My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 131-140

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 131

Nathan immediately came skipping out, but he pulled a long face. “My dad’s movie is premiering soon. Come and watch the movie with me!” We naturally have to catch Tay Tay’s movie!

Sophia used her phone to check the movie tickets online, but replied to Nathan with regret, “Nope, only the pre-sale tickets are available now. There’s about another week or so before it’s finally premiering!”

He was adamant. “That’s impossible. It’s today, for sure. Hale mentioned that it’ll be screening in the movie theaters today!”

Hence, she checked a few more movie theaters, but there were no tickets available. Maybe there are live screenings?

Sophia had no choice but to head out with Nathan and visited several theaters to inquire about it, but there were no available tickets. Since Michael’s new movie hadn’t premiered yet, she could only select an animated one and accompany Nathan to watch it. After that, they loitered at the mall before heading to the streets for a game of bamboo hoops that cost more than 100. It was already late at night by the time they arrived home.

Early next morning, she thought of playing the game again, but he suddenly appeared while gazing at her in disdain. “Just look at you. You are so sunburned that you look like a piece of charcoal. You are such an eyesore!”

Sophia had a look of herself, realizing with a start that she was indeed tanner than before. She was afraid that Nathan would dislike her appearance, so she made a phone call to a beauty salon to make reservations for a whitening package.

He tagged along for the appointment and kept an eye while she completed her whitening package. Then, he urged her to have a foot bath and full body massage. It was already in the afternoon when they left the beauty salon, so she started to look for an Internet café to play games.

He wore a sour expression, commenting, “There are only instant noodles in the Internet café. I don’t like it. I’m not going there.”

Sophia had no choice but to abandon her plans since he did not like it. Well, let’s go home to play games then. After all, our laptops and the Internet at home are much more powerful and faster than the one offered in the Internet café.

However, once they arrived home, Nathan looked upset when she sat in front of her laptop. “I knew you would want to play games. You don’t care about me at all! Someone stole my account, but you wouldn’t even get it back for me!”

From then on, she did not bring up the topic of playing games again.

In the current era where there was fast network connection, news spread like wildfire on the Internet, no matter what it was.

Bayside University had their own student forum with many active users on the platform. Hence, the forum would start to buzz once rumors were started on campus.

There were many sections in the forum—with the most popular ones being the gossip segment, novel exchange, fantasy beauty football, etc. Besides, there were also sections for wealthy students, such as the section for car talks.

Nevertheless, the most active section was the gossip segment.

Once the commencing students had completed their military training for that year and had their cellphones returned to them, they started to spam the gossip segment. Several main posts on the first page erupted in popularity in a very short period. The traffic and comments rocketed upward.

‘Shocking news! This year, Young Master Fletcher has actually presented himself as a reward for the winner of the Best Company Award!’

‘A biography of a girl from Company 49: I had dinner with Michael Fletcher.’

‘Does anyone know where Sophia Edwards is?’

‘Conjectures about the identity of the winner of the Best Individual Award for this year’s military training.’

‘Friends who failed the military training, come here and join me.’

‘Requesting for the handsome Superb Company’s contact details.’

Sophia read the forum posts at home. The Bayside University’s forum was a private forum, which meant that the university students had to log in with their student IDs. Therefore, the users on the forum were no doubt Bayside University students.

There were many gossips during the military camp for the current year’s commencing students. Having that dinner with Joel has stirred up such a commotion. Besides, those dramas like the legal wife putting the mistress in their place and playboys being involved during military training—hence the forum has especially been active for the past two days.

Sophia clicked on ‘The overbearing young master fell for me’ to check it out. It was a homosexual novel portraying Taylor Murray and Joel Fletcher, where the evil Emperor was the best actor on top with the passionate special force soldiers at the bottom. Oh, my God! This is so exciting! Although it’s quite a stretch from the truth, which I’m aware of.

From everybody’s point of view, Taylor and Joel were a Best Actor and a military figure respectively. Hence, the two of them had not been previously associated with each other. In fact everyone assumed that it was their first encounter. Even though it may have been such, everyone’s imaginations were already running wild with all sorts of possibilities.

Simultaneously, Richard was also browsing the forum and mainly reading the post on ‘Does anyone know where Sophia Edwards is?’.

The post had discussed what happened that night. After that, it was revealed that Sophia was the one who whacked Faye before completely disappearing. No one knew where she went or saw her when they left the barracks. She was the only missing one in the vehicle for Company 49.

However, those from Company 49 claimed that she did not disappear and was not expelled either.

However, everybody assumed that it was the end of Sophia because it would not have ended well for her, considering that she beat up someone from the Edwards Family.

He read all of the comments in the forum. Most people analyzed and commented that Bayside University had most probably already expelled Sophia. In fact, they seemed confident with their claims.

He had also sent a message to Sophia on Messenger to clarify about that point, considering that she did not answer his phone calls. Furthermore, she did not reply to the questions posted on her social platforms, such as Skype and Twitter as well as on the forum. There was nothing on Sophia’s IG Stories as well.

Richard was sure that Sophia must have received zero marks for the military training and expelled in the middle of the training. She might still be attending school at Bayside University, but she has already offended the Edwards Family. Hence, she probably won’t survive long at university too. The Edwards Family merely have to say the word and Sophia would forever disappear from Bayside University. In fact, they could instantly make her vanish from the face of the Earth.

He browsed through the news in the forum; the more he read about Sophia, the more worried he became. However, he was helpless. Why on earth did Sophia offend the Edwards Family? She even whacked Miss Faye so badly that she suffered a nosebleed and had to be sent out of the military camp for treatment.

I wonder how Faye is now; maybe she didn’t survive the beating.

After reading the gossip, Richard closed his Internet browser and opened some work documents. He had left for half a month, so there was a pile of documents that he needed to peruse.

Suddenly, a pair of fair and small hands pushed open the study’s door. Then, a pair of fine, diamond-encrusted stilettos walked lightly across the dark red carpet to enter the study. He had a whiff of the light lemon fragrance, so he looked up from his laptop and saw a girl wearing a white dress, standing by the entrance.

The girl’s fair and flawless skin radiated under the illumination of the study’s lights. Her intricate and near-perfect facial features gave her an almost elf-like appearance. “Richard…” Xyla walked into the study in tiny steps and her large eyes somehow sparkled.

Richard stared at her with wide eyes, seemingly in awe. His eyes were completely glued to her slender figure and it was reflected deep in his heart. In fact, he felt that his brain was deprived of oxygen since he had lost his ability to think.

“Xyla.” He stood up abruptly and walked to Xyla, as if doing so on auto-pilot.

Xyla bit her lower lip and tears started to pour from her eyes while sounding aggrieved. “I thought you didn’t want me anymore, Richard.”

Looking at how pure and perfect she was, he forgot about Sophia in the blink of an eye. He wrapped his arm around her waist gently while quietly reassuring Xyla, “How could that happen? I am your boyfriend.”

“Richard! Hehe!” She threw her arms around Richard in happiness and wept for joy.

On the other hand, Nathan was monitoring Sophia while she was online because he was worried that she might start playing that game again. However, he fell asleep while he was keeping an eye on her.

Sophia gently placed him on the bed before returning to her laptop.

She was engrossed in the homosexual novel that portrayed Taylor Murray and Joel Fletcher. Once she had finished reading it, she started to look for other novels in the novel exchange segment.

Michael and Harry seem to be a natural pairing for homosexual fantasies. They had merely showed up during the cast and crew meet-and-greet and the joint performance, but there are already homosexual fanfictions about them in less than a day. In fact, there are several literature pieces on them.

There are different pairings like Joel and Harry, Harry and Taylor as well as Taylor and Joel. There are also polygamy storylines too. I can’t believe there’s one portraying Taylor and Nathan; that’s like grooming a little boy.

“Damn it, get out of here!”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 132

After Sophia read the content, she was so furious that she slammed the table and rose to her full height. Nate is such a young child! It’s already enough that he is ruined by Michael, but these fujoshis still included him in their wild imaginations! I can’t tolerate this anymore!

Then, she quickly contacted Hale. “Ask someone to delete the post in Bayside University’s forum with the ID1315455. Damn it! What the hell was that?”

After calling him, Sophia kept refreshing the forum page while waiting for the ‘Taylor Murray x Nathan Fletcher’ post to disappear.

Hale had no interest in reading any homosexual fanfictions. Since it was rare for her to order him to do something, he took a glance at it after finishing the mission, curious at the thing that caused so much hate in Harry and Michael.

