing!”

However, Stanley didn’t answer the question.

My uncle is such a brilliant man. He can simply excel in any field! If everyone finds out that Scary Phoenix is Michael, A.K.A. Taylor Murray, I think he himself will be fine with it. In reality, he is an open man, and in the game, he is a righteous hero, but I can’t risk revealing Beast’s identity!

If everyone finds out about Scary Phoenix, they will also know about Harry too. In that case, everyone will immediately know that the sc*mbag in the game, Beast, is actually Harry, A.K.A. Ethan Winston, the winner of the Best Actor. His reputation would be ruined.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 143

Due to Sophia’s game character being hijacked by Scary Phoenix, she felt gloomy for the next couple of days.

She heard that Hale went to the gaming company himself and met the company’s boss. He even slammed his hand on the boss’ desk, demanding a response, but the boss said that there was nothing he could do because this was just a normal interaction between players. Their company wouldn’t interfere with any matters in the game unless cheating was involved.

When she got the news, she was completely dumbfounded.

What else can I do now? I can only train a new character.

Therefore, she could only train a new character along with Nathan.

In a blink of an eye, it was already December, and the weather became colder day by day. It had been almost a semester since Sophia became a student of Bayside University.

Ever since Stanley showed up that day, Richard and Xyla had stopped bothering her. Michael was still abroad shooting his movie, so Sophia felt as free as a bird.

If only Stanley would stop pestering me every day.

The School of Economics and Business Administration was not far away from the School of Computer Science, and Sophia needed to be there every day to pick up Nathan, so it was hard to not run into Stanley frequently—especially with his dazzling round head and swaggering beatboxing. It was impossible to not bump into him.

It was almost winter, so Sophia put on some winter clothes. It was an adorable parent-child outfit that consisted of a milky-white coral fleece jacket and a big hoodie in the shape of a bunny’s head. The two drooping bunny ears on the hoodie were extremely cute. On the other hand, Nathan also wore a tiny coral fleece jacket with a milky-white bunny hoodie.

His expression was cold as he felt hugely embarrassed, but he didn’t say anything.

In Sophia’s eyes, his silence meant that he liked it very much.

The weather was cold, and they couldn’t ride the motorbike like they used to, so Hale came to school every day to send them back home. Everyday, she would pick Nathan up on time before returning home together.

Today, the moment she picked up Nathan, the burst of an exaggerated beatboxing was heard. Stanley flew over in his motorbike and saw them, so he stopped beside them and pushed up the goggles on his helmet. He greeted them affectionately, “Sophie, you’re babysitting, huh?”

He always assumed that Sophia was Nathan’s babysitter, and she didn’t tell him the truth to prevent him from being jealous if he found out she was the wife of his beloved Uncle Michael.

She answered, “Yes. Now is my working hour, so I need to babysit him.”

Then, Stanley enthusiastically took out a few movie tickets from his bag. “Come. Let’s watch a movie together. Uncle Michael’s new movie is now released, and I got us the best seats!”

Sophia had a look at the tickets. They were indeed tickets to Michael and Harry’s new movie that premiered in the early hours of the morning. The movie was called ‘High School Romance’, and it was about passionate highschoolers. Michael and Harry played two opposing school hunks, and the story was about them going after each other for the beloved campus belle.

This is the first time Tay Tay played a naive brain-dead school hunk!

She was already excited when she saw the movie poster, so she initially planned to bring Nathan to the cinema today.

However, she pretended to be indifferent about it. “Fine. Since you’ve already bought the tickets, I’ll just reluctantly watch it.”

With a cold face, Nathan climbed onto Stanley’s motorbike along with Sophia. Then, she helped Nathan put on the safety helmet.

“Sit tight!”

After that, Stanley happily drove the motorbike away.

However, in the corner, Hale watched coldly while the three of them drove away on the motorbike. He furrowed his brows as he smelled something fishy.

That Stanley kid is quite good-looking, and he isn’t the conventional type of handsome fair-skinned guy. His bushy brows, vigorous aura, and gaudy round head must have charmed a lot of girls. Back when he was in the army, he was also a top sniper. I’ve heard rumors from Bayside University that he is the popular hunk of the School of Computer Science. In short, both of them are of the same age; they frequently meet together, and they both look dashing. The whole university is filled with love hormones; what if something happens between them? Now, they are even going on a movie date.

He called Michael hurriedly to report this major trouble. Then, a calm voice was heard on the other end. “I see.”

After hanging up the phone, Michael, who had just gotten off the plane, continued to watch the video sent by Hale, and it just so happened to show the scene where Stanley drove off with Sophia and Nathan. He could clearly see the ticket held in Stanley’s hand.

He paused the video and enlarged the image to get a clearer look of the information on the ticket.

Paragon Cinema in the University Shopping Mall? ‘High School Romance’, which starts at 7PM in Hall 8? Haha…

Usually, when a movie was about to be released, the main cast would travel around the country to promote it or attend talk shows to advertise the movie. They could even get a divorce, break up with someone, or even stir up some controversies in their own family to increase the movie’s exposure so that the box office was ensured. However, Michael had a huge reputation, so he didn’t need to do all these.

Now, he should have been with the filming crew of ‘Doctor Invincible’, but because of his high efficiency, most of his scenes were filmed in one take, so there was ample shooting time. Hence, the film crew gave him a holiday. Initially, he came back hurriedly to give his wife a surprise, but unexpectedly, she went to watch a movie with another man!

Suddenly, Gary, who was sitting in front of Michael in the limousine, heard his voice. “Contact the people of Paragon Cinema and tell them that I’ll be visiting the University Shopping Mall tonight.”

Paragon Cinema was the most high-end cinema near Bayside University, so many students would come here to watch movies, especially movies with Michael in it. Most people who missed the afternoon show rushed over here to catch the 7PM show. After lectures ended, this was the perfect time to come over to catch a movie, so there were a lot of familiar faces here.

When everyone saw Sophia together with Stanley, they revealed an understanding smile.

It seems the two of them are really a couple.

They came early, and the hall wasn’t open yet, so Sophia pulled Nathan over to win a doll from the claw machine. Stanley was following them closely from behind with a box of popcorn and Coke in his hands.

The chances of running into an acquaintance at the cinema was high. When Sophia was playing with the claw machine, Richard and Xyla arrived.

Xyla held the movie ticket happily. “Richard, in the future, if the movie I’m in is released, I will book a whole cinema just for you to watch!”

Richard lowered his head lovingly to look at the innocent fairy-like girl. “That’ll be happening soon. I’ve already recommended you to a filming crew. They’ll give you a supporting actress role first so that there won’t be much pressure on you; the main actor is Taylor Murray!”

