My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1226

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1226

Sophia, who had already left the scene, watched a live coverage of what was happening. “What an idiot,” she said.

She even has the audacity to buy drugs from the Phantom Wolf. However, these drugs are really amazing! It is no wonder some countries and government officials have registered alternate accounts to purchase the drugs in batches.

In the end, the inexhaustibly strong Sandra was finally sent back to her room and locked up; it was thanks to the collective effort of the police, the Mitchells, and several concerned citizens.

With that, the farce was finally quelled.

Back in the Mitchell Family’s ancestral home, Sandra—who was locked in her room—jumped up and down before smashing everything in the room again like an infuriated monkey. The scene was quite creepy as she let out hysterical shrieks from time to time.

Around nightfall, the door to Sandra’s room opened all of a sudden. Someone came in and said, “Boss wants to see you.”

Sandra was bursting with rage to the point where her hands were trembling slightly; even her skin was numb as she was still in an extremely excited state.

She walked into Alex’s study with bloodshot eyes.

Alex had never left the room on this day. He had witnessed everything that happened with his own eyes, but he didn’t show himself.

The door was closed, leaving only the two of them in the study.

Alex sat on the chair while looking peacefully at the sky outside the window. The room was a bit dark since the lights weren’t switched on, but the ancient-styled round window was open, allowing a little light to shine in. Alex’s lonely figure and the patch of white light on the round window seemed to blend well together.

After a moment of silence, Alex suddenly turned to look at Sandra. The sight of her presently disheveled appearance filled him with disappointment and disgust.

A glass bottle was tossed onto the desk as Alex looked at Sandra expressionlessly. “Tell me what this is.”

Sandra lowered her gaze and looked at the item, which was the exact bottle containing the poison she had fed to Albert. Since she had fed him an entire bottle of it, not even an immortal could save him.

Naturally, she had thrown the bottle away after emptying it out, but she didn’t expect this bottle to fall into Alex’s hands.

It looks like he has learned the truth. What can he do about it? Albert is already dead anyway!

Sandra was no longer afraid of anything now. Taking a few steps forward, she picked up the empty bottle and looked at it for a moment; the bottle was indeed the one that she had thrown away.

Instead of being afraid, she retorted with a maniacal laugh, “Don’t you know about everything already?”

Seeing that she admitted it so readily, Alex felt a gush of blood surging up his throat, but he forcibly suppressed the urge to spit it out.

Albert was his son! Albert was his only son, yet he was fed such a malicious poison; it was a new type of pesticide that was comparable to paraquat!

Not only that, the person who did it was an illegitimate daughter of extremely humble birth—an illegitimate daughter whose life wasn’t even as valuable as a strand of his son’s hair!

“You b*stard! I really regret bringing you back in the beginning! Are you worthy of the guidance that I’ve given you? You’ll be punished by God for poisoning your own younger brother!”

Punished by God?

Sandra gave a laugh before suddenly hurling the glass bottle away. At the same time, she stretched out her hand with lightning speed, taking Alex by the throat. They had been separated by a desk in the middle.

Her slim hand had extraordinary strength; Alex still had some strength despite his old age, but he was totally defenseless against the hand that made him unable to breathe. He tried desperately to call for help, but all he could let out was some weird squalls.

He could only scratch Sandra’s hand in vain.

Sandra’s twisted and ferocious-looking face then moved closer to him. Staring at the way Alex was struggling right now, she felt so perversely smug deep down inside that she totally forgot about restraining herself as she vented all the resentment she had harbored over the past few years.

“What else did you contribute to my birth back then other than sperm? Do you know what kind of life I lived as a child? Do you know how hard my life was back when everyone said that I was an illegitimate daughter raised by a mistress? Do you know how many disdainful looks and gossip I have been subjected to? As a father, where were you back then? Why did you have me if you didn’t want to give me a normal family? I hate you—I sincerely wish death upon you!”

Perversion, desolation, and defiance showed in Sandra’s eyes as she thought of her childhood.

Why are some people willing to give up everything for their illegitimate daughters? Cooper, for instance, really spoils his daughter rotten.

I am Alex’s daughter, but what has he given me?!

Tears sprang to Sandra’s eyes as she thought of this. The more grieved she was in her childhood, the more resentful she felt right now!

“What an… unfilial daughter! You…” Alex got a chance to catch his breath, but Sandra immediately seized him by the throat, choking him so hard that his face looked as reddish brown as pork liver. He struggled with all his might but was unable to break free of her grip.

Sandra continued to exert more and more strength on her hand. “I worked so hard to get into the Mitchell Family and become a Young Lady of the family. Didn’t you notice all the contributions I’ve made to the Mitchells over these years? Are you going to deny all my achievements now that I’m useless? Don’t think that I’m unaware of the contents in your will; you took away everything that belonged to me and left everything to your son! Albert is your child, but aren’t I a child of yours too? What did I get after working like a slave for the Mitchells over these years? I can’t even match that four-year-old kid!”

Sandra’s face was wet with tears as she cried and screamed; the only expression remaining on her face was that of uncontrolled ferocity.

“I’m worse than pigs or dogs, and my life is worth nothing just because I’m an illegitimate daughter! I can’t accept this! I’ll never accept this! What makes Albert qualified to inherit all your wealth without doing anything? The Mitchell Family is mine, and I am the Mitchell Family’s only daughter. I’ll even become the head of the Mitchell Family in the future, and no one can stop me! Hahaha…”

Sandra looked up and roared with laughter before bursting into tears.

Nobody knew how much work she had put in for the two gold medals!

She started learning how to swim when she was six years old. She spent more than ten hours in the swimming pool every single day to the point where her skin turned pale all over, yet she didn’t dare to leave the swimming pool.

While other kids were enjoying their happy childhood, she had to practice and take part in sports competitions again and again.

She hated the fact that she was born from a woman who was kept as a mistress. Who wanted to be born with the reputation of being an illegitimate daughter?

In her opinion, she should have been a legitimate daughter of the Mitchell Family since she was so outstanding. She had lofty aspirations, yet her fate was miserable!

She knew that she could only change her destiny by constantly making breakthroughs and becoming more outstanding.

After countless days of hard work and countless times of despair, she spent more than ten years of blood and tears in exchange for her current success. However, she never expected that she was but a laughing stock from beginning to end. She thought that she had become the noble Young Lady Mitchell, but she was always an unpresentable illegitimate daughter in Alex’s eyes!

“Hahahahaha…” Sandra laughed both furiously and sadly.

When she came to her senses, she found that Alex had stopped struggling and was rolling his eyes.

When she subconsciously loosened her grip, Alex immediately collapsed and fell onto the floor. He no longer moved; he was very, very dead.

He had passed away.

Sandra’s mind went completely blank as she stared blankly at Alex’s dead body.

She actually choked Alex to death.

When the effects of the stimulant had subsided, Sandra felt a chill running down her spine; only then did she realize that she had brought serious trouble upon herself.

She had killed someone!

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