With that, Hale opened a new wormhole that he never knew existed…

In the fanfictions, a few of his bosses were engaged in different actions. To him, it was something he had never seen before, so it was rather interesting to be reading about it. The more he read them, the more interested he was—until he saw a fanfiction titled ‘Taylor Murray x Bodyguard’.

Some pictures were also attached to that piece.

The pictures were taken a while ago by fans when Hale held an umbrella for Michael. Back then, Michael’s character was a mafia boss, so he was dressed in a fierce attire with a cigarette in his mouth as props. On the other hand, Hale was dressed in all black while holding up the umbrella for him. At that instant when they were photographed, Michael was saying something to him with a frown, looking unhappy.

Hale lowered his head, looking as if he had done something wrong and was aggrieved.

That picture spread like wildfire on Taylor Murray’s fan page, becoming the basis of dozens of fanfictions…

Finally, he had personally experienced the terror of being one of the characters in the fanfiction.

Sophia stayed in front of the laptop and continuously refreshed the page, finally breathing a sigh of relief when the post about Nathan had disappeared. She turned to look at him—he was sound asleep in his blanket with a frog printed on it

Seeing his chubby and pinkish cheeks, he was undeniably cute, no matter from which angle she looked from.

Oh, how can someone simply be so cute? I just want to cuddle him and pinch him on his cheeks.

After looking at his sleeping face for a long time, she decided to protect him as his mom.

Even if she had to sacrifice herself, she also wanted to protect him from being ruined by Michael, that Beast.

After her firm resolution, she continued to monitor her stocks—her goal was to earn as much money as she could until she was financially stable to protect Nathan.

Suddenly, her iPad chimed as she received countless friend requests on Messenger.

After clicking to open all of them, a handful of friend requests sent by Sophia’s classmates flooded her page—including the ones from Sean and Sarah, whom she had encountered at the army training. She accepted their requests happily.

Apart from them, one of the requests had surprised her.

It was from Xyla, whose profile picture was an intimate selfie of her and Richard. Her alias was ‘XylaxRichard’, as if she couldn’t wait to tell the entire world that she was now dating Richard.

Sophia simply accepted the request with her real name as her alias.

However, as soon as she accepted it, Xyla flooded her inbox with many messages. ‘Sophia, it was because of my immaturity in the past that I’ve done many wrong things to you. I’m sorry and I hope you will accept my apology.’

After glancing at it, Sophia did not bother to reply and placed her iPad aside. Then, she continued to look at the stock market and housing prices. The few stocks that she had invested in gained returns and construction was about to be started on the piece of land that Michael had invested in. Its Feng Shui was appraised by Daniel, who claimed that it will bring good luck upon them. On top of that, the location was very strategic and she would definitely profit from it once the construction had been completed.

Sophia looked at the stocks happily while eyeing her iPad from time to time and noticed that Xyla had sent her many weird messages.

‘Sophia, Richard and I are about to be engaged. How are you recently? Let’s hang out soon. He wants to see you.’

On Xyla’s profile page, she even posted many pictures of her and Richard, as if she wanted to intentionally show off her relationship to a certain someone.

How disgusting. Sophia ignored her, but her iPad kept vibrating from the silly GIFs that Stanley sent her.

‘Sophia; dear Sophie, where are you? Let’s hang out together! I’ll bring you to speed down the road! Come on, let’s have fun!’

She ignored him, so he stopped after sending a few more messages.

Suddenly, she received a text message notifying her that a huge amount of money with multiple zeros had been deposited into her bank account. Michael had concurrently messaged her. ‘Chica, keep the pocket money that I just gave you and take care of our son.’

Holding the phone, she bowed three times in the direction of the filming crew. Michael is as generous as usual!

Apart from giving her a limitless credit card, he would also give her money that was worth six to seven digits on a monthly basis without any excuses. How good would it be if he is not a psychopath! Based on the money that he’s given me, I’ll have to force myself to slightly love him.

Sophia counted the money that she had in her account at the current moment. She usually wouldn’t spend a lot and stayed in Michael’s house, where he handled all of her expenditure on food. All the clothes and cosmetics that she needed, she would obtain them from the butler in bulk. Even when she played her games, she would ask Hale to buy more credits for her and claim it from Michael.

All of the money that Michael gave to her was used to invest in stocks and real estate. The money that she had with her at the moment was worth tens of millions.

However, compared to him, she was nothing at all.

Sophia still did not know exactly how much Michael was worth. At that moment, she was only aware that he was the secret person in charge of Asco International, a Fortune 500 company, and one of the biggest customers of Audistin. He was also the anonymous name that all the millionaires in Bayside City feared. Apart from that, officially speaking, he was the stakeholder of many corporations as well as an Academy Award-winning Best Actor, whose pay was worth a staggering amount of money. He was even knighted by the Queen of the United Kingdom and listed on the list of top 20 richest celebrities.

Aaaah! His power is so immense that it’s unreasonable!

It will still take such a long time to be able to be on par with him, let alone to protect Nate!

With that, Sophia was trapped in a dilemma sullenly…

The freshmen of Bayside University had returned to campus.

Every year, when the school reopened for another academic semester, everyone would be excited, turning the entire campus into a very lively place.

Bayside University buzzed with activity at such an early time in the morning.

There was a hive of activity in Economics I of the School of Economics and Business Administration since the morning.

After enduring a month’s worth of training, everyone in the class had unknowingly and slowly built up a friendship with each other. On top of that, they even had a meal with Taylor Murray and even took a picture with them as a result of their company, Company 49, being awarded with the Best Company Award. Hence, everyone was beyond excited.

The class representative had printed out the group photograph and sent it to everyone, making them even more excited and causing them to discuss this loudly in the entire classroom.

After sending the photographs to everyone, there was still one left. Looking at the remaining picture that no one collected, the class representative felt rather disappointed. It belonged to Sophia. Although she was not in the picture, he still took the initiative to edit her into it.

If it hadn’t been for her, Company 49 would not have been nominated as the Best Company. Yet, she did not have the chance to receive the glory with the rest of them.

In the final session where students commented on each other’s performance, since everyone knew that Sophia was expelled from the training, all of them gave her the highest score. Surprisingly, none of them had given her any negative comment.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 133

Apart from the Fletchers, she was probably the first student who did not receive any negative reviews.

The class representative sighed. Upon hearing that, the excited discussion earlier ceased and everyone suddenly became silent as they remembered Sophia. It was almost time for the lecture to start, but she was nowhere to be seen. What’s wrong? Has she been expelled?

The classroom, which was loud earlier, suddenly became deadly silent.

Suddenly, a voice rang. “What’s wrong? Why isn’t there any sound?”

Turning to the source of the sound, everyone saw Sophia standing by the door. After a few days of not seeing her, she seemed to be even prettier—she wore a white off-shoulder chiffon top and a pair of jeans that accentuated the beautiful outline of her thighs. Her small, exquisite face looked confused and she had a pair of sunglasses on her head while carrying a small black backpack as she looked at everyone with wide eyes.

Everyone rushed to her. “Sophia! You’re here!”

“Gosh, Sophia, this isn’t a dream, is it? You’re indeed here!”

“Where have you been for the past few days?”

Upon facing everyone’s questions, she did not reply to them and merely said, “Don’t worry, I haven’t been expelled. I’ll be studying with you in the future!”

As everyone surrounded Sophia, they began to chat with each other happily. The cohort seemed to have experienced a unity that never existed before. When everyone gathered, there seemed to be no difference between an average student and an elite student. At least they were one in that moment.

“Here, Sophia, this is for you.” The class representative passed the last copy of Company 49’s group photograph with Michael to Sophia. Looking at the image of her being edited into the picture, a warm feeling flowed through her heart.

News of her return spread like wildfire around the campus and everyone came to their lecture hall to take a peek at her before a live video soon appeared on the university’s forum.

Everyone knew that Sophia had received a military credit score of 0. Even though they would never be able to know the military credit score, they were aware that it would not be long until she was expelled due to her actions of offending the Edwards Family.

Some of Faye’s classmates had mentioned that she was not recovering well. Of course, she would not reveal the fact that Faye was undergoing a rhinoplasty to fix her crooked nose as a result of being punched. The surgery was rather difficult and on top of that, it was not done in Cethos, so she had to fly abroad for the procedure.

That piece of news had been exaggerated to the point where it sounded like Faye was on the brink of death and could die at any moment. However, regardless of that, the Edwards Family would never let Sophia off the hook.

In a nutshell, Sophia had landed herself in big trouble. Sooner or later, she would be expelled and the public was merely waiting for the time to arrive.

