My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1222

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1222

With that, Sophia immediately threw Alex to the ground. She had lost her sympathy for this old man; he had conspired with Sandra to make an attempt on Derek’s life last time, and now, he almost got Albert killed. Wasn’t he tired of pulling the same trick twice? Were his sons so worthless in his eyes? Wasn’t it enough to kill one of them?

“Son! My son! You guys killed my son, so give my son back to me! Give him back to me!” Alex wailed indistinctly. He reached out his hand and tried to grab Sophia, but Dimon—who was next to her—kicked him aside.

Sophia looked at Alex as he rolled about on the ground. She found him to be both wretched and detestable, so she decided not to care about him anymore. As a parent, she couldn’t understand why someone would be so cruel as to inflict harm on his son again and again. She didn’t know if Alex had a hand in the attempt on Albert’s life this time, but Alex had done so before. Even if he didn’t do this himself, he probably had acquiesced in this.

Walking up to the police car, she thanked the police officers on duty. “Thank you for your hard work, comrades. I’ll send these people back. I’m so sorry for troubling you guys to keep watch here in such cold weather.”

The police officers were already freezing for a long time. Seeing how Sophia’s attitude was so nice and that Sandra and Alex were such a pain in the backside, they got ready to withdraw from the scene.

The sky was dark, and it was snowing; the weather was so cold that the passersby didn’t want to stay any longer. They had watched the spectacle the Mitchells put on last time, so they were bored when the Mitchells pulled the same trick this time.

After the onlooking crowd slowly dispersed, Sophia had her people stuff Alex and the Mitchells into the cars before sending them back to the Mitchell Residence.

Sandra was so strong on this day that she was barely held down by three to four burly men before being escorted into the car with her hair in disarray. While she was getting into the car, she swore and said, “Guys! Someone’s killed! Cooper Mitchell, the president of Dragon Technology, killed my younger brother Albert! You guys are colluding with law enforcers and treating human lives as if they’re worthless; you all won’t be able to die a natural death!”

Sophia picked her ear while glancing at Sandra, who was behaving like a lunatic. She looked quite scary with her unkempt hair and ferocious expression. Sophia had no idea whether this was because she had injected herself with a high dose of stimulants or because this was her nature.

Seeing how her wailing didn’t work at all, Sandra suddenly let out a scream and struggled with all her might. Surprisingly, she broke free of everyone’s grasp and burst out of the car like a wild beast before running around all over the place with threatening gestures.

Dimon and the others were stupefied. This chick is strong!

Several other burly men rushed toward Sandra but failed to subdue her. She was so incredibly strong! The passersby and police officers who were about to leave were drawn back to the scene. Upon seeing what had happened, they were also at a loss for what to do; it wasn’t until a dozen police officers and citizens worked together that the mad Sandra was finally held down. Several innocent passersby were injured to varying degrees.

“Inject her with some tranquilizers!” reminded Sophia loudly. Only then did Dimon remember that he had brought tranquilizers with him; he immediately gave the subdued Sandra a shot of tranquilizers, but it didn’t work at all. Instead, Sandra became even stronger. She burst out of the crowd and pounced on Sophia, who was away from the crowd.

Sophia was so frightened at the sight of the lunatic Sandra that she turned around and got into her car. Her car was a sports car custom-built for her by Michel Automobile Manufacturing; made by a military enterprise, the car was bulletproof. After Sophia got into the car, Sandra went around it and clawed at it like a wild beast, but she couldn’t leave a trace on it no matter how sharp her fingernails were.

Sophia looked at Sandra through the car window with a horrified expression. She really looks like a zombie! she thought to herself. Even so, she didn’t regret selling the drug to Sandra; the latter only had herself to thank for what she had become today!

“Aaaaah!” Sandra let out an animal-like scream that made one’s hair stand on its end. Dimon caught up with her from behind and gave her two consecutive shots of tranquilizers. Surprisingly, the shots didn’t work as well.

The police officers had never seen such a violent person before; they took out their stun batons and gave Sandra a few shocks. However, instead of being knocked out, Sandra became even stronger as if she had been recharged. She turned around and clawed at a police officer, causing the latter’s face to be covered with blood in the blink of an eye. The situation had taken a drastic turn!

In the end, the police officers and the Mitchells worked together to put handcuffs on Sandra. Then, they stuffed her into the police car and sent her to the hospital right away. The passersby and Alex’s family were stupefied as they looked on! Finally, Sophia sent Alex and his family back; she even dropped by the Mitchell Family’s ancestral home. After all, this place was not only where the Mitchells lived for a century but also where Cooper grew up.

The house next to the Mitchell Residence was where Sarah’s family used to reside. After the West Family fell into decline, Sarah’s brother bought this place back with Harry’s help. The family currently lived here, and Sarah often visited them.

There were many people in the Mitchell Residence, but Sophia still openly walked into the ancestral home to look at its conditions. The Mitchell Family’s ancestral home was really huge; it was a relatively classic courtyard house with five layers of large courtyards. The fact that the Mitchell Family could build such a large residential compound in downtown Bayside City served as proof of its financial resources at that time.

Sophia, too, had a big house, but it wasn’t as big as this one. Moreover, the two houses’ prices were totally different. They’re so d*mn rich… God only knows how much such a huge ancestral home is worth!

Sophia’s appearance drew discussions from everyone in the Mitchell Family, but they could do nothing with her since Cooper, her father, was even more formidable!

Sophia was here only to take a look. She left after walking around the house and checking it out, leaving Alex behind. Alex seemed more dead than alive as he lay around at home, looking as though he had become ten years older after the ruckus. He was no longer in the mood to manage his company’s business after losing his son. Mrs. Mitchell was ill in bed, whereas Sandra didn’t have time to manage the company’s affairs.

Alex had trained several trusted right-hand men before, but he didn’t expect Vincent—who was one of these men—to run away and take all the people Alex had trained with him. Everyone in Mitchell’s Technology was in a state of anxiety, for all the senior executives were frantically recruiting people while getting ready to run away any moment now. The large enterprise that stood for many years was finally becoming a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, word quickly spread all over Bayside City about the ruckus Sandra had raised this evening. All kinds of videos circulated on IG stories, and her incredibly strong and zombie-like appearance threw the public into a panic. Soon after that, the hospital issued a notice on the results of Sandra’s physical examination, proclaiming that Sandra was suspected of doping.

This was the first time the hospital had seen such a stimulant which couldn’t be detected via urine and blood tests. Not only did it give its user Herculean strength, it also made them incredibly agile, violent, and irascible. However, no one knew why Sandra had taken so many doses of the stimulant after her suspension.

As for what kind of stimulants Sandra used, she refused to admit to taking them; she was very confident that those stimulants couldn’t be traced! She had asked her personal physician to issue a medical record in an attempt to bluff her way out of her predicament on the excuse that she had a mental illness.

Having regained her senses, she repeatedly called the police to ask for Albert’s death certificate. She couldn’t inherit Alex’s wealth unless Albert was confirmed to be dead.

On the other hand, she publicly went in and out of the Anti-Doping Center to do physical checkups to clear her name. I haven’t lost yet!

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