My Dreamy Old Husband Chapter 1218

Falling for My Old Husband (sophia edwards and michael fletcher) Chapter 1218

Alex charged forward with bloodshot eyes and grabbed Cooper’s collar. “Give me back my son! Give me back my son!”

Cooper instantly punched Alex in front of the police. “You don’t deserve to have a son!”

How could you, as a father, not know that your son was fed with such a deadly drug? Why didn’t you ask questions when no one was there to pick up the child? Did you only remember you had a son at such a late hour?

Every child of the Mitchell Family was the future of the family, so that was why Cooper never gave up on any child. Even though Alex and his lineage had been removed from the family’s genealogy, he made a rule that this did not apply to any child until they were eighteen, and they were welcomed to return if they wanted to return to the Mitchell Family.

Alex had gone mad as he jumped on Cooper and tried to wrestle the latter.

His hair had turned white from worrying about the poor performance of the Mitchell Family’s business. By the time he had gotten back to the Mitchell Family, he learned that Albert was missing.

The person who was sent to pick up the child came back and reported that Albert had been snatched by Cooper, and there were already people on the way to take the child back.

He grew more anxious when he realized the child had not come home, so he personally came to ask for his son.

Alex’s suspicions were confirmed when he saw Cooper’s attitude. He knew that Cooper had taken Albert to blackmail him!

“Give me back my son! My son!” Alex yelled out raspily. He was like an enraged monster who had just lost his only son.

Meanwhile, both Sandra and Mrs. Mitchell were screaming and crying by the side. “Give me back my brother!”

She cried sadly, but it just seemed false and malicious in Sophia’s eyes.

Judging by Alex’s reaction, it probably wasn’t him. After all, Albert was his only direct descendant, so Alex would never harm him.

Cooper and Sophia unanimously glanced toward Sandra, who was desperately crying on the side…

Some people have a history with such incidents…

The policemen also felt that Cooper was at fault, but Cooper was a powerful man in the spotlight and in the field of energy, so it would seem inappropriate to arrest him directly.

“Mr. Mitchell, about this…”

Cooper glanced at the police officer and said considerately, “This is a matter of the Mitchell Family.”

The policeman felt goosebumps all over him. He was afraid to deal with rich families and their inner conflicts.

Sandra jumped out and yelled, “This is no longer considered a family matter—he kidnapped my brother!”

Sophia immediately snapped back and said, “Why are you so sure that it was my dad who kidnapped your brother and not your brother who came over to play by himself?”

It was as though she knew that her plan had worked; Sandra replied with confidence, “In that case, you should just hand my brother over!”

Albert had been transported out of the house through the back door by Quinton and Derek, so it was impossible to bring him out now. Sandra was even more certain that Albert was dead and that there was no way Cooper could get away with it.

Sophia said, “What are you nervous about? Don’t worry, your brother is fine. Derek took him out to play, so they should be back in a couple of days.”

Sandra clearly knew whether Albert was fine or not.

That medicine was more poisonous than paraquat, so Albert must be dead by now.

As long as Albert’s dead body was carried out, there was no way Cooper could escape from this.

“I’d know if my brother is okay or not if you just let him out!”

Sandra knew that they couldn’t hand over Albert, so she said gloomily, “You’re not handing over my brother… Did you guys kill him?!”

Mrs. Mitchell fainted as soon as she heard that.

After all, a son from a woman of her age was considered to be their treasure.

Meanwhile, Sophia rolled her eyes and snickered.

“That’s right, we’ve poisoned your brother. What are you going to do about it?”

She glanced at Alex and Sandra. “Are you going to do what you did the last time and pose with your brother’s urn under the office’s building for us to pay with our lives?”

All of a sudden, everyone remembered clearly; previously, Sandra and Alex had bombarded the downstairs of the office building with their prayers.

Back then, the live broadcast clearly showed that Derek was standing outside the crowd as he watched Sandra and Alex holding some prayers for him; Sandra even tried to blackmail Derek.

This time, it was the same recipe with the same flavor—the plot was pretty much the same.

Even the police grew suspicious about it.

Sandra and Alex might be doing the same thing again!

The police had given high priority to that last case because it caused a big stir on the Internet and everyone was waiting for the truth. The group of police officers stayed up late working overtime to investigate the case and didn’t find anything from it. After that, Alex even made a big fuss at the police station and ended up as a laughing stock.

The police closed the case by comparing Derek’s DNA and confirmed that he was indeed Alex’s son—he wasn’t dead at all. However, Sandra and Alex refused to admit it and claimed that it was all Cooper’s conspiracy. They insisted that Derek had long been killed by them.

The police were so exasperated that they wanted to throw the DNA samples at their faces!

Not wanting to get involved with the matter this time, the police felt that rich families were really complicated.

However, Sandra knew that this was different than the last time.

She was humiliated when she had missed the last time and let Derek slip away.

This time, she had fed the medicine herself! She had personally controlled every aspect of the plan.

This plan was designated like this because she knew that Derek visited Albert often.

She picked the right time to feed Albert and sent the person who was supposed to fetch him away. Hence, Albert could only go with Derek.

She had calculated everything perfectly; by the time they realized Albert had been poisoned, it was already too late.

If everything goes according to plan, Albert has become a corpse.

We just need to see the corpse, and Cooper will not be able to escape this!

Sandra said with conviction, “We will know how he is if you hand him over right now! If you can’t hand over my brother, that only means that you have harmed him!”

Sophia laughed. “Unfortunately, your brother is really not with me! He’s been taken away by Derek! We really can’t hand him over even if we wanted to! You should just look for Derek if you need anything!”

They would never be able to find Derek anyway.

Sandra cried as she stomped her feet and looked like a desperate sister. “You’re lying! Derek is one of you—even the surveillance cameras in the kindergarten showed that Derek took Albert into your car!”

Then, she pointed at Cooper and cried. “Cooper, you’re the head of the Mitchell Family! If something happens to my brother, you’ll be held responsible!”

Cooper hadn’t spoken for a while, but at that moment, he looked at Sandra and replied, “Since I am the head of the Mitchell Family, I have to be responsible for the family members. Albert is also a member of the Mitchell Family; if something happens on my turf, I will not shrink from any responsibility.”

Sandra was secretly overjoyed. With Cooper’s words, there was no way he could wiggle his way out of this one! She said coldly, “I hope that you will do as you say! I want all the Mitchell Family members to witness your words!”

She didn’t think there was anything wrong with her words until Cooper turned to Alex and said coldly, “Since you have acknowledged me as the head of the Mitchell Family, let me put down this order today—Alex, you have been deprived of Albert’s guardianship. From now on, I will raise him with the Mitchell Family!”

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