Xyla also never expected that Sophia would still show up on campus and deliberately called Faye to report this and test her reaction.

On the other side of the phone, Faye was heartbroken, yelling, “Sophia Edwards! I will never forgive her! Never! I want her to disappear from this world, sooner or later!”

Xyla had no idea what had exactly happened between them, but judging from Faye’s tone, she could not wait to devour Sophia alive. No matter what, Sophia can’t escape this time!

Everyone had been saying that Sophia would not be able to be in Bayside University for a long time. However, as the main character of the rumors, nothing seemed to have affected her. She continued to attend lectures on a daily basis and ride away on her Yamaha bike once classes were over.

Michael’s filming at Audistin had already concluded, but he went to different locations to film other scenes. Since he wouldn’t be returning home for some time, she lived like she was a free bird.

After returning to campus for a few days, her tanned skin was as fair as snow again, making her stand out from the crowd. On every occasion that she appeared, there were guys who looked in her direction.

However, no one dared to date her since she had many troublesome issues. Whoever became involved with her would be dragged into the mess as well.

Sophia was a loner in university as well. Occasionally, she would be seen hanging out with Nathan, but apart from him, she was never close with other guys.

As for her ex-boyfriend, Richard, everyone had noticed his actions—but in a different way.

She was constantly alone whereas Xyla and him were always together. They would arrive on campus together and head home together. No matter what class they had enrolled in, they clung together like a pair of Siamese twins.

As Kayla had broken her leg, she had been recuperating at the hospital, so the promised charity birthday party organized by the Harper Family was postponed.

A few days before her birthday, he went to Sophia’s lecture hall everyday to wait for her with Xyla accompanying him.

The weather in November had gradually turned cold. Wearing a white sleeveless top made from rabbit fur, Xyla held onto Richard’s arm as she spoke.

Even though he had now been waiting for Sophia for a few days, she was nowhere to be seen. Hence, he became impatient and annoyed, but Xyla said in a kindhearted yet naive tone, “Richard, let’s wait for a while more. The incidents that occured between the three of us were rather unhappy, so we need to straighten things out with her. Otherwise, I will feel guilty for the rest of my life. Since we’re getting engaged soon, without Sophia’s forgiveness, I really can’t be engaged to you.”

Richard touched her nose lightly with his insides becoming as soft as a marshmallow. “You are always so kind,” he said lovingly.

Moved by her, he couldn’t help himself but to hug her. Then, he said gently while caressing her long, soft hair, “It’s my greatest pleasure to meet a kind girl like you.”

“Richard, you are the best present that God has given me.”

When the crowd heard Xyla’s words, they thought, How disgusting!

Suddenly, a beautiful figure passed them by and he quickly took a few steps forward. “Sophia!”

Sophia had been revising for an entire afternoon, so she looked exhausted with her bare face. She looked at them as if they were strangers and simply asked, “What’s up?”

Xyla started to speak first. “Sophia, it’s our fault—mine and Richard’s—for everything that happened during the military training. I’m sorry for causing you to be grounded and expelled…”

Sophia was very busy at that time. As she slung her backpack over her shoulders, she wore her helmet for the bike. “Alright, I understand. I don’t blame you guys. I’m quite busy now, so I have to leave soon.”

Richard walked forward and grabbed her arms. “Sophia, can you give us more time? We need to clear some things with you.”

He could no longer tolerate her little plans. During the military training, she seemed to have created some rumors of them reconciling, making Xyla distrust him.

For example, Sophia’s hickeys that night. After knowing that he was in the medical bay, she had also deliberately stayed there for a night to intentionally create rumors to make Xyla sad. He knew that Sophia’s action was intentional and the reason why she did it was to reconcile with him.

He knew that she still wanted to be with him, but he was unable to stomach her tricks. She would run away everytime he and Xyla wanted to talk it out. To him, she was trying to create opportunities to hurt Xyla and destroy their relationship.

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 134

Richard decided not to let Sophia escape anymore; hence, he grabbed her arms and spoke to her in a serious tone, “Sophia, I have decided to marry Xyla and she’s the only person whom I will marry. We have decided to become engaged. Let bygones be bygones, shall we? I hope you can have a happy life and find the perfect one for you.”

She had no idea why the both of them suddenly looked at her and said those baffling words. While lowering her head to look for her keys, she nodded carelessly. “Okay.”

Richard knew that she was merely brushing them off and still scheming to destroy their relationship. He held her arms tightly as his tone became more serious. “Sophia, it’s impossible for us to reconcile. Both Xyla and I are about to get engaged, so we hope you can give us your sincere blessings.”

Sophia had finally found her keys, but he was still tightly grabbing onto her. She kept her patience and expressed herself in a clear but serious tone, “I hope you have a happy engagement as well as a long and happy life together. I also understand that our relationship is in the past now. For everything that happened in the past, just let it slide. After all, we were all so young and immature. It would have been normal for us to hurt each other back then.”

Her words had left him stunned. Her reply is so straightforward! It doesn’t resemble her at all! She must be trying to brush it off while having some plans in her mind!

Grabbing her arms, he looked at her solemnly. “Sophia, I’m not messing around with you. I hope you can leave the past and start a new life. It’s impossible for us to be together anymore.”

Xyla also added, “Yes, Sophia. There’s no point in pestering Richard. There are so many talented guys here at Bayside University. You can totally find yourself another man.”

Sophia, who had been blocked by them, looked at the sky in speechlessness. How can I make them believe that I’m not interested in Richard and being his wife anymore? Do I really have to beat them up again?

She tried to break free from Richard’s grip, but he still held onto her tightly. “Sophia, I want you to swear that you won’t pester us anymore. Otherwise, I won’t let you go.”

As it was after her lecture, many people were looking at the three of them.

She realized that apart from punching him, there was no other evidence to show him that she was already over him.

Hence, she quietly raised her fist.

Suddenly, a flamboyant country metal music boomed in the distance while getting closer to them.

Then, a punk-styled black motorcycle stopped right next to Sophia, making her annoyed with the heavy beats blasting in her ears.

A man sat on the motorcycle, wearing a set of punk attire in black with long pants and black boots. His entire body was full of studs, revealing a black belt with many piercings with his leather jacket unzipped.

The man removed his black helmet to reveal a sharp face. Thinking that he was handsome, he touched his shaved head and turned. A piercing in his left ear shone, matching his look with the punk motorcycle and the beat of the country metal music. He looked like a non-mainstream young man, who had just returned from the construction site after moving bricks.

He was rather annoying when he spoke. “Yo, Sophia! What are you doing here?” While speaking, he turned off the loud, blasting music.

Sophia stoically looked at Stanley. Taking advantage of Richard’s surprise at Stanley’s arrival, she quickly removed her arm from his grip and coldly replied, “Nothing. Just speaking with my ex here.” This fella was in normal attire in the army. I can’t believe that he looks like this in university. If his uncle sees the way he looks right now, he will definitely break his leg!

Even though he’s no longer in the military, he is still part of the Fletcher Family and his parents are professors in Bayside University. On top of that, he is a senior engineer who has retired from the military with an older brother who’s already a lieutenant in the army. No matter what, this fellow should not look like he is someone from the countryside holding a blue collar job!

After all, he comes from a top military family that’s almost as wealthy as a country, the Fletcher Family. On top of that, he’s also Joel’s biological younger cousin and the direct heir of the Fletcher Family!

I know that the people from the Fletchers family are quite ‘low-profile’, but I didn’t expect it’s too this extent!

His arrival had shocked everyone there, considering that Bayside University was a solemn and prestigious place. For good or for bad, his arrival immediately made him stand out from the crowd as he was a punk guy with a shaved head. However, he was definitely good-looking enough to attract all the girls near him.

Looking at Stanley, Richard became immediately vigilant, especially after hearing him saying ‘Sophia’. Subconsciously, he asked in the tone of her boyfriend, “Who is this?”

“Her current boyfriend!” Stanley hugged Sophia’s shoulders as he replied loudly.

Sophia rolled her eyes and forced herself to admit to it. “Yes, he’s my current boyfriend.” Now that I have a boyfriend, is it enough to prove that I no longer have wild fantasies of Richard?

However, Richard still appraised Stanley from head to toe. This punk, non-mainstream guy obviously did not come from a decent background in Richard’s opinion. Hence, it made him feel terrible. Although he was about to be engaged with Xyla, he subconsciously felt disappointed and angry when he heard that Sophia had another boyfriend. How can this punk guy be good enough for Sophia? Only someone with my talents and looks will suit her! Is Sophia giving up on herself? Did she decide to torture herself after she couldn’t be with me?

