My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1248

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1248

Feeling the temperature slowly drop, Tiffany hurriedly wrapped her fur coat tightly around her body. Then, with her great Cethosian language skills, she soon thought of the best word to describe her current situation.


Meanwhile, Betsy, whose bosom was revealed, was already shivering from the cold.

Meanwhile in the Imperial, Harry looked at Sarah in disbelief. “I… I asked you to buy some soy sauce. Why did you bring men over to surround the Adams Family?”

With a proud expression, Sarah said, “The Winston Family was having a New Year’s party nearby so I asked them to come over. I scratched their tires and let out their gasoline! They must be freezing in the snow right now but they deserve it!”

Harry glared at her but he was speechless.

Fine. If today wasn’t New Year’s Eve, I would’ve gone out there and kicked her myself! But it is the New Year’s, and New Year’s celebrations are really important.

Next door, Anna and her sons had already entered the house. After chasing Tiffany away, Sophia suddenly felt embarrassed.

Anna came on New Year’s Eve and it was Carmen who invited her. This is a little awkward… Carmen even said that her engagement ring is bigger than a crab, which makes it more embarrassing!

When they walked in, the atmosphere in the house was strange. Everybody turned to look at Anna and her family with complicated looks on their faces. Carmen was the only one who was thrilled.

As soon as Carmen entered the house, she rushed to the kitchen. “Grandpa… Grandpa! Miss Beautiful is here!”

Cooper had already known that she was coming and he was really happy that she was here, but he wanted to back down.

I want to see her but I’m afraid that I will fall for her. I’m also scared that she might secretly leave someday…

However, Anna was already in the house so Cooper had no choice but to meet her but before he could go out, Carmen already happily dragged Anna into the kitchen. It was as if she was really eager to sell her grandpa out.

Anna was dressed really low-key that day with her hair tied up, revealing her fair neck. The skin on her neck was well maintained so there weren’t any fine lines. She had already taken off her winter coat, revealing a sweater underneath.

Seeing that Anna was walking over, Cooper was a little excited but he pretended to stay calm. He stepped forward and said, “Hi, Anna.”

He reached out to shake Anna’s hand but it was only then that he realized his hand was covered in flour, so he hurriedly withdrew his hand in embarrassment.

Anna also noticed Cooper drawing his hand back so she murmured, “Carmen said that there is something you need my help with so I came over. Am I intruding?”

Cooper glanced at the clever Carmen and smiled helplessly. “No, you’re not. You’re a distinguished guest.”

Hence, Anna entered the kitchen and looked around. The kitchen in their house was pretty huge and they had several stoves. The whole family was cooking that day so everybody was extremely busy.

Then, she saw that Cooper’s family was kneading dough so she asked curiously, “Are you preparing to bake cinnamon rolls? I’d like to give it a try; can I join you?”

Linus and Sophia glanced at Cooper. Cooper wanted to refuse but in the end, he changed his mind. “Sure.”

Anna chuckled. Then, she pulled up her sleeves and washed her hands. Without putting gloves on, she started kneading the dough.

There were many people coming for the party so they had to bake many cinnamon rolls, which was why every member of Cooper’s family was in the kitchen kneading dough.

Anna put on the mask that Maria gave her, covered her face and tied up her hair. She stood next to Cooper and her skills seemed rusty but after she glanced at the way Cooper kneaded dough, she soon got to work.

Also wearing a mask, Cooper himself was really rusty too. He seldom baked and only baked a little during the New Year’s. However, with Anna at his side, memories from thirty years ago became clearer. He seemed to remember everything that Anna said, even those that he had forgotten long ago.

“Coop, you have to put pressure when you’re kneading dough. Just knead until your hands and the bowl become clean.”

“You have to add water gradually. Only add a little each time.”

And so, he returned the knacks for kneading dough back to her.

Anna hadn’t done any rough work before and it was her first time making cinnamon rolls and kneading dough, so she was relatively amused. Cooper guided her the whole way, from beating eggs, adding water to kneading dough. Throughout, his instructions were really clear.

Anna also listened seriously. Perhaps she had lost her memories but her body seemed to remember so she soon got the hang of it.

As she concentrated on kneading the dough, sweat soon rolled down her forehead but she was really happy. Later, she said, “It’s strange. I have never baked cinnamon rolls before but the moment I touch flour, I feel really familiar with it.”

Cooper was wearing a mask so she couldn’t see the bitter smile on his face.

In the past, Annabel used to work at Crimson House. At first, she worked as a chef’s assistant. Due to her outstanding appearance, she later served as a waiter and worked her way up to foreman step by step. At that time, she was still underage.

Meanwhile, Linus was also kneading dough at the side. Seeing the two of them knead dough together, he moved aside and made space for them.

Sophia was already making the cinnamon roll filling and Cooper carefully guided her. Seeing his serious and professional appearance, Anna couldn’t help but smile and murmured, “I didn’t expect the famous Fass Michel to be a househusband at home.”

She was used to seeing Cooper in suits and a professional attire, looking really formal and elite. However, seeing Cooper today, he looked more like an ordinary father. He was wearing ordinary household clothes and his hands and face were covered in flour—the contrast was really huge.

Cooper didn’t dare to look at her, afraid that he couldn’t hide the sadness and desolation he was feeling. “It is only during the New Year’s that I have time to cook some food for my children to eat,” he replied.

Cook some food for my children to eat… It really is a wonderful thing! Unfortunately, I am so busy protecting myself and my children that I don’t have the interest and energy to do something like this.

After kneading the dough, they had to wait for the dough to rise. During this time, Cooper started to prepare the cinnamon filling. Whether the cinnamon rolls were delicious or not also depended on the cinnamon filling.

Everybody had been busy for the whole day. Michael was preparing fish, chicken, and eels next door. Meanwhile, the people on this side of the kitchen were in charge of cooking the vegetables, boiling the soup and baking cinnamon rolls. While they were busy, the children ran around happily.

Callum and Cade had nothing to do so they played with the dogs in the living room. And so, Daniel approached them and gave them a palm reading.

“Wow, your fate is amazing! You have the destiny to be king… If we were in ancient times, the two of you would be kings!”

Hearing that, Callum and Cade were rendered speechless.

Celine ran out to take the husky for a walk while Justin walked around with his daughter in his arms. When he heard Daniel’s words, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

He really uses the same trick on everyone.

With everyone’s effort and hardwork, the New Year’s Eve dinner was finally served. Everyone sat around a long table and turned on the TV to listen to New Year’s Eve celebrations in the background.

As an elder, Cooper sat at the head of the table. Linus and Michael were supposed to sit next to him, but Linus wittily gave his seat to Anna.

Cooper looked at the table full of delicacies and then at the people around him.

A few years ago, I wouldn’t even dare to dream of such a moment. I never thought that there would be a time that I could see my daughter, sons and my loved ones all alive in my lifetime.

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