My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1239

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1239

Celebrate the new year in Cethos? Anna’s smile suddenly stiffened.

Carmen also knew that this request was over the line, so she changed the topic and said, “Miss Beautiful, you must come and play with me when you have the time. I’ll go home first.”

Anna had mixed feelings in her heart when she said softly, “Okay. I will definitely come and play with you, Carmen.”

Hearing that, Carmen then went home joyfully.

At home, Michael was picking roses in the garden while humming a song, planning to make a bouquet for Sophia. Ever since Anna left, Carmen had finally stopped stealing the roses, but Celine and Harry still occasionally sneaked in to steal them.

Harry not only stole roses, but also the bacon and dried fish hanging outside their house. How annoying.

Seeing Carmen come back, Michael asked while wrapping up the roses, “Baby, where did you go?”

“I went to play at my godmother’s house!” Carmen murmured.

Michael was wary that Harry would come to steal roses and bacon again, so he asked, “Is your godfather at home?”

Carmen shook her head. Harry is not there? It’s already December 27 and that guy is still filming?

However, Harry still hadn’t returned the next morning. As such, Michael found it strange. When he went out in the morning, he glanced at the Winston Residence and found that it was strangely quiet over there. He then left curiously. The new year was around the corner so he was going out to deal with some things. After that, he would finally be able to celebrate the new year at ease.

Meanwhile, Sophia was already preparing for the new year. She stayed at home and watched TV in the living room after breakfast, while Cooper took Carmen and the dogs out for a walk. Suddenly, Sarah came over crying. “Sofie!”

Seeing Sarah crying, Sophia was startled. “What’s the matter?”

When Sarah saw her, she broke into sobs.

“Old Wolf is c-cheating on me!”

Cheating? Sophia thought that Sarah had some misunderstanding so she hurriedly said, “Are you sure? Your Old Wolf treats you so well.”

Sarah took out her mobile phone while choking intermittently. “He went out to film yesterday and didn’t come back all night. It turned out that he went to the hotel with someone else. That woman even sent photos of them in bed in the middle of the night to show off!”

There are even photos of them in bed? Sophia took the phone and saw an unsightly photo sent by someone. In the photo, Harry was naked and his chest was covered in lipstick marks. Meanwhile, a naked foreign woman was wrapped around him like a snake. Her G-cups weren’t even censored!

He really cheated! The woman also sent the hotel room number; how arrogant of her!

“How could he?” Sophia slammed the table and stood up. “Damn it! How can you bear this?” she roared. “Let’s go! I want to see what the hell the disgusting man and woman are going to do!”

Sarah wailed helplessly. She only saw this photo this morning and she didn’t dare to cry in front of the three children at home. She wanted to catch them red-handed, but she was too afraid to do so.

Sophia gathered her men together hurriedly, even deliberately bringing along a few fierce-looking dogs to catch them red-handed. “Come along! Follow me!” Sophia dragged a crying Sarah into the car. Then, the group of cars quickly gathered and went to the hotel where the incident occurred.

Sophia never thought that she would catch Harry cheating red-handed in her lifetime and she was huffing and puffing with anger. Men are all the same. They’re all disloyal and lustful! I’m going to skin Harry and that woman alive!

When Michael received Justin’s call, the hotel was already in chaos. Michael hurried to the scene of the incident and saw that the hotel had been closed due to the frightening chaos; he could hear people screaming and yelling from a distance away.

There were many cars parked at the entrance. They were cars from the Winston Family, the Mitchells, the Michel Family, and even Justin. Michael’s hair stood on end. He didn’t expect to encounter this situation in his lifetime. He didn’t know who he should help when he arrived at the scene.

He hurriedly entered the hotel lobby and saw Dimon standing at the gate with a group of people squatting beside him. They all had the Winston Family crest on their bodies. Their leader, Dana, was being tied up.

“Why is she here?” Michael was startled when he saw Dana.

“I don’t know,” Dimon replied. “She was sneaking around outside the door when we came in, so we tied her up.”

Michael was about to rush upstairs anxiously to check the situation, so he ordered, “Tie her up first; we’ll interrogate her when the matter is over.” He then hurriedly entered the elevator with Hale and the others and they went up to the eighth floor.

The elevator opened with a ding. As soon as the door opened, Michael saw that the golden corridor of the hotel was already filled with people. Several people were fighting with each other without weapons; they were fighting barehanded in groups.

The men from the Winston Family, the Mitchells, the Michel family, and Michael’s men were fighting against a group of blonde and blue-eyed foreign martial artists. In the chaos, there were three huskies leading a few black Labradors to bite humans. What the f*ck…

When Justin saw Michael coming, he shouted to him from a distance, “They are in the room.” He then led his men to stop the foreign bodyguard who tried to rush into the room, so no one could enter the room.

Michael glanced at the clothes of the foreign bodyguards. There were familiar-looking uniforms with symbols on the sleeves. Meanwhile, Hale had already taken out his mobile phone and scanned it.

“This is the emblem of the Adams Family. Their family business is the Western European insurance giant Adams Insurance.”

Adams Insurance? Isn’t that the property of Cooper’s fiancée? Why are they involved in this?

Soon, Michael broke through the crowd and reached the door of the room; the door was closed and a woman’s scream sounded from within.

The people of the Adams Family were tyrannical as well. Even if they were having a hard time fighting the group of men, they still managed to stop anyone from entering.

Michael knocked down a few people one after another as he said to Hale, “Bring the robots up here and attack them precisely. Everyone with the Adams Family emblem must be brought down.”

Hearing his orders, Hale quickly sent someone to bring Nicholas and Shae up. They still had to rely on illegal technology during critical times.

Finally, Michael rushed into the room. Unexpectedly, when he entered the door, he saw four women fighting fiercely with each other in groups of two. Sophia and Sarah were beating up two foreign women.

Sophia brought all the equipment Michael had prepared for her to fight high school students. She wore a black nano-polymer battle suit, brass knuckles, impenetrable armor, and a helmet. She was armed from head to toe and she was scratching the foreign woman’s face bloody.

Sarah was also well-equipped and fought with a tall woman with voluptuous buttocks. The woman didn’t wear a single piece of clothing and her big bosom dangled and shook around. If Sarah hadn’t worn a helmet, the woman would probably be able to knock her out with her bosom.

What an eyesore. Michael turned his head away and looked left and right. He didn’t see the adulterer, Harry. Coincidentally, Judge came in to support them in their fight. With its expert dog’s nose, Judge managed to sniff Harry out. It then used its paws to push open the door of the master bedroom. What greeted them was the sight of Harry being tied to the big bed, a BDSM butt plug stuffed in his mouth. There was also a full set of BDSM equipment on one side.

Upon seeing that, Michael gasped.

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