My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1233

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1233

Not knowing why, Sophia felt unusually tense to see Nathan up against Ryan and Henry, and she got goosebumps all over.

Michael wasn’t there. It was just her, Justin and Celine who had come to watch the game.

Soon, Sophia’s suspicions were confirmed. When the game started, something felt off.

Although Nathan was five foot seven, he was still small compared to his teammates. Despite that, he was still strong; after all, he was one of the Fletchers. He joined Bayside University’s military training year after year and on top of that, he would also join the Fletcher Family’s military training whenever he had the time. In fact, he was great at basketball and he was granted special admission and successfully got into the university’s team.

As soon as the game started, Nathan caught the ball and the red team was in the lead. Suddenly, one of the team players from the blue team leapt toward Nathan, seemingly trying to grab the ball. However, the six feet tall body slammed right into him.


Caught off guard, the impact sent Nathan flying as he kept his hold on the ball.

Right away, the coach blew his whistle and the blue team was then given warning for a foul.

At that moment, poor Nathan laid there for a while before getting up. He did not look good and he was holding his stomach when he stood up. Despite that, he still made a gesture toward his family in the audience, signaling he was alright.

Upon seeing this, Celine was on the verge of bursting into tears as her face contorted. She tugged at Justin and said, “Our son got beaten.”

Worried, Justin watched while he comforted her, “Don’t worry; accidents happen.”

On the other hand, Sophia remained silent as her gaze was fixed on the pair of brothers.

As a matter of fact, she caught them exchanging looks when Nathan was knocked down.

It almost looked like a smug look.

At that point, Stanley came to watch the game with a few members of the Fletcher Family.

“Sorry we’re late! How’s Nate-Tan doing?”

The past few years, Nathan had been practicing his basketball skills at the Fletcher Residence. It was inevitable that he would become tan like the Fletchers, so Stan affectionately nicknamed him Nate-Tan.

At that moment, Sophia stood up from the crowd and left the audience seating area, going to stand by the court. She wasn’t interfering with the game; she just stood and watched from the sidelines.

At that moment, the game had already resumed.

Watching closer, Sophia realized the problem was that they weren’t actually playing basketball. Instead, they were deliberately hitting people.

One instance was when the match first started, Ryan caught the ball and quickly passed it. However, the ball wasn’t passed to his teammate. Instead, it was sent flying toward Nathan’s back.

At once, Nathan was hit and he lunged forward as a result, almost falling onto the ground.

The scene was an uproar, yet the initiator was smiling smugly.

They were doing it on purpose.

In fact, they were pretending to hit him unintentionally. In just the first half of the game, Nathan was hit several times. He would either be hit by someone or tripped when he ran, or even suddenly getting hit in the head with the ball. Fortunately, he became aware of what was happening and began to consciously dodge every hit.

After all, he was a child of the Fletcher Family. After a few hits, he got smart and even shot a few three-pointers. And so, the red team was in the lead during the first half of the game.

Just then, Justin also noticed the situation and he came down to the court angrily. However, he was stopped by Sophia. “Calm down,” she advised.

At halftime, Nathan left the court to rest. When Sophia approached him, she realized there were bruises forming on his face and abrasions on his head.

“Darling, how are you holding up? Does it hurt?” Justin asked with concern.

“I’m alright; I can continue,” Nathan said, his eyes full of determination.

In fact, he had already won half of the game. I just have to hold out until the end of the second half!

Unexpectedly, Sophia said, “Let the substitute player go up for the second half. You should go to the infirmary.”

It was clear that the opposing team was deliberately injuring people.

“No; I’m going up. I have to win this match!” Nathan immediately objected.

Suddenly, Sophia became stern as she said, “Are you not going to listen to your aunt? You’re out of this game!”

Justin too advised, “Look at your face—it’s swollen. You can’t play anymore!”

Meanwhile, Celine hugged her big baby and sobbed bitterly, “Oh, my son!”

Whether or not Nathan was willing, Justin had already made the decision and dragged a very reluctant Nathan away.

As the blue team and the cheerleaders of the blue team watched Nathan leave, they all cheered mockingly. Meanwhile, the red team was evidently disappointed and expressed their regrets.


“Yeah! Run home to your Mommy, you coward!”

Upon hearing that, Nathan was infuriated. Sadly, he couldn’t win against his father so he could only be escorted away. He was filled with resentment and he could still hear the mocking cheers of the blue team echoing in his ears. In fact, the sound got progressively sharper every time it replayed in his head.

At that moment, Sophia turned around to look at the pair of brothers and saw that they were winking and making suggestive facial expressions at her.

Not understanding what was going on, Stanley asked in disbelief, “How could you just leave like that? Look how arrogant the Yard Family is!”

With a dark expression, Sophia said, “This is not the place for a fight.”

Stanley narrowed his eyes, seemingly understanding her comment.

Then, the group left the gymnasium.

After Nathan left, the match resumed and a substitute took his place. In the end, the blue team won the match.

When the game ended, it was already noon.

Henry and Ryan showered and changed in their own personal locker rooms before leaving the gymnasium, heading to the parking lot.

Because it was noon and there was no cafeteria near the gymnasium, there weren’t many people around. Occasionally, there would only be a few people who were just passing by.

At that moment, Henry felt his hair stand up and he suddenly felt uneasy. Indeed, the street in front of them was suddenly filled with a row of people.

Instantly, the brothers recognized them. Isn’t that Sophia and her minions?

There were four of them—Sophia, Nathan, Justin, and Celine. A kid, two women, and only one man who could actually fight. As such, they did not take them seriously, as there were seven or eight of them on their side.

“What? Did you finally change your mind about having fun with us?” Henry walked toward Sophia, his eyes wandering up and down her slender figure that not even her winter clothes could cover.

Despite that, the corner of Sophia’s lips curled upward as she remained silent.

Meanwhile, the others who were standing beside her also stayed silent; even the silly Celine had a look of bitterness and hatred on her face.

Seeing as nobody was saying anything, Henry continued to tease Sophia, “Are you shy? Would you prefer to do it one-on-one? Come on then!”

As soon as he said that, a loud and synchronized thumping suddenly filled the surrounding silence as footsteps approached.

Looking around, Henry saw that there was a huge crowd coming from all directions. There were men and women with various heights; it seemed like they were all students of Bayside University.

At once, the crowd swarmed toward them. Everyone had a serious expression and they were all silent.

Looking at the number of people, there were no less than a hundred of them. In a blink of an eye, the Yard Family was surrounded by the crowd.

At that point, the Yard twins realized that something was wrong.

Unfortunately for them, it was too late.

On top of that, Stanley had also called over the Fletchers, while Sean called the Mitchell Family. On the other hand, when the Winston Family got wind of the fight with the Yards, they rushed here to join in the fun. As a matter of fact, they loved to watch fights.

Recently, the Yard twins had been spending a lot of time in Bayside University and caused trouble from time to time. However, the school couldn’t do anything about them. When the students heard that they were going to get beat up, all of them were hyped up and rushed over to watch. There were constantly people coming and adding onto the crowd.

If the school couldn’t control them, the students would do it!

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