However, Xyla felt that a b*tch like Sophia suited a punk guy like Stanley, so she congratulated them. “I see. Seems like you guys had already started dating during the military training. Congrats and I send you all my blessings.”

However, she could not hide her contempt and disgust in her eyes.

Sophia nodded. “Thanks. Our relationship is going well. I shall head off first.”

She rode on her motorcycle and sped off after starting the engine.

Stanley chased after her with his punk-looking motorcycle. Amid the blaring beats, he yelled anxiously, “Hey, Sophia! Why are you so ruthless? Wait for me!”

Both the motorcycles sped away. Looking at the disappearing figures of the pair of them, Richard did not feel too good, but he couldn’t describe his feelings right now.

Even though he wanted Sophia to give up on him, he felt that an important piece of him was missing when she had finally moved on.

Sophia did not have any lectures in the afternoon, she planned to head to the gym before returning home. However, Stanley chased after her and they were unknowingly out of the Bayside University campus at that moment. “Hey, Sophia! Where are you going? Come, I’ll bring you to have some fun!”

A traffic light was in front of them, so she stopped to wait for the red light while replying in disgust, “I won’t go.”

However, he did not give up. “Let’s go! Nate says that you’re also playing the ‘Swordsman Game’! I’m going to play the game too! Do you know that it’s going to be the first anniversary of the game? There’s an anniversary event that’s going to happen soon and it only lasts for 12 hours. It starts from noon to midnight and you will gain twice the experience. On top of that, there will be a greater chance to obtain legendary items, and there are many other activities going on, like fights between clans. Let’s go and play together! Come on!”

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Sophia was moved by his invite.

It had been a long time since she had played the game and Nathan was still in his lectures, so she did not have to take care of him. Why don’t I play a few rounds?

However, Nathan’s account was still in Scary Phoenix’s hands and everyone else in Sophia’s clan had all been frightened away, leaving only one wife behind. She wondered how her wife was doing in the game. She must have married someone else.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Her interest was piqued, so she followed Stanley to the cyber cafe.

When they switched on the computers in the cyber cafe, he asked, “Hey, Sophia, which server area are you in? Come to the Bayside server, I’ll show you around.”

While showing her identity card to the administrator for the latter to switch on the computer for her, she said, “It’s a secret. Let’s play alone.” What a coincidence! This guy is also from the Bayside server? F*ck, I might have even beaten him in the game before. I must not let him know that I’m also on the Bayside server.

Whenever she went to the cyber cafe to play, she always booked a private room. ‘Swordsman Game’ was an exceptionally popular game—7 out of the 10 people there were playing it at that moment. Since they were all in Bayside City, they would play on the same server. So, it was very probable that she would meet some of her enemies in real life.

After they entered the room, there were only two computers opposite to each other, so they each used one.

When they sat down and wore their earphones, Stanley spoke as he started the game, “Sophia, why don’t you play it alone first? Once I’ve sorted out my clan, I’ll bring you to kill monsters.”

Sophia pouted without saying anything. I’m The Most Handsome and Wealthiest in the entire server. Do I even need your help?

After wearing the earphones, Stanley entered the game—his vibe immediately changed from a punk, young guy to an elder in the game.

The moment he logged on, the system immediately announced, ‘Snow Fox, Clan Master of the Mountain Clan had logged on’.

His avatar in the game was a swordsman who wore a jacket made of white fox fur and all his weapons had attributes of ice. One of his attacks, ‘Centurial Freeze’, had killed the clan master of an enemy clan within seconds.

Seeing that it was a yearly event of the Swordsman Game, it was a huge festival in the game. On top of that, the events were becoming more organized each time. For the current year, the game servers were busy as many inactive players reappeared once again. The number of people logging onto the Swordsman Game’s serves had reached a new high.

Once Snow Fox appeared, he immediately attracted everyone’s attention. On the particular server, there were too many popular characters–apart from Scary Phoenix, who previously pretended to be dead, No. 1 Beast of the Server, and Sirius233, there were also honest people like Snow Fox.

Scary Phoenix was a legendary character whereas Sirius and the Beast were tyrants in the game. On the other hand, Snow Fox was a genuine honest character in the game, who was well-respected by others because of his integrity and skills.

He was decent and powerful, killing many of the evil clans. During the anniversary event, there was a new event to exterminate all the evil characters and they had to choose a powerful character to be the clan master of the game. Of course, the first character that appeared in everyone’s mind was Snow Fox.

However, rumors swirled that he had joined the army and disappeared for almost two years before recently reappearing.

Today, many players had taken the opportunity to gather at the Hall of Honor of the Mountain Clan to discuss the extermination of evil in the game during the anniversary event.

Truth be told, Snow Fox did not want to be involved in it. While in the Hall of Honor, he addressed everyone present. ‘I think I better not be involved in Sirius’s killing. As of now, Scary Phoenix is still looking for him. Since he has set his sights on Sirius, it doesn’t seem appropriate for us to attack him.’

Scary Phoenix had already proposed to Sirius, obviously planning to insult him. If Snow Fox were to suddenly attack Sirius, it would mean that he was interrupting Scary Phoenix’s plans.

On top of that, Scary Phoenix’s actual identity was that of Snow Fox’s uncle. He’s my god-like uncle! I must be suicidal to snatch my dear uncle’s prey.

Everyone else advised him. ‘Snow Fox, you can’t look at it this way. No matter what, Scary Phoenix is already at a god-tier level, so he is not among us anymore. He won’t care about the livelihood of the people here. It’s been a month since we last saw him.’

‘So what if he’s here? Isn’t Sirius233 still running around killing innocent people? We don’t see him keeping a rein on Sirius, do we?’

‘If we wait for Scary Phoenix to take action, it’ll be better for us to take this into our own hands. Snow Fox, the future of the entire server depends on you.’

Just when Snow Fox gave it a thought and agreed to their words, the system notification appeared. ‘Sirius233, the Monster, had appeared. His location is at server 12, Stressfree Village. Immediately rush over there!’

Everyone in the game was excited upon hearing that. Snow Fox then immediately led a group of players to the said location of server 12, Stressfree Village in determination to kill the evil monster and return justice to the server. A group of skilled players was behind Snow Fox.

In reality, Stanley looked at the screen display of the game with full concentration as he guided his character to enter Stressfree Village. With the sound on his earphones turned to full volume, he paid no attention to the outside world.

From now onward, he was Snow Fox!

On the other hand, when Sophia logged onto the game, she saw that her title had been changed from ‘The Most Handsome and Wealthiest’ to… ‘The Monster’. What the hell is going on?

After looking at her friends list, she realized that many of her friends had disappeared—either they had died or unfriended her. In her family list, only Call Me Taylor and NateHiro remained.

Everyone fled as soon as they saw Sirius233 strolling in Stressfree Village.

‘God! Sirius, the Monster, has appeared! Help us!’

‘Where is Scary Phoenix? Where is he? Please rush and kill this monster!’

Sirius was confused at this. It’s been only a month since I last went online. What’s going on?

Call Me Taylor took the initiative to send her a message on the chat. ‘Sobs; Hubby, you are finally online! I’ve missed you so much!’

Call Me Taylor seemed to be doing worse than the time when they first met. All her equipment was gone and she had suffered multiple defeats. It even looked like she had been beaten up by many people. Sirius’s insides boiled with anger as his desire to protect his wife increased, so he quickly asked. ‘My dear wife, what happened to you?’

Call Me Taylor pitifully answered, ‘During the time when you weren’t here, everyone says that you are the evil monster. When they were unable to look for you, they bullied me. I’m so sad!”

Sirius was angered upon hearing this. ‘How dare they! Who the hell dares to treat my woman like this!’

Call Me Taylor explained. ‘Hubby, ever since you raped and killed No.1 Beast on the Server and annihilated dozens of clans on the game, the system gifted you with the title of ‘the Monster’. Everyone else is having a meeting to discuss how to deal with you.’

Sirius immediately asked. ‘Hang on. Raped and killed the Beast? Annihilated dozens of clans?’

Even though she was aware that her behavior was odd at times and she had an ostentatious and free personality, she had never killed those who were innocent. Since when did that happen? I know nothing about it!

Call Me Taylor replied. ‘Yes, didn’t you know about it? On the 18th of last month, you killed the Beast. On the 24th, you exterminated the Sky Clan and the Leaf Clan. On the 30th, you exterminated…’

In reality, Sophia was dumbfounded upon hearing that. During that period, I was in military training! I never even went online! Is my account hacked?

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That’s impossible! My account is one of the most secure ones out there. Without the correct password, no one can log into it and I’ve never given anyone else the access to my account!