“Richard, I love you so much!” She cleverly gave him a kiss on his cheek.

The two of them held their hands as they entered the cinema. They also bought tickets for the 7PM movie, ‘High School Romance’. The moment they entered the cinema, they immediately saw the claw machine next to the waiting area and the ‘family of three’ beside it.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 144

Stanley was operating the claw machine while Sophia was very nervous beside him. “Stan, hold on… hold on. Take a deep breath!”

Nathan was still indifferent just now, but at the moment, he also pressed his tiny face against the claw machine nervously as he widened his eyes to look inside while Stanley operated the machine.

Their nervousness also affected Stanley, causing him to be anxious too, but luckily, he still managed to grab a pink bunny in the end with his trembling hands.

“Hehe, I was a top sniper back in my days. My vision is perfect, so this is just a piece of cake!”

Sophia happily accepted the bunny, and Stanley was filled with a sense of accomplishment, although it took them more than 50 to finally get one.

The moment Richard came in, he immediately saw Sophia with her non-mainstream punk boyfriend. His eyes were full of contempt as he glared at the current boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend with the gaze of an ex-lover.

Stanley was still dressed in his usual non-mainstream way with his round earrings and skull necklace dangling around his neck. His hairstyle, outfit, and the way he talked revealed his obvious non-mainstream punk style.

Richard shook his head sarcastically after looking at him thoroughly from top to bottom.

The difference between me and this man is enormous.

He subconsciously wanted to show himself in front of Sophia and Stanley so that she could see how dashing he was. Also, he wanted to prove his talents and nobility in front of a non-mainstream person like Stanley.

Even though he constantly told Sophia to forget about him and start over, he still subconsciously wanted to appear in front of her whenever he saw her so that she would forever have a special place for him in her heart—a place where she would unswervingly want to get back together with him again at any time.

However, with Xyla beside him, he couldn’t reveal this urge of his. That was why he was surprised when Xyla pulled him over to Sophia the moment she saw her.

“Richard, it’s Sophia and her new boyfriend. Let’s go over to greet them!”

After that, she pulled him to Sophia on purpose.

She wasn’t satisfied with just driving Sophia away because she wanted to let her know clearly that she could only be with a second-rated non-mainstream boyfriend while she got to be with Richard.

“Sophia! What a coincidence to run into you here!”

As soon as Sophia turned her head around, she could see the dashing Richard and adorable Xyla standing behind her. The two of them really were a match made in heaven.

Then, she nodded calmly. “Hello.”

After that, she picked up the doll and held Nathan’s hand as she was prepared to leave.

However, the other party wasn’t keen on letting them go, so Richard blocked Stanley’s path and extended his hand to him in a friendly way. “Hello. I’m Richard.”

Stanley also knew about the love-hate relationship between Sophia and Richard, so he shook his hand. “Hello. I’m Stanley. I specialize in game development.”

Richard’s eyes were filled with mockery, but on the surface, he seemed very friendly. “So you develop games. It is quite a promising career. And—dare I ask—is your family’s enterprise also in the same field?”

Sophia laughed when she heard his question.

Is he comparing himself to Stanley? Did he come here to make fun of his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend?

In fact, Stanley got into Bayside University because of his academic achievements, and his family didn’t donate a penny to the university. Therefore, he was clever enough to understand the meaning behind his words.

In this outfit, I sure don’t look like someone who has an enterprise at all, so he is obviously making fun of me! Tsk, Sophie’s ex-boyfriend is so f*cking despicable!

However, he remained composed as he answered, “My parents are teachers, and my brother is in the army. My family isn’t involved in game development, so that makes me the peculiar one.”

Meanwhile, Sophia pressed her lips instinctively to cover the smile at the corner of her lips.

His parents are teachers? They are the first-class lecturers of Bayside University! His brother is in the army? He is now an officer in the army! Why do the Fletchers always like to fool others?

Naturally, Richard understood his words as his parents being substitute teachers in a small town and his brother serving a two-year conscript. He clearly knew that Stanley was just an ordinary citizen, but he still chose to ask him purposely. When he got the answer he wanted, he laughed condescendingly. “I genuinely thought that you were studying architecture. My family is the Harper Family, and we specialize in real estate. I was thinking of offering you an internship if you were an architect. This is my name card.”

Sophia was still pressing her lips to prevent her laughter from coming out.

She also felt that Stanley really looked like someone who worked at a construction site.

In the meantime, Stanley chuckled as he received his name card. At first glance, he saw the title on the card—Richard Harper, Vice President of Harper Real Estates.

That explains his damned smugness.

Then, he waved the name card and smiled. “If I can’t make it in the future, I’ll go over to your place and move bricks. Remember to let me be the construction supervisor then!”

After showing off their superiority, Xyla was still reluctant to let Sophia off the hook, so she said to her purposely, “Sophia, have you been looking for a part-time job lately? Through Richard’s connections, I’m now a supporting actress of a film. The studio is not far away from the university, so if you are looking for a part-time job, I can introduce you to a role as a maid. But if you don’t like being a maid, you can also be my assistant. I’m about to enter the entertainment industry, so I need an assistant beside me.”

Sophia replied to her, “Haha, thank you, but I’m now working as a nanny, so I’m not looking for a part-time job.”

Xyla lowered her head and glanced at Nathan, who was holding Sophia’s hand, before revealing a sorry face. “That’s too bad.”

The movie was about to begin, so Sophia went over to get her ticket checked. Stanley followed her closely from behind while carrying Nathan on his back. The ‘family of three’ looked very harmonious together.

At the moment, Stanley was laughing his heart out. “Hahaha. Sophie, is that your ex-boyfriend? Hahahaha… hahaha…” He even tried to mimic Richard’s tone just now. “This is my name card. You can come over to my company if you want to move some bricks. Hahahaha!”

Sophia’s face darkened. “We’ve all fallen in love with a sc*mbag when we were young.”

This is so damn embarrassing. How dare he show off his superiority as my ex-boyfriend in front of someone from the Fletcher Family! Even I am embarrassed.

After they had their tickets checked, Stanley brought Nathan to the toilet as they tried to enter the hall a minute before the movie started. It was a movie starring Taylor Murray, and it was recently released, so the hall was almost fully packed. The lights in the hall were turned off, and it was pitch black, so Sophia turned on her flashlight to find their seats carefully. Stanley got them the best seats, which were seats 6, 7 and 8.

“Stan, you sit on seat 8. I’ll sit on seat 6, and Nate will sit on seat 7.”

“Why should I sit on seat 8? The 8th seat on row 4 sounds weird.”

“Just sit where I tell you to sit.”

“What has Nate been eating? He’s just 5 years old, but he’s already 4 feet tall. Luckily, I’m smart enough to buy us three tickets; otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to enter.”

