My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1230

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1230

So, Jordan took her in and nurtured her.

Unfortunately, she betrayed him for a teenage boy who was good at photography and playing the piano.

Without hesitating, Jordan erased all her memories. Even though he knew that this memory-erasing surgery was still in the experimental stage and she could possibly die, he still proceeded with it; he could not tolerate her betrayal at all.

When she did survive the surgery, all her memories were wiped out and it was like she was a blank canvas again. Jordan then sent someone to care for her, who was caring and attentive to her every need. When she had gotten used to this person, they suddenly tried to harm her. Just as she was close to being killed, Jordan deliberately appeared at that precise moment to rescue her.

All he was trying to do was to show her that he was the only person who was good for her and that everyone and everything else was fake.

Since then, she no longer trusted anyone else. She became cold and ruthless, and she would only obey him. At that point, she had completely forgotten about that boy who played the piano and took really nice photographs. Jordan was very pleased, until she changed…

As always, she was cold, but no longer obedient.

She had no recollection of the teenage boy and no longer believed in true love. She was cautious of the whole world, including Jordan…

When Jordan left, Anna was still enraged. Meanwhile, when Callum, who was in the study, learned that Cooper was Fass Michel, he was so impressed that he hastily did an online search to find out more information.


“Mom, take a look at this!”

At that moment, Anna was still shocked at the fact that Cooper was Fass and that he was about to marry the Duchess. In a trance, she saw the tablet that was handed to her by Callum.

There was a young woman on the screen. The photo was old and blurry but it was still vaguely visible; the lady in the photograph was beautiful and lovely. In fact, her features were very similar to a young Anna’s!

Her name was Annabel Johnson. She was Cooper’s late wife and their daughter was Sophia Edwards.

All at once, Anna was thunderstruck. It took a while before she came back to her senses.

“Mom, no wonder Cooper always chokes up whenever he calls you ‘Anna’. It was because you look a lot like his wife!” Callum was outraged. “Now I know why he is always at a loss for words whenever he sees you!”

Through the screen, Anna gazed at the face that looked exactly like her when she was younger, becoming even more shaken up.

At that moment, she felt like she had been stabbed in her heart.

No wonder Cooper was always looking at her with deep affection…

Anna chuckled emotionlessly.

It turned out that it was only because she looked like his late wife.

Meanwhile, he was Fass Michel, who was about to marry the Duchess.

Everything was just her own imagination!

Suddenly, Anna stood up and said hastily, “Since Jordan invited us back, we’ll return to Ronney City immediately. It seems like he can’t hold up anymore.”

Although they left, Anna developed her own confidant over the years. When she left, the confidant stayed there and deliberately caused trouble at Ronney’s, ruining business after business and making a mess of things. Jordan had no choice but to rush back to deal with the mess when he had other businesses to attend to. Hence, his schedule was always very hectic.

Sure enough, Ronney City just couldn’t leave her alone.

Back then, Jordan was only training her to be his puppet and he didn’t expect those thoughts to be ingrained in her mind.

As for Cooper, Anna never wanted to think about this person ever again. That night, they packed up and left immediately.

Anna thought that in Cooper’s eyes, she was just a substitute for a dead person!

Just then, Callum looked at the pigs, dogs, cats, chickens, and alpacas.

Damn it!

I’ve been taking care of Sophia’s pets for free for so long!

And so, Sophia received a text message from Callum, ‘We’re leaving. We left your pets at your door; go get them yourself. If they freeze to death, then they deserve it!’

Before Sophia could understand what was going on, she learned that Anna and the others had packed up and left for Ronney City, and that her pets were left shivering in the snow in front of the entrance.

Although Sophia had repeatedly confirmed that Anna was gone, Carmen still insisted on visiting her as soon as she woke up the next morning.

“But I promised Miss Beautiful that I was going to play Snow White!” Carmen pleaded. She was wearing a Snow White costume and she had plucked the roses that Michael had grown to give them to Anna.

“Miss Beautiful left last night,” Sophia hurriedly explained. “She couldn’t stand the cold here so she went back to heaven. Don’t worry; she’ll be back next year!”

Unconvinced, Carmen carried her little basket and she was bent on going to Anna’s residence.

“Miss Beautiful won’t leave. We made a promise yesterday! If she was going to leave, she would definitely inform me!”

Left with no choice, Sophia took Carmen to the Yard Residence to see for herself.

Indeed, the Yard Family was gone. The pets that they stole were abandoned at the door last night. They packed up everything and left overnight; it seemed like something happened that resulted in their abrupt departure.

Although Sophia did not want to contact Anna, she was worried and wondered if something bad had happened to her.

There must be a reason for leaving in such a hurry…

When Sophia and Carmen were leaving, Cooper came with them. Upon seeing him, Sophia tried to convince him, “Dad, you don’t have to come. I’ll take her there.”

However, Cooper still tagged along without saying anything. Hence, Sophia had no choice but to let him come with them.

When they arrived at the Yard Residence, they saw the thick snow from last night that accumulated at the door. It seemed like they were rushing to leave before the heavy snowfall.

There was a pot of roses placed right at the entrance. Unfortunately, they were completely frozen after a night of snowfall. The petals were withered and the roses were dead.

At that moment, Cooper was staring blankly at the pot of roses that had been discarded outside… Carmen must have given them to Anna.

Just then, Carmen walked to the entrance, leaving tiny footprints in the snow behind her. She knocked on the door and shouted, “Open the door, Miss Beautiful! It’s me, Carmen! I’m here to play Snow White for you!”

Sadly, there was no movement inside. Standing on her tiptoes, Carmen rang the doorbell several times but there was still no response.

When she finally came to terms that there was no one home, she stood at the door dejectedly and sobbed, her head hanging low.

Hastily, Sophia hugged her close and wiped away her tears. “Miss Beautiful went back to heaven to celebrate the new year’s. She’s not here anymore. Let’s go home, alright?”

Looking up at Sophia, Carmen sniffled sadly, “Is it because Miss Beautiful doesn’t like me anymore so she secretly went away?”

Realizing how sad Carmen was, Sophia was heartbroken. “Of course not! It’s because the Heavenly Court ordered Miss Beautiful to return immediately, so she had to rush to leave. She didn’t have the time to inform you but she did call me last night! You were asleep, so I didn’t want to wake you.”

Still, Carmen was incredibly distraught. She sobbed and her tears were uncontrollably streaming down her cheeks. “Is she going to call me?”

“Of course she will. Let’s go home; maybe she has called!” Sophia cooed as she wiped Carmen’s tears. It was only then did Carmen leave sadly with Sophia.

As they were leaving, Sophia turned to look back at Cooper, who was still standing there motionless. It was as if his leather shoes had taken root in the snow while he silently stared at the pot of abandoned roses.

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