Wait a minute! I’ve only given my password to one person! No wonder Nate doesn’t allow me to log onto the game immediately after I returned. So, this is what he has done!

She was speechless upon thinking about that.

On the exterior, Nathan might be an angel, but deep down in his heart, he was an evil monster capable of doing something as hardcore as raping and killing the Beast.

She seemed to have realized what went on from Call Me Taylor. In the span of a few days, Sirius had not only exterminated a few clans for no apparent reason, but he had also used hacks in the game. Even the system game manager was hunting him down. F*ck, this is going to be interesting.

Inside the game, everyone was beyond agitated as all of them wanted to kill Sirius, rushing toward his spot in that moment. Apart from that, it seemed that they even appointed a clan master of the game to deal with him.

In reality, Sophia quickly typed on the keyboard to inform the people who had Sirius surrounded. ‘Guys, calm down. I don’t know anything.’

Everyone else simultaneously answered. ‘Go to hell, you monster! The clan master is on his way here!’

Sirius233 was too ostentatious and skilled in the game, which had annoyed many people. Since she was on a downfall, everyone else could not wait to pull her down and attack her before killing her altogether and regaining peace in the game. Apart from that, they could also divide her assets and equipment—of course, the latter was the most important.

Looking at her equipment, Sirius was on the verge of crying. All of her coins in the game had been squandered and nothing was left. Even the sword that she bought for 2 million was completely unusable as it was badly damaged. Nate, what the hell have you done with my account?

While mumbling to herself, Sophia scraped the remaining weapons that she could use from the inventory before sending it to a professional weapon refiner, NPC, for repairs.

While standing outside the store and waiting for the weapons to be repaired, there were many players next to her, looking as if they wanted to kill her to avenge the rage of other players.

Once they saw that Sirius’s equipment was badly damaged and that the sword worth 2 million was still being repaired, a plan surfaced in their minds.

One of the swordsmen attacked her from behind without saying anything. Sirius quickly took out an ordinary sword to defend herself. Although she did not have any powerful weapons to protect herself while all of his other equipment were being refined, she was not somebody who could be easily bullied.

When their swords touched each other, she managed to keep up with the attack using her smooth tactics, but the opponent’s equipment was much better than hers. It felt as if she was fighting with her bare hands at that point.

Seeing that Sirius was on the losing side, a couple more swordsmen emerged from the crowd and surrounded him. With the arrival of another few well-equipped players, Sirius was in a precarious situation.

Sophia looked at the screen attentively. After looking at the progress bar indicating the repairs of her equipment, she knew that everyone there would lose to her if she held on until her weapons were completely repaired.

However, at that moment, she was completely not a match for the few skilled players. Even though her fighting techniques might allow her to hold on for a while longer, it would only be a matter of time before she was killed if she could not get her hands on the equipment.

While facing the siege of the skilled players, she kept eyeing at the progress bar indicating the repairs of her equipment. 50%, 60%…

As Sirius’s equipment in the game was one of the most advanced weapons, it took longer to repair. Seeing the tiny progress that it was making, Sophia was beyond anxious at that point. After being attacked by few of them, half of her Health Points were already gone. If she indeed died in that manner, the entire account would be for nothing.

Of course, she could go offline and choose a time when no one would be online to replenish her Health Points, but she would not be Sirius if she did that!

The surrounding crowd couldn’t wait for Sirius233 to be dead and leave her equipment behind, so they shouted in a chorus, ‘Kill him! Kill him! Kill this monster!’

At such a dangerous time, a beautiful figure suddenly landed from the skies and stood between Sirius and the other swordsmen. Then, she said in a soft voice, ‘How dare you!’

A swordswoman dressed in white descended from the skies with a sword in her hand. With just a wave, a strong, silver lightning that emerged from the sword crossed the entire screen, immediately killing one of the swordsmen who intended to kill Sirius earlier.

Without another word being said, she pushed Sirius behind her back as a mode of protection and used her sword to release a powerful aura, shocking the crowd who wanted to take advantage of the situation.

‘With me here, don’t you dare take advantage!’

It was at that moment that Sirius was finally able to clearly see the face of the swordswoman—she was his only wife at that point, Call Me Taylor.

In that instant, Sirius was filled with gratitude. ‘Taylor…’

Call Me Taylor was determined. ‘Hubby, I believe that you are not that kind of person. Don’t worry, I will protect you.’

With her back facing him, she pointed her sword at the entire world. After a month of not seeing her, her level and techniques had already improved a lot. She started to have the aura of a skilled player. After Call Me Taylor appeared, she spoke with a murderous tone. ‘If anyone of you wants to touch Sirius, you have to get over my dead body first!’

Moved by her actions, a wave of guilt flooded Sirius as that particular wife was one of the latest to follow him. Even though she had not enjoyed the times when he was wealthier, she still stuck by him throughout the entire period. At such crucial junctures, she even took the initiative to protect him.

Sirius looked at the progress of his weapon’s refinement. It was already 70% completed.

The appearance of Call Me Taylor had scared those who schemed on Sirius’s death away. They were aware that even though Taylor was not as skilled, she was Sirius’s wife, so she had received many legendary equipment to her. Her sword earlier would cost a bomb—with merely a wave, she had directly killed a skilled player. If only I could get that sword…

One of the leaders spoke first, ‘There’s no need to care about morale when facing a monster like him. Let’s kill him together!’

‘Let’s go and kill the monster!’

A huge crowd of skilled players charged like monsoon, surrounding both Taylor and Sirius. Holding the sword that Sirius had given her, Taylor charged to the crowd, casting a shield on Sirius to protect him.

Even though she had legendary equipment, she was still on her own. As she faced a bunch of fierce attackers, she could not hold on for much longer.

Sirius eyed the progress of his weapon again and said anxiously, ‘Taylor, just leave! You don’t have to care about me! If worst comes to worst, I’ll just head offline!’

Taylor did not reply to him. Instead, she pulled out her sword and continuously unleashed special attacks. The glow from her attacks surrounded her as if it was a dream, blurring her facial features…

He eyed the progress of his weapon again. It’s already 89% completed! It’s going to be ready soon!

She never expected that someone was willing to sacrifice herself to protect her. On top of that, it was a female account, which caused a surge of special feelings to flow through her.

However, she suddenly heard a scream. Sirius turned and saw someone stabbing Taylor from the back, forcefully stopping her attack. The colorful glow of her attack disappeared as her Health Points continued to decrease—from 10% to 3% in an instant.

The attacker did not stop there and continued to stab her again. With another scream, Taylor’s Health Points plummeted to 0. Her body floated mid-air as she slowly disappeared along the colorful glow…

Sirius looked at everything that had just happened in front of him incredulously. Call Me Taylor is actually dead! She was killed in front of me!

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Just when Call Me Taylor was about to disintegrate, she seemed to turn her head gently and glanced at Sirius for one last time before leaving her final word—‘Hubby’.

Sirius’ mind suddenly turned blank as she watched the figure disappear completely in front of her, leaving only her tearful smiling face. Call Me Taylor was dead, and all her gears had lost their master as they fell to the ground.

Therefore, a bunch of people started fighting over her gears, turning the scene into another bloodbath. The temptation of legendary gears was too great to resist.

All of a sudden, a clanking sound was heard, and a murderous aura filled the whole screen. As soon as the people who were fighting over the legendary gears turned their head around, they realized that Sirius had put on her gears in the corner at some point.

The Guardian Armor emitted a bright enchanting light, and it engulfed her, making her look like a god descending from heaven. Her 2-million sword was already fixed as she held it in her hand.

Sirius scanned the crowd ruthlessly while both her eyes had flames burning in them. The crowd reacted instantly, so they took the gears and dashed away while some just left quickly without taking any of it. Sirius was already holding her weapon in hand, so the only way was to escape immediately; otherwise, they would be slaughtered.

Sirius was speechless while her mind was filled with the imagery of Taylor’s murder and the way her body slowly disintegrated in front of her. “Destroy!” She let out a devastating roar and swung the Guardian Sword in her hand.

The sword instantly leveled the surrounding fields and killed a group of lower-tier onlookers. The scene was suddenly filled with corpses as the system kept on showing that someone had been killed by Sirius233.

Sirius let out an angry roar before jumping up while black flames burned in her round eyes. She gradually raised her arms and lifted the sword in her hands.

A strong energy surrounded her body as it formed a black dragon that was hovering and roaring in the sky while emitting a black light. She was about to use her most powerful move!