“I’ve been eating rice!”

The three of them bickered as they sat down. Surprisingly, the moment Sophia sat down on seat 6, a voice rang beside her. “Sophia, what a coincidence,” Richard, who was sitting on seat 5, said to her coldly.

“Heh.” She twitched the corners of her lips.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 145

I should have taken seat 8.

Sophia put on her 3D glasses and started watching the movie.

Without warning, Richard started talking to her. “Sophia, the Harpers also invest in internet games. If your boyfriend can’t find a job in the future, you can ask him to come to me. I’ll arrange a job for him.”

She kept on eating her popcorn while nodding. “Alright.”

When Xyla saw her, she assumed that she purposely sat beside Richard.

What a b*tch! She is still obsessed with my fiancé!

Therefore, she lovingly held Richard’s hand and spoke to her generously, “The Huffs are also investing in internet games. You can also come to Huffs Technology!”

Sophia continued chewing her popcorn. “Alright.”

In her heart, she was only thinking about Tay Tay’s unearthly handsomeness.

At the beginning of the movie, after the prologue, the two male leads finally appeared.

In the opening scene, the two male leads fought each other. After the fight, the two of them stood on opposite sides while the camera gave each of them a dashing close-up.

The male lead that Michael was playing wore a snowy-white shirt, and his handsome face was so tender that water seemed to be oozing out of it. In the fight just now, the other party tore open his shirt, so he was missing two buttons on his chest. The moment his shirt was torn open, one could faintly see the muscles of his body. His seductive air wasn’t something that the shirt could hold back as the man’s forbidden aura suddenly filled the whole screen along with his righteous yet menacing smile… There were screams everywhere in the hall!

“Ah! Miss Taylor!”

“I love you, my hubby!”

This is incredible. Only two buttons are missing, but he is now even sexier than being naked. Sophia felt a rush of blood bursting out of her nose.

Where there was Michael, there must be Harry around. In the movie, Harry played the other male lead. During the close-up, he was meticulously dressed, and his thick brows brought out the righteousness around him. The moment he wiped his sweat gently, it ignited the whole atmosphere in the hall.

“Lord Winston, I love you!”

“Lord Winston, my hubby!”

Sophia was also affected by the atmosphere as she started to scream like everyone in her heart. Beside her, Stanley was even more excited.

Ah! Uncle Michael is so handsome! His handsomeness is out of this world!

In the movie, the male leads were clearly two young boys between age 17 and 18, but the actors playing them had a combined age of 60. Nevertheless, there wasn’t any unpleasant feeling to it because age was nothing in front of acting skills and charisma.

Michael and Harry’s brilliant acting skills were able to portray the unrestrained passion and naivety of youth. The script was also great, so everyone had a blast watching the movie. Sophia was so intrigued from start to finish that she didn’t notice a few times that Richard was speaking to her.

The movie currently had a box office of more than 200 million since its release today, and nighttime was its prime time, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the movie’s box office exceeded 300 million easily on the day it premiered.

After the movie ended, everyone was still enthusiastically discussing it. At the start, the two male leads were fighting each other for a girl, but at the end, the girl transferred to another school, so the two of them ended their high school story with happy memories. Although the female lead’s acting skills were good, she was still completely overshadowed by the two male leads, so her presence wasn’t felt that strongly throughout the whole movie.

When the female lead showed up, there wasn’t any reaction from everyone, but when the two male leads showed up together, it caused an uproar. Everyone started chanting one after another, “Kiss him!”

Even though they weren’t homosexuals, their presence together is the epitome of gay! They were born to be together!

After the movie ended, Sophia stood up, wanting more as she prepared to carry Nathan, but Richard halted her. “Sophia, can I treat you and Stanley to a meal? I know a—”

His words were cut off by the sudden appearance of a staff. “Everyone, please return to your seat and bear with us. Today is the 8th anniversary of the opening of the Paragon Cinema branch in the University Shopping Mall, so we are here to give you all a special gift!”

Usually, they were supposed to turn on the lights and bring in the cleaning lady when the movie ended, but now, lots of staff suddenly appeared to guard the entrance. This is a huge entourage!

They were in the giant-screen hall where fan meetings were usually held, so there was a stage below the screen. At the moment, the staff used a line to separate the first row from the stage.

“What is happening?”

Everyone was looking at each other, but since it was a surprise, everyone waited.

All of them quickly returned to their seats and whispered silently.

What is the surprise? Are they giving everyone a sack of rice?

Meanwhile, Richard took the chance to continue his words. “Sophia, I know a really good Japanese restaurant. Why don’t we try it tonight? You can bring along your boyfriend and Nate.”

Unfortunately, Sophia didn’t answer him for a long time because she was thinking about something seriously.

Why is my whole body trembling? Why is my heart beating so fast? Why is my sixth sense telling me there is danger?

All of the lights were turned off, and only the stage below could be seen. Then, there were security guards and staff running around like ants.

She lifted her head and looked toward the stage. In the darkness, she could see the staff running around, as if something big was happening.

Everyone stretched their necks to see as they were filled with anticipation.

They wouldn’t need such a big entourage for a sack of rice, right? Are they giving away posters too? They wouldn’t need such a big entourage for a poster too, so they must be giving out an extra bottle of laundry detergent!

A few minutes later, a sweet sound was suddenly heard through the microphone. “Behold! We welcome the two starring actors of ‘High School Romance’!”

The crowd was in an uproar.

Looks like it is a celebrity meet-and-greet! But they probably could only invite the female lead and a few actors playing insignificant supporting roles, or maybe the director and screenwriter. Although everyone was surprised, they didn’t hold much expectation. Ethan and Taylor won’t be coming. They could have just given us posters.

Suddenly, the lights were turned on!

All of the spotlights were lit up brightly at the same time, causing the dark theater to be as bright as day. This sudden change shocked everyone, but no one uttered a word, so the big hall fell into a few seconds of silence.

When the lights were turned on, three more people appeared under the big screen. One of them was the host, who was holding a microphone. One of the other two wore a dashing suit in a mysterious black color, as if it was encapsulating a whole dose of aphrodisiac. His powerful charisma couldn’t be concealed as it oozed from his suit and instantly ignited the audience. The other wore a more casual outfit. He only wore an ordinary-looking white coral fleece jacket that usually wouldn’t be worn by men, but along with his face, he captivated everybody.

After a few seconds of silence, a burst of screams erupted in the hall.


“T-Taylor. My Miss Taylor! Ah!”

“Help. I must be insane! I’m now looking at my idol!”

When Sophia saw the two idols, she felt a thump in her temple.

