My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1232

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1232

Immediately, Nathan stuffed a jelly in her mouth and ran away.

After that, Carmen quietly stood next to Stanley, who stiffened and was afraid to move or even make eye contact.

She then tugged at his sleeve. “Stan, I want—”

Pretending to be serious, Stanley scolded sternly, “Don’t even think about it!”

After being silent for a few seconds, Carmen started to bawl. All at once, Stanley panicked and backtracked, “Wait; please don’t cry! I’m sorry!”

While everyone was comforting her, Cooper quickly switched to a different channel to keep Carmen from seeing another one of those reality shows.

To their surprise, a loud voice came on the TV as soon as the channel was switched. “Thank you for tuning in to watch the largest parent-child reality TV show ‘My Grandpa In Shining Armor’! Please welcome Grandpa No. 1 to the stage!”

Instantly, Cooper’s hairs stood on end and he felt his skin crawl.

The entire room became eerily silent before Carmen, who had just been throwing a tantrum, was now standing behind Cooper silently and looking up at him with innocent puppy eyes. With a sweet voice, she asked, “Grandpa, am I still your favorite little baby?”

At that point, Cooper had broken into cold sweat and it started to roll down his skin. Under Carmen’s intense gaze, he was terrified of making a sudden movement, or any movement for that matter.

At Ronney City, Anna and the rest had safely arrived from Bayside City after more than a forty-hour bumpy ride.

In fact, it had been some time since Anna was away. Hence, she was swamped with work and could only get three or four hours of sleep every night. She would often overwork herself to the point where she would fall asleep instantly as soon as her head hit the pillow.

She was afraid that her mind would wander endlessly if she had even a second of free time.

Despite that, she hadn’t been well-rested since she returned because she kept having nightmares.

At one moment, she would dream that her body was torn open and something crawled out. Then, she would see her two sons being lifted up high before being thrown onto the ground.

“Miss Beautiful, where did you go?” Carmen’s cries would echo in her ear from time to time and the dream would center around Cooper’s deep, yet emotionless gaze.

“Anna, Annabel—”


Screaming, Anna woke from her dream, only to realize she was still in her bedroom without Cooper, Carmen, or her sons. Her body was still in one piece and not torn apart.

When her hand reached up to touch her face, she realized she had been crying.

What is going on?

She was anxious all night and couldn’t fall back asleep although it was only three o’clock in the morning. Suddenly, she shot up and turned on her computer. She found the surveillance footage of her residence at Bayside City and played it from the morning after they had left.

She watched Carmen, who was wearing a Snow White costume, coming over with Sophia early in the morning.

Gazing at the adorable dress, she suddenly remembered the promise she made with Carmen the day before and realized she had broken her promise…

Carmen’s cries were like a pair of invisible hands that were tugging at Anna’s heart strings. Her heart ached so much that she could barely breathe.

Cooper, on the other hand, remained silent the whole time. He was just looking down at the discarded pot of roses.

In the footage, his face wasn’t visible but Anna knew he was heartbroken too.

She couldn’t bear to watch the footage any longer so she shut her computer. However, her tears were still rolling down uncontrollably. Even after all these years of fighting her own emotions and being able to control it, she still felt like she was going to break down anytime soon.

She couldn’t help but want to have a good cry and let out all her feelings of helplessness and sorrow.

What the hell is going on?

Meanwhile, Callum and Cade were in the study. After they were done with what they were doing, they watched the surveillance footage at the Yard Residence too and found that Carmen had come by early in the morning.

When they heard her sobs, they both felt unhappy as well. This kid was too cute and they couldn’t bear to be the reason for her sorrow.

However, they thought Cooper was acting strangely.

Initially, they thought he was only using Anna as a replacement for his late wife but they realized that when Anna was gone, he would still come and stand by the door for an hour or two. Every day, he would just wander around the residence, as if he was waiting for someone.

What is Cooper thinking?

Both Callum and Cade thought it was too peculiar and assumed that something must have happened that they were unaware about.

The simplest and most straightforward way to find out was to ask Sophia herself.

“Hey, Sophia. What’s going on with your dad?” Cade asked as soon as the call was picked up.

However, Sophia shouted down the line, “Get lost!” Then, she added, “Sorry our family isn’t good enough for the Yard Family. Carmen won’t be visiting you anymore!”

After hanging up, Callum and Cade were baffled.

It was clearly her father who was acting like a playboy and making Anna sad, yet Sophia scolded them.

So what if your family has a mine? So what if you’re from the Michel Family?

And so, both families had decided to not stay in touch for a while.

In reality, Callum was eager to win Cooper over. If he and Anna worked together, they would definitely be able to get rid of Jordan.

In fact, the mother and sons were fed up with their current lives; they had to succeed, or else they would definitely be done for.

However, the relationship was now destroyed and they could only rely on themselves or look for stronger allies.

Back in Bayside City, Cooper went out every day to walk the dogs and would always end up coming to the place where Anna used to stay. He would wander around the area before going home.

Although Anna and Annabel were actually two different people, Cooper still couldn’t let it go.

The way Sophia saw it, there was no other way than to find something for Cooper to do so that his mind wouldn’t wander.

He should go on that ‘My Grandpa in Shining Armor’ show.

At that point, the agreement had been signed and Carmen’s schedule for the next year was almost full. She was going to be the lead actress for a western children’s fantasy film and would be appearing on two reality shows—‘Let’s Go Uncle!’ and ‘My Grandpa In Shining Armor’. That was enough activities for her; anything more than that was going to affect her studies.

However, Carmen was still not satisfied. She wanted to go on ‘My Brother and I’ too but since that day, her brothers had fled and went into hiding. Nathan slipped back to the Fletcher Residence and Stanley never came to visit again.

Not long after, there was another reality TV show called ‘Mommy’s Hugs’, where attractive mothers participated with their cute kids. The ratings for that reality show were incredibly high too. Then, Carmen went into the study where Sophia was busy with work and stared at her.

Carmen dawdled and tried to speak to Sophia shyly, but didn’t know where to start.

Meanwhile, Michael watched her from the side and snickered to himself.

After a long while, Carmen finally gathered all her courage and set up a trap to initiate the conversation.

“Mommy, am I still the family’s favorite baby?”

“No, you’re not.” Sophia pointed to herself and said confidently, “I’m the family’s favorite baby. I was here first; you came second.”

Upon hearing this, Michael tried hard to hold in his laughter.

On the other hand, Carmen pouted and ran away unhappily.

Bemused, Sophia shook her head before going back to looking at her schedules and realized that Nathan’s basketball game was tomorrow.

The next day, the family showed up on time at Bayside University’s gymnasium to watch the Men’s Basketball Finals.

Although Nathan was only fifteen, he stood at five foot seven. Not only did he participate in the basketball match this year, he even made it to the finals.

At the arena, Sophia glanced at the court after finding a seat and immediately found Nathan. Then, her eyes scanned through his opponents and found two unexpected people—Henry and Ryan Yard.

At once, the atmosphere became a little tense.

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