The surrounding onlookers fled in horror. Some escaped into the NPC for shelter while some entered the onlooker mode; some immediately turned off their router and unplugged their network cable. In an instant, half of the people in the once-noisy town were gone.

However, there were still some people who didn’t run away. Some weren’t able to escape in time, and some were naive enough to go head-on with Sirius233.

After the earth-shattering roar, Sirius slashed her sword, and its Divine Light swept through the entire game interface. She had used her most deadly move, instantly killing countless people.

The numerous deaths of players caused the game’s public screen to be filled with notifications of player’s death. The destructive blow of Sirius’ sword immediately killed those who dared to face her, and it caused a lot of people to just unplug their network cable and leave.

The Divine Light swept away everything, and under the light, Sirius rushed forward while holding the destructive sword in her hands. She dashed into the town and killed everything in sight, piling up corpses on her way. Instantly, the whole town became restless. Her mind was empty as she swung the sword in her hand instinctively. Taylor died saving me…

‘This is bad. Sirius is slaughtering everyone. The coordinate is Stressfree Village. Save me!’

‘Where is the clan master? Where is Snow Fox?’

‘Save me! Everyone in my internet cafe is dead!’

Sirius’ killing spree not only caused an uproar online, but it also caused the people offline to cry tragically. In an internet cafe, horrible screams could be heard from time to time because lots of people here were playing the ‘Swordsman Game’, and most of them were playing on the same server. Coincidentally, a group of people from the same guild gathered here in real life to play the game, but they were all killed by Sirius while they were merely onlookers.

Thus, countless people were enraged! It was costful to develop a character, and after a character was killed, the items left behind would become unowned, free for other players to snatch away. All of these cost money!

Stanley also became anxious when he saw the images in the game, so his character immediately appeared in Stressfree Village. At the moment, Sirius was filled with murderous intent as she became a killing machine that killed everything in sight. It didn’t matter who it was; under her unbelievable gears and skills, almost no one could escape her sword. Stressfree Village had now become a dead town full of corpses. In the meantime, Sirius walked through the countless corpses while holding her 2-million sword, which seemed to still be dripping with blood.

Suddenly, a ray of white light shone from the sky as a young hero wearing soft fox fur descended. A ray of light followed him like a lightning bolt, striking Sirius without any warning. Sirius instinctively caught the sword and lifted her head to see the man descending from the sky. It was the clan master—Snow Fox.

Sirius furrowed her brows as she knew that things were about to get messy. She had heard about the famous Snow Fox before, but she had never met him. He was a legend in the game, but rumors had it that he went to serve in the army for two years, so he was gone for that period of time. Right now, Snow Fox had descended from the sky, and he even tried to ambush her, so it was obvious that he came to fight her.

Sirius was ready to attack as she asked vigilantly, ‘Snow Fox, what do you want?’

Snow Fox landed gently in front of her and spoke in a composed manner, ‘Sirius, you’ve committed lots of evil crimes, and the whole society has had enough of it. Today, I came here to exact justice.’ After that, he drew his sword out and made an attacking posture.

At the moment, Sirius was rendered speechless. What else can I say? Should I say that I didn’t kill those people? Should I say that it was my son who logged into my account and did those things? Even I wouldn’t believe these excuses. However, at this point, she was done looking for excuses. This society is filled with hypocritical people. Those onlookers deserved to be killed anyway.

In the game, when spectating other battles, the players could choose to activate two modes. One was the onlooker mode, which only allowed spectating and nothing else. It was absolutely safe, so no matter how intense the battle became, the player would never get injured. The other was the combat mode. When activated, the players could take advantage of the battle, such as attacking someone from the back when they were battling to steal their gear, or waiting for both opposition to die so that they could collect the gears that they dropped. However, in combat mode, there was a possibility for the player to be injured or killed.

Just now, Call Me Taylor was besieged to death by the crowd, and it was obvious that those people weren’t here to spectate, so they actually deserved to be killed. All of them came here to take advantage of her. Served them right to be killed!

The two of them had nothing to say. One was determined to exact justice while the other felt that she had a clear conscience. Instantly, the two experts activated their combat mode. Both Sirius233 and Snow Fox were godly characters, but the difference was that one was known for her unbelievable skills and high rank while the other was known for the gossip about him, and his skills were not the point of discussion. The two godly characters engaged in a battle after a disagreement, and it affected the program so much that the servers were starting to become unstable, causing lots of people to be kicked out of the game.

When the two godly characters, who looked like they would never fight, started to battle each other, a large number of players began activating their onlooker mode and watched them from afar. However, the two of them were equal in strength; even their skills and gears were similarly incredible, so it was difficult to decide on a winner. Ten minutes later, both of them suffered damage, but their life points were almost the same.

Snow Fox took the initiative. ‘Stop. There will be no end to this. Why don’t we settle this in the Battle Arena? After three rounds, the loser must leave the game forever.’

Sirius: ‘Fine.’

Following that, both of them went toward the Battle Arena and activated their combat mode. It attracted a large number of swordsmen to come and watch the fight.

A battle between good and evil was about to begin.

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In reality, Stanley was screaming while looking at the computer screen, “Manager, please add more credit for computer no. 23 and send me another bottle of Coke.”

This Sirius character doesn’t look like someone who is easy to deal with. I need to give this a further thought and plan this battle thoroughly.

Sophia also took the chance to speak, “By the way, please add 10-dollar credits to computer no. 24.”

Stanley controlled his game character to walk toward the Battle Arena, but he somehow felt uncomfortable using the computer today, especially the keyboard, so he quickly typed in the words, ‘Please wait for a while. I need to change my computer. I’ll be back after a few minutes.’

Sirius233 replied to him, ‘Fine.’

Then, Stanley exited the game and said to Sophia, “Sophia, I’m going to battle someone soon, so I’m switching to the gaming area. You don’t need to inform me if you want to leave. I will fight till the end tonight.”

Sophia was looking at the computer screen absent-mindedly. “Alright.”

After he was gone, Sophia stared at the computer screen as she tried to find that familiar ID among the spectating crowd.

Inside the game, if one character died, it would regenerate into a new character after ten minutes.

Call Me Taylor should have regenerated by now… Will she be back?

Meanwhile, Stanley hurriedly switched to the gaming area. The computers in the gaming area were specially designed for gaming. The keyboards used were specialized black-switch keyboards, and the display was smoother, which made it even more suitable for gaming.

The gaming area was only used for gaming. 8 out of the 10 people playing there were playing the ‘Swordsman Game’, and 6 of them were connected to the Bayside Server, which showed how small the world was. When Stanley hurriedly logged into the game, the person beside him recognized him immediately.

“Oh, my God! It’s Snow Fox! It really is Snow Fox! My God! It’s Snow Fox. Everyone, come check this out!”

The internet cafe was located right at the gates of Bayside University, and it had the best equipment, so lots of students from the university would choose to play their games here. Coincidentally, today was the day the Esports Club of Bayside University came here in a group to play games, but they didn’t expect to be completely destroyed by Sirius in one move while spectating using combat mode. After seeing Snow Fox now, they immediately circled around to watch with excitement.

“It really is Snow Fox! Wow! It turns out that the legend is just a young man! Looks like he is a student of Bayside University. He is even a top student!”

“Oh, my God! Isn’t that Stanley? He is a freshman in the game design department of the School of Computer Science!”

“Good luck, Stanley. Kill that monster, Sirius!”

The moment everyone heard that Snow Fox was in the internet cafe, all the people who were playing ‘Swordsman Game’ immediately circled around Stanley to watch. In an instant, the whole internet cafe was buzzing.

However, in another room, Sophia didn’t seem to notice everything happening around her because she was wearing her headphones with maximum volume. When Snow Fox was switching his computer, she was looking around for Call Me Taylor.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar ID sending a friend request to her.

Call Me Taylor: ‘Hubby, I’ve regenerated!”

Sirius was excited as she exited the empty Battle Arena and walked toward the crowd.

When the monster, Sirius, arrived, the onlooking crowd was so scared that they cleared out a path for her automatically. On the other end of the path stood a new character with no gears, weapons or experience. She was a female monk with the ID—Call Me Taylor.

Sirius: ‘Taylor!’

Call Me Taylor: ‘Hubby.’

Without hesitation, Sirius added her to her friend list, and at the same time, she realized that Taylor had sent a request to her, asking to be her wife.

However, Sirius was hesitant. ‘Taylor, everyone now calls me a monster. Are you still willing to be with a man like me?’

Taylor looked at her affectionately as she was crazy about her. “Hubby, I believe that that isn’t the real you. No matter what you become, I will never leave you.”