This explains the anxiety I was feeling just now. It turns out that Tay Tay is here. It’s over for me. I have my ex-boyfriend on my left and my current ‘lover’ on my right. Tay Tay is going to kill me!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 146

Nobody expected the two idols to come here, so the whole theater was filled with screams of surprise, and it wouldn’t stop.

The screams went on for a while before the host placed the microphone in Ethan’s hand. Suddenly, the audience became quiet as they silently waited for their idol to speak.

Ethan’s gaze swept across the audience before a sexy voice came out of the microphone. “Are you surprised? Are you excited?”

The fans cheered, “Ah! Ah! My idol! I’m surprised! I’m excited!”

When it was Michael’s turn to speak, he received the microphone and waved his hand at the audience in a gentlemanly fashion. “Hello, everybody. I’m Taylor.”

In an instant, he was overwhelmed by the screams of the audience.

This was a 3D movie, so Stanley bought the best seats. Sophia was now sitting in the middle, but she tried really hard to lower her presence so that Michael wouldn’t see her.

While sitting on his seat, Nathan suddenly felt that his whole body was picked up by Sophia. He saw her scurrying around like a wild animal while she secretly switched seats with him. She placed him on her original seat as she sat beside him.

Nathan rolled his eyes.

What’s the use of this? She can only blame her bad luck for being caught watching a movie with her ex-boyfriend! It’s obvious that daddy is here to catch her red-handed! She’s in big trouble unless she chooses not to return home tonight!

The sudden appearance of the two idols stirred up the atmosphere in the hall, causing Stanley to cheer frantically. Xyla was also excited by it as she finally got to see her idol again. Even Nathan was a little excited by what just happened, leaving Sophia the only one made anxious by their appearance.

It’s over for me. I only brought Nate here to watch a movie. I definitely didn’t have any other intentions! All of this was just an accident. All of this was just a coincidence!

The meet-and-greet with the two idols only lasted ten minutes, which only allowed them to share their feelings toward making the movie and pick two lucky fans to come on stage to receive a small gift. The audience even got a chance to ask their idol quick questions.

During the questioning session, a lucky fan was selected to come on stage. She looked at Ethan excitedly and asked, “Excuse me. You two rarely participate in offline meetings with fans like this, so why did you come to Paragon Cinema today?”

Ethan gave a witty answer. “I’m also curious. Ask Taylor.”

Michael received the microphone and replied in a gentlemanly way, “There is no reason. I suddenly wanted to come here.”

Even though both idols gave vague answers, everyone was still very enthusiastic, so the screams kept on going.

Just like that, the fan meeting was over, so the two of them went out through the VIP channel. Lots of fans in the hall wanted to follow them, but they were immediately blocked by the bodyguards.

Richard took Xyla’s hand and chased after them, but they were blocked by the bodyguards. Then, he took out his name card and showed it to them. “Hello. I’m the Vice President of Harper Real Estates, Richard Harper. My family invested in this movie, so I want to bring my girlfriend to take a photo with the two stars.”

Xyla was hopping around excitedly as she grabbed his hand tightly. She really hoped to get another picture taken with her idol.

However, the bodyguard looked at the two of them coldly before rejecting them like how he rejected the others. “No.”

Even the host could recognize Richard because his family also had shares in this cinema chain. He held a platinum card, which allowed him to watch any movies for free, but the bodyguards belonged to the two stars, so the host was powerless to do anything. Yet, he still insisted in speaking to the bodyguard, “Mr. Harper here is an investor of the movie. Why don’t you—”

The bodyguard still gave a cold reply. “No one is allowed to enter.”

Richard wanted to say something before two people from the back squeezed their way forward.

Stanley placed Nathan on his shoulders and pointed at him. “Sir, look here. This is Taylor and Ethan’s son!”

Sophia, who followed him from behind, was rendered speechless.

Taylor and Ethan’s son. Why does it sound so weird?

When Richard turned his head around and saw the family of three, he let out a slight chuckle.

My family is an investor of the movie ‘High School Romance’, yet we don’t even have the chance to meet Taylor. How can a little brat like Nate be able to meet him just because they met each other during military training?

Xyla was also laughing at their thick skin. “Sophia, do you really think Nate is Miss Taylor’s son? They were just doing an improv. They have already long forgotten who he is.”

Unexpectedly, the cold-faced bodyguard who blocked Richard actually stood aside without question when he saw Nathan. “Come in.”

With Nathan in his hands, Stanley chased after Michael excitedly through the VIP channel while Sophia followed him.

Xyla could only stand and watch as they disappeared in the VIP channel.

Meanwhile, Stanley chased after Michael to the carpark. As Michael and Harry came here on a whim, no one knew about their appearance. If everyone found out later on, they wouldn’t be able to leave the place.

Stanley was very happy to see Michael, and he even tried to give him a big hug. “Oh, Uncle Michael, I missed you so much. Why did you suddenly appear at the cinema? You came here because of me, right? Gosh, I love you so much. Muacks!”

Michael was disgusted as he pushed him away, so he went to bother Ethan instead.

“Idol, you came here because of me, right?”

When Stanley was bothering Ethan, Michael strode toward his little wife. At first, he wanted to give her a long-awaited kiss, but there wasn’t much time left, so it couldn’t take too long. At the end, he only gave her a soft peck on the cheek before carrying Nathan. “Get in the car now; otherwise, we won’t be able to leave later on.”

Afterward, Sophia quickly got into Michael’s limousine. News about Michael and Harry’s sudden appearance had probably spread throughout the entire university, and presumably, many fangirls were already on their way to see them. If they didn’t leave now, they would be trapped in the cinema.

Stanley also got into the car happily.

The inside of the limousine was spacious, and the seats were opposite each other. At the moment, Michael and Sophia sat together with Nathan in the middle.

All of a sudden, Sophia realized that Michael was also wearing a white coral fleece jacket.

I can’t believe an adult man like him is wearing a coral fleece jacket, and it even looks quite good on him. Sure enough, the look of the outfit depends on how dashing the wearer’s face is.

The three of them wore white fleece jackets, which looked like a parent-child outfit set.

How did Michael know we were wearing white parent-child outfits today? He saw us? No. Now is not the time to worry about the parent-child outfits. Michael definitely wants to kill me now after seeing me sitting next to Richard at the cinema. Help! I’m scared!

Meanwhile, Harry started sleeping the moment he got into the car. The family of three on the opposite side is too dazzling for a singleton like me to see. It’s better to just close my eyes.

Stanley was twisting his body around happily as he sat beside Harry. Then, he began to realize that the family of three was wearing parent-child outfits, so he exclaimed, “Wow! Uncle Michael, you are such a loving father! Nate is such a happy child! I also want to wear parent-child outfits with you!”

