My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1250

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1250

There was no business opportunity between Cooper and the Ronney Group, so they had never crossed paths. Besides, Cooper rarely showed up in public and there was nowhere he could encounter Anna.

Even after knowing Anna’s existence and her identity as Annabel, Cooper had no intention of disturbing her nor prying into her private life.

However, never did he imagine the sufferings that his Anna had been through all these years.

It seemed as if Cooper was pondering but in fact, he was crying deep down.

His dear Anna should not be living a life like this.

Seeing Cooper contemplating without making his stance known, Anna was determined that she would not give up on this potential ally. He was the only help that she could currently think of. If she could successfully persuade Cooper, she and her sons would soon be free.

That was the real reason she came to Cethos this time.

“Mr. Mitchell, if you’re doubtful of Jordan and I ganging up against you, please be assured. There is a death feud between him and I.”

With that, she presented her bargain, “Of course; I would not ask you to help me for nothing. If we manage to bring Jordan down, I promise that the Ronney Group will retreat from the Cethos market forever.”

However, Cooper still remained silent as he concentrated on brewing tea. He looked extremely calm and it seemed like no one would be able to read his mind.

Understanding that he needed time to contemplate, Anna stopped speaking.

And so, the two of them sipped their tea quietly.

The serene atmosphere was filled with the aroma of the tea. There were only two of them in the room, breathing the aromatic tea scent and hearing the lively noises in the neighborhood, while both were having simmering thoughts beneath the surface.

In fact, Cooper had been taking actions to tackle Jordon all this while.

He had noticed an underground force eyeing the Michel Family and the Michel Group even before this. The force had concealed itself very well and it had not just existed recently, but for more than a decade. It had emerged since his grandfather’s generation and had started undermining the Michel Group when his grandfather was gravely ill.

Right at that time, Cooper returned.

Not only did he successfully turn the tide, he even completely changed the history of the Michel Group. As a result, the underground force had retreated. Nevertheless, it was still waiting for an opportunity to pounce on the Michel Group all these years.

The troublemakers never showed up but would create conflicts within the family and the company. Their tactic was to divide the internal departments and destroy the Michel Group from there. The most severe internal dispute happened several years ago, and that episode nearly ruined the foundation of the business which was built by Cooper after years of toil.

It was the same year when Sophia got into the accident. During that time, Michael had attempted to relay the message to Linus, hoping that Linus could help them. Alas, both Linus and Cooper were caught up in sustaining the Michel Family back then. Otherwise, the many troubles which followed would not have happened.

Having briefly investigated Anna, Cooper knew that she returned to the Yard Family by herself at that time. Nonetheless, she still miraculously established her influence in the family. Within the Yard Family, there were the main family, branch family, old followers and several other forces, and each of them had disputes with one another. The method she used was exactly to cause internal division and she had leveraged the forces of different parties to tackle the family. As a result, she gradually knocked down the forces one after another, expanding her influence and eventually conquering the entire Yard Family.

Cooper had noticed something fishy earlier on because he was very familiar with the tactic. It involved grooming and supporting a representative, thereafter taking advantage of the representative to intrude into a particular party, conceal their power and eventually conquer the entire party after knocking down its elements one after another.

Back when Cooper was still in the Mitchell Family, Alex and his gang too were supported by some unknown forces to cause internal dispute within the family. In the end, Cooper was so disappointed that he left the family and it had resulted in the Mitchells’ downfall.

It seemed like there was a mastermind behind the internal disputes of the Mitchells, the Yards and the Michels, with the identity of the mastermind becoming extremely obvious.

After enjoying two cups of tea, Cooper and Anna gradually became sober.

Cooper would definitely go after Jordan as he had been executing it all the while. Jordan had harmed Sophia multiple times so Cooper would never let him off the hook. In addition, Jordan’s existence was a threat at all times.

Hence, they had to develop a comprehensive plan in order to tackle Jordan.

As Jordan’s close confidant, Anna had revealed some top secrets which outsiders would not be aware of.

“Jordan is very good at dealing with women and manipulating them. Besides the Edwards Group, he has expanded numerous ‘mistress businesses’ overseas over the years. There are countless women who are willing to lay down their lives for him. Though the business of the Edwards and the Yards are his major career, they are not the only ones.”

“He has several identities in the upper class society and he is the one supporting many single, outstanding business women in the socialite circles. I have already compiled a list of their names.”

“You don’t have to doubt my sincerity. I’m just another representative backed by Jordan to be sent into the Yard Family and he merely used me as a tool to invade the Yards. I’m asking to cooperate with you because I can’t reconcile myself to continuing being his tool—I want to control my own destiny.”

“I know you’ve certainly started going after Jordan and I’ve never questioned your ability. But trust me, we can surely defeat him within a shorter time if we work together.”

Nevertheless, Cooper still remained silent.

Thinking that he was still pondering and hesitating, Anna raised her end of the bargain once again. “Besides Ronney Group’s retreat from Cethos’ market, are there any other benefits that you would like? I will agree to any request as long as I can afford them.”

Finally, Cooper put down his cup and lifted his head to look at Anna with his eyes tinged with a mysterious black mist.

He did not respond to her invitation to collaborate but abruptly murmured, “You must have been suffering all these years…”

Stunned, Anna had obviously not expected Cooper to be concerned about this point.

There was never someone who could tug at her heartstrings with such a short statement.

Did I suffer? Definitely.

Unfortunately, there was no one whom she could share her agony with and she was the only one who knew the sufferings she had been through.

After all, tribulations and disasters were not meant to be flaunted or displayed.

With a rueful smile, she answered, “All the suffering would be worthwhile if Jordan can be brought down.”

She then picked up the tea pot and refilled Cooper’s cup. “Mr. Mitchell, please don’t feel pressured. Jordan’s businesses are vast and he will inevitably run out of successors. Given my current power, overthrowing him is just a matter of time. Even if you decide to not collaborate with us, my sons and I will still be able to achieve it.”

With that, she served Cooper a cup of tea. He let out a subtle laugh and took the cup unhesitantly.

“Happy New Year. It’s a pleasure to work with you, my ally.”

So… does this mean he agrees?

Anna was increasingly confused by Cooper. Nevertheless, it was good news he had agreed to form an alliance with her.

Lifting her cup, Anna made a gesture and murmured, “Happy New Year.”

With that, they had officially become allies.

Laying down his cup, Cooper glanced at the clock on the wall. Following that, he stood up all of a sudden and drew the curtains at the French window open.

It was already 12 o’clock.

As the clock ticked toward midnight, Bayside City had entered another new year. When the countdown was over, dazzling fireworks spiraled into the pitch black sky and lit up the entire city. Many stepped out from their houses to admire numerous firework displays while the youngsters played with firecrackers; everyone seemed to be over the moon.

Cooper lifted his head as he watched the fireworks. He was clearly smiling, yet tears rolled down his face.

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