My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1235

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1235

Meanwhile at the Ronney Group, Lucy was informed that Henry and Ryan were beaten up.

It wasn’t until recently that she knew Jordan was Ronney Group’s live-in son-in-law. At the same time, she found out that his illegitimate children were scattered all over the world.

She had always known that Jordan was powerful but she didn’t expect him to be powerful to the extent of suffocating her. That meant her success would be a thing of the distant future.

Although Lucy had become the Young Lady of the Yard Family, she knew her situation very well. She desperately wanted to grow stronger because she wanted her long-desired freedom—the freedom that broke her off from everyone’s control.

As a sister, she did her part and visited the Yard brothers in the hospital although she was already informed of the situation.

The Edwards Family was among the people who protected Ryan and Henry. While protecting them, they also monitored them.

How dare this pair of fools mess with the Fletcher Family? Even worse, they picked fights with one of Mark’s most beloved great-grandsons, Theo’s grandson and Michael’s nephew!

How could they attack Mark’s grandson in Bayside City?

Lucy didn’t expect them to act so stupidly but the reality proved that she had underestimated their foolishness.

They not only indulged in gluttony and pleasure, they even tortured models to death and acted recklessly in Bayside University, disturbing the order.

As their sister, she visited Bayside University several times for her brothers’ sake and frequently cleared up the mess they made.

“This will serve as a lesson to both of you. Remember this—you can’t beat the local forces no matter how powerful you are.”

Lucy didn’t even spare a glance at the brothers, who were lying on the bed, and expressed her disdain and contempt toward them in her face without trying to conceal it. She was obviously thinking, Looking at losers like the two of you will only make me sick!

Indeed, she was disgusted by just looking at them.

What fools!

Since a long time ago, she knew the other pair of brothers, Callum and Cade, were more astute.

Do these two pairs of twins come from the same parents?

Could it be that the real babies were thrown away and they were cultivated from placentas?

After giving them a brief warning, Lucy grabbed her bag and walked away while saying, “I’m going to Bayside University.”

Ryan was severely injured from the beatings and he was moaning on the bed. On the other hand, Henry was in a better condition and he could still sit. Glancing at Ryan, who was moaning in pain, he could barely conceal the hatred on his swollen face which was beyond recognition.

“You must capture whoever attacked us today and bring them to us!”

Giving him a contemptuous look, Lucy murmured, “I’m going there to apologize on behalf of the both of you.”

Upon hearing that humiliating word, Henry’s eyes became even more ferocious. At the same time, he clenched his bruised and wounded fists.

“We’re the ones who were attacked! Why should you apologize on our behalf?”

They never had such a rude and humiliating experience.

Lucy, however, refused to waste her time on them. She had an appointment with the vice chancellor of Bayside University, who was one of the Fletchers. If she could convince him, this incident could be settled easily.

The moment she and her assistant were about to leave and close the ward door, Henry suddenly said, “I want you to kill Sophia Edwards for me.”

That woman offended us several times and we’ve had enough of it!

As long as Lucy takes care of this matter, she can surely kill Sophia.

It all depends on Lucy’s decision now.

As expected, when Lucy heard that, she turned back to glance at Henry with a contemptuous smile, mocking his puffed-up pride, “My task is to clean up the mess you made and smoothen your path. Other than that, I’m not obliged to do anything. When the fashion week ends, I’ll withdraw completely. Also—”

She grabbed the door knob while warning them in an icy tone, “—behave yourself for this period of time and don’t let anyone get anything on you again. Before the fashion week ends successfully, don’t you dare cause any trouble and definitely don’t think of killing anyone. I don’t know who you are in Ronney City but in Bayside City, you’re nothing!”

With that, she slammed the door and left.

Kill Sophia?

They’re fools!

Before Lucy left, she instructed someone to keep an eye on the brothers.

Knowing them, they might send someone to kill Sophia because they never considered the consequences of their actions.

The moment the door was shut, Henry angrily smashed the cup that was on the small table in front of him.

I knew that Lucy would not kill Sophia!

Henry knew that Lucy had collaborated with Sophia ever since a long time ago.

From the start, Lucy looked down on the pair of them.

Disgusting old woman! Just because she is our sister and has a few more years of experience, she acts according to her will and disrespects us.

She must be dreaming!

When the Yard brothers found out that Jordan was the secret master of the Edwards Family, they not only aimed for the Yard Family, they also wanted the Edwards Family!

Since they had the blood of the two families, why couldn’t they do that?

By that time, they would surely make that old woman grovel before them!

“I hope that you can keep your daughter under control and prohibit her from fighting in the university. She’s almost 30 and it’s totally absurd for her to hit her juniors. Even if she has to, she should’ve done so in secret. However, since there’s a few million in student grants, I’ll let this pass. Besides, the Yard and the Edwards Family came and said they will forgive her.”

In Villa No. 8, the vice chancellor of Bayside University came to have a word with Sophia’s parent regarding the group fight that she, a postgraduate student, started.

In the living room sat a row of people who took part in the fight today, including Sophia, Stanley, Justin, Nathan and Celine.

After Cooper promised to give a talk at Bayside University, the vice chancellor left happily. He was glad that this incident was settled peacefully after Lucy came to clean up the mess that her brothers made by giving him money, whereas Cooper did the same for his daughter by giving a talk on top of giving a sum of money. Not only that, the pair of jerks—the Yard brothers—were given a lesson.

After sending the vice chancellor away, Cooper stared darkly at those who joined the fight. He wanted to lecture them but didn’t know where to start. He also wanted to scold Nathan but Nathan was a victim, whose face was covered with bruises from the attack.

Sophia was on his list of getting a lecture too but once he saw her aggrieved face, he couldn’t harden his heart to do so. In the end, he glared at an innocent Michael and scolded, “Keep an eye on your wife!”

Michael rolled his eyes, feeling speechless.

After that, that incident passed without any further consequences and Sophia decided to behave herself for some time. Meanwhile, she would focus on her fashion week.

Before this, the Ronney Group deliberately set their fashion week’s date on the same date as theirs in order to suppress them. Yet, they were later defeated by Sophia, causing their fashion week to be almost ruined.

Lucy had now reorganized Ronney Fashion Week. Sophia knew that she couldn’t make the fashion week as extravagant as the Ronney Group in all aspects, so she changed her plan and postponed Bayside Fashion Week so that both fashion weeks could be carried out on different dates.

When Sophia’s models were bought off by the other party, she wasn’t angry. She found new models and rearranged the schedule without altering the pay. Anyway, they couldn’t leave on the same day even if their work in Bayside City was done. Therefore, they might as well stay back and take up another job.

When the sellers were snatched, she asked others to politely invite them back. By changing the time, their fashion show could be continued.

Even if the venue was snatched, it wasn’t a big deal for her. She would just change the time again without arguing with the Ronney Group, so that they could carry out the event after they finished theirs.

Bit by bit, Sophia reorganized Bayside Fashion Week and even signed a batch of famous designers and brands from Ronney Fashion Week to participate in Bayside Fashion Week.

She acted strategically, countering the opponent’s move.

In the Yard brothers’ ward, Henry rudely questioned Lucy, who had just stepped into the ward, “Why didn’t you take any action when that b*tch, Sophia, secretly works on that event? She even hired our staff and snatched our venue as well as our models!”

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