My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1234

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1234

Looking at that vast sea of people, Henry took a few steps backward as he said in a trembling voice, “What are you trying to do? I’ll have you know that this is Bayside University—”

Before he could finish, Celine cut him off by saying, “Beat up those Yard b*stards!”

As soon as she said that, she personally got into action and dashed past the bodyguards of the Yard Family like a bullet. Stopping in front of Henry and Ryan, she demonstrated a traditional kick—Scissor Step—that was handed down by the ancestors. Her long slender legs moved so fast that they became shadows and in a blink of an eye, she clutched the two brothers’ throats.

The stimulant that was produced by Phantom Wolf was special. It had bizarre side effects, causing some to have disabilities, death, deterioration of physical ability but with a functioning brain or deterioration of the brain with a functioning body. Celine suffered from the latter effect.

Although she became dim, her exceptional physical strength remained.

In a clamor of shouts and clashes, the Yard Family drowned in the sea of people. The two jerks were showered with punches and kicks, which even the Yard Family’s bodyguards couldn’t shield them from.

Ten minutes later, the crowd formed a circle around the Yard brothers—who were pinned to the ground—and stared at them.

The two were beaten into pulp and were being held on the ground in an extremely humiliating way. At the same time, they were covered in footprints because all of the Bayside University students couldn’t help but kick them.

After all, the brothers had been recklessly bullying students in the university and even harassed a female student from the film academy a few days ago, causing her and her family to move out of Bayside overnight; even her boyfriend was forced to drop out of school.

In addition, one of the students also quickly discontinued his studies because his results were better than theirs.

Not only that, a few students who publicly talked bad about them in the cafeteria received different levels of revenge.

The university tried to deal with them but they couldn’t find any evidence.

Finally, someone did a good deed and taught them a lesson today.

If no one stopped the students, they would’ve kicked those two b*stards to death.

A pair of leather boots strolled back and forth in front of them, producing a heavy rhythm.

“I heard that both of you are acting extremely imperious in the university recently. You even bullied the students, didn’t you?”

Gritting his teeth, Henry muttered, “I won’t let you get away with—”


Taking a step forward, Celine slapped Henry hard, causing him to have a concussion while blood dripped through his nose and mouth.

On the other hand, Sophia looked down at them and chuckled coldly. She too mocked, “You’re the Cethos regional person in charge of the Ronney Group after all. Why did you ignore your standards and start bullying students in Bayside University? What losers!”

Tone dripping with sarcasm, Celine added, “Please! They’re no longer the person in charge. Now, Lucy is the Cethos regional general acting director of the Ronney Group. Ironically, she’s their half-sister. They were fired from the Ronney Group for slacking in their work so they had no choice but to study in the university. Since they failed to defeat their sister, they could only vent their anger on the commoners and students. What cowards!”

It seemed like Sophia only came to know about that now and she laughed after hearing Celine’s explanation. “I see… Tsk; they’re indeed losers!”

Continuing from where they left off, Sean added, “Before this, the Ronney Group was a mess because of them but after their sister took over the job, the company immediately gained the upper hand. Ha! If they were one tenth as clever as Lucy, they wouldn’t have ended up this way. Now, all they can do is bully the students in the university, who haven’t stepped out into society.”

For the Yard brothers, nothing felt more humiliating than being criticized; not even being beaten up could compare to that.

One day, Jordan brought Lucy to the Ronney Group and told them that she was their sister whom they had never met before. On top of that, she would be replacing them as the Cethos regional person in charge of the Ronney Group.

If she was one of Jordan’s other children, they would’ve made a fuss about it, even if it was Callum or Cade. After all, the Yard brothers were spoiled since young and were told that they were the kings of the world. Anna had never scolded them and their two elder brothers doted on them too. Unexpectedly, their sister, who appeared out of nowhere, took them under control and caught them off guard without considering their pride.

As a result, the princes—who were born with silver spoons in their mouths—were suddenly struck by the cruel reality.

As soon as Lucy came, she overturned all their ways of working and thoughts; she even dismissed their plans and fired their men. The Yard brothers tried to fight her but to their dismay, they lost. Soon, Cethos headquarters of the Ronney Group was completely taken over by Lucy.

She even stopped all their activities and prohibited them from interfering in any of Ronney Group’s management until Jordan gave them his word. In addition, she forced them to study in the university.

This was utterly humiliating to the Yard brothers.

In the past 20 years, they had been the apple of everyone’s eyes and they were spoiled. However, Lucy stepped on them and Jordan even supported her.

Now, Sophia was rubbing salt in their wounds and humiliating them even more.

“You mean these two fools? As useless cowards, the both of you shouldn’t have fought against Lucy. It’s like kicking against the pricks. Don’t you know how useless you are? You’re pathetic! You were not only defeated by Lucy in the Yard Family, you can’t even win against your other two brothers.”

While Ryan was lost for words, Henry struggled like a trapped beast. He started to burn in anger while his veins popped. He then shouted ferociously, “Shut up! Shut up, all of you!”

However, his anger roused even more humiliation from the crowd. “Look—he’s angry. Oh no; he’s going to cry!”

“We’d better let him go quickly. Otherwise, he might run back home and cry in his sister’s arms. By that time, we’ll be doomed if his sister comes to seek revenge.”

“Look at these two losers. Hilarious!”

Henry struggled desperately while hatred took over his face. His pride was repeatedly mocked by everyone and he hated them all, including Lucy.

Suddenly, Sophia grabbed his colorful hair and lifted his face. She looked at him in curiosity with her brows knitted and scorned, “People always say that outstanding people will have outstanding children. Your parents and siblings are extraordinary geniuses, but why are you so different from them?”

Beside them, someone mocked, “Perhaps they were found in the dumpster! Ha!”

“Perhaps the nurse in the obstetrics was blind and made a mistake. She must’ve thrown the baby and cultivated the placenta instead. What’s more—she grew two placentas!”

Suddenly, someone said, “Security is here!”

Instantly, the onlookers scattered like fleeing birds, leaving behind those of the Yard Family, who were lying on the ground like dogs.

While walking away from Bayside University, Sophia couldn’t help but turn back and look.

Who said that Lucy didn’t have other shortcomings?

Since Anna wanted Sophia to deal with the pair of losers for her, why couldn’t she instruct the two losers to deal with Lucy instead?

Although they were losers, they attached great importance to their pride. In the past, they were suppressed by Callum and Cade and now, they were suppressed by Lucy. How would the two mischievous jerks resign themselves to that fact?

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