My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1224

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1224

Sandra caught sight of Sophia from behind the door. “It’s you again, Sophia!”

There were indeed numerous people here on this day, and their lineup could be compared to enforcers of forced eviction. Besides those from Cethos’ Sports Federation and the Universal Games Organizing Committee, the police, emergency services and the Mitchell Family were also present. Meanwhile, a large crowd looked on while holding their cell phones.

This was the last day Cethos’ Sports Federation had given Sandra to hand over her gold medals, but she simply refused to hand them over.

She had won these gold medals with her own ability, yet all her achievements and hard work were denied because she was reported to be taking stimulants!

This is unfair!

Upon seeing Sophia outside the door, Sandra suddenly recalled seeing her at the Anti-Doping Center that day.

She’s the one who gave the tip-off and provided the sample of the super stimulant! She’s the one who plotted everything! She even wants to snatch the two gold medals away from me!

However, Sophia looked very unperturbed outside the door. She replied, “Yeah, I’m here today to ask you for the gold medals.”

The Mitchell Family’s ancestral home was a large courtyard house. Its door was closely shut; huge crowds of people were outside the door, whereas Sandra and some of the Mitchells were behind it.

Sandra was so consumed with anger and hatred that her eyes seemed like they were about to pop out at any moment. She scowled at Sophia through the door crack.

This woman is giving me trouble yet again!

“I won these two gold medals with my own ability—don’t you guys even think of taking them away!” Sandra growled behind the door. Sophia was in no mood to say another word as she stood outside the door, feeling bitterly disappointed. In reality, she knew that Sandra had won the two gold medals with her own ability; she was at her prime during the Universal Games that year.

Her use of stimulants happened after the Universal Games; even if her achievements were to be annulled, only the achievements she acquired after the Universal Games should be taken into account. Those two gold medals were rightfully hers since she was still a Universal Games world champion.

However, she only had herself to blame for digging her own grave. It was Sandra’s fault for conspiring with foreign anti-Cethos journalists in a foolish attempt to slander Cethos; she had even threatened the country by jointly fabricating news stories and stretching the facts.

What an incredible lady she is! Who else should be punished if not her?

The authorities were out of patience with this lady who didn’t know good from bad!

Cethos’ Sports Federation had repeatedly demanded Sandra to hand over the gold medals. Even though she refused to do so, they couldn’t possibly snatch the medals away from her using brute force, right?

Without a doubt, the gold medals had to be taken back. Since Sandra refused to hand them over on her own initiative, the authorities needed people who had ways of obtaining the gold medals—the Mitchells.

Alex and his family had been removed from the Mitchell Family’s genealogy record book, but in reality, they still belonged to the same family as Sophia and the rest in everyone else’s eyes. Even if the Mitchells came to blows with Sandra and her people while trying to seize the gold medals from her, this was still considered a family matter.

Sophia had been waiting for this day for a long time. She bestowed the two gold medals on Sandra; everything the latter had was all thanks to her. Right now, she was going to take everything back!

“Guys, knock down the door and take the gold medals,” she ordered casually. With that, Dimon and Justin started to break the door down with their men.

Meanwhile, many of the Mitchells were looking on from the side; even Sean and Vincent were here to watch the spectacle.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the day where the Mitchells got what they deserved had come!

Sandra, who was standing behind the door, was so frightened at the sight of people banging on the door that she backed away steadily.

All of a sudden, a dizzy spell hit Sandra and she felt weak all over; it even felt very difficult for her to walk. She hurriedly ran into her room and grabbed a box of ampules from the fridge in a fluster.

Then, she quickly gave herself a shot.

The blue liquid medicine was slowly injected into her veins. It gave her body inexhaustible strength like a miraculous drug, making her feel that she was full of strength instantly. Feeling much better, she tossed the emptied ampule away and steadied her nerves for a while before beginning to think quickly with a clear and calm mind.