Sophia sighed in her heart. Stan is really an idiot. How did an idiot like him survive in Michael’s harem?

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 147

Michael ignored Stanley and carried Nathan up to have a look at him. The white coral fleece jacket that Nathan wore today was cute and fluffy, so it was very comfortable to the touch.

There was even a big hoodie drooping at the back, which had the same color as Michael’s white jacket. When he knew that they had ordered parent-child outfits to be made, he also signed up and ordered three for each set. Then, his outfits were specially airlifted to the film set for him.

“My son, call me Daddy!” he teased Nathan.

However, Nathan’s face revealed his refusal as he kicked his little legs and squirmed back into Sophia’s arms. Michael didn’t blame him, so he lovingly caressed his tiny head. In the past, he was busy with his work, so he wasn’t able to bring up Nathan himself.

That was why he was brought up by nannies, causing him to have a weird personality since a young age. Now, it was finally better because he at least learned how to use his puppy eyes, even though his face was cold most of the time.

The car drove all the way to The Imperial. Harry left immediately when he got out of the car because he, too, lived at The Imperial in Villa No.4. However, Stanley stubbornly wanted to go to Michael’s house, so he followed the family of three into Villa No.8 since he wanted to see who Michael’s wife was.

Meanwhile, Nathan had been keeping a close eye on Michael ever since they got home, as if he was pervert; he was afraid that he might approach Sophia.

Michael had been away from home for a long while, and when he finally got home, the butler already prepared a large meal for him after receiving news about his return. He even slaughtered the two eels in Michael’s fish tank to make dishes.

The moment Stanley entered the house, he started flipping through all the cupboards and drawers, like a detective who would never let a person or clue slip away from his eyes. Then, he asked Michael, “Uncle Michael, where is my aunt? Tell her to come out for me to see. Don’t worry. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

Michael looked exhausted. He was already tired when he landed in Cethos, but after knowing that Sophia and Stanley went to watch a movie together, he decided at the last minute to pop up at Paragon Cinema.

While climbing up the stairs, he said to Stanley, “She is so far yet so near. Leave my house after you’re done eating. I won’t see you off.”

After watching Michael go upstairs, Stanley immediately grabbed Nathan and asked mysteriously, “Nate, where is your mom?”

Nathan’s face was cold. “Mind your own business.”

Stanley still wouldn’t give up, so he asked Sophia instead, “Sophia, have you seen my aunt? Is my aunt pretty? Does she have a good relationship with my uncle? What kind of a person is my aunt? How old is she? What is her job? Do you have a picture of her?”

Sophia felt distressed. Should I just tell him that I’m his aunt? I can’t! What if he gets jealous about it? Therefore, she gave him a vague answer. “I’m just a nanny. It’s not appropriate for me to talk about it!”

Seeing that she refused to tell him, he went to ask Maria instead. The adorable Maria tilted her head and deliberately kept him asking. “Young Master Stan, you can try to guess. If your guess is right, I’ll tell you where madam is!”

He was rendered speechless, so he turned his attention toward the butler, Mr. Morgan. Mr. Morgan knew that Michael wanted to keep it a secret, so he answered him purposely, “I also don’t know about it. Boss keeps his marriage hidden, so even we aren’t sure about it!”

Since all of them were unwilling to say, Stanley tried to find the truth himself by sneaking into Michael’s room so that he could flip through his drawers. There really are traces of a woman in Michael’s room. The love blanket is folded neatly, and there are two boxes of condoms in the closet.

The marriage sign on the wall hasn’t been removed, and there is a woman’s closet. In the master bedroom, there is also a woman’s dressing table, but I just can’t find a clue about my aunt, not even a picture of her!

When Michael got out of the bathroom, Stanley grabbed his hand to have a look. “Uncle Michael, where is your wedding ring? Where is it?”

All of a sudden, Michael realized something. I’m already married. Even if we ignore the wedding banquet, I still owe her a wedding ring. No wonder chica is unwilling to sleep with me. But there are a lot of inconveniences that come with my identity.

Even if we get ourselves wedding rings, I won’t be able to wear it because the media will notice and dig into it at any time. By then, they will find out about Sophia. However, a wedding ring is still essential… He seemed to be lost in his own thoughts as he stared at his hand.

In the meantime, Sophia held Nathan’s hand as they prepared to take a bath before dinner, but unexpectedly, when they got up the stairs, they immediately saw Michael and Stanley holding hands together by the door…

Ahh! It burns my eyes! She hurriedly carried Nathan away and covered his eyes to prevent him from being corrupted.

Michael was now back, so it was time for her to be worried again. He will definitely teach me a lesson for what I’ve just done. What excuse should I use tonight to reject him? He decided to marry her so that she could bear his child, so a night full of passion was inevitable, but she still wasn’t ready.

She felt especially scared when she saw Maria putting two more eels in the fish tank. I can’t sleep with a psychopath like him. What should I do? What should I do?

She kept on feeling anxious. Even though Nate is a good excuse, I can’t expect him to cooperate with me every time, and I can’t use him forever as a shield! Forget it. I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it. Stanley is here tonight, so I should be safe!

The butler had arranged a scrumptious dinner for tonight. When dinner was served, Sophia had already given Nathan a bath, so she held his tiny hand while they walked to the dining room. Both of them had changed into their pajamas. Nathan’s pajama was the green frog suit. A few days ago when he wore it, he felt a little embarrassed, but now, he wanted to wear it everyday, for after a quick period of embarrassment, he actually felt that it looked quite good. He and Sophia wore the same outfit, and the two frogs, one big and one small, walked down the stairs.

In the dining room, Stanley searched for a whole day, but he just couldn’t find traces of his aunt. Feeling famished, he too sat and waited for the food to be served. When he saw Sophia and Nathan coming in, he held his belly and laughed, “Hahahaha! Sophia, what are you wearing? Are you two frogs?”

Of course, he immediately received two disdainful glances. While Sophia’s gaze didn’t threaten him at all, he was exceptionally scared of Nathan’s gaze. His eyes look exactly like his parents’. He has his mother’s dominance, his father’s grimace, and his uncle’s fierceness all in one. He will definitely be a hard warrior when he grows up.

Sophia gave him a cold stare before placing Nathan on a chair. Nathan looked really adorable in his frog pajama. To prevent wind from getting in, he could tighten his hoodie. After tightening the hoodie around his head, his tender face was the only thing left exposed on his body. He looked so cute! Therefore, Sophia couldn’t help but pinch his tiny cheek. “You are so cute. Muacks!”

Nathan also seemed to be a little proud of himself. When he first got the frog jammies, he felt that he looked stupid in it, but after a while, he realized he looked surprisingly good in it.

