My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1243

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1243

Michael happened to come over and asked Harry to kill the fish. He didn’t expect to hear Harry say this, so he asked curiously, “What the hell is going on with that woman?”

Is she a man or a woman?

Moreover, Michael also discovered that Harry’s attitude toward Dana was a little different.

If someone tied Harry down to that cow’s bed, he would have killed that person long ago.

What was more, that monster Dana often harassed Sarah, but Harry never harmed her.

Harry sighed unusually a few times and said, “Dana… ‘She’ is probably a man.”

He then lit a cigarette and talked about Dana.

That was the secret of the Winston Family. After all, it was not a glorious thing.

“When Dana was born, she was diagnosed and confirmed to be an androgynous intersex person with both male and female characteristics.”

Sophia, who came over with Carmen, also happened to hear these words. When Harry saw her, he did not stop talking and instead continued, “Her chromosomes are also very complicated. It is impossible to tell whether she is a male or a female. She has both mature male and female organs and has two perfect reproductive systems, so the Winston Family does not know whether she is a female or a male.”

Harry’s brows knitted tightly together.

“She was neither male nor female since she was a child, but her father already had three sons and wanted a daughter very eagerly, so he raised her as a daughter and sent her for an operation when she was 18 years old.”

Having said that, he sighed again. “At that time, I was busy killing my brothers and sisters and didn’t pay attention to her. Later, I learned that she actually wanted to be a man and asked for the removal of female organs, but her father bribed the doctor and turned her into a woman.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia suddenly felt cold all over and she suddenly couldn’t breathe for a second.

She thought of Dana, who obviously looked like a man. At that time, she probably already had a lover of her own and thought of herself as a man, but…

As Harry spoke of her, no—him, he felt pangs of regret in his heart. “She should have been a man but she was turned into a woman without knowing it. She even tried committing suicide multiple times. After that, she became who she is now. She used to be a very awesome person but now… What a pity! It’s too late now. Her male reproductive organs have been cut off and she is now a complete woman. It is impossible to transplant anything onto her right now. Even if she did, it would be like an empty gun without bullets.”

Sarah and Sophia, who were standing off to one side, were speechless.

Although Harry sounded calm and collected on the surface, only the person concerned would know the grief and despair involved in the matter.

Although they weren’t involved in this matter and it was someone else’s life, they were still in disbelief when they heard it for the first time.

Dana was obviously a man but he was turned into a woman…

They used to think that he was quite annoying but now they suddenly pitied him.

Lucy and him had been together for many years. Judging from the length of their relationship, Dana probably hadn’t had an operation at the time they started dating, and Lucy was definitely waiting for his good news.


But even if the man she loved became a woman, Lucy still stayed with him for many years.

Lucy seemed as if she was strong enough to control everything she wanted but behind the glorious strength and success, she unexpectedly had such an embarrassing past.

Every person had their own suffering.

Others just didn’t get to witness the suffering of the powerful because they would surely not want others to see their fragile side.

Meanwhile, Michael was also silent. He thought of his poor brother who was now castrated, having to squat while peeing.

Quinton deserves it, right?

But what about Dana…

Seeing that the atmosphere had suddenly become tense, Harry said hurriedly, “We’re celebrating the new year, so let’s not think about these unhappy things. That b*tch deserves more than death! Come on—let’s kill the chickens and fish for the new year celebration!”

The people from different families agreed to spend the new year together and each family provided different ingredients. Harry prepared a lot of fish and killed them at home before bringing them along to Michael’s house.

Although Harry said he hoped Dana would die, he still didn’t do anything to harm her.

Everyone looked at the red paper cutting decorations and the big lanterns which were hung up. Today was new year’s eve, so they didn’t want to care about anything today; they wanted to celebrate the new year happily.

After Dana left The Imperial, she saw that a car was parked at the door. He then got into the passenger seat.

Lucy, who was in the driver’s seat, was dressed up very low-key. Her hair was put up into a bun and she didn’t have an ounce of makeup on her face; she even wore a huge pair of glasses. She looked completely different from the strong, domineering woman she was usually.

Dana got in the car and looked at the small pendant in front of him very quietly. It seemed as if he was daydreaming as he thought about something. Instead of his usual unruly and relaxed appearance, he looked very serious, so serious that it was totally unlike him.

He had seen Harry’s children at Harry’s house just now.

How cute the children are. They have small hands and tiny bodies, and softly call Harry and Sarah ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’.

Dana could have been a father too.

Before the age of eighteen, he was raised as a girl. Everyone said he was a girl but he knew that he was a man. When he saw Lucy, he became even more certain that he was a man but because of his abnormal body and for various reasons, his relationship with Lucy could not be made public.

He originally thought that after the age of eighteen, he would usher in a new life and transformation, but he did not expect it to be a nightmare that he would never wake up from.

Otherwise, he and Lucy’s children would probably be going to kindergarten now…

“Well, don’t do such silly things in the future. Buckle your seat belt. There’s a camera up ahead.”

It was Lucy who spoke and only then did Dana come around and quickly buckle the seat belt before looking away. He was pretending to look at the scenery in order to hide his loneliness.

Lucy didn’t seem to notice Dana’s bad mood and chirped happily, “It’s the new year, so cheer up! I will cook your favorite garlic crayfish tonight.”

Lucy had just shifted the gear but before she could take her hand away, Dana suddenly grabbed her with one hand.

He continued to look out the window but still held her tightly.

Lucy laughed. “Alright, alright; stop throwing a tantrum. This is a lesson for you. Remember to not cause any more trouble in the future. Even if you are dissatisfied, don’t cause trouble like this.”

However, Dana still did not speak. He was still looking out the window but he pulled his hand back this time.

Lucy then drove away.

Although it was New Year’s Eve, there were still some cars on the road so Lucy drove cautiously. Suddenly, Dana said, “I contacted a doctor abroad and the doctor said that I can—”

Before he could finish speaking, Lucy interrupted, “The surgery is risky. You’re fine as you are now.”

Hearing this, Dana shut up.

The car turned a corner and he suddenly said, “I want to adopt a child. Would a son or a daughter be better?”

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