My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1225

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1225

Gold medals? Why would the gold medals that I’ve hidden away be here?

Sandra looked at the two gold medals in disbelief. They were indeed the two most valuable gold medals she had won in her sports career—her bite marks were still on them!

At this moment, the gold medals were displayed together with the ancestral memorial tablets on one side of the ancestral hall. They were still shining with glory; she had worked hard and struggled many years for it, yet Sophia was about to take them away!

“My gold medals! Don’t ever touch them! Don’t you even think of touching them!” Sandra bellowed and screamed. It seemed that she was about to make a dart for them, but after Justin gave her the injection, Sandra felt that the miraculous drug she had injected herself with didn’t seem to work anymore—she was feeling weak all over.

The sight of her response filled Justin with pride; ever since he learned that Phantom Wolf had a super stimulant in his possession, he started researching this kind of tranquilizer.

Even though it couldn’t reverse the long-term changes that the stimulant brought to the user’s body, it could cancel out the superhuman strength and agility caused by the drug in a short time.

Sandra lay flat on the floor and was held down like a dead dog; she could only stare helplessly at Sophia, who was only a few meters away from the gold medals and could take them away any moment now.

“Aaaah! Aaaaah!” She let out an inhuman scream, but she couldn’t stop anything; all she got in return was Sophia’s cold voice. “What an impudent person! It’s prohibited to make noises in the ancestral hall!”

Justin proceeded to stuff a towel into Sandra’s mouth. With that, the world fell silent.

Everyone in the ancestral hall looked solemn. After all, this place belonged to their ancestors whom everyone looked up to with nothing else but great reverence despite that the Mitchell Family had broken up.

This was also Sophia’s first time here. After paying her respects to the ancestral memorial tablets, she looked up at the tablets containing the names of all the ancestors of the Mitchell Family.

The Mitchell Family truly was a huge family with many stories!

Sophia left after paying her respects and taking Sandra’s two gold medals away. Before she left, she turned toward Alex’s branch of the family who were standing outside the door. She then said, “The ancestral home is a property shared by the Mitchells, so we’ll be back to reclaim it after some time. Don’t worry, though—we’ll give all of you a place to live. We won’t leave you all homeless even though our family has broken up. However, we won’t allow you guys to have the ancestral home and ancestral hall all to yourselves.”

Feeling fearful toward Sophia, everyone kept quiet and didn’t even dare to speak.

Many of the Mitchells had moved out of here since the family officially broke up. Therefore, the residence seemed a little spacious since Alex’s branch of the family were the only ones staying here.

Besides the large ancestral home, there was also an upscale neighborhood at the back which was resided mostly by the Mitchells. The considerably extensive area—including the bus stops and the subway station—were collectively named the Mitchells’ Compound. Funded by the Mitchell Family itself, the infrastructure couldn’t be regarded as anyone’s private property.

Cooper had purchased a large mansion somewhere else to resettle the Mitchells, but Sophia took a liking to this place when she came in and took a look at it a few days ago.

She must have such a nice house to herself!

Naturally, someone was unwilling to let Sophia have the house to herself just like that. Right after the towel in Sandra’s mouth was taken away, she growled and said, “This property belongs to my family—don’t you all dare to have it to yourselves!”

On the other hand, Sophia responded with a smile and said, “The ancestral home and the properties nearby are the family’s common property belonging to the Mitchells. A total of 85 percent of the Mitchells are on our side; according to the majority rule, this ancestral home should belong to us. You all have been banished from the Mitchells, so you should move out of here! Also, from a legal point of view, the ancestral home has always been under the name of the family head, who is in charge of renovating and enlarging it before passing it down to the next generation. Your father’s name is currently written on the property ownership certificate, but he actually got the certificate from my Dad. In fact, he inherited this house after attempting to take my Dad’s life back then. Now that my Dad is back and alive, your father has to return all my Dad’s property according to the law. Yet, your father has lost almost all of it. Since it isn’t possible to make you all return the property, my Dad no longer wants to pursue the matter. However, since this house is still here, just vacate it for me.”

Surrounded by the Mitchells, she then strode off like a winner with her hands clasped behind her back.

Those belonging to Alex’s branch of the family still didn’t dare to speak.

Cooper was a million times more fierce and powerful than Alex. He founded Mitchell International Energy and Technology and Dragon Technology only two years after his return, quickly surpassing Alex in all aspects. All the tricks Alex played were what Cooper had grown tired of pulling back then, so how could he be compared with the latter?

With Cooper’s current ability and means, taking back the ancestral home and banishing Alex from the Mitchells were really a piece of cake, but he never acted upon it… This was probably because he held the ancestral home in contempt. After all, he was so wealthy.

Those belonging to Alex’s branch of the family didn’t dare to stop Sophia at all; they split up and made way for Sophia and her people to leave.

Still wanting to catch up with Sophia, Sandra got up from the floor, but she went weak all over and fell onto the floor after taking a few steps. “Give the gold medals back to me! Return the gold medals to me! Guys, seize my gold medals back!”

Those belonging to Alex’s branch of the family didn’t dare to speak or move. After all, they were grossly outnumbered, and Alex’s branch of the family was nearing its fated end. Perhaps Sophia and her people would drive all of them away once they made her unhappy…

Sandra could only watch her gold medals being snatched away like that since she didn’t even have the strength to stop it, and she let out a helpless scream in vain. “Aaaaah! Aaaah!”

Seeing that she could rely on no one as Sophia was about to take the gold medals away, Sandra went mad with rage. She immediately struggled back to her room, searched for her miraculous drug, and gave herself another complete injection. Fully revived at once, she was filled with strength once again.

Tossing the emptied ampule away, she immediately rushed downstairs and tried to stop Sophia.

On the other hand, Sophia handed the gold medals back to the president of Cethos’ Sports Federation the instant she walked out of the door. The two even shook hands in a friendly manner and had a group photo taken as the reporters clicked away.

Congratulations to Miss Edwards, a concerned citizen, for obtaining two Universal Games gold medals!

The gold medals came into Sophia’s hands only for a while, but she still found it very satisfying to touch them. After all, these two gold medals were partly a result of her hard work.

She wondered if her past self ever realized that the ingrate she had spent a lot of money bringing to fame wanted to bite back at the hand that fed her many years later.

Sophia got into her car and went home after having the group photos taken, leaving only a group of reporters when Sandra rushed out to snatch the gold medals. Sophia had left, whereas those from Cethos’ Sports Federation were putting the gold medals into an exquisitely made box. They were preparing to choose an auspicious date to return the gold medals to the Universal Games Organizing Committee, who would then choose another auspicious date to award them to the athlete who gained second place back then. Regardless, the gold medals would return to Cethos anyway.

Seeing that her gold medals were being snatched away just like that, Sandra immediately went insane. She dashed toward the gold medals and attempted to snatch them away, causing another ruckus in front of the entrance at Mitchell Residence. Those from Cethos’ Sports Federation were so frightened that they got into their cars and fled.

“Give the gold medals back to me!”

What happened the other night happened once again as Sandra single-handedly knocked over a few police officers. She beat up each of the police officers, the Mitchells, and the concerned onlooking citizens, knocking all of them to the ground. As a result, people were lying all over the ground in front of the door.

Everyone was stunned. They wondered what f*cking kind of drug she was on, for she was so incredibly strong!

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