My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1229

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1229

Upon hearing what Cooper had to say, Sophia asked herself, If I use Lucy’s secret against her and force her to step down, will it really make me happy?

The successful outcome was extremely important to Sophia, but was it important enough for her to go against her morals? No… Even if I lose, I would want to do so without feeling any guilt. If I lose, I can always try again!

Cooper then saw Sophia, who was clearly in distress, smile suddenly. She didn’t need to use those tactics to win against Lucy. In fact, she would do it fair and square. If she lost, then she would accept it wholeheartedly!

“I got it. Thanks, Dad!” At once, Sophia jumped up and wrapped her arms around Cooper’s neck, affectionately rubbing her cheek against his. He smiled happily as he thought there was nothing more fulfilling than the joy of his sweetheart.

Then, Sophia ate a little more before starting work again. I’m not afraid of Lucy Edwards! In fact, Sophia thought she was pretty powerful. Her parents, her brother, and her husband were powerful, so she was determined to not be the one to drag them down.

She was set on organizing this year’s Bayside Fashion Week. If she failed, then she would still get the opportunity in the future—it wasn’t going to be the end of the world. Now, however, she must seize this opportunity!

At the Yard Residence, Carmen came to visit with the roses from ‘Cooper’ and some homemade snacks. After she left, the Yard Family began to decorate their home in preparation for the New Year. Callum was setting up colorful lights and he even had some balloons.

Meanwhile, Anna transferred the roses from Cooper to a petri dish for it to grow some roots before transplanting them to a larger pot to bring it back to Ronney City.

These days, Cooper would occasionally grab any opportunity to visit whenever he came to pick Carmen up. However, he would only have a brief conversation with Anna before leaving shortly. Truth was, Anna noticed the way he looked at her and she felt the same way. Yet, Cooper had met Jordan and he knew about their relationship. She felt her heart sink at that thought.

All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was Carmen again, Anna happily went to answer the door. She was caught off guard when she saw it was Jordan who appeared on the monitor.

“What is he doing here?” she lamented. Jordan is supposed to be in Ronney City. Calmly opening the door, Anna let him in before asking him indifferently, “Why are you here?”

At that moment, Callum and Cade, who were just setting up the lights, came over and said respectfully, “Father, you’re here.”

As soon as he arrived, the atmosphere in the house changed completely. Jordan hummed and said, “I came to visit.”

As if his visit is the greatest blessing ever.

Indeed, Jordan’s visit—in his opinion—was in fact a blessing to them. He had many wives, mistresses and lovers. In fact, his illegitimate children were all over the world. He could hardly find the time to visit them all. Aside from the Edwards and Yard families, Jordan had other properties, albeit not as big as these two.

“Go about your business. I need to speak to your mother.”

Callum and Cade obediently went back to their rooms. With Anna, they could occasionally monkey about like ordinary sons. In contrast, they were fully compliant and robot-like when it came to Jordan.

That left the two of them in the living room. Glancing at the pot of roses that Anna had placed there, Jordan asked with a blank expression, “Who gave you those roses?”

“A friend,” Anna replied.

“Cooper?” Jordan asked again doubtfully. Although he sounded doubtful, it was clear in his tone that he was certain. In reality, he got wind of this and deliberately came by to interrogate her.

Upon hearing that, Anna curled her lips upward into what was supposed to be a smile and said frankly, “I’m the president of the Ronney Group. Is it such a big deal for me to have a friend?”

Before Jordan could respond, she continued in a fierce tone, “Are you really that distrustful of us? Back in Ronney City, you accuse us of having ill intentions of taking over your power. When we came to venture into the Cethosian market, you accused us once again of scheming, which was why I handed over all of the affairs of Cethos to your favorite sons and returned to Ronney City. Still, you couldn’t trust us so we could only leave Ronney City and come to Cethos again. During this period, I’ve never once asked about any work matters. What more do you want? Is it such a crime for us to have friends? Or would you rather if we asked for your permission on who to be friends with, what we eat, and what we do?” She laughed sarcastically as her aura became increasingly stronger.

With a darkening expression, Jordan glanced at the roses that were an eyesore to him. He would know if she was unfaithful. Despite that, this woman was too clever. Even Jordan thought he was losing control over her.

Back then, he found her and took her in. He nurtured and guided her, watching as she blossomed and thrived in his palm. Her beauty was unparalleled but he could only keep it to himself. Then, he realized that unknowingly, her roots grew and she evolved from a harmless little flower to a poisonous one, full of thorns. Her roots had penetrated into his veins, feeding on his blood as nourishment. Meanwhile, her poison spread and it seeped into his blood vessels.

By the time he tried to remove her, he discovered that they had merged into one. If he wanted to get rid of her, he would have to remove his arm or even his own internal organs. In fact, her roots had long since infiltrated his whole body; on top of that, even his heartbeat was under her control.

At that moment, Jordan said in a voice that was much softer than Anna’s, “Annie, that’s not what I meant. I’m just worried about you…” His gaze was deep beyond measure and it was as if there was an ice-cold current that was surging when he looked at her. “Cooper is an unpredictable person. You’re no match for him so you need to steer clear of him. You may not know this, but he is Fass Michel and he’s going to marry the Duchess. Any interactions with him will only invite trouble.”

Although Anna was silent and her demeanor did not change, she was devastated deep down.

Jordan then left, knowing that he wasn’t welcomed here at all. Before leaving, he added, “There should be a limit for your reckless actions. Come back to Ronney City after the new year’s; you’re still needed there to call the shots.”

However, Anna did not respond.

When he stepped out, it was already snowing heavily outside. Jordan walked on the street, clad in normal winter clothing. He had raven-colored hair and his facial features did not reveal any signs of aging. In fact, he still looked like he was in his prime.

His car was parked on the side of the road but he did not get in. Instead, he reached his hand out and caught a snowflake. Just then, it brought back the memory of one snowy day when he was in the countryside where his car had broken down.

There was a small noodle shop just across the street, so he went in to keep warm. There, he found a peculiar girl—she must have been only twelve or thirteen—who was working as a runner in the store. Occasionally, there were customers who would make things difficult for her but she easily overcame the obstacles; her brilliance was beyond that of any other teens. As soon as he laid eyes on her, he knew instantly that she was not an ordinary person. Even if she was born ordinary, her future was going to be unquestionably the opposite.

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