My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1244

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1244

Lucy was driving attentively but she suddenly reached over and grabbed his hand. Even though Dana had a man’s bone structure, his skin was really fair and soft like a woman’s.

“We’ll just have to wait a little longer. Soon, I’ll be the head of the Edwards Family and nobody will be able to stop us. When that time comes, you can have as many children as you want.”

Hearing this, Dana smiled bitterly.

She’s right; we are not in a position to adopt a child yet! He then looked at Lucy and for the upteemth time, wanting to break up with her.

But we have been together for over ten years and she never gave up, so how can I give up on us? Moreover, I have been dragging her down for more than ten years. Asking for a break up now would mean that the years that she had spent with me had been in vain. That’s too cruel and heartless! I can’t believe that it has been more than ten years since we met and fell in love when we were teenagers. Time flies so fast…

In his eyes, Lucy would always be the little nerd with thick glasses but in reality, she was already over 30. From her teens to her early thirties, she had given the best years of her life to him.

In the past, Dana was neither man nor woman but Lucy did not abandon him. Later, after he had completely become a woman, Lucy still didn’t give up, even if it meant they couldn’t get married and have children like an ordinary couple. Being together with him meant that she was putting her future at risk, but Lucy was still determined.

However, Dana couldn’t bear to watch Lucy struggle to no avail. Truth was, he didn’t see any hope for their future and had a feeling that they would never find a way out.

She could have lived happily without me.

Lucy, on the other hand, seemed completely unaware about Dana’s worries.

“There is not much that can stop us now. Once I take control of the Edwards Family, we will go abroad and get married.”

Now, the Edwards Family was generally divided into three teams—Lucy, Ian and Sam. Ian was just a scum so Lucy wasn’t afraid of him. As for Sam, he wasn’t an ambitious man; he was self-reliant and didn’t intervene with the management of the Edwards Group. The biggest threat was Jordan. He and his stand-in seemed to have delegated power to the younger generation, but there were still many people who were loyal to him on the board. He was still controlling the Edwards Group and Lucy from behind the scenes.

Lucy was well aware of the current situation and had an accurate assessment of her abilities, so she knew that she was no match for Jordan.

With Cooper as an example, she knew that she couldn’t give up the Edwards family’s wealth and power for love. If she did that, Dana would be killed, just like Annabel.

And so, Lucy only had one option—she had to make herself strong enough to take control of her destiny to protect her loved ones!

That day is not far away.


After Lucy left, several cars stopped at the Imperial. Bodyguards then got out of the car and negotiated with the security at the entrance.

Meanwhile, Sophia was kneading dough with Cooper to make cinnamon rolls.

“Your mother is the best at making cinnamon rolls. Even though I’m not as good at making cinnamon rolls as your mother, I have learned a skill or two. Come here, Linus. Have a good look and learn how to make cinnamon rolls so that you can make some for your sister in the future,” Cooper said as he kneaded the dough.

Annabel was very virtuous and it was she who showed Cooper a whole new world. After meeting her, Cooper learned that MSG could be used to enhance the taste and soy sauce could be used to add color to food. Before Cooper met Annabel, he was a noble young master who didn’t do any rough work and was oblivious to others’ plight.

Linus was trying hard to keep up with Cooper, studying Cooper’s actions very seriously so he could make cinnamon rolls for Carmen and Sophia in the future.

Sophia also learned the steps so that she could make cinnamon rolls for Carmen and her father.

Meanwhile, Michael was killing and cooking fish at Harry’s house, while Stanley and Sean were cutting vegetables and making soup off to one side. All in all, everyone was really busy.

Daniel too had come but unfortunately, he was alone. Alice had gone home so he had no choice but to lay on the sofa and accompany his son while waiting for the food to be ready.

As for Quinton and Derek, they were still in Africa so they were absent.

All of a sudden, Cooper’s phone rang.

However, he was kneading dough so he couldn’t answer the phone. Furthermore, it was a personal phone call so Carmen ran to answer the phone.

“Hi! Who are you looking for?”

The person on the other end of the line had a sweet feminine voice and she spoke in a fluent Bayside City accent.

“Hello! I’m looking for Fass.”

Hearing this, Carmen asked, “Who are you?”

The woman laughed charmingly and replied, “My name is Tiffany Adams and I’m Fass’ fiancée.”

“I’m sorry, but there is no one here by the name Fass!” Carmen replied. “You have the wrong number!”

With that, she hung up.

Daniel saw the whole thing and he was speechless. After Carmen hung up the phone, she sat down and watched cartoons, not bothering to notify her grandfather. It was as if nothing had happened.

A short while later, Cooper’s phone started ringing again. Carmen answered the phone again, and it was the same voice.

“You are Gianna, aren’t you? I’m your future grandmother. Ask your grandfather, Cooper, to answer the phone. I’m already at the gates of your community.”

Carmen replied, “I’m sorry but there is no one here by the name Cooper, and my name is not Gianna—it’s Cas.”

Daniel was once again rendered speechless. He stood up, took a look at the surveillance and saw a few luxury cars with the Adams Family crests parked at the gates.

Daniel knew about Michael’s latest family troubles.

Tiffany actually came to visit during New Year’s Eve? How can she be so inconsiderate to come here uninvited on New Year’s Eve of all days? Is she here because she wants to have some New Year’s fun with Cooper? That’s disgusting!

Even though Carmen tried to hide it, everyone soon found out that Tiffany was at the door.

“Let her in.”

The relationship between Cooper and Tiffany was neither cold nor hot. However, at the very least, she was his fiancée that his grandfather entrusted to him before his death. Moreover, she had helped Cooper a lot in the past. Now that she was here during New Year’s Eve, Cooper thought that it was best to invite her in.

After all, it was really cold outside and it was strange to let a group of people stand outside.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, two people looked at him with extremely upset expressions.

“Dad, I don’t like her!” Sophia muttered, while Carmen yelled, “Grandpa, I’ll throw a fit!”

Cooper was in a tough spot but he quickly withdrew his order. “Forget it; let them leave. Besides, it’s a little rude for her to come uninvited on New Year’s Eve. I’ll just pretend that I’m not here.”

It was only then did Sophia smile again. She hurriedly ran to take a look at the surveillance monitors, curiously to see what Tiffany looked like. Although Sophia occasionally saw her in newspapers and magazines, she never met Tiffany in person.

It was said that Tiffany was really beautiful, with a stunning figure and an angelic face that was comparable with any celebrity. Even though Tiffany was in her forties, she was rated by foreign media to be one of the sexiest women in the world.

Cethosians even called her the Marilyn Monroe of the new generation! A large number of celebrities and powerful people courted her even though they knew marrying and divorcing her would make them lose half of their wealth.

Unfortunately, Sophia could only see the cars while the people inside them were not visible at all.

When Sarah heard about the situation, she threw a fit.

“That cow is here? F*ck! I want to kick her in the ass!”

Harry was killing fish but he hurriedly held Sarah back and said, “Forget it; it’s New Year’s Eve. We’ll teach her a lesson tomorrow, okay?”

Sarah was furious but she didn’t resist.

Just then, the security at the gates called again.

“Mrs. Yard and her two sons are here to visit Mr. Cooper and they are already at the door.”

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