The surrounding crowd irked. ‘Urgh! Now is not the time to be lovey-dovey. Fight!’

Siris was moved in her heart, and suddenly, she said to the crowd of onlookers and Snow Fox, who just came online, hurriedly, ‘Everyone, please wait for a minute. I need to propose to my beloved wife, Taylor, again!’

In reality, a group of people was ridiculing her.

“What the hell? Who is this Sirius?”

“This is so disgusting. This is not the time for romantic matters!”

“How can he torture us singletons like that? Snow Fox, we need justice!”

Stanley was rendered speechless by that group of people, but he actually wanted to see who Sirius was by tracing the network cable.

Under the scrutiny of the crowd, Sirius and Call Me Taylor officially became a couple, and they began their marriage ceremony in front of the other swordsmen.

In this wedding, there were no wedding gown, grand ceremony, blessings, or even a wedding hall. Only the criticisms and scorns of the crowd could be heard.

However, a group of female players felt that they would die without any regret if they got to marry a man like Sirius.

As soon as the marriage was done, Sirius vowed in the name of God, “I, Sirius233, swear to be together with Call Me Taylor for the rest of my life. If I ever break my oath for her, let me be struck by lightning!”

Call Me Taylor seemed to be very happy as she kept on typing emojis.

After it was done, Sirius233 flew onto the Battle Arena with full energy and life points. She then said to Snow Fox face to face, ‘Let’s do this! Today, either you die or I die!’

Without saying anything else, the two master players started their battle.

In the room, Sophia brought out her fastest speed with her hands while focusing her full attention on the computer screen. The series of moves on the screen correlated with the crackling sound of the keyboard.

At the same time, Snow Fox was also very skilled himself. Stanley’s godlike skills drew the admiration of the other onlookers.

“He really is a godly character. He is so awesome!”

“Come on, Snow Fox!”

“Oh, my! Look at these incredible skills. I’m already on my knees!”

“Wow! Sirius’ skills are also amazing! Come on, Snow Fox!”

In the midst of chaos, the two godly characters were evenly matched. After half an hour, the first round ended, and Sirius won by a small margin!

In the internet cafe, a group of people was massaging Stanley and serving him drinks while some girls even became his personal cheerleading squad. Everyone in the cafe who played the ‘Swordsman Game’ was now watching this epic fight that represented the peak level of the players of the game. The moment the boss of the internet cafe knew that Snow Fox was present in his store, he immediately projected his computer screen on the huge screen in the cafe lobby. He initially planned to have a competition between the players, but now, they got to watch the match between Snow Fox and Sirius!

The second round started, and it was still difficult to distinguish who the victor was. Both Sirius and Snow Fox were highly skilled, so the audience kept on cheering excitedly.

Even though Sirius was a f*ckboy and a monster, her skills were truly amazing.

In the second round, Snow Fox won by a small margin.

It was a draw!

Both of them settled with a truce for the moment.

Sophia chewed a gum to calm herself down. This was the first time she ever fought in a match like this, so it was natural for her to feel nervous.

There was one last match left, and Stanley was unavoidably nervous because lots of people were watching the match online and offline. He hurriedly drank a mouthful of Sprite and prepared himself for the third match.

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More and more people came to watch after hearing news about their battle.

No.1 Beast of the Server also showed up arrogantly along with a bunch of his wives and children. During this period, he had expanded his harem by taking all of Sirius’ wives and children, so he came here to brag about it to her face.

‘Haha, you finally got what you deserve, Sirius! I’m so glad to watch you getting destroyed today!’

Sirius glanced at him before disdainfully typing, ‘Loser.’

No.1 Beast of the Server: ‘My nephew, I want you to hit him so hard that he has to call you ‘daddy’!’

Snow Fox suddenly changed his tone. ‘Yes, my idol!’

In an instance, the cold and righteous hero became a fanboy!

Snow Fox is actually No.1 Beast of the Server’s nephew? They seem to have a great relationship!

Beast’s reputation was as bad as Sirius233’s because both of them were notorious playboys. However, no one expected him to have a good relationship with Snow Fox!

Naturally, Stanley knew the identity of the person behind No.1 Beast of the Server—Harry! He was his second idol aside from his Uncle Michael.

In the third round, it was time to decide who was the winner.

At first, both of them started with a fierce duel as they used their most powerful and skills flawlessly. Therefore, they were still evenly matched, but both of them suffered some damage.

Halfway through the battle, their life points were similar.

None of them was willing to quit, so they continued fighting, and their moves were almost like an amazing tutorial.

Just when the winner was about to emerge, a ray of light shone from the sky. A strong ray of light hit right on the two of them, and they were blown away by its powerful force. They were forced to deactivate their combat mode.

Everyone was shocked.

Who is it that is capable of deactivating other people’s combat mode? Is it the game’s administrator? After this battle, there will be one master player who will be forced out of the game no matter the result. The two of them must have thrown a lot of money into the game, so the officials might not want to see either of them quitting. Therefore, this must be an act from the admins.

However, surprisingly, a figure descended from the sky and shone a bright divine light at the crowd. A glowing ID flashed at the eyes of others—Scary Phoenix!

“It’s Scary Phoenix!”

“I’m already on my knees!”

“It’s Scary Phoenix! It really is him!”

Stanley was equally shocked.

Uncle Michael has risen from the dead!

Sophia seemed utterly frightened to see Scary Phoenix!

Oh, sh*t. Has he always been here, waiting for a chance to pounce?

The moment Scary Phoenix showed up, Snow Fox and No.1 Beast of the Server immediately rushed toward him and kneeled down.



The people in the internet cafe were also shocked.

“I can’t believe this battle would draw the attention of Scary Phoenix!”

“If I ever get the chance to see Scary Phoenix’s moves, I would have fulfilled my life purpose!”

“Scary Phoenix, kill Sirius!”

“Scary Phoenix is here. It’s game over for Sirius.”

Scary Phoenix didn’t seem to notice the two of them kneeling in front of him. Instead, he looked at Sirius in the Battle Arena and laid out his demands straight away. “I will give you three choices. First, fight me and be my btch if you lose. Second, you can choose to be my btch right away. Third, leave the game and never come back.”

Oh, damn. Scary Phoenix is so assertive. His first demand is to ask Sirius to be his b*tch. That is so domineering!

However, Sophia felt aggrieved inside. My son is still in his hands. Should I be his b*tch? I would rather die. I’m a famous character in the game, so I have my own reputation to defend! He wants me to fight with him? That’s impossible. How can a mortal fight a god? Should I quit the game forever? Damn it. That’s even more impossible! I’ve already spent millions in the game. It would be a big loss for me if I were to simply leave! These three choices are impossible!

In the game, almost five minutes of silence later, Sirius suddenly attacked Scary Phoenix without any warning.

All of a sudden, both of them went into combat mode.

The crowd was flared up again.

“Oh sh*t. Is this really happening? Sirius is actually challenging Scary Phoenix!”

“Holy sh*t!”

“Oh, my God. This is the first in history!”

Meanwhile, Stanley seemed to have hearts popping out of his eyes as he watched the screen. He finally got the chance to see his beloved Uncle Michael in action!

He remembered that the last time Scary Phoenix fought someone was a few years ago. Michael was one of the first players who played the game when it was first launched. At that time, he conquered the game by defeating every player, but sadly, he remained hidden for the past few years.

On the Battle Arena, the two opposing sides were exuding a murderous aura. Scary Phoenix removed his armor on his own accord and grabbed a blunt blade. By doing so, he had the same attributes as Sirius.

Sirius also noticed that her attributes and combat effectiveness were almost the same as Scary Phoenix’s. Now, the only thing different between them was their skills.

If that’s the case, there’s still a chance for me to beat him.

Sirius glanced at Call Me Taylor and noticed her expecting gaze among the crowd before swinging her sword ruthlessly toward Scary Phoenix.

Her skills were very powerful, and she used all kinds of superb combo moves, but the first move was deflected relentlessly by Scary Phoenix.

Sirius was forced back a long way by Scary Phoenix’s sword as she looked at him in disbelief.

How is this possible? How could there be such a powerful player in this world? Could he be cheating?

Sirius was unconvinced, so she attacked him again. This time, Scary Phoenix didn’t force her back like the last time. Instead, he slashed his sword at her after sending her flying away. In an instant, Sirius’ blood splashed everywhere.

Everyone in the internet cafe cheered, “Kill him! Kill him!”

Even Stanley was rallying everybody to cheer. “Kill Sirius! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

In the meantime, Sophia finally realized that even though her attributes were similar to his, her skills would never reach his level. If this continues, I will be humiliated by him before I even try to attack. What should I do? Should I really lower myself and be his b*tch? What will happen to my reputation?