Stanley pulled Sophia’s hoodie and saw that there was a pair of large frog eyes on it, which made her look ridiculous. As he glanced at her outfit, he suddenly felt a little sore in the nose. It isn’t easy to make a living. It’s so hard to be a nanny. She is even forced to follow her little master and wear this ridiculous outfit. If it were me, I would rather die than wear that outfit. I pity her so much!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 148

However, Sophia is still lucky to be Nate’s nanny. She’s definitely luckier than other families because at least she is allowed to have dinner with her employers.

Then, Stanley took out his phone to take pictures of her. “Hehe. Sophia, you look very stupid, but most geniuses wear that kind of outfit! Come. Let me take a picture of your work clothes.”

Click! Click!

It was too late for Sophia to cover her face with her hands.

After he was done taking pictures of her, he finally put down his phone. Suddenly, he remembered something, so he told her, “I’ve heard that you accepted an invitation to the Harper Family’s charity banquet. Tsk, for a nanny, you’re really causing a lot of trouble! You definitely can’t afford an evening dress! Why don’t I go with you as your fake boyfriend? I promise that my appearance will capture everyone’s attention. I can even rent an evening dress for you. What do you think?”

Sophia instantly remembered the Harper Family’s charity banquet. It’s happening soon. The Harpers are just trying to embarrass me. They think that I’m a poor student who can’t afford an evening dress, so I would be humiliated. If Stanley can attend the banquet with me, it will definitely make me look better. Even though he looks stupid on the outside, he is quite a reliable person on the inside, and he isn’t some ordinary person—nobody in the Fletcher Family is. Maybe this will work…

“What are you two talking about?”

Michael’s voice was suddenly heard from the other side. As Sophia turned around to look toward the dining room door, she saw Michael standing right beside the door in his frog pajama.

Everyone was speechless.

His frog pajama was the same as Sophia and Nathan’s. It was grassy green and tailor-made, and it fit him perfectly. The outfit was also a comfy green frog pajama with a big hoodie.

The outfit was made with the same cloth and design. It looks cute on Nate, but why does it look dashing when Michael put it on?

When the loosened emerald-green pajama was placed on a model’s body like his, it brought out a different kind of casual handsomeness. Along with the frog hoodie, it made him look unusually gentle yet dominant.

It all truly depends on the looks…

Stanley was already dumbfounded. When he got back to his senses, he scratched his head and murmured, “Looks like I also need to get myself the same outfit to try it out. It looks so good.”

Meanwhile, Sophia’s eyes were wide open while she stared at Michael, who was approaching her in the same frog pajama as hers.

A massive frog? Under the frog pajama, the psychopath doesn’t look crazy at all. Instead, he looked a bit more approachable. This must be my illusion.

After that, the three frogs started eating with the human.

Nathan would occasionally glance at Michael because he probably had never seen him in such a style before. Back then, Michael was always indifferent toward him, and whenever he was busy with work, he would ignore him by leaving him in a mansion outside the city equipped with a bunch of bodyguards and personal tutors. He even purposely arranged for a bunch of kids to play with him regardless of his preference.

The longest period this happened was when he ignored him for half a year, but as soon as he went to visit him, he mistook the butler’s son for him. When he kissed and hugged the butler’s son while lifting him up, Nathan stood aside quietly and watched. From that moment, he started hating him.

However, the moment he saw that Michael was wearing the same silly clothes as him, he felt a bit… happy.

Michael also seemed to notice that Nathan’s cold face had softened, so he placed his huge palm on his frog head and lowered his head to look at him. “Darling, call me daddy.”

Then, Nathan turned his face away and ignored him.

Nathan was actually an independant and obedient boy, so he never needed anyone to feed him before. However, ever since Sophia came, he had begun to deteriorate. Not only did he need Sophia when taking a bath or washing his face, but he also needed her care on other daily routines, such as eating and putting on shoes.

At the moment, he was standing and lifting his head while waiting for Sophia to feed him with his mouth wide open. She grabbed a small frog spoon and fed him patiently. While doing so, she said to him, “Good boy. You need to eat more so that you can be tall and strong.”

Nathan remained quiet, but if he had a tail, it would definitely be wagging right now.

Meanwhile, Michael was pleased to see the harmonious relationship between the two of them. During this period, he had witnessed Nathan’s change. He was his uncle and his daddy, so he definitely hoped that Nathan could have a happy childhood, just like any other lively kid.

If he had a sibling to accompany him, that would be even more perfect.

At this point, he couldn’t help but touch Sophia’s head. The frog hoodie that she was wearing was fluffy, and it was really comfortable to the touch.

Sophia lowered her head as her whole body tensed up, but him touching her head was better than him touching other parts of her body. Slowly, she also felt comfortable being massaged on the head by him.

Michael lowered his eyes and cast Sophia, who was sitting next to him, a gentle glance.

My young wife is really adorable and cute. Her red tiny face is plump, and her fair skin has traces of red, but it is thoroughly clean. Her big black eyes look so energetic, and the feel of her head is so comfortable that I can’t stop touching it!

However, under the eyes of Stanley, this romantic scene was interpreted in a different way.

Uncle Michael is such a kind person. He even treats a nanny so well. Wow! He is simply the most gentle man in the world!

Suddenly, Sophia felt an extra palm touching her head, so she lifted her head and looked toward Stanley angrily.

He was now touching her frog head happily.

No wonder Uncle Michael looks so invested and happy. This feel is amazing!

He couldn’t help but continue touching her, but after a few seconds, his hand was ruthlessly slapped away by Michael.

Michael gave him a disdainful glance and growled coldly, “Finish your food now and get out.”

Stanley quickly withdrew his hand.

What is he angry about? Can’t I touch his nanny’s head?

When they were eating, Stanley kept on bothering Michael. “Uncle Michael, can I spend the night here? Uncle Michael, can I sleep with you tonight? Uncle Michael, I haven’t slept with you in a long while!”

Sophia, who was done feeding Nathan, tried to restrain her homosexual thoughts politely after hearing his words.

If I were a novelist, I could write a dozen erotic novels with just these few sentences!

The scene was too gay for her, so she felt that her presence was a bit redundant. After a few bites, she suddenly lost her appetite, and her head drooped as she lazily poked the leftover dishes with her chopstick. When Michael saw her lack of interest, he caressed her head and spoke to her gently, “You can bring Nate to bed if you’re full. You must be tired.”

Initially, he was prepared to question her today, but seeing how cute her outfit looked, he decided to save that conversation for another day.

Sophia nodded her head and went upstairs with Nathan.

At first, she thought that he was about to question her, but he didn’t seem to blame her at all!

