My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1245

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1245

It was Maria who answered the call and delivered the message. After hearing Maria’s words, Cooper walked out of the kitchen, frowning as he dried his hands.

“Mrs. Yard? Which—” Halfway through his question, he suddenly stopped. Cooper took a look at the surveillance and saw another car at the gates of the community. Three people got out of the car and even though they were dressed very simply, Cooper recognized them at once.

Anna Yard is here and she even brought her two sons. Why is she here?

The whole family glanced at each other in confusion. They left silently two days ago so they should be in Ronney City right now. Why did they suddenly come to Bayside City today?

Nobody knew what tricks Anna had up her sleeve and even Cooper couldn’t figure her out. Only Carmen rushed out excitedly to greet her. However, Sophia realized that something was wrong so she immediately chased after her in a hurry.

It was extremely lively at the gates of the community that day as there were many people standing around. Sophia held Carmen’s hand and took her to the gates, where she soon saw the people from the Adams Family, Anna, and her sons.

Is Anna really here?

As soon as Carmen walked out of the gates, she rushed toward Anna. It seems like she really likes Miss Beautiful.

Anna was dressed really casually that day. She wore a camel-colored coat, a hat, and a mask that covered half of her face. Her two sons standing next to her were feeling so cold that their noses had turned red, but they looked really excited as they followed behind Anna.

Sophia was about to speak to Anna when two people suddenly got out of the Adams’ Family car.

Sophia had her back against them so she only heard the crisp sounds of heels clicking, which made the person sound really alluring. Before she even saw who it was, Sophia could already smell a sweet fragrance.

It was a very enchanting fragrance, not a floral scent nor an artificially extracted synthetic scent. Sophia knew about fragrances but she couldn’t figure out what smell it was. All she knew was that she found it attractive and she couldn’t help but turn and sniff around.

It smells amazing.

It was then only she saw the woman who had many identities. She was a blonde foreigner with mysterious and unique emerald eyes that were deep, like two brilliant pearls. She was wearing a fur coat that was produced by the fur coat factory Sophia bought. From top to bottom, her outfit was made out of products that were related to Sophia.

It seemed like she did her homework.

The coat covered her enchanting figure but it couldn’t hide her sexy and charming aura. The woman walked up to Sophia and before she spoke, Sophia could already smell her sweet fragrance.

“You’re Sophia, aren’t you? I’m Tiffany,” she said with a friendly smile. Her facial features were impeccable.

She has the face of an angel and a unique voice that is low and a little hoarse. The more she speaks, the more enchanting it feels.

Women of every age want to meet the beauty standards of their age group. An 18-year-old wants to look like a beautiful teenager and a 48-year-old has a different kind of beauty standard. However, even though many female stars in Cethos are 48-years-old, they are not willing to accept reality and try to look as young as possible. The current mainstream aesthetics is also based on not looking old. However, Tiffany doesn’t seem to try to hide her age at all.

There are fine lines in the corner of her eyes and some spots on her cheeks but she is still gorgeous. Age seems to be her makeup that makes her look even more elegant. There is probably only one word to describe her—angelic.

Sophia couldn’t help but stare. It was after she came back to her senses that she realized she was being rude. She hurriedly pretended to stay calm as she said, “Yes; I’m Sophia.”

Tiffany reached out to shake Sophia’s hand. Sophia then looked behind her and saw a woman that had the same body and temperament as Tiffany. The woman was wearing a mask that covered half of her face. However, after seeing her emerald eyes and ample bosom, Sophia recognized her.

She was wearing a mask because Sophia and Sarah scratched her face when they caught her yesterday.

How dare this cow f*cking come here?

Sophia couldn’t help but stand tall, trying to make her C-cup look like a G-cup but she noticed the disdain in the cow’s eyes. Shaking her G-cup boobs, the cow instantly defeated Sophia.

After shaking Tiffany’s hand, Sophia gently replied, “I know you are here to see my father but he can’t see any guests today. I’m sorry.”

Tiffany didn’t say anything in response. Instead, she reached out and tucked the strands of hair in front of Sophia’s face behind her ear. Holding Sophia’s face, Tiffany looked at her with a motherly expression and said, “Fass has never told me about you before so I only found out that he has a daughter not long ago. I never had the chance to meet you. Now that I’ve met you, I realize that you and Fass really do look alike.”

Sophia had goosebumps all over her body and she had a feeling that she was the prey of a vicious monster. She didn’t dare to look directly at the eyes of the gorgeous woman in front of her. A beautiful woman would still look gorgeous even if she grew old; plus, Tiffany wasn’t old yet.

This woman is powerful. She is really good at dealing with people, albeit men or women. After all, she is a grown and mature woman. I’m basically just a ‘newborn’ who has ‘lived’ a few years. I feel like a baby in front of her.

Sophia held her breath and said, “He’s my father; of course we look alike.”

Tiffany stared at Sophia’s face attentively. A few seconds later, Tiffany bent her knees slightly and reached her hand out to Carmen. In a gentle voice, she murmured, “Everybody calls you Carmen, right? Come here, Carmen. I have a present for you.”

Carmen held onto Anna’s hand and with an arrogant expression, she pouted and replied, “I don’t know you. Daddy said children can’t take things from strangers.”

With a smile, Tiffany commented, “How am I considered a stranger? I’m your grandfather’s fiancée!”

Carmen ignored her as she tugged on Anna’s hand and said, “Miss Beautiful, let’s go.”

It was only then that Tiffany seemed to notice Anna. Tiffany glanced at the woman in front of her and saw that she was wearing really simple and casual clothes. Meanwhile, Anna was talking to Carmen with her head lowered and she was wearing a mask that covered her face. The Ronneys were from North America and the Adams Family was from Western Europe. The two families rarely met each other so Tiffany didn’t recognize Anna.

Seeing that Carmen was leading Anna into the community, Tiffany hurriedly asked, “Who is this?”

Feeling impatient, Carmen replied, “This is Grandpa’s girlfriend.”

When Carmen said that, she stood tall and looked proud.

Seeing that Anna smiled and didn’t deny that remark, Sophia quickly stood tall too.

With a serious expression, Carmen said determinedly, “Grandpa’s relationship with her is really stable and they are planning to get married and have children after the new year’s celebrations! The engagement ring is bigger than a crab!”

Sophia nodded profusely but she glanced at Anna with a guilty conscience. Meanwhile, Anna just kept smiling and they could hear a sweet chuckle from under her mask.

After Carmen finished speaking, she led Anna into the community. Sophia hurriedly followed behind, having mixed feelings about Anna’s appearance.

The best match for Dad is probably Anna. The reason Tiffany wants to be with him is likely because she wants half of his wealth but Anna… probably wants his life.

However, Sophia felt that she couldn’t let Tiffany be with Cooper, even if it meant that Cooper had to get back together with Anna.

After taking a few steps, they suddenly heard Tiffany chuckle softly.

“Is Fass afraid to see me?”

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