After she made up her mind, she wrote, ‘I’m sorry. There’s an earthquake in my internet cafe. I need to run for my life.’

She exited the game and turned off the computer in one go!

She wiped off the cold sweat off her face and let out a huge sigh.

Damn it. I don’t care if that was embarrassing. Besides, I’m already a monster in the game, so I have nothing to lose. However, it feels so cool to just unplug the cable and run away!

She logged off the computer and left without saying goodbye to Stanley.

In the internet cafe, everyone sneered when they saw Sirius running away. Most of them left afterward, but a few of them stayed to suck up to Stanley.

In the game, Snow Fox quickly caught up to Scary Phoenix and called him affectionately, ‘Uncle Michael!’

Scary Phoenix: ‘Hello.’

Then, he went offline.

The worked-up Stanley felt like he was facing a brick wall.

However, since that brick wall was his dear Uncle Michael, he still felt great about it.

Who cares if he is cold toward me? What’s important is that I got him to notice me!

When he noticed that more and more people were gathering around him, he also exited the game and went to find Sophia, but she was long gone.

Sophia went back home as quickly as possible. When she got back, she realized that Nathan was already home, and he was now mining some Bitcoin.

She brought out a stern face and placed her bag on the bed before pretending to be mad while asking him, “Darling, do you have anything to say to me?”

Nathan answered her with a cold yet adorable face, “No.”

My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 140

Nathan probably knew that Sophia was aware of the trouble he had caused, but he still put on an arrogant face saying that he was just a kid, so she couldn’t blame him.

She then carried him up angrily. “What happened to my character, huh? Why am I now a monster? Why did I r*pe and kill Beast in front of everyone, huh? I only gave you my account. Shouldn’t you explain yourself?”

Nathan turned his cold face away. “What are you talking about? I have no idea.”

Sophia stared at him because she didn’t know what else to do.

I can’t bear to hit or scold him! What else can I do besides staring at him?

She put him down as he looked at her with displeasure. “Didn’t you promise that you’ll get me back my character as soon as you come back from military training?”

Sophia was rendered speechless. Not only won’t he admit to what he has done, he is even trying to blame me for something else.

“Hmph, your character is gone. He is now in the hands of Scary Phoenix. You go look for him yourself!” Sophia imitated his demeanor and turned her face away coldly.

Nathan looked at her angrily before pointing to the door emotionlessly. “Get out.”


She picked up her bag and walked out.

Just as she got out, Nathan slammed the door shut.

He really is a heartless little boy.

After that, Sophia went back to the master bedroom she and Michael shared. She lay down on the bed and rolled around comfortably. Without Michael’s presence, even the toilet had the fragrance of freedom.

A while later, she stood up and made a phone call to Hale.

“Hale, I need you to call the gaming company tomorrow and report to them that my account was hacked. I promise that I won’t kill any other innocent people, so tell their game manager to stop coming after me. Also, do you have any technical ways to bring back Nate’s character? Money isn’t a problem. If you really can’t do it, try hiring two hackers to hack the game.”

Nathan was utterly mad at Sophia, so she ignored him as well.

The next day, she got out of the house early in the morning after waking up. Without waiting for Nathan, she went to school alone and refused to come home for the whole day. She even had lunch without him, and she also had her dinner outside before returning home. The moment she got back, she hid herself in her room and read some books without even talking to him.

It was the same on the third and fourth day, so Nathan’s small face grew gloomier every day.

During the fifth day, he finally couldn’t stand it, so he woke up early and blocked Sophia, who was about to ride away, at the gates. His tiny face was gloomy as he said to her coldly, “I’m fine with being angry for a few days, but I’d soon be traumatized if this goes on. I’m still a little kid. How could you argue with a little kid?”

Sophia’s face, which had been tensed for the past few days, finally softened. She squatted down and hugged him while pinching his tender face. “Oh, dear. My darling, you are so adorable! Muacks! I love you so much!”

He truly will be an imposing president in the future. Even the way he called a truce is so dominant!

The two of them finally called it a truce for the moment. He is just too cute to ignore! But his character is still in Scary Phoenix’s hands. That is a big problem!

Hale made a phone call to the gaming company. In the company’s response, they promised to stop the game managers from coming after her, but they really couldn’t bring back her son’s character because it was against the rules.

Hale also contacted a few hackers, but it was pointless. The opposition’s rank was so strong that even the hackers couldn’t do anything about it.

Should I just give up on Nate’s character and forget about it?

Sophia comforted Nathan by touching his tender face. “Darling, I’ll just help you train a new character, alright? We’ll just give up on the old one.”

He looked at her angrily and bitterly, but in the end, he finally agreed.

He also tried to attack the opposition, but it didn’t seem to work at all because the opposition’s rank was too strong.

Even he himself wasn’t able to find a way, so he could only train a new character.

Therefore, Sirius233 reappeared in the game with a new son—NateKato.

There was a new announcement in the ‘Swordsman Game’, saying that Sirius’ account was hacked, so she apologized to the mass amount of innocent players who were killed.

The Sirius who appeared again wasn’t as arrogant as before, and she became a great man. Everyday, she would bring Call Me Taylor and NateKato around to fight monsters and upgrade their attributes. She stopped inviting trouble to herself and flirting with other girls; she had left the arena to live a happy life of retirement.

Snow Fox also stopped bothering her because she had been so well-behaved lately, but No.1 Beast of the Server was still unconvinced.

Beast really hated Sirius. He r*ped and killed me in public. Does he really think he can push away all his responsibilities just by saying that his account was hacked? Dream on!

At the moment in Xoskha, the filming crew of ‘Doctor Invincible’ had moved the shooting to this country. The whole crew stayed in a hotel where they shot the movie during the day and played computer games during the night.

Harry suddenly dashed into Michael’s room with his laptop. “Dad, Sirius is online again. I want you to kick his a*s!”

The moment he entered the room, he immediately saw Michael wearing a green one-piece pajama that was covered with spots. There was even a weird green hoodie on his head.

Is this a f*cking… frog?

Harry felt that he opened the door wrongly, so he closed it and opened it again. When he looked into Michael’s room, there was still a massive 6-feet-tall frog sitting inside.

The frog turned its head around and glanced at Harry. When Harry saw Michael’s face on the frog body, he was shocked. “What the hell are you wearing?”

Michael took a sip of coffee and answered him calmly, “A parent-child outfit.”

Harry scratched his head as he seemed to remember seeing a picture of Sophia and Nathan in parent-child outfits that she posted in her IG Stories today. In the picture, Sophia was also wearing a frog-like pajama. He sighed inside. When a man becomes a father, he will evolve from a human to another creature—for example, a frog!

He put down his laptop and noticed that Michael was training his new character, who was a female. When he saw it, he made a strange shriek. “Old man, you really are training a female character. Sh*t. You do have weird taste!”

Michael remained silent as he opened two windows for the game so that he could log into both his new and main character. He enlarged the window for the main character to cover his new character. After that, Scary Phoenix dazzlingly appeared in the game.

At the moment in the game, Sirius was fighting some monsters along with Call Me Taylor and NateKato. Nathan once said that Sirius’ character design wasn’t good-looking at all, so the good father, Sirius, immediately changed her looks to a dashing swordsman with a pair of extravagant bunny ears on her head. Call Me Taylor also made herself a bunny one-piece suit with a pair of bunny ears.

Nathan also wore a pair of bunny ears on his head so that the whole family was wearing the same parent-child outfits.

Whether in the game or in real life, Nathan had always put on a cold face.

This outfit is so embarrassing, but if Sophia likes it, I’m fine with it.

After a brief moment of embarrassment, he suddenly felt that he looked quite good in the outfit.

In reality, it was already the middle of December. The weather was getting a bit cold, so when Nathan played the game at night, he wore a small one-piece frog pajama along with a hoodie that resembled the head of a frog. When he put it on, he looked exactly like an adorable tiny frog.

“Ah, my sweet Nate, you really are adorable!”

Sophia hugged him and rubbed his face excitedly.

He pushed her face away. “Calm down. I’m still a kid.”

For some reason, Sophia also got herself a one-piece frog suit. After putting on the hoodie, she curled up in front of the computer. Her tiny face was exceptionally bright and pure when the white light of the computer screen shone on her.

The two frogs, one big and one small, were focused on playing the game. Unexpectedly, just when they were about to exit the game, they immediately saw the system making an announcement to the whole game—Scary Phoenix, the immortal, was online!

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