My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1220

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1220

Michael—who was also here on this day to visit Albert—was saddened to see the 1-meter tall boy lying in the intensive care unit with tubes all over his body.

Upon hearing Albert’s words, he comforted him and said, “I’ll hug you every day once you get well, alright?”

Albert blinked his eyes as if he were nodding.

Even though he had barely escaped death, he suffered severe damage to many organs, especially his digestive system. It would take him a long time to be slowly nursed back to health.

He wouldn’t be able to look after himself for a long time. Not only was he required to be on a ventilator at all times, he also needed the help of medical equipment to fulfill his basic needs.

Albert couldn’t move at all, and his voice was faint and hoarse because his vocal cords were hurt by the poison. He was fed a new type of pesticide that was comparable to paraquat due to its acute toxicity. Luckily, he was put into cryogenic sleep in time, which saved his life.

His eyes rolled about as he looked at everyone before his gaze settled on Derek, who was standing to one side. His lips quivered for a moment before tears welled up in his round eyes; he then whispered, “I’m in pain, Derek…”

Holding back his tears, Derek leaned on the glass, hoping to get even closer to Derek. He clenched his teeth and said tearfully, “Don’t cry, Al… You’ll get well very soon if you don’t cry.”

Albert blinked his eyes slightly, and tears streamed down his face.

Just then, Quinton came out to chase the visitors out of the ward. “Alright, visiting hours are over. He has just been out of danger, so let’s visit him a few days later.”

Having visited Albert, everyone left with a heavy heart, and none of them spoke. Even Carmen, who was usually the most talkative, also hung her head and looked at her feet.

Michael held Carmen in one hand and Sophia in the other, wrapping his large hand around hers to pass on his warmth to her.

With a heavy heart, Michael said nothing as well.

It wasn’t until they left the inpatient ward that Sophia saw the bright sunshine outside. As a gentle breeze blew in her face, her mood improved a little.

Suddenly recalling something, she asked Michael next to her, “By the way… What’s that cryogenic chamber for? Why do we have it in our basement?”

She didn’t notice the hint of sadness and sorrow that flashed across Michael’s lowered eyes when she asked the question.

Not daring to look Sophia in the eye, he pretended to subconsciously look somewhere else and answered, “That’s for Quinton.”

Sophia stopped asking questions upon hearing this.

Quinton’s health problems were very obvious, and nobody knew what would happen to him in the future. What if he suddenly collapsed like Albert one day?

No one had expected the cryogenic equipment to come in handy only a few days after its arrival this time. After a soul-stirring fight against death, the equipment finally gained some time for Albert, so it seemed that this cryogenic equipment was quite useful.

Perhaps it could be used to extend Quinton’s life as much as possible when Quinton was at death’s door!

Sophia couldn’t describe what she felt about Quinton; she couldn’t say that she hated him since he had repented. However, she couldn’t say that she didn’t hate him, for the best years of her life—including all the sadness and sweetness—were gone just like that because of him.

She couldn’t say that she would be happy when he died, but she probably wouldn’t be too sad…

After all, he deserved his punishment; God wouldn’t forgive him once and for all just because he repented.

However, what was on Michael’s mind was completely different from Sophia’s.

In reality, the cryogenic equipment had been prepared for him. He never expected the equipment to come in handy this time, so he felt gratified and sad at the same time.

He was afraid that he would become the next person to be put into cryogenic sleep one day. However, he also feared that it might be too late for him by then…

Meanwhile, Sophia had already let go of his hand and took Carmen out for a sunbath before he even realized it. Then, he put his hand on his heart.

This drug-maintained heartbeat and body temperature worried him to the core!

No one knew when his heart would suddenly stop beating for good.

The little house in his chest was dancing on a rhythm that sounded so peaceful. How nice would it be if it could keep dancing like this? He and Sophia would spend the rest of their lives together, and they still had a long way ahead of them…

Albert was settled in Africa, whereas Derek stayed behind to look after him. Quinton also stayed behind since he was already here; he had wanted to come to Africa, and the original plan was for him to come after celebrating the New Year in Cethos.

Sophia took a bunch of kids home on the day of her departure. This time, Lorelei & Co. came along to visit Albert before Sophia took them back to the country to celebrate the New Year.

Sophia and Michael took the kids to board the plane as Quinton and Derek saw them off.

Sophia asked again, “Are you really not going to take Quinton back with you? At the very least, you should let him come after the New Year celebrations!”

Boarding the plane with Carmen in his arms, Michael replied without looking back, “We’re not taking him with us. Let him stay here to conduct research on how to treat his health problems.”

Sophia looked confused as she followed Michael closely with Poppy in her arms. After entering the passenger cabin, she saw Michael sitting quietly with Carmen in his arms; he seemed to be contemplating something while looking out of the window.

Quinton, who was here to see them off, had already driven off. The car slowly receded from Michael’s sight until it disappeared; only then did he withdraw his gaze.

Quinton had a feeling that his time was running out. He was aware of his health condition, and his aversion to cold wasn’t his only health problem.

Instead of living out the last days of his life peacefully in the bustling Bayside City, he chose to stay in Michel Town. He was planning to enter the laboratory and develop the antidote for Michael as soon as possible.

If everything went according to plan, he would spend the rest of his life here.

He didn’t know where else he could go if Michael was cured. On the other hand, if Michael was incurable and passed away before he did, he would stay here and live as a ‘widower’ for Michael’s sake!

The plane had taken off, but Michael still looked out of the window alone with tons of things weighing on his mind.

Meanwhile, Carmen had dozed off in his arms. He held Carmen in his arms, yet his mind was preoccupied with what Quinton said to him before he departed.

“I was the one who spotted her first, so I’ve always thought that she should be my woman. Also, I delivered Carmen myself; she wasn’t breathing when she was born, and I was the one who saved her life. I think I’m more cut out to be her father than you. Both of them are mine, but I’m now leaving them in your care, Michael. You must take good care of them for me!”

Now that things had come to this point, Michael didn’t even have the strength to refute him.

At this moment, it was no longer necessary to look into all the rights and wrongs.

All he wanted was to stay alive and live on!

He took a breath despite his heavy heart as he looked at his wife and daughter.

He must live well!

It was already evening when Sophia reached her home in Bayside City. Many came to her home to pick up their children.

Cooper and Linus had gone overseas for a meeting; they wanted to finish the last meeting before the New Year. Carmen went to Anna’s home to give her some local specialties she had dug up in Africa. Before Sophia could sit down and catch her breath, she learned that Sandra and Alex were holding a memorial service down at Dragon Technology’s premises again.

This day was the seventh day since Albert’s ‘death’.

Albert’s family impatiently held a memorial service for him when he had just been out of danger!

This time, Sophia’s decision was extremely simple. “Guys, catch the father and daughter!”

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