My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1253

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1253

“Mom, where are you going?” Cade asked as Anna strode toward a specific direction in a daze before he chased after her. Following closely behind him was Callum, who realized something was wrong.

“Mom, did you remember something?” Callum asked.

The truth was, she used to live here, but then forgot all about it for some reason.

Anna didn’t say a word. She didn’t know what had gotten into her.

She just had a strong feeling that this street was awfully familiar. She must have been here before. Now that she was standing there, she felt like she recognized the surroundings.

At that moment, she was terrified of making a sound. She thought it would drive away the familiar feeling in her mind, so she kept her mouth shut and kept walking.

There was a small area that was covered by a thin layer of snow. Before she came here, Anna already checked and discovered that this was a train station that was demolished about a decade ago. The neighborhood wasn’t popular, and many people had moved away. The property value was incredibly low, so this area was never developed. As such, the houses were old and still maintained the same appearance it had about twenty to thirty years ago.

Then, Anna and her two sons, along with a few of her trusted subordinates, left the train station together. Not knowing where she was going, Anna could only follow her senses.

“This way is leading us toward the town.” Callum checked the navigations.

Shuddering, Anna realized he was right. There was a town just further down!

She remembered!

There was a voice speaking to her in her head, but Anna just couldn’t put her finger on who that person was.

Without using the GPS, Anna followed her senses and led everyone through a few paths. The surrounding houses were all abandoned and crumbling. Some of the houses had even collapsed a long time ago. There were several roads that looked like it had not been used for years, but she could still accurately navigate through it.

At that point, her heart was beating out of her chest, as if she was about to discover some big secret.

From the train station, it would have only taken ten minutes to reach the town if they had taken the new road using the GPS. However, Anna took the route that no one had taken in many years and reached the town after thirty minutes of walking.

When they arrived, they noticed the town was bustling. There were even factories nearby. It was New Year’s Day, so there were many people and open shops on the streets. Although it wasn’t as busy as the city center, there were a couple of towering office buildings while the rest were storied houses.

In the distance, there was an upscale villa area. Nearby, there was a train station and a newly built subway station.

Stepping on the thin layer of snow, Anna walked aimlessly while not knowing where she was going.

“Mom—” Cade called out again before Callum immediately stopped him.

Perhaps, she could really remember something if she just walked around.

Then, they followed her without making a sound or interrupting her.

Not long after, Anna arrived outside a school—Frostford Town Central School.

On New Year’s, there was nobody in school, and only a few sparrows were hopping on the snow-covered field. The iron gate was locked, so Anna just stood outside the gate as she stared blankly at the school.

Clearly, the school had been renovated recently. Despite that, Anna stared as she thought it didn’t look the way she remembered. It should have looked a little more run down…

“Callum, look. Isn’t that Taylor Murray?” Cade suddenly pointed at a large photo on the school gate.

Everyone looked toward it in unison and saw the photo. In the picture, Michael was seen wearing a red scarf and standing together with a bunch of children for the group photo. The background of the photo was this particular school gate. Then, Callum pulled out his phone and searched the internet before he found out that Michael indeed had a connection to this town.

“This school was originally the only school in town. A few years ago, Taylor Murray came to fund the renovations. He also built many factories nearby and drove up the economy here. The villas over there were developed by him under the name of ‘Asco International Real Estate’. It was also stated that Taylor Murray’s wife was born in Johnson Family Village which was right next to this town, and she used to go to school here.”


Nodding, Cade looked toward Anna in concern as he wondered why she came here.

While she stared vacantly at the photo of Michael, she heard the sound of a car coming from behind and was startled. When she turned around, there was an old green bus parked at the bus stop right across the street.

“Wait!” Before Anna knew it, she unconsciously ran toward the bus in a panic. When she realized what she was doing, she had already gotten onto the bus.

Then, the rest of them rushed onto the bus as well. After paying for the tickets, the bus departed.

At that point, Anna did not know where she was headed to, but when she saw the bus, she subconsciously wanted to take it. It was as if there was an imperceptible voice telling her that this was the bus that would take her home.

On the bus, she sat by the window. Looking at the scenery, she watched as the bus left town and drove into the farmlands area. But now, the land was covered in snow. Occasionally, she would see a few hills surrounded by villages and houses. Although it was a distant suburb of Bayside City, it was still densely populated. The younger generations who worked in the city had returned to spend the New Year’s back home.

In Bayside City, it was a tradition to visit the ancestral graves on New Year’s. As such, they could hear firecrackers near the graveyards.

Then, Anna got off at the next station even though she didn’t know why.

She glanced at the name of the station, which read ‘Johnson Family Village’.

Naturally, this was where Sophia grew up.

When she got off the bus, she walked toward a particular direction with clear intent. In fact, she didn’t even have to think, as long as her legs knew where they were going.

At once, her breathing became rapid and heavy. As her heart started to beat faster, her steps sped up as well. Soon, they hiked up a little hill. In the valley, there was a family staying there, but the doors were shut. As such, they could only peek in from outside the yard.

At that moment, Anna stood firmly outside the house. In her eyes, the image of the house gradually became clearer before it blurred again like a reflection on water. With the ripples, the image broke into pieces before attaching themselves back again. Finally, it became completely clear.

When she saw the house, Anna became calm instead as she stared in a daze. To her, everything in the yard had a breathtaking familiarity.

It was as if she had stood here before, and even lived here many years ago.

It seemed like she had touched that tree, that house, that fence, and even that wall with her own hands before.

She must have lived here in the past, but, why couldn’t she remember it at all?

It was because Jordan had wiped out all of her memories!

What exactly was hidden in that memory?

As her mind raced, Anna suddenly had a headache. Her body swayed before she unconsciously supported herself by placing her hand on Callum.

“Mom, are you okay?” Callum was shocked and hurriedly helped her down the hill. The bus had stopped at the bottom of the hill along with many other cars. It was probably because many people had driven here to spend the New Year’s and there wasn’t enough parking space for them.

To their surprise, as soon as they came down and before they could get on the bus, an unbelievably enthusiastic husky burst out of the snow and pounced on Anna to give her a kiss when it saw her.

“Cash Edwards, come back here right now!”

Suddenly, Sophia appeared out of nowhere and chased after the dog.

Sophia’s family was there too. They were getting out of the car with incense, candles, paper money and other things that they needed for their visit to their ancestor’s graves.

Just then, the two groups of people unexpectedly met…

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