My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1237

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1237

The news soon spread to Ronney City.

“These two youngsters have shocking ideas!”

Anna was the first to know the news and she was surprised.

Beside her, Callum was sipping tea; he remained rather composed and only sighed. “Plans always fall behind changes!”

Initially, they planned to make Sophia fight against the useless brothers. They had to get rid of them even if it cost the entire Bayside City market.

Unexpectedly, Jordan sent his eldest daughter from the Edwards Family, Lucy, to interfere in the matters of Bayside City just to support that pair of brothers.

Even more surprising, Lucy ended up collaborating with Sophia!

That outcome was truly not what they had expected.

Sophia wasn’t happy about getting rid of that pair of brothers for Anna to begin with. She was only interested in developing her career but that pair of brothers were in her way, so she had to deal with the Ronney Group even if she wasn’t willing to.

On the other hand, Lucy was only aiming to complete Jordan’s task, so collaboration was a great solution for both of them.

Looking at the report from Bayside, Anna suddenly asked Cade, “What about Jordan?”

Jordan didn’t trust anyone but surprisingly, he sent the eldest daughter of the Edwards Family to interfere in the Yard Family’s issues. Now that his daughter made such a shocking decision, it was impossible that he stayed calm.

Cade murmured in response, “Until now, he hasn’t given a response.”

However, Jordan surely knew about what took place. Therefore, he must have tacitly agreed to it since he didn’t say anything.

He knew that the collaboration between Lucy and Sophia would only bring benefit to his sons in expanding Bayside City’s market.

Callum sighed. “I’m really unhappy with this outcome. I didn’t expect that Lucy would interfere in this matter.”

However, Anna didn’t think that it was a big deal.

Jordan would never allow Lucy to control Ronney Group’s market in Cethos, so she would have to return the power to that pair of brothers sooner or later.

Therefore, it was still uncertain if they could hold onto their achievement even if they had established their foundation.

“The best is yet to come!” Callum smiled cunningly while clenching the tea cup in his hand.

Anna looked at the photo in the documents, where Lucy and Sophia were signing the agreement. They were shaking hands while smiling brightly; although they had their own plans, they knew that collaborating with each other was a win-win solution.

However, would that pair of brothers think the same way?

Yet, Anna’s focus was on their smiles.

Lucy indeed took after her father, Jordan’s temperament. Judging from her looks, she was obviously not an ordinary person. After all, she was Jordan’s eldest daughter and it was only natural that she was extremely outstanding.

On the other hand, Sophia resembled Cooper when she smiled.

Looking at her, Anna thought about Cooper.

When he spoke to her, he would sometimes show the same gentle and charming smile. At the same time, it was mysterious and enchanting.

What a pity that his smile will only bloom for that one person…

On the other hand, Henry and Ryan had called Anna several times to vent their grievances.

Yet, Anna glossed it over every time. They knew that the Ronney Group was controlled by Jordan and Lucy was appointed by him, so Anna didn’t have any true authority.

Anna also did not care about how Jordan comforted them.

In Bayside City, Cooper heard about what had happened in the Ronney Group lately. It turned out that there was an issue in their business and that was why Anna rushed back.

Cooper knew Anna’s phone number and her current whereabouts.

Every night, he would stare blankly at his phone for some time but he had never dialed that number. Yet, that number was deeply engraved in his memory.

Hesitating, he wanted to call her and ask about her situation but he didn’t know where to start. Besides, he didn’t know who he was to call her and the reason for seeking her out.

After all, she had her own family.

Once Cooper recalled that Anna had been married to Jordan for years and even gave birth to so many children, his heart bleed in pain.

He wondered why fate had to torture them heartlessly. He wanted to take a step forward but his conscience told him that nothing would work out now. The love and affection were in the past and since fate mistakenly cut off the string that bonded them together many years ago, it could never be reconnected.

Soon, Sophia and Lucy’s collaboration was reported in the newspapers.

Jordan didn’t respond to that so he must have tacitly agreed to it. Meanwhile, Ryan and Henry were still lying in the hospital due to the injuries from the fight, so the one who couldn’t accept their collaboration the most was naturally Sandra.

“How could you collaborate with Sophia? Who gave you the courage to do so, Lucy?”

Lately, Sandra had been extremely busy with taking over the entire Mitchell’s Technology. Unexpectedly, Lucy betrayed her and collaborated with Sophia when Sandra wasn’t paying attention.

Before this, the Ronney Group was caught off guard by Sophia’s attack; even their fashion week was almost put to a stop. In order to save the event, Sandra threatened Lucy to help her because she had something against her. Without any choice, Lucy obediently came to her rescue.

I did not expect that this b*tch, who runs errands for me, would collaborate with Sophia!

“I invited you over so that you can ruin Sophia, not collaborate with her! You’d better cancel this collaboration right now!”

Looking at Sandra, who shouted and yelled at her as soon as she came in, Lucy snorted.

If Jordan hadn’t appeared suddenly and asked her to come, she wouldn’t have interfered in the Ronney Group’s matters. However, Lucy didn’t want to reveal her relationship with Jordan so even until now, Sandra thought that Lucy came because of her.

“My task is to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the fashion week. Other than that, it’s none of my business!”

Sandra rushed toward Lucy and slammed her office table angrily while cursing rudely, “So you collaborated with that b*tch? Do you want to die?”

Lucy gave Sandra another contemptuous glance while sneering inwardly.

Sandra was never the one she was afraid of; it was Jordan.

Who does Sandra think she is?

Coldly, Lucy commanded, “Get out. This is my office and my work. I don’t need your input.”

Receiving such a rude response from Lucy, Sandra slammed the table again. Ever since she took those drugs, her temper had worsened.

“Lucy, aren’t you afraid that I’ll expose your secrets immediately? I’ll make you lose your right to inherit the Edwards Group!”

Without lifting her head, Lucy countered, “I know you don’t dare to do so now because once you expose it, I can instantly make you go bankrupt. On the other hand, I’ll immediately regain my rights as an heir as long as I apologize to the Edwards Family and marry someone.”

Choking on her words, Sandra was rendered speechless.

Lucy added, “Get out. You’ve been fired. In the future, don’t ever come to the Ronney Group again!”

Those fools, Henry and Ryan, thought that Sandra was a local force and they could take over Bayside Fashion Week with her help; little did they know that they were just three fools that were birds of a feather and all they did was mess up a supposedly great business.

Sandra refused to leave but the bodyguards started to chase her away.

Before she left, Sandra threatened Lucy viciously, “Just you wait and see. You won’t be smug for long!”

Sandra knew that it wasn’t the time to expose Lucy’s secret now because once her secret was exposed, she wouldn’t obey her anymore.

Lucy and Sophia… Damn it!

I won’t let you two live happily for long!

Looking at Sandra’s receding figure, Lucy massaged her temples. After working several hours at a stretch, she was completely worn out.

Suddenly, her assistant brought a basket over. Inside the basket were a rose, a note and a heat insulation lunch box containing pork rib soup.

On the note, there was a neatly written sentence.

‘No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to eat. Come home early; I’ll be waiting for you.’

Looking at that sentence, Lucy’s eyes smiled.

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