My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1227

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1227

Flustered, Sandra immediately called Lucy to ask the latter for advice.

Lucy was the first person she thought of at this moment.

When Lucy learned of Sandra’s current situation, she let out a sneer and swore inwardly, What an idiot. “Your father is dead, whereas your mother is still lying comatose in the intensive care unit right now. Since you have poisoned your younger brother to death, you are the only lawful heir to your father’s property. Congratulations on becoming the head of the Mitchell Family. As for the murder you’ve committed… Now that you’ve become the head of your family, who would have the nerve to question you if you claim that your father fell to his death by accident?”

Sandra was completely stunned for a long time before she finally came back to her senses. She’s right—now that Alex and Albert are dead, I’m the only heir to the Mitchell Family!

After hanging up the phone, Sandra looked at Alex—who was very dead—before getting up to leave the room.

That night, the president of Mitchell’s Technology—who was subject to an endless stream of scandals and the loss of his beloved son—passed away due to a broken heart. His death was briefly reported on the news, but it was quickly drowned out by breaking news stories of Ethan Winston being cast for the role of Hansen Raider.

After all, photos of Alex’s dead body couldn’t be as good-looking as the film stills that featured Ethan no matter what.

Just like that, Sandra became the head of Alex’s branch of the family. There seemed to be no suspicions regarding Alex’s death. After all, Alex’s family branch was already in a state of disunity, so no one could care less about his fate.

Soon after that, Sandra officially took over as the president of Mitchell’s Technology; she then laid off a group of people that she found to be an eyesore a long time ago.

The changes in the top management caused panic among the company’s staff. Resignation letters flooded the company like a snowstorm, causing Mitchell’s Technology to go further into decline.

In fact, Mitchell’s Technology might not have been able to hold out for such a long time if it weren’t for the fact that Dragon Technology was in its early stage of restructuring and needed some time to gel. After all, nearly all of those who used to be Mitchell’s Technology’s elites had crossed over to Dragon Technology’s side.

The authorities also attached incomparably great importance to Dragon Technology. They often sent out government officials to inspect the company on the grounds of conducting investigation and research, so the company had to attend to these officials almost on a daily basis. The authorities also provided Dragon Technology with whatever resources or anything else the latter needed; they still counted on the latter to have a tough fight with the world’s top technology companies such as Michel Group and Serpent Group.

After all, Mitchell’s Technology, the predecessor of Dragon Technology, had been very powerful 20 years ago. It could be said that the company was a giant in the world’s electronic technology industry since its products were distributed all over the world. Half of the world’s computers were its products, whereas the Michel Group and the Serpent Group hadn’t come to prominence back then.

Of course, the government officials also visited JNS Group—who were located next door—after finishing up their investigation and research tour at Dragon Technology’s premises. Bayside Fashion Week was around the corner; this event was an attempt to compete with the Ronney Group, so the authorities had high hopes for it.

In order to prepare for the upcoming fashion week, Sophia didn’t manage to spend the end of the year in leisure; she had to ensure that the event ran smoothly.

She had to keep a check on the quality and publicize the event to make it a grand occasion.

The exhibitors were all fashion brands of Bayside City and even Cethos; the brands that were being featured included cosmetics, handbags, fashionable clothing, wristwatches, leather shoes, pet luxury goods, and even children’s wear.

The exhibition was about to start, yet it was beset with difficulties.

“Miss Edwards, the few supermodels we invited declined our invitation and are joining Ronney Fashion Week instead.”

“Miss Edwards, another three local fashion brands announced their withdrawal from our fashion week; they are all joining Ronney Fashion Week.”

“Miss Edwards, Bayside City Museum of Natural History—who originally agreed to rent out an exhibition hall to us—unilaterally tore up the lease agreement and rented out the exhibition hall to Ronney Fashion Week instead.”

Sophia’s assistant, secretary, and subordinates went in and out of her office, bringing pieces of bad news with them.

The Ronney Group seemed to have its ideas straightened out. It previously made a high-profile and aggressive entry into the Cethosian market as if wanting to wipe out all its Bayside City counterparts, leading to a boycott by all its rivals in Bayside City.

But now, it miraculously humbled itself and cozied up to Bayside City’s fashion world. Some people couldn’t resist its temptation, so they joined Ronney Fashion Week instead. After all, it was an honor to be able to appear at the event.

Furthermore, the Ronney Group started to actively speak with the government, managing to gain many resources for themselves. Soon enough, the event was put on record without a hitch.

Not only were their models and exhibitors snatched away by the Ronney Group, they even snatched the exhibition venue from them.

“D*mn it!” Sophia tossed a stack of terminated contracts onto the desk angrily.

She knew that the Ronney Group didn’t get enlightened all of a sudden; Lucy definitely had a hand in this.

Lucy was not only Jordan’s daughter, but also Ryan and Henry’s biological sister. Seeing that his two sons were about to lose control of the situation, Jordan immediately sent out his capable eldest daughter to join them.

As expected, everything was different with Lucy’s participation. She removed all obstacles in a very short time, enabling Ronney Fashion week to make a fresh start. Furthermore, she roped in many rude and unreasonable sponsors, thus securing the few most impressive exhibition halls in Bayside City.

Sophia had taken great pains to rent exhibition halls in these places, including Wapefield Hotel and Bayside City National Museum of Natural History.

But now, Lucy had snatched these exhibition halls away; she even stole a group of supermodels that Sophia had a hard time signing up with.

The Ronney Group also headhunted many employees from JNS Group. It even pestered Russell, but he didn’t jump ship no matter how tempting its offer was since Cooper had saved his life.

Kenny and Ivan were both Sophia’s most trusted men, so the Ronney Group couldn’t headhunt them as well. However, that wasn’t necessarily the case for other people.

Soon after that, Lucy had poached Bayside Fashion Week’s chief planner, whom Sophia finally hired after many difficulties.

All the while, Sophia knew that Bayside Fashion Week was no match for Ronney Fashion Week. Ronney Fashion Week had a history of 100 years, whereas this event of hers was very new.

She wanted to deal with the Ronney Group by taking advantage of Ronney Fashion Week’s failed adaptation to Bayside City so that the company couldn’t launch their event smoothly. However, she didn’t expect the company to hire a capable local guide.

This was no longer a fight between Sophia and the Ronney Group. Instead, this was a duel between Sophia and Lucy.

Lucy was the last person Sophia wanted to cross, for this woman was simply invincible. She had no weaknesses and left nothing to chance. Therefore, it made one’s hair stand on its end to simply imagine becoming her enemy.

Now that Sophia was really setting herself against Lucy, she felt extremely powerless as she had no idea where to start—Lucy was superior to her in every way.

Wait a minute… Lucy does have a weakness! I don’t know what it is, but someone surely does!

The scene then turned to the Mitchell Family’s ancestral home.

Pinning Sandra to the ground, Justin pulled her by the hair and lifted her face, forcing her to look at Sophia.

Sophia was standing in front of Sandra—who looked like a useless slob—while looking down at the latter.

No one in the Mitchell Residence dared to utter a sound even when Sandra, their Young Lady… no, their master was pinned to the floor. Instead, they walked away tacitly.

“Are you going to say it?” Sophia asked fiercely once again.

Sandra clenched her teeth with all her might. “Don’t you dare think…”

Lucy’s secret was her strongest card, so she would never disclose it to Sophia.

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