My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1219

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1219

Alex froze and spoke through gritted teeth, “Don’t you even dare think about it—I will never give you my son! I won’t let you take away my son and leave me without a successor!”

He thought that Cooper was trying to steal his son so that he would be left without a successor.

However, Cooper had already seen through everything.

Alex is unable to protect his son because someone around him wants that young boy dead!

He didn’t care about Alex’s family matters, but he definitely wanted to protect Albert.

After Cooper finished, he said coldly without waiting for Alex’s response, “It’s late at night, so please leave now.”

Sophia chipped in and said, “The child was taken away by Derek. You should go and look for him instead. Goodbye, officers!”

The policemen felt embarrassed as they quickly dragged Alex’s family out.

Meanwhile, Alex was still wailing and Sandra was still cursing.

There was no peace at The Imperial that night.

Sophia had dumped everything on Derek and temporarily held off Alex’s lineage. However, she and Cooper both knew that if Albert was really dead, they wouldn’t run away from their responsibilities.

Although it was late at night, all the lights were still on at Villa No. 8; Derek, Michael, Linus and Quinton had not returned from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sean and Stanley stayed behind to wait for news.

In the middle of the night, Carmen suddenly came downstairs and sat down quietly next to Sophia, looking at her pitifully.

“What’s wrong, darling? Why aren’t you sleeping?” Sophia hugged her and whispered.

Carmen started to blame herself. “Mommy, is it because of the fight I had with Al that caused him to bleed?”

Albert’s sudden episode today had frightened the children to tears.

Sophia quickly reassured her. “It’s not your fault. Albert was sick—that’s why he was bleeding earlier. Now, he’s gone to the hospital.”

Carmen curled up in Sophia’s arms as she looked around sluggishly before she asked, “Mommy, is Albert going to die?”

Sophia didn’t answer and had no idea how to.

He’s just a four-year-old boy…

Sean, who was also sitting next to them, gently said, “Al will be fine. Don’t worry about it.”

Carmen’s eyes were wide open; she was so worried that she couldn’t sleep.

Sophia held her as they lay down on the sofa. Eventually, Carmen fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning.

Sophia carried Carmen upstairs and came back down to find Stanley and Sean huddled on the sofa. Sean was still awake while Stanley was sleeping soundly with Cash in his arms.

“You should get some sleep in the guest room, Sean.”

Sean opened his eyes and said, “I can’t sleep. Every time I close my eyes, all I can see is Albert vomiting blood.”

Sophia sighed and sat next to him. “If I hadn’t brought him back, maybe none of this would’ve happened.”

Sean laughed at her strange thoughts. “You should stop blaming yourself. You weren’t the one who harmed him.”

However, Sophia could neither laugh nor sleep; whenever she closed her eyes, all she could see was Albert vomiting blood…

It was almost dawn when Michael got home.

Since Albert’s situation was too serious and many hospitals were afraid to accept him, Linus had to send him to Michel Town in Africa. Fortunately, the freezing process had prevented his body from deteriorating any further, so there was a ray of hope for Albert.

Now, it all depended on Albert’s personal will power.

The special plane departed early in the morning with Linus, Quinton and Derek.

Meanwhile, Sophia was so worried about them that she had no energy to work.

Sandra had begun to cause trouble by spreading rumors about how Sophia and Cooper had harmed her brother all over the Internet.

Seeing Sandra on the Internet as she neared the point of madness, Sophia’s face darkened. She sent out the live broadcast of when Sandra tried to blackmail them by carrying out prayers for Derek to annoy the woman.

After that, she made a phone call to Gemma.

“How is the information coming along?”

Gemma replied, “There’s still an interesting part that hasn’t been collected.”

Sophia answered, “Send it to me.”

Gemma quickly sent the information over. Sophia looked at it and went to Cethos’ Sports Federation the next day to make a report with the information.

She had started to collect evidence of Sandra’s previous usage of stimulants.

After Sandra had won the championship back then, she was so engrossed in making money from the endorsements that she neglected training and her performance declined. In order to maintain her position, she used the stimulants.

Soon, Sophia’s report regarding Sandra—the world champion—was pushed to frontline news.

When Sandra learned about it, she was taken by surprise. However, she wasn’t bothered by it when she realized that it had happened a few years ago.

Since they couldn’t find anything about it back then, it was even more impossible now!

Besides, what can they possibly do about it if it’s true?

I am a holder of several world records—someone is bound to step in and protect me!

Furthermore, Sophia’s move had further confirmed her suspicions that Albert was already dead; Sophia was trying to divert attention.

I have to step up my game and put the blame on Albert’s death on Sophia and Cooper as soon as possible. Just like the last time, I want Cooper and Sophia to pay with their lives!

Alex, on the other hand, wanted nothing like that.

After the loss of his son, Alex seemed to have aged ten more years. His hair had gone all white, and even Mrs. Mitchell was bedridden.

Alex had three children—Natasha, Albert and a son who had been strangled by that ungrateful b*tch, Natasha.

Now, Alex could no longer bear the loss of his last son.

All of a sudden, Alex arrived downstairs at Mitchell Energy and Technology. He found Copper and kneeled down in front of him. “Cooper, I beg you—please let my son go. I’m almost 60 years old and I only have one son! Please, I’m begging you! No matter what conditions you want, I will fulfil them! If you want my property, I will give it to you!”

He knew Cooper’s nature. He wouldn’t harm a child for no reason, and he just wanted to use Albert to force Alex into submission.

However, Cooper didn’t even spare him a glance and walked away from him.

Alex chased after him and said, “I know you hate me for hurting you! The car accident back then was actually orchestrated by Jordan!”

However, Cooper pretended not to hear him despite uncovering the fact that Jordan was the actual mastermind back then.

Alex watched Cooper walk away as he was covered in tears. “My son… Where are you, Albert…”

When Sandra found out that Alex had gone to Cooper and even kneeled in front of the latter, she felt angry and humiliated with a burning sense of jealousy.

Alex had actually gone to kneel for someone else just for the sake of Albert!

It seems that this son is really important to him! At least, he’s more important than his illegitimate daughter who is not getting any of his inheritance!

However, Alex doesn’t know that his precious son is already dead!

All the riches from the Mitchell Family will belong to me!

I will even use Albert’s death to drag Cooper down!

After three days of resuscitation, Albert finally woke up in Michel Town, Africa. However, his kidneys were damaged and he needed a kidney transplant as soon as possible. It was as though he was fated to survive, for there was an organ that he could be paired with it. The transplant would start as soon as his body recovered.

Carmen had brought along her friends as they came all the way to visit him. She saw Albert through the window with tubes all over his body.

Carmen leaned against the window and said, “Al, hurry up and get better. The next time I won’t charge you money when you take a picture with my dad.”

Albert suddenly tried to open his eyes with great difficulty as they were half closed, but he looked toward Sophia and smiled. “I want Daddy Taylor.”

Sophia’s heart sank. He didn’t want his real father when he woke up, but rather someone else’s father from the television.

How neglectful has his father been to him!

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