My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1241

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1241

Upon hearing that, Sarah cried again.

Harry was so angry that he threw his slippers at Dana, fury coursing through his veins.

This b*tch is truly infuriating!

The Winston Family’s council of elders would surely be angered to no end by Dana. She was a mistake that God made when He created human beings!


Harry kicked her out and she ran away desperately, nodding and bowing the whole time.

“Thank you, Harry. I hope you will be able to provide an early repayment of your naked loan. Happy New Year!”

“You f*cking—”

Harry threw a slipper at Dana viciously, causing her to hold her head while running away.

Then, the world fell quiet.

After driving Dana away, Harry hugged Sarah, who was sobbing her heart out. “Hush; stop crying. I didn’t cheat… I really didn’t. This is all Dana’s doing!”

Sarah hugged Harry while she cried and blubbered, “Don’t worry… Even if you were raped, you would still be pure and flawless in my heart.”

Upon hearing that, Harry was speechless.

Fortunately, Sarah was not an unreasonable person. After knowing the truth, she stopped causing a scene. Seeing that the both of them resolved their misunderstandings and had started to become lovey dovey with each other, Michael quickly slipped away.

When Michael went home, he saw that Sophia was babysitting Sarah’s three children. On the other hand, Justin had already investigated what had happened the day before.

That woman with the ample bosom was the only daughter of Tiffany Adams, the head of Adams Group. Her name was Betsy Adams.

She somehow colluded with Dana and even joined forces with her to bring Harry down!

Betsy had pursued Harry for a long time and she had been an obsessive fan of his for many years. In the past, she would give flowers, houses, and islands to Harry to win him over, but Harry just dismissed her.

Although the Adams Group was very powerful abroad, they were just average in Bayside City. How could Betsy act so arrogantly in Bayside City and try to bring down Harry this time?

No… This is not the main point.

What’s important is that the Duchess, Tiffany Adams, is here.

“Check where the Duchess and the people of the Adams Family are, and what actions have been taken lately. Thank you!” Michael said and patted Justin on the shoulder.

Naturally, Justin worked hard to help with the investigation.

It was not because of the trivial matter that Harry was almost raped.

It was due to the fact that Cooper was about to sleep with that woman!

This was a big deal; besides, the woman…

“The Duchess?” Sophia was surprised when she heard their conversation. “Isn’t my dad’s fiancée the Countess? When did she get an upgrade?”

Michael’s expression was very dark.

“The Countess and the Duchess are the same person. She married a duke some years ago and took away half of his property after the divorce.”

Sophia was shocked to hear that.

Michael continued, “Not only that, she has also married a president, a politician, and a member of the royal family. Her ex-husband is an influential bigwig. That woman is indeed quite capable—in the past two decades, she has been married several times, divorced several times, and widowed twice. She gets half of her ex-husband’s property when she gets a divorce and she’ll get all of their property if they pass away. She is a powerful person and has her way of dealing with men. There is probably no man she can’t win over in this world.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia’s eyes widened.

She’s that capable, eh?

“Didn’t she say that she’s crazy in love with my dad? She was actually… married? Is there anyone else willing to marry her?”

Half of one’s property will be divided and given away when one gets married. Yet, there are so many men willing to take the bait?

Michael shook his head as he murmured, “That is her strength.”

Michael then gently pulled away a stray hair from Sophia’s temple. She ran out early in the morning to catch Harry red-handed and her hair was in a mess after fighting with that woman. Although she didn’t lose, Michael still felt strangely distressed when looking at Sophia.

“Even if everyone knows that her heart belongs to someone else, there are still a large number of powerful men rushing forward to pursue her. Plus, she accepts any man who does so and she gets half of their property when they get a divorce. Even so, the men are like moths to a flame.”

Sophia’s hair stood on end when she heard it.

She thought that the Duchess was just a pervert like Quinton.

Unexpectedly, the woman in question was even more clever than him…

At least no one would pounce on Quinton!

Plus, she—the Countess, the Duchess, and the first lady—had now come to Bayside City for Cooper!

Sophia shuddered.

This is bad. If she manages to seduce Cooper, half of his property will inevitably be hers when they get a divorce.

That’s not the worst case scenario. It would be terrible if he died.

This won’t do… I have to let him know as soon as possible!

Meanwhile, Cooper had already returned after taking Carmen for a walk and he was reading the newspaper in the study.

“Tiffany Adams is here?”

He didn’t seem to be bothered by it and he didn’t care at all. “Whatever. I won’t marry her anyway.”

Although Cooper could not fully control his own destiny and did not dare to approach the person he loved who was right in front of him, he still had his autonomy.

It was completely impossible for him to be forced into marriage.

“Dad, you really have to stay strong. If you marry Tiffany, your property will be divided into half and given to her. You might even die!” Sophia hurriedly reminded him.

Upon hearing that, Cooper was baffled.

“Tiffany is not a monster,” he murmured. “What are you afraid of? It’s impossible for me to marry her. She’s just an ordinary friend.”

Just an ordinary friend…

He’s in danger… A great danger!

Cooper didn’t seem to realize that the danger was imminent but Sophia was so anxious that her heart started racing.

What should I do? If Dad really marries Tiffany, won’t that cow be my sister? Half of my dad’s fortune will be snatched away by her!

Losing half of the fortune was a trivial matter, but it would be a serious issue if Cooper was raped by her!

Seeing that Sophia was so anxious, Michael comforted her, “Don’t worry; if Dad really wanted to marry Tiffany, he would have done so long ago. He wouldn’t have waited so many years.”

He does have a point…

However, Sophia was still inexplicably anxious.

Finally, she muttered, “That b*tch better not even think of forcing my dad into marriage!”

Carmen, meanwhile, was playing with her huskies while secretly listening to the two of them talking.

After hearing that, she entered the room, took out a small mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hi Miss Beautiful! My grandfather is going to be forced to marry a woman and half of his fortune will be given away! You have to come and save Grandpa! Yes… Yes—my grandfather really doesn’t want to get married. He is going to be tied up and forced to get married. Come and save him! That woman is really strong. I’m very scared!”

Michael had been busy during the last few days of December. The incident of the G-cup woman was not just about Harry but also about Cooper. Hence, Michael had to investigate the other party’s intentions.

Unexpectedly, when Michael got home after settling this matter for the whole day, he found the roses in the greenhouse that he had planted for more than half a year were stolen.

Michael stared at the big fresh hole in a daze.

Celine then explained, “The blond man next door said that he wanted to borrow your roses but it was too troublesome to pick them one by one. So, he dug out the whole plot of land and he’ll return them when he successfully cheers up his wife.”

Upon hearing that, Michael was speechless.

He decided then and there to ignore their family affairs from now on.

Harry deserved to be raped if there ever was a next time!

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