This is indeed a miraculous drug. Whenever I use it, I feel so incredibly strong that no one can be a match for me!

When she looked out of the window, she could see that many were gathering outside and banging on the door, which would be knocked down very soon.

I must keep these two gold medals! They’re mine, and no one can take them away from me!

Sandra had hidden the gold medals away; even if they managed to break in, they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on her gold medals today!

However, she couldn’t remain at a disadvantage like this.

During such a critical moment, Sandra gave Lucy a call. “That b*tch, Sophia, got several people to bang my door from the outside. She wants me to return the gold medals, and I need you to think of a way for me!”

Lucy was silent for a while on the other end of the line. She then replied, “It is all too late now; your achievements and championship titles have been revoked, and the two gold medals are just decorations without much value. Open the door and hand over the gold medals. You’ll no longer be a world champion after this, so keep a low profile for some time before finding a way to build up your company. Whitewash yourself only when the hype surrounding this incident dies down a few years later. By then, you’ll still be the elegant and honorable Young Lady Mitchell.”

“Impossible!” Furious, Sandra cut Lucy short in exasperation. “You must find a way for me. Otherwise, we’ll die together!”

Bursting with impatience, Lucy drawled, “Miss Mitchell, I’ve advised you before that your brother’s death wouldn’t have any impact on Cooper. He’s become much more powerful and influential than you and your father, so you two are no match for him! By murdering your younger brother, you can only inherit your father’s wealth. I have also advised you not to foolishly conspire with foreign journalists to expand your sphere of influence. Cooper also has great influence overseas, so this wouldn’t work at all. Not only wouldn’t it work, but you’d also get your fingers burned because doing so will arouse the authorities’ disgust. However, you rejected all my suggestions, which have led you to the situation you’re in today. I’m no longer in a position to deal with this.”

With that, Lucy hung up the phone.

“Bitch!” Furious, Sandra hurled her cell phone away and scratched her head with anxiety in the room like a hot-tempered monkey. She felt as though a fire was burning within her and would soon spread all over her body. Her hands trembled unstoppably; she wanted to do something to vent the frustration within her, and she smashed everything in sight as if she couldn’t control her limbs.

“They’re all going against me! That lowly servant! I’m a world champion—no one can ever take the gold medals away from me!”

Her heartbeat was incredibly fast as she ran an adrenaline high. As Sandra growled, she smashed everything in her room hysterically.

Suddenly, the door to the Mitchell Family’s ancestral home was knocked down. Dimon, who was the first one to burst through the door, purposefully led his people toward the direction of the ancestral hall, and those remaining in the Mitchell Residence couldn’t stop them at all.

Soon, Sandra dashed downstairs with vigorous strides.

She had the gold medals transferred away long ago, so they would never find them.

However, the ancestral hall was the most sacred place of the Mitchell Residence; only legitimate lineal descendants of the Mitchells could enter the hall. Lowly servants like Sophia aren’t qualified to enter the ancestral hall at all!

Sandra would never allow them to enter the place.

The incredibly powerful Sandra knocked over many people as she jostled and elbowed her way to the ancestral hall. When she arrived, she saw many people guarding outside of it; Cooper and Alex’s branch of the family were standing on one side as they looked on.

“Stop! You guys aren’t allowed to enter the ancestral hall!”

At the sight of Sandra, who looked like a wild beast with her ferocious features and bloodshot eyes, Justin immediately gave her an injection, causing her to feel weak all over as she collapsed to the ground like a deflated balloon within seconds.

As the crowd split up, it allowed her to see Sophia; she was standing at the end of the crowd while paying her respects to the ancestral memorial tablets in the ancestral hall. The two gold medals that Sandra took pride in and should have been hidden away were displayed in the ancestral hall; they were placed together with the ancestral memorial tablets as proof of the meritorious deeds by a member of the Mitchell Family.

Sophia took the gold medals away after paying her respects to the Mitchells’ ancestors.

“No! My gold medals…”

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