When that psycho spoke just now, his tone and eyes were so gentle that it made my heart flutter!

She held Nathan’s tiny hand with her left hand while she tried to feel her heartbeat with her right hand. She couldn’t control herself!

I must not be moved by that psycho!

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 149

After Sophia took Nathan away, Stanley immediately sat on her seat and asked Michael anxiously, “Uncle Michael, is Sophia really married? But she doesn’t look like she is married at all! Who is her husband? Is he as handsome as I am? Uncle Michael, please tell me. Who is her husband? I really want to meet him!”

Michael was now eating a crispy chicken bone, and his hard bite made a bone-crushing sound. As soon as he was done, he put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth with a napkin before he asked coldly, “Why do you want to know?”

Stanley giggled. “No reason. I’m just curious.” Michael went upstairs after he finished his meal, but Stanley was still pestering him. “Uncle Michael, please tell me. Who is Sophia’s husband? Is it Gary? Is it Hale? Argh! Uncle Michael! I beg you. Please tell me!”

Michael was very secretive regarding the information of his employees. Even if Sophia was just a ‘nanny’, Stanley still couldn’t find out about her background. He could only find out that she graduated from South Bayside High School and was now studying in Bayside University, but he just wasn’t able to find out who her husband was.

He stubbornly requested to stay in Villa No.8 for the night, so the butler arranged a guest room for him to sleep in. As soon as he was done with his bath, he went to bother Michael again. After he knocked on the door furiously, Michael’s cold and emotionless face was now in front of his enthusiastic face.

“Uncle Michael, can you please give me your autograph? Hurry up and sign on my waist!”

Michael, who was ready to go to bed, was annoyed when he saw him, but he still took the pen to sign on his waist. Stanley opened his pajama and enjoyed the heavenly feeling of his uncle signing his waist. His face revealed his happiness.

Meanwhile, Sophia heard their voices, so she opened the door of Nathan’s room and stuck her head out to have a peek. Immediately, she saw Michael standing at the door while Stanley took off his clothes in front of him.

“Oh, sh*t!”

They’ve already started at the door. How horny are they?

Then, she quickly shut the door and even locked it twice.

Michael is having fun with Stanley tonight, so I’m safe for the time being. After she lay down on the sofa, she couldn’t help but imagine things. Michael is so perverted, like a poppy flower. On the surface, it is bright and pretty, but in truth, it is still toxic. If I become addicted to him, I will definitely end in peril!

She closed her eyes and rolled around on the sofa. She could only think about Michael’s gentle gaze just now and how comfortable it was when he rubbed her head.

Ah! I must stop! I feel like I’m going to be addicted to him sooner or later!

To prevent herself from imagining things, she turned on her laptop and logged into the game.

Both her and Nathan’s character were hijacked by Scary Phoenix, and now, they couldn’t play with it, so she trained a new character in a low-key manner. She decided to start over, but this time, she didn’t dare to be as high-profile as before.

In reality, both she and Nathan wore parent-child outfits, and in the game, their characters also wore similar clothings. Their outfit looked so similar to each other that it was obvious they were a pair of father and son.

“Darling, let’s go. I’ll help you fight the monsters to upgrade ourselves!”

Sophia caressed the tiny frog head of Nathan, who was next to her, as she spoke gently. Although he remained silent, he still felt happy inside.

In the game, their gears were average, and they didn’t join any guilds because they wanted to lay low. They started from Novice Village and played the game slowly by beating the monsters one at a time. Nathan stopped using plug-ins, and Sophia also stopped throwing money into the game blindly.

On the other side, Stanley’s waist was almost filled with Michael’s signature, so he pulled his pants down and revealed his bottom. Then, he perked it up toward Michael. “Come on, Uncle Michael. Please sign my bottom too.”

Michael, who was holding the pen, finally lost it. He poked the pen right on Stanley’s back before lifting his leg to give his bottom a ruthless kick. Stanley slipped along the marble floor because of the kick and hit the wall before stopping.

“Piss off!”

Bang! Michael shut the door furiously. Stanley knew that his uncle was angry, so he stood up gloomily without uttering a word. Then, he held his sore bottom as he walked back to his room.

After closing the door, Michael went back to his room and opened the surveillance video to have a look in Nathan’s room.

At first, he installed a dozen surveillance cameras in Nathan’s room, but Nathan found and hacked them all in the end. Recently, he took the opportunity to install a new one in his room. Even though the camera angle wasn’t perfect, he could still see the mother and son having fun with the game. The two frogs, one big and one small, leaned against each other closely. After defeating a monster, Sophia would give him a kiss as an award, which made the atmosphere very warm and lovely.

In the meantime, Michael also turned on his laptop and logged into the game.

Sophia and Nathan just finished a round, so they were now walking around in the game. Suddenly, they saw a character on the other end of the street with a familiar ID—Call Me Taylor.

When they first met her, she was still a new character, but now, the skills and wealth she accumulated had gradually turned her into a famous heroine. There were many people courting her, especially after Sirius was taken away by Scary Phoenix, which forcefully ended her marriage with Sirius.

Call Me Taylor was still wearing her bunny outfit, and it was the same parent-child outfit that Sirius and NateKato wore before. Now that her husband and son were gone, she still refused to change her outfit.

Sophia was still hesitant on whether to tell her who she was because ever since she changed to her new character, she cut off her previous relations with everyone. If I tell her who I am, will she expose me to everyone? After all, all of these are done virtually, so no one knows who is the one behind the screen! But Taylor once sacrificed herself for me…

Just when Sophia was a bit hesitant, Nathan eagerly went toward Call Me Taylor, who later came to reconnect with Sophia.

‘Hubby, is it really you?’

Now that Sophia had trained a new character, her character was a spiritual cultivator with distinct facial features. She was no longer the arrogant and ruthless Sirius233 that she was before.

Since Nathan liked Call Me Taylor very much, Sophia could only expose her identity.

‘Yes, my dear. It’s me.’

Call Me Taylor was so happy that she couldn’t wait to establish a married relationship with Sophia’s new character, and she even took Nathan in as her son. The family of three was back together again.

Now, Call Me Taylor’s rank was much higher than Sophia’s. Back then, it was always Sophia who helped them defeat monsters, but this time, their roles were switched.

The family of three slowly upgraded their levels…

The next day, Sophia woke up early to help prepare Nathan for school. When they were having breakfast, she saw Stanley limping down the stairs with one hand pressed against the wall and the other holding his waist.

She was shocked to see him this way. “Stan, what happened to you?”

Stanley didn’t dare to say that his uncle kicked him, so he muttered, “I fell.”

He fell?

Sophia didn’t believe him.

That pervert was quite rough, huh? Stanley can’t even walk properly because of him!

