My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1251

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1251

It was past midnight and a new year had arrived.

Anna gazed at the glamorous fireworks, a garish display of intense colors reflected in her eyes.

With the new year comes a new fight.

Sooner or later, I will completely break off from Jordan’s control and achieve freedom!

Now that her sons had grown up and did not need her protection anymore, she desired to live for herself as there was still plenty of time to enjoy life.

Two of them stood by the window and marveled at the fireworks outside.

Every firework that exploded in the sky would light up Cooper’s facial features, and it seemed like different stories of Cooper were reflected through the glow each time.

Anna was extremely curious about Cooper.

She had come across too many men—the domineering ones, the gentle ones, the wise ones, the foolish ones, even the obscene ones… Nevertheless, she had never met someone as infatuated as Cooper.

She had noticed the photos on his bookshelves the moment she entered the study room. Browsing through them, she realized many were the pictures of him and Annabel.

True enough, this man remained lonely for the past thirty years for the sake of one woman.

“I guess your prompt agreement to my request is very much due to my resemblance to your Anna,” she murmured. Anna seemed to be talking to Cooper but at the same time it seemed like she was talking to herself.

Cooper maintained his silence.

You are my Anna…

Meanwhile, Carmen was fast asleep when Michael carried her back to the room. He tucked her in bed and left a night light on for her. Sleeping soundly, Carmen had no idea that she dozed off while petting the dogs just now. What a cutie!

Michael gave her a kiss on her forehead and left the room softly.

It was past twelve and it was time for Anna to leave. As Cooper sent her off, the two chattered buoyantly and their relationship seemed to be much better than before. No one knew what their discussion was about, but they could figure that it must be some serious business.

With that, Callum and his brother left with Anna.

On the other hand, Stanley intended to play mahjong all night while Sean carried the children into the guest room, putting them to bed.

After sorting out the sleeping arrangements for everyone, Sophia too was ready to play mahjong throughout the night. Nevertheless, she was caught by Cooper who came back from sending off Anna. Cooper commanded in a serious manner, “You should go to bed early. Tomorrow we’re going to visit the ancestors’ graves.”

“Alright…” Sophia muttered as she pursed her lips pitifully.

She then added resentfully, “Dad, please stop calling me ‘darling’ in front of outsiders next time. It’s embarrassing!”

Knowing the outsider Sophia was referring to, Cooper said in an even stern tone, “She’s not an outsider. She’s your mother.”

Immediately, Sophia was on the alert as she stared at Cooper in surprise.

He actually said that out loud? Is he going to get back together with Anna?

“Dad, what did the both of you talk about just now?” she quickly asked.

However, Cooper refused to reveal their conversation. “Kids shouldn’t meddle with adults’ affairs,” he asserted.

A little while ago, Anna and him had chewed over plans to deal with Jordan, and Cooper was made known to a lot of things that he had not thought of before that.

The more he knew, the heavier his heart became.

This time, he would not sit by anymore regardless of Anna’s real motive.

Never had he imagined that she had gone through so many sufferings in the past twenty years. The hard times had molded her to become a completely different person. Nonetheless, Cooper still felt that his responsibility was the greatest. If he was not blinded by hatred back then and could think from more perspectives, perhaps…

Looking at his daughter who had gone through many tribulations, Cooper softened his voice and his eyes filled with gentleness.

“Stop asking, dear. Have a good night.”

With that, he patted Sophia’s shoulder and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Thereafter, he went upstairs without turning back and entered his study room on the third floor. His face remained solemn the whole while.

On the other hand, Michael witnessed the scene in which Cooper kissed Sophia. While kissing was a common etiquette in the Western culture, it seemed awkward in the current setting.


With goosebumps all over his body, Michael felt a sense of disgust. It felt like he would be indirectly kissing Cooper the next time he kissed Sophia’s forehead.

It was three o’clock in the morning when Anna arrived at her home in Bayside City from Michael’s place.

Tossing and turning, she could not fall asleep. She couldn’t help but think of Cooper and the pictures of him and Annabel in the study room.

Both of them looked young in the picture, probably around eighteen years old. Despite their youth, their love was real and everlasting.

Finally, drowsiness hit her. However, right after Anna fell asleep, all kinds of turbulent dreams arose and the feeling of agony surfaced again.

She had always dreamed of a miserable pain followed by something coming out from her stomach.

Besides, there were many scenes that flashed through, which felt a lot like déjà vu. Waking up to a chaotic mind the next morning, Anna had a terrible headache. She knew she had dreamt of something last night and she seemed to have grasped some crucial information. Though she could barely remember bits and pieces of it when she first woke up, everything faded moments later.

What a gloomy feeling…

After breakfast, Anna went to visit Louis, who was delighted to see his daughter, as she was often caught up with work and rarely showed up.

After returning to Cethos, Louis had not left since then. He had obtained a Cethosian citizenship and was living permanently in Cethos. Having brought Xena and Anne with him, they were currently staying at the Yard Residence.

Anna had purchased a mansion in Bayside City and settled the Yards descendents down. Though Louis had not changed his last name, he still lived with them.

All the members of the Yards gathered for a meal except for Henry and Ryan, who were in the hospital.

After lunch, Anna followed Louis into the study room and there were only two of them left. All of a sudden, Anna asked, “Dad, do you still remember the location in which I went missing in Bayside City at that time? Who adopted me and how did I come back?”

Louis was baffled at her sudden question. Nonetheless, he tried his best to recall the facts.

“At that time, I took you and Xena with me to Bayside City to seek help. Back then, it was still the era of green-skinned trains and the train station was extremely disordered and crowded. I was buying something and when I turned around, I saw you being carried away by a countrywoman.”

“I caught up with her to confront her. She told me her daughter gave birth to a child in the hospital but the child went missing, and her daughter could not clear things up with the husband. And so, she had no choice but to steal a child as a substitute for her daughter’s. I followed her to the hospital and saw her daughter. It was only then that I believed her.

“At that point, you and your sister were crying and I had no milk for you. The kind woman offered to breastfeed you girls. We were in a critical situation back then and I thought they were being kind, so I gave you to them.”

Louis teared up as he took a trip down the memory lane. “They promised to keep your last name so we might still have a chance to reunite in the future… Oh—by the way, the train station is Bayside South Station, which is located at Bayside South.”

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