My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1236

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1236

Sophia not only set a different time to hold Bayside Fashion Week, she even bought over their sellers and models.

Other than promoting their own brand, the Ronney Group would be promoting other famous brands from all over the world during the Ronney Fashion Week. These famous brands came to Bayside for a show because they respected the Ronney Group.

Unexpectedly, that disgusting b*tch took the opportunity to buy over our sellers to participate in their imitated fashion week.

Other than that, Sophia even took advantage of our popularity!

Their imitated fashion week was held right after the Ronney Fashion Week and at a similar venue. They were going to start almost immediately after the Yard Family ended their event. Even the scale was similar, causing the fashion industry to be confused, thinking that this year’s Ronney Fashion Week had been extended to twice the duration.

There were even rumors saying that Ronney Fashion Week got its name because it had always been held in Ronney City. Now that they suddenly changed their venue to Bayside City in Cethos, it was renamed as Bayside Fashion Week. After all, the four greatest fashion weeks from all over the world were named after the cities that it was held at.

Many of the people, who didn’t know the truth, would think that Ronney Fashion Week and Bayside Fashion Week were organized by the Yard Family in collaboration with Bayside’s fashion industry.

What was even more surprising was that some of them thought that it was the same fashion show.

That b*tch Sophia not only didn’t clarify that rumor, she even took advantage of the Ronney Group’s fame.

Many fashion celebrities came for the Ronney Group’s fame but it was now benefiting the others!

It’s rude, mean, cheap and dirty!

Lucy couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

Is that the reason this pair of losers asked my assistant to call me and demand I come over immediately for an urgent discussion?

After glancing at Henry, Lucy questioned, “What do you want to do then?”

Ryan replied angrily, “Firstly, we must clarify that Bayside Fashion Week has nothing to do with our fashion week.”

Henry then continued, “We’ll also list out those sellers that signed with Bayside Fashion Week and give them warnings. Anyone who attended Ronney Fashion Week mustn’t attend Bayside Fashion Week. Period!”

“The same applies to models, designers and other fashion-related workers!”

“We must sue them!”

“Anyway, we can’t let Bayside Fashion Week go on successfully. In Bayside’s fashion industry, there’ll be no place for Sophia and her nonentities to stand.”

Upon hearing the Yard brothers’ plan, Lucy rolled her eyes at them again.

She understood what they were complaining about.

Since Ronney Fashion Week got back on track lately, Sophia knew that she wasn’t the Ronney Group’s match so she changed her tactics from suppressing them to taking advantage of their fame. In fact, she took every opportunity to benefit from their fame and strived to mix up the two fashion weeks by deliberately fixing the date and venue closely. With that, she successfully deceived many people.

However, Lucy didn’t say anything about that.

Her task was to make the fashion week successful and since Sophia’s actions didn’t affect Ronney Fashion Week, even if she took advantage of their fame, why would she attack her?

Hence, Lucy told Henry and Ryan, “We should have a leeway for everything. If the Ronney Group plans to survive in Cethos, we have to build a rapport with the local fashion industry and provide them benefits if we wish to have a smoother development in the future. In order for an enterprise to survive, it’s not only about suppressing the competitors rudely; it should be about free competitions, endless improvisation and sharing resources. Must we get rid of the local fashion industry in Bayside so that the Ronney Group is the only one remaining? Would you be satisfied with that?”

Henry wanted to say something but Lucy cut him off. “What do you want me to do? Prohibit all the models and sellers from participating in Bayside Fashion Week? For the next step, are you planning to prohibit anyone from renting the show venue that we used for Ronney Fashion Week?”

Henry and Ryan knew they couldn’t win against Lucy in that argument but they weren’t happy to let Sophia, who suppressed them previously, take advantage of the Ronney Group’s fame now.

Besides, Lucy was obviously taking Sophia’s side!

Under Henry’s glare, Lucy announced, “My next step is collaborating with Bayside Fashion Week.”

She had this idea since the beginning—rather than suppressing each other as opponents, they might as well unite the two forces as one!

In that case, as a foreign force, the Ronney Group could enter Bayside market with the help of the local fashion forces. Besides, Sophia’s backings were the Mitchell and the Fletcher Families, which were both strong forces that they should be cautious of, who might even cause trouble at any time.

Instead of putting up their guard, they might as well show their friendliness at suitable times and collaborate with them. In return, the local fashion industry could enter into the international market with the help of the Ronney Group’s global influence. With that, everyone would have a slice of the pie.

Then, she would successfully complete the task given by Jordan and step out of everything as soon as it ended.

She really didn’t want to get involved with this pair of fools any longer than necessary!

Naturally, Lucy’s idea was strongly opposed by Henry and Ryan.

“You plan to collaborate with Sophia?” Henry shouted angrily and his astonishment was indescribable.

Even Ryan was stunned. “Lucy, are you doing this on purpose? You’re on the same side with Sophia!”

Lucy glanced at them contemptuously before instructing the bodyguards on both sides, “Keep an eye on them. Before the fashion week ends, I don’t want them to doubt my work and plan.”

With that, she left without considering their opposition.

Henry and Ryan were forced to stay at the hospital. Since their legs were broken, they couldn’t go out and stir up trouble.

In the ward, both of them trembled in anger.

It turned out that it was Sophia and Lucy’s scheme all along.

Their plan must be asking the Fletcher and the Mitchell Families to break their legs and trap them in the hospital. Then, Lucy would collaborate with Sophia.

That cunning old woman!

Meanwhile, Lucy had an appointment with Bayside Fashion Week so she headed straight to JNS Group right after she left the hospital.

That day, many people went over to JNS Group. Sophia was the host and she invited the Bayside City Fashion Association to carry out the official signing of the agreement for the collaboration between the two fashion weeks.

Lawyers of the two parties came and they negotiated the contents. Then, both parties signed the agreement smoothly, looking forward to earning a fortune peacefully and sharing their fashion resources.

Sophia was overjoyed too.

She knew that she couldn’t outcompete Ronney Fashion Week that was organized by Lucy, so she would rather take advantage of their fame. Even better, she would just collaborate with them.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the idea of having a collaboration hit Sophia, Lucy had taken the initiative to contact Sophia and suggested a collaboration.

Both of them hit it off immediately and decided to abandon their prejudice temporarily and make a fortune together.

The scale, date and venue would remain the same but Ronney Fashion Week incorporated a Bayside special introduction show, which was originally Bayside Fashion Week.

After the collaboration was announced, it caused a huge splash.

In the hospital, the Yard brothers almost exploded from rage, yet they couldn’t do anything since they were locked up in the hospital. Even worse, their legs were broken so they even needed help to go to the bathroom, not to mention stopping Lucy. Therefore, they could only watch helplessly as Lucy ruined their plan.

Even Cooper was shocked at how things ended up. After all, Lucy and Sophia were hostile toward each other previously but all of a sudden, they collaborated. However, that made sense from a business point of view, which was benefit-oriented. There was no enemy that was forever but there were forever friends. His darling was clever and that was as expected, with her being his descendent.

And so, Bayside Fashion Week rejoiced.

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