During breakfast, Sophia didn’t dare to utter a word as her eyeballs darted between Michael and Stanley. There was a weird atmosphere around the table.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 150

After they were done with breakfast, Sophia and Nathan went to school. Stanley also limped into the car with them while holding his waist.

Meanwhile, Michael was wearing the frog pajama as he stood at the door to see them off.

He hugged Sophia and reached out both his arms to Nathan. “Come here, darling. Let me hug you.”

Nathan didn’t want to hug him, so he turned his face away in disgust, but he still reached out to hug him reluctantly.

Stanley also wanted a hug, but he was pushed away by Michael in disgust. “Go away.”

Therefore, he became furious. “Why can Sophia get a hug, but I can’t? I want a hug too!”

This is so unfair. Even a nanny has the privilege to hug my idol, but not his own nephew?!

He didn’t care whether Michael wanted to hug him; he just rushed forward and gave him a big hug!

After they hugged, Michael watched as Sophia and Nathan got in the car. When they were gone, he lowered his head and glanced at his fingers.

Oh, yeah. Stanley reminded me that I’m married, but I still don’t have a wedding ring!

At night, Sophia and Nathan returned home while Stanley followed them again stubbornly.

He had always been clingy, but back then, Michael was constantly not in Bayside City; he was very secretive with his whereabouts, so Stanley didn’t know when he was home. Now, all he had to do was just ask Nathan.

However, halfway on the road, Hale suddenly took a turn after receiving a call. Then, he opened the car door and threw the pestering Stanley out.

“What are you doing? I won’t leave! I won’t leave! I want to see my Uncle Michael!”

Hale ignored him and drove away after leaving him behind.

Sophia asked Hale curiously, “What’s happening?”

He remained silent as he drove her all the way to a nearby jewelry shop.

Ido was a global chain jewelry brand which specialized in expensive accessories, and the brand was very famous among the rich and famous. When Sophia got there, she was invited into Ido’s VIP reception room. The moment she entered, she saw that Michael was already waiting for her inside.

As she entered the reception room, she noticed that the room was cleared, and there was a row of bodyguards dressed in black standing there. The atmosphere was serious.

“Chica, come here.” Michael waved his hand at her.

She went over and sat next to him. He was now choosing a ring, so the glass table in front of him was filled with dozens of rings.

The glass table in front of her reflected the bright lights, and it landed on his distinct face. Even the tip of his nose was full of tenderness under the lighting. He held her hand and gently kissed her face before trying each of the rings in front of him on her finger.

“Chica, which one do you like?”

Sophia sneakily glanced at the decoration of the store and the rings laid out in front of her. She did a little research on jewelry before, so she knew that the series of wedding rings in front of her were all designed by an international jewelry designer. Every person could only ever purchase one with their ID card, and it was a specially-created jewelry series by Ido.

Is Michael choosing a wedding ring? And why is he choosing a series of rings that he can only have one for the rest of his life? Isn’t he afraid that buying this ring may cause an uproar among his harem consisting of Stanley, Harry, Daniel, Joel, Hale, and the rest? Maybe he knows the jewelry designer, so he can simply buy a dozen of them.

Just as she was drifting away, Michael’s deep voice rang in her ears again. “Chica, which one do you like? Just tell me, hmm?”

He tried a ring on her finger, but he didn’t seem too pleased with it, so he took it off and switched to another one.

He had a nice voice that penetrated her ears and heart. Sophia was so close to him that she could even feel the heat of his breath on her earlobe when he spoke. Suddenly, her bones softened as her heart was starting to beat uncontrollably again.

She seemed to notice that Michael was weaving an invisible trap of tenderness that was coming after her fiercely. It surrounded her tightly from all sides, giving her no chance of resisting.

In the blink of an eye, her heart could be captured.

No! I really don’t want to live without dignity by becoming part of his harem! From then on, I would need to fight with a bunch of extremely-capable men for his love. Isn’t that similar to the extreme storylines in palace dramas? I would be beaten up in no time! Stanley alone is enough to destroy me.

All of a sudden, her thoughts were running wild again.

Meanwhile, Michael kept on looking at her as he tried to guess her thoughts through her expressions.

She looks hesitant. Could it be that she doesn’t like the wedding rings?

He was a master in micro-expression, and he could see a person’s thoughts through their expression, but it was still impossible for him to guess the wild thoughts running around in Sophia’s mind right now.

If he could guess it, he would definitely vomit blood in anger.

Finally, Sophia spoke with an aggrieved face, “Hubby, I don’t think this is a good idea. You are a celebrity. If anyone finds out that you are married, it will affect your career. Didn’t you say that you want to keep our marriage a secret? Also, I’m still a student, so I don’t think it’s appropriate if others find out.”

So this is what’s on her mind.

Michael understood her thoughts and replied, “Don’t worry. We can choose not to wear it, but we still need a wedding ring. You can pick one you like.”

Therefore, Sophia picked a wedding ring that seemed relatively low-key.

After the decision was made, Michael made the payment using his ID card, as if it was nothing to him.

Sophia also took out her ID card for the staff to register her.

This was a special wedding ring series, so the staff asked them seriously, “Have you two considered it carefully? Every person can only own one ring from this series in their life. Once you buy this, you can’t buy another one in the future.”

Michael nodded. “Yes, I’m sure.”

Seeing how serious he was, Sophia was also forced to take it seriously. “I’m sure.”

After that, the staff expertly registered the two of them. All of the staff in the store were very professional. Even when an Academy Award for Best Actor winner, Taylor Murray, came to the store to buy a wedding ring, they didn’t seem to be surprised about it because all of them were experienced in their line of work.

When they were done choosing the wedding ring, the staff issued an invoice to them and explained, “Please come back and pick up your rings in two weeks’ time. We will send your order back to France so that the designer can customize the ring for you two.”

“Alright.” Michael kept the invoice.

Sophia had a glance at the invoice, and she was almost shocked to death by the number of zeroes on the receipt.

Oh, my God. That is so expensive. It’s even more expensive than my 2-million sword!

After they were done, Michael held Sophia’s dainty hand and left. There were a few times where Nathan wanted to squeeze between the two of them, but he was quietly pushed away by Michael.

Sophia wore a pair of white fluffy gloves that revealed her fingertips. When Michael held her hand, he was also holding her fluffy gloves. The two of them left by using the VIP elevator.

In the elevator, it was so silent that only their breathing and heartbeats could be heard.

Michael’s presence seemed to suffocate her. She held on to her breath while holding Nathan’s tiny hand tightly so that she wouldn’t be that nervous.

She felt that tonight was inevitable, but she didn’t have the courage to resist at all.

Why don’t I just